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1501 July 18, 2004

Mr C:
MR C - something a little more original

Well my experience with an 8.25 by 6-6.25 is that some women really like it; however, I am presently seeing a girl that cannot really handle my size.  Quite often after a minute or two, she says she has to stop, as it is too painful.  So, my experience is that some women love it, others don't.  The slightly worrying predicament is that I'm about to move form the U.K to the US because of a job offer, and she is talking about come with me because she wants to get married, aaaaaagggghhhhhh.  Sozz, just going off on a tangent and spilling my mind.  Back to the issue at hand: I don't understand the comparison between breasts and penis's, but a comparison between vaginas and penis's is more logical.  In my own experience (as a person who has no qualm over his appendage), it just varies from girl to girl whether penis size is an issue; one only needs to read the above posts to conclude this.

Humans seem to have an excessive fixation with trying to quantify everything.  I have an analogy which might explain my view better.  The comparison is between IQ and penis size.  We usually always believe that people with very high IQ are the most gifted people.  Likewise, men feel insecure about having a smaller penis because they think they might be inferior at sex.  Now IQ measures a few facets of intelligence (memory and spatial awareness and a few other things) but not all intelligence is measured by these tests. Example: Einstein, B stream pupil at school, had to get other academics to do much of his mathematics at Cambridge ( ok maybe he is dyslexic like myself, but I don't think this is the whole story), yet his immense creativity and different may of thinking made him probably the greatest physicist of the 20th century.  Yes, his creativity and other facets of intelligence made him this GENIOUS.  So back to penis size; people place too much emphasis on the size of their penis because it can be visually and mathematically quantified; too much emphasis is place on breast size because it can be quantified, to much emphasis is placed on IQ because it is quantified. However, less emphasis is placed on vagina size because it hasn't and never will be, quantified.

There are many different factors that make up good sex, penis size is only one of them, there are many different parts of a women that make her beautiful, breast are just one of them, and there are many different aspects of intelligence, IQ only measures some of them.  I know there are big holes in my argument but hay it's a little more original than some other peoples contributions.  Given about ten thousand words I could make it very convincing.
1502 July 19, 2004

irteza :
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1503 July 19, 2004

Im not happy with my penis-size :
Think you understand me, why !
1504 July 19, 2004

It's not only straight men who worry about penis size. http://www.cumm.co.uk/cocks/2.htm
1505 July 20, 2004

Isn;t it more obvious that the size of a woman's vagina is of far more importance than that of a guy's dick? That is the thing which will determine her satisfaction. This could be why a lot of guys are attracted to slimmer women.

Just a thought.
1506 July 20, 2004

"average" guy:
Some good advice here I have had the comments go both ways when it comes to my size and the gilrs ive had sex with. I can easity forget 10 compliments and remember 1 insult. One thing I don't forget however are the orgasims girls have had with me and my 6.5 to 7 inch long by 1 3/4 to 1 15/16 diameter penis. I am considered "cute" by most women with most compliments relating to my eyes or my butt. I have heard them call me "stump" when talking to other girls but most times this was in retalaition for a one night stand and they knew I did not care for them. Other times they have been describing me to a friend and didn't know I heard them. One girl called me "shorty" to my face then a few days later I heard her describing me to another girl and she said that I wasn't very long but I was soo big. Funny how that worked isn't it. That is how it usually goes for me if I hear them talking. I have been with over 50 women and that might not be very many compared to some but it gives me a good idea. I would say over 50% of these women have reached orgasm while I was inside them. No I didnt ask them I could tell feel them squirting, or see/feel them having contractions or something of that nature. If im in a gril when she comes and she has a problem with my size I almost pitty her. I know I'm only average, maybe slighty on the larger end of average on my best day but still just average.

Girls may like bigger penises but its never that cut and dried. I will explain something here Im sure many can relate. I will compare myself to 3 of my guy friends. Friend 1 is a very small guy with a large penis and low to moderate attractivness. Friend 2 is a big guy with a large penis and moderate attractiveness. Friend 3 has the smallest penis but is very attractive. Friend 3 has had more women than all 4 of us combined and they are always attractive. I have heard many women talk about his small penis but only after he tossed them aside for the next girl was was chasing him. Women might prefer big dicks but they almost always pick a guy with better looks. Friend 2 has the largest dick at just under 9 inches but guess what, he cant last very long (he reaches orgasm quickly). Despite his large penis the girls have teased him calling him names behind his back like 2 pump chump. I'm not saying that guys with big dicks cant last long but that might be an interesting (buy difficult) study. If pleasure is based on contact surface and x amount of pleasure =orgasm they one might propose that guys with bigger penises might be at a disadvantage when it comes to how long they can preform before reaching orgasm. I know one thing for sure, having a big dick and being a "2 pump chump" almost always will not make the women anymore happy than a smaller guy who can last considerably longer, at least in my experience. As for friend one he has only been laid a couple times. He is just to small body wise for most women to be attracted to.

 I have seen a girl leave a cute guy with a small penis for a less attractive guy with a very big penis, but then after some time (only a few weeks) she left him for yet another guy who was more attractive but I seroiusly doubt he had a dick as big as the ugly guy. See what I'm getting at here. Sure there are a frew guys out there with big dicks that the women like to screw but of that small percentage of guys with the big dicks how many of them are somewhat un attractive? The number gets smaller again. Now how many might have other issues like staying power or the amount of time the can have sex before comming and do they have erectile issues? (pills can fix this I guess to some extent). So the guys the girls really want are attractive wih big dicks and have no performance issues. This number is veru small but I have seen the women literally stand in line for these guys only to be tossed aside after being screwed. They cnat hang on to these guys for the most part and the ones that can/do are usually as rare as these guys themselves. So you can use the clone scenario but it dosent hold much water in the world i live in because there are so many variables and the women know it. gotta go hope this helped someone.
1507 July 20, 2004

my wife said i was not much different in size to her last lover just a bit bigger bell end / fine i thought/ but i knew we did not conect sexually /put it all in then ,what /// why did you say that i asked i soon found out i was the last person in on the joke her ex was hung like a donkey dont y know ha ha /all i could say was no/years later watchin porn i mentioned you never comment on size why i /think ive just shot myself in the foot she conffesed she was protecting me and did not want to rub my nose in it and size does not matter //it fucking does now
1508 July 21, 2004

lessons learned :
this site offers nothing new to the debate . Try to think about the mechanics of sex for a minute and you'll realize that the a larger penis has nothing to with better sex . Communication is what makes sex better . Also it's a proven fact that men are the more visual gender when it comes to sex and most women don't find a penis or anyones genatial for that matter attractive in and of itself .

also in some of my more frank discusions I've had with women I've discovered that only one had actually had a concern about size . Oh and just to add validity to my case , I have never brought up size when tlaking about sex . The only time it was brought up was in the case given above by the womean in question . So this would leave my to beleave that women would just rather have you be a lover that listens to her wants and her desires rather than a guy with a big dick that knows which hole to put it in . Not saying that you can't be both , but I've also heard several women complain about over-zealous guys who atoumatically think there the worlds greatest lay cause of their endowment and thus don't need think about her needs . These guys usually end up being really lousy in bed according to that women that have talked to me about this .

It's bizarre that you say so much about what women want , but you provide no psycholigical case for it .
1509 July 21, 2004


don't want to wade into the various debates, rants, etc. on whether size matters (at all, for some women, for all, sometimes, whatever).

Want to deal with a more narrow, technical issue.  I see a few posts by people, perhaps young or otherwise very sheltered, who seem to think that a very large & thick dick would necessarily be agonizingly painful for a woman.

Easy to disprove this one.  View the evidence - literally.  My advice for these folks - visit your friendly neigbhourhood video store and rent (or order via the Net) any porno with a title such as "World's Largest Cocks!!!" or the like.  You will see monster dicks like Jack, Lex Steele, etc. - 12, 13" and up and normal and even petite women who are able to take it all without significant discomfort (we'll leave the debate as to whether the pleasure indicated in the videos is really "real" to others).
1510 July 21, 2004

Response to DooD

Yeah,women like a guy with a big cock,a good physique,nice personality,funny,rich,ect ect.Like men would like a woman with a tight pussy,great tits,nice personality,funny,rich.

But what about the rest of us,you know the greater majority.The men and women not so well endowed in all the above respects.So women according to you would really like the men with big cocks.Let's say 90% of the women to 6% of the men population.In effect harems to a minority of men.Apparently it doesn't work that way in the real world.It's usually one to one no matter what the size.The importance of women prefering men with larger penises is way over blown.

My experience with women concluded simply that they take longer to stimulate to get off then men.It's funny with women,on their own they can come to orgasm much quicker than with men trying to get them off.Conclusion is that women concentrate lot more on their enjoyment when alone then with a man present.So what is it with this dichotomy.Is it men's fault or do women have to learn to relax more and concentrate on their pleasure.

You and most of the posters miss the point that it nerve stimulation that gets us all off; not size.Size is a factor not the whole story.If most guys got their women good and wet and hot with good tongue.Then fuck them for more then just 2 to 4 minutes more like 7 to 10 min, more women would come more often with penetration.

You are just like the other men out there who know there are different pussy sizes out there but not much more than that.Believe me when I tell you that there is a huge variety of sizes out in pussy land.Right now women don't have the same attention on their genital sizes as men have.And they are very flippant about it.But I assure you this will change.I some times get into conversations of genital sizes with women and they invariably say their tight when we talk of their pussy sizes.But this is the real interesting part,when I tell them about my research on pussy tightness and ask if they want to prove how tight they are.Most of them decline.They suddenly become chicken shit.I've posted the same question "do you want to know were you rate on the tightness scale"?.Not one took me on the offer.And the belief that women can just do kegles and voila tight pussy is a load of cowshit.It don't work that way,their are some women with tight pussies and some with loose pussies and most in between.And all the exercises in the world won't change that.Even operation are limited just like penis enlargement operations.Maybe in the futur,cosmetic for the genital size of your choice will be available.Wouldn't it be funny if men got cocks the sizes of horses and women got pussies the sizes of birds.Point is that you fuck what you got,some sex is better than no sex.

The penis size debate won't be dealt with properly until all women can be rated on an international pussy size scale just like men can now be rated.When all men can finaly have at their disposal a simple system to rate any woman's size just as easy as a woman can rate a man,then all will be balanced.

My offer still stands for any woman poster who want to see where she rates on the tightness scale.It's sure funny that the women poster have no trouble stating various dick sizes,but when the subject of their pussy sizes come out in the open,they clam up.That's real strange,um.
1511 July 21, 2004

to be honest with you, the other day i rocked this girls pussy harder than any other before. i was at a baseball tournament in virginia beach and i met this girl and we started talkin. she had very pretty blonde hair and nice store bought DD titts. we were talkin after the game and i asked her if she'd like to go out to dinner. she said yes. we ate dinner and i took her to her motel which was right beside mine. she asked me if i would come up to her room. immediatly i said yes and we proceeded to her room.in the elevator i started kissin her and by the time  we got to the room i had her rubbing my hard dick. when we got in the room i took hers and my clothes off and started hittin her pussy as hard as i could i would take it and jam it in there all the way from the back and just barely massage her juicy clit with my hard head from the front. i was nailing it from behind and she was screaming, "pull it out it hurts", so i pulled it out and stuck it between her perky jugs, which were wet from me suckin and licking her nipples,and massaged the dick with them while she licked the head and tickled my nuts. finally she deep throated it and i pulled it out and it was dripping with warm, juicy, mouth watering jizz that was still oozing out all over her lips. i took her head and wiped the cum all over her face and tits. she was loving every minute of it.  she swallowed every drop of cum that shot from my horny cock. i guess all of u think i have some enormous cock now but really and truly i have a 6 by 5.5 inch dick. ask this girl how my little cock filled her pussy with pleasure on that motel bed. it just goes to show how  people with average weenies can nail a hottie's pussy just as hard as a huge dick can.
1512 July 22, 2004

You are obviously and idiot trying to get people to get emotional. What is your agenda? How much do your advertisers pay you? How do you live with yourself knowing that you are making a lot of men feel like shit (so you can make money??) by contradicting ALL the professional and sincere sex researchers who say that women really do not care about penis size and love men for other qualities. Yes, there are some women who like bigger things. But they are the exceptions. Shame on you for being so irresponsible and greedy...
1513 July 22, 2004


1471 h to 1473 Ianny C2050 Rich

Women (July 11 2004)

May I suggest Ed's review of Mike Pilinski's
book Without Embarrasment.

Very information giving on how women choose men,
if I percieved it correctly.

1514 July 22, 2004

 I have a 8.6x 6.6 dick so i am happy but i cannot help that no man can help what they have so if you have a small penise work on it.My wife had a boy friend whos dick was only 4in but she loved him,she would never have put him down.My wife gets a sore jaw doing oral for a long time i have had a gril say i was to big so no sex she was scared i have less feeling so can go on for hrs.The best is my wife can feel me sweling up inside of her when i am cuming she has never felt that before
1515 July 22, 2004

I have big beautiful lips and love them glad to see some pics of other women with big lips they are soooo sexy. Its making me horny right now.
1516 July 22, 2004

This site's main content is a 56 page document called "The End of the Penis Size Debate". I wrote it as a kind of self-help tool for men who are troubled by penis size worries and who cannot let go of it. If you are just a regular guy, you might wonder if there are really men out there who worry that much about penis size. You better believe there are, and they go through some serious emotional suffering. If you are a woman reading this, then I'm sure you know very well what I'm talking about, since you probably already know some guy just like that.

A lot of visitors of the site mistakenly believe that it is aimed at all men. Not true, the site is only aimed at men who are already severely troubled by penis size worries before they come to the site. It doesn't matter whether these men are in fact small, average or above average.

To me it's a fact of life that the average woman deep down instinctively prefers a larger than average penis. On the other hand, I also know that the average woman doesn't let penis size be a significant issue in her everyday life, neither in her relationships with men. I know that even if the average woman might at times wish that her guy was just a little bigger, she will never let it interfere with her feelings or love for that person. Compared to us men, women are quite complex beings. They just think and feel on a very different level than most men.

However, I sincerely believe that men who are distraught by penis size anxiety, cannot be helped by trying to explain them how complicated or relative the whole issue is. The emotional pain they suffer comes from being thrown back and forth between doubts of "yes, size matters" versus "no it doesn't". Deep inside they already feel that size matters, but they have a hard time accepting it. Each time they are about to accept it and get over it, someone comes along saying no size doesn't matter. It is only when they fully accept that size matters to women, that they can find peace within themselves. Until that happens, there is no use in telling them that for most women penis size is in fact only of rather small importance in the whole "man-package", so to speak. That's how much this pre-occupation with size screws-up their head.

I also believe that the only way to achieve this is by brute force approach, sort of a penis-size-instruction boot camp, where the going gets tough before it gets better. I don't want to leave room for that subconscious doubt-causing little troublemaker in their head to regain overhand. Doubt is what kills such men. To be doubtful in life is good, but not when you're troubled by it to the point of becoming dysfunctional. That's why I slam them with generalized and simplified (and exaggerated) statements about what women want and feel sexually and vaginally. And I make sure to rub it in over and over. Yes there is a tone of humiliation and insult, and it's hard on them. At first, it creates upset and disbelief, then a feeling of frustration, weakness and inferiority. Afterwards they enter a stage where they become angry towards the creator of the site (me... gulp), even outraged. That's actually when things start to get better. Anger is a positive emotion, if it's not directed towards oneself, because it gives a person power, energy. Eventually this anger calms down and is followed by understanding and acceptance, not just acceptance of women's size preference but more importantly self-acceptance. The goal is to let them tear down the doubts, clean up the mess inside their head and start with a fresh plate. Once they are at this point, they are ready to drop the whole penis size issue and find their true worth as a man. Imagine the extra relief then, when, after having accepted that yes women prefer larger than average, they also learn that there are a whole lot of other things about men that matter to women, more than penis size. (Sure, I expect that some of these men will not come to accept what I lay out for them and won't get over their anger towards me. That is just fine. Better for them to hate someone else than to be depressed and full of self-hate.)

Such was my intention when I created the site a few years ago. At the start-up, I created a section where readers could post their comments (find it here). Although I also received plenty of positive comments at first, the amount of angry, even desolate responses was slowly getting to me. Was I making these men's lives better... or just worse? I considered closing the site numerous times. Then on March 21 2003, I received a comment that touched me deeply. It was titled "thank you" and came from an 18-year old guy who had been bothered by penis size since the year before. He stated how upset he was the first time he came to the site, but eventually understood things for what they were, and how, thanks to my site, he was able to put the whole penis-size issue behind him. Being very intrigued by the letter, I decided to find out if he had written other comments and how long he had been visiting the site already. Although it is a lot of work, this can be done (surfing the internet always leaves the computer's IP number and browser type in the logs together with the date and time). So I found out how he had visited my site for the first time about seven weeks earlier and that he was the author of five other comments (posted under different nicknames). In one of the comments, he even sarcastically pretends to be a woman who only accepts well-hung black men (it's so funny it still makes me laugh when I read it now.) Anyway, I will let you read them in the order they were posted, together with the numbers under which they appear in the comment pages. They show clearly how this young man goes through the various stages I just mentioned before

Comment from ED:

For your information, this comment is text copied from a page titled The Site's Main Purpose. I received it as is, without any note added. I assume the writer just wanted to make sure that more people read it, especially those who seem to misunderstand my intentions.

1517 July 23, 2004

Mr. almost Ideal:

"I know what you may be asking yourself. And yes I do have a nickname for my penis. Its called the Octagon..".

That movie sucked - If you haven't seen Anchorman don't see it rent Old School again. or see Napoleon D. that movie is F#$%ing Hillarious

Forgive me for I digress:

 I'm an 18 year old mulato (african dad and white mom). up until reciently (in the last six months or so) I did not even realize I was on the larger side of things. every pic or movie clip I saw in porno was always my size if not bigger and almost always wider.
One day I stumbled upon this website and was informed that I was not only bigger than average but almost the "ideal size" lengthwise

No matter how bad things in my life may get its always nice to hear what you guys have to say about big and small peckers

speaking of small who-who-dillies I have to say try out the manual lengthening techniques. Too much of a pussy to measure before I started the exercises (my dick was probabaly ~7-7 1/2" but remember I thought 6-7" was overly small) I just took a polaroid of it did the exercises jelq and length xtender for two months 5 days a week. Even if I didn't grow that much, it definetly looks bigger (compaired to the polaroid)  and actually feels a lot heavier than before. I would recommend doing the same process (unless you've already measured)

the best way to find manuals on how to enlarge your member is by using file share programs. download Imesh select documents and type in "penis enlargement" 

And with that I'd like to throw out a couple of preguntas to the "obsessive penis size community":

 flacid im like 4" some colds days I can even be like 3 1/2. Am I just one of those freaky growers or what? on all the sites I've seen I should be 6 flacid

 I have a correctly measured 8" x 5.8" hot dog. would that fit a trojan magnumXL? what other brands have the large sizes? (For those of you who have trouble figuring out the obvious I'm a virgin).

 whats up with the guy who created this site he seems really hell-bent on making everyone average feel inadiquit? If the author is reading this how big are U?

thats all

p.s. sorry my speelling sux too lazy to proof read
1518 July 23, 2004

i wanna say that when i visited your website i was dissappointed at the end. But finally i know the truth and that is what i was looking for. I was pissed off at those "medical experts" sort of websites were they wanted to comfort us guys by saying that a normal penis is a size at 12cm and above. Total bullshit. Thank You for making this truthfull website. Anyone who says that you are too harsh, is a complete idiot. Reality is harsh and they have to face it unless they live in a dream world where size does not matter.
1519 July 23, 2004

I'm 18 and have only started getting sex this year, first year in college. My penis is just under 9 inches, and I've had 7 or 8 partners since the start of the year. What I find interesting is that, without fail, they all have wanted to measure my penis at one stage of our first night together. Maybe it's because I'm reasonably well-endowed, and they want to check how large it is, but it's quite off-putting. I'm glad to have a larger than average penis, and I don't care if these girls who just want a bit of fun care about size so much. The girl who I'll enter into a serious relationship with won't care about something that men can't control, she'll be in love with me for who I am and the qualities I have. And I won't care about her looks, her breasts or anything either. The point: the right girl for me, and I think for most guys out there, hung or not, is certainly not the kind of girl who is so superficial.
1520 July 24, 2004

I think length does matter in terms of range of motion.  The longer it is, the more varied and fluid your sexual positions can be without fear of the penis slipping out.  A longer one is definitely better from that simple perspective.
1521 July 25, 2004

All this blather about our most sacred of body parts-guys,stop wasting your time.Women might like a bigger unit on you but the quality of your character,ability to make money,your ability to be a friend and good listener,to share your feelings-these qualities are more important to women.We-men-are the ones obsessed with visual stimuli.I'm average in length/girth and more or less happy.By the way,why is the topic always penis size and not vagina size? Seems like an uneven playing field to me. Lastly,there are three times as many sites out there,many of them women's sites,that state that penis size is not that important.So,take heart boys,things are not as bad as they seem.
1522 July 25, 2004

This is unbelievable - looking at the "advice for small guys section" it is obvious that this site is designed to completley fuck people up.

This site will probably contribute to a lot of suicides.  Well done Ed, you're a sick fuck.  If there is a heaven and hell you are going to fucking burn.
1523 July 25, 2004

Simple, let's vote whoever has the biggest penis president this Fall!
1524 July 25, 2004

Northern Cal:
Fortunately I have been blessed with a massive cock and a huge set of balls that have provided me with a steady list of women clients for over twenty years. My cock is 9 inches long and 8 1/2 inches around (believe it or not) and the urologists and sex-therapists who initially talked me into becoming a sex-surrogate for woman insist that they have never seen a thicker penis. 

About whether woman prefer an extra large cock or not, all I can say for certain is that SOME women definitely prefer such anatomy and are even willing to pay for it. If only 1% of adult women in the United States are true "size queens" (and I think the figure is much higher), that means that there are still over 1,000,000 women from coast to coast who crave huge cocks. In California where I live this 1% figure translates into over 100,000 women who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to feel the difference between huge and average.

So it might be true that most woman do not care one bit about cock size, but I am so grateful that there are still many woman who insist that bigger is indeed better. It is these women who I love to please. If any genuine and sincere women out there wish to talk to me more about all this please feel free to e-mail me at: Ed-L@att.net
1525 July 26, 2004

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I just found a website where you can buy a dildo made from amater straight guys. It's amateurdildos.com
1526 July 27, 2004

In answer to Phallus.

That size of penis is way way to large. "erect, is 7.3 inches (18.5 cm) long and 6.0 inches (15 cm)round" WOW. NO THANKS!

Above ideal size very rare and painful!
1527 July 27, 2004

I to want to advise #1413 Curious but cautious don't try it like the other girl said there is no coming back at first it will be exciting for both your husband and you but in the long run you will never be satisfied with your sex life on a normal relationship with your husband again. Once you get used to the large penis a small one won't cut it and your married life will be in shambles in a few years. Been their done that now divorced. Like she said they can do things that small men can't and you will also get used to multiple orgasms. But i will bet that 90% of all marriage that the husband is small that try threesomes with large penised black men are divorced in five years. Just used a extension or something else it might help.
1528 July 28, 2004

I use extensions for my small penis it really helps my wife comes in about two min once or twice if your small don't give up and just divorce we have been working on this 28 years. Pills don't work i tried exercise one month no increase. Most wifes say its allright but when we first tried an extension that took me from 3.5 to 7.5 and 4.2 around to 6 around it made my wife come hard and fast. I asked her if size don't matter why did you come so fast and she said i couldn't help it it was so big. They love us and don't want to hurt us but we want to pleasure them so this works for me and get the ones with the new soft material or jellee they work best.
1529 July 29, 2004

Fl Guy:
I browsed this whole site with the grain of salt recommended, but I think it requires a lot more than a grain. 

Thanks to those who posted the Ansell(2001) study revealing that only 5% of men have a length of over 7.22" and that the average is 5.8 " .  So where do all these guys with 8", 9" , and 10" penises come from?

Here's my personal experience, though.  My wife (47) and I (52) have been together for 18 months.  Before me, she had 24 partners.  Of those, one was small enough to be inadequate.  Two were very large and uncomfortable, and one was "huge" and very uncomfortable( and she said he told her it was mostly a problem with women).  The rest (including me) were in the average range , so size made no difference whatsoever.  Also, she never orgasmed with any of them. 

When we first met she orgasmed regularly, but only from oral or digital.  Over time, we started having intercourse more and she started to orgasm, but these were not as powerful as the ones she had from oral and digital.  Eventually, though, the orgasms she had from intercourse became stronger and more satisfying, and now she much prefers intercourse, though we still do digital regularly and oral occassionally.

What changed?  My penis size?  No, I'm still average , about 6.5 " long and "girthy" (haven't measured).  What changed is that we became more familar with each other, our feelings and emotions increased, her comfort level and ability to relax and enjoy increased. Technique played a small part as we practice several different positions and do things to increase G-spot stimulation, etc.  Another factor I think is significant is the fact that I can easily last 20-30 minutes with intercourse.  I penetrate her deeply and firmly, but not fast and hard, so although we make love 2-3 times a day for extended periods, she never gets sore. 

She has multiple orgasms EVERY time , anywhere from 2 or 3 to over 10.  Basically it just depends on how much time we have and how many she feels like. 

So what were the factors in her having amazingly satisfying sex? 
Not penis size. 
Love, emotions, familarity, comfort, technique, stamina on my part all seem to have played a role.  I also might add that we make love a lot, 2-3 times a day, and I think this abundant practice helps in making her completely satisfied every time.
1530 July 29, 2004

I have a white girlfriend who loves a my size - 8x 6 when fully erect.She has had wider cocks and longer cocks but not both at the same time. she says mine is perfect although sometimes she complains that I am hitting her cervix when I'm banging her hard.Her ex husband had a small penis 4x4 but managed to satify her until she had a baby.Both of them was fustrated by his small size and  he decided  to see other partners she also did the same. My girlfriend now says she is happy with this size she cums both ways - vaginally and clitorally.When we are having sex she gets the most pleasure from me being suspended about 2 inches inside her stimulating her vagina then as she comes to a climax she pulls me inside and grips me with her legs. I in turn grabs her butt cheeks and pulls them apart and towards my grinding pelvis she then is able to orgasm.I am happy with this to a certain extent. But she hardly gives me oral because she says it too big so it makes her jaws tired and I have to  forget anal sex - it will never happen (she is also sexually conservative). This is driving me nuts,oral  and anal sex is at the top of my list so I am facing the possibility of doing without for the rest of my life because I love her and hope to marry her  soon. She even suggested paying a escort to do this.I am flattered by her suggestion but I would prefer her plus I don't have that kind of money to pay on a regular an escort something that I should be doing with my sex partner. I have noticed now that  with my past girlfriends, some have had a problem with my size although I ignored it over the years because I thought they were pretending that I am hurting them or anything else. I have never seen another man's penis except on video but I mainly watch black or interracial porno .I don't watch white on white except for John Holmes,Klye and Evan Stone scenes because the rest looks a bit small to me and I am not  interested in seeing  small penises fucking  gorgeous women although I have commonly seen small black penises as well in pornos(Julian St.Jox).Sometimes I see different films and  same the actors cocks tend to be different due to video and camera manipulation so videos  are not completely reliable. I  myself have have had sex with older women  - 40 and younger women 17 (legal in the state of N.Y). Their vaginal sizes are indeed different, an older woman who had 2 kids  was tight relatively while the  17 year old was  a bit loose (17 prefers a huge dick) but they  all enjoyed sex if I took my time to stimulate their entire body parts such as the breasts, legs, back and mouth(kissing). So my Question is why do I drive my girlfriend nuts when I am in her  2 inches from the vaginal opening as opposed to being  all the way in initially and  sometimes she sprays cum as if she is urinating on me is this normal?.I still think this is pee but she says it is sex fluid -it does not taste like pee!! .Does the female vaginal  size  have anything to do with their preference of penis size ?
1531 July 29, 2004

I am 33 year old female with 2 children to a previous marriage. My ex husband was a grand 81/2 inches long or there abouts. After i had my children, and when my hormones jumped back into gear we noticed that i was a little bit "looser" than i was before the kids were born. Naturally we both thought. My youngest son is 5 1/2 and i have a new partner and he would probably be around the 7 inches mark. i dont have have, or cant have mind blowing orgasms like i used to experience with my ex-husband and his 81/2 inches. Although it still feels great, I was just wondering if there is any mothers out there who know how much the vigina stretches after having children, and should it affect the intesity of an orgasm.
1532 July 30, 2004

The length of a penis is what matters most because the longer the penis the higher the chance it will hit  the g spot of a woman. Women like big penises. period. They like the feeling of "being gutted". Geez I know for damn sure that  I do.
1533 July 31, 2004

how do we men with small penises get away from this obsession with large penises. we want our wives ,our girlfriends and even ourselves to have them. I go to church every sunday and worship God but i still haven't defeated this horrible disease. How can we be satisfied with ourselves and i don't mean men with six inch penises they average not small but big to me and should never let this site or any other site tell them so. You men above six in are above average and should never consider your self small. On my best day i am 4 in but i just have to accept it and tone down my lust to watch the type of orgasm that a large penis produces. This is rediculous to go through life so unhappy we can't change it but if i have the patience God will he said he will restore every thing to its perfect frame. I know with surety i am going to stand before Christ and be so ashamed of my lusts on this earth.
1534 August 1, 2004

John BB:
I can see the problem with men with lage cocks, an dI can see why men will also fell bad when they see all the advertising making money sellin pills to enlarge their cocks. Just be glad you are healthy.

I had a dick that is 12 inches long and have been divoreced fout times.  I drink to much because I ave been under pressre with my life especially the big dick and why the women in my life bailed out for men with smaller dicks.  Big dicks mean nothn and are a negative to your sex life unless you are paid a fortune in some porn movie.
I will some day find a women who will like my dick, but in mean time, I will ait and see.
1535 August 1, 2004

The Dude:
Just a few thoughts.

Although I would agree with the conclusion (i.e. that women like big dicks), I would question some (most) of the evidence and argument used to arrive at that conclusion.

Indeed, there are dozens of references to "women's instinct" and other biological factors. However, there is still no real consensus between experts as to whether such "instincts" are genetically programmed, or whether they are culturally conditioned.

Furthermore, reliance on such conservative psychology is totally unnecessary.

Surely women like big dicks because they provide more pleasure. That is, at least according to your research.

You also argue that women find big dicks more pleasing to the eye, and better to suck.

Again considerable research suggests that it is the relative proportions of human features that makes one attractive - and that does not just apply to penises. This could be why a penis that is too big can also put women off.

Another slip-up in your argument (not directly related to penis size) is that men are attracted to big tits and pussy lips. Again it is proportion, and mega-sized tits and pussy lips are also unattractive.

Incidentally, you also argue that men prefer women to shave. However, the razor is a recent technological development, when put into perspective. If men were instincively attracted to shaven women, women would surely have evolved hairless armpits and pussies.

Indeed, the fact that virtually all men today would be turned off by hairy armpits surely points to cultural factors as an influence in who we are attracted to. Otherwise, men would surely be attracted to the "natural" woman - one with hair

Anyway, I am tired.
But to summarise, a large part of your argument is anecdotal, and some is absolutely fallacious. A lack of actual evidence (whether based on research, or even just logical conclusions) renders most of your conjecture worthless.
1536 August 1, 2004

Just KillUrself:
there is a God and he gave you a small penis because we are his tinker-toys and he enjoys your pain you bitch.
1537 August 2, 2004

Zach Swan:
Ok, I didn't have the patience to read EVERY post. Notwithstanding that, here are my thoughts. Un-aroused, mine measures out at probably 2 1/2 inches, and settles up at around 5 1/2 to 6", when I've got wood. During my sexual lifetime this average to diminutive appendage has successfully screwed more than one woman into a coma. That might be a slight exaggeration, but they DEFINITELY passed out briefly during orgasm. One partner used to get orgasms so intense she occasionally wentinto vigorous convulsions during sex with me. As an aside, is this typical? It was all I could do to prevent her from "throwing" me.

Anyhow, I can't recall any complaints, which is not to say they weren't made behind my back. Had any complained that mine was too small, I would have simply quoted Sam Kinison and said: "Great -- then it won't hurt when I shove it up your ass!"
1538 August 3, 2004

Dr. Phillips Ph. D:
well, im 7.2 inches long, 5.2 around and i must say that im very happy with myself. i dont know what all this shit is about with 30% of men being over 7 in... its pure shit, and i should know being a professor of sexual reproduction and sexual mentality. i know that i am in a vast minority for my gender, and i know that this site needs to be repremanded for displaying false information which could be potentialy harmful to the public. men, i know you'll be reading this at some time, and believe me, average size is 5.563 inches long and 4.234 inces in girth. i know this will ebb some of your fears about size. oh yes... and on a side note, just for kicks, in several (see all) studies recently conducted, 94.3% of women say as long as a man knows what he is doing, 5 inches is acceptable, while larger than 8.5 can be frightening. the majority of women interested in horse-like men are those who enjoy brutal/rough sex with their partners, and in over 90% of these cases, the woman will never stay in a lasting relationship because of being blinded by lust. i just thought id post this to calm some men... yes, you can take back the order u just put in for the "enhancement" pills... they wont work. anyway... to be a little bit less professional: fuck you, you stupid fuckers. ah that felt good now didnt it? now if you all dont mind, my wife is waiting... i gather you can guess for what...
1539 August 3, 2004

Hi.My name is Jason, and I just recently turned eighteen years old. I have to say I find this website very interesting. I dont know what the preferences are to the women, but I have a problem.All through High school people called me elephant dick, and king kong dong. I have a penis that is a little longer than ten inches long. The girth is average, but I am soewhat of a lengthy fellow. My girlfriend finds it painful when screwing, what can be done?
1540 August 3, 2004

Just a few words for the girls: How are we supposed to become "huge" when 85% of all women have sloppy vaginas, are bloody FAT and have breasts that hang? Get yourselves a boobjob, stop screwing around with that rubber dildo and stop eating for fucks sake!... and the men will come ;)
1541 August 4, 2004

It doesn't matter how deep you plough, it's how long you stay in the field that matters...
1542 August 4, 2004

You are completely full of shit, I think this site is propaganda to sell more penis pills and pumps. The pleasure centers of the vagina stop after 2 inches. And a woman is less likely to have her clitoris stimulated with a larger penis. Also giant penises are typically less erect, because they need more blood, and further more they use bigger thrusts which is less pleasurable and more painfull to the woman being penetrated. And no, I'm not small. I'm about 8 inches.
1543 August 4, 2004

First of all i am at 7 inchesx5.5 inches size,so i don't believe i can be considered small.
Second, what the hell!!!
People(and especially men) are reduced to a set of numbers(money,penis size,height,weight...) rarely someone puts a point on the human's most valuable gift, his intelligence.
I can't believe that women are abandoning their husbands and (for the name of the god) their children for a man with a bigger penis.The same stands for men abandoning their wifes for younger/prettier women.This people deserve to be shot in public.You judge a man from the size of his penis,even if he is the most intelligent person alive,yes, if he is too small and you can't have good sex you can have a point,but going to a big-penis safari ,hurting other people emotions and creating psychological problems to them,deserves death penalty for me.
1544 August 6, 2004

Jesse Turner:
Haha this is hillarious.  I am studying the marketing ploys of pharmeceutical companies and this is obviously just a scam to get people to click the button to (Yes, I have a small penis) pretty hillarious though.  You should print out a list of thew names of the people who clicked it and ruin lives.
1545 August 6, 2004

gorillas have smaller penises than humans and out of all races asians have the smallest penises.  that is funny because asian people kind of look like gorillas.  they both have really flat faces
1546 August 7, 2004

Hey, its just me again. Like I said last time, I have somewhat of a problem with my enormous dong. How can I make it less painful for my girl whenever we do it. It seems like everytime we have sex, she is saying ouch at least a few times...it makes me feel horrible.
1547 August 7, 2004

I never had the chance to experience having a thick penis african-american (black) man. All the ones I dated and had sex with were small (in length and thickness), and I was never satisfied with them. I always had to lie to myself and say "it was cause my vagina was too wet", which now from reading this website was just bull to not make the man feel bad. When deep in my heart I knew it was him not satisfing me. I would want a relationship with a man whom goes from friends to more and during this time he understands my wants and desires. I can't just lay down with anyone now...every man I talked to who were thin I was dating them but was never truly happy because I wasn't satisfied. That would be my wish is to have a black man with a dick dick (no more than 7.5" x 6") be with me, then I can be truly happy inside the bedroom and out.
1548 August 7, 2004

Very interesting site
1549 August 7, 2004

   Huge dicks are a huge pain for me. I like 'em big---7"---9". 6"---7" is average & boring. Under 6" is too small. And if your prick is 4.9" or smaller, you're TINY! The Big boys fuck me the best! They can reach places in me that just rock my world!! No offense to you average & small peenies. As for you tiny guys---you're weenies!!! LOL
1550 August 7, 2004

king cum:
Your article on ejaculation was interesting and hit home for me. I have an average size penis with a big head, big balls according to my wife, and absolutely king size ejaculations. My wife, who says she slept with probably 20 men before me, certainly agrees with your article. She thinks a big ejaculation is more virile than a big penis. She says it's more basic biologically, and yes, she says my big loads are a definite turn on. I'm the only guy she's ever felt come inside of her, and it can push her over the edge to a big orgasm. I can still shoot 7 or 8 spurts, and the first few can travel five feet or more. Not bad for a forty+ guy. If we don't have sex for a week or so, we're looking at a flood of cum and quite a clean up. You're right, the longer the spurts last, the more intense is my orgasm. The other women I slept with before my wife were also amazed by my ejaculations. Several of them also said that they enjoyed feeling the blast of my cum. The first thing they thought about, though, was getting pregnant, but we were very careful. Speaking of which, my wife and I conceived all three of our kids on the first try. While I wouldn't mind having a larger cock, I really feel more studly being a big ejaculator. It's great to have a woman who appreciates it and great to know that all that cum increases the intensity of my orgasms.

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