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351 May 27, 2003

There is some truth to what the guy to made this site is saying, and there is some lie to it too. This guy has gone way overboard when it comes to girth and length estimates in penis size. But, ppl, c'mon. of course penis size matters, but it aint all that matters.
The sad thing about the guy who did this site is that he is making people out as rabbits, who aint got nothing better to do than fuck senselessly 24/7.
If ya got luv, and understanding in that relationship, then more power to ya. When i'm in bed with a woman, i like to be challenged and tested. i dont settle for complacency, and i expect her to do the same. I put my whole heart into it, and dont say "Oh, i wonder if my dick's big enuff for her?" while we're doin our thang!!

There was a time when i was insecure about my dick size: just at 6.5L by 5.75C, which is about average. But i said, fuck this defeatist attitude, and took control of my sexual image. And with alot of reading, using PE exercises and so on, I got a dick at 7 by 6 inches, and I am happy with myself, cuz it means that i can achieve alot more.

Fuck all dem fools who like this guy who designed this website, making ppl feel like because u dont have a 9 incher, u must be a loser, like if u aint born with it, u're a failure. Not all great ppl (in every sense of the word, when it comes to penis size or not) or born; some are made. To hell with that Darwinian bullshit this guy is passing off in the website. 

At this rate, with those PE exercises, and soon i'll reach for a target of above 8.5L by 7C (reasonable aint it??), so i can really push a woman to her limits in bed, and make her understand that i aint settling for second best.
My bad if every man aint a natural born Don Juan!!!

Just a comment to women like Nadeja, who got a man as thick as a soda can (mutha!!!!), and he's decent, and treats u like a woman, hang on to that guy. What u got there is a very rare, and a very great thing. Keep it real gurl ;)

And to guys like Dmb 21yearold, ppl who dont take the world's word as gospel when it comes to these kinda issues and used logic and common sense, and take life, and issues about ur own body into ur own hands.... Respect! I've been using those PE exercises, kegels, jelqs etc. and they work. Ya just gotta be patient, and good things will come to those who wait!!

Later ppls!!

Comments and queries are welcomed.
352 May 27, 2003

353 May 28, 2003

mazhar shah:
 I have fopund your website is very interesting, but i m little bit despair because my penis size is 5 1/2 and 4.5 girth, but hard  likke  wood. any can u give me some tips tp improve its siz. I am from pakistan.
Mazhar shah
354 May 28, 2003

I think that we should just create different names for penis like the way Eskimos have many different words instead of "snow" in their vocabulary based on the particular characteristics of the "snow".

How about "prick", "dick" and "cock" for starters?

Prick: anything under 5 inches and/or thin in girth.

Dick: average ranges of length and girth.

Cock: anything over 7" and/or thick in girth.

I had this idea while looking at some porn where a guy was sporting a nice big, beefy penis and I thought, "Now THAT is a COCK!... mine is a prick compared to that."

So instead of anyone using the term "penis" anymore in everyday discussion we use these terms instead. Penis would just leave the dictionary. A guy would tell his girlfriend he has a nice prick and she would immediately know what he was talking about size wise. When shopping for condoms one could tell a pharmacist I need condoms for my cock and he would get the right size. So a woman could say "I like cocks" and we know what she means.

I know... stupid idea! LOL!
355 May 29, 2003


hmm.. at the "Mister Poll" site there are the following results: What was the the longest erect penis you've ever experienced?

8.5"-10" (25%)
  10"+ (19%)

That would be 44 % of women with experience of a 8.5" (or longer) guy.

"Taking an example from the Kinsey data to illustrate, whilst 17% of the 3500 men studied reported an erect length of 7 inches or above, only 1.8% of men reported an erect length of 8 inches or over."

That would indicate
a) that 44% of all women have had sex with less than 1.8% of all men (relation 24:1 !)
b) that the "Mr Poll" results are obviously not correct (several possibilities: some women exaggerate about the size of their partners, some men vote as "women" in these polls).

I think that penis size does matter, but only to a certain degree. I like women who have a preference for an above-average penis.

But: the stories about male partners with gigantic penises (10 " or more) come far too often in these forums compared to the statistics. 8" is a rare size already.

On the other hand i think that women whose partner has an above-average penis have the chance of more intense feelings during sex (under the right circumstances). A thick penis stretches more, and stimulates the g-spot well. A long penis who can stimulate the vagina up to the cervix can cause intense (sometimes multiple) orgasms by deep penetration.

And: a big penis can be a visual turn-on too. Of course, the whole body plays a role too (one women once made compliments about my long penis and my muscular thighs in one sentence - an indication that women often have a "complete" look on a mans body while we men often tend to focus on one single spot - the penis).


356 May 30, 2003

well fuckin A man, i guess if dick size is the only thing that matters to women then farm animals and maglights are gonna be replacing men real soon.
357 May 31, 2003

Mark, you're quite dumb when it comes to statistics.
You wrote 25% women stuffed by 8.5-10" dicks
19% stuffed by 10+" dicks and you happily conclude 44 % of women have been stuffed by 8.5+" dicks. I didn't occur to you that women could belong that women could belong to the 2 groups? Besides, if the stats are correct, considering the fact that penises that large are quite rare, it means that some women do sleep with hundreds of men. If there's such a group of women, the 10+ group is included in the 8.5-10 one. In other words, all women having been stuffed by 10+ have been also stuffed by 8.5-10. Consequently. Consequently, there're notmuch more than 25% women stuffed by 8.5+" dicks (far from 44%!)
By the way, I'm a physician often in ER. I've seen thousands of cocks in my whole life. About 5% of men have cocks that would make porn stars look like boys. I've seen several erected penises (involuntary erections due to medical acts)that were above 10". Some had girth superior to 8". Sure it's rare but it does exist. Some of these people were showing signs of acromegaly (HGH excess). I think that these guy have a hard time finding women who can take their dicks. Anything above 9"x7" is really big.
I'm about 6x5 by the way ;-)
358 June 1, 2003

Doc I would just like to know did you actually measure this thousands of cocks that you have seen? Or are you just making a guess what they are as well with girth?!
359 June 1, 2003

Let me tell you what ALL woman want because it seems to me you only have talked to your mom, wife, and whores.

Real woman who have blood flowing through there veins don't base any real realtionship on the size of a penis.  Those 20% of woman you said were in a realtionship only for the size of a man's penis obviously where the hookers you interviewed.

Let me explain to you why not ALL woman like a big penis.  My husband(oh and why don't you interview some faithful married woman) has a 8" penis and there are times when we have sex it hurts so bad because it hit the walls(some times he is being gentle) it litterly makes me sick, I double over in abdominal pain and vomit.  So if you don't belive me when I say I don't want a bigger penis fine but you ever think that mabey you are the one who is having a problem and mabey most woman do tell the truth you just refuse to belive that there are woman out there who don't base there lives around sex, and sleeping around with multiple partners so they can spread STDs. 
PS next time you do one of these test why don't you give AIDS and STD tests and throw out the result of anyone with them then you can have REAL answers from REAL woman not just two bit whores who will do and say anything to get a little attention.
360 June 2, 2003

Well said Real woman.
361 June 2, 2003

Totally well said REAL WOMAN AGE 21!! I agree with that a 100 percent!! Because my girl has the same problem with me by the way I am alittle over 8! THat is quite large for her and for most women!! So quit with 9 x 7 is the perfect size for a man to have!! Because it is not that is a fucking weapon is all that is!! A deadly one!!
362 June 3, 2003

This is an amazing site.  After reading all of this information, I've decided to let my wife cheat on me with another man who's got a bigger penis than I do.  Mine is very small and she deserves better. 

I don't have a problem with it.  In fact, it kinda turns me on.  I'm going to hide back in the corner and masturbate while I'm watching them make love.  It should be a good show and I KNOW she'll enjoy it.

If anyone has any erotic stories about such situations, please email them to me.

Thanks, tpa_info@lycos.com
363 June 4, 2003

Boy, you're really stupid! One usually doesn't see such stupidity on the internet unless it is intended to sell something... but you seem to have poured yours all out just for the heck of it.
364 June 4, 2003

You need help JD.
365 June 4, 2003

See: http://www.luckymojo.com/tkclitorislarger.html

Very interesting info about female genitals...

366 June 4, 2003

 Real Woman is right in what she says. But alas all women are different, and that's why this debate will never be resolved, no matter how hard we try.
 Some women will actually prefer penises on the slimmer side, some will prefer them to be very thick, and some WILL JUST LIE FOR A LITTLE ATTENTION.
 From experience, I have an erection just under 8 inches and around 6 inches thick- -I have had sex with 18 women, of those 18 about half had IMMENSE difficulty in getting me inside of them. The remaining half got me in a little easier, but still said I made them sore. Also, They all said I was the biggest man they'd ever been with. Albeit ONE did say she thought she had seen a longer one. Am I saying you're wrong? No. But everyone is different, a woman who is 5'4 is going to be different than someone 5'10. Vagina size plays a role as well. I think my height perhaps is the reason why my girlfriends have all been like that, I'm 5'3 and most of my girlfriends have been from 5'0-5'6 and in the 100-120 pound range. And then there's the other factors of overestimation, lies, and poor memory {like, a woman remembers a 7" inch penis that provided good sex as an 8.5 inch penis or something like that} It all happens. Therefore, I say that it does matter and bigger is better-but bigger to whom? The 5'11 lady could think 8" is small and the 5'1 lady could think it's gimongous.
 The answers on this board are mixed from women, some saying it matters not at all, most saying they'd like one that was large but not X-large, and a few saying they like huge penises.
 As far as how large men REALLY are and how large they SAY they are...I have concluded that ALL men lie about it {even I have}. Usually if a man tells you his size he'll say some bullshit like "oh...7-7.5" which naturally means 7. There is a difference between 7 and 7 and a half. And judging from the gym and the small amount of threesomes {don't ever do 2 guys and a girl-a hard lesson} I've had, most men aren't hung like bulls...the largest I've seen besides my own was a little longer than mine, but not thicker. I'd say that the 2% statistic on 7.75 inches and up is true.
  But Penis size has helped me in the male world, as I am pretty under-endowed in height...whenever some sawed off prick tried to make a move on my girlfriend or something like that cause he was taller, he usually got told how large my penis was. And if he said something like 'mine's bigger' they usually asked to see and have him measure it-no one ever did, further proving my theory that most men lie.
 Whatever, just find someone you love and be happy, life's too short to worry over your dick like a bitch...someone out there will be happy to take you in. Hahaaha, I made a funny.
367 June 4, 2003

Hi Doc,

id recommend you to have a look at the poll again. The question can only be answered with one of the choices given (please take a look yourself at the site). (you are quite quick when it comes to call somebody "dumb" - a little bit too quick)

Of course there are very big cocks (i didnt say the opposite did i?), but i simply doubt the results of the poll. Not all women sleep with hundreds of men (sure some do but the percentage of these women is again small), id say most women have about 10-15 guys and the probability of a 8"+ is not very high among 10-15 men.

So the poll probably does not the reflect the majority of women, only those who are interested in this kind of polls.


368 June 5, 2003

You still don't get the point about one statistical group partly included in the other one. I'm not going to lose my time trying to explain it to you again, sorry.
To answer somebody's question, you know we doc are used to evaluate sizes. I've spend some years in the urology dept and yes, we dis some measurements routinely. Besides, nurses do often measure unsually big patients dicks for fun. Patient often get nervous erections because of catheter insertion. They use paper band discretely and you can hear them commenting about the guy all night! The biggest reported was a a little under 10 and something like 7 and a half from what I can remember. We will all rember that patient because from seeing him, we would never have imagined. He wa a young shy very small guy!
369 June 6, 2003

I as a female think penis size does matter if it is too small - well what's the point you can't feel it and if it is too large which i have experienced well then it is too painful and you don't want to do it again
370 June 6, 2003

The issue of penis size has been around for as long as there have been men and will probably be around for a long time more.
My own personal view is that the size matters a lot more to us men than it does to the women.
Naturally there are women who prefer very well endowed men, just like there are men who prefer very well endowed women but in general I think penis size is mainly a male issue.
To the naturally competative male psyche, bigger means better, making most men see a larger than average penis as an advantage.
Personally I dont even think this thinking is related to womens feelings and what size would give optimal pleasure. I am convinced that if the average penis measured 8 inches, most men would still want to be bigger than average.
Something that proves my theory right is the research done on the growing numbers of males who take the drastic measure of enlarging their manhoods surgically. The number one reason stated by these men for why they want to have this surgery is that they want to feel better about themselves around other males, for instance in lockerrooms and public showers. This is probably just as well, as results show that surgical enlargment of the penis only creates a larger flaccid penis and only a very slight increase in size of the erect penis.

Finally, its a good thing we all have different tastes and preferences as this ensures us there will always be a Mr or Miss Right out there for us.
371 June 7, 2003

Love the big pussy lips. mmmmm I'd suck on those all day guarantteed. mmmmmmmmmmm

Though I have an average cock. I have fantasies of being humiated for the size of my cock. You pages were informative. I love sluts and I would love if they could use and humiliate me. So girls next time you see that cute guy (which I am) think of that little peice of heaven you can show him.
372 June 9, 2003

My gf has finally accepted to tell me the truth: I'm too small for her. To small for providing her the best sex possible. She said she likes to have sex with me but would prefer if I were a little bigger. She added that she wouldn't consider splitting for that reason. I'm confused now. It's as if I was not giving her all that she needs. Size is an issue, let's not be hypocritical. I love her but feel inadequate. I would prefer to know her with a man who can bring her all the pleasure she deserves in bed.
My advice: if you're small, don't end up with a very sexual woman, unless she is very tight.
373 June 9, 2003

hi guys,(and girls) my name is hilary, and i would like to share something with you. i measured my boyfriend craigs' cock the other day. it measures 12.2" in length and 8.6" in girth. now most of you would think this of this as a blessing and when i first laid eyes on it, i thought so too. but let me be honest. it's not. i discovered this web site while trying to find some ways of satisfying my man without killing myself.
here are the problems we have encountered.

1.i can only come close to taking it all in when i am drunk, and even then there is still an inch or so left. and the next day i have to take percocet just to walk normal.

2. i can't even come close to putting my mouth around it.

3. anal sex - NOT an option.( girls take a string and measure 8.6", cut it and fold it into a circle just to see how rediculously large this is, now imagine 12.2" of that up your ass!) not gonna happen.

now all this might seem funny and i'll admit, when it comes to hot tub parties and nude beaches craig is the star of the show. but in the bedroom he is the sad clown. imagine going through life never knowing what it feels like to be have womans warm mouth wrapped around your cock, yet alone to be deep-throated.
  imagine never having experienced the powerful feeling a man gets when he has his cock up a womans' ass. guys talk about this stuff all the time. and to be totally honest, i love anal sex and i miss it, lots. but there is no way i will even attempt it. it's just too big around for him to even attempt to put half of it in there.
 and last, not getting the simple pleasure of being able to completely bury yourself inside your woman, always having to leave up to half of it out, and only the first half gets any stimulation. now of course i reach down with my hand and help him out but i know i'm not fooling him, he would rather be in my pussy than in my hand, and i wish i could help him.
  i love my man, and even his huge cock ( at times ) but for the most part i don't like it. it makes me feel like I'm the inadequate one. and honestly i am considering letting him go so he can find someone who is better able to satisfy him.
my point is this guys( and girls) if you're 5-7" in length and girth, then you're perfect. and don't waste another moment wishing you or your boyfriend had it bigger. cuz it only causes bigger problems.

men you picture your girlfriend with the ex with the big dick and it drives you insane with jeleosy, well i picture my boyfriend with the ex who could actually fit that in her ass and i get the same feelings.

if anyone has any suggestions on how i can satisfy this man, please let me know before i lose him.
374 June 10, 2003

Jon B.:
The content on this website does *NOT* constitute a debate - it is designed to support a biased opinion which is partially backed up with choice facts.  It is set up this way in order to manipulate a self-conscious man to investigate penis enlargement products of some fashion or another.  My guess is that this site was created by one or more penis enlargement companies who are trying new ways to attract unsecure men to their products, while hiding behind the anonymous author of this website.  My advice to you -- BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!  Your penis size won't help or hinder long lasting love which so many humans strive for.
375 June 11, 2003

im glad you had a penis chart online that shows who is to big and two small because im 15 7 1/2 by 6 3/4) and would like to no not just what is to small because im not worried about that i just want to make my woman happy not impress the other guys
376 June 12, 2003

Hi doc,

i get your point about the statistics, but while your comments are true for real statistics they do not apply to the "multiple-choice"-poll i mentioned above.
Of course it makes sense (in real statistics which are NOT multiple choice in the way of this specific poll) when you say that the 10"+ group is included in the 8.5 - 10" group, but the multiple choice poll fails to reflect this as the woman can make only one choice (she can either vote for the 10"+ group or the other group, she cant vote for both at the same time). You are right generally speaking, but the specific multiple choice poll im talking about is not able to reflect what youre saying about "is included in" (because its exclusive OR (XOR) and not OR - speaking in programming language, or: the difference between a RadioGroup and several independent Checkboxes).


377 June 13, 2003

i want to know how big the biggest recorded human penis is.people say 14 inches erect but i heard it was a lot bigger.28 inches i heard,and what about those african tribesman who can have 18-20 inch penises when flacid.
378 June 13, 2003

I definitely think penis size matters. I have a 5 3/4" long X 1.7" thick penis and I slip out of my women often. I have stopped dating since I find that women love to get into bed with me but when they feel my dick, they make some excuse or the other and end the session. Of course I must say that I am a bit inexperienced and the women I have tried were above 30 years of age and had had many boyfriends. It's frustrating nevertheless. I think there is a lot of truth in the content of this site. Women love big penis over small and the bigger the woman the more it matters. Period. The lesson I take is not to date bigger women. Fuck them! I had always been interested in older women and in having affairs with married women but I am turning to young little chicks, not out of superficiality but plain pragmatics!
379 June 13, 2003

The truth is, you can be the nicest most caring man that ever lived.  Your girl friend can tell you you're a great lover.  But let a guy with 2 more inches of dick come along and you are history.  Guys with big cocks can be the biggest SOB's in the world and the girls will still worship them.  Face it, if you don't have at least 8 inches you don't count!
380 June 14, 2003

charlie mack:
excellent document,my wife and I fully endorse your conclusions.
Please explain, if poss, whether you accept that the the so-called extremely well hung as in various magazine photographs, are actually so. For example, a so-called 13 to 15incher is usually very thick, but rarely appears to be longer than say 10 or 11 inches at maximum. Do you think that a different method of measuring is used from the one you use in order to enhance their otherwise quite acceptable endowments? I wonder if they are measuring from the base of the hard penis length where it divides below the scrotum? If it were so, then my acceptable 9+ inches can easily become 13+ inches of hard tissue!
Regards, CM.
381 June 14, 2003

Great site man. You've answered questions that would have probably taken me years to figure out. I really appreciate the time you put into this site. Peace
382 June 14, 2003

I am a 38-year-old white woman and am considered to be very attractive and very sexy.  I have never married because I like sex too much to tie my self down to any one man.  Having worked as a bar tender most of my adult life I have had the opportunity to have sex with a lot of men.  And I do mean a lot, three or four a week, sometimes more.  I love sex and for sure the bigger a man's cock is the better I like it. All my girl friends say the same thing.  I've had a lot of guys that were nine to ten inches and real thick and I agree with Susan's comments, the frequency and intensity of the orgasms are incredible.

Regarding Maria's answer to Peter about a big cock head, she is right on.  I've had several men with huge cock heads and the feeling is fantastic.  One guy in particular had a seven-inch or so shaft but the head was probably more that 8.5 inches around and 3 inches long.  The feeling of that huge cock head rubbing against the wall of my vagina caused me to climax repeatedly.  He was from out of town so I only screwed him one time but it's something I'll never forget.  So, Peter, if you have a huge cock head, don't worry, the women will love you.

Hilary, this is for you.  (Follow my advice and you can take it.)  I had a boyfriend for a while that was bigger around than your man and 14" long.  (Yes he was a white guy.)  When I first heard about him I thought I could take anything but when he shoved that thing in me for the first time I thought I was going to die.  There was no way the full length would go in.  He pounded me for twenty minutes and when he was done I could barely walk and I bled for two days after that.  Not being one to give up I went back for more.  This time he was very gentle with me and knew what to do.  Lots of foreplay and lubrication is part of the answer.  He put me in the doggie position with my shoulders on the floor.  When his cock was in as far as it would go he just held it in there for a long time to allow my vagina to stretch.  Then slow movement moving in deeper with each stroke.  When I felt like I couldn't take it anymore he would stop and we would try it again later.  After about three days I was able to take his entire length and it felt really good.  The sex after that was very intense and I couldn't get enough of that big cock.  I finally broke up with him because after a while his arrogance became unbearable and he was screwing so many other women he had little time for me. 

So Melissa, be patient, screw a lot of guys and you will eventually find your 12-inch dream cock.
383 June 15, 2003

Pato cal:
My erect penis has been a steady 7.25" by 5.5" for many years and various attempts at increasing to the much desired 8" by 6" have, at best, been only temporary and so they have all been abandoned.

David,a 4 weeks older cousin and I had had mutual masturbation sessions from 8 years old until we were in our early 20s.  The last time I saw his erection it was still 8.5" long and had a slightly bigger girth than mine.   We both courted one very sexy girl, Maureeen and, eventually, David married her because she probably went for size!

Three years ago, I had the chance to stay a few days with Maureen and David but, one night when he had to be away, she and I decided to "betray" our partners and relive our earlier days and have at least one go.  We were both very surprised when she told me that I gave her a much more intense orgasm than  David and concluded that , being somehwat shorter than his, my penis massaged her clitoris and that she did not need to have extra stimulation.  This ended up with three more fucks and would probably gone on further if I'd been able to get a fourth erection.

We have never repeated that night, being reasonably faithful to our partners, but the intensity of our oragsms, especially hers, would seem to prove that a much longer-than-average (5 to 7 inch) cock is no guarantee of intense orgasms for the female partner.
384 June 15, 2003

I was looking through your pages (nice work by the way, clears a lot of things up) and came to your 85 penis facts. Number 5 is worded very poorly.

"Shorter and thinner than average flaccid penises are averagely shorter and thinner when erect than average erect penises. (Does that make any sense?)"

You're trying to say one of two things:

1) Flaccid lenght and width is a good indicator of erect length and width.

2) There is a fairly strong positive correlation between flaccid size and erect size.

Either of these will make it easier for anyone reading to understand.

385 June 15, 2003

To Nola:

Jesus woman! What was the point!?! Now your super-stretched blackhole of a pussy is useless to the vast majority of men! And look what you had to go through to get there... before you stretched your pussy to the point of being useless, you might have got off on the normal dicks out there - but now (if your thinking and that of this site are true)...

Didn't it ever occur to you that the reason you are getting such great orgasms from big cocks is because you are turned on by them, and the reason you are turned on is because you expect to be turned on?!

Some girls (and guys) get really turned on by being beaten, whipped or otherwise tortured. Do you think they get just as good orgasms from normal sex? Well, to answer, no, they don't. Do you think they would get better orgasms having normal sex with an 8inch cock, or masochistic sex with a 7inch cock? Hmmm, so what's the intensity of orgasm got to do with the size of the cocks?

Think about it women. The intensity of an orgasm comes from how turned on you are. Sensations, and even stretch help, but they are not all that matter and they can't do it on their own - think about a rape victim's opinion of the size of the guy who just fucked her...

So now you're useless to most men. Ok, maybe you never wanted to settle down (good job too, not many men would bother with you now) but just think ,(by your own logic) most men you might wanna bed wouldn't feel a thing any more - so why should they sleep with you? So congrats women, now that your pussy has been bled and prepared for BigDick, you gotta WAIT for him before you can HAVE sex at all.

And great advice to all the girls: hey girls (Melissa esp) what you really wanna do is super-stetch your pussy in readiness for BigDick, and now that you're ready, BigDick IS ALL YOU ARE GONNA GET!! And how sad, cause now, YOU NEED BIGDICK - hmmm, kinda limits you... and all for something in your head. You do really remind me of people who mutilate their bodies in the name of pleasure. But with all those scars, that's the only kind of pleasure they have left... Yeah, come on girls, if you can't find a live BigDick to strech you to uselessness, why not try any available objects - a baseball bat, your car exhaust or your video recorder - see if you can make that disappear, and don't worry about the blood - its perfectly normal!!
386 June 16, 2003

slick willie:
found this site loaded with information, keep up the good work to educate those who don't have a clue. My thinking those who have small equipment, have to depend on some good tongue action to satisfy your lover.
387 June 16, 2003

Okay, I realized that the size of our 'little brother' is not too important to think about. In coitus, I agree with the sexolog's opinion which consider that the pleasure of sex is not depend on the length of the 'bird', but depend on the skill.
And honestly one thing that make me obsessed with a long dick is, I imagine if I have a quite long cock, I can do some 'autocunningulus' or generally known as 'autosucking'. But I'm not a gay!
That's all, and I'm still dreamin' sometimes I can suck my own penis
388 June 16, 2003

well, i have read most of the comments & the site.all i can say is " IM GOING TO BE SICK " Im officially giving up sexual intercourse.Ill stick to oral sex until i find a site about women prefering larger tounges. Ill continue to do anal sex ,so 2 out of 3 aint bad.OH WELL.....
389 June 16, 2003

DMB the 21 year old:
Hey Nola,
I love sex too, but what kind of fucked up advice is that??? go screw alot of men and you'll find a 12inch cock? that may take a long time to find a guy like that because it is so rare. You are nothing but fuckin ho anyway, who hates men like me anyway. You are really irresponsible for giving advice out like that. My guess is you have hurt alot of guys, and let guys walk all over you and use you too. What about STDS and unwanted pregnancies. I am the kind of guy who could be the greatest guy in the world but you wouldn't give me the time of day because I am 8.5 by 8inches around now and growing. Someone has to stand up to these shallow goat fucking bitches, and I will be a voice for these men who are depressed and suicidal because they feel like talking to these types of women is a hopeless situation. What Happened if you fell in love with a guy with a five inch penis?
All i ask is that if your only going for sex be honest with a man straight up and ask what his size is and say your only interested in fucking, don't fool a guy into thinking you love him and stab him in the back. I had a six inch penis at one time, and I exercised it and it became bigger, and I was rejected for the way I was by women. So many men are suffering out there and women have it so much easier, when it comes to sex and dating. Basically if your a stud you will get all the attention in the world from women, but you can be an average looking women and still get way more offers for a date/sex/relationship than the average looking man. Some women are nothing but whores and bitches and tricks. Fuck you and your fucking boyfriends. I hope you die of a disease bitch.
390 June 16, 2003

i bet most of the women posting here have very large holes.especially the 38 yr old bartender that cant keep her legs closed.DAMN......
391 June 17, 2003

Well, I guess I have really hit some sensitive spots.  You idiots that think that because a woman has sex with a man with a real big dick she is no longer good for other average size men are really showing your ignorance of female anatomy.  What you fail to understand is that a woman can give birth to a baby and due to the elasticity of the vagina, returns to her normal condition in a short period of time. 

So you CONS, have obviously not read, or are too stupid to understand the sections of this website that explain the physical makeup of the vagina and the sensitive areas that give a woman more pleasure from a longer, thicker penis.  You have now revealed what a true MORON and an absolute JACKASS you really are.  You are an obvious jealous, impotent fool with a 4" or less dick that no woman would look twice at.  So you may as well keep your stupid comments off this website as you are obvious extremely ignorant and have absolutely no credibility.

And as for you, DMB the 21yr old, you are a bald faced liar.  If you think anyone is stupid enough to think that it is possible to stretch an average 6" penis to 8.5"X 8" you are a total fool.  So why don't you go hide in the broom closet until you grow up and dry off behind the ears.  You don't have a clue about sex and even what life is all about. DMB obviously means DUMB!

So here are some cold hard facts from a woman that is old enough and sexually experienced enough to know. 
 >There are some women whose physical vagina size does not allow them to comfortably accept a large penis.
>A woman who has had sex with the "enormous cock" is NOT stretched out for life and can still enjoy sex with a man of average size.
>There are some women that are so physiologically addicted to the "enormous cock" that they will leave their families and/or submit to physical abuse from an ugly guy simply because they can not give up the eroticism associated with an enormous cock.  This is the exception but I have seen it happen.
>Most women have at least some fantasy about getting a good fucking by a handsome guy with a thick 10" cock and most of them will follow through with it if given the opportunity. All the women I know confirm this but I would like to see comments from other women on this subject.
392 June 18, 2003

JamMan X:
Nicely done web site:

This issue is a very complex one and subject to a plethora of variations that can skew any generalized result. Women need you to reach their G-Spot, they like their walls stretched and love deep penatration as well as rhythmic short penatration. When considering sizes it's best to examine your options on a personal level. The smaller you're dick, the less options you have, but you still have options so make best use of them and enjoy yourself. If you are a guy like me and you aim to please, then talk to her and demand honesty, find out what she loves based on the limitations you have and make best use of that extra knowledge.

To answer a ladies question:
Yes, the more pussy you have on the outside to play with, the better. It's nicer to touch and also great to look at in and outside of clothes. If I had the choice between women who were vertually identical except one had larger labias, I'd go for the one with the larger labia 100% of the time.
393 June 18, 2003

NOLA, ur a damn ho.and PLEASE remove the jukebox from your pussy.have u ever heard of std,s or aids before ,nola ? hmmmm, makes me wonder.
394 June 18, 2003

DMB the 21 year old:
you want to fuck with me???
Fine, but your showing your ignorance towards natural penis enlargement. It worked because I put alot of time and effort in it. You don't have a fucking clue about natural enlargement, because you didn't study it like I did,

You still gave out some irresponsible advice, because your an idiot who deserved to be used by men.

All I ask is that you don't base an entire relationship on penis size.
I will swear on the bible itself that I went from a six inch penis to an 8.5 by 8 inches around. I started it on December 1, 2002 and by February, I was seven inches, at the end of April I was 8 inches. I never measured the circumference or the width when I started out back in December. All I know is that I reached 7 inches around by March and then eight by the end of April. I did it and I swear that I did it.


[The last two paragraphs of this message have been removed because of an excessive use of profanities. It is not allowed to use this message board just to throw puke-and-piss cocktails at each other. ED]

395 June 18, 2003

My name is Alexandre
I too prefer large libia lips
I would apreciate if you could refer me to a website
where I can see large labia lips

thank you
396 June 18, 2003

its me:
I always thought that when a woman gives birth her vagina is lengthed, some (from the average of about four inches to about six) and stretched extremely in girth (a baby's head must be at least 10 in. in girth). I also thought that this decreases the elasticity, because after birth some women do keagals to tighten up the entrance of the vagina. I know that a baby's head is bigger in girth than any dick, but would not the same principle apply to a woman getting an 8 in. girth penis after she normally gets maybe 5 in. girth penises? To me it would seem that the elasticity would decrease, meaning that the 5 in. girth would not be as pleasurable. A woman could do keagals, but why would she if she could get the 8 in. girth on a regular basis?
397 June 19, 2003

I loved the info you had on women with larger labia being better! For years I was embarassed about having having huge labia minora - I was even teased by some of the girls in school about it - but now I feel almost proud that I have something that guys want.

Thanks ^_~
398 June 20, 2003

This is for Nola.I'm presently measuring pussy sizes ,specificaly tightness.I find your liking bigger penis your choice, good for you. But the part that a woman after births return to their previous tightness is very debatable. This is one area I will have to look into.Measure some newly pregnant women at the beginning of their pregnancies and a few months after delivery, heck even a year after.But I find you,such a hypocrite,when you imply that you could satisfy a normal sized man just as easily as a big sized man. .Tell you what, I'll measure you if I get to your neck of the woods .If you dare put your pussy where your mouth is.I find that women like you think they are God's gift to men.That they have a veriable pressurised pussy at command.Give it a break, I bet if I measured you ,you would be scaled  loose to very loose size.
399 June 20, 2003

I've been interested in this debate for some time. To some extent I agree that in our hypersensitive politically correct society a lot is left unsaid about many sensitive sexual issues.

Pop psychologists and sex experts can argue to they're blue in the face that size does'nt matter. But this assumption is based on pure rational terms. When has sex and love ever been rational?

Historically, large phallic symbols have been associated with male status, power and domination.

Many women (and men too) crave this and enjoy the feeling of being dominated. Admit it people.

Now, a comment to that vicious, man hating, bar tending slut Nola. if you read Con's posts you will see that he has many intelligent things to say about attraction and offers scientific explanations as to  why women may prefer a large penis. As well as pointing out the obvious double standard in regards to vagina size, he is actually trying to help couples not get too brain washed with all the media hype and bigger is better mentality. Something a sexually obsessed vixen like yourself would not understand.

As to your ridiculous statement that all women given the opportunity, would at the drop of a bra, have sex with a ten inch man, check out the comments and research on this site. Ten is significantly too big is the overwhelming message, sweetie.

Finally, While you admittedly fuck many different men, I truly doubt that you or 99.9 per cent of the population would ever have encountered a dick as big or in excess of fourteen inches, if in reality cocks that size exist at all.

400 June 20, 2003

DMB the 21year old:
 The greatest part of exercising my penis is that only one person has seen it and I am a virgin, so i will never have to experience the torture and humiliation from females on this topic.

I made myself new and improved before I ever even had sex with a woman. So there it is, I created a miracle. The greatest part about this is I did it all for free where most women have to pay lots of money to enlarge their breasts, I on the other hand enlarged my penis for free. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for reading this.

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