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251 April 6, 2003

Previously my girlfriends always said that I was perfect. I thought they were saying this not to hurt my feelings.

Now I am pleased and confident that they really meant that my 8" x 6.5" was just that.
252 April 6, 2003

oh poor marc,
You sad sad fool,

You really crack me up. thanks for the laugh, I really mean that.  Please realize something my sad angry misguided friend, women have an urge, something inside them that just craves a sexually potent man. It's not their fault, It's just instinctive. Don't let it get you down. The truth is that women love their men for who they are, not whats's between their legs. From what I've seen  only about 5% of women will leave their men for a more well endowed man, most women truly care more about the man they are with then his penis. Yes most women would prefer a larger penis on their man if they had the choice, but that's just not what it's all about. Just realize something, It's men that are obsessing about size more then women.
253 April 6, 2003

Married Guy :
As for penis size , yes all things being equal and in many cases not equal, a woman would still prefer being fucked properly by a nice fat cock with good length depending on how deep the vagina is. If the girl has a long vagina , be ready to step up to the plate with at least 8 inches. If she has a short one like my wife, 6 1/4 inches fills her up to the max. And trust me that is her max , her pussy will not get any deeper no matter what position. Anything more in length hurts like hell. Don't get me wrong she loves my cock, but I know for a fact that she can also handle that monster "Kong" dildo after getting warmed up. This thing is 7 inches around and 8 inches long. It is fucking huge! I convinced her to shoot a video for me and she did. She felt as if she were being put on the spot but I told her not to be embarrassed and to go slow and do what felt good. Guys, you really have to be open with your woman and not judge them or interogate them over dick size. They hate that. Instead entertain the idea with them. That will make them feel comfortable that you will not judge them for liking a big cock just like you would not want to be judge for having a too small or average sized dick.
That's right, anything small or average, is a dick and anything on the big to huge side of things is a cock! Any way , she started warming up with the hitachi vibe (Best Sex gift for Women, so get her one)I told her not to cum too quickly. I told her I wanted her to cum while the Kong dildo was inside of her. At first she said modestly , "It won't fit, it's too big", I said " Go slow and it will fit fine" She slowly put it in her pussy which was slightly wet so she needed lube. She got it in and buried it about 6 inches deep, then started the vibe. The faces she was making along with the moans was quite a marvel to be captured on Hi-8 video. She soon came really hard and I could tell she was trying so hard not to scream. She looked like she was in agony the face she had on,and she was shaking like crazy. It was pleasure for sure. Right after she came , she turned off the vibe and she said "I can feel it spasming inside my pussy" , I said "start thrusting the dildo slowly" She said "I don't know if I can , my pussy has got a vice grip on this thing". She proceeded slowly in and out , in and out. It was great as her pussy lips hugged this huge cock as she slid it in and out. She started to quicken her pace and after a few minutes , I told her "speed up a little" at this point she was able to thrust that Kong cock in and out and it was clear she was loving it. Other than the instructions I gave her, I didn't say a word, I just recorded everything. There was white pussy juice creaming up all over her labia as she slid this monster inside of her. It was as if someone opened the flood gates , there was soo much pussy juice. Keep in mind, she did not use lube again after the initial insertion, this was all of her own love juices letting down as she was receiving a deep dick fucking by a monster cock. After about 12 minutes of monster penetration, I stopped the film and proceeded to fuck my wife until I blew my load. Afterwards , I told her she was gr eat and told her how sexy and hot she was. I DID NOT ask her if she liked the dildo better or anything alongs those lines. I filmed it and I knew she liked it. Believe me guys a woman will tell you when she doesn't like something, so don't interogate them.
Anyway, that was some of the best experimental sex we ever had on Hi-8 soon to be on DVD. So yes size does matter, if you are short matched up with a long or vice versa. In this case I have to say it wouldn't hurt if I was a size 8 by 7. After these video results from a latex dildo , I am positive a real one of the same dimension would feel even better as nothing, I reapt nothing is as good as a real thing, in this case a real flesh and blood cock measuring  8 inches by 7 is going to rock alot of women's worlds.
These very same ladies will buy the guy with the big cock everything she can afford just as long as he keeps doing her. I've seen and heard of it all to often and at times, I have been one of those guys.
Men , you will be very surprised the results and the treatment you get from a woman when you do her right. She will be in your stable for life. You fail to get her off a few times in a row , they will leave your stable fast than a rabbit gets fucked!
So if you ever see a woman with a guy that she just waits on hand and foot,you know what the deal is.
So ladies , who disagree out there, Don't knock a big cock until you try one on for size. You will be pleasantly surprised and don't hate on the women who get laid by hungs guys. As the saying goes "Don't hate the player, hate the game".
FOR GUYS WHO NEED HELP : One thing I must say is that PE does work. I started jelqing method after I learned I had high blood pressure and results were almost instant. In my case , I take blood pressure medications that now make erections difficult at times. The lack of pressure due to the medication limits the amount of flow to my penis. Erect , I am 7 1/4 inches long and 5 3/4 around. I realized after reading, you really need to work out and stretch your penis almost like a warm up to keep it in top form. I started jelqing (milking) method in a hot shower. I milk stroke 200 strokes while my penis is partially erect. Then I take a day off. Then repeat. Beginners should start with 100 strokes in the hot shower(Hot temp helps expand penis tissues). See the difference after the first week. However you have to be diligent for it to take effect.  Just thought I share my experience. Good Luck .

And for those guys that bash this site because you now feel insecure of your sexual capabilities. Too bad. Go ahead and start PE.
You were fine before, because ignorance is bliss, and now knowing what you know now after reading the site , you realize reality bites!!!
254 April 6, 2003

Married guy, you seem to miss Marc's point. His argument was more to do with the lopsided debate on the importance of penis size when in fact vagina size varies far more.

As for whether or not it matters, the comments on this site prove shit. This site with a few exceptions of intelligant and informed opinions is dominated by egotistical fools boasting about their real or imagined endowments along with a few sexually obsessed(lonely) women

It is intersting that for the most part it is the well endowed men not their girlfriends who are boasting about their potency and sexual prowess.

I am average 6.5 inches and have never had a girlfriend who cared, and believe me we were open about far more sensitive issues than cock size. I think that good sex is about being spontaneous and at ease and confident in yourself and your body, not about some kind of ego driven manhood contest!

In fact, after finding this site my current girlfriend related to me a time when she was with a particularly well endowed man. She said he was a complete looser who's idea of foreplay was to unzip his fly and grunt, come and get it! She never orgasmed with him, and said he was typical of many men who greatly and I mean greatly overestimate the importance of size. So please don't believe everything you read- this site attracts braggers and a few women with distinct views on the size issue. Based on the objective facts and survey's I can only conclude that penis size is not of extreme importance in relationships.

255 April 6, 2003

 ".....Actually, reality doesnt bite, because REALITY IS NOT WHAT IS ON THIS SITE , for the most part.. It took me a couple reads thru, to see that....but now i can go on my way and leave the [buffoons] to argue amongst themselves, which would certainly be their favorite pastime next to strokin' it..
Rebutt me if you like, but i aint comin back so you are jus' pseudo-intellectually pissin' in the wind...."
256 April 7, 2003

everyone seems to be talking about discussing vagina size.  All women have the capacity to fit a very large dick in their vagina.  They can birth babies afterall.  So this argument is really irrelevant.  What's relevant is that big or small, there's nothing you can do about your penis size so you may as well accept it and concentrate on things you can change.  Regarding the women who prefer big dicks: the percentages of these women on this site are skewed because they clearly did a search on this topic to get the page.  It would be interesting to see what a general survey result concluded.
257 April 7, 2003

Because when you meet a big guy and discover the joy of the fat cock, you can't help comparing the the other guys to the big one. I never got the same orgasms with any other guy. For information, my big guy was a big big guy. We measured it, it was 9.4 lengh by 7.6 girth. You see what I mean. When fully relaxed and totally wet, the orgams were unbelievable. I could get several of them and was almost faiting because of the intensity of these deep multi-orgasms.
258 April 8, 2003

I read this site right through and have a few comments. The author is spot on with some of his comments, but loses credibility with some of the numbers thrown around. Come on, 9X6, etc. Do you realize how huge that is? The reality is most porn stars are not that large. It is a known fact that in pornography things are not always as they appear. Camera angles, the actual lens used (don't believe me, ask all those women who complain how certain mirrors at clothing stores make them appear  larger!), the physical size of the actor, the physical size of his co-star, the size of her hands, etc,etc. They are all used to distort size. Numbers regarding penis size should always be taken with a grain of salt.
I agree with Married Guy, most women would probably like more on their guy up to a certain point. But they are hardly likely to leave him if that was the only thing "wrong" with him. Just as a man would not end it with an otherwise attractive lady just because her breasts were not large enough. In both cases, the parties involved would be better off without that shallow person in their life.
I will agree with the statement that their should be more discussion and websites that go on about vagina size. Remember it is the 2nd part of the equation!
259 April 9, 2003

Sorry, big dicks are better guys!
260 April 10, 2003

 Oh My Gawd, I cannot believe people waste time on things like this! OF COURSE IT MATTERS! Geez, as long as you're not 4 and under 10 You are pretty much covered! No, a 6 inch cock isn't gonna make me clench and scream bloody murder and brace myself, but an 8 incher isn't gonna be able to make me give out those rapid gasps as I'm pounded endlessly. I have had them all, and yes all have their differences. Sometimes bigger was soo much better, sometimes the rapid fucks of the small guys turned me on so much as to give me HUGE orgasms from knowing I'm the dominate one. Smallest guy for me: 4.5 inches, Largest: 9.9 and I loved both of them so much. Why worry? You can't change it! Just think...instead of going out and getting ass you instead decided to A) Type about how much of a loser you think you are cause your dink is small or B) Type about how huge your cock is and how women love it-so prove it STUD! Go get ass and don't worry about it. God gave you your penis for a reason, if it's smaller, maybe you'd be too perfect if you had a huge one and with a larger one, maybe you're lacking in another department {money, looks, height, body..etc.}
 It is what it is,
 Good Luck Guys!
261 April 11, 2003

My little experiment is to stick a make believe 1" dick in spandex, walk by women and girls and see how they react.  I can tell you that they laugh their heads off at a guys little dick.
262 April 12, 2003

whoever wrote this stuff-

you are a sad, sad person. you should be ashamed of yourself, and so should the penis enlargement company that you work for.

maybe YOU like big dicks. do not speak for women. do not try to ruin happy relationships by making men insecure about themselves and doubtful of their partners. how dare you say a woman who doesn't like big dicks is unhealthy, or doesn't like sex? i have been masturbating since i was four years old... i think i can say that i like sex more than anybody i know, and SIZE DOES NOT MATTER TO ME.

no, actually let me correct that. i like smaller penises BETTER. they are much better for oral sex, much better for anal sex, and they do not leave your cervix bruised after half an hour of intercourse. and if you do your kegels, they feel just as good, if not better, since you can let your man go fast and hard without worrying about pain.

you also don't have to be really, really wet before you can start having sex without cringing. and i guess i should also add that at least in my experience guys with smaller penises are MUCH more sensitive and intelligent lovers.

fine, i don't speak for all women. but either can you. all i know is that for me and many other women the man makes the dick, not the other way around. so GET A LIFE.
263 April 13, 2003

What is the smallest you have had, the biggest and the best, what length were they?
264 April 14, 2003

under 6 and there is a problem, otherwise, size doesnt matter
265 April 14, 2003

This site has been made by an absolute moron.
266 April 14, 2003

I am asian measuring 5'11" in height.  I'm sick and tired of reading articles in the internet on how to increase penis size.  They sell you this and that... Once and for all is there a way to increase penile size.  Mine is just 4 1/2 inches (length) and 1 1/2 (girth)when erected. Is being born prematurely has something to do with my size?  My father is well endowed. Thanks and hope to hear from you.
267 April 14, 2003

Common Terry:
First of all, the issue of volume and percentages.  Since only the surface of the penis touches the vagina, shouldn't we be thinking of penis size in terms of surface area?  This would greatly alter the percentage differences since surface area is two dimensional and volume three dimensional.

About penis size in terms of evolutionary ideals...

Here's a thought.  What if a larger than average penis was ideal for sex, but a smaller penis was ideal for other physical activities?  For example a man with a freakishly large penis might experience more discomfort while running than a man with a smaller penis.  I do realize there are a thousand other aspects to address when dealing with evolutionary development but it's just a thought.

Also the people on this site are not representative of the rest of the population (I being one of them).  They would not have found this site unless linked to it by a search engine or other sex or penis-related site so if they are looking up this type of topic, chances are their opinions on penis size and sex are not average.

And to Debbie, I feel sorry for your children.  If you're familiar with eugenics, you might look into it.  You'd do the rest of us a great service.
268 April 14, 2003

Rebecca please say you will marry me, lol. God I love your brain. Your kind mind has got it going on. Now thats a real woman for ya. mmm mmm mmmmmm! xxx
269 April 14, 2003

Hello, uh, "Ed."  You sure spent a lot of time and energy on this... and yes, i couldn't help but wonder if you work for a penis-enlargement-product company since i can't understand why else you'd obsess about this issue to the tune of 40+ pages.  However, i feel compelled to contribute my two cents because i think your 40+ pages are largely a crock of shit.

I'm a 33-year-old straight chick and have had about 35 lovers so far (all men) - some for years at a time, others for one-night-stands.  Throughout the years, what i've learned is this:  (1) there IS such a thing as a "too big" dick, and it's any dick that is thrust without finesse or foreplay into my twat.  (2) Even WITH extended foreplay and considerable finesse, dicks beyond 7-8" in length or a couple inches in girth can really hurt, especially in certain positions - and i don't mean "slight discomfort;" i mean i've had to grit my teeth to get through it, which certainly takes away from the fun.  Condoms make it oh-so-much worse, regardless of lube. (3) Smaller dicks almost never hurt, no matter what position we're in, with or without a condom.  This means i'm most adventurous, creative and acrobatic with smaller-dicked guys, and i don't find myself trying to get him off in a hurry just so it stops hurting... i never get sore, so we can go as long as is mutually pleasurable.  (4) I never get Jawlock giving head to smaller-dicked guys and can do more interesting stuff with my tongue when there's more room in my mouth.  (5) Guys with Magic Hands, the ability to give brain-melting oral, or kinky/nasty/dominant streaks, are KING KONG in my book - regardless of how big the tool is.

Point being:  i don't get extra hot for guys with a load in their pants.  No matter what you say, or the "research" you've done, the sex organ that matters most is the brain.

Happy wanking!
270 April 14, 2003


Thank you, Rebecca.  Your's, and most of the other women's comments here, make clear that men place much more importance on this subject than women. 

I really have to wonder about the psychology of the guy who wrote, and obvioulsy obsesses, about this stuff.  Just logically speaking, the main problem with his argument is that all other things are never always equal.
271 April 15, 2003

I am in my early 30s. My boss is in his 50s.  We became friendly, going to lunch and occasionally having to travel out of town and stay overnite at hotels.  He was always a perfect gentleman and I never thought of our relationship as having the potential to become sexual. Since my marriage was not happy, I found myself sometimes telling him about it.  Sometimes the discussion turned to my husband's lack of interest in sex. My boss comforted me, but never made any sexual advances toward me.  The relationship turned sexual because of an innocent situation that involved his penis size and I am sure other woman have had this experience.  One night when he embraced me in hug to say goodnight, I could feel his penis press against me.  It felt so thick and long through his knit pants that I nearly lost my breath. It was hanging down his pant leg in a way that made me realize that it was much larger than my husband's penis. When I felt it, I was curious.  I could never get that experience out of my mind.  It was very sexually arousing to me. Because of that one experience, I then began to let the relationship evolve to become more physical. Eventually, we got to a point where we engaged in foreplay. When we did, it was unbelievable. Although he was much older than me, the size of his penis (8.5 inches long x 7 inches around) totally erased the age difference.  I saw him as the most masculine and virile man I had ever been with, even before we made love.  The sight and feel of his penis alone made it impossible for me to not want to make love with him. My boss's testicles were huge and they hung down about 5 inches.  My husband's penis is 6 inches by 4 inches, and his testicles are so small that he doesn't even need to wear a jock when he jogs. It may make men feel uncomfortable, but the truth is that a man with big testicles that hang down and a long thick penis that hangs down creates a mental image in the mind of a woman that she can't erase.  A big penis simply puts a man in a better position to make love to the woman once she feels or sees his penis.  I can honestly say that I would not have thought about sex with my boss if he did not press his penis against me like he did. A small or average penis would not have had the same effect. 
272 April 15, 2003


you are a sad, silly, silly girl....

I would like to believe you, I WOULD like you to be right on this stuff. Me too I didn't like the message that is all over this site, the first time I read it. But if I compare your three-sentence argument with the tons of arguments and thoughts of the person that wrote this site!??Who do you want me to believe! I guess you fit together with the women on that page 23 called "Why women lie about penis size importance."

Another thing: Me too I thought first that this is the work of a penis enlargement company. but nowhere is there any reference or link to nothing like that at all. Somewhere on the home page it is actually talked about this misunderstanding.

So what to think of all this? Well, since there seem to be many more reasons that support the "Size Matters" statement than the "Size Doesnt Matter" one, I prefer to accept that penis size DOES matter to women, that they in general prefer somewhat LARGER penises than the average. I accept it so I can put this whole penis thing that bothered me for years BEHIND me. And I think that that is what the author is trying to do here, let us men put this question at last behind us. But if it was up to silly women like you (who talk before they think), men will keep doubting and worrying about this for many centuries more.

And for ravergirl, You talk so much about hurting that you should have your uterus checked for maybe endometriosis or fibroids if you are having such pains. It's like the real reason why you prefer smaller dicks is because they don't hurt you, not because they give more pleasure.
273 April 15, 2003

I've had sex with a lot of women. Over 50 I think. The main reason of that active sex life are my measurements. I'm considered a very well endowed man but I'm not going to give figures, it's riduculous. Anyway, I would say that the vast majority of women were very comfortable with my size and were having some great pleasure. Some (about 15) did experience their first penetrative vaginal orgasms. About 10 did complain about the size and 5 could hardly take it so we had to switch to other practices. I always asked tham if size was an issue to them and yes it was. Believe me, women prefer large penises in general.
274 April 15, 2003

I can't believe this, even in a confidential environment like the net, men refuse to listen to what women are telling them about the size issue.

Dr Charles, like many men you quite obviously suffer from paranoia and misguided anxiety.

Does size matter? to some women yes. What a revelation! There may be a small percetange of women who would even go so far as to dump a guy because he was too small. But should the existence of a few shallow superficial women be cause for so much angst and debate. Anyone who thinks the average woman places this much importance on penis size is obviously a fool or as someone said earlier just too dumb to have sex. Get a life!
275 April 15, 2003

Random guy:
How is it that so many of these people either have huge dicks or have experienced them.  I just measured a soda can - about 8 inches around.  Many of these people have made claims of 6.5 and above.  How can this be?  I'm yet to see a porn star with a penis that wide.  Does anybody else notice this?

This guy is gay.  Look at at the pictures on page 9.  Is that your ideal man, ladies?

OK so out of the women that actually say they have size preferences, 90% or more say big.  The ones that say small seem to not want big because it hurts.  Sounds like big is in.  If the girl doesnt like it because it hurts, dont stick it in all the way.  Easy as that...
276 April 16, 2003

Well I think this site has got some good points on what women want.. But about the average size man that is alittle obscene 6 to 7 inches?! And the same with the circumference of the penis 6 is just average???? That 6 should be a lot more than average to me and that's what most studies agree with too!! Because I have a girlfriend who is quite tall standing at 5'10". I have a 8 and a quater incher with a circ. of 6 and a quarter... That baby still has trouble getting in here so that is bull that you think that is just average for width my friends...
277 April 16, 2003

How strange Rebecca, I can take a 9 inches penis without any pain (I've only seen one in my life so far and I intend to keep this one as long as possible, if you see what I mean lol). Just relax and enjoy, it's so good!
278 April 16, 2003

I agree with you all the way random guy 6.5 is fucking wide and people who claim they are bigger is quite abnormal and not true at all!! I'm sure there are like 3 out of a 5 million guys but anything more than that is fucking false!!

This guy makes me kindof insecure with even having an 8 1/4x6... The way he shows an 8x5 not getting chosen over a 7x6?? He must think 5 inches around is quite thin or something but that is totally not true it is average alittle above it! I know I shouldn't be insecure about my size since it is a well-endowed size but this site just practically brings me down and prolly every other dude on here!!
279 April 17, 2003


the first time i had sex with my wife, she was worrying that my long penis could cause some pain or discomfort. But i let her ride me, so she could decide how much she wanted to take. She had an orgasm, although i wasnt completely inside her. Later (some weeks later) we tried positions with me on top and full penetration. She told me afterwards that she had the first series of multiple vaginal orgasms in her life (probably due to uterine stimulation as described on this page).

Her first decision that she wanted to go to bed with me, had nothing to do with my size (i didnt tell her). But later she enjoyed the stimulation from my long penis and once she even told one of her friends about it (the other woman once asked my wife whether i had "a long one" and my wife replied "yes").

Its interesting to note that this other woman (shes a good friend of ours) once had an affair with a black guy. The day she intended to have sex with him i heard a discussion with my wife: both women were speculating about his penis size, and our friend was very excited about soon being in bed with a black guy - she hoped his penis would be very long (which was the case, we learned about this later).

During this discussion, she took a large banana to demonstrate how big an ideal penis is for her (by the way: my penis is longer and thicker than a banana). She added that thicker than this banana would be good (the length of a large banana was ok to her).

On another occasion, she told us that a (white) friend was visiting her, he was wearing one of those tight black shorts used for biking (if theres another expression, you can tell me. Im no native English speaker, im German.) She admitted freely: "i couldnt take my eyes from his bulge". Probably she was fascinated by the size (and in her mind she was maybe pondering how much pleasure he could give her during sex with his inches).

Today, she has a white friend (but not the one mentioned above). Im not saying that she bases her decisions about relationships on the size of a guy, but im quite sure that sex itself is for her more pleasurable with a hung guy (the same applies for my wife).



PS.: any woman interested in more detailed discussion or interested in pics is invited to email
me. mark_s_9@hotmail.com
280 April 19, 2003

man, some of yall are retarded to the max

Women LOVE big dicks!  In fact, men love 'em too.  ;)

But seriously, you people should clue into the facts that having a small penis doesn't mean the end-all of everything good in life, it just means that you'll never make your woman moan or groan.  It's as simple as that.

On an interesting note, I'd also like to add that 90% of men possess around the same size...6" or so.  That means that 90% of men are set up BY NATURE to fail with satisfying women.  Kinda funny how nature sets us up for failure, yet we as humans are too arrogant to accept it.  =P
281 April 19, 2003

I'm 19 and I'm dating a new guy. The guy is a real monster. I told a friend of mine about his pants and she told me it's abnormal and I should surf the Net to make sure the guy has not gone through implants or whatever and here I am. Apparently my boy is normal, from what I read here. He was just born with a few extra inches in his pant. Don't ask me about his size cause I really don't know. All I know is that he is BIG. He is freaky big. When I first saw him naked, I was really shocked and told to myself "this one I never gonna enter". Well it did but it was not that easy. I'm an extremely wet young girl and I don't consider myself narrow. The guy is cute and nice so I'm patient otherwise I would have quit him. From all the info picked up here, I think he is about 10 by 8 if not more and that guy is so young though. Anyone having dated a man like that? Nature is stranged cause the former one had a very small thing. Why are there so many differences in size? I fear that sex won't be very good with my boy cause he is too big. I agree that size is an important issue and matters a lot in bed but there are certain limits. These limits are, from an educated guess, 9 by 7. Small penises are not nice too. 7 by 5.5 would be the other limit, but it all depends on my own vaginal size. I think I've an average pussy. I would add that being very wet helps accomodate big penises.
This site was fun and helped me with the situation I'm in.
282 April 19, 2003

 Wow, people are getting angry about things that the author didn't even say. Dude, he never said women only like 8+ or anything like that. He was VERY generous with his measurements. LARGE = 7+. I mean c'mon, Most women would rather a 7 inch than a 6 inch-and believe me an inch makes a fair amount of difference. I mean he gave the upper 7 sizes A's when they were a little over 6 inches thick. CHRIST! That's not mean! I'm a big guy...8 by 7. And you know what, Size matters-don't kid yourself. Don't listen to women who say it doesn't, cause it does. Now...here's where most people screw up-bragging rights start AFTER 9 INCHES people. 7-9 inches means that you're packing and have no problems down there whatsoever-but not that you're KING DONG. And with girth, I'd say that over 7 starts bragging rights. So if you've got them inches, then just shutup and accept that nothing is wrong, everyone you come in contact with {save for a small percentage of women} will enjoy your cock.
 Now, 5-7 inches...well..I dunno. It isn't small-but it might as well be...just don't try to fuck like you're king of all penises {deep thrusting} and you should be okay.
 Anything under 5-you're small..can't be helped.
The author has done a good job on this site-but really what is he telling us that subconsciously we don't already know?
283 April 20, 2003

DMB -21year old:
I have to thank the author of this site for the motivation to start my penis enlargement program last year....If it weren't for the material on this site I might not be in the place I am in now. I could've listened to my parents and relationship experts but I didn't, and instead researched this topic on my own and developed my own ideas and opinions

For adding girth, you can stretch your penis out while holding the head of your penis with your left hand, while massaging your penis with your right hand. do this for 15 minutes everyother day or everyday-but then take a break on the weekend.

Take Saw Palmetto supplements - you can get it at Walgreens. It is an ingredient in all these penis enlargement pills.  Make an ok sign with your left or right hand and make sure you lube up your hands and have a semi erection but not a full erection because jelqing with a full erection will cause vascular damage. Start at the base of the penis and slide and pull down to the head(tip) of the penis. You will be able to see the veins bulging out from the exercise. You really can do this exercise as long as you want.

Now a comment to all those females who think size doesn't matter and think this a big joke, and to the females who are going to base their entire relationships on this issue. Look this issue is becoming more talked about now more than ever before, and if you want to drive men to an early grave, fine but eventually you will live with the guilt of it. Women might think it is funny to humiliate men about their size and pretend it doesn't matter, but in reality many men are hurting because of it.
284 April 21, 2003

Hey Nadeja,
Your friend might just be jealous or very inexperienced because your guy is definitely not abnormal. He's blessed! I know it can make you feel a little uneasy when you first see one that big, but didn't it excite you? You say you aren't sure if sex will be good with him because he's so big, but he did fit inside you, right? How did it feel? Did it hurt?Sometimes it might hurt at first or always hurt a little with such a big one, but be patient, a huge one like that could give you so much pleasure. And he's nice and goodlooking, too. You are so lucky. I've been with some big guys before, but never as big as the one you describe. I've always dreamed about what sex with one that big would be like. My best friend's boyfriend has a huge one like that and I've been jealous forever. She doesn't say too much about it, but enough to make me feel like I'm really missing out on something. I hope have some amazing sex with him. I'd love to hear more about your experiences. Have fun!
285 April 21, 2003

There is lots of opinions stated here. All are probably honest, because why lie? However there is no clear % on what do women like/want. The "wishlist matrix" data on previous page...where do they come from. So I would like to keep score and produce the results after having received at least the opinion of 300 women. If any of the ladies here would want to do it, please do so. Perhaps this will then finally be resolved.Results will be posted on this comment site.

To have an objective measure please send replies in the following format:

1) Don't care or care y/n
2) Preferred length in inches
3) Preferred girth circumference in inches
4) What size do you qualify as a) ok, b) nice, c) big and d) huge in inches (length x circumference ie. 7 x 5 etc)?

Guys relevant information will only come out with female response. Garbage in = garbage out, so the reverse is true too.

Send your response to: comparepreferences@yahoo.com
286 April 21, 2003

Every one seem to have a big cock here. Everyone but me. Mine is small and it sucks. Please tell me you're all lying. I can't stand the idea of all these guys around me with cocks twice a big as mine and all girls looking at them and laughting at me. Why was I born that way? It really sucks. Fuck all big guys!
287 April 21, 2003

Every one seem to have a big cock here. Everyone but me. Mine is small and it sucks. Please tell me you're all lying. I can't stand the idea of all these guys around me with cocks twice a big as mine and all girls looking at them and laughting at me. Why was I born that way? It really sucks. Fuck all big guys!
288 April 21, 2003

The Return of Random Guy:
Ever heard the theory of how growth hormones in your fast food burgers has made America bigger, and I'm not talking about fat, I'm talking about more muscular and just larger versions of our previous selves.  How bout all that McDonald's we've been eating has given us all huge dicks to go along with out huge bodies.  If you think this is far-fetched, take a look at East Asia.  "But what about the absence of calcium from their diets to build larger bones?" you ask.  To that I say shut up.
289 April 23, 2003

you're a wanker Mike. you say 'don't listen to women who say it doesn't matter' well, what makes you such an expert on what women desire?

It is unfortunate that the comments here are  dominated by supposedly well-endowed men. your views are obviously biased and are hardly relevant to finding out the truth about the questions tackled on this site.

If you're after jacking off material go else where.

290 April 23, 2003

 This is all correct. Enough hypocrisy about size. We, women, prefer large penises. It's obvious, they provide more visual stimulation, more enjoyable friction against the walls of the vagina, they can go deeper and stimulate those exquiste areas around the cervix. My nicest orgasms were deep uterine orgasms with partners who had large penises. Sew can be good with regular guys but it's not the same. As for small guys, the best thing for them to do is to become oral sex experts.
291 April 24, 2003

Oh Mike, you crack me up.  Just listen to yourself:  "Size matters - don't kid yourself.  Don't listen to women who say it doesn't, cause it does."  Now, assuming you're not a woman yourself, and assuming you haven't somehow managed to bend over far enough to fuck yourself, how can YOU say whether it matters or not?  The whole point of this stupid debate, as far as i can tell, has to do with whether penis size matters to WOMEN - whether large ones make WOMEN come harder, etc.  And here on this site, curious gentlemen have been getting the answer to that question from WOMEN who have experienced big, small, and in-between.  And yet you, a male, come moseying in with your semi-large cock in hand to declare that everyone should simply disregard women who claim that size doesn't matter because YOU, in your infinite wisdom, know better.  It's lunkheads like you that give men a bad name. 

Here's what i think:  Size matters to MEN a hell of a lot more than it does to women.  After reading this site and all the comments attached, I'm sure of it.
292 April 24, 2003

I think I'm the record holder here. My dick is only 4.2 inches long. Any girl interested? I can assure no pain and there's no chance I'm gonna hit your cervix.
293 April 24, 2003

Big cocks rule...no doubt about it. As a guy with a modest one I envy big, thick well hung cocks. They are more impressive to look at, more impressive to hold, and when they fill up a woman to her fullest how can that compare to my thin prick?

I feel women accept men who are average or even small when in relationships because the connection goes deeper than physical traits and so are willing to overlook it, but if they were to have a choice I think they would like bigger than average.

You really challenge the so called "sexperts" who say it doesn't matter. My wife and I bought a very nice book on sex and in most every place the woman author always said it really "doesn't matter".... BUT, on one page they had a very detailed illustration of the penis with all its parts and features identified. Added to the identification of the penis "shaft" was the comment "a thicker shaft is more likely to stimulate the labia and thus bring about orgasm". Being thin shafted myself this just made my day.

I know how my cock feels in my wife...it doesn't stretch anything, doesn't fill her up hardly at all... I can just TELL it would be so much better for her if I was big and THICK!

So women can tell us size doesn't matter ALL THEY WANT, but at some level it always does!!!
294 April 25, 2003

 I have the Biggest dick in my family 9.7 inches long and 7.7 inches in girth Lucky me! My two Older Brothers Didn't get so lucky Paul my oldest sibling is a much smaller 4.3 inches long and 3.6 inches in girth Matt (4 years older) inheireted only a shameful dissapointing 5.6 inch hardon thats a small 2.9 inches in girth and less than 2 inches soft! small penises run in my family but I hogged all the lucky big dick genes for myself and left them with nothing!
295 April 25, 2003

Hi Melissa,
Honestly, my friend is not jealous, maybe a bit curious, if not very. At the beginning, I was frigtened, now, I'm getting used to it, at least visually and it kind of turn me on. But as I told you, it's way too big for my pussy, even if totally lubricated. Sure it can fit inside but believe me I feel like I'm gonna explode literally. The head is the firdt obstacle. it requires total relaxation and excitement from me. When he manage to introduce the head, he just need to push it very slowly all the way in. He will never be able to penetrate me with all his lenght because he hit the bottom after about 8, 9 inches depending on the date with my cycle and how do I feel. It has nothing to do with the cervix because I've learned to avoid direct contact with it. No, the head hits the bottom of the vagina for sure and stretches it badly. It doesn't really hurt because my boy is gentle with my body but I feel a bit  sore even numbed inside, especially deep inside. I must confess it's a lajor turn on even though we are somehow limited in our moves. I feel damn special having sex with one of the biggest guys on the planet (and I think it's true, from what I know now in term of size). We have sex quite often now in the hope it will eventually widen my vagina. I'm gaining confidence and I'm ready to try other positions, among which, the rear entry one or doggy-style. I hope the boy won't get to excited, behing behind me, and remain gentle. Anyway, we will have a try and we will see. I'm so much excited cause I love it for being dominated by the man.
You know, Melissa, I don't know if you realize what is 8 inches thick. It's almost like a can! It's BIGGG. 7 would be so much fun. Anyway, I love so much, I'm going to like his dick like crazy.
296 April 25, 2003

Peter you are an idiot. Like your brothers are going to give you their dick measurements? Stop jerking off you loser and start writing something truthful.
297 April 25, 2003

what do all you men think of long dangly inner labia???
298 April 25, 2003

 Lunkheads like me huh? You know what? I'm basing this on my own experience guys, and what women have said to me. I mean, women who have said publicly that size doesn't matter have confessed to me otherwise. And I mean..it's not like I'm saying small guys should kill themselves or anything or that average is bad. BUT, small penises for sex just probably aren't that good {{you're right I've never had a sex-perience with one and am assuming-based on women's comments and stories they've told me}} Think about it-Two wonderful, handsome, and thoughtful men. Yet, one is 6'1, and the other is 5'3-most women I think would be drawn more to the guy that was taller.
 Now, two wonderful, thoughtful lovers, one has a slim 5 inches, the other is sporting a thick 7-9 incher. If all other things are equal in the bedroom department-the bigger guy would win out because the simple fact is even if you say the feeling makes no difference the range of POSITIONS available to you increase. I mean, some positions small guys could never do. I'm not saying that to satisfy a woman you need a 9 by 7 piece of man-meat....or that your chick will dump you over it. I'm just saying that it matters, why? Because it does, like everything else. And I do find that it's funny that men like me that give men a bad name are the ones who are seen with the most women....hmmmmm.
299 April 26, 2003

A real man:
I know my girlfriend loves me!!! And she loves my dick!!! I am certainly not as big as some of you guys, but she loves sex with me. I make good love to her, and she loves it!!! Also she knew how big (or small) I was before we ever had sex, I am sure she has been with larger men...but she knew what she was getting when we met. I know she likes it too!!!

By the way mine is 4.5 inches, and I am proud to have it!!!
300 April 26, 2003

I've been doing some penile exercises in the hope I could do something to become a real man for several months. I gained nothing, absolutely nothing. I think this stuff is a hoax. People are only dreaming of getting a bigger tool but are actually not getting one.

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