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2051 February 3, 2005

BELLO "The Penis Genius":

I can appreciate your zeal, your drive, your total obsession to enlarge your member for I myself have walked the strange and frustrating path that is Testicular Insecurity for many, many years. Far more years than I care to remember. My earliest memories of sex (stemming from stolen peeks at my brother colossal porno collection) are still of the well hung men that literally tore apart youthful, nubile, wanting girls and not of the girls them selves. I remember early, cruel issues of Hustler that had cartoons that depicted impossibly gigantic men. Not so impossible I soon discovered. I even remember a set of joke pens that had a man & a woman in black bathing suits that would become naked if you turned the pen over. Picture my utter dismay when that man's bathing suite vanished. Suuuprise!! At 10 years old I stood there breaking out in a cold sweat thinking," how the hell did THAT fit in those tiny Speedos?"
From those early times all I could do was wait for my own "growth spurt" to happen. Suuuprise! Twenty-six years later and I'm still waiting. Dan, every man in history at one time or another experiences penis envy. It's inevitable. But most of the time that's where it stops. Like looking at a friend's new car, or home, or cloths. Penis envy is a healthy human response to Darwin's Law. Only the strong survive. It's every mans internal desire to mate and propagate. But where this stops in a normal man, this is where the truly Testiculary Insecure man starts his everlasting journey...

I know from experience that this voyage always starts with a specific moment. That one moment when you experience the right meat-pipe at the right time. This thrusts your insecurities into full gear and they take the up most precedence in your mind and it never lets go. For me it was seeing the young Ron Jeremy in the penis enlargement adds in those early stag magazines. You know the ones. He's on his knees. There's a voluptuous 70's looking red head hugging his burly muscular thigh staring straight at this huge piece of flesh hanging down from his groin. Her eyes are glazed over with longing and desire. For Jon, it was that faithful day we saw the gay publication "Fire hose" magazine for the first time.
We all face that moment. Alone. It defines us. It tells us who we are. And more importantly, it shows us what we are not.
I tend to believe your defining moment was gaining Internet porno access or when you first saw the photos of the penis float. But, I could be wrong.
My job here is not to figure you out; it's to help you out. I know a kindred spirit when I see one and I want to save you a lot of pain and anguish.

So begins the lesson.

It doesn't matter what girls say about your size! Girls lie! Women lie! Old ladies lie! If they say that size doesn't matter, it's a lie. If you throw a toothpick in to a volcano, will the volcano feel it? Can you honestly stand naked in front of a Jill with a tiny, shriveled, limp, useless cock that is way out of proportion with the rest of your body and believe that size doesn't matter?
If you gave Jill a huge vase with one tiny, shriveled, wilted, limp, flower in it, would she be happy? Would she feel the vase was in proportion to the flower? Would she run off to her friends to brag? Fuckin' no! Girls lie! They lie to make us feel secure! Nice of them, but don't do me any fuckin' favors.

It only matters what you think! No matter how many times you are lied to, your own perception of your size should and always will be the most important. Don't fall in to the trap. If you start to lie to your self you set your self up for a great fall. What if you fall under Jill's tyrannical and misleading mistruths? You start to believe her. You even start to feel confident being naked around her. Next you start to feel secure with showering at the gym. You don't feel as bashful in the locker room. Then, Suuuprise! Jill dumps you. She gives you some bullshit reason about you not wanting to commit to a real relationship. But, now you have a new found confidence. You can meet new girls. You may even be lucky enough to get them into the bedroom. But once you pull those pants down, it's all gonna kick you in the ass. Your going to swing your cock around with your new found confidence only to be slapped in the face with the realization that you don't measure up to this girls previous men. And believe me, all women who are sexually active have had a guy you can never measure up to. And then the salt in the wound is that Jill's new boyfriend is hung like a witch in Salem.

Muscles don't help! They hinder! Going to the gym to bulk up is just one way men try to mask the fact that they have short willies. Society would like to believe that men go the gym to impress women. It's a Lie! Men go to the gym to enlarge their bodies because they can't enlarge their Johnson. Believing this lie can be more of a danger than believing the girl's lie. Nothing is more upsetting than watching a Muscle Man competition and seeing some huge, ripped, vascular, tanned Adonis with nothing in his pants. You can bulk up all you want, but don't lie to your self. The bigger the vase, the smaller the flower looks.

Commercialization Enlargement will never work! Pumps, straps, pulleys, pills, creams, jells, operations. They don't work. I've tried them all. They give you false hope. They bamboozle you to believe that there's a chance for you to become a genuine man who is able to fulfill a woman's desires, but all the while you're wasting hard earned cash in futile attempts. Don't believe it. It will only make it that much harder for you to recognize the truth. I've been there. I won't even mention sock stuffing because we all know that at one point in time, the jig will be up. Some girl goes down on you salivating for your huge trouser snake and all she gets is a smelly old sock that's has a hole in it. I've grasped at the smallest of straws searching for hope. I even wanted to have myself hypnotized by Frank Santos into believing I was hung. But, I knew the potential hazards. I knew I would get drunk with power. I would be waving it around at parties, pants down in the Providence Place Mall, leaving bathroom doors ajar in hopes to flash my fellow co-workers and most of all throwing it in the faces of stunted unfortunate souls like your self only to be greeted with whole hearted belly laughs at the embarrassing small size of my Johnson.

Honesty + Admission = Healing! You're on the right path. You know you're insufficient. A man can tell you that he's hung, but there is always the tail of the tape. I can go on the Internet and within the blink of an eye I can find pictures of cocks that would make you cry. You can look at any statistic you want about the average size of the shlong, but the fact is, who wants to be average? Would you brag to your fellow teachers if you had a class full of  "C" students? Would you brag to your friends if you met a girl at the Roxy that was average? Do you strive at the gym to look average? There's always some one bigger. And chances are your girlfriend's previous boyfriend is one of them. Admit you are short. Shout it from the rooftops. Start to practice what I call Fessturretts. It's a combination of Turrets Syndrome and Confession (fessing up). If you tell everyone you're short, they will think the worst. Then when your inferiority is exposed, they won't be surprised. Actually, they'll think you noble for being so truthful. Most importantly, never joke about being hung. This is taboo. You may get called on the shelf, and believe me, you don't want that.

Balls! It's all about the balls. Large, swollen, saggy, floppy balls are just as if not more important than a large penis. They can give an optical illusion to make the total package seem slightly bigger. Not by much though. Small tight inverted balls are a shockingly awkward. Nothing screams impotency more that peanut-sized testicles. This is another problem with the muscle-building lie. Steroids rob us of these beautiful pendulous meat chandeliers. How can a car look nice with no tires? What's a super sized extra value meal with a small fry? What's the difference between an Almond Joy and a Mounds?

Summary. You where born with nothing and you will die with nothing. You will never overcome the feelings of shame and inadequacies. But, you are not alone.

You have my prayers and sympathy.
2052 February 3, 2005

True Love:
I have read through the site. I want to say I am a 25 year old woman who has had a variety of dicks all shapes sizes and colors. My ideal cock, which my current boy friend possesses is as follows.

Circumsized!!!! with a big Bulbous head. not the door knob size you here about in erotic stories but just a nice big cock head. Probably about two inches across and two inches from top to bottom. The look of the head is important to me and to a lot of women I think.

Fairly veiny and "muscular" looking. It just looks masculine when the veins on a cock are clear and distinct, again anything to one extreme is bad. This mans cock emanates heat and feel hot to the touch. It is just under 8 inches long (nearly 8) and about 5 and three quarters around mid shaft. It also as hard as a steel rod. I have never seen a more beatiful cock in my life. Ive never been this obsessed with a mans penis before, but there is something about this one that is just intoxicating. I was never into sucking cock, but now I cant keep my mouth off it and it seems like I must suck him off three times a day.

He is a white man, for anyone that is curious, but has an olive complexion.

Thats all, I just wanted to brag about my new sexy cock for all the world.
2053 February 3, 2005

HAHAHA this site is ridiculous the average penis size is 5.5-6.5" this site is a joke and i reckon the person who created this site knows that!! haha very1 out ther reading this dont worry this is bullshit, every person agreeing with thtis on this site has been made up, i pity the person who made this how sad ther lives must be.
2054 February 3, 2005

"she must have liked you for something other than the size of your dick. "

well said man...
2055 February 3, 2005

to me my small penis doesnt matter. i have a pethetic size of 4.9in. i have fucked many girls in my life. but never did any one of them complained. size is important. but its how u use your cock, a small cock can go just as long and cum as much as any big cock
but anyway why am i complaning about my size.
if u look at it, its all fait. if God gave it to me, why am i complaning. maybe it could have been smaller. but u have to be confident with your size. no matter what
2056 February 3, 2005

I really believe a man should know HOW to use it rather than focus on the size of it being bigger or smaller.
If its big, it can be nice if he can use it right, he can still suck if its big if he doesnt have a clue as to what he's doing
If its small, he sucks naturally unless he knows how to use it

everyone woman is different, so categories, I find, are only for people that dont know how to think for themselves
If youre with a girl, ask her what she thinks
she may or may not give an honest answer, but thats not her problem.
a penis is a penis, they all feel good. especially when its with someone you love
ps: some women are less ideal because of how wide they are or how tight they are..it may hurt or you may not feel it at all (for the guys)
find someone that best suits you and have a fucking blast
good site, but things like this can hurt self asteem
be happy with what you have god damnit
2057 February 3, 2005

Whatever you program your mind to like, you will like.  Women, keep telling yourself you love and are pleausured by any size cock.  Tell yourself that, believe it, feel it, and it will come true.  your subconcious mind is like tha main control pannel in your mind.  Tell it something enough, and it becomes true for you.  Women who hate small cocks hate them because they have made their body function that way, simply correct this.  Peace.
2058 February 4, 2005

To Small #2014,

You can easily get your girth up to 6 inches from your current size by using a vacuum tube.  Just be sure get a 2 inch diameter one.  Please spend the extra cash to get one that has a gauge on it because you can damage yourself by using too much suction.  I'm guessing that it will take about 40 minutes.  Do it in 20 minute sets, not one set.  It's feels much better to me and the Mrs. to have sex after pumping up, than to use extensions.  Have fun!
2059 February 4, 2005


I'm italian and my penis size is 1 1/2 soft and 3 1/2 hard....what do you think about it? Well maybe now you know that not all italan man are so called "stallions"
I thought asian girls love small penises I was wrong.....
2060 February 4, 2005

Sorry guys, it's true. SIZE DOES MATTER. Not in all cases, but in most! Sure, we all want a guy who "knows how to use it"...but if you put two guys in front of us, one 5 inches and one 8 inches, and BOTh "know how to use it"...which one do you think we're gonna choose?!? DUH!!! And guys shouldn't blame us for wanting a decent size...after all, you guys trash and often avoid small chested girls. I, for one, am more than comfortable telling a guy if he doesn't measure up. And I think all girls should be. We've pampered men's egos long enough. I have on two seperate occassions stopped a guy before sex because he was under 6. I gave the guys a choice, wear an extension or no sex. (They are cheap and fit like condoms) One agreed to try it, the other refused...oh well, his loss. Anyway, just thought I'd tell you my honest opinion, guys...SIZE TOTALLY MATTERS.
2061 February 5, 2005

i have a really big dick can girls tell me there opinion im 5.5 inches long . lucky im big cos i can only last 30 seconds.girls 5.5 is big for a 22 yr old isnt it.
2062 February 5, 2005

Well, this place brought me back to earth...I now feel terrible about my 5 long 5 wide penis! Haha. Thanks for all the info though.
2063 February 5, 2005

I have noticed that some people here have the notion that "the measure of a man" is more than physical attributes, and therefore there are "other things" more important than penis size, physical prowess/combat ability, and looks (in that order, when male worthiness is being judged.)
Note: Money/earning potential is very important, and can stand in for physical prowess/combat ability to a degree in modern society, although NOTHING screams MANHOOD!!! like a handsome, big-dicked barroom brawler, in the eyes of most (if not all) women - especially the attractive ones. (Good old natural selection, blue-collar style... brings out the "Neanderthal chick" in most ladies.)
We are nothing more than PHYSICAL creatures - science has proven that. There is no "spirit" or "soul" - the human experience is purely a PHYSICAL one, and at its core sex is all about PHYSICAL pleasure.
Thusly, a big penis is a MUST for keeping a mate.
Mechanistic materialism is a PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT!!! We are all just meat puppets, running on INSTINCTS as far as our desires are concerned. Food, fighting (in humans, the thrill of success/victory in competition) and fucking - the "3 f's". The rest is window dressing.
Therefore, it stands to reason that women would seek out those men who can give them the most PHYSICAL pleasure. They have NO choice in this preference. They are just pleasure-seeking robots (as we men are, for that matter.)
Got a small dick? Sorry, chump. I guess the best thing to say about it is this...
100 years from now, everyone reading this will be eaten by worms and decomposed by bacteria and fungi. Those who had a GOOD life and those who had a FUCKED life will be equal, then - the studs won't be able to enjoy the memories of their triumphs, and the bags of loser shit won't have to suffer with their shitty memories. BOTH groups of men will be SHIT then, which is what dead people are - SHIT.
The nice part is that none of us will be able to think about it. Because maggots will have eaten away our brains, and all memories, good or bad.
So... fellow gerbil-dicked losers, our problem is a temporary one.
Hell, maybe I ought to make like Confucius, and create a secular philosophy out of this. Think I'd still be famous in a thousand years???
Chumsterism, anyone?
Nahhhh... too much work.
To your manhoods,
2064 February 5, 2005

Chumster - Take the Red Pill.:
To "Life is Cruel" (post #1983)
There is NO SUCH THING as life after death, you stupid fuck. "Karma"? What century are you living in, the 6th? Or maybe the 7th? Get an EDUCATION, twit.
BTW, "Ed" is performing a valuable (even if the subject's a no-brainer) informational service here. The truth ain't sunshine and bunnies, no... Small-dicked guys ARE fucked out of a good life. But the truth (almost) NEVER is happy - right? (At least if you've got a small cock.)
I'd rather be RIGHT and unhappy, than WRONG but with comforting illusions. "The truth will set you free..."
Pride any which way you can get it... PRIDE, the joy and true meaning of life.
Gimme the red pill, any day.
To your (superstitious?) manhoods,
2065 February 5, 2005

Nothing new:
Blah-blah-blah... nothing new, all old rehash!
2066 February 6, 2005

TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS SITE: THANK YOU! Thank you so much for standing up for women everywhere. The truth is that women who say that size doesn't matter are liars. Bigger is definately better and all women know that; this site is 100 percent absolutely correct. I am 22 years old and I have been having sex since I was 14 and I have enjoyed many a cock in my time, believe me. If my experiences have taught me anything it's that a nice juicy cucumber goes a long, long way. I am a bit of a "size queen" even though I'm not that tall (5'5") but that has nothing to do with my preference for big dicks. As you have made clear, all women great or small prefer a well-endowed man. I do, all of my friends do, and that's just the plain truth. If you're a guy with a penis smaller than 8 inches, you better give up and go home: you will never be able to give a real woman the satisfaction she needs. Women have needs, guys, you've heard it everywhere. Unless your package is impressive, it's definately not worth unwrapping. Men have to understand that it's not easy to please a woman. It takes effort, patientce, and (most importantly) a big penis. And we're talking long as well as thick. I am quite sure that men with penises smaller than 8 inches shouldn't even be having sex. If you're small or "average," you can serve the world better by becoming a monk. I'm happiest when I'm filled by a big dick. With a bick dick, I feel like a true woman, I feel feminine and beautiful. The feeling of being dominated by this heavy thing swirling around inside me is marvelous. Big dicks give me orgasms I can feel all the way down to my toes! Multiple uterine orgams! Earthquakes! All I can say is that a woman works hard and a woman deserves good penetration. Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Guys, that's the truth 
2067 February 6, 2005

The best thing about being big is?:
I am not one to brag about the size of my dick,i have been told mine is the biggest the women i slept with have seen.But untill i lived with a gril i realy never thought i was anything infact i thought i was on the small size.But know i am married my wife mesured my dick it was 8inx6in.And i also can make love for hrs at lest 2hrs sometimes longer.Also as one other person said when i do cum in a women when were in the doggy position she can feel me sweling upinside her,she says that's a first for her and she loves it,can i ask has anyother man been told this.Has anyother man who claims an 8x6in dick tried the doggy position and had his partner tell him that she felt his dick sweling up inside her as he cum's.My wife and the women before her loves feeling that.But the best thing about having a dick this size is the confedance,i have,before being mesured i realy thought i was on the small size but know evan do i would never cheat on my wife i still feel good knowing i an make another women no matter what they look like feel good
2068 February 6, 2005

Alaskan Moose Willie:
I'll not insult or disparage the intellect of the large group of individuals who visit your site, "Mr Ed". The fact that their own self doubt feeds on itself is all that needs to be said. Countless companies are get'n rich, exploiting these insecure self doubting people. Tisk tisk...di$$function, how $weet it i$....
My plan is to market products that reduce the size of the vaginal cavity so that women everywhere might experience the absolute joy of a "Full & Open" femine sensation during intercourse with their "average man".
Females everywhere will now need to spend big bucks to please their men with bigger implants and vaginal reducing herbal potions!!!! YEAH BABY.
"Got nutin but Sweet, Pure, Tender & True LUUUUUUUVVV fo ya BAY BAY". Dig it. FINALLY, midget dick caucasian and asian men will at last be empowered with the joy and confidence that a Pretty African NBA Allstar Center will no longer be able to steal the love of his life....."FDA approved and sent to your door for only"..........
2069 February 7, 2005

GUYS wake up!! who gives a fuck about those bitchs pleasure anyway, I say along as you blow your load and your good to go who cares what hell they think.  They have you so brain washed that its all about their pleasure, when in my opinion it's every one for themself. SO to all you guys out there, forget about the shit girls talk, forget about your tiny dick, and live life by the four F's
Find them
Feel them
Fuck them
Forget them
Yeah baby!!
2070 February 7, 2005

hi  found this site by chance anyway readings are interesting!!my wife measured my penis for fun a couple of days ago 7.5 long  6 inch girth!!just wanted to say to all the wifes measure your husbands penis it a fun time to laugh with the one you love!!!later limericc
2071 February 7, 2005

Hey Truelove (post #2052),
I'm glad to hear you finally found the perfect cock after hearing of all of the varieties you've experienced.  I wonder how the actual person attached to that dick is?  Maybe he's some creep.  I mean what the fuck would you care?  Now answer truthfully, would ya still be with the guy if you found out he was only 5 inches the first time you saw it?
2072 February 8, 2005

Alaskan Moose Willie:
Hey Ed. Oh, sorry make that "Mr Ed". You're a bit of a horse right?
Women who long for impossibly garguantuan penis need to try my new naturopathic product entitled; "Too tight is just right" It will shrink your woman's big red gash so small even YOUR meagerness will make her wince. She will NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE AGAIN!! GUARANTEED!!!
AND you will NEVER have to experience the humiliation of having a 7 foot NBA All Star Center make her come over and over and over again while you stand by helplessly impotent watching. You MIDGET MEMBERED PENCIL WEENY!!!!!!!!!
How bout it Ed? Com'on buddy, it will be the the best 3 hundred million you'll ever spent. Look I'm TRYING to help ya here. I will even custom compound your order to make her scream YOUR NAME, (just like she did for the 7 ft NBA dude.) Isn't your woman worth it Ed?
Don't let the modest cost of my product dissuade you from being the man you always KNEW you could be!!
2073 February 8, 2005

I love all penises the large one's to the little one's. Just like breast I have small breast and I would hope a man wouldn't like me for that reason. So you men out there don't worry about the size of your willy ,HA HA, .A real woman wouldn't care.
2074 February 8, 2005

Master Pimp UK:
Well well well, what can I say. Lets just put it like this. Some men like a voluptious vagina. they like the look, they like the feel. Some women hate having voluptious vaginas. They hate the look, they hate the feel.
Some women like large penis's. some lke them long, some like them wide, some like them both. Some women like small ones, short and skinny. Some like them short and thick, some like them long and skinny, some women like a foreskin, some dont. some women just like the head.

ALL WOMEN LIKE A COCK TO BE HARD!!! That is by far the most important thing.

Some men like small firm petite breasts, some men like huge big mamma saggy bosoms. some men are leg men, some are ass men, some just like eyes.

If you read the comments on this website, you will see that many people like many things and hold many opinions.

We have white people, black people, asian people, blondes, brunettes, red heads, tall, short, fat skinny, blue eyes, green eyes etc etc etc.

To believe that all women want huge dicks and all men want huge breasts, is to believe that the above people do not exist, and that we are infact all coffee coloured, with equal height, equal weight....

In my personal experience, its nice having a big cock. I like mine. And I know girls do too. Some girls also like rich men, but not all married to one. Some girls lke footballers, but are not all dating one, some men like supermodels, but do not all fuck one...

In my personal experience, 9 times out of 10 a woman is more concerned about her body and whether she satisfies you, than the size of your cock, and of course, vice-versa.

Get over it, theres fuck all you can all do about it anyway
2075 February 8, 2005

You know, after having different sized cocks, I can honestly say the pleasure I got from the experience had very little to do with the dick size.  The worse sex experience I had was with a man who was over eight inches long, because he didn't consider what I liked.  There are so many variables in the enjoyment of sex that blaming bad sex on one thing is perilous.

BUT - I will admit that smaller than a *certain* size, and a woman does not get the required satisfaction.  It's a sad but true fact of life.  Six inches is my limit.  Below that and I don't think it'd do me any good.  May as well date a woman, really.  :T

It does differ from woman to woman.  Some prefer over seven, some prefer over eight.  Some honestly don't care at all.  So don't take this site as gospel - then again, the author asks you to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

The best thing you could do is if you know women who are comfortable about the subject - just ask them!
2076 February 8, 2005

I have always been a great admirer of women with large inner, protruding labia. I think it is the sexist thing there is. I love to lick, suck and chew on my lady's labia and I have searched all my adult life for a good woman and have been lucky enough to find a Chinese woman with the most beautiful pussy. Don't get me wrong, I have had many relationships and am looking for the whole package when it comes to a life partner and I have found it in my wife. She comes to Canada very soon and we have found we are very compatible in all areas, true soulmates in every sense of the word. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have found eachother in the huge world we live in, even though she was in China and I am in Canada. Never give up, that is our moto. Good luck to you all finding peace and happiness in future.
Paul and Xiaoying
2077 February 9, 2005

i just wonder what drives someone to set up such a web site ...  wonder ... wonder ... wonder
2078 February 9, 2005

This site is very funny. Basically it is saying that you might as well give up trying to please a woman unless you have a big cock. I would like to say that there can't be many big cocks about. If there were lots they wouldn't be classed as big - they would be seen as average! You should also look at the whole package (!?!). I would love a stunningly handsome man, perfect pecs, abs, arse etc and a big cock but also wouldn't every man want a girl with model looks, perfect body etc. How many perfect men/women are there in this world? Not a lot! A bloke might have a big cock but looks like shit and sweats like a pig - give me a stunningly handsome, clean bloke with an average dick every time! 99.99% of men are not perfect the same as 99.99% of women (me included) are far from perfect. For the record I've been with one 'large' man (out of about 15 partners) and although it felt good he finished in about 2 minutes just as I was starting to warm up - I've had much better sex with 'smaller' men. Any blokes who think they are small should not worry too much - yes, every bloke wants a big cock but I'm a woman and I know it's not the be all and end all (I can't even remember the 'big' man's name the sex was that bad!). At the end of the day sex with a big man can be great and it can be bad but also sex with a 'smaller' man can be great and can be bad. We don't live in a perfect world and that also applies to men, women and sex!
2079 February 9, 2005

I know I like getting fucked by big dicks!
2080 February 10, 2005

I'm big and black:
Well the fact is people that not all black males have a big penis. Just as not all white males have small penis. The so-called myth derived from a study that concluded that black males had "larger" penis for the most part. The operative word is larger.. meaning that other race exhibited large penis, just not as large. The difference was only by 1 1/2" In fact, it's said that arabian men have the largest penis out of all race measuring 10"+ I measure an acceptable 8 3/4"

I do not really buy into studies. There's simply too much variables for any study to be accurate. After-all... if you know your history.. we're all product of blacks anyhow, therefore why are we so concerned. The theory behind the arabian study is that they are mixed with blacks. Go figure!

Height dosen't matter, neither does race, region, et. It's all an individual thing. Either your big, or your not. If not.. i feel bad for your self-confidence. but that's really all that's damaged (a womans sensitive area is only 4" deep from the tip of the vagina). Happy sex!
2081 February 10, 2005

To Cheryl:
cheryl..  having sex since you were 14?  any guy under 8" isn't worth the time??  come on.  appart from being a complete dinowhore, you are fucking rude about it too.

most guys on this site are here because they are obviously very insecure about their dicks and probably not sexually active.  they don't need to hear shit like this.  very few girls think like that.  I bet that you think you are good looking too.

sure, you may only love 8"+ dicks, but i can assure you there are WAY more girls out there that do not think like that.  you shouldn't kick people while they are down..

you are probably too much of a slut/bitch to actually ever find a guy that has real feelings for you, so the only way you can even attempt to feel loved is to slut yourself, and pay out on guys insecurites because none of them like you..

your personality is why you don't have a guy that would treat you with love and respect..  if you didn't start slutting yourself from such a young age, maybe you would have found a guy that you really liked and connected with, then it wouldn't have mattered what his size was...

But instead you loosened up from getting rammed by so much dick, which your personality clearly reflects.. Now you've gone made yourself a lonely saggy-pooned slag.  I wish i had your life.

enjoy the roots while you can, coz' your only gonna get older, uglier, looser and bitcher..  good luck finding a guy who will spend the rest of his life with you!!
2082 February 10, 2005

True Love:
To Paisano:

Would I stay with my man if he was a "creep"...probably not.
I will say that a guy with a good sized dick (notice I didnt say "the biggest" dick) can get a way with a little more than his smaller counterparts. For example even though my current boyfriend (whose phallus I tend to consider as ideal as I described in a previous post) is a nice guy, if he was a little more cocky or a little less considerate I could probably put up with it. I stress that this is very minimal, if any man was TOOO A** Holish, no matter how perfect his cock was, I wouldnt be able to stay in a relationship with him...would I desire to have sex with him from time to time...probably.
2083 February 10, 2005

college girl:
to xxxm7:

I am sorry that you have a tiny dick...maybe you have a long lost asian ancestor haha.
No, in all seriousness, I dont doubt that men of every ethnicity have small dicks. I havent slept with every italian man in the world. All I can say is that from personal experience the ones I have slept with are the most well hung of any other ethnicity...I mean the darker complexioned italians (I tend to go for the "tall dark and handsome" look)
Also. Do all asian women like big dicks...how would I know? All I know is I'm asian and have a real thing for big cocks and my girlfriends are asian and they also prefer very large men. Do we have a litmus test of "YOU HAVE TO BE 8 inches plus" or you shouldnt even have sex as some other poster suggested (which, by the way I am pretty sure is just some perverted little man that is posting as a woman) absolutley not. I have had good sex with men under 8 inches. I have had MIND BLOWING absolutley AMAZING sex with a few men that had very large members. We as women arent going to sit around and talk about "pretty good" sex. We arent going to post on some website about a "pretty" satisfying experience, we are going to post about incredible experiences. The one valid point that "Cheryl" made was that a big dick makes women feel ultra feminine. I dont feel more like a woman then the times I am impaled on the end of a giant cock, its overpowering, its spine tingling, its thrilling.
2084 February 10, 2005

Deprived Men of America:
To Cheryl:

Every man in the world deserves a roll in the sack with a woman that looks like a play boy playmate. Im guessing....you dont look like a playboy playmate, in fact you kind of sound like an overused slut, which is pretty pathetic considering you are only 22. Under your logic, all the women in the world would be sleeping with about 1 percent of the worlds male population (probably even less considering part of that "big dick" population is either too ugly or too fat to be very desireable to many women.) Why dont you take your own advice...spare the world all your STD's and join a convent...it will be one less ugly chick in the world to DEMAND the "giant cock that she deserves"...get real.
2085 February 10, 2005

To: 5inches isnt enough - #2040,

Lots of women prefer a penis with a large girth, rather than a very long length.  This is where a vacuum pump can really help.  I'd recommend that you pump up for 30 to 40 minutes prior to having sex.  You can increase your girth by 1 full inch, or maybe more.  That extra inch of girth will make a very big difference.
2086 February 10, 2005

to Cheryl:
Firstly, if you need a man or his penis,large or small, to make you feel like 'a true woman', ' feminine' and ' beautiful', then there is something missing in your own mind: men insert their penises in to all sort of things, a water melon, for example. Nor does ejaculating thereinto mean they find it sexy.Secondly, to claim as you do that women who say that size does not matter are 'liars' is as silly  as an homosexual man saying that 'in every straight man there is a gay one waiting to get out': people are different and think in different ways -only fascists dictate how others should feel .Lastly, your friends  who say size is a major issue just might agree with you through peer pressure or, if you are the sort who harps on about this subject or have an over bearing nature, a fascist trait, in order to shut you up.That's the truth
2087 February 10, 2005

Cant believe I'm wasting my time writing this but this page got me so angry I just had too. Where are you getting these stats from?!? I can't think of any women I know who would complain at a supposedly "average" size penis nor think a 91/2 inch one was appealing! As far as I can see this sites only outcome will be to knock the self confidence of many men with penis' most women would ACTUALLY think are big. I would like to know what women you asked and what men they are basing this on!!!
2088 February 10, 2005

Dear Sir,
Of course women prefer larger penises. Why would the penis size debate exist if they did not? While your site is informative and accurate, it is somewhat juvenile and disparages both sexes tremendously. I am 32 years old and I, like most men, am of average size (6 inches when fully erect). I have had many lovers and I have never felt unconfident or unworthy as a result of my penis. I have been married to the most beautiful woman in the world (literally) for three years now and we enjoy wonderful sex quite frequently; she has never complained about the size of my penis nor about my sexual ability and we are deeply in love. I know she would feel more pleasure from a larger, thicker penis, but I am not worried and neither is she. All men should understand that your happiness during sex matters as much as does hers and you should never feel that you must reach a compromise during lovemaking. Men: you can always wear a strap-on if you have to every now and again, just as long as she gives you the pleasure you deserve and need and just as long as both of you are happy. Mutual contentment is key. To the young concubine Cheryl (post 2066): I am happy that you and your toes recieve great satisfaction from large penises, but your many experiences have yet to teach you about one thing: true love. I love my wife. She is beautiful and together we are beautiful. I will do anything to please my girl and she will do anything to please her man. I am not big, I am not small, but I am in love. Interestingly, I have noticed that Michelangelo's David's penis is not that large in relation to his body. If he is the example of the perfect man, let that be food for thought!
2089 February 10, 2005

D'you know that women feel more pleasure during sex than men? That's kinda cool! PS: Big cocks are yummy, but it ain't all about the size. Technique is mad important
2090 February 10, 2005

To Cheryl:
 My penis is "6" inches long, and "4 1/4" inches around. Yes I know that by your and many other womens standards I am too short, and too thin. But last time I had sex it was with a girl who was about 5 "10" and around 220 pounds.We tried many different positions and she couldn't feel anything ( My penis coudn't even get past her butt cheeks during doggie style) Then I let her be on top, while she was riding me she injured my dick (I gues because I already ejaculated and my dick got a little softer and couln't handle the stress) afterwards she said she didn't feel anything but liked the feeling of domination she had over my penis. Are there other women who enjoy this feeling of domination? Also how does the size of a woman's vagina compare to her heigh and weight? If I still want to have sex but have a short and thin penis what should I do? I personally like the feeling of a huge vagina engulfing my penis.
2091 February 10, 2005

       In my experience, the women who are most vociferous in demanding larger penes are usually those who have small breasts, skin disorders (both of which I find seductive and of the former I feel no woman should ever be ashamed or tempted to change, notwithstanding societal pressure), and / or are plain faced or unpardonably ugly. Peradventure these women, owing to the smallness of their breasts, feel less feminine, maybe even viraginous,  and find compensation for their own 'inadequacy' or insecurity in  larger penes, a subject also touched upon by an earlier respondent.
   If the majority of these phallocentric women are less than winsome, but are entering into much sexual congress with the well endowed, one might ask: why? I should suggest that perhaps many of these 'confident' men do in fact lack the confidence, possibly by reason of a persecution complex; acne scarred face, a lack of muscle or alopecia etc., to purse the more desirable women, and, in consequence are willing to settle for second best or worse. In sum, insecurity is all pervasive.
2092 February 11, 2005

Its been an experience:
  I have been captivated by the novelty of reading and responding to these comments for the last few months. I am beginning to realize that there are much more important things in life to be concerned with, and I that I have used my time poorly.
  While a large penis would be grand for someone who needs the closure of feeling superior, that is all it would be. Not much else. All things being "equal", bigger penises don't equate to anything more than having a bigger penis. It doesn't affect our human biology or our security as a human race? To think contrary to this is unfounded.  
  Is penis size important. Only to those who care. Does it matter that the Patriots won the super bowl? I have friends that say yes, but my aunt would say what the hell is a super bowl? Is that the large size soup at Shoneys?
  Does penis size matter? To the author, of course it does, without doubt. This site has been his life's work. It is his passion. I can't imagine the hours spent on such a project.
  Does size matter to me. Yes, but only because I became so crazed and obesessed with the subject. And this seems to be the shared characteristic of those whom size seems to matter to the most. Those obsessed and those looking for something more. It really isn't enough to be the owner or receiver of a large penis to these people. They just think it is. There is nothing less than a character void somewhere. I admit I must have had it, and because of popular culture I might still. But can those who are so wrapped up in size admit this? I don't know.
  Penis size importance is relative. Just like what socks I will wear to work tommorrow important. If it is a major concern what sock color, texture, and length I will wear, then it becomes very important to me. But someone else could care less. In the end what do you think? Does penis size really matter? If it does how important are my socks to you?
2093 February 11, 2005

well im pretty average and ive been with my partner allitle over 2months sexualy(sex almost every day) and i have not yet made her cum naturaly, only with oral sex i have made her cum; I am her first and she is my first, i really dont know why she doesent cum naturaly size could it be? i dont think so i think is just a matter of technique and stamena which concidering that i was a "v" i have neither.
2094 February 11, 2005

Big Bore:
I have been reading these comments for a few months.  Throughout my life I have wondered if I measured up.  I was a fat kid and my penis was small in middle school so I figured I had a small penis.  In my teenage years, I lost a lot of weight.  I still felt I had a small penis.  In high school I had sex with several different girls and I will never forget when I pulled down my pants and my partner said ,"All my God!"  I felt comfortable about my size from then on. 

Then I saw this site and I felt inadequate.  I met my wife in college and for the first time in my life I fell in love.  Before this I had been with over 30 women.  My wife and I have been together for 12 years and she always told me my penis was huge.  I did not believe her and have always felt she wanted a bigger one.  The other day my wife asked me to accompany her to an unscheduled exam.  My wife has had problems throughout our relationship with unpredicatable vaginal bleeding.  After going through numerous examinations and biopsies, her doctor looked at me and said her bleeding problem was caused by me.  I felt liks shi$.  My wife admitted that i was too long for her and it was painful when I was all the way in.  She said she never wanted to say anything because she knows I like sex best when I plowing away.  She said this is why she doesn't like the misionary position.  I have been hurting her for 12 years. 

After reading these posts, I think men should stop worrying about size. I have an extra inch or two that I'm not even using.  If your spouse loves you then size does not matter.  There may be a few size queens but there are just as many women who want normal penis sizes.
2095 February 11, 2005

simpleton's simplification:
Sorry. Though I agree with the very obvious statement that "penis size matters", the context and extent of this site's message is way off. You just cannot simplify this. This is my "OPINION". Too bad our author doesn't seem to know this word. Seems to me most of these posts are from men who are insecure and hung up. Much of this material is false and misleading, as are many of these posts. Some are more innocent and/or honest. There are also plenty of posts from the more educated, objective and emotionally healthy reader who are aware, or at least suspect of the author's "game"(perhaps the only redeeming feature of this site), but regardless of how compelling their objections, and regardless of how respectfully they disagree, their comments are completely ignored and disrespected. We are warned to be careful of these "negative" posts which contradict him (including the women "liars" who disagree?).
What concerns me most is that many of these posts indicate a need for help, and in my assessment (opinion), they have come to the wrong place! The blind leading the blind here! This is much like a support group without a qualified therapist at the helm. The author is not to blame for people trusting him (whoever he is!), however his integrity is very questionable. Every person is responsible for what they choose to read and believe. To me it is obvious that this site profiles someone who is in emotional distress himself, and has perhaps, found an unhealthy way to gratify himself. Misery loves company folks.

Almost all people have emotional baggage related to their experiences; from current or past relationships (or often, from one relationship in particular).
"Experience" is the answer to this silly "penis size matters" riddle; the experiences of both partners. Since experience varies infinitely, this cannot be simplified. Its like trying to simplify politics.
Sadly, our society is not very supportive. There is certainly no shortage of people in distress. Ignorance, arrogance, and vanity is abundant too. I came here with an open mind, and though there is some truthfullness here, overall it smells pretty foul. It is rediculous and unhealthy to isolate penis "size" in this manner, and ....in my opinion....to generalize and simplify this topic is a foolish waste of time.
2096 February 11, 2005

ive seen 50.000 x movies the ladies react the same to all sizes 6 to 14  thats the truth god
2097 February 11, 2005

Hi - I'm 21 year age and had sex with this 52 yr old - she said that reason was he husband could not satify her with his 5 inches - She fucked me all day. and know I fuck her and her friend once a week. My cock is only 7 inches - she said that is the size that women want.

Ladies should I keep fucking those mature married women, all stop ?
2098 February 12, 2005

After carefully thinking about it, if women continue to complaint about not getting the big ones, or continue to shrug away the guys with average size penises,looking for big ones only, they will find themselvesseeking little boys where they can foget about size and simply have fun.  In case you are not aware, this is what's happening lately.  Lots of women are going to court or jail for trying to or actually having a relationship with a 17 year old or younger child.
2099 February 12, 2005

ive seen small, medium,bent fat in the middle, small at the top penises but nothing beats a big long thick penis,small penises have now become a no no,i wont even bother if its small,my current boyfreind has the biggest penis ive seen and its fantastic im afraid i can never look back,men with small penises i feel sorry for you all,true you may find a loving partner but youll never satisfy them the way a larger penis could its simply the truth,sorry guys.
2100 February 12, 2005

Sad Girl:
I have large pussy lips, and from what i have heard from many men, is that they do not prefer large lips.  Recently a close friend of mine offered to give me oral sex, but i refused on the premise that he would not enjoy a face full of my pussy lips. When i was going through your site and came across that page, my heart jumped, but then fell, because i don't know any of those men that you must have asked.

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