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2001 January 16, 2005

anonymous woman:

Dear Sir; 
     Does penis size go hand in hand with aggression?  Are men with small penis' more aggressive because they have small ones and need to prove their manhood? Would society be better off without men, because of all the wars and rape they cause? Would cloning female humans without male violent sperm be a better solution to solve the world's warfare problems, rape and crime.  What about rape?  Do men mutate the human species into more aggressive cro-magnon violent mutants through rape?  Is rape genetic?  Do feminists, who ironically act like men, yet hate them, say that orgasm can only happen through the clitoris, not the vagina, because most of them are feminists and think that a penis giving vaginal orgasms is a threat to them.  I thought that issue was very interesting, and sounds similar to how men with small penis tell themselves that size doesn't matter, or ugly people tell themselves that looks don't matter, but it does because beautiful people are more symmetrical and fertile (Survival of the Prettiest).

     I am black, and you said black woman are more promiscuous because black men have the largest penises.  Well, even among the savage Africans, the black males are very male chauvinists, and many tribes raid other tribes for woman.
I don't think most African men would allow their wives to be promiscuous because they would get offended, though they use prostitutes and keep the wive at home.

     Also, you compare us to monkeys and apes.  Simians are now shown to be violent evil, cannibal, warmongers, as well as rapists (Demonic Males).  Many males in religious fundamentalist countries, (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, savage)  seem to have two types of woman who really are helpless against them.  One is the sacred housewife and the downgrade prostitute.  A lot of woman in fundamentalist societies don't have any choice in penis size.  Because of males aggressiveness, I don't think they ever did.  I think penis size could be calculated not so much by the woman's promiscuous nature, but by the aggressiveness of the male human ape.  I think the human race should one day reproduce without sex.  I think sex, vagina and penis size, good looks, etc., causes too much trouble.  I think if we humans evolved from a disgusting primate state to an non-primate state through cloning, with no sex organs, I think the race would be better.  A sexless race.  With no concern for size, race, money or warfare.  What is so great about a large penis?  I think woman are too abused by men, and should not have sex with them too much because it is too dangerous.

Comment from ED:

I find your email very intriguing, with a point of view that is much different from the rest of comments.

If it were possible to create people without sex drive and sex organs and use cloning as a way of reproducing, for sure there would be a lot less aggression in the world then there is right now. Like you, I'm also tempted to believe that many wars are caused by frustrated males that are trying to prove their manhood. Yet, it is also understood that females instinctively prefer males who show dominance and aggression towards other males, as compared to males who are submissive. This would at least split the blame over the two genders, since males wouldn't display such aggression if females wouldn't regard it highly.

To blame wars on men's small penis size would be far too easy, but maybe it is an aggravating factor. But even if the human race could be without sex organs and reproduce artificially, there would still be wars as long as people are starving, enslaved, oppressed by dictatorships or religious extremism, etc.

You mention that even simians (apes and monkeys) are violent and evil, so when googling the web for "aggressive simians", I stumbled upon a web page describing the work of a very interesting psychologist, Dr. Abe Maslow. Whereas the famous doctor Freud believed that human nature is basically bad, Maslow argued that humans are by nature good, or neutral at worst. The only time people become mean or aggressive is when they are deprived of certain needs, like food, security etc.

His theory makes a lot of sense and is a nice antidote for those who believe that mankind is doomed. Go check out the very interesting article: Maslow's Vision of Human Nature: page 1 and page 2

2002 January 16, 2005

Hard Guy:
it's interesting how it seems that all the big dick guys are on the internet...maybe that's the only place where they are big.  i'm small guy that always had success at giving women a hard time.  i've heard that some of these big dick brothers have a problem with keeping the bone and what they offer is a lot of limp action, not so with my snub nosed sawed off shotgun, we deal the real deal.  maybe my small brothers ought to ask around who the real hard head are in the hood?  i'm sure a lot of sisters out there would agree with what i'm saying.  you can be small and still stand tall!
2003 January 17, 2005

Middle-aged man:
Following the birth of our first child many, many years ago, my wife became noticeable looser.  My 5.75 x 4.75 penis, was suddenly too small for really good contact.  Sex was still OK, but nothing like it had been before she gave birth.  I don't know if this happens to all women, but frankly, I'd be surprised if it's not very common.  Anyway, I found that by using a vacuum pump, I could increase my girth by over 1 full inch.  Although the effects were temporary, it was just what we needed.  Over the past several years, I've also done other PE techniques to increase my size.  I've found the Power Jelq device to be effective, and a stretching device called the Penimaster may also be of some benefit.  My penis has gone from 5.75 x 4.75, to my current size, 6.1  x 5.75.  Even though I'm now a lot thicker than I used to be, I still almost always use a vacuum pump before having sex.  My wife likes me to be pretty thick, about 6.5 inches.  So, about 45 minutes before having sex, I take a Viagra, and put on the vacuum tube.  I usually do (2)- 20 minute sets at a low to medium pressure.  After a total of 40 minutes in the tube, I wash up, and the wife and I have some very pleasurable sex.  It's easier now to do this, since our children are grown.  This may not be the perfect solution for every "small to average" guy out there, but it has worked very well for me.  I've been married to the same lady for over 30 years now, and the sex is still wonderful.
2004 January 17, 2005

I personally think that dick size doesnt matter much, its morely about how you use it. one of the person i was with was only 7" and was much better than someone who I was with who was 10.5"
2005 January 18, 2005

I'm in my late 20's I've had sex with more men than I can remeber (as per usuall) but I have never ever measured a penis or asked about t size. Now I'm in a steady realtionship, an like to surf the web. On so many sites (incl. this one) there is talk about penis sizes. Neither me or any of my friends have ever been bothered about size. I've had my big ones and my small ones (at least in my eyes).

So i ask is this penis size obsession only located in america, cuz no one of my european friends seem to think any of it.

P.s I have now measured my boyfriends penis which i think is just about the same size as any other man i've had. and it is 19cm long (measured on the top) and 14.5cm around (measured in the aprox middle) so in inches that would be 7.5" long and 5.7" around (so very big according to every site on the web) and I can honestly say that it feels and looks just the same as most other men i've had. ALthough he does know my sweet spots... ;-)
2006 January 18, 2005

Tell the truth :
  I have to tell the truth i have read this site a few times evan wrote in a few times.I laugh at most of the people who write in saying how they have this huge 9 or 10in penise.Why bother doing this the only ones who you realy fool our themselves.I have a 8x6in dick but you know what to me i sometimes thing it wou.ld have been better if it was only 5or 6in.Becuse i am married now,my wife who is happy but i am sure she would have been just as happy,if it had been smaller becuse i hope she loves me for more than my dick size.As we spend more time toghter outside the bed.To be honest i have been known to stay hard for 3-4hrs,thats not as great as you would thing.I can do it becuse i have less feeling,before my wife if i had oral sex i could feel nothing,thing it must have something to do with my 8x6in.My wife said to me i am the only man she has known not to make any noise during sex,on the up side my wife if we have sex doggy style can feel me cum,thats a first for my wife.So if the people who write in saying they have a 10-11in dick i feel sorry for them.Be thankful if you only have a 5or 6in dick,being bigger is not that great belive me.Plus being my size will somtimes cause your partner pain when you hit her cervix.So i hope this makes anyman with a penise of 5or 6in take it from a man with a 8x6in dick,it realy is not that good.I have sometimes wished i had a smaller dick,as i said you spend more time with your partner outside the bed than in side the bed.And the person who are sleeping with,did not know your penise size to begin with,so she/he must have liked you for something other than the size of your dick.
2007 January 18, 2005

Joe horney:
Any women who would like to confess about their previous men in their lives and tell me how big they were . You can e-mail me at joe_uno33@yahoo.com

I love to be teased by women and humiliated
2008 January 18, 2005

Joe horney:
Hate to bring this up but dogs can be way more hung than men. SOOO make your own conclusions
2009 January 18, 2005

Georgia Peach:
Well I would have to say I enjoy a larger penis size, The sensation that runs through out your body when You are getting down and dirty.
  Even though a womans vagina can fit the size of whom ever you are with.. The flexing of the uterine muscles. 
 My husband gets a kick out of me being able to sqeeze his finger...
 When I climax, Oh the better grasp,
The muscles just tense up and sqeeze it.
o.k. Enough there..
  But There isn't that sensation much with a smaller man.
   Do not critize a smaller man..  I am not saying anyone is. But...
Thats wrong.. His Girl Should  Help him feel better about him self, So he can feel good about pleasing his Girl.
  But you all are right women are more after a  big penis,
Just as much as men are after women with big boobs..
2010 January 20, 2005

It seems like all dicks are 7"+ by 6" that reply to this comment page. Is this an average size? Guess I'm done at 6.25x5.3. Case closed.
2011 January 20, 2005

D f:
I got a 6 inch dick with a 5.5 in girth I cansatisfy any girl.  Its all about the girl.  Any girl that wants big cocks is because they are loose.  I have been with 30 women and can say that the tight to average girls love my size even a bit thinner.  DOnt worry its all about building confidence.  Loose girls suck.  Tight is desired.
2012 January 20, 2005

just how important?:
First of all, I'm no exception. I've done plenty of "wishing" my penis were a bit bigger. If you asked my wife there would be many things she would change about me before she considered my penis. But, if a magical genie granted her three wishes she would spend all three on herself!

Generally, men and women think differently about sex. It seems that each sex thinks the other is foolish and vain about their worries and concerns. How important is penis size considering that it can't be changed??? Being selfish or overweight in comparison are far more important topics that both sexes could do something about to improve sex.

Most men fantasize about having sex with women they see at the beach, at the mall, at work etc. Most of my male friends complain that they don't have sex often enough and/or the sex they have is not very exciting/erotic etc. They would love to have multiple partners, threesomes, more oral, more anal, explore fetishes and fantasies etc etc.

Most women, on the other hand, seem to complain about issues not related to sex, with the exception of their lover demanding it too much. They may complain about lack of foreplay, mood setting, atmosphere, and especially lack of romance. Penises are certainly not status symbols for 90% of women. When they do talk about men they say things like "handsome", "good-looking", "cute", "sexy","built or buff", perhaps "nice butt". They seem to care more about his career, his goals, his personality, and his future.

Lets face it, an average looking woman could have sex 20 times a week with multiple partners if she wanted. A very good looking woman could have big penises coming out her ears. The hottest women could all have great guys with huge cocks if that was so important. They would talk about it too and brag about it. Playgirl would feature well hung studs and there would be much more demand for films and porn for women. The entire porn industry caters to MEN for a reason.

Though there are always exceptions, penis size always has, and always will be, a male issue.  Average, small or big, you've got what you've got!! You can't change it! So concentrate on the long list of things you can change, the things that might actually make a difference to the female(s) in your life. If you needed a resolution for the new year, try communicating.
2013 January 21, 2005

Ive read some of these posts and have come to the conclussion that im very average in size 6"length and
4" in girth . The only thing i wish that was different
is that i had another inch on both counts. If there is a proven method to adding girth i would appreciate
any information on this matter that i can do naturally. Also if the ladies would like to comment on
whether or not that this is size enough to make them happy. E-mail me at tombevis@hotmail.com
2014 January 22, 2005

to kemosabi 1992 no but i am thinkimg of tying kong but it does seem to matter in circumforence. anything over 7.5 in hurts her but she seems to adjust to circumforence easy. The larger didlo makes it easier to cut a hole in it. these things cost money and youll ruin them if they are to small around. she prefers about 6 in in circumference. this is more for me than she i am the one obsessed with size. But their also is no deny what it does to her sexually size definitely make her orgasm more and more intense. its just you have to expect that she will be loose after you pull of your home made extension. i am not using anything right now and am doing jelqing excercises every day accept one. i am going to get a vacum pump to try it to see if it works better than my rubber band restrictor. I have notice that i have gained i fourth in in diameter since using rubber band it traps the blood and make my penis larger around. If these exercises and methods will get me to five in i will be happy. i started at 4.2 in in circumforence and i am now 4.6 so see i decided to do something about it. Yes by puting on those didlo it gives you the feeling of being hung and the response from your partner is the same. Its me not her i like to look at myself after i cut a hole in say in kong and slip it over my four in penis and look at how huge it makes me but i am never going to be built like that so i will contiue my exercises and other methods to enlarge me. I must find away to be satisfied in myself or i will never have any peace on this earth. She loves me and will work with me sure she would love me to be larger but she loves my other attributes so she will help me get thru this. If she was selfish she would say use the extension because she come a lot from it. But she knows if were to be happy we have to work this out where i am happy with my self. You men that are average size have got it made. Stay in your marriage and keep away from hung men it will just bring unsatisfaction to you and her in the long run. i am the sick one not her.
2015 January 22, 2005

all you men that want a large penis, think again.  im 11 inches long and 7 inches around, and i have a terrible time with women, even tho i participate in a lot of foreplay and use ky jelly.  it is not a bed of roses having what a lot of men wish they had.  women are not thrilled about the soreness the friction causes. be satisfied with what you have.
2016 January 24, 2005

People of this crazy ass-fucked up world,

   I feel that penis size DOES matter, me being 5.5 and iunno my girth, never got around to that. But all I'm saying is that I've been with many women and I myself aint happy with it (the size of my penis). I dont see the big deal with the size, its either small,medium, or large.. big fucking deal, its a dick and a pussy...they were put on us to create one sole purpose..to make babies, to bring living, breathing, bundles of joy to this earth. Now I am not going to lie, I have tried pills and creams and shit and i have been very disappointed. I still dont see the big deal, yes, size matters, but look at yourself, your worried about your dick and pleasing your woman when you are what really matters. Like i said, ive tried the creams and pills to increase my size so I-ME can be happy.
  Hell as long as your happy my fellow umm fellows, forget the women, if they dont like it they can take a hike. Then after they have left you for a "bigger" man and he ends up beating her and treating her like nothing but a peice of meat,then we'll see who really needs who and who is truely the man for them. Size DOES matter but there is no damn fucking need to stress yourself out... Do what I do, when you first meet a woman, tell them about yourself (your size) and if they dont like it then they can go off on a quest for a bigger one.
 The only other thing I have left to say is that EVERYONE has a soul mate out there for them and if u think you found the right girl and they end up leaving you and your kids(if you have any), like that Debbie bitch did in between articles 50-100, then so be it. She wasnt the right one. Thats my input on it.

P.S/ QUITE an interesting website

Holla bak if you think I'm so damn wrong.

2017 January 25, 2005

This response is to 2001 "anonymous female".
Women produce young through the same passage as men enter during copulation. So penis size really does become a mute point physiologically. In the end penis size is a social problem. Intimacy is what angers all males above all physical traits.
This is what causes aggression. Both sexes just don't realize it. We will become a cloning society when we have truely taken the "beast from the wild". At this point, if ever it should evolve, will end all "penis debate" arguement. It will become an issue of civilization based off of what you know and not what you look like. While it will protect us from many animal instincts, is it where we should be? Only time will tell. The "anonymous female' is one who ponders such a future, but will it truly ever be.
2018 January 25, 2005

I got your site to educate more about the anatomical structures of sex organs and many important things in short. I asked one fat girl and she told me that " I like big penis since I am fat and couldn't get satisfied unless it strike my lower belly or uper of my vagina near the utress. So Most of the time love may get clue if doing sex with big penis with systmatic and wise manner.
2019 January 25, 2005

just to add to my coments to #1992 kemosabi well i bought kong and cut it of about 6.5 and made my one in hole in it about 4.5 in deep and which is sufficient for me and used it as a extension. It didn't work my wife couldn't even climax it was so thick it rubbed her raw even with lube i don't recomend it to anyone with a small penis. See bigger is not necassary better, although the real thing is usually better. You must know by now this is my obsession not hers. Keep your marriage clean and everything must be of mutual consent. We men are allways looking for the ultimate climax it doesn't exist. If i can conquer this sexually size obsession in my earthly life maybe i can make ammends to my God and creator. Yes if given a choice i think all women would put a 6 in penis on their husband instead of four in but a nine in No No first place how do you measure if where it touches the base of your skin not your pubic bone. A seven in one from that type measure ment is big and especially if it is over 5 in in circumforence. The ideal size to me would be 7 in long and 5.5 around not to long for pain and not to big around to cause irritation. Between two marriages i have slept with 40 plus women when i was in swinging and i think if i had to do it all over agai i would have never done it stayed true to one women and true to my God i hope he will forgive me. I don't think it is necassary to comment here anymore my beliefs are mine and don't reflect theis site.
2020 January 25, 2005

Your pictures are absolutely ridicules,
your site is a joke, and the level of intelligence you are operating on is very sad.
2021 January 26, 2005

I am a 25 year old female and to me the size of a guys dick is the most important to me. I work as a prostitute, ive fucked over 1500 men so im bored sick of sex. Mostly the sex is boring because i get the 6 inchers who cant give me any pleasure except the money. but once a week or so i will get an 8 or 9 incher, they are the times i love my job big dicks turn me on so much i even let them cum all over my face or anywhere they want to cum. ask any women there is nothing better than a big dick creaming you inside out. The biggest dick ive had is 11.5 x 7 inches to be honest that one hurt me but the amount of cum he let out was unbelieveable i had a mouthful plus my face and hair was all covered in cum. I told him next time go fuck a horse. the smallest was a 2 incher lost his virginity to me i couldnt feel nothing but i was nice to him. So guys this is not only me saying this women love big cocks and there is nothing you can do about it just accept it!
2022 January 26, 2005

i have a average size penis that measure's out to be 6 1/2 inches long but my girth is above average at a 7 1/2 girth ive tryed to fuck several partners but due to my wide penis many attempts have ended in failure is there any way i can finally get the sexual experiance i have longed for this is no bullshit iam really thick and need advise thanks
2023 January 26, 2005

lotta anger and bitterness in these posts, all for what is either too some degree fact OR just a pile of nonsense- if it is fact,then it is fact, if it is bull, then it is bull- either way why are so many folks upset?
i'm only packing 7*5.5, and i have always 'known' that i wasn't remotely large even though all the studies said i was significantly ahead of the bell curve. does it upset me?
all this has done is frame the issue in a particular way.
my exwife only let go the time that i had pretty much half my hand in her- the rest of our sex life was always flat. that time gave the lie to the story that size doesn't matter- and this was a 5'0" asian hottie like the ones in porn taking on 9+. folks, if this site doesn't have at least the ring of truth to you, then chances are you are either too close to the situation or you are too inexperienced to know the difference.
me, i'll be over at thunders learning from  guys that took their fate literally into their own hands and exchanged their tool for a larger one- for free.


ps- don't bother ranting at me, i'm gone never to return.
2024 January 26, 2005

I have never been able to understand why men have penis complexes!  I have been with men who had more girth, and length than my present partner.  I have found sex more enjoyable with him.  If a man with a smaller penis knows how to work it, it is still good.  sure, give me a big fat dick and i'm good. but, if you are a cock because of your cock, bye bye! dont have time for you!  So i'm gonna have to say that penis size does and does not matter.  What ive seen is that a man with a smaller or average penis is better equipt to satisfy a woman because they have to work harder, and dont think their dick is it...nothing more is needed!  Of couse, there are those women out there that are not built to adjust to accomidate anything more than 7.  It is more common than most men think. I PREFERR AVERAGE OVER LARGE. say i'm full of shit...that's fine.  a man's dick size effects WAY more within them then just sex.  you want a quick fuck, go with the big guy, you want a relationship, go with the normal guy.
2025 January 26, 2005

I always considered myself average in penis size.  That is until I lost about 40 pounds.  with the weight I also lost the puffy fat around the base of my penis.  It didn't happen over night, but I noticed a GAIN OF ABOUT 2 INCHES.  I went from 6" to 8".  True I didn't really get longer it just showed more of the real me.  So for all of you guys out there concerned about size, you may be bigger than you think.
2026 January 27, 2005

This sight has a serious problem with lack of credibility and integrity???

... How do you know if a post is genuine or not???

... A lot of the posts sound like they are created by a ( SITE OWNER or THIRD PARTY ) who's only intention is to:

  > Create Insecurities
  > Antagonize
  > Irritate
  > Start Debates
  > Brainwash
  > Instill Curiosity
  > Advertise
  > Sell Something
  > Make Money
  > Etc.

I have absolutely no idea what to believe or trust here!

I wish I could!

It is an interesting topic?

I have concluded that this site is purely a source of entertainment only!

That's all could be sure to get out of it!

Cheers to all that shouldn't take this site to seriously!!!

2027 January 27, 2005

I'm an averagely endowed guy 6' and 5.75' and I agree that women crave big penises it's just they don't know how to express their feelings without coming across as a big cock hungry slut.

I do think that other aspects of sex life are just as important e.g. oral technique when eating out a pussy, foreplay etc.  I also think toys can make for a good satifying sex life.  I recently bought the Kong dildo to try out with my GF.  I know she secretly wants it inside her, but every time I go to put it in her she panics and says it's too big.  Can anyone give me advice?  I know she would love a big cock like this, but she won't admit it.
2028 January 27, 2005

for Monica: 
hi, u r right,u have much experience and u dont measure the penis thats good,if u r satisfy with your men and his penis size, u dont have to worry. The worry is when a lady like big size, if u r happy what he had thats fine.so u have to enjoy your sweat sex life.
Also if your friends r happy,thats good, your b/fnd's penis is 19cm long, 14.5cm around,7.5" x 5.7", keep happy and enjoy with your b/fnd, i think there r many mens who have good medium size and they r happy, any comments pls reply-adaele786@yahoo.co.uk, adaele,thanks....
2029 January 27, 2005

hammer man:
u got a dick like hammer-11"x 4", u r lucky u can suck yourself, why do u like blk lady, why not wht,
do u find any lady who was happy with your size performance,i mean sometime no any lady like that big cos of pain.-? Bye,
2030 January 27, 2005

Question For the WOMEN::
For those of you women who've been with big cocks, and then a small one at a later date...I'm curious if you will share your reactions. Specifically, what did you say to the small guy? Did you still have sex with him? Be honest, no matter how blunt, honest or cruel you were!
2031 January 27, 2005

cyber dick:
why dont we all be friends???

1. Small Cocks (like me)/ Average  take pills
2. !!!BLACK!!! Cocks get amputated  :)

Keep in mind I am NOT racist it just gets the point across!

I also know that this does not solve anything I (and all of the small/average people) just want to laugh at
!!!black!!! cocks. (cause they will be amputated)
2032 January 27, 2005

I have been with very small (4") and very big men, (10", very wide) and I love sex and love getting pleausre and don't always have to be in love to get physical pleasure.  True, a VERY small penis can be a turn off, but only if it's really really weiredly small. The truth to me is that men with big penises are not as skillful or as able to provide pleasure as lovers because of their own attitudes about their penises.  They don't think they have to do anything other than just fuck, which is boring and not very sexy.  It's much sexier to be with a man who knows how to use his penis, how to vary the fucking, how to drive you wild with it.  I think it's a lot harder to do that with a big penis because there's just not room for variation, or the desire to figure out what else you can do with your penis.
I find a normal intelligent man FAR sexier than a big one.  that's my fantasy.
2033 January 28, 2005

I like a man with a big dick to ram into me full force, it just feels soooo good so men with big dicks, I love ya! write a message back and maybe we can talk!
2034 January 28, 2005

i hate my dick.  it is 8 1/2 inches around and 14 1/4 long.  i can barely get laid cause their scared i will hurt them.  wish it was smaller like 8 inches. i would be so happy. size does matter but not this big.  i've been so sexually frustrated that i almost went nuts.
2035 January 28, 2005

This site could be counter productive for woman, especially those who put love before being fully satisfied by their partners' penes.Now men who posses a small or average penis know that  women don't think of them as 'real men'-a perception which many men will find quite hurtful -and that women find the penes of such men 'boring' and, therefore ,according to the survey, many would be or are being sexually unfaithful to them, what, in a time when there are some effective penis enlarment methods, is to stop them enlarging their penes, ridding themselves of perhaps their one insecurity, and giving themselves more confidence to pursue a more attractive woman? Thanks to this site, now men even have a rough guide to the size wherefor to aim. Armed with a penis placed in that range, and a bit of confidence, a quality many women find sexier than good looks, men may just go for best.
2036 January 28, 2005

Well, your site could definitely exert bad influence on some credulous people, though could put ones on the right track of thinking about female sexuality. What this site actually lacks is a proper reference to statistical sources.

I've been surfing web since 1995 and what I can say about its fast growing Russian part, all this penis-size-related issues have been flooding in just for 3 or 4 years. I do believe sites like this one are financed by sellers of enlargement staff, cos they are mushrooming up and are almost always linked to e-shops offering such staff imported from the US.

Here comes my story. I am 20 and live in Moscow; first thing I'd like to mention is that I'm virgin and started to show interest in sexual matters about a year ago (which is quite late anyway). Due to this I found out I must deal with phimosis, that's why I've got partially circed. I am handsome, well built up guy measuring 182 cm, 75 kg and 5x5, to stick up to units. My dick reached this size at 16, having been increasing for 3 years, and stopped to develop unlike the rest of the body for an unknown reason.

At 17 I entered the university to study economics and have been doing extremely well all the time - studying and social activity above all. At 18 years I registered myself as a sole proprietor to help my parents with their businesses and at 19 started my little but own company. Since last year all my daily activities are hourly planned and I often have to miss my studies. Approx. once a month I can be absent for about a week spent abroad. Nevertheless profs often make exception for me considering that I do my best, participate in almost all activities organised at the faculty, help much with organisation etc. Moreover, I always try to prepare interesting and practice-related reports connected to my branch (agricultural investment and meat processing) or to start hot debates. That's why I get perfect grades at all disciplines.

As you can easily suppose, people admire me, people envy me badly. Many try to copy my lifestyle, speech traits, positive mood, language knowledge etc. Yes, girls are mostly nice too me, too. I try to reciprocate their positive attitude.

About a month ago I started to date with a nice girl who is a real female all-rounder studying at the same university. I have dated her three times and we have done well, spending time with interest, sharing close emotions and passionately kissing at the back seat after I gave her a lift to home. What I realized is that dating a proper girl is wonderful, but this caused actually no mental affection.

That's why, having my head cold and clear all the time, it was easy for me to touch upon an intimate subject. I repeatedly stated that open and honest relationship is for me of a great value.

Well, I dont want to judge whether it was kind of "political correct" as Americans use to say but she did ask about the size when we at the 3d date talked about how far and fast we should go. Being a bit surprised, I replied frankly, having her obliged to keep it between us. I shared such personal info since I've known her for a couple of years and she's a really decent person. Pleased by my openness, she became really upset over the answer. She confessed she dealt with 7 guys and 2 of them having less than 17 cm turned her down immediately, just disabling arousal, no matter which girth is concerned, cos vaginal feelings do mean a lot for her.

She literally said she would not let this matter spoil our relationship and thus we've got to part. I agreed that partners should fit each other all ways and we promised each other to remain good friends, like we had used to be before.

Well I got a bit puzzled. I'd never assume that this topic can be touched in such a direct manner. I felt insulted no way - perhaps sex doesn't mean much for me. Anyway I realize I have never had time for private life. I don't consider time wasted but now I finally knew how things really are. I don't understand people who are driven mad by the issue. I used to masturbate about 4-7 times a week and really doubt it's worth of your health. No way would I tolerate any psychosomatic disorder caused by my attitude towards my own body. In this life there aren't much things you _must_ accept; at least this - your genetic layout - is the only I've met so far.

PS. Family doc from the reputable clinic which has become a good friend of mine said that he would never suggest me surgery, just like no ophthalmologist would repair his eyes with laser or stomatologist would barely set an implant into his dental plate. So this event had absolutely no bad consequences for me. I was much more nervous and my heart missed a beat when I got a letter with a suit threat for misreporting (due to the lack of exerience) my accounts report for tax dept. Avoiding an idle life might be the salutary key to whatever-that-must-be-acknowledged affected guys if they're serious...

Yours truly,
2037 January 29, 2005

I get a bit tired of people saying that all men like big breasts. My preference is for smaller ones, in that they don't wobble like jelly, they allow you to get closer to your woman's pretty little face without worrying about squashing them and hurting her, and they look less like cows' udders,which in truth I think are quite ugly. In this case, smaller is better .
2038 January 29, 2005

 Myth or legend it doesn't really mean much. The size of a mans penis is in the eye of the beholder. If u are comfortable with yourself it shouldn't matter what other people say. The person that wrote this book is uncomfortable with himself so he/she has to say something to make others feel bad about themselfs. Because what would be the point of writing this. Large or small, a man only need three and a one third inches to please a woman. The length of a penis is not what would please a woman because a womans vaginal canal is about 5 inches long. Its the gurth that matters. We as humans have to not find was to critisize other races and spread myths around that hurt and affend. Those that strive to hurt others whether on perpose or unintenally will find that you live an unhappy life. I bet the person that wrote this is black, and they must dislike the asians. Those who believe these bullshit ignorent myths are racist and idiots.Be happy with yourself and not let what others say affect your life.
2039 January 31, 2005

first off i wantto tell u i have been with the same man for 35 yrs married 32 out of those 35 yrs we have sex 25 of them at an early age he had to be recircumsized as an adult  and after that  the sex stopped but the pleasue didnt  he can not keep and erection   even when   we have oral sex and when he masterbates and does cum he remains semi soft  but he always pleases me so  for me the penis is not that important to me we had 3 kids prior to the surgery and we r doing fine still to this day
2040 January 31, 2005

5inches isnt enough:
1st of all let me start from the beginning.I have a small dick about 5 inches long on good day and 1 1/2-2 inches girth.I think it falls far below average and is definately in the small category.Maybe there are guys out there with smaller I dont know but I know there many guys out there with bigger and Im not one of them.Im about 40 and older I get the smaller my dick gets.Truth is I feel inadequite and know that I havent satisfied alot of women with my small dick.Not even my wife and thank god she loves me for whom I am and not because of my dick size.I have been with women who want nothing but a huge cock stuffed in them and even if they thought I was handsome or a good looking pysicaly attractive guy my mere 5 inch small dick just wasnt and never would be good enough.My point is size does matter to them and most are satisfied with about 7-8 inches long and 3 inches thick and would prefer that size over any other.Even my wife likes a bigger dick.I know that I will never be able to anything about my small penis and I dont believe all the hype about ways to increase penis size.You are born with what you have and your stuck with it like it or not.Women have an advantage of men because there penis can always take in a bigger dick and grow accustom to one.Men well if you have a small dick and your with a woman who has a large pussy well your stuck with her till you find another woman who is tighter down there  or your just a lonely small dicked man like I have always been.Its the truth face it thats just the way it is and will always be.
2041 January 31, 2005

I have 6, 5 dick. I think it's good enough. Good enough for me to get an orgasm.....good enough to fuck a girl. Do i care if the bicth doesn't like my size??? hell no....when we end up in bed...i don't think she dares to say a thing about it......or i'll spank her really hard.....and make her cry.....hey, this turns me on :) so you bitches just shut up....if you wanted to sleep with me in the first place..then you also want to let yourself be fucked...it's not my problem if you don't like it or prefer bigger...if you say my cock is too small i say your vagina is too HUGE...you are a MONSTRUM, i don't want you! cuz 6 inch dick is average....so you are not an average girl.....i'm sorry.....but i'm still gonna fuck you and come inside you (i like mouth, but ass or pussy is also ok)..and then i will dump you bitch cuz you are no good for me.....i want TIGHT pussy....get lost slut!
2042 January 31, 2005

Penis size is mildly important,  There are women who are too tiny for an average penis and men who are too big for the average pussy... what really is the biggest turn on is love... y'know... that feeling like you want to forget about the condoms, because you really like this person enough that pregnancy isn't a scare.  Then, there's that magic thing when love and lust mix together in the right amounts, and voila... the sex just keeps getting better instead of getting boring.
2043 February 1, 2005

I have a small 3 1/2 penis and have been married to the same woman for 45 years while other guys that have large Dicks have been divorced and remarried several times and yes my wife has been faithfull also it doe's not take 3 or 4 hours for her to reach orgasem after 15 to 20 minutes her vagina is clamping down on my small penis and screeming GOD THAT WAS GOOD!!!
2044 February 1, 2005

truth speaker:
Well friends,
 I have a dick 6.1 inches in length and used to think it above average and decent.Anyways,what i felt was that size didnt matter except in front of other guys .I felt bad because my limp penis is very small but i took solace in the fact that erect it is goo enough.Then I came across this site and all my self confidence fell.But then i searched for some surveys on net,and all surveys where the guys had not measured their penis size themselves,gave it to be around 5.1 to 5.3.Infact those of asian men were aroung 4.9 to 5.1.So I realized that all averages these guys calculate are wrong and felt a bit relieved that my dick is not miniscule after all.
 I think guys who measure their penis make the mistake of measuring it from the bottom.Measure it from the  top,only then will it give the correct size.

Moreover guys with average penis should realize what women say-->if it is between 4.5 to 7 ,it is ok,it doesnt matter wether it is 5 or 7

And for the guy who made this site,well I think he works with somebody manufacturing sex related stuff or penis enlargement pills.
2045 February 2, 2005

You have a very interesting site, and I applaud you for putting it all together.

Here's a URL you may want to consider for addition to your Links section.


This site was started a few years ago by a professor named Joseph Sparling, Ph.D. that published an academic article called "Penile Erections: Shape, Angle, and Length" that was in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 195-207. 

He was interested in why men felt inadequate or inferior because of their penis size.  So, he set-up a site where men of all ages could post pictures of their penises for comparison purposes.  It's since grown so large that he's in the process of redoing the site, but it's still available in its original form. 

As he says on his "Intro-Pix" page;

"This page is meant to be the first picture gallery that you view. The 5 pictures here will give you an idea of how the site is trying to illustrate (and celebrate) the variability that exists in penile erections. To view the pictures simply click on a thumbnail and a (much) larger version of the photo will open in another window. The text will also appear in that window. Use your browser's back button to return to the thumbnail page. In other, more recently created galleries you won't have to use the browser's back button."

He also says:
When I first started reading about and studying erections, I was struck by how much emphasis was placed on the "average" erection. But an average (an arithmetic mean) conceals as much as it reveals. It does not remind us of all the many diverse numbers that went into the calculation of that average. This site tries to give reality to all the diversity that gets compressed into the concept of the "average penile erection."

It may be that the addition of a source for viewing erect penises may be a useful addition for your visitors of both sexes.
Age 61
Great Desert of the SW USA
2046 February 2, 2005

Jesus Christ, this has to be the most entertaining website on the net.

I wish Darwinism would kick in, how about everyone with under a 8 inch cock commit ritual suicide tonight?

Let me give you insecure bastards a clue. You don't need a 17" dick to satisfy a woman.

Any guy with any sized dick can please a woman, provided he uses his hands, tongue and can last more than thirty seconds.

Sure there are a *few* size queens out there, but seriously, would you really want to have a relationship with someone so shallow and vacuous?

How about this, the next time you're with your wife/girlfriend/significant other and you feel insecure about your penis(which is absurd in and of itself), tell him/her how much you love them and how important their relationship is to you.

If they truly care about you, penis size is a total non-issue.
2047 February 3, 2005

The person that wrote all this must not be able to get many girls.  It is like he is trying to get men to stop trying since HE has no luck.  Fuck this web site.  You guys need to find something that makes you happy.  I will admit, I am not big (4.75 in) but I still get a lot of girls.  Sure I would like a bigger dick and I know my partners would too, but I am not perfect and NEITHER ARE THEY.
2048 February 2, 2005

Yeah i was reading several of the comments that people have posted here. I, myself am 7 3/4 long and only 5 in girth. i never had a problem pleasing any of the women i have been with and have been told by all the women that i have been the biggest they have ever been with. I found it intriging that some of you guys say that just because a women is loose and not very tight at all that she is a slut or whore. Some women just are not very tight to begin with, my current girlfriend of 8 months was a virgin, i have only had sex with her 4 times this past time we had sex i had to stop bc she started to cry because it hurt so bad. when we first hooked up and i got into her pants. she had never been touched by a guy or girl for that matter, but she was not very tight to begin with, no what you would expect from a virgin. a women could make her vagina tighter if she really wanted to be doing kegals just as a man does exercises to make his penis harder, and there are some exercises that make it bigger in lenght and girth, that do not require pills, pumps, surgery, or weights, altho the exercises make take slightly longer to produce results. but as several of the ppl have posted on this website, the size dont matter as long as you know how to use what you got! Many guys think that females just worry about the size of your penis they most likely dont. Just bc you can't give a women an orgasm during intercourse, but can giv her one during oral doesnt mean you have a small dick, many women dont get off during sex but will get off when orally stimulated.  

Just thought i would throw in a comment of my own dont knwo if it will help anyone or not!
2049 February 3, 2005

well, I guess that size matters, after all, I believed when teenager that I had a small penis, but after years went by, Ive grown up. Now I measured about 7 and a half inches, almost 8 inches long, and about 6 inches of girth, in full erection,which is ok I guess.(and most of the girls I ve had sex with really liked it and congratulated me for its size) Moreover, I put some pictures of "it" on a girls forum, and all of them were saying that it was way too big for them!!...Also I know a friend of mine who has a really big dick, even when flaccid, and he has always had great success with girls, who go crazy about fucking him...so size matters after all. But I agree that there are many other factors involved in love. And also, that the info and writings of this site, reflect the possible patholigies, or traumas, of its author. Greetings!!
2050 February 3, 2005

College Girl:
I am a college junior (21) and I have seen a lot of penises in my day. I have slept with both white and black men (never any asians but I will get to that later) All this talk of "big black dicks" is really nothing more then gross exageration. Have I found that black men have bigger penises...not really. I have been disappointed more often then not when Im about to screw a big buff black guy and he takes out his average 6-7 inch dick. In fact, the biggest penises I have had are attached to the guys with Italian heritage that I have dated (they dont call them italian stallions for nothing). I am asian (Thai) and I will confirm the rumor that members of my own race are very under endowed. Some of my first boy friends were asian and they had the tinyest little dicks that I have ever seen. I never had sex with them but I did jerk them off. Since I didnt know any better, I thought all penises were like that, but I now know that to be untrue. I know there are probably men of other races out there that have small dicks but from my experience, asians on the whole have the smallest cocks (which is kind of funny becuase most asian women, at least my girlfriends and I are "size queens")Well, thats my post, I dont really know why the hell Im posting, I guess I just wanted to get some things off my chest. Blacks arent all they are cracked up to be and my poor fellow asians better buy some big dildos for their wives and girlfriends. Tootles

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