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2501 April 27, 2005

It's everywhere summary:
About the motel I worked at, I know that is not compelling for some because it can be dismissed as bar whores, or perhaps dismissed that I only remember the times I know it mattered. It can be dismissed by some that some of these gals were just in pain, not ectasy.
I don't agree, but fair enough I suppose in some ways. I don't rely just on that evidence, even though it is compelling I agree with the poster that said it was. That experience is just one part in a vast array of experiences that indicate size counts. Insider's post about women bragging on their hung sons is true. It really hit home with me because I've experienced that also, and then she had the gall to deny size counts (I'm above average, but her ex she had the hung son with was hung). Not only have I listen to the gals talk in person, all wide eyed about big, I've heard it on television many times. I see the way women look at our crotches when we're packing enough soft to get their attention. Really, it's just too obvious bigger counts. I couldn't deny it if I tried---not after all these years of undeniable witnessing. Those of you that don't think it counts must be living with your eyes closed and your ears stopped up.
2502 April 27, 2005

Hey, 'Same Black Girl As Before' :
Referring to your recent post, #2391, you say that most black women, but not you, do have more curves than other women.
Then you proceed to explain you're tight.
Do you realise you explained you don't have the typical black woman body for sex. So you expained a lot there.

You didn't say anything about how much depth you can take.

I see many really impressive lower body big builds on black women. They certainly look like they can handle quite an amount.

I have heard white men say that many black women have strong vaginal contraction ability. So I have to agree that many typical black women can indeed find pleasure in one isn't very thick. Yet, this doesn't discount that many of these same women can also indeed take on very large sizes and have far more intense pleasure when being stretched by a penis that looks like it's more meant to match her physically. Really, a 5 to 6 inch length that lacks thickness is not going to be able to fuck black women's brains out. It will only do that with a small percentage of white women. 

This site demonstrates the average white woman can handle 8 to 9 inches length when her bottom is stretched backward by a long penis. I have no doubt that the average black woman can handle over 9 to 10 inches length when her bottom is stretched backward by a long enough penis. Notice I said the 'average' white and 'average' black women. Just like penises vary, vaginas also vary. So some women in each race will be able to handle more and some can only handle less. The majority of women fall into the average range.

I've also heard a couple of black women complain that white men are really too small for them.
2503 April 28, 2005

Dumb ass guys:
Women say penis size doesn't matter for a damn good reason. First of all, most women don't "require" large for gratification. Second, even if a woman does prefer a larger than average penis, a normal woman isn't going to screw a bunch of guys in a "trial and error" fashion to find one. Third and most importantly, just finding a DECENT GUY.... who isn't gay or in a relationship, or, a fat smelly slob, an insecure mama's boy, an arrogant selfish he-man, a mean aggresive asshole, a tight ass control freak married to his career, etc etc....is far more rare than guys with larger than average penises. Penises aren't hard to find, decent guys are. Get it?
As it would seem, there is certainly no shortage idiots, wierdos, losers, and bimbos.
2504 April 28, 2005

To: The rest of the story:
You asked how big it becomes uncomfortable for women. I've heard women in what sounded like extreme ectasy but also sounded like pain at the same time. I believe some women enjoy a bit of discomfort. This physically indicates to them they are getting filled to the max (at least in length or girth; both at the same time of course is best), and pyschologically is a turn on knowing they have a lot of meat in them.

I heard two black women talking in a deapartment store. One told the other she had met a new guy and he was well endowed. She then said it was uncomfortable but felt great. This backed up what I already knew.

The reason why I mention this is because your post sounded like a bit of discomfort is a barrier. My opinion is I don't think it is usually.

Speaking about length, I believe once the bottom is pushed on then there can be some discomfort (not to be confused with hitting the cervix that is located between the back wall and the front opening. Some average size guys hit the cervix and think their hitting bottom. The cervix is sensitive to many women, and will often be too painful having it hit. Some women can get off on cervix hitting, but most can't.) But unless the bottom is pushed even further than it will be able to really stretch, the discomfort will usually be overrode by the pleasure of having it worked. I believe this is why some women haven't had vaginal orgasms----- they haven't had a guy long enough to stretch the bottom that also knows how to work it. Just jabbing the bottom backward can get some women off, but many others need wore technique and massaging the bottom and beyond by stretching.

Ed has a diagram page that shows the length that reaches the bottom, and he speaks about stretchin the bottom wall to accomodate more. I believe that page best applies to the average white woman, and an inch needs to be subtracted for the average Asian woman, and more than an inch needs to be added for the average black woman.


My above paragraph reminds me that the ideal penis size chart isn't the only page that needs adjustment for different races.
2505 April 28, 2005

To post #2409 About Black Women Intimidating Sexually:
You're correct that it's really about if they intimdate average and small dicked men. I only used white men as an example since their overall penis size is less than black men and I was thinking about that at the time. But yes, you're right, it's really about any race male being intimidated her when she looks like too much for his pee wee to handle. Unless he's into being dominated, since that is what will be happening. I wonder how many men too small for her have had their dicks almost broken off when a big thick booty black woman tried to bounce on it like she's use to doing with bigger men?
2506 April 28, 2005

Sick site.
Obviously penis size does matter for some. Like cars matters for others.
My dick is 6,2 x 4.9 " thick. According to my wife its pretty average and my wife knows since she works with penises and have seen 1000s of them (she work with urologi). My wife is also a big fan of dildos and according to her a perfect penis is 7,5 x 7,5 however, sometimes she likes to finnish off by an 11 x 8,6. othertimes she likes 6x5.  According to her penis size is all about mood and if its something which makes her happy its related to grith and not length.  According to her 90 % of all men do not have what she realy wants since she finds even 7x6 small. According to my wife its more about a fetish fantasy rather than sience and she have told me for 10 years that she do not want to select size over other qualities in bed.

What I am trying to say is that 90 % of you guys with average penises from 5 -> 7 long and 4-6 " around are falling to short inorder to fulfil a womans fetish fantasies.  Forget it, and focus on something else.  E.g. read a book about how to make a women orgasm..  However, for you guys who are shorter than 5" (from the bone) it can be seen as an medical problem. What you may do is to dicuss it with your dock, its easy to extend penis with more than 1 inch by using a penis extender (http://www.pmdevice.com/)

What I am trying to say, is that most of you guys incluiding me are not able to fulfill a womens dream when it comes to penis size.  In many cases its also better for a women to have a dream rather than have 30 cm of pain. Dont worry, be happy with what you have. If it's realy small exercise it. It will not make you or your women more happy but it will give you confidence.  According to wife only 1 out og 100 realy have a large cock. dont feel to bad about beeing one of the other 99.  Remember that I have nade 3 babies with mine and my women is black and myth or not she have had severak bigger than mine, but she sekected me....

From Ed:
Penis extenders may be a valid way to enlarge a penis. But why suggest that only guys with less than 5 inches should be allowed to use it?

2507 April 28, 2005

Post # 2453 'To Much of a Good Thing':
I think it's noteworthy that you start out saying it's all complete myths, but then you say '...not all Asian women are tight, and not all black women can take more, and not all white women love big dick'. I don't think anyone has said "all". It just takes a majority for the 'myth' to be true. Your wording looks like you were dancing around the truth---- that these 'myths' are correct.
2508 April 28, 2005

Oh Well!:
My wife used to tell me that I was huge.  This continued for about 10 years.  We met in college where my wife was an art student, so she saw plenty of nude models during class.  According to her, I was bigger than anything she had ever seen.  I'm not huge, but I am above average.  My wife told her sisters and her friends about my size.   Guess what?  Some of her friends became very interested and one friend asked me if I would like to give her a try.  One of her sisters always corners me in a room and askes me questions about my member.  I guess some women do care about size.  Now for my confidence buster.

I asked my wife why she never commented about my dick anymore.  She told me she was at work and one of the photographers did a nude shoot.  She said the male model (small white guy) had a dick that hung to his knees.  She said he was holding a golf club and the guys unit made the club look like a toothpick.  She said there were three women looking at the picture.  She said one was talking about giving the guy a try, the other said hell no and my wife said she didn't thinks it would fit.  This should be an eye opener for all men.  No matter how well hung you are and how much of a man you think your cock makes you there is someone out there that makes you look small. 

I'm at the point I don't even care about sex anymore.  I would also hate for my nieve wife to find out that her friends and possibly her sister would screw my brains out at the drop of a hat.  There is always going to be a few women that are willing to step up to the plate.
2509 April 29, 2005

i think your site was very informative. it said pretty much what i have heard from women. i am about 6.5 in girth and 6.5 in lenth. i am still a virgin. my penis is about 2.5 inches wide.i have what you call a flat penis. do women benifet from a penis that is that wide?
2510 April 29, 2005

I'd enjoy if my wife would want, and say it, a bigger dick that i have. I find very exiting a situation where i would'nt be able satisfy her, and she would enjoy more someones better dick. (here i enjoy commens from melissa and alike)

In my experience some girls like big, some dont. This site has some valid stuff, but lots of crap too. Most pictures here are fake, thou there are dicks as big as they represent. All in all intresting site.
2511 April 29, 2005

Honest Observer:
This seems to be a very impressive penis. There is a still picture and video. In the video, she seems more worried about when he is going to pop, rather than the size of his member. I was wondering if the women who visit this board would give their HONEST assessment of his endowment and her reaction to it.

pic: http://www.juicysource.com/gals/wsot/k2/images/1.jpg

vid: http://www.juicysource.com/gals/wsot/k2/1.mpg
2512 April 29, 2005


I am perplexed by post No. 2451. He claims he has considered suicide because of his small penis. Yet, he says he is married. Furthermore he gives no indication that his wife plans to (or has even threatened to) leave him. Apparently she hasn't even complained.

It is hard to believe that he is all that bad off.  Maybe the post was some kind of a joke. I imagine that it was.
2513 April 29, 2005


Quick intro:  I'm 32.  I was captain of my HS football team.  I was voted best looking in my class and have always had not just a lot of girlfriends, but close friends that are girls.  This includes living with both noted relationships in many different situations. 

I've had my share of women (and other people's share too - LOL) and penis size was NEVER an issue.  NOT ONCE.  Well, I take that back.  With one girlfriend, I was too large and guess what.  I'm average.  Just over 6" in both length and girth.

As a typical guy, I've had a fair amount of conversations with close friends that were girls on this issue.  All women have told me that large doesn't equal good.  Several said they will not sleep with a guy if he is even close to 8" because it doesnt' feel good. 

I have been with my wife, happily, for seven years.  She was married before to a well endowed guy and has slept with several men who were larger than me.  IT ISN'T AN ISSUE.  Like she says, 90% of nerve endings are in the clit and the majority of the remaining are located in the opening. 

Where this is leading is this.  If you are average, you have NOTHING to worry about.  Make sex (better known as making love) about her and about passion and deep communication. 

In my experience, size isn't an important issue, for me or my partners or friends and if it is a large hangup for either partner, something deeper is probably a problem.
2514 April 29, 2005

Re: Post 2392 'It's a good size':
I don't think you fully understand what men are concerned about. We realise we can be enjoyable, satisfactory, to most women. What we don't like is a big male can fuck her brains out more intensely than we can, (and if she's been around the block any and met a big one(s) that used it well, then that has happened).
2515 April 29, 2005

Well, the so called "Penis Debate" seems not to have gotten any further. Infact, all this site appears to do is provide us with a healthy update of utter bullshit. Thanks a lot for letting us all know the blatantly obvious.

What's probably sicker than anything else is when some slut somewhere decides to butt in on a generally male debate and attempt to 'intimidate' those who are less well endowed than others by saying that anyone with a penis under 5 or whatever the fuck they decide to say should just give up.

Let's turn it around yah? Any women who have breasts under a 44DD bra size should just give up. For fucks sake people. Anyone who judges a guy by his penis size is not worth loving. You were born the way you were and there's not a fucking thing anyone can do about it. So stop being so narrow minded. People like you make me sick.
2516 April 30, 2005

once again, why does this site exist? I can only say that if you have a small penis, medium penis, heck, if you have to walk funny to get around, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT. THIS SITE IS WRITTEN BY A MAN. THERE IS NO EDUCATED EVIDENCE TO EVEN SUGGEST THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. If the VAST majority of men are between 5 and a half an six an a half inches, wouldn't you think the averge women you have to be about the same "size" to accomidate? If you had your penis ripped off in some freak accident, you'd still be a man. The penis doesn't make the man. In fact, on the side, there is scientific evidence that men with smalled penises are able to acheive multiple orgasms! The orgasm for the big guy and the little guy are the same because they're the same nerves and same amount and same part of the brain. As for me, I'm of average size so, I guess the girl I get is the girl I get. I'm not gonna just shoot myself because I don't have a foot long in my pants. Who really needs one anyway?
2517 April 30, 2005

Keep it like a secret:
Are there any ladies out there who have appreciated a smaller-than-average cock? So far all I'm hearing is "6.5-7in" does it for me.

Any ladies out there enjoyed anything less than that? Let's hear the truth.
2518 April 30, 2005

Look, best thing is to be in love with your partner and treat them special. If they really love you, it comes right back at ya.

We could all be more perfect in many ways but you don't stress it cause you have that special soul mate and feel complete.

Try gazing into your lovers eyes, tell her you want her badly and spoil her with massage, oral etc and then make love like its your last night alive.

For info, I'm only slightly above average and have always enjoyed sex (partners too I gather) without
hangups. Don't worrry about the porn stars - most girls certainly don't!!
2519 April 30, 2005


This "penis size matters alot" stuff is hilarious.

This site claims that women prefer a big penis because it provides more friction and a "filled up" feel. Even if that's true, if you think that *matters* alot, just ask yourself: When's the last time you bragged to your buddies about a girl you had sex with by saying:

"well she was plain-looking, fat, but... her vagina was so tight it felt so great i can't wait to do it again!!!"

Most guys can relax: Anything over 5 or so inches is more than enough to sound off a girl's bells and whistles. Those "moans and groans" when a woman is screwing a large penis are more about pain and discomfort than extra pleasure.
2520 April 30, 2005

Of course size marrers. My last boyfriend was 4.5"x4.0". My current b/f has a 7.5"x5.5". what a difference.Needless to say,sex is much better now!and i mean much better!
2521 April 30, 2005

My first sexual partner was my college boyfriend. He was 7.25" long and almost 6" girth. The first couple times it was a bit uncomfortable, but after that I started having amazing orgasms just by riding his cock. Often I'd have 3 or 4. Awhile later one of my girlfriends told me she couldn't cum from just straight sex, and I thought that was strange because I came every time me and my boyfriend fucked. I was 19 and I didn't even know that was unusual. Later on I had a boyfriend who was 5.5" X 13", and it wasn't the same. That turned me into a size queen!
2522 April 30, 2005

I've read many comments on this site with interest. I must admit I get really turned on by the women who share their experience with and desire for a well hung guy.

In terms of my personal stats in this area, when I am fully erect I properly measure just over 8 1/2 inches in length along the top and 6 1/2 inches around. I am I have been with over 40 people in my life, men women and a couple, with the majority being women. At the age of 37, I can honestly say that being well endowed does NOT give a guy confidence. Nor does it mean women will flock to you or put you on a pedestal. Women prefer a guy with nice eyes, hair, great smile, who is clean, well groomed, hard working, funny and loyal before considering whatever swings between his legs. That being said there a women who would consider a man who has all of the aforementioned and also has a beautiful large penis.

I was always the attention of the guys in the locker room at school and at sleep overs. It got around at school I was well hung and several guys sucked on it. When I was with a woman for the first time, I was 21 and as my penis grew in her hand she kept saying 'are you ever a man!'. She stroked and sucked it for what seemed like forever and it arouses me whenever I think about her reaction. Likewise, through the years, the reaction of women and men to the size my penis sends a thrill through every vein inside of me. So much so that it is like a drug, a high and has become a craving inside me. I remember a woman about 3 years ago sat beside me after I pulled down my pants she gripped my still soft and expanding penis, and as she slowly and sensuously stroked my she kept saying I had the biggest 'cock' she had ever seen in her life. She knik-named me 'John Holmes'. I remember as a 16 year old wearing a skin tight speedo bathing suit to go swimming at a resort and as I walked down the hallway towards the pool area a female member of the staff did a doubletake and then stopped dead and stared at the bulge in the front of my suit. To this day I masturbate fantasizing about what it would have been like to show her what I looked like naked.

I have been with women that ordinarily didn't care to give oral sex then after having been with me a few times and they were not only taking me in their mouths but would leave messages on my answering machine saying they wanted put 'that cock in my mouth and suck it and swallow all your cum'.

I have also had a lifelong obsession with the whole idea of being deep throated. I have constantly used telephone messaging services in an attempt to find a lady who could deep throat me and even met a few, neither of whom could swallow me completely.

I will probably never know what it is like to be all the way inside of a woman's vagina and will probably never be deep throated. I have never once been all the way inside of a woman's vagina.

To be honest, my obsession with sex, my penis and oral sex has been an addiction that has taken my life from me, ruined a marriage and has left me with a huge hole inside me.

All being said, I would much rather have been given a 5 inch penis and a happy life along with it instead of the flesh that hangs between my legs which is hard to fit/keep in underwear and hurts, bulges in my pants and is so sensative it gives me a charge with every step I take and movement I make.

So does penis size matter? not to me!
2523 May 1, 2005

I'm a gay guy and over the years Ive dated many black men, I would say that on average with a couple of exceptions they all had pretty big dicks, another thing Ive noticed and don't know if theres any real evidence of is that the guys who were from the caribbean or parents were from there are more often than not bigger than those that are african or have african parents. So I would say its true what some people think about those island men with their big dicks but can I add that my present boyfriend who is black and from the caribbean doesn't have a big dick in fact hes quite average but the sex is great, size doesn't really matter to me,not if your serious about someone, it becomes irrelevant.
I am not trying to add weight to the argument that black men are bigger, I'm simply saying that in my experience they have had good size dicks but there have been a few with small not even average size ones, I think whatever statistics are out there should be read and people should make up their own minds. And if its true then so what? I'm average size I think..about 7" and ive never had any complaints, just enjoy what youv'e got and do it safely.
2524 May 1, 2005

This site is such total bullshit:
Great - just what the world needs - a website concerned with an extremely touchy and sensitive subject that is based on fear, misinformation and with an agenda.

Clearly the author of this site revels in the fear his site causes other men, and clearly he has an agenda to sell and promote products. The whole site is created with these two things in mind. My only comment on the dick size thing is that there are a very small minority of women totally preoccupied with size, but they are really stupid and lame chicks anyway. A greater group of women have some interest in it, but it's not even close to being a dealbreaker for the vast majority of women, unless perhaps you are really under average. Either way, this site is a laughable piece of fear-propaganda and the author will likely burn in hell for the karmic consequences he will suffer for causing so many men undue fear.
2525 May 2, 2005

Everyone talks about a big penis, usually less than less.  but 10-12" do exist.  I personally have seen , sucked and deep throated 10-11 3/4" on nine different guys.  No one believes me, they think I am lying because they have never seen or met anyone with 10" or bigger. They are all white boys. The biggest I have deep throated is 11 3/4 x 7.   Size interest me but is not that important--afterall,  I dont care if you havea  11" cock if you are OLD or fat. Or if you haev 11" but only 3" circumference.I have not givena  blow job in four years because I only like big penis, and a big penis is hard to find. If yopu are young with a slender body and a big penis; write me:nj_mel@yahoo.com
2526 May 2, 2005

hey im nicole and i love this site its soooo true,  yes size is important! Ive known that since i was a teenager and i first experienced a big penis. My first boyfriend was small, well average but i call it small (about 6 inchs). I didnt know any better. But i was at a party and everyone was swimming and me and my girls were checking out all the guys because there shorts were sticking to them. We started giggling and talking about penis size and all the girls said it would be really fun to try a big one. We saw the biggest guy there and we brought him back into a room with me and 4 of my girls. It was such a turn on seeing such a big penis (it was around ten inches and sooo thick, it made him so manly and made us all feel so femine. We all gave him a blowjob each and swapped his cum in our mouths and swallowed it. I didnt feel bad for cheating on my boyfriend because the big guy was just so much more of a man than him and well i realised that small dicks are just annoying. I ended up dumping my boyfriend shortly after. Hey i know im a bitch but SIZE MATTERS SO SO MUCH. sorry boys its the truth.... girls just love to see, touch, taste and experience a big penis
2527 May 2, 2005

A Guy:

Hi, I'm an Asian guy. I seem to run in this sight.
I really do think that the penis size correlates
with the height thing for various reasons. I'm
about 5'7 with a 6 inch penis, roughly average.
I had a discussion with this with my other Asian
friends... And to just joke around in the discussion,
we asked each other what the size of our penises
were when erect.

Me and my friends are all different height wise, some
of whom are short from 5'2 - 6'3.

I have three friends who said that they measured
6.0 inches erect with an average height of 5'8- 5'9..

My friend who's only 5'2 said he measured only 4.5

My friend who's 6'3. I know you think that
Asians are all short, but there are tall ones too.
He said that he measured 7.6 inches.

I don't know if it's only coincidence, but there
seemed to be a trend there.
2528 May 2, 2005

Response to Brie:
Why do you feel that your boyfriend should be bigger, instead of your vagina being the perfect size for his penis?Perhaps you forget that a man's only natural role is to impregnate a women, which he can do with a two inch penis,and not really worry about her pleasure. You apply your personal notion of man's role and not his natural one. In consequence, you need something external to your own mind to feel like a woman-which is as bad as someone who needs drugs to feel good.
Another thing is: women who say 'bigger is better' often come across as being arrogant e.g. "If I could attach a bigger penis to my boy friend I would. That's the end of the debate." Who are you to say when a debate is over? And "Very Very few women would say "I want it smaller" its just not the case." Who are you to appoint yourself spokesperson for the world's female population? Have asked any women from Outer Mongolia, for instance? Perhaps you are applying the "Super Size Me" American attitude-an unhealthy attitude at best. Also the'bigger is better' women often show their naivety and stupidity in their own statement: even for them there is such a thing as too big.
P.S. Note the humility of the Peruvian girl and her experiences.
2529 May 2, 2005

thick dicks r the best. doesnt matter how long but its how thick that give the pleasure. So if you have a 14 in cock and its really thin sorry babe but thats not much please. Now if you have a 7in cock but really thick thats the best out there.
2530 May 2, 2005

If you are small, here is a major upside if you are a guy who DOES NOT WANT CHILDREN...the women won't bug you as much!  Ever been with a woman, who all she talks about is wanting kids...fucking annoying if you aren't the type of guy who wants kids...so the upside is, chances are she won't want you fathering the kids, so you get so pussy, and you are homefree.  However, use a condom and if you are really small get in a position where you can go down on her so she can't laugh in your face and walk away.  The things that are more rude in this are aimed for you to do to sluts, not women with hearts.
2531 May 3, 2005

I try to hide my willy when I'm changing after football because it is a lot smaller than the other guys.My girlfriend assures me it is normal and gets satisfaction,but other guys seem to have huge ones.My erect penis measures 5 inches when erect and it seems most guys are this size when soft,it's so embaressing.
2532 May 3, 2005

Even a 'small' vagina can take a huge one:
Even gals that say they have small vaginas can accomodate a very big dick if she is fully aroused and pushed to the max. Once she is in her fullest stretchable state, even a 'small vagins' can be get 9" length x very thick all the way in her. Average vagina gals can take even more, and big vagina gals can take very huge amounts if fully aroused and given the time to do so. This is why bigger is better, because even small gals fully aroused are capable of handling big dicks.

Another thing, it's not just her vagina size that determines if she thinks you're big or not. Her sexual encounters also play a role. If you have an average size penis, and she's only been with small men, or perhaps only just you, provided her vagina isn't big she may very well think of you as sort of big. Yet, if this same gal has ever experienced a big dick before you, then she she may even think of you as on the small side. See, it's relative to her experience. This can even happen to abover average size men if she has had a monster cock before, and/or big ones. Above average may now only seem like average to her, if that.

If everyone could hear the sounds from gals that have a big one stuffed in them, then that would end this debate. The onnly advantage average can be said to have is that is more practical for use in some cases. A really big dick can make a female sore in time, but an average size dick she can enjoy hopping onto often. Her stimulation is not as intense with an average size, but the practicality of average for constant use does has much merit. 

When I hear a man say she can't get enough of him and that she wants to do it all the time, then I know he's not big. He just told on himself unknowingly. She is able to wear him out, because of his average/small size. On the other hand, a big man can wear her out (unless she has a big vagina), and while the sex will be intense with a big dick (when she is fully aroused and he knows how to work it), she will likely not want to go at it non stop all the time.

So men , stop telling how often she fucks you, because it really is a giveaway that you're not big, and some superstud listening to you will know. He may decide to put her to the test when you're not around. Now I'm not saying all women will cheat (only half will according to latest survey), but if she suddenly feels looser or is walking a bit funny, then you may have run your mouth too much about how often she does it with you, and caused a stud to sense smallish and move in on your territory and work her over. Men are competitive, and some stud hearing you may feel the need to see just how much she truly loves sex with you. He knows that if he has her screaming, and heaving with loud moans, then her enjoyment of you was more of just a pleasant thing than raw powered sex. Also, stop talking about how you "never had any complaints". Another giveaway that you are not rocking her world.
2533 May 3, 2005

I agree with Zen 2450 and to the insider 2438:
I agree with Zen and I know that big dicked men are nothing to fear, by reason of membrosity.In fact, some men with large dicks are the biggest cowards and wets in existence, but, of course, some are not. Although I have never really fought for fun or as a hobby, only in self defence, I have won, when sober, nearly all of my schoolyard or street fights, even flattening a 21 year old when I was fourteen. Now all of these males are probably better hung than me and some, as I have since found out by word of mouth, are well-endowed. So if it's in a women's nature to prefer big dicked males, would the women present at any of my fights, had the fights been for the right to mate, have preferred to mate with the 'real men' lying on the floor humiliated and over whom everyone is stepping and reject me, whom everyone is patting on the back and whose victories people remember 20 years on? If so, it is quite strange that nature should make females desire the weakest.Therefore, I believe that it is the male (i.e. the most aggressive) who can keep other males away from females who nature intends should mate and a large penis is not that much of an issue, because 2 inches is sufficient to impregnate a women. In other words, a large penis is a fetish of modern times and not something most women in early times would have naturally looked for.
 Incidentally, I have recently found out that some girls, and as women, used tell their friends and lovers, from whom I learnt this information, that they went out with me, when in fact they did not. Perhaps owing to the reputation I acquired, they thought their reputations would be enhanced by associating themselves with me. Whatever the case,penis size was not their motivating factor Another strange thing is a woman who knew the size of my penis(something her friends also knew)  came to me for protection (which is not sex I know) from her woman bashing boyfriend, but why did she not go to a 'real man' and save herself any embarrassment?
To the insider 2438
Although I haven't got a big dick how come I've been out with a circle of girls, who probably discussed my penis? How come none of my former girlfriends tell women I'm talking to about my penis size, except the one I dumped for having a very loose vagina? How come I don't divulge their secrets to men they are with? How come the new man in my former girlfriend's life asked if I minded his going out with her? How come I know well-hung men who have no girlfriend? I think you are full of shit or your friends are spiteful, nasty scumbags and you  should hang around with  someone else.
2534 May 3, 2005

Not just BET female comedians:
To the black chick that said you can't go by what the black female comedians on BET are saying, then what about all the black female heads nodding in agreement when they say it? The camera goes to the huge audience and the vast majoity of the many black females are in obvious agreement. One time, a black male on stage asked the ladies in the audience if bigger was better and just about all hollered out "YES". What about that? He then asked which sizes and the minimum size was 8", with 10 inches getting the most votes. Some even wanted 12" if they could get it, but most were for 10", so there is a limit. Let's stop saying size doesn't matter when we know it does from all the evidence around us. Black women are very outspoken about bigger is better. At least their honest!
2535 May 4, 2005

 As a young boy in school my friends and I would oftn go to the bushes along the school perimeter and hold a you show me yours/I'll show you mine meets.
   Even at 11 yrs old although I was the smallest boy in my class I had a bigger penis than my friend who is a year older and at that time was about a foot taller than me.
   By the reaction from the girls who would join us sometimes although they were still virgins size seemed to be much more attractive to them. I know because I would always have 2 or 3 trying tobe t5he one to jerk me off[no head at that age]
   As for my experience in later yrs I've found that some women are not big enough to take my 7" without discomfort and others are so loose that I have trouble getting enough sensation to cum.
   Therefore I believe that size is very important to women but not always bigger is better.
   As for my likes in women, young and nubile is always attractice but I really like tiny breasts with big& longnipple that stay erect all the time and I am really into bald beaver with a large clitoris and large dangly inner labia
2536 May 4, 2005

We have just read some of the comments and would like to add are own opion on the subject.We are both 20 yrs old and have had several boyfriends.Size is important but so is tecnique it's no good having a big cock if you don't know how to use it.A woman needs to be able to feel it also, so  a small one is no good.We made a chart of are choice cock.It has to be around 8 inches long ,6inches girth and 2.5 inches in width.Anything bigger would hurt and  we reckon anything under 5.5 inches long would be too small.
2537 May 4, 2005

Gals, if 'no feelings deep', then why...:
The ole saying that ladies can only can feel the first 2 to 3 inches, and therefore length doesn't matter, raises some questions.

If you can only feel within the first 3 inches, then why do your eyes roll back in head at the moment a long one has pushed all the way in? I've managed to acomplished this with a couple of ladies, but a super stud I knew that was much longer than me once said that when he pushes in slowly, as he becomes all the way in, time and time again ladies eyes roll back in their head. He said not all did that, but there was always some kind of reaction-------- gasp, or eyes bulge, grunt, etc.

So explain to me how these reactions are possible when it's taught that you don't have feelings deep down? He said when he used his long length slowly the ladies always practically slobbered all over themselves.
2538 May 5, 2005

I am just not equipped to satisfy a woman.My penis struggles to reach 5 inches.Because of my size,I've only had a couple of unfulfilling sexual experiences.Most women just laugh at me when they see how small I am!
2539 May 5, 2005

I read this web,this is very good and informative,
I got problem, my dk size is 8.5"length and 5"width, my g/fnd got pain when I try to enter.I can enter only 3",she start crying. She had 2.b/fnd before me with dk size 5/6"and width 3". She like my size and love to take it/and suck it with love, but she got pain and start crying. When I enter,we use ky jelly but I cant do it. She like oral and she is very happy with that to give me. We try foreplay a lot, she was ok with ex b/fd,    pls help if u can,what I do without lose her,she is lovely and full of love/lust.I like to enter without hurt her,so she can enjoy, what u think am I big for her or what-???????
Would appreciate your reply, thanks,
2540 May 5, 2005

Yeah Right:
FYI: This site is a hoax.
2541 May 5, 2005

Hairy small penis:
Hi, I'm bi and my penis is only 4" when erect, and what's worse is I'm quite hairy down there.  I keep on shaving but it keeps on growing back, and I especially hate the hair growing on the bottom of my shaft.  Is this just me, and what's the best way to shave your pubes?
2542 May 5, 2005

Melissa w/post #2415 hit the nail on the head.It should be small and everything else.for example,I would'nt call a 6.5" penis big, but it is a whole lot bigger and nicer than a 4.5"er....
2543 May 5, 2005

Re: POst #2391 'Same Black Girl As Before:
Also, you said "...what do you think, I open my legs and you fall in...?"

Well no, that wasn't what I indicated. What was said was that female black big thick power lower booty bodies are designed for more. Did you read the part  about black chicks genitals are positioned back and low---differently from other races. That allows for more length, and the bigger wider hips allow for more penis thickness.

Let me explain this some more. I'm not saying a black woman can't have enjoyable intercourse with average size asian or white penises. Just that the average black booty is capable of taking much more, and the small size she can have any enjoyment from is a bigger small size than the average white woman can begin at. The typical white woman will say that 5" length x 1 1/4" is an ok starting point and will feel just about average to her, and 4" length x 1" across will seem small but usable.  A 5" length x 1.25 across will feel quite small to the typical big booty black woman, and 4" length x 1" thick is just too small to do her any good.  

Some examples--------If the average sized Asian man brings his  4 3/4" length x 1 1/4 thick across penis to bed with her, once her is fully aroused elasticated from foreplay, she is going to have trouble feeling fully satisfied by that size during intercourse. If she has strong vaginal strength, she may can make sure there is enough contact to get some enjoyment. He is going to be outmatched.

If the average size white man brings his 5 3/4" length x 1 1/2" across penis to bed, she can have more enjoyment, but putting her through a full blown intercourse workout isn't going to happen. She is capable of handling much more. He can perform good foreplay, and stroke her with his penis well, and she may find him satisfactory. See, I'm not saying he falls in and I'm not saying that she can't enjoy it. He and her can even cuddle after their nice love making session, and then she can get up and go shopping if she wants to, because she is not worn out from what he tried to put on her.

Now, if the average black man brings his 7 1/4 " length x 2" thick across penis to bed, he is a size that she can work with enough to get her really going. She will have some good a recation with him. Yet, since he is afterall just average for a black man, he is just going to feel average to the average black female. He will feel above to the average white female and he will feel big to the average Asian female. He isn't going to be able to put the average black female through a full intense workout like a 9 1/2" length x 2 1/2" thick penis that also knows how to work it. When she is fully elasticated, a 9 1/2 x 2 1/2 that grinds all in her, and puts her in all kinds of positions while he works her, and then knows just when to start pounding her brains out, will leave her heaving to catch her breath and worn slap out. She won't be able to get right up and go shopping. She'll be wobbly trying to even get up and walk to the bathroom. The neighbors will have been aware some male has just put her through the wringer. She'll tell her girlfriends about him and then they'll start eyeing him, wanting him to rock their worlds.

That is the way it is in the real world. Luckily for men that aren't well endowed, penis size isn't the only thing that attracts females. Money, humour, kindness, power, good looks, being a gentleman, etc, all play a part and will carry over into her feelings for him in the bedroom and can help create good lovemaking sessions. Yet, there can be no denying that when it comes to raw hard core fucking, a well endowed man that knows how to use it has the market cornered on fucking her brains out. If a man is going to put a big thick deep wide booty black woman through the wringer, have her heaving and grunting intensely, then he has to bring some very serious meat to the bed. Otherwise, with a 5.5 incher that is not thick, it's just a nice little lovemaking session for her. She could answer and talk on the phone while a small man is on her, and the party on the other end wouldn't even know it. She may respond to a small penis, but it's only on her terms -----if she feels like she wants to.

I was out eating lunch today, and this black woman came in that was huge bootied and had height. She has some fat on her, but mostly it was natural. I'm not a small man, and I felt small standing next to her. I can just imagine an Asian man trying to do something with her. There's no way he could have an effect on her during intercouse. If she ever bucked, he would go flying to the floor. She was showing it off, but she had an attitude about her like she knew I wouldn't be enough for her. The white men looked with intimidation in their eyes, and the black men looked lustfully, but I have no dount most of the black men were outmatched by this superwoman. She had huge curves into next week.
2544 May 5, 2005

To Tina 2441:
That's very interesting, but when does your husband get to see a real woman? At the weekends, perhaps?
2545 May 5, 2005

i must say the majority of the women on this site prove to be simple-minded, one-sided nymphos. We cant help it if you ladies have stretched your pussies out so far i can clap inside it. As for the honest down-to-earth women who are scattered amongst these tramps, I appreciate your input. As a man who has surprised many with my size(me being only 5'8" 135lbs)
i can sincerely say that size only means something to women who arent worth my time. For christ sake, be creative men, use what God gave ya...dont forget, rhythm is everything....
2546 May 5, 2005

the hard truth:
it is obvious that over half of these guys on here are lying, or simply dont know how to measure themselves...perhaps in your odd state of denial you rationalize that by typing I have over 8" of dick" it somehow makes it true....grow up and face reality.
2547 May 5, 2005

wow!! How can someone have this much time on their hands??? So much they can type out 10 different 2,000 word essays on penis size....i think cons should consider the fact he is gay....
2548 May 5, 2005

small i guess?:
first time reader, but i have to admit some of the stuff i read is unbelievable.  i am a 7 ' long dont know what size girth . and my sex partners are satisfied  with my size.. i also pleasure them with my long tongue  funny though my tongue is overly large ..so what ever size my dick is, my tongue makes up the difference..thank you....
2549 May 6, 2005

the differance:
It is realy amazing the differant reactions i get from women when i have had sex with them.One came so hard i thought she had pissed on me,another cried her eyes out saying she had never felt anything like it,others the moaning.1 said it was like she had left her body and she could see a light.I am saying this not to show off yes my penis is what they would call big but to say i am a 173lb white man yes fit but i have had black women tell me my penis is the biggest they have had.And i can go on for about 2hrs on average,once and it was once 6hrs but the women said afterwards she was sore felt like she had been hit by a truck.But this is so we can get an end to all black men are big there not.And like someone wrote in i have lived in jamaca and africa,had black women as grilfriends.
2550 May 6, 2005

To Kelly 2479 :
Kelly, you are right when you say that you sound arrogant for saying you can have any man, but arrogance, in addition to a PSYCHOLOGICAL dependence on large penes for their "feminizing", "subserving", and/or "beautifying" properties, is a common, though not a universal, thread amongst your type of woman, e. g. postings 2066 and 2482.A deficiency in your psychological make up may be supplemented by a large penis, but that does not mean that " a large penis is better" is a universal fact
  You may think that you are beautiful, but you would be no good for many men if you couldn't get your head through their bedroom doors. Furhermore, no real man wants a Negrophilistic white woman, because such women are nearly always moral or mental defectives, and in consequence are trouble.

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