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1401 June 22, 2004

Penis excersizes are where it's at. Won't help u much for length, but both girth and your confidence will definately improve.

Try 'em out for a month, you'll be hooked.
1402 June 23, 2004

This site just proves: moronic material attracts moronic readers.

The world is in serious trouble.
1403 June 23, 2004

I have large labia minora and im glad that i finally found a sight that talks positive about it. I have been insecure about the size of my labia and thought about surgury. But now im glad to know that alot of men like it
1404 June 24, 2004

I have what I think is a good size, 7" in by 6"
But it is a mixed blessing because although I give my girl friend rolling orgasms (with proper foreplay and combining using fingers, etc) she thinks I am too big girth wise to suck off (she has a small mouth)...
But I'm glad to make her happy.
1405 June 24, 2004

your penis preference chart is shocking!
I am 7.75 long by 5.5 around, which has made me very popular with my lovers, but I am way below "ideal".
Are there really that many fat dicks out there?
1406 June 24, 2004

I think you're on the right track on most of your points, but I also think, and this is very important, that your numbers on penis length and girth are grossly overstated. These are the numbers that men tend to obsess about and joke about and that porn movies emphasize with contrived photography and the occasional freak male.
I confess that I have obsessed on this topic myself. I'm 5.5 length and 4.9 girth. I've used extensions, and when I add over 2 inches, my wife doesn't like it. On the other hand, she finds 7in. quite stimulating. Anything that thickens me over 5.5 girth she finds uncomfortable.  We've used dildos with the same result. There's a huge difference between 5 and 6in. in girth, which anyone can tell by holding each dildo in the hand, not to mention having it inserted into the vagina. I think it's similar to a height difference between 5' and 6' tall. Notice a difference? Absolutely. All this talk about 7in. and more girths is just plain nonsense. Remember that volumetric displacement of the penis increases by the square of the diameter increase. The numbers on length are somewhat comical, particularly, some of the female comments about 10in. and more.
Hey, let's face it guys. Many women are turned on by the thought and sight of big male genitals, and many of them will find more stimulation with a larger than average penis, but let's not get carried away. Do we guys have to have women with huge breasts? Be honest. Many women also find physically large males attractive, but does that mean that average size or small men don't have a chance? In fact men and women very often seek out each other based on physical size compatibility. Why not also on sex organ size, male and female, if they think it's important?
Also, on another topic discussed, big ejaculations don't come from big balls, but from an active and healthy prostate gland, which provides 95% of the ejaculate volume. Whether testicle size gives more sperm and/or more testosterone is debatible.I've seen some claims that penis length might increase the force of ejaculation, much as lengthening a rifle barrell can increase muzzle velocity.
I guess I'm old fashioned on the pussy hair issue. I like to think I'm about to have sex with a real woman, not a girl, and a nice bush tells me she's a mature woman. Also, that bush will hide the lips, making their size less of an issue.
I hope I've provided some rationallity to these debates.
1407 June 24, 2004

Melanie....to Janice:
What are you the moderator of this debate? LOL. FYI I did not bash or insult anyone in my original comment. But a few morons took it personal and chose to personally insult me.
Your comment,
"Fargo: You sound too smart to bother responding to someone who can't tolerate someone else's opinion"

is a contradiction and just plain false. Obviously, you aren't too bright. In fact, if your in here responding with anger, you probably lack common sense.
I gave my honest opinion, considering the unrealistic premise of "all things being equal". Fargo couldn't handle it. He personally addressed me, and bashed ME. He took what I said out of context to prove his "off-topic" points. You are infinitely more ignorant because you are taking sides and playing favorites to a foolish argument (also at the expense of everyone else who has to read this crap). Sorry folks, I have my pride, and when morons attack, I must retaliate!

If you take this site too serious, you have serious issues! Why can't you just leave your opinion about the topic, instead of your opinion about someone else's comment. People should have fun with this topic, its "Jerry Springer mentality".
1408 June 24, 2004

Well I was bored one day from all my website work so I went ahead and read up on this site's text about why penis size matters. Personally I am 20cm in length and 16cm in girth (which puts me in A grade) and am well aware about how men with larger penises can injure their partners, especially with woman on top positions (why you don't see this done in porn that often). It's unfortunate that it's all genetics. Most will be born big or small and few will be born with a penis that won't scare a woman but won't make her cringe from smallness. Anyway all I can say is that whatever a person is blessed with they should remind themselves that it is not just the penis that is a part of the man but also the rest of them. Women may like me for who I am (not just phsyically but on a personality level) but of course if you are ugly or have a bad personality then of course that's a vice. Everyone is born with strengths, but some happen to have it in their pants.
1409 June 25, 2004

I just want to say thanks for creating a site to answer my questions. I was tired of the "if you work hard/have emotional connections" thing about sex. I just wanted to know if size matters and this site has finally answered my questions in a straightforward manner.
1410 June 25, 2004

Sarah Douglas (San Diego,CA):
Great Site!
1411 June 26, 2004

jill to -fantom:
If your measurements are correct, you have the perfect size! You are what I call well-hung. Lucky you! Remember to treat your lady good and this will make your big dick even more special.I think most women love a big dick even more when it is attached to a great guy.
1412 June 26, 2004

To all the women who read or comment on this site.

 Yes that's you dear.I've been measuring pussy size for a while now.Tightness is the most important measurement.Pussy at rest and when squeeze to it's tightest.Lot's of variations out there.Are you interested to find out in what range your in,tight or loose or just avg.I need more volunteers to accurately make a pussy size scale so all women can compare themselves to.It is really hypocritical of women to size men but not be sized themselves.So are the women who read or participate on this site egalitarians or just fetid hypocrites.In a real way, women's character is judged by the amount of women who respond to be measured. (btmkyo@yahoo.ca)
1413 June 26, 2004

Curious but Cautious:
Curious but Cautious-
   My husband and I have a great sex life and very much in love.  He is average in size.  He is very aroused about interracial sex (we are both caucasion).  He gets very turned on with thoughts of me having intercourse with a very well endowed (10" or greater) black man. On the whole, I am kind of a passive lover, conservative in nature, but am generally willing to try new things. We watched a porno movie with a huge black man and the size of his penis did excite me. While generally open, I don't know what to think about acting out this fantasy.  With regard to the emotional aspects, not an issue.   I would welcome any comments from those who acted out the fantasy.  Thanks Big L.
1414 June 26, 2004

Bollocks. The best penis size to have is average sized, otherwise evolution would favour a larger average size. Vaginas as well as penises vary a lot in size and while some women may prefer larger than average penises, most will not on a regular basis. From whence comes the data supporting the chart of penis size/female satisfaction etc? And what woman in particular are we talking about here? The assumption of variablity in men but not in women is highly sexist and immature. I know that my very average sized (6 1/4 inch) penis can penetrate too deeply for some women in some positions, and anyone with a much longer penis will have problems with many women.
1415 June 26, 2004

all i have to say is this...even the titanic looks small in the grand canyon, if ya get my drift.  funny how women stick all these objects inside themselves, dildos beer bottles, pop cans, hot dogs, cucumbers, Lord only knows what else, and then they blame the guy for being "too small", makes no sense to me.  10 years from now women will expect nothing less than 50 inchers and 13, 14, 15 inchers will be "too small", so continue to complain, but it is the hoes own fault, not the mans.

ahman green
1416 June 27, 2004

Dinesh Kumar:
I was searching some stuff while i found your site address and spent a few time on it, i found it interesting and went through all pages. I  appriciate the way you designed it and spent so much time to collect information and helping people.
It will be my pleausure if i can do anything for you in this regards.
1417 June 27, 2004

Konnichiwa. I am a rare Nippon+Native American+African American.  As I read your site I am realizing from a cultural standpoint that size helps a lot, but not completely. I am well endowed, but not massive. I sport about 8" in length and 5.5" inches around. Also I have been lucky with ladies and have been with other African-American women, Anglo American's, Jewish American's, and Asian American's, a couple of French natives, and Swedes. Invariably when all them saw me with an erection they grasped it in there hand and muttered, "nice"!  So for guys who are already over 7.5" there really isn't any need to go longer. If you are narrow try to work on thickness which I believe is more important to most ladies. Also, I think oral sex is really important. A well trained tongue and fingers can work a lady into a frenzy and make her want your "animal" even more. Try reading books on Taoist sex techniques. Chi or Breath goes a long way in helping a man stay hard longer without premature ejaculation. But, you must know the ancient Chinese secrets to make it work and keep the women coming back for more.
1418 June 27, 2004

Hey Rapper,
From post 1101 "No wonder more white women go out with black men than black women go out with white men."
I'll tell ya why this is true.  It's cause black guys will take anything.  They don't give a fuck if the woman's a pig or whatever.  I've seen countless grossly overweight and nasty white women with black men.  Hey, as far as I'm concerned you can have all of them that you want.  Your doing us a favor. 

Wow, it seems we got a lot of really rude and hostile whores on this site.  Saying how small guys should not take off their pants and saying how you'd leave a guy you loved for a larger cock!  You sound like the same stereotypical type of guy about 20 years ago who women hated because he would leave a woman for another with bigger tits, even if she was a bimbo.  Now, I've always thought guys like that were scumbags.  I sympathized with women who hated these types of guys.  That's how they started assuming that all men were pigs like this and I really hated those types of guys because I'm a guy and now I am getting generalized into this classification of scumbags, which I sure the hell am not.  I think a woman with large natural tits (but, still attractive and fit) is an attention getter, a fantasy, and of course a turn on, but that's it just a fantasy and cool to look at.  But, there's no way in hell I'd think of leaving a chick I really liked just for that.  What a stupid thought.  BTW, I hate fake tits- what a joke they are.
I could never even imagine telling a chick with a totally flat chest that she should just stay home never even seek a guy because of it.  What kind of a fucking jerk would say that?  For the women who are saying the hostile comments, what the fuck kind of assholes are you?  Even if you are mental nymphomaniacs you can simply just state your preference.  There is no need to be ruthless and cruel to people about it.  Maybe in two years from now you'll get into an auto accident and lose your legs.  Then maybe I'll laugh at you then and make jokes.  Do you think that would be funny?  You should rethink what you say and recant the hostility or if you actually mean what you say then you are truly dirtbags and it doesn't bother me to see people like you tragically killed in an accident or something someday.  You get no sympathy from me.  Just a another dirtbag out of the way.  Make room for more decent caring people.

Now for all these dirtbags who see only in a guy is his cock?  I wouldn't want to be with any of these women who would think in such a way.  I don't care if she looked like Carmen Electra.  I think it's just fine for women to fantasize about this, it's perfectly natural and similar to me looking at a girl with huge tits.  But, to actually leave a guy over this or make such hostile insultive comments is truly slimy.  Why don't these types of girls just go out and fuck horses?  I mean they are bigger than any guy she'll ever find and who cares if it's a fucking animal, I mean all they are seeing is a cock, right?  Now I know most women aren't like this, but for the ones on the site here who make such hostile comments, well I hope they meet the same scumbag guys who I referred to so they can be cheated on, beaten up, and treated appropriately like the rotten trash that they are.  And I should probably thank them for being so upfront and bold about there scumminess, it easily helps me avoid them instead of finding out who they are much later on.  Thanks scum whores!
1419 June 28, 2004

I just wanted to stick up for you since you seem to be copping an unreasonable amount of flack. As far as I can tell yours is the truthful answer for most women who are involved in serious, non-swinging relationships. My girlfriend (of 6 years) and I have a great relationship and good, mutually satisfying sex. Because, like many men, I'm a bit obsessed with size, I know, from her, that her ex was substantially bigger than me - I'm a bit over 5" on a good day and although she won't tell me the specifics, I gather he was over 8" on a bad day. Now, she's never going to look outside of our relationship for a bigger guy - we're both very happy together in every way. However, I also know that if she had the chance to design her perfect man, she wouldn't give him a 5" cock because there are some positions that she used to love ('spooning', for one) which aren't much good with a smaller guy like me. In a similar way she'd probably make him look more like Brad Pitt (or George Clooney or whoever) than like me. This doesn't mean that she's not happy enough with a loving and attentive 5" partner. It just means that 5" isn't ideal.

Of course, if you're not in a relationship and are just after straight sex, then I guess the balance changes a bit. Most of the women I've had sex with have complimented me on one or two things, but none on the size of my dick. In my opinion, then, for many women size does matter, but it matters probably about half as much as looks do and one thousandth as much as a sense of humour. That's how I read what you were saying, Melanie, and I totally agree - it certainly makes a lot more sense to me than those size queen 'women' who post about an absolute minimum requirement of 11" etc.

Incidentally, Laura, do you check back here ever? If so, thanks for the video clip (http://galleries.monstersofcock.com/118/images/v8.mpg) - it was fantastic. I only have one query, though - you don't actually think the smaller guy in the clip is small, do you? If you do then there's no chance for me. It's just that the other guy's even bigger!

1420 June 28, 2004

I dont worry to much about what this site is up to...but know that since I have been using it to my advantage that I have stopped wearing tight underwear  and that I am letting my penis show more under my clothing and in private.  I feel much freer about my penis size and everyone around me seems to
be ok with it also....great feeling of freedom and
easiness...have also started touching my self in front of women they seem to like it...and I like the
smiles that I am getting...and so does my penis.
great site.

1421 June 28, 2004

this site is like ed ( the author )   LAME.get a life ed you dumbass bitch.where do you live faggit ed ?   i want to pay you a visit bitch boy.
1422 June 28, 2004

I do not know why men have to lie about the size of there penise.Non erect i am about 3inchs hard i am 8inchx6inch but i have had women say i am to big and they do not want to try it.The best thing is that when i cum a women can feel me swelling up inside them and they love that,feeling.My wife told me i am the biggest she has had she loves the width more than the lengh.But she also says she cannot have oral that long becuse her jaw will ache.Yes the average size is 6inch but a man cannot help the size of there penise and if a women loves them i do not see how size should matter.I can also have sex on average of 1-2hr.I would never brag about my size,you are what you are as long as your clean healty there is more to sex than sticking you penise ina womens vagina
1423 June 28, 2004

 tony o'keefe:
    I was agreaing with all your comments untill i saw the pages written about the differance between hard and soft.Well if you thing a man who has a 6inch penis soft is better off than a man like me who has a 3inch penise when soft you are wrong becuse that man with a 6inch soft becumes 7inch hard were my loweley 3inch soft becumes a 8.5x6.5inch hard.Which according to you is the best size penise,so do not put down a man like me with a poor 3inch soft penise.I hate men who thing they are it becuse they have a 6inch soft penise,but when it commes to the main momment i win
1424 June 28, 2004

Two Years ago I used to have a 7"long 5.5"circumfrence penis. it has now shrunk to 6" long and only 4.5 " in circumfrence and I am having trouble arrousing my girlfriend. She says she still lkes it but i know that she does not orgasm as hard as she used to. when we occasionaly use a dildo that is larger than i am she is back to orgasming very hard. I would say that to some extent it does matter what size you are.
1425 June 29, 2004

triple h:
let's change the topic here.  who does everyone think will win the super bowl this year?

the game
1426 June 29, 2004

Not too big or small:
Yes size do matter to a female but not all of them are deep. I had one that was so small that when I put my thing in her, she schream. Yet when I went with my last girlfirend, I gave her alot of things and treated her right. Afther some time, she started acting funny. Soon she cheated on me and kept on using me. She always beg me to go over her friends house wich I think her other boyfriend was there. One day I got tired of this nasty as female and I left her alone. I guess that she have met a man with a larger penis. Yet afther that, relationships do not mean ninthing. A woman rather have a man with a large dick treat her wrong than a good man with an average or small dick who treat her like a king.
1427 June 29, 2004

Big but not so big:
Sex is real easy to explain. When you have sex with a woman, you cause friction. If your penis do not touch the walls, then the woman can not feel it. Even though Iam 7 inches long, Iam able to make a woman who could recieve a 9 inch or longer cum. Why is this, well it is because she can feel me. Now when the penis has with and it expand the vigina, that is when a woma can really feel it. That is why woman like men with big dicks because it is natural. Yet not all woman are not that deep. I can say this for the men who have small penises, there is hope.

I use to have a female who was deep. When I have sex with her, she did not schream or was not into it. Yet I made her cum though. I was 4 inches at the time. Well afther I came, she grab my hand and put it in her. I had to hand fuck her. My hands are big and I use it like a 9 inch dick and it made her schream. I feel real bad that I cannot do that with my dick but I satisfied her like she had a big one. If you woman is willing to do that, then do it. We may not all be equal but when you use a hand, it can make everything close to it.

One more thing, The more with you have, then more a woman can feel it. One time I hold my dick real tight and made it really fat. I put my thing in my woman who can equip a man with a ten inch dick and I made her schream. So with plays a important part of sex.

PS if a woman treat you bad, you can do the same thing to her.
1428 June 29, 2004

The stuff about what women think is complete bollocks. It is completely down to the individual. And besides that, obsessing about penis size is a man thing, like guys who always talk about big tits, or a big arse...etc.
In reality, I don't like a woman because she has a big this or tiny that, much more important is personality and looks, followed by how good she is in the sack. The rest is trimming.
I can only presume, and my experience has been, that women are the same. Give them credit for some intelligence. Of course, like stupid macho guys, there are stupid femme women who are only interested in being stuffed and buffed. Good luck to them.
1429 June 29, 2004

Get rid of her:
This is to the man who let another have sex with his wife. Get rid of her because she loves a man with a big dick. She will treat you so bad that you will want to kill her. She has doner you wrong by having sex with you neigbor. She is married to you and if she loves you, she would of never done that. Yes size do matter to a woamn because she has got to feel it. If you do not feel it, then it is not there. There are woman though who cannot accommidate a big one. I have a seven inch dick yet when I measure it form the side, it is 8 inches long. My dick is not that fat until Iam having sex, then it will grow big inside a woman. Yet you know a secrete. A woman main sex arousement tool is the clit. I have seen alot of woman have sex and rub their clit when masterbating. Thsi will stimulate them. So if you have a smal dick, make sure that you are real close to your woman when haveing sex. When you do that, you will rub her clit and that will help. Another secret is to use your hand, it will feel like a big one tow. Also do not be scared to use a dildo with a size your woman loves. When you do that, they will think less about having sex with a large dick because they are getting that with the dildo.

Also to woman, treat a man good even if he do not have a large penise. If he treat you right and you do not want to be with him, let him know but be real good to him. If nt then you do not deserve him do nonthing for you.
1430 June 29, 2004

Nice site good explanation. Well what can I say I think I can consider me small!( 1 1/2 inches soft and 3 1/2 inches hard) I wish some of the women here could contact me and let me know what do they really think about my penis and if penis size is really important for them

women email me please!! condotti@hotmail.com
1431 June 30, 2004

Penis size weighs heavily on most men's mind I think and to hell with anyone that tells us to get over it.  A man's penis size has a great deal to do with his self confidence and his ability to please women.  I realize there is much more to sex than penetration but it is an important part of it.  When I wasn't dating I was actually a little worried about my size.  I'm 7Lx5G and I thought women were looking for something more than average.  Let's face it, a chick isn't going to stay with a guy who doesn't please her sexually.  I have a girlfriend now and she orgasms 90% of the time.  She says I have the perfect size penis, and I know you can't believe everything a woman tells you because sometimes she's just trying to boost your ego.  But anyway, we were watching an infomercial about penis enlargement with gains up to 25%.  I teased her about it and she was like NO WAY!  She isn't at all cool with me having even an 8 inch penis.  She said I wouldn't be getting laid much if I had a penis that big.  So I rank a C, but close to a B on this site.  I think that I would have the perfect size at about 7.5Lx6G.  So my point is, sorry for taking so long to get to it, that I think the A rating for a penis could possibly have a bit of a wider range than in your survey.  However I do want to commend you on a great website! The idea of having a huge penis is appealing for confidence reasons but really you want a penis just above average size for maximum effectiveness, depending on your partners vagina size.
1432 June 30, 2004

MAN!  After browsing the comments made on this site I am shocked!  I hope you sad and depressed men posting morbid messages about small and average size are just being sarcastic for the most part because this site isn't to be taken with complete seriousness.  No matter who likes it, penis size is mixed in with many other factors in sex.  Foreplay, emotional connection, personality and physical attractiveness.  I don't think women take penis size deadly serious but I think there is some importance placed on it.  I am very happy with my 7 Long and 5 Girth penis.  I feel sorry for those guys with 8,9+" penises.  Most women aren't going to let you sink that bad boy balls deep in her.  Besides that you banging on her back wall can be painful and the really thick ones could tear your woman's vagina if your not careful and make her bleed.  If you like vigorous sex, balls deep working all the hot spots, an average or slightly above average penis is kick ass!  I would imagine that a penis under 5" might not satisfy some women completely.  Give natural penis enlargement a try maybe even with herbal supplementation.  Not many women are going to let some guy with a huge penis bang her all the time either.  She's going to be sore!.  I love having sex all the time, and sure if me and my girlfriend have sex 4 or 5 times in a day...she is sore.  but imagine bangin' your girlfriend vigorously and she won't have sex with you for 3 or 4 days because you hurt her.  That's not the kind of equipment I want to be packin'.  Let's face it there are some whores out there that like getting the living snot pounded out of them by a huge penis, so what, who cares, the average or slightly above average guy is going to find women they can respect and have a very fulfilling sexlife.  For those guys who are a little small, I bet you could add and inch, maybe two through enlargement.  Anyway, the word average is just not appropriate, it's more like optimum.  ED, you better post this,  I think there are lots of guys on this site that would like to hear what I have to say.  Thanks
1433 June 30, 2004

JILL to crypt:
You bring up a very good and true point.I have a friend who cant handle much more than 6.5".I believe most women wont have any complaints unless he is tiny, say 4.0"-4.5" with thin girth or too long for thier vagina.
1434 June 30, 2004

Rasputin had a monster penis. No wonder the russian nobles were scared of him.

1435 July 1, 2004

Not a big fan of the big protruding inner pussy lips. It just looks gross to me. Definitely straight and am obsessed with breast, legs, and ass. But those fleshy flappy things should stay inside the larger picture if you ask me. Maybe I'll get into that kind of vagina someday. Maybe.
1436 July 1, 2004

I have a theory on the racial discrepancy in penis size. This one is also based on anthropology. It says that the race with the women with the biggest asses (black) will have men with the biggest dicks and the race of women with the smallest asses (Asian) will have men with the smallest dicks. Gorillas have small penises because they're monogomous, but ALSO because the female gorillas don't have huge vagina swellings when in heat, so he doesn't have all that far to go to get to the promised land. Chimpanzees have larger penises partly due to the huge disgusting vaginal swellings of the female chimp when she's fertile. It's this really gross throbbing red mass of flesh.... Anyway, I'm thinking that back when we were evolving from monkeys, humans mostly had sex doggie style, much like chimps and gorillas. Girls with bulbous asses (like my girlfriend) cannot be mounted from behind by less than well-hung men. Hence, my theory about the correlation between female ass size and penis size in the races. I call it the Butt-Penis Theory. Thanks for your time.
1437 July 1, 2004

Grain of salt taken. Interesting site. I'm 29 and have been with 2 women.
Number one, I don't think a good size bulge attracts women, or I would have had more offers come my way.
Number two, I didn't know where I rated or had even had my penis measured until my last g/f wanted to measure me. I thought it was funny so I let her.
After she was done I asked her where I stood, but she just said I was bigger than her last b/f. Well, she had only been with one other guy, so I didn't know where that put me.
After that encounter, I was curious so I took a couple of pictures of myself and went to a few chat rooms. I had all kinds of reactions from "disgusting" to "what's your number?". Mind you, I did include my face and tried to make my photos clearly not fake.
All taken into account from my chat-room and limited girl experience, a big unit is only important to some girls. Maybe they're as rare as well endowed guys.
1438 July 1, 2004

hi i'm john and i'm 19. i have an average dick of 5 1/2 girth and 6 long. the other day i was in the doctor's office getting a physical.  the nurse came in and she was blonde with a nice butt and huge breasts hanging out of her scrub. we got to talking and she said she was 18 and workin there for the summer b/c she was goin to medical school in the fall.
she said she would give me my physical instead of the doctor because he was sick that day and just let him sign it.  she asked me if i could take my pants and shirt off. immediately my face got red and i began to worry if i would get an erection. i got off the table and proceeded to undress. she said she needed to leave the room for a second but she would be right back. i was naked and sitting on the table when the door opened andshe walked in. she took a look at my penis and her eyes opened wide. she turned around and walked to the counter and i could see the thong imprint through her pants. i instantaneously began getting hard thinking of all the ways i could i could have sex with her in that office. my penis was standing straight up when she turned around. i looked at her breast and i pictured myself sucking them. i could tell she was suprised when she saw my hard penis but she walked over and checked my heartbeat. then i noticed her nipples hardening and the look in her eye change. she put hewr hand on my balls and felt them. i looked at her and she was staring at my penis and she looked me in the eye and grabbed it.
she put my hand on her breast and i slipped it around and unhooked her bra. she finished pulling it out and slipped her pants and thong down. i asked her if it was alright and she said she told her other nurses not to bother us. she laid back on the table and i got her vagina good and ready for sex by licking her clit almost until she got off. i asked her if she was on t he pill and she said yes. i slipped my penis in and began to work her pussy until she moaned. she then started riding me and next i did her doggy style. i was about to cum and i slipped my cock between her tits and sprayed a huge load on those nice dd's. she then told me that was the best sex of her life. she is now my girlfriend and she is suckin my dick right now. she loves my 6 incher.
                       john and nurse jessica
1439 July 2, 2004

is it just me or do the people on this site sound like 2 year olds and complete morons?  just read the way that some of these people talk.

1440 July 2, 2004

Fellow penis worshipers! 
The entire collection of posts listed here proves the incredible diversity and uniqueness of people, even when considering that everyone here is obsessed enough to research this topic and read through this material, and motivated enough to actually respond. Yes you've just been profiled. What is the common denominator here? Why are you here reading this? Pain? Pleasure? Curiosity? Fear? All of the above?

First, we are not life support systems to penises and vaginas. Secondly, it is very immature and disrepectful to claim credit for solving the penis size debate when the entire premise of this argument is unrealistic in the first place.
Its like saying more food for lunch is better than less food. We all know that food selection and quality is more important. OK Ok so lets "pretend" that selection and quality don't count. Now more is better right? Well how much "more" are we talking about...because it depends on the food...is it oatmeal? Steak? or chocolate pudding? It depends on the person's tastes and tolerances, and their appetite, how often they eat, their stomach capacity, etc. Ok so nobody wants a small dried up burger, a nice plump juicy burger is more appealing, but just how big and juicy is usually within reason, and is a personal matter. Portion size is a factor if we're talking about extremes but usually we're not.

Women's priorities differ from men's priorities significantly, or there wouldn't be so much turbulence between us. Generally men hold sex in much higher regard and this is our achillies heel. It allows women to control and manipulate us. They simply use sexual illusion to hypnotize us into serving their non-sexual agendas. Even within the realm of sex.... passion and romance and intimacy far outweigh penis size as important criterion for relatioship.
How fun is the truth? Not much I admit.
But keep dreamin "dickheads". lol
1441 July 2, 2004

To all men who feel inadequate:

If you do the following to your wife, girlfriend, or "date", you will never be thought of as small.

Simply treat your woman right in and out of bed, but especially BEFORE you take her to bed. You don't have to waste your money on fancy dinners, huge flower arrangements, or jewelry.  Be the best lover you can be and she will love you.  I have been in ecstacy without having a penis anywhere near me.  If you are young and /or inexperienced, read as much as you can about sex -- (the book "Satisfaction" is awesome!)
Creativity, sensitivity, communication, cleanliness, and sincerity will take you much farther than size.
Don't tell her that you think she's beautiful--she already knows that.  Pick a body part that really does set her apart from others, like her nose or tiny ears or the shape of her calves. 
Touch her as much as possible--LIGHTLY! Don't just grope aimlessly or out of obligation.  Take one finger and trace the inside of her thigh or her neck.  This is a million times more effective than using your whole hand to touch her.  Just to make sure your hands don't feel rough, use the back of your hand to caress her. 
Timing is everything and by that I mean that you should do the "finger trace" when she least expects it.  For example, when she is ordering something at the drive-in or doing the dishes.  Soon she will be doing your dishes!  Every once in a while squeeze her nipple or LIGHTLY caress her ear with your lips--don't nibble on it and don't put your tongue in it, just barely touch it with your lips.  Try to hold your breath a little bit while you do that or it will sound like a typhoon to her. 
Let her approach you.  That means that if she is at your place or in your car she will probably expect you to be all over her which is the wrong thing to do.  If you don't touch her now she will wonder why.  Show her that you have a lot of patience and let her feel that you have all the time in the world.  This will make her relax and possibly approach you.  Serve her a glass of wine or whatever you have--booze always works but only one glass!!!  Put the glass on the table, tell her to get on her knees, dip two of your fingers in it and let her lick it off your fingers.  By now she should be ready for your fingers to dip in other places.  Don't ever attempt to do anything down there if she is dry.  If you discover that she is dry, wrap your arms around her and caress her legs.  If all else fails-- get the lube out or ask her what's up. 
If you can't talk to her you shouldn't be having sex with her.  In closing, I would like to add that when you go down on a woman PLEEEASE do not go to her clit right away.  Men do not understand how sensitive the clit is.  Pleeease use your flat tongue and LIGHTLY lick her entire kitty from bottom to top, down her thighs and back up.  Do this a few times and she will let you know if it's good.  Again, simply ask:  Too  much pressure?  Her pussy will start to swell up and get fairly wet if it isn't already. 
By this point she won't care what size you are and she'll be back for more.
There is more to life than dick size.  Whatever happened to love?
1442 July 2, 2004

Is two inches of rock solid love big enough do you think?
1443 July 2, 2004

tony o'keefe:
As i have said i am happy with my size 8.5x 6.5,but as i also said i am only 3inch soft,these people with the 5 to 6inc soft who walk around thing they are so good are the ones who annoy me.Also the women who thing black men are so big the avarage black man is 7inc hard.I have slept with a number of black women,so i know this to be true.As i say i can last on average 1-2hrs,that man was right a women can become sore.My wife said she would never put a man down becuse of his size a man she loved was only around 4inch but she loved him yes mine feels better but it was him who had the problem not her.So men should get over it with the size treat a women right,use toys if you have to there is nothing wrong with that evan do i am large me and my wife still use toys.I am not scared i do not fear them nor should any man
1444 July 2, 2004

Here's my personal experience. I have NEVER had a woman tell me I'm too small. I HAVE, however, known exactly when I have been too small for some women. The ultimate evidence is when they say "Deeper, deeper" and you're giving it all to her. Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes it does. Depends upon the woman and the scenario. I have had the biggest stripper sluts (loose pussy) ride my dick and have cum dripping along both sides of my neck and my bed about to collapse due to their immense, multiple orgasms and convulsing legs. Aside, I have also had women take a pounding and want more dick (ie deeper, deeper!). So I think that it depends on factors that will maybe be forever unkown to man. You can tell a woman who lies from one who doesn't (concerning their sexual pleasure). Fellas, if you are good in the sack, your female partner will leave a large spot on your mattress, spray shit on your chest, and her legs will fucking vibrate after you are done. I'm 5 1/4 inches long and average in girth. I have gave the most cock-hungy, loose-pussy sluts you could imagine multiple orgasms. Don't know how, but I have. I am simply average in size. Size to both sexes, is indeed psychological and not physiological.
1445 July 2, 2004

A Right Charlie.:
I've had a good look over this site, but there's one subject that I don't think has been mentioned.

I looked at the part where it mentioned the average sizes when soft, but I can't find anything on this site so far about the fact that a penis when it's not erect will change size all the time. Mine is 6" erect, but when it's soft it can shrink and stay at 3 inches for a while, and then be haning down as much as 4 or 5 inches for a while.

It's well know about shrinkage in the cold, but mine can shrink or hang down anytime. It changes it's size when soft every few minutes. It never stays the same. It's just bad luck if you're going in for a medical, and it decides to shrink up for a while.
1446 July 3, 2004

since I have been watching your site I have been
much freer about letting my girlfriend play with my
cock...I asked her to do what she wanted to do with
it and not what she thought I wanted her to do...stnagely enough she started by talking to it directly when I was still zipped up...she started by asking it if it wanted to come out and play with her...and that she had missed seeing it and wanted to watch it grow from soft to its full size (9 inches over 2 inches around)I could feel myslef feeling very tender towars her, and then she started kising the
outside of my of my jeans at the crouch and holding on to my legs she did that for quite sometime amd
then she started to get really hot and started taking
her breast out of her halter and saying that she wanted to have it watch her nipple get hard and she wanated to put the milk from her breast on it while it
was still soft and what she wanted in return was for it to put its mans milk on her breast and then she started un zipping my jeans...I just laid back and watched the show...what a turn on instead of grabbing my cock she slipped her hand under my balls and talking baby talk...saying mommie wants you to make
lots of manmilk for her and so on and so on...it was
one of the most arousing erections I have ever had...thiis website is great...I have never thought of allowing a woman to get that much into this kind of play before....totally new for me

1447 July 3, 2004

Freaky site. Tunnel vision comes to mind. Not I, nor any of my friends are fixated on penises, but it seems the men sure are. Sex is important, but sex is much more than a penis. Penis size does matter somewhat but only a male considers his penis the focal point around which all sex is centered. I'll say that a woman's happiness does not depend on her mates penis as long as it functions and isn't extremely unusual. I'm sure there are some women that feel penis size is a bigger priority but average is what most prefer, including myself.
I would say it matters what stage of life a woman is at too. Also her mental and emotional status. Is she working and immersed in her career? Does she have children? Is she a bored house wife? There are extended periods when sex is the last thing on my mind. Also her body type and her previous experiences with men and sex will be a factor. The extent that this topic is being distorted is rather silly.
1448 July 3, 2004

It is obvious this site is only half true.  The author's main purpose is to make money from penis enlargement companies and referring visitors to adult sites (notice the links and referals on the main page.).  The fact that penis size matters is generally true just like most women prefer taller, more muscular men.  But, the author provides no compelling evidence for his arguments.  For example, the argument that penis size is evolutionary is completely invalidated. For caucasians, much of their phenotype resulted from adapting to the frigid environment of prehistoric Europe. Do you think females were able to choose their mates by penis size considering all males must have been fully draped in furs or other clothing? If anything penis size is like any other appendage, IN GENERAL--it is correlated with environment. EG Blacks are longer and leaner, Orientals and Caucasians are more robust to protect form frostbite, etc. Besides, if men with small penises wanted to have sex in ancient times, I don't believe women could do much to stop them... In addition, if women's preference for large penis determined who they mated with, evolution would dictate that today's average erect penis is what women prefer (5-7 in).  The fact is, who females mate with is not determined by penis size, physical attractiveness, etc. --otherwise we would all look like Brad Pitt and have 8 inch phalluses. A larger penis is merely a preference for women- not a necessity- just like a curvy body and firm breasts are a preference for most men.

Secondly, the Ideal Penis concept is ludicrous considering its based off of the author himself! How does he know what size phallus women prefer? For some, the ideal penis may be 5 inches- especially for petite women, others it may be 8 or 9 inches--but it must surely deviate accross the vast spectrum of females out there.

Id also like to point out that todays society with companies fighting to come out with the next big money making product to cure inadequacies of men and women (IE boob jobs, cosmetic surgery, etc.) is a factor contributing to the notion that if your penis is not above x number of inches-- its not good enough. Movies, mostly written by men--feature scripts filled with penis jokes and innuendoes that fill peoples minds with the idea that big penis's are better.  When it comes down to it-- we men are hurting it for ourselves-- if we would stop worring about it and mentioning it to women-- they would not feel that if their man is not hung, they don't want him.

Id also like to point out that readers of this site should not pay any attention to the posts by women. What kind of women would be on this site anyway? Only size queens and women that really do care about size-- so of course they are going to tell you they only want 8 inch dongs.

I think the author of this site should realize that despite his warning to "take everything with a grain of salt" he is really hurting some people out there by making them believe this issue is such a big deal. I felt like shit after reading this site the first time but then I did some serious reflection and research and realized that he has not one bit of reliable evidence to support his claims. 
1449 July 4, 2004

Hi "Curious but Cautious". My comments are at 1304. A word of caution, be careful and go slowly. Once you go down this road, you might not be able to come back. Make sure you both understand the risks, and be prepared to have a lot of tolerance and understanding if one or both of you decide that the swinging lifestyle is for you. Maybe you'd just like to watch at first. There are couples, in this case interracial, that you can watch. That might be enough, or it might push you further. You're fantasizing about 10 inches? Whoa, I doubt you'll find it, and if you do, it'll almost certainly be too much to handle, unless your vagina is very large. My current favorite lover is black. He's a little over 8in. length and 5 and a half around. I'm 5'5", 140 lbs., have had 4 kids, and he more than fills me up. He's also very big and muscular which turns me on as much as his cock. As far as size goes, you can probably find about as many well- hung white as black guys, and you can also find some well- built guys in any race. Hubby and I do find the contrast in skin color to be exciting. One advantage the well- endowed guys have is that their cocks can penetrate and stay in from different positions. Now that my butt has gotten bigger, hubby can't quite get the job done from behind. No problem for Mr. Big. Same for the side by side position, which we never could quite do well. Also, your clit will get more action from a thicker cock. Whether you like it or not, you'll definitely feel the difference with a big cock.
1450 July 4, 2004

Mr Mediocrity:
This is a response to Natasha #1441
Thank you for bringing some sanity to this issue. I am a man 5'-9" tall, and have the  "standard equipment". I have been with quite a few women and of course like men, women vary in size as much. I can say without exception (please know this is not bragging) that every woman I have ever slept with has wanted me to marry them. I could not really understand how a woman could be so satisfied when all I have to offer is mediocrity at best sizewize, but after reading the comment Natasha wrote, I saw many of the qualities I try to have toward women in her letter. I always start sexual relationships apologizing about my size and assuming they would prefer a "bigger" guy, but again without exception they said I was more than fine and most all of them turned into sex maniacs after we were together a few times. Go figure?
Well that letter explained a lot more than most realize. And also know that I never have to try to seduce women. They will make the moves if you are thoughtful, a little clever, and a romantic person like myself. I hope many will re-read that post, but I think men probably more than women are fascinated by large size. Of course I wish mine was bigger, but you get what you get and do the best you can with it.
To the guys who fantasize about letting their wives have sex with "large" men.....Are you *&^%$# nuts! Why would you want your wife to have sex with any other man to begin with? What happened to thse vows you took. Please find other ways to "spice things up" because once you open pandoras box, you can't close it. Infidelity=Divorce. Almost without exception. I can't believe some people. I am single and couldn't imagine being married and putting up with that. Sheeez!!!! Buy a cucumber or something....

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