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151 February 24, 2003

Hey Jacqueline,
I've been a part of and have overheard many conversations in which men were talking candidly about sex and the physical features they appreciate on women, and I've never heard any guys talk about labia size. I think it matters very little. As long as a guy is into you and you feel pretty good down there, I don't think most guys care. I think large labia look nice and are maybe kind of a novelty, but I've never been disappointed over a women's labia being too small or too large.

As for breast size, I prefer C cups and D cups, but I think the shape of breasts is much more important and the woman's overall look. For example, I work with a woman who has B cups and they are so pretty. They look so sexy in all the things she wears. I'll have to admit that anything smaller than a B cup does not turn me on very much, but I've never pursued a woman because of the size of her breasts. A woman's personality and overall look are far more important to me.

On a purely physical level, large breasts sometimes may give a bigger first impression. Like Howard Stern, I too am wowed when a woman with a very thin frame has D cup or larger breasts, but I think implants rarely look very good. I rather see small real breasts over large fake ones any day. But when a woman with a thin frame has large real breasts, it is pretty impressive, but then again it's more of a novelty thing.

I have the fortune/misfortune (I am in a committed relationship) of working with many attractive women, and a few have very large, nice-looking breasts, but the ones I find myself fantasizing about the most are the ones whose personality and overall style appeal to me, which in my case aren't the ones with the big breasts.
152 February 24, 2003

Well, I got suckered into taking up half my evening reading this "study" so I feel I should say something.

Its is, I think, fairly obvious from my usually common-sense style of thinking that women, given that ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL, would prefer a larger penis. Wow, what a revelation! Except that all other things are enever equal. A woman will never be able to choose between two identical men with different size penises (think about it, even clones should have penises that are fairly close), so I'm not sure that the conclusions this study makes has any impact in the real world.

So my overall impression is that while I was impressed by this study, with all the data and commentary, its conclusion is really only narrowly viable in a purely theorethical context.

Personally, I've been with probably fewer than average number of women, but still more than a few and none have ever said anything bad, and many have even said something positve (and as far as I can tell, never in such an obviously wgo-boosting only way) about my, according to this site, "average" sized cock.

Furthermore, my wife loves me for a miraid of reasons: she thinks I'm cute, smart, kind, funny, caring, attentive; she likes my whole body; AND she gets what she says is PLENTY enough satisfaction from my dick. I think I am at least smart enough to know that this is not a white lie.

Could I be bigger? Sure! As this study points out, most men could. Will I ever be bigger? Billions of bytes of spam tells me I could be, but I am ever sceptical. Do I care? No. Does my wife care? I doubt it. Will she leave me for a bigger dick? No, never. That would make her an asshole, and I KNOW she's not an asshole.

Anyway, good site. Great research, too narrow in the conclusion area.
153 February 25, 2003

First off, This site made me feel a lot better about myself...  i'm an 18 year old girl and I have pretty big pussy lips. it always embarassed me and I thought guys were grossed out by it.  It got to the point where when I finally got into a serious relationship with a guy about 8 months ago, i wouldnt even let him go down on me cause I was embarassed.  Now I feel a whole lot better =)
  About guys size.... honestly  it DOESNT MATTER! I am sometimes happy when I find a guy with a dick that isnt gigantic because then I'm more confident in my ability to give oral sex.  I also think sex feels better when I'm not on the verge of tearing.  Guys dont worry... size isnt important.
154 February 25, 2003

Ok Men,

Something we all need to realize is the fact that most women (not all, but most) prefer a larger penis. Maybe it's because all we see and hear in America these days is that size matters or maybe it's because some women just know from first hand experience that they get more sensation and satisfaction from a larger penis. Does it really matter?  Just know this, if your wife or girlfriend ever has or ever will see a man with a large penis and hasn't been with a man with a large penis, she will always be curious what it would feel like.

Truthfully I believe that all women are turned on by a large penis, it's something instinctive, some kind of primal urge. I'm sure there are some women who don't really care about the size of a man's penis but that is because they have a man with a good size penis or they have a hormonal imbalance or they are just full of crap and don't want to admit to their significant other the truth.


Breast size really doesn't matter to me, actually smaller breasts turn me on. If I can fit the whole breast in my mouth it really turns me on. As for labia, the bigger the better, just more feeling around my cock. Small breasts and big vagina's really turn me on.
155 February 25, 2003

hey GUYS,
wondering if a girl with an amazing body and an average face, is better than a good face with an average body.  Which is more important honestly?  And you can't choose both!!  Also, MARC mentions below that he loves women with big boobs and a thin frame.  Is thinness really that important?  Or do you prefer thick, curvy women overall?  I'm confused as to whether or not men appreciate thinness as much as women do.  Thanks for all your comments in advance.
156 February 25, 2003

Women who say size doesn't matter don't know what an orgasm is. If you're anorgasmic, it is true that size doesn't matter!
157 February 25, 2003

After reading the information on the site, I showed it to my girlfriend.  We have problems in the bedroom due to my small penis: it always falls out. I convinced her that we should part ways. I have seen the light and will never again engage in sexual activity.  I suppose it's my Darwinian duty.
158 February 25, 2003

A big penis is wonderful and I agree I feel like I'm with "more of a man" when he unzips and it's big! Having a big penis fill you up is wonderful andsmall ones are disappointing.
159 February 26, 2003

well, i've got a above average cock so i've got no problem with this site at all, and if you don't like it, don't f**king read it...it is actually well written and informative even if some of the info is questionable...everything is questionable...nothing is truely certain and none of these arguements will ever be resolved...so take what you will out of this and shut the f*ck up...in you people have'nt looked at a newspaper or the television lately...there are a bunch of young men and women(with all shapes and sizes of labias and cocks)being shipped off to a foreign country to fight and quite possibly die so that some cowboy asshole presidents oil companies don't go bankrupt and he can keep making money after he does'nt get reelected...so quit thinking with your f*cking dicks and say a little prayer in whatever language or faith you chose for those who have been chosen to be executed for George Bush's f*cking money...f*cking thoughtless, selfish assholes.
160 February 26, 2003

Hi, I've been with about 12 different ladies and all of them were impressed and even said that my dick was the biggest they ever had. When I'm fully aroused my dick is a true 8" long and 6" girth [slightly smaller than a beer bottle]. I love women. When I'm with a women I like, I really make sure I give them all the pleasure they want. I'll kiss them all over, I love to eat her kitty for at least a half hour, and I can easily stay hard for at least a hour. I love to get in the groove and really deliver the goods! I love to see women cum, there's nothing better. My question is for the ladies. What do you truly think of my size? What size do you prefer? And what turns you on about a dick. What turns you on in general? I'd Luv to hear from all the ladies out there!
161 February 26, 2003

very informative and well researched article...nice job kat...i really learned alot about not only myself, but my girlfriend as well...thanks for the info...
162 February 26, 2003

Harry the sex addict.:
Don't worry guy's, if your not getting any action there are plenty of sexy prostitutes out there who will satisfy your every need.

When fucking a woman the only thing you need to ask yourself is is it good for you?

Also, from my experience a lot of girls who were not happy with my size tended to have small breasts. What do you think?
163 February 26, 2003

Let's not just have a one sided debate here. It seems a lot of men are insecure about women's real or imagined preference for big dicks. However, can the majority of men say that all things being equal they would not opt for a woman with large breasts and a tight pussy, I think not.

However, would we reject our partners or potential partners on this basis?

I expect that this is the same for women, with of course a few exceptions as would be the case for men as well.

The comments and arguments on this site add to well tested argument that man's obsession and inadequacy over penis size is really just in his head.
Get help and get over it. Anyway would you want to be with a women who turned you down because of your endowment? or would a women for that matter want to be with a man who made her feel inadequate over labia, breast size or physical appearence? Think about it.
164 February 26, 2003

Paul, email me with any questions about natural penis enlargement.

165 February 26, 2003

fuck this shit:
this promotes exactly what america wants us to do be insercure and feel like shit about our bodies, so they could get us to buy more of thier products
166 February 26, 2003

 Must say I enjoyed the sight.I read the entire thing with my husband last night. I have been marrid for nine years to a very well endowed man who has also given me three lovely children. AJ measures, when fully erect, 23cm long by 17cm around. (It varies slightly given how hard it is.)I have found that all the stereotypes listed about men with very large penis's to be untrue when it comes to my husband. His erections are very firm, he lasts a long time, cares about my pleasure and gives me multiple orgasms before ejaculating his copious amount of sperm.
 He was the first man to give me an orgasm during regular sexual intercourse. I know now that its because his big cock can reach my "epicenter" which he does all the time, making sure I almost always have an orgasm before shooting inside me. AJ squirts between 7 and 9 time when he finally orgasm, shooting out huge amounts of ejaculate. Having been with about 5 guys before we were married I never had a man so large nor shoot so much cum.Interesting thing: for about the first year that we had sex I could not take AJ's entire length. I slowly deepened during that year until I could take his entire cock to the balls. It was fantastic. We enjoy all types of sex and I have even started (last three years or so)to take him anal. Which I enjoy VERY much even tho he's so big. He rubs something deep in side me that when he pumps really fast makes me orgasm. Big dicks are, I believe, genetic. My brother in-law is said to possess a larger than average penis and both my sons are both very big. Comments were made on the size of my oldest sons penis as a baby once by my mother who as she changed his diaper said, " Brian looks like he's going to have one big dick when he gets biger. He must ahave gotten that from Allen's side of the family 'cause he sure did'nt get it from yours." LOL Anyway.... good site for the penis size question which I can only answer for my self by saying that bigger is better and much bigger is well...much better :) Thank you.
P.S. Any questions or comments are welcome.
167 February 27, 2003

Hey Jana,
On the basis of purely physical attraction, I prefer a woman with an amazing body and an average face over one with an average body and a pretty face.

I didn't mean that I preferred women with thin frames and big breasts. I just meant that the extremes of large breasts perched on a thin body can be visually impressive, but not my ideal ultimately. I actually prefer woman to be fairly big all around; not overweight but full figured. My girlfriend has big boobs, wide hips, and a nice big Latin ass. I find a wide range of body types attractive on woman, but I'm lucky to be with my favorite type--the Salma Hayek type, you could say, before she slimmed down some.
168 February 27, 2003

In reference to sandy's comment about women not being able to orgasm without a big cock, sandy is extremely stupid.  90% of orgasms are CLITORAL.  SANDY, get a fucking education.  men, don't listen to her.  she clearly is a loser.
169 February 27, 2003

I recently had a fun experience where my roommate saw firsthand how much bigger my boyfriend's cock is than her boyfriend's. It was fun because my roommate brags so much all the time and I'm really starting to get sick of living with her. Anyway, one night we had some people over and we had been drinking for a while and we ended up playing "strip" monopoly. It was a little pathetic really. It was like the guys there just couldn't wait to see me take my top off. I guess it was sort of flattering, too. But the guys didn't do so well. It wasn't long before my roommate's boyfriend was down to his underpants and quickly lost those, too. He was so small! I couldn't believe it. He got hard at one point and was probably not much more than 5 inches. I had to laugh inside because he's a big guy with such a dinky little thing and he's such a jerk. Now I was hoping my boyfriend would keep doing bad so we could have a fun comparison. When he was down to his briefs, everyone there probably thought he already had an erection. His bulge already looked bigger than dinky's. Then he got a "go to jail" card and had to get completely naked.  When he pulled his briefs down, I think he got excited that people were watching. His cock grew really fast and it was fun to see the looks on everyone's faces when it got so thick and long. My roommate got this "oh my god" expression on her face and her boyfriend looked so intimidated. My boyfriend's is about twice as big as his. It was hard for everyone to act normally after that, and the party broke up not too long afterwards. I'll have to say that sex that night seemed even better knowing that my roommate now knew what a big treat I get every night and why I am so loud in the bedroom. She doesn't say much about it, but I can tell she's pretty envious. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I really have come to prefer a big dick. Sex is so much better with a big one. I don't think my roommate's ever had one so big, but she's pretty curious about it now :)
170 February 27, 2003

In my experience as a doctor I've noticed that vaginal size varies greatly - far more than penile size.  Considering only adult non-virginal women, some vaginas were so small that they'd provide a snug fit for a pencil, while others were so loose that the thick end of a baseball bat would easily fit inside.  Yes, penile size varies, but not to that degree.  Therefore, for any given couple, the size of the man's penis is less important than the size of the woman's vagina.  This fact is typically given short shrift in our culture.  Whenever the topic of "size" is broached, it is tacitly assumed that the only size which matters is penile size, while vaginal size is ignored.  If it is politically correct to discuss penile size, it should be acceptable to consider vaginal size, too.  However, while I frequently hear many direct and indirect discussions of penile size from sex experts, comedians, ad copy writers, and even on a daytime court TV program, there doesn't seem to be any commensurate mention of vaginal size.  Again, since size does matter and vaginal size is the greatest variable, it only makes sense to consider the woman's contribution, too.
171 February 27, 2003

aware of female need to feel superior:
There is simply more to a relationship than sex.  Women who have found real, meaningful relationships can find great pleasure from a man with an average penis.  I agree with the psychological approaches to this site, but most of it (as admitted) is opinion with no real proof.  It is true that for egotistical males the bedroom is the ultimate equalizer on the gender playing field.  Endowing men with a penis size almost dwarfed by vagina size is nature's way of reminding us that women need more than physical stimulation.  A larger penis may stimulate more nerve bundles, but a true love and appreciation for your partner can touch you deeper and satisfy you in so many more ways.  Women who insist the opposite are most likely lacking the thing they have been looking for their whole lives, and it's sad to think that they can't seem to find a partner who wants more than sex.  Perhaps this fixation on penis size contributes to that difficulty.
172 February 28, 2003

Listen Sarah, I couldn't get an orgasm through penetration until I met an extraordinary lover with a very big dick. I believe 80% of women could get penetrative orgasms if they were properly stimulated
173 February 28, 2003

They want both:
If it's true that women ask for "true love and appreciation", they usually also ask for great sex. To my experience, women get more pleasure from a big penis, all other things being the same.
174 February 28, 2003

I would like to know if women can get deep vaginal orgasms (epicenter type) when doggy-style fucked?
175 February 28, 2003

Nice Guy:
Large vaginas are more fun to play with; fisting your woman is an experience everyone should try
176 March 1, 2003

I dont get it I'm 7 by 6 and have had many women complain I go to deep. Even after they are worked up and wet as hell. And even watching porns I see lex whi is 11 inches not using like 3-4 inches of his dick in most women. 

I have been with women that said  I was big and that said I was small, but the funny part is all of them could never get enough. They blatantly say they just want to fuck me. They say I know how to fuck or you just work it. They would buy me shit, let me treat them any kind of way. Its amazing.

I dont know if the girls that said I was small were just trying to fuck with my head or were saying it cause I had "dogged them". I think most women try to get back at you like that.
177 March 3, 2003

178 March 4, 2003

I really enjoyed this website, the info and it's presentation, but I do have a question. There is no info regarding the way the penis points upwards or down. I'm not referring to curverture but the angle. I read that typically large cocks are directed downwards. I'm 7 3/4" X  6 1/4" and am angled down, I wonder how many above average dicks are positioned this way?
179 March 4, 2003

Perhaps measure penis volume, per some of your charts the perfered volume is ~40-42 cubic inches. What if a survey is done about what proportions of length to girth women prefer and the average volume of that survey could serve as an excellent benchmark for comparison.
180 March 5, 2003

I think that men who worry about their size just encorouge this type of site whereby men are made to feel insecure.  As men there is nothing we can do to increase the size of our penises (without surgery) so to disregard men with average or smaller penises, these women are losing out on a lot of loving and sweet guys. I say lets start a discussion on breast size and see how they like to be made to feel inadequate. I am a gay guy and even I admit bigger boobs look more attractive than small ones. Its true girls - breast size matters!
181 March 5, 2003

I'm a bit smaller than you: 7.2 X 5.9 but I have a slight upward curve. My erection angle is between 12 and 1 o'clock depending on the excitement. When it is fully erected, it's impossible for me to press downward, say to doggy-style fuck. Sometimes, I fear I could break it if I were to rude with it. Hardness has its drawbacks too!
182 March 7, 2003

Picky Git:
You have obviously taken alot of trouble with this site. Why? Anyway one thing you missed you say "If two out of ten blacks have smaller penises than the average white one, but the other eight have larger penises, then who has bigger dicks?". That depends on how much smaller the two small ones are and how much bigger the other 8 are doesnt it!Ha Ha!
183 March 7, 2003

Sure Mark, breast size matters, but only visually. About Dick size, it's a different story. It's much more physical than visual. Breasts are not aimed to stimulate any remote areas.
184 March 10, 2003

Sex Addict Too:
As for Harry's coments on Feb 26, I have noticed the same thing. Girls with small breasts are the ones that seem least happy with my avg size. I think they need a partner with a big dick to make up for their inadequacies.
185 March 11, 2003

Yeah Goldie, do some research. unless the penis is extremely( and I mean extremely) small, this will in no way impringe upon a woman's ability to orgasm or enjoy sex for that matter. As for breast size. Well sorry Goldie, visual stimulation is half the fun.

I'm sure if Brad Pitt was not very well-endowed it would not stop countless women drooling over him.

As for the male preference- I'm sorry Goldie but I think in terms of pleasure a man's desire for big breasts would have to outway women's preference for a big cock.

Oh well.
186 March 11, 2003

Big Edd:
Do women prefer big head or not?
187 March 11, 2003

So far the female contributions indicate 60/40 in favour of a larger size.
Not a large enough volume of posts to come to any conclusions.
The debate here is being cluttered by many sad guys using this forum to boast of their own (probably imaginary) endowments.

188 March 12, 2003

 Hellow small and big dudes

   Do you know that big penises are often prefered by frustratesd woman who need to fill in a big space ( and i am not talking about a big pussy ) i meant they have a pshycological disorder and they try to fix it up by trasfering their self blame to a small endowed man who she can blame about her non-satisfaction ( well knowed ass " hysteria "
189 March 12, 2003

Why not start a discussion on what men need and desire in a relationship. Too many men seem compelled to satisfy women's every need.

It seems that younger women are far more shallow and immature than previous generations, and feel entitled to have the perfect man.

Well sorry to brack it to you girl's, but the few perfect men out there are probably dating equally perfect woman.
190 March 12, 2003

Female opinions on here  seem to be 60/40 in favour of larger male genitalia.  We're talking about small numbers here though so you can't draw any definite conclusions.

For my own part I can't help believing that a woman
who is enthusiastic about sex will find a larger dick more of a turn on than a smaller one all other things equal.

That said I hope I haven't encouraged the morons that
post here boasting about their alleged size.

I believe most intelligent women would prefer a fun guy with an average dick to a dork with a monster.  But a fun guy with a monster is a prize.

Am I right girls?
191 March 14, 2003

Okay no more bullshit, for real I am sick and tired of the "black man size myth". So is every white man wether he admits it are not, this myth started out during slavery by white men trying to have power over black men(the slaves),to achieve power the white man created the "black buck' myth which said the black mans sexual powress was animalistic and powerful. By saying this it catergorzied the black man as a "animal" so for which this justified slavery. Now hundreds of years later the myth backfired on us so are black guys really bigger? Well numerious studies over the years shown that black men are either around the same size or a bit bigger like a half of a inch. What I think drives this stereotype today is interacial porno sites like "blackonblondes" and "dogfart" and so on. Maybe it is so that black men make up a larger percentage than white men in the extremely endowned men like say 10" inches are above. However these men dont represent the average black man and the average white man. To which I think in terms of penis size they being the "average black and white man" is very close in size. Now maybe I am a jealous white man or maybe I just need more than hero worship or ancedotes for proof. Will I am sure the answer to the much dreaded question will be answered soon sciencetifically as to are black guys really bigger? In my opinion just like the race and IQ test dilemma, I believe they are other factors involed. I think this issue needs to be resolves before americans both black and white can move ahead and get rid of racism and stereotypes.

PS: white girls and size queens screaming that black mans size is so much greater than white men, are either very mad at the repression white men put on white women throughout history, are the pool of black men they meet has been biased to favor a man with a bigger than average size, a black mans knows a white women will think he has a big dick, so perhaps the black men who she sexually sees are only the ones who can live up to the stereotype. And if you need further evidence look online on porn sites beside the interraical sites most of the guys are white even in the big dick sites.
192 March 14, 2003

Hey there guys,
I'm a female with big breasts and big labia and i sincerely mean it when i say penis size is not an issue.  women are not as superficial as men, and when they are, it is not about penis size.  It's more about not having a beer belly and having nice eyes.  There are some extremely superficial women and men out there but the majority of the population does not care so please don't worry.

Gerry, you are a a sexist pig.  To generalize and say that younger women want men to cater to their every needs means, you are blaming women on your own inadequacies.  Some women are demanding as are some men.  It is hardly gender dependent.  It's no wonder you're having problems with women as you categorize them so easily.  Once you stop being so insecure and learn to enjoy women, they will enjoy you.
193 March 14, 2003

This is incredible. Men are talking here about our own pleasure. Do I talk about yours? No, I wouldn't be that stupid. As far as I'm concerned, well-endowded men, all other things equal are giving me much more pleasure. The friction and the filled up sensation is simple wonderful when the man is big and hard. Why would you want to be different? It's so obvious that a big and strong dick does much better. You like tight and wet pussies, right? All of you, don't you? Well, most of us love big and hard dicks. It's as simple as that. If a woman doesn't tell you that, she is a liar or she is not vaginal at all. Sorry folks.
194 March 15, 2003


My husband does not hafrequent errection and semen volume is less and spearm count is very less. what can i do
195 March 15, 2003

what do you consider well endowed????
196 March 16, 2003

Carrie, you seem to  make a lot of assumptions based on my very brief comment. Firstly, I don't blame women for anything. My words " men feel compelled" mean that this is a male problem. I think as a result of the changing roles of men and women and the emergence of female independence( and I'm not saying feminism is a bad thing) many men feel very insecure and uncertain of their place in the world, which is something men as a sex must work on.

Perhaps my comments were harsh and over-generalized. However, they were directed at many of the women, who have posted on this site. Many of whom have left children and husbands for a human dildo, as well as  others who have attributed penis size as a measure of manhood. I hate to think the effect these callous comments are having on the many young boy's and men who already feel insecure and worthless

Carrie, you sound intelligant, I hope you continue to post on this site.

197 March 16, 2003

I thought this was a refreshing and fair report on the entire issue of penis size. 

Having discovered that I was well-endowed only from my early experiences with girls during high-school & college, I really didn't know what to expect from the whole world of female expectation.  I was reallllly shy.   However, as it turned out - I was significantly larger than average, as my first girlfriend in college told me - and her numerous, howlingly intense orgasms seem to reinforce my belief that she was telling the truth.

Fact is, I am relieved, happy, & turned-on by the fact that women are not only turned on by big cocks, but many of them - thank Christ - aren't ashamed or afraid to admit it.  "You go, girl"...ahem.

What would be more disturbing is that like so many other natural, normal urges that have been stilted, stunted and denatured by the creepy manacles of "polite society"  - women would hide their true desires... behind what someone else's idea of "what a nice girl would say".  Now's THAT's sick.

This whole society is so indoctrinated to never say ANYTHING about ANYTHING or ANYONE that might offend or damage someones delicate self-esteem that in fact we are now not allowing ourselves to to tell the TRUTH.

Also let's keep in mind that if you want to give a woman pleasure, you probably will be able to - whether or not you have a huge cock.   That's half the battle, anyway.  Do you really want to try and find out what it takes to make a woman purr?  Or do you just want to go on an ego trip?

Nothing has ever turned me on as much as making my girlfriend cum HARD.  Just about the most beautiful thing there is, really.  

Sure, it is a power trip to be able to take out my cock (limp), standing in front of a woman with whom I've been on MAYBE one date and know with complete confidence that she is finally getting to do something that I could tell that she has wanted to do all evening which is this:  Lovingly and almost frantically tongue, lick and suck my cock as it grows in her hands as she kneels before me.

I think its important to keep the subject in perspective though.  So don't be a baby about it, guys.  Maybe your finally finding out what it's like to be the not-so-pretty-girl at the dance.

Besides, there's always fishing...

Oh, in case your wondering.
9 1/4 long or so by about 6-something circumference... and growing...
198 March 16, 2003

   I have a dick that is 3" soft and 5" hard with 5" girth.  This is small because when I was having sex my girlfriend and she could barely feel me inside her.  My penis would continously fall out of her.  While I was having sex with her she would just sit there and stare at me.  I could tell she was disappointed but did not want to say anything.  Penis size does matter and I found out the hard way.  You have to be atleast 6" to please a woman.
199 March 17, 2003

Jim, anything not shorter than 7 and a half and with a 6 inches girth or above.
200 March 17, 2003

Thank you for clarifying your comment.  I agree that this site is detrimental as it contributes to feelings of inadequacy, when there is really much more to life than penis and breast size.

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