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2251 March 14, 2005

Ok guys, lets assume the worst ...most women care about penis size and like getting railed by big dicks...

Well, guess what?  Most men like women with nice firm breasts and tight asses ----GET OVER IT!!!!!

humans come in all shapes and sizes---dont be worried about the size of your dick if the girl your fuckin is like most girls---overweight, covered in make-up and has a flabby ass or worse, a "pancake" ass.  It goes both ways.  Find someone you are compatible with physically and fuck their brains out---simple as that!
2252 March 14, 2005

Chrissy 35:
My advice is enjoy sex, fantasies, and fetishes all you want, but where it involves others, be honest, respectful, and have some integrity! No wonder so many men are fucking clueless, with sites like this!

Much can be learned by studying the differences between male pornography and female pornography. Similarly, by comparing male homosexuality to female homosexuality. There are very obvious physical and emotional differences. Males and females are very different creatures sexually, and "what matters" to each, is very different. Ofcourse there are always exceptions.

This site seems to accurately portray the attitudes, beliefs, and desires of the "Size Queen" only, and perhaps the males who derive gratification from humiliation, or are otherwise fixated on penis size. In addition, the message we get here is that "the average female is a size queen in denial" and the remaining women are the minority of the population (and of course, mostly liars). Those who respond with anger, are ignorant and close-minded, and mostly guys with smaller penises who "can't handle the truth". The author discredits the scientific and health communities too, and deems them liars as well. He's just sick and tired of being lied to! So now its "I'm right and the world is wrong", and, "the sooner you realize that your wife or girlfiend is a lying cock whore the better off you'll be".

The most popular dildo/vibrator sizes are well under 6 inches. If you go to any site/store that sells them, its easy to see that the bulk of them are smaller sizes. The most popular units in the world are smaller (like the "bullet" and the "rabbit"). It seems to be the "stimulation" these devices provide that makes them so popular.
It also seems that men are so fixated on their penis, their pleasure, and their performance that they often forget to give a shit about their partner's pleasure! The difference between us is so fundemental, it seems that..if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself(masturbate)!

In short, this is a "Fetish Site" pretending to offer legitimate and factual information to the general population as a public service. Not cool!! Perhaps the author actually believes his material, or perhaps he intends to deceive us for personal reasons. Regardless, it is distorted and inaccurate to the "average" female. Though many have commented on this point, "The Author Known Simply As Ed" fails to address this fact.
2253 March 14, 2005


 I'm a black male in my 30's 5'4 150lbs. My wife is japanese 5'6 120 same age. Women in the past have tolg me i have a big penis. I think it's average size, fully erect i'm 8'inches long & thick. I've never been concerned about my size because several women in my life commented on it being big. My wife has no size preference but she loves it hard and deep. There are times when she complains it hurts to much and we can't have sex, because of my size. Then other times she takes it like a porno star. So wether women like them big or not is different with each women and with each sexual encounter. All of the women in my life have teased me because i'm a short guy with a big dick. They would say "no wonder why your short, your dick grew instead of your legs".
2254 March 14, 2005

hey, my penis is 5inches even and i think that it is normal. I'm tired of girls making fun of my dick and spreading the word.i hate being nickname needle dick and babycock.so society should change, don't you think? Please feel free to write back
2255 March 15, 2005

This is for all you fuckin guys on here who think your hot stuff.  I don't know if you're trying to be cute or something, but you think your big 9 or 10 inch pricks are gonna attract the chicks, huh?  You kiddin me?  Well, that ain't fucking nothing compared to my both of my foot long units.  Once these fucking broads try it they won't go back to anything else.  You just don't know what you can do with 2 fuckin dicks.  One in her ass, one in her pussy.  One in her mouth, one bewteen her tits.  Both in her pussy.  Both in her ass.  One getting sucked while the other takes a leak.  It's really fucking great!  Sometimes I'm even outside barbecuing.  No more taking three trips from the house to the grill.  I carry fucking plates, dishes, bowls- you name it- with these 2 fucking things!  Once, I even used them as a football tee when we were playing out in the fucking yard.  Worked real good till I took a fucking cleat to the nuts when this little prick bastard missed the fucking ball!  I mean sometimes it has its downfalls.  I'm spending a shit load of money on condoms, hey it's worth it though.  And one time I was throwing a fucking on this whacked up broad.  I mean she was pretty fucking scary, but hey a hole's a hole so long as there's a little heat in there, you know.  Well anyway, after I fell asleep I woke up to find that my fucking cocks were blue!  That wench tied the fucking things up like a pretzel!  Cutoff all the circulation.  I'm lucky I woke up fast or I may have had to have both of the fucking things removed just like fucking frostbitten fingers.  That was some scary shit.  Well, I gotta run.  This broad down the street wants me to throw both my cocks, both my fists, and a fucking bottle of hootch into her fucking ass all at the same time.  I gotta split.  Later fruitcakes.
2256 March 15, 2005

I have a thick (61/2 inch long, 6 1/2 inch girth) cock and I have never had a complaint.  I pump it regularly to keep it nice and full and very sensitive.  I might wish it was bigger at times but I am grateful for what I have.
2257 March 15, 2005

Swingers are amazing to me. It takes an unusual guy to be able to watch another male with a big penis really putting it on her big time. A swinger with an average or small size must be able to enjoy watching her have a grunting/moaning fit during intercourse with a really big penis, and not feel insecure about it.
2258 March 15, 2005

Mr. 5 inches:
I discovered this site a few days ago, and I really enjoy it, especially the comments from women who like a larger than average cock.  Mine is 5" long, 4.5" circumference.  Small side of average, I guess, by most accounts.  Before I was married, I actually had quite a bit of experience and success with women.  But I'm basically sexually submissive by nature, and the idea of a woman finding my cock inadequate is very exciting to me.

The best real experience I had along those lines was a girl I dated in college.  She was also seeing another guy the whole time, and was forever telling me how much bigger his cock was than mine.  I can still remember her eyes dancing with excitement as she described his size and how thrilling his big cock was to her.  Now to be honest, this girl was a major bitch and cocktease in every way, and loved to play mind games.  I wouldn't put it past her to have been making the whole thing up.  But I've never forgotten it, and in fact I remember her as just about the most exciting woman I've ever known.

My wife tells me my size is just perfect for her.  She admits she's had bigger guys, which I find exciting to hear and think about, but she says they hurt.  She has a tilted uterus, and I have even hit it a few times on deep penetration at the wrong angle.  So I guess you could say she *needs* a small cock -- and since mine is "perfect" for her, that doesn't exactly make me a stud, now does it?

After reading this site, I was watching TV the other night.  There was a beautiful woman onscreen, and I found I couldn't concentrate on the dialog for thinking about her, with her perfect face and beautiful body, craving the kind of big man that I can never be.  Thinking how she would dismiss even the idea of giving her body to me, in favor of the kind of guy whose dick has *weight* and *heft*, the kind that swings heavily even when it's soft.  I thought a woman like that deserved that kind of cock, and my little thing was getting hard in its little way at the idea.

I'd love to hear from even more women on here who would find a guy like me totally inadequate.
2259 March 16, 2005

People wake up and smell the orgasm, for years I thought I was "small" but came to realize that I'm just as normal as everyone else, I also learned that a lot of women are frigid and don't know their own bodies, they expect the man to "provide" a orgasm, tell them to get a toy! On the other hand a lot of women have done enough experimenting to know what feels good or not. Also men this isn't beet on her kidney hour it does take a little control on your part go slow, move around and watch for her reaction. Yes I know that the epicenter is deepest and hardest spot to hit but most stimulation happens within two inches of the opening, and all you girls that think only the biggest will do then you shouldn't have ragged it out so bad, now you've only got a 5% chance of an orgasm.
2260 March 16, 2005

To those women who wish to know what men's vaginal preferences :
To those women who wish to know what men's vaginal preferences are, you can all ways subscribe to the Vagina Institute(http://www.vaginianstitute.com) The first page opens thus:

Very seldom do we hear men's opinions about their preference towards a woman's genitalia and its aesthetics. Usually men's comments go censored through fears that it might make women feel insecure about their most intimate body part. However, hiding and censoring what the other half prefers, it does no good to anybody. If women have been entitled for many years to publicly, comment and compare male genitalia. Then shouldn't men have the same right to comment and talk about female genitalia in an open and honest manner as women have been doing it.

Men are human and as such have an opinion and personal preference as too what they like and dislike regarding female genitalia. Individual preferences do exist, it is what makes us individuals and not clones mimicking one person or entity. Therefore, there will be men who like tight small pink vaginas, while there might be other men who like young perky vaginas, etc.

To Cheryl,
                Did the institute come to this conclusion from looking at your vagina?
"the bigger a vagina is in size, the more vaginal odor it will emit. So women with large vaginal cavities will tend to produce more odor then women with smaller vaginal cavities when vaginal funk arises."
2261 March 16, 2005

why bother at all worry over nothing:
We men are stuped,we spend most of our lives either lieing worrying,over the smallest part of our body.You have what you have and nothin will change that.Unless your rich,then you can have some skin from a dead man rapped around your dick to make it wider,and the doc can cut a muscle to give you 1 more inch.So you end up with a scared dick.There is 24hrs in a day how many hrs in an average day do you have sex,Most men dont have sex every day.And when you turn 40 40% of men will start to have trouble getting a hard on.So i thing we should just stop worrying over it.Hopefully your meet a women and when you have kids sex will not that big a deal,there is more to life than sex,some poor men when they do have sex it lasts 2min so why the hell would they evan want sex.Sex is over rated there is so much more inportant things in life to worry about.If your wife grilfriend things your to small buy her a 9in vibrator,but get over it.By the way i am over 8in and can last 2hr in bed,my wife loves it only trouble her jaw an get sore.But i still stand by what i said stop worrying lieing,and black men take it from me i have slept with so many black women been all around africa,its a myth so there
2262 March 16, 2005

Peronally its hard for me to accept my size. I have some sort of rare growth disorder that made my hands and feet child like. I gone to the doctors for years, but its never been notice because of my above average height (6'1) and weight (165-200 over the last 6 years). The worst about this disorder is my penis size. A read on the web that there are 5 stages to penis growth, so I feel I got stuck in between the third and fourth stage. Flaccid my penis is the same size since about 6th grade. 3.5-4 inch long 1.75-2 around. Fully erect I'm 6.5-6.75 long and 3.75 around. This is an emotional killer. I know that girth is the key, but being 2 inch smaller than average (and females hate average) is depressing. Guys that have fully developed wish they had a big dick, but if I developed normally I would have. Judging from how my hands and feet (which had a growth delay) in comparison to my fathers hands and feets, I think I should have be 7.5+ long and 6.5+ around. If you want to know how I am feeling, imagine hitting the lotto for 50 million, but for some strange reason the ticket slipped out your pocket and down a sewer! now even when I have sex and my wife climax, I second guess and feel I really didn't satisfy her. Its hard being me. If the the girth enlargement programs worked and added 2-2.5 inches I would just be average. Life's a bitch for me. I'm handsome, smart, funny and have a good job. My family is wonderful, but personally somethings missing. Whom ever said you can't miss what you never had is a liar. My fear is (God forbid) me and my wife separate. How long will it take to find another woman to deal with my "Curse". While my wife is having the time of her life with someone normal. So if your 7x6, 7.5x5.5, 6.5x6 and complaining. You got some fucking nerve. You don't know what its like to be "CURSED".

TRUE STORY: So laugh at me, pitty me or feel sorry for me. But I still have to live in this physical prision.
2263 March 16, 2005

I am 30, however I have only a 9,5 cm (3.75") short penis (erected). When soft, it is not bigger then 2" and always sticks out horizontal, it never dangles like men with real penises. Plus I have small, boyish balls.  Usually it shriveles up to 1" so it looks like a prune. When it is cold, it pratically disappears, the little flesh that I have shrinks into my body and it looks like I don't have one at all. I usually make an embarrasing mess if I try to pee at an urinal, I can hardly get my penis past the zipper − so usually I sit down to pee like a woman. I had the smallest one in the school and I was all the time laughed at and teased  becasue of my tiny pee-wee. I was several times humiliated when my "mates" whipped of my trunks in the pool in front of dozen girls, gettin exposed my peepee and my little balls. At other times I was simply forced to walk naked into the girls locker room where the girls were mocking my size, saying "What the hell is that thing?" and "I've seen babys with bigger boners than that!"

Long after school years, when changing I always do my best to hide my shame and although I have sometimes g/f, I still feel embarassing to be googled by other (younger!) guys even in speedo, moreover naked and I have fears being laughed at by girls.
2264 March 16, 2005

i've read your website.  i just wondering, why did u start this.  Now, i'm not big- only 13inx10in soft- but i've still fucked up like a miillion broads.  Here some advice.  Get yourself off your lazy ass and fuck a bitch.  And fuck that bitch hard like there's no tomorrow.  And if they don't want it, too bad.  Lots of times, it is too tight for me.  But i tell them to deal with it.  So u people, all ages, get your fat ass away from your computer and satisfy your dick.  Its only 10:00 and i've already fucked 8 girls!  Thats below my average.  Thats alot for a give who only has 13x10 soft and 16x14 hard! 
Bye.  Going to go and fuck up some tight bitch vagina.
2265 March 17, 2005

Well, I just asked my girlfriend to be honest about the importance of size.

She said that it matters.  She said she wouldn't want me to have a small penis, and admits that while it's probably not really fair that she and other women feel that way, it's still the truth, and that's what I asked for.  She says that if I had a tiny penis, she'd still love me, but we'd have to figure more ways of pleasing her, most likely with a dildo larger than my penis.  She says that while I'm not huge, I'm plenty big enough for her at 7 1/4 inches long.

I tried to believe that it size doesn't matter, but NOW I know better.
2266 March 17, 2005

I have a 5 inch dick when fully erect. 4.5 inches in girth. All the girls that ive been with dont seem to mind my size, but i cant help feeling inadaquate after listening to many of the stories on this site. I wanted to know what is the average penis length.
2267 March 18, 2005

rob bob:
ok so here it is!been married 15 years to very good woman! she loves a big penis.a big penis is 7``-8``.a
9``-12`` penis is just huge.i can tell you one thing!there are more 4``-6`` mother fucker runnig around than 9``-12``! my wife knows she can have a man with A 9`` penis if she can find one.she wants me with my 4 1/2`` penis.not for my money,because that just average too.befor i was married i had girls tell me my penis was small,or smaller than other men they where with,but they still kep wanting to fuck me!why?i did not have money! a man can be a good lover and not have a big dick!
2268 March 19, 2005

Women r bitches!! They r definitley lying if they say size doesnt matter. They would cheat on men anyday if they can hav a bigger penis!!Never forget lessons learnt!!
2269 March 19, 2005

Black and White:
A white guy once told me that he and a black guy had shared intercourse with two white women they had met. One of the women was in the bathroom, but he (the white male) soon started having intercourse with the other woman. He said he thought he had put it on her good, but when the black male took over he couldn't believe his eyes the working over the black male was putting on her. He said the black male's dick was about 9 inches to his 6 inches, and was also thicker. Meanwhile the other woman had come to bed but the white guy said he never could get fully hard again at that time from seeing how much bigger the black guy was, and because the black male was still on top of her and she was reacting powerfully to him. Eventually the other woman had sex with the black man and went ape shit.

He kept saying it over and over he just couldn't believe how well the women were worked over by that guy. That the women were loud and were left with their bodies heaving each time the black man got off of them.

This a true story I was told by a guy that was very sincere when he spoke about it. He said he didn't know if he could ever fully recover from that.

I didn't have much to say to him about it. What could I say? It was one night stands, so I couldn't say there are things more important in a relationship.

This actually scared me too. As just average, I felt like he did. I felt that just about any woman I go with would have been worked over at some time by a big dick that knew how to work it. I felt that black males are naturally bigger, and it made me feel too intimidated to fuck a black woman. An average size white male is bound to feel smallish to a black woman. We can lovemake her and give her enjoyment that way. But power fucking, that black women talk about, we can't give with 6 inches that aren't thick.
2270 March 19, 2005

To Those with the average Pleases Her Anyway answers:
There are plenty of women average can "please", a small percentage women it doesn't, but what we're talking about here is whether bigger is better.

In other words, when you respond with comments like "...she enjoys my average size and I please her..." you're avoiding the issue of what you would be doing to her if you were 3 inches longer and much thicker. Then your "pleasing" word would often be replaced with "rocking her world".

You can technique with foreplay all you want, and that will certainly making her enjoy you almost no matter what your size is. Yet,when it is showtime, time for the main course of intercourse, do you really think you can compare to a male with a much longer and thicker dick than you have? Unless she is a size queen, or your dick size and her vagina size are  too incompatiable, it's true you will likely please her if you can last a while. That's not being the best though. If pleasing her is enough for you to be happy and consider it a great sex life, then so be it. Just make sure you don't join a swingers club and find out how she would react with a super stud on her grinding away. Pleasing might not seem like enough to you after that.
2271 March 19, 2005

well i  alway wanted to ahve sex  witha big   cock      may be   14inch     or  biger    who know   just  thinking of  it  turn me on if  a    blk man have that    size of  cock  hunny he   can  rule me   eny time he  want 
2272 March 19, 2005

Black and White:
 I'm the one that just posted about the guy that told me about his encounter with one black guy and two white women.

Ed says to spill our guts, so here goes.

Black men are bigger. There are many exceptions of course. Too many women that have been with both white and black men have consistently said black men are bigger, and they consistently say it's a very noticeable difference. Too many to dismiss it.

It only makes sense that since the black men are in general bigger, that black women can usually handle more than white women can.

I'm not saying a very good happy relationship can't be had by white men with black women, just that there is an increased chance she won't be as satisfied in bed. If the relationship is strong then it probably won't matter much. Yet that won't change the truth that if he was bigger she would be rocked in bed instead of just ok good sex.

The male needs to be at least 7 - 7 1/2 inches to be feel average to a black woman.  So he needs to bring at least 8 inches to bed to seem above average to a black woman.

In a television show a while back a black male on stage asked a black audience if size matters and almost all the black women hollored out a loud yes. He asked what sizes they liked best and 8 inches was the minimal for most of them, with many holloring yes for 10 inches.

 If you're a white male bringing 6 inches to bed, this will feel like 4 3/4 inches feels to a white woman. With plenty of foreplay, and good technique, you can please her, but 9 inches would fuck her silly.

Nine inches will feel to a white woman what over 10 inches feels like to a black woman. So 9 inches can be too much for many white women and over 10 inches can be too much for many black women. Most could take it,but the pain level can become too high at this point.

This post will probably piss many off that all races are the same size.

Black women are built for longer, bigger, and hardcore sex than most white women. Black women have the wider hips for thicker dick potential, bigger bubble asses because their pevic is shaped to allow for longer length, and the thick bubbles allow for more padding for harder pumping from big dicked men. Don't believe this? Ask around and read around and sleep around and you'll see that black women are more into super hardcore heavy duty fucking than white women are. White women love it too, but only at certain times. Really, some frail flat assed white women would almost break in two if a mandingo got carried away too forcefully with them.
2273 March 19, 2005

Ladies--------STOP LYING!!!:
Ladies, this a forum where you can finally come clean and Admit Size Matters

Example 1
Male: "Does size matter?".
Female: "I would take a nice guy with a small dick over a mean guy with a big dick".

In other words, size matters to her or she wouldn't have answered that way. What if the big dick guy is also nice? She avoided bringing that up.

Example 2
Male: "Does size matter?"
Female: " I'll take an average male that knows how to use it over a big male that doesn't."

In other words, size matters or she wouldn't have answered this way. What if the big male also knows how to use it? She just so happened to not mention that. We know why.

Example 3
Male: "Does size matter?"
Female: "I never choose a guy just because of his dick size. There are more important things in a relationship."

Other things more important yes, but notice she didn't say it doesn't count at all. She clouded the issue by bringing other things. What she showed was size matters some, but is not important to her.
Also notice she didn't mention if she wasn't in a relationship with other factors involved, and was just having a one night stand. More important then and of course she dodged that senerio.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture----women won't give a straight answer, because size matters.
2274 March 19, 2005

I use to run and live in a motel. I can tell you that some of the guys were regulars with women they picked up in a nearby bar for one night stands. I came to know many of these guys and a few of the guys were hung, but most average.

When not working the desk I lived in a back room in the motel. From this room I could hear a few of the rooms and the sex. In time I came to be able to tell the difference in the sounds that gals made with the hung men and the other men. There was one very hung man that had gals making sounds that were incredible to listin to. Some ladies could barely catch their breath with him. A few made him stop, but most screamed in ectasy and pain, and some had orgasms with him over and over. I heard a couple of these ladies with different men and these ladies that he had driven crazy would just mainly lay there with other men. I know this because only the bed was heard, and one man said she was a bad lay. I didn't tell him he should have heard her with mr hung a few weeks earlier. I know size matters in one night stands. It often mattered a lot.
2275 March 19, 2005

A FRIENDLY  CHALLENGE.I am the luckiest woman because my man has a monster cock and very big balls. I used to think that size didn't matter  but since meeting my partner this has changed. I now think that bigger is best in both departments. I have never seen anyone with both a bigger cock and bigger balls than my special partner.I mentioned this to him and he agreed that while he had seen two or three bigger cocks  and one larger pair of balls , he had never seen anyone who had both bigger cock and balls. So I offer a friendly challenge to the other women out there, If you think your husband or partner can boast the same I would be happy to exchange measurements. All though any suggestions about how to measure balls would be gratefully received. My partner and I have enjoyed reading many of the comments.
2276 March 20, 2005

I think the word "average"speaks volumes. An average dick is , well, ummm, average. It can create enjoyable average sex. It turns her on as well as average can. There are so many guys average size that it is a run of the mill view and feel to her. No wonder an average guy needs to be extra good at foreplay. Average foreplay plus average size would  be just average sex to her. Good perhaps, but average. Nothing special, average. Creates an average number of orgasms for her.  Makes her remember the sex as well as she can for run of the mill. Don't expect a woman to go "wow" when she first sees an average dick. Do you go "wow" about things you can see all the time everywhere. No. So don't expect her to be as impressed with it. Just please her the best you can and realise the sex can still be very good if you work at it, but never as mind blowing as big that works at it. 

So now it is clearer why bigger is more of a turn on for women. It's not run of the mill. It looks and feels special, because it is.
2277 March 20, 2005

i would just like to say that i was born with a testosterone deficiency at my birth that caused my penis to only grow to 4" erect and hearing all of this stuf realy makes me think that i have to face the fact that i will be alone for the rest of my life. it's not my fault that it is that small. my last girlfriend left me because of it she didn't come out and say that thats why she left me but i know it was the reason. a am considered an extremly good looking guy and women are very attracted to me but this makes me EXTREMLY unconfident infact i have absolutly no confidence i havnt had a girlfriend for 8 years and i'm only 25. women wan't to date me but they can't figure out why i'm so shy and stear away from them most of them end up thinking i am gay. but i cant help but feel that if it gets serious and its time to have sex i will be a major dissapointment to the girl and she will either laugh at me and nothing will happen or she will say she wants to have sex and then never talk to me again after that. so i'm not sure what i'm suposed to do or if theres anything i can do i am realy lonley and i need to be in love at some point i am 25 i havnt had a girlfriend since 17 this is bad can anyone give me advice please?
2278 March 20, 2005

After doing 50+ women with my "average" cock, I think the key to this after childbirth is not the penis size or vagina size, it is vaginal muscle tone.  You slack cunt bitches, do a few hundred kegel PC muscle exercises and you will be suprised what happens.  Also, get a couple of one inch chrome plated steel ball bearings, carry them around in your pussy all day, and you will have a real vise-grip.  Do the mare's trick on a guy--read the kama sutra--and you will have his attention for life!
2279 March 20, 2005

lil Taliban:
Hi, Im a turkish guy but arabic/european race. I have a 7'1 inch long and 4'3 wide circumference penis. Is this a good size. Or is it too thin? I used to have a thick penis but i caught a bad cold and fever when i was young and i dont know why but it shrunk in size while i was sick. My brother used to have a much smaller penis then mines when i was young but now his is actually thicker since we are both grown men now. Is it possible to get your penis width shrunk while ill or having a fever?
2280 March 20, 2005

I do not think any women would like to look down and see a small penis on her lover.however,most women do not require a huge one. for me,7.5" with a good girth is perfect.i would not want my lover to have under 6".that would be and is too small.
2281 March 20, 2005

Hi all,

I'm interested in the penis size debate, and have posted here 2 or 3 times.  I also research it elsewhere on the net.  I'm average (6" x 5"), and have fully accepted the fact that size definitely matters.  Still, I have a very fulfilling sex life, and my girlfriend and I get on very well sexually.

Now, I had to post this one.

As more proof that size in fact does matter, listen to what one woman had to say in trying to argue that size doesn't matter:

"A Good Time Girl said:
To me, size absolutely does NOT matter. I'm 4'11" and very petite, so I don't need a whole lot of penis to fill me up. There was one guy who was so small that I wasn't sure if we'd had sex after we were done. (He was probably a couple of inches long and skinny as a pencil.) But anything bigger than that is generally ok. It's true that there's some "size queens" out there (women who just love really big penises), but that seems to be more of a mental thing than a physical need."

Um, now, did you catch that?  "There was one guy who was so small that I wasn't sure if we'd had sex after we were done...But anything bigger than that is generally ok." 

So, for her, there is a size that's "too small," and hence size does matter for the girl saying size doesn't matter.  Ugh!  Women who won't admit it, admit it already!!!


2282 March 21, 2005

some guy:
I read this site to be flattered. I want women to like big cocks. Of course, even though many porn flicks figure dicks smaller than mine, this site claims women would like even more. Im fine with that. The analogy with mens preference for big breasts is great. We guys would like a girl with enormous breasts, but most of us will probably never get it. Not that we mind though, as long as we have someone to love. In reality people actually prefer to be with a person they like, dreams about big tits or dicks remain dreams for most folks.
2283 March 21, 2005

my penis is so small my girl calls in heady       because that all it is i shave it bald so i can see it
2284 March 22, 2005

Sixe does definitely matter to women, the larger and wider the better. if he knows how to use what he has..that's heaven on earth...........the problem once you go large, you're always looking for more.
2285 March 22, 2005

"Mr Perfect" and ("What You Won't Hear"):
Female remarks interpreted>>>>>>>>>

"You're perfect." ("You're average size.")

"You're a great size for oral."
("You're not a great size for vaginal.")

"I love our anal sessions."
("Fits my ass good, since you're a bit small for vaginal.")

"He was bigger, but didn't use it like you do."
("That's why I got on top often with him, so I was in control to work that big thing of his with my eyes  popped out of my head and my vocal cords exhausted from grunting.")

"I'm quiet with you, but I'm always quiet during sex."
("Except for the times the neighbors asked me and super stud to keep it down because I was having estatic loud fits when he was working me over with that massive piece of meat.")

"It was good. I can't help but moan some with you."
("I'm not going to tell you about how loud and constant I have moaned and carried on wildly with the big guys.")

"You're the best at oral."
("You're not the best at intercourse.")

"You're good at lovemaking."
("However, I do occasionally miss getting my brains fucked out by super stud.")

"You're not small"
("Just small compared to my ex.")

"You lasted a long time, I'm going to be a bit sore tomorrow".
("I wouldn't want you to see how I use walk soooo carefully after mr big meat was through with me.")

"I've told my girlfriends you know how to treat a woman in bed".
("At least they aren't worrying me to death wanting to hear about your average tool like they use to with mr big meat.")

"I told my girlfriends you can work that tongue".
("I wish I could also say you work a meat too.")

"My ex treated me like shit during our relationship".
("...but damnnnn, he fucked me like a champion.")

"I like for us to cuddle after sex".
("Cuddling is something I couldn't do after sex with my ex because I was too busy trying to catch my breath and was too exhausted to do anything.")

"You like to pound it hard".
("Who do you think you're going to hurt with that thing?When mr hung pounded me that hard I thought my eyeballs were going to pop slam out of my head.That was some hardcore slamming he could put on me.")
2286 March 22, 2005

your mom:
this site is a bunch of bullshit. 69 percent of all statistics rmade up
on the spot
2287 March 22, 2005

My cock is a little over eight inches long.  My wife likes it 'cause at first it was "scary" too her.  Now she loves it to bang lightly into her cervix.  She also liked my cock better in the "old days" because I used to shoot a lot of cum before my prostate enlarged.  Orgasms are better for me now since my prostate works longer, but she misses lots of squirting cum going into her or onto her clit when I pull out a bit...
2288 March 23, 2005

I am 46 have spent many years in the miltary been to over 25 country's been to africa europe south amercia.I have slept with over 60women both black white brown yellow.And you know what were did this thing come out black men have on average 1in bigger dicks thats it the average black man is 7in.As i said i have slept with black women when i was in jamica and south africa and south amercia,and been white thought for sure i would be put down,but know i was not insted i was told i was big yes me the 5ft 10in white man why becuse i am 8inx6in.So there i was in the land of the surposed 10in 9in dicks and there i was 8inx6in been told by A BLACK WOMEN IN AFRICA I WAS BIGGER than many black men And thats the truth
2289 March 23, 2005

What an incredibly interesting site.  For years I have known that size counts when all else is equal.  Now I am speaking only from the physical, not necessarily emotional aspects.  I am fairly small by the way, measuring 6" on a good day with good average girth.  I am old enough to remember the free sex/hippie days of the early 70's and engaged in many sessions of group sex and partner swapping.  I am fairly secure and found myself incredibly aroused when my first wife or girlfriend at the time, sampled a cock that was much larger than mine.  Each time, they showed visibly, a level of pleasure that I couldn't give them.  This aroused me even more.  I could nearly cum seeing my woman's labia stretched wide, and knowing she was completely filled.  Folks, I am not a nut looking to shock anyone or to even blow my own horn, but I just want to say to the men that are average or below, flow with it, find your enjoyment in other ways, especially knowing your woman has had that level of pleasure that you can't give her.  I know this sounds weird and perhaps a bit "sub", but I am anything but "sub."  I just found a way to make it good for me.  Ladies, if you want or need that big dick, don't lie to your man, explain and make sure he knows it won't affect how you feel about him emotionally.  I would love to hear from the women that read this site to get their point of view.  If any of you care to email me, it's r_rickweed@hotmail.com

Good luck to all
2290 March 23, 2005

To jason:
Jason, Ed has posted about Thunder'sPlace. It's a penis enlargement forum that doesn't charge a dime, doesn't have spam, and has no pop ups. Yes, it does work. I wouldn't kid you about this serious a subject after reading your post. The problem is Thunder just closed the doors at 35,000 members to keep his server from being overloaded. I believe you may can email him there, and let him know you want to be on the list to get in the door as soon as he opens it back up. I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking it may in April or May new members will be allowed.

Meanwhile, you don't have to be a member to read the main PE sections there anyway. Guests can't post, and can't see some of the additional off topic threads there, but the PE threads are accessable to guests. Read, read, read before you begin any of the exercises. It's fairly safe when one properly, and dangerous when not. So learn it well first. There are some who have trouble gaining, but typical gains are 1 to 1 1/2 inches. A few that were totally obsessed have gained 2 - 3 inches. One member was 4 inches and went to 8 inches. He is a rare one to gain that much though. I think it wouldn't be so rare, but it's too time consuming for some and they settle for some gain and then leave because they are not looking to become huge anyway. Others are wanting to be huge and will stay with it for however many years it's takes. Length and girth are both gained.

Penis pills don't work, but these exercises do. Honest.

Good luck.
2291 March 23, 2005

I just love big fat cocks.A large 8 incher has me cumming every time.Women who say size does not matter ,i bet have never been with a guy bigger than average(6 inches).Women should be honest and say small dick no thanks.Anything under 6 inches does nothing for me.
2292 March 23, 2005

ha... fuckers:
Look... I would say i'm avg by reading this site... 6 hard... I've fucked tons of bitches and never heard one complaint.  I have gotten all of these women off everytime and its based on feeling out what you're doing.  Maybe i'm smaller than some other guy, but I can still get a bitch off and the women keep rolling in... so i don't give a shit if some other bastard was born with a big cock.. good for him!  I'm still getting laid more than i can handle!
2293 March 23, 2005

Well some may think having a 3" dick is OK. Glad thats not me, but I would'nt consider myself huge either. I guess I'm about 5.5 to 6" and it seems to be OK but I have to admit it makes me feel shy some time approching a really cute girl with a sexy ass. But I manage to push thru amd get that ass. I also notice that a woman with a great ass usually tast better and love getting their asshole sucked, liked and kissed and of couse sucking pussy is extassy for me. Man I'm getting hard just writing this... But what I'm saying If your short in one area you can make up in others. Eat it up broda It's great stuff!
Woman love sucking my dick because it do'snt gag them and they go for it. But best of all nothing beats a sexy ass with ROUND shape and a clean PUSSSSY. I gotta suck it. THATS HEVEN! Makes the sex go longer thru the night, Cumm when she blows ya then your ready to do some series pumpin. So get to it small fry.
2294 March 24, 2005

small cocks under(6 inches)leave me unsatisfied and frustrated.A big cock fills me up.A BIG fat cock is such a turn on.
2295 March 24, 2005

Hi Ladies Just had to come here and share the truth
I am a very good looking guy Easy to talk to and I get my share of the Ladies, Penis Size Being the topic I have What I think to be A Very Nice Looking 5" I have never had any Problems Getting any of my Ladies off And one girl had only Dated Blk men I was her only White guy (she to was white) and we broke up (cuz my job) but Still till this day asked me for sex She says I was her Best  So I think Is your not hung You just need Skill You have to work that Little Dick... Right Ladies? 
2296 March 24, 2005

hey everyone... I've been reading a lot about this.  I've been in a rock band for 10 years, play all over the state of Michigan, and have met people(and trusted way too many creepy f*cks)and with all the props I've got over the years on my guitar playing ability (since 8th grade), and now that I'm 21, some things still bother me... it was when I was 16 and i crashed at some stoner/goth girl's house... when I woke up, my pants were down and she was licking me up and down... I flipped out... I wasn't even attracted to her and she went to my school... she started spreading rumors about how small I was and how no one would ever love me again... after that, I've had three serious relationships.... in 5 years, only 3... and 2 of those three girls told me that they would love me, size wasn't a problem... but one laughed right out at me after 6 months of romantic dating... im about 6.25in long and 4.5in around... is that really that small?  Girls? Guys?  I'm not gonna bash on boobs, butts, or vaginas, because that isnt cool.  I am confident in my sense of humor, guitar playing, song writing, weight-lifting, running, and romantic senses.... but in the physical sense, ever sense that encounter in high school and everyone sense then saying it is small or denying an answer to say "size doesnt matter"... so though I'm confident about a ton of stuff, my penis... well, could someone shine some light down on me?
2297 March 24, 2005

hi well im 18 old highschool student from kuwait that is  well i naver haed sex im still a virgin bout as i whas reading from wep sites about what women need most of tham say siz maters soo i lernd that 6inch's the nomal siz 7 is big 8 is big 9 is hug well min is 8 bout is it enof for a happy sex life like girels well smil after a night with me do i have the eblte to make a girl orgasm with 8inch's and it is thick to sorry for the bad spaling
2298 March 25, 2005

Blah Blah Blah:
I think the Doctor is talking most sense here.  The only slight difference of opinion that I would have is that larger guys do tend to get around a bit more.

Brizzle - your cock is a good length but a bit below average on girth.

Does Size matter? - Depends and it depends on a lot of things.  But the Ed does turn this quetion into an attempt to prove that you can't satisfy a woman unless you are big - and sorry Ed, you are wrong here and a bit naughty.

Sure there are girls who are built big down there - that's just the way they are - but that doesn't mean that ladies who only need half the portion won't enjoy a fine dish served well all be it in smaller quantities.

Besides just ramming away with a big cock might be good for recreational sex - but after a while both partners need more.  This leads to the arrogant big cock syndrome that many women refer to.

I had a relationship with a professional belly dancer - she told me she could satisfy herself on any sized cock - and believe me what she could do with the mastery that she had gained over her body, left me in no doubt that she could.  So it makes me smile a bit when you see all the comments llike "so long as he knows what to do with it".  Ladies you have bodies too, and frankly more options for muscle control than us guys - you would be a lot happier if you also knew what to do with it.
2299 March 25, 2005

hello, I want to know if my dick is big on small. I'm 7 3/4" long and 5" girth. I'm always going freely in my girls vagina, is she the one too wide and deep or I'm too small. we both of the heigth i.e 5.9", she is slim about 50kg weigth and I'm 68kg. Please let me know whats going on. your reply is highly needed (geofellaz@yahoo.com)
2300 March 25, 2005

You have done a good job writing up the debate.

I am a 19 year old from Australia, I am either doing weights or sport twice a day and I sleep alot. You'll see where this is leading in a minute.

After reading through your site (without having an issue about my size) I found that I am below the 'desirable' area and at first I pretty much resided to my fate. I figured that it isn't my place to reproduce and so I may as well live my life in some other way (i have had a few disappointments in my life so i figured this was another one).

That was probably a month ago and now I guess I have decided that its not up to me to decide but the women to decide whether or not my genetics are worth being combined with to make a child.

All my life I was obsessed by sex, even like age 3. When I learnt that I didn't measure up I was sad but it made sense, and now after having contemplated my place it is clear that in the end it is up to the women to pick, as i said before.

I think all the fitness I have done over the years has contributed to my personality - I talk the talk, I walk the walk. Everyone would swear I was hung like a horse and if only they knew the truth.

I guess the best thing you blokes can do if you're getting depressed is start getting into fitness with a good emphasis on weight training and explosive type sports like basketball and rugby union.

I know this will help, without it I am nothing so I know it will help you to build yourselves up

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