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1751 October 15, 2004

Hi, I am a 24 year old korean from new york.  I lost my virginity at 17 in high school with another korean guy, and He was 5.5 and pretty thin.  I'm a small girl, and pretty tight, so it hurt the first time.  Eventually it felt better.  We broke up after high school, and in the first week of college I had a one night stand with a cantonese guy, he was good looking, skinny about 5'10".  His penis was awkward, it was curved to the left, about a 45 degree angle.  We had sex that night, and he licked me between my thighs, and got me in the mood for sex.  His dick was about the same size as my ex I would say, within half inch of each other although I never measured him.  A lot of my friends love to hook up with fraternity guys that freshman year, the lambdas.  This was an asian fraternity with like 3 white guys out of the group.  I was always curious about white men.  Ben Affleck, Nick Lechey are the type of guys I find attractive.  I'm so jealous of Jessica Simpson!!  This white guy was so hot, about 6'2" working out type of body, nice looking.  He was the first white guy I experienced.  His penis was huge, I saw it and I was curious about his size so I asked to measure him.  He was huge, I measured him at 7 1/4, and very thick.  One fact I saw in here I must agree with.  Sorry for all the asian guys out there, but it's true.  Through out college I've dated 2 other guys so with a total of 5 guys I've slept with 1 white, and 4 asians.  It is true that asians are smaller, sorry to say that.  My current bf right now is Korean and he's the biggest out of them, and he measures just under 6 but is thick.  I must say I've had better experience from the past.  And yes, size does matter with girth being more important than length, however both matters.  Once you go big, you can't go back small.
1752 October 15, 2004

the truth hurts....BAD!:
I'm so freaked out by this site and what been going on since I first arrived here. I thought initially it was total rubbish. But it got me reading and thinking. I started wondering if my wife thought about, craved or prefered a larger penis than my... almost 5" x 4.5" I decided to talk about it (gradually at first) but she completely denied any such needs or thoughts. I'd introduce the topic and pose the idea almost nightly, but it seemed she just didn't trust me enough to answer truthfully and I could sense that I was being ego stroked and pacified. I needed to know! I developed a new strategy where I would pretend it didn't bother me in the least, in fact it was always a big fantasy of mine. She opened up a bit. We talked about it more but still she did not admit to anything and would not take the bait. I trusted my instincts and continued to work in the "bigger penis" topic during our love making and intimate snuggles. This continued for about 3 months or more and I was right on the verge of giving up and discarding the notion that she cared about, or fantasized, or prefered anything other than me. I brought it up one night, after a night out, and some drinks and she was very horney, and I thought what the hell, I'll try one last time to trick her, and then confess my game (with some degree of embarrassment). As the sex heated up, I teased her a bit with my cock and boldly whispered that I wished she could be pleasured by a very big cock while I watched, and that her pussy deserved a few more inches.... etc...etc...  To my complete astonishment she suddenly began to play ball. I tried to concentrate and focus on my acting role. I was equally surprised by my initial excitement. She finally said "I do baby, I do, I like big ones". I said "youre just saying that to please me". She asked "youre not upset with me"??? I answered, "No, on the contrary, I'm really excited, please tell me"!! Thats when the flood gates really opened, and she said more than I could ever have imagined. I was completely stunned but kept my poker face. She said, "I like really chubby ones". I said, "chubby"?? she said, "OH YEAH, the really thick kind". I somehow managed to say "oooooow, thats soooo hot" I pretended to get even more excited, and she went on, and on, and on about "big bulbous heads", and "black men fantasies", and "craving longer penises too". Her vagina became completey huge and mushy, which completely soaked my whole crotch area, and I could no longer feel anything! (except tiny and insignificant). I gradually lost my erection as she continued to rave about "big and especially fat cocks, and always wanting to try a 10 incher". I collapsed and wept like a baby as she tried desperately to console and apologize. Now, 3 wks later, I'm still in a deep depression, and my wife is angry and confused and completely ashamed. She stopped trying to take it back and deny it was just a game for my entertainment. Instead she openly admits it, but still tries to rationalize and talk about it. I know it wasn't very ethical to trick her, but she was deceiving me for years. Theres nothing to talk about! Ultimately, I lost the woman I fell in love with; someone she only pretended to be.  Shes a fucking whore! I don't trust her! and I don't care how she feels! I just can't believe this shit!! At least I finally know the truth about who she really is. At first I was very angry about this site for helping to destroy my relationship, but I guess it is better than living a lie!! I never would have dreamt I was considered so small, or that my wife thought so. Reading some of these comments really helps me.
1753 October 15, 2004

After reading many - not all, wow there is a lot - I say that both men and women have a thing for size. Almost everyone wants a man with 8-10 inches, or they elude to that. Here is my boggle - I am well over 10 inches, in fact around 13. My size scares the crap out of 90 percent of my dates. That is a fact. If may be a visual treat, but few want that much inside of them. Now... gay men worry me to death. They LOVE huge dicks. They follow me in the mall, and IM me online. Not gay, not interested. Is there a good women out there that wants this monster?
1754 October 16, 2004

how you like them apples:
i honestly don't beleive every woman feels the same.  i mean like who are you to say what every single woman on earth feels about a bigger penis.  i'm shore most of them probably do, but there are many other ways to give a woman an orgasm. i was with an asian woman a couple of months ago and from what she implied to me is that she didn't like big penises, she liked for men to go down on her.  so for you to say that means nothing to me and another thing that bothered me was all the guys who got mad, that shit shouldn't matter enough to give you anxiety.  and ed i really don't think this site really helps anybody unless they have a large penis, it's like your trying to rub it in for the smaller guys.  i think that's why you get so much hate mail.  i beleive you have a big penis, and if you had a smaller penis you probably would think different about your site.  by the way i have an average size penis and i have had no bad sexual experiences.  take it easy!
1755 October 16, 2004

yeah im a 21 year old college student, and penis size DOES matter to girls, you have to find the one who fits you right. i've got anal for the first time from this 23 year old i met in the bar yesterday, and to be honest, i've had pussies tighter. My cock is 7" long im guesstimating its 2.5" (its average to slightly thick compared to porn dicks i saw) in girth...yet i nailed her and went all in.

I've actually had a girl pull a clump of hair from my scalp from the pain i caused her with vaginal sex (she was quite petite, also a 16 yr old school girl) and another girl who felt so loose, i was like "daaayum a train can go thru that shyt mayn!" lol anyways my point is that there are different strokes for different folks and to some you will be more endowed then others.

what matters is how long you go at it...coz when im drunk im only half erect,  its probably only a 6.5" or less, but somehow i dont cum as quick. also if im wearing a condom (i hate condom, but hey, gotta have them) you will last longer.

without condoms and sober, my dick is rock hard and at its max. size and girls like to sit on it on top or let me givver from the back.

I dont do oral, coz if you get herpes or cold sores on your mouth its like a tell-tale sign and the rumor will spread like wild fire. ive done oral only to one girl it was my highschool g/f of 2 years...i knew she was clean and carried no STDs.

but if you gonna do a doggystyle, make sure the girl doesnt have a fat ass, coz the cheeks get in the way. this one 5'11" girl had some wide hips on her, the only way i could do it doggy, was if she was like almost on lower ground and me on higher ground (ie she had her ass pointing up, but her arms were on the floor and her legs was on top of the couch, lol and i was behind her)

my room-mate thinks he is less endowed so he goes for the small chicks, and also the asians and i know for a fact that he gives them orgasms (coz im like in the next room and i hear dem screams) also the virgins are best coz you are from then on just a benchmark and all the guys will compare to YOU

so all in all gentlemen my advice to you is if you think u have a small dick, there are other things to do
1756 October 16, 2004

all these men who claim to have penis of 7 and above amuse me a lot. Is it true that penis can be that big? I am only 6" there and when i told my patner that many men have longer once she exclaimed and said it would be painful to sleep with such men. Is it that some ladies are too big there? For me to sleep with my G without complain i always have to use my mouth first and be sure she is very wet. Hence my surprise at 7 and above sizes.
1757 October 16, 2004

North of the 49th:
To Advice from "Down Under",

Bang on, my friend. Could not have said it any better. I too, am about the same size as you (6X5), am 38, 5'6", a fit and muscular 175 pounds, and have had my share of ladies. No doubt Asian women are the tightest. I have travelled through Asia, say no more. The ladies there have always commented on its "size". Funny, in a way. My current GF is of Japanese extraction, very fit (triathlete), and I never fail to bring her to orgasm through intercourse. My 5" girth is more than enough to give her the right friction (and naturally the good foreplay contributes as well). In fact, I have often dated women who were the fit, athletic types, and without fail, nice and tight. One was a former competitive swimmer, 5'7", 135 pounds, and she was heaven!

So, as long as you are average, who cares. Women who do their kegels and the such will make you happy. After all, there are two sides to this equation. If she is loose, oh well, move on to the next one. Find yourself an Asian, or an athletic one and you will not be sorry.
1758 October 16, 2004

For the guy who talked about dildos:
The biggest selling size of a dildo is 5-6 inches you moron. You really need to do some research before you even say some stupid crap like that. The most selling size is 6 inches, and that is what most men have as a penis size. On a survey in which nurses measured the penis of males, the most commen size was 6", and what a shock that is the #1 selling dildo, because not all women love a 14 inch dick ripping there pussy open and making there vaginas look like a roosters neck.
1759 October 17, 2004

when u fuck what is the white stuff that comes out and what do women like, hariy dicks or no hair dicks?
1760 October 17, 2004

Dulberg PhD:
Some truth, mostly hype!! If you came here for entertainment and fantasy, you may want to bypass this comment. Sorry this one won't arouse you.

Sex is one of topics where there are no right and wrong answers. Like someone else pointed out, the comments alone undoubtedly prove this point. In fact, if one were to analyze the comments listed here, more truth and validity could be extrapolated from them than the author's immature, bias opinions. It would certainly be more scientific to utilize the thousands of comments here as a valuable resource (on which the author should base is information).
There are just too many variables to make definative claims like the ones listed by our Author. It seems the author is trying to evoke emotions like excitement and anger, to influence attitudes and beliefs, and ultimately motivate folks to respond, and contribute to his web site? The Sheep and the Shepherd. Clever.

The irony is the comments provide the value, not the author's homosexual fantasies. Ed, you may be in denial of your latent homosexuality. Its certainly suspect to someone with the right credentials. If not, then you may be a shameless ogre who lacks ethics (and obviously credentials). This model of pinpointing and exploiting male insecurities (for selfish reasons) is a well known marketing model.

But is the shepherd to dumb to profit from his herd or even realize what he's done? Is all this just someone's homosexual fantasy and now he doesn't know what to do? Does our author actually believe he is providing factual information? or that he is helping people? Is he extremely insecure himself? about his penis, his sexuality and his fear of intimacy? Is he desperately in need of therapy, so he created this online support group for himself? If so, this is a facinating example of co-dependancy between the author and his average responant. In which case, this site should be re-written as such. One thing for sure, he should review his liability insurance. The real slim shady should stand up!
1761 October 17, 2004

Size does matter! I am particulary small, with a
maximum size of 3.5" (yes, erect length!) by 4" (girth), and my wife admits that it is a bit on the small side, but of course our relationship is not affected by that! We have a great partnership and have children. The downside is that we don't have penetrative sex anymore, as my partner has no real feeling of my penis inside her, and has never orgasmed at all, regardless of sexual practice. But, as I said, sex is not an important issue to her (so she says!). To make matters more exciting, I also have an amusing condition called phimosis, which means having a tight foreskin! Yippee! Doubley blessed! This means that unprotected sex is painfull for me and reduces sensations! So, all you dudes mumbling about having only 5", think yourselves lucky! Still, I'm actually quite happy as I am, despite all this..!
1762 October 18, 2004

Truth is,this site is primarily for men.The truth,when not agreeable,usually hurts.Do women prefer bigger units? Almost certainly. Do men prefer youthful,firm women with big breasts and tight asses? Undoubtably. Do we get what we want in life? Rarely. Sadly,as 99.5% of the population are aware,life involves suffering. Guys,remember one thing: CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING.WOMEN WHO CAN SENSE THE LACK OF IT IN YOU WILL RUN! In closing,to quote The Stones,"You can't always get what to want,but if try real hard,you just get what you need."
1.Life is suffering
2.Suffering arises from DESIRE.To minimize suffering you must control your desire.
For example:If you don't crave sex,food,material wealth,drugs or alcohol-you do not suffer.The more you crave,the more you suffer.
The next time you see a grossly obese women on the street,have some sympathy for her.Either via glandular imbalance or her lust for food-she has removed herself from dating 95% of available in her society. If you don't want women laughing at your tiny dick;then don't make fun of the poor obese girl.Peace.
1763 October 18, 2004

black men do not have larger penises than all white men there is 7in mine is 8x6 i have slept with many black brown asain and white women.Ialso have had a 3some with 2 women so when my wife said she always wanted to try a 3some with 2men i gave her that wish.The friend who knew us both and who i knew was no threat was also above average i thing 7in long so my wife got her wish.I am not threated or 2 faced if it was okay for me to have a 3some why was it not okay for my wife.She told me that width is more inportant than lengh.So men should stop being so two faced if they thing its great for them to have had a 3some whats wrong with a women having one,women like sex as much as men.I never put men down becuse they have a smaller penise than me,there is nothing you can do to change what god gave you
1764 October 18, 2004

  I think it is important to mention that size of a penis vs. pleasure, also depends on the size of the girl. I am 5.5" long and 5" girth and I have had many different sized women. I have had petit girls, who said it hurt them when I went to deep, and large girls who made me feel I could never be big enough. so I really believe a "good fit" for good sex depends on penis size and girl size.
1765 October 18, 2004

This is a very interesting site.  I found it while looking for info on large dicks.  I'm a 25 years old African American Female. 

I've only been with 10 men.  8 of them were black and two were white.  The smallest was my first white boyfriend who was about 5 inches. The rest were around 6 to 7 inches, with one of them having 8 inches which at the time I thought was huge.  I never had a problem accomodating him, so I never though size was that important until I met my new boyfriend.

My new guy is a tall, 6'2 white guy with a 14 inch penis.  I was shocked when I saw it, but very turned on so I went for it.  I've been with him for about two months and so far I've only been able to take about 9 inches.  The orgasms are very intense and I'm on my way to developing a fetish. 

Is it possible for a woman to accomodate something so big?  How long does it take to be able to stretch to fit it all?  Is that even possible?
1766 October 18, 2004

This site is insightfull and informative. My experience has been different strokes for different folks. I have been with all sorts of women. Big, small, asian, black, white, latina. The size chart on page 40 is right on with all the women i have been with and talked to. Most prefer 7 to 8 inches. With 6 to 7 inches in girth. I am personally about 7 1/2 inches by 6 1/2. All but one of the women I have been with have said I am perfect in size. The black women thought I needed to be a little thicker.

For you less endowed guys out there. Foreplay is all the rage. IF you can get a woman off with your fingers or tounge then it will not matter what size you are. Give her an orgasim before penetration and she will be eating out of your hand.
1767 October 18, 2004

Matt Margolis:
this is a great site! As a man with a 3.5 inch cock (erect). I don't feel insecure at all. And those penis enlargement gimmicks don't work (trust me :)


1768 October 18, 2004

Reply to the post called "Questions for Jason"

1) Did your girlfriend ever suggest a threesome with this guy?  They both wanted to have sex, but I said no since she wasn't on a pill.  I didn't want any complications months later if something happened.  I didn't trust a rubber on that big thing.  If she'd been on the pill, I'd probably would have said OK.

2) Can you guesstimate how big he was (versus your 5.5 incher)? Was he bigger in length, girth, or both?  He said 9", and I believe it was.  It was both longer and thicker.

3) What did you do between the time that you both buckled up your pants and your girlfriend asked to see it again? drink? eat? what did you talk about? Was it the same night?  Yes it was the same night.  About a couple of hours passed.  We watched movies and talked and played a few drinking games.

4) How did your girlfriend ask you both to see his again? Did she look at you or him when she asked?  She just got the giggles and asked to see it again.  She was looking at him when she asked. 

5) What did your girlfriend look like? Tall? short? thin? fat? hair color? face? body, etc?  In those days, she was a cutie.  About 5'4", long naturally golden blonde hair, thin, a few freckles on her face, but pretty.  She had a nice chest and ass.  Years later I saw her after she had been pregnant and she gained quite a bit of weight, but at this time she was someone I was proud to be with.

6) What were relations like after the incident?  Did you talk to this guy much?  Did she seem disappointed with your dick size? How long until you two broke up? Did you ever feel that she was thinking about that night?  Relations were just fine.  We didn't speak of it much, if ever, again.  I still could give her orgasms, but I think she probably thought of his big one now and then.  I think an average cock can get the job done, but I would think a big one gets a psychological advantage that helps. I've ran into him a few times over the years.  He does sort of have a smirk and asks if I've seen her.  But it's not anything I can't stand to put up with.

Any other questions?  Thanks for asking.
1769 October 19, 2004

Response to #1752
Look man, I think you need to calm down.  I can't believe you forced that situation on your wife.  Big deal if she admitted she wanted some big dick when you got her extremely horny one time.  You wanted her to fantasize and she fantasized.  As long as she doesn't act on that fantasy.  I mean, you could have a huge cock and she could still fantasize about someone else- perhaps some popular actor who turns her on just with looks alone even more than any huge cock could.  People always seem to want and fantasize about something they don't have.  That's what fantasies are for.  It's just the same as if she made you fantasize about Pamela Anderson or someone you think is hot.  She couldn't hold a candle to Pam (in reality she's probably worlds better), but doesn't mean you have to act on that fantasy.  It's all for fun.  If it goes beyond fun and she tries to make it a reality then it's betrayel and that would be the end of it all.  But, I think you should lighten up.  You sound pretty average to me.  I can never understand how any person could place the highest value on the physical size of an organ.  To me the physical attraction of the one I love- looks, personality, voice, etc. turn me on infinitely more times than worrying about - say small breasts and wishing my gf had larger ones.  I think you should be glad you don't have some huge cock cause then how would you know if your wife really loved you or if she was just along for the 'ride'?  If it makes you feel better I am just an average size as well and I don't want a bigger dick.  I think the only people who should wish that are the ones who have abnormally small penises- like 2 inches or so.  I wouldn't mind if my gf just fantasized for fun about that.  So long as she didn't talk continuously about it and suggest doing someone else.  I don't go for that shit at all.  But once in a while fantasy talking is normal, don't worry yourself.  So, cheer up and make up with your wife.  Just make sure she's just fantasizing and if so that's just in good fun.  Maybe you could tell her one of your fantasies and be even and call it quits.  Good luck man.
1770 October 19, 2004

Post #1742 WMDO Member

I enjoyed reading your post!  This sarcastic response seems like pretty accurate reflection of many posts and the ludicracy of this site.  Nicely done!
1771 October 19, 2004

In a Ciccio:
In a relationship its not what you have between your legs that counts but what you have between your ears.

I heard of many women who are only interested in a man's intelligence and are ready to give up a large penis to a brainy man with a small penis.
1772 October 19, 2004

my girl friend laughed at the size of my erect penis(5 ins)when she first saw it.i was surprised by her reaction having read that size does not matter.now i know it does helps deal with the fact i have a small penis.women just be honest.
1773 October 19, 2004

       TO H:
Quit telling the same story you retarded bastard! It gets old! Nobody cares about you and your stupid made up story! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!
1774 October 19, 2004

Wow, you lost the debate right at the beginning of your website. If you say a big penis gives you more security, and that women's breast size doesnt matter at all.... then why the hell is so many women getting breast implants? It doesnt matter at all, so what is the point? That is because breast size matters to men as penis size matters to women. If you are a man who just wants big breasts, or a women who wants a big penis, you will never find "True Love" because love isnt a physical, it's mental. Love obviously has something to do with physical, but it only makes up about 2% of what it takes to carry out day to day life with your women/man.

 This website is just a huge opinion, based on the fact that the "average" erect penis of a male is 7-8". While in reality, about 90% of men fall inbetween 4.5-6.5 inches, and that is a fact. Go look on the internet for a survey asking men for there average penis size. Only actually believe a website if they actually had people measure the penis instead of just hoping on the men to answer honestly. The other 10% are above or below the average. Man, you sure made it look like men with penis's that are even ABOVE average look like tiny little peckers compared to what you think is normal. Man, you really need to shut this shit down before you make someone kill themselves who could possibly believe anything they are told.
1775 October 20, 2004

Hey ladies, I'm 3 inches hard.  You want to suck this dick?
1776 October 20, 2004

My wife has married twice.  The first man she married was BIG, then there was me, Mr AVERAGE.  She prefers average to big any day of the week and has told me a lot of times that it IS a lot more comfortable.

In a recent US survey, women preferred SMALLER members.  This is because they asked the women, not the men abundantantly endowed looking for somewhere to stuff it.  Tented pleasure for many is more satisfying than being stretched, even though they physically capable of this for biological reasons.

Let it not be forgotten what the equipment is for; reproduction, not setting world records.  It must be very comforting for women generally, however, not to have to worry that a man could cause her discomfort from penetration.

In any true healthy relationship, the issue of size falls by the by wayside very quickly indeed.  It is inconceivable that a man ditch a woman because she can't accommodate a large member.  They work around it.  And it is equally inconceavable that a woman ditch a man simply because his member doesn't inflate to the same size as a baby's head. 

Welcome to the real world people; difference is NORMAL.  Accept it and move on.
1777 October 20, 2004

Bummed out!:
My problem is one that is starting to affect my sex life in a bad way. I have a large cock 10.5 x 6.5.
The problem is I cause intense pain to my lover all the time! I am restricted to only a few positions during sex because otherwise my partner is screaming in pain! Doggy.....forget it never happen. This is starting to become a major problem for my girl.
She loves my cock, though 10 inches is too much for her.
1778 October 21, 2004

HungEnuff (WMDO member):
Pay attention men.  I'm a real 37 year old guy and I'm here with two real women to tell you the truth.  This site is (mostly) bullshit.  Not EVERY guy saying he has a cock 8+ inches is lying.  99% of them probably are.  The Kinsey survey is probably is the most accurate.  If you are really curious, use it. 

Now, I've read most of these posts with my girlfriend and her friend.  Over the last month we've sat and have some drinks in the evenings after work together and I surf the web awhile for some humor.  I introduced this site to them and they are hysterical over the fact that men make this big of a deal about it.  Yes, fellas, we have had a threesome on a few occasions, (GET TESTED FIRST).  They have known each other for 18 years, much longer than knowing me (2 yrs).  They are both professionals, attractive, early thirties (31 & 32) and have had 10-14 sex partners each (both had been married 6-8 yrs).  Sadly my girl seems to have sucked double that many cocks in her time....oh well :) ...and her friend has had probably 20 in her mouth too.  (Sluts!...ouch!  Just kidding ladies)) It might interest you to know, according to these women, that size is more of a novelty than anything.  That's right.  Both of them have admitted to doing the secret "HAND TEST".  Apparently the "HAND TEST" is where, at sometime during slurping a cock, they "measure" with their hand (tip of middle finger to wrist) the size of the guy's penis then compare to a ruler sometime later to get an accurate measurement.  Ask your woman...I stated before my 7.5 X 5.7 incher.  I know that we scan all messages for claims of size first since the HUGE EXAGGERATIONS...(14inches..hahaha...see my 1742 post for true silliness) is what we are laughing at so I just got it out of the way.  I am lucky I know.  Both ladies here with me have NO REASON to spare my feelings, I am a realist.  I know I am bigger than many, but it seems to matter to me more than it does them.  Sure, my girlfriend takes some kind of weird pride in my cock being bigger than normal and her friends knowing about it...she won't let any of the others be alone with me... but both of them say that they have had great sex with guys under 6 inches.  They both say mine is the biggest they've had in their coochies and even if they are really excited it hurts both of them if I go too deep.!

Me:  6'1"  200lbs..athletic build
My girl:  5'8"  151 lbs  36DD jugs, curvy
Her friend: 5'8" 118 lbs  long legs, smaller chest

My girl just pulled my penis out and measured it limp as a noodle....3 & 3/4 inches.  Now they're both measuring it..........not so limp now....okay...I'm back.  After just having a great time here with the tape measure they both tell me that the first time they saw my erect cock they thought it was 8.5+ inches for sure...(women's perception!) Turns out (after debating it) I am only 7 & 3/8 inches (gimme that 1/8in!!)  So men exaggerate....hmmm..who'd a thunk it?  Now both of them are telling me that I may be too BIG for "balls deep pounding sex" (apparently I don't go under the cervix?) because they both had pain during it...and my girl tells me that after a really good long screwing she sometimes bleeds a little.  They are both sore and neither wants it for more than 15 minutes at a time so we switched off a couple times.  Also, apparently, my cock makes them feel as if they have to pee.  We do have pee breaks sometimes. They both admit to being somewhat curious about looking at big ones but ODDLY, with my average 7-3/8 penis they both say they wouldn't mind at all if it was even an inch or inch and a half smaller, (Can this be??)  Also...both of them say that most of the penises that they have tangled with were 5 to 6.5 inches although my girl's friend claims to have "heard" about a guy that is 10 inches and she says "no thank you..she'd run away."  So, opinions from THESE two intelligent, sexually liberated women seem to be that under 5 is kind of small but it can still be fun and over 7 might be a little too big??  Can this be right?  They both cringed talking about 6.5+ in girth....The chart says that should be perfectly enjoyable???  How can this be?  I am NOT the one bullshitting you here men.  Women don't worry about it too much unless it's waayyyy too small or waayyyy too big.  Probably the last time I post here with any kind of seriousness.  This sight is obviously trying to make us seem insecure and buy some type of penis enlargement.  Be happy with your penises men...I would consult a doctor before taking ANY kind of pill or hangin a damned weight on my pecker.  Use your most valuable organ the most fellas...your brain.  Practice SAFE SEX at least until after you're both tested.  TRUTH & LUCK TO ALL.---hungenuff
1779 October 21, 2004

Hungenuf's friend:
First.  I am not a sleaze. My girlfriend and I have more trust in each other than most married couples and I'm not trying to, couldn't, and wouldn't steal her hungenuf-{he posted before me} from her.  We are all very close friends that were honest about being attracted to each other and used a mature point of view in having a 3-some and it's great and erotic.  I am very oral, I love to suck on his dick and her boobs.  I love to 69 either of them.  I don't have sex with just any guy, but I, like all women, have needs too.  Anyway, I just wanted to say this since many of you attack women on here.

Second.  Penis size does matter to a very small percentage of women.  Some are wanting a huge one.  Not many of them have had a huge one or they would know better.  My friend's boyfriend is more than enough for me and her.  His is a little too big.  He actually says that he always feels like a woman is judging him as a man when she first sees his wanger.  That is utter crap.
I can tell that he seems very confident in himself and that was one of the things that attracted both of us to him.  He says some of his confidence comes from knowing he's got a large penis.  Not all.  Some.  Personally, I think that is silly but not surprising seeing how women have breast enhancement, liposuction, whatever, all of the time.  Look at what Society does to us!

Third.  The most sexually satisfying relationship I have had was with my ex-husband.  (he became an addicted gambler and wouldn't stop, hence the ex).  Still, he was great in bed.  At just over 5 inches he was more than adequate for my little pussy.  Just the right size to deep throat and lick his balls and he was about 5 inches thick which was perfect.  It takes more than just a penis to be a great lover tho.  Use your voice, hands, fingers, tongue, lips, everything to satisfy your woman and she'll come back for more.  Bye Bye --DD
1780 October 22, 2004

Response: DANA2000::
Sure, you can adapt to the 14"...

However, be prepared for one of two things:

1.  Spend the rest of your life with the freak.


2.  Expect to feel really really really loose with every other guy you ever sleep with.

It might take a while for you to get back to normal if you ever break up.  :|
1781 October 22, 2004

 I think that, like a few of the other female posts that I've read on here, that size wasn't much of an issue until I experienced a man of size.
 I was perfectly content with my first husband's penis in both size and technique. Regular sexual intercourse (2-4 times a week), regular orgasms (every 2nd-3rd time) It was good. I have no complaints at all. It was good.
 Then at the age of 34 I find myself rather amicably divorced and free to date again. Not being socially retarded I date a few guys, maybe...eight?, and even had sex with two of them. Pretty average, both were about average size, and where as one was good sexually, the other.....well, I guess he tried. :-)
 Enter my current boyfriend
  I will not bore you with the pornographic descriptions of how his cock effected me when I first saw it. Ala "my jaw dropped", "my breath was taken away" "My pussy got so w.." Though I was VERY surprised by it for a variety of reasons. It is very large Measured it @ 8.5 inches long X 5.75 around. Not monsterous given the purported sizes in a majority of these posts but REALLY big to me. He is "intact" (my first ever uncircumcised penis, I swear it gives it a sexier look) and it is literally the best looking dick I have ever seen on a man, bar none. Big head, thick oval shaft, rather straight, big tight balls
 The first time we had sex I orgasmed. The second time we had sex I orgasmed. The third time we had sex I orgasmed FOUR times. And not little shuddder comings either. I mean the bucking your hips so its slamming from knob to balls and coming so hard you feel you could climb the walls type orgasms.
 Sex with a big cock IS better. And I wonder how many other woman would realize that if they could experience it, big cock sex is better. I never thought size was that important.... until I experienced the sexual pleasure of intercourse with a man of size.
1782 October 23, 2004

true story:
Size is relative.
I guess my wife is a size queen. She is very attractive, has a smaller body size and is athletic, but her vagina seems longer and bigger and wetter than any other woman I dated. It just never bothered me much because I always loved her so much. Also every other woman I ever dated said I was huge. But as I suspected, my dumb ass wife thinks my dick is small at 7.5 X 5.5 because her one and only boyfriend prior to me was really huge (like 9 or 10ish). I'm not the least bit jealous, but she continued to make references and inappropriate remarks over the years(6yrs). I let her do this for some reason! She even had a nude photo of him ( I had threw it out years ago).
This summer, she told several of her girlfiends at a party about him, because the topic was being discussed by the drunken wives and girlfriends, and when someone asked, she said that I was small compared to him. Some of the girls already knew this and asked her to elaborate. I was drinking and it pissed me off terribly. She made several consecutive comments about me being undersized. They were laughing and comparing men and experiences. I heard this and eaves-dropped for a minute through a screened window (during which I worked up about 5-10% blood flow so I would look more impressive but still appear flacid). I immediately walked in and pulled down my pants in front of them all (I'm usually 5in flacid). Some seemed shocked and some very amused, but they all confirmed that I was actually quite well endowed. I heard 3 or 4 "wows" and "bigs". My wife was so surprised, and obviously annoyed when they all questioned her judgement. Some were even aroused and joked around with me (flirted). I guess I shouldn't have done it because the guys and husbands(my buddies) who were outside at the time, eventually found out when they heard all the ruckus. Most of them laughed or didn't care but one or two failed to see the humor. But at least it shut my wife up. On the way home, I told her if she talks about her ex again publicly, I'm gonna fuck a few girls with a smaller vaginas and tell my friends how great it was compared to her big vagina. She wept, I forgave her.
1783 October 23, 2004

Reply to Blondie:

Hi Blondie,

I'm intrigued by your posts.  I'm a 27 y/o gay dude and like yourself, can appreciate the pleasures of huge cock.  I've had a few big dicks myself (including one that would be considered "very large"), but have yet to experience a truly huge or "giant" penis.  I'd be interested to hear about your experiences; specifically, you mentioned that:

"Fortunately for me, in my line of work, big penises get presented to me all the time."

I'm so jealous!  Can you give a specific example?  I guess that's one of the fringe benefits of working in the modelling industry!  Feel free to email me: ephebe@lycos.com

Reply to #1617:

August 29, 2004


I am not gay but i am turned on by great looking females and males and yes, a big great looking cock is a turn on for me.  My cock is 7 inches long and almost 6 inches around.  All women I have been with (including 1 lesbian) have said that i have a gorgeous big cock.  I have pictures that i would love to show if anyone has an email address.

Feel free to send them to the address above.
1784 October 23, 2004

i have a 7-3/4- 8 inch dick . i have the ability to have sex for hours. unfortunly i am only 5 ft 8 inche and this fact makes my 8 inch cock unimportant,in comparison to my height.but don' get me wrong i have had my share of women , and i'ev only had one complaint,and beleive u me i've laid it on some real ones! but what i have allso noticed is that allong with the big dick they bring with them some big ass woppins domistic abuse. and by me being the runt of the litter i get all the left overs , and i've heard somthing,but not enough to make mr fill less of a man because i don't have a 9 or 12 inch cock. when in all actulalty its the woman with the complex, with her head some where between Eliizabeth Tayloys toe,shes  the one who is stuck on stupid ,racing against time to marry be fore she ends up with the shape of her mother that s if she luckyaftr child birth .and as for the young ones who bypass all the average thing 4 the above avarage and the extrodinary one becareful ,exatcy is only obtained once ,and any attemp to regain it is futile b cotent with avarage
1785 October 24, 2004

To the girls (and gay guys):
I have an uncircumcised dick.  should i go under the knife ??  please elaborate.  thx.
1786 October 24, 2004

North of the 49th:
Hungenuff and Hungenuff's friend,

Thanks for your posts (1779 and 1780). No doubt, the best and most honest ones on this entire board. (Oh, and 1742 WMD post still has me laughing!) Once you filter out the plain BS ones and probably gay men who are likely posting as "women", there is not much left. I found the comments on how women have a lousy perception of size interesting. In Hungenuff's case, they were off by way more than an inch in length, and I doubt any female can estimate girth just by looking at it. So when you read of some woman commenting on her lover being perfect at say, 7.5X 5.5, take that with a grain of salt. There is a 99% chance that the guy is really more like 6X4.75 or something. A TRUE 7.5X5.5 is starting to be quite the big schlong. Also, the ladies comments on not wanting to get pounded too deep by Hungenuff are dead on. Heck, even with my modest 6X5, when I put my sweeties ankles onto my shoulders or do her doggy style, have to be careful or she starts pleading for mercy!
1787 October 24, 2004

anyways, after reading what many of you have to say, i realize that even in a setting such as this most people lie. Men have small penises and some have large penises, but what it really comes down to is a sense of how much you really care. If a woman really likes a man, then i dont see how it can really make a difference; i mean i know the technical aspect of it, and since the inner vagina has very little in the way or nerve endings and the G spot is usually within the first 3 inches of the inner vagina, the only thesis that can be stated is that thickness matters; as the labia is the crucial point of contact and a 3 inch penis can hit a G-spot as good if not better than a ten-inch.  For a very long time i refused to measure my penis because i refused to even get into this kind of discussion, but i knew form playing football that mine was probably larger than average for the cauasian male...but anyways, while i am somewhere between 7-8inches erect, i am very wide and sometimes have trouble getting into a vagina that is not extrememly wet..but the idea of my thesis is that my best friend, who regretfully i have seen his penis, has a much larger one than I, but when I hooked up with his ex girlfriend of 2 years, i was able to give her an orgasm on the first shot, whereas she told me she never had one with him...now i know many of you would probably consider this a case of lieing on her part, but i am a very perceptive person and can tell when a girl is faking it, because i am not naive enough to think that every orgasm is genuine...but seriously, length does not matter, it really depends on the amount of pressure applied to the right areas.
1788 October 24, 2004

Are you honest?:
Nice site, but not very accurate. Sorry. Insecure guys, gay guys, bi curious guys. Males! Thats who comes to this site. There are women who care about endowment but they are, by far, the exceptions. I see plenty of comments from guys pretending to be women. I'm gay and I hang out with lots of women and while they do care about penis size it is not of major importance like it is to men. Women care about personality and good looks. A cute guy with a hot body is far more important than penis size. In fact having a "nice or cute ass" is mentioned far more often than "big penis/bulge" (which I might notice). If a guy has money and is a "good lover/good in bed", is romantic... thats a bonus. But very seldom is penis size specified. Women just don't posess the same mentality, fantasies or sex drive as males.  Men like pussy and sex more than than women. They even like COCK more than women! if they are HONEST! Are you? It doesn't matter though cuz people will think whatever they want. Ofcourse there are always exceptions to every rule.
1789 October 24, 2004

comfortable with self:
This is in response to the guy who posted msg number 1752. It sounds like your penis isn't that small to begin with (I'm sure there are men visiting this site who would love to have your size).  Secondly, as far as your partner being a "whore" because she likes large penises and for you despisiing her for "deceiving" you I think you are completely off base.  You knew from the start what answer you were going to get.  That is evidenced by the fact that you tried for three MONTHS to get the answer you were looking for.  I think it was admirable that she was sparing your feelings.  It's part of what loved ones do.  She has fantasies about penises bigger than yours... so what?  She chose to be with you and she kept her preference to herself. Your size was obviously adequate.  What was she supposed to do?  On the night you first had sex was she supposed to say, "Oh, I wish your penis was bigger.  I prefer giant cocks."  I think the route she chose, to keep it to herself, was the much more appropriate thing to do and I think it's completely unfair of you to hold it against her.  I'm sure there are things about her sexually or physiologically that you wish were different but cannot be changed.  It is obvious that your anger towards her is a transference of your own feelings of inadequacey, which I don't think you should have in the first place.  Women prefer large penises.  Wow, newsflash.  If you aren't large that doesn't mean you are out of the game.  Women also prefer men who look like Brad Pitt.  That doesn't mean those of us who are average looking should hide in a basement or, more importantly, resent women who find us attractive or chose to be with us even though they would "prefer" a more attractive mate.  I think your struggle has to do with your own feelings, not her actions.
1790 October 25, 2004

Mr Insecure:
The Situation:

Im 6"long at most and about 4.5" girth (Im prety thin)

My Girfriend's "X-boyfriend" that she dated for almost 6 years was huge! Shes defanately stretched from him.

After struggling and pushing my hardest, I can still manage to get her off.... without too much difficulty, BUT... 24 HRS/DAY, 7DAYS/WEEK IN THE BACK OF MY MIND IS THAT HUGE THING SHE HAD BEFORE ME!

It eats me up every day!..Im having the worst time dealing with it and considering breaking up with her because of it. I lover her and she loves me too and she swears up and down that its not a big deal to her and it doesnt matter (she has a zero waiste size and is very thin herself... very attractive I might add too!)but I still feel like I'll always be 2nd best to what she's had before.

Without a doubt, Im better than her X in every way.... EXCEPT my unit! What can I do to feel confident and secure being with her? Ive just started jelqing a few weeks ago, but havent seen any gains yet.

Is there any guys out there that have had this problem?
1791 October 25, 2004

Ok, they say black guys have bigger dicks. Every porn site I go to, the black guys are huge! I don't mean 7-8 inch, I mean like 10-12in. Some have video clips so I click on them and they are so huge! How does a woman take that much? Wouldn't hurt? Are these black guys rare pornstars or is this really common among blacks? Everytime I see a white female with a black guy, I always think to myself, he must be hung...Do women fantasize about big black guys? I am an average size white guy and very jealous of these black guys. I am so afraid that my wife will cheat on me with a black guy someday and have the best sex ever and never want my little dick.
1792 October 25, 2004

Hello I was just lookin' around when .... there it was huge labias all over! Well, I am a woman and I don't know what to think I've been bending over to my mirror to see my pussy and I don't get it I used to be 98 lbs with a fat pussy...(the outter lips) and I just had a baby boy 8.7 lbs 3 months ago now I'm 108 
and my pussy is still fat and meaty but my labia is nice and smalish compared to the photos you have here, I belive that labias like those become the way they are after years of rough dry sex, so I always made sure that I got fucked right.  So what confuses me is that I had a huge baby and my pussy bonced back like new still nice and tight, how come!? :)
1793 October 27, 2004

read this:
ok, so if women like dicks 8 inches and up and the average dick is like 5-7, then I guess god fucked up.
1794 October 27, 2004

why worry:
why do men worry about the size of there penise,they canot change anything,if a women laughs so what,why is she in bed with them for in the first place.I dont thing it was becuse they were expecting a huge dick.No dickhead becuse she liked them.A man with a big dick has just as many problems,i dont thing the average women has evan seen a 10in dick,and unless she has had a baby could not take all of it.Women enjoy the width not lengh,i have had women tell me no way and mine is only 8x6in.So it works both ways,a women i realy liked told me stright out there would be no way she could take it,so you men with dicks below 8x6in stop moaning
1795 October 28, 2004

The truth hurts but its true if men were just penises the big one would win every time.So if we are to break it down like the author of this site Big penises are better then small,thats it.But she fails to discuss why this is a big deal.Of course it matters physically and so does a tight eighteen year old virgin vagina compared to a 37 year old women who has given birth 3 times.If you were to break it down like this author everything matters.If your wife gains ten pounds and asks you how she looks dont tell her shes still beautiful, instead stress the fact that the ten pounds matter if if its just a little bit.Tell someone in a wheelchair how better it is to walk.We can go all night on about whats better.The point is contentment.The other experts were not denying that size matters ,they were answering with the assumption that the small or average size male know there are physical differences between themselves and Ron Jeremy.They wanted answers that will lift there esteem because the author fails to realize that no one has everything.There exists a man with a big penis who probably can be loving and intune with the needs of their lover but he might like guys.He might not, but I doubt he has time to give the best vaginal orgasm to every women.Its funny to me that this author has been in every personal conversation with women assuming they all talk about men sizes.There are alot of women who have only had one penis and thats all they'll will every have.So you can put all your eggs in one basket but I'm telling you point blank that you ae not doing any man a favor by telling him you've had a better size.I would never insult my wife by suggesting that her vagina is not as good as some young girl in the street.So maybe theses women who suggest it doe not matter are simply being satisfied about what is theirs.
1796 October 28, 2004

I started to read your info, despite the fact you said it wasn't for me, and I stopped early on.  I am average size and I have known for 20 years that women prefer a larger dick.  No kidding!!!!  I prefer a tighter pussy.  I still enjoy sex with none virgins.  It's funny how pathetic we men are.  The ratio of "get a bigger dick" sites to "get a tighter pussy" sites is huge.  Sex for a woman is more about the connection with her partner.  If a single girl is just looking for one night of fun and it is between Mr. Average and Mr. 10", Mr. Average may lose. But you know what, if Mr. Average has a better body and a better face, Mr. 10" will be going home lonely.  I am sorry to tell the big dick guys but unless you have a good body and a nice face your dick size doesn't mean shit.  I have talked many women about this if all else is equal a big dick can be a deciding factor but it's very rare for all things to be equal.
I don't know if this post will see the light of day because I am still not convinced of your motivation. But guys, if you are average or small in size forget about it, work out, get a better body, take care of your appearance, and treat women with respect and courtesy. Be an eager to please lover, and for god's sake forget about the size of your fucking penis.  While size may matter, and women may like to talk about size, I don't know a single woman who has broken up with a guy simply because his dick was small!!! Your dick size should be way down on your list of concerns.  It's near the bottom for women. Anyone who says otherwise has something to sell you.
1797 October 28, 2004

I used to believe that willy size was no big deal until I actually tried out the real thing - length is definately nothing to worry about, but a good girth can be very satisfying because of the 'full up' sensation.
In any case I doubt whether 1 in 1000 guys have 12" ones, and even if girls tried to accommodate an object that long I think that they might feel their sex organs being pushed into the region of their chests a less than erotic experience.
1798 October 28, 2004

I think women who preffer big dicks are whores plain and simple. To not want a man just because he is not hung is so stupid. It will be so fun to watch all you whores die of aids from fucking everybody.
1799 October 29, 2004

orgasms are better:
Hello all, I stumbled onto this sight and got some good information on Penis size, I thought there was something wrong with me after I married my husband of 6 inches.I love him and he is a wonderful husband and father. However, I had had bigger penises before i met him and thought they were wonderful.Three years into our marrage it bacame obvous that I needed more than he had to feel totally satisfied.  My husband now alows me to have sex on a regular basis with a local guy that has about 8 inches and thick. I love him more than ever for alowing me this pleasure with another man. I have never orgasmed better and it was such a release when I felt this bigger guy for the first time I cried my eyes out. Not form pain, or guilt, but from the extreem feeling of beeing filled and completly satisfied. so all the talk about "not the size of the wand" falls on deaf ears to me. the bigger size feels so tight and I find myself wanting to do so much more with a bigger penis that  just an average one. even giving head is more erotic with a guy  that has the size of tool that you love. and one of the biggest things I never realized was that their cum is more important to me. I want there cum deep in me and milk them  into me. well there is my 2 cents, you guys with 6 inches are just as wonderfull as fathers and husbands in anyway except you can never touch a girl where your 8 inch male friend does. get used to it, it is true and as long as there are open minded husbands out there that know this they can use this thing to make their marrage stronger, even if it involves sharing the wife with a real hung man.
1800 October 29, 2004

Trying to solve this question folks is a waste of time. This site is mostly opinion, hype and fantansy. Though most readers can probably see some level of truth (in some of the "material"), there are no credible references whatsoever. Sadly, it appears to be the opinion of a single individual; a mysterious person who identifies himself simply as "Ed".

All that matters is your own unique situation. But lets try to make some sense...

It probably matters more to men than women, but this means nothing.

I'd guess... that usually... the smaller the guys penis, the more it matters to that guy. But I'm sure there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. Some men wouldn't be content unless they were huge (look what some women do to themselves with implants, men would do the same with their pecker if it were feasible). But some men don't care much that they are considered big, and some don't care much if they are considered smaller, and some are content to be average. Some men would be glad to trade their big dick for a tiny one that got erect for them, for more stamina, or one that looked better. Some would be happy to trade length for girth, or visa versa. Some men would trade-in the dick for better looks or something else that mattered more to them personally. But you can't! so does it matter?

Sometimes penis size matters, to some women, and sometimes not. It always matters to other women. It never matters to still others.

But all this depends on the man, and the woman, their individual psyches and how their relationship is configured, insecurity vs confidence, compatibility level, level of intimacy, their sexual preferences (gay bi straight), physical attractiveness, sex drives, penis size vs vagina size, their previous experiences apart (and together), their ages (and age difference between them), health, ethnicity, religous faith, marital status, children, availability of alternate partner(s), amount of free time, level of education, intelligence, occupation, etc etc etc

How can this ever be simplified? It all matters!  "All things being equal"? All things are never equal! 

Penis size matters, if you and those you are sexually involved with say so, or think so. I believe the responses here do not represent an accurate sample of the general public (population). Obviously, the responses are made by certain people who deliberately searched for this topic and were motivated to do so. These comments represent opinions of specific sub populations. Even still, the comments differ vastly, proving there are no simple answers, and this debate can never be resolved, and especially not here. Only a fool would truely believe so. What purpose this site actually serves is questionable.

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