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2451 April 15, 2005

I have perhaps the smallest penis of any adult male of our species.  I can't even begin to describe the anguish this has caused me, starting as far back as the second grade.  I measure 1.5" in length by 2.5" in girth when flacid, and 3x4 when fully erect.

I have been with several women in my life, and I have never had an experience to soothe my withered and aching ego.  I have been married for six years now. I am the only partner my wife has ever been with.  I guess I'm lucky that she has nothing with which to compare the pathetic sex she has with me.  Sadly though, I suffer constantly from the guilt that she will never be able to experience really great sex.  I have agonized and agaonized over this.  I have tried everything of which I am capable, and now I am down to the last option.  I am working hard to lose weight to add what length I can, but I know in the end, I will probably not even reach the average size.

I know that many people come to a site like this to mock those of us who struggle with this issue, but I assure you that if they had ever suffered through even half of the misery this issue has caused me, they might very well think twice about it.  In our culture, there is no support group for men with small penises, no public sympathy for those who in the depths of their selves are unable to call themeselves men.  I have suffered through a lot in my life -- abuse, abandonment, homelessness, failure, etc.  NOTHING even comes close in scope or potency to the devastation I feel when, fantasizing about my wife I have to either imagine her with someone else or myself with someone else's penis.

Many, many times I have sat with the barrel pressed firmly against my flesh, but have lacked the courage to provide the coup de gras.  Is there anything as defining, as vital to my identity as a man than the ability to satisfy a woman.  I can't think of anything that even comes close.

My life is one of pointless, worthless sub-mediocrity.  Every problem in my life can be traced back to my primary problem.  The fear of discovery, rejection, humiliation, reality itself, has always limited me.

I'm sorry that I don't have some hopeful epiphany to share at the end of all this.  I'm glad to have been able to share here what I have never had the courage to utter except in my own mind.
2452 April 16, 2005

Dick Cockburn:
Here's  a big cock story for you big cock loving folks..I had a EX GF she was sexy as hell but sort of a bitch if you know what I mean..I was nice to her a treated her like a lady..well to make a long story short we broke up..for it was about 2 years..I heard she got pregnant but never thought anything of it..as luck would have it we got back together..
 this one evening we sitting on the couch as I was giving her a back massage and she says to me out of the blue.."dicks sure so come in different sizes" I was somewhat surprised and said "yes they do" kinda wondering were she was going with this..she then went on to say that she dated this guy when were apart that had a huge dick..wondering.I say well "how big was it" she relpies I don't know how big it was in inches" and then proceeds to extend her hand down to just above her knee and said with excitement in her voice " it was down to here" I looked in amazment "wow" I thought..she had my attention..so I asked her "how was it" she said "up can'nt handle the truth" with my heart beating fast I thought ok..more games again and I knew this was the beginning of the end of this realtionship again..
so we did split up in time and this little game she started was the turning point in this another attempt to work this out..
she did get pregnant by the big dicked man..but she had an abortion because he was a loser..and average dicked me got her pregant..and now I pay child support
2453 April 16, 2005

Too much of a good thing:
The old saying about too much of a good thing is very true.  Penis size and sex are no exceptions.  I realized around junior high that I was 'packing' compared to my classmates.  After a few times around showers (and a perverted exhibitionist cousin) you really get the idea pretty quickly.  Throughout school, I was made fun of a great deal by the in-crowd for various reasons.  I used to be one of those people that tends to keep to themselves, and for whatever reason that bothered a lot of people.

To make a long story short, after the swimming semester of my gym class in high school, I started getting a lot more respect from people, male and female alike.  I started getting invited to the parties, getting asked out by girls' friends and all of that cutesy high school stuff. In other words, I started getting invited around a lot.  The way people treated me different went to my head, and it really made me something of a cocky asshole for awhile.

To make another long story (actually the first time was a pretty short story, but hey) short, I lost it to a pretty big slut at prom.  I call her a slut because of what she did after that, by the way.  First off, she told her friends about our encounter and they wanted to "see it".  One of them (a fat slutty girl) offered to give me a blowjob.  Thanks, but no thanks.  This became typical of the kind of attention I'd get from the opposite gender.  I mean a scrawny nerd screwing one of the hottest upperclassmen cheerleader  s isn't supposed to happen.

As the years went by, I became more of a manwhore.  To date, I have been with probably around 30 to 35 women ranging from ages 17 (I was 17 at the time as well) to 41.  It's taught me a lot about sex and probably even more about humanity in general. 

From my personal experience, I have gathered the following:

-You can't stereotype anything when it comes to sex, especially preferences (just as some women have really weird fetishes, some have really weird preferences in size)

-One can never take anything for granted, especially reactions.  Some women I was with (or in some cases almost with) were too afraid to do anything once they saw my penis.  Others were kind of shocked, some were mildly intrigued.  Some women go insane and just want to jump your bones and others throw you out of bed.  Some get really horny and want you days or weeks later, some never call you again.  Not all women want larger penises when it comes to sex, but I'd say most probably do.  Or at least most women I've been with or around.

-Racial stereotypes (at least of females) are largely baseless myths.  Asian women are not timid in bed, and not all of them are tight.  Not all black women are larger, nor are they kinkier by nature.  Not all white women go insane for huge cock.

My advice to men with smaller members:

When everything is said and done, it doesn't matter.  You can't change it and it isn't worth fretting over.  You probably care at least 3x more than your woman does, and if not ditch the bitch because she isn't worth your time.  The kind of women that use men only for sex are good for only two things: fucking and fucking over.

A second note, the guy that wrote this site has an agenda.  He is not an objective source of information.    

Advice to others:

Sex isn't life, and if you screw around too much some slutty whore will give you herpes.  STDs suck and no matter how big you are, nobody wants to get anywhere near you.

Go find someone that will accept you for who you are, or they aren't worth the time of day. 

A final point, this site is filled with some valid information but some of it seems like retarded baseless propaganda.
2454 April 16, 2005

This site seems to have lots of people talking about how all the nerves in the vagina are in the first few inches. Most of them but not all. My boyfriend is about 7.5 inches. When we're having sex he does this thing where he makes lots of short quick strokes and then one really long, slow one where he pushes all the way in. I love it. There is NOTHING like the feeling of his full length inside me. If he were smaller I'd love him anyway, but I love his big cock!
2455 April 16, 2005

It's nice to see that the posts here are so vary.  I agree that a woman's tightness or grip, should I say, varies all the time. Wetness definitely contributes.
2456 April 16, 2005

Most people who has a small penis truly knows it at heart. Ask yourself these simple questions;

Did you feel inferior in the showerroom in highschool?
-First warning sign.

Do you avoid urinals?
-Most small men cant pee next to larger guys.

Has a partner ever praised your penis size without you asking her first?
-Most women dont mind telling their lover how much they appreciate their size, IF he is hung. IF she hasnt told you on her own, then you are prolly small.

Has your partner ever measured your penis?
-Obviously she would never do this to you, if she knew it was so small that you would become embarrased.

Does your partner love to suck you off often and look you into your eyes while she does it?
-If you have to ask her for a blowjob or she seems all shy about it, then its probably too small.

Do you have alot of lovers?
-Most well hung guys have more sex-only partners. Small guys will mostly have girlfriends and pretend not to like one-night-stands.

Has a one-night-stand faked illness or backed out after you took off your pants?
-A dead certain sign that you are too small.

Have you ever gotten head while out in town?
-If you are hung most girls will be content with paying their respect with a quick blowjob in the restroom.

Have you ever surfed websites about penis size?
2457 April 16, 2005

 It is nice to see that the posts here are so varied. 
However, I find it sad that men on the defensive tend to fling insults at women for honestly stating their preferences (if they are for larger men). 'You must be...'insert fat/ugly/loose, etc. Everybody has their own aesthetic and sensual ideal, and obviously there is going to be some discrepancy between them. I am 5'11" and am not loose at all - which I flippantly account at times to being a nervous individual! - but in terms of intimacy I prefer men on the more endowed side of things. Why?
It feels like I'm closer to the person I love, that he's deep inside me and we are more connected. It's feeling him in my body and so close to me that is the most satisfying thing. It is true that men with larger penises do have a different kind of physical impact on women; any woman that has experienced it and claims not to have felt any difference in sensation is lying, but that's not really my point.  My boyfriend is the biggest I've had and we can never rush into penetration, which is something I've previously asked guys not to do anyhow.  Breathing and trying to relax around him gives me time to think about how much I want him inside me and how overwhelming he FEELS on top of my overwhelming FEELINGS for him. The act sort of emobodies that intensity.  More romantic.  Just food for thought.

Another note from my own limited experience (at 21) is that the guys I've had with smaller penises  aren't as sexually confident. And the smallest penis I had was probably average, in the 6" range. He had no reason to fret.  I know that whether height is a factor in size is obviously contested, but just for the record I've only slept with guys who are over 6' tall.
2458 April 16, 2005

I'm a 31 year old white girl, in a steady relationship.

One thing I have noticed with myself is that I become alot more submissive in bed when I am with a larger than average guy. I tend to have sex more frequently and also tend to enjoy giving oralsex more! Once I had this really big guy as a lover and it was like I almost worshipped just his penis, but at the same time it made me feel really great. (I dont know if it satified my inner slut or something ;) ). The guy was an real asshole though and looking back I have no idea why I kept coming back for more. Anyways, he is in the past, and I hope his dick fell off or something!

The truth is though, that my 'penis worship' has only really broken through with hung guys. My current boyfriend is an average size (but he is handsome as hell!) but I noticed a difference in my sexuality with him. Whenever he has orgasmed, sex is like 'over' instantly, and we both roll over for a breather, each to his own. Where as with bigger lovers I tended to always go down on them after sex and 'clean the pipe'. ;) I could go on for up to an hour just playing with their dick and balls, caressing and licking them even though they were limp! I guess I used to be somewhat of a crazy cockwhore in those days... Its just different with my average sized boyfriend now, I just dont have the urge to go down and 'pay my respects' after a good fuck.
Perhaps its just because I dont want to act too slutty with my new boyfriend, because i'd really like to keep him!

Just my penis size comments and I guess penis size does matter somewhat to me, somewhere, somehow!
XXX Janet
2459 April 16, 2005

I once had a really well hung boyfriend but he treated me like shit and we broke up. Although its years ago, I still mastrubate to the fantasy of him knocking me up with that big dick of his... Dont tell my husband.
2460 April 17, 2005

Halfway through our honeymoon my wife told me what she'd got up to at her hen party.Apparently some male strippers got her up on the stage and she described in detail all the things they'd got up to,which included simulating sex.She kept going on about this one guy in particular who was well-hung.She claims she got really turned on by the size of there cocks.She says  size matters to all women,but  sometimes they lie  because some men can't take the truth.I'm just glad I  know the truth, I'm just 5ins when erect by the way.My wife says she loves me and thats all that matters.
2461 April 17, 2005

black + white = grey:
In my opinion making generalizations about people and jumping to conclusions in this way is idiotic. The topic at hand to too vast to simplify and summarize. I will comment on just one subtopic of this so called debate.
I believe that if you look at all the "black men" in the world and compare them to all the whites, you will not see a difference in penis size averages.

There are so many more varieties of "blacks" in our world (than whites), that blacks actually differ from themselves more than they differ from whites. This is even true on a chromosome level.
Some blacks races have bigger penises and some have smaller penises. Blacks are the fastest and slowest runners(sprinters). They have the highest vertical leap, and the worst. Yet we constantly hear ignorant generalizations like "once you go black, ...." and "white men can't jump". For example, Kenyans have a very poor vertical leap(and are terrible sprinters) but they are the best distance runners on the planet. Some black "tribes" may indeed have evolved with larger than average penises, while others are smaller than average. Same is true among Whites, Hispanics and Asians.
Ok so lets consider just the USA for a moment...
"American" blacks are somewhat unique because of their unfortunate heritage. They were hand picked based on their physical body size and musculature. The largest, strongest, and healthiest slaves yeilded higher profits when sold. Even that population was "weeded out" on the long voyage to America. So that is why and "average" African-American (in particular) may still possess a slightly larger penis size average, than an "average" white. In other words among the whites, there are more smaller and average body sizes to average in, thus the mean penis size is lowered. Or, if you only compared blacks to whites with same body sizes, you would see no difference in average penis size.
Just the same, our great melting pot continuously melts away these differences and causes a more diluted gene pool with each successive generation. These same forces have been at work on many races, and in many places, for ages and ages. The unique human traits that characterize the races are slowly fading out as we continue to intermingle and produce mixed offspring on a mass level. Generalizations about race are increasingly false since the emergence of mass transportation and world economy. Remember too, African Americans were not the only example of this "unnatural selection" and "survival of the fittest" phenomenon to influence bigger, stronger bodies (and penis size), within a specific sub-population.
Ultimatey, there is no difference between "blacks" and "whites" (even genetically) especially if you remove the geographical boundries and consider the bigger picture. To make generalizations about "blacks and whites" is foolhearty and ignorant and becomes more so, with each passing decade.
2462 April 17, 2005

Until reading this website, I had the upmost respect for women, believing them to be somewhat superior to men, in that they generally lacked many base human qualities. However, the author shows that women are shallow, users, boasters, indiscrete, and misguided, particlularly in their interpretation of what constitutes are real man-an interpretation which is so stupid, it beggars belief and which could be shown to be such by a person with an I.Q. of zero.Moreover, their comments, which are often written in an unimaginative and vulgar style of English often confirm their stupidity, ignorance and arrogance. Despite these faults the author insists we respect women and their preference. I ask: if women are like this, how can anyone do so? These people are no better than animals and, in my opinion, should be treated as such, save for the likes of JaneUK, whose comments paint a more pleasant picture of women  and with whom I'd rather agree than with the Ed.
2463 April 17, 2005

on page 5 you didn't mention one reason men like big breasts -- they provide another place for sex (ie, between the breasts). Of course, they have to have a big enough penis for that to work. ;)
2464 April 17, 2005

Western and Curious:
Do all Asian women have tighter vaginas and of
these Asian women which country in Asia such as Thailand,Vietnam,Japan,
and all others of Asia have the best and also do these women seek out and find
western men for the size of the penis and of which size is the optimal size for
the majority and even minority of Asian women.
Do Asian women find size a reason for sex with westerners.
I know love is the reason for relationships which it should be but what about just the
physical sexual part that may attract attention in a women's mind.
Do guys known for the bigger size have more of a chance with asian women just looking for
sex than the guys of average or smaller sizes.
Really does it feel better to the vagina if the size is bigger to an Asian women if she is tight or loose.
2465 April 18, 2005

Jig is up:
I once got a handjob from a girl who made fun of me afterwards behind the door. I heard it, but a few days later we had sex. Women are strange like that.

I still do have a fantasy though of being with a girl and a man with a real big cock and doubling up inside of the girl, since i am so small. I think that this would make me and her cum real fast, as for the other man, well, he of course would last until she cums three times, leaving me to watch and admire
2466 April 18, 2005

i was jsut reading a few of this comments and thought i'd add a few of mine. Im 19 and had sex with 3 different men, with different penis sizes. I think that it is not the size that matters but how good they are overall. One of my x bf was an average 5.5 and he was terrible in bed! not because of his penis or anything but he never really didn't anything in return for me. I would give him oral, let him fuck my ass and he would cum, but i wouldn't even get there. My other x had a huge penis, maybe 8 or so.. and regardless he was fuckin me with is penis, his mouth, or his fingers i never would fail to cum. it's how he knew the rite spot. My current bf, is the best i had. He is about 6.5 and he knows how to make me scream for morE! It's not about how big your penis is, it's how you present yourself. How you can give her pleasure without letting your penis size get in the way (bcuz it doen't matter) unless maybe ur 2 inchs when u are max :D
2467 April 18, 2005

i used to have a almost 6in. penis, i have had surgerys, and used weights to gain length, i am now over 9 in. soft. my wife said that i was ok before, what she really likes is riding my thumb. i am the one that had the problem with the small penis. we have been married over 30 years, i injoy having a penis that hangs like a horse, this pleases me, she injoys riding my thumb this pleases her.
2468 April 18, 2005

my penis was always small and i knew it. it kept me from having sex.onenight i was with this girl who wanted to measure it.i was 18 years old and was 3.75 fully erect.she told all her friends how tiny i was.she told them i was hung like a ten year old.iwill never get over being so tiny.i am married but my wive gets very angry during sex with my lack of manhood.she wants me to get a penis extender so i will try that. if your big be happy.
2469 April 19, 2005

Advantages comes with all penis sizes except huge. If you have a fat giant dick... no girl will take you all the way in bed. Of course they would be amazed and intrigued by its look and will have quite a fun touching it and will be horny like a 14 year old girl that come across her first dick. But other then that first big impression, you are left with not much but masturbation and mabe a 300 pounds old whore to put it in.

If you have a big cock (7-10 inch, tick), you got good advantages. You still get the girls to be impress and intrigued by your big cock when they see it for the first time. You have the satisfaction to get an astonished looked from girls when you take your pants off and make them horny just by the sight of it since all girls have devience over big cock. A deviance that we have probably created ourselves, men, with our big talk on our manhood. But, and i am sure of that, in a relationship, after a while of seing your fat cock, she get used to it and her astonishment over it size fades away. Now for the sex, you are definitly the best to please a girl who got a large vagina, either naturaly large vagina or a vagina that became large because of the kids or giant cock that passed trow it. Its in therms of the variety of positions that i envy you guys the most. You can do doggie style as an exemple with full blow wihout having it coming out once in a while of the hole! In terms of regular size pussy, i think you are still able to please girls since a vagina is flexible. For the points you looses since they might fell a bit uncomfortable with your big fat Willy in them, you gain somme other points by extentding their vagina more then smaller dudes witch allow you to frictionate on more nerves inside them. (I dont mean more tight frictions here since a vagina gets larger during intercoarses to adapt with the man size or so i think...) For the smaller vagina, wich are usualy owned by the smaller girls (chicks) who have not been fucked to often by giants, you cant compete with average and bellow average guys, at least during the first month of intercourses (until you slack them). Also, forget the anal sex with your dick and to receive any Blow Jobs of quality. Theses, sadly for you, dont come with the big cock!

Average size now (5.5 -7, average tick)... that is me... so i wont talk to long about it since people will say that its biaised by the fact that it is my range. We have great difficulties to please a fat vagina. Also, for what points we loose to big dick to fill a regular vagina completly and touch all the possible nerves, we win point in the sense that our penises fells more comfable, more to its place. We are perfect for small pussy, we can have anal sex even if it might hurt a little, plus we receive great blow job, and all average guys and below average guys knows how GREAT a good blow job feels!!! 

And now los pekinos (under 5.5 inch) Please, stop crying!! You get the best BLOW JOB EVER!!! No man on earth will ever have as much as a good orgasm as you guys do! They can suck your balls wile sucking it!Also, the less a girls got in her mouth, the more hard she can suck hard!!! If I could choose between having a huge cock and a small one i would probably choose a small one.. ok i really like blow jobs. Also you do better with small vagina then an 9 inch tonka. And what do you have agains dildo? Women love dildo and they come in every size if you cant fid her enough with your dick (same goes to the average joe or the big guy going on a fat 300 pound whore!) And dont tell me all girls laugh at you when you undress, lots of girls are nice and 1/2 the girls take more pleasure in giving then in receving (same for boys, some likes to make a girl crazy when eating her pussy more then receiving the blow job) So once she see your small dick, dont be sure that she is laughing inside, she might say to herself that she is the luckiest girl in the world since she will be able to please you more then any men have ever been. So you see, there is some advantage for everysize except huge =)
One more thing,
I will tell you what is important in dating or making girls like you. CHARM!!!  Have you ever seen a charming guy having problemes with getting and keeping girls?  Do you seriously believe that none of them have small dick?

PS: I am not american so sorry for my difficulties in your language. I hope ED will put my long text in the forum even if i dont have the same opinion.
2470 April 19, 2005

Why dont you use a dildo!!!!  It can do the job like any cock!!  Be happy, in the past centuries they were no dildo!
2471 April 19, 2005

My lover recently confessed that she has only been pretending to enjoy sex with me.Everything was going great until we had an honest chat and she confessed that she can't feel anything when we have sex and has been faking her pleasure.She says I have the smallest willy she has ever seen (I measure at 5.5in).her last boyfriend was at least 8 inches and fat.She says she enjoys penetration better than oral sex and has now brought a 8inch dildo for me to use on her.So women out there who enjoy big dicks don't be afraid to be honest with your partner there are ways around it.
2472 April 19, 2005

"Penis size matters to women even more than breast size matters to men" may be true, but you are not comparing like for like. It is only fair when vagina and penis size are compared. If one were to do so, one may realise that vagina size matters as much to men as penis size does to women, if not more so, and this is also pleasure related, smaller tighter vaginas causing more pleasure.
I asked quite a few my male friends if they would leave a woman if her vagina was too slack and most of them said "yes". People may say that a vagina shrinks to accommodate a penis, but most men who have conquered a virgin and then date her again after she has had a few partners can tell the difference.
   The mad thing is a lot of men think a "real women" should have small, tight vaginas (something many can not have if they have been penetrated too many times by large penises) but women think "real men" should have large penises and as a result, "real men" end up with substandard women.
2473 April 19, 2005

"Sure, women prefer men with big genitals, but guess what, men seem to have a similar preference when it comes to women. Recent studies show that most men get more excited at the view of a big vulva than a small one."
Oh yes the last part of above statement is not that true,either.I don't like big lips,nor do many of my friends .In fact you may find that quite a few men would dump women for having big piss flaps,which are ugly.
2474 April 20, 2005

Ok--I would like to obliterate the argument that women inherently desire large penis's.  I think I can do so with this experience of mine which I will share now and then talk about.

About 5 months ago, I had sex with an 18 year old--pretty good looking too.  I am in my early twenties.  Anyway, she had only had sex with one other person-- her ex boyfriend.  Now--her and her friend would come over to my friends house and we would drink and goof around and eventually do freaky stuff like get naked and the girls would jerk us off in the bathroom, etc.  Now-- I eventually had sex with this girl and let me tell you---she was scared shitless because she said I was "huge" and that her ex was much smaller.  When I put in in she could barely take it and it hurt her. Afterwords, and im not lying she said, "Im sticking to small dicks from now on."  FYI my penis is "only" 6.25 X 5

Ok so whats my point?  It may be true that women desire bigger penis's but it is due to cultural influences and not innate biological hardwiring in the brain.  That girl had no college friends to joke about big dicks with, she didn't watch porn.  Women get turned on by bigger phalluses because our culture---dominated by men, place such a big emphasis on their dongs. I GUARANTEE if the movies and the rest of pop culture didn't talk about "bigger being better" so much--women would not give a shit.  Penis size is mostly and aesthetic pleasure--meaning women who care about it do so because they like the idea of screwing a big penis because guys always talk about it---they talk about it with each other and they talk about it to their girlfriends who in turn talk about it with there friends.  Think about it--how come it is not attractive for every other physical trait a man has to be excessively large?  Height is important but most women prefer just a little above average...muscles are important but most women prefer just a little above avg., etc. I think guys with huge dicks are mutants---just like a guy with huge ears or a guy 7'0 tall is a freak. 

And that argument about Chimpanzees having larger dicks then gorillas because they use them to attract females is nonsense. If that was the case--Chimps would have humongous dongs, but they are only 3 inches.  The ONLY way penis size is evolutionarily determined is that longer ones can deposit sperm easier than shorter ones.

So to advise all on how to make the penis size issue... NOT an issue...STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!---especially to your girlfriends and wives--it makes them think its important and makes u look like ur not confident.
2475 April 20, 2005

I'm 8x6 (a fat, hard dick) and have had about a dozen partners. Here are one man's observations:

1. About half the women I've been with have been size queens -- really obsessed with my member. This was always a huge turn-on.

2. If your cock is big & your girl is into big dicks, you are more likely to get your dick sucked than if you are small.

3. If your cock is big & your girl is into big dicks, she's more likely to come back after the relationship has ended for a "bit more". This has happened to me several times.

4. Big doesn't do it for all women, just like big tits don't do it for all men. But, men or women, if you find your ideal, it presses lots of buttons & the results can be explosive. One size queen I was with had the kind of body I drool over (thin with huge natural tits) and we couldn't get enough of each other -- we fucked 3-4 times a day for over four months. She & me couldn't get enough of each other.

5. I've only slept with one Asian girl. She was small so it hurt her a bit (though it was some nice wet pussy for me). She was into my size tho -- would pull my dick out of her & suck on it while we were fucking!
2476 April 20, 2005

penis size does matter....but if a girl really wants a big thing up there ask em, "why dont i just stick my arm up there while u give me a blowjob?"
2477 April 20, 2005

I think this site is very informative but IMO, it was way too long just to prove something that is obvious.  Bigger is better, to an extent.  I am about 7.5 x 6.5 and I've been able to completely satisfy all the women that I've been with.  I don't think it had to do with the fact that I have a decent sized penis but rather that I was confident and attentive.  I don't have any insecurities because I feel that my size is good so I am never aiming to beat out other men or to be the best she's ever had.  Instead, I just have fun and enjoy the experience.  I think if people started to look at sex the way it way it was meant to be, they will realize that even if size matters, it's not that big of a deal.  Besides, what are you gonna do about it anyway. Just have fun.
2478 April 20, 2005

I fit into the 'average' penis length bracket (5.5-6.5 length), and i have to say that not many women could handle a cock over 7.5 in length... i cause enough discomfort from time to time with my average sized tool.
So the fact that women LUST after huge cocks maybe true, but the reality is, when they get one inside them, they will run screaming.
From my experience, the average cock will suit the average vagina.
Nothing to worry about, here.
2479 April 21, 2005

Im a 25 year old woman. Being a career woman I have decided against settling down with one guy just yet and as a result I have a few different sex partners and have had sex with a wide variety of men (ie both white and black). Many of the comments on this site have amused me. Is there any question that women prefer bigger dicks?  The psycological aspect of knowing that I am totally at the mercy of my lover is what I need in order to get off. A little 5 incher will never give me that feeling.
As for the race question...someone made a good comment earlier that I can back up with experience. Black men do tend to be taller, taller men generally have bigger dicks. But if there is a tall black man and a tall white man standing side by side, neither one necessarily has a bigger dick. The whole racial myth is perpetuated by a number of people. The first is obviously black men. The second is wimpy perverted white men that for some reason get off on such things. And the last is unknowingly white women who just eventually believe everything that is repeated to them over and over again. I know from experience, one of my Girlfriends said she had sex with her first blakc man and he was very very hung and it was great. I asked her to set me up on a date with him and we eventually ended up having sex. I was very disappointed. I measured him just to be sure and he was about 6 and a half inches and not fabulously thick. My girl friend just assumed that was hung because she had he!
 ard the myth so much. I know for a fact that her long term boyfriend, who is white, has about a 6 inch cock that is probably just as thick and she never said anything to me about his dick. The myth is 100% false but because it is so widely perpetuated I believe it will cause several white women to experiment with black lovers (my self being formerly included in that category).
The biggest dick I have ever had (when I saw it I thought it was 10 inches but I wanted to measure it and to my surprise it was 8) was my college philosophy professor. He was white, some southern european nationality. I get wet every time I even think about the sex that we had.
What is undeniably true is that black men prefer white women. They need this myth to continue because its the only way they will bag us. Because this is an anonymous site I can say that in general they usually have very little else to offer. Perhaps its the fault of society at large, but black men do tend to be more controlling, less financially secure, and less intelligent. They need us white women to believe that they have larger cocks so that they can get us into bed. Again, due to societal "norms", white women (especially blonde white women)tend to be the most desired by men of all races. Again since this is anonymous I can sound a little arrogant. I am 5 foot 8, I work very hard on my body (flat stomach, very long and tone legs, tight ass) and D cup breasts. I can have any man I want. If black men (and others) didnt lie to me and tell me that they have big cocks, why would I want one of them?
2480 April 21, 2005

Evidence everywhere you turn:
Many examples of size mattering have been provided at penissizedebate and in the years of posts. I want to highlight something that hasn't gotten hit upon to much of a degree so far.

That is, have you noticed that you never see black women with Asian men. You see a few black women with white men, and you see many white women with black men. That speaks volumes.

While it's true that black women and Asian men aren't around each other in tons of numbers, and therefore it can be said the opportunity hasn't arrived, it's still obvious the hookups aren't happening at all.

This not only highlights that size matters, but also that size does vary occording to race. Black women tend to be much much bigger in physical size than Asian men, and even bigger than some white men. Just how good can it be to her for a men to bring a hot dog weiners to bed when she has a body size that is made for the biggest cucumbers.
2481 April 21, 2005

The fact is, about 1 in 500 men are bigger than 7.5 and even less bigger than 8.  Most are between just under 6 to about 6 and a half.  I'm sure there are many women here whose guys tell them they are 7, but have rounded up a half or quarter inch :-)  Similary, some of the 8.5 experiences might have been slightly exagerrated, though not all.  Guys are partly to blame for this of course.  The pointless boasts encourage other guys to do the same and before you know it, anything less than 7.5 is small.  That's not to say the endless quips about whether size matters in the media and on shows such as Sex and the City don't promote this behaviour in guys in the first place.   Myself, I'm 7 on a good day and happy to be just a little over average.  And no, I'm not rounding up ;-)
2482 April 21, 2005

I am a freshmen in college on the east coast. If I could attach a bigger penis to my boy friend I would. Thats the end of the debate. Big is better. Very Very few women would say "I want it smaller" its just not the case. There is nothing that feels more feminine than being filled to the brim with a big cock. Period.
2483 April 22, 2005

I can't talk for all the women, so I'll only say this for me. When I came to this country, I'm peruvian, I was about 20 years old.
I lost my virginity with a black guy with, I think is, a very big size, about 9.5"; What is painfull? yes. I though at first it hurted so much because it was my first time plus he had a big dick, I was with him for about 3 years, I'm not saying he was a bad person, but he was definitely not a good lover, I guess for some woman (not everybody!!) that's a very good size penis, I will definitely not repeated it again (not with him anyways).
After We broke I though I only will be able to be with a black guy, because I though that maybe I was TOO BIG down there, I mean after 3 years of getting 'fuck' at least once a day (some may think I was Lucky, I didn't think so).
Anyway back to the point about 6 months after I went out with another black guy, at about 2 weeks into our relationship, plus I was horny, I decided well let's go at it; to my surprise he was actually a lot little that my first boyfriend; about 5" inches less, I guess you can call me ignorant I always though black guys had a big dick no matter what, We only lasted a year ( once again I did not think it was the size of his penis, it just didn't work out!! ).
About 3 months later I met a filipino guy on my job (You know what they say, "Asians Guys have it very little".
SO UNTRUE, He has the best DICK I had ever felt about 6.5", the first time that We did it, He told me I fit him like a glove, I don't know what that means.
I was really hoping he won't say I was too big for him, and his lovemaking is excellent, it wasn't until him that I actually found out about multiple orgasms; I guess it helps to that he is 3 years younger ( I'm 27 now by the way).
All I can say is that after almost 4 years, still great, I will not like his dick BIGGER for anything on the whole world, I like it exactly the way is it, the head, the shaft, even the base with the little hairs when I give him a blow job, or even the fact that I can give him hickies right on the top of the head when he is coming.
I don't care if another girls will like it bigger. I LIKE THAT DICK!!!.  PERIOD.
2484 April 23, 2005

PROOF?  Women with well-endowed son's can't stop talking about their son's schlong!  My woman has such a son.  She says size isn't important, but she talks about the "lucky girl" in his future when she references his penis!  The Chinese have a saying: "Never trust what a woman says.  No, not even a dead one!"

I have a seven inch pecker, five and one-half inches around.  I THOUGHT I was "A" material, but I rate a "B".  So what?  This site lays the bullshit out for all to see.  ACCEPT it!  I think that letter that is printed at the end should be read by every man.  Like this site, it is liberating.  You will know the truth, and then you can be free from vacillating uncertainty, and get on with your life!

Would you prefer to poke a girl who rated a "10"?  Wouldn't we all!  Fact is, most of us wouldn't hesitate a second to drain our brainless nuts in a "6". A few drinks and we'd hose a herd of helpless sheep!

Relax!  That pecker wasn't put their for HER pleasure, it was put there for YOURS!  Do you want to be a legend?  Help make a girl feel good about herself, and she'll never forget YOU!
2485 April 23, 2005

the rest of the story:
The comments made in this article seem pretty well thought...but i have one question.  what is the maximum size and length women like before it gets uncomfortable...i mean there are some big penises out there, but 15 inches long cant really fit in all women and being like 3 inches in diameter cant be too comfortable...
2486 April 23, 2005

the rest of the story:
how much do you think a woman haveing had only one sexual partner really know the difference...or what they are missing...if not then wouldnt that be a good argument for monogomy because overall there would be less disatisfaction in sex thereby increasing happiness
2487 April 23, 2005

my penis is 5.8 inches. almost 6. i wish it could grow .2 to make it 6. anyways....i think size does matter....i mean...isnt it common sense? a bigger penis fills a girl up more...and of course technique matters.. they want to be penetrated.
2488 April 23, 2005

I don't know why some men post "lets assume the worst: it matters to women". this can be a good thing! lets face it, alot of smaller endowed guys practice up on their skills alot, so women like them for great oral sex. but some of the larger endowed men like myself, who also practice giving great sex, it's nice to have somewhat of an advantage.
alot of men rationalize and say "men with big dicks, that are attractive, and smart, and have personality are rare" the fact is, these men do exist! i happen to be one of them. however, women that seek out solely these guys, without being very attractive, with large breasts and a great personality are wasting their times. sure, a well endowed man may use them, but they have no chance at a real relationship with them, because what kind of man of that caliber would settle?

oh, and since everyone seems to have to add their own measurements I am: 8 and 3/4 by 6.
2489 April 23, 2005

Well here's what happened to me, i had a 15 inch penis (i'm a nigger), my girlfriend said her last boyfriend had a 16inch one (they measured) so i ended up going to a plastic surgeon for a 20 inch enlargement which he gave me and it took a week to heal up, she then told me one of her other boyfriends had 36inches and mine was only 35 so i had to go for a little more, eventually he gave me 15 inches more and i was quite happy (although i'd have to have quite baggy trousers to keep them in), she told me another one had a 65inch one so i thought this hoe's a prostitute, but i had to please her so i went and got one the size of a truck, she now can't get her mouth around it or have arms long enough for a hand job so i had to have a reduction but i ended up without any feeling in my penis and now i have a blue tube hanging off my waist.



2490 April 24, 2005

My partner unfortunately has a very small erection 5x5 inches, although he tries is very best to keep me satisfied it has  been a long time since i had a really full and deep orgasism. However, I have recently found a solution to this problem!!  I recently and without my partners knowledge purchased three very large and thick realistic porn stars cocks, and I have unashameadly been using them in compensastion to the "shortfall" that my partner  give's. Much to my amazement,and with some effort, I am now able to take all three of them with ease, the John Holmes realistic was difficult at first but with adequate lubrication it slips in with ease and gives me a wonderfull full feeling. I would recommend to any other woman out there who is desparate to find out what a large thick erection feels like,use an alternative, at least with a realistic cock the chat up line is somewhat limited by nature of the demand!! On a personnel note now that i have a full idea of what a large erection feels like is there truely "real men" out there with the same size erections, if so, chat to me on my e-mail address you never know what might happen!!. (pattarjan@hotmail.com)
2491 April 25, 2005

My husband has what I call a tiny cock (5ins)and I don't mind because I feel more dominant over him.He frantically thrusts away but I'm always in control because his tiny penis doesn't reach the spot.He is a house husband while I'm the bread winner.He cleans the house and cooks my dinner and thinks he's great in bed.He doesn't know that while I'm away at the weekends I get fucked by real men with proper cocks  that can give a woman the satisfaction she needs.
2492 April 24, 2005

My Dear Sir,

I am eighteen years old. Your site has changed my life and I am surely speaking for others as well as myself when I say that your site is one that changes lives. I have been an avid poster on your site for many months and have posted under various aliases, some of them male and some of them female, and have voiced through them my angst and suffering in what you refer to as "the grieving process." I have battled with your information for long but now, in my new maturity, I will tell you this: I am resolved. Ignorance is bliss, indeed, but knowledge is power and I would rather enjoy the empowerment of the latter before succumbing to the former. Thank you, sir, for your efforts and your mission and thank you for touching me in this profound way. This will be my last post and to this my real name is signed. I wish that all who visit your site understand its truth and walk away from it with a fresh outlook on the world and on human sexuality. Size matters, yes, but with sensitivity and compassion, fulfillment may be achieved by means of even the smallest device. I know this now: I have no doubt that I will be able to satisfy the woman I choose with what God has granted me. Let us not have sex but let us rather make love. Thank you.

Sincerly, N.

From Ed:
Hi Nicholas. Thanks for your nice and wise words and for letting us know that your battle with the penis size issue is over. Your message will encourage other men who are in a similar situation to hang in there.
Peace to you.

2493 April 25, 2005

Size matters.5ins too small  9ins too big.Ideal size 8ins.Women who say size don't matter probably  have never experienced a big fat cock pounding them.It feels wonderful.
2494 April 26, 2005

I used to think size didn't matter until I started dating a guy who was well endowed. He's almost 8 in. long and thicker than average for sure. At first it hurt just a little but what soon surprised me is he could make me cum just by fucking me - no oral, no rubbing, just sex. The feeling of being that totally filled just blew me away. With a smaller guy penetration still feels good but only a bigger guy can make me cum using just his cock.
2495 April 26, 2005

Although I've never experienced a small penis, I've been with large and average, and I prefer average. Just one woman's opinion.
2496 April 26, 2005

With regard to the black v white issue on dick size, as a sad bastard who has trawled a lot of porn I can say that in porn the 10 biggest dicks are black. Even the late infamous J.Holmes would only scrape in (if he could get a hard on).
That's too much to be coincidental.  So I think we can say - the biggest dicks are black. 

Overall - I'm sure most women find a large dick a turn on.  Sex may or may not be better - up to the user.  But for most women dick size is not top of their wishlist for their menfolk.
2497 April 26, 2005

Hey insider of post # 2438 and Hey Hondo:
Exactly, it's proof. Girlfriends with big bfs do bragg and those with small bfs do keep silient in the showdown.


True. Women with hung sons do brag. I had an ex who bragged about her hung son from her previous marrage. She one day slipped up and said "whoh,just like his dad" while I was in another room. I said "huh" and she wouldn't repeat it . I told her I heard what she said. She said I was taking it to seriously. Well, she was the one constantly bragging about her son, and then that one day slipped up and said that about her ex being like him in size. So how not serious was I suppose to believe it is? I'm some above average erect, but I'm not hung.

I want to add that some of these posts from supposed females that say size doesn't matter and black men aren't bigger, is given away that you are sometimes male by your wording. Also, saying you measured, and  when we know females really use their hands span to gadge length and finger reach around to gadge thickness tells on you also.

To those that give an example of an average size black man, no one is saying all black men are hung, and no one is saying there aren't many average size black men. What is being said is this: overall the average size for black men is higher than average size for white men, and also that there are many more outliner very big ones amonst black me, and even some huge ones, among black men.
2498 April 26, 2005

Motel question replied:
Well, there was the bar nearby, and I would stop in and have a drink now and then. The waitresses did hear gossip (and a few did sleep around themselves), and every now and then I would hear some of the grapevine. Some men were regulars at the bar, and in time I came to know which ones had what reputation. So I came to associate what I had heard about certain men with the different ways women would act when the beds were bumping. These get togethers at the motel were only about sex and size made quite a difference.
2499 April 26, 2005

About the 'Black +White = Grey' post:
We aren't there yet, far from it. The men Dominating all the Physical sports are Black. A few may have some white in them, but we can see with our eyes that we are not in the grey stage (or light black). It may eventually occur, but your wanting it all to be equal, and rushing things along dramatically to make a point, that doesn't apply much yet. You think all women are lying or dumb about size. Women know when someone looks bigger, and most have no reason to be lying.
2500 April 27, 2005

Hi  AA:
I'm don't know why saying black women are going to be bigger, since black men are, is offensive to you. It's no different than saying white men will tend to be sizes between Asian and black, and that Asians will tend to be the smallest. Body and penis. Why is that animalising someone? You want to believe everyone is exactly the same, when we're not, and that's just politically correct thinking on your part.

There's nothing offensive in recognising we're all different---- variety is what makes this planet interesting. Of course people are more than just their size, but this is size website and therefore the size elements are what is being talked about.

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