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2101 February 12, 2005

size of the cock has obviously never really been a huge factor in a women's choice of man, otherwise all men would have evolved to have meatfeasts, because the big dicked men would have had more acces to the gene pool, i think this is pretty easy to understand. women in the old days, chose men on other factors, like how well the man will look after them and feed them. however, nowadays women can looks after themselves, and so are not so fussy about a man's financial status, and how much support he provides, and as such women now chose men according to other factors, and penis size is now much more important. nowadays, thanks to influences of the media, eg. the spice girls and sex in the city, it is now fashionable for women to openely talk about only sleeping with a guy because he had a big dick. out the top 20 most attractive girls in my school, who could get any man they want, only 2 or 3 DONT purposefully sleep with black men on the pretence of a massive dick. what's more, they brag about doing this in front of everyone, like it's what real women do, and the ugly girls just follow suit. the same is happening in all over my area, in my friends schools and night clubs. how can i bring myself to treat women with respect when all they do is make me feel inadequate? some quite openely state that they just wont sleep with white men. where are all the women? i find most of these girls utterly masculine, intimidating, incapable or romance, and it gets me down.
2102 February 12, 2005

Satisfied Cheerleader:
I find the size queens and size obsessed girls here just stupid. I'm an attractive 25 year old woman, a cheerleader in high school and collage. I've had a few men intimately. The most vain, self obsessed men I've had were well endowed. One phyically abused me. He was very controlling. One of the others was Gods gift to women. Everything was him, him, him. I'm married to a great, caring man now that treats me like a queen. He measures 4 and three quarters inches long, and 4 and one half inches girth. He can make me orgasm like no well endowed asshole has ever done. He pays attention to what I like, takes his time, and worries about me and what I'm feeling, not just him. None of the men I've ever been with are fit to lick his boots when it comes to being a real man in bed. Give me small and a real man anytime.
2103 February 13, 2005

uncircumsized,and inverted, you small guys think you have problems, forget the sexual side of it, how bout havin to pee sitting down cuz you  cant piss standing cuz you cant find your peter its indide your belly!  if it werent for my balls all i have is a wad of foreskin and a whopping 0" when flacid and 2.5 erect
2104 February 13, 2005

hello 1943 james todd craig,
you never had 6 inches... maybe round about 3-4-but i m happy that you found at last a girl, which is willing to fullfill your sick fantasies.
you re a complete negligilably with a big mental illness ass sucker. greetings of a seaman from germany.... do you remind me?
2105 February 13, 2005

I was circumcised when I was 9 yr.old. The surgen was our neighbor. He discused my size w/ my parents. He said if it contenued to grow I might have a problem later. I am now over 8in. I have never found a woman that could not handel it. Some say take it easy and let me relax. I have asked about my size. Women seem not to be all that excited about my size. Most prefer 5to6 in. One said it felt like a broom handle in side her. And was some uncomfortable. I guess it is a genenetic thing. I dont know.
2106 February 14, 2005

Cheryl(no. 2066 ) :
Cheryl(no. 2066 ), I have never read a more arrogant posting than yours: you appoint yourself spokesmen; believing your brief but colourful sex life qualifies you to do so, you call women who don't agree with her 'liars', even though some of these woman are more worldly wise than you; you tell us that women want thick and long  penises ,yet ignore the 36% of surveyed women who prefer girth; you tell men with a penises less than 8" not to bother having sex,yet The Authentic Penis Chart shows that the ideal penis for most women, who according you are not real women, falls bellow the length you dictate; and by implication you would deprive women with small vaginae ,most oriental and great swathes of middle eastern, near eastern, European  and quiet a few sub Saharan African men a  sex life.  
       I think you are an immature demi-mondaine who lacks foresight and suffers from a psychological abnormality After all you  have delusions of grandeur ,yet mentally deficient enough  to  need a penis to make you feel like a true woman-a woman, but you're barely out of childhood !-feminine and beautiful. In view of this, I am sure you should not be having sex and, and should perhaps be sterilised. May you soon enter womanhood, you silly, arrogant, little girl!
2107 February 14, 2005

large guy :
hey girls here is a guy with 10 inches who allways has trouble going deep , but i know that u girls like that, so if any girl wants to share this with me e- mail me (steptoxxx@yahoo.com)
2108 February 14, 2005

funny about penis size.  when i was a young man at 22 my penis was right at 8 inches long (on a good hard on) and i don't remember thickness but probably just under 2" thick.  there were a couple of guys that i worked with that had quite a bit larger members.  i would say around 9 inches and much thicker then mine.  with the thicker part more noticable.  big penis guys like for others to see them so they, (i worked construction and roomed with them many times) they will display their penis to you when ever possible.  anyway i have seen first hand women do seek these big penis guys out. they will go out of their way to get a big dick let there be no doubt about it.  i have personally seen women approach them simply because thay have a big dick. 
i always did good i wasn't huge but not small either.  well i'm 45 yrs old now.  about three years ago i noticed that i was definately shorter then i use to be. (it's true guys you shrink) more then a 1/4" shorter.  so i decided to try one of the PE programs.  and like every other guy that first trys to increase his member i over did it.  spent over an hour a day etc. well guess what it worked.  i easily elclisped 8 inches long.  and thicker as well.  when i stopped i was 8.5" long and over two inches thick. i stopped for at least a year because it seemed growth had stopped.  (note if i lost any of my gains i could't tell) however recently i started back up.  my new routine is only 20 minutes and i spend more time on girth then length.  i am now 9.5 inches long(thats a to the bone measurement) and close to 7.5" around.  just thought i would put my two cents in about PE.  it's in my opinion that it works well and does not have to take up all of your spare time.  my wife has had four kids and i'm quite sure that she is not as tight as 20 yrs ago.  but i have noticed since i have targeted girth she is getting tighter all the time. 
soft i measure between 6 and 7" long and 6" to 6.5" around.  so it almost always looks big. 
i know my wife likes a big dick, and i think she will be able to take an even bigger one comfortably.  (she's going to have to)
she is the only one that gets it now, so i could'nt relate my experiences with other women.  (though i had many express pleasure when i was around 8")
so guys don't listen to people about what you have is what you have it ain't so.  i never took before and after pictures so the proof is going to have to stay in the puddin. incedently i did sign up with penis health during my second bout.  techniques much the same except got some great new girth excersize though.
  the bra
2109 February 14, 2005

what do you seek? :
It is my humble opinion (from my particular experience)that "most" women have different priorities than men. I firmly believe the penis is not the key that unlocks the female's secret gate. If only it were so easy!(I'm 6.5" but since theres no way to substantiate, who cares!) Women value the stability and security of a meaningful, ongoing relationship. They seek love and passion. They desire romance and intimacy. It seems there are many other priorities on the list before we get to the penis, and its size. Just as well, there isn't much we could do anyway. My guess is...if your focused on your penis size, you will be lonely, and you will have plenty of free time to waste on web sites like this. I suggest you ask yourself these two questions.... Did I come here seeking TRUTH? If not, what then, am I actually seeking?

Message to author:
Penis size "matters"? All things equal? 
If the question is flawed, the answers lack meaning. The human mind likes to organize, catagorize, and simplify. Our minds can get messy, like a cluttered desk, unless we continuously file things away as "completed" or "understood". Unfortunately life is disorganized and random by nature. Chaos is a given. Perhaps things don't belong so damned orderly! Endless social and cultural influences coupled with man's complex biological nature, creates a spectrum of behavior far too vast for simple, black-white questions, and, yes-no answers. It is simply human nature to fear what we don't understand, to jump to conclusions, to stereotype, to judge incorrectly, to act prematurely. It takes effort to keep an open mind, to not judge and conclude so quickly! The truth is often lost in the wake of generalization and over simplification. The more we think we know, the more we overlook. The wiser we become, the more we realize how much we have yet to learn. I don't believe you have found t!
 ruth, nor will you. Your answers are false because your question is false. Listening to you is like listening to a preacher. On this topic, it is not so simple, there are no right or wrong answers, only personal preference and experience. Why can't you understand this? I can't help but wonder what class of women you date(and have dated). Do you live in a trailer park? As others have stated, this is certainly not a "debate" and you are not its moderator. You have over generalized, and over simplified in your haste to arrive at a definitive "yes-no, right-wrong answer". You have already concluded and chosen, and consequently, compromised the TRUTH. The topic you present is worthy of discussion and debate. Too bad you've bastardized it.
2110 February 14, 2005

Dr. Insane:
After squandering my time reading all the crap in the comments section, i came to a conclusion. Scientifically grounded of course. The conclusion is - about 80% of the posters here are complete idiots. They should be tracked by their IP addresses and put into concentration camps and eventually executed - thus the world will be relieved of such a burden. Having read this utter crap, i seriously started to consider medical treatment mentally-wise. I feel that my mental health was seriously damaged by this site and it still is a jeopardy to all other innocent surfers in the net.A bullet in the head is the most adequate answer and cure for all the inadequacy of some seriously complexed people, posting here and trying to conceal their complexes behind higher requirements towards the other.
The last sentence is not intended for the so called small sized men posting here. Nuff said
2111 February 14, 2005

strychnine fred:
I would like to comment on a few things.
The whole "black men are bigger" myth has very little truth behind it.  The truth is (and there are exceptions) that the black male is supposedly bigger in the flaccid state, NOT erect. 

Perhaps that you could take into consideration that a big penis (9,10 inches, what ever) is from some sort of penis enlargement?

If you ask me, I think the whole mumbo jumbo about "bigger is better" is just part of the whole "placebo" effect.  A female sees a bigger size penis so she's going to automatically assume(and have it in her head) that it is better when making love.

And it is a fact that size has NO importance at all. Guys who have no confidence in their penis size, all I can say for you is that there are worst things in the world.  The girlie you make love to has her insecurities as well, you aren't the only one.  So work with what the good God has given you, if you have confidence and know how to use your package, you can get a girl off as easy as any guy that is "hung"

Me, myself, I'm 6.5 inches in length and 4.5 to 5 inches in girth and (when I tell you this bit of info, I swear I mean it) I can get my fiance off 10 times in 3 minutes.  I like to consider myself "The God of Fuck" ("Highway" reference) because I can go for hours without busting a nut or busting one at all.  Most guys have enough trouble getting their girl off 10 times in an hour, let alone 3 minutes.  Just find out what your lover likes, dislikes, ect.
2112 February 15, 2005

I'm married 21 years. The wife is extremely conservative. Now that the kids are out of the house more, things get a little better. She surprised me with a French Maid's outfit and the 'ole 6" went straight to erect. I felt the need to reciprocate and slipped on a 2" extension. She noticed it right away, but didn't complain. I worked it for a good 1/2 hour in about 6 different positions and all I heard were moans and groans I'd wanted to hear before. I don't handle the variation without aid. Whan all was said and done she came twice with the extension and once without. Based on that I'd have to say - women love bigger dicks. I'm looking for a 4" extension at this point..I don't think I could share her with anyone else!
2113 February 15, 2005

Gosh, this site made me thinking a lot. But after I saw page 50 that talks so single-mindedly about a 'fact' that all men like big pussy lips, I was very relieved.

This website is fundamentally wrong. There are men who truly prefer no pussy lips visible at all.

I am always so much pleased to see an adult woman with her child-like pussy with no disgusting pussy lips hanging out.

So, if the author of this site is so single-mindedly saying that small pussy lips are a disaster for all women, what credibility is there in other claims?

And when it comes to page 18 containing those images of how large penises are 'DEFINITELY' better... well, I do not like this concept at all as it involves displacement of uterus and other suspicious things that rather point out to some very dark practices of old, long forgotten (Genesis 6:4-5).

The Book of Jubilees, Chapter 5:

"[1] And it came to pass when the children of men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them, that the angels of God saw them on a certain year of this jubilee, that they were beautiful to look upon; and they took themselves wives of all whom they

[2] chose, and they bare unto them sons and they were giants. And lawlessness increased on the earth and all flesh corrupted its way, alike men and cattle and beasts and birds and everything that walks on the earth -all of them corrupted their ways and their orders, and they began to devour each other, and lawlessness increased on the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of all men

[3] (was) thus evil continually. And God looked upon the earth, and behold it was corrupt, and all flesh had corrupted its orders, and all that were upon the earth had wrought all manner of evil

[4] before His eyes. And He said that He would destroy man and all flesh upon the face of the earth

[5,6] which He had created. But Noah found grace before the eyes of the Lord."

So, long penises have record on bringing destruction and decay over time as they rob people of spiritualism in sex and rather bring a pure focus on flesh.

Eastern philosophy teaches us that when two people love each other, they form one spirit and one body by merging energies of all their chakras.

After reading this site, it came to me what was wrong with it. Large penises may be providing women with excessive vagina stimulation. However, this disproportionate orientation towards flesh then prevents the energy to rise above second chakra in those women. And that is THE moment of truth for this site. It teaches black magic practices of long forgotten times when Sons of God seduced earthly women by giving them extra vagina stimulation and robbing them of energy instead of giving it to them.

For women to reach highest possible COMPLEX climax, they do not need to displace their uterus. COMPLEX climax is a sum of many factors, only some of them relating directly to the size of penis although the truth IS that penises need certain size to be effective (and this size varies absolutely with every woman).

In sex, there is no place for any generalization as it always comes down to the very two people who meet.

Good sex is when partners generate and receive each other's complex energy through love. Good sex is when people feel refreshed, filled with new energy. From that perspective, penis is long enough if it can ensure the arrival of that new energy. This is THE single evaluation criterion (confirmed by so many comments posted by guys who speak of women preferring them despite the fact they were rather average).

This site teaches that the nature made only about 15% of all men capable of fully pleasing women. Do you truly want to believe that? I say this site teaches black magic practices designed to rob women of energy via excessive vagina stimulation and displacement/deformation of their inner organs.

I am so happy that this site is wrong! Otherwise it would be too sad world to live in.
2114 February 15, 2005

wanna play "Lets Pretend"?:
First let me shock or excite you.

Your girlfriend or wife secretly craves a bigger cock than yours!!

Perhaps this terrifies you? Perhaps this excites you? You arrived here somehow!

Penis look, size, and functionality matters. No shit sherlock! ...along with an infinite list of influencing variables like vagina size, sexual history, sex drive, age, physical attractiveness, ethnicity, amount of free time and energy, etc. Any dumb ass knows this! Exactly how much any of these things matter is individual and varies greatly. When we consider the who, where, when, why and how, it makes no sense to generalize. Its rediculous and childish to pretend all things are equal. This site was designed to captivate, shock and stimulate the specific sub population that is concerned enough (or motivated enough) to actually type "penis size" into a search engine. The entire premise of this site is distorted, and the topic has been taken out of context. It may provide entertainment value to some but its rather interesting how it isn't presented as such.
2115 February 15, 2005

Average size pale boy in search of an Ebony Beauty:
Since I've reading black women an men perspective, (I loved the post saying that no black women will leave her lover because his penis size) I met this great girl online, I felt in love instantly it's a shame she is so far away, and of course I asked about her toughts in penis size based on that all we know about black brothers (that was before I confessed her my measurements)I think dark skin it's better (I'm a fucking pale guy, kind of handsome but with an average size (6.5x5.5) doesn't matters to me because white women it's the one that most complains about it and I'm not interested in them course that I recognize there is a lot of white women that are really pretty but I have this preference in afroamerican girls hope) human race will end being black skinned (yahoo!) and of course if my black girl wants some more meat under my pants then I will try excercises he he, and if that doesn't work then I will cry...

                                    Peace brothers
2116 February 15, 2005

This site is stupid, what are they trying to do here? The only thing this is accomplishing is making millions of men feel like shit. what are they supposed to do about it? There are women who prefer a 6 in. dick over a n 8 in. one. Many. Guys who read this, dont take it to heart, the numbers on here are completely false and the whole site is bullshit. look at it for its rediculousness, and just enjoy who you are.
2117 February 16, 2005

I not gay...and I even think big dicks are better...and better looking...women like to feel like their pussies are filled to the rim...it varies between women...a women told me that my dick was really big and it gave her a painful good feeling by banging against her uterus...lata
2118 February 16, 2005

I noticed the penis sized debate logo has a guy with
a huuuge COCK....Did you all know that Jimi Hendrix
had his cock plaster castered by women that called themselves The Plaster Casters back in the sixtes....they would suck various rock stars to an erection and pour this clay liquid over their cocks and make a mold, then make a statute of the cock...Hendrix had the biggest cock that they found amoung the rock stars of the sixties...big cock and big guitar, you're sure to get all the pussy. smile
2119 February 16, 2005

Very interesting website, I am glad that a guy created it!  Now you know how women with small breast feel like!!! Well I just have to say that to all those men out there be very glad that we women are not so braxen tacky and heartless to judge you (generally speaking) the way you judge us...otherwise many of you would be damn lonely...we accept you bald heads, love handles(a term a guy made up I am sure) and your roving eye for other women...sheesh...and we put up with the small dicks when we would like much more...he he...so now that you know the truth and that we woman are so good at proteciong your egos while you trounce on ours...start treating us with a bit more respect...and be happy with a faithful woman that loves you...otherwise you might end up like Bobbit(what a fucked up name)  anyway...remember the golden rule and you will get love and devotion...
2120 February 16, 2005

Men are awfully whiney when the shoe is on the other foot...but I will say that an above average cock is best ..not to large as the do not tend to have lasting ability...
2121 February 16, 2005

Shoe size:
This link has a conversion chart that shows there really is a correlation between penis and shoe size...I like the international factors of the chart.  Interesting
2122 February 16, 2005

race size:
i have traviled around the world,been to europe south amercia africa middle east.Slept with white blak yellowish women.And evan some men yes i am bi,i have not just had sex with these women i have talked to them as well.Yes blak men have for the most part bigger penises but by only 1in.So any white man with a penise over 7in don't worry.Asian men sorry to tell them have the smallest sorry but you have.So if anyone who has an over 7in penise and can go to asia you will,have a great time but also remember a few of the asian women wont go near you,becuse your be to big.Black women will also love you,but take it from me most women will have a bit of a problem with an 8in penise unless they have had a baby.Just treat any women with respect at all times do,it will make up for your size
2123 February 16, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen. I was directed to this site by a colleague/friend who found the premise interesting but the results, frankly, misleading at best and grossly exploitative at worst.

Here are a number of statistical facts to add to "the debate". Granted, many here might find such treatment as worthless or unintelligable, if one is not versed in basic probability theory. Okay, here we go.

First, using numerous clinical survey data (Kinsey, Lifestyle Condoms, etc.), i.e., mean average length of approximately 6 inches long and 4.8 inches in girth or circumference), the "ideal" penis size from the related table is possessed by no more than 1-2 men out of 100 (for the "less endowed" man of "ideal" size) and as few as 3-4 out of 10,000 men (for the men with the largest "ideal" dimensions).

Next, how many women will likely experience such size (apart from a sex toy)? Well, given the consistency of cross-national survey data from the US, Canada, and the UK indicating the average number of sexual partners women aged 18-54 have (reported anonymously) in a lifetime being around 8-9 (more often reported as the only 3-5 partners when fear of identity being revealed), the typical female would have the probability of encountering the "ideal" penis as follows:

Modest "ideal" penis:

At least one:    ~14%-15%.
 "   "   two:         ~2%.
 "   "   three:     ~0.3%.

Largest "ideal" penis:

At least one:       ~0.3%.
 "   "   two:     ~0.001%.

How many sexual partners would a woman have to have to increase her probability to 50% of encountering "one" man with the "ideal" size range? ~40 for the modest "ideal" size and ~1,700+ for the large "ideal" size.

Moreover, consider that the probability of a woman having sex with at least one man 7 inches long, given 8-9 sexual partners, is only ~32%; however, encountering a man with 7 inches or more AND larger girth of, say, 5 1/2 inches or more is only ~15%; two partners is ~2%. The probability of having sex with a penis of 7 1/2 inches or more and 5 1/2 inches of girth or more is ~9%-10%; two partners of this size only ~1%.

Therefore, the bottom line is that a VERY large majority of women, i.e., ~85%, will NEVER EXPERIENCE what is technically a "large" penis in terms of length AND girth. Thus, any discernible preference for a larger-than-average penis is likely to be conditioned by the experience of no more than 10%-15% of women, a siginficant portion of whom are more promisucous, i.e., have many more sexual partners than average in order to increase the probability of encountering a larger penis.

For the other 85% of women, however, they are likely to experience no more than 1-2 men with penises larger than the average range of 5 1/4 inches to 6 1/2 inches with girth in the range of 4 1/2" to 5 1/4 inches. For these women, they will be inclined not to know if "size matters" with respect to having a preference for a larger penis, as the size that matters to them will be that possessed by 9 out of 10 men.

Now, the inferences above should not in any way be construed to assume that women who will never experience a large penis will not at some point in their sexually active lives be curious about and/or fantasize about sex with a large penis. Human nature suggests that many if not most will be curious and/or fantasize with a partner or privately while masturbating, for example.

Most of my former partners spent considerable time caressing, fondling, licking, kissing, stroking, and looking at my penis in various states of full or partial erection, possibly because it was more alluring to touch and look at than to experience inside their bodies.

Furthermore, women who will never experience a large penis (let alone encounter the so-called "ideal" penis) might have a tendency to overestimate average or slightly larger than average, e.g., 6 1/2-6 3/4 inches, as large "for them". And, whether these women inaccurately (technically, that is) perceive a man as large (and more desirable in her mind) will tend to be affected by such intangibles as her degree of emotional committment, socioeconomic security, "recency effect" (tendency to remember as as most relevant messages or experiences most recently experienced), desire to buttress their oen status, and so on. 

In the interest of disclosure, fully erect/engorged and along the top with the fat pad pressed down to the pubic bone (the way we researchers prefer to do it, but there is legitimate reasons to use other methods to yield only slightly different results), I measure slightly less than ~6 inches flaccid and a full 8 inches long erect (as much as 8 1/2 inches long using a tape following the contour of my penis which angles slightly upward) by slightly more than 5 1/2 inches in girth, not "ideal" by the premise of this site, but more than 3 standard deviations from average for length and 1 1/2 standard deviations for girth.

I have been married for 10-11 years, was monogomaous with my wife 4-5 years before marrying, and had approximately 25 partners before my wife (most occurring from age ~20-25 with women aged 18-19 to 22-23 with limited sexual experience). Without exception I was considered larger than any partner had previously had, "very large" by I estimate half of the partners, and simply "huge" or virtually intolerable for perhaps one-third of women, ranging from petite and a little over 5' tall to as tall as 5'6" to 5' 7".

My wife confided that I am significantly larger than all of her previous sexual partners. Of the largest she recalled, he would have been an inch and a half or more shorter and with less girth, owing to her recollection that the largest partner's penis was not long enough for her to get two hands along the length, whereas she gets two hands on me with virtually my whole head to spare (she has average-sized hands).

With the possible exception of the woman on top (one of my wife's favorite) controlling depth and my thrusting angle and speed (including with my wife today after two children), I could not engage in full thrusting of my length in any position without significant discomfort to my partners to the point of having to change positions and/or thrust less deeply or cease activity altogether due to severe discomfort for my partners in numerous instances. In the worst cases from my early sexual experiences (when I was far less sophisticated in my technique), even after extended foreplay and heightened arousal, the responses from the partners ranged from crying out in pain, cursing me in anger and frustration, and hysterical laughter and embarrassment turning to tears from discomfort and air being forceably released from distended vaginas during thrusting or after I withdrew my penis.

One curious aspect of women's ways of dealing with the novel experience of a large penis was several instances in which I heard indirectly that they had commented to girlfriends or boasted about my size and relative prowess, several times after we were no longer having sex. In some of these cases, the encounter might have been perceived after the fact as a kind of accomplishment or conquest on their part, despite having experienced discomfort.

As to the illustrations on this site showing a penis of 9+ inches distending the fornix of the vagina well into the abdominal cavity, forget it. These illustrations detract greatly from credibility the site's author might desire (assuming that this site is not a farce). In my experience, for the vast majority of women, such a situation would be utterly unbearable. The connecting tissue interface of the uterus/cervix and fornix is flexible but not as pliable as shown, especially for younger women with limited sexual experience and/or those who have not had children. Such a stretching of the back of the vagina risks cervical bruising and possible trauma and hemmorrhaging of the uterus/cervix. I was able routinely (and still do with my wife) to encounter the cervix and fornix with mostly displeasure from my partners. The possible exception to this was/is penetration without thrusting into the cervix or fornix, merely remaining erect and stationary while making contact with or d!
 istending the fornix. Some (a minority) partners (including my wife) found/find this pleasureable from the perspective that they felt/feel totally filled up and then some but without the anxiety of discomfort. Most partners refused to submit to this deep penetration any longer than they could to tell me to stop.

Also, in my experience, the increased friction from the combination of much longer length than average and larger girth resulted in numerous incidents of leaving partners quite sore and unable to engage in intercourse in subsequent days (even without full penetration and deep thrusting). Along with not being permitted to thrust deeply, as a young man (as I look back now), the soreness experienced by my partners contributed to my periodic dissatisfaction with many or most of my partners, encouraging me to be more promiscuous than I would have personally liked to be, i.e., would have rather had a monogomous, committed relationship.

As a practicing urologist and clinical researcher, I estimate that I have seen approximately 7,000-8,000 penises of men of all ages and ethnicities. The overwhelming majority fall into the "average" range, whereas perhaps only 3-4 out of 100 would be considered large or very large, the same holding for small or very small. The caveat I would add to this is that, whereas blacks overall tend to conform to the normal distribution of penis size, the larger black penises are larger on average, i.e., flaccid length and girth. The largest penis I have ever personally witnessed was possessed by a young, tall (6'5") black man at more than 6 inches long while flaccid and perhaps 2 inches wide (~6 1/2 inches in circumference), essentially as large flaccid as the average erection for all men. Using the research data showing the average growth of penis length and girth from flaccid to erect states, this man probably had an erection of over 9 inches and perhaps as large as being in the 10!
  inch range with girth over 7 inches, outside the "ideal" penis range, to be sure.

The next largest group would be those of my size of which it is quite rare, perhaps only 1%-2% at most (a few more than 100 in total in 11-12 years of practicing). Two noteworthy penises were possessed by a man of Arab extraction and a Sudanese man (both ~6 inches flaccid but noticeably thicker than I am), both likely 8-9 inches erect but with girth perhaps in the upper 6 to 7 inch range.

Where does this leave us? Well, does size matter? Clearly, for the vast majority of women, it depends upon "which size" to which one is referring. For 80%-85% of women who will never experience even a large penis, let alone the "ideal" organ, size is in the context of 5 1/4 inches to 6 1/2 inches in length and no more than 5 to 5 1/4 inches in girth; to them, "that" size matters but perhaps not much more.

For the 15% of women with a statistically significant probability of experiencing at least one large penis (by length AND girth) in their lifetime (~2% experience 2 such penises), whereas only ~3%-4% of women will ever be with a man with a large penis in a monogamous relationship at any one time, size also likely matters but perhaps not in the way one might first imagine. For many of these women (virtually all in my case, including my dear wife), there is a size that is too big for many or most positions; therefore, one can further infer that only 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 women who experience a large penis will remain with the man, so 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 women who experience a large penis will have found it perhaps novel or intriguing but not compatible, ultimately, and they will never experience a large penis again.

So, ladies and gentlemen, consider as you drive the freeways and byways and walk the streets and malls of your cities, only 3-4 adult males out of 100 you see on any given day are technically "large" with ~1% or less, i.e., a few per 1,000 men, being "very large" or possessing the "ideal" penis.

Further, 8-9 out of 10 women you see will not have had and will never experience a large penis, let alone the "ideal" penis; and, of the 10-15 out of 100 women who do experience a large or very large penis, only ~4 of them will be currently with the man with a large or very large penis.

In the larger context, then, whether women prefer or desire a large penis is an abstraction and perhaps more of a "mystique" or novelty, as the vast majority of women will not actually know for certain if they prefer a large penis, as they will not experience one; most of the small minority of women who will experience a large penis will not end up in a committed relationship with a man with a large penis.

So, for you 80%+ of guys out there with erections of 5 1/4 inches to less than 7 inches in length and 4 1/2 inches to 5 1/4 inches in girth, it is "your" relative size which 8-9 out of women are conditioned to expect to experience and actually do experience and/or come to commit to. Nature selected your size to impregnate females and populate the Earth with we human beings (for better or worse). Enjoy yourselves!
2124 February 16, 2005

Hi! Cheryl Here Again:
Post 2090 said that his 4 inch penis is often rejected for its small size. I only came back to this site to see if anyone responded to my posting (2066) and I'm shocked that it has caused so much controversy. 2090, I don't know if you wanted me to respond to you, but maybe there's hope for you tiny men out there. I guess you should find a girl whose petite (usually small girls have small pussies) or wear a strap-on when you have sex. I'm sure, if the girl's nice, she'll let you fuck her without one on sometimes. Just don't blame her if she falls asleep. Personally, as I have made clear, I just prefer big dicks. They make me feel good. I guess I feel sorry for small men somehow. People, is it so wrong to enjoy being stretched by big, thick cocks? PS: I forgot to mention that hard is important, even if you're small.
2125 February 16, 2005

Size Queen:
My boyfriend and I once fit a wine bottle deep up inside my pussy. Does this mean I'm a size queen? I'm petite but he's been fucking me for two months now and he's quite big down there. Is it possible that I've been stretched too much? I like being open, anyway.
2126 February 16, 2005

Shorter than average man at 5'4. The first time I had sex was at seventeen and that was by accident. Naturally beeing shoter than most I felt my dick would be shorter being the reason for my late start.  But as it happen most would girl tell me that I was bigger than most at 7 1/4 x 5.75 and thanks to this web site I see that they were not just being nice. I am not bragging but it just helps to reassured some times.
2127 February 17, 2005

Big Enough:
Yeah, well, I have a 6 ~ 7 inch. It depends on how much exercise it's getting as to just how long it is, but let me tell you:

Many of the women I've been with (a few) have had difficulty taking all of it at some point or other.

They find that when I go real deep, it bottoms out, hits the end of their vaginas and hurts. And that's a real turn off, especially for them. They start getting very edgy...

In fact, when she went in suffering severe abdominal pains, her doctor ordered one of my girlfriends to give me up because it was going to cause her damage. (This is the honest truth! It may have something to do with her only being about 5ft tall, I don't know.)

So, if you like white or Asian girls, having much more than 6 inches is not necessarily any benefit at all. (That said, if you are careful, a short vagina will stretch and be comfortable if you keep at it!)

So, Cheer up, you under 6's. Girth beats length, and mine is average. And technique beats all the above.
2128 February 17, 2005

bd ben:
this information was really helpful. I guess i dont really have to worry because my penis is 9.5 inches. whenever i tell somebody no one will believe me. Whenever i mess around w/ a girl she cant help but scream.
2129 February 17, 2005

Igny Ramous:
A simple minded solution written for simple minded readers! This seems to be the confusing thoughts and opinions of one guy named Ed. For some reason Ed was motivated enough to create a website that emulates his pain and personal feelings of sexual inadequacy. Writing and sharing our pain with others is human nature. It can be theraputic but it can also be harmful if it is presented deceptively and falsely. I can't imagine a healthy individual being so closed minded and bias on such a wide open topic.  A male author stereotyping the entire opposite sex? Brilliant! Anyone who contradicts me is a liar? Pure genius!
Opinion should never be presented as fact. This material is extremely bias and potentially harmful to men who may be in need of therapy. I truely believe the individual who created this site is in need of intervention himself, but he can easily be profiled as someone who wouldn't seek help. This site is an admission of illness and a plea for help. Yes I know Ed. I'm the closed minded Ignoramous not you.
2130 February 17, 2005

I have to disagree with most of your info. I am 6in x5w and I have been able to give women with exceptional experience in their lives multiple orgasims, vaginal (is that the "G" spot if not that to! and clitoris over several hours.These are women that said they have been with larger men and have orgasisms but only one or two,never multiple.This isn't from 1 woman. I have heard this from several women that I have been intimate with many partners between them. I also am well built and very strong,agressive and confident lover.I do believe that size matters to some women but only because they are larger and could acomadate a larger man.I truly believe that most women want a man who could give them what they truly want, MULTIPLE ORGASIMS.....AND THAT COMES IN LOTS OF SIZES!
2131 February 18, 2005

Hi! I have a member that the girth at the base is 7 inches. Is this common? The women doesn`t complaint anyway.
2132 February 18, 2005

I haven't said anything here for a while, but I feel like throwing my two cents worth in the mix.  These are just some general thoughts on the issue of penis size, and some responses to certain "types" of comments made here.

1. I don't dispute the fact that penis size matters.  I'm average at 6" x 5", and have actually been turned down for sex by a woman once because of my penis size.  We were chatting online, had never met, were actually interested in meeting, but she didn't want to after she learned my size.  She made it clear that size matters to her.  Oh well.

2. I have had sex with perhaps 40 women in the past 2 years since my wife and I split up.  With each I asked them whether or not penis size mattered.  To most, it did, however there were usually caveats such as "below such-and-such a size it's not satisfying." There were some who PREFERRED a guy my size (my current girlfriend does), and there were those who LOVED 8" and 9" thick penises. 
     It was funny, however, how the biggest size queens were the hardest to get rid of when it was time for me to move on.  Why is that?  Well, I have a 46" chest, 32" waist, 16" biceps, and I'm a good-looking professional with a Masters degree who is spiritual and in to continued self-improvement (reading, seminars, courses, etc). I cook, clean and have cats.  I'm also a genuinely nice and caring guy!  I'm a good catch: they knew it, and they were GLADLY willing to sacrifice penis size for some of the more important things in life.
     The sex I had with most of the women I was with was very good.  They always wanted more.  My 6" seemed to be enough to keep them coming back.  I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I'm a caring and sensuous lover, very good at oral, and have good all-around technique.

3. Ladies who claim that guys my size can't fully satisfy their women, you should really stick to speaking for yourself.  I realize that you think that way, and perhaps your girlfriends think that way, but my girlfriend gets earth-shattering, body-shaking orgasms from vaginal intercourse with me.  I'm pretty sure I fully satisfy her.  The same goes for a fair number of other women I've been with.
     You and your friends may think the way you do, but I'm getting the impression that more women than not - while they prefer larger penises - consider a whole host of other factors to be much more important in lovemaking.

4. Women who have men on the side with large penises: whether or not your partner knows doesn't make it OK.  You're being selfish, plain and simple.  Choose one or the other.  You're just not that important.  One of you is not worth two men, so do the right thing.

5. Men who tolerate their ladies having someone on the side: get some backbone, stand up for yourself and move on.  If you find it turns you on that they lust after other guys with large penises, I can't help but think that you have some issues you need to work through.  Just my opinion.

6. People who think this site is not helpful, keep an open mind.  The only way to deal with feelings of inadequacy over any issue - in my experience at least - is to accept the situation as it is and yourself as you are, and move on.  You are a person of worth regardless of your penis size.  Your value is independent of "measurements".  It is intrinsic to you, granted to you by your Creator or the Divine within you.  It has nothing to do with others' opinions about you.  You are valuable because you are a human being, and you are alive.  Live life and enjoy it!

7. To the woman who insists that the men she has sex with wear extensions if their not long enough: How about you wear a vaginal insert that makes you feel tighter to them?  Why should they have to forego the feeling of pleasure for your pleasure?
     The right thing to do would be to take turns, I suppose.  He wears the sleeve, brings you to orgasm, then you wear the insert.  Fair is fair.
     The selfishness of people here is stunning sometimes!

OK, enough rambling.  Cheers all, peace, and be happy.
2133 February 18, 2005

tempted by the fruit of another:
Since men think about sex all the time its more of an isssue to us. Penis "size" is especially a male thing. While I'd agree with some of this material, I disagree with the author's summation and simplistic rationale. His data is exaggerated and some is actually false. I would say that penis size is seldom a woman's priority when dating or choosing a mate. Even the overall look (or "attractiveness") of the penis and its ability to "perform" are more important to women than its size. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejactulation however can be far more detrimental to relationships.

I'd say there are certain variables or influecing factors that may contribute to a womans desire for endowment. Capacity for love or romantic involvement, for one. If a woman is in love with a man, she is a VERY unlikely candidate. The very shallow or "happy to be single" type on the other hand, may be more likely . Certainly age plays a role, and sexual experience, for another. Perhaps sexual appetite and vaginal size. We all know the slutty promiscuous type are probably the biggest candidates for size queens, followed by that bored housewife who's husband had "lost that loving feeling" many years prior.

Lets face it, we all get bored with the same-old same-old. The older the relationship, the more the grass seems greener elsewhere. You dig? I'd agree that there are a percentage of women that would prefer many changes in thier mate, including a larger than average penis. Regardless, men are far worse culprits in this regard. Most of us know its mostly hype and fantasy, especially us married folk. We see what happens to friends who act on it and end up divorced and miserable.
2134 February 19, 2005

To Lynn and those women who want to know why men prefer large labia women:
Men do prefer directly or indirectly large labia. I am from India doing research where such research and topics are not directly researched or read or printed.
A while ago I had been on a business trip to US.
I am a bachelor, quite slim(120 lbs) and mere 5'7" in height.
Incidentally in US, we friends had been to a club in night to watch the dance. My friends assumed that since I am slim, I would prefer petite girls with small labia dancing and would prefer a close view of them on table. BUT NO. When the large ones came on table to dance, I neared the table to get a close view.
Men have something in the back of their mind for large women.
Also, its been 12 years since I do a solo research on bedroom matters, its quite clear that "Penis size matters all women" and all papers and articles saying "All penises are averaged to 6 inches" is all rubbish. Penises do come in various sizes across the globe. I am a research astrologer too and hence I have a reason to say that a person born on particular latitude longitude has peculiar characteristics which are unique. Hence penis size comes in different sizes and shapes across the world and women do prefer large and thick penises though not thin and long. Its important to note that thickness matters more to them(might be because the fullness feeling in the passage) than length.
Also, please note, men do not prefer too wet women or women who lubricate too much in vagina. This too much lubrication defers men to deserve the friction to cause and reduces the joy. Men prefer "just necessary" lubrication from women. If Women lubricate too much, we advise women to rotate a Alum piece inside just 30 minutes before which removes the wetness.

2135 February 19, 2005

How to measure penis length is still a debate.
I believe the site and many others say, to just bend the erect penis flat and make it 90 degrees to the stomach and then measure the length.

My question.
Why not measure from the testicle side when the penis is on the 1'o'Clock position(10'o'clock position for those whose organs go bent)? An inch would get added more or say not an inch but half an inch would be more.
Average men should love to do this to increase their confidence. This is not a way to cheat one self. Its just that "why disturb the erect 1'o'clock penis by bending a little down"? Why not instead use a thread string and place it from the testicle area right to the glans from the bottom edge???

Comments expected.
2136 February 19, 2005

....havent been around for three or four months and
and it is good to see that it is still going on...alll
i can say is that the girl who left me for a guy with
loads of money is at my door three or four times a week looking for my 9+ incher...she is so hungry for it she cant get thru the door good until she is unzipping my fly and running her hands in to get it out and hold it and look at it and by this time she
is swollen and wet and holdinng herself open for me to
give her satisfaction because her husband is to small...the lady who cleans my house is married to a
man with a 5 inch penis and she is now pregnant she was a virgin when she married and had
never been been satisfied until she saw and experienced my hard penis totally in her...the ladies
are built to take a mans penis if they want it and
these ladies want mine they love to look at it as i
am mounting them and they both know that I am going
to cum in them or not at all....it makes them real
hot when they know that I am getting ready to deliver
my wigglies without caution and will not take no for an answer...they both know that they dont have to ever
come back again but they do and as long as they come
back for more...i will give them more...great to have
a good understanding.
2137 February 19, 2005

I am a pathetically small dicked white guy and I am only 4 inches. I believe that black men are the superior race and that white men should not be allowed to have sex with white women. White women belong with black men and white men belong in servitude of the master race. Just about every white woman who's had a black cock no how much bigger and better they are and that they are more of a man then any white guy can be.
2138 February 20, 2005

I just want to say that I think that size of a penis is definitely overrated.  I think that the best women are the ones that can make a guy with an average size one feel like he's THE STUD of the barnyard. 
2139 February 20, 2005

the way that i found your site worked so well with the content, im cought in a big mess of most symptoms on it. defeting denial is quite the process, but coorilating with the comment on life being about enjoyment.....mite as well try and have some fun doing it!
2140 February 21, 2005

Read This:
If you're worried about anything, worry about getting some practice.  Once you get some experience under your belt, penis size isn't really an issue.

I've got a 6x5, took my new girl away for the weekend, and on Sunday morning made her cum 4 times in one hour.  Read on...

Making her genuinely happy has a lot to do with how you treat her emotionally.  Sticking a big dick in a girl is only temporary.

So be there for her emotionally and when you do get to the physically action - she'll go crazy for you.  Treat her like a princess, and when she gets horny (and she will), tease her with your fingers and your mouth, just play around...  you just wait, she will soon just crave you to "be in her" so badly - she'll just need you..  And then, when you finally put it in, she'll loose her mind.  That's the best way to make her orgasm - no large dick required.

If you can be there for your girl emotionally, financially and physically - she'll be yours for as long as you want her.

Sorry, it's really late - I could've written it better and in more detail.  I will next time.

Anyone who wants to hear lots more stories of good experiences with a 6x5, or want some advice on how to make her cum so hard she gets goosebumps from head to toe write a post with this in the message:


That way I know to scan through all the bullshit posts.

2141 February 21, 2005

......if you get a woman hot and wet enough she can
take you regardless of your size....just take some time and make her want it....tease her play with her
parade around in front of her...play with you cock in front of her and most of all make her understand that you dont want to just fuck her but that you want to
mate with her...be close to her, satisy her and her
vagina will open for your size....a babies head is
at least 4 inches around as she is delivering it...
and she will take your head in if you treat her
the way you should.

2142 February 21, 2005

This is an interesting site to say the least, but all the plugs for Mike Pilinski's book tend to make me doubt all the information and 'facts.'  It's almost like you're trying to make men feel insecure about their dicks so then they'll seek other ways to succeed with women, and turn to this book.  I'd be a lot more convinced if the book plugs were left out.
2143 February 22, 2005

Liza 27 female:
Although I hate to admit it, I have to say that I almost completely agree, and I tend to think that most of my female friends would as well (if we're not considering personality or love). I hate to tell you men this, but my girlfriends and I do talk about how big our men are.  Recently I broke up with a man with a 5" penis and began dating a man with probably a 7.5-8" penis, and looking, touching , sucking , and f@#king it are much much more satisfying and exciting than my last boyfriend ever could be.

However, let me offer a ray of light to you despondent guys out there.  It's also been my experience that men with large penises are less good at eating pussy and even using their fingers.  They sometimes even suck at kissing.  My hypothesis is that because of their big penis they never had to learn how to do these other highly important and pleasurable things for a woman.  I'd much rather date a man who can satisfy me in other ways than just sticking his big member in me.  In fact, one past boyfriend had a 5.5 inch penis but was able to make me come every time because of the way he would make love with me.  Also, I trusted and loved him and was able to open up and relax more.  But that doesn't mean that if you detach it from the actual person looking at, touching, sucking, etc. a large one isn't a far superior sensation in general .  What can I say?--I love big dick.
2144 February 22, 2005

Hey TrueLove post #2082,

But you didn't answer my question.  Would you stay with your boyfriend if he was only 5 inches long? 
2145 February 22, 2005

Just wanted to say that I am less impressed with penis size, as I am with vascularity.  I'm sure I'm not the only female who loves a penis that has throbbing veins standing out.  I find it very enjoyable to lick them, and gently squeeze the penis at the root to make them stand out even more.  Some men seem uncomfortable if they have very visible veins on their penis, but I assure you, there are those of us who greatly appreciate them!
2146 February 22, 2005

OMG - I read the whole lot from top to bottom and honestly WTF???

1. If Chumster is such a dude - why is he posting on a site dedicated to penis size?  He must have come here for a reason - whatever.  The dude is way too insecure and should chill out.

2. penis size - its a total fallacy (excuse the pun) - chicks first and foremost want someone that cares about them, respects them, is kind and caring, will look after them if they get sick or something horrible happens, and wants to share the joys of life with them.

3. chicks dont really care about cock size - and even if they do its like a bonus on top of a good relationship OR a bonus on top of a bad relationship...

4. I have slept with close to 100 women in about 10 years (in fact almost exactly 10 years) and some women I have knocked their socks off with great sex and some women have been terribly disappointed by my performance.  A lot of it had to do with the level of comfort I had with the woman and not my size.  I think its more about personal chemistry attraction respect confidence and charisma than it is about a bit of flesh hanging from between your legs.

5. and finally, i have a friend who has admitted to me on numerous occassions that he is TINY.  But the thing is he is proud of it, totally confident about his manhood and how he performs in bed and has NO insecurities about it.  In fact, I look to him as a great example of a dude that simply doesnt care about the unimportant things in life and celebrates the great things he has with the woman of the moment.

Dudes with the small dicks - for real it is totally unimportant.
2147 February 23, 2005

5.25 is average:
This is an interesting site and may help you guys who feel inadequate due to this site.  There are PICTURES of men's flaccid and erect states.


Most of these guy's peckers are disgusting looking.  Bigger (8.5+) are oddly misshapen or deformed looking.  I am truly blessed.
2148 February 23, 2005

True Love:

In the past I didnt leave my 5 inch boyfriends right away. I didnt end up with them, I dont know if thats because of their penis size. I might have had a different sexual attitude toward them. The small guys I kind of view as their job to prove to me they can please me. My current boyfriend, I view it as my job to please him. For example, my smaller boyfriends I would have never allowed to bring other women into bed with us (what right do they have to do that?) My current boyfriend Ive even recently allowed him to bring some other women into the relationship. He is a whole lot of man and I understand that one woman cant always satisfy him.
2149 February 23, 2005

john again:
as u know my penis is 5.5 to 5.75 inches long by 4.5 to 5 in girth. When flaccid its around 2.5 to 3 inches long.In the web site it says men with large flaccid penises have bulges in their pants, and girls are able to tell around how big it is. Wierdly, when i wear basket ball shorts i have a bulge in my pants. I think it because its not long my penis does not really hang down, and instead my head sticks out against my pants. Are girls able to tell this or do they think it is a prety big bulge in my pants?   Ladies?
2150 February 23, 2005

THE TRUTH FROM AN HONEST GIRL: I'm 19 years old and have been intimate with ten boys thus far in my life. My first time was with a boy who measured approximately 6 inches lengthwise and I'll admit that with him mine was a wonderful and deeply fulfilling experience. The eight after him were each 7 inches and under as well. Honestly, I felt no difference in pleasure among all of them. My current boyfriend and I are enjoying a great relationship but there is one specific aspect about us that I feel I have to share: his penis is enormous. In all seriousness, when I fist saw him naked I was literally speechless. I had no idea that a man's penis could be so large. I haven't measured it but it has to be at least 11 inches long when fully erect. It's extremely thick and vascular, too. Even in cold weather, it retains its size. I'm very attracted to it, to be completely honest. After we had sex for the first time, I had tears in my eyes. The sensations I experienced were so incredible. At that moment, lying there close beside him, I learned for the first time what real sex is. The penetration I receive from my boyfriend's massive penis is mind-blowing. I have furious repetitive orgasms (each lasting nearly five minutes) that shoot through my body like lightning every time we have sex. I feel his penis deep inside me, pushing up against my uterus and the back of my vaginal canal, stretching me. I not only feel full and open, I feel filled to my capacity. When he pulls himself outward, he fastens to me. I have to dig into his shoulders with my fingers and tightly clench my toes around his thighs to prevent from being dragged. When he pounds me inward, I have to maneuver my feet around and under his legs so as not to loose total control of my body. I love being at the mercy of his phallus, however. I'm only sorry that I have to burrow my fingernails into his back so much during sex, but he doesn't seem to mind. Apart from loving his way of vaginally penetrating me, I enjoy anal and oral sex. Granted, it is difficult for me to give him head because I can't fit a doorknob into my mouth comfortably (I doubt many can). I do my best. His penis is beautiful and I don't mind going out of my way for a good taste (especially because he's as hard as a steel beam). I wish to make the point that my boyfriend's penis is vastly superior to an average penis (of these, I have had nine) and I can only conclude that size does matter. Then, I suppose this site is correct. I can't speak for all women but all I know is that satisfaction of the sort I am presently enjoying must be due on some level to penis size. His cum tastes good as well, actually, but I would really appreciate it if he could stop blowing up in my face. He's so cute. What can I say, I'm a happy girl!

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