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1151 April 7, 2004

Size does matter , I would perfer sucking a huge dick than a small one , it just turns me on to have a man force his big dick in my mouth.
1152 April 7, 2004

I honestly got a kick out of this site.  But I do feel sorry for those that honestly believe that any of this really matters at all.  Sure it is great to be the biggest and the best for the relatively short time we are on this earth, but in the end, the only difference is where we are buried.  Want the see the truth?  The gift of life is a far greater blessing than any ideas we could concoct.  Tonight, watch the sunset, observe the stars, and wonder if whatever you believe created such magnificence actually agrees with any of our mortal concerns.  We're here for such a short time...

Love thy neighbor and be true to yourself.  Good luck to you.
1153 April 8, 2004

Whats up peoples? This is a strange site. Riddle me this...why is some dude wasting his time and money to create and maintaim this site? Where is the server located? in someone's home?  or is it a business? Ofcourse people are suspicious Mr. Author, you ain't sellin or promoting nothin here(or are you?). How about sellin some dildos and vibes while you're at it dumb ass... or partnering and linking to others?  Why waste time and money for no gain??? Or maybe its like a fantasy/fetish kind of personal reward, and all thats wanted is these juicy comments? Yummy! or....maybe this whole site is third party propaganda meant to sway public opinion(a marketing strategy) for some companies, or corporations, who fund the site (or compensate our author in some way) yet want to remain anonymous, and, who by virtue of the products and services they sell, have profits in mind.
In any case, the author aint sayin is he?! Lets ask him shall we.. Dude, what the hell is this? a public service announcement? What purpose does this site serve? Are you........Forrest Gump? Are you stupid or somethin? If you aren't profiting in some way, perhaps you should be. You give no ligit information whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned, this is all just some guy's opinion (or fantasy) repeated over and over and over. There are no valid studies or information given, or references, or links to other sites or even advertisements of any kind. Whats up?

How about a chat room where "meatheads" can meet other "meatheads" and teenie weenies can meet "spiritual girls" then you can wack off to all the juicy stuff they write and you'd at least have some legit info on hand to base your claims. Perhaps ask visitors to take a survey/poll, that would be more rational and scientific than what you've presented here. Does anyone agree, that this is kinda shady?
1154 April 8, 2004

my wife and I had great sex the other day and she said boy your cock got fatter and she said it felt great and itis 6anda half inces long boy it was great too
1155 April 8, 2004

Sultan of Rapsody:
Friend told me about this site and I am writing from his laptop right now. I look good, but my confidence is what turns on most of the girls I have been with. I prolly had over 200 girls and will have more since I am only 29. So reading this site made me laugh several times, honestly. This guy ED who wrote this, could it be coincidence that his name match abbr. (Erectile Dysfunction :) 

LoL @ post 1140 (Anne Marie) 

seeing http://www.metabods.com/gallery/hugecock/pod001.html this "big dick" guy tells me enough how genuine this site is, same as it tells how genuine female you are fag. 

Stop insulting real women worth looking @ and put your lubed weenie in your pants koz no self conscious woman who is in touch with her femininity surfs porn and big dicks on net, koz she can find what she needs in real life. 

I am not small by all means and honestly it makes me sick to my stomach reading how this site brand us like some kind of brainless cattle whose only purpose in life is to compare sizes of each others sex organs.

It just popped onto my mind how come there was no research made to compare how would woman react to a guy who is great in oral sex but does not have a biggy to show and a guy who is big but never go down on a woman? Whom would she choose than (taking that they are same persons in all aspects)?

I like to eat pussy and they love me for it. I fuck good and they love me for it too. Only few praised my size, but all complemented my oral skill sounding like "Ahhh, yeah, yeah, lick me, lick my pussy. It feels so fucking good. Do not stop, fuck me with your tongue. I'm going to coooommmme, YEAAAAHHH".

I got no idea what was agenda for this site, but it was funny as hell. I swear to god, Jerry Springer should host you as a guest sometime. "JERRY JERRY JERRY JERRY".
1156 April 8, 2004

According to the links I am in the 95th percentile in legnth and about 90th in girth (7.5*5.8)  The girls I've been with have ranged from "you're big" to "you're the biggest i've been with."  Since 7.5 is the 95th percentile, only 5/100 are bigger so, purely based on chance, your average a female would have to sleep with 15-25 guys to see a penis bigger than 7.5 inches.  And what man with any pride wants such a you know what as anything but a one-night-stand?  Yet this site seems to tell me I'm MEDIUM-LARGE? This site is interesting but it exaggerates greatly.
1157 April 10, 2004

Your site is a waste of time, everyone knows a small penis is no good but women want love and a sence of security with their man, thats why some women want to want for marrage, they dont want hardcore sex like in the porn movies, your just a mental idiot with the bigger and better crap in ur head most likely because you have a really small penis and women laugh at you...
1158 April 11, 2004

It is no secret that there is a HUGE stereotype in the sexuality world that Black men have the largest penises of all known human races.
This brings me to TWO dissapointments...
Not only does this sterotype cause perpetually increased scrutinizing of Black males by racists and the lesser- endowed...it also causes serious psychological problems for Black males with smaller than HUGE endowments.

In my opinion, porno tapes decide for the rest of us how big a penis must be. I think 7 inches is all that is needed to give a woman maximum pleasure and simultaneously please the man's ego.

When I was a younger Black male, I was obese and had a belly that hung over my genitals when I sat and when I stood up. I was 6'5, 450  pounds with a 56 inch waist.  I was extremely upset and felt totally useless because I compared myself to other Black males in the locker rooms and such.
I don't mean to add to the stereotypes but I have NEVER SEEN a SMALL penis on any Black man.

My penis was a short knob that grew to a rock hard 5&1/2  inches (4 inch Circumference). It reminded me of all the Asian men in porn movies I have seen.

I went until 20 before experiencing  sex. I got an Asian girlfriend who was a virgin because I felt innadequate for Black/White/Hispanic American women who seem to DEMAND huge penises on their lovers.  I figured Asian women weren't used to much and that I could have good sex with someone who didn't know what good sex was. She was 5'10 150 lbs and completely inexperienced.  Basically, I recieved lots of oral sex from her (my penis was actually too big for her little mouth). But, I had to work ridiculously hard to try and fit myself in her Vagina. I kept losing my erections, my body overheated and I was allways out of breath. I left her dissapointed whenever I attempted intercourse.

At times, I was so depressed, I wanted to kill myself (literally) and the only reason I didn't do it was because I was so ashamed of myself, I didn't want any crime scene investigator to see my naked body.
I had a strong nightmare that the person doing my autopsy would see my small penis and think: 
"I guess I know why he killed himself".  More than once I fell asleep holding a loaded gun to my head.

Not too much later, by my 28th birthday, I was able to lose most of my weight ( 6'6  - 280 lbs) and I got my confidence back because losing my vestigial fat seemed to loosen up my insides and give me the edge I needed. My penis became 11 inches long and very thick.  

By then, I was able to put serious "hurtins" on my girlfriend. Sex was a tighter fit and I had the libido to do a serious job on her.  Sex is just not pleasing to a man unless he can make a woman scream out like in the movies he watches. The act of penetration is probably the most important part to me, moreso than orgasm.

Lucky for me, I was able to date without discrimination since now, I felt I could please any woman and also because I felt good when I stared in the mirror.

It is really unfortunate that penis size has so much influence on male psychological development. If only there was a way we could all have a minimum of 6 inches.
1159 April 12, 2004

I'd like to know where you find men who are 11 inches long in their penis length? I think this site is bogus and misleads people to believe that 'average' is 6-7 inches. This is bullshit.

I have official police records on 100,000 men and out of this the LARGEST is 6 & 5/16 inches with only a diameter of 130cm. Average is 5 1/2 inches.
1160 April 12, 2004

My previous statement of a man's 'average' size being 5 & 1/2 inches... I need to clarify my records to support this claim. I believe I was being overly generous with this length being stated as the 'average' size.

This site/the internet is a 'wonderful' place to claim all this hogwash on any man having a tool almost a foot long. Give us the true facts here... not bullshit.

Anyone who believes this will either go into a depression for feeling inadequate or sanely laugh in histerics for those who are believing. I feel sorry for all you losers who have to post such LIES.
1161 April 12, 2004

Well Hung:
Very interesting website.
I have just measured my one, and am very impressed. I am 6 inches long with a girth of 5 inches.
If possible, could any woman get back to me and let me know what you think of this size? It would be much appreciated.
1162 April 12, 2004

I think that women are the only ones wh ocan really coment on it, and I think that men are too hung up on it.  It's a sign of dominance for men, but ya know, I'm an average guy, and my girl screams just fine.  To be fair though, I'm glad I'm not small.
1163 April 13, 2004

Lalzanghrawtliana :
Terrific presentation and convincing arguments!!! SIZE DOES MATTER !!! The only solution for less endowed guys is to find women whose vaginas are not too big (loose) or regularly rammed by humongous dicks. Mine is 6 in (leng) x 5 in (circ), and I have met women who swear that its too big (one said its too thick) for them, while my current girlfriend wishes that it was a bit thicker and longer for total penetration. PENIS SIZE, ACCORDING TO ME, IS RELATIVE TO THE SIZE OF THE FEMALE PARTNER'S VAGINA. It also depends on the degree of excitement, eagerness and straightforwardness of each woman.  I have found that having (or forcing) a regular erection works best for proper blood circulation to the penis.
1164 April 13, 2004

Dexter your comments are legitimate although i have seen men with 10 in penises they are very rare and most of the time on black men. My wife and i use a extension created by me, i buy the new material ub3 by doc johnson didlo it cost about 65 and and it is about 8 in lon and 2in wide about 6 in in circumnference. i cut it down to 7 in long and make a hole in it about in in in diameter and 4 in long which is my lenght. You can make it about 5 in and it will work great. this makes me about 7.5 as you can never seem to get it all in. My wife orgasms in about 2 min with it this is what i recoment to all small penis men who do want to share there wife with someone else. after she gets hers i pull it off and finish in her i am so excited it don't make a difference . this works better than the cyberskin. Stay true to your wife and dont let having a small penis get to you by the way you are average not small.
1165 April 13, 2004

I'm sorry, but for the guys who have small penises, this website is going to be a little bit crushing.  They show things like women like it best over 7 and a half to 10", and that guys under 6" have no chance to satisfy a woman.  I mean, what sort of percentage of guys has such a meathook anyway?  I sit on the 6 and a half, so fortunately I'm not a small one, but I've had girls loving every single thrust, and I'm good in bed.  I'd still be if I had a smaller one.  Hasn't anyone else noticed too, that most guys with big dicks are ugly men?  Maybe it's a compensation for them from God.  If you're an ugly man, you've got more problems than a good looking man with a smallish one, trust.
1166 April 13, 2004

david scout 114:
Great site, i have been here once befor but it was a long time ago.  Well I like most guys and probably all who find there way to this site am very absesed with penis size, nothing un healthy mind you, just about as curious as i am about anything else.  This is a site filled with gossip and hersay with plenty of truth mixed in there if you want to sift through it.  So Im just going to tell my life story in terms of penis size in the hopes that maybe somebody will garner something posative from it. 
  Growing up I was always extremely modest, even at a youg age I was reluctent to bath in front of my parents.  I was never much of an athlete and as a result was basically never put into "comprimising situations" espessially since my school is one of the growing number that doesnt require showers in gym class witch off coarse means nobody showers.  I took swimming lessons for several years and though curious about others, my self conscusness drove me to race to the locker room and change befor anyone else.  The result was that in 8 years of swimming lessons i saw no and as far as I am aware was seen by nobody.  Curious as i was i wasn't going to change my life style to be in comparison friendly enviroments.  I am a pretty reasonably guy and so as a rule unless in know otherwise i assume normalcy i.e. without others with witch to compare i assumed that i was average.  This is probably the best outlook anyone can have and the one i recamend to anyone who feels anxioty.  As I grew up i joined the Boy Scouts, an organisation that i thouroughly recemend for many reasons. For the purposes of this post however i will not comment on its many positive atributes except for the ones pertaining to penis size.  Eventually the scouts began to put me in posistions of commuanl nudity with my peers.  At first only slightly, often in tents or shelters we would play truth or dare, the unstated object of witch was always to view the privats of others.  This is to be expected of youths this age and I can assure anyone out that that nothing beyond viewing was ever considered.  I one faitfull outting during one of these games i made the mistake of claiming to be able to suck my own penis (a year earlier i had heard somebody comment on how marylin manson had remoeved two ribs witch allowed him to suck his own penis, a story that i do not know if it is true, but at the time remeber thinking that i didn't seem like it would be that difficult and so i attemped myself and found that indeed it wasnt so difficlut)  Off coarce i couldn't keep it to myself and bragged during a truth or dare game and not suprisinly i was asked to put up or shut up.  well they never forgot what they saw that night and they havent let me forget either.  Well anyway scouts continued but outside of a dark tent i would not risk nudity. I went two full weeks at summer camp no shower because there was no way to be sure of privocy.  I had a group of friends who had begun showering together during our 7th grade year, and naterally they wanted me to join them, something i skillfully avoided for two more years.  finally they caught wind of my skeem and one fatefull day stole my close and towel, we were at a service camp that had shower curtains allowing a fair degree of provocy, this forced me into the open and into there line of site. Ill never forget my friends expression or first words.  NOt only did his jaw drop but he gasped "holy shit Charlock(my nickname) your hung like a horse".  News to me, somebody who always reasonbly assumed averagness.  Since then i have had little compulsion to shower with the other guys  (commuanl showering is an intersting phenominon in and of itself most people like myself dread it until doing it once and then seem to rather enjoy it)  To my eyes used to my own likeness my friends seemed quit small they ranged from quit small 2 or less limp to much larger. Eventually a younger kid joinged our shower group who was close to my size, about 7 inches limp.(we never got erections so true lenghts i can only speculate about)  I am white but my penis is quit dark as was the penis of the boy closest to me though he to was a pale face.  There are rummers of afro in my dads family though i can say that neither he nor my brother compare to me, i often wonder if this is a facor.  Two of the about 10 guys in our shower group were on a football team exposing them to numerous other penises and they were bother quit certain that i was a fair bit larger than any of their team mates, they claimed to make a point to compare throut my high school carreer and were quit convinced that none were really in my leage.  all told i can count about 100 individuals of withc i am confidant i would be the larges and given my lengh and the statictics on this site that seems about consistant.  Also noticed next to me and the younger fellow the next biggest penis belonged to a mexican kid, who was probably only 5'5 or less though sported a 5 inch limp cock and though we nevered meased he seemed perportionaly the largest.  I was amazed at others because my penis is so long (in the shaft ) that my head appears rather small though in actuall fact its about the size of a dixie cup.) this lead to the assumption by my friends whose short shafted cocks remind me of mushrooms, that i was uncircumsized. not true we later learned when an actully uncircumzized scout joined our group. And we never gave him any heat for that and he enjoyed our showere experiences as much as any of us i suppose.  Well any way i graduated for high school and hte scouts and havent seen another mans cock in more than two years.  Though I tell myself if i ever want to win money i can bet people who has a bigger penis and i have pretty good odds.  Sexually i am still a vergin and think ill stay one until marrige, which is more than i can say for my much smaller freinds many of whom have sex on a regular basis and most of whome tell my that they tell their partners about their old friend from scouts who could tear them in half.  but hey they the ones gettin laid not me.  Well thats it, a bit of a rant i suppose but i aint busy and maybe this will help somebody out someday (or they might masterbate to it) perish the thought.  Well there you go my penis life story so far, till next time wish you could be me!
1167 April 15, 2004

Hey since we are all talking about "size" how much cum do you ladies think is alot? How many squirts or shots would you say is average or "above average"? I'll wait to see what you all think but I'll write back when there are some responses. I don't think there is a relationship between the size of a guy's cock and how much he comes.
1168 April 15, 2004

<i>Anne Marie:
For the men who have been running down this site and criticizing women who love big cocks, click on the following site and you'll really have something to become angry about. This is probably the biggest collection of pictures of huge cocks around. The first picture you will see is #377,-he has 17 inches. Simply click on "First" and proceed through all 465 pictures. Here is the page

Wow... that's not even good Photoshop =[

Seriously 'Ann Marie'... are you really this naive?
1169 April 15, 2004

the Holy Grail:
To Arnold (Post 1141)...
So true. So true. the truth?

Please allow me to comment....
To the author (and readers)....
So many theories about the author's intentions. Well he doesn't really give us any hints as to his true motivations for creating and maintaining this web site.
The author seems to have taken on more than he can swallow(excuse the pun).  Allow me to quote...."the purpose of this site is to give a definitive answer to one question: does penis size matter to women".

Unfortunately, Mr author, there is no tangible, definitive answer to this question. Infact, it is a contradiction, and an error, to call it a "debate" and then claim to provide a "definitive answer to the question". Sorry, but debates don't have "definitive" answers.
So why not come clean and tell these good folks the truth? How about a small page telling us "about the author(s)" and why you are providing this resourceful site? Like someone else said, there are no links to other sites, no references, no ads, and you are not selling anything.
Within the "Comments" portion of this site, there is some truth, but the rest may be designed simply to stir emotions and motivate the reader to make a written contribution....as I have just done.

Mr. Author, it seems your predominantly less educated readers need to know that when doing any kind of research, or quest for truthful or valid information, they must first consider the source. You could be causing more harm than good here. 
So tell us about youself... and while youre at it, revise your site. Currently I see no purpose or benifit for this site...other than your own selfish fantasies. Do you, yourself, actually believe your site provides the TRUTH? If its meant for entertainment and fantasy, then you should say so. Some of these comments indicate total belief in your propaganda.
Respectfully yours, the Holy Grail.
1170 April 16, 2004

count dooku:
white people with some african in them have the biggest penises and since they arent black they have more mony and are safer to boot.
1171 April 17, 2004

I think this is an excellent insight into the true size truths and average sizes if that makes any sense. i want to thank the producer of the sight as it has reassured me to the size of my penis though small i feel i have a higher level of self esteem and am willing to go out and meet more women and generally put more effort into my life as a whole.
1172 April 18, 2004

The real truth:
Hey fellas, Are you ready for the truth? When I was younger, I bought into the idea of bigger was better, but after I gained more experience, I realize that the is simply NOT TRUE! IT IS THE MOTION IN THE OCEAN.

Please understand that does not mean that you can't be too small or too big for some women. The honest truth is that you can be considered too small if the women has a nautrally deep vagina or is loose. If she has had more than her share of partners or is use to a larger penis than for a while you will be considered to small; However, you can still be accomodated, because what ends up happening if you are her only partner eventually her vagina will shrink to mold around you, and this true if she has been promisicous. If it is a naturally big vagina, the feelings she has developed will make up for you size, if she feels for you.

My child'd father is hung like a horse. I have been with my share of men, (over 50) and I was pleasantly surprised at how big his penis was (10 in long, about 4" girth). However, my best lover was half his size (about 4 1/2" long and 3" girth). Why was he better? Because he knew what to do with it. He knew how to work the different angles and he knew how to touch me. He knew how to treat me. He made me feel special.

Guys never underestimate your power to make a women feel special. If you take your time with her, and truly try to please her(not just physically), size will not matter. Do it even if she is going to be a one night stand, because my best started as a one night stand and we just kept hooking up afterwards. Tell her she's beautiful, spend 5 bucks on some floweres, get inside her head and that is the key to unlimited ass. Fellas, you have to be confident in yourself. The guys with the big dicks seem like they are getting more attention, but they get attention because their size helps to boost their confidence. There is nothing more attractive than a confident man, not a cocky or arrogant, confident. One who's mind set is I know I am worth it.

And to my smaller fellas, just to let you know, my best lover with her 4 in has been with over 300 women, and normally that would have turned me off, but he was so good at turning me on. I have been doing him for over 7 years and bringing other girls into the picture. And my chld's father has only been with about 20 women, and he and I have been to gether for 5 years. If they were to ask me to choose today between the two of them, right now. I'm afraid I would choose the lover.
1173 April 19, 2004

yeah it matters:
Re: Penis size....

The TRUTH is different for everyone.

Heres my confusing truth...

I badgered my wife for several weeks to try a big realistic dildo 8 X 6 (cyberskin). Myself, I am 6 X 5 ish. I took extra time and energy to set the right mood and atmosphere when she finally agreed. 

You see, we have this great relationship and I think we both truly love each other. We've always been very open toward one another and we communicate very well on any topic. Sex is no exception. After reading through the info provided on this site, I actually began to doubt myself and my wife. I wondered if she "wished" I were larger. Or if she fantasized about larger men. I wondered if she would lie about it to avoid judgement or stereotyping, or to protect my feelings. Come to think of it, that feeling is all too familiar.

We had used vibrators and a variety of sex toys a few years back, but she really wasn't too enamoured by any of it, so we sort of moved on. Occasionally we still play with the "bullet" (small vibe).
Anyway, after reading all these "pages", I bought this very realistic dildo (and some high quality lube) and got my wife to try it.

The results were not what I had expected. She did not like it....but I was still doubtful and I gave her a hard time about it. She did take most of it ( because of the thickness, it took a while) but later she said, "I simply didn't enjoy it, I tolerated it, because YOU seemed so excited."  She said she tried to relax but it was definitely "uncomfortable". She reminded me that she never had any problem discussing her fantasies and fetishes with me, and this just wasn't it. I suddenly realize that this was MY fantasy not hers, and I wished that she did like it for some reason!!??

Its clear that almost all my adult life, beginning in adolescence, my biggest fears were related to my cock size. I cringed at the thought of another man, with a bigger cock, pleasing my woman better than I could. Perhaps living with this fear so long, sort of evolved itself into a "defense mechanism"; where its actually no longer a fear, but a desire!!  Or perhaps the fear is now a part of the excitement?  Like the fear is still there, but I've found a clever way to embrace it, harness it and make it useful. In any case it seems as though I've been in denial about it and need to come to terms. Im not really sure but we'll have to explore this further.

Strangely, and ironically, I guess cock size is important to me, more so, than it is to my wife. Perhaps I've evolved, and I'm more sexually sophisticated now. Before, I was afraid my beautiful woman would like a bigger cock now I'm hoping for it?  She, on the other hand, shows almost no interest in this topic. Go figure.

If anyone has insight, please share...
1174 April 19, 2004

Some people on here are comparing breast size to penis size.  Saying that women with small breasts should not be judging a man's penis size.  This would make sense if breasts were actually Inserted somewhere.  The size of the penis is more important because it actually penetrates.  I think it is interesting that so many men are upset with being judged about their penis, but think it is fine to judge women constantly on their looks.  If a man had to live as a woman for one day he would crumble under the pressure.
1175 April 19, 2004

I think this is an interesting debate, but is highly individual.  Every girl I've been with touts love, passion and emotions over penis size.  I measure
8 1/2 inches and I can tell you it's not a calling card, but just an appendage.  If a girl likes it, it's just a bonus.  My two cents.
1176 April 19, 2004

Very interesting site, but, it sounds like u jus put normal sized men down??? Don't u think that the average lenght and ur theories on bigger being better is a evolutionary trick on women...if women go out looking for big penises, that means that more average guys have more sex cos of this...so whats the point...I mean...how big are u anyway!!??!!?? R u saying that all smaller men are worthless!!
1177 April 19, 2004

I've read this site many times before!! And I still dont get ur point about this...this site seems to blurt out the fact that it is a marketing ploy for men to seek penis enlargment tools/techniques!! I mean..do u really think u helping out here???? So big penises are better, now what!! Should I tell my chic..sorry, I only got a 6 incher, I think u should fuck off and find a guy with a 10 inch cock!!????!!! This is sad...u should go and get a job or something!!
1178 April 19, 2004

Do those from the Indian sub-continent have the same size penis of Oreintals ? 
1179 April 19, 2004

I am amazed at how that the burden of size is placed solely on the Men. I have an average size penis 6.5". But every woman I have been with has had a different size and shape pussy. My first wife had an incrediable pussy, it would grab my penis like a hand during sex. My present wife has a very large pussy. She has orgasms easily during sex, while I have to rub the sides of her walls to cum. Of course, I have never discussed this with her, but she must have had some monsters in her time. One night she was very turned on and I decided to test her size. To my amazement my entire hand slid into her and she enjoyed it! Although she never mentioned it later, Im sure size is on her mind as well.
1180 April 20, 2004

i am a college student,my b/f is from middle east.
He has a big penis. He is about 10 inch.i enjoy having sex with him.
1181 April 20, 2004

Dude 34:
Something is wrong with you guys...Ive been with about 9 or 10 women. my dick is about 5.3 inches or so and they almost all have been pissed when i havent called them back or broke up with them (in somecases) so they either liked the fucking or liked something else enough to still obsess about me...average vaginas tend to like average dicks, large vaginas, large dicks ,etc......

1182 April 20, 2004

I have a, roughly speaking, 5.5 in long 4.5" circumfrence Penis.I think that is average. alleast in the top 26% of men on one survey. I noticed a lot of dildos are the same measurement therefor it must be pleasurable. I have had one girl tell people that I have a little dick.One girl that said that isnt true. another girl that told my friend that he and I had the same size dick while he was getting an erection. The rest of the girls never ever said one word about it ,atleast that that ive heard. Not one compliment for me! they dont say anything during or after sex to assure me that im adequate or good. I havent had sex in like 2 or 3 years and I feel like it is my dick size. I know there are a lot of girls that would like to suck the cum right out of me but they never seem to be at the ssame place im at? im 22 years old
1183 April 20, 2004

I also would like to know why this person did this. After reading it I suffered from severe anxiety. I had insomnia for two days and couldn't eat. only after returning and reading the posts from other people correcting this "data" was I able to glue together the shattered remains of my sanity and get on with my life. It's all well and good to settle the uncertainty, but implying that women will roll on the ground laughing at the sight of a <5" penis, and that guys who aren't hung like pornstars have to settle for being second class citizens and worry that their girls will leave them in a second if Peter North comes a knocking is sadistic.
1184 April 20, 2004

I guess some guys are so hung up on being hung that they  have to have a sit like this.  Sheesh...there are lots better things to do with your time.

Sure there are size queens - gay and straight and people shallow enough to think size is all that matters.  Since a man *can't* change the size of his dick I guess he either goes through life feeling bad about being shortchanged, or he gets a clue and looks for a partner who has a personality that is deeper than a puddle. 

My husband is about 4" maybe 4.5".  In addition he vanishes into a soft puff of skin when he's cold and has no visible penis.  God I think he has the most fascinating dick on the face of the earth.  It doesn't just hang there, it's in...it's out...  Better yet it can go from a dimple to full throttle and looks like a missle coming out of a silo. 

He's good with it too and can find and hit my G spot every time.  Yowza!  Plus he's talented with fingers and tongue and oh how he can make me laugh.  I'll never go back to one of those over-hung boys who think that size is all that matters!
1185 April 20, 2004

I have an extremely small penis and women are finding it ugly. They say i cant give them sex with that pea shooter. It makes me want to cry sometimes. I have not had sex yet due to this. I am 2 2/3 inch in length and in circumference i am 3 inch. I am 19 so i think i would be fully grown by now. Do you recommend any hormones i could take?
1186 April 20, 2004

This site is dead on, before my wife married me she dated some amatuer (arena league football) athletes that were very fit, well built, and well endowed.  She dated a variety of african american athletes as well.  After we married she somehow lost interest in sex, which actually was due to my size.  Since then she's cheated with another personal trainer (she is a personal trainer herself) that is very well endowed (and black too), fit, and confident. 

Penis size and physical looks (build, etc) are very important to women, having a large penis allows a man to be more confident and have that "attitude" women go for.  I'm not surprised at this point that my wife "dates" men like the personal trainer from her gym after reading this site.
1187 April 21, 2004

excuse me while I kill myself
1188 April 21, 2004

Non Chauvenist:
This site is actually offensive to men in the same way that a site dedicated to <does vagina size matter> would be offensive to women.

To slag off anyone who thinks contrary to this is in the home page is downright despicable. The fact that the author has to defend themselves suggests that they have caused much offence already.

During a divorce case in which a husband was accused of failing to satisfy due to his size he replied <even a jumbo jet looks small in the grand canyon!>

Some women who consider men to be the wrong size might actually be too large themselves after pregnancy for example or lack of  muscle tone. It would be deemed outrageous to set up a site devoted to that fact. The entire emphasis is on the failing of a man to measure up when the fact is that either partner may be incompatably sized.

Too large a penis is as bad as too small and frankly too small a vagina is as bad as too large.

We're all different and we should learn to adapt our lovemaking to accomodate whoever we choose as our partners.

Showing techniques on this site is a far better way to get the author's message across than pointing the finger of blame for bad sex at male size. Frankly that's sexist rubbish!

Why proclaim I'm a non chauvenist? I am sick of the relentless winging of so called feminists who blame all their shortcomings on men.

Feminists and Chauvenists should both be working towards equality and mutual respect. Not fighting against the opposite sex.
1189 April 22, 2004

>April 19, 2004
>yeah it matters:
>Re: Penis size....

Dude, you hit the nail on the head, its a male fantasy more then a female one.  You wanted your women to lust after a big dick because you wish it was that simple to turn her on.  It isnt, I think we all know, good sex/love takes way more.  She didnt enjoy the big dildo because she wasnt turned on I suspect (A womens vagina expands when aroused).

 If you were that big, who knows, she might like it far more but obviously size isnt the most important thing to her.  Its something about you, she likes. Ive no idea what, these are just my comments because you asked for one.

To the guy about India/Oriental differences, yes they are different I'm pretty sure.  Iam of Indian decent and above average.
1190 April 22, 2004

I believe a large, thick penis is what a man needs to show potence and virility. It certain is what I need, and even with 8.5x6.3 measuring top to tip, I prefer the 9.5 inch measurement along the side to the tip. So what if "authorities" say only the top should be measured.

My determination that a "big dick" is empowering and provides satisfaction has nothing to do with what I think women need. It provides satisfaction to me. I've never been turned away by a woman because of fear of pain so far. If anything, they become more enthusiastic with anticipation.

Another benefit is that I absoultely get a sense of satisfaction in the gym showers when I find other guys taking note of my dimensions. Those same men, by the way, all but ignore the guys with average to small units. Does this make me less than heterosexual? I don't think so. It's definitely hormonal and hinges on male testosterone-based competition. It like saying, I'm the dominate silverback among silverbacks and the load that I carry gets distributed to the ladies first.  The strongest will survive.

Actually, I feel that nothing is more sad than a muscular, handsome virile-looking man who then reveals what can only be described as a short, thin penis that seems suitable, at best, for peeing. I know, it sounds harsh. It is, however, how I strongly feel.
1191 April 23, 2004

hi im a 37 year old married women when i met my man i had, had a lot of sex with large men and small then the first night my now husband took his shorts off he look bigger than most when he was soft,then when he got hard i could not take my eyes off it thick and long was not the word it was the biggist penis i had ever seen on a young man he was 21 when we meet and i was 28 but anyway, when i ask he how big he was he said 9inchs long and 7 round well after about a year me and some girls were talking about size and we all went home and mesured our men well you 4s 6s one 7inch and they could not beleave my husbands manhood when hard so i took a picture into them to show his 10inch long and 7 inch around and me a big cock is much better that a small one.
1192 April 23, 2004

I am a female. Im commenting on Irishmen like someone asked. My boyfriend is Irish, from US, but grandparents on both sides are Irish and he is larger then some others that I have had. He is a 7.5 erect (not sure of girth, but its a good girth)
I also would like to add THAT size of a penis in LENGTH does not matter to a female. If she says it does, she is lying.  The only part of our vaginas that have FEELING are the outer 1/3 (about the size of 1/2 an index finer) which means, that although we CAN feel it pushing up against our organs and internal stuff, we do not feel friction in 2/3 of our vaginas.
To prove this I will point out, ladies you know this is true, and men, ask your girl...when she is using a tampon, if for some reason it doesnt go in all the way, it hurts. NOW when she gets it right, she does not feel a goddamn thing. ALSO this is why some VD's that attack our upper 2/3 of our vagina they can go undeteced.
Now GIRTH is an entirely different story. A thin penis is not as pleasurable as one with girth. On the same note, a fat penis is more hurtful then a really long penis.
That is all!
1193 April 24, 2004

Ok so women want an 8 incher. What they WANT and GET are two different things. Remember that!
Say youre 6 1/2 inches, that may not be close to what womens IDEAL is. But lets realise,you're in the top 50% and they will actually be pleased about that measurement.
An analogy would be looks. Say you're her blind date, she might might wish you look like Brad Pitt but the reality is if you look like Tom Hanks, she'd be more than happy that you're you look decent. Same with penis size!
1194 April 25, 2004

Everyone has their preferences , physical , psycological as well as emotional.
That is just a fact of life. I have been with many women. The bottom line, women could care less how big your cock is as long as you know what you are doing.
Foreplay, forplay, foreplay!!!! Don't let this site make you feel like shit. The next time you are with your woman, take your time, kiss her all over , bite her gently, lick her all over , suck on her neck.
Lick her pussy lighty at first, get her wet , rub her asshole while you do it, lick her asshole, insert a finger or 2 in her pussy and gently rub her g-spot while you lick and suck on her clit. Aply more suction and lick with more pressure , rub her perenium with your thumb , tease her asshole with your finger gently.
Any and all women will cum with this technique. Any woman can and will have multiple orgasm until they crack their own spine from the intense climaxes. Trust me. You do not even need to pull your dick out of your pants. 
Do this well and women will never leave you, all the while your confidence builds in knowing you can satisfy any woman. This site was designed to make guys with low self esteem related to the penis feel like shit.
All the while suggesting penis excercises and pills and pumps. All which are horse ships. 
You want stamina , goto to the gym, ride the bike, practice your breathing while you fuck , in through nose, out through mouth.
Lift weights , when you lifts weight, you strengthen your pc muscle while at the same time you build your physique. 
And never forget the women to men ratio, for every woman you encounter who has a big pussy, there are several other women walking around with very tight pussies. 
Sex is a numbers game and a contact sport. You will quickly find out how many girls and woman out there have tight pussies even for the guy that has a 4 inch cock. 
If you find a woman who's pussy is too big for you, you make the decision to keep her or let her go to pursue a woman with a tight pussy. 
On the occassions where I had sex with girls who had big pussies, I just stopped what I was doing right after a few thrusts. Then I decided where I wanted the sex to go, orally , analy, as long as I got mine.
To put it simply, I do not even waste time with pussies that are big and hollow, what guy in the wrold wants that. You ask any guy and they will tell you , tight pussies are the shit. It is all about perception and never allow yourself to manipulated into taking a position of weakness. 
You set the rules, you decide what you want and they will either fall in line, or you just plain move on. 
Remember , contact sport. For those in a meaningful relationship that are trying to work through a size difference with their partner, there are a shitload of vibrators and dildos. Used properly , you can satisfy your woman till her hearts content and not have to worry about her leaving you for another dick.
Keep in mind, she may leave you if you are a jerk and are not tending to her other needs, but there is plenty out there to cover her and you sexually.

Again, this site is horseshit!!!!
1195 April 25, 2004

I'ver been there dude with the whole cyberskin dildo, but my expirience was exactly like yours.
I have been married for nearly 10 years and I can honestly say , my cock is just perfect the way it is 6 3/4 by 5 5/8.
If you have an honest and open relationship with your woman and you are not judgemental, she will tell you what she wants as well as you introducing new things.
My wife recently had several of her biggest orgasms with a hitachi magic wand and a slender insertable vibrator than runs on c batteries. 
She cam so hard over and over. Even the biggest cock in the world does not vibrate, so penis size is mute.
She has been with bigger guys and has never had the orgasms I have led her to time and time again. 
Sex is 80% communication 20% physical. These numbers are not accurate but you can clearly see my point.
Have confidence man, and fuck your wife, tell her you are going to fuck her. If only you guys realized , its all about confidence and attitude.
1196 April 25, 2004

Yes. I think that to some degree, anyone can relate to the author's point, but it is a suspiciously one-sided argument. I agree with some of the comments, that the info presented here, is invalid (and a bit dramatic).  Anyone who knows how to do research, immediately realizes that there are no references to speak of, thereby making it someones personal opinion. Opinion is fine as long as it is identified as such. Also I agree with previous comments that the author fails to identify himself.  Mental health is just as important as physical health, and misinformation is dangerous and irresponsible! Anyone can twist the truth and use truthful information out of context to draw untruthful conclusions. The more intelligent readers may not be as inclinded to comment because they can see through the authors fantasy. If it were presented correctly there wouldn't be as much negative response.
1197 April 26, 2004

Enlarged my penis.... Started at 5.9 inches long... Now at 7.75 inches x 6.2 in girth...(about 2 inches fat").. sex is much harder now.. The strokes are slow and long, and last night it seemed like it took forever to get it in!...Even then it was not all the way inside!/// Orgasms aren't any stronger. Neither for her or myself... 99% of women "thinking' they like them bigger is just that! They think they do!! Notice in pornos that ridiculously huge dicks don't make the women cum??? And they still rub themselves!!! Shoot, by hearing all this talk that a big dick is what makes a woman cum, it is not true!!! Take it from a guy who was once average at 6 inches and now nearly 8 inches!!! Not really better. and this is the TRUTH!!!
1198 April 26, 2004

I here you ladies talking saying you like a cock that is 8+ inches.  Do you measure it at a straight angle like the host specifies?
1199 April 27, 2004

Dr. Dicdoo:
I have an 11 inch cock, but my gut hangs out about 12 inches so I can't really see it.  Am i still sexy?
1200 April 27, 2004

I don't think that size matters as much to women as it does to us men.  Mine is 8 by 6 1/4 limp and it only gets to 9 by 7 1/4 when hard.  Alot of women stare at my buldge but I dont get alot of sex because of it.  I think it's all about how you feel about yourself and how good you can talk.

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