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201 March 18, 2003

I have been married to my wife for quite a few years and in the beginning sex was okay. She has told me that she never had a vaginal orgasm, but my 4.75" by 4.25" penis seemed to do the job okay.
Now she has had two babies and after the second one we have only had sex once. I was sliding in and out of her, without either one of us feeling much. Since then she is really not interested in sex anymore.

I have gone over six months without and am thinking about letting my wife have a lover on the side who can satisfy her.
202 March 18, 2003

it isn´t true that men prefer large labia!
203 March 18, 2003

I love your site! Very informative and lots of stats to back it up. I have to totally agree. I much prefer a well endowed man. In my experience the larger men definately have an advantage. I have never had a vaginal orgasm with a small penis, 5 in. or less. Most of the men I've been with are between 5 and 6 inches as has been the norm with most of my girl friends. And yes, we frequently compare notes on penises. In fact, it's a favorite topic. So what do we want? Most of my friends and myself included would prefer a penis around 7 1/2 in. long and 5 1/2 or 6 in. girth. A penis of this size, when properly used, will produce multiple involuntary vaginal orgasms. Much longer tends to bang my cervix and much wider tends to make my lips sore after a while. Unfortunately, most men are not this big. Another extreemly important factor in determining a woman's satisfaction is circ status. I tend to orgasm much faster with a circumcised partner. The tighter shaft skin produces so much more friction with less effort. The head on most circed penises are larger and more flared also. I only know two ladies who actually prefer sex with a natural penis. They say it feel smoother and doesn't dry them out as fast. Maybe they have a problem lubricating. As long as I relax during sex with an uncircumcised partner it feels great. But as soon as I my vaginal muscles clamp down I loose most of the sensation. The man's penis tends to slide back and forth inside of it's own sheath while the outer skin remains almost stationary. That's usually when I reach for his nut sack and pull down to tighten him up a bit. This helps, but it still doesn't feel the same as a circed penis. There are times when I need a little extra lubrication, especially if my man is large (over 7 in.) and circumcised. K.Y. works very well. I would much prefer a 6 in. circed penis to an 8 in. uncirced one. It just feels better. One interesting thing I have noticed is that the larger circed penises tend to have more loose skin when flacid. Probably because the grow more when they get hard. So, my perfect partner would be 7 1/2 in. long, 5 1/2 girth, and circumcised. I think most women would agree!

Again, Love your site.

204 March 18, 2003

To: Sick and Tired White Man
I'm confused as to why you care so much about whether or not black men are indeed more endowed than white men.  When you say this issue needs to be fully explored like that of race and iq, I think this is a poor analogy.  The iq tests much like other standardized tests are biased because they favor the predominant culture, i.e. the white culture.  Measuring penis size is strictly physiological and there are no social factors at work.  You mention that on most porn sites even big dick ones the largest guys are often white.  This is not a reflection of reality, rather it is a reflection of the designer of the porn site/company's preference.  One last thing, I'm not sure I agree with you when you think that in order for racism to be resolved, so must this issue.  I think penis size has little to do with racial politics.  If that was the major thing holding true assimilation back, the world would be in much better condition.  For anecdotal purposes, I have been with a few black guys, none that seemed particularly interested in playing the big black guy role ( i knew them before as friends), and they did seem very well endowed particularly in the girth area.
205 March 18, 2003

 In the last two pages you gave advice for well hung men and small hung men how about guys that are average?? are you implying unless your well endowned like 5% of the population that you are small. That is insane to say unless your well endowned your small, also  i dont know where you get your facts but every penis study ever done has shown only like 10% to 15% of men having 7 inch dicks (or more) here you claim 30%?????????? please show me the evidence on that. in the end i guess this stupid site is right i mean it makes sense women do prefer bigger penises, but what should us guys under 8" do? we represent 95% of the population. me being 18 i already given up on women realizing that a women can never love are want a man with a small or average penis and that i could never truly satisfy her. girls my age say they all want large and big penises and they dont want men under 8". i might as well just end it now or turn gay, knowing a women can never fully love or lust for a man with a average or small dick size.
206 March 18, 2003

This is directed at the author of the site.  Sounds like you've put a lot of time and effort into your site, kudos to you.  An idea: wouldn't it be easy to definitively answer the "size" debate, to find out what size dildo (length and girth) women would prefer to masturbate with?  I would think that this would control for the numerous confounding factors that enter into "polls" that simply ask women regarding what size they prefer.  Also since the vagina accomodates to size gradually (larger or smaller), one would naturally think that women who are more experienced in number and variety of lovers would begin to gravitate to larger sizes.  For example if a woman had a larger lover then breaks up and begins a new relationship before her vaginal tissues return to her "normal" size, she would naturally feel less friction if her new lover were significantly "smaller."  This may be the confounding factor regarding your "poll" of what size women "prefer."  The problem is, that to get a meaningful comparison from women as to what size they prefer, you would have to poll women who have "tried on" different sizes.  If your poll sample consists of women like this, the above comment of women, vaginal distensibility and gravitation towards larger and larger sizes would hold true.
Numerous other factors like parity and frequency of sexual activity both affect a woman's vaginal size.  There is, however a possible limit to distensibility, in that even the most sexually active women with the largest of men, still find that certain extreemely large sizes are painful for them and even leave them sore for days afterwards.

Interestingly, from your poll, only 10% of us "measure up," would this not increase the already pathological concern with penis size already ubiquitous in the males of our society?  I assume that your purpose is merely to "tell it like it is" and not to worsen this problem. Yet realize that your study design and assumptions may not be the best way to come up with your conclusions.  I do agree with you that there is a lot of social "politeness" that is actually lying on the part of women when the topic of sexuality comes up.  Women were taught by our society that it is not "feminine" for them to have intense sexual (and sometimes even superficial" desires.

I do not pretend to be an expert in this area, but as a physician who probably does a number of pelvic and penile exams every day, I can say that the above statements are borne out in the patients I see in my practice.  I can also say that have seen a lot of psychopathology (at least from men) revolving around the issue of penis-size inadequacy.  I don't know if your site helps to alleviate this problem, yet I do appreciate the time and effort you've put in to "get to the bottom" of the debate.
207 March 18, 2003

to peter,
what are you talking about man.  large labia are gorgeous and amazing to play with.  all my friends prefer them.
208 March 19, 2003

hmm.. I've discussed this on several internet-forums (swedish), and I've got several opinions.. It seems like the mostpart like, not a big penis, but a penis that's just "suiting". In one case, a girl talked something about.. "blabla a little bigger is better..". She asked me for my size, and I told her: "...17*14. She told me that was her "perfect size.". I don't think she lied.. since it's over the internet etc. I've heard several other women saying that is pretty much around the size they want.

Another thing I wonder about. Are you all so superficial? When you find a woman whom you really love, and she loves you back, you don't really care about what he/she looks like. You accept the person for who she/he is, she is your FRIEND, not some enemy who hates you because your penis happens to be below 8 inches. This site kindof makes the woman seem like the enemy! Of course the intercourse is important, but it's just ONE PART OF THE SEX. Sex is SO much more!
Another thing I don't like about this site is that it just says that the 10% of us who are below 8 inches should go fuck off in many ways, and the author's reason does REALLY not seem

OBJECTIVE (<- pay attention to that word.)

, but subjective. The way to tell them apart is that when you can "notice" the person who's written the text when you read it, it's subjective, otherwise it's objective for those of you who don't know. This has me doubting wether this site is to some part bullshit, and honestly I can't tell. Another thing, statistics are never to be believed, experts in areas that are so much more than numbers, should never be believed, because it's much deeper that figures and letters. Something like sex can't EVER be placed in a category with a number or a letter, because it's so EXTREMELY individual. This site is extremely good at generalization, which just points at a bad author. It also lies almost completely on statistics. And statistics should always be viewed with a very critical eye, since even though the stats might come from a "reliable" source, you often never get any proof for how things really are.

Another thing.. I'm not sure the "avarage" woman have been asked what she wants, it seems like all the women asked, are pure sexmachines, who want nothing else than something that can stretch them even more. Women can do something also if they don't "feel" anything. Vaginal exersizes, it's not that damn hard.

Other than that, it was fun to read...
209 March 19, 2003

Stop feeling low about your size. You can increase its size for no money. All it takes is a little reading, practise and dily dedication to certain exercises for a few months and it will start growing bigger. Visit www.thundersplace.com/forum
You will find free advice on how to perform the exercises. I suggest you ask the boards in there for advice if you have doubts. Mine has grown  fair amount and I only started 2 months ago.
 But just remember one thing. You don't have tpo change your self for anyone. Don't do it for anyone other than yourself. You are beautiful just the way you were born and if size matters to most women then that is there problem to deal with and they wouldn't get invloved with you if they didn't know they could handle it. Most women are stronger creatures than you think and they can deal with certain problems better than you think. Men could not have any hope and belief in women as a gender if they weren't even strong enough to accept life's hurdles, of which just one of those hurdles might be something like dick size? They can get over such things better than you think. So if you want to change your dick size or anything else in life, do it for worthy reasons. Don't do it because you think women will respect you more for it, because they won't. Women don't work that way. When they look at a dick, all they see is a dick. Women like dicks but they don't place as much importance on a dick as men do. Not even close. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what its like to be a woman looking at a man. A dick is nothing more than a dick to them. Nothing special. Just a fun thing to play with and not much more.
210 March 19, 2003

Donna & Michelle
I am 7.5 inches long, 6 inches around, and even though I am satisfied with it sometimes wish it were 8.5 by 6.5.
211 March 19, 2003

Teresa :
Some comments:

1) The average male penis is 6" long and 5.25" around, which on your chart translates in to "pleasureable", but not "satisfying" to a woman.

Since the biological purpose of sexual pleasure is to encourage people to have sex and thereby procreate, why would "nature" make the mistake of not giving most guys 8" penises that would be "highly satisfying/ideal" according to your chart? Doesn't make sense to me...

2) Despite your claims to present "just the facts" and not feed into stereotypes and insecurities, i believe you have done so anyway, though inadvertantly. The reason i make this claim is that you focus on the notion of "how well does the male penis satisfy a woman" instead of framing it as "how well does the female vagina satisfy the male", which would be just as legitimate.

What i mean to say is this: If a woman has a spacious vagina (say one that is "large" on your scale) and a man has a small penis (say a 4" penis), then it is very likely that the man's penis will be too small to satisfy the woman, because it won't stimulate the woman's vagina very much or generate friction and "fill up the space". I agree with that.

But in that situation it is *equally true* that the woman's vagina will be too large to satisfy the man, because the vagina is too spacious to provide friction for the man's small penis.

So why would you (and most people) be likely to describe this situation as one in which the man is "failing to satisfy the woman" instead of saying that the woman is "failing to satisfy the man"?

Describing it the former way is perjorative, because it frames the issue in a way that makes it seem like the failure to have good sex is the man's "fault", not the woman's.

Fact is, in that situation, neither person is "at fault". They just happen to have sexual organs that are too different size-wise for much pleasure to be experienced by either one. If one can reasonably say that the woman will have to find another (bigger penis) male to be satisfied, it's equally true that the male will have to find another (smaller vagina) woman to be satisfied.

The root of "male penis insecurity" lies in the (false) belief that it's the male's job to "satisfy" the woman during penile/vaginal intercourse, but not vice versa. That makes no sense to me.

3) I do agree that all else equal, penis size does matter. Bigger is more pleasureable, up to a point.

But, the more intriguing question is "how much does it matter" compared to the other factors that matter. For example, would most women prefer a boyfriend who has a 5" penis but a good job, or a man with a 8" penis who is unemployed. A boyfriend who is tall and handsome but has a 4" penis, or a boyfriend who is short, fat, and ugly, but hung like a horse, etc.

Thanks for a very well-thought-out website!
212 March 20, 2003

The comment that only around 10 to at most 15% of all men would fit into the 'preferred catergory' of being highly desirable is right. As a gay man, who has been around- and seen perhaps 1000 penises, flaccid and erect- I have seen very few over 7" long, and few over 5.5" in girth.  Truth is around 80% of all men range from 5-7" long, and with a median girth of around 5". The largest men I have seen tops out at 8"-  having seen less then 3 or 4. Even guys with 7" and up are not really common.
This site tends to distort- and looks at porn stars and fantasy figures that glorify hung men. In  addition the penis has to measured in a very accurate and in a objective way. Many 6.5" penises, are thought to be bigger by both men and women- who becasue of angle, think it is unusually large. From all my experiences, the average is just over 6". And that size- if its measured to true form is quite nice.
213 March 20, 2003

Ric Boy:
Four years ago I had a penis measuring 5 3/4 inches long and 4 1/2 inches in circumference. After I bought an online penis enlargement (PE) program I worked assidously for 2 1/2 years doing the exercise as my penis gradually grew to 7 7/8 inches in length and 5 3/4 inches in average circumference (6 inches circumference at the base). This was an amazing and wonderful transformation from what I originally felt was likely an internet scam. Guys, PE WORKS!! 
I can say that of the four women with which I was having regular intercourse EVERY ONE said I was touching their cervix during hard thrusting. Two women, a black and a Filipino, felt discomfort when this happened. I have quit working on length as a result of this experience and have confined my exercises to girth. ALL of those women said they had never had penetration by a penis as thick as mine and ALL said it stimulated them more than any man they had been with before. One married woman whose husbnd has a 9 1/2 inch penis(!!!) said my girth was greater than his and more stimulating and my length was much more comfortable because I didn't hit the end of her vagina too hard (she had an historectomy and had no cervix) Imagine, I satisified this woman more with my 7 7/8 inch penis than her husband's 9 1/2 inch penis! So length can work against you guys.
The Filipina lover was large for her race (5' 8 ") but because her two boys were born by C-section her vagina was smaller than usual. Even with KY Liquid lubrication I had to penetrate her slowly the 1st day of each visit, so tight was her vaginal opening. Yet even as she moaned "You're SO big." she still drew me in with both her arms and legs. Later she would say that she liked that initial tightness. Our later intercourse each day was less difficult. She was a fantastic lover but (usually)had only one orgasm while the woman whose husband had a 9 1/2 inch penis had 4 to 6 orgasms over two hours. My PE exercises of my PC (pubo-coccxygeus)muscle enabled me not only to control my ejaculations totally but it made my penis very hard and it can stay that way for hours of intercourse. All my lovers noted this hardness and loved it. They all (except the tall Filipina) loved riding on top of me because it stayed hard constantly. Now the kicker... I am 61 years old. Yes, I'm a body builder/athlete and look 45 but still PE worked for me and I'm STILL astounded at my gains and my new abilities.
214 March 20, 2003

215 March 21, 2003

thank you:
Even know i should be mad and disagreeing cause i am average ( 6.6 in length and 5.4 around fully hard)i agree with almost every thing you say. You are right think about it if all other things being equal would a women not prefer a larger penis? of course she would!!!!!, but as others have stated things are never equal. I think a good analogy would be like saying all other things being a equal would a man not want to have a sex with a more physically attractive partner? of course. I think its just the way it is, but i am sure many women and men are satified with thier average parteners penis size and attractiveness but of course we would prefer to have a more well endowed or more beautiful partner. When i first read this site i was very upset and felt inferior that i could never please a women. Now i understand even though women truely deep down inside they desire a few more inches in length and more girth i realize i can still have very satisfying sex and that a women can have at great pleasure with my size. Even though i can never give as much pleasure and satifaction as a man say 9 by 7, i can still have good sexual relations with a women. I think even though i am not what they truely desire they can still love and cherish sex with me and accept my size. Many men are in a state of denial thinking that average is fine and women are truely  satisfied by a average dick size (like mine)they got to learn to accept the truth. Accepting the truth that women really want you to pack a little more is a much greater way of living , average and small guys (like me) try to make themselves feel better by thinking that size doesnt matter.. blah blah blah. The only thing i disagree with you on is the racial differences in dick size i do think blacks are bigger and asians are smaller and whites are in between BUT on only buy like a half of a inch. Many studies confirm this, also like chris pointed out thier are other reasons for fear of the blacks mans penis size(slavery myths) but - i think and known this is just another stupid exgraggrated myth with a grain of truth. Well in the end at least in my life penis size (now) is of little importance now, i think many girls can be very happy with my size even though they desire more. I also want to say a big thank you to the author who wrote this i am young (18) and penis size always affected me greatly ever since last year. I also heard many times size doesnt matter and size does i wanted the truth and your 100% right knowing the truth about penis size is much better than thinking it dont matter. Thank you and goodbye if not for this site i would be worrying about penis size for years to come like crazy, but now i know for a fact yes its all true women instinctively prefer bigger than average penises!! and you know what i am perfectly alright with it. 
216 March 22, 2003

One thing that can help with size difference are Kegels and other various methods that a woman can do to tighten her vagina.
217 March 23, 2003

This site is filled with fact and fiction.  Yes I am a woman and agree that bigger feels better and is more likely to cause orgasms, especially multiple orgasms.  Some of the illustrations were useful to understand what happens inside a woman during intercourse. But the validity of the information falls apart with the numerous references to girth.  How many women know or can guess at the circumference of their man's penis, or any cylindical object for that matter? I could guess at width.  But you need a tape measure to really figure out the girth, and I doubt that many women go and get a tape measure to determine their lover's girth.  For example, what is the girth of a beer can?  It is 7 3/4", rated "satisfying" by the chart on page 40.  Sorry, but I don't think the author understands the meaning of the word "pain!" So the bottom line is that the site is somewhat informative at best, but much of it is misleading and useful for its entertainment value only.
218 March 23, 2003

I have a question.
What is the relation between woman's size ( height and build ) and her demand for larger penis.
I dont think that a woman 6ft2" tall will have the same demand with another one which is only 5ft2" tall

Best regards
219 March 23, 2003

are their asian men with very large penises out in the world. I just want to know please give your size in inches erect
220 March 23, 2003

As a bartender in a club that regularly held hen nights I can offer a view.  If a stripper was not well endowed he was laughed off the stage. A particularly well hung guy would be greeted with wild enthusiasm.  Also if a well recieved stripper went to the bar for a beer after his performance, he'd be inundated with friendly offers from the (mostly) drunk audiance.  The women go wild! It's scarey.

221 March 23, 2003

I have had many women and physical/sexual characteristics are important.  Obviously, they are important to women too.  Is anyone surprised that women fantasize about and prefer male physical perfection?  Any mature person who has experienced love with a sexual partner knows that physical characteristics are not the main ingredient to sexual chemistry.  A big penis, big breasts or big anything will not bring long term satisfaction nor will it sustain a relationship.  Most of the women with whom I have had the best chemistry were not the most physically attractive.  I am sure women would say the same.  This site is written by a sexually obsessed person.  Sexually obsessed people are very lonely, so everyone be careful and don't forget your common sense when reading this stuff.  Forget about your perceived flaws, find someone you love and give all of your love to them.
222 March 24, 2003

response to bartender bob:
girls go crazy over big dicks as guys go crazy over big boobs.  this is in a hen night context, however in a relational context, this is only a fraction of what's important.  Everyone, this is not a black/white issue.  If you're well endowed, you are not set for life.  So many other factors are involved in attraction.  Also, if it theoretically was important, there's nothing you can really do about it so it's best not to put too much effort into worrying over something that can't change.
223 March 24, 2003

First, I wanted to say that this site does make some very good points about women being somewhat superficial, BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS HERE IS TRUE.

True, bigger guys are attractive to us women, but so is a man with confidence (that is an even bigger turn-on).

I've had large men, small men, and a few in between.

Yes, I did like the larger penises...they were fun (the sex was good - but I really don't think size had to do with it).  To be quite honest, the MOST PLEASUREABLE SEX that I had was with a man JUST UNDER SIX INCHES OR SO.

So don't believe everything you read guys!
224 March 25, 2003

If I had known earlier:
This is incredible. I was pretty sure my dick was too small. Now that I've read the info and the comments, I feel more confident. The size of it is 7.5 by 6.
I can't wait to have sex with a woman cause I had stopped having sex thinking I was too small. Actually, I haven't been having sex since 1997. I felt that the only 2 women I've had sex with were unsatisfied with my size.
Thank you Donna, you have reassured me in an incredible way.
225 March 25, 2003

Hi Sandy,
This is a debate and I think women's reaction in a hen night situation is valid in such a debate.  OK there are many other factors in a relationship but this site isn't concerned with those, it's about penis size.

Your last comment saying why worry about what you can't change, is hardly relevant.  This forum is about finding the truth about most women's preferences with regard to dick size.
226 March 26, 2003

you are so concerned about what women think of your penis.  Maybe you would be best to use this concern in a positive way.  For example, understanding your own insecurities, could lead you to appreciate females more for who they are on the inside not on the outside cause i'm sure you would like the same respect from them. just a thought.....
227 March 27, 2003

I think size matters..especially girth. I don't necessarily think a guy has to be 8 to 10 inches, but I think if a woman could pick the size of penis on her favorite man it would be bigger and thicker than average...7 to 9 and thick.

My penis is 6" but thin in girth. I find the girth is what matters most. Being only 4.25 around means I don't give a vagina much stretch, nor provide much pressure or friction on her vaginal walls. it is a challenge to stimulate my partner. I have to be super firm and use the right angle to find her sweet spot. I CAN find it, but it would sure be nice to not have to have us both struggle at it. it would be nice to fill her up with more cock so I don't have to MAKE her notice me inside!

God, I HATE having a skinny dick and I think most women do too!
228 March 29, 2003

that was stupid:
This was the dumbest thing i ever read. you are a total moron. anyone that actually believes this garbage is a loser and should GET OUT MORE!
229 March 30, 2003

For any of you who have seen people talk about how penis exercises increase size, but haven't bothered trying, my message to you is you are MAD!! Try it. Try it because I know you won't be dissapointed. Pills don't work, surgery is a dissapointment, but penile exercises are a success!!!
230 March 30, 2003

The jerk who says he's 7.5 X 6   and thought that was too small.    Give us a break.  Even size queens wouldn't complain about that size. Not huge but bigish.  The guy's either a bullshitter or too dumb to have  sex.
231 March 31, 2003

First of all, let me say this is quite an alaborate site for someone with merely a casual curisosity in the subject.  It's apparent a lot of time and effort went into the project.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the author has a specific agenda to advance...and it's unlikely that agenda is to find an objective solution to the 'debate'.  Those of you of read through the whole site, or even part of it, know the seeming bias I'm referring to.

If you scroll down this page a little ways you'll see the remarks from a urologist.  If that man is who he claims to be and is honest throughout his comments, then you'll get a different picture of 'penis dimensions'.  A urologist is a much more reliable source than random gays and prostitutes, whom are the primary sources for the creator of this website.  He also cites some self-response survey's from the internet, and you know as well as I do where most self-response survey's (especially anonymous ones found on the internet) belong: in the waste basket.  From professional psychology journals to medical it's widely admited that people lie, and such a methodology is suspect, at best.

If you scroll down to the urologist's comments you'll get a delineation of penis sizes, in terms of length and 'girth', so I won't elaborate upon that (hint: compare the urologist's dimensions with those found throughout this site, especially the 'ideal size chart' - you'll see the discrepancies.  What I will analyze, however, is the sensory aspect of this site's conclusions.

Much is made of how a penis has to be the correct dimensions to be ideal, satisfying, etc.  Why is this so?  To adequately exert pressure and 'fill' the vagina and extend to the cervix/uterus, so says the site.  Two responses to this argument.

1) The penis should not be hitting the cervix - if the woman is aroused highly enough, the cervix will ascend out of reach of the penis.  Secondly, if, for instance, the man's penis (or a dildo, which, considering the length requirement, is more likely) would hit the cervix, there wouldn't be intense sexual pleasure.  The cervix/uterus just isn't designed to function in such a way - they doesn't have the correct nerves.  All medical evidence points to uterine orgasms as resulting from stimulation of the Graffenberg (G) Spot, which is 3 inches inside the vagina!

2) As the cervix functions in such a way, so is it a structure.  The vagina is a structure, too.  So is the penis.  The penis corresponds to the vagina - the structures have a function.  There isn't going to be such radical deviation from the norm so that an average penis will not satisfy an average vagina, folks.  Of course there will be variation, but it will be statistically proportionate; there most definitely is positive correlation here.  The vagina will conform to most penises, and most nerve ending are toward the opening anyway. 

All this isn't to say that size really doesn't matter.  For many women it might feel good to take in an exceptionally large penis.  And chances are that your's doesn't deviate all that much from the mean penis size.  If it does, it's just as important to remember that vaginas will deviate from the norm at a fairly similar rate, so it's often balanced out.
232 March 31, 2003

I see that you are of the lopside human development nature.How about rebalancing the issue.We have penis size debates coming out of the internet ying yang.Let's get a vagina size debate going on here.We can send people to the moon and can't get a table of vagina sizes from the thightess to the looses.This is due folks.Then watch the size debate when women have to compare in pussy size to the tightess women on earth. It will so much fun.In my little contribution,I've started to measure women pussy thightness in 2 methods.It will take some time but already it's amazing the amount of pussy size variance there is out there.Ask the guys if they like a thighter pussy.Now imagine if all women's pussies could be sized comparably with every other women.You would suddenly be at parity.But women being the hypocritical cunts they really are would never like this.It is actually some form of equality.The hell with them.I hope the people at "penissizedebate" are not so pussy whipped that they don't dare put this post on?
233 March 31, 2003

Do not let this maliciously-intended polemic get your spirits down, gentlemen. I am a clinical psychologist who for the past twenty years has discussed sexuality with thousands of people, men and women. I am familiar with the 'type' that would create a website like this. My guess: he is a highly intelligent man with a relatively small penis who suffers from homosexual desire.  He wants to rationalize that desire by convincing himself that women are not interested in him because of his penis. Hence his fierce motivation to 'discover' the information presented on this site. And by presenting this information to the world in as discouraging a way as possible, he mitigates his self-contempt by forcing others to 'share' his pain.  As for the information presented on this site... most women are not visually or psychologically stimulated by penis size, a fact men have difficulty comprehending. Some are, most are not. With respect to purely physical stimulation, I have found that the majority of women (including myself) prefer an average sized penis, with a very large one being by far the worst of all. Even with a very small penis, the difference in sensation is so minor, so absolutely trivial compared to literally hundereds of other factors that promote orgasm, that this site must be seen as the brainchild of sickness and nothing more.
234 March 31, 2003

You know what I want right now? A big fat dick filling up my vagina. All these talks about big dicks turned me on like crazy! Please, take me from behind big guys, I'm a real bitch tonight...
235 March 31, 2003

"Well, I was feeling pretty allright about having a 6" dick (reasonably thick), until I came upon this site and started reading all the tripe about how a bigger dick gives the better orgasms, etc..  I don't know....I have only ever been w/ but a few women to begin with, and that is mainly because I always have been really reserved about approaching women..  I hold very high marks, score well athletically (have skied professionally for many yrs), and people love talking to me and reading my research papers---which range from exploring optics to educational psychology..
I always have loved playing my basses, which is what I should've done today instead of reading thru this shit..  When people meet with me ,  they usually see a lot of positive things and I don't know how many times in my life I have heard women---and men---ask me whether I've got anything currently going on w/ a woman..  Historically, I would just kinda laugh a little and say "not at this time", and quietly cringe a hopeless cringe inside.. At such times, I felt like screaming out, "Tell you what, partner...why dont you jus trade me your [allegedly] longer dick for some of these qualities that you see in me that you think are so 'winning', and let's see if you still think it is cool to be me after a few weeks..." 
It took a long, long time for me to start to feel NOT burned about being by myself all the time, but I know a LOT of guys would not fare so well psychologically in that realm; they would wig out if they could not bag a date fairly regularly.. I discovered that being by myself need not equate to being lonely, though still I would like to think that if I meet someone I like....that things would not boil down to dick size..
Now, I feel f*ckin paralyzed about even taking a chance..  Which is too bad, since women have said I seem to be good all-around in bed.....but now, w/ this negative shit kicking around in my head I would be thinking about whether I would "touch the magic spot properly" and all the other tripe that really should not eclipse skiing, climbing, playing music and generally enjoying life..
To those who have strained their minds to present such information as to cast doubt into the rest of us, all I can say is....yep, you have succeeded; thanks a fuckin lot....you have gotten me to feel like all of who I am sugars down to a few f*ckin inches below the belt.. You have won..
236 April 1, 2003

I did it -DMB the 21yr old:
 You know when I first found this site back in November -I cried.....I thought I was too small to please a woman....I was 6 inches but I didn't know what the size of the girth of my penis was. I even showed my penis to a stripper back in December and I became friends with her but she always told me it was just "workable"...well it is April now and I am 8 inches by 7 inches around because I exercised my penis. I made up my own program after I read free advice on exercises such as Jelqing and Kegels and stretching techniques.....I lift wieghts so I viewed my penis program as just another form of exercise....The truth is it takes a long time but it works and it can work for anyone....The best advice for enlargement techniques are right here on the internet and they are free......This site is true and false......I find it to be a harsh and negative site that says "hey you'll never ever please a woman if your this size"...well there are exercises you can do and don't just judge people on how they look or how big they are...it is really actually very shallow...so for the women out there who left their husbands and children to be with their bigger lover....your terrible and messed up and you are pathetic. This size debate shouldn't be such a one sided issue either ...what about Vagina size.....Women need to stop talking behind mens backs about size and men need to treat women other than just sex objects.......but in our messed up society that is easier said than done. People need to start giving other people a chance to get to know who they are on the inside instead of judging them on the outside. 
237 April 2, 2003

it's very clear why you are not gettting ass lately.  No doubt you attribute it to your small penis size, but really it is because of your misogynistic attitude.  Anyone who refers to women as "cunts" because of their own insecurities is unlikely to succeed on the dating/hookup front.  In case you didn't get the memo, it's the men on the board who are dissatisfied with their penis size, not the women. (for the most part)  And if we're stooping to your level, I'm sure you prefer a woman with large breasts with a relatively tight vagina.  I'm sorry you are such a neanderthal and have no class.  I fear it won't get you far in life.
238 April 2, 2003

I know what you mean, Cynthia. I miss being stuffed by a big one. The guy I'm seeing now is only 7 inches and not very thick. I got spoiled by my ex who had a big fat 9 incher. Size definitely matters. Did you take The Truth about Penis Size survey in the links list? It was fun and the some of the comments there made me really horny, too. Big ones are so much better.
239 April 2, 2003

What Tracy mentions below, is more valuable info, than this entire website provides in like 30pages. Anyways, obviously im here because of my penis-lenght in the first place, so i dont really have any rights to complain..
240 April 3, 2003

Thank you, Tracy. It's nice to finally see an educated voice of reason here.
Personally, what it has come down to for me is realizing that relationships are just a part of my life, just as sex is just a part of a relationship, just as penis size is just a part of sex.
I myself weigh in at about 5 to 5.5, which, by the way, is the average cited from just about every MEDICAL study that I've seen, where a third party does the measurements. The surveys on this site obviously use self-measurements and a trust system, in which almost everyone lies. Sadly, even condom-maker Durex used this type of survey.
And finally, many seem to be comparing breast size to penis size. Some of us don't like large breasts at all, and much prefer small ones. Are there women who sincerely prefer penises on the lower end of the spectrum (regardless of girth, I mean)?
241 April 3, 2003

if I had known earlier (AJ's jerk):
I'm dam serious. I really thought I was too small. And when I look at my penis I still consider it small! It's all about perception and self-confidence. My penis size complex started very long ago. My first sexaul experience was late in my life with a very "wide" gril. I really felt insecure. When I was asking her I my size was a problem to her, she was saying "no, it's ok" without being able to convince me. Another simply told me a few times I was much smaller than her previous boyfriend. I felt miserable and soon ended the relationship. She later told me she wasn't meaning it but it was too late for me.
This reading and a few others I made recently allow me to think I'm normal but I still don't feel confident about my size. I would feel much more secure if I were say 8.5 X 7. I'm going to resume my sex life after so many years of abstinence to regain confidence.
242 April 3, 2003

I think Marc is right, the problem is not about dick size but about pussy size. Pussies vary considerably in size. Some pussies can easily take a coke can while others can hardly take a finger. No dick can fill a can size pussy.
Small dicks should match with small pussies, big dicks with average pussies. As for the large one, I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do for them... except buying them a coke.
243 April 3, 2003

Marc, While I don't like the anger and apparent hate that came through your argument, I think you have a point. It seems that  in terms of body image jokes and disscussion men are fair game. As many people have pointed out already, vagina size varies far more than penis size. Perhaps It is high time that someone set up a  similar site with female characteristics as the topic of debate.

On the matter of penis size, if you want to know if it matters or not get the hell away from this site.

244 April 4, 2003

To DMB the 21 year old:
Damn those are some AMAZING results for only 5 months of PE. What exercises did you do in your program.
If you don't mind could you post your email. I'm really interested in girth enlarging exercises so I can be in the "A" range, I only need .5 inch to get to 6.25.
245 April 4, 2003


  Well, I got under someone's skin.You are one of those hypocritical cunts,I'm talking about.Do you live on another planet? Check the media.Every show, where there are women lead characters,they made some disparaging remarks about penis size (exp "Sex in the city.").Every women comedians I seen on specials have made disparaging comments on penis size.Talk show, ad nauseum.In women literatur,they talk about penis size.In women and girl circles the subject comes up.When a wife or girlfriend wants to really get back at a man she will hit below the belt, that's women putrid nature coming out(men don't go below the belt,YET [as in the media]).In women lib, you've talked about how evolved you were over the dumb man, that given equal air time you would elavate standards of human interactions. Guess what ,you showed us,instead of being bigger persons and not going down to our level,you went further in some respects,being vindictive bitches with all the human frailties.So much for your eralded superiority.You've lost all credibility.You maybe sugar and spice but also rot.Now, if vagina size was categorized into different tightness levels and strenghts, suddenly the media attention could be refocused to women.I bet within a short time you wouldn't hear about penis size from women.Here lies your hypocritical nature, on an even playing field you suddently don't want to play anymore.This is not only on the sexual level but on every level.You want equality only when it's convenient,if it's not you automatically want special treatment.Men are getting fed up with this double standart, at least the ones that aren't pussy whipped (infected with chivralous castrati syndrome). So if there was a defacto uncontestable vagina sizes table that all women could be compared to, the male preocupation with penis size would be readjusted to this new dimension.The focus would go from size to health and hardness of the penis while women find themselves in the novel situation  of actually have a table to compare their vagina size.I would  hope that it would prom women to get into vagina exercise to strenghten their vaginas.Not just regular kegels but with vagina weight lifting, kegelexercisers,ect.The benefit would be good for incontenance, sexual pleasure, child birth,ect.But women won't get serious with such an endeavour unless prodded by sufficient force.Media hype and a good pussy lifting contest might just get lazy cunts to exersise( why exersise when dumb men dod on women).
The other thing you mentioned is,I never will have success with dating.If I never had the imperious urge that would be so fine with me.It's known that men's testosterone make then so horny(this maybe viewed as minus be some,like me), but it's other gift,is that we are so fucking more creative then you womyn. If scientists could only find a pill that could stop the imperious urge but leave the get up and go and be CREATIVE part.This would be man's greatest invention. You daff sows think it's your bodies where after and there resides your power. How utterly wrong you are,it's man's internal imperious urge,stupid! So,if they could only make a pill that men could take and be free of the imperious urge but not affect any other urges like creativity,desire to explore ect, but would not be dangerous in any way, and libido would come back when a man would go off the pill; what a blessing this pill would be.Finally.God's curse to man, the desire for woman,would be lifted!!! So Carrie , you goosestepper,you don't know nothing about me or my attributes,so Fuck off!By the way, I don't know you but do you have an LL vagina (large and loose)At least I ask.
246 April 4, 2003

Never meet a big one... or you will regret it for the rest of your life.
247 April 4, 2003

shut up carrie:

Carrie: you are so full of shit, its just the truth women judge men on penis size and money, men judge women on physical beauty to deny that is absurd. Get over it and stop posting shit for little endowned men (like me) to feel better about just say the damn truth and stop being the real bitch.
248 April 5, 2003

249 April 5, 2003

Why will women regret meeting a big one Susan?
250 April 5, 2003

Rattled, but feeling better:
Damn. You know, I woke up the other day in my girlfriend's bed holding myself, and the first thing that flashed through my head was how small I felt in my own hand. Talk about a flood of shame...

It bothered me, not so much an ego thing as a desire to have the woman in my life happy and content, getting either lovemaking or fucking, depending on what we were/she was in the mood for. There's no question that guys want to be able to be satisfying to their women in a purely animalistic sense, and no matter how you approach it or dress it up, it's readily apparent that many (if not most) women prefer a larger penis when it comes to straight physical pleasure. A lot of my apprehension that morning came from the fact that I felt like I might not be delivering in the purely physical department, although I'm as enthusiastic and uninhibited as any porn actor in bed. I love sex, and want my girlfriend to feel the same way, and I guess in part due to reality and in part to conditioning by society and the Net, feel that a larger penis than what I have is necessary part of the time. Just to clear up any questions, I'm about 6 by 4 3/4. Ideally, I'd like to be about 7 by 5 5/8 (pretty exact, but what the hell), but you work with what you've got.
Out of what can only be shame, self-pity and self-hatred, I came and went completely through the site. I have to admit that it's well set up and has for the most part well articulated and intelligent ideas, but I just can't see how his suggestion of brutal honesty can in any way further one's self-respect. I do believe that one should accept a small penis size (I fit neatly into that catagory), but not the implications he bundled up with it. There IS a lot of truth. Yes, women lie straight to your face about what they think of your penis. Should you let it change in any aspect your relationship with them? No. Here's something I realized, in part from reading some of the other comments: a woman is with you because she wants to be, and if your penis size is not sufficient to break up or even slightly disrupt the relationship, don't stress over it. Talk to her about it, tell her exactly what you're feeling, then forget about it. If you still believe she's not levelling with you, if you still think she's not satisfied and will never tell you, leave. What's important is your peace of mind and your sense of reassurance when it comes to sexual matters. There's a level of physical intimacy that cannot be exceeded, and sex is just that. If you can trust her body but not her words, there is something very, very wrong.

As far as my own feelings about myself, I was a little down after reading the site, and actually was wondering if I'd ever be able to really satisfy a woman in that primal sense. I have no doubt in any other area, and I suppose that to have a question for the first time in my relatively undisturbed sense of relation to the opposite sex was unnerving. The thing is, after reading some of the comments left by other surfers, I felt inexplicably better. I can't give you any real reason, and I guess I'm not going to try to. It's the only reason I'm leaving this response, though. I never, ever leave posts on pages, but I'm guessing that there's a small chance my opinions may make someone else feel better in the same way I did. Luck and peace to you all.

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