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2551 May 6, 2005

"Big men can't use it well"---False!:
Politically correct statement:
"Big men don't know how to use it."
There are big men that do, and there are big men that don't. Average and small men are the same way. Besides, as a second woman once said to a first woman in a bar when the first woman pointed to a man and said he is hung, but doesn't know how to use it.---"So what if the stud doesn't know how to use it, I do!" She went to bed with him that night, got on top of him and rode wildly, breathless all night long.

Advantages and disadvantages:
While it's true some small men do try harder, on the other hand it doesn't always work out favorably for the small or average size male. What sometimes happens is they feel like they need to ram her just as hard and as fast as they can to make up for their size. Instead, the effect is the small and average men don't get a "wow" reaction from her, as she just lays there thinking "WTF". The error made here by the small/average men is trying to compete with hung men on their grounds. She has likely been big meated and she knows what a really big meat hard pounding feels like. The average/small men really need to pave their on paths, and not try to out ram the big guys. It's ok to ram her with less than a hung dick, and is called for at times, but it needs to be remembered that that is not where your advantage is. Instead, small and average size men should use the entire intercourse session to get her off with their gentleness and whisper sweet nothings in her ear as you fuck her with a sweet dick, leaving the raw dirty talk and the ramming her brains out to the hung men.

In other words, hung men can fuck gentally also, but cannot fuck her as gentally as small/average men. Average/ small men can ram her, but can't ram as well as hung men. See, each size has it's own advantage. Overall, the hung male has the most advantages, but by knowing how to play to your strengths and weaknesses, you can level the playing field somewhat so that the hung guy isn't the only one that gets special mention to her girlfriends.
2552 May 6, 2005

Heres the deal...it has been stated on this site that 90% of mens penis's are not satisfying to their partner!  Well guess what? 90% of womens tits and asses arent "satisfying" to us men.  So all you bitches quit whining about your bf's or husbands cocks---most of you are overweight and ugly.  I would say that a big cock is about as common as a nice firm set of tits and a tight round ass
2553 May 6, 2005

One more thing.  I keep seeing guys jealous of African Americans men for having big dicks.  Well, lets face it.  Blacks can only make money dribbling a basketball or throwing a football, they generally are unattractive, they smell bad, they make up the biggest %of the prison population, So i say let them have their big cocks! At least they got something.
2554 May 7, 2005

fUNNY IN NORTH AMERCICA people thing if you have small feet you have a small dick.Well i have size 8in feet 8in hands and a 8.5 dick.So i know a man who takes size 13 shoes but he has average size dick.Where did this stupid idea come from.When my wife first saw me she noticed i had small feet so she was expecting me to have a small dick she got the shock of her life when she saw my 8.5inx6in dick
2555 May 7, 2005

The Man:
 I think it's a collection of STUPIDIES here. I was born to fuck girls. I have nothing else to do with women. So its my life and i guest i have fucked more girls than most the 10inches guys in the world.
And, if you are famous and rich- girls will crazily come to you and kiss your petit cock 24h/24h, 7days/week, you know?
2556 May 7, 2005

big hairy harry:
all you little pencil-dicks out there, just give up, already! go jump the bridge! there IS no debate, with a little dick, you are less of a man.
2557 May 7, 2005

Ladies, would you change up his size at times?:
Even though I know for sure bigger is better, I do think perhaps ladies would like an option on some nights. To the ladies-----if your man has a big one, would you like the option to change his penis to average on some nights? If your man has an average one, would you like the option to change it to big on some nights? Then on nights you're in the mood to have the hell fucked out of you, you can have big. On nights you feel like extra gentle (perhaps still needing some rest from the big brains out fucking he put on you), you can choose average. Make sense? (if it were possible).
2558 May 8, 2005

Humans are supposedly the most intelligent form of life on Earth.  After reading the content and comments on this site and being bombarded with useless information through all forms of media, I have come to the conclusion that there is no intelligent life on Earth.  Has the whole fucking world gone mad?  We're supposed to be smarter than animals, but I don't see them obsessing over the size of their dicks.  I don't hear about animals suffering from erectile dysfunction because their dick is too small.  They don't kill themselves or wind up in mental hospitals because of what other animals think about their genitals. I think it's laughable reading your posts.  You know, one day you're going to wake up and realize you spent your entire fucking life obsessing over the size of your dick, your tits, your lips, your height, your weight, your finances, or whatever the hell it is you cringe about at night.  Your life will be over and you haven't really lived.  Since you all like measuring body parts so much, I got something for you to measure.  My middle finger-it's 4 inches long and it's pointed at all of you!
2559 May 8, 2005

I'm 23 and I have a big dick(8"x6.25").  It's longer than average, and thicker then average.  The only luck I have had with it is my right hand.  Ladies if you want a pic, just email me at JONRICHARDS23@HOTMAIL.COM
2560 May 8, 2005

LOL@this site:
good info, i've been here before just want to add some new comments. here 10 points:

1) i think the point that size DOES matter more or less is moot.
2) women, however do not "think" with their pussies the way a guy thinks with his dick, so its not like size of a dick is on the back of her mind 24/7
3) this site would have a bit more integrity if the owner just fessed up that he is involved one way or another in the sex industry (lol this is so obvious)
4) I'm 7" long by 5" around...that makes me within average but on the good side of average. If I fuck a virgin 16 yr old Asian girl I'd tear her shit up...but a huge black woman would probably find me inadequate. So the fuck what, i still get to come
5) lol i never heard a woman leaving a man because his dick is too small or too big
6) that doesnt mean it doesnt happen (humans can all be selfish)
7) i dont have a point 7
8) truth of the matter is, this author is doing more harm than good and is preying on the insecurities of men and their penises...he must be profiting from this somehow. Are you saying that women have never orgasmed with average penises?
9)I used to think my penis is miniscule/inadequate. why? because instead of going out and getting me some, i'd watch porn or surf the net (which led me here in the first place)where I'd consistently see huge dongs looking damn near twice as long as mine. Keep in mind I was a impressionable teenage virgin.
10) in summation, fellas if you want to commit suicide after reading through the material here, then the author's mission was successful. This man wants miserable vulnerable men to link up to his seduction sites or buy those penis pills/pumps. remember fellas, poontang is poontang and just because size does matter to an extent...doesnt mean theres a cut off, or a point of no return. LOTS of women still wanna fuck you, its just upto you guys to take the initiaitve
2561 May 8, 2005

when i was 14, i had not yet had sex but i had seen a few cocks. All of them would have fallen into the 5-6.5 inch range. i have blonde hair and blue eyes and like my freinds i am very attractive i could really get my hands on any cock i want. I would give guys handjobs at parties often but i would never give a guy head. My group of girls all had a rule that if your middle finger and your thumb couldnt touch while your hand is around a guys cock then he is big so you have to give him head because he is a true man. If your thumb and your index finger could touch then you had to tell the guy straight that he has a small penis so you dont want to suck it. Often i would pretend as if i was going to give the guy head, like get my mouth just an inch away and then tell him it is too small. This was untill my brother had his freind come round to the house. His friend was a black guy and i had heard that black guys had big cocks. He was having a shower so i accidently walked in on him to see if it was true and it was , his flaccid cock was bigger than any erect cock i had ever seen it was such a turn on to see a guy just standing there with such a package, such a big cock , nothing to hide, proud of his big size. i simply walk into the shower with him,turned off the water and got down on my knees and wrapped my hand around it and began to take it into my mouth. It was such a wonderful feeling knowing that your a little slutty girl pleasuring a guy with a big cock. It was such a turn on for me, just being totally treated like a big cock slut
2562 May 8, 2005

Reply  to Post 2508 'Oh Well':
What you said backs up what I believe------that how big a woman thinks a size is can sometimes depend on her experience. Even an average 6" long x 1 1/2" across can seem sort of big to some women if they've only had small or haven't seen any others. Once she's been with an 8" long x 2" across, she'll then see the 6 x 1 1/2 in a smallish way.
2563 May 9, 2005

Hi Janet, to your post # 2519:
You said the moans and groans women make when  fucking a big one are just about all pain and not pleasure. Yeahhhh, rightttttt. So, when she lays there quiet when a small one is in her, then she's really enjoying it huh?
2564 May 9, 2005

my penis is small about 4 inches erect and  my wife has a girlfriend her husband who is about 10'inches  is gigantic comparied to me  they have sex with my wife daily.my wife told me that she orgasms about three times when having sex. my wifes sister is also having sex with him and they all claim multipule orgasms.
2565 May 9, 2005

  To Kelly 2479 and cock worshippers:
Can a large penis turn back the clock? Can a large penis stop you aging? Can a large penis raise the dead? Can a large penis usually provide for you? Can a large penis out think you? Can a large penis prophesise? Can a large penis even protect you? If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then you are dominated by something that has neither real power nor intelligence, and to be dominated by such an insignificant thing, makes you sound a little pathetic, does it not? If you need something to worship, perhaps you should abandon phallicism in favour of heliolatry; for the sun is the life giver to, and shall be the destroyer, of worlds, and that is a  real power worthy of respect, unlike a powerless  piece of flesh hanging between the legs of a mere mortal.

Another reason to abandon phallicism for it was a mainly practiced by men, who in ancient Greece believed that women envied their penises(sounds a little like the Electra Complex).Owing to your interest in philosophy perhaps you admire the Ancient Greeks and agree with some of their ideas. If so would you answer this? Are I you interested in penes because you are envious or because you're a man? By the by, men liked to depict their own penises as dainty little penises in later Greek art but in more primitive times they  gave themselves oversized phalluses. Sometimes they had double penises. The Dionysus cult had a public parade every year in which the men carried the largest penis possible by a team of men in a parade through the cities.

One more thing: you describe yourself as woman who fits the  notion of female bodily beauty, a modern notion and culturally conditioned. Compare the 17th century notion as exhibited, for example, in Rubens' The Three Graces, who are depicted as busty women with broad hips, rounded bottoms, hanging roles of flesh and are generally pudgy, the ultimate symbols of wealth and fertility, but which are now rejected. In view of your willingness to conform to the culturally conditioned"ideal"body, perhaps, in the Big Country, where the phallic shaped skyscrapers have to be the biggest, where food portions are the biggest, where motor cars are or used to be the biggest, where there are big rivers, big expanses of land, big hale stones, big lakes, you have been conditioned to believe bigger is better, although I don't doubt but you find larger penes more vaginally pleasurable.
2566 May 9, 2005

If the shoe fits..:
This topic is rediculous to start with. Any idiot understands the "relationship" between penis and vagina. The author makes reference to the "penis size issue" as if the vagina plays no role, or as if all vaginas are the same size.

Perhaps "Size Queens" are mostly women with big vaginas and they'd like nothing better than to shed the blame. It seems "Ed" may actually be a Size Queen??

In my opinion, men and women share equal responsibility in sexual gratification. If a woman wants to fuck 50 guys as a young adult and then expects to meet a nice guy and settle down, she can't blame the "guy" for being average. Better do some kegels slut! You too "ED". LOL

This author is mostly pointing out the obvious and trying to take ownership for something all of us already know. The problem here is that "he" is over simplifiying and generalizing far to much. A simple solution is for simple minds! He jumps to conclusions and makes too many assumptions. Therefore...
Option 1 It seems our author is not very educated and not very intelligent. Lacks wisdom.
Option 2 He is deliberately misleading and has a hidden agenda. Lacks integrity.

If you haven't noticed, just look at the comments he responds to. He never responds to ones that disagree with him, regardless of how respectful and rational they are. Check for yourself. Perhaps he is intimidated by the educated and intellectual responses.

Maybe he'd respond if I write...
"Hey dude, you are sooooooo right! I used to think my girl enjoyed my 5 in dick but I suspected she was lying and wished it was bigger. That made me sad and depressed! But now, thanks to you, I realize that I have a little dick, and I know my place in society. Thanks ED for helping me"!

Its shameful that any faceless fraud can now reach so many people via the www. The web has indeed evolved into a plethora of misinformation. We all have a responsibility to validate our sources. In this case, some guy named ed. In other words, ED, how do we know you aren't some "head case" desperately in need of therapy. After all, average guys don't devote so much time and effort thinking about, writing about, and obsessing about BIG COCKS.
2567 May 9, 2005

Some of the women here are full of shit:
To Nicole(2526),
                He had 5 blowjobs? Fuck off! I think you are telling us porkies somewhere along the line. Me and my big dicked friend, who is about 8" flaccid, were talking about not being interested in sex having shot your lot and all the men in the room pretty much agreed.
     The funny thing is women who say 'men with big dicks are more manly 'forget that we are more than often friends with these men and we know if they are or not. I don't know if you would still hold them in such high regard, if you knew that they often talk about women like you, who are seen as jokes. One big dicked friend of mine said while he was having sex with a woman she pulled a face like a spastic. Another one of my big dicked friends got his friends to run into the bedroom while he was having sex with his girlfriend. The object of the game was to see how long he could stay on her before she tried to cover herself. The game was called Buck a Roo.
    If your type of women want to make fools of yourselves, that's fine, but don't expect us average guys to feel sorry for you, because we don't.Also, when women go on the net craving big dicks or telling their grubby little stories, we think they are sooo sad
2568 May 10, 2005

my sophmore year in college was my first introduction to men of color and there large penis size and what they do with it.My boyfriend prior to that was about 5'and ok in bed.My new guy nick was 10'and a source of many orgasms like 3-4 a night.my roomate kelly caught us one night she had just showered and walked in on us he was erect and deep inside me and kelly walked over to me naked  and said glad you meet nick he is good for many orgasms you look like you need some.
2569 May 10, 2005

Ed You Really Are An Evil Scumbag:
My headline pretty much says it all - This ED guy is playing everyone here. All these posts by women are actually posts by...ED! Do you really think women would come to THIS SITE and post? This Ed guy is fucking with all your heads so that you might click his penis extender links and he will get a percentage of what you spend - please wake up! As for you ED, you are going to get yours motherfucker - you reap what you sow.
2570 May 11, 2005

I think that penis size is over rated.I myself perfer
an adverage size penis,they fit me just fine.Any size over 8 inches is to much for me.Most of the women that prefer large penises are the ones that have big vaginas so they really get no pleasure from an average size.I have been with a couple of men though out  my life and they had large penises and I got no pleasure at all because it was to painful.After child birth your vagina is stretched and if you are use to having sex with men with large penises its going to stay  strectched and a normal size penis is not very satisfying to them.And I have to say the myth about the White men having small penis is just that a myth.There are plenty of black men out there with a small penis not all of them are well endowed,just as many white men are well endowed.Average Penis size men don't be asham of your size learn how to work with what you have and I am sure you will be a more than satisfying partner.Just try not to get a women with a big stash,she will never be satisfied unless you are packing 9 0r more inches.They are trying to get tore up and some like the pain and discomfort that you get from having a large penis inside of them.Be proud of your size and learn different positions that will compliment your size in a women.
2571 May 11, 2005

I'm grateful for what I have -

A superb looking, rock hard, 8.5x6.5 inch penis,

But, how can I add a 0.5" to permanent length without surgery though?

I'd just like to be a 9 incher! No longer!
2572 May 11, 2005

mavrick :
i have a problem , my D is too big its about 9" long and 6" width , i cant get it all inside , plus girls get scared of hurting them

can any one help me what can i do to get it smaller so i can enjoy my life
2573 May 11, 2005

Response to:Evidence everywhere you turn:2480:
There was survey carried out in Britain, I think. The question put to people from different racial groups was: would you mind if a black married into your family? The Whites mainly said they would not mind, but you must remember whites do not want to branded racists and the blacks, both men and women are willing to mix sexually with and assimilate into the indigenous population, are their pet ethnics. However, Jews, Orientals, Asians tended not to like the idea and some members of those racial groups even considered blacks to be monkeys. So perhaps penis size is not a major issue.
2574 May 11, 2005

no matter what size unless tiny its all about real mutual sexual atraction
2575 May 12, 2005

More than meets the eye:
I have a big penis (just under 8)and I'm a good looking guy. I've been told I'm HUGE all my adult life. Why then have I always had to work so hard for sex? My experience is that women want to be romanced and loved not pounded by a big dick. My wife, though I love her greatly, isn't into sex at all, I've tried everything! In fact, it seems only one woman I dated (briefly) was a cockaholic, wanting anything I could dish out. One, out of like 15 or so. Sure women always seem to gasp initially at first sight, or say "wow" or something, but then its a struggle just to get laid. Believe me I know how to use it. Theres certainly more to it than this site suggests. Average women many not prefer a small penis, but they are certainly not size queens. With all due respect, women don't think and feel as men do about sex, this site is off base in that regard.
2576 May 12, 2005

Typical porn junkie mentality. In reality women aren't cock whores looking for a face full of cum. Most women fantasize about finding love with ONE good man. Unfortunately in our society many young women (and even children now) are being taken advantage of, exploited, corrupted and abused. Good luck
2577 May 12, 2005

Size matters to whom?:
    Size matters to whom? Women.That's their problem, then.It has always been the job of the woman to sexually satisfy the male. Firstly, as an act of bribery, to keep the promiscuous male from wandering and procreating with other females, an act which would result in his giving his time, affection, protection and resources to another family unit and would thereby deprive the original family of protection and nourishment, perhaps resulting in its demise. I think women may instinctively know this and that is why the may masturbate him or initiate and engage in sex, even though they may be getting little pleasure from it themselves.Secondly,in some societies, as a domestic duty. If you read the words to one version of the "Cuckoo's Nest", a traditional English song, it is the woman who is to take the man to heaven through being in her vagina, not he taking her to heaven with his penis.
   Although it may seem chauvinistic to take above view(a view that I used to hold, but in the interests of fairness have compromised on), it is no worse than women saying that it's the man's duty to satisfy them (a fantasy) and his penis has to be this size or that. Who do they think they are? Why do they want to reverse the roles and not compromise? Why don't they think that perhaps their vaginas are too big for the average penis?
     I say if they want everything, and are unable to see that their vaginas are partly at fault in a genital mismatch, then they deserve nothing.Therefore, perhaps the author of this website is right when says men should look to their own pleasure, although I believe he is wrong to imply through his work that it is the man's duty to satisfy women, because silly women may believe it.
2578 May 12, 2005

the family clinic:
I guess this will be deemed just another "half-assed rambling made by a judgmental twit".

The geometrics of male vs female sex organs is hard to ignore. A penis is a convex shape, and when erect, is especially easy to see and measure. Conversely, a vagina is a concave shape. Its "size" is infinitely more challenging to assess, and its ability to accommodate involves many other variables as well. For this reason I believe our culture is bias and focuses strictly on "penis" size.
Considering the divorce rate and degradation of our culture I would prefer to say that compatibility matters, and "sexual compatibility matters". Penises and vaginas are reproductive organs, and the children we produce should matter too! Perhaps more focus on the organ between our ears?
Believe whatever you like, but you should realize that the info provided here is distorted to create anxiety and the author isn't inclined to reveal his true objective.
2579 May 12, 2005

Honest Observer:
Penis size - the larger the better - seems to have an advantage in natural world as well according to this article from MSNBC entitled "Well-endowed fish get the girls" at http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7819389/

The only downside for fish with large penises seems to be that it spends so much time "fertilizing the girls" that it opens itself to be eaten by other predators of lack of paying attention. This research does not surprise me in the least.

Most females intuitively know that big penis size increases that chances of being successfully fertilized but also any male offspring would mate will many females producing significant numbers of offspring thereby increasing survival rates.

That's why mothers of boys with large endowments will always let her female friends know about their sons physical and biological advantages in the purposeful and necessary delivery of genetic material to as many females as possible.

It seems big penises to really matter after all.
2580 May 12, 2005

racist :
 PLease remove 2553!!!
2581 May 13, 2005

From Experience:
If you are looking to live your life on generalizations, then I think its fair to say that the averagely built woman would prefer her man not to be small.  By the same token the averagely built man would prefer his woman not to be loose.

A preference is not a necessity though, so how much it matters, depends on the individuals. 

If you meet one of those girls who tries adamantly to say that it doesn't matter at all, ask her if she has ever had a fantasy about a guy where he has had a small cock?

And ladies, this isn't a one sided debate as some would like to find comfort in.  We used to have three expressions.

CLAV's - Cunt like a vice
CLAM's - Cunt like a mitten
CLAB's - Cunt like a bucket

The old advice that was during first heavy petting, if you could use three fingers without any trouble, then you were with a CLAB and should run like hell.
2582 May 13, 2005

A Man's perspective:
Seeing that women have been so kind as to tell us what size they prefer, I thought they might be interested in what a man thought about the vagina and penis relationship. The following questions are very similar to those asked by the Vagina Institute, which set out to discover whether vagina size matters to men.




Yes, of course it is: tighter just feels better.


Of course they don't. They are mostly lazy fuckers who  think everything is the man's fault and all they need to do during sex is lie there like a sack of potatoes and afterwards grumble to their mates that their hubbies' dicks are not dig enough.
For some reason, when women mention this, the old adage springs to mind: people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


First of all, I'd probably die of shock, but yes.


Don't know, probably not.

One which fitted my dick 

Not many female's snatches are tight after the age of 14, because they get fucked senseless too often as a result a real woman is hard to find these days.


Too right, I do! Who wouldn't? These are usually the typical sacks of potatoes who
 should concentrate on their inadequacies and stop trying to sound clever or liberated-because they are not and we just think they are sadly selfish. They should consider working with their partners to achieve the most pleasurable vagina penis combo, for example he might  exercises his penis to make it longer, while she does exercises to make a vagina tighter, which might stop her requiring so much girth from the man's penis and which might give him more pleasure.


If they did, unless it is to cover up their own inadequacies, why would they feel so comfortable talking about their partners' dicks? Do unto others...


 Yes ,but her face and personality are important.

Yes, if her face isn't up to much either, she can consider herself dumped. The truth of it is: ugly women get shagged more than beautiful ones ,because most men think they will be rejected by the beauties and they couldn't handle that, so they make a beeline for the mingers,who in turn think they, themselves, are beauties and can demand a certain dick size. So if you are a woman who hasn't had loads of sex, you could be beautiful. The belief that many men go for women who have second rate looks, though they would prefer better, is supported by a British documentry entitled something like "why do ugly men end up with beautiful women?" and I know from my own way of thinking that there is truth in it.

   To talk about your woman's genitals seems to be disrespectful, childish-childish in that as a kid I would tell my friends the details, and they me, in order to make myself sound like an adult, but as a grown up, I realise adults don't do that sort of thing-and a betrayal of trust, After all, the relationship is between your and her and her private parts, or anything personal, is no one else's business but your and hers.However,if your having a fling  with a woman who sleeps around ,has one night stands, talks about sex too often or says she likes big dicks,then she gets no respect ,and in consequence we'll hear if she has a cunt like a bucket, a fishy fanny, how wet she gets, what face she pulls, what good comments she has to say about your dick(a further disaster for her reputation if  he is big and she say she likes his dick),and any ugly spots, birthmarks or  marks in her underwear will come be mentioned.

Many confident men want and may demand the best: beautiful woman with tight fannies and quite rightly they are going to reject second rate fannies or cheat on these women. Why shouldn't they? Afer all, confident women, who love bragging about their exploits on the net, are like that with men about penis size.

What's more, it was women who  compare penis size  who got me comparing the vaginas of my different girlfriends and reducing each  to a pleasure generator, something I would never have had they not shown me the way, because I always though the greatest pleasure someone could get was to be with the woman he loved. I think women who like large penises might have made things worse for some women by being so frank, thereby causing men to evaluate women's personal parts and in so doing probably making more PEOPLE insecure and unhappy.
2583 May 14, 2005

7.5  X  5.5:
I was discussing penis size with an ex-girlfriend of mine.  She told me about this guy that she was very interested in, dated him a couple of times, and decided to have sex with him.  When they disrobed, she immediately put her clothes back on.  She said his FLACID penis looked like two beer cans on top of one another, which would have made it approximately 10 inches long X 8 inches around.  She said there was no way in hell he was going to stick that in her.  She stopped seeing him right then and there.

So, yes, size matters.
2584 May 14, 2005

To Lee (post 2558),

   wonderfully said, dude....[laughing]..  you hit the nail smack on the head, with some caustic wit thrown exactly where it belongs!
2585 May 14, 2005

I want to know where in hell girls put 9-12" of dick?! The vagina is not that deep! Where in hell does it all go?  I think this entire conversation is SOOO OOOOLD.  Grow up.
2586 May 14, 2005

Hi, Im Steve.

Im 28, and on the small side myself. Im a little under 4 inches. Girth is 4 also. I have had to accept the fact that I am tiny. Women have told me this. Not through sex. Because to be honest, im still a virgin. I have had opportunities at sex, with 3 women. But each turned me down, after seeing me in all my glory. Two of them laughed.

All 3 were of the one night stand variety. So they wanted it then and now. And I couldn't provide them with that. Tho I did offer oral, and then sex. But they refused.

I guess size really does matter to women. I haven't seen it first hand any different than that. They want them bigger and thicker. And if you can't accomidate that. Then your probably not gonna fare well in bed with any woman.

And I think it is possbile that guys with smaller ones, don't on average have much stamina either. This just comes from me masterbating. I always finished very quickly. With a few drops of semen comming out. No big streams or anything. And I did once masterbate infront of a female friend of mine when I was younger. I was 17. And I finished in about 2 minutes. She said she thought I would go for atleast 20. She thought wrong. And yes, I was the smallest guy she had seen at that point.

And im just being honest. Im not some crazy person who has a big penis, that is trying to make smaller guys feel bad. Or some woman who wants to do the same. I am just a guy, with a small penis. And im just calling it like I see it.

And I see that guys with a smaller penis are not going to have it easy when it comes to women and sex. Espeically the pleasing them part of it. I have come to the realization that, when and if I ever do get lucky enough to have sex. That I most likely will not be able to please them with my actual penis. Casue it just isnt sizable enough to do so.

It sucks. But it is a part of life.

I just hope to find a woman with a shallow vagina. That can't take much penis. So just in the hopes she can feel me inside her. Cause most regular women, would probably not want to have a long lasting sexual relashionship with a guy that has a penis of my size.
2587 May 15, 2005

try a dildo that they sell at any sex shop get a 9x6 and  let your wife or girlfriend go for the orgasms.my wife has a whole drawer of them and enjoys them.this came about when her girlfriend introduced her to them at a lingerie party .they went to a bedroom and her two  girlfriends used one on her  she had multipue orgasms that night
2588 May 15, 2005

Responding to  MIke:
Well no wonder you were never told bigger is better-----You were a football player that was good looking. Those are two major assets to have to most females. Do you really think a female would tell you she'd rather you be an inch thicker and 2 inches longer? She says that to the school football hunk------guess what------- then she gets kicked out of the inner circle by you and all your friends. If you had been 8 long x 6 around those females would have told you size matters (which it does, but even if size didn't matter they would have said it does to you).

The problem with having any assets------good looks, football player, financial assets, attractive personality, a good father for her kids,  a reliable husband that gets the yardwork done and keeps things fixed around the house, etc, is that females realise they aren't likely to find everything in a man (even though they are hoping at first) and once she sees he has some of the elements she's drawn to him and willing to overlook something like penis size that he can't help. If it's something he can help, she will try to change him. She will ask him to do more work around the house, if that it's one of his strong assets. She'll ask him to to help with the kids more, if that isn't one of his strong assets. The majority of females are not going to tell him that his dick isn't a strong asset of his, just average. She's happy enough (but not blown away) he has a dick, and will try to change other assets.
2589 May 15, 2005

To Nicole Post#2526

Look, how many fucking times do we have to say this?  Look here Nicole, you slimy piece of trash.  We don't give a shit how much of a sewer slut you want to brag about being.  I couldn't give a fuck.  I mean I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole, but hey that's just my opinion.  What you don't have any fucking right in saying is how you declare that your opinions and actions on this matter are reflective of all women.  Fuck you you filthy maggot whore.  You have no class and no fucking right to say this.  Express your own opinions as much as you want, that's what the site it for.  Don't fucking make generalizations about all women, cause the majority of them aren't garbage like you, thank God.  So, shut your fucking rotten hole of a mouth.  I hope you die a horrible death.  I hope they find you lying in a river of your own piss, you fucking scumbag.
2590 May 15, 2005

Easy Lover:
You're all missing the point. Sexual satisfaction is in the mind, not in the body itself (although the primal attraction may be physical, it is only a minor factor, unless you are a Neanderthaler). I've met quite a lot of ladies and sex was always good to extremely good, me being just an 'average' guy (like 95% of us - lol). The point is that you have to love the girl you are with and unwind her secrets and sense what she wants. It has never failed me up to date. Avoid 'quickies' and every encounter will be a real explosion for both. We all deserve it and btw, your size obsession is completely worthless. I've had remarks about size (longer, thicker, etc...) but it was never a point worth discussing, just a remark made by a girl which was enterily satisfied, while we cuddled up, laughing and kidding, to get at least some sleep, together. But I am a continental European, so this probably doesn't count?
Easy Lover 
2591 May 16, 2005

Reply for The Man post # 2555:
What does that have to do with a 10 inch man giving them the best sex of their lives? Money doesn't equal 10 inches when in bed.
2592 May 16, 2005

After 10yrs of marriage we'd got into a bit of a rut,so I borrowed a porn movie about a man who watched his wife with 2or3 other men.My wife was so horny afterwards she confessed that it was her secret fantasy to have sex with 2 men.We met 2 men in a hotel and the men pleasured her in every possible way.She acted like a total slut commenting on how big they were and how great the sex was.Iwas haooy trying it once,my wife wants it on a regular basis.She says size is important in having good sex.
2593 May 16, 2005

Regular Joe:
, my penis is 7" lond and 2" wide, shaved, uncut, I regulaly get naked down the beach and women tend to go  for "the package"......I've got a decent body and meet many women feeling confident about whats dangling between my legs, after personality, and what the rest of you looks like, suddenly penis size isn't a BIG deal( unless the waters really cold)....any girls out there like forskin???hahaha
2594 May 16, 2005

To Dick 2506:
You said your wife is black and works with a urologist and sees many penises. Is the urologist located where mostly white or mostly black men come to the business? She said only one in 100 is very large, and that sounds like mainly a white client observation. Even those that don't believe black men are generally bigger usually admit that there are a much higher percentage of very large black guys. You must be a very secure fellow, having a 6 x 5 penis and married to a black woman.
2595 May 16, 2005

To Lee Post #2558

That was a pretty funny one!  You had me laughing pretty hard, especially your ending.  This site is foolishness, though.
2596 May 17, 2005

Nurse Betty:
Just like to convert breast size into penis size:B cup=5ins.C cup=6ins.D cup=7ins.DD cup=8ins.Ecup=9ins.So guys can now compare themselves to us women.
2597 May 18, 2005

To Tiff: Thanks for sharing. My girlfriend is also vaginally orgasmic and she says my size makes a huge difference. I'm about 7.5 in. and thick. It's such an ego boost being able to make her cum over and over using nothing but my cock. Most smaller guys probably never get to feel that pride.
2598 May 18, 2005

The type of man about whom women are said to fantasize (i.e.  well endowed, muscle bound and macho) is the least likely to be bothered whether he gives them an orgasm: macho man is a chauvinist, and women are to do as they are told, no compromising with him, who knows best, because he is the man. Women are here merely for his pleasure, and therefore, when he has ejaculated, whether the woman has orgasmed or not, he will go to sleep or move on to the next female.
 He is quite a bizarre choice of man for women who like to orgasm, but it, as do many of their notions about men put forward on this website, goes to show how little they really know about the human adult male.
2599 May 18, 2005

I'm glad I don't have a large penis, because, if a woman became submissive, I would (and have done so before to submissive women) cheat on her: I like women who have fire in their souls and who will stand up to me, not the boring submissive sort, who often post here.
2600 May 18, 2005

addicted girl:
As much as I tried to believe that size doesn't matter, I was proven wrong once I slep with a very well endowed man.  Now I did't pull out a measuring stick but his member looked very much like my forearm if not bigger.

Now, sex with average guys before him was not bad at all, and if the guy was good he could make me cum with just an average size, but this well endowed guy could send me to earth shaddering orgasms within moments if he wanted to.  First time I saw that huge cock I was very excited but also scared.  He was nice though, not to hurt me.  He put me down on the bed on my back, spread my legs and got in between them.  Before entering me he put his penis on my stomach, between my legs and I just thought, "oh my god this thing is not going to fit", it was so thick and it was so long that it was reaching past my belly button.  Then he slowly entered me inch by inch and oh boy did that feel good.  He reached the point where his cock wouldn't go any further yet he still had about two inches left. I felt every part of my vagina streched and filled to the max.  From there he just held it in there and moved only an inch in and out, just gently streching the bottom of my vagina and rubbing my cervix.  Within a minute, this sensation sent me to such earth shattering orgasms that my whole body went into a spasm and twitching that I almost fainted.
Then he suddenly turned me over flat on my stomach and entered me from behind and just pounded me hard and deep.  It did hurt some but I was already wet and streched from the first time, so I was able to take it.  He was just pounding me mercelesly and having his way with me and to my surprise I was actually enjoying it more than anyting else.  This type of submissivness, I have never seen in me when I was with an average guy.  The sight of a tall muscular man with such a huge cock just oozes sexual power that demands respect.

This guy had such an effect on me that days after our encounter I was hornier than ever and was contstantly thinking about him and his big cock.  I think I am actully addicted now, just like some people get addicted to drugs, because I get such a natural high when he fucks me that I can't even explain it.  He called me over few times afterwards and we had sex each time.  He didn't have to ask, all he had to do is call me and I was running over to his place.  I would walk in and first thing I would do is drop his pants, drop to my knees and worship his huge member.

Now we have lost touch and I haven't been able to find anybody that even comes close to him.  Do any other ladies posting here have similar problem? And please tell me how you dealt with it.  I don't know if want to be addicted like this forever...

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