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1451 July 5, 2004

Bonnie and Santina ~ :
Hello we are women and not sluts ...or whores or anything  else you say women are we dont think what you seem to beleive women think, we do however think your a stupid male supremisist who needs to read the books he quotes. Have you ever actually met a real live girl because if you have it is obvious you have never spoken to one because you have no idea what is going on in our minds, your off base on nearly all your views and you seem to have a rather poor idea about the values of most women. We also think this little site of yours is just a strange way of your over compensating and by the way waht is your dirty little obession with penis pigs. Your a strange and twisted man and you not only need help but to stay far far away from all women that is if you ever finally meet one.

Comment from ED:


1452 July 5, 2004

   As i have said i am quite happy with my size 8.5x6.5 but only 3inch soft.I have slept with a few black women who have told me it is a myth that all black men are well hung yes the average is 7inch 1inch bigger than the average white man,is 1inch that big a deal evan 2inch realy.I have never thought of myself as big until my wife got a 8inch dildo i thought good thats big so i mesured it and myself and i was .5inch bigger i could not really see my penise from my view looking down.The first gril i ever loved told me i was to big i realy thought she was making an excuse she was 19years old then.Evan the women i lived with for 2 years would tell me i was big,she loved the sex and cry after we finished i would average 1-2hrs.I would not brag about my size some women found it to big to evan try all they would say after 2rs they were sore.My wife said she once went with a man who was about 4inch but she loved himwould never tell him he was small,like she would never tell me i was large.She finds the best thing about my size is how she can feel me swell up in side of her as i cumm she loves that as other women have she says she has never felt that before me.Men cannot help what size they are as long as they are clean and respect the women there with size should not matter
1453 July 6, 2004

I disagree with this crap. All my previous lovers seemed almost like addicts of passion, romance, and emotional closeness. You know all that creative foreplay is the true magic. Thats what gets a woman hot and juicy, and once they feel connected to you, they want to savor it forever. I know this to be true, but I have been a fool!!!
I'm the rare, "lucky" guy! I have a big dick(slightly over 9"), and had always felt very proud of it. But the women I loved did not appreciate my size, and didn't allow me to utilize what I had. I let it get in the way of meaningful relationships and foolishly sought out certain types of women who would feed my ego. I lost my true love (threw it away actually) and married the wrong person! I'm depressed and empty now, and have to live with it! Sex is the only thing we have had in common, and even that is suffering lately. I somehow overlooked her selfishness and her shallowness, and I'm getting what I deserve. Sex happens less and less and I think she has cheated on me. If my marriage fails, I'll lose my business too. Heres the biggest irony, during intercourse my wife seemes to be somewhere else and needs to rub her clit, if she doesn't, no orgasm! If I get too ambitious she won't orgasm. If I push too deep in certain positions, not only no orgasm but she seems to revoke my privilege of that position for a few months. I feel almost no emotional connection to her. Lately, I'm not in the mood either and have trouble getting fully erect, but it doesn't seem to matter, she rubs her clit, and whalla, orgasm! Also we have a good collection of toys but her choice is a small vibe unit.
I coming to the realization that I'm an intelligent, well educated, good looking guy, who owns his own business, and could have had it ALL, but made foolish choices because of my big dick (and my big ego that came with it). I'm Lucky????? FU! Don't believe this rubish. My advice: Trust your heart not your pecker!!
1454 July 6, 2004


I'd like to see a black vagina
with big, i mean big labia


Comment from ED:

Okay then, since it's the second time you ask. Is this big enough?

1455 July 6, 2004

Its wierd to talk about dicks and not the guys they're attached to. I've only had two relationships. But I fantasize abot dicks alot. My last boyfriend (of 2 1/2 years), was a little over 7". Sometimes it was too much, like when he was really horney and I wasn't really into it. But sometimes it was really awesome, and there are times I almost want to call him just for sex. My current bf is only about 5" and usually the sex is fine but other times it feels little. Its becoming a turn off that hes sensitive about his size. Both dicks are sort of skinny.

I went to a girlfriends college party and met a guy who I had oral sex with(too much drinking). I think about that experience alot. It was really hot but I wouldn't let him fuck me. His dick wasn't long but it was gorgeous. The head was really huge(and smooth), but would've hurt. I could barley get it all in my mouth. I finished him by hand and it was a very explosive finish. Very hot!! However I wouldn't have wanted to date the guy. To me thickness(and beauty) is extremely sexy but its the guy its attached to thats most important. I'd say penis size is important but sleeping around enough to find the right guy can get you into trouble. Also theres much more to pleasing a woman than penis size.
1456 July 6, 2004

From Fargo to Janice,

Hey, lady thanks for the nice words and you're right I am kind of a smart ass (with the accent on the latter and shorter of those two words sometimes). 

I'm not concerned in the least about Melanie (just read her posts and you'll see why -- smile). Besides last time she fumed away at me she said she'd wouldn't be back -- she lied -- she is so thin skinned and insecure that she'll be posting on this forum the rest of her life -- count on it.

Anyway one thing she did get right though is that no one, and I mean no one, should take this site seriously.  Not in any way, shape, or form -- not at all.

It represents the largely non-linear and illogical presentations of one peson's (the editor) opinions about things related to men, penises and women.  It is soft core pornography trying to appear as fact.

Many of the posters are not only prevaricators (e.g., 50% or more with 7+ inch penises and women who claim to be able to accomadate 12 - 14"in their vaginas).

Besides the whole premise of this site is nonsense --even if women DEMANDED longer penises -- its not going to happen.

They are stuck with what is out there that's all there is.  End of story.  So who cares what "women" (generically) want?

They'll get whats there because after the 8 inch guys (far less than 1%) are off the table they'll have to pick from what's left. And that's a fact.

On a personal level I DO care greatly about what my girl wants and I see to those wants immediately if not sooner.

Newsflash -- 99.9% of the things she wants from me are not related to my penis.  Mostly she is attracted to the idea that there is a very high probablilty that I will care for her physically and emotionally, that I'llbe there for her regardless, and that I will provide an excellent living for her and her children when that time comes.

She seems perfectly happy with my 6.15 inches and the fact that I can keep it up and ready for  more hours than she wants sex actually.

We usually go to sleep many nights in a spoons coupling with me inserted from behind.  We have tried both a 2 inch and a 3 inch penis extension.  She can not accomodate the 3 inch one and she does not like the 2 inch on unless we take a good while to warm up her back wall -- even then she never wants to use it.  She just does not like something rubbing her back there.   Both have sat in the underwear drawer unused for months and months now.

She is a pretty typical women (5'7") with slim figure -- slender long limbs and smallish breasts. (that is she is perfect).  When we were in the hottest phase of our affair she once conceded to my request to know just how deep she was. The results were very consistent as with the penis extensions -- about 8 inches max.

Thus for the average woman (who is not professional pron star and gets "pushed" out to 9 or 10 inches with dildos and other objects) would not enjoy some guy with an 8' penis.  She might accomodate it but it would not be her first choice of lengths. 

So the editor's table is probably mostly BS. For sure it is not based on scientific studies.

The "average women" can probaly not deal with a 9 inch penis.  And I doubt that there are "size queens" other than freaks -- who can accomodate 12".  Take a look at a real diagram of the female pelvis (keep in mind that the uterus is about 3 inches long and then see where you would fit something 4 times that length.

Most men have 6 - 6.5 inches pensis because that length delivers the semen right at the mouth of the utreus which contracts and takes in the sperm.  It is the most effective arrangement for fertilization.  I would guess that an 8 inch penis would be much LESS effective because it would deposit the sperm behind the uterus.

My 2 cents worth.
1457 July 6, 2004

hi i'm john aand i love to pleasure girls with my 8 inch penis. the other day i walked into the doctor's office to get my physical. in the back i saw a blonde girl that i knew and had sex with once before (in which i brought her to a screaming orgasm). she had natural 34 dd breasts and a luscious butt. oh, how i wanted to make love to her right then. she saw me and smiled. not too lolong after that she came out and told me to come on back. i followed her to the room and dreamed of her giant breasts. she told me to get undressed and she would give me my physical. i said sure in a kind of spunky way and she said, "i bet u can't do it again" and sat on  my lap and we started making out. she tooke her top and pants off and i went down her body until i came to the inner thighs and i just started kissing them inching ever closer to her cameltoe. she slipped her panties off and i ate her out until she came. i puolled my penis out and stuck it in her wet vagina. she immediatly start!
 ed to moan. i worked it a while until i could tell she'd gottten off and i pulled it out and let her lick my head. i masturbated to speed up the process and suddenly i came all over her face and breasts. she said if u ever want a girl to come back for more sex all u hafta do is work it right. we walked out of the door after cleaning the load up and she said i think u passed your physical.now this girl is my fiancee  and i work it about 3 times a week . so if u want to get more sex let her have it hard the first time u bang her
1458 July 7, 2004

What about length? Do you like something bumping against your cervix or not? Every woman is built differently. Some women are comfortable with eight inches others less. We find our most popular dildo is five inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter (remember this means across not around) but that certainly doesn't mean this size right for everyone.


5 inches! Feel better, chaps?
1459 July 7, 2004

reader from australia:
fantastic site!

i have been looking up sites like this for a while but never came across this one.

i am a 29 year old english caucasian male living in australia and have been hung up on my size for as long as i can remember, probably since the locker rooms aged 13!

my size is 5.8-6"  and i think i am just about coming to terms with it, i have always felt small and when being intimate with a new partner have always been very shy and paranoid.

i have ruined two relationships through being paranoid about  penis size. to this day i have only had one bad thing said about it and that was by a tall mouthy blonde girl when i was about 20. we had broken up a couple of weeks back and when at the pub she decided to tell my mates i had a small penis and my mates all laughed at me, what could i do, i just had to sit there and take it. that probably made me more paranoid than i would be today.

to this day i am still need reassurance from my girlfriend of today. in the early days i questioned her a lot about the size of her ex boyfriends, one guy she was with was apparently"huge" as you guys can imagine i was burning up with envy inside by this point. anyway this guy really hurt her inside, although what kills me still is the fact that this was a one night stand and they apparently did it 5 times that night, she told me it was bad but really could it have been that bad to do it 5 times! she said she could hardly walk the next day. my first reaction was it must have been good but ive had sex 5 times in one night and after a couple of times its just really "lets see how many times we can do it" genitals will be worn out by the 5th time!

ive been with a girl who said inside i felt "big and hard" when your average sized you never forget when you get a compliment, i remember because she just put it in and i watched her face.

the one thing that i long for and do still get on occasions is "getting a reaction" when going in deep, its all in the eyes and facial expressions, i get told often that it feels deep and me and my girl have a very healthy relationship,
1460 July 7, 2004

Jaren the college man:
Hi, I am a 21 year-old college man who just lost my girlfriend to her previous lover.  She was very into sex even anal. After we broke up I learned some more things about her and that she LOVED anal sex.   She is back with her previous lover and from what i've heard he is pretty well-endowed, probably more than me.  I guess they used to have anal sex and still do again and i was wondering what is the biggest size (girth) that a girl can take in her butt.  What could take a bigger penis; the vagina?  or the anus?
1461 July 7, 2004

From the stats I've seen, less than 8% of men have a penis longer than 7 inches. Most agree that 5-7  is average, although there's a considerable difference between 5 and 7.
Some say 5 3/4 is the average, but who really knows? I know mine is 5 3/8 x 5 1/2. For those interested, you can check it out here: http://www.ratesexypics.com/index.php?id=176&c=Dicks
1462 July 8, 2004

post this:
Perhaps they ought to hand "ED" a PhD for the therapy he provides. What are his credentials again?
This is a perversion of facts. This author acts as though he himself has a vagina and is giving us a first hand account of what women prefer. From a psychiatric viewpoint this could be called confabulation. The author has poorly-defined moral and ethical boundaries. He exploits others suffering, grief and indignation as a vehicle for gaining attention while pretending to "help" them. He lacks objectivity and has a compulsive need to control what others think. He displays arrogance, audacity, and a superior sense of entitlement. 

Someone... is clearly in denial. Edna? Don't you realize you created a site about COCK SIZE and you devote a good portion of your time to reading about, talking about, and thinking about, LARGER THAN AVERAGE PENISES!

Since you like the truth, how about a reality pie for you?

Does this shoe fit??

-craves undeserved respect and attention and will go to considerable lengths to acquire them (like putting an end to the penis size debate)
-hangs around the fringes of a profession
-not professionally qualified but claims they are a professional because they work near or in the midst of professionals, or provide services to professionals
-lacks the ability, competence and professionalism to be a qualified professional
-wants so much to be seen as competent professional person but is unable and unwilling to put in the work to achieve this
-is unable and unwilling to apply knowledge gained from experience but instead devotes time and effort to improving skills of deception, manipulation, false claim, denial and projection
-may have been rejected by their chosen profession for lack of competence
-is likely to be vilifying the profession they want to belong to or which they're claiming to be part of or which they are claiming to represent
-harbours a bitter resentment, grudge, distaste and contempt for the professionals that he or she works alongside or claims to serve
-when in a position of power associates with and makes alliances with or surrounds him or herself with clones, drones, minions, sychophants and brown-nosers
-instinctively objects to any suggestion of change, reform, improvement, progress or evolution
-opposes every conflicting idea, suggestion, opinion, contribution or reform on principle
-is likely to plagiarise and steal others' ideas which are then put forward as their own
-may claim ambiguous or misleading or bogus or fraudulent qualifications, associations and experience
-displays a superior sense of entitlement
-when challenged is adept at rewriting history to portray themselves as competent, professional and successful, regardless of multiple witnesses and overwhelming evidence to the contrary
1463 July 8, 2004

Bad speller:

Im 22 and I always remembered having problems when i first tried to get my cock the first time me and the relevant parner made love, and i thought that it was bad technique by my part. It often took a week or two before the girl i was with got completly used to it. It was worse if the girl was a virgin. I now realise that being 6" 1/4 circumferance (same length oddly enough - but its not square!), this would be natural. I mean i was always told that i was big, but never took it too seriously. So now i can take this into account...

I think this research is good but quite flawed. He says true things others wouldnt dare, but at the same time he sometimes lets himself down. Truth is that only 4% of men have over 6" in girth (checked it out just now) and only 10% or so have over 7%. Hes averages are a bit screwed and his expectations over the top.

Science often takes a backseat to instinct, then again, when it comes to sex, this may often be more accurate.

1464 July 8, 2004

I love biggest cocks over 10inches long.
My man has a Tinycock 5,5inches long.
My sons cock is longer as my man.
1465 July 9, 2004

I completely disagree with you when you say that women prefer large penises.  I was with a guy with a bigger than average penis.  When we had sex the first time it hurt, of course this was also partially due to the fact that he was not a very conscience lover.  But it was also due to the fact that my body was just not designed to be with someone so endowed, even after being together for a long time it still hurt in most positions

After we broke up I started seeing a wonderful guy, who was everything my previous boyfriend was not.  All the things I had been missing. We became very close and were connected in a way that I have never been with anyone. 

When we had sex his penis was much smaller than my previous boyfriends.  All the positions that had hurt were the best!!! I had wondered if there was something wrong with me physically before and it was so great to have sex without pain. The unfortunate part was that my body had been stretched out to fit my ex.

I really care about this guy and loved being with him. We talked about how great it was during the following days. But then he started pushing me away and making excuses for us not to be together.
After a couple weeks he made a comment about me not being able to feel him.

Now he doesn't want to be with me and I think it is because he thinks his penis isn't big enough.  That is so stupid.  I know if he gave us a chance my body would adjust back from the size it needed to be for my ex and fit him perfectly.  But this whole thing where guys worry about size is so stupid.

He is giving up on everything we had and could have together because of this stupid idea that size matters.  It does of course everything matters.  But not all women are looking for the big one.  Some of us would like to be comfortable and loved.

I think one difference is if a woman is having multiple partners then size would matter, but for someone who prefers to be in a relationship with one person, a woman's body is designed to adjust to the size of the man she is with.

I feel really bad for him and I hate the psychological damage this issue can cause for a man.
I want to talk to him about it, but it is such a touch subject that I'm afraid he is more likely to lash out at me than be able to talk about it.

Any suggestions??? I really love this guy and want to be with him.
1466 July 9, 2004

HI I just had an argument with a lady friend of mine . Because she tells me she is coming over to be with me and she dose'nt show up.I know she's sleeping with someone else and its ok we are having"safe sex". So I asked her why dose she tell me she's coming over and she dose'nt.She always has an excuse why.So I told her I guess your other friend makes you feel better then I do.At firist she didn't answer. Then I said I guess his cock is bigger and it satisfies you.Then she said yeah .I told her that my penis was'nt too small or that I came fast .It was because she was stretch wide from all the men she sleped with.I never had any complaints before only her.Well anyway I know i'm not large but I wish I had some size to it and endurance then maybe I would'nt feel so down about myself . Men with small penises and no endurance do have it ruff on them ,they always feel insecure about their size and endurance .I know I do.So give me some help with my problem please ( bear)
1467 July 9, 2004

An individual's IQ score is calculated from the number of correct answers he or she obtains on a standardized test in relation to the average and the standard deviation of the results of a comparison group (usually considered as representative of the general population).

Similar calculations can be made for the dimensions of an erect penis, which, like IQ scores, has a Gaussian distribution, as long as one has the average and standard deviation for the general population. The Ansell study in 2001, which is more reliable than most due to the fact that the measurements were done by qualified nurses, provides with the necessary figures for that in inches:

Length: Average = 5.877 SD = 0.825
Girth:  Average = 4.972 SD = 0.508

Thus, we can build the following table:

IQ       Perc.   Level Length Girth

>=126       >=95%   Gifted >=7.22 >=5.80
111-125 75-95%  Above Average 6.44-7.21 5.32-5.79
90-110 25-75%  Medium 5.36-6.43 4.65-5.31
75-89       5-25%   Below Average 4.59-5.35 4.18-4.64
<=75       <=5%   Handicapped <=4.58 <=4.17

I believe that these ranges give you a fairly good idea of how to interpret the size of a given penis in comparison to the population as a whole.

To calculate a given individual's Penile IQ (PIQ), just use the follwing formula:

PIQ (Length) = 100 + (L-5.877)*16/0.825
PIQ (Girth) = 100 + (G-4.972)*16/0.508

Now, I as the women around here: What is YOUR ideal level? Gifted, Above Average, Medium, Below Average, Handicapped?

1468 July 9, 2004

I would just like to say that I unfortunately have a very small penis.i am 41 yrs old and I have had many encounters with girls over the years and I can honestly say that 70% of the girls have cracked up laughing when they saw my penis.My penis is probably 1 incnh when flacid,almost inverted.The inch is mainly forskin.When erect it is probably 3 inches and skinny and my forskin still hangs over the head.During my life I have been teased ridiculed, laughed at,been talked about,received humiliating phone calls,and even been made to cry by girls many years my junior. I've even received pictures of boys with penise bigger than mine in the mail to again humiliate me.To have this happen to me is not enjoyable and it is not a fantasy to be humiliated in fact I hate it but what do I do.Girls certainly have the upper hand with guys with small penises and I think they enjoy laugthing and ridiculing us blokes with small penises.There is no question in my mind that a small penis can cause so much grief to ones life.I have accepted my fate and and realize I shall be laughed at for the rest of my life.You win girls. I hope your happy
1469 July 9, 2004

sissy dick:
If anyone would like a picture of my small 1 inch sissy cock in panties then write me and I,ll send you the photo so you can have a good laugh. Email is lifesgood41@yahoo.com
1470 July 10, 2004

eyes wide open:
i am a woman 28 years old.  this site is amazing and it made me more aware of the issues that both men and woman face in honesty and with actual detailed facts.  Thanks for allowing me to understand and see that this site is not only educational but also promotes you to think of many different possibilieties and answers through actual informative and it seems like variouse input from others.  thanks again for a great educational and clean way to see the facts in all perspectives, standing in a way to not sway one opinion to be true over others.  It a great site.  thanks for all the new info i learned and all the other issues that i would not think of or know if i wouldn't have stumbled onto your site.
1471 July 10, 2004

thanks for the site, it is great!!!!
as i have said before i have a great and imaginative
woman who loves my cock, a 9 incher....before we
started seeing each other she had been with a man
with a small cock for eight years, however he haad
several million dollars and is now trying to get back
on the scene...she loves his lifestyle and has asked
me to be her secret lover...and let her go back into
the previous relationship. MONEY will do it every
time for small cocks...this might be the secret than
everyone has been looking for...she says whe will be
laughing about him and thinking about me while he is
doing his thing...she will go through the motions...and them come to me...something to think
about...at this time i have no interest in the deal.

1472 July 10, 2004

Wow, what a great website! I try to look at and respect all points of view in life. I came here as an open-minded individual who was looking to satisfy my partner further. Any information that I can gain to enhance our sex life is greatly appreciated!

I don't necessarily agree with all of your points and views on this site, Mister Webmaster, but it was certainly very informative. I am an average guy of average penis size. I don't feel the need to disclose my exact size like some of the other posters who need to boast. I am secure and content with who I am, and so is my beautiful wife (she tells me I'm big, so what else matters!).

To all of you guys who read this website and comments, please keep everything in perspective. Penis size does matter, but who you are as a husband and father matters further. Hope you are as fortunate as I am to find a loving and faithful lady.
1473 July 11, 2004

Rich women:

Are there any women that have dated or married a man because of his money/salary.  But, was very disappointed with the size of his penis.
1474 July 11, 2004

I am 26 (female) and I have had my share of penises too. I want to comment on marie's comment .... it's not the length of the penis that matters it's the girth (u should know that...ur a girl). Most white men do satisfy me, but what u don't see is that ur pussy has been STRETCHED so that's why u look for the abnormal size in penises. Every size varies... and I've been with a few black men...and sorry to tell you but they're the same shit.
1475 July 11, 2004

As someone with a below average penis size I can say that I have gained some interesting perspectives on this issue.  Women do prefer big dicks.  It is silly to think otherwise.  I know very few women, though, who would make a life altering decision based on it: "I can't date him any more; his dick is too small."   It is clearly not an all or nothing deal. I have known women who have told me stories about men who had small dicks and how they could not even feel it inside them but they admittidely stayed with the guy because they liked him.  So, it is so important when asking the question: "Does size matter? to clarify what exactly you mean by matter.  Matter for sexual pleasure? Matter when deciding on  a mate? Matter when looking for a guy? And also, How much does it matter? Again, not a black/white, all/nothing issue.
1476 July 12, 2004

Ok, everybody. Let's get the lowdown on penis size once and for all, plain and simple.

The Ansell study in 2001, which is more reliable than most due to the fact that the measurements were done by qualified nurses (as opposed to self-reporting), provides with the necessary figures for that in inches:

Length: Average = 5.877(SD = 0.825)
Girth: Average = 4.972 (SD = 0.508)

Thus, we can build the following table for size ranges, their classification and their frequency in the general population:


- HUGE: Larger than 7.2 inches (5%)
- LARGE: 6.4 - 7.2 inches (20%)
- AVERAGE: 5.4 - 6.4 inches (50%)
- SMALL: 4.5 - 5.4 inches (20%)
- TINY: Less than 4.5 inches (5%)

Girth (Circumference):

- HUGE: More than 5.8 inches (5%)
- LARGE: 5.3 - 5.8 inches (20%)
- AVERAGE: 4.7 - 5.3 inches (50%)
- SMALL: 4.2 - 4.7 (20%)
- TINY: Less than 4.2 inches (5%)

See? So a penis thats 8" or longer can be found in only about 1/192 individuals. An 9" or longer in only 1/14493. A 10" in less than 1/1000,000.
1477 July 12, 2004

The great equalizer may be rubbish when applied in extreme cases, but to deny it in general based on such cases would be ridiculous. The soft-hard gallery shows a very poor correlation between flaccid and erect. From personal experience, my penis is 8" when erect but the flaccid size is very variable and I guess (though Ive never measured it under such conditions) it has been as small as 2". I think the author/editor callously and incorrectly dismisses this principle out of hand, purposely seeking to destroy an argument often used to give people comfort. (I suppose I am really arguing for a lack of correlation, in which case "equalizer" is a bit of a misnomer.)
1478 July 13, 2004

The Question:
The quetion to the ladies is.. Are you disapointed when you see a 6 inch 5 inch around penis? Is that big enough to do the job? Is an 8 incher 6 inches around more exciting? Does a bigger one really feel that much better? In what way does does a thick penis feel better? When your with an average guy does the thought of "I wish he was bigger" really enter your mind? Does the feeling of having to work in a big one feel better than just sliping in the smaller penis? Can the smaller ones deliver orgasms in the same way a bigger one does? Or is it with clitoral stimulation with both? Does a big dildo feel better than a real average penis? Do you feel bad for a guy with a small one?

These are questions I think us guys have. Your honest answers should satisfy most of us.
1479 July 13, 2004

Hmmm... reading the posts today I thought of something... Men go out of there way to find woman with traits they find the most atractive. Weather it but tits, ass, lips, looks, personality you name it. It is a selective process. I guess the point being it's not too far fetched that woman have these to. Face it size does matter, the real issue with the woman though is how much. If the woman is interested in other things about a man more then his cock size then so be it. We all have our preffrences and we all have an order at which we view them.

I do agree with John on the issue of lasting power though. That is much more important then the actual size for most women. I have had long sex and short but the longer ones are always the ones that make my partner the happiest. And yes forplay and clitteral/g-spot stimulation is great as well.

For those women that like big/huge cocks as a main factor in partner selection good for you. For the other women go for whatever makes you happy. After all its what we all live for.

Before I post this though I would like to give an example to two diffrent woman and two diffrent men.

(all fictional names and in order from most important to least)

Tanya likes men, affection, attention, romance, forplay, stamina, cock size.

Leiya likes men, cock size, stamina, forplay, attention, affection, and romance.

Notice that these are two very diffrent people and I know that some of you will eather be or know someone allong these lines. If they both find someone that fits 3-4 of the first atributes are both women happy? Most likely yes.

Now for the men:

Derick likes women, big breasts, tight pussy, big ass, forplay, stanima, affection, romance

Steven likes women, affection, romance, forplay, stanima, tight pussy, big breasts, big ass

Again if these men found woman that fit the first 3-4 or the attributes they would probly be happy.

As I said before people put diffrent values on diffrent things. Everyone has them whats yours?

I used generic common attributes for the example feel free to add your own :P

I personally believe size matters, I also believe its how you use it. I've been with many women some loved it some hatted it. Try getting to know your partner (yeah that means you men) before you get upset. Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes can infact make any sexual interaction successful dispite what size your tool is. As for you women if you fixiate on large tools too much it can in fact hurt you mental bias towards smaller penises therefor making your sexual pleasure with the smaller ones even less pleasureable. All I can say is keep an open mind.

Lets look at some female anatamy facts.

1)The vaginal wall is usually only 3-4 inches long (remember the cavern after the vaginal wall is not part of it) and have a medium consentraition of nerve endings.
2)The cliterous has a high concentration of nerve endings.
3)The g-spot has a high concentration of nerve endings and is located about 1-2 inches inside the vaginal wall on the top (woman laying on her back)
4)The cavern after the vaginal wall has little to no nerve endings but it does house the cervix above the cervix is a resses. That resses also has a high concentration of nerve endings. the resses below the cervix has very little nervendings.
5)The cervix itself has a medium concentraition and many women describe sharp pain when something is pushed though it. Others though have no pain.

The point with the little anatomy lesson is that 3 of the 4 big pleasure spots are accessable to 100% of all men. Women if your man doesn't do it for you try educating them. Men if you dont know how to hit those spots learn. I'm not saying that a small penis can ever be as good as a penis/pelvis (yeah cliteral stimilation remember) that can hit all four of the spots. Oh large males may have a slight advantage but if they cant get their penis all the way in for a clitteral stimulation then they aren't much better off then men that cant hit the recess above the cervix.

If you can hit all the four spots then you are just right for your mate.

As for male anatomy. The shock from your pelvis comming to a complete stop aids in better sexual orgasms.... people that cant fully insert thier penises are also at a disadvange.
1480 July 13, 2004

As i said i am ouite happy with my size 8.5x6.5,i have been told by women i liked i was to big and she did not want to try it.The only good thing and it must be becuse of my size is that when i have sex and the women is on there knees they tell me they can feel me sweeling up inside them just before i cum and they love thatThey say they have never felt that before.Plus i thing i have less feeling so i can sometimes go on for 2hrs.My wife says she loves feeling me sweeling up inside of her,but do she likes oral sex her jaws do get sore,when she is giving me oral sex.lIKE I SAID MY WIFE AND EVERY OTHER WOMEN WHO I HAVE HAD SEX WITH on there knees love the feeling of me sweeling up inside of them as i am about to cum.Has any other person had this happen to them.But like i said i am only 3inch when not hard,so please do not make fun out of any man who has a smaller no erect dick,as they might be like me,and you would look very silly when like me they turned out to be 8.5x6.5 hard.Other wise you are what you are i thing if a women loves you size will not matter in the end
1481 July 13, 2004

Taiwanese killa:
I am asian and I'm almost 7 inches.  I've dated 2 white girls, and they both said I was bigger than most of the white men they've dated, so I don't know why people say that asian men have small dicks.  I think the average asian size is about the same as the average white size, more or less.
1482 July 13, 2004

Mr Mediocrity:
To Deb # 1465,
I feel for your boyfriend, and you. You can not even begin to understand the pain this issue causes your boyfriend. Maybe I can help a bit. When you spoke of your old boyfriend having a bigger weiner than he, you might as well put a sword through his heart. He is not able to see past his immediate pain. All he can thin of is how Mr big stretched you out and made you feel a way he can never do. He can't fathom the thought that you might actually prefer him. It's like all he ever dated was supermodels, and you are ugly. How do you deal with that? Men can't put this issue in perspective like women can. Men see sex as a scale. How big? How many orgasms? Was I the best, and he wants to rock your world and feels that it is no longer possible. He won't believe it could be better for him to be less endowed. Women see sex as a total experience and are much more level headed about it. Plus us men have no idea how that contraption called a vagina works or feels.
Here's a tip though.. and it's just a shot. You have to eliminate the insecurity of the moment. Try this...Tell him you care about him, and no matter what you believe that you and he should be together. Then when the size issue comes up, you must act as if that is not an issue.  You need to convince him that ....even if he had NO penis you would prefer him. See deep inside he thinks you will eventually miss the big dick and crave it. He can't see it's him you want. Take the penis out of the issue and he can't argue too much about it. Then you MUST always try to  convince him his size is the best. Be prepared to deal with this for a long time...Always re-assuring him. Remember, it is easier to run than deal with this issue for most men. This of course all hinges on the idea that he is interested in you. I hope this helps a little and just be prepared for a battle. You are going to actually have to rebuild his ego and trust in you...and no offense, but this site doesn't help much.
1483 July 13, 2004

Well guys who want a bigger penis. All enlargment techniques don't work except surgery, but that's way to risky and expensive(Don't believe those dumbasses that say they do.). Just work with what you got.
If you're really that small... go for a petite girl. :P
1484 July 14, 2004

My penis is over 8" long with a girth of 6", most women in my past can't handle it with their leggs rised or doggie style. When I leave them they cry something awful........
1485 July 14, 2004

Your book sucks and you suck,
If you're man enough to take an opinion then you'll read this instead of hitting a back or delete button.
First off, don't assume anything about me.
I weigh 210 lb at 5'7" with size 10 1/2 feet, got an 8 inch penis which hits my wife's back wall.
You sound like an penial enlargement salesman or a porn star.
You sound like someone who's slept with a lot of women, if so, hope you're okay if you know what I mean.
I saved every page in your book for education as far as that goes, and you might of been honest in a lot of what was typed, but you're a scumbag, and this sight is just plain nasty, like a 70s porn movie, you're probably a white pron star, you nasty thing.
I hope you've got some other interests, it be on computers or elsewhere out there in the world.
You, or someone, put a lot of time into the site, and it's put together well, like I said, I plan on using it for education, for young males, and what they can expect from the world and assholes like yourself.
You oughta use your talents of websites on something else.
All your size ain't gonna mean sh*t when you're older and tired out, and you can watch the young dudes get it on and look at you the way they might.
I give you props on your site, I won't say you're saying a bunch of BS, but if ;you have ever watched "Boogie Nights" and you probably have, you nasty f*cker, then take your "donkey dick" and have a seat on it. And if you did watch it and you remember those dudes in the pickup who paid Mark money to watch him jack-off, then enjoy what they did to them, your dick ain't every thing, donkey f*cker.
Eat ya a TV dinner donkey b*tch.
Hubba, Hubba.
Your sight's for nasty old sun tanned 70's porn stars with tired donkey dicks th*t have f*cked so many a p*ssy, yum, I bet those women are just itching to have you stick that nast donkey f*cker in them, and if you say they do, I say eww, I bet they're a real catch, think of the whole football team doing a stand in line bang on her STD cunt, yet so tight and pink, donkey b*tch.
1486 July 14, 2004

The big question here is ....ARE YOU MARRIED? If not, go fuck your brains out wherever, with whatever and whoever. But if you deceive or hurt someone needlessly, you are an ASSHOLE.

If you are a married woman(or man), consider this....
All men have a unique collection of qualities and flaws( If you are perfect yourself, then go grab yourself a perfect guy.) You are with the man you chose, so find a way to communicate and be honest with him. When you are in a long term commitment, you can tire of your mates flaws, deficits, shortcomings etc.(as they can tire of yours), but the mistake is to overlook their qualities and to take their qualities for granted. You have to work with what you've got, and what your mates got. Thats the commitment you've made (assuming married, if not, who gives a rats ass).
The bottom line is everybody is configured differently, and when there is a "quality" that you need, require, crave etc. that is lacking in your mate, you begin to seek it out and notice the presence of that quality in other men(human nature). It can be very attractive and alluring, but the tendency is to fixate on that quality while overlooking the guy's accompanying set of flaws. Just remember "the grass is always greener" concept and if you decide to indulge yourself, you may gain something, but you will most certainly lose something too (possibly more than you imagined).

This debate is a silly waste of time because gratifying sex is the responsibility of both male and female, not solely the male and his penis dimensions. Mature grownups realize what they need, and what they have to offer, and that a person is more than a set of physical attributes. Qualities have a way of balancing out with flaws, so unless you are above average, don't expect it. In my opinion, most women would forfeit penis size(accept below average) for more critical criterion.
1487 July 14, 2004

Wow, how did all of you guys get big dicks? I guess by aging from looking at this site all the damn time.
1488 July 15, 2004

how many the natural lenth of penis
my penis lenth is 12cm and i am afraid it is dont
benifit to relive the womens
i wanted advise to lenth it by ointents or other drug
thnk you very much
1489 July 15, 2004

The story of the "black penis" is a myth.  There are plenty of black women who have slept with both whites and blacks in Africa who attest to the fact that white and black penises are about the same size.  With Asian guys however, it is different.  Just watch any porno movie made in Japan, and you will find yourself easily measuring up to their "studs."  Truth be told though, the biggest dicks in the world belong to Jewish men.

I'm serious.  The Jews seem to have a disproportionate number of their men in the porno industry.  Ron Jeremy is a good example.  So is "Harry Reems" of "Deep Throat" fame.  In fact, the "Jewish stud" is one of God's little jokes.  Indeed, in Europe, whenever a Jewish young man was caught with a blonde girl the first they would do is castrate him.

Also, in Ethipia, none of the black women ever complained about Jewish smallness.  Don't beleive me?  Any homosexuals and girls out there, try out a Jewish guy for a night and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Later.
1490 July 15, 2004

Good example for a curved penis :

1491 July 15, 2004

Mally :
I sincerely dont mind either or.  But personally anything longer then 7 inches truelly doesnt float My boat. Therefore, average sits just fine with Me. 
1492 July 15, 2004

You know what the real problem is? The real problem is women have loose vaginas. I could have a huge dick and still not be satisfied with the tightness of any womens vagina. If I wanted to be satisfied with a womens vagina, I would need a dick at least the circumfrence of a 24 ounce can of beer. And at least 13" long. And women think men have the deficiency problem. It's women with there gaping holes who cause men to be unsatisfied.
1493 July 15, 2004

J T:
Women should be glad men even want to put their penis into such a loose contraption as a vagina. Even large penises slip in and out of a womens vagina like there is no tightness. How satisfied do you think these penises really are? The answer is not very satisfied. Men have sex with women and there loose vaginas out of the need for love, affection, and closeness. Not for satisfaction. I can orgasm just as hard rubbing my penis under a sheet as I can slipping within vagina walls, with it's loose grasp. There should be a surgery to increase the tightness of vaginas, since that is the whole problem. Think about it women, your vagina is so loose. Stick three fingers in there now. You know you can easily. If a baby can slide out of there, what makes you think a penis is going to be satisfied with that loose of an opening. And women are the ones complaining about the size of penises. C'mon on. Face the facts. If I wanted to be satisfied by your vagina, I would need a penis the size of the big end of a bat, and about 13" long.
1494 July 15, 2004

Responding to comment 1476

According to you , I am huge. I don't think that I am huge. I am only 8.5in long * 5.5 circumference. I don't even compare to pornstars. I would say that something over 9in is huge. I think that you should change your scale.
1495 July 16, 2004

My opinion is that girls, if they like a guy, cannot physically utter any sort of words to suggest that their partner doesn't satisfy them the way a big dicked (or above average dicked) guy does (all things equal, of course). It is too damaging. The fact that a girl can have orgasms with a guy that she is  physically and/or emotionally attracted to and not have them with a guy that she is physically and/or emotionally attracted to is devastating to a man who is told that size does not matter. Apparently what matters to girls in a situation where their partner is below average is foreplay and tenderness and all those kind of things. Many times, a girl like this has a secret history, she has fantasies about dicks, and buff guys, but she loves her partner and he should never know.

The good news is, many girls will sacrifice a good cock for love. She may even sacrifice orgasms, if the below average guy is who she wants to be with. The bad news is - the same girl could fall in love with another guy with a good cock and give her amazing orgasms in bed. I don't believe in "soul mates." There are many people that all of us could fall in love with and have them love us back. For your wife or girlfriend, that could be a well dicked fellow who can provide her with great sexual pleasure, the kind that you are not equipped to provide ( I'm talking all things equal, of course).

However, the fact that a girl loves him is no consolation for a man who knows that guys with bigger penises are far more likely to give her mind blowing orgasms. This man cannot do that, and is emasculated by it. Confident and successful men are less likely to take it badly, but even these people have pain. The fact that Brad Pitt would mention that he is "hung like a hamster" is a case in point. He is projecting his pain by making that statement for the public.

I have a fairly long penis (7.5") and i don't know how much pleasure that gives, but I've known girls to have experienced pain from cervix bumping. However, I do have only 4.5" ( with a stiff erection) in circumference. This is barely enough to give a woman the proper massaging of her insides. I've found that the two girls that professed to love me when I was younger had orgasms with men with large penises. Only one girlfriend had told me how it really was. She was angry at me one time and said that all the guys she's been with were bigger than me. She said that girth was far more important that length for sexual pleasure. She was a bitch though. But it is true that girth is far more important than length for giving pleasure. That seems to be the consensus, and among the experiences I've had, I've noticed that there is something lacking - insufficient pressure on the vaginal walls.

So it's something us smaller than average guys have to live with. Hopefully we find a girl who has either a tight pussy, or is orgamsic and can get off on you. There is a sort of self hatred that goes along with being a small penised man. Most often, I think, self image has a large part with how a guy feels about his penis. However, the Brad Pitt comment is telling.

I feel that penis size inadequacy is a valid concern for many men. The fact that a woman can love you, but only have orgasms with other men strikes a deep and sensitive nerve with men. Pleasing a woman, and feeling virile is an important thing to men, who desire women so much, that they want to prove their worth. It hurts a lot knowing that you are a man that has to get good at foreplay and oral sex to please a woman. Surely, there are men with large penises who can perform great oral and be loving and work to please a woman. If I was a well dicked man, I would not hesitate to give a woman the ultimate pleasure. Why wouldn't I? I love women so much, I want everything, no matter what my cock looks like.

Interesting a comment I read about swinger culture and how inadequate men bring their wives to get fucked by big dicks. I can't see myself doing that, but I understand it completely. This is a very deep psychological issue, one that cannot be resolved by small dicked men, unless they submit to a sort of ignorance about their partner's sexuality. Of course, there are some women that don't mind at all. I believe that these types of women are either very small girls, or their sexuality makes it so they don't really care that much. Sex is more about love and giving, and less about body parts. I can respect that, though I believe that these girls will experience more pleasure with a well trained big dicked fellow than a well trained small one. Despite this fact, they may still not care so much. It's good that these types of women exist.

I believe that the majority of women care about cocks, to differing degrees. Most want an above average girthed penis to fill them up and create friction. Length is not so important. A short fat dick is not a big loss.

If vaginas were a size that was not only hard on the eyes, but made it difficult, if not impossible, to have an orgasm, and pleasure during intercourse was so-so, there would be doctors all over the world performing vagina tightening surgery. It would be as big a business as breast enhancement surgery. Girls with these types of vaginas would steam at the idea that their men could fuck another girl and be able to have orgasms and enhanced pleasure during sex ( all things equal, of course) and not with them. I would imagine that women, with all their physical hangups, would freak the fuck out if they had this type of vagina.

Girls enjoy sex more than men. They can have orgasms in multiples (possible for men i've heard, but very remote) and they can just lie there and receive intense pleasure. A man, on the other hand, has to hold off having an orgasm. If a man were not to care about stamina, he could easily have an orgasm with in a minute or two (I'm talking about guys that don't have erectile or ejaculatory problems). But he wants to enjoy the sex and please the woman, so he does his best to hold off. The tradeoff is that a woman, when she has sex with a man, is giving something up in a way, some part of her integrity (unless she trully has feelings for the guy). I believe that this has a lot to do with traditional sex roles than anything else. I believe that if AIDS is cured, then women in this society will be far more freer with their sexuality.That's just my opinion, of course. Gone are the days in inhibition for women. The like feeling filled up with a good sized cock and arent afraid to admit it. Men certainly haven't been shy about expressing their preference for nice breasts. However, a woman with small breasts can make a guy come easily. A small dicked man, in most situations, cannot give the same to a woman. And if she is not a girl that can have orgasms, PIV sex is not as pleasurable as with a larger than average man who can provide adequate stimualtion for good sexual pleasure.

I've often felt that my dick is wading in an ocean. It feels good, but not that great most of the time. I can come with no problem. The fact is, the woman also feels not that great. And she doesn't get the orgasms (unless she is the orgasmic type... very unlikely). If you can see someone out the window of your apartment, they can see you. If you can't see them, they can't see you. If you feel lost inside of a vagina, she feels like an ocean with a piece of driftwood floating around. This is a bit of hyperbole, but the point is valid.

A girl that likes you will never tell you the truth. If she does, she might be a bitch.

The best part of this site is the page where the author deconstucts all the lies that women tell their men about how size does not matter. It's fucking brilliant. So spot on it's enough to elicit tears. It's not funny to some of us.

My dick could be worse. I really feel for the guys that have short thin penises. Mine is rather long, but that matters little to women. They would much prefer an inch or two of girth, and an inch or two of girth is huge difference. Inadequacy can be overcome by being strong minded and confident. However, whoever you happen to be, it still hurts having a small dick.

I think there are a lot of trolls on this site. They might be friends with the writer of this site, or people looking to have some fun. I'm not sure, but it seems like this is a marketing attempt by penis enlargement sites. If so, I have to give props. This site is amazing as far as the amount of debate its created. There are so many opinions, and that is just a testament to the travails of the below average man. It's nothing to feel good about. The best you can do is limit your sex to girls who don't care, small girls, or get good at oral and foreplay. This is a small consolation to a man, who, regardless of his feelings for a particular girl, wants to be able to fuck ANY girl and have her really like it. He doesn't want to have his sexual activity restricted to love relationships, even if he is involved in one. Accepting inadequacy does not jive with the sexual psychology of a man. Size matters, and always will. IF you are with a girl you love, it's best to just accept it. You are with a good girl. Stay with her.

Recently I sent a pic of my dick to a female penpal. I figured that since she didn't know me very well, she would give me an objective opinion. She hesitated at first, but finally admitted to me that it was a "small dick." After years of doubt and self-delusion, I finally feel vindicated in a way. There's nothing that hurts me more than a girl who thinks size matters so much that she has to go to great lengths to deny its importance. It hurt at first, but now I feel more free, that a girl finally told me the truth. She also said that girth matters more than length, and that orgasms are far more likely with a large girthed penis. I applauded her for her honesty. Now I can move on and begin to deal honestly with this issue.

That event prompted me to write my thoughts about penis size. I needed to express it the way it think it is. It is a first step on the way to dealing with this issue. It wasn't doing me any good thinking I was something I wasn't. I've been able to look back on my sexual history and examine things from a different perspective, and this perspective is a lot more realistic than the one I tried to delude myslef in to believing before.

For many people, this is a ridiculous issue. There are far more important things to worry about in life. But you can't deny that this is a very sensitive  and legitimate issue for many men, given the realities of female sexuality. Another similar aspect of female sexuality is covered in the movie "Unfaithful." This is a bold movie that describes female sexuality in a way that other movies are afraid to. It is real, just like this discussion on penis size. Check it out if you haven't yet.

For all the men who have felt inadequate with a woman, or all of your women, I understand and can relate. It is painful, but try to accept the truth and forget about it. There are other dimensions to a person that are more important. You might dwell on it the rest of your life, but that is reality. I am with you , and I will feel bad the rest of my life, but for the first time I feel like I can move on with things. I hope all of you can do the same.
1496 July 16, 2004

From talking to Women as a gay man, i have found that most women simply arent bothered by penis size. Some women have said they have even received more pleasure from the smaller penises due to being able to apply more pressure at the clitoral area with the pubic bone. They had no reason to lie to me as i am openly gay. Therefore i do feel that 99% of your assumptions, both about the psychological and physical aspects/importance of penis size are grossly incorrect.
1497 July 16, 2004

Ok I think I finally have this guy figured out. One thing Mr ED fails to blab about, is his motivation for creating and hosting this web site, and why he, himself, is so interested in this topic. Anyone who fails to properly identify himself, and lacks any form of credentials does not deserve the attention and respect this clown gets. I'm happy to say I won't be posting again.

This web site was created by a guy who has penis size issues himself. He is obsessed with penis size and may be in need of therapy. Instead he created this site as sort of a support group for himself to help him cope. He may not even realize this, and may be in denial. He pretends to be merely a disinterested 3rd party host with vast knowledge of human sexuality. In other words, hes a clever wannabe. Its fine with me, but I have a problem with his lack of honesty and integrity. He ignores the ethical boundaries he crosses (and the damage he may be causing) probably because he has become very dependent on these comments. Perhaps he needs to know he is not alone and wants others to feel as he does (feel his pain). Its sort of like "the blind leading the blind" or a co-dependency scenario.

I can relate to this stuff too. I'm average (or only slightly above in both length and girth). I admit, I've posted here under different aliases because I was confused and wanted my message heard. My wife has posted here, and a few friends also. Since my wife gave birth to our son, she has lost some vaginal tightness and this has caused me/us some grief and had me almost questioning my masculinity, and of course, my wife's satisfaction with my performance. Thats how I ended up here. 

We create defense mechanisms for our pain to help us cope. But the information presented here is tainted and twisted out of context. I feel the author is reckless and selfish to be creating mass deception for his own benefit.  What I cant figure out, is if the author actually believes his own pretentious drivel(needs professional therapy) or if he lacks the spine to admit his game (malicious!). He ignores all the comments that point out his misinformation. He ignores all the angry, annoyed folks regardless of how rational and intellectual they're comments may be. I've seen plenty of logical comments that furnish us with more truthful and factual information, but the author seems too passive-aggressive to address them.  Trust me, there are plenty of more legit sites out there, but I will not promote any (as it would seem shady anyway), and if you can sift through the plethora of garbage on the web nowadays. Regards ~Jim.
1498 July 17, 2004

In this enlightened age, dont you think it would behoove us to allow the women who is the object of our love and esteem every opportunity to be put in a position, by you or a combination of you and her, for safetys sake.  It just seems to me that allowing her to have sex for sexs' sake, taking full advantage of a man large enough to at least bring her to a climax of sufficient strength to satisfy her in every possible way, with your protection and sanction is the sincereist form of Love......Hank
1499 July 17, 2004

Wow, you really are dead wrong. The normal female can only feel pleasure within the first 2 inches in there vagina. So, technically if you had a 2 inch penis you would be able to do what a man with a 16 inch penis can do. I've read this off websites and even asked doctors about it, and your very wrong. So guys, unless you have a penis which is smaller then 2" you can please any women you want. Women are also the problem, they could use there vaginal muscles to contract around the penis, but since they dont not know how to do this or there muscles are just to weak, they think it's the guys fault for not having a huge dick. If everybody wouldnt have sex all the time like they do in the amercian culture before they get married, this would never happen. In the middle east nobody complains about men having small penis's and stuff like that like, because the women is a virgin until they get married, so there vagina hasnt had a wide variety of penis's to get adjusted to, so the first one will be the only one it adjusts to makeing the fit perfectly and sex much better.
1500 July 17, 2004

I think this site is correct, most woman prefer a bigger penis. Let me say first there are MANY factors in great sex but one of them is penis size. I will not share all my thoughts about the subject cause most of it was said already. I would like to mention something about my experience in the subject that may be helpful to average or smaller guys who are worried about it.
I think the size of the woman can make a big difference. I am an average guy, 7 x 5.25 inches. My ex-girlfriend was 5'9" and a size 10. Sex with my ex was great and she was very pleased with our sex life, but I could tell that if my penis was bigger she would have enjoyed it more. I was able to give her vaginal organisms but only after I really learned the movements she liked and lots of foreplay.
My fiancée is 5'0" and a size 0. Very petite. WOW what a difference. After making love to her I really understood the how penis size can be important. Her ex boyfriend's penis was 5 inches and she said with him she only had an organism about 25% of the time during  intercourse. With me she has orgasms during intercourse every time and a lot of the time has 2-3 orgasms in a row. She told me that her ex and I both have good technique but something about how my penis feels inside her just drives her wild. She says she has never been so sexual in he life and that just the sight of me makes her wet. I never got that kind of reaction from my ex.
So guys, if you are average size and it is bugging you, try dating some smaller woman. You just have to find the right fit for you. Even an average penis will most likely feel big for a small woman.
I am no expert. Just sharing my story.

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