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2201 March 4, 2005

the cock diet:
My roomate found this site and likes to read this stuff. We're college students in our senior year. I enjoyed reading some of the comments here too but I strongly disagree with this author. I have nothing nice to say about the author's material. I'm quite certain most of my friends would disagree with this also, but there are certainly a few who would agree. Perhaps I'll guide them here.

In a relationship, what matters and how much, is individual! Sex and lust differ from love and passion. Our parents advise us to use judgement, to be selective, to resist peer pressure etc. because they actually care about us, and because they have the "experience" we lack. Bad habits are easy to form and hard to change. People who describe the gratification they get from smoking aren't wrong. You can't really disagree with them. But to a non-smoker, its just not pleasurable. People have some wierd habits. People do some bizzare things for gratification, and they aren't "wrong" either. At some point in their lives they gave in to temptation and made a decision to indulge. Its your right to do so(and your risk).
Everyone has different wants, needs, and standards. Personally, I say "no thanks" to crap like this because it simply does not arouse me. I don't sleep around and I don't have sloppy habits. I broke up with my boyfriend because I didn't love him, and I chose to be honest. My focus is on school and my career and I could not meet his demands. There will be plenty of time for relationships later. I want to be "penetrated" by a man's passion and lust for life. I need LOVE and the intense strength it gives me. I don't live in a dream world. I like to party. I like men and I like sex, but I have self-esteem and self-respect too. I just don't understand (or can't relate to) certain people. Those who cross boundries because of some personality flaw or because they are rebellious or something. I'm speaking of the type who do drugs and alcohol excessively, those who can't stop eating poorly, people who can't control their urges and lack restraint. I have a few friends who are slutty. They seem very shallow to me and lack the capacity to actually love someone. They seem to find the equally shallow men who just want to fuck them. Some girls I know have slept with 20 or more men! My roomate, for one, has screwed 6 or 7 guys this semester alone. She seems very unhappy and wonders whats wrong with her life. Another somewhat slutty friend (who talks about dick size sometimes) has herpes now. This same girl's best friend had an abortion last semester. She doesn't take my advice, or perhaps she can't? I remember her boyfriend constantly referencing about her big tits, and she, referencing his big dick. I fear these girls will never find happiness or have a meaningful relationship. Sure our bodies matter, but we're more than bodies!! You only get one life and if you fuck it up, you have only yourself to blame. If your a dumb pig, then, well, find yourself another dumb pig! Then you can wonder why, when they fuck you over! Then you can do it all over again, until  theres a second "gaping hole"(in your soul).
2202 March 4, 2005

ll - (Things I hate about having a small, thin penis):
I don't know if anyone remembers my last two posts, but I told about how my "Large" girlfriend who weighs around 220 pounds injured my penis whle riding it. Well I just went to the doctor and he said I had a penile fracture, becasue when my girlfriend was bouncing on my weakley erected penis she crushed it towards the base.My penis has gotten smalller since scar tissue filled into an area where blood was supposed to flow. Now instead of being 6" inches long by 4 1/4" inches thick, it is only at the very best now 5" inches long by 4 1/8" inches thick. Here are some things I hate about having a small thin penis:
1.)I hate the fact I always slip out

2.) I hate the fact I have to use this size of penis to try and satisfy a girl that weighs 220 pounds.

3.) I hate the fact that in doggie style that my penis can't get past my girlfriends butt cheeks, or inner thighs.

4.)I hate the fact that as soon I cum once my penis just goes soft unless I haven't used it in a while.

5.) I hate the fact that my girlfriend alwas lasts longer in sex than I do.

        The other night my girlfriend and I decided to have a three-some with one of her friends (who as big as she is.) When the other girl saw my penis she just laughed her head off. I then began to try and screw her very hard through doggie style I ejaculated 3 times while doing this to her in this position, but then after I pulled out I noticed that my penis had just been caught in her inner thighs and not even touched her vagina. After that my penis went limp despite my girlfriend trying to keep it up.
2203 March 4, 2005

althena wrote:
Sorry. I am a size Queen. The first time I was with my husband and my hand went to his unit, I was scared. I didn't know where he was going to put his nine and a half inches! Well, since I am 5ft2 and weigh 115, I was real scared. I got it all in just fine. Since we married, we have become swingers due to my bi-sexuality. I have yet to find a unit as big as my husband's. Granted, I can still cum with a unit at least seven inches, but find myself faking for those who don't measure up. Sorry guys. I had the biggest and it is the best. NAA-NA-NA- NAH!


althena, thanks for sharing.

As a physician and researcher and a man considered quite large, i.e., 8"+ by slighlty more than 5 1/2" in girth, by virtually all of my ~20+ sexual partner before my wife (who likewise confided that I am significantly larger than all of the partners she had before me), I am curious as to (1) how many sexual partners you had before meeting your husband? (2) Have you actually measured his penis to verify the 9 1/2" length? And, (2) does your husband's penis hit your cervix/fornix in any position?

As to the first question, your husband's size is possessed by no more than 1 in 1,000 men or as few as a handful in 10,000. For example, to increase a woman's probability to 50% of having sex with a man of 8" or larger, she would have to have sex with 75-80 men or more; to encounter your husband's size at a probability of ~50%, 700+ sexual partners would be required. While there is a statistical margin error, that is, a infinitesimally small percentage of women will randomly experience such size with far fewer partners, a woman must be highly promiscuous to encounter such a huge penis.

Secondly, that well less than one-quarter of women will EVER experience what is technically or statistically a "large penis", i.e., over 7" in length and over 5 1/4" in circumference, and only about 3-4 women out of 100 will ever marry a man or be in a long-term relationship with a man with a large penis, the vast majority of women perceive "large" as larger than, say, 5 1/4" to 6 1/4" or so. To these women, 7" is VERY large, and 8" or more is postively HUGE. Accordingly, most women aren't aware of what "large" really is statistically and perceive the largest they've ever had as "large" or "the largest", not surprisingly. Certainly, the vast majority of women don't measure their husbands' or boyfriends' penises, at least not with a tape or ruler (perhaps by mental comparison or the size of the penis in relation to their hands), and, therefore, don't really know actually how large he is or take his word for it. Conceiveably, your husband could be iin the 7" or 8" range (still quite large), which you believe or have been told is 9 1/2 inches, a situation which is much more common for women who perceive a little more than 6 1/2" as 8" and 7" as 9"+. For the record, as a urologist, I have seen only a handful of men out of 7,000-8,000 men I've treated in my career over 8". A 9" erection is EXTREMELY rare to nearly non-existent, for all practical purposes.

Lastly, in my personal experience of having a large penis, I found that without exception my penis encountered the cervix/fornix of my sexual partners (including my wife today after two children), sometimes with SIGNIFICANT distention of the fornix or back of the vagine. In virtually all cases, thrusting into this area was experienced as painful or uncomfortable by my parters, i.e., the stretching of the vaginal wall attached to the uterus was not pleasurable. The possible exception being nearly full penetration, encountering the fornix, but remaining still or rocking back and forth without thrusting, and the sensation being a pleasing sensation of being "filled up". This situation was, however, only true for a minority of sexual partners (again, my wife included), whereas the others even experienced this position as painful or uncomfortable. Unless your vagina is naturally much deeper than normal, and/or your husband is not, in fact, 9 1/2", you are unique among most women who are likely to experience acute discomfort from the full penetration and thrusting of a penis over, say, 7 1/2"-8" in various if not most or all positions. This is not to say that, with practice and patience on the part of the man with the large penis, a woman cannot adapt partially or fully to the larger penis. I did not find this to be common, however, in my personal experience with women in the early to mid-20s with relatively limited sexual experience.

Thanks in advance for your response.
2204 March 4, 2005

Im 19 and and male. I have a 51/4 to 53/4 in length and 41/2 to 43/4 in girth penis. When soft im about 2 to 3 inches. When im at the beach and i get out of the ocean, it could be even smaller. I was at a nude beach once and it was prety wierd. About 4 kids who looked around 15 walked by me with 2 girls and they all had cocks that when soft were all about the size of mine hard maybe a little smaller. This was quite embarrising especially me being older, and also with the girls looking over at me obviously knowing those kids had much bigger dicks than me. DO U GIRLS REALLY NOTICE THESE THINGS? please be honest. FEED BACK PLEASE
2205 March 4, 2005

as u know my penis is 5.5 to 5.75 inches long by 4.5 to 5 in girth. When flaccid its around 2.5 to 3 inches long.In the web site it says men with large flaccid penises have big bulges in their pants, and girls are able to tell around how big it is. Wierdly, when i wear basket ball shorts i have a bulge in my pants. I think it because its short my penis does not really hang down, and instead my head sticks out against my pants. Are girls able to tell my small tip is sticking out or do they think i have a pretty large bulge in my pants? ladies respond to me?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
2206 March 4, 2005

Non PC:
THe proof is in the pudding.

 For those that don't think black men are bigger, have sex with a black woman. While above average length can touch bottom in some white women, you will have to have more than that to have a chance in reaching bottom with most black women.

Black women love to have big dick hard pounding sex, while only some white women like this. With a big dick, white women prefer to take it easier, and then hard pounding towards the end of the session.

Black women have big rumps and hips to accomadate the hard pounding big dick sex. I know there are those who don't think this is so, but it makes perfect sense. Think about it----------- it's true they love hard pounding sex more,and it's true they have bigger rumps. It's not rocket science to understand the two are connected. The shape of their rumps and hips allows more more room for longer and thicker dicks.

a white guy with an average 6 inch dick for white women, will actually feel small to a black woman because the average is over 7 inches among blacks men.

This helps explain the term 'once you go black you never go back'. Black men, with their stronger muscles and bigger dicks for heavy pounding, can put it on a woman powerfully. She may enjoy a white guy for lovemaking, but she will prefer a black guy for fucking.
2207 March 4, 2005

If you have had the chance to hear a woman with an average dicked male, and then hear her with a big dicked male, you would know it can make a very big difference in how she reacts during intercourse. Swingers see the facial and vocal differences in this and know how real the difference is. Some men can have their opinions that size doesn't matter, and some ladies can state that size doesn't matter, but reality is very different when she is having it put on her good by a super stud. Just be the best you can be. Ladies are going to lie to protect our feelings. It really doesn't matter much to most ladies, but it does matter.
2208 March 4, 2005

respond girls:
hey i am 5.25 bt 4.75 when errect. When flaccid i am about 2 to 2.75 inches. I am a swimmer, and when im swimming i can get really short sometimes around 1.5. Im 18 and a senor in highschool. i have seen kids on my team who are sophmores and freshmen who have alot bigger bulges than me in there speedos. Im talking like it looks like the size of me when im erect. so in order to make myself look bigger i used to make my penis alittle errect but but not to hard so it looked like i had a bigger dick and not like i had a boner. even still some kids had bigger bulges. after around a 2 weeks of doing this my swimming coach who happens to be a quite attractive lady proly in her mid 20's laid it upon me. She brought me in her office while i  in my speedo, and she told me she knew what i was doing. She told me it was obvious that i had an errection, and that any girl who really looks at it could also probably tell. She said that at first couple weeks i had hardly any bulge, and now all of a sudden it was bulging out, and when i told her it was me, she said it is impossible for it to be less than half the size of alot of the kids, and then be just as big.She ended off telling me that it was sick what i was doing and just because i have a small penis i shouldnt go exposing myself trying to make myself as big as some of the actual big kids, when all it does is makes the girls laugh at the fact that my errect peniss is only as big as half the kids soft ones............ think i could have went to the main office and had her fired? i could  have maybe , but what am i gana tell people how i got bonners and she said that to me, that would be way worse. so i kept it secret, suck it up, and now im still on the swim team.   WAS SHE RIGHT??????        ??????????        ??????????????          ???????????
2209 March 5, 2005

You are all total freaks and need a bit of reality. Get a life you freaks.
2210 March 5, 2005

hi...to all

i am 7x5.5 - i have briefly read a few posts and have found from my own experience that i have never had a complaint from a partner, quite the opposite. I dont know if size counts or if it doesnt, i guess we are never happy with what we have? As long as my partner is happy, thats all that matters.
2211 March 5, 2005

This site is weak. It's all designed to prey on insecurities in an effort to make the insecure buy a product. Shamless (nay harmful) marketing.

Weak. Weak. Weak.
2212 March 5, 2005

My penis used to be 6.5 inches long by 6 inches around.

5 Months ago I had phalloplasty and had alloderm sheets inserted and the suspensatory ligiment detached.

My penis is now nearly 8 inches long and an incredible 8 inches in circimference.

My girlfriends all said I didn't need it, but the one I loved most had confided in me she had sex with 2 guys larger than me.

I am glad I had the surgery for my self esteem's sake, but I have diminshed the sexual pleasure of 3 of my partners as I am too huge and forget oral sex.

But I will admit if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat.

Few men are as big as I am now.

If anyone wants any info let me know.  I am building a penis surgery experience website.  For me it changed my life and made me so much more confident.
2213 March 5, 2005

well! this site is an exellent site which helps overcome the phobia of having a small penis. i have a 5.5" penis and now after going through the site i feel really gud!
2214 March 5, 2005

YD, post #2181
Thanks for the excellent post.  You made very good points.  I think sex is far more psychological than physical and these women who state they can only have orgasms from large penises have that fixed into their minds.  I am sure their minds can be trained out of that state with due time.  Your point is well stated about the absence of feeling beyond 3 or so inches into the vagina. 

Althena #2189,
What the fuck do you want an award or something?  What the fuck does anyone care about your last statement?  I'm glad to see you confirm your a nasty disgusting whore by telling us of your swinging lifestyle.  I think you're the one who should be getting laughed at.  I hope you catch AIDS and die a horrible death.  HAA-HA-HA- HAH!
2215 March 5, 2005

Proud Mary:
I've worked in the sex industry for over a decade in Nevada.  I'm 34 years old and I've given birth to two great offspring by the same "Sire"
I have had sex for money with well over 6000 paying customers during this period.
Talk with any of the women who do what I do for as long as I've done it.
They will tell you If all you got goin is your big dick, you're a looser. Period.
My youngest child weighed 8lbs 9 oz. I had'em natural.
Giving birth was so easy for me I may make it my second career. Anyway if a girl can birth an infant of nearly nine pounds, a 10 in penis really isn't much of a "STRETCH" at all. So now you know.
PS I'm 5'1" 112lbs. 36 25 36 w/ long Auburn hair.
NOBODY could ever guess what I do for a living.
2216 March 6, 2005

I'm a skinny 19 year old white male with a penis 8 inches long with a 5 & 3/4 inch circumfrence. I'm 5 inches soft.

I really like the way this site shows that even being well-endowed has its negatives.

I had my first sexual experience when I was 16. I received oral sex from a girl a year older than I was. After our initial encounter, she always insisted that we have sex. I was nervous and wasn't ready to take that next step, so I kept putting it off. She kept bringing it up. Irritated, I lied to her and said I was waiting for marriage. She lost interest in me real fast.

Before she lost interest in me, this girl told my friends that I was "big." My friends quickly began hounding me for my measurement. When I finally gave in and told them, things between us changed forever. Even today when I visit my friends from high school, I can't utter the word penis without them giving me dirty looks or snide remarks.

A large penis can also be rather embarrasing. I still live with my family. I refuse to let them see me in any pajama bottoms, gym shorts or just in my boxers. I don't even own jogging pants. I get really self-conscientious and assume that everyone is staring at my crotch.
2217 March 6, 2005

to that stupid bitch who likes black cock you smell of trailer trash ewwwwww
2218 March 6, 2005

Respondent to Dana:
Your style of English and the conventions you use in punctuating your piece very much remind me of a previous respondent who, like you, dwells in cloud- cuckoo-land. Are you, in fact, she? If so, (what can I say?)you are sad!
p.s. please remember that a small vagina is far superior to an average or a large one.
Good luck!
2219 March 6, 2005

To try and convince us size doesn't matter to her, the typical female statement "I would rather have an average size guy that knows how to use it than a big guy that doesn't" unwittingly admits size matters. Notice how she doesn't compare average vs big on equal terms-------in other words she didn't mention what happens when the big guy also knows how to use it. Not many women are going to tell their guy about the previous hung lover that worked her over like no tomorrow. The one that had her orgasming with almost every thrust, the one that had her moaning and grunting LOUDLY with every stroke.
2220 March 6, 2005

If you have ever ganged on a big cunt you know they can't get enough cock. Ive seen a 35 year old woman take the two biggest cocks out of 9 men of ages 19 to 65. She had two 13 inch dicks both shoved in her vagina. When we all shot our loads she still was crawling around wanting more.
2221 March 7, 2005

Look, guys the truth from a woman who's not afraid to be crule to be kind.

Big dicks feel better. MUCH better. They feel AMAZING. The bigger, the better, unless we aree talking 10 inches and over, but if he gives good oral 1st, then a dick that size can be a life changing experience to a girl.

A lot of guys out there have one friend who is well-hung, and they keep hearing how his ex-girlfriends keep going back for more, even if they are happily togther with some new guy, married or whatever. Well guys, it is true. I do it myself, so do a lot of my friends. It is nothing personal, we love you guys loads, but nothing can compare to a good stuffing from a big one.

Why do you think in sex-personals us girls only ask for well-hung men?

Just learn to live with it, and don't ask where you're wife/girlfriend is going when she "goes out with her girlfriends"...
2222 March 7, 2005

I've had wwwaaaaaayyy too many friends of mine who are women tell me that size matters, especially girth, for me to believe that it doesn't.  These aren't women I've had sex with either, just women who are pals of mine.

I don't want it to matter, but oh well..

For the record, I'm 7 1/4" long X 5 1/4" girth.  I'm fine with my length, but I'd much rather have a 6" girth. It's not going to happen, so again I say oh well...
2223 March 7, 2005

Whoa.  I just stumbled upon this, and wanted to tell all the comment I got this weekend!

My girlfrind and I are really comfortable sexually (her being 5'4 125, me 5'11 175).  For the record, i'm 7 1/2 long and just over 6 around. 

Well over the weekend my g/f said she joked saying she perfers sucking smaller cocks.  I asked why's that and she said it's easier.  I just laughed at this, although I was a tiny bit jealous, thinking man she probably gets more pleasure out of it.. But after reading this site, I'm happy for my size, and don't worry all, I got her back by making her gag a bit on mine.. ;)  It's also a turn on knowing she has to work on my cock, that it's not "easy" to suck.  Watching it is so hot too.  I know she tells her friends about me, but she never admits it.  But I know they talk "cock" b/c she told me her friend told her the guy she's with has a small cock!

This site is pretty accurate though, girls love my big balls that go with my big cock. (Have a steady girlfriend but have done cam to cam with girls online).
2224 March 7, 2005

White Horse My Ind Name:
My dick is  a little larger than average close to 7" long with a large Mushroom head . I never had a women say I was too small, they wanted it as often as i could  do It. They liked  the foreplay that I did. Also I Been told I am the best Kisser the ever had, I can put chill bump om their ass when I kiss them ,I feel them with my hands to see if I do the Job.  I think the average size women med build with  a small to med pussy is the Best
2225 March 7, 2005

i recently came across this site and i can hoestly say that all u woman who think your boy friends has a big dick is wrong.if your lover has a penis under 10 inches has a little dick and i really dont care if u women get pissed of by this comment.and if u want to know i have a 10.5 inch dick and 6 1/2 in girth. so sorry u really dont have a man with a big dick its really small ladies ur with a boy not a real man
2226 March 7, 2005

I think the author does have a few interesting points and some of the things he says is true but the way he tries to tell men that they have no chance in pleasuring a woman and that they should only have sex to please themselves is complete bullshit. He says not to worry about her pleasure and just to have fun with ur small penis. A woman is not a masterbating toy. You do not treat her like on or u will soon find yourself not having sex at all. He also says that men with small penises are basically screwed. Men listen up, there are plenty of ways to make your penis bigger that what it is now. There are pills out there that do infact work with the propper exersizes that go along with it and it may not be permanent but just because they arny doesnt mean u have to stop taking them. If you really want a bigger penis then tkae the damn pills and do the exersizes and YOU WILL GET BIGGER. So  dont feel too bad if u have a "small" penis because there are ways to make yourself bigger.
2227 March 8, 2005

I'm 35 years old. I've had sexual contact (anything...hand head or hard) with  five differant men and they were all so similar in size that the descriptive difference defies description.
2228 March 8, 2005

you idiot:
There is no debate whether a large penis has more potential to pleasure women in more ways, but you are are flat out lying to your readers.  1. a man with a small penis can satisfy a woman as well as she wants, if the conditions are otherwise optimal (ie, he knows what he's doing, she has a vagina shaped to fit to his penis, he know's what he's doing, etc.) 2. the average woman has not had sex with 40 men by age 30.  Even very attractive women have not had that many partners on average. And the majority of women are not very attractive. 3. all of your other figures are inaccurate or misleading, too.  I don't have the time to disprove your whole website, but no man should give you two minutes of his time.  You either make up figures for lack of information or you flat out lie.
I have what every woman I have been with calls a large penis-- 7+ inches-- and I have given them orgasms of many kinds many times.  I have still been cheated on and left for men with much smaller dicks.  Only one girl I knew had even seen a bigger one in person, and it was on a 6.5 foot tall man (she had only seen it, though, and had not fucked it).  Which brings me to my next point: penis size generally corresponds directly to height, taking into account body fat.  A tall, fit male will have a larger penis than an average male.  women's genitalia correspond to their height and body type in the same way, you idiot.
But I don't think your misinformation is a result of stupidty alone; you are deliberately misleading insecure men so that you or some sponsor may profit.  It's good advertising, but you can't fool an intelligent person with a big dick.  so go fuck yourself.
2229 March 8, 2005

ladies,in your opion what would you say was;a-too small,b-small',c-average,d-large and finally e-too large.(penis size)
2230 March 9, 2005

.....well Ed now you have done it!

Since I  have discovered your site more of my energy
and attention is on my cock....I may become addicted
to it and why not...it is fun and doesnt cost
anything and I have it with me all of the time why not
treat it like a close friend.

The more freedom I give it the more the ladies seen
to like it.  A few days ago I decided to not wear any
underwear and just let it hang down the leg of my pants and then went out to the local  shopping mall looking for a new swim suit...women were looking as
they passed by, and they do look and appraise the
male member...that is for sure.

Before I started my relationship with penis size debate. com  I felt a little embarresed about all
of that....now I love the attention that I get fromm
them and am a little more creative with my cock...I thought they liked the buldge better but they like
it every way I wear it under my clothing...some look
like they are hungry....some take just a quick glance...some look disgusted because I have it out there to see...especially in jeans...some look like they might come over and unzip my pants it all adds
a little spice to my life and perhaps theirs. I am
a little over 9 inches hard.

Im having a blast!

thanks Ed
2231 March 9, 2005

Well... i just found out from this site that i'm average sized! Thank God! But hey! whoever reads all this "crap" about Size stuff... let me tell you what this site does not tell you is - its IMPORTANT that you LOVE your partner and be FAITHFUL the rest will all fall in place... So Just Do Not Worry if you have a small dick... move well and with love... you both will be together in sync! So with your average size you can still beat the dumb black heads!! :)) Have Fun & be faithful!
2232 March 9, 2005

To Cheryl:
I was wondering if you and  me ever met and you liked the look of me but my dick was not big enough ,would you let me fuck you with one of my 8" shits,if I froze it? I know good penetration is very important to you so I would be willing to eat a lot. I think you and my evacuations are made for each other, my dearest little fruit cake Cheryl.
2233 March 10, 2005

blank man:
Ed, Checked out the brutal dildo site. Just shows us how unimportant size really is. All women can take what we men could ever be indowed with. For fucks sake they can birth children!!! A head on a newborn is probably 10" around. Size is a non issue from this point. The case is closed. Vagina waaaayyy open!!!
2234 March 10, 2005

Not always size, i mean i''m sure there are acceptions, but remember a girls g spot is only 2 to 3 inches up from the opening of the snail trai and they have a little something that is easily accessable called a clit. i've actually have had girls orgasm in certain positions only using about 3 inches of my cock, size only matters if you can't hit right.

i am 7 inches long and about 5.5 thick which is fairly average i am 25 years old, i am a pretty good looking guy and i am somewhat successful, so i've managed to slimeball my way into quite a few girls pants...it is true most girls like bigger dicks but if you know how to get them hot, horny and wet or make them feel sexy, they don't give a shit... sure the visual of a big dick makes girls wet, but if you can romance them and get them seeing stars with a kiss, an average size penis isnt gonna make them change their mind about how they feel.

moral of the story, do your research listen to her breathing when kissing or caressing and pay attention to her body language when preping the pussy, make the bitch feel special, she'll enjoy it
2235 March 10, 2005

In a relationship you get the package deal, and there are certainly more important things than penis size to consider. But it seems nobody is really arguing to the contrary. So provided there is already chemistry, compatibility, and whatever else may be important, perhaps preference for penis function, shape, size, etc, could be considered too. With sex there are endless fantasies and methods to find pleasure between a couple.
In my relationships I've usually felt love for the guy before sex came into play, and would have loved him regardless of his size alone. My old boyfriend was pretty long and had a large mushroom head. The sex was great. It was especially nice to kiss and caress. Things just didn't work out for other reasons.
My current BF isn't nearly as long and has a smaller head but he has a very thick shaft, and it is extremely thick at the base (where it contacts the area where most of the nerve endings are in the vagina). So it is extremely pleasurable during intercouse. The orgasms are very intense. Since I love him, and he gets me so hot and wet I have no discomfort whatsoever, and the sex is awesome.
2236 March 11, 2005

me and my wife used to tell our sexual adventures to each other during sex to get off.during these times is when i found out her love of black men.she has been with many and is very experienced.i have become so excited since hearing her stories of being stretched to orgasm,or hour long sex sessions with these hung guys,it gets me off now just thinking of it.i think every women should have this experience.
2237 March 11, 2005

To: Satisfied Cheerleader:
Satisfied Cheerleader, you stated that you would always choose a small man that treated you right over a big man that's an ass. You left out what happens when you get a big man that also treats you right----they do exist.

What you did, Cheerleader, is unwittingly admit bigger is better. You made the equation unequal for a reason, only comparing big penised males that abuse vs  small penised male that are nice.

However, your post does show big is not the be all end all (unless it is a size queen).

During sex, at the times you want to be have it really put on you, filled and pounded onto you like only a big penis can do, instead of just nice love making as a small penis can only can do, what happens then? A big penised male has the means to do both serious pounding, and nice lovemaking. A small penis male can only do the touchy feely lovemaking.
2238 March 11, 2005

To those that think size doesn't matter at all:
If size doesn't matter at all,

then why do guys start thinking about it instinctively in locker rooms?

then why do women look at bulges in pants of males with big flaccids?

then why do size queens even exist?

then why do women say they went black for bigger and are not going back?

then why during intercourse do so many women make more unearthly sounds and are louder with a big penis?

then why do women in the audience go even wilder at male stripper shows more when the biggest male comes out on stage?

then why does she always clearly remember 'the big ones' she had?

then why will women brag to their friends how big their bf/husbands'penises are?

then why will women become more interested in males after they hear he has a big one?

then why will some females come knocking on a big man's door just for sex?

then why are men more jealous of men that have worked their gf/wife over with a big one?

then why do some women feel the need to sugar coat their answers, giving the average penis an advantage by saying 'I'll take an man that has an average size penis and knows how to use it over a man with a big penis that doesn't know how to use it'? They skip the part of when the man with a penis also knows how to use it. These ladies don't even realise that they just said size matters.

then why do women lust for a big one when they wish for something other than nice lovemaking, when they want it put on them like only a big one can do?
2239 March 11, 2005

Amused :
Sorry I just wasn't impressed with this disorganized, distorted mess. Let me get this right, if I post here, it is just a "comment or opinion", but Ed's material should be regarded as MORE than just commentary and opinion? lol. Good one.
2240 March 12, 2005

The plagiarist  :
TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS SITE: THANK YOU! Thank you so much for standing up for men everywhere. The truth is that men who say that size doesn't matter are liars. Tighter is definitely better and all men know that; this site, in relation to men, is 100 percent absolutely bollocks. I am 33 years old and I have been having sex since I was 15 and I have enjoyed many a fanny in my time, believe me. If my experiences have taught me anything it's that a nice juicy tight twat goes a long, long way. I am a bit of a "pressure king" even though I'm not that tall (5'5") but that has nothing to do with my preference for tight cunts. As you have not made clear, all men great or small prefer a tight box. I do, all of my friends do, and that's just the plain truth. If you're a girl with a fanny unable to exert 8lbs of pressure per square inch, you better give up and go home: you will never be able to give a real man the satisfaction he needs. Men have needs, girls, you've heard it everywhere. Unless your piss flaps are nicely packaged, it's definitely not worth unwrapping. Women have to understand that it's not easy to please a man. It takes effort, patience, and (most importantly) a tight fanny. And we're talking tidy as well as tight. I am quite sure that women with Fannies unable to exert 8lbs of pressure per square inch shouldn't even be having sex. If you're large or "average," you can serve the world better by becoming a nun. I'm happiest when I'm filling a tight fanny. With a tight fanny, I feel like a true man, I feel masculine and handsome. The feeling of dominating this tiny thing is marvellous. Tight Fannies give me orgasms I can feel all the way down to my bollocks! Multiple ball bag orgasms! Earthquakes! All I can say is that a man works hard and a man deserves tight penetration. Lads, you know what I'm talking about. Girls, that's the truth
P.S.Don't worry girls, any decent man knows there is much much more to a woman than her vagina; he will over look any slackness if she has other things to offer and most women do.
2241 March 12, 2005

The fact is women always remember the smallest and the biggest one they every had. If you whip out a big thick cock, yeah, the girl will take notice. The average cock is "just a cock" and not that important to the overall experience. That being said, you can't break pussy! So no matter what size you have hit hard and work it out good. If it's too loose, stick in in her ass!

If your with your girfriend or wife give her what she likes even if it requires power tools. If it is a one night sex fest, bang her good and hard! Lesbians don't have big dicks! They somehow get each other off. If a chick needs me to bang her for 2 hours straight with a ear of corn in my ass I will satisfy her fantasy!

What ever it takes to satisfy a women, DO! Us guys can get off easy anytime.

One more thing. NEVER CUM BEFORE SHE IS READY FOR YOU TOO! Let her tell you when and where to blow it.
2242 March 12, 2005

As far as I'm concerned, a man's penis is EXACTLY the right size if he can BARELY get it in a chick's mouth..
2243 March 12, 2005

OK, so I've got a small penis. It's about 4 inches long & not thick enough either. I was very anxious about this fact, but the girl I'm now with (we are likely to get married soon) has left no doubt in the question 'Does size matter?' The answer is - IT DOES! But not in terms of 'The bigger - the better'. It is important to have physical compatibility with your partner! My girl's got very tight & short vagina - that's why my penis fits perfectly, as it was made especially for her. Yet, her previous partner had bigger penis & she wasn't happy about it, cause sex was hard & painful! Our sex is amazing & always a great fun! So when you hook up with someone, you should check out not only the compatibility of your characters, but compatibility of your sexual organs as well. So if I was dating a girl with loose & long vagina - we would have problems with sex, just as well as if I had a big penis - I would've problems with having sex with my girlfriend. There are no bad or good sizes, I think - only compatible & incompatible couples.
2244 March 12, 2005

hey guys...Ive decided not to concentrate on my 9 incher so much and to concentrate more on using it
in different ways to see the reaction I get from other people...I live about 4 blocks from the beach and there a lot of college kids  are here for spring break...so I put on my new brief swim suit and headed to the beach this morning and started prancing around on the sand with a very prominant buldge showing...an older woman with her dog was the first to take a good
look at it made my cock feel warm and wanted...as I went on by the next group I passed was a group of college boys and they looked at it with respect and envy
then I walked by 3 college girls and they all looked at each other and smiled and made some remarks to each other...I heard one of them say to the others I dont think I could take all of that...but it might be fun to try...as I walked on down the beach where there
was less people there was a woman in the back of her
pick up drinking a beer...she called to me and asked if I would like one...so I went over to the truck and told her that it was just a bit early for me...she said that she had a hangover and that the only thing
better than a beer would be a quickie to get her blood
flowing and I told her that I didnt have a rubber with me and she said that she had some and
jumbped out of the back and opened the pu door and
got one out of her purse and told me to come here and
she put her hand on my cock on the outsdie of my suit and he started to grow with the attention and she said give him some room and so I brought out my cock
she reached inside of my suit and started lightly massageing my balls which brought me to a hard erection...and she said that she had been hot for a man for hours and was more than ready for it...she pulled down the bottom of her suit and put my hand on her genitilia and sure enough she was wet and swollen she slipped the rubber on my cock leaned on the door
raised her leg and put her foot on the floor board and
said give me my hang over cure...give me all of it and
hurry...I slipped it in to the balls and she moaned and said work it...I pulled out again and she opened her leg wider and I went in her an inch at a time...thats not what she wanted...all she said was fuck me hard and fast...I put my weight on my heels and gave her hard meat at its best and she loved it...had an orgasam and put her hands on my hips and said I need a real man with cum in his balls...ball me baby...I started fucking her hard..and she came again...and said as hard as you can before you cum...hurt me a little...I came on as strong as I could and she said fill your rubber for me baby and I
shot it 5 or 6 times and leaned against her for a munite and she said that was real good...and now pull out I need another beer and as I was pulling out whe
pulled the rubber off she said there is not any thing
like sperm and beer for a hangover and then dismissed me I wiped my cock off on her towel put it in my suit
and she said I dont like men except for one thing and
you just gave it to me...thanks! I walked on down the
beach I wondered what I was going to have for breakfast because I was hungry....and my cock was happily resting in my suit...nice way to start the day just put the bait out there and somene is going to bite...she was cold on the outside and hot on the inside for a man...just about any man I suspect...and
I am the man sho shot her...my girl friends husband is out of town for the weekend and she will be over about one oclock for some action...something to look forward to.....nothing wrong with spreading it around.
2245 March 12, 2005


(#2138) Laura:
I just want to say that I think that size of a penis is definitely overrated.  I think that the best women are the ones that can make a guy with an average size one feel like he's THE STUD of the barnyard

What if a guy was "tiny"?
2246 March 12, 2005

I'm a white dude with a 7 1/2" wang...bigger smaller, average, whatever...I'm happy with what I got, end of story*
2247 March 12, 2005

I 45. married for almost 20 years- and have never been with another woman since.  My wife has had only a few lovers before me, and with the exception of her only one night stand, has had boyfriends who were either above average or large. I myself can maybe get up to 4.75" x 4.75" max.  It sucks that I cant even say 5", which is nothing to brag about to begin with. My wife and I only started enjoying sex since after i went through your site a while ago- she only knows that i did some research, and is pleased with the results!  I bought my first dido a while ago, with good results.  I have since upgraded to top of the line jelly ang glass dildos with increasingly great results.  Her favorite is an 8.5" jelly that is part of a strap-n, which she once alluded that she may like to try- but really isnt into yhe strap on part- just loves to get fucked by the dildo, the old fashioned way.  she loves to have sex with me right after, and tells me that she enjoys the way I feel better than the jelly dong.  If thats the case- why does she get porn movie like, mind blowing orgasms when I use the dildo on her just right, and never when I fuck her?She says she likes the motion and angle of the "real thing", and enjoys the naughtiness of the dong, knowing it wont cum too fast- like I usually did...which seems to be a trait of smaller penised men, for whatever reason.  Her orgasms are so intense, that I once came when she was experiencing a particularly loud one!  This brings me to my new found, and some what disturbing and recurring fantasy I have.  Instead of ne or even us being with another woman, sometimes all together- but always with my wifes prsence. This new fantasy involves her either seeing or fucking other men with big penises in my presence. Reading other comments, it appears that this is not an uncommon desire of other men who have a small penis.  I first felt inadequate and jealous of her former loversw and all men with a large penis, but know the thought of watching her with a real big penis, after seeing what a fake whopper does to her is the only thing I think about!  She tells me she has no interest to take this to the next level, even though I try to convince her if a large life-like dildo make her cum as hard as she does, and she even enjoys the after sex withme and my little dick--what would real live sex witha a real live large penis feel like?
What do you think--is the fantasy enough, and she is OK with things as they currently are...or would she and I really get thethrillI fantasize of watching her get reamed by a porn star type stud< with a huge cock, who also knew how to use it?
2248 March 13, 2005

I am an 8 inch long and 5.74-6 inch in girth.. Before I use to doubt if Im small or not because my penis would slip out at times (actually with one girl). I think it goes both ways and its just a fact of life when it comes to this big issue. Girls like bigger dicks ofcourse, they like guys who are fitter with a 6-pac etc. Same way, Most guys prefer I tighter vagina, bigger well shaped ass, or bigger breast. And yes breast size ass siz and tightness DOES make it better. Its just the truth.
2249 March 13, 2005

Im a bit confused at what this sites getting at. First its about penis size IS a big deal then it goes that it isnt...asians have smaller penises blacks with large ones...so shouldnt all the women go with blacks? The information is intresting but a bit confusing as to what the point is.
2250 March 14, 2005

At least one thing on this site is true: that anyone without a sense of humor shouldn't read the contents.

I DO believe that if given a choice most (if not all) women would pick a bigger penis BUT the importance is highly overrated since the size is easily compensated by
good technique and stamina.

If all women just want big penis for sex, why are there lesbians whose partners don't have a penis at all? I really doubt they crave for huge dick.

And yes, my penis IS bigger than average.

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