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1801 October 30, 2004

Dick Dick:
stretched out twats, who needs them? go to mandingo and pass your diseses over there, you used up slut.
do not talk about true love or any love, listen to yourself, listen to your hip hop, and listen to the lyrics of the hard rock the whiteboys are making and listening to it seethe at your rejection of him by you for tall Dark and hangsome and hung, you are so spoiled, white guys are the only ones that are politically correct to be "belittled" the "butt" of jokes in the media, in the wymns and black studies, you all can vote democratic, and smoke your menthols afterwards 2gether 4ever, not that anybody should vote republican who makes under150 k a year, my point seems to be what Bob Dylan said, "you got alot of nerve to say you are my friend, when i am down you just stand there grinning, you say i let you down you know its not like that, you just want to be on the side thats winning, you have no love to give and you know it" selected lines i know, let me update the old blues line, "the men folk KNOW, now the little girls better understand" payback's payback is a bitch and you will be the plaything.
1802 October 30, 2004

Hello people. My cock is great. Its like 12.5 by 8. Yeah its great, until I have to piss. I have so much trouble holding it because it's so long and thick. I try to grasp it but my hand won't go all the way around and its so long I always end up pissing on the back of the toliet. You know it is alot of trouble being so huge but when I have it inside a women it's... it's amazing. Yea I wish I could get it inside a women. lololololololololol
1803 October 30, 2004

I just recently found this website and wasn't too sure about the information. I been dating this girl a couple times and asked her opinion on this site. She looked at it and told me that for the most part it's true. And that she commented on the part about blacks having the largest dicks and the ideal size section. I asked her how she knew that and she said she was dating a black guy who had a big dick and that she really liked it. I asked how big and she said about 9 inches long and this around(she made a o.k. sign and her thumb and finger didn't even touch).  She said it took awhile to get use to but once she did it was great and that the big girth was the best part. I haven't been with her yet and I'm afraid to show her my 4 inch cock. Should I stop dating her?
1804 October 31, 2004

Re: Response #1743 by "small" to me.
Thanks "small" for the tip. My wife is a filipino. She is only 5'0" tall, and 90 pounds. As I stated before she could not cum with vaginal intercourse with me, but was able to cum when I slid four fingers into her when she was thoroughly lubricated while I was doing oral sex on her. I suspected the girth of my penis was the problem, as her vaginal structure is such that she does not have a "long" vagina, but can definately accept a wider penis. So last night I put on a cyberskin type girth enhancer. We always have sex in a darkened room so she did not notice I had put it on. Well let me tell you there was definately a huge difference in her response. She moaned and sceamed so loud, I thought our daughter would wake up. But here is the kicker, even though I was wearing the cyberskin girth enhancer, she came so hard that I could feel her contractions on my penis right through that device. She had never cum with me inside her before. Afterwords, I showed her what I had on, and though surprised, she definately said she wanted to try it again in the future. This girth enhancer definately worked on my wife. Thanks for the tip "small"!
1805 November 1, 2004

It's absolute nonsense about penis size. The only thing that can be a bit more fun is sometimes if it's a little wider than average.
1806 November 1, 2004

Average John:
Well, my comment is not about penis size, but about pussy and pussy lip size.  Personally I prefer a average or tighter pussy, and the lip size does not matter, because by the time I see the lips, we have hopefully passed the point of no return.  I cannot think of a woman, who I have failed to return to because of the size of her pussy lips.

Now 50% of the women I have been with tell me their most memorable partners were the guys who were hung larger than most.  I guess I will just have to live with it, and compensate with technique and bling bling gifts.
1807 November 1, 2004

From a physical perspective, it's a matter of fit.

What proportion of the opposite sex are you physically compatible with?

And the best part of sex isn't physical compatibility but love and intimacy.

Having sex with the most beautiful woman in the world but without love and intimacy is nothing compared to an intimate fuck session with the woman you love and who loves you.

If a woman thinks cock size is the most important thing about sex the she should go for it I guess.  But it sounds boring.

Physically a woman with a short or long vagina is the same as a guy with a long or short cock.

If a woman takes the position that she can only be satisfied by a huge dick, then she is limited.
1808 November 2, 2004

\m/  [O_o]  \m/:

Just think, the number of people IN THE WORLD who actually care about dick size is probably the same as the number of posts on this site.

Now that I think about it, probably even less, because most people who have posted have probably posted more than once.

Compare that to the number of people who use the Internet, and haven't visited this site, because they don't care about whether or not there man has a larger than normal penis.

The posts on this site represent the the opinions of about 1 in 100,000,000 people - if that.

How many BILLION people use the Internet ??  And how many posts have been made on this site ??

There are so many people on Earth using the Internet, these opinions represent a fucking TINY percentage of peoples thoughts and views.  And most of you are probably fucked in the head anyway.

99,999,999 out of 100,000,000 people DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

Don't quote me on those stats, but you get the idea.
1809 November 2, 2004

This is for the small guys out there (myself included). A buddy of mine said a woman he was dating took one look at his smallish unit and said "Who do you think you are going to please with that thing?" He simply replied, "Myself."
1810 November 3, 2004

Interesting.  Most women I have ever been with said size doesn't matter.  They all seem to have stories with a similar mesage, that finding a man with the know how is far more important that just finding a large unit.  This is prior to being intimate with any of them.  I feel sorry for Marie and the fact she can only be satisfied with only 5% of the men out there.  I find many women who have been with larger sizes, says that they rely too heavily on their size as their sole means to please a woman.  I wonder if there is a sexual dysfunction with Marie to allow for her limited sexual preference.  I am content with my average size, just as I am content with an average woman.  I see nothing wrong with the average human body.  Unfortunately the preoccupation of size distracts people even momentarily from allowing someone the chance to show their abilities.  I could not live like Marie, where she may fall for someone and then once an intimate moment surfaces, she is already condemming the individual for what she considers shortcomings.  She has my sincerest pity, to be so myopic in her views.  From my own personal experience, women say size matters toa point.  They don't like the extreme small or large, they told me they have the average vagina, hence the average pesnis suits them fine.
1811 November 3, 2004

I did not find this website oriented toward truly debating this issue. If you want to make this a true debate, this website needs to either (1) create an interactive chat room where people can debate this issue, or (2) provide a message board where people can leave e-mail addresses so that individuals can debate this issue. I think a chat room should be developed. What do others think?
1812 November 5, 2004

luv makin ur gurl cheat:
I luv size queens. its been alot of hot posts from em out there. I know personally from experience gurls luv big dicks. and when shes got a big one filling her mouth she isnt thinking about her boyfriend or husband. any hot ladys out there who arent satisfied with your mans dick you can get a good, deep dicking from me.
1813 November 5, 2004

I'm 7" long 5 around and black male, This web site is full of shit, whoever did this should feel bad for hurting little dick peoples feelings.
1814 November 6, 2004

7.75" thick:
I'm pretty big, but i'm not the biggest. every girl i've been with lately makes comments about how big i am, and how tight it feels. girls who have haven't had a big one for awhile are always so tight, and they tend to be the most excited at the sight of a long dick. a recent girl was unbelievably tight and she could only take it all in a few positions. last night, i was slamming the back of a girlfriend's pussy and she started moaning about my "big penis." i asked her if she wished if it was an inch longer, and she said yes definitely! the thought of a superhung stud stretching her virgin territory makes me scared and anxious, and yet i'd love to watch if it happened. i'd say from my experience - size matters more than most like to admit.
1815 November 6, 2004

hey, im only 7-7.5 in length, and only about 5 in. girth, never really had a problem with sex, even though ive often wondered if my dick was to skinny.. if so, is it?..
1816 November 6, 2004

great relationship, average penis:
Whats all the fuss? Most of the info presented here is complete hogwash! The rest of it is obvious. The author here is in need of some education. Its NEVER too late for college. He would have us all believing that women who want big dick are honest, and those who don't are dishonest. Also, all proffesionals who disagree are dishonest. The comments here do not represent the general population. They are from people who typed "Penis size" into a search engine. Why? What is the common denominator here?

All things are NEVER equal, except in a fantasy. As others have pointed out, there are just too many variables to make generalizations. If youre searching for truth in the sewer...what do you expect to find?

People are emotional beings(especially women)and the emotional part of the relationship plays a far bigger role for most women. "Does size matter"? is way too vague, and is the wrong question to ask! If youre asking this question there is a big problem in your life and something is missing(maybe intimacy). Sexual gratification is factored into a mathematical formula that is not only complex, but very individual. This is the truth. Can you find a population of shallow people who are fixated on penis size? Yes apparently so. If youve lost the ability to love or care about someone (or if for some reason you never had the capacity to love) then perhaps no penis could ever fill the void. Good luck chasing your tails.

Hopefully women never become as shallow and crude as men generally are, for society's sake, and for the sake of our children. Some always have, some always will. I believe the gap between men and women has become more narrow, and the sexes are meeting eachother half way (so to speak). Society will find an equilibrium just like everything else but there will always be plenty of variety. Good luck.
1817 November 6, 2004

I'm a 30y/o blonde married for 2 years. My husband  has a "average penis" of 6".Our sex life could be called average too. I recently began an affair  with a black man I met at my health club who has a 10" penis. He satisifies me much than my husband ever could. Many women enjoy big cocks just as men prefer big breasts. To those of you with average or small cocks, get over it. You can always masturbate. I know many women say that size doen't matter, usually to reassure  their mate but if they had an opportunity to experience a big cock they would change their thinking. For years many women have been put down for having small breasts, now it's our turn. If you have 5 or 6" cock or less you should feel inadequate.
1818 November 6, 2004

not the man i was:
1819 November 7, 2004

You guys didn't give me answer for my question. As long as we concerned with men size, what about women sizes?. My question "Does sex affect women size, I mean if she experenced sex for cables of time does that affect her size, or women virginity by nature are vary in sizes and it's different from one to other? Please for those have exoerinced many girls I need satisfied answer.
1820 November 8, 2004

Pooh loves his honey:
Size matters if, YOU, say so.
To add one more to the long list of variables that also MATTER....
As we all know, as a woman gets excited her vagina gets increasingly wet. Some women get very excited and may get especially juicy.  When a bloke makes all the right moves to arouse his girl, she gets extra juicy, and the inside of her vagina puffs up, or "balloons" (sometimes dramatically). Especially if you happen to possess talent ...like ME (wink wink).

Paradoxically, your penis creates less friction on less surface area and thus, she feels your penis less!! and visa versa (Ironic, but well worth it in my opinion).

If you want to test this theory, try your woman both ways...
First, do as mentioned above... play your woman like a violin; dinner, romance, foreplay, massage, teasing, kissing, whatever it takes! 
Just take your time and hold out until she begs, and becomes...a veritable honey pot!
On another night try a quickie when she least expects it! give her the old spontaneity routine. If you must, tear off the panties and bang her! You will certainly feel more friction and more stud-like! If not, you may indeed have a small pecker!! 

My point is.... if you're feeling "size challenged" and not so big......YOU ARE PROBABLY DOING A GREAT JOB!!! The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Ultimately, if your woman gets very aroused like this, and ALSO.....
a.) has a somewhat sizeable vagina to begin with, or
b.)your penis is on the lower end of the average range, or
c.)a combination therof,
..this "honey pot theory" is compounded dramatically.
1821 November 9, 2004

always consider your sources:
Headline: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to "Ed" for solving age old debate, single handedly!

How valid is somebody's opinion when they need to remain anonymous? What causes someone so deturmined and so vocal about a topic, to hide? Who is "Ed" that he won't identify himself? Has he witten any books or published anything at all? what are his accomplishments? What qualifies him to broadcast his opinion to thousands? It takes extreme audacity speak for the entire female population (especially if youre a male!). If he was proud of what hes accomplished with this site, and believed the material himself, he would take ownership and accept responsibility for it. If he was a trustworthy person with a shred of integrity, he would provide some basics. Anything worth reading provides an author, even fiction. Funny how sites that are in the realm of "sex education", provide this information, but sites that classify as "porn", never do.
1822 November 9, 2004

Please will men concentrate on willy girth rather than length - it's very easy for them to buy 'added length' with the promised enormous extentions that would probably land most females in hospital.
Try to give her an opening-up (widening) experience which you can also buy willy products for, the sideways stretching sensations for ladies are ten times more fun than having some idiot trying to push 10-12" willy/dildo (never heard of anyone with one) half way up your body.
I.e. digestive tracts, lungs, etc, may not enjoy an erotic pounding from an over enthusiastic lover.
1823 November 9, 2004

I wanted to add another comment about black men and penis size. There is no doubt that black men as a group have bigger cocks than white or Asian men. This is why so many white married women are fucking black men. My husband would absolutely die if he found out I was fucking a black guy. Tough shit! There's no way I'd give up get fucked by a big black cock for his tiny 5" cock.
1824 November 9, 2004

want to know:
a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend of 3 yrs came home from work after being gone for a week,  we made love and I immediately noticed how loose she felt, this really felt strange, almost as if I was with another women.  Apparently a party has taken place two nights before were a guy befriended her.  My question is would I be able to tell after a couple of days if she had been with someone larger that myself.  Normally we are a good fit together.

Please comment!
1825 November 9, 2004

I would have to say some of this site is true, but most of it is false.

 I can sum up your whole web-site in a few sentences, but i will only state facts from your website and biological medical science.

Most women prefer a larger penis, most men prefer women with larger breasts, some women prefer men with a average penis, some men prefer women with average breasts, some women prefer men with small penis's, some men prefer women with small penis's... simple as that. While some woman prefer men with big penis's, they dont make it the #1 pre-requisite in order to be with them. While some men prefer women with big breasts, that wont be the #1 pre-requisite to be with them.

 The fact is, and it's true over and over again, that love is more important then the size of any physicall part of your body. If a man prefers woman with huge breasts, but falls in love with a women with small breasts, he isnt going to leave her because of her breast size. Same goes for a woman, if she prefers a man with a big dick, but falls in love with a man who doesnt have a big dick, she isnt just going to kick him to the curb because of his penis size. True love is hard to find, and if you ever get it believe me, you wont ever think about leaving that person because of any physicall-related thing.

 I never thought it would happen to me, but when i was younger all i wanted was women with big breasts. I just loved big breasts more then anything in the world, and i alway's thought i would never end up being with any woman below minimum of a D cup. But, lo and behold i fell in love with a woman who is a A cup, and they are very small. All i can say is that my love for this woman is so strong, i have never even thought about her breast size, and love them for the exact size they are and would never want her to make them bigger or anything.

 It is not the man or womans fault if their penis or breast size is small, and mature people know this and accept it. If you leave people who have small breasts, or a small penis, you probally laugh at people who have physical disabilitys, people in wheel-chairs, and mentally challenged people. Yes, penis size AND breast size matter to both men and women, but it should never be your #1 focus when considering a date or marrying somebody.
1826 November 10, 2004

I don't know if there is a "God" or not.
But if the Christians are right (and I am proud of the fact that I am most emphatically NOT a Christian...)
Then he has given me a small dick and condemned me to live live feeling like a "gutted fish", cursed to be sexually unsatisfied in my ONE AND ONLY REAL LIFE. AND if I'm a "good little boy" he'll "pay me back for my troubles" with a BORING, CELIBATE, STATIC UN-ENDING EXISTENCE AS A NON-CORPOREAL, DIS-EMBODIED, HARP PLAYING CLOUD OF FART-GAS IN HIS STUPID "HEAVEN".
Thus, if the Tribulation comes, I hereby swear to TAKE THE MARK and wear it proudly.
And on Judgement Day when Jee-zus returns to stomp on us, I will be standing tall, emptying 30-round clips at the Most High Cocksucker with my Bushmaster AR-15.
And yes, He'll smite me and I'll go to Hell.
But I'll at least go down LIKE A MAN, not a fucking whimpering bald-nutsacked little kid.
And I'll have eternity to be PROUD of myself, at least. (Pride, after all, is the GLORY OF LIFE - Christians call it a sin. I'm not surprised.)
And what will I be losing really?
Christian Heaven: Hell with air-conditioning. Anyway.
To your manhood,
1827 November 10, 2004


Yeah, that is right I am really pissed.  Not so much at this site, but at men in general for letting women gain this much power and attention.  SIZE MATTERS and all women are whores.  Not even a few centuries ago all women were, in Europe and North America, were simply chatel.  No one gave a shit about how big my dick is!  Men raped and pillaged and fucked ruthlessly. That is why we are here today.  We are all fucking spoiled to sit around and neurotically analyze what women want, think, or feel.  Men should be ashamed at themselves for allowing this type of free speech.  We should have web site on how to strip women's rights to speech, press, work, vote, and wear anything but lots of heavy hot uncomfortable clothing!  Penis size matters, yes!   Men with big units in Roman times were freaks, side show Bobs.  People paid coin to see these slaves naked with their danglers!  Today women want to push envelope in all areas further.  Why?  They can, they are very selfish, conniving, and lazy!
1828 November 10, 2004

Chumster - To Webmaster...:
I noticed your link to Pilinski's e-book (the one teaching genetically-inferior-losers-designed-
by-nature-to-be-fit-only-for-use-as-machine gun
targets - in other words, scum-sucking SHY MEN - to (HAHA) seduce women by becoming "the dominant male they crave" - making silk purses from sow's ears? Ohhh-kay.)
At the end of the article you link to, it says how older guys (like me, I'm 35 and have a 6"x5" rat's dick which robbed me of pleasure in the encounters I DID get by forcing me to work like a fucking MULE to get the woman to cum, so I basically decided sex wasn't worth the risk of rejection/humiliation for the pleasure I was getting some years back) how they should "be happy" instead of bitter that they learned the "secrets of seduction", even if they aren't in their roaring 20's anymore (and all they'll be able to get is gnarly old chicks over 30; worn-out-from-bearing-other-men's-children pussies, cellulite and saddlebags anyone? YUCCHHHH) and they should give "a little thank-you prayer" for finding information that will enable them to "enjoy the time they have left..."
Me, I'll say a little "FUCK YOU" prayer to "Jesus" (if he exists) for not allowing me access to the wonderful informational resource of the 'Net (not that I think Pilinski's book is worth the money, at least to an old geezer with a rat's dick) until last year (at the age of 34, when the party's over...)
I'll go to Hell with a big shit-eating grin on my face. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.
To your manhood,

Comment from ED:

Chumpster is referring to my review of High Status Male, Pilinski's ebook.

To Chumpster: From your message I'm not sure you read his book or not, but I doubt you did, given your amount of bitterness and anger.

By the way, when I wrote "older readers might react bitterly after having gone through the book, in the way of 'damn I should have known this thirty years ago... what a waste of my best years, what a waste of my life'", I meant guys around 50 years old and up!


1829 November 10, 2004

My wife recently had an affair.  I have always been a little self conscience about my size (6 x 5), so  I had to ask about his size, and her response blew me away.  He was huge!  I want to please my wife so I bought a large dildo (10.5 x 5.5).  When I showed it to her and asked if that was big enough, she responded that he was not quite that long, but bigger around.  So this guy was, by my estimate, around 9 x 7 or maybe even bigger.  My wife confessed that she loved his size, and she said that women who say that size doesn't matter are lying.  I can never compete with that, but on the plus side, my wife said that I have definely been her best lover, and I always make her cum, which she never did with Mr. Monster Cock.  The affair alone is enough reason for a divorce, but even though our marraige is stronger than ever, I think I will have to divorce her because I know that I can never truly satisfy her.
1830 November 10, 2004

Ok what i heard was that if u found out a guys shoe size & divided it by 2 u would get the size of his dick... is this true? Cause i've tried it & some of them seam logic but others are ither 2 big or 2 small.
1831 November 11, 2004

The re-election of President Fuckface to a second term
bears an observation.
To all of you who voted for this... BUM (who never even accomplished ONE THING in his LIFE that he didn't have his DADDY to thank for)... Shame On You.
(Don't tell me he will "make us safer" - the terrorists will do what they will do, every one of them we kill causes two more to "join the cause"...)
Now, what has this to do with penis size? Well, read on.
This dipshit believes in ending research on genetic
engineering, cloning, and stem cell research.
These technologies could, within the USEFUL lifetimes
of some of you younger gents, lead to REAL PENIS
ENLARGEMENT - the ELEGANT solution, not the butchery that they call "enlargement surgery".
Imagine a world in which the agony of having an inferior
organ (and the crushing, debilitating grayness of having the sex appeal of a North Dakotan pig farmer,
with nothing to look forward to but your own funeral
as a result) was ENDED, becoming a nightmare of the
past like leprosy or smallpox.
Dickbreath-in-Chief Bush (and the neo-cons who operate
his strings) would consign not only YOU, but any male
children you might have to the status of a "slave male". Never to enjoy the HIGHEST IMAGINABLE PLEASURE
IN THIS UNIVERSE, OR ANY OTHER - to be a successful,
sought-after HUMAN ALPHA MALE.
I believe - with all my heart - that ONE DAY as this kind
of male would be equal to 100 million years (plus infinity!) of the pallid "pleasures" of the fundamentalist Christian "heaven" which Bush and crew like to tout.
President Bush opposes this research on RELIGIOUS grounds. Because of the (supposed) disapproval of an imaginary, bogey "God" (who was dreamed up thousands of years ago by a bunch of smelly, primitive, ignorant CLOWNS who were one or two steps above CAVEMEN, for fuck's sake) Sonny Shrub and his lackeys would deprive you (and your descendants, if any) of a solution to one of the most tragic problems a man can face.
What's worth more? A life of true self-worth and satisfaction in which you can look in the mirror and LOVE the guy you see staring back at you, and don't have to kid yourself ONE IOTA when you say, "Morning there, Dude!" because you can truly mean it from the HEART...
Or do you prefer the "Thou shalts" and the "Thou shalt nots" in a dead, dusty, musty, foggy, almost-unreadable OLD BOOK (and the torturously twisted interpretations of theologians who then proceed to tell you what to do, and what not to do, like Bush and the Religious Right) all out of FEAR that you will go to "Hell" if you don't - is this not simple COWARDICE, taking marching orders from these people? (Don't tell me that 100 million years (plus infinity!) of ENFORCED CELIBACY in "Heaven" is your motivation... all stick and no carrot, you've got to admit.)
To me, ignorance is INEXCUSABLE. If you've read this far, do a Google on "Presidential Commission on Bioethics" or "Bush+Bioethics" to read more on this subject, if you are so inclined.
It's your dicks, young fellas under 7". And the dicks of your sons and grandsons to boot.
(Hell - maybe within the next 20 years or so, genetic scientists will find a CURE FOR AGE and AGING! It's just possible, that the horror of aging could be ended as well. Then I could party again, too... think about THAT, OLDER guys under 7"...)
SMALL-DICKED MEN OF THE WORLD (young and old!) STAND UP AND DEMAND YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!!! (Or at least the birthright of your sons!)
To those who say that genetic engineering, cloning, and stem-cell research "threatens our humanity" I say... is not having CHOICES the very essence of being human? Animals don't have choices or free will. HUMANS DO. Sonny Shrub and his wranglers would TAKE FROM our humanity by allowing us fewer choices, making our lives more like those ANIMALS... Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!
FINALLY (congratulations to those of you who are still reading!) to those who will vote Republican AGAIN in '08... well, you'll get the leadership and policies you deserve.
Unfortunately, I'll get 'em too.
To your Manhood,
1832 November 11, 2004

i heart the large clits! oh so yummy to get a little bbq sauce and dip those pussy lips riiiight in there! better than chicken! ;)
1833 November 11, 2004

I agree. I am from Mongolia, and in our culture, the women do not care for physical looks when they are looking for a partner.  There are many instances where the deciding factor in whether or not a father will give a way her daughter for marriage with other competing men will depend on the size of the potential husband's penis.  When my sister was given away for marriage, my father compared all the potential husbands, and he chose her husband strictly on penis size.  In our culture, a larger penis is symbolic of male fertility and in rearing male children.  The longer and thicker the penis, the more potential for the male sperm to be deposited near the cervix and swim to fertilize the egg.  This theory holds true because Mongolia is the only country in the world, where the ratio of males to females born is almost 2:1, whereas the rest of the world, it is almost exactly 1:1.  In Mongolia, males with small penises have been phased out for many, many generations.  They are not seen as able to generate male offspring and therefore, many men with smaller penises never marry.  Of all the Asian countries, the Mongolians have on average the largest penis compared to all other Asians.  Also, it is well known in our culture that a thicker penis helps to facilitate childbirth.  It is believed that repeated sexual intercourse between a woman and her husband with a thicker penis will loosen the vagina for childbirth.  Many sessions of sexual intercourse are encouraged between a woman and her husband even up to the weeks leading to childbirth to keep the vagina from getting tighter.  I have asked my wife before I married her if she ever considered another man with a smaller penis and initially she did, because she confessed to me when I ruptured her hymen on our wedding night, she was in a lot of pain and she regretted having to marry me.  But over the years, as we have repeated sexual intercourse, she has to learned to have multiple orgasms and she has stated that she is unable to have an orgasm until I penetrate her fully with all 8 1/2 inches of my penis.  It is only then when she is able to have multiple orgasms.
1834 November 11, 2004

We all could care less about your classless trash affairs with a hung black guy.  Congratulations for being a scumbag whore!  I hope you get herpes all over your tongue and mouth from sucking that guys huge cock that's guaranteed to go into maybe 5 other pussies a week!  What?  You think your the only one he fucks?  Your just a fucking number.  If you want to live your life like that then that is your choice.  It's none of my business to comment.  If you want to come on here and tell your story then that is your right and I'm not gonna say anything about it.  But, don't ever open your fucking shithole mouth and make a statement to all guys to get used of it because all women are like you.  Fuck you, you rancid diseased maggot!  Don't fucking even associate yourself with the numerous respectful and decent women I know.  You want to make claims like that then your gonna hear it from me.  Maybe someday you'll realize that you're just fucking plain shit.  You disgrace 98% of most women out there.  Why don't you just eat shit.  Your mouth is much better for doing that than talking.
1835 November 13, 2004

Don't worry guys, many women prefer an average size penis to a large penis any day.  It really is how confident and well he uses his penis that makes a difference.  Not to mention that you can do so many more positions that aren't painful when the guy is average. Hell, my favorite vibrator is smaller than more men and I get plenty of pleasure from it!  :)
1836 November 13, 2004

I had a boyfriend for 2 years and had good sex.  He had a 6 inch penis and I'd never been with anybody bigger.  I never wanted to cheat on him but on spring break I met a guy in Cancun and one thing led to the next and I ended up unzipping his pants to give him a blojob and out popped A HUGE, HUGE COCK...at least 8 1/2 inches! I got so horney but didn't think I could take it (I'm 5'3" and Petite) but I was sooo horney and needed to have his cock.  Needless to say he fucked me and it was the best sex I've ever had.  I came in like 2 minutes and kept on cumming and cumming.  Sex hasn't been the same with my boyfriend but I've luckilly kept in touch with Mr. Hugecock and I'm going to see him again soon to gorge myself again.
1837 November 15, 2004

My girlfried, who loves me very much, no longer wants to use the sex toy she helped me pick out for her. It is a rather large life-like penis. After we bought it, she was so excited on the way home.  And the first night, she came as HARD as I've EVER seen her in three years of dating.  Most would consider  me above average, (about 7'' long  / 5.4'' around)or 240cc; but this toy is over 40% bigger at 345cc or (about 8'' long / 6.5'' around). Visually it is noticeably thicker than myself and larger than most in the store.  "Jumbo" was on the package.  I'm about 165lbs and 5'7''.  She's about 140lbs at 5'3''. 

Her first reason for not wanting to use it was "it hurt"; but she admits it did not hurt the first time and she came HARD. After much talk, she reveals it didn't really hurt physically but: 1) She feels like she was "cheating" on me.  2) She does  not think the sextoy  is intimate.  3) She thinks the sextoy  is a "shortcut".  4) She did not want me to think the sextoy is better than me.  She claims she can cum more than once a month (penile) if I only "bang  [her] harder and longer". But when I've done harder and longer she only came alittle more (maybe twice a month).  I  hear many women never REALLY cum, so I guess its good.

In the end, I cannot say bigger IS better. But I can say that a "jumbo" sextoy helped my girl cum as hard as I've ever seen her (even though we no longer use it).

P.S. She still does not cum as often as I'd like, but she says "as long as [she doesn't] complain don't worry about it".  I'm not so sure.... When I really want to make sure she cums, I go oral :)  She wants to marry me, so I guess JUMBO doesn't matter!
1838 November 15, 2004

I find it hilarious when unattractive women feel they are in a position to place demands on penis size.
1839 November 15, 2004

truth not a big deal:
I read some of the stories posted and some must be fom very insure men,telling us how they have 12-14inch dicks.Well if they they should know not many women would evan want to try a penise that size out.Mine is 8x6inch and evan do i have been married for over 10years,my wife do loveing the size can still get a bit sore,and she has had 2 kids.Before me she slept with a black man and he was not bigger than me.So unless she meet the smallest black man,they are not all huge.So men get over the size of your penise you cannot change it,except it,try treating your grilfriend wife with some respect and your see they will love you,small or large
1840 November 15, 2004

WMDO Member:
As I posted before, WHY do you ugly, hairy, women with testicles and a 5 inch clitoris continue to refer to yourselves as men?  You cry and whine that you don't feel like men because of your miniscule (so called) penises.  I would not call anything LESS than double digits a penis.  You have unusually large clitorises.  You ARE NOT men.  You are emotional, subconsious, ugly, hairy women that have deformed vaginal canals.  You have seriously and laughingly mistaken yourselves for men.

We at the WMDO (Weapons of Mass Destruction Organization) were preparing for our weekly "beaver hunting" trip and were polishing and measuring our beaver bustin battering rams with our golden yardsticks...(All members get their own yardstick upon initiation).  At this time, a 30 year old "man" came to our lodge and applied for membership.  Producing our "Holy Yardstick" we ordered him to drop trou for the first "MAN TEST".

We were quite disappointed.

The poor boy's zipper wookie was only 9 inches short.  We were shocked and alarmed that this boy was trying to get into a MAN's LODGE with such a little slugger.  To our relief, and dismay, he explained that his dinky digit was not erect.

This was dismaying because all of us at the WMDO have fully erect clam hammers almost all day, every day, but he talked us into giving him time to make it erect before judging.  Laughing, we agreed.  This small penised man was amusing us quite well with his short bald headed yogurt slinger and vows that it would get larger as he engaged in hand to glan combat with his purple helmeted soldier.

Furiously, he held a one-handed rodeo trying to punch his munchkin into shape.  It did grow a bit because we measured it and he had reached 12.5 inches.  Still small for our club, but he met the minimum requirement.  Usually our members are 12+ inches flaccid.  Although we were all quite embarrassed for him we were highly amused because he acted extremely proud of his junior burger.

Now the ejaculation test.  Our second requirement for membership is that said member must ejaculate a certain amount.  Usually half a gallon will suffice.  After all, this is the WMDO club and our goal is world domination.  We are laying plans to impregnate all wives and girlfriends and mothers of tiny weinered men.  We must be able to ejaculate enough to ensure pregnancy of multiple women.  This way we will force the extinction of "men" that have 3 inch penises like newborn babies.

Don't get me wrong.  I too am hung like a newborn baby but in a different way....8 POUNDS and 18 INCHES.  The size of an actual new born baby.  My big, fat meatbat squirts 3 quarts of masculine sperm every time I ejaculate.  It looks like half a case of mayonaise exploded when I ejaculate.  I expect most MEN  with real nut cannons cum by the quart too.  Anyway, it was time to see if he could muster the custard to pass this test.

It was actually embarrassing for us as we watched him use both hands on his footlong fandangler.  He ONLY had room for a third hand left over.  Sad, we thought...Quickly he molested his ferret trying to ejaculate.  He anxiously punished the bishop in an effort to spunk the monk.  Finally, he made the bald guy puke.  It was the shortest time I had ever seen someone finish jackin the beanstalk.  I was amazed that he was done in only an hour.  How could you satisfy a woman in only an hour of taco stuffing??

One measely quart.

He pleaded that he had already has sex 10 times that day and that he normally could produce the half gallon required but was depleted from crashing the custard truck so many times that day.  We accepted his claim since his balls were big enough to produce what he claimed.  They were still smallish but each was nearly the size of cue balls.  Most of us have a pair of Idaho potatoes between our legs so you can understand our questioning.  Personally, my testicles are like a pair of soft balls.  They look like two babies heads in a Wal-Mart sack.

Alas, we could not accept him as a member because he failed the final and most important test.

The "Girth Test".  All members of WMDO must be at least 9 inches in girth in addition to the other two requirements.  My magic johnson is 12 inches in girth...average for the club.  The smallest member is Monty.  Monty's python is  just over 9 inches in girth.  Barely enough to satisfy any woman. The old requirement was 10 inches in girth but Monty is Asian so we cut him a break.

Anyway, this guy's one eyed lizard with a saggy chin was only a little thicker than a 12 ounce can of soda.  Not good enough.  You see, we at the WMDO must be able to ream out the vaginal canal to the point that a baby can crawl through it.  When we screw pregnant women and ejaculate in them we want the fetus to either absorb our DNA...therefore ensuring the BIG COCK GENES are in said fetus or try to escape the womb to make room for the new fetus WITH the BIG COCK GENES.

In closing...your site is quite entertaining to us at the WMDO...we admire your attempts at making these short dicks feel as though they are men.  It's just not true though.  I see messages "Bragging" about 8 or 10 inch dicks.  What's to brag about?  Bwahaha!!!  Sure I used to have an 8 inch penis but then I turned 10 years old and it got bigger.

Forget these silly mottos such as, "its the motion in the ocean not the size of the boat" and such...just women trying to ease your puny egos.  You see...the difference between a WMDO member and all of these peanut dicks is that when having sex, they walk up and put their dicks in.  A WMDO member puts his dick in and then walks up.  Enjoy your miserable hamster dicks while you can boys.  The WMDO will take over soon.
1841 November 15, 2004

My boyfriend started asking me over and over about his penis size, and about the penises of my previous boyfriends. For 4 or 5 weeks he drove me nuts and though I was honest, and told him, he still didn't believe me! We had a great relationship until he started to change. He became more rough and aggressive sexually, and less intimate. He seemed to develop an attitude and seemed angry all the time. Despite my pleading and begging there was no explanation. I finally broke up with him!
After a few days he was calling and wanting to see me. I refused! Two weeks passed during which he called every day. We finally got together and he seemed like his old self again. I had missed him but needed an honest explanation. Thats when he told me was coming to this stupid web site. He asked me to read it, and now it seems to all make sense! This site is a horrible insult to men's intelligence and would make any normal woman cringe!!
If only men would chill out long enough to discover what their women wanted sexually. To me, men always seem so anxious and ready (always in such a hurry). Most can't even spell intimacy! When it comes to sex, they act like moths around a light bulb and that turns most women off. OK maybe not the whores.
Most women don't really have a chance to drive(sexually) because the men(most) are too aggressive and controlling, and won't let go of the steering wheel! The porn industry is completely controlled by men. Thats why it attracts mostly men instead of women. Obviously this site is no exception, written for men, by a man! The focus is on, what else? MEN and their penises. Kinda disgusting if you ask me! Men telling men that their penis is too small, not women telling them! Most men are vulgar and vain when it comes to sex. Thats probably why there are so many gay men (and lesbians) these days.
This site is like a roach motel!! You've been tricked into comming here because of some primitive inner drive (or fear) that all males seem to posess(I'm sure most men are equally disgusted and perplexed by the vanity and foolishness of women, but that is not the focus here).
If you want to know what women want, ask your woman! Trust her! If you don't trust her, your relationship needs some work, and is probably a more complex problem. Don't blame your penis for your troubles! FOCUS ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP. COMMUNICATE.
My boyfriend has a great penis but the reason I love him is related to the uniqueness of our experiences together, the intimacy of knowing his flaws and weaknessess like no other, the sharing of our dreams, our fantasies, and our biggest fears, and, our ability to communicate honestly and respectfully about anything.
Heres some advice....Try to forget about your penis for a minute.... and concentrate on the things that the woman in your life really needs from you...
If you love each other, are honest, and communicate, you will gain trust and respect, your relationship will improve.
These things all work together (provided you are somewhat compatible to begin with)... COMMUNICATION, HONESTY, TRUST, RESPECT, COMMITMENT, and LOVE....and these create the foundation for incredible sex! Sucessfully sharing your sexual fantasies with someone you love is the result of a great relationship. If you truely love someone, you want to know how to please them, and should encourage them to share those fantasies, and shouldn't ever hold it against them (this goes for both sexes). However everyone has limits as to how far, and how bizarre. Remember RESPECT?. If something is missing from the key ingredients listed above, then the recipe will probably fail. My guess is that your penis (provided if functions correctly) is the least of your issues.

This comes to mind....
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference".
1842 November 16, 2004

to "orgasms are better" (post 1799):

   ....You have GOT to be f*cking kidding, if you think that those of us who are not huge are gonna let our women sleep around with other men..  Not only are you---plain and simply---a whore deep down, but your husband must be a pussy as well..  NO self-respecting guy worth his salt would stick with a bitch who does that and , moreover,  most guys w/ an avg-size member do quite well if they have endurance and creativity!
How do I know? Women have told me this [without my having to ask], and so have men..
If you have a size fetish, just say "hey, that's me" and call it as it is; don;t go laying some kinda heavy-handed , inaccurate generalization on the rest of us..  And finally:  Even if your husband IS a 'good father', all that will be cancelled out, eventually , by the undercurrent of your fucked-up threesome...good luck, you r gonna need it..
1843 November 16, 2004

To "Susan"  (post 1817):

     YOU should feel inadequate just for posting such a stupid generalization on this site! ....oh yeah, i forgot:  there is no room to take seriously any of the commentary on this site, anyhow (!)

To "chumster" :

              dude, i wish you would just shut the fuck up , with all your inane rambling...nobody understands it, i'm certain, and it takes up space that might better be used by those who can concisely express themselves.. Enough said..


1844 November 16, 2004

7  bone pressed:
i think womann do like  bigger  penises but i think that the  chart you have about  size  makes  me confused it says the  ideal size is about 8 but then that  girls like 10" wtf anyway i  believe they'll find a genetic way if not here maybe in japan or some other  country. they  are  looking for a way penis  ennlargement is  a cash cow
1845 November 17, 2004

How absurd a claim to make that penis size is a result of evolution...Women craving larger penis's may be true in some cases but if they do it is most definately a cultural development. Think of it like this: when i first started jacking off, i would do it to swim suit issues and other "soft core" media.  Gradually I needed more and more to satisfy me-- and now low and behold,I download "ass to mouth" and girls getting gangbanged, etc.  This developed over time as an addiction-- it wasn't inherent in me.  The same goes for women...how many girls do you know when they were first at sexual age (13, 14) would have wanted a huge black cock in them?  It developed out of a cultural stereotypes and myths.  Case in point--the ancient greeks saw big penis's and disgusting and in their sculptures purposely sculpted small genitillia-- thats why all those statues you see have a muscular man with a little smoky between his legs...  So in sum, I am not denying that penis size matters to some women, but their is no evidence that it is an evolutionary issue.
1846 November 17, 2004

Chumster - THREE COMMENTS...:
#1. TO "doubleR":
Go Fuck Your Mother. (And spare us the tough-guy response
because it won't impress me.)

#2. To Webmaster ("Ed"):
Thanks but no thanks. I've read 'em all, don't need another
recapitulation of what I already know. (Plus I ain't putting my
e-mail up for everyone to see - I get enough spam as it
is. Besides, I don't trust you.)

#3. Finally, I'm tired of this website. The people here are
ignorant fuckwads anyway (like "doubleR"), half of them
are probably lying, and ALL OF 'EM got way, way too much
time on their hands. Plus, DEEP DOWN we ALL knew, in our
hearts, that Size Matters. So what have you told the world
that it didn't already know???
'Nuff said.
Sayonara, Live Long and Prosper, ect.

Comment from ED:

I wasn't going to post your email. Besides, it's easy to create a free Yahoo or Hotmail account for a one time use and delete it after.

Sucks to see someone being destroyed by cynicism. Still, best of luck.



1847 November 17, 2004

holy crap:
Your husband actually allows you to have sex with another man because you want bigger cock? Shit, i'd tell your ass to get the hell away from you if it means that much to you. That is sick and the most messed up thing that you could do to your man... How would you like it if he told you your pussy is way to big and he wants to go fuck a local asian because she is much tighter, would you enjoy that? While your out fucking the other dude, and he is sitting at home, how would you like the roles reversed? Also the fact you wont be "in the mood" for him, or him be in the mood for you.

 If penis size, or vagina size, or breast size matters so much to you that you make or break relationships up over it, your fucked up and need some damn help.

 My advice if you fall into the catagory above, quit having sex for a long time then fall in love and get married before you have sex again, it's the only hope for you.
1848 November 18, 2004

I'm from China, male, 6 x 6+(girth), I've 2 things to say.

1.I don't need a long dick cause most women I've been wit only take 5 in. some. (Asian, White, south-american)

2.some of ur women just indefferently refer to your history of how you've enjoyed sex with oda guys while after being married couple of years. And that is just disgusting, sure people should enjoy sex as they please, but not after marriage! My girlfriend is the worst sex I've ever had, but fuck, I love her and I'm go marry her and I'm not cheating. If it ain't good, I'm go make it good.

For all the guys with big dicks, small dicks, and for all the women that prefer them: In life I can be friends with all you guys, but not if I hatto have my thing gauged first and c if I qualified.

Keep your head up and look up but not under, so you can live a less sensitive and volunrable life.
1849 November 18, 2004

No shit Sherlock:
Debates are not so easily resolved ("ended"). I don't agree that the author has proven anything. In fact, I would say he has provided clear proof to the contrary; that the size debate is alive and well! To claim that penis size matters, or to generalize about what women prefer is too obvious, too vague and is begging for criticism.
To me it seems the information provided by "Ed" is one long, repetitious opinion and is no more valid than any other individual's opinion listed in this "comments" section. Intellectuals tend to be more open minded and more respectful when making such definitive statements without a way to substantiate or provide facts and proof. In fact, I am far more impressed by some of these comments which seem to say much more with a lot fewer words. No offense to the author, but I can't help wondering if the material he provided was intended to stimulate response and commentary, or if stimulating the urge to comment was an unexpected and rewarding side effect. I'm guessing its a gossip column. Perhaps he only pretends to believe his material to invoke emotion so that he may harvest a steady crop of comments. There is something deceptive and dishonest with "Ed's story".
1850 November 18, 2004

If you have time to write about this kind of shit you don't have a life. Stop internalizing. Who gives a shit!!!
ED, you make no sense and you are an idiot. 
N-o o-n-e c-a-r-e-s what you have to say. Read a book.

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