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301 April 26, 2003


Boy, are men ever concerned about size!  A former boyfriend told me about this site because he thought the reason we broke up might be because he wasn't satisfying me that way.  Ha!  A large penis is NOT what I'm thinking about when I see a guy I might like to date. Not even close. And it is NOT what I think about during sex.  Maybe the most benefit a large penis has is that it makes the guy less self-conscious about it. But too big and the guy thinks he's god's gift to women and doesn't try hard enough to do the things that really matter to me, like being nice to my parents and remembering my birthday!
302 April 27, 2003

What do women think about huge mushroom like head cocks?
303 April 27, 2003

Is'nt it strange how most men posting comments on this site have larger than average penis size?

about 90% of men have a penis size of 5-7 inches, yet 90% of men commenting here have more than 7 inches, is this the truth or just wishful thinking, my guess is probably the latter.
304 April 27, 2003

The-Kid :
Ed, I must admit that you've published one of the more interesting studies on penis size that I've seen in awhile. I like that it was very long and detailed. You've obviously know your history very well and have done lots of studying on it. No matter what the general reactions have been, you should feel very good just from the amount of energy that you've obviously put into it. Now comes the tough part. Although I enjoyed reading your essay, I found it lacking in several areas.

1. You assume way too much
2. Its not very scientific at all

1. There seems to be this assumption throughout that all and/or most women think basically alike. Women and people are as diverse as the fingerprints on everyones hands. You did a very good study on women's orgasms, but left out one crucial thing. Most women cannot orgasm from penile pentration. Its pretty much been proven, plus I've heard way too many women admit it over the years. Plus most nerve endings are only about 2 inches deep on most women, which makes any other talk moot. How deep you can go or how wide you can stretch a vagina means very little.   You talk about pain and pleasure somewhat throughout, but forget to examine the very fine line between the two. Many women talk about very big penises causing them pain, but to reduce it too them not being aroused/excited enough does them a disservice. The different between pain and pleasure can't be dismissed. I could go on more here, but I won't.

2. Your real examination basically only involved 10, or at best, 20 women. This is unexceptable in my humble opinion. I gotta figure that there are millions to perhaps billion of women over the age of 18 on this earth, but you examined less than 50. You basically examined then and assumed that their similar responses meant the majority of women felt the same. I just fail to see the logic in it. You also penetrated them with dildos. I don't doubt that most women like the feel of big dildos, but they should never replace the human element in studies like these. The aura of a man probably plays a big difference in females reactions during sex, and can't be replaced by an inanimate object. I actually thought that was one of the most graring mistakes in your study. I found the eye-reaction part very interesting, but thought it was too narrow and assumed way too much. Would have been nice to see some kind of erection "feel" element to your study, but it wasn't possible with dildos being used. Touch is another part that I believe plays a big part in satisfaction. I thought you talked about some, but failed to use it. Real men being involved would have made it more believable.

I knew two minutes in which way you were obviously leaning. You just never appeared to think any different throughtout it. You just didn't seem like you were being impartial at all. I'm not saying that was your intention, but it didn't seem like you were. The fact that you spent so much time and energy to do it, doesn't make it question your intentons though. The fact that you did it makes me think your heart or thoughts were in the right place.

That being said, I gotta admit that I enjoyed reading your study very much. Even though I criticized it, I actually found that basic idea of it to be very sound. I've always thought that some kind of real test like yours would be the only good measurement of the women's view of penis size and pleasure. I'm not sure how it could be done, but if a study  like this could be done on a much larger scale, I think you'd really have something. The human element of both sexes would have to be involved though.
305 April 28, 2003

Wow Nadeja! That's crazy! You're right. 8 inches around is about as thick as a soda can. I didn't realize. I can't believe a penis can be that big. You should see if he'll let you measure him. I'm having trouble believing he could be that big, but that's amazing if he is. It's crazy that there are measurements that are even bigger on this website's charts. I saw a guy in a porno movie once who looked like he was 15 inches long, but I don't think he was as thick as a can. I've never seen one that thick. I think you're right though, 7 inches around probably would be perfect. I am still jealous though. The guy I am with now I think is more than 7 inches long but not quite 6 inches around. Sex with him is nice, but I know it could be better. He makes me come harder when he puts all his fingers inside me. I wish he was a lot thicker. You are so lucky. Maybe your guy is a little too big, but it sounds so exciting. I would like to be with a guy like that. Can you do oral sex on him!
  okay? I guess not, but it must be fun to hold something that big and lick him on his sensitive spot until he comes. I bet he comes a lot! God, I'm getting so jealous and horny thinking about what it must be like to be with someone so huge. I wish my guy was bigger.
306 April 27, 2003

So, Penis Size matters to the pleasure of a woman.  Why is that such an outrageous claim to make? 

Of course size matters.  Maybe it matters less to some women.   Fine.   But only a smug, self-serving turd like "ravergirl" would insist that its a conspiracy by men for the benefit of men to state this obvious fact. 

If you've read the other responses, you can see that quite a number of men feel threatened by the "Women like big penises statement".   Besides, why would the creator of the site make such a claim just to upset mens already feeble thoughts about their own potency?   After all, is it really ABOUT WHAT MEN WANT when they are worried to the point of dysfunction about being accepted and found attractive by women ESPECIALLY when most men are not hung sufficiently to be considered "above average"?

Clearly not, and you are a complete conspiracy freak retard for suggesting as much.

In one sense your asinine statement and attitude does add up only because it completely sums up how easily a shrill, naive politically correct mentality can be reworked to see the evil, sexist, pro-man, anti-woman bias everywhere supposedly - even when in a discussion about (get this) penis size contributing to women's sexual pleasure.
You are an idiot.

Get your ass out of the clubs and learn about something other than being a victim,  complaining about your comfortable life and making excuses for your own stupidity.
307 April 28, 2003

I had to laugh reading the dialogue between Melissa and Nadeja. It's funny is'nt it how how urologists and so on talk about how rare an "eight inch" and above penis is- yet you say your man has ten inches! and (get this) the girth of a coke can!

These two are either complete bimbo's or just taking the piss out of this debate.
308 April 28, 2003

I have a prity fat one, it's about 5 3/4 at the very tip and a little over 6 1/4 at the base.  The chart claims that you must have 6 1/4 to get a girl really turned on, mmmmmh.  Well i've slept with 10 women, would have been twelve if i had been able to get it into the other two.  All i'm saying is surely a smaller cock that can fit in a women is going to give her more pleasure than one that can't.  Where the hell did the data in that chart come from?

Women are very bad judges of penis size, they always over estimate.  I'm 8.5 long, yet my last girl friend claimed i was 9.5.

Girls stop guessing and just bloody well measure the thing rather than coming onto this site and leaving inaccurate measurements( Not applicable to all).  Why the hell is all the onus on men, surely it's just as important for a women to be tight as for a man to be large.  A girl that needs 9*7 to enjoy herself is no better than the 4.5 inch dick.  Get a tighter pussy!

A joke for the chaps, if a girl turns round and say's "darling your organ isn't big enough", just say, "well i've never needed to play in a cathedral before".  Keep doing the PC exercises girls, we like hot, wet and tight pussies.

Oh ye, i like big inner libia, they are nice to play with. One last point there are a lot of guys that have posted messages climing to have big penis's.  Well they probably do.  If i had a 5 incher i'm not shore if i would be searching on the internet to find a sit talking about how important dick size is.  It would only be shooting yourself in the foot!  Anyway pussy size matters too. Not too small, but definately not big.  I know guys that have run from women with big pussies (including myself), just like the women on this site claim to run from men with small dicks.

309 April 29, 2003

OK, Is this a test to see if people really read all the information on a webpage?

On page 38, in regards to Experiment 1 it states:
"The experiment has never been done and the results were imagined by two female friends of mine and are for illustration purposes only."

No where does it say these experiments were actually conducted, especially exeriment 2. The results on page 40 are, I assume, what the hypothetical results would look like.

Or did I miss something that everyone else sees?
310 April 30, 2003

Well, Peter, it depends. Big mushroom heads are not very pretty but man inside it's damn good. When the guy moves his cock all the way in all the way out, you feel the big head raming you. I definitely like big head.

I had your reaction about really big dicks. I thought they wouldn't fit inside. However, none of my partners, whatever big they were, were capable of really stuffing me. I wanted my vagina really feeling stretched, I wanted to feel the big toy between my legs raming me. You know what I did? I bought a huge dildo, the one that is as thick as a can precisely. It was also about 10 inches long, more than I could presumably handle. I waited until I was really horny, begging for sex, ans started to introduce it very carefuly. I was amazed, it could enter! I was feeling stretched like hell but it was good and exciting. I was so horny that day that I could feel any pain. I took the whole thing inside and it was something I had never felt before. The sensation is amazing. I'm now looking forward to meet the big guy. I envy so much Nadeja. Big dicks are definitely a must. By the way, I'm using my dildo quite often now and I'm getting the best orgasms possible.
311 April 30, 2003

This site has some truth but mostly draws the wrong conclusions.  I predict that although he doesn't endorse a penis enlargement program now, that at some point in the future he will.  This site is somewhat similar to some of the penis enlargement website "front ends" that are designed to lure people to specific penis enlargement sites in exchange for a referral fee.  I will commend the site author because he has put a lot of effort into building the site even though I disagree strongly with many of his conclusions.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Most women are probably satisfied with their man's penis.  If you asked most women to list how important penis size is to them they would probably rank it in the top 20, and a few might rank it number one, but most wouldn't rank it number one.  I do think that most women would like to experience a large size at least once in their lives to see what it was like.  This does not translate into most women wanting a large penis most of the time (sort of like the two woman fantasy that most men have).

2) Penis enlargement really does work, but it takes a lot more effort than most people want to put into it.  I added .5 inch in about 7 months with about an hour a day 5 days a week.  I went from 5.5 inches to 6 inches.  You can't imagine how thrilling that was to me.  Some might say it's shallow, or whatever, but making your penis larger is a huge ego boost, even only adding .5 inches. It will take me another year or two to add another inch, but I'm very much looking forward to doing that.

You can look through these messages and see the tips that some people have posted.  You can go to Google and search for sites that have free penis enlargement info.  You need to be creative about your search terms.  If you just type in free penis enlargement, you will get lots of sites that aren't free.  You can buy one of the programs, since they are all almost the same.  These systems work for 90% of the people who are willing to work really hard at it, but don't believe the promises or 1"-4" in a month.  That will not happen.  In general, you can expect to gain .5" to 2" in a year of one hour per day, five days per week.  Avoid pills, and supplements.  They are purely a waste of money.

There are mechanical devices that will help you enlarge your penis, and I think highly of some of them, but I recommend that prior to purchasing a device you learn a whole lot about the subject first.  Pumping alone will not permanently enlarge your penis.  There are discussion forums that have lots of information about penis enlargement, and are really supportive. When you understand that you really can enlarge your penis it will hit you like a Thunder bolt.  Some people who work very hard at it never gain, but most people who don't gain fail because they are not willing to put enough effort into it.

3) If I could choose any size, I would choose 7 x 6.  Even at 5.5 I would sometimes bottom out in my ex-wife and she always said it was very uncomfortable.  The main reason that I want more than 5.5 is that it allows more positions, not because of deeper penetration.

4) Most of the people who have written on this page claiming to be doctors or other professionals aren't what they claim.

5) The people who are whining about vagina size totally miss the point.  A penis is visible and measuring it is easy.  That's why we measure penis size and not vaginal size.

6) Penis size can cause a man lots of problems if he feels that he is under-endowed and is bothered by it.

7) Only a small percentage of women could come anywhere close to estimating the size of a man's penis with any degree of accuracy.  I think that most women who said that they wanted 9 x 7 would tell a man he wasn't getting that thing anywhere near her when she really saw it.  It reminds me of the old joke:
Q: "Why are women such poor judges of distance?"
A: "Because all their life they've been told that (hold hands 5" apart) is 8".

8) Average penis length is 5.25" - 5.5".

9) This site does nothing to settle the penis size debate.

10) How do you think most women would answer this question?  "Would you prefer to be with a man who has a 5" penis and is a skilled and caring lover, or someone with 9" who will just shove it in and make not effort to bring you to orgasm?"

11) The site is very entertaining and slightly informative.

12) Even though I'm overweight, of all the women I've ever been with (12+) more than half of them have told me that I was the best (sex partner) they had ever been with.  Why is that (maybe some lied), because I am a considerate lover, I know how to read and respond to my lover, I have a talented tongue, and I truly focus on bringing my partner pleasure (and I expect the same of her toward me).  Maybe if I had 7" more of them would have told me that, but I'm very happy with half.

13)For the women who have written in concerned with labia size, I can tell you it doesn't matter at all one way or the other.  My current girlfriend has inner labia that are more than twice the size of any other woman that I've been with.  My prior girlfriend had inner labia that were so small as to be almost non-existent.  Neither of these extremes impacted the quality of the sex at all, and I didn't even think about those sizes until coming to this website.

14) Don't some of you know how to recognize a troll?

Thanks for listening.
312 May 1, 2003

pussy size chart?:
Here's a more realistic penis/pussy chart:

If the man has a LARGE penis, a woman with a LARGE size vagina will find him ideal. SMALL and MEDIUM size penises will be less fullfilling.

If the man has a MEDIUM size penis, a woman with a MEDIUM size vagina will find him ideal. LARGE and SMALL penises will be either too big or too small by comparison.

If the man has a SMALL penis, a woman with a SMALL vagina will find him ideal. MEDIUM and LARGE penises will be too large for optimal enjoyment.

**** The author errs when he/she says that the pleasure chart holds true "For the vast majority of women", because on his chart men with LARGER THAN AVERAGE penises are judged ideal, which implies that most women have LARGER THAN AVERAGE vaginas.

But there's no reason to believe they do. The "vast majority" of women probably have MEDIUM SIZE vaginas, just as the vast majority of men have MEDIUM SIZE penises.

Women vary in vagina-size as much as men vary in penis-size...
313 May 2, 2003

I'm a very confused. I have a story here which you all might find interesting. Please take time to read it to the end. Comments would be really welcome - especially from any girls out there. 

I have what is probably a small cock. Its 5.5" long and 4.5" around (well, maybe it's a bit bigger than that). According to all these surveys I've looked at, I fall at the very bottom of the range that's considered average. My current lover (I've had 12) left a guy with a large cock for me (she never measured it, but from descriptions and comparing with dildos, it was well over 7" long and 6" thick). In fact she slept with him several times after we had started having sex, and then came to a decision. She says (swears(!) - I've really pressed her on this) that I'm far better in bed - in fact she says I'm the best lover she has ever had.

She's not the first either. My previous girlfriend was sleeping with three guys on and off when she met me. All had bigger cocks than me and one had a very large one - actually he told me - pretty straight, he just leaned over to me when I met him and said: "By the way, I have to tell you, I have a very big cock!" - I said, "Good for you mate" nodded, and smiled, and forgot about it. That was a while ago. I split up with this girl a year ago and it was very difficult for her (and for me - the reasons for the break I will leave to another day). She tells me now that she has started seeing someone else, but she is still in love with me and would have me back.

I guess I always knew I had a smallish cock, but no girl I slept with every told me (actually one did, and I told her, if she didn't like it, she didn't have to play with it, but that's another story too). I started looking into cock size three months ago. It started with an email I got offering penis enlargement. It claimed that 99% of men want a bigger dick and 75 or 80% (I don't remember) of girls wanted their boyfriends to have a bigger dick - a penis enlargement company WOULD say that, you might say, but I decided to ask my lover if she had ever wished I had a bigger dick. She said, "not really" and I forgot about it. A bit later she teased me, saying I could get a dick extension for her birthday, I said "WHAT!? - you saying its not big enough!?" and she said, "If you're going to worry about it, I'm going to tease you about it". I was actually pretty gutted and we argued about her joke.

Now, this current lover is a bit of a sex maniac. She's what you might call a modern girl - she likes to fuck, and does so casually and has several casual partners on and off. She says she just loves cocks! However, she has now stopped sleeping with anyone but me. I didn't ask her to, when I split from my previous girlfriend, I kind of wanted to be free again (I'm 32 and haven't lived a carefree sex life for four years, which is how long I was with my previous girlfriend). But my current lover claims that she stopped seeing the other guys because they no longer seem worth it.

So what have I got, you might ask. Well, I don't know. I'm told I'm extremely good looking. My current lover tells me she would choose me over Brad Pitt - but who knows, Brad isn't asking and until he does, I guess we wont know. I have a good body, great skin, I'm intelligent (three degrees, I'm doing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the moment), I'm told I'm pretty cool, I'm sociable, and I love (or used to love) sex. I love the way women feel, the way they smell, I love their company, I love fucking, in the office, in the park, standing up, different positions, different durations. Sometimes we would spend a whole day in bed just fucking - well, fucking, then talking, then fucking, then eating, then fucking, then etc. Not every day - who HAS that much time? - sex isn't everything, it's a recreational activity which is fun but ultimately it accomplishes nothing other than pleasure - which is great,  (both giving and receiving) but it is NOT all there is to life!

We've started discussing cock size a lot since she made those couple of jokes about it. So I know the dimensions of the cocks of all her previous lovers. I've got completely obsessed with cock size over the past few months and its driving me mad. Its reading all these sites. Everywhere I look, on the internet, on TV, on the radio, I hear about cock size and how all women want big cocks and us average/small guys just can't do it for a girl. I've become so obsessed that it's getting in the way of sex. Last night I couldn't do it with my current lover because I would keep looking down and seeing this scrawny cock and it just totally turns me off. It's driving my lover mad, I think she's blaming herself for starting this off. No matter how many times she tells me that she never thinks she wants my cock to be bigger while having sex, I can't seem to believe her because everywhere I look, I get told that my cock would have no chance with a women. Its ruining my sex life and driving ME MAD.

I've begun to doubt all my previous lovers - maybe they were lying to me (most told me I was the best lover they ever had). I keep thinking that maybe they secretly wished I had a bigger, thicker cock. Maybe I didn't satisfy them. Maybe my previous girlfriend secretly dreamt of her previous lover's massive cock. I look at my own cock now and it looks so small, I can't keep it up all the time. Sex has become an effort. I had this gorgeous girl come and dance with me in a club the other weekend. She really wanted it, and I flirted like I used to, but when it came to deciding what to do, I bottled out because I was too scared she would be disappointed when she saw my cock.

When I do manage to keep it up with my current lover (who has become the only girl I'm sleeping with), I find myself loosing control. I'm concentrating so hard on KEEPING it hard, that I keep pushing myself over the edge, which is no good for her -  or for me - if its over in 15mins! Its confidence, I know that now. When I believed in myself, I could build myself up slowly, adjusting myself to my lover. Its always a slight effort for guys, girls on the whole take longer, but like most things in life, it was worth the effort; orgasms were always more explosive the longer you waited before you let go. Now I'm panicking. I don't BELIEVE she's enjoying it, even if she looks and sounds like it, and tells me she is! - I just don't believe anymore that she can be getting pleasure from my scrawny cock.

I don't know, maybe all girls do prefer massive cocks - all these sites I've found since I became obsessed certainly say this. A part of me knows that the votes, comments or whatever, from women, can hardly be representative. My previous girlfriend would never have typed 'big cocks' into a search engine and come across the site. The kind of girls that would, are the kind of girls who care - and I've only met one possible candidate. But now I see it everywhere, in the media, people talking (mainly guys) etc.  Maybe us average guys should just give up any aspirations to sex. I know I'm not enjoying it anymore.

And the whole thing sucks. What gave girls the right to make us feel bad about this - and who ARE these girls drooling over massive cocks and writing in to these sites. What do they look like? Maybe all these girls who want massive cocks, are massive themselves. Most of the girls I'm attracted to are of medium or slim build and beautiful. They are not massive women with HUGE breasts and hips like a rhinoceros. And my GOD, just listen to me! I used to love women. I loved their company, they were some of my best friends - big and small alike. One of my closest female friends, who I did my first degree with, is built like a rugby player and we both knew we didn't find each other sexually attractive, but so what, a lot of guys go for her - she's big, but she's pretty. And I love her, she's a great friend and most of her boyfriends don't deserve her. Now I look at women with hatred because I feel inferior to the (lets face it) majority of guys who have bigger cocks than me and I blame women for wanting it. What the hells going on!!

I never judged a girl on the size of her breasts or the tightness of her pussy. Small or large, it had little or no correlation to how much I enjoyed sex with them. Maybe I've never had really tight pussy. I read the survey on www.mrpoll.com which said that some women would, if they were with a guy with a small cock, cheat on him if they knew they could have a large cock. Well, maybe I'll cheat on my next girlfriend (if I ever have another one) for a girl who I know has a tight pussy!

So, to wrap it up, why am I confused? Well, because, I can't work out why all these girls chose me over those guys with bigger cocks? They weren't just gorillas either, they were also cool, good looking, sensitive and intelligent guys - the girls I meet wouldn't go for anything else! And why was the sex best with me? Are they all lying? If they're lying, why would they ditch a guy who was so well hung and good looking and all that for me? I have no money (I'm a student for heavens sake), no house, can't cook, am very bad at remembering birthdays etc, all I really have to offer is me, just me!
314 May 3, 2003

Men, this is crazy, we do know what we want! Most of us don't allow themselves to recognize they prefer and even love big dicks. I prefer big dicks and all my friends do too. Of course, most of us are not like Melissa or Nadeja who dream about monster cocks. We like reasonably big dicks, above average. This is so natural. We prefer to have nice and little large breasts, men prefer girls to have large breasts too, up to a certain limit, and we do prefer large dicks too, up to a certain limit. Period.
315 May 3, 2003

Some advice for Confused! I've gone through the same kind of obsessing as you have, and believe me it has more to do with the importance us blokes put on penis size than pleasing women.

Your own success with women should speak for itself.
sites like this distort the truth, and although I have spoken to women who certainly have a preference for a larger cock it is far from the be all and end all.

Also, perhaps the question " does size matter?" would be better phrased as something like " to what extent does it matter?"

Guy's here seem to get the message  that women will reject them altogether because of their size. I have never met a women who would do this, and the ones out there that do are not worth shit. Don't worry about it. Be confident and enjoy yourself.

Good Luck,

316 May 4, 2003

penis size is way overrated and people focus far too much on it, i know plenty of guys with small ones who work just fine, and guy swith big ones work great too, its more about intimacy, passion, excitement, and consideration...
317 May 4, 2003

Because I like to fantasize about being with a guy with a really huge penis, I'm a bimbo? I'm no bimbo (and who says "bimbo" anymore anyway? didn't that go out with Three's Company?) I'm way above average in intelligence, believe me. I think most of the people posting here need to learn how to read more carefully because I see lots of misjudgments and misunderstandings. And as far as "taking the piss out of this debate" is concerned, I don't see that there's really any legitimate debate going on here. I came to this site because I was bored and curious. I don't know if I could handle a cock as big as the one Nadeja describes, but it would be fun to be with a guy that big, even just to see one that big up close and play with it with my hands and tongue. I still wonder if a penis can really be that thick. I'm fascinated by the idea that there are some freakishly big guys out there. I'm not interested in being stretched by a big dildo either. I would just like to find the real thing. I guess I'm an odd girl, but I really enjoy seeing those ridiculously oversized cocks in the adult anime films. Overall, I just think that guys with big ones are much more fun in bed, and I'm curious to find out what it would be like to be with a guy who's really huge.
318 May 5, 2003

I just want to point out that the picture on page four has been 'enhanced'. In the actual pic he still has what would be considered an large sized penis but not anything on the order of magnitude shown here. The actual guy doesn't even compare to him in that pic!

I researched the subject further and there seems to be a whole cottage industry into enhancing male members in porn. I guess that shouldn't be surprising since both men and women want biggers ones that porn purveyors would placate to that desire.

I sent the person behind this site a copy of the unenhanced pic but have yet to hear back from him.
319 May 6, 2003

Jaq, thanks for your email and your message above. You are right, there is a big difference between the original picture you sent me and the altered one that is displayed on page 4. I do not intend to replace the picture on that page however, because I like it for its entertainment value.

This is the actual picture (sent by Jaq)

Compare with this one!


It is true that there are a lot of pictures on the net in which men's dicks have been digitally enlarged. Apparently it is easier and faster to tamper with a photo than to find men with monster dongs who are willing to pose for the camera.
Although I imagine it is usually done with the intent to make viewers believe they are witnessing a true colossal dick, sometimes the creators want people to know they have falsified the photo.

I know of one such site called fantasyworks.net (I think it's not online anymore) that specializes in such pictures, although they are mostly hardcore. Any man in need of some ego boost can send in a picture of himself screwing his girlfriend. Then Fantasyworks will digitally expand your measly puny prick so that instead of feeling like the nonstop dickjerking pitiful night drifter, you can finally see yourself as a piledriving sex machine loaded with a uterus demolishing arm-sized girl-splitter.


320 May 6, 2003

 I honestly think size is important. I have a small penis and it bothers me a lot. Women don't need to lie to me. I understand women want a man with a great body and men want a woman with a great body.

I work with a few women who tell me that isn't what how big it is but how you use it. I usually say "Yeah, but you need something to be able to use". Women have told me they prefer 7-10 inches. Because guys who have 6 inches or less aren't big enough to give her pleasure. And guys 11 inches or bigger are just too painful.

The one thing nobody mentioned (or maybe I missed it) is the reason some of us men are small....malnutrition. Doctors claim that most guys are small because of malnutrition. I honestly believe I have a small penis because of my diet while I was growing up was mainly junkfood. Not smart. If you want a bigger penis then a healthy diet is a must. The younger you are the better on having a healthy diet too.

How can women say size doesn't matter? How can you not notice something being put inside your body? I think it is sweet for women to try not to hurt men's feelings about their size (or lack of). I respect women more when are honest with me about my penis size. They don't have to be cruel just be honest.

I'm glad I found this website and can talk about this subject that bothers many adults.
321 May 6, 2003

This site is definitely funny. I wouldn't be surprised if women accepted to admit that size matters. Unfortunately, there's little to do about size. Consequently, the best option we all have, men and women, is to work on the quality of the relationship and of our sexuality. Intense pleasure has little to do with size, men and women can become multi-orgasmic by a proper training. It's discussed at male multiple orgasm forum http://messageboard458879.aimoo.com
Please men, don't be fucked up by what you read about the size. Enrich your sex life.
322 May 7, 2003

I was wondering if the guys would visit a website that had accurate vagina size table with videos showing how the measurements were made? That would visit the site,just out of curiosity? A site that would have unquestionable proof of vagina sizes from women of 18-65,every race,height,weight, body shape.That would measure the vagina pressure or tightness of 1000's of women.

To "IveHadBetter".You say that it's easier to measure penis size then vagina size. Well,let me clue you in to the 21 century.Take men to one side and women to another.You get a man to come to your measuring spot,he has to get hard, then take the tape and measure lenght and circumference. I,on the other hand,ask the woman to come over, slip the vagina perinometer sensor in her vagina, say " squeeze please", "next". I will measure 5 to 10 women to your 1 man,in the same time.

It's funny how the women who write to this site always make comparisons of men liking bigger breasts to women liking bigger penises.Why do they never make the more compatible comparison of men liking tighter vaginas to women liking bigger penises.You are such dainty hypocrites.When most of us played,you show me your and I'll show you mine,in our early childhood, was there question of breasts?
It's perfectly alright to state your preferences but why don't you play on an even keel.

About this thing of men who are average sized to men who are bigger sized. So by much of the content of this forum,most men being of average size are less manly because of it! Even if the avg guy might have way more children then the big guy( that might be sterile).Go figure, perplexing isn't it!!!

Let's flip this around,by this logic,most women that are averaged sized would be considered loose and less of a woman compared to the very tight women.So, if I measured the size queens who write to this forum,they may fit in the category of loose to very loose on the vagina size table and thus would be less of a woman.Go figure!!!
323 May 7, 2003

im really into the large labia on here, my wife is starting to be interested also in making hers longer.
anybody know any good sites for this?
324 May 9, 2003

I think most women wn't break up with their lovers just because of their dick size. However if a dick is extremely small i can imagine.

To be honest my mother left my dad and a big reason was his size. When i found out i got angry and confonted her. She explained that my dad was never able to make her come with 3.5" and thin. She started fantasizing about bigger dicks and when my stepdad seduced her his 8" could make her come right away. I can understand that finally she left, after all sex is a big part of a relationship and if 3.5"sont work for you, well... Maybe it's hard on my dad but at least its honest. Come to think of it, it's hard on me to. I take after my dad and am very small as well with 4.5".
325 May 9, 2003

These penis enlargement programs that proclaim that if you use their product that your penis will grow an inch or in six months or whatever is a total farce and don't waste your money. Remember the penis is not a muscle (every male in the world would be working out their penis to make it bigger) and no amount of excersise or taking some drugs will increase the size of the penis. What you have is what you will always have (save perhaps a penis enhancement surgery).
326 May 9, 2003

Great analysis Marc!!!:
(So, if I measured the size queens who write to this forum,they may fit in the category of loose to very loose on the vagina size table and thus would be less of a woman.Go figure!!!)

327 May 10, 2003

"You know, I swore I wouldn't return to this asenine site but I guess I was just too curious about what kinds of argumentative discourse was going on.. I can see little has changed..
As for myself, I have calmed down a bit with regard to taking the issue that seriously:  I am 6" and that is just the way it is, whether or not anyone likes it.. I am not apologising for having a dick that size, neither am I out bellowing the intention of grabbing someone to fuck.. Since I am not a Cape Buffalo, I don't start stomping and snorting at the female's slightest whim..  THEY can come to ME, as far as I'm concerned..
I ski, climb, teach, play my bass, do some landscape photography and otherwise suck the marrow out of life, regardless of womens' perceptions/speculations of how I might 'rate' in bed..  I have quite enjoyed the sexual experiences I have had with women, and if their on-scene reactions are any barometer then I dare say that they enjoyed my company, too..
I would like to think such a trend will continue, and of course there are no guarantees that that will occur..  BUT.....I do know that permitting other people to whittle away your self-esteem and introduce needless second-guessing, does not a happy time compose!
That said....Will I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fools?  FUCK NO, and I recommend that everybody else here who is of a free-thinking bent do precisely the same!

Siyanara for now....
328 May 12, 2003

To Melissa:

No worries, I fantasise about being with a girl who's so tight it makes my dick sore. Hmmm, the extra SQUEEZE is SOO GOOOD! If I were with an average sized fanny like you, I'd definitely cheat on you if I knew I could have really tight pussy. But that doesn't make me a bimbo either, I'm just curious to know what really tight pussies are like.

How big are you by the way? None of these girls on the site are telling! For gods sake, what happened to SEXUAL EQUALITY! All you need to do is insert the end of something like a toothbrush (or actually, just a ruler!) and see how far you can push it. In my experience, there's a correlation between a pussy's overall size and its tightness (its usually the tight ones that complain you're sticking it in too far!). I know that later we'll have to measure you properly with a pressure gauge, but for now just tell us how long you are. And NO CHEATING by sticking the ruler half way into your intestines, OK?!! I wanna know if I can get mine all the way in without you squealing! In my experience, having a nice tight one, clamped around the WHOLE of my cock is far better then having a couple of loose lips flapping around my glans! So, tell me your size, and I'll tell you mine, and I'm way above average, believe me!
329 May 14, 2003

it's funny how you have changed the entire penis size discussion to a vagina size discussion to make you feel better about yourselves.  Perhaps everyone should concentrate on their positive traits and stop trying to project their insecurities on others.
330 May 14, 2003

If you look on the web at the FREE PE message boards you can find some exercises that increase blood flow to the penis and make it larger. No you WON'T GAIN 4 INCHES in A MONTH, it's more like 1/2" in 6 months or maybe more time. It's a LIFE STYLE CHANGE and hard work. It takes TIME!!!!!(the exercises can take up an hour or more a day, sometimes with days off for healing), But it is POSSIBLE, you have to be completely dedicated to the exercises you choose, and sometimes you will see no gains for months, and have to switch to new exercises, but it will WORK if you are committed!!!

So their is hope of getting bigger, it's HARD work but their is HOPE!!!
331 May 14, 2003

do any girls here do kegel exercises?  what is the point?  my vagina hurts when my boyfriend tries to enter me.  It is difficult at first.  will the exercises make it even more difficult?  do they really make the vagina tighter?
332 May 15, 2003

DMB 21yearold:
Dear gatorman,
your right!
Penis enlargement products are a rip off, and yeah the penis is not a muscle-correct again-

Exercise will affect the penis size,
It takes actual effort -though- something that most people are too lazy to do. So everyone stop taking advice from these lame ass therapists and counselors and live life and research for yourself. I went from a six in november to an eight by April. The best advice on penis size is free on the internet.
333 May 16, 2003

re: cons
you are such a loser.  concentrate on being a nicer person and you will not have such horrible luck with women.  it has nothing to do with your penis size, it's your attitude.
334 May 16, 2003

Me again, and I had some more thoughts on this:


Guys, big and small, you are such GIMPS, start thinking about your own pleasure a bit. Think about it, it depends on what you focus on. Don't you like having those exquisite areas around the base of your cock stimulated. Some nice tight, strong muscles clamped around the base feel so GOOD! Remember when you wanked, didn't you sometimes just tease around the base of your cock? Yeah, of course, but now, when you start having sex, you are such a bimbo for the women's pleasure that you've forgotten about all those things, all those sensations you really loved. SOME women have begun to focus on these (EXQUISITE AREAS AROUND THE CERVIX) as if they are paramount, as has the writer of this site. Well fair enough, focus on something and it BECOMES important, so I think it IS becoming important for some women who have started focusing on these as the only route to ultimate pleasure. But hell, I'm interested in my pleasure too. I'll be damned if I'm going to put up with some short pussy which can't excite those hard to reach areas of my cock! So for all you average pussied women out there, you can forget about fully satisfying a REAL MAN, I need a REAL PUSSY for that! Not some toy excuse

That isn't to say I won't fuck you, I don't go out and expect to get the best sexual experience of my life every night, but don't expect to give me anything like mind-blowing sex - you can only do that if you can give me that really tight, completely enveloped feeling around my cock, just like YOU can only get mind-blowing sex if you have a completely stretched and filled feeling in your pussy. As I'm above average, most average women can forget satisfying me - and look, I don't want to wait for months, or even years, while you adjust your tiny pussy to the stretch and the pain, any more than some guy with a small cock wants to wait for you to adjust your tightness to fit his. Girls like Nadja may be loose even for me, but girls like Melissa I reckon couldn't even TAKE my cock; so honey, you may get mind-blown by me, but what makes you think you're worth me fucking? Are you going to give ME mind-blowing sensations around the DEEP areas of MY cock!? So come on Melissa, how long is your pussy? (IF YOU'VE ALREADY ANSWERED AND OUR GENEROUS HOST HASN'T POSTED YOUR MESSAGE YET, APOLOGIES, BUT ITS TAKING A WHILE! I'M JUST EAGER TO GET ON WITH THE DEBATE...)

You know who I really feel sorry for? It's the guys with the biggest cocks. The chances of you finding someone who can give you maximal pleasure are limited. So you've got to make do with giving everything and getting much less. You know what that makes you? Guys, it make you SEX GIMPS! The best thing for you really big guys to do is get into sexual submission fantasies where your only function is to satisfy your women regardless of how much sensation you get from it. Forget your pleasure, you just worry about the superior sex's pleasure.

The guys I really envy are the average ones, they get the best deal. Most girls will sleep with and stay with them, so they've got the best chance of finding girls who can fully satisfied them ALL their lives. I may be limited, but not nearly as much as the really big guys. But hey, from what I've read on this site, the big guys have already become sex gimps - and all this in what, 25 years? - that's how long its taken to turn hung guys into nothing more than instruments for some freaky women's pleasure! Call a gimp a real man - HA!

Me, I want to give AND GET maximum pleasure, so I'm looking for a girl who can take all of me and to whom I can give all! I'm no gimp, man, I believe in EQUALITY! It may be a bit harder for me to find the right women than for the average guy, but life was always a challenge! So I don't mind...

335 May 16, 2003

This site is by and large true.  As one who was genetically blessed with a very large organ (9 x 7), I can attest to the accuracy of the diagram on page 18.  Most women LOVE deep penetration.  A word about glans size, however.  I possess what many women have told me is an 'enormous' penis head, and it is a distinct disadvantge for oral sex.  I also believe that my huge glans size causes me to ejaculate much sooner than men with small penis heads, because the increased friction it receives during intercourse leads to orgasm much sooner.  I rarely last more than 20 minutes during intercourse.  So, I guess that although I am in the top 1-2 percent on Kinsey's size chart, I would say that having an enormous penis head, although pleasing to my own eye, is definitely a mixed blessing.  Many women seem a bit disgusted by the size of my glans at first sight, although I very seldom hear complaints during penetration.  Has anyone encountered the glans predicament of mine?

Signed, Airtight
336 May 19, 2003

Guess What?   You can enlarge your member if you want,  I know this to be true because I've done it.   4 years ago,  I had a 5 1/4" penis and it was around 4 3/4 in girth.   I've done just the length extenders jelq and kegles, and have never done it any time consistant for more than 2 months in the 4 year period and by golly,  it's now almost 8" long and around 6 1/4 in girth.    Unless a girl is really really tiny,  they would be lieing if they said they didn't prefer a larger cock.  Of course,    there are guys with large members that just stick it in without the girl being ready and last 3 minutes (of course they'd prefer a guy who was smaller and hit the right buttons).   I totally agree with a lot of this site.   Size of a woman is so true.  After you get a woman really excited and self lubricated,  theres not a whole lot you couldn't talk her into playing with or fitting (slowly) in her love box.   

Sex is so fun~!
337 May 19, 2003

This site, while fun, is impossible.  Belief in some of the posters is severely tested because of the suspicion that they are shams, trolls, perverts  - whatever.   How can you tell who is posting honestly?

As far as the debate goes I guess I remain where I started.  I maintain a big dick is an asset - it provides visual impact to most (not all women) and may give them more physically.  I'm sure that a medium sized dick will  do the job perfectly well - it only lacks the "wow" factor.   A small dick can still do the job, but is not very exciting.  A very small dick is a problem.

I do not believe the "expert" Tracy"  who maintains that penis size is of no interest to women  - I strongly suspect most women like to discuss amongst themselves the haves and havenots amongst their men friends.

338 May 20, 2003

Yes its me again, and I take Jana's criticism, and JANA, here's my response:


I think we may agree on this one, but if you're feeling a little insecure, well, good, then maybe you'll get a handle on how some guys are committing suicide over dick size and why the British Medical Journal has claimed that men's current obsession about the size of their dicks (resulting from media hype and social stereotype) can be classified as a medical disorder. If you think its only about attitude then we fall into the same camp, silly! I wrote something else before I read your post (now posted after this one) - please read it, it'll explain why I'm here and where I DO stand on the issue, and judging by your comment, we might actually agree.


The debate about penis size IS a debate about vagina size - in case you hadn't realised: how big something is totally depends on what you're sticking it in! It's not so much about transferring insecurities (though a little of that won't hurt) its more about accepting differences. If you earlier posts, some women (and men) have claimed that any woman who says she doesn't like big dicks is a liar or doesn't like sex. But why? Does a 5'2'' women have to like the same 6'5'' man that a 6'1'' women does? Why can't the short women be as sexy as the taller one?

IF YOU CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO READ MY MINI-ESSAY BELOW (which explains in more detail):

MY OPINION IN A NUTSHELL: what's sexy, what gets you off, depends on what you pay attention to. Big dicks are better because we say they are. Its about what we associate pleasure with not what abstractly causes pleasure. I do research on this, I can see what's happening, and its sad. Men subjecting their dicks to the surgeon's knife is as sad as women subjecting their breasts to it. In fact, its worse - dicks are functional to a point beyond breasts - DICK SIZE IS A WHOLE GRADE MORE INTIMATE THAN BOOB SIZE, AS WOMEN'S SENSITIVITIES ABOUT THEIR VAGINAS SHOULD SHOW. And all because we want to be something other than what we are, and in turn that's all because we won't let people be what they are and respect them for it. Now that's REALLY SAD.

WHY I'M HERE IN A NUTSHELL: I've fallen in love with a girl, who's beautiful and intelligent and I'm worried she loves me mainly for my dick! I can't figure out how a girl as intelligent and sensitive as her can be so obsessed with the size of my cock! And I blame it on our shallowness as a society!! And JANA you come here and defend a girl like MELISSA who has a boyfriend with a perfectly reasonable dick who's says, "..But I know it could be SO much better with a bigger dick" and you complain that I make a point about tightness - what if a her boyfriend were to cheat on her for a tighter pussy? If he starts thinking that way, then a tighter pussy WOULD BE BETTER. It can become just as important to him - to the point where he can't get off on her pussy. So she goes after a bigger cock, and he goes after a tighter vagina. BUT JUST HOW MUCH DIFFERENCE DO YOU THINK IT WOULD MAKE TO THE SEX - FOR EITHER OF THEM? What have they gained - AND what have they lost?
339 May 21, 2003

So here's the promised mini-essay, which expounds my thoughts on the subject (hmm, it might have a better title, but hey(!) - its best read to the end...) (And thanks to my girlfriend for editing it, but the many errors which probably remain are exclusively mine..)

Sex, Objects and Pleasure

Guys, stop being such sex objects for women - its not JUST about their pleasure, its about ours too!  If women are to become SO focused on the feeling in their vagina, we should become just as focused on the feeling around our cocks. For the big guys out there like me, isn't it nicer when you can thrust deep into your girl's vagina? My previous girlfriend could take the whole of my cock, and sure, it was better to feel that warm squeeze around the whole of my cock. My current girlfriend can't take me, and I have to make do with orgasming without her clamped around the whole of my cock. Would I like her to be longer? Well, yeah, maybe, but that's not all there is to sex, and so I'm still with her. Do I miss being able to thrust deep at the point of orgasm, well, yeah, actually, but that's ok, I love her, and the sex is good because of it. Why am I here? Because my current girlfriend is obsessed with large cocks. She reckons she gets more pleasure from a big cock. Well, maybe, but there is the reverse question of whether she can give a big cock MAXIMUM pleasure - and if there is an answer to this, it's a resounding NO!

This is how we started talking about it. It struck me as bizarre that a girl with such a small pussy could so want big cocks. The reason is that she's highly affected by this media hype around large cocks. BUT she can't even TAKE a big cock. SOME women now are so wrapped up in getting pleasure for themselves, that they've missed the other side of the equation - AND SO HAVE MEN, it seems! I love my girlfriend, for other reasons, and she's not generally a victim of fashion hype, but this large-cock worship seems to pervade even the most sensible girls AND GUYS! And I'm not convinced that large cocks DO give MORE pleasure - it's a different kind of pleasure. I'm a psychologist (well, cognitive scientist), I currently do research on touch (how the mind processes touch sensations), and believe me, WHAT we feel is almost exclusively dictated by what we are looking for, by what we are PAYING ATTENTION TO.

So do big cocks FEEL nicer. Well, I can't speak for women, but flip it around: do tight pussies FEEL nicer? Hmm, well, I've known some tight pussies, more than I have know loose pussies, and I could definitely say that tight pussies feel TIGHTER. That bit is certain. Moving from that to BETTER, requires us to make the association, and to be honest, until my current girlfriend, I hadn't made it. When its been too loose, I've noticed, but all women get loose after you've been fucking them for a bit. And I know pussies have certainly been TOO tight. Again, I don't want to speak for others, but if men (and women) associate tightness with pleasure, then there WILL be a link, just as masochists associate pain with pleasure. The more you do it, the more it becomes true.

I, for one, have not associated tightness with pleasure, so I have no problem with women who say they prefer average or even small penises. All they are saying is something like (not exactly, but, 'like'), they prefer sensation to stretch, they prefer being stroked to being scratched, they prefer being rubbed to being pinched and any number of similar analogies, just as the masochist prefers being hit to being stroked. Personally, I hope I don't start associating deep thrusting with pleasure, because if I do, I'll want to ditch my current girlfriend for someone who can take my whole cock, and THAT would be shallow of me. Lets hope men don't become as shallow and obsessed with squeeze and envelopment as SOME women seem to have become with stretch and fill.

It may be true that guys like me with large cocks can give maximum pleasure to more women out there, just as larger women can give maximum pleasure to more men (all this is to certain point: if a cock's TOO large, then it limits him, and if a vagina is too large it limits her). But so what, I only want one girl, and other things, like looks and money, limit you more than cock size does (I'm not a very wealthy guy, and not the very best looker , and these two factors exclude more women than my large cock includes!) So I envy the good looking guys out there, who probably have more choice than I do. But I know that its ok, because I only want ONE women. And if she'll accept my looks and my money, even if they're not the most that's on offer, then I'm ok with that, just as I accept her looks, her pussy's shortness and some of her shallowness in falling for the hype around big cocks that has grown over the last couple of decades.

I recommend to you all a book by Anais Nin (well, the book is a collection of extracts from her journals), called, 'Henry and June'. It's a very sexy book, written in a time when we weren't so cock-size obsessed. There's hardly a reference to cock size, but Anais Nin falls for Henry Miller because he is far MORE SEXY than her husband. In passing she mentions that her husband is very well large and is actually too big for her. She is turned on by how EASILY Henry Miller slides into her, while her husband must engage is extensive foreplay. It also shows that big guys are not automatically more sexed. Her husband, she says, thinks himself sexy if he takes her five nights in a row, while Henry Miller would take her five times in a night. (incidentally, Anais Nin is lauded as one of the pioneers of female sexual liberation, and thank god for feminists like her!). If well hung guys are more sexy now, its because of the CONFIDENCE they have gained from seeing that their large cocks are so valued. So it seems that attraction and lust are about fashion more than anything else, and this, to me, is sad, because I've always believed that fashion is hugely overrated!

My sexual pleasure is not a pure function of the size of my girl's pussy, though it does make a difference, and it isn't irrelevant. The size of her pussy is just not that important because it's the MIND that filters our sensation, it's the MIND that is the REASON for our sensation - nerve endings, however they are stimulated, CANNOT do it on their own. Big cocks, tight pussies and big boobs cause more pleasure mainly because of the associations we make with them. I know of NO scientific research that has associated big cocks with more pleasure, though their has been associations made between BEAUTY and pleasure - apparently, the more symmetric your partner's face and body (the more proportionate), the more pleasure you feel from sex with them. But beauty, like cock size, is mainly subjective. Its just that nowadays, we are TOLD by media what to find attractive. This is not THAT surprising, as society has always set standards of beauty (in parts of Africa and the Caribbean, a HARIY woman is found more beautiful, and in India, a slightly fatter woman is seen as ideal. But if I were to follow media so much, my rather small-breasted girlfriend would not meet the standard).

Now, my current girlfriend is easily the sexiest girl I've ever gone out with, and consequently the sex with her is the best I've ever had, even if I don't get ALL my cock stimulated - sex is so good because I fancy her so damn much! The tightness and length of her pussy is irrelevant, but that's because I haven't made the association - AND I DON'T WANT TO make that association any more than I want to become a SADOMASOCHIST. However, if women are going to be so shallow and self-serving, then men should become like this too. I, for one, refuse to be such a sex object for women - and this has been the basis of my arguments with my girlfriend. She has now seen how silly she has been, (WANTING COCKS SHE CAN'T EVEN TAKE!), and she's become a little more concerned with whether her pussy is giving me maximum pleasure. This in itself is not a good thing, and we need to move away from it  (THAT SIZE IS SO IMPORTANT), but perhaps the only way to do so, is to begin measuring women's vaginas. SO THE NEXT TIME A GIRL ASKS ME HOW BIG MY COCK IS, I WANT TO KNOW HOW BIG HER PUSSY IS. Fair's fair!
340 May 21, 2003

Guys, You haven't answered my question. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN AN INTERNET SITE THAT HAD:
-a table of vagina tightness,that all women could be compared to.A written and videoed survey of 1000's women being tested for their tightness.
-contests looking for the world's tightess pussy.
-a method and cheap device that could tell you how tight the woman you just slept with was,(then next day you could tell your buddies exactly how tight or loose she was).
-Plus lot's more.
The idea is simple.Women have had the advantage of being to size a man,soft and hard since the beginning of human history. Men on the other hand have only guesses to go on.They know that one woman is tighter or looser over another. By how much, is always a guess.Now, we can accurately measure so many women,that a table size can be made of their vagina sizes.An accurate and international survey that could not be disputed.Would you think it fair in a sports game,that had one team sent in with one hand tied behind their backs to one foot.This is how it is now with gender genital sizes. How about a fair game.So would you be interested in a web site that levelled the playing field, for once in history.
341 May 22, 2003


Count me in! Since my girlfriend went on about cock size, I've noticed becoming a lot more sensitive to vagina size. I want to know where my girlfriend falls on the normal distribution, as much as she wanted to know about me.

I ought to add that I don't think either is THAT important, but perhaps the only way to stop women like Nadja or Melissa, or any of the others on this site(who do), claiming that most men are useless to them, is to point out that if men were as shallow and self-serving, they would be useless (with their monster pussies) to most men!

And BEFORE JANA HAS ANOTHER GO AT ME: I never worried about pussy size until my current girlfriend (the first ever) made an issue of cock size!!! - Lets not forget, most normal women are like most normal men, and just don't think along these lines!! Its just the unlucky ones like us, who have at some point in our lives come across WOMEN LIKE MELISSA OR NADJA
342 May 22, 2003

At last some common sense and equality has come into this debate. Is'nt funny how now the focus has shifted towards vagina size women are now posting and stating things like " it's an attitude thing" and rebuking men for their " nasty" comments.

Well, check the archives, and see some of the previous women's comments. Many attributed size to being a "real man" many bragged about their affairs and betrayal of boyfriends for a well-equiped man. Some even boasted about occasions where they enjoyed mocking small sized men! So stop complaining girls, you gave worse than you're getting.

As to whether I thik this strong emphasis on body image is right or productive, my anwser is certainly no. However, as our society places increasing importance on genital size and body image in general it is only fair that women share in the scrutiny. This is equality girls!

In case you're wondering I'm not small I'm at the top end of average. However growing up as a kid and teenager and being overweight my dick appeared significantly smaller than what it really was. Well word got got, and while the boy's liked to joke about my size, it was a group of girl's, who turned the jokes into something more nasty and mocking. Well, this is the first time in my life where I have admited this, and I can tell you it took me many years until I had the confidence to even met a girl let alone loose my virginity. So my point is, for every action there is a reaction, and it's starting here. A vagina size debate would at least even things up a little.

Best of luck men and remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

343 May 22, 2003

Yes Marc I would be interested. The recent comments on this site suggest that a similar site directed towards vagina size is well overdue.

As someone who has had more than his fair share of work in the IT area, do not under estimate the power of such a debate on the net.
344 May 22, 2003

undersized husband :
I found your site after having an open discussion with my wife on my size in relation to her former husband.She had made all the comments exactly as you had discussed in your article of saying my size was nice and she enjoyed the size of my penis the way it was.I noticied however that duting intercourse she was always grinding and trying to  get more of me into her I finally got her to be truthful to me and she told me that her former husband was one of the lucky men who had an extremely large penis, and that she did find it frustrating with the size change he was 8.5 to 9 longer and very thick according to her. I am only 5 when fully aroused and maybe 3 when flacid.It is something I will have to deal with and sometimes it does affect me mentally knowing this.I know my wife loves me and we do  have a good sex life I just wish sometime I could give her what she is missing.I see guys in the gym where I work out and sometimes it is quite embarrising having to come out of the shower and get dressed in front of others.
345 May 23, 2003

First, to the Editor:  Thank you for this site.  My wife and I only recently stumbled onto it and it has made a big impact on our sex lives.  I'm over 40 (as is my wife) and, because of shyness, I have had sex with fewer than 10 women in my life.  With the first 8 (including one I was married to for over 10 years), I would get comments such as:  "You're bigger than I thought you would be.";  "I didn't think I could take all that.";  "I'll never forget that.";  and, yes, one "Oh, my God."  But with my current wife (whom I've been married to for 7 years), no matter what she said, I never felt I measured up.  You see, she is, in all ways, my perfect woman.  Sticking with the physicals, she is a thin lady with 34 D NATURAL breasts with large areolae, lean yet muscular legs, and a butt that takes 3 inches off when you're doing doggie style.  No matter that she would tell me I was large, I knew my sexual attributes could not reach hers.  Like every male, I have been in many locker rooms and showers, and I knew I was larger than most. (OK, I've seen two or three "whoppers" that made my arm look small.)  Still, when all the women in my life told me I was large, I just assumed they wanted to make me feel better.

Well, after reading your site, doing the critical measurements, and comparing with your "Perfect Penis" and Kinsey's statistics, I now feel that I can give my lady almost as much as she gives me.  I am 8 inches long by 6 and three-quarters in girth.  When we saw I fit in you "Ideal" range and was in the top 3% according to Kinsey, she felt even better about what she had, and I felt better about what I could give.  Thank you, thank you.

Now to all:  A couple of statistics I am curious about.  First is male testicle size.  I don't think I've seen any in the locker rooms as big as mine.  Mine are 3.5 inches long, 2.5 inches in breadth, and 1.5 inches in width, considerably larger than that mentioned in this work or in Kinsey's reports as average.  Does anyone know where I can find statistics similar to penis size?  Can we start a cavass on this.  And to the women responding:  does this matter to you?

Second (again aimed at the ladies):  I prefer a small natural breast to a large enhanced one (something nature gives is so much sexier than something a doctor gives).  There are men's sites dedicated to natural breasts.  Given the arguments in this article, it would appear you would prefer someone such as myself to have surgery to enlarge my penis even though I am already in the "Ideal" range.  Does natural penis size matter to women?

Third:  The large penises shown on this site are curiously devoid of bulging veins.  I know that unless I am at maximum hardness, the veins on my penis are noticeable, but not obvious.  But when I am at total arousal, my veins rise well beyond the skin line and are a dark blue.  I would think this to be somewhat normal and when I see digital pictures of huge hard penises without such veins, I conclude they are digitally enhanced.  Besides, how could the massive amount of blood required to raise such monsters course through tiny veins?  My point here is to not be fooled by digital enhancement.  If penises really were as big as some you see on the internet, then why don't you see them in porn movies?

Fourth:  I am a PhD scientist, though not a physiologist.  Still, I understand statistics.  There are valid comments on this site that the data presented here was with very few subjects and perhaps those subjects were not even randomly picked voiding any statistic.  But facts don't require statistics, and arguments here favoring penis size are very supportive of the fact that size does matter.  However, the editor's statements that essentially conclude that the world is full of men with very large penises is misleading.  Based on Kinsey's statistics, let's say that 3% of adult, non-geriatric men have a penis that is longer and greater in circumference than mine (or put in your measurements in the equation).  If there are 80 million men in the US, then 3% would mean that there are 2.4 million men in the US so endowed.  Seem like alot?  I live in Georgia where there are maybe 3 million adult males.  That means 90,000 have larger size.  My city has a population of 300,000, that means 9,000 are bigger.  So, there are 9,000 men in my city better hung than I.  Let's figure in the other important things.  Now, how many of those 9,000 are more attractive, how many are more intelligent, how many have a better income, how many more can make a lady laugh, how many are more capable of truely loving a woman?  Being honest, I know I am in the top 20% in attractiveness, top 10% in intelligence, top 10 % in income, about average (50%) in making a woman laugh, and, we'll say average in my ability to love.  Let's multiply these together:  .2 x .1 x .1 x .5 x .5 = .0005.  0.0005 x the 9,000 better hung guys equals 4 to 5 in my city that maybe can better satisfy my wife in combined terms of sex, emotion, and stability.  I like those odds.

Sure, my last argument is a bit whimsical, but it makes the point.  Of course, all things being equal, if I have a bigger penis than someone exactly like me, then any woman would choose me over my otherwise clone.  If the difference was income, of course she would choose the one with the bigger wallet.  If the difference was humor, sure she would choose the one that made her laugh more.  Of course it is gratifying to know my penis and testicles are either ideal or well above average, but if I can't make my lady laugh, or be happy to be with me in public, or feel comforted by my stability or love, then I might as well wack the lot off.  Sure, penis size definitely matters to women, but if you're a jerk or a loser, then you better be in love with your hand, because it's the only thing that will constantly love your big old member.

One last thing, I don't trust all penis size claims, including some in this dialogue.  I'm willing to put the tape measure to a picture and dare all claimers on this site to do the same.  (No digital or surgical enhancements allowed - remember the vein argument.)  Do we need a forum?
346 May 23, 2003

To Drwilly,

For a phd scientist, you're not very bright. What makes you think that all women would choose a larger penis? Some can't even take the average ones out there. Sure, there are a whole load of them so stupid they fall for game show philosophies, but there's a whole load more who don't. Saying there is a 'perfect' penis size for all women is like saying there is a perfect male height for all women (AND BEFORE SOMEONE HAS A GO, I'M NOT TELLING WOMEN WHAT THEY SHOULD WANT OR SAYING I KNOW BETTER WHAT THEY DO WANT, I'M JUST DEFENDING THE RIGHT OF SOME WHO EVEN ON THIS SITE HAVE SAID THEY DON'T CARE OR THAT THEY PREFER SMALLER OR JUST PLAIN AVERAGE. I ALSO THINK ITS ABOUT WHAT MEN WANT AS MUCH AS WHAT WOMEN WANT). Perhaps you're a physicist and think that one law applies to all particles - but surely you must know properties change when you start clumping particles together. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE MAN, didn't you read my earlier post - think about it the other way around. Do you think there is a 'perfect' pussy size for all men? Or a perfect female height? And the idea that you can make equations out of this:

People's like of me = propertyA * propertyB / sqrt(propertyC)

Read some literature, scientific case studies, or even the Anais Nin novel I suggested earlier and you will see that even if you do have a bigger cock than me, are more intelligent (whatever the hell that means) are better looking (whatever the hell that means) have more money (wealth? - whatever the hell 'wealth' means) etc, etc, I doubt you could steal my girlfriend from me - and the main reason is, she and I have a shared history - not to mention, we are roughly the same height (good sexual positions), we find the same jokes funny (What?!? You mean, not everybody laughs for exactly the same time/much about exactly the same joke?!?!?! ~But all sub-atomic particles have the same energy levels!!!! So why not!!) and a whole load of other things which make us specially and specifically compatible.

Anyway, congratulations on thinking so highly of yourself. I'm sure you satisfy your wife very well, but if she's deciding how much she like you by putting your vital stats into an equation, I'd keep a close eye on the variables and coefficients that go into it. If she has age, number of laughs per week/day, number of fucks, number of dollars in wallet etc, then she might well give you a surprise when she meets some younger guy who fancies a bit of old muff. Or lets hope you never fall on hard times - yes, it could happen to someone even as wonderful as yourself - because if you do, your wife might suddenly find that banker she met in Boston RATHER ATTRACTIVE! Course it depends on the coefficient values - lets hope she was generous on the personal associations and not just on dimensions.
347 May 24, 2003

My penis is 14" and girls love it. They love when I fuck them up the ass hardcore,also when they can drink from it.I love getting head.
348 May 26, 2003

Your nuts your just a guy with a big dick trying to feed your ego, this site cracks me up, gotta thank you for the laugh though. Would like to see your PHD Doc....lol
349 May 26, 2003

Well Drwilly apart from satisfying your own ego by proving what a catch you are to womanhood, what have you contributed to the debate ?  Not a lot. 
Now you want to have a penis size competition - pathetic.
350 May 26, 2003

To undersized husband:

Come on man! What about you?!? - Don't you find it annoying that you have to wait for her to adjust to your cock. Wouldn't it be much better if she were tighter from the beginning?!? But SO WHAT, relationships are about growing into each other - we always change between them and adapt to our new partner, not just sexually. Its just as much her fault for dating a freak as it is your fault for being average. If she's having to adapt, then so are you, but I don't hear her moaning that maybe she's not giving you enough sensation around your cock!

If she (or you) don't like it, then neither of you has to try. But nor should either of you feel bad for being anything other than what you are!

Maybe its part of the beauty of  a woman that she can adapt her pussy more than we can adapt our cocks, BUTS THAT'S ALL THE MORE REASON SHE SHOULD BE COMPLAINING LESS. And men adapt too, in other ways. Apparently men change their habits (behaviour) far more than women to suit new partners. AND in the sack too - I know that my current lover likes me to be far more gentle than any of my previous lovers (and I've changed THE WAY I do it between each girl I've slept with). Actually I liked being a bit rough and frantic, but I adapted, and you know what, it doesn't make the slightest bit of difference! I enjoy the gentleness JUST AS MUCH as I enjoyed the roughness before - neither is better than the other. Anyway, if I ABSOLUTLY HAD TO have it rough, I would go off and find myself another girl - but I think there's something wrong with you if there's only ONE THING you can get off on - its part of the definition of a fetish.

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