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1101 March 24, 2004

For any guys out there who don't believe that we black men don't have the biggest dicks - check out

Why don't you see white guys or asian guys with dicks like this??
No wonder more white women go out with black men than black women go out with white men.
1102 March 24, 2004

Mr. Long:
Having a large penis is not all that it is cracked up to be. My penis is nearly 30 inches long with a 14 inch girth. When I dress I have to tuck it into my shoe so that it doesn't drag on the ground. My lifestyle is limited by what I can do. If I want to have sex, it has to be with large animals. Be happy with what you've got.
1103 March 24, 2004

I have a small to average penis, and am in a loving relationship with my current fiance. We never have any problems - she makes enough noise to confirm this! Sex is still exciting for me, and for her as far as I gather. What was said above is true.

Love is more important than the size of your penis.
1104 March 25, 2004

Horny Jillian:
reply to "Me" and "Curious F"...

I came back to check and I'm suprised that some people responded to my comment, but it may have been misinterpreted. Actually....I never said that I believed that the size of a mans balls had any relationship to how much (or far) he cums. I simply said that ONE guy I dated had exceptionally large balls (or should I say scrotum) and ejaculation was extreme. It was definitely a unique case. Anyway it was a medical condition of some kind where he produced excessive semen (like more than ? amount of milligrams is classified as "whatever"). He was tested for this a few times and they wanted to do some studies on him too. I can't remember the actual name of it anymore, but he had also called it "hyperspermia" a few times. 

Actually, I would say from my experiences, that there is no relationship between ball size and amount of cum. I can think of a guy I dated who had very small balls that kinda sucked into his body (like no scrotum at all, I'm not kidding). Oddly, he came alot too. My current guy has pretty good size ones and he doesn't cum much at all, and it sort of "oozes" out (I was a little suprised the first time, but I'm completely fine with that). So there. I'm guessing no correlation . Not sure what experts might say about all this.
1105 March 25, 2004

Jon aka Mr Nice Guy:
Thank you Susan (post 1064) for your comments. Oh and btw, if they ever do perfect cloning, can we clone about a million of you? I nominate you as the first woman to be cloned, anyone second the notion? (LOL)

and Name (post 1093) right on, right on.

To Hung(post 1096): one mistake you must have intentionally made is that 62+3=65 not 85! also is it possible to have 8.5" girth?
1106 March 27, 2004

Some of the "facts" listed here are at best dated, at worst wishful thinking.  The average erect penis size is between 5 and 6 inches.  If anything girth is more important for tactile sensation.  Anything else is mental.  The cult of Priapus is alive and well here.  Stop fueling this idiotic mentality.  The fact you should be promoting is that penis size matters a whole lot less in committed, loving and respectful relationships.  But I guess your answer would be, Who needs commitment, love and respect when you have a huge cock?
1107 March 27, 2004

1108 March 27, 2004

mine is about a foot long and whne i am in public bathrooms i like to take a huge dump and then pee into a urinal because i always have to pee when i take a huge dump but my buddy gets all wet and i can't stand it. so i stand with the stall door open and aim and then i masterabate. when someone is in the urinal in front of the stall i can aim mine to the one next to it on either side or 2 down.sometimes if a sink is closer then a urinal i just aim in there. sometimes in the morning and i will take a shower i have to pee a lot because usually i have about 3 glasses of water. well one time i was at a hotel and i was taking a shower and i had to pee. i was with some other people and didn't want to pee in the shower(anywhere else i would have) so i opened the shower door and aimed for the toliet luckily i made it in there. then when i went to watch my neighbors dog they said i could go swimming in there back yard. these neighbors aren't the nices people anyway. i really had to pee and i didn't want to run inside and get the house wet but i didn't want to leave the dog. so i went to the corner of there hosue on the side and i was about to let go when i saw the window to the bathroom was open. so i lifted buddy up and looked for the toliet and didn't see it so i aimed for the sink and i guess they left if pluged because i could see the pee coming up and i still had a lot left and i moved to the next sink and then it filled up to and i still had more so i went and held it, i got in the pool because i was tired and wanted to relax. so i whipped him back out a watered her plants for at least 8 minutes. then when i was on a road trip and we had a sun roof and i had to pee so i opened the sun roof and rolled down the window and peed.

Comment from ED:

Thank you for your very enlightening contribution...

1109 March 27, 2004

In responce to post 1088. You think you are a god that is pathetic. And then you sit there and brag about getting all your women off 3-5 times per session.
I will be the first to say I have limited experience and have only had sex with 2 women. The first time I had sex I got the girl off 7 times. The second time I got her off 9 times. Then I got her off 1 time in literally under 30 seconds as a quickie in my car.

The second woman claimed she had never had an orgasm before. I got her off 20-30 times in one night. I get her off many, many times and I keep getting better. I have gotten her off 9 times in 15 minutes. I no longer count the number of orgasms. I can also induce g spot or clitoral orgasms with my fingers. My oral is AMAZING. My fucking abilities are the best. I can get her off going slow, fast, anything. Many different tecniques. I can give several consecutive orgasms using oral or penetration.

I sound like I am bragging because I am. Oh well at least I admit it.

Oh and guess what buddy.. I am 19 years old. I am getting better every single session. Get a life and just enjoy fucking. Thats what I do. I also tried to be the best, but now I know I am the best and I just try to enjoy myself and have the woman enjoy herself. Thats what sex is all about.

For those who care I am 7 x 5.25

Size matters 50%, tecnique and stamina 50% I would say. Vaginal orgasms from penetration cannot be beaten.
1110 March 27, 2004

I have NEVER measured my penis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's REDICULUS to measure it.
This site is a total JOKE...98% of the posts here are from males (half of them pretending to be women ).
I have been with over 600 women since I was 15 years old just because i LOVE SEX and i LOVE WOMEN...and I'm only 29 years old(I'm total monogamous now since I have finally found my Soul mate  :)
If you think women will go with you or even leave you just because of your penis size(haha) then i can tell you that you are ridiculous or even a moron .
I can guaranty you that personality and status is the key to success with women. I can make a woman like me because i can make her feel SPECIAL.
Of course I'm quite rich so this is part of my seduction but I hate to showoff ;)
I had women coming to me just because of my reputation of a good lover and how I make them feel special.
SO STOP measuring your dicks and learn how to use it and how to became a better person. Your brain is your most sexual organ you stupid!!!!:)
I can make a women cum just by talking to her!!!!!!!!!
Women who judge their partners by they dick size are not only losers but they also never actually love him from the start!!!!

(sorry for my English .I'm Greek)
1111 March 28, 2004

I don't understand why women are ashamed of large labia. I don't even like giving oral to women who don't have something to show down there. It's beyond sexy...they should be proud. Ladies should be jealous of women with big labia just like men are jealous of me...err other men with large penises.
1112 March 28, 2004

I am a male who has a penis less than a half an inch long.  I love being so small.  I wish I was a girl instead.  My tiny penis is easy to hide in my panties.  I love dick as long as it is on a cute man and I can play with it.
1113 March 28, 2004

cali dude:
Hey Rapper, nice vid, but that guy is quite a lot bigger than the average black guy- I've been in enough locker room showers to know, not to mention my HS & junior college basketball teams. The average black guy is a bit bigger than avg white or asian, but is definitely not 'horsey hung'. Though they sure like to talk like they are =]

Far as why more white girls go out with black men than black women go out with white guys- well, #1, it depends where you are. In Britain, tons of white guys get on well with the black ladies. In the US, its tougher, because a lot of black women here unfortunately think that all white guys are prejudiced and just want them for some sort of jungle bunny fantasy. But thats starting to change, and with (unfortunately) too many brothers in jail or dead here, you're starting to see more black women consider their options.

I myself do enjoy the educated classy sort of black woman- a lot of them've got a certain kind of sexy poise, plus that nice high incredibly round booty that most white girls can't match. They're also pretty vocal in bed, or tend to be. But racially I don't have any strong prefs, everyone is beautiful in different ways.
1114 March 29, 2004

A very close male friend of mine told me about your site and asked me to take a look, so i could tell him if it were true or not.

It's not. It's a load of bollocks - pardon the pun.

Freud would have field day with you, you are completely obsessed and clearly have too much time on your hands. You assume that women love big penises, the bigger the better, no limits.

Wrong. Very big penises hurt, trust me. If the size itself were not uncomfortable enough, add the factor that a well-endowed guy assumes that his size will make up for technique. Again, wrong. I know from my own regrettable experience of rough and painful sex with a big guy.

And no, it's not just me saying this. My girlfriends and i all agree - bigger is not necessarily better.

But what angers me the most is your chauvinist and very sexist viewpoint. Did you ask many women about their opinions? Did you ask any? Because it seems to me you've just made up our minds for us. And furthermore you have the incredible audacity to suggest that men with big penises are often 'used' as sex objects. WHEN has ANY man ever complained of such a thing? Certainly none that i know of!

OK, so now you're thinking i'm a raging feminist. I'm not; I'm simply a woman who - like most of us - does not like to be told how we think and what we like by a man who could never know!

One last thing; my current boyfriend - whom I have been seeing for 8 months now - is rather 'modestly' endowed. In fact, compared to previous partners, he is indeed quite small. But he's the best lover I've ever had, and our sex life is amazing. How? Because although his penis is small, he damn well knows how to use it, and pleasures me in so many other ways too.

At least I now know the biggest dick in existence: YOU!
1115 March 29, 2004

Mr Rapper said:
For any guys out there who don't believe that we black men don't have the biggest dicks - check out

Why don't you see white guys or asian guys with dicks like this??
No wonder more white women go out with black men than black women go out with white men."

The example you've shown is rather extreme. It's a porn actor who calls himself Mandingo. How many black guys are similarly endowed? Not many I'd say.  But the point you make is true - black men tend to be bigger.  Any experienced porn surfer will confirm that fact.  Your statement about more white women
being drawn to black men than vice versa is probably also true, but I'm not sure that's just down to size.  Most white men are only attracted to black women who are relatively light skinned and have delicate features.  So it's not just that black girls don't fancy white men but the other way around
as well. This may well explain the discrepancy 

To me it's those of mixed race who are the most gorgeous women on the planet - Tyra Banks  Naomi Campbell   .... hmmmmm
1116 March 29, 2004


@rapper: this mpg is obviously from a porn movie.
This guy has a big penis, but this doesnt say anything about the average length. According to www.sizesurvey.com the average penis length:

Caucasian: 6.5"
Black: 6.1"
East Asian: 5.5"

The difference between Caucasian and Black is not statistically relevant. "It is also interesting to note that the vast majority of Black subjects stated that they tended to be well endowed; an opinion which was not borne out by the results of this study."

(my own penis is 7.5" long, im white)


1117 March 29, 2004

I HONESTLY LOVE oversized labia minora - and Im still and for a long time looking for a woman to fall in love with, that is an iowner of this feature! I would be so very happy, finaly to find me one! :-)
No joking, Im serious at all - long term relationship up to marriage! ...and if she is black with large clitoris alos.. she realy would be my "dreamgirl" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so, I hope to hear from you - dont be that shy.... Im realy serious!
1118 March 30, 2004

female 33:
Over the past week or so, I've read a few hundred comments (and the entire table of contents). You see, my husband, who has absolutely no reason to feel inadequate, has been acting strangely because of this foolish website. I can say the comments here are much more interesting than those silly pages. The author is obviously a male with some kind of obsession, big penis fantasies and probably a latent homosexual. There are just too many variables to make these kinds of general statements where sex is concerned. Just look how all these comments vary. Theres your proof. People who respond here are unique individuals, each with unique preferences, and a unique collection of experiences (and sexual experiences). To make such generalizations about sex is obserd. Also, the author provides mostly hearsay and opinion. For example, consider the foolishness of pages 39 and 40. Who are these women who would participate in a "study" where they actually get penetrated by a variety of different sized dildos? Are these "average women"? Its laughable! I'm known to be very open minded, and I can be pretty wild and adventerous at times (when compared to all the women I know) and I sure as hell wouldn't. What study was this? Where are the references? In my opinion, the author clearly has no qualifications to make these claims, yet its all presented as if it were proven and factual. The information provided is annoyingly repetitious and not at all objective. Penis size is a sensitive topic (for males) and this site is designed to provoke emotion, and ulitimately, get people to respond in some way. Perhaps he just wants your comments (your contribution to his web site). But its hard to ignor the possibility that the author has an ulterior motive. All women need some degree of variation and eroticism but the information provided, about "what women prefer", is largely distorted and exaggerated to the extent that the "average male" will have a negative self image. As a female, I'm all too familiar with this poor self image, and the unrealistic standards being created, and the extent to which women will go to "measure up"! Why would the author target "the average male"? and what would he have them do? Coincidently, the "average male" includes a huge percentage of the population. Lots of potential consumers in that group.
1119 March 30, 2004

This is a ridiculous site.  Nobody thought this through correctly. The majority of women prefer clitoral stimulation and most women can only come from clitoral stimulation. The size of penis has nothing to do with this. Guys, women are different. You have to accept that we don't think about sex in the same way. We don't need a bigger penis to be happy.
1120 March 31, 2004

I already knew before visiting this very interesting site, that I had an "average" size penis - 16 cm long, 12.5 cm girth. After reading everything I thought: a couple of extra centimeters girth would be nice! But I'm not going to do anything about it. I'm happy with my penis. I'm able, every now and then, to bring a woman to orgasm purely by vaginal intercourse - besides, I have two hands and a mouth. The women I have been with claim they like the shape of my penis, and they all want to suck it.
1121 March 31, 2004

Mighty Tiny Peeny:
I have a tiny penis when flacid.  Actually, the bulge in my pants is more from the fat surrounding my genitals than it is from my balls or penis.  When erect, I look kind of normal sized.. 6".

Since I do not have a permanent hardon, I rarely ever show a bulge.  I have heard comments from nasty bitches who say shit like "..does he even HAVE a package?..".  They think I can't hear them but I do.

Women (in general) are diletants.

Fuck women!  (I'm sure some of you do)

I decided a number of years ago.. fuck it all.  I have NEVER met a woman EVER who was okay with ANY PENIS SIZE.  Yet 99.99% of the women out there are horribly disappointed when they hear men rating their anatomies.  They (women) want to be loved for who they are not what kind of bodies they have, yet.. yet they seek for a bigger penis than I got (according to this site) 80% of the time.

Does this shatter the idea of women being the fairer sex?


In my opinion, women are whores.  All of them.  Every last one of them!  None of them are secure with their anatomy and none of them are secure with their man's anatomy UNLESS it is the envy of all the other diletants they hang around with.

Gone are the days of women being like my mother.  Content with a GOOD man.  Sex being not all that necessary even..  Good sex being something you dont' break up over.

Women are diletant whores!

1122 April 1, 2004

I loved your website despite the 3 hours it took to read it.  Although there is a hint of misogyny throughout, I appreciated the raw and unadultered look at what has become a serious topic in American culture.

You rhetorically asked at one point in your website why there has been such a fixation on penis size in the last 40-50 years.  I am no social scientist, but I will postulate: the advent of womens' rights has given women the power to be themselves and has taken away one of man's oldest responsibilities, that of caregiver/breadwinner.  In this new social environment(which I am a huge proponent of), men have to differentiate themselves on a whole new set of metrics.  Women for too long were "stuck" with what the rich guy "brought to the table".  Women now can pick and choose because they themselves are able to be a strong financial provider to any household.  Bravo to all liberated women who desire sex as much as the men do.  The two millenia of male dominance and female opression has finally come to an end, and I, as a male am happy to be there to pick up some of these liberated "sluts". 
Cheers again for your great website, I hope many males across the world bring up their children with some of the messages that you have put down.
1123 April 1, 2004

This is has got to be one of the most disencouraging, hateful, MEAN, degrading sites that I have ever been seen. I guess every guy without the 8 inch + penis should just kill himself. If this is how women really think, then they should be just pushed to the side and ignored; let their fingers do the walking.
1124 April 1, 2004

tony monatana:
ive read the whole site and i do agree that size does matter! i am a male who is average in lenght (6 inches) but i lack girth, ive never took a mesureing tape to myself but i know im below average in that area (and that is what matters). that made me sad and i dont date because of it. i had sex with 1 person in my life and she said everything bad a woman can say to a man to me. i hate myself and i wanna die!   but some things on this site is either way, it seemed like u were saying size does matter and size doesnt (mostly that it does and i agree) but u seemed to be on both ends?!?!?! hmmm i dont know? you were all over on the subject and for someone who fells it matters %100 i dont know what to think about this site. but then again i do... its good thou, %90 i knew it did matter and now its %100 because of this site, this site gave me my answer and i thank u! i do disagree with the 'guy' or whoever wrote the small penis advice info, saying not to worry about HER plesure but your own. NO thats selfish and if u want a relationship and/or marrage you cannot think that way. i could not belive someone would say that AND someone else would put that on thier site. well im done now and thanx for the site, i know now that i will never plesure any woman or ever make her happy even if i was married to the love of my life. but then again men with big dicks are LUCKY and guys like me were not-so-LUCKY! its not my fault that im small!    LUCK   is the key here, not family. and thats lame!
1125 April 1, 2004

Miguel - Spain:

I'm amazed at the number of guys who post angry comments on this page. I mean, can't you all see this webmaster is just a small-dicked troublemaker who must be laughing his head off with all the pissed off people who send their feedback? It's pathetic, really, to see how many people swallow his bullshit...

Concerning my own experience, I must say that penis size does count for SOME women, but the percentage is not really high as far as I know (and I've had quite a few sexual partners). In Spain, where I live, most women (and I'm not saying it's ALL women) pay more attention to, in this order:

1.- The kind of job you have and your salary.
2.- Whether you own a car or not and how cool it is. German cars rule for them.
3.- Whether you have a nice apartment/house in an elegant part of town.
4.- Whether you are fairly muscular or not.
5.- Whether you wear glasses or not.

My penis, who, according to the aforementioned small-dicked webmaster, is average (6" long and 5.5" girth), has not received any negative feedback so far, and I did ask my partners about it. They just said: "It's ok for me. Bigger would probably feel uncomfortable". I have made some women orgasm just with vaginal penetration and they didn't have tight vaginas or anything, I can assure you that.

Another point is. what if some women just don't know how to enjoy sex? I mean, some don't climax with just vaginal sex. OK, that's their problem, isn't it? But, of course, sometimes we do want to make her happy and have her for a long long time as a partner. I recommend you do the following, 'cause it's worked for me, even if it sounds old-fashioned to most people:

1.- Tell her she's pretty. Praise her clothes, her makeup, her shoes, her eyes, even her morals.
2.- Call her more often than she calls you, but don't harass her either!! Just show interest in her and take any chance you have to meet her, even if it's just for 10 minutes at a bus stop or stuff like that. They love that!
3.- Don't press her to have sex with you. If you can, it's even more advisable to make her believe you are not interested in it, but in her company and the subjects she talks about. She'll start wondering: "Why doesn't this guy want to get into my panties?".  And she'll even suggest you get intimate. I mean, it's just about doing exactly the opposite of what male stereotypes say about us.
4.- Once you are getting intimate, remember FOREPLAY! Women love feeling LOVED. Kiss her lips, French-kiss, nibble her ears, gently kiss her neck and shoulders, play with her nipples, caress her inner thighs and kiss her there, too. Finger her vulva, suck her off if you are into oral sex and you'll have a life-long partner, man. But remember the key adverbs: GENTLY, SLOWLY, LOVINGLY.

If you do all those things, do you think many women will care about your penis size? To begin with, few women REALLY care about penis size and, secondly, even if they do and you treat her like I've said above, chances are she'll say: "Who the hell cares about a big shaft if I'm with the sweetest man on Earth?". I'm still working to become a sweet one, by the way :) But I know those are the right steps to keep in mind.

I hope this helps all those angry poor souls who get pissed off by the phallus-centered mind of the webmaster, whose main idea it to create complexes in people, probably because he does have one.

Greetings to all penises out there, from 1" to . ??? :)
1126 April 1, 2004

Psychological impact:
I cant believe I am writing on a site like this but I guess I need to share my experience and get some feedback.

I have penis that is 7" - 7.5" and the gird is about 5.75" --- I have never been concerned about my size and I have always considered myself to be a great lover. I have good staying power control and basically I am communicative, caring and romantic and with most women that I have had intimacy it has been great sex.

Finally I met this beautiful blond model like girl about 7 years younger than I.  For the first year we had tremendous sex and both fell in love with each other.  She had multiple orgasms anytime we had sex and shared with me that I was the best she had ever been with. Most women say these things but I believe they say it to whoever if they are in love which we were.  I am 52.

After a year of being with this woman and having this incredible sex, she turned into alcohol. I t happens that she had a serious alcoholism problem and I was not aware of it. She could not let go of it and our sex started to suffer because her beautiful sweet scent started to reek to alcohol. Mouth sprays and alcohol mask the natural hormone scent that turns us  on . . .  When our relationship started to suffer we remained together but we lost a lot of intimacy. She eventually ended up having an affiar with a Black man who evidently had a huge penis size. She said it was too big to let it inside of her. However I am certain that they did have sex eventually. At least a few times.  She finally left me and moved away but we remained close in contact. She says she loves  and I know I do her too. We get together ocassionally. She stopped drinking again and regained her beautiful healty aura, natural scent that truns me on completely.  She loves to make out.  However, I do notice that when we make love she has resistances she never had before. Like a conflict but she will not share with me. I make her have multi orgasms but now she has to do her clitoris more whereas before she could come in a row from the moment I entered her.  Great sex. However now that magic seems to have vanished. I am working on it patiently but I am concerned that the myth "Once you go black you never come back"  may have hit a  home run on me. I know she loves me and she tells me all the time but  somehow it is not the same anymore as it once was.  I get the feeling that she would like to continue with this black man but she does not love him and does not feel intimate or safe with him. Whereas with she has all that but a small penis compared to the other one.  I also discovered that she has a huge dildo hidden in her night table. I do not mention it as I do not want to embarrass her. This dildo has a 12" grid head and it is about 12' long. It has a spring on the heead that allows it to rotate and stimulate her inside. I also notice that her once smaller vagina is growing larger maybe from all of the large stuff stimulation. Ultimately I do not know where this is heading as we care for each other a lot. I feel like I need to let go of her so she freely solve this new life challenge!!!

Thanks for listening!
1127 April 2, 2004

skobo the man:
great site!i always thought i was too thick but after reading this i think i'm not that bad.i'm 7"long and 6" 1/3 in girth.girls,i'd like to get an honest comment on my size .thanks!
1128 April 2, 2004

Average Penis:
You have a great deal of inforamation. However you fail to touch deeper in some factors:

Intimacy may give stronger orgasms than a larger penis.

Stamina, fitness and the aerobics of well fit persons can be more satisfying than sex with a larger penis.

Large penis people have a harder time filling up to hardness and to have  more sex a few minutes after they have just reached an orgasm.

The freedom,of moving and holding each other while making love can be more satisfying with someone compatible, Compatible vagina with compatible penis. Versus with an incompatible large penis.

Can a woman that succumb to a large penis experience, great eyes of awe, great sex ever, will she ever be able to have sex again with an average penis? DO large penises or dildos stretch vaginas that they will never regain previously normal sizes.

How can  positions, length of initial penetration and movement stimulation cause women to have great sex and multiple orgasm to compensate for smaller penis. Versus larger penis.
1129 April 2, 2004

Nonsense penis talk:
I am an average size penis owner that by looking at the charts on this site would give women a medium to good sex just based on penis size. However I must tell you that I have had great sex with my equipment as it is. Just to give you an example:

My exwife used to tell her friends and I did not know it what a great love I was. The best in spite of the fact that she divorced, which explains that the psychology of intimacy and love can be more overpowering than size alone.  If a woman does not feel intimate with you, no matter what your size is, she will not reach great sex based on size alone.

After my wife left me one of our neighbor's friends felt sorry for my situation and some how we became good friends and eventually lovers.  She said that what my ex-wife had said about me was true that I was the best lover she had ever had.  Her husband was a big Black man and she was a gorgeous British brunette with green eyes like the Crawford woman in the graduate.   She was happily married with this black athlete who had a big penis. She said it was nice and intriguing at first for her but gradually it became painful rather than close intimate and loving. Most relationships experience this and size does not matter> I had one of the most delicious sex sessions of life with this woman and I could make her have chain orgasms as tears would drop like a leaking sink. She was total ecstasy.  In hindsight she probably had reached a point in her marriage where she was not happy.  She probably fantisized because of my ex-wife sharing stories and when We finally made love she was already a fountain ready to go.

Large penis wont make a difference alone. Maybe for a woman who has been hoping for one it will and whe she gets it she may get a mega experience in orgasms.  However that may not be the culprit.
1130 April 2, 2004

Vagina positions :
You should show  vagina shape configurations at different positions:

When she is in the seminary position
When she sits upright atop facing a lying male partner
When she sits upright atop with her back to a lying male partner
When she is penetrated in a doggy position upright
When she is penetrated in a doggy position but she has her head down

I say this because penis size and action in various positions can stimulate vaginas in various positions. Do large penis have the ultimate response in all positions?  Show us some penis and vagina cross sections at above mentioned positions.  For instance a very large penis may be too painful to a woman sitting upright a top a man because her weight may cause the entire penis to  hit the uterus.

Expand on this !!!!
1131 April 2, 2004

Hi there, this is a very comprehensive site containing vast amounts of opinions and views, and the best site of its kind I think.  I myself am rather modestly endowed (8 inches) and so am rather uplifted (no pun intended) by the info here.  I think that whining men who have small penises and women out to cause trouble who keep bitching about this site should just surf elsewhere on the internet.

P.S. are you planning on expanding this site anytime soon?

Great site guys, keep it up!
1132 April 2, 2004

SWM my opinion:
Different site, good points but I would have preferred more pictures of breasts and a discussion of them too, its only fair :D

I think alot of what you said is probably true but having an average dick is no problem imo, it really what you do with it. 
BLokes work off looks and appearances (thats why yer here counting numbers, like it matters) and women work off feelings way more and a dick is just one way to make her feel, they would get bored of just that anyway so you have to be more to stay with someone anyway. 

The only people I feel sorry for are like 3" or less because that might be a problem, otherwise everyone chill.  It dont matter, use what you got and learn every trick you can to make her happy, obcessing on just this one thing isnt too smart imo.
Btw, iam 9x5.5 which sounds nice but like I say its not really that important people.  Anyway blood pressure and stuff means its rarely gonna be 100% and its very tiring if it is and more erm trigger happy like :p

If you really care for someone you should learn how to read her better this will help sex tons more then just BIG which really can be bad if you rush it and worse then having an average pecker.

Enjoy life and webmaster do a breastsizedebate.com site!!!! :D
1133 April 3, 2004

middle man:
  ive read some of these comments and i have to say some of you have common sense, and others are just stupid. as with most things, the truth is somewhere in the middle. does size matter. yes it does. but should it matter, no it shouldnt. its just that stupid ass females believe it matters because they are brainwashed to think it does; through friends, movies, things they read, etc. i will first explain how it does matter, and then how it does not.
  the main excuse for why it doesnt matter is that a guy with a small penis but that has good technique, is better than a guy with a big penis that doesnt have good technique. well no shit, but what if the guy has a big dick and good technique. is it better. yeah.
  however, what are most girls doing when they are getting screwed. they may even say something about how they like the big dick, but look at her and shes got her fingers rubbing her clit. but even shes too stupid too see this. when most girls masterbate, they rub their clit. open your eyes you dumb whores.
  and that brings me to my next point. its not the size of the guys dick that should matter, but the size of the girls clit. oh does that offend any females out there. if it does, oh well. a guy cant control the size of his dick, any more than a girl can control the size of her clit. why is it ok for a girl to want a big dick, but a guy cant want a fresh, new, tight girl every time. and girls are never satisfied either way. they always want something more. so why even listen to what they say, because most of them are unstable and dont even know what they want, or know themselves. and most are whores that cheat and lie anyways. and if they say not, then they are just proving that point more. so advice for girls out there, if you want a bigger dick, stop getting your pussies stretched by being sluts, and maybe you will feel it and appreciate it more. and for those of you who say you want a good guy, stop with the act. why is it ok for you to want a good guy or gentleman, but also ok for you to act like sluts instead of a lady. people say that good guys get the girl in the end, but who wants you girls after youve been torn up by everyone else. i know this offends some of you, but open your eyes. its easier for a girl to control the number of guys she sleeps with, more than it is for a guy to change the size of his dick. but once again its ok for her to sleep around, but also want a big dick. just proving my point even more.
1134 April 3, 2004

Hugh Jorgan:
What a waste of web space...obviously prepared by an insecure individual trying to confirm his worth; and failing miserably.  You have our pity!
1135 April 4, 2004

Much as I liked your site it really is complete twaddle, despite my fantasies to the contrary. i too would love to believe that women just love huge cocks but sadly (for my fantasies depend on it) they don't. My current girlfriend can't accept anything larger than 7 inches in circumfirence or length. Believe me I've tried to persuade her for years and it frustrates me, but it hurts her. So your survey which describes 10 woman all managing an 8 inch circumference dildo is fantasy... either that or my girlfriends got a rediculously tight pussy.
1136 April 4, 2004

this exercise do not work
1137 April 4, 2004

Very few women I know really care that much about penis size. In reality, it is quite hard for a woman to orgasm through normal intercourse with a 10 inch or a 5 inch. Clitoral stimulation is really the key. Now, if we're assuming clitoral stimulation is involved, perhaps some women would like a larger penis.

But when it really comes down to it? It doesn't play much of a role in choosing a mate.

Nor does breast size, for that matter. There isn't a huge single Asian girl to taken American girl ratio. I'd say unenhanced Asian women are as popular as unenhanced American women. Most men I've spoken to have said they "prefer more than an A cup" but "don't want over a D." That puts it in B-C. HArdly what I would call big breasts, and nowhere near the F cup you have for a picture on your site.

You would do best to revise your comments to:

Some American women like large penises, but would take a small partner who provides clitoral stimulation over a large one that doesn't, probably wouldn't base a relationship on that decision, and would almost certainly choose loving/attentive over big any day.

So, would an American woman prefer a large-penised partner if he were attentive, loving, devoted to HER orgasm and willing to help her have one? Some might.

But it's hardly a "Most women like big penises" kind of thing.

Don't even get into outside of America, different cultures have different "norms" and preferences for body sizes.

Altogether, this is a very unscientific website and while I won't "flame" you, I think you're making too many generalizations.

I, for one, would not place a single ounce of worth on penis size, and *I* am a big-breasted American woman.

And trust me, I'm not alone.

Like they say, it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.. because, honestly, stabbing a girl between the legs with your penis repeatedly doesn't really do much no matter WHAT size you are. What a woman REALLY wants is  foreplay, and added stimulation.

At the end of the day, penis size is very low on the list.
1138 April 4, 2004

I don't care about my size as long as he can satisfied my woman
1139 April 4, 2004

Ms. Accomodation:
My new boyfriend has a very small penis. We're not sleeping together yet, but I'm very apprehensive. First of all, what am I gonna do about condoms not fitting? Secondly, will he even be able to have any sensation having sex with me (considering I've slept with more average-sized men before)? Third, are there any special techniques that I can use manually, orally, or sexually to increase his pleasure? Lastly, how can I help him feel comfortable? Please help me!!!
1140 April 5, 2004

Anne Marie:
For the men who have been running down this site and criticizing women who love big cocks, click on the following site and you'll really have something to become angry about. This is probably the biggest collection of pictures of huge cocks around. The first picture you will see is #377,-he has 17 inches. Simply click on "First" and proceed through all 465 pictures. Here is the page
1141 April 5, 2004

You repeatedly labour the point about dispelling myths, well let's do it shall we? It should be pretty obvious that what an awful lot of us men find highly erotic is the thought of women loving huge cocks(or some large substitute). Its the main ingredient of most porn, which is by its nature designed to excite us. In order to uphold such fantasies we have to believe them to be true, i.e. that women really do prefer huge cocks. Of course there will be some that really do but to go down that avenue is off my point. My point is that we men would love for your assertions to be true, it would fulfill our biggest fantasies, we could whip out a BAM-sized dildo and she would have her knickers off and have you fuck her with it quicker than you can say "are you ready for it?" To my, and no doubt many other mens dismay, they really don't enjoy such big cocks. No, they really do like the ones that real people have. Shame! Of course what alot of smart and eternally appreciated women have sussed is that very fact...we like the idea, and bless them they do their very best to accomadate us (via the biggest dildo they can manage). Like the hundreds of porn stories that tell of women who are so smitten with the black  guy with the huge cock that they never want their husbands again, this whole site is a rather elaborate fantasy, one in which I share of course, but fantasy nontheless.
1142 April 5, 2004

If it is true that Asian women have smaller vaginas
then what is the ideal penis size for Asian gals vagina and
also do they desire a big penis from western men?
1143 April 5, 2004

Penis Complex:
Size does not matter to the female vagina if she is infatuated. She can handle any penis size much the sameway.  It is a psyche game more than anything else. You can idealize it anyway you want but if the big dick guy is an asshole I guarantee you he will not score big.  Big dicks are a lot of maintenance and take a lot longer to get hard and renew for the next go around. Medium size penises are faster, don't bobble as much and are really more active and creative.  However if your woman is new into big penises watch out as it may take her many years before she is able to come back to the land of the average penis.    There is no set formula.
1144 April 6, 2004

hi sick pple of the world
i would like to ask the men on this site(i dont want to comment on the women) dont u ever get tired of this shit about big penises pliz, grow, engage in other useful things let me confess that i come to know this site by researching alot about the same subject but eventually i become disillusioned it's just flesh on your body, and this shit about not being able to satisy women, it is my belief that women are sexless and were basically created not to enjoy sex. instead of thinking about life and the big picture u preoccupy ur self with ur body. that's my advice
1145 April 6, 2004

Speaking from experience, I'd have to agree that size matters, and it can matter either way. Some years ago I bought some adult videos, and although my wife said she found them gross, she always watched them, supposedly out of curiosity. Also I noticed that when we made love afterward, she would be arroused and lubricated quickly. I finally got her to admit that she found the well endowed guys in these videos exciting, especially if they were handsome or well built.
I got some educational videos on sex fantasies which opened the door for her to share with me that she had fantasised about what a big penis would feel. After 3 kids she thought that she was stretched out too much to get intense feelings from my penis. I'm about 5.75 by 5.0.
My next step was to buy some dildos and penis extenders. What we discovered, after she got over some initial inhibitions, was that 7 to 7.5 length and 5.25 width are ideal for her. 8 in. length and 6in. circumference is just too big, especially the thickness, no matter how much foreplay we have or how much lubricant we use. I haven't been able to find a dildo that's just right, but the cyberskin classic comes close. I've put a small extender on it to make it 7+ and about 5.25 and it works great. The best results we've had is when I've worn an extender that gave me a little over 7in. length and 5.25 width. I had to shorten the extender about an inch. It was too painful for her at 8in. Also, nothing works if I don't pleasure her with alot of clitoral stimulation beforehand, especially orally.
But there's no question that she enjoys the extra size, and that she has orgasms with the deeper penetration and greater thickness that my penis alone can't give her. She says that it definitely feels better. It's also a turn on for me to know that I can now give her intercourse orgasms, although the purly clitoral ones are still the most intense.
One disadvantage of using the extenders is that I can't come inside her. I'm a pretty heavy and forceful ejaculator (1 to two teaspoons) and I enjoy watching the semen leak out of her after sex. She says she enjoys feeling the pulses inside her, so sometimes I'll try to time my orgasm, pull out, remove the sleeve and insert again, but it's not easy.
To sum up, we're glad we explored this area, both with the videos and the toys, but we have to agree with many of the commenters that the ideal size areas on your chart are exaggerated. Maybe for some women, but not for the great majority. It's also my guess that penises over 8in.L and 6in.C are very rare.
1146 April 7, 2004

I love your site so much.  Penis size DOES matter, it always has.  I truly admire you for your objectivity and frankness.

I have a 4.25 inch penis when erect.  This is certainly quite small.  Yet, I do believe that it is both GOOD and HEALTHY that people, websites, and girls talk about penis size openly.

I get very turned off by girls that lie to me and say my penis is OK.  As a matter of fact, I like sleeping with girls that love very large penises, and are BRAVE enough to tell me that I'm small.

When I was in college, I had a girlfriend that was VERY attracted to guys with large members, like the ones you see on VHS.  She always told me how small I was, yet she slept with me because she says she truly loved me.

Thank you for bringing this topic out in the open.
1147 April 7, 2004

Mr Big:
Mine is just over 8 inches long and 7 inches around. My girlfriend says its the biggest 1 she ever saw and although she wasnt a size queen before, she is now! Most women dont realize it, but used in the right way, a thick 8 inch dick is the optimum size, no bigger, no smaller!
1148 April 7, 2004

Nice Website but . . . :
When reaching comments it always gives 1-50 first. Should it not be the last comments to maintain the string. Even a searching glossary so that one can go from subject to subject or item of interest within the comments.  It would be nice to disseminate Female versus male comments. Being a male I am more interested in female comments etc
1149 April 7, 2004

World Traveller:
My dick is of the average size. 7" by 5.75" when fully erect and pushed against the vagina. That means I am left with only about 5" for active continuous inside action as the remaining 2" are lost to active entry /rentry movements.

Size may be important dependent to the ey of the beholder as it is more complicated than that.  When I had a chance to travel the Oreint many years ago I had the opportunity of having sex with several nationalilties like Japanese, Korean and Thai women.  I noticed as well as many of my other friend did that Thai women have perhaps that tighest pussies in the world. If you are an average Dick owner like me I guarantee you that making love to a Thai woman should be a comparable experience to Big Dick having sex with an overstreched white pussy.  It feels different and it is a nice feeling sensation to feel that packet size pussy so I can understand why the relativity of a woman enjoying a big dick.

I must add that having sex with these Thai women was a worth experience for me but eventually like in everything else if there is no feeling of intiamcy or love it does not mean anything.  For me I can measure intimacy and love with scent and that is more important for me than size.   Making love to my fiancee is heaven as she smells homey, clean and full of awesome hormones. To me that has more value that sheer size. When I made love to the Thai women it was a nice experience but I would never change to what I have today.  We human people are very complex creatures.

For your sake it is better to have your woman be full experience (from small to big dick) when you meet her and you both are intended for each other than meeting a woman who has not had experiences because if she ever goes to a big dick after she has enjoyed your small dick it may take a long time for her to return. Not worth the pain.

I would like to have comments from women.
1150 April 7, 2004

Hector 5.5:
I think that, while your page is honest in your oppinions, you have no new facts other than recycled material from what is already in the net. My penis is about 5.5 inches (small) and, while I perhaps can't cram my partners pussy until her eyes pop out, I am very good at making her come through clit induced orgasms. I have in no way felt that my size has impaired my ability to give her and others great sexual pleasure.

And as for your large vulva lip idea, I, as many others I know, find your idea of vulval beauty actually quite distatestful.

Nice effort, but it seems too biased by your personal perception of what is already in the net.

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