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1851 November 18, 2004

Long Pod:
I have a 9.5'' long and 7.25 wide and some girls love it and some can only take about 5'' of it and say it is just to big and would prefere if it was smaller at 7-8''
1852 November 18, 2004

suicide sounds good:
Great! so there's no way I can actually have sex with my girlfriend and show her a good time. I dont buy into this I'm a stud sort of shit. All I want is to know I'm been felt and that I'm actually doing something down there FOR HER. Because I care for her. Quite honestly, whats the point in having sex in the first place if you cant be felt at all? I'm 6 inchs dont know about girth. I thought I've made women cum before including my girl, but shit man, from what we read here, they may of all been fakin.
The thing is I dont think my girl would ever cheat on me, but somehow I actually would like her to because I wouldnt want her to go through life without having experienced a great orgasm. Fuck! and when you read that last sentence back to yourself...well you might as well go and reach for the gun. BECAUSE me personally. Will NEVER be able to feel that I can give her what she wants if these are the facts. and maybe im not

 I like all the shallow women saying all men are shit unless they have 8". You obiviously have a problem with men and have never met one who actually CARES about YOU. Try to understand that men have issues and emotions to. I'm a man who just lives with his heart on his sleave and doesn't hide much about what scares or bothers him if it might attack my so called "masculinatiy" fuck that. But this penis issue is an issue simply because I want to treat my girl like a princess and spoil her.
So am I basically fuckeed in doing that?
Because thats VERY hard to get over or live with because of the above

So what do all you think to that?
1853 November 19, 2004

cuckolded again:
i love watching my gal pal get nailed by huge cocks while i sit in the corner watching her enjoy it.  meanwhile i take a pair of tweezers and pull my tiny pud.  FUCK ALL OF YOU STUPID AMERICAN IDIOTS THAT CREATE AND BELIEVE THIS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE.
1854 November 19, 2004

Jack (22 male):
Yes penis size matter to me, because my girlfriend is married she is around 30 years old and some time back i discussed with her about penis size. I told wrong thing to that my penis is 7 inch long and around 6 inch around i asked her is it normal she told me that yes. But actualy i am 5 X 5 she told me that her husband is also around 7 X 5.5 then she told me that if she likes to have big penis around 8 X 6 she told me that she likes the big sensation inside the vagina now.

Really penis size matter to women
1855 November 19, 2004

to Ray-Ray i am glad it worked for you i find that like most of these comments someone does not know how to measure or their all liars, anything above seven in is big and above nine is just punishment to women it just beats their insides out. I bought a john holmes didloe and did my thing cut a hole in it about 4 in deep by 1 in wide it made me about 11 as when you cut off the testicles and thbase cup its only 10.5 in long which is huge i put my little penis in and lubed it up real good and we had sex she came immediately and like you i could even fill her contractions thru the rubber but as i got carried away she said please stop your killing me it tearing my inside up. we tried it twice more time with about 6 in in she comes hard but because the girth is so large it starts to hurt past seven, whar a waste off a hundred dollars. we now us the doc johnson ub3 didloe its about two in wide but the rubber is so soft its starting to tear i am going to try kong another didlo i will cut it off at 6.5 and cut my 4 in hole in it it never fits just right and it is about seven which is perfect any longer brings pain. I once tried fisting it worked the only time i saw her squirt but after wards she became to loose we gave that up. I will never go back to sharing my wife because of lack of size it got me a divorce in my first mariage and so i will just be a little inventive in this marriage i even went to counciling in my church and was advised to do what is nesasary to have happiness. I read that one comment on a person being anti God well he better think about it good because God,s punishment it also eternal. I hope these suggestions help you. I have been a evil man but i believe if a married couple keep it in their home and sometimes normal sex doesn,t work well yes size matters if your small but not if your average i don,t live in asia and can,t comment on them but 3.5 qnd 4 in is small to me and my wife. I just hope Christ can forgive me for all the stupid things i have done down here on earth. I will check for your comments and i will not post here again. glad to be of help
1856 November 19, 2004

do i have a small cock ladies please email me and tell me im almost 6 inches and about 3 inches around and 1 inch thick  please tell me if you like big cocks or small cocks and if youve ever had a big cock? (short_cut78@yahoo.com)
1857 November 19, 2004

Though I have only limited sexual encounters with other women, I can say with confidence that size is not the end all. After openly talking with my wife and her numerous female friends, performance is much more of a concern to most women than a guy's measurments. The only people that care about what a guy is packing are size queens and gays.

Women who like to give oral sex and recieving anal sex prefer smaller penises. A woman would rather have mind blowing sex with a smaller penis than be sore and can't walk the next day with a big one.

Though my wife has born two children and is a large woman, my 7 x 5.5 still make her sore and can touch her cervix. I understand that each woman is very different in tastes and vaginal sizes, but after casual discussion amung my wife's circle of friends average is better than big. The women in this group prefered 6 to 6.5, but said even 5 inchers were good for anal and oral sex.

Sure women talk about size, but so do men about women.Anyone who agress or even disagress with me on this post can e-mail me at IAmAFuzzyPickle@aol.com.
1858 November 19, 2004

luv makin ur gurl cheat:
to susan:

don't worry about what those guys r sayin to you... ur a woman n have the right to choose what u wanna do... just like a guy can.  i luv bad gurls like u susan, I'm black n I luv MWfs...where u from? I'd like to give u sum of my black meat some time.

to vanessa:

I luv bad gurls like u too... can u take more than 8 1/2 inches though? let me know
1859 November 20, 2004

ventran wanker:
My cock is an average 5 to 5.25 inches but a good diameter of 5.25 inches. I have had 5 women over the years and not one of them has complained about the size of my tool nor been disapointed at my performance
1860 November 20, 2004

To all you guys that think you have to have 9+. I am about 6.75 and have satisfied many women and I guess there are those that I have not. My ex said I was the biggest that shehad ever had and she has sleeped with many more men than my current girlfriend who's ex was 9-+ or maybe bigger, I don't know, when I ask her how big she says I don't know but it was big. Her vagina is not as tight as other girls but I like that because I can have sex longer. But anyway I to would prefer a 9-+ but if they complain about the size of your penis try pulling there legs up over your shoulders. You can get max penatrtion and like I said, I am not even 7 in and I have only had 1 girl in my life that could take me giving it to hr as hard as I could in this position. Its called (wife of indra). My current girlfriend wholike I said dated a guy who was apparently much larger than i can't take but about 2 or 3 strokes without saying it is too deep when I do this. I do wonder what she did when Russle did it to her in that position. I don't know about you guys but it makes me crazy jealous when I think about a man with a bigger penis in my girl.
1861 November 20, 2004

Thanks Jim, you just said this whole debate is a waste of time and I am happy that we both do the same. Indeed, this whole debate is one big contradiction for ourselves.

The end of this debate probably comes with this mail. We actually feel the need that there is more then fysics in life. And still, it is true: fysics, say size, matters! So we will eternally balance between those two poles, looking for an equilibrium in between both. Perhaps that balance is called happyness.

This site is indeed hysterical, as one stated somewhere in the endless list of comments...but life cannot be without any histeria (dixit Lacan).

So I declare the end of this debate. But I might well contradict myself!


1862 November 20, 2004

I think penis size matters but to which degree, I don't know!
1863 November 21, 2004

yep, this shit is pure commercial...$$ making scheme
1864 November 21, 2004

beating the crotch nazi :
Small cock doesn't equal bad lay; big pussy lips doesn't equal loose pussy. And even if they both did, small cock and loose pussy will always be relative terms dependent only on the size of the other.
This post is intended for the youngsters on this sight, because I know how insecure you are. And don't worry, I'm not some forty year old psychologist who wants to guide you through the process of self love. I'm actually only twenty-two, and if you saw me on the street on a good day, you'd probably want to bend me over (but that probably also doesn't say much about me) . I don't know one guy who grew up free of penile insecurity. Even the bearer of the hugest cock I've ever seen apologized when I commented. He thought I was complaining and I'm sure he's hurt girls with that thing before, especially in his younger days. Lucky for him, I like pain, and he proceeded to stretch my vaginal canal beyond recognition and now I do kegels constantly in fact I am doing them right because I don't expect my next beau being so well hung, but I still plan on being quite satisfied. Also, it is the nature of genitalia to morph. The dick, the clit, the nipples, and the labia all shrink when we are cold or drunk and swell when we are horny. One guy, initially I was a little disappointed when I saw his dick (remember I'm a masochist). But after getting to know him better, and getting to really enjoy fucking him, me on top, to rap music, his dick seemed to have gotten bigger. Duh, he was nervous that first time. The lesson being, girls: the bitchier you are about it, the punier its gonna get.

And to the girls: I didn't lose my virginity until I was seventeen because I was so mortified about my labia. I searched porn sites and magazines to try to find out where I fell in the scope of normalcy. I still haven't figured this out because this part of the body is so different from day one and still so malleable from then on, there is no 'normal'. I think I can safely say that my pussy lips are somewhat above average in size. They are thick and maybe about an inch long. I can be artsy with the tucking and fake a seven year old's crotch if I want to, but when the heat is on they do not comply. Hmm . interesting. Why are guys trained to feel better about the way their dicks look when they are aroused but when chicks are aroused, and their genitals swell, they are trained to feel disgusting if they happen to swell beyond the realms of social acceptance (which anyway is just some fictional demographic spurred by the hearsay of the immature and inexperienced). All you ignoramus dudes with your accounts of 'pussies so stretched out they hang down like turkeys necks' can put your folklore back in your sock drawer with your cum-soaked Playboys. My lips been the same size since for as long as I can remember but up until I was seventeen the inside of my pussy was so tight that I could barely insert a tampon. If a man ever said anything demeaning about my pussy I would spit in his face and take my sphincter elsewhere. I am an attentive lover who has done everything in my power to make myself feel sexy to myself and appealing to those I care about. Call me a narcissist, but the truth is I think my labia are hot, and I think the only reason anyone would look down on them is because of the brainwashing that we owe to airbrushing and plastic surgery. I appreciate sexual diversity and anyone who doesn't is just digging themselves a big hole of loneliness because we are all so different.
Self-confidence and appreciation for the nuances of your buddies is a magical combination when it comes to sex appeal. Your genitals will shape themselves after that beauty.
1865 November 21, 2004

What up Ed ??:
I don't know why anyone hasn't asked this before...

How big is your dick Ed ??

?" x ?"
1866 November 22, 2004

Pi Gua:
This is is full of f-uckin' bullshit.  No scientific proof or no REAL evidence.  Just some s-hitty a-ss propoganda.
1867 November 22, 2004

3somes with 2 big dicks:
  i had a 3some a few times with my wife and a friend from the miltary,but my wife enjoyed it.This friend was in the milatry with me,the miltary we were in was not our own country's miltary.All 3 of use are open minded it ment nothing to any of us it was just a bit of fun,i realy belive most women would love to try it,at lest once.But only do it if youre marrage is secure,and you know there be no hang ups the next time you meet.But for me i found out my friend who would brag about how big he was,was not as big as me i am 8x6 i thought he was to but my wife said he was not as big as me,and she shoud know now.As i said i realy belive most women would love to try it once,but as i said make sure your marrage is secure,that friend has moved on now but when we do meet,there is no problem as i said my friend knew it would mean nothing to my wife,and he was only to happy to help give her the thing she had always wanted to try,now she has tried it more than once thats it she gives it no more thought,its over.Most men would love to have a 3some with 2 women i have done that so why should the women not want to try 2 men.
1868 November 22, 2004

I have been turned down by lots of women, especially by Western women due to my size (4 by 4)     Am I doomed for life?
1869 November 22, 2004


that goes to the ladys. what do you think for example about lex steele, if you know him...

would you love to have sex with him?
1870 November 22, 2004

i don't know why, but i've been fascinated and turned on by big units for a long time. i'm bisexial, and i've been with several women and a LOT of dudes. i will concur that black gents have bigger units than white guys, normally. a pal of mine, who only used to date black guys, said he had never been with any guy less than 8 inches in length.   his one friend, whom i met, had a penis 12 inches in length, as think as a baseball bat. i saw it in person--i was not hallucinating--it was super-heroic in stature, but when flacid you would not have thought it would grow to be a foot long!      anyways, on the other side of the issue, i'm quite average in dimensions-i just make 6 inches when i'm really tuned on. i have really big testicles, hands, and feet, and i have sometimes felt "cheated" that my penis wasn't proportional to my other attirbutes.  but the girl i am sleeping with--her ex husband (a black lad) had a 9.5 inch penis, and she is completely satisfied by me, despite by relative "mallness"compared to him.  because i am a good kisser and our hearts connect and it's about more than just fucking her.   i also have two male suitors at present--one a black male, the other an italian.  both these guys have units that are nearly 8 inches in length, and really thick.    and they both dig me, despite my average size.    bottom line--sex is about connection and love and intimacy--the best sex i ever had with a guy was with a young latino who was quite average in size, but we cared for each other.     it's not about size--it's about heart and connection!!!  guys who feel "smaller" have a hard time of it because of insecurity, which trickles down into how they act with their dates while they still have their clothes on.  i don't know the solution, but God wants us to love Him and i do think He provides the right fits for the right parts.   only in a hedonistic, voyeuristic society can we get so much data on such things and get so fixated!!!!
1871 November 22, 2004

9 x 6.5:
LOL First of all i've been readin this site for quite sometime. I just felt like postin my own experiences on here. I'm 18 years old and my cock is 9 x 6.5, so trust me when I say it isn't impossible to be huge. You little bitches should just get over it and realise that you were given what you where given for a reason. People are blessed with different things. Size seriously matters, chicks are always starin at my bulge, LOL. Especially whenever I get out of the water and my shits jus hangin in my swimtrunks. It seriously puts a smile on their faces. Flaccid i'm about 6 inches most of the time. But let me tell you life is better larger, LOL. Not to make everyone smaller feel inferior, but the sex life is fantastic, and word spreads like wildfire with all those horny chicks. They can't get enough, LOL. Physically i got it all, I'm very handsome and i've got a great body. So it looks like i got a bright future ahead of me! If any of you sexy bitches are interested in this just email me, LOL. I'm 6'0 slim 175 brown hair and eyes. Thank you for your time. (mynameisalb@yahoo.com)
1872 November 23, 2004

i have a 4.5 inch cock. my girl friend seems to like it.  After reading all the postings here, I feel soooooooooo inadequate. My feelings are hurt and I feel traumatize. I'm considering spending my life savings on dick enlargement surgery. Anyone know a good surgeon?
1873 November 23, 2004

To be honest evan if a women wanted to try a 10-12 inc dick i dont thing the average women who has not had a baby could take it.And also i dont thing there are many men with either a 10.or 12inch dick out there.I do not understand this if your avarage man would love a 3some with 2 women why would he not thing the average women would not like to try 2men.By the way if you do get the chance to try out 2women you better hope those 2 women are bi at lest as,other wise its not that much fun.I thing most men with a small penise are to insecure to allow there wife or gril/friend a chance of a 3some with 2men.I have alloewed my wife to have a 3some with another man,he was i thing 7inc,when i married my wife she was not a vergin,so for another man to make love to her,was nothing,and as i have a 8in penise so i knew i had nothing to worry about.
1874 November 23, 2004

Hi, I've been married for two years to a wonderful man. However, he is only 4'11 and has a 3 3/4 inch winkie. At the gym I gang banged two other guys who had 18" cocks. I died. This is an example of most of you whores. My guess is that most of you were color guards in high school and are fat and ugly.
1875 November 24, 2004

The truth hurts:
Why is it that some ignorant whities think black guys are endowed when like every study in the world proves otherwise?

Being far from a pathetic loser with faggot tendencies that shapes his reality from interracial porn sites, shouldn't you at least have the common sense to acknowledge facts and statistics? The facts don't lie, people lie (as in black people about their size). G'head and deny the truth and indulge in your miserable existence but don't be too disappointed when reality kicks in and your fantasies get debunked. Now go back to jerking off to interracial porn. Its all you got.

But don't ask a black guy about it. Every 5,6, inch black guy will claim he's 9+ inches in a futile attempt to prove his superiority and self worth. Little do they know the myth they uphold was originally meant to dehumanize them shortly after slavery so that whites will not accept them as people, but beasts in their society and force them back to slavery. But given the status of the average black man in this world (socially, economically, superficially, etc) it is predictable they have to resort to lies just to "measure up."

Black people if you really want equality in this country stop clinging to false myths to prove your self worth because all it proves is that you're stupid, ignorant, beastly, and untrustworthy. Can't you realize by now that is counterproductive, or are you really stupid?
1876 November 25, 2004

College Girl:
I am a Sophomore in college in the Northeast. Being at a large University of 18000 undergrads I have seen a lot of Dick in my days here. I must say aside from some of the very large black guys the other group of guys that have consistently had big dicks are the tall skinny white guys. 6' 1 or 6' 2 and well under 200 pounds. This class of men has never failed me and is where my current boy friend is from now. Sure you can have a black guy if you want a big cock, your chances are good, however most of us white girls arent into the whole black look (at least Im not, and I dont mean to be racist its just my preference) as an alternative the tall skinny (and often goofy and kind of nice but not clingy) white guys always have big dicks. I know this sounds like kind of specific criteria, but I look for this type and am never disappointed. There is nothing worse then getting in bed with a guy hoping for an elephant and getting a chipmunk. The thing is the guys with big cocks tend to!
  be better at everything because they have more confidence. Better with their tongues, better with their hands, better with attitude and sexual personality. Like I said, I have had all shapes sizes and colors and only about 7.5 and thick will do it for me (Im an average size girl, 5' 6 112 pounds) for the guys with little dicks, find really tiny girls, thats my only advice.
1877 November 25, 2004

There's some interesting and good stuff in this page... However there's one very, very misleading presumption and that concerns evolution. That is to say that all the leading biologists and scientists think that the evolution of human has stopped ages ago (all the theories also lean on this).
1878 November 25, 2004


for me penis size matters. it matters if itīs too small  or too big. only women with loose pussies need big cocks!!! an average women need an average sized cock... look at the kamasutra, tantra, ... small to small, medium to medium and large to large!

it isnīt true that men like large inner labia, look at the internet ;-)
1879 November 26, 2004

Why is this a male problem??
Reciprocal...Men prefer tighter than average vaginas!! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of women have tight vaginas. All things being equal, men would gladly pass up their girl's/wife's sloppy gash for some tight pinkness!! Orientals and petite hotties are highly sought!! Teens!!!

Most dicks are too small? LOL!!! Somebodys got way too much free time!!  This topic is in the realm of fantasy or entertainment, not reality. Sorry but the PERFECT guys who absolutely adore you, and, have big fat cocks, are not exactly forming a line... are they?
Unless you are perfect, and have plenty to offer, you may not find that "perfect" someone. You can't always get what you want!
Guys, would you rather have an average girl with a heart of gold, or, a serious bitch with a terrific ass??

one for the women...
Would you rather have a handsome, sexy, stud who treats you poorly and cannot be trusted, or, an average guy who truely loves and supports you?
Most of us realize that we have to settle for what we can get, so we pick a mate who has a similar balance of pros and cons. If not, things become unbalanced, unstable, and problems usually develop. Its childish to think what we might do with our mates (or ourselves) with 3 wishes, or a magic wand. You can't, so you'll have to be more flexible in choosing a mate, or make concessions of some kind.

Realize who you are, and what you have to offer. Be all that you can. Strive for excellence in all that you do. Find health and happiness. But realize your limitations, shortcomings and failures with optimism and humor. To date, there exists no proof whatsoever, that life should be taken seriously!! Enjoy the ride.
1880 November 26, 2004

This site is funniest to us guys who are well-endowed. I think that we can see through the B.S. even better than the small-to-average guys. Why? This is because we hear the truth from women because, since we are hung, women are not afraid to be honest with us.

I'm honestly 8"-8.5" long and here's what I KNOW...not THINK: Most women have never even seen a penis longer than 7", except on porn. Heck, many of the penises in porn aren't even bigger than 7".

Because women aren't familiar with penises larger than 7", they greatly EXAGERRATE their size when they do finally experience one, "Billy was HUGE...like 10"!

The average vagina can NOT handle even an 8" penis. This is true of women of all ethnicities. I have "bottomed-out" pretty much every woman I've been with, many of whom were black. This is a segway to my next point: There are no distinguishable racial differences in penis size. If there are any variations, they are too negligable to substantiate.

The only truth on this website is that PENIS SIZE DOES MATTER. Some women prefer having sex with a larger penis and ALL women prefer bragging to their girlfriends that their man has a large penis. But even of the group of women who prefer sex with a large penis, "large" is defined as 7". Even of these alleged "size queens," most would not allow a man with an 8 incher to "go at it" during sex. Well endowed guys suffer the curse of always having women want to "ride" you rather than let you take charge. This is even true of women who say they lke large organs.

If anyone has any questions or wants to debate this with me, feel free to shoot an email. I'm hung and sexually experienced, and that gives me more knowledge on this subject than most people, men or women. (thirdlegmeat@hotmail.com)
1881 November 27, 2004

this is complete BS.  i read this crap just for comic relief.  like someone else mentioned earlier this site is probably funnier to us larger than average men.  i'll gladly trade my 8 by 6 for an average one and things that are more important.  yea the extra size kinda give you a little extra confidence but i am sure that can be attained in other ways too.  plus you go through a lot of shit cos things are not designed for people that are not average.  i cant wear sweatpants cos it looks borderline obscene. its hard as hell to find condoms cos most supermarkets do not carry xxl condoms.  and i've met more girls terrified by the site of it than those glad to see it....atleast initially. 

actually i probably wont trade it in but its definitely not what its made out to be
1882 November 27, 2004

mr average i guess.:
yeah well , at -7 inhes long and 5.5 round it seems i am average.
a thought though  most females  have had the pleasure
of knowing thought it was pretty good size...being quite adequate.

your chart of sizing is questionable.....

yeah black men are bigger ok so what ..so are their women.

my main point is most women need to have a ighter pussy.......

long ago igound only one......and fitty or sixty later

much the same old slackness.........so girls what are you doing about .....
1883 November 28, 2004

Rita my white wife.:
All I know is my white wife loves big penis inside her. She tells me that she cums 10X+ every time she experiences her love making with any 9"+. She also tells me that the cum a large pinis ejects into her gives her much more pleasure and she loves it in large volumns, thick and in any hole. She has never used any protection which has resulted in her being pregnant by 5 different men. All with large tools to do the job with. She now is talking about going with a black man she knows who has 11" for her.
1884 November 28, 2004

well, it's been a while since I have posted anything here (which should be no surprise to most who have lives)....Let me say that those of you who have posted articulate commentary are to be commended---even if it isn't necessarily something that's true :)
To someone such as "chumster", who actually took the time to write back in a futile effort to lambast me, I can only say that the proof IS in the pudding:  When you require a f*cking page and a half just to express perhaps two distinct points---and then you don't even say it in a readable manner---well, that DOES call for criticism, point-blank!
But enough of that....Thank You, to those who have posted the kind of commentary that causes the rest of us to give at least slight pause before lifting the pen and slicing someone to ribbons!
 If your dick is not huge, then make up for it by being a huge personality.. If your dick (is) big, then take advantage of IT---not of other people!  rock on, everyone..
1885 November 29, 2004

i'm 18 years old. 5'9" 145 pouunds...real skinny. of african decent. my penis is a little over 9inches long and 6inches around. i feel like that's not even that big. at least by african standards as far as i've been told. ne one want to comment?
ladeez have ne of u noticed a difference btwn african-american males' penises and african's?

kinda curious..sum have said there's a difference leaning towards african's being larger
1886 November 29, 2004

yesterday me and my gf saw a pornvideo with a very hung guy, i asked her if a cock could be toooo big for her??? and while unzippeng my pants sche said everything 4times bigger is nice (iam 3 inches), 5times bigger would be a dream  and 6times would be perfect just to play with and to compare it to mine....what are the girls  thinking about this????
1887 November 29, 2004

well well well honestly speakin, black guy is got the biggest and sexiest dick in the whole world!
1888 November 29, 2004

This site is total BS.  These guys really have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when it comes to size.  Probably due to insecurityabout their very small penises.

Big starts at 7".  Very few men have larger than 7", maybe about 10% or less of the population.  8" or larger is extremely rare, about 1% of the population.  Which means a woman would need to sleep with 100 men to find one single 8" cock.  9" and over is a freak of nature, probably about 0.01% or the population or less.

The ideal size for women is probably in the 6.5" - 7.5" range, let's say 7".

The site is even more ridiculous when it comes to girth.  6.0" girth is enormous and extremely, extremely rare.  5.75" is extremely rare, probably uncomfortable for most women. 

Ideal girth for women is probably about 5.5".

I'm sure a lot of guys will claim how much larger they are than these stats, and how much the chics love it.  My response to that is, post a picture with a ruler, then I'll believe your ridiculous claims.
1889 November 29, 2004

To me size does matter. Most of the women who say that size doesn't matter are either trying to reasure their mate or have never fucked a man with a big cock. The number of women who actually have been fucked with a big cock and not enjoyed it is miniscule. Race plays a role also. Black men as a group have bigger cocks than white men. That's why the number of white women fucking black guys dwarfs that of black women fucking white guys. I have been married for 12 years. My husband has an average cock of 6 inches.Our sex life has been average too. I recently began an affair with a black man with a 10 inch cock. His fucking is so much more intense and satisifying than my husband's. There are many white women who fuck black guys. I can assure that many more would cheat on their husbands given the right opportunity.For many years men have worshipped women with big breasts so I don't feel guilty at all. I hope all you "average" men face up to reality.Size does matter. You just can"t fully satisfy your partner. Your wife could be fucking someone behind your maybe even a black guy with a huge cock.
1890 November 29, 2004

  I would like to suggest that if a woman desires to have a large penis then they should all go into Porno and become sluts.  I would say that oral sex on a woman is much more stimulating than sex with a large penis.
1891 November 30, 2004

I have found that is your cock is too small and the hole too big..use your fist ..it works everytime..and the women will cum in torents and love what you have done for her
1892 November 30, 2004

Big Dick:
Names Big Dick,not that I have one as I now have too squat too pee.Whew what a relief,no more standing up.
When I got married my wife loved what she got in the rack,but as time went on she would come home,go directly too the bathroom and take a long bath,eat and then go too bed.Me I knew that the party was over so I divorced the deceatful Bitch.Let her screw all she wants and hope she dies of Herpes or worse.
1893 November 30, 2004

1894 November 30, 2004

width is what ciunts:
Why do us men worry about length so much.When ask any women and they will tell you its the width that counts the most and gives them the most pleasure.So the idots who lie say they have 9-12 in dicks,you are the dick try asking a women i have it good mine is above average in width and length.If i am wrong will the women tell me and by the way the average white man 6in average black man 7in i am still bigger what do i care
1895 November 30, 2004

The creator of this website has clearly chosen a side in this so-called "debate" and is, therefore, not worthy to call himself the "host" or "moderator".   He has undoubtedly reduced himself to just another person with an opinion!
A debate has rules of engagement, objectivity, and a sense of a fair, intellectual contest. If you read through Ed's material, you realize that Ed is just giving his opinion which is no more truthful, and deserves no more merit, than anyone's else's opinion. In fact, many of these comments are more objective and provide more truth and wisdom.  The difference is that most of us acknowledge the fact that the most you can accomplish (with this topic) is to give your opinion, while "THE AUTHOR KNOWN SIMPLY AS ED" has elevated himself to an ORACLE, and fancies himself a person of authority on this matter. What qualifies him to deturmine so definatively what the wisest of researchers can only theorize? He has certainly distanced himself from the highly educated.

He that thinks himself the wisest is generally the least so. C. C. Colton

Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance. Confucius

I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of. Clarence Darrow

The horizon of the unknown recedes as we approach it. Ronald Duncan

The wise man questions the wisdom of others because he questions his own, the foolish man, because it is different from his own. Leo Stein

In seeking wisdom thou are wise; in imagining that thou hast attained it thou are a fool. Rabbi Ben-Azai
1896 December 1, 2004

Just want to say that I'm a proud owner of a 13 inch cock. Honest. This post is for any hot blonds who are sick and tired of men with tiny cocks. If you are interested in a muscular, handsome, well endowed black man in his late twenties to fulfill your fantasy then look no further. Here I am. Prefer hot, blond chicks with big boobs and jennifer lopez bootay! Chicks with brains are optional. Booty call only. No strings attached. Ugly cow need now reply.
1897 December 1, 2004

I live in amsterdam for a while in a brothel.  No really, for three months.  I became good friends with the ladies that worked there and we had this discusion.

It's probably worth mentioning that I was paranoid about dick size because when I got back from the first Gulf War errr no sorry Campaing my wife to be told me she was leaving me for ... yes you guessed it - a black guy.  I was brought up a bigot but when you have to rely on people... naw ... back on topic.  I asked her why and she siad he had a big dick.  Very cool of her.

Wasn't the real reason but not important.  The important thing was I thought about that for a long time... 

The ladies told me that size does matter but a talented man can compensate.  I learned a lot and am great in bed.  Still if women want a man with a big cock then she's gonna go for a guy with a big cock.

Having a bigger cock would make my life easier as I wouldn't have to try so hard but there are few massive cocks out there and so most women don't know what they are missing I guess.  Good for me. 

I recently asked my girl if she had had a big cocked guy and she said yes.  I was really fucked off that she had experienced something I could not provide and secrectly pleased that she was with me despite that.

I ain't small but I ain't no brother either.  At least I am not far easten... I heard in the rumour mill japenese men are uniformly at a disadvantage...
1898 December 1, 2004

First off size does matter. I am a married girl in my late thirties and in love with my husband . we are about the most compatable couple I ever known. HOWEVER. he is average in length and girth, ( that sux) I know what feels best to me and hid it from him for several years. or thought I did.  I have always loved sex and my first partner was about 8 inches and fairly thick. I orgasmed as soon as it went in. I have had sex with several other guys and I find that no matter how much love , no matter how hard hubby trys, that it simply leaves me nervous and unsatisfied.Only a woman that has had a well endowed man can undestand the great feeling of  the orgasms that a hung male can produce,  and you dont have to love  him to feel it. I can grab a bigger penis with my muscles and  make the man come without moving  an inch. so its not week PC. muscles. and in talking to any other women, I belive while u can make love to a average sized man. you simply cum  faster and harder with a man that can push deep inside a woman.
1899 December 1, 2004

Wide load:
I don't know if I have been blessed or cursed. I have a Penis that is seven inch's long by six and a half inch's around and at times it can be a real problem getting it into a woman and when I do almost all of them tear and bleed afterwards and thats not only after the first time. Most of them tell me that they are sore as hell for up to three days afterwards and some say it burns really bad when they pee for the first few times. So I wonder is big always better? I use plenty of lube but its a pain always having to go slow so as not tear a woman wide open. I have had a few that didn't tear but they said I really filled them up so much that they thought they did. I had one woman that I had no trouble with and she also was the only one that up to now let me go all the way in her ass but she said she was into fisting in both holes. When I spread her open you could see her womb and she very small no more than ninty pounds at about four foot eight. I could go as fast as I wanted and boy was it great. I am white five foot six one hundred thirty two pounds small feet and hands so I guess it don't give a clue to what I have betweend my legs.
1900 December 1, 2004

I love how (men) like Peter  can tell what us women like the best. Well Peter and so many like him that seem to know what women like I can say simply that they must have an extra small penis. I for one, Love a man that can push against my epicenter and make me holler. No man can do it if he dont have the equipment to do it with. thats not guys fault but dont tell us that just because  that you cant do it meen that we dont need it to feel totally satisfied. For a half centry, (male) scientists have insisted that the only sexual response recepter is the clit.
Thank God that we women can  finaly say what we like and (dont like) about what feels good to us. the old line men defend their ability in bed is that they never get any complaints. Just shows all how nice women hate to make guys feel small , even if they are.

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