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1201 April 27, 2004

I am a black male, 6'2", with a legit 9.25 x 6 inch penis. I'm 23 now, but I was about 7.5 inches in middle school. I thought that was small, so I held out on having sex. When I grew a little more, and realized al the chicks was braggin' on my dick, I was like totally shocked that I was bigger than like all the dudes. Go fig.
1202 April 28, 2004

Average Guy:
Ladies please ... let the truth be known ... please speak up.  What a good woman really desires is LOVE ... TRUE LOVE.  The brain is the most important sex organ ... and it is MOST AFFECTED by deep emotion that comes from a man that truly loves her!

I firmly believe a woman will only have her most amazing sexual experience when ALL 3 aspects of sex are present as they SHOULD BE!

The physical, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL aspect of sex as it was created to be experienced.

The best sex I have had with a woman and I KNOW she has ever had was when the feelings of true love, deep emotion, natural passions all pouring from TRUE LOVE for one another were present in a strong way.

I actually cannot put it into words ... best I can say it is like "floating on air" ... and believe it or not physically speaking it was also the most intense.  I was so into the moment at times I could swear my penis swelled up twice it's normal size ... actually felt that way.  The emotional and spiritual aspect coming into play ... makes it NO COMPARISON.

Am I really one of the few people who has experienced and truly cares ... and understands ... that there is a HUGE difference between MAKING LOVE vs. just stupid meaningless pure physical sex?  Anyone can do that.

Please ... someone help redeem my faith in the human race.  We are more than just worthless animals roaming the planet.

Obsession with the physical aspect of sex ruins everything and has for generations.  Hey ... I'm not perfect ... I get caught up in the looks, shapes, size, perfections stupid media game myself.  But ... come on people ... We are NOT objects ... there is SO MUCH MORE.

This site is pitiful reflection of the downside of society ... looking at each other only as objects ... for sexual pleasure alone.  A sad fulfillment of idealogical fantasy!  Really sad!

Wake up people.  As they said in the 60's ... MAKE LOVE ... NOT WAR.  And let me tell you it may sound extreme to call anything else war ... but it might as well be simply because meaningless sex is a dead end.  Someone usually gets hurt ... all kinds of emotional pain ... And even if it does last awhile ... it always ends ugly!  We've all been there.

Come on ... JOIN ME.  MAKE LOVE.  Anyone can fuck.
1203 April 28, 2004

Average Guy:
I hope you all can understand and experience some day ... what I am talking about!

It is an unbelievably amazing experience to truly make love to someone ... to feel it ... to "float on air". 

Kind of like seeing your child born or on any special amazing day like graduation day.  It is like you cannot believe it is happening ... like it is a dream .. slow motion ... yet SO INTENSE!

Who gives a crap about size ... accomodate ...

Find and give REAL LOVE!  NOTHING compares!

I promise ... the orgasms will be indescribable!

1204 April 28, 2004

Hello everyone I've been reading though everyones comments and I just wanted to set the record straight on penis size.  the world average is 5.3 inches,  there are only a few surveys that are accurate i.e measurements done by doctors and nurses are correct and unbaised,  when men measure by thereselfs they tend to over exagerate so they don'nt seem small which bring the average up which leaves no man wanting to admit hes got a 5 inches when in reality its perfectly average.  This also applys to women bigin up there boyfriends infront of there mates.  I find that women do not have a good concept of measurement for example i'm 8.5 inches long and 6.25 around and i've been with 10 women and they've judged it to be anywhere from 9 inches to 13 which it is partly mens doing as they again lie to their girlfriend by adding an inche or two.  its a nasty circle.  The correct way to measure is to get fully erect and place a ruler on the top side of the penis pressing in to the pubic bone at the base and from this point you measure to the tip of the helmet.  The reason why you press against the bone is so that larger people have a padding  of fat which hangs over the penis as much a 2 inches.
1205 April 28, 2004

your all a bunch of mindless pittyful idiots!!!
1206 April 28, 2004

Jason Proctor:
I was talking with a group of people at a party a while back and someone told me that there was a third measurement in addition to length & circumfrence that women used to judge a endowment with. It seems that there used to be a measurement called "head flare" this was the difference in measurement between the circumfrence if the penis head & the penis shaft. This person told me that this third measurement was dropped by wonen in the late 50s & early 60s when penis measurement was becoming permissable to be discussed in the open. Apparently some women were so relieved that penis size was finally bieing brought out in the open that they were content with having the official measurement bieing just length & thickness. This person also said that some women are beginning to have this measurement restored because they are becoming more bold on endowmwnt size. I took a chance & i asked my mother about this & she was stunned that i found about this & that i was never supposed to know about this! Is this true?
1207 April 28, 2004

I found this site to be rather disturbing. Primarily because I think that it really misrepresents women as being sex starved animals with no other priority in their lives regarding men other than the size of their penises. It fascinates me at how simple minded individuals (like the creators of this site) only look at the outer portion of the human being and completely ignore the inner.
Does size matter from a purely physiological persepctive? Perhaps, yet that assumption ignores the inner dynamics that lead to great sex. The inner dynamics rely completely on a meeting of the mind and the heart between two people who geuinely love one another. The best sex is an expression of the depth of love and emotion between two people who are joined in the heart. Love doesn't recognize big penises or little penises, it doesn't care if you are fat or skinny, it only recognizes the value of the integrity of your heart and its sincerity.
Authentic sexuality is an act of giving, a pouring forth of the soul of one person to another.
The type of sex that is promoted on this site is nothing more than exploitation and robbery, and it has only continued to degrade women as mindless sex objects!

- Manda
1208 April 29, 2004

You are SO WRONG about so many things ... and it is amazing that you state all this "research" as if it is all fact.  That makes you an idiot.

First of all ... it is all relative ... there are "tight" women or many women for numerous reasons who truly do not prefer a large penis ... never have and never will.

Secondly ... let me tell you that I do NOT prefer women with large labia.  I usually find it simply unattractive.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

What is this website?  Some rediculous "research" you did for some reason?  What is your purpose Ed?
1209 April 29, 2004

This site is rediculous! 

It is as if you have reduced people to just a penis and a vagina!  We are SO MUCH more than that ... come on!

Sex for me is so much more about other things ... gentle touch ... kissing ... sweet words ... the soft curve of her stomach under soft lighting ... the beauty of looking at her knees, her kneck, her collarbone ... her legs ... her hands ... mmmmm ... I want to kiss every inch of her body!

And what about LOVE people?  Does ANYONE KNOW how to MAKE LOVE any longer?

Come on!  Wake up!
1210 April 29, 2004

The TRUTH has been said.
1211 April 29, 2004

I get the point of this site ... that this is information for men and to be helpful ...and for that it is appreciated ... And I know you are speaking about women in general context ... as for the majority I suppose ... and I understand that ... BUT ...that brings up the point I must make:


You can't speak for women in general because doing so you are pretty much speaking for all women and quite frankly that makes this site quite foolish.

I know for a fact there are numerous women who will dispute this as a bunch of crap ... who will flat out disagree with much of the information that is claimed here as factual because it simply it false for them.  And let me make one point that supports my case ... something I have finally understand and learned from women:

There are basically TWO KINDS OF WOMEN.  Women usually fall into one of 2 types of women ... but, of course, there are execptions to this rule, combinations of such, and that is again part of my point ... you cannot speak for all women in this site because SIZE TRULY DOES NOT MATTER FOR MANY WOMEN!

2 TYPES OF WOMEN:  HOW WOMEN ARE "WIRED" ... basically again 2 kinds of women and I know this from experience and talking to them about it:

1) VERY SENSITIVE CLIT ... usually including very sensitive NIPPLES.  I have been with these women ... It is the way they are wired! and quite frankly ... these women prefer gentle touching ... nipple manipulation and oral sex over intercourse anyday!  And for many of these women honestly size does NOT MATTER.

2) VERY SENSITIVE G-SPOT WOMEN.  Speaks for itself.  These women gain most pleasure if not pretty much all their pleasure from intercourse ... and size MAY MATTER for them ... BUT ... but, again every woman is different inside ... G-Spot location, cervix location, abnormally short vagina, etc. and the "perfect sized" penis for them may be 4,5, 6 inches ... all depends ... maybe one with that nice upper curve ... because it hits the G spot just right ... "hits" being the key word because the head of the penis has much to do with a woman's pleasure.


1212 April 29, 2004

it s true
1213 April 29, 2004

I have to confess. I am a married woman, I love my family above all, but I can't help feeling attracted
to handsome men. I only have been with one other man while married though. My husband and I have a good sex life, he generally satisfies me, but I will tell you that the man I was with, was partly out of curiosity
because he told me he had a large penis. While I do feel
guilty about the experience, he made me feel very feminine, because his size made me climax at first quickly and easily because I did'nt have to move much because it rubbed my inside so firmly and thoroughly.

I won't lie to you, my husband usually makes me climax one good time and that's all, though not all the time because he needs to go long enough. But with this man I experienced more than one orgasm for the first time, easily. I had 4 orgasms. 4! And the first was the deepest I've ever felt.

I have to say I've never experienced anything like that. I get the urge to call him from time to time
1214 April 29, 2004

1215 April 30, 2004

Since you have done such a website ... and I understand why ... yet I think it is rediculous!
(This is NOT such an important issue in life to make such a big deal about in the first place!)

Why don't you do a site for the the vaginasizedebate.com???

Do you realize there are many women just as psycho about the size of their vagina?  Let's say for example a woman naturally has a large vagina or she deeply falls sincerely in love with a man after having been with a "huge" guy that stretched her out and she is literally obsessed with the fear she may be "too big" for him!

When you get down to it do you realize how rediculous this whole debate really is???

If you truly truly are in love with someone ... IF ... and if it finally comes down to seeing them nude ... (WHICH SHOULD TAKE SOME SERIOUS TIME IF YOU REALLY WANT TRUST AND RESPECT TO GROW AND THEREFORE HAVE ANY CHANCE OF IT SURVIVING AS A LONG TERM DEEP LOVING RELATIONSHIP) ...
IF ...


1216 April 30, 2004

Why is it that the Negro monkey has a bigger penis? Does that not show that they are more unfaithfull, and that they result to cuckoldry? Does it not show that they are only primative monkeys?

The negro male is only interested in banging random girls , and then taking off elsewhere when the women has the baby.
1217 April 30, 2004

interesting and well informed site.obviously a lot of work has gone into it.
some guys need to be told it as it is.
interesting about the black guys.A black female nurse once told me that their cocks are actually the same length all the time and it is only the hardness that varies with erection.That could be why some women think they're on a winner as they think it will expand like a white cock
1218 May 1, 2004

My cock size is 6 3/4 x 5 3/4 not big but not small either. My wifes breasts are a 36 C and the same can be said for her. We fuck regularly (been married 15 yrs) and we both have great orgasms together. So my avg cock and her avg breasts have have above average orgasms. Funny how that works!
1219 May 1, 2004

I have been happily married for 15 years to a petit 5'3" women. We have a great sex life and my dick is 6.5" by 4.5". A previous girlfriend called it small and my best friend who I grew up with was huge. Comparing his huge cock to mine during puberty made me think mine hadn't grown at all.

I think this was the foundation of my small dick insecurity which was inflamed when my now wife told me of one of her prevoious boyfriends' monster dick. 

From the start of our relationship I have taken a perverse interest in her previous sex life feeling a mixture of jealousy and excitment as I made her relate in detail her past sexual activities. She had about 5 lovers before marrying me in early 20's. 2 small, 1 average 1 large and one HUGE. She lost her virignity to a regular sized lover but it was Her second lover during her mid to late teens that was according to her HUGE. She never measured it or guessed its size but does know she could not fit his penis in her mouth, could rarely fit it all inside her vagina, nor get her hands around the shaft. She says sometimes after sex she would literally cry in pain but also there were times when they would have sex for days only stopping to sleep and eat. She called it off wanting someone who was normal in size but she admits she regulalry went back to this lover for sex only. her next lovers were small and she openly calls them these silly little penises. Sometime after the birt!
 h of her first child (a single mother) she ran in to her former HUGE lover and ended up 2 days of non stop sex. I met her and married her about 2 years after this.

She also says she physically felt more from penertation with him than anyone else.

Despite this she says size does not matter and says my dick is a perfect size for her.

Is she secretly dreaming of his monster cock?
WhY do I STILL fanatise about her being shafted by the guy with the huge cock?
When we have sex I also tell her I want to watch being fucked by soimeone with a big cock and carefully check her response, sometimes she goes crazy sometimes she tells me to stop it.

I've also told her I want to have a threesome and watch her being fucked by someone with a big cock. She won;t be in it saying;
- be carefull for what you wish for,
- where do you draw the boundaries i.e. she may want to do it one day when i'm not here
- it would undermine our relationship

whats it all mean?
1220 May 1, 2004

i went to my FEMALE doctor for a physical examand when she had me nude for my genitial check she commented on how   large my penis is  she measured it at 10.5 inches long ad 4 around  she said shes never seen one as long and wanted to try it in her
 neeedless to say she love it and now she schedules exams evry few months for me
1221 May 2, 2004

I believe if you throw out self-measuring testing and only average out the surveys where somebody else measures for you, the average penis is about 5.4 long and 4.4 girth.  Something to think about
1222 May 3, 2004

Thanks, the truth is important to be able to move on. I remember my first encounter with reality but i couldnt really understand it back then. Of course by education and through this website any doubts is gone.

My first high school love who was the girl that received all of my attention and money, finally made it clear to me one day (After some questioning) that the reason she didnt responded was of my small package.

Probably one of the main reasons i was a virgin until late 20's :). However today im not unhappy, i got a perfectly normal 8 incher and my high school love is overweighted and unemployed.

This section within biology (sexual education) and evolution should be mandatory for everyone especially young men who thinks being nice is everything, and especially for all young insecure guys out there that might not have been lucky in the sexual genetic selection might wanna have a clue whats going on.

Im in no way saying that everything is solemny based on penis size, im just saying that its part of evolution and it DOES matter. It should be obvious as we like chimpanzees that get pleasure from sex, also favours big organs. The norm is just a little behind (The white norm :) ) as we all know evolution takes time.  

If i had a wife and kid, being a sexual adviser or psychology etc with a 9 incher, i would also tell some undersized patient of mine that (Obviously instinctly must feel awful being to far from nature norm) that size really doesnt matter because this is what i do for a living :).

There is a reason men with small penises are more sensitive and caring, because they have to develop these skills to be able to mate and pass their genes on.

Well thanks again for putting and end to hypocrisy.
1223 May 4, 2004

What amazes me about those big dicked pornstars is not the size
If you compare their dicks to the rest of their bodies you can
see that most of them, AND their female partners, must be at least
10 feet tall.
1224 May 4, 2004

i was born with the gift of a huge penis but even though you think that's a good thing! but i get more turn downs for sex than the average sized man sometimes i would trade in the 10 inch dick for average
1225 May 5, 2004

Genetic Scientist:
Hey, all! There was a great author who once live in austria. He wrote many fascinating things. I think you all should take a look at his works. I think he goes by the name of Adolf Hitler. Look him up in the library. I think that you will have a fun time reading his works.
1226 May 5, 2004

Master of female slaves:
I got money, I get pussy. They most come, do I care no I don't. I'm I small? I got no clue. But they all end up with smile and with my gooe.

Those who love me I love them back. Even if I just want one snack. There are those who keep me coming back, only because they want my dick snack. I am the king and I know it for a fact, why otherwise would they ask me back? I do not have monster of a cock, no where near as they explain it on this site, but they all come with their eyes full of shock.

I play with them like little voodoo dolls, and impale them on my average stone hard bone.

There were bitches who were pretty wide, but my tongue brought them orgasmic tide. I'm devilish, huggable like a bear, confident and protective, because I'm a MAN. Can you dig it? LoL
1227 May 5, 2004

I never use to think size mattered, but now that I have been with some larger men I can say it does matter to me. My husband kept wanting me to try a well endowed black man, but I kept resisting, but always was curious about it, like most women are. So finally I agreed and started to date blackmen with my husbands blessing. 2 years later and after dating about 20 blackmen, me and my husband couldn't be more happy. I can say half the men were at least average and about 5 of them were really big. I'm currently dating 2 of them and see them about 4times a month. There penises are 9-10 inches and thick. And for me that's perfect. My husband loves to watch me with my black lover's. Yes, penis size does matter.
1228 May 6, 2004

hello i have allways worried about my size for many years ,,i am 38 5"7 150 pounds 4.5 inches long and average thickness for that length,,i never had any complaints about it at all,,my first wife thought it was great ,after i got divorced i met the wonderful woman i am with now she is 49 ,,she is 10 years older than me and has been with many men ,, we have talked about my size openly and she has told me i am just about the smallest she has ever had ,, one of her ex boyfriends was hung like a horse she said at least 10 inches ,, she openenly says your are small but it don;t matter because you work it right ,, she says she has never been screwed like the way i do  it,, she says theres a spot that my dick rubs against that bigger dick pass by and in the 100 or so men she has been with none have ever touched it .. so i think dick size is by the woman and every woman is not the same,, i have fucked 100 or so woman myself since i was young and no 2 are the same,, there may be some!
  truth to this but only with some woman,, we are swingers and she can have all the cock she wants but she allways wants mine after to make her cum,, i have seen 9 or 10 inch black men fuck her good ,,she likes it but she don;t cum after they are done i make her cum,, the first time i saw a hung stud doing her i thought ohh god she will not want me anymore but that was far from the truth ,she could not wait for me to screw her after him,, we have very hot sex better than either one of us has had before ,, and like i said she can have any cock she wants so she has no reason to lye to me at all ,i know i am small and told her if she needs bigger to get a hung boyfriend to take care of her and she don"t want it only my 4.5 inch dick pounding her,, this may all not me untrue but it sounds like your saying every woman wants giant cocks and it is way from the truth,,
1229 May 6, 2004

this just confirms all i thought . i am 4 inches long and 4 inches around. my girlfriend calls it a babydick,,we started swinging and i have seen many hung men do her and she loves it cumming again and again .i can only make her come with my mouth.she is very tight and many guys have told me she is tightest they ever saw but i can tell i am loose in her and when we screw she picks her legs above her head trying to get in deeper ,, she loves me and we are planning on getting married soon and i guess she will never leave me ,, so you hung guys you so lucky to be able to give woman what they yern for and need and feel very happy you don;t have a babydick like me,, can anyone tell me if some of these pills out there really work for enlarging? or pumps do they work? i have been thinking about trying a pump please any info would be helpful..
1230 May 7, 2004

Some of these comments are obviously written by Ed ... the author ... to support HIS BULLSHIT!

1231 May 7, 2004

your article on vulva size was rediculous. Those photos have obviously been photoshopped. This is not to suggest there arent women with longer labia out there, just that you should have used real pics.
1232 May 7, 2004

Hi.I have always been a bit concerned about my size,as I feel that the shape is completely out of proportion,ie it is only five and a half inches long when erect[14cm] and almost two inches wide in diameter[5cm wide],ie six and a quarter inches in circumference[16 cm].From a womans point of veiw,should it not be a bit longer,and a bit thinner?ie would most woman find this acceptable,or not?
1233 May 8, 2004

Johnny Mac:
I have friend whose wife told me that my flaccid penis is larger than my friend's erect penis.  This came up after we had a party where we were all getting in the hot tub naked.  I don't know what she was thinking beyond that, but I figure that she had to be thinking what it would feel like inside of her.  Thats just normal.
1234 May 8, 2004

I have had 2 penis enlargement surgeries.  I went back for a second girth enhancement and I am now 8 inches around.  Anyone who is thinking that size does not matter is wrong.  I cannot believe how much more masculine and sexy I feel since I have had the surgeries. I use weights to stretch for more length. They severed my suspesory ligament so my penis now hangs lower. With the girth surgery, my penis just feels so heavy now. The difference in the size before I had the surgery is really incredible.
1235 May 9, 2004

This is to Joanee who posted about her and Simon - and about her fucking different guys - you are nothing but a stupid slut jeezzz. hope u get exactly what u deserve in the end
1236 May 9, 2004

I am a female with large pussy lips and I had no idea men loved them -  I am not too happy with them and wished I was -  now that I see other women with them - I am pleased - they are beautiful pics - I love them.
1237 May 9, 2004


To sell some stupid ass book!  Don't fall for this crap people!
1238 May 9, 2004

I am very impressed with your site. I am a a male with inadequate penis size (4.5" erect), and found a lot of help within your pages, particularly the parts about masculinity and reproduction. Since visiting your site my wife has decided to search for a well-endowed more masculine man to impregnate her as she feels I do not have the genetic characteristics she desires. We are still together, and able to discuss our instincts more openly thanks to the frank nature of your site. THANKS!
1239 May 9, 2004

What is the purpose of this study?  Using common sense, it is easy to understand why black men have the largest penis and Orientals having the smaller and whites in the middle.

Let's look at mammals in general.  The larger mammals have larger body parts, including genitals.  On the average, black men are the larger race, so you would expect his genitals to be larger.  Orientals are, on the average, the smaller race, so of course smaller penis.  As a black female, I was offended by that stupid theory of us having larger vaginas because of our expectancy to be unfaithful. What was the purpose of that comment?

Again the theory of size of mammals.  Black women on the average are the larger race of females, so body parts should be larger.  Why do researches keep wasting time to prove a theory of genital size and race?  Does the black penis frighten and intimidate white men so badly that you feel the need to discredit the facts.  As a researcher, common sense should play a large part in the need for such studies.
1240 May 10, 2004

How big is big, and how small is small? It depends mostly on a woman's experience and lots of other variables. Women still don't want to marry a pig who has slept with dozens of women. And most men still don't prefer promiscuous women, and thats why men and women are inclined to lie about their previous experiences. Morals and ethics are declining rapidly in this country, and marriage is a failing institution.

I've slept with women that said I was huge and others thought I was average. This topic cannot be put into a nutshell folks.

Single people may want a relationship and may not put as much merit on penis, breast, ass etc. Married people can get bored with each other and look to the fruits of another. Women who've given birth may lose vaginal tightness. Its simple really, theres just too many variables to make generalizations. Some people like to play and experiment, others wouldn't think of it. Some women would prefer to use a toy if their lover is not up to specs. Some women care more about intellectual and spiritual compatibility with their mate, and not as much with the physical. I've met women that don't care about sex at all. I knew a girl in college who fucked me, and every guy on my floor, and all my friends too. Some sucker probably married her.

The human mind wants to put things into order, to file and categorize everything so we can say we understand it. But in reality, things dont belong in order, they belong in disarray and chaos. Everybody is different, its common sense!  This info is presented out of context and is erroneous. Like someone else commented, a "debate" does not have a "definitive answer". If it did, well it wouldn't be debatable. So Mr Author...your web site has a false name. This is not a "DEBATE" its a narrow-minded, one-sided opinion. At best, its entertaining. The only part of this site that presents valid info, is these comments, which you should notice, differ greatly from one another. Unlike your data.
1241 May 11, 2004

I found your site wonderfully frank and exciting.

You have gathered a lot of data -- too bad that a larger percentage of the society will probaly not find it to read. They definately should. 

One comment.  I have always tried to get my partners (only female) to let me play around in them with a 10 inch rubber dildo (circa 5 inch circumfence). 

My experience is that of about 5 women I have played with, the maximum depth that they can tolerate -- even with long foreplay is about 8"(less in one case).  Thus, I'm curious about your "average women" is with 9" or more capacity -- because I would think the girls (5'6" to 5' 10") I have been with are pretty normal in every respect.

Here is an interesting point of the women only one had correct idea of her "maximum depth". One estimated before hand that she could accomodate the entire length.

Does your experience that most women know their capacity?

Did you do statistical studies to get this data?

Thanks for the site!

1242 May 12, 2004


A quote from Sherri:   

"It [the DILDO] is 21 in. long and 6 in. around. Using it by myself I contact my cervix at just under the 11 in. mark, but then, by going very slowly, I can insert it to a depth of 15 in. In the past 2 years I have dated several men I met through the Internet...."

Put your penis back in your pants you fool. 

A cow might have a cervix that is at a depth of 11" in. 

And then you insert past the cervix to a depth of 15" do you?

Well let's see how do you get it past your stomach into your lungs then?

What a load of crap!

1243 May 12, 2004

Jimmy D.:
Hey, this site is interesting, I haven't read it all through yet, but yes size matters, nevertheless the hypocritic, politically correct talk, that "size don't really matter". Women who talk openly about sex, usually admit it (maybe they say that they don't like TOO BIG, but they all agree that TOO SMALL is useless, generally they mention 5.5 to 5.9 inches in length as the absolute minimum... they also want it thick, the satisfactory girth begins at about 6" (or 2" diameter) and up.. i chatted on this with many girls, and read comments in forums on this topic in my country - yes, i am not a native speaker, as you already know i think, i write from an European country. Sorry for the bad or clumsy English).
In the past, women were considered sluts if they talked about this matter. They were expected to say, that size don't - this was required, a girl too obsessed with sex was considered immoral. Today, it's not the case. Women were liberated sexually, and go after pleasure and casual sex, like man... (this is the situation here, and i see that in the US too... as Hollywood movies, or successful TV series like "Sex and the City" and "Friends" show it) I don't want to mention the social side effects of this, because is off-topic here... Most women want the biggest cock, if casual sex is the matter, for long relationships, it is maybe not important (she still can ocassionally cheat her mate with bigger dicked guys then)
I'm not convinced that everything you wrote is true (e.g. "small penises are necessary to prevent the big ones from degenerating into giant monster phalluses." it sounds ridiculous to me) but you are generally right about the size issue. To hell with the hypocrisy that "size doesn't matter" and like that. I see doctors, psychologist and like that want to soothe us small dicked men (similarly many women say that for same reasons... or they only find it embarrassing to admit that size does matter to them...)
Oh, my size... i forgot. Not surprisingly, i am x-small with 4.5" length and 4" girth. I'm still a virgin at 33, i always was too ashamed of my member. On the very rare cases a girl wanted dating me, i run away. Well, there are other things in life besides sex, i am contemplating suicide, but not only because my dick. But i know my life instinct is stronger yet. :)
One more thing, i am such small because i have only one testicle (like Hitler had... very happy thing to be similar to that bastard:(). I am low on testosterone, i cannot grow a beard or moustache. I saw doctors many years ago, but they said they can't do anything with it, i must accept this situation (once i got a hormone treatment -  gonadotropin hormone injections - but it didn't help much, regarding my size, nothing (i was already grown up then). Maybe i should seek a surgery for penis enlargement, but i think it is risky (and very expensive, of course...) I don't believe in PE techniques, i tried it once, but it didn't grow a bit. Maybe i gave up too early... :)
So guys out there, with small ones, we must accept, that we will never be a match for a guy with 7, 8 or more inch dick. But we can still live, don't we? Our culture is very obsessed with sex, orgasm, penis size and so on... there are other things, read books, watch movies, excercise, or anything else... I want to accept it, i will be single for all my life probably. I don't want be under the illusion that i could be a satisfying sexual partner for any woman (especially the type of women who i am attracted to). I know that i wouldn't be adequate. Too bad, but at least i know it now for sure.
1244 May 12, 2004

Thanks bro!!!:
Thats it!!  I'm dumping my fiancée and finding another woman with a smaller vagina.  Yes I love her, and she loves me, but in the heat of passion her vagina gets super juicy and loosens up too much. I had thought it was really sexy, but now I can see it more clearly.

She cryed for nearly a half hour Sunday when I asked her to marry me. Her poverty stricken family had doubted someone like me(from family money) would marry someone like her. But now I realize that she was faking it, or that she's in denial. She wants a huge cock weather she knows it or not! Sometimes we would orally pleasure each other for extended periods which just added to the juicy looseness. Shes multi-orgasmic too, but none of that matters!! After reading this web site, all that matters is filling her to capacity, which I will never do with my average penis. Too bad we wasted the last 4 1/2 years on eachother.

My previous girlfriend (of wealth) was an asshole but at least she had a very small vagina.  Small vaginas are all that matter now. Women with big vaginas should just kill themselves because they are worthless to men (unless ofcourse they like anal sex). My friends said, after giving birth their wive's vaginas became much looser. I realize now that they should dump the bitches unless they let their guys fuck them in the ass, or perhaps, some Asian girls with tighter pussies!!

Notes to self...
1.)dump Cindy
2.)never get a woman pregnant!!!!
3.)Asian girls?
1245 May 12, 2004

To Jimmy D,if you console yourself to being single all your life,it cannot be due to your penis size[in my opinion].The men whom I have known since my youth,ie my male friends,have had various penis sizes,and according to your theory,the guys with the largest penises would have ended up with the most beuitifull woman,followed by the guys with the average sized penises ending up with the mediocre looking girls,and the guys with small penises would have ended up with the not so attractive woman.Well no such correlation exists in my veiw,and some of the guys with smaller than average penises have beuitifull wifes today,and I can think of a few with extra large penises,that are single,[and not out of choice]Therefore one can conclude that a lot more is considered by the female species in evaluating a man than just his penis size ie perhaps his general physical condition,looks,intellegence,manners,attitude,whether he is hard working or lazy ie the brain is the most important sexual organ,etc etc etc.Go to www.[name of pop-up-hell site removed!] then type in size in the search facility provided.
1246 May 12, 2004

Without Embarrassment:
to 010:

Stupid ass book? I should give you my copy and you would shut up. I never used to like penissizedebate but always kept on coming back to it like a fly to a shit, always leaving more hurt then before. Now I read that book and it's the only decent thing I ever got out of THIS site. I wont come back here to this message board as there is so much more in life than this.
1247 May 12, 2004


My buddy turned me on to this "great" site a couple of days ago.  So I took a good look last night and for the first 10 minutes I was impressed. But the more I looked the more I became skeptical.   In the end, I was much less than impressed.

OK so you asked for comments?  Here they are.  These comments are addressed to the moderator of this site.

You have created an (apparently) successful PORNO site. 

Now I'm 34 and I look at porno when I feel like it so - porno per se is no big deal.  OK?

Here is my problem. You are trying to come off as the keeper of a site doing  human sexual research .  And a site that gives meaningful and valid advice to men (and women too I guess). 

That is pure BS.

The biggest "fraud" of the site starts on page 35 with your "Experiments" on women's penis size perception and size sensations.

Experiment 1:  A protocol for gauging women's perceptions of penis size, and then

Experiment 2:  A protocol for actually assessing women's sensations of various penis sizes.

These are fraudulent because you never did ANY EXPERIMENTS AT ALL.  You merely designed a protocol for doing the experiments and then created some drawings of some "calibrated dildos".

I'd stake money on the fact that these "special dildos" do not even exist -- other than as drawings.

The ultimate insult is the chart on page 41 which purports to be the "Authentic women's ideal penis size preference chart". 

What a crock!   What it REALLY is - is your (the moderator's)  IDEA about what a women really prefers.   Bottom line ---  this chart is one man's opinion of this matter - nothing more.

So your erotic opinions are being passed off as "research results".

When my friend (who is clueless sometimes) got my assessment of his "wonderful" new site - he asked another mutual friend who is an oncologist to look at it. He did.

The good doc is married to another doc and she is - of all things -- an OB-GYN.  He asked her whether she agreed with the conclusion on page 41.  To paraphrase it.

Any women can accommodate a 9" x  8" penis (that's like a 9" long aluminum beer can) in her vagina,  and  then the "size queens" can take on a 12" X  9'+ penis (that is she can stick the first 12 inches of her arm in to her vagina!).

When lady doc who has seen 20 vaginas a day for 12 years was asked whether that is possible her answer was a rather short one.  To wit:  "NO".

I hate to admit it but I actually skimmed over the 1200 or some posts in the comments section.  My view?  Typical porno site bullshit for the most part. 

About 90% of the letters from both sexes are so inane and poorly written and full of contradictions that a moron can tell they are fake.  It makes you wonder if really some kind of IQ test shouldn't be required before they let you on the Internet. 

I did not actually count it up but isn't it amazing that about 60% of the males have a penises greater that 7.5" -  or better year  that 9", 10, and 11' penises are a common as noses and rectums in this group of "writers".  Wow every man in the USA  11" of penis is on to this site I guess.

Or how about the  "women's" (if indeed that is what a lot of them are?) posts?   Have you noticed number who seem to have been "lucky" enough to experience, not one, or two but a SUCCESSIION of men with 9", 10" and 11" penises.  I've seen hundreds of men's units in athletic showers, restrooms and what have you - if these women can find so many well-endowed men where are they hiding I wonder?

And then of course there is "story escalation".  First, we have women talking about the 9" and 10' penises they can handle - then along comes a woman who can do "12-ers".  But is that the end? Oh no.  Then a woman has a man with a 13" penis that she just sucks right up.  So that's the limit then?  OH NO NOT AT ALL.

After that comes the ultimate "superwoman" who takes in 15" of  a 21" dildo.  Right!  A women's spinal column is about 12 inches behind her vulva -- maybe the dildo slips between her vertebrae and pops out of her back? 

The other 10% of comments are letters frin genuinly confused/worried men looking for help (in the wrong place) and others like me who see this site for what it is.

This site is porno.  That's all.  Halfway decent porno and slick too..  Just realize that there is hardly a shred of science on it and take nothing on it to be taken very seriously. 

At least it is free.

1248 May 12, 2004

I think its great ...to  know that guyz like grls with big plump pussy lips ... because for years i have been very shy and worryed about what guys think about my pussy...cause im in high school and people talk and the last thing u want people talking about is how big and gross ur pussy is.. that would be the worst ....KNowing that im not alone helps too.
Because you normally never see ne thing with girls talking about their big meaty lips.. or guys talking about how they like girls with big meaty lips!
I dont know about anyone else but this site made me feel sooooooo much better about my self... THANX A BUNCH (:
1249 May 13, 2004

TO THE WOMEN, I would like a truly honest opinion. I am 45 have been married twice, and am currently still married to my second wife. My penis fully hard measures 31/2" inchs in lenght and about 2" around, yes it is short and skinny (and I musy say I'm not to proud of it myself)it measures 2" soft but it's all I have. My first wife never said anything about my size, but her husband now has one about 6" long soft (we have become good friends over the years) My present wife and I use to have sex 2 or 3 times a week, but that only lasted for about 6 months, now it's about once every month. She says she has a climax, but doesn't really show it, just tells me she did. Is she being truthful, or just trying not to hurt my feelings. Please be honest with your answers, I know I am small but what can I do?

P.S. Her 15 year old son by her first marriage has at least 6 inches soft.

1250 May 13, 2004


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