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May 5, 2002

Hi there. I only wanted to say that this information was worth reading for real. Especially the chapter about small penis problems on page 53 how less endowed men have to work much harder to give pleasure to a girl was very true. I am rather short but my wife never complained. She says our sex is great. If only she knew that for me sex is often more a workout than fun. So I made her read the whole thing also. She is much more understanding now. Bye.


May 24, 2002

My dick measures 6 inches long by 5 1/4 around. I always thought it was a little on the small side. Then I got a boost from a girl who used to tell me how she loved my dick. It was the "perfect" dick she said. Till she told me that she is the type of girl that doesn't really like sex, especially penetration. What a bummer.


June 6, 2002

Hey dudes, since I was fifteen I realzed that I was bigger then the rest of my class, a lot bigger. The boys used to point at me in the lockers and make fun of me...the girls used to giggle like crazy when I was around, I guess rumors went around. those days were a little confusing actually. But as I got older those giggling girls turned into moaning broads. I don't feel better than the rest however, just 'cause I got size. But women DO like it A LOT although some are intimidated..


June 7, 2002

My girlfriend used to tell me how she likes my big penis. I always knew that she was exaggerating when she called me big but I never mentioned it. My penis measures six and a half long by almost five and a half around. Each time we made love I felt strange because she tells me to screw her with my big penis but at the same time she can't orgasm and says she can't feel anything and blames it on her vagina that's too wet. Each time she would get frustrated. It was very confusing.Some time later she told me that one of her ex-boyfriends had a penis as thick as the glass she was holding but a lot longer than it. I measured the glass later and it is eight inches (8!) around in circumference and that is very big! How can she think that mine is big while she has been screwed by dicks three times bigger?
Now I know that she tried just to make me happy. I told her never to call my penis big again. I told her it insults my intelligence. It would be the same as somebody calling me a rich guy, knowing that I have a normal job and make an average salary. I don't tell her she has big tits either (she doesn't). I am average so call me average please!


June 25, 2002

Wow, I guess it was about time somebody tackled the topic - way to go!! I often wanted to tell my husband about the way I feel about this issue but I couldn't - it just takes more than a few lines, a lot more. Thanks.


July 25, 2002

What debate? Very thorough site but unfortunately there is no debate whatsoever. You have apparently already decided the answer for us and spend the entire site proving a predetermined hypothesis. We all want the hard, cold truth, but this site doesn't give it, just lots of stereotypes, generalizations, and skewing of all facts towards a favored conclusion.

A real penis debate would be far more interesting. Erase all your "fact" pages and put up balanced PRO-CON articles for both sides. I have yet to see a site that had a real serious debate.



August 9, 2002

At best my penis is only 5.25 inches long and 4.5 around. Some studies now say the average length is 5.25 inches or thereabout. No matter, I have always considered myself to be small.

I agree with much of what you have written on this site, both from the logic of it and also the conversations I have had with women who are honest. That being said, I also have to report that it has been my experience that the women I have been with have derived great pleasure from me during intercourse, much to my surprise. I have witnessed everything from mutual orgasms to multiple orgasms as well as women who say they never liked sex evolving into sensuous, sex-loving females. I have no idea why this is but they tell me, "It has everything to do with you." When I have brought up the fact that I wished I had a bigger penis the reply was, "I love your penis because it is attached to YOU!"

Most of the time I was the one who ended these relationships because some other area was not working out, but sex was only a problem in one case as the lady wanted TOO MUCH SEX.

I am average-looking, a little overweight, balding, not rich, and DEFINITELY DO NOT have a big penis. The only thing I can say is that I have loved and cared about the women I have been with, enjoyed them just as people, and wanted them to have the freedom to be whoever they really were, just as I asked for the same.

I truly believe these same women would have derived far greater physical satisfaction from a larger endowed man all things being equal, but apparently all things are NOT equal. I also have to say that of the women who I am aware of who absolutely crow about how much better a large penis is, it is almost ALWAYS followed by the owner as being "my ex-husband," or "ex-boyfriend." I guess larger wasn't enough.

Finally I have to say that I feel sorrow for the new generations of younger men as this strangely public debate about penis size leaves A LOT of men feeling inadequate as men, period. There seem to be no lack of a new breed of women who are quite vocal in their demand that "only a large penis will do." Well, that is their right, I suppose. It is also the right of a large group of men who, through no fault of their own are not blessed with a larger penis, to ignore, avoid and generally have nothing to do with these woman. Whatever gifts these men bring: personal strength and integrity, compassion and caring, and yes, even the physical pleasure of whatever equipment they may possess, will forever be denied those in quest of the "perfect larger penis." The same is true of men who judge women solely on their physical beauty and breast size. Both of these groups are losers in my opinion.

In the end dicks go limp, tits sag, pussies dry up, and a good conversation is about the only thing left. Unless you plan on living your life going from partner to partner I guess sex will have to be put in its proper perspective, and penis and breast size will have to all be seen as attributes, not the be-all end-all.

Great site, fascinating reading, good advice here. I suffered inwardly for many years because of my smaller package. Then I put myself through the gauntlet by asking honest women directly about this subject, received the answer I DIDN'T want to hear, survived, and got over it. I also found in the process that yes, size matters, and no, size doesn't matter.


August 24, 2002

On the page for Penissize vs. Breastsize, you may add that "woman equals sex and NURTURING" (nurturing being the operative word that should replace the ???

And don't think men don't look for that.


August 30, 2002

Just to say that coming from the opposite end of this question, I agree with pretty well everything that "age 47" has said.

I am a very well endowed guy in my early 50s and have therefore a pretty long experience of the good and the bad sides of being like this.  (For the record I am 7+ ins long when soft, my erection length is 10" by 7" circumference, and I also have very much oversized balls)

It took me a LONG time to adjust and get over the anxieties of my teens and early 20s, and to sort some of the practical problems out like clothing etc.  Although some girls and women were interested in me because of the gossip, and others were curious because of the clear evidence of my size (especially in certain sorts of clothing) ... I have never had a long list of women desperate to try me out as opposed to just looking. 

Yes, my wife fell in love with that part of me as well, and we learned eventually to use my size in all sorts of ways, but no way did she pick me out for the size ...  She fell in love with me first ... at least that is what I tell myself! --- then she learned to love "him".  I don't believe the major premiss of the site that women rank size very highly amongst their priorities .. I think in their choice of a partner it ranks low down, if at all.

The site is interesting however, especially of interest to me were the diagrams in cross section of a large penis entering a "tented vagina".  I have often wondered what it might look like.  Is the diagram based on any medical evidence?  My own belief and experience are a bit different .. most men I think with over 8" will know that nearly always, part of the length must be left out in the cold.  It isn't quite as people might fantasise about it.

I hope this might help balance the views here a bit.


September 12, 2002

Vegas Guy 22:
I'm a 22 year old white male from Las Vegas. I'm very attractive, and use my looks, body and brain to hook up with women as I see fit. I'm also young enough to gain the benefit of respondents aged down to their teen years, and have had significant experience with women in their 30's.

I developed an obsession with women's reactions to large penises; how they get hot when they see it. I poll them very subtly on their preferences. Roughly, here's what I have found so far, averaging respondents of all ages (Mean: 23)

Approximately 25% of all women do not care at all, do not find the penis attractive (YES they enjoy sex), and couldn't care if the guy was 4 or 9.

Approximately 20% of all women care MAJORLY about the size. They make soft, seductive inquiries about it, noticeably check it out, and admit intense arousal from manual, visual, oral or vaginal contact with a big one.

The 55% remainder seem not to care significantly, but they care some. This heavy block of women will have a problem if the guy is "under 4," or "under 5." They will quote (TO THEIR FRIENDS) that they don't particularly care. "Oh, 6 1/2 is good. Maybe 7." However, this block of women will admit visual arousal to a larger-than-normal one. The same women will also claim that a VERY large one would be off-putting and scary. Generally they admit no extra arousal during sex from being bigger. Nerve endings tend to end 5 inches inside. If you have 5, true: on the outstroke you will leave some of the sensitive areas untouched. If you have 7 and outstroke 2 inches, you are still covered. Being thicker causes soreness and nerve endings are on the surface of the vaginal cavity anyway. Additionally, hitting the cervix while en route to that "pocket" of stretchability above or below it is not a fun thing for the girl. For MOST women, they are shaped in such a way that equal arousal is achieved between 6 1/2 and 8, and beyond risks pain. 

I am writing this with four girls and two other guys over my shoulder, throwing out information as I type.


September 15, 2002

This is a dumb site. Of course women like bigger dicks, too a point, for all the reaasons listed. They also like foreplay and romance and confidence and money. Unlike these attractors, however, you can't change the size of your penis, so what's the point in "debating" it? I think this site is just wank material for undersized gay guys...


September 21, 2002

I may be slow, but what are the 5 reasons? Even if you explain them after page 4, there is no clear connection to page 4. You should list them on page 4 then expand later.

Compliments also. Your reasoning that if it's too small she won't want it, has been my logic for years. That alone proves size matters. Also some of your descriptions of what happens deep within exactly illustrates and explains what I have experienced (and more!). I do think your ideal size may be a bit on the high side? Just a bit. Thickness especially. But...

Of course there is some controversy about some of your "facts" page on sites I've visited (Mostly the masturbation comment!). But overall, you have made a positive contribution.


P.S. I do have some ideas on how to create accurate measures of the dimensions of the excited vaginal canal. Let's say she's pre-excited and thoroughly worked out by a rare penile specimen. Then a specially designed (small solid core with inflatable outer membrane) device tied to strain gauges and computer "mapping" technologies is inserted. The inflatable has independent "bands" capable of conforming all along the length, with a slender rigid rod core capaple of finding "bottom". Thus, a quick 3-d model of the canal, easily repeated and standardized for extremely large samples, is generated. Perhaps the condom makers would cooperate in such an experiment! Better yet, the well packed, rare specimen could "wear" a specially designed condom that tranmits back to base like race cars do! (You did start it!)

Anyway, maybe we'll talk sometime.


September 25, 2002

Steve J.S.:
Congratulations on your astonishingly thorough and exhaustively researched site! Given the ever-growing interest in the subject of size, and the extent to which some ancient myths continue to circulate, your site fills a genuine need. It's one thing to declare an opinion on this provocative subject, and quite another to back it up with evidence. And by delivering the evidence with straight talk, a sense of humor, and common sense, your site is damned entertaining as well.

The importance of penis size to women is a fact of life that I've understood, and have had to deal with, for a long time, because (unfortunately) I'm in the below-five-inch category. The fact that I stand 6-foot-2 and wear size 11 shoes makes my lack of size in the genital department all the more embarassing.

I've had satisfying relationships, but I'm also a believer in honesty. I'd prefer that a woman admit to me that I'm much smaller than what she's accustomed to (which is almost always the case) than to lie about how "nice" or "comfortable" it is. With honesty, we can deal with the situation and find ways to achieve mutual satisfaction. Of course I wish I was bigger, and I'm certain that the women I've been with wish the same. But in life you take the cards you're dealt and do the best you can.

For guys to delude themselves into thinking size doesn't matter to women is to go through life believing in fairy tales. Believing in a lie doesn't make it true, and will make it that much tougher when the truth finally comes crashing down on you.

Thanks for performing a valuable public service, and delivering some entertainment along the way!

14 October 1, 2002

I am a fairly well hung 19 year old sophomore at the College of William and Mary. I have about an 8 inch erection and usually a 5-6 inch flaccid penis. The funny thing is, I am very white looking, skinny, and am not very tall (about 5'10"). I dont think that people expect me to have a big dick, and this makes walking around in revealing shorts or pants a lot of fun. I have a fairly large following of crotch-watchers, many of whom I do not know. I enjoy intimidating guys and putting smiles or crotch stares on the faces of girls who I walk by during the day. If penis size weren;t important, then no one would care. But they do, even at such a sexually repressed school as mine, so it sure must be!
15 October 1, 2002

I would say that many women are excited by a large penis, but it is hard to say how many because large is a relative term. Generally I would have to say that you did a pretty fair job with your report,however I did find some fundamental flaws in your assessment of the data.
16 October 1, 2002

Mmmm, interesting!

It seems so much is said about size, and yes, i think this report is spot on, size does matter, hurrah!

Not a prob for me, hehe!
17 October 2, 2002

some of the pics on the site are very obviously photoshopped (the pencil dick, for one), yet are not  labelled as such. Hardly appropriate for a site that claims to be the real truth, is it?
18 October 3, 2002

To shrimpy: you might want to hold your mouse cursor over the pictures once in a while! By the way... could it be you in that pencil-dick picture on page 35?
19 October 4, 2002

Average Joe:
I think comments here from males are invalid.
Surely it's the females who should be putting their views on the conclusions expressed here. 
Perhaps it speaks volumes that only one has bothered to post a comment so far.
20 October 4, 2002

This site is a highly researched, very thoroughly presented JOKE. Remember, just because someone writes something down doesn't necessarily make it true. Your one-sided generalisations about what "all" women want and think are preposterous and hilarious! This site truly is jerking material for straight men who aren't willing to admit they think about cock once and again.

God bless the internet for allowing false-preaching messes like these to exist.
21 October 4, 2002

You misconstrued the statement by sex advisor Sasha on page 26. She said:
"two words: Rocco Siffredi. The man fucks like his goal is to launch the woman's brains out the top of her head. He spanks, he struts and he's gorgeous. I love his macho schtick."
You took her phrase "macho schtick" to refer to Rocco's penis. Wrong. Schtick is a yiddish word and refers to behavior. Often used in comedic references you would say "What's his schtick?" If you referred to Jack Benny his Schtick was long drawn out pauses; Bill Clinton's was false empathy; etc. She commented on his acting not his size.
22 October 6, 2002

This is a fairly accurate site. Of course, I totally agree with it because of my size (9 x 7). During my college years I always found my self screwing my roommates' girlfriends and, more often than not, usually made an enemy of the roommate. Every last female I've had sex with has told me that bigger is better, and they are right. I truly feel sorry for small men, although in locker rooms I usually try to humiliate them by making sure that they "notice" how much larger I am than they are. In bars, I frequently use the urinal next to another guy I've seen, who is with a beautiful woman. 99 times out of 100 he is small compared to me and I make "sure" he catches a look. When we exit the bathroom at the same time I try to catch the eye of his date and give her the "I'm so sorry smirk." Oh, well......
23 October 27, 2002

average 6:
Went to a mall and asked at GNC if they had a pill that increased penis size. The female clerk was nonchalant and said not. I got hard talking to her and my pants began to tent. I do not think she noticed. I went to the jewelry counter next door. One clerk noticed. The counters are low and she had to look down. She asked "May I help you."I said "I was just looking" 
She moved over and got the other clerks attention. That clerk wrote a note to a third clerk. They were smirking and smiling. I pretented not to notice but it turned me on knowing 3 women were checking my cock out. Even if they thought it was small. I wonder how other women respond when they see an outline of a cock (hard or soft).
24 October 31, 2002

Finally, a site that brings us men what we need: the brutal truth.  Of course they want a bigger one than my 5 incher.  Of course they discuss our size with their friends---there are no secrets!  The pictures and diagrams really drive the point home!
25 November 1, 2002

I am very pleased to see a site where the truth can be told. I am 6in. flaccid and 9in. erect and have had many different reactions to my size from women. The ones who froze up because they hadn't been with someone my size, and the ones that have not been with someone my size but, will not let me know and try to relax(it is obvious once I try to put it in). Then there are the ones that want MORE. Eventually they ALL end up in the last category it seems(practice makes perfect)!!

A Little Something to Tease The Ladies:
(since we get teased all the time, by womens' tight blouses and skirts)

I live in a large city on the East Coast, and I ride the subway to and from work. One thing that I love to do is sit right out in plain view at one end of the train(with about 15-25 people facing me depending on how crowded)and just open my legs so that the women can see my bulge. I then close my eyes as if I am sleeping; when my eyes open I can tell that the women have been looking at my package. Some turn away very quickly and try to stare out the window, some take little quick looks throughout the ride, others just stare. These are the ones I enjoy the most, I will purposely do things with my penis to excite them like open my legs wider to show more or reach down to tie my shoe(this really gets them because the bulge gets more pronounced when you do that). I had one woman who actually asked me if she could "TOUCH IT" right in the middle of the train. I just smiled at her. I am saying all this to say that no matter what a woman tells you they LOVE the penis period big, small whatever. Guys before you take that sexual leap next time give it a finger test and if it doesn't seem as tight as you need, politely excuse yourself or GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT. I had a woman who was almost a hand wide. I told her that I had a very important engagement and left. I know some of you are saying that the finger test is deceiving because the vagina can expand, but hey you could always ask her how big her vagina is!
26 November 3, 2002

A personal observation.  Generally I have found that women who offer an opinion on the matter prefer a large penis.  I have heard from several friends' candid wives that they have at times turned a man down for sex simply based on the fact that they thought his penis was too small to give them much satisfaction.  My wife also remembers one particular lover whose penis was extraordinarily large.  She still gets excited thinking about him and admits that she probably didn't really like him that much but she was in love with his penis.  The subject is, however, somewhat like the weather....everybody talks about it but (if you have a small penis) there's nothing you can do about it.
27 November 5, 2002

Thought you might be interested to read a question/story sent to a magazine in Australia, on the penis size issue:

"I can hear you groaning already, because I know that questions about penis size are a real bore. Everyone knows that it doesn't matter really. But I do have a problem and would be grateful for your advice.

My girlfriend and I had a good relationship, I thought, for nearly two years. I'm 22 and she's 24. We spent a lot of time together, especially on weekends. We met at a local fitness club, and during the football season she would come to watch the games. I'm quite a big man, taller and heavier than most guys. And I also have quite a big penis, maybe a couple of inches bigger than most guys, but not really unusual.

My relationship with my girlfriend seems to be completely over now, though I still feel strongly about her. The reason, in short, was that I saw her one night in a bar with a guy who recently made it onto the local football team I play for. She admitted having an "affair" with him, though that's probably not the right word because we're weren't married. And he seemed like a decent guy. The only unusual thing about him is that his penis is what I would call enormous. I won't go into details, but he's really what most guys would think was one in a million - freakishly big.

Now I really feel like I've been traded in. Making the situation worse, all the guys on the team have seen what has happened, and I think they can also see why it has happened. Some of the guys have even jokingly made comparisons between us in the change rooms. I don't blame them, but it really is difficult for me to be sized up against a man who has already won my girlfriend.

What should I do?"

November 17, 2002

A good idea to test for the girth a woman prefers the most, is to use an inflatable dildo and start stimulating her and as she gets more aroused, pump it up bigger steadily. She may say stop at some point and continue with this current size, until she might be ready for more girth. Then pump it up until she admits that you have reached her preferred girth for when she is fully aroused during sex.
I believe that the average woman prefers 7.5-9 inches long and 5.75-6.5 inches in circumference, so long as she is at maximum readiness and arousal. Before she has reached this stage of readiness, she will prefer a smaller size. Any more girth is capable of being taken by most women if she has had months to stretch and adapt to the regular use of such sizes I think, but a girth bigger than 6.5" would not be her preferred size unless she was forced to take bigger than that for months(when i say forced, i mean because she loves her man who is too big for her so she continues to make love with him until she adapts). 
My penis is 4.5 inches long, 5 inches circumference(statistically average girth), and the lower shaft is 5.5 inches in girth(statistically a large average). 
I think your website is very truthful and honest when it comes down to the lust side of women. I don't think women are any where near as obsessed about penis size compared to men when it comes down to the emotional feelings of wanting the penis to be bigger. Men on an emotional basis, want the penis to be bigger far far more than women do. Women just don't feel such an emotional attachment to the penis, big or small. When it comes to nothing more than lust, women want a big penis more than they say they do to men. When they say it doesn't matter, infront of or to men, they are usually either being kind, or they are talking about the fact that they don't worry about penis size and can look past the limitations of what a big penis can offer to them. What they do not openly admit however, is that when it comes down to the penis and nothing but their lustful feelings towards the penis, aside from who it is or isn't attached to, size really does matter to them and they love for a penis to be big or very big. They just know the limitations of how and where it matters, and see it as a separate issue of the penis alone, where as men confuse how far the size of the penis affects women's view of the man and think women can't part the penis issue from the man they love being with and adore. Women lust for big cocks and are able to keep the issue separate from everything other than the penis. In other words, women's thoughts of how much she values the man, aren't corrupted and tainted by her lust for big cocks. Their lust of big cocks is entirely focused on the penis and nothing more. They don't judge the man by the penis. They just aren't able to do it. The vast majority of women just don't work that way. That is why they get so so confused about why men are so insecure and obsessed about the size issue. 
Although men think they want to know the truth, they only want to know the truth because they are praying that size will be revealed not to really matter to many women during penetration. That is the only reason they want to know the truth. Hope. However, if men understood the limitations of how far a woman's lust goes and how it will not make a woman upset and resent him for not being as big as she prefers, then men would actually be able to be quite happy, knowing women don't think of penis size in anywhere near as upsetting a way as men fear women do. The only thing for men to fear, is fear itself. Women can adore men with small penises and also grow to have very fond loving feelings towards a penis that is small. She won't lust after it like a big one, but she can have fond, warm loving feelings for it. 
I have always instinctively known my size was not good enough to deeply satisfy women the way a big penis can, even though some part of me was dieing to believe that it could if the technique was right. To find out years ago, how much it really DOES matter for satisfaction and that there is nothing you can do about it unless your penis is bigger, was truly heart breaking and unbearable. When I say unbearable I mean agony. 
I am 23 years old and have never penetrated a woman because of my size or lack of size. I have decided to remain a virgin for the moment and the only pleasure I give women is orally and with fingers. Sometimes we use dildo's and vibrators, but even though the women often ask me to make love to them, I have never done that for them because I know that it just isn't worth all that effort for such a medium reward for them. Better to let them find the bigger guys to find true penetrative satisfaction with or for them to use their dildos with me helping them. My penis may never be part of a woman's life because I do not want to degrade my foreplay skills by then continuing to finish perfect foreplay with disappointing penetration. Whilst I use only foreplay on women, it keeps my record untarnished at what I can provide well for them. I may choose to find a woman that is very small internally, such as an oriental woman with a petite short build and a smaller vagina than even the average east asian woman. This would probably make my penis quite satisfying for her because my girth would be thicker than the average asian man's. My length would be near enough the same length as the average asian man's and at worst only half an inch shorter. So if I choose a woman very carefully for physical compatibility, I might feel very interested in a relationship involving lots of frequent penetrative sex. 
Women have become very intimidating for men these days now that the truth of the bigger size giving more satisfaction, is flooding out and surrounding men with no escape from the hard facts. We are trapped really. You can't really hide from the truth. The only solution to resolving the conflict is to find a way of making a penis bigger. I don't like the idea of finding a way to make vagina's very small, because that organ is used for delivering babies through and I don't want women to feel more pain than they have to whilst giving birth and having child birth complications because the baby is not coming out or it is killing the woman. I am optimistic that scientific breakthroughs in the not so distant future will help us find healthy solutions to dick and vagina size issues one day. However, men will still know that their women are only happy because they meet their women's requirements and that women will always prefer us to be a certain way. I think I now know why men suppressed women for so many tens of thousands of years. I think it started because man was highly aware of how much women were driven by their lust for big penises and that the small and average man had no chance of competing unless they suppressed women's sexuality and made a social structure that taught girls and women to be ashamed of such lustings and to suppress them. Women were sexually suppressed for a long long time but now they are not and they are showing us the truth about how we as men are limited in our power to satisfy them and NOTHING but a big penis will take that disappointment away. I can see why ancient man was so afraid of women and suppressed their sexuality.

29 November 20, 2002

I have to say that I've just read this article and this is right on.  It's absolutely correct, I have been married for 5 years now and it took me the last 5 years to figure out basically everything that I just read. I truly wish I had read this 5 years ago, I don't know if I would have accepted it but it definitely would have saved my wife and I a lot of long talks.

For starters my penis is 5 3/4 long and about 4 1/2 around which for a long time I thought was average or normal and this is true but what I've finally come to realize is women truly do prefer a large penis and not just inside them but they enjoy seeing and touching them too, and not only that but all women have a desire to be with a tall dark and handsome man (other then the one they already have), they love the sexy stranger they see when they are out somewhere or the one they see on TV or anywhere for that matter.  This doesn't mean that your wife or girlfriend doesn't love you it just means that if you have a normal size penis (small penis) there are some times that she desires a larger one.  And it's true that for the majority of women this is not a deal breaker they won't dump you because of it, it's truly a small issue for them.

So where does this leave us men who are not well endowed. Well it's different for everyone, my wife finally admitted everything to me it's all true, I had seen the signs for years all those little hints, those key words she would use for my penis (Perfect, Nice, Wonderful) never huge, never a Wow just perfect. For years I had seen or at least thought I had seen women taking peeks at my crotch even my Mother In-Law (scary isn't it). But finally after 5 long years of denying that size mattered to her she actually admitted that yes size does matter! And I can see that she truly loves me and doesn't want any other men she doesn't mind pretending occasionally or fantasizing, but I'm the man she loves and she only wants my small penis.  (And maybe a large dildo occasionally)
30 November 23, 2002

Breast size plays no role in the amount of milk produced in a lactating human female.
31 November 29, 2002

I have to emphasise this site is a complete joke.  Obviously the webmaster gets off thinking women will adore him for his big dick.  Truth is most women don't really care about penis size.  Of course there is such a thing as "too big" or "too small" but in the end a penis between 5" and 7" long makes little difference to a woman.  Women will often fantasize about a large penis but in reality an average penis will offer more pleasure.  This is because the vagina was designed to take an average sized penis and anything bigger will become "uncomfortable" for the woman.  Anything too small will just offer limited pleasure.  The only thing I could see a big dick would be good for is turning a woman on or oral sex.  But when it comes to sex an average sized penis will get the results the woman is looking for.  Sorry guys :(
32 December 2, 2002

Well,some men are just blessed with a large one, and others are not, i suppose count your blessings that you have a wife or girl friend who loves you for who you are not what you have or dont have,
33 December 2, 2002

This site makes legitimate points. I think women do not readily admit size matters because you may be thought of as shallow. The fact remains my friends and I have never bragged about how small a penis was. Also, we've never complained of a man being too big. What I've read verifies what I've always known. Whether I have a big penis in my grasp or it is in me giving me a full feeling a big cock is intoxicating!
34 December 3, 2002

i  have a little problem  my dick is 6 or 7 inches long  but i don't know if that is small but i have a girl that is used to be  with  dicks of 8 or 9 inches long and i don't know when we have sex she would lke my size and i'm avirgin  and  i don't know  when i'm not avigin  it  would grow more  and if u can answer does 2 question plz email me soon becuz i'm dieing to know.....
35 December 3, 2002

 I'm a mixed male, 21 in college, {black and italian} and this site is...well, partly true. I really can't say anything for smaller guys, I'm 8.25 inches long {8 1/2 if I measure the way that is directed by this site} and 6 inches thick {7 around the lower shaft and base} Now, every single girl I have been with has gotten off numerous times on my cock, and only two girls have had anything bigger than me {this is out of 50+ women who were for the most part VERY sexually active} and always told me about how their b/f's cocks were so much smaller than mine and whatever. Yet, half of the men that I was 'quite a bit longer than' were "about 8 inches" themselves...hmmmmm. Also, flaccid length, in my case really has little to do with erect length. I'm 5-6 inches soft ON A GOOD DAY, but when its cold or I'm tired or nervous or whatever it's like 4-4.5 soft..so yeah. So, maybe the cock isn't porn-like in LOS ANGELES, but..well, there you go.
 Also, most girls, upon seeing one of my size {which, while being a Grade A penis according to this website is a little on the small side of the ones talked about here} had mixed reactions-
 About a third were EXTREMELY aroused, I won't lie.
 Another third gasped in surprise and were very apprehensive about it, but soon adapted after repeated sex.
 and actually another third have just refused upon seeing my cock
 And this site is correct on cock size not being a correlation to height, because I am a rather child-like adult at only 5'6. And it is correct on its assumption that well-endowed men are viewed as sex objects...but for now I actually enjoy that, my size gets an otherwise skinny, average to good looking, short, college nerd laid by women who have been up to 15 years older than me.

 Now, I am bigger than about 99% of everyone I've ever compared with {one was 9 x 8 another was 11 1/2 x 5 1/2} The rest of the guys I've heard talking about how huge their cocks were {these men usually were 5'8 to 6'5 in stature} were usually only 7-7.5 length and 5-5.5 in circumference rock hard, yet were hailed by their girlfriends as being in excess of 9 throbbing inches.

 And while I usually give a lot of people's girlfriends a wild ride for one night, that's all it is...a girl with a b/f just wants to be really 'ravaged' one night and just comes to my dorm...we never talk about it, they might glean to their friends to how well-endowed I am..but a relationship past friendship never evolves, whereas many small men I know {smaller than 6'} usually have the best committed relationships ever and their g/f's are always professing to how much they love their penises.

 Well, this probably doesn't help but it's my story
36 December 4, 2002

I loved your site immmensely- A bit in accurate I feel, but still entertaining and informative. I am a 22 year old, black female and I think that your ideal penis size is a tad bit big. I think 6.5 - 8.5 inches is the ideal, and this is after discussion with women from all ethnic groups. Too large penises, though great to look at, intimidate me. My best sex was with a  man with a 7.5 inch dick. But my second best was a  guy with a 6 incher. There is something to be said for girth and length. I hate when penises slip out!!

Some of the men on this site are so sad. Size matters..yes... but personality does too. Dont get discouraged by this...half of the site is propaganda anyway.
37 December 6, 2002

Irex 920:
Your girth measurements are too big...only an extremely small number of men have a penis measuring 7" or more in girth... Masurbating does not make your penis smaller.
38 December 6, 2002

ive only seen two dicks in my life, the first was 8.5"(yes i measured) but my new bf is barely 5". when i pulled it out i laughed was that wrong?
39 December 7, 2002

Most of the text says that women generally prefer "bigger" penises, but the real valuetool - the chart at page 40, indicates that its not the truth.

My penis is 10.0 inch long and 6.8 inch in girth, when its erect. That makes a "C = satisfying" in the chart at page 40, which is "worse" than a 7.25x6.25 inch penis ("A" = perfect), altough my penis is bigger than that. The conclusion is, that the text is a contradiction in terms.

Anyway, the opinion about penis size is individual and every single human being should judge for her own.
40 December 8, 2002

I have a strange penis with which I have a love hate relationship.  I love it because its long, over 7 inches. And I hate it because its thin, 4.25 inches.  But it keeps things interesting as I get all kinds of different reactions from women.

My first girlfriend was only five feet tall and Chinese and she said I was too long and complained that it was hitting her cervix.  She was never able to reach orgasm through penetration and now she is going out with a hung (she told me) black guy.  However, she said she enjoyed sucking it because it didn't give her jaw ache.

I'm currently seeing a tall Dutch girl and when she first saw my strange dick she said, "Wow, its huge!"  I think her initial reaction might have changed becuase whenever we have sex it keeps on slipping out and it makes sloshing noises as I thrust.  I can't feel a thing and I don't think she can either! 

The only time I was able to give a woman an orgasm through penetration was with a big black girl.  She was into rough sex and loved the deep penetration.  When she would take it in her hands she would only hold it with her finger tips becuase it was too thin for her to wrap her hands around.

Only one girl has given me an honest reaction about my size and she refused to sleep with me.  She said I was long and very thin, in her exact words "it would be useless and I'm worried it might snap."  And by your chart she was right, I get a grade E.
41 December 9, 2002

Why did you not discuss the topic of anal sex? Women do not like big cocks when it comes down to this pleasure!
42 December 9, 2002

the kama sutra says it best

there are 3types of guy an gurl>>


a big guy goes wel with a big gurl a medium guy with a medium gurl an a smal guy with a small gurl

nough said

oh yeah iv brought every gurl iv been with to screaming orgasms, an im only 6.5"long, an 6.5"circumference (weird i know lol) so i dnt think being a huge 10inch stud realy maters.

if size was realy that important to women they wud only sleep with big men, the smal guys genes wudnt get pasd on an they wud die out.

just some quick thoughts...
43 December 11, 2002

Not bad.  you start by saying your not an expert then proceed to tell us all your opinions while bashing the experts at the same time.It was interesting to read what you think womens reactions are and how anything different is a myth, wouldn't that make you THE expert then, a contradiction to your opening statements.

A very well laid out site, at 50 pages or so way too long though.  The same info is repeated a dozen times, is this to lend legitamacy to your thoughts? Repeat yourself enough and maybe others will think you are correct.  Ever thought of politics! ! !

A debate is where information is presented with substantiating facts.  While you have given a great monologue on your opinions, I fail to see much in the way of substantial facts.  You do present some though and some very good links to other sites.  

All in all, a mildly amusing site.  You either are well hung and you ARE your penis not a complete person, or smaller and angry at the world.  Not that I am an expert psychologist.
44 December 12, 2002

Who r u?

What is your CV in this area to place yr lengthy opinion in am manner that implies concretness and factuality??

Might u be financed by one of those penis enlargement companies?

Or might u be a woman who has just been kicked by so many men, and took the advantage of retaliation!?

Whoever u r, i am a woman who's addict to sex..I am in no way someone who'd be opting for a long term relationship, and i don't believe i am an exception to my race or gender..Now, get ready to receive your blow..Size never mattered to me despite the fact I have tried a wide assortment of them dicks..Some managed to give me stunning orgasms, and some just couldn't even make me feel i was being handled by a man..Both somes had nothing to do with size..In both categories 6 inchers and 10 inchers contributed...I defy you to post my comment, whoever u r!
45 December 13, 2002

I like your site. I am a bit bigger than average at 7.5 inches. One of my first serious relationships was with a woman who I met in the swimming pool when I was wearing speedos. She sat and watched me do laps and when I stopped, smiled and said: "You have a nice stroke." She invited me to watch an adult movie with me and we soon were living together. Every morning she deep-throated me.
She was very inexperienced, had only one boyfriend before me. After a couple of months, I had to take a short business trip. When I came back, she was acting suddenly very strange, very aloof and cold. The next night she went out and didn't come home until after 2 am. I was worried sick.
When she did come home she was with this tall blonde jerky nerd and he seemed not to know she and I were in a relationship, or was being really ballsy about defying my being with her. I thought she had perhaps told him she wasn't happy with me (which was quite a shock because we were "engaged to be engaged--she had never indicated any unhappiness at all!) and this was her rather rude, mean, cowardly way of springing the news on me.

When he finally said he was going to leave, she reached for his crotch and grabbed and squeezed it right through his pants! Right in front of me! And then she planted a deep french kiss on his mouth. She began stroking and massaging his (now obviously ENORMOUS) bulge, knelt down and mouthed it through his pants and said, not to his face but to his cock: "I'll see YOU tomorrow!"
I almost shit, wanted to kill both of them but was so shocked I was weak and couldn't react.

He left laughing and when we went inside (this was all on the front porch of the house we were living in--an enclosed porch, and it was dark, nobody around to see it but me) I asked WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I almost started bawling but I was more mad and confused at that point.
She told me, "I'm leaving you. He's MUCH bigger than you, and I want his cock."

This experience devastated me. I went through a period of feeling sorry for myself and almost a year before I tried to have sex with a woman again. Ironically, this same woman called me at that time and said she wanted to visit. (We had both moved to different states by this time.) I said, "no way! I would want to have sex with you and I know you wouldn't want me!"

She replied, "Well I've thought about that and yes I would want you now."

I invited her to come visit and after two days of nervous distancing from her, we ended up in the bedroom. We were half naked (my bottom and her top) and I was erect but not nearly as fully engorged as I got when she had been going down on me every morning. I am a grower who starts out small and then expands with attention.

After just a few minutes of petting, she sat up, started putting on her clothes again. I asked, what are you doing?! Her reply, very disappointed: "YOU USED TO GET SO BIG!"

At this point my fear and anxiety turned to humor. I simply couldn't let this get me down any more. It seemed too ludicrous. We had a long talk that night about penis size. She had been with several more men since the guy who broke us up. She told me about one of them, how incredibly thick his penis was, and when I asked her "Wasn't it hard to swallow? The way you used to be able to deepthroat me?" she replied "I liked it! It was a CHALLENGE!" She drew a picture of it, described it in detail, talked adoringly of his penis and how she would orgasm just from sucking it.

That cured me of my fears and transformed them into pure enjoyment of the idea. I can't tell you how liberated I felt after I finally just accepted the reality and enjoyed the fact that women really DO love and admire and WANT the biggest penises they can find... including the ones who don't admit it.
46 December 14, 2002

Another perspective:
Sorry pal it's a matter of perspective, it's not that some guys dicks are too small, it's just that some vag's are just too big.....
47 December 15, 2002

There appears to be no data given for page 39, the Experiment 2: The Vaginal Response Test
48 December 17, 2002


This site is a joke. i am a bisexual male with a cock that is a bit under 6 inches long and 5 inches thick.
That is not small, and the vast majority of studies on the internet are a joke, guys measuring their own cocks. The ones that don't generally come to the conclusion the average length of a male penis is slightly under 6 inches. I think this site was made to promote products that supposedly help you to grom a big one. Just loook at the way the site is laid out.
49 December 17, 2002

My wife is 46 yo. she has had 3 9 lb. babies and a vaginal hysterectomy. Her vagina is aprox.4-5 in.deep  and streches inward to about 6 1/2 in.max.
My dick is 7 1/2in.hard . Even when pushing hard it will not go all the way in her.It just bends.I can fuck her pretty hard without hurting her . She feels extra tight .
50 December 17, 2002

It has been my experience that skinny (30" waist and under) white boys have the largest members.  I don't know why this is - but you know what they say the best "things" come in the smallest package!

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