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2151 February 23, 2005

Laura, you said size is overrated; what size do you prefer and why?

(#2138) Laura:
I just want to say that I think that size of a penis is definitely overrated.  I think that the best women are the ones that can make a guy with an average size one feel like he's THE STUD of the barnyard
2152 February 23, 2005

I like how when women refer to being pounded my a huge cock, for me it's the other way around when my  rather large girlfriend is riding my 6" by 4 1/4"  paper thin penis, I feel as if I am the one getting pounded.
2153 February 24, 2005

In response to the post by Kerri:
   Kerri, you said that when you 1st saw your current boyfriend's 8.5" long X 5.75" around penis, your jaw dropped and that his much larger penis than your 1st husband's gave you much more pleasure and orgasms than a total of 8 men you'd been with.
   My circumcized erect penis is currently the same length as your boyfriend's, but a little bigger around.  I've always been a goodlooking, wellbuilt successful athlete.  As a virgin college freshman, I'd been fingering my girlfriend's vagina every date.  One night in my place, she said how unfair it was that she never got to touch me "down there."  I told her if she really wanted to, she'd have to undo my blue jeans and pull it out herself.  I was clueless at the time how my size compared to others.  When she pulled it out, she sat up w/ her eyes bulged and her mouth agape.  She said, "My God!  It's SO-O-O big!  It must be at least 9".  She played with it with an excited, hypnotized look.  Interestingly, that was our last date.  Go figure. 
  Unknown to me at the time, she related that experience to some female friends of hers, including 1 or 2 who had known me for about 2 years.  I soon got a phone call from her friend, asking me out.  During the beginning of the movie, she began rubbing the prominent bluejeans outline of my semi-hard penis across my right thigh.  Knowing I didn't know what she'd learned, she played dumb, asking, "What's that in your pants?"  Blushing, I whispered the answer in her ear. She said, "But, it's so big."  We quickly left the movie and went to my place where I asked her if she wanted to see it and she said, "Yes!"  She undid my pants, pulled it out and started moving it round and round and saying, "It's so big I can pretend it's a big stick shift." 
   When I took her home, she took me to her basement where she removed her shirt and bra and excitedly pulled my pants down to my ankles and began licking, kissing, smacking her lips on my totally hard penis.  She took it into her mouth, but her teeth painfully scraped my penis.  When I asked if she could try not to scape me, she said it was hard to open her mouth wide enough because of how thick my penis and penis head is.
   Then, between her licks and sucks, she said, "My boyfriend would be so-o-o jealous if he saw what I was doing right now!!"  I said, You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend!"  She continued, "He'd be so-o jealous because he ALWAYS asked me to go down on him, but I never wanted to.  But with you, I WANT to!"  I asked, "What's the difference between him and me?"  She said, "Are you kidding?  Yours is more than twice as big as his!!" (We were young teenagers and wanting to save myself is a big reason I didn't go any further w/ either of these 2 young ladies).
   So, Kerri, looking back on these events, I realize that many women are quite irresistably turned on at the sight of an extra large, thick erection.  I consider myself lucky and blessed.  My 1st wife told me my penis was more than twice as big as the 2 lovers she'd had before me.  She and I have remarried and she's married to a puny, uptight nerd.  She talks to me on the phone at least twice/week about our only child.  She prolongs these talks and her voice always sounds excitedly nervous. 
   QUESTION:  I'd like a woman like Kerri (who loves the big size I am) to post her opinion as to whether my hunch is likely correct that my X-wife's can't-get-enough-talking-to-me on-the-phone behaviour has a lot to do with missing the passionate sex she had w/ me because my penis is so much bigger than her 2nd husband's. ???
2154 February 24, 2005

I have just finished a 5 month supply of Pro Solution capsules ( supposedly a Male Potency Formular ) and a like period of Volume capsules coupled with a strict advanced program of Jelqing, I followed this program morning and night 7 days a week never missing a chance to even slipping a few extra sessions in along the way. The results are a joke, absolutely nothing, I am of the opinion it is the greatest ripoff. I gained nothing in penis length, my ejaculations were no better than what I normally enjoyed and I believe that all of the claims of size gained that I have read have been made up by these program sales people. I dare you to prove me wrong.It will be interesting to see if this gets posted, wake up chaps you are being ripped off.
Best regards to all the males out in the world.
2155 February 24, 2005

I am an attractive, fit, and personable 18 year old male with a penis of normal size. When erect, my member is nearly 7 inches in length (how does one measure girth?) but when flaccid it is about the size of a grape. I myself find a contradiction in this. I've been scrutinizing this site for a number of months and have come to accept the truth about penis size. Those women who have posted here with good intentions try to make seem as though size doesn't matter but I can easily tell that, in the end, they all prefer a big dick no matter what. I'm depressed and have been for a long while. I sometimes wish I was a woman. Let's face it: an attractive woman has more going for her than anyone else in the world. I would deeply appreciate it if someone could offer me some solace here. Why is life so cruel? Why was I dealt this hand? Women out there: I don't blame you for seeking satisfaction. All of you deserve better.
2156 February 24, 2005

I know from experience: being rammed between the legs by a monster is soooooo dang good! I crave big dick!
2157 February 24, 2005

Jon M:
Im 19 and and male. I have a 51/4 to 53/4 in length and 41/2 to 43/4 in girth penis. When soft im about 2 to 3 inches. When im at the beach and i get out of the ocean, it could be even smaller. I was at a nude beach once and it was prety wierd. About 4 kids who looked around 15 walked by me with 2 girls and they all had cocks that when soft were all about the size of mine hard maybe a little smaller. This was quite embarrising especially me being older, and also with the girls looking over at me obviously knowing they had much bigger dicks than me. Be seriously honest girls,  what do u think when you see a guys penis that when soft is bigger or same size as anothers whos is hard?
2158 February 24, 2005

Cheryl, how harsh.
2159 February 24, 2005

What is this for?:
If this is for fun....I did find some entertainment here.
If this is serious....I disagree with most of it.

Yes it seems penises and boobs matter more to the superficial, promiscuous, ignorant types from both sexes. No biggie folks, I've got a few buddies who fit that description. We all do.
Its a shame our author (Ed) isn't more neutral on this topic. It seems to me he has (perhaps unknowingly) profiled himself.
Though ignorance and shallowness in America is never in short supply (and is surely on the rise), majority still rules! 
One thing is very good about this site, it seems all comments (positive or negative) are posted here.
Interesting(to me at least), how many posts disagree with author. Especially when you consider that topics like this, draw certain crowds.
Post #2123 "The Doctor" makes a few very compelling points!  #2129 is very insightful. Also #2109, Yes! Perhaps there is still hope for humanity.
2160 February 24, 2005

Hey Ed, go fuck yourself!
2161 February 24, 2005

Dear KWW:
Seeing that breasts give no sexual satisfaction to a man through normal sex, they may be better compared to such aesthetic things as a man's hair or muscle tone, both of which society seems to think men should have a lot of .Secondly, some men actually find smaller breasts attractive and see no point in women worrying about them. In fact, have you never heard the saying 'More than a handful is a waste'? Thirdly, some men place emphasis on such thing as a woman's smile, eyes  personality and face, which one man may adore but another finds disgusting .In other words, some men see more beauty in their own girlfriend than they do in all the women in a Miss World competition Fourthly, women can be shallow shits ,because the other week I went to speak to a women who I canoodled with but when she found out I had no money, she ran off, leaving me with my jaw on the floor.Fithly(I speak from my own experiences)because we love our women, we put up with their love handles, saggy bottoms, breasts pointing in different directions and hideous labia. We put up with their vaginas not being tight enough and therefore deny ourselves more pleasure, even though we get attention  from other women who might be tighter but whose advances we ignore because we believe in monogamy .Sixthly, we protect their egos by not complaining about the slackness of their vaginas or hold and embrace you when we've shot our load instead of rolling over and going to sleepLastly,in relation to wining ,there are men about with penes no longer than inch and I think they have something to moan about, but who don't deserve to be mocked as some of  evil bitches posting on this website seem to think.
Its not just a gender thing but a personality thing and respect runs both ways
2162 February 24, 2005

M. D. Taylor:
I have been with over 150 women.  One in 20 had big pussies.  I have been married to a woman who had the 2nd to the tightest pussy of those 150.  I have also been married to a woman who had one of the largest pussies I have encountered.  Both woman loved to FUCK.  Neither liked to give head.  I performed cunninglinctus on both women literally hundreds of times.  Each woman made one derogatory statement about the size of my penis, at which time I conquered them annally.  They screamed, moaned, cried and forever worshiped my COCK.  Fucking bitches.
2163 February 25, 2005

2137  February 19, 2005


You are a complete dumbass. You need to grow some balls and enter reality. The world is not a black on blondes porn. Turn the Si-Fi channel off and go get your self a piece of the ass.
2164 February 25, 2005

Lisa P.:
The whole penis size debate gets misunderstood a lot I think. I think most guys misunderstood what women mean when they say size doesn't matter.
Every woman is different of course. I'm very unusual in that I only cum from penetration. I find a guy who's a bit on the large side, especially in the girth department, has a bit of an easier time making me cum. Of course it helps a lot if he has staying power and if he knows how to move it too. So from a physical standpoint size does matter, at least for me. But the thing is, like most women I think, the size of a man's dick isn't really a consideration when I'm deciding if I want a relationship with a guy. In the rare instance that I'm just horny and looking for some cheap pleasure, perhaps. But what I really want in a boyfriend is someone who's kind, considerate, WANTS to give me pleasure, and who I feel comfortable with. And a man with an average size dick who I feel comfortable with is way better than a bigger guy who's a jerk.
So does size matter at all? Yeah, at least to me. But would I want a relationship with a guy because of his dick size? God no.
2165 February 25, 2005

I've read through all the theories here and that's what they are... theories. Nothing more, nothing less. I particularly like the pages where it show a comment from other females and so called experts, which afterwards the people here proceed to tell it "like it really is" and tell all you men out there what females are really thinking.
2166 February 25, 2005

funny thing - you americans have such a strange relation to sex in general and stuff like penis size, breast size, virginty, violence etc. no wonder our worlds drift apart more and more when what you call "culture" relates to nothing but a projektion of brute pre-civilized instinct into an otherwise high-tech society. a whole site devoted to discussing the fact that there's different sizes of primary male sex organs and whether women "prefer" them big... still rolling on the floor laughing. is it really news to you guys that people are different? maybe its because nudity is so seldom in your everyday prude american lives that you've never seen other guy's dicks?
2167 February 25, 2005

First let me start by letting you know that I am a 5ft 8in black male.
My penis is 7.5 in x 5.5 in in circ.
I like this site , and think that a majority of what is said is valid.
Mosyt people don't realize that your weight also affects the lenght of your penis.
If you are over weight you will have a build up of fata around the base of the penis which make it look shorter.
Being over weight or unhealthy will also affect blood flow.

When I got married , my wife and I would have sex atleast four times a week.She would end up soar and would not want sex for atlest a day.

Unlike a lot of the testimonials she didn't make it all the time but 95% of the time she did.
At that time I was 170lbs.

So she pretty much fattened me up (225 lbs.)
Which created  a cushion of fat and I lost 1.5 inches of penis.

As of 6 months ago I started working out and lost 20 lbs. and feel more confident and gained a 1/2 inch back.I plan on loosing some more weight (fat).
I hope she can handle it : ).

So what it comes down to is take care of your self , work out, exercise, your weight will affect your manhood size .
2168 February 25, 2005


Look, you're right about all of this. I once doubted you, but I don't now. I'm sorry. Thank you for your time and energy and your devotion to helping those in need of answers. Once again, many thanks. Your efforts mean a lot to me.
2169 February 26, 2005

Cup of Joe:
It's all in your head man... and hers.  If you want the person the sex is good..simple as that.

People develope all kinds of sexual deviances..some like needles, hot wax..naaaaa.
But that is when it is all about sex and nothing else...

Have sex with someone you like and want to be with and before and after, 

Have the time of your life..both of you.
2170 February 26, 2005

maybe those that prefer large penises just have large vaginas. They can always use large vibrators to fill the void.  It's the everage man that is involved with those ladies that either strap 2 x 4 boards to our arses or we ask the lady to Shove in at her sides to at least enable us to feel the sides.
2171 February 26, 2005


recent news reports tell us that HIV is increasing in the U.S., especially among blacks. Ladies beware ! Those huge dicks (black or white) are dangerous. Allow those monsters inside you only at your own risk.
2172 February 27, 2005

i am not huge i wish i had more girth depending on the day i can be 6 long or just under and about 4 1/2 or 5 in girth anyway on to my point! like girls like big dicks! i and all my friends only like small tight pussys! if you can fit 4 fingers in your pussy your getting a bit loose! if you can fit your hole hand in your pussy your very loose! best is a girl that is so tight she can only fit 1 or two fingers in her pussy 3 is ok....anymore then that and its very bad!
2173 February 27, 2005

to smallpatheticdickedwhiteguy::
I know 5 black girls and all now date only white guys, because they think black men are 'too possessive',' too stuck in the past' and  'generally losers'.Furthermore,they believe dating a white man is a step up. If OUR black girls are right, then it would be a step down for a white girl to date a Blackman.In view of this, only silly white women would mate with our darker bretheren, resulting not in a super race, but a race of nit twits.
We could also ask our Oriental brothers if we might have some of their women. If we mixed upwardly mobile black women, Orientals and whites we would have a super race: large penes for smaller vaginas and large brains, whilst the other hybrids degenerate and rely on us for welfare hand outs
2174 February 27, 2005

yoyoyo niggaz got da biggest then white ppl den hispanic ppl (not includin mexicans) den native americans den asians den midgets
2175 February 27, 2005

i think my dick is fine:
well i am 3.5 inch long flacid 3 around flacid. errect i am 6.1 long and 5 around. i have only had 1 partner told me i was small. every other encounter was excellent for the both of us. i would never use pills or other products to enlarge my dick, i am actually proud of what i got even though my little sister says her boyfriend who is 16 yrs old is the same size as me who is 22.
but all i kno is none a you so called 9 and 10 inchers dont have stronger and longer erection that i do.
2176 February 27, 2005

Around the block:
I have performed for many female bachorlorette parties and CFNM parties. In these settings my cock has earned me money and attention. If fact I got into the business because of my size(8.5 iches) I am the largest of our group and women always take note. Outside of the business it doesn't matter to much,but most women will atleast say "your big" at some point in the relationship. So, I think it matters but it depends on the woman's frame of mind...
2177 February 28, 2005

There are good and bad points to your site. On one hand, women ARE polyandrous. Most women would like to have many more than one steady man. Also, you're very right about large pussy lips being more attractive. Mine are big and I used to hate it until I started having bi experiences and discovered what a pain it is to try to find the clit on a woman with tucked in lips. No thank you! As for penis size, I think you're off a bit. I've had all sizes and I prefer 4-6 inches long. I would not be able to accomodate more than 8. As for small ones, I had a lover with a penis too small for intercourse, but we had a fine time with oral. Don't worry, boys, technique CAN more than make up for size, and a good body (six pack, big arms, tight ass) certainly turns me on more than a big dick. (I'm a 31 year old white female just for the record.)
2178 February 28, 2005

I am a 24 year old bi-sexual male.  In all I would say gay men care more about penis size than women.  I care about penis size but I dont like them too big.  I think you can compare penis size to muscles on men.  MOST women want above average muscles but not too big.  Some women want huge dicks like some women like big muscles.  But I would say an ideal size (assuming average is 6 x 5) for women would be 6.75 x 5.5.  Some women would want bigger and some would prefer smaller if they are petite.  The reason I think women prefer bigger penis is not natural selection but cultural conditioning and aesthetics.
I found a website called "Monsters of Cock" in which the girls measure the men's dicks before they drill them and i saw one guy who seemed like he had a massive one be measured at a little over 7 inches.  Check it out.

One more thing...FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN SIZE- is appearance and hygeine. Good= hard, upward curve, and no smell.
2179 February 28, 2005

Okay. The sizes listed on this site and during conversation must be exaggerated or something because I have slept with 13 women and almost all of them said I was big and my dick measures "only" 6.5 x 5.  Also my roomate whose penis measures 6.0 x 5.5 had some girl tell him the other day he was hung and had lots of girth.  And i have seen his dick--it doesn't look that long but it looks fat as shit and if it is "only" 5.5 in circumferance than people claiming 5.5 is not ideal is wrong.  So either these gals are lying to us (which i dont think they are cuz we never ask) or these claims of 7, 8 , 10 inch p-p's are mostly bull.
2180 February 28, 2005

I love to hear about rock stars or actors who have big dicks. real stories, so anyone have direct experinces, let us know. Ive read about tommy lee cock and lou christie schlong so lets get more info.
2181 February 28, 2005

As a HONEST woman.

Upon penetration by my partner I make sure to spread my labia and expose my clitoris. The friction of my partner's pubis against my clitoris, along with the rubbing of the shaft of his penis against my G-spot (a mere 2 inches from the entrance of my vagina) with every thrust, is sufficient for him to make me achieve an orgasm within a couple of minutes. My vagina is at its most excited, 5.25 inches deep. A man with a penis 6 inches or longer would not be able to get his pubis close enough to my clitoris for good stimulation. Stretching my vagina beyond its physical depth is not comfortable and distracts from any pleasure, making my orgasm harder to achieve.

In my extensive experience, large penises are fun to look at and play with, but unless the woman has a very long vagina, not an advantage,

And yes, women convincingly fake orgasms a lot, with the well endowed as with the average. (It pays to stroke men's egos, in most cases). I've done so even with those guys that swear they know when a woman has had an orgasm.  I don't fake it anymore, and instead have taught my partners how to please me and other women.

I've read a lot of malarkey on these web pages... Men, use some logic, and concider this: women can forget they have a tampon inserted deep in their vagina! They forget it because they DON'T feel it.(Doctors know this, Tampon makers know this, read the instructions in a tampon box) Any woman who tells you otherwise is... Trying to stroke your ego. (Watch her, I bet she uses tampons).
2182 February 28, 2005


After sharing the post below with a colleague, he pointed out my error in hastily calculating the probability of the typical woman experiencing the modest and largest "ideal" sizes of penis ranging from 7 1/2 to 8 1/4 inches in length and 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 inches in circumference (girth).

Specifically, given the consistently reported figure of 8-9 lifetime partners on average experienced by the typical female, only 1 out of 100 women will have experienced the modest "ideal" size, whereas only 3-4 out of 10,000 women will ever experience the large "ideal" size. Remarkably, to increase to 50% probability of experiencing such "ideal" sizes, a woman would have to have sex with as many as ~60 men and up to ~1,800 men, a number approximately 7-8 times to as much as 200 times the average number.

These figures suggest that what the author of the site refers to as "ideal" is rather "unrealistic" at best, as represented by empirical data. Perhaps it is "ideal" in the sense of that which can rarely if ever be attained or experienced, not unlike a mystical or religious conversion experience. ;-) And, once experienced, it is ephemeral, i.e., cannot be sustained or replicated.

To the latter point, the bottom-line conclusion from the post below still holds: No more than 10%-15% of women will ever experience "one" man who is statistically "large", e.g., 7 inches or over and 5 1/4 inches in girth or more, 3% will experience no more than 2 partners, and only ~5 out of 1,000 will experience 3 such partners.

Further, the vast majority of women will experience at or slightly more than 6 1/2 inches as "large", whereas less than 5 to 5 1/4 inches will be perceived by most as small or too small, implying that the dominant experience by the vast majority of women will be men in the 5 1/4 inch to 6 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 to 5 inches or so in girth.

Consider that, versus the average-sized penis, a penis 7 1/2 to 8 inches in length and 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 inches in girth (possessed by only 2-3 men out of 100) is ~60%-90% larger in total volume, a DRAMATIC difference in size and feeling of fullness inside the typical vagina.

Even a penis 6 1/2 to 7 inches long and 5 1/2 inches in girth is ~40%-50% larger than average in volume; therefore, perhaps as many as 2 out of 3 (length only, irrespective of girth) or 1 out of 3 (including length AND girth) women will exerience as "large" (statistically "high average") one penis (12% to 45% of women experiencing 2 men and 4% to 30%encountering 3 such men) smaller or much smaller than the "ideal" size but likely never know precisely how "large", as they will never measure it themselves or ask their partner to do so. (A penis 9 inches long and 6 inches in girth--possessed by only 1 man or fewer in ~100,000--is 133% larger than the average or more than TWICE the size in volume as the average the vast majority of women will experience.)

Concluding, in the context of what a plurality of women (1 out of 3) to a majority of women (2 out of 3) can be expected to experience in a lifetime of sexual activity, perhaps the more realistic "ideal" penis size is in the range of 6 1/2 inches to 7 inches long and 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 inches, not particularly "large" statistically but certainly much "larger than average", especially in terms of total volume inside the vagina.
2183 February 28, 2005

 pretty elena:
je ne parle anglais mais je peux vous dire que la taille du sexe ne compte pas . en france les filles aiment que les grosses bites mais elle ont tord .
translation :
i m not speakin english very well but i can tell you that size don't matter . in france girls just think and talk about her men cock size . i think they never,   in the majority of them  had sex with a well endowed man . in fact they just want  to the men to feel guilty of their dick size .....
2184 February 28, 2005

True or False?:
This is certainly an essay question folks, not a true false question! It seems our reactions to "the significance of penis size to women" varies greatly. I believe it depends on our sexual experiences and, our attitudes and beliefs about sex. Since these vary greatly, so then will our opinions. What deturmines a woman's(or man's)sexual preferences, and sexual behaviors? Perhaps too many variables to mention! Random luck is probably a big factor. How were you brought up? Where did/do you live? What is your personality type? any fetishes? Phobias? How and why did you choose your partners? Is your daddy an attorney in NY city? or are you a coal miner's daughter? How many partners have you had?(3, or 33?) Were they abusive? Loving? How old were you? How old are you? Did you finish high school? Did you go to college? (in the 70's? ...in the 90's?). Who could argue that more current generations percieve and experience sex with a different mindset than older generations?
"Experience" is perhaps the solution to this penis size question. A vague, intagible answer to a vague, intagible question. There are no right and wrong answers here. "PENIS SIZE MATTERS" is both true and false, and will always be!
2185 February 28, 2005

What about then a 9,5 cm (3.75") short one? Cause, I have it. When soft, it is not bigger then 2" and does not hang at all, but points upfront. Usually it shriveles up to 1" so it looks like a prune. I had the smallest one in the school and I was all the time laughed at and teased becasue of my tiny pee-wee. I was several times humiliated when my "mates" whipped of my trunks in the pool in front of dozen girls, or simply forced to walk in naked into their locker. Although I have sometimes g/f I still feel embarassing to be googled by other (younger!) guys even in speedo, moreover naked and I have fears being laughed at by girls.
2186 March 1, 2005

Dont think women cant take super large dicks...check out brutaldildos.com, the girth these chicks are taking is mind blowing

Comment from ED:

I checked it out myself and you are right, it is quite something what these girls are taking up their vaginas and asses. The most amazing thing is that these are all petite girls with smaller frames and still they take dildos 8+ inches in girth and get orgasms.


2187 March 1, 2005

If any of you guys think having a big penis is a blessing think again!  I have a very large memeber, about 11 1/4" and I have only had one woman loose enough to take 3/4 of my meat.  Every other woman I have had cannot take over 6 or 7 inches.  That gets old when only my head, which is about the size of a tennis ball, and 6 inches of the shaft fit in a honeypot!  I would kill for an 8" pecker in order to be fully engulfed by a womans sex!  Oh yea, I am as white as they come.  Be glad for your, average fallace... and if there is anybody out there who can handle my, "gift," look me up!
2188 March 1, 2005

I am a 36 year old african american, and I hate to admit it, but I am an average 5 3/4" with a bend upwards, so I may be a tad more. I have been with 20 or less women. And only a few have shared huge cock stories with me, and yet I still did the job. Most of the women I have been with are white, and sometimes I feel that they wan't to have sex with me because of the myth and I never ask them. I never see a look of beeing fooled in their faces either. I am a fair skinned black man and feel that the white women are more drawn to a dark skinned brotha regardless of his looks. Anyway the myth aint always true and there are plenty races of men with bigger than average cocks. Peace out all.
2189 March 2, 2005

Sorry. I am a size Queen. The first time I was with my husband and my hand went to his unit, I was scared. I didn't know where he was going to put his nine and a half inches! Well, since I am 5ft2 and weigh 115, I was real scared. I got it all in just fine. Since we married, we have become swingers due to my bi-sexuality. I have yet to find a unit as big as my husband's. Granted, I can still cum with a unit at least seven inches, but find myself faking for those who don't measure up. Sorry guys. I had the biggest and it is the best. NAA-NA-NA- NAH!
2190 March 2, 2005

cheryl no idea:
cheryl u r kidding when u say 8 inches or under should turn into monks but i am 5.5 inches long and 5 around would that turn u off i can only last one minute but it would b a good minute if u need 8 inches or up u must be  a slut with a big hole.
2191 March 2, 2005

I have been reading this sight for a while and i have come to conclusion that my dick is small 6" 4" but my girlfriend thinks i am a great pussy eater and if i ever loose my wonderful girlfriend and happen to hook up with one of you crater cunts like nola or lola or what ever the fuck her name is...... I'd be more than happy to shove my fist up her gash or maybe my leg or i can buy one of those landscaping timbers and shove that up there. Fuck you
2192 March 2, 2005

matters? yes.  important? no:
The most I can offer is my opinion and personal testimony ...I'm 6" long and probably in the average girth catagory. It works very good so I wouldn't trade it. As a male I've always been curious about penis size. So many rumors, so much hype, mostly from members of the same sex. I truely believe its mostly men who wish for big cocks. Think about it! How many women you know are after the guy's cock?

So what does matter? Hows your relationship with that special someone?
I met my wife in our junior yr of college and the love was very intense and the sex was soooo awesome. We couldn't get enough of each other, then or now. We both had let go of a very jealous, close-minded, highschool sweetheart a year prior to our meeting, and both of us had had very few partners and limited sexual experience to compare. We were perfectly suited for eachother, and we were completely in love. Our communication was unbelievable. We enjoyed eachothers intelligence, sense of humor(quick wit), and open-mindedness. Both secure, and confident. Both cool, and level-headed. 
We loved the complete honesty we had, which extended into our sex lives. We did everything two people could possibly do together and always encouraged the other to explore and express ourselves sexually. After graduation we moved in together and helped eachother establish the careers we both still have today! We got married a year later and though we were always busy, we always planned our free time together. We love to get wild and crazy. We love to party, and we usually end up together, and naked. Just when I think it can't get any hotter, it does! I've had my mouth and cock on, and in, every part of her beautiful body, and I've sprayed many gallons of jism in, on, and around my perfect wifey(but mostly on one ASSet in particular)! She too has pretty much painted me from head to toe with 10,000 coats of her sweet love nectar. It seemed as if we had evolved into the perfect pleasure machines for each other. I fantasized about her being intensly pleasured beyond what I could ever do alone. We went through the penis size fantasies. (Actually, it turned me on much more than her). I assumed she would love to try a girthy 8" cock. We tried a few(3) threesomes but it wasn't really as great as we had fantasized. The one guy that my wife wanted a repeat performance from, had a somewhat smaller penis than my own. She later said, both guys with bigger cocks were in a hurry and more vigorous, both were sort of arrogant, and completely focused on there own gratification. It turned me on immensely until I saw that she wasn't really enjoying herself.
She had fantasies that involved women too. We've had many more threesomes with females now, and I love it. She gets intensely aroused by giving me pleasure, and I too would do anything for her pleasure and happiness.  What still amazes me, after 10 years, is her tireless adoration of me. She is so clever and thoughtful, so unique and genuine! So motivated to please me! She takes complete responsibility for my happiness. I'm hopelessly devoted to her too! In a relationship, its LOVE that matters.
2193 March 2, 2005

Who are the people who write in saying they have this 10in dick who are they fooling,are they that inseure?.We men are inseure about our dicks as women are about there breasts.You know do you realy thing,when you pull a women and you go to bed have sex that the women is thinging,hope he has a big dick,there more worried about what you thing of them.A women once told me,and this women was a model,good looking that women want sex as much as men.
So as i found out once when the women i was with started to try and play games with me telling me if i dont do this and that she wont have sex with me,so as i had,had sex with this women before and as she had the ultimate orgasm,screming the works,i just said fair one and walked off,you should have seen her fae she could not belive it,she started to try to make a joke of it telling me to stop mucking about come into her house.But i just said sorry dont play games,and walked off,i could hear her calling me everything.But i know that women had enjoyed herself the last time plus i am well above average in size,so i thought i would score one for the men,see how she liked it,playing games
2194 March 2, 2005

I've had a most amusing night. Thanks guys!
This site is pretty fucked up, but good for a laugh. Don't take it seriously!
For the record, I'm 6"x 5.25" and except for some clumsy experiences in adolescence, have had a very, very fulfulling sex life. Probably more than most.
Some tips? Treat your woman like a queen, make her feel loved and be sensitive and attentive
2195 March 2, 2005

I have seen some ugly penises on web sites in many venues and I will say as I have always thought the good looks of a penis has to rank above size. The issue that would bother me more than size is looks. That is why I was interested in perusing web sites over the issue.  I suspect that women being the vainly disposed creatures they are they would much rather take the looks of a penis over the size unless they are really nasty which many are as well as being non discriminatory by having sex with just about anything as it is in their primal nature to do so. All this coupled with the fact that so many are half-witted and akin to troglodytes as well. And too, this brings up another point the looks of a woman's vagina. That can be a real downer. Women have no special dispensation when it comes to their genitalia (now that word sound nastier than a four letter word) but I digress pardon me. Anyway the point being that women are really in no better position to be supercilious and condescending about men's penises considering they only have the dubious distinction of having one little vagina (with the standard obligatory canal which the size of is of no consequence to them unless of course you could drive a dump truck into and park sideways) and only the glory of that because men give them the power to use it against them. The overtones of this site seem to relegate men to a subservient position in their role as a sexual being. Bummer! What a drag.  Laudy laudy Miss Claudy.
2196 March 2, 2005

alright first off my dick is 7 and a half inches and ive pleased bitches.  After reading this i think im going to turn sexist.  I dont care about breast size or any of that shit, why do fuckin bitches care about dick size.  Bitches like you deserve to fucking die because your religious, your fucking close minded, your fucking stuck up, and your just a twat.  Why dont you stop complaining about dick size? what ive learned over the years is to just fuck a bitch and leave her because they are such a fucking drag, they complain, dont listen, are unreasonable, and a lot of them are religious.   Fuck you, die, i hope you fucking come home and find your familie murdered you fuckig twat.
2197 March 2, 2005

i believe i have some great insight into this. first let me be truthfull. im about 5 around, and 5 3/4 in length, modest, and maybye average, except for the fact, ive been compared to ex boyfriends, and more often than not, i come up short. over the years, i was in fear, and felt increaseingly insecure. then, i met my current g-friend. she is the most sexually open, and liberal woman i have ever been with. i never believed i would meet a woman, with a vagina like hers. i tried fingering one night, it turned into a fisting lesson, and other times, weve even used a 8 inch dildo in her,with me to. at first , she responded shyly to it, and couldnt believe that she would let my try something like that, but truth is, it was fun, and it brought us closer. she is open, and responsive, and after all the negative stuff weve been through, she still has that sincere look in her eye, that she can trust me in bed, not to be to hung up to have fun. before, like two years ago, we would have conversations about it, and no matter how much she tried to ensure me that i satisfy her fine, i let it get to me, and even got into fights over my insecurity's. after some time, and in realizeing how cool it is, that we love each other, and she admits outright, that here orgasms are twice as long, and heavy when we use alternative methods, she is always willing to do it, and want's to actually do it more than me. she's into quickies, side of the road, and will try anything once. and when you talk about how a women who is turned on relaxes, there have even been a couple of times, because of my refusall to let my low self esteem, and need to please get in the way, that ive felt her cervix drop, as i click by it and watch her turn red on the chest, and her nipples get harder than ive ever seen them. im no porn star, and im small by self admition, but my willingness to ignore it all, and just bang away, and do what i like with zeal and passion, makes her want to be a little risky with me and try new things, these new things have brought us clos
er. and recently, she's even moved on because weve had problems, and has had sex with another man, and she has come back, and has even told me that although im smaller, im just plain old more enthusiastic in bed, and she feels more relaxed, and want's to be kinkier with me. to the point, we are now dateing each other exclusively, and we plan on moving in together. so to all you guys, that think this stuff is bull, it's not. this site speaks the truth, and if you let yourself go, and stop careing about what others think of that one part of your body, and just do your best, have fun, you will get the unconditional love and sex of a good women. let me put it this way. how many of us, have been out, and notice a guy, not that great looking, no real money, no nice car, and a real horrible personality, get the hot girl, even the girl next door. confidence, and the ability to not worry about yourself, and just chase your goals, wins every time. and for the guys that wave the big dick around like your william wallace, more power to ya, but im getting my share, and for once, my openess and enthusiasm, has won out. so one for us average, or below average guys.......great sight ed.PS i don't care about spelling, grammar, and punctiation.....im not worried about looking smart or small, i make low to medium income as a lead carpenter, and pick up the girls in a pick up. my iq is still 138, and i still dont care. all be cool

has anyone noticed, that the writting, manipulation of sentences, and the whole feel of every back comment is the same. and that the whole site leads back to a self esteem book. it's like bush for president. create a problem, over publicize it, and offer the desired solution. so everyone, just use this site for fun, and fuck who you wan't

2198 March 3, 2005

my exgirlfriend who married a man with money and a
small dick has never stopped coming by to get creamed
at least 2 or 3 times a week...and now he has decided
that he wants a baby in the house to leave his money to...she wants a baby from me so I looked up ovulation charts on the net and we made one for her so that we know exactly when she is fertile...aside from our regular weekly sex meetings during the time of ovulation we will spend more time together making
a baby....having sex is great but getting a woman pregnant is what my tool was created for everything has gotten more serious and intense just thinking aboutit makes my cock stand straight up and when we are together she is much more yielding to me as a man
as she is preparing for motherhood her body movements and desire is different she is more tender and loving
especially douring sex and immediately afterward...while she lets me mount her and take her...she wants to start sucking my sperm out of me vaginally when she knows I am ready to cum...it seems that she is pulling it faar inside of her she is verblising that she is taking my sperm to her eggs and wants all of my millions of sperm to rape her eggs and make her pregnant and more cum I put in her the more she wants....the whole senero makes me feel so close to her that all I want to do is just keep
creaming her over and over again she also brings her breasts into play...saying things like kiss mommies breasts that will soon be full of warm milk for your baby or nurse me like you are my baby...she has asked me to buy her a nursing bra and some things in preperation for the baby...nothing like it guys...an act of creation....Im hard and ready and fully 9 inches hard a good bit of the time.
2199 March 3, 2005

I came into this site because I found the idea novel, but after reading most of it, I am very disturbed at how manipulative and false it is.  Literally, 90% of the information on this site are theories that a single guy made up.  Period.  He offers no scientific evidence whatsoever to support his claims, while ludicrously claiming that he is more in the know than scientists and doctors.

Not only this, but he actually passes off PATENTLY FALSE information as fact.  He claims, for instance, that women with larger breasts produce more milk which is absolutely untrue.  Similarly, he makes the completely wrong inference that chimpanzee females prefer mates with longer penises (females choose mates primarily based on their hierarchy in the chimp social structure).  Literally, this guy has written page after page of BS.

I obviously can't make the statement that women don't care how large a man's penis is (many certainly do).  What I CAN say is that the suggestion that penis size relates to one's genetic superiority/inferiority is absolutely, unequivocably 100% false.  Penis size is a neutral genetic trait, similar to hair color, height or skin color.  It certainly may be a trait that some people are attracted to, but it has nothing to do with how good your genes are.

Here's some circumstantial evidence:

I got into a slightly uncomfortable conversation with my father and my brother recently about penis size (we had had a few beers).  It came out that my brother and were significanly larger than my dad, by about two inches (we're actually relatively normal-sized, it's just that my dad is pretty small). 

Given this fact, wouldn't this suggest that my and my brother's size was a trait passed down by my MOTHER rather than father?  If this were the case, how would a man be able to identify a female who would be able to produce a well-endowed son?

This site is a scam.
2200 March 3, 2005


I am back, and I have discovered something after posting my last comment I went back to measure my penis using the string method because of the curvature of my penis, and instead of 5 3/4" its actually 6.5 still average, but bigger than I thought. Anyway fellas you have to know how to work it, if not equiped with a massive penis. If you achieve this you get good results from the ladies. I am into pleasing a woman regardless of my cock size. And there is nothing wrong with getting buff in the gym guys, it kinda helps improve your appearnce, you look more sexy to  a woman.

That last comment was towards someone who stated that men who lift weights are trying to compensate for what they lack in their underware, false, I do it because it makes me feel good and look good.

And for all you white guys and gals that think all black men are hung like horses, stopp!

And to all you ladies craving 8" or more, you are greedy, and would ruin your pussies like that anyway, you just become sloppy and some guys would,nt be able to touch the sides.

I would like a woman with very huge titts and a tite little pussy but that can be rare unless she's a virgin, but I'm not sweatin it I get what I can and be satisfied with it, and I never dis a woman for what she lacks in endowment.

That's all just needed to get some things off my chest.
Peace out.

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