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1051 March 12, 2004

Jon aka Mr Nice Guy:
Hey Ed, one thing I have to compliment you on is that in all the 1000+ Comments made (which I have read most of) You sure can take some heat for all this, and that I do have to sincerely respect.
This obsession with penis size really didn't matter much to me until my third relationship (I've only dated three girls-but stayed with each one for some time). With my third girl, we were probably together for 9 months or more. She had always liked me b/c of my looks (not the best lookin guy, but I can get a few), my respect for her (loving her, remembering her b-day or other special dates), my ability to LISTEN to her, as well as many other things. This girl and I really had an emotional connection - which she herself admitted attracted her to me, and was something she never got even close to getting to with any other guy. Especially what she liked was when we would cuddle (NO I"M NOT GAY- thank you) and for long periods of time. Everything we had together was better than any she had had before. She said I was the nicest, sweetest guy she had ever met and she absolutely loved it. HOWEVER, about a week b/f our breakup she started trying to touch my dick (No we hadn't had sex-We were both virgins). When she first touched it, I was so damn nervous, I just couldn't get hard and it stayed flacid-NOT cool. My dick when flacid is about 1.5"-2" and when erect it is 5.75" (at most maybe 6") in length and probably less than 4" girth. (just out of curiosity are there any guys out there who are almost 4 TIMES LONGER when erect than when flacid?) Anyway, obviously she was not impressed-she didn't say anything, but believe me, the expression on her face said EVERYTHING. After this she tried to hold it a few times after the first time and once when I was hard I let her hold it and she liked it a lot more than when it was flacid. But the next thing you know, she breaks it off with me and when I ask her what it was about (even though I knew) she told me my dick was too small. 
I have never really been insecure about this, but man, that hurt like hell! I'd been with this girl who I had a deep connection with and she had admitted that she had never been happier with any other guy, but then this? I never knew a girl would break up with a guy like me over my dick size! yeah, ok I'm not perfect, but I tried to treat this girl like a queen in the best way I could, and then she just rips my heart out and breaks it into a million pieces! I mean, Is size important enough for girls to break up over? Seriously, would you girls break up with a guy just for dick size? -I'd REALLY like to know your answers to that. I mean I've read the comments here and yes there are definitely some who might say they would, but hey, I'm not talking about a one night stand here or some sexual relationship, I mean a guy who wants a deep committed relationship (yes I did use the dreadful "C" word) Man, sometimes being a nice guy is a CURSE, and NOT a blessing. 
Are there any girls out there who would stay with a deep committed guy who loved them like no other, but yet only had 6" or less? Please tell me either here or my email jimihendrixfrk@hotmail.com -I just don't understand girls!!
1052 March 12, 2004

If you like big one, why you come back here so often and repeat that all time? Who are you trying to convince, me or your self?

IMHO, who ever is feeling bad because reading this site is more idiotic than women/guys posting here about their misfortunes.

I had 50+ women in my life and I never got cheated. My dick would prolly be between 6-7" long how wide got no idea.

Looking at posts from these "women" all I could say is that you deserve to be treated as dirt in your life, because that is type of guy you need. Not because you have preference, but the way how you say it. Trust me I had many of your kind, and they loved me.

@ all men who feel inferior about their size

PPL like the one's who made this site make it their job to create insecurities in order to make MONEY. Companies PAY them money so you could ask your self. Ever watched commercial that at first did not interest you and than later you bought that product. They tell you if you feel insecure about your size do not read contents of this page because you could read something you do not like. It is called reverse psychology. Of course you are going to read it otherwise why did you look for this topic. They KNOW you are insecure and by luring you here they know you will look for pills, exercises that you have to pay ect.

I bet my "average" dick, most of these posts are written by ppl involved in this game, and even if case was not such they do not represent even the smallest percentage of men/women that you can find for yourselves.

The best was to read that female prefer big penises but they will allow female to impregnate them in order to keep population with not too enormous phalluses. C'mon man who are you trying to fool. This is just one example where it is seeable that this was made by a group of ppl who have no idea about human psychosexuality and human evolution, no matter how much they try to keep this site "on the level".

I will change my mind once I find more sites, that confirm your theory, than ones that claim opposite and by that I do not mean that penis size is not relevant to certain percentage, much smaller percentage.

Be your own judge!
1053 March 12, 2004

There are 2 questions left a bit up in the air by your report for which I think there are answers:

1.  Why Do Women Seem Eager Instinctually to Put Down, Ridicule, or Humiliate Small dick men?  Why does being fucked by a small dick disgust so many women?

This is an instinct to avoid being impregnated by them!  They instinctively want their sons to be masculine and, therefore, reproductive!

2.  Why do quite a number of women report liking to suck a small cock?

This act gives many women a feeling of power they can't get from sucking a large cock.  A large cock challenges and dominates the woman.  A woman can feel dominant over a small dicked guy that can't choke her even if he tried. Inwardly she can laugh while she sucks, thinking about how silly a a small dick is compared to some of the big ones that so dominated and impressed her!  Further, she doesn't have to worry about the little dick guy impregnating her and carrying "little dick" seed if she sucks him off.

3.  The site failed to explain why little dick men exist.  The explanation about preventing big ones from getting too big is nonsense.  Dicks that are really too big don't get as many women pregnant either.  Small dicks are just a normal part of the bell curve.  Most of the charts show guys under 5" at only 5% of the population.  5% defects is not all that many as a per cent.  Also, small dick guys, tending to be submissive, provide a function in society.  They function much like eunuchs.  They are loyal servants less likely to revolt against their masters.
1054 March 13, 2004

I think many of the stuff on this side is more or less truth, but tell me please, what should I do when Im 5 1/2 inches long and 1,7 of inches diameter of thickness of my penis. What should I do? Hang myself? To live in fear in all of relationship i should lost ..........?????????
what should i do if im only enjoyable penis?
1055 March 13, 2004


Easy for you to say. . .you admit you are average and therefore not that great a disappointment for any of those 50+ girls.  It is riddiculous for average and large average guys to be concerned much.  Us 2, 3, 4, 5" guys?  A lot more difficult to ignore the issue!

1056 March 13, 2004

Jon aka Mr Nice Guy:
To Dirk: don't feel bad for still loving your wife. I think it shows how much you really do love her. To bad she didn't feel the same

To "A Girl" (post 1025): Thanks for your comment. I used to think most girls were like you - not wanting TOO SMALL nor excessively big. However now I don't know what to think.

To Hotmama and Natalie: If a guy had a small or average penis, but he really loved you (REAL love not Hollywood bull) and made you happy in almost every other way, would you still try to get other men or would you love him back and be satisfied? Just curious

Also to Tami from ASU if you're still out there (yes I know it was a long time ago - post 727) thanks for your info on those 23 guys. Nothing against Ed or anything, but Ed's info is the only info I've heard of that made it seem like huge dicks were semi-common. Not that I'm trying to criticize Ed, but even in the many times that they would ASK (NOT MEASURE) about how big a guy's dick was, the average results were about 6.5" length. Hey, I have even lied to other guys about the size of my dick (making it out to be larger of course). Don't you think these guys would have made it out to be huge or at least 7-8"?

By the way to you ladies: I have heard about Kegel excercises for women to make it tighter. I heard it was easy and took very little time to do, and gave you results A LOT quicker than PE does for men. Supposedly most women have no problem doing this for themselves and/or their men. HOWEVER, not wanting to make you girls feel insecure about (trust me some of us guys know what that is like) I was wondering that if you're with a guy with whom yall (yes I'm a Texan) are both in love, but yet maybe he's a little or perhaps significantly less than what you could handle, would you be willing to do Kegel's WITHOUT being insecure about it? Trust me, I really don't want to make yall feel inadequate at all. The answer to making guys who are small or average feel better about themselves is NOT to start tearing women down for not being tight! Please, let's all be open here and care about what the other sex thinks. But seriously women, what would yall think about this? Do you feel insecure about this? Would you do this for yourself and your man (esp if you are both in love)? Please write back or email me jimihendrixfrk@hotmail.com I think us avg sized, caring guys would like to know.
1057 March 13, 2004

I presume psychology was your major at university, thus your claims were product of years long studying and research in this field? Women choose their potential mate according to their physical HEALTH and social STATUS that can ensure SAFE and SECURE life of their potential offspring. Not much different from animals where alpha-male is biggest and strongest (thus confirming his general health), one who is able to protect his offspring and who in general has "strong genes", not one that has biggest penis.

Proof enough, how credible this site really is and what significance this "research" had within medical society which deals with this type of human behavior could be found in a fact that I have not red more than handful of comments that do not represent either men who got disappointed (laughed at, joked, left/cheated by g/f for a man with  bigger one) and women (except few) who repeatedly claim that big is all that counts.

Claims that are made here do not hold water. If case would have been such than there would be more medical research that support such claims. Of course there is always that "All that we are saying is that if situation was such and if woman can choose between two men that are same, one with smaller one with bigger, women would choose bigger because it can give more pleasure to them". This is just another lure for insecure and doubtful individuals who understand only this aspect. But what about other aspects that dilute and minimize aspect of penis size (financial state, social status, women preferences which are not similar to the ones described here and I can go for hours about these other aspects), which have much bigger influence on human sex life and partner preference. Thus size was classified as "mostly or mainly" insignificant to human sexual evolution, giving emphasis to more common reasons of sexual satisfaction, both men and women. By this I do not mean that there is not percentage of people who are not like vast majority (those who are undersize).Same as there are people born blind, mute, paralyzed ect. It is up to them, how they will find a way to get around this "natural" and more psychological setback and how they will find a functional place in society in any aspect of their "deformity".
Another thing that proves that this is just an observation made by a group of people (in my mind clearly knowing why) who never took "big" picture sort to say and why this type of observation will never represent any significance in future. I do not and can not believe that all those studies, made on this subject, were made by people who have small penises so they produced false data in order to keep themselves happy and not to give blow to that fragile, balloon like "men's ego" (just a label) and creation of mass hysteria, which is exactly what they are here rying to do.

Until their claims are confirmed by somebody worth reading and getting my self to think twice, my 4,5 and 6"-er know very well how to keep my lover happy. Not because I am stud, but because I acknowledge that person I look in the mirror every morning and I respect and understand that person next to me in my bed at same level as that person understand and respects me. Not more, not less.

At the end let your conscience be your judge! HF
1058 March 13, 2004

marc jubas:
I hear silent voices that cause me to have erections daily, how can I become oversexed, marc
1059 March 14, 2004

To Hot Mama

 You say that all women are tight.Well here's your chance to prove it.I've measured many women and your statement is totally false.But if you dare to contest this,put your money were your mouth is (should I say your pussy)and I will measure you.My assumption is that you are a LLV (large and loose vagina)woman.So put up or shut up.

Since, I've personaly tested a few of my measured subjects, believe me when I say tighter IS BETTER.I only have sex with tighter women now.And I'm sure many of you will too,once you know how to rate pussies on the international pussy tightness scale.

 I'm somewhat above average in size, so I consider myself in the upper range of avg.So I'm in the 85% range of men.Because of this,I make for a good pussy tightness comparer.I know the difference of pussy sizes while most men don't,if not all men.What I'm saying here is that many men can attest there is a wide variety of pussy tightnesses out there,but they have no real benchmark to exactly rate where the last woman they fucked is.I can. Soon all men will be able to do it if they desire to do so.Isn't it about time guys.Please don't be pussy whipped and such chivralous castrates.Women have no problem comparing, they've be doing since the beginning, isn't about time to reverse the tables.Women today,in western countries have abusolutely no more credibility in many areas,especially in this subject.So wait in anticipation, it will be quite the conversation piece in the near futur.
1060 March 14, 2004

Another theory:
Evolutionary speaking, I actually think genetically large penis is a dying breed. They'll remain statistically insignificant, despite the various purported advantages mentioned on this meticulously laughable site.

Yes, men will continue associating size with certain primitive superiority. However such "superiority" doesn't translate well to reproductive advantages. Men with large dick tend to share it with more partners because of the real or imaginary advantages in sexual satisfaction and less likely to form stable pair-bondings to raise children. Their accidental offsprings are more likely to be aborted, especially in modern societies. I had an average one to begin with (6.25x5.25 in). Now at 7.75x6.5 via natural manual exercise over 9 months, the urge to show off is already palpable :)

If the site has nothing to do with promoting penis enlargement related products, as the owner claims, then the site is merely a memetic manifestation of the pathetic survival struggle of LPGG (Large Penis Gene Group)

1061 March 14, 2004

You know, in reality, love can be such a facade... Bush talks about gay marriages destroying the sanctimonious title of "marriage"... when it's divorce that kills it... I mean all we humans care about is pleasure, and it's obvious that pleasure stands above love, noticing how relationships die off due to male inadequacy... I myself have a 5'4' penis... I have never had much self-esteem, if you could even call it that... I have contemplated suicide more than once... and all I have ever wanted... was to make the people I cared about happy... my current girlfriend has made a couple of snide comments about size... about how some of my friends tease me about my small feet... and she finds humor in it... but to me it's not funny... it's a blow not to my ego, but to my heart... and that's the thing... I don't have an ego... not anymore... because I think about how I'm useless... and about how she should be with someone else... someone who can make her happy... all you bashers of men with small penises... just tell us to die off... i'm sure most of us will be obliged to... and if you want... just do it yourself... natural selection seems to point out we'll die out anyway...
1062 March 14, 2004

To Hot Mama...
yes, you confirmed that you are indeed a bimbo and lets face it, you lack intelligence and integrity. Why are there so many comments from you? Are you that lonely that you need to "chat" and stir up some action by trying to insult my penis size? As I've already said, I'm average size. Who brags about being "average" dumb ass? Its obvious to me that others would rather make up some huge dick story or try to write something interesting or shocking. Just the fact that you linger on this site proves that you are bored and lonely and most likely a homely scank!! In fact, I can't think of anything more pathetic than a woman (oh I'm sorry..." a Hot Mama")that gets some kind of gratification from reading comments from insecure men and then making humiliating remarks. You already gave your vote for huge penis and we already heard about your tight vagina and how hot you are. I agree with Fly Guy about you!  Also, Thanks to MARC You go boy!!   PS. Hot Mama, I won't be back to read your rediculous, irrelevant responses. Ha Ha Skank.
1063 March 15, 2004

@Lb (post 1055)
You have missed the point. Number could have been 1,10,50,100,1000. If you (or any body with such thinking) prefer to think that your penis is the fault or could be possible fault of your lovers dissatisfaction in the future than by all means continue to do so. I know I have no gains from whatever you decide to think. As a man, it just makes me sick that you (or any like you) feel and think  you have to satisfy a woman that makes jokes about your penis or obliged to be best lover she had so far. If she really loved, respected and appreciated you as a person she would have not made jokes or tell you she want/look another man with bigger penis but help you find a way how you could bring her pleasure while being with you. In any other option that person is not worth one minute of your time or worry and I know how I would react.

But than again that is just me.

@RedDeamon-Think twice what kind of person that girl is and if she is worth condition in which you are in.

It is hard to explain what blue sky looks to a person that is blind.
1064 March 15, 2004

Hummm. Some interesting comments here. Thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.  Its hard for me to understand all the importance being placed on a man's penis size.  Its so ...out of context. I feel very fortunate after reading some of these comments. I'm deeply in love with my husband and he worships me too. We have awesome sex almost daily. It saddens me deeply to read some of these comments, from men and women. How empty and shallow your lives must be to not have LOVE. I honestly and sincerely hope that these people find the love thats missing from their lives. You have to first believe its possible. Please trust me, there is no greater treasure in life!! Perhaps many of these folks had known love at some point, but lost it.  "Love" is so much bigger and more satisfying than "penis size". Cumon ladies we all know that if you love a guy, I mean really love him, the feeling is so intense, so powerful that we just want to please him, and we want to feel his love returned. Hopefully if you think back you will remember a time....that sweet, intense feeling of love. I couldn't help but think about penis size because this whole site is devoted to it. But I guess I just don't get it. Also I like to keep an open mind and don't want to be hypocritical here. I can honestly say, I don't think its a major issue to most woman, but I guess it must matter a little bit. It seems to matter more to men, and perhaps to a small percent of women, who have given up on anything meaningful and truely intimate (and I truely feel sorry for you). I thought about the men(6 or 7)I had been with, from high school until I married. They were all about the same general size except one, who was very small. But I remember it was still very exciting because I really loved him. In fact, I sometimes still think very warmly about him. Unfortunately, he was still in love with a former flame, with whom he eventually married. But I would still have chosen him, over all the others (with the exception of my current husband and soul mate). If the love is gone from your relationship, then yes, perhaps all thats left is the sex, and perhaps a big penis to try to fill the emptiness. If you are a woman, and you are not in love, no penis of any dimension can make up for it. In much the same way alcohol is no substitue for unhappiness. It only provides a kind of temporary gratification (but you simply cannot convince the alcoholic who values it above all else!) My advice to the guys....please don't waste another minute thinking about your penis. Don't give up on real love. Open that mind and let the love flow back into your souls. Use all your god given talents to let love rule you. Find your romantic energy, thoughtfulness and creativity, and bestow it upon your woman. She will never leave you!! Real women don't crave penises, they crave real love, with romance and intimacy!! Completely awesome sex is the side effect. Get it?  My most intense, multiorgasmic experience didn't even involve a penis. Message to author....I think penises are exciting and sexy, but there is a far more important sex organ, that cannot so easily be measured, that varies so much more than penis size, and that is infinitely more worthy of investigation and commentary!!
1065 March 15, 2004

We ALL CAN BE HAPPY!!! Women with large vaginas should seek guys with big dicks.. Women with average vaginas should seek guys with average dicks, and women with small vaginas should seek smaller dicked guys... Then, EVERYONE IS HAPPY!!!Makes no sense for a woman with a small vagina to be with a huge guy! Neither are happy, she can't take him all, and he gets frustrated because he has to work too hard..By the way... Question... Is a 7.5 inch by 6 girth average????
1066 March 15, 2004

Dr. Norm:
Genetically the longest each race of man can be

Caucasian male: 7.7

Latino or Hispanic male: 7.5

African-American male: 11.8

Arab male: 10.2

Asian male: 7.0
1067 March 16, 2004

I enjoyed reading this site but I still have to dispel the myth of black men are largest. I've only slept with black men and I can say on an average they are NOT what you see on this site or what people believe in their heads. Most have about 5-7 inches and fairly average girth. Don't get me wrong that may seem large but compared to all the HYPE black men get, it's kind of depressing. I also find that the smaller the man, the larger the penis. Thin, short men, thin tall men, short stocky men have the largest members I've ever seen. I've talked it over with friends, and we seem to agree!
1068 March 16, 2004

Eric Raven:
Well.. I must say.. That there are many things posted here.. All interesting.. I gathered a bunch of interesting facts on penis enlargement.  I say myself.. I am an oversized guy working on my weight.  Oversized as in overweight.  My penis is 5.5 inches and it's not even fully erect then.. There is around 2 inches surrounded by the fatty tissue in my pelvis area.  I'm working on getting my weight down to reveal these 2 inches and will be quite glad.  I went from 4.5 to 5.5 by doing some of the exercises mentioned here. I simply gathered more.  I work on my penis exercises day on day off, mostly going for length.  I am going for girth next.  Having long and not girth is not good for you will never get that good action in.  Sometimes however my penis is annoying.  It lays to the right and often pokes out of my boxers in the showers at school.  My testicles are annoying as well.. They hang down about 4 inches and are always slapping against my legs.  I love my body how it is and do not hate any part about it.  Although there are parts I wish to improve.  I think that people should be happy with what they have and not beat themselves up for it.  Don't like it?  Don't complain. Go out and change it.  It can be done.
1069 March 17, 2004

Horny Jillian:
Hi Guys. I'd be glad to annonomously share my experiences. Someone commented earlier that there is an endless list of things to feel insecure about for both sexes. I agree!! If you love a guy, its all good. I'm 24 and have had sex with 7 guys. 4 of them were very similar in size as far as I remember. To me it doesn't matter all that much as long as I like him alot and hes within normal range. However, if its like really tiny then it probably matters more over time. Like a really small one would get kinda boring eventually. Like my mom used to say  "its just as easy to fall for a rich guy". Well maybe same is true for a bigger penis guy, but its like girls can't say "Ok guys drop em" "lets see what you got there". Too bad. he he. No instead you meet someone you like and start dating them and then you may start to really like them, and then you find out its really tiny and skinny too (compared to your first, average-ish,lover) and it starts to change things because you think...ok a lifetime of this would kinda suck. But by this time, you wasted a year of your life. I'm not shallow but I'm very horney at times and I do love good sex. On the other hand you date a guy and then you eventually find out hes really big and hes really proud of it and wants to show it off all the time. He can't wait to pound you and make it hurt so he can feel like a stud and brag to his friends. He hopes you tell all your friends too so he can get more attention and hes probably hitting on other girls behind your back too. The one big penis I experienced hurt, and the sex was the worst but probably because it belongs to an asshole! Another guy I dated drank too much and could never keep his penis hard for more than a minute or two. I've had these experiences and others and I can say that too small AND too big gives the guy a complex of some kind. Average or slightly above works best for me(provided I really like the guy)! Now heres the strange one...One guy I dated for 5 1/2 months had a very small penis but his balls were enormous. Really huge! I thought it was really cool for a while and I was kinda obsessed. His package looked like a thumb sticking out of a grapefruit (size wise). But he was a very cute guy and sweet and charming and warm etc. Anyway, when he came it was super sexy because it was very explosive and made a really huge mess. But then problems developed, and it wasn't so cool anymore. Like we had to keep stopping so he wouldn't cum so fast(my best friend has this problem with her boyfriend too). Sometimes I couldn't even touch him intimately without an accident. Also oral sex was a problem because it was always leaking and I was always afraid it would go off without warning. We always had to have a box of tissues or a towel handy. It was just too much mess and not enough pleasure. He needed frequent relief and lots of reassurance. As the relationship started to fizzle, I realized he really had serious hang ups (about his "hyperspermia") that I just couldn't handle. Overall I'd say that once you get to know a guy they usually have lots of other issues that seem to be more of an obstacle to the relationship than the size of their penis. Men themselves vary far more than their penises. A man is not a life support system to a dildo! But you gotta make mistakes to learn your lessons and hopefully prior to marriage. My current BF is very average in every way. PERFECT!!! Happy boning :)
1070 March 17, 2004

Could you do an investigation into whether Personal enhancment works or not because its baffeling me
From England
1071 March 17, 2004

Our culture is too obsessed with sex, and has unrealistic expectations of sex.  We lower a beautiful act of love and self-giving into self-centered, animalistic hedonism.

Sex should be a beautiful act between two people who are in love.

Penis size does not matter!  God created every person the way they are.  If you truly loved someone it would not matter at all!  Just like the size of a woman's breasts don't really matter... big breasts are nice and attractive, but so are smaller ones...you are not "less significant" or "less beautiful" simply because you don't have big boobs.  it's just that each person is different and beautiful in their own way.  but, unfortunately, with this misguided culture, we see women thinking they need to have "breast implants" to be "good enough".  or guys being put down because their penis is "small".  to me, to put someone down/insult/dump someone because of his penis size is just as bad as racism... you're not respecting the dignity of that person, you're "discriminating" against that person, saying you wouldn't love him or marry him because of something physical which he didn't cause.

I think that for someone to talk about their mate's genitals with another person is obscene, offensive, and an invasion of their mate's privacy and dignity.
I think that for a woman to be concerned about a guy's penis is, again, indecent.  Just like if guys were discussing women's vaginas amongst themselves.  It's disgusting.

If you really look at it, it's crazy.  This debate need not exist.
1072 March 17, 2004

Naturist Girl:
re: Kristi
I would like to follow-up on the comments made by that lucky girl who is married to the 13" horse-man. My husband and I have been nudists for several years and belong to a nudist resort. While I wish I could say he is well endowed- he has the average 6" erection that is always spouted as being the norm- I would not trade him for anyone.  But in a setting such as that (and I don't care who proclaims what), my eyes instinctively do glance immediately downward when I see a new male in order to view what his penis is like. The vast majority of the time, when it falls into a normal range, my initial curiosity is satisfied and that's all there is.

However I have found that when a penis is unusual in some way , memorable in some way, I  find myself both interested and aroused, wanting to repeatedly look at it again and again. Several memorable penises come to mind. One man had a fairly long flaccid, perhaps 6"+, but it was draped by several more inches of foreskin which flapped in the breeze. It was an eye-catcher. Another I termed the "doorknob." He walked around with an altogether average organ topped by a huge apple-like glans at the end of it. I never had the pleasure of seeing it erect, but I recall after he emerged from a half an hour in the hot tub it looked- yes like he had a huge red apple on the end of his penis.

Of all the penises I have seen to date, my most memorable was when we were vacationing in the Carribean at a nudist resort.  My husband and I were sipping Pina Coladas at the naturist restaurant/bar when this guy walked and came up to the bar to order a drink. Initially I was pre-occupied, but when my eyes finally came around to glancing down I thought I would have a heart attack on the spot.  Oh-my-God!  It just hung there what looked to be half way to his knees in a perfectly flaccid state like a pale pink garden hose; straight down between his legs. Any estimate of its dimensions would most certainly sound like hyperbole. The woman working the beach bar and I were eyeing each other and giggling like two school girls while the poor men in the restaurant/ bar area probably suffered the worst bout of penile humiliation imaginable.  All too soon he finished his drink and walked out of the place, with his giant penis gently swinging like a pendulum back to the beach, allowing our collective heart rates to return to normal.

So yes guys we girls do look.  Sorry.
1073 March 17, 2004

I'm 20 years old man with 5,2 inches long penis and 4,8 inches in girth.I used to think that i'm average before i read this page.I'm a virgen and i have a girlfriend with who i want to have sex.Do you think i have a small penis and do you think she will laught.
1074 March 17, 2004

Paktown Slim:
 I'm a 25 y.o. Black man. I am currently working with a 9in by 6in (circumference) penis. I feel that I am too small. I would like to be a few inches longer. I have never gotten any complaints from any girl I have been with, but a couple have been with bigger. It is also kinda small when soft, about 3-4in. As far as chicks go, most said that I was the biggest they have ever had. At the same time, these women had never been with a Black man until me. The ones that had before had bigger. This kinda leads me to believe that I am sorta small for being a Black man. I think it is due to the fact that my mom is half-white, so that may have affected me. One girl even laughed at me when I told her that I thought I was small, she thought I had lost my mind. I did find a site that has exercises based on an ancient Middle Eastern technique at is supposed to increase length and girth, and is supposed to be useful in other ways as well. I don't have the name of the site but the exercise is called "Jelq". Results are supposed to come in about a year, so it a slow but natural process. Anyone agree with me or the girl let me know.
          Later All,
1075 March 17, 2004

Hey Kristi,
I don't know. 13 x 7 sounds way too big to me. You're serious? I know some girls who brag about their men's cock sizes, but I've never heard anyone talk about one that big. 8 or 9 inches can be a fun size, but anything bigger seems like it would hurt. I'd like to see one that big, but I don't think I'd let the guy put it inside me.

So, how do people on the nude beaches react when they see him? Doesn't he get a hard-on from all the attention? I've never been to a nude beach, so I'm not sure how people act.
1076 March 18, 2004

Curious F:
To Horny Jillian:
You ranted about enjoying the average guy and even proclaimed that they are the ones you want the most. Hmmm.  However, you said your one Bf With "grapefruit size" package was very "messy" in bed. This is interesting.  Do guys with bigger balls come more? How much more?  I have only been with one guy and his balls are about the size of grapes(I love to squeeze 'em) He comes a little, but I wonder if I am missing out on more "fireworks" from a larger set.  Anyone else think there is something to guys with larger balls coming more?  I am interested and want to hear some stories. Let me know! Good post Jillian!
1077 March 19, 2004

fuck you:
its funny how most of the guys posting claim to have 8 inch cocks or bigger. especially since so little of the population actually has that penis size and above. it makes you wonder...

also, this site is bullshit. a woman truly wont care how big your penis is unless its insanely small or big if you have the personality and/or other physical traits to back it up. this comes from experience.
1078 March 19, 2004

IT's ME:
In response to post 1066:
I'm caucasion and have a length of 8.25
1079 March 19, 2004

Mr Elephant Cock...:
Well thats what they call me now that I did something about my little problem. Some interesting points made in the comments, however this site, and the reaction that folks are having to it, is proof that our culture is seriously ill. Theres only one cure for this mass illness and its messege is loud and clear in post #1064 from Susan!! The answer my friends is in Susan's comment!! Right on baby! And yes Dave too (post#1071). Thanks. Psychologists (and social scientists) should study this material carefully because it seems we're evolving back into shameless animals. The internet is a pluthora of misinformation from faceless frauds. In this case, the author is creating mass deception and is surely being compensated for it. You see its simple, and its a well-known concept amongst behaviorists... In order to cause a motor change (or motivate someone to change a behavior) you must first change their attitudes and beliefs. That is what this site is designed to do. There are shepherds and there are sheep, and the shepherds realize there are multi billion dollar industries just waiting to be tapped. Just think of the money we (the sheep) already spend on ourselves because of our insecurites and poor self image. Who generates that damn standard we're all striving to reach? and what motivates them? What motivated this author? I doubt its ...ethics. Good will to fellow man maybe? Gentlemen, how can the "MAJORITY" of the male population be.....undersized.  Also...sure dildos come in all shapes, colors and sizes but what is most popular, top-selling size? I see 5-6 inch repeatedly and smaller for vibrators.
1080 March 19, 2004

dont care what you say my flaccid size is about 3 and my erect is close to 8 2 and a quarter wide so that blows your flaccid to erect theory to hell i know many others that say the smae thing. grower vs shower.
i also know a guy thats 6 limp and doesnt get any bigger except maybe some girth and firmness
1081 March 19, 2004

to Susan..

well said, well said
1082 March 20, 2004

I think that stories such as those of Veronica and Khristi are totally false: veronica f.e., is a man that fantasize about having a great body and penis; kristy doesn't know what really a big penis is...
What would you do with a 13 in. cock??? I HAVE A REALLY 11.5 x 7 penis and can assure you that girls don't want too large penises: in most cases their jaws drop when I get naked but they cannot take it all, so yours are only stupid fantasies!!!
1083 March 20, 2004

My husband of 8 years has a penis about 6"x5". It doesn't please me enough so I started cheating on him for the past year or so. It feels SOOO good to get a 8"+ cock inside me. It has had its drawbacks, I got genital herpes, but I'm too scared of telling my husband I'm cheating on him he got it too. He keeps asking my why his penis always hurts and I just tell he because he's that good. :)
1084 March 21, 2004

26 Year old Female:
I have to speak up after reading hundreds of the comments on this site.  I'm a 26-year old female, and I apparently am very tight inside, (although I've had sex somewhat regularly over the years), so this current guy I'm seeing who actually is very small (smallest I've ever seen, no more than about 4 1/2 inches erect) actually feels really good inside and I come with no problem.  I've been with a couple of guys with larger-than-average penises and although it felt good with them too, it still feels really good with this smaller-than-average guy, and one other I've been with. So, people should keep in mind that all women ARE NOT the same with preference.  Not all women are built the same inside either! 

Also, I have to add that I've had many different sizes of penises, and the best sex I can remember having depends on how passionate the guy is.  So, if any guys are reading this, know that a lot of having awesome sex has to do with how much you touch and kiss a woman, as well as doing your best to see she has an orgasm.  And of course how long you can last has a lot to do with it, but nowadays there is plenty of medicine and options to help with that.  But for the most part, it has to do with the guy that the penis is attached to!!

As for the site, I appreciated reading all of the helpful information and comments provided.  I just hope people don't take everything to be for everyone, because it isn't.
1085 March 21, 2004

i'm huuuuuuge....my measurements: 8 billion feet by 5 inches...women like girth so i'm screwed..it gets slobbed on like a wet salami..i'm better than you.
ya'll a bunch of suckers....the only ones writing in are "huge" guys and flabby crotched nasty old ladies...the ones obsessing=loose boxes and proud alpha males..suck me all!
1086 March 22, 2004


This is to Ed,the author

I was just wondering if you could answer some questions ,I have.In your section "vagina size" you give a table of vagina sizes and also percentages where women fall into.Where did you get these statistics.Is it your own, is it a verifiable, accredit research (please give name) or you just picked it out of your head?In other words prove it!
Now,if it is out of your head,how much more of this site is out of your head? 

You state that a woman that wants a bigger penis is for more pleasure.But if a man wanted a woman with a tighter vagina,it was because he was intimidated with woman with a bigger vagina(in the "vagina size" section).Can you how biased you are?

Your true identity remains a mystery.I'de like to know if you are a man, a gay man or a woman with a big chip on her shoulder.You tied in with the penis size products people?Also when my international vagina size table become public and popular, you be able to hear the flush of the penis enhancement industry for good.

These questions are valid,so why not answer them to the best of your ability.

A quick comment from me, the ED:

Please read the home page carefully to get answers to most of your questions. Btw, I am heterosexual. With regard to that particular table, as it says these are estimated values, not "official" statistics. As far as I know no grand scale research on the subject has ever been done. Also, please read this part (especially the section in red) for my opinion about penis size products.

I have always hoped that my site would encourage people to do some real scientific research on the matter of vagina size. Going by your current and previous comments I can see that you are very determined to compile a table that shows how vagina sizes vary. I truly hope you continue with your project so that in the future I could refer to your data on this subject.

Please note that despite this comment I will not participate in the debate on these pages. ED

1087 March 22, 2004

Good site!  I have a small penis(6in once a full moon), am young (22) and suffer erectile problems. I can't stand all the spam mail I get advertising penis enlargment pills.  Those people make profits from others low self esteem.  That is so wrong.   The same is true with women from makup companies and plastic surgereons.  Whether or not women cum harder and more often doesn't change that how our society works is f*cked up.  Even if a guy has a big dick a woman (just like a guy) can never get fucked enough that they never need it again.  This site inspired me to look at all parts of life and how none of us ever get enough of anything; money, sex, fame, power.  If we can be more satisfied with what we get in life, I think that would be positive.  Also, every porn I see, the guy has a big dick.  How about getting more realistic.  It is getting harder and harder for younger males to make heads or tails of just how small their penis is.  I think it would help for larger males to accept that they are lucky but to shut up about it because it could have just as easily been them with the small penis.
1088 March 22, 2004

This site makes a few good points but, overall, it shows an extreme bias with countless unsupported claims. The author admits to not being an expert yet does nothing but bash actual EXPERT opinion. He offers absolutely no concrete support for one of his major premises: that famous experiments used flawed techniques when assessing vaginal sensitivity since arousal actually occurs with deep pressure. I don't understand how he can base a major part of his argument around this without establishing any kind of creditability for that claim.

Further, I feel he overly stresses the importance of size. He misses the actual fact that although size DOES matter, it's far from the only factor and arguably not nearly the most important. Thus it is a combination of technique, stamina, control, firmness of erection, SIZE, foreplay, emotional connection, attraction, attentiveness, and several subtleties that make up what TRULY matters. If you have a grade "A" penis but ejaculate in 3 strokes, you're not going to please your partner that time. PERIOD. On the less extreme side, if you stimulate your woman near orgasm but are never attentive enough to realize it and always change your stroke at the wrong time to something completely different, you will not be a very satisfying lover.

I do agree with his main point that ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, bigger is better. However, I argue that there are so many factors involved that "ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL" is an unrealistic stretch of reality. The mere fact that a man has a small penis strongly shapes his personality.

Physically, my "unit" is nearly exactly average. I didn't know this when I was younger and, growing up, I've always felt embarrassingly small. Like a lot of "small" men, I decided to compensate my lack of equipment with superior skill. So I dedicated myself to knowing EVERYTHING. Soon I became a "master" of oral sex and women in general. 

In a few years, I got to the point that I was 200% confident that I could (pardon my language) fuck significantly better than every one of my male friends. Nowadays, I feel like I have more sexual talent than the VAST MAJORITY of men in this country near my age. I'm not here to brag (I stand to gain nothing from it), that's just my honest impression from experience.

This has done wonders for my confidence but I have come to face the reality that genetics have given me "the short end of the stick," so to speak. Logically, it seems there's a certain limit of pleasure that I would never be able to attain (or more precisely, "provide"). Truthfully, though, I've learned that SKILL is much more of a limiting factor than SIZE.

For instance, here are some interesting facts that might make some guys in my situation feel better. If someone told me these things years ago, I would have avoided a lot of heartache and self-hate. Let me begin by putting everything in perspective, I'm young (23), a college graduate, and have been sexually active for 7 years. I have been "studying" sex, so to speak, since the age of 14. I'm learning every day so these numbers surely will be different in the future. With that said, on average, women I'm with have about 3 - 5 orgasms per encounter, with at least one (typically the last) being vaginal. Further, I've had sex several hundred times (not people, TIMES) and I could probably count on one hand the number of times when my partner didn't cum--usually, premature ejaculation; guys, it happens to everyone. It has become an elementary task to make a woman cum without penetration (rubbing the clit right with a gentle finger, for example). One woman has cum with me licking/sucking her nipples alone. Having them cum from oral sex is so easy, now, it feels almost like cheating. Every girl I have been with has said that I give them, by far, the best oral sex they've ever had. More importantly, they all OFFER this information WITHOUT me asking (because frankly, at this point, I don't care. I've stopped trying to be THE BEST and have moved on to just aiming for us both to enjoy ourselves every time. I think this was an important change in my focus that has made me happier overall).

When it comes to my "unit," nearly every woman I've been with has admitted having experienced a dick MUCH MUCH larger than mine. Still, I have made one woman cum exactly 10 times with my dick alone (i.e., not counting oral sex). I have made several women cum 5+ times w/ dick alone. More than half have said, again WITHOUT ME ASKING, that I was their best lover, hands down. One woman went after men with HUGE ones. In possibly the most uplifting conversation I've ever had, she admitted that, she thought I had a big dick because of my confidence yet when she saw mine, she didn't even want to have sex with me but by that time, it was too late. She went on to say that, I, single-handedly changed her mind about penis size. Afterwards we had regular (great) sex. Others have made no comment but their actions have told me all I needed to know. My most recent partner told me, after our first encounter, that I "blew her mind."

Again, keep all of this in context: I'm having sex with women in their early twenties. I know a lot about sex at an age when most guys are only trying to conquer the world. For what it's worth, I did have sex with one girl who had been mainly with men over thirty. She said there wasn't much difference (sexually) between men in their 30s vs. 20s. 

For the downside, once, I read the diary of one of my partners behind her back (long story. Take it from me, NEVER EVER READ SOMEONE ELSE'S DIARY. I learned a hard lesson). I found out that she had cheated on me with a man with an "enormous" dick. She then went on to write that sex with me was still the best she ever had and that I have "given her orgasms that have made her question whether she's previously ever TRULY had an orgasm in her life." She also said that she "didn't find me sexy" simply because of my penis size (I have an athletic body) yet sex was GREAT and she felt horrible for being unfaithful.

Honestly, all of her compliments couldn't offset the pain of facing reality. My confidence has never been quite the same ever since but it's getting better with time. We broke up and she was genuinely devastated for having "ruined" our relationship. To this day she still asks me to get back with her.

The bottom line, it fucking sucks having a small penis. And, all you can do is work with what you have. In a way, mine has become sort of a blessing because it has motivated me to develop myself far more than having a large penis would ever have. Today I know, it is VERY possible to be small and still be a GREAT lover. Yet some women may fantasize about you being bigger. It's hard, but you can't stress over it. Size can only cause you stress if you obsess over it. You have to learn to accept yourself. Focus on your strengths. They WILL compensate for your weaknesses. I wish they taught important stuff like this in sex ed.

I don't know if I'll make it back to this forum so if you want to talk, discretely, about anything you can e-mail me at ProfEssor_ProgrEssor@yahoo.com
1089 March 22, 2004

yeah one thing to add about size I am when lean 5.45 cut and 5.3 girth erect but To my dismay i have discovered that size is relatib\ve an x girlfriend of mmine was married to a legittimate 10.5 she meaured and took poloroids he wasnt just abnormally long but he was massively thick. Even had I been 7 or 8 inches long i would still be considered short to this Girl cause for 5 years she was fucking Mr. Ed the talking horse. Note to other less than well endowed men forget about it the largest sexual organ isnt her clit its her mind though size plays a role if you treat her as she wants to bve treated and make love to her both mentally and physicaly youll have no problem and guess what. Not only have i learbnned the trick to communicate i make my now present girlfriend who also had an ex larger than me cum. how do i know she isnt faking cause she cums its all over us when she climaxes, we practice tnatric sex and yoga as well and fellas she will love that small dick of yours if you can use it right. very few women can cum from g spot so roll those hips a lil to stimulate the clit and dont give yourself a porn shave dudes use that hair to further stimulate her clitoris.
My dick is small cause at 15 i started to suffer from a lowering of testosterone and gh its a natural disorder affecting many men in 20s and 30s but is rare in puberty its called hypogonadism while my dad was said to be abt 7.5 i was shortchanged due to an asshole doctor who saud i was fine to avoid paperwork with the hmo for complete hormonal panel, check yourselves out folks cause with it also comes heart disease premature balding soft testicles low sperm count osteoperosis and 12 years of cognitive therapy till I decided to quit hating myself. have your baseline hormones screened guys if your 25 to 35 you should have anywhere from a test score of 750 to 950. Mine was 127 my gh was .015 normal gh for my age is 4 to 8
I will likely die in my forties beacuse a doctor didnt do his Job early in my life do yourself a favor and dont bvelive thier arrogance most gp and or fp are idiots meaning they conclude evry lilttle even with scientific journal and means at thier disposal.
1090 March 22, 2004

7 x 5 = ok:
If "the End of the Penis Size Debate" is ever reached, it probably won't be by "some guy with a website."  True, many scientific studies are referenced herein, but the way these studies are dissected and interpreted, constitute leaps in logic that are not scientific.  Folks, leave science to the scientists. 

The most reliable penis size study we have so far is the 2001 LifeStyles Condoms survey.  Although only 300 participants were employed, the measurements were done more scientifically (not self measurements).  And considering that the subjects were young studs on spring break in Cancun who were *willing* to be measured, if anything, the results are going to weigh in on the high side of the average of the general population.

Another thing.  If you feel bad when you visit this website, or similar sites, and find yourself compulsively returning, maybe even masturbating in tandem.  Stop it.  Immediately.  You are reinforcing a negative self-image you have of yourself everytime you do this.  In truth, if you suddenly woke up with a 10 inch penis, you would probably find something else about yourself to feel bad about.  Feed your head with positive images and supportive content.
1091 March 23, 2004

My wife dated a man in high school who is incredibly well endowed. She still sees him on occasion socially and I always think that she wants to fuck him. We talk about her fucking him while I watch and I know that this makes her horny. She begins to move and breath differently and she cums soon afterward. I went out and bought her an abnormally large dildo, and she told me that it is about the same size as he is - if that is true he is amazing. I love to watch her move and take the dildo in slowly until she is filled and coming and coming...
1092 March 23, 2004

I just finshed reading this articles, or rather articles, and I must say that although it may seem to 'put down' and 'insult' less endowed men, I think it rather gives them a sense of reality. People are born equally if u really think about it. One man might be born with a large penis, btu like mentioned in the article, will be seen as a 'sex object', and thus, no true love relationship can develope, and to some, especially myself, having a relationship with a woman that is based on love, personality, beliefs, etc., as appose to sexual appeal is the greatest thing a man can have. You penis size is only good in bed, unless you are having sex with your partner literally 24 hours a day, most of your time is spent conversing, going out, things of that nature and i personally do not think you penis will come into play into those situations. A man with a smaller penis might face 'not-so-great' sex life, but i can probably garantee you, if with the right person, will have a much greater relationship with the person in a intellectual and mental aspect then if he were to have a larger penis. I personally think the more sexual attraction there is between people, the less room there is for mental a spritual attraction (as corny as it may sound). Remember, everything is a equilibrium, one may have little or something, but if you take a look, you will find other things that you succeed in, and a lot of the times those things are things that arereally what's important in life.
1093 March 23, 2004

Name (Post 02):
I was just reading through a few posts, especially from "Mr. Nice Guy" and his personaly experiences and I that woman, and also men, cuz soem men are like this as well, are the most pathetic things on this planet. To destroy a person's dignity, confidence, and just flat out 'break their heart' over the size of their penis, or breast or whatever the fuck it is. I mean obviously this is easier said than done, but for people that experience this, it's better that the bitch left you. I would hate to live with a slut all my life, at least she ended it before marriage or something drastic like that. Anyways, I just have to say, and once again, this applies to both men and women because they both suffer from the same thing, you people really need to sit down and think about your beliefs and morals. All the sex in the media is literally rotting our minds, and making people think that life is just all about sex. What ever happened to the romantic night at her favorite restaurant, or watching a sunrise on the beach (and i am aware these are corny and played-out) but it's the quality time that people do not give a shit for anymore. It's just about sex to most people. If we continue like this and we continue letting the media control us like they do now, i see no future in mankind. In a few generations from now there wont be such a thing as marriages or relationships, we will be animals, fucking anything we see remotely attractive. We're turning into animals. And a comment on women and men how they go on their intinct in terms of they see bigger so they jump for it like a kid jumping for candy. WHY ARE WE CONSIDERED HUMANS!!! HUMANS HAVE REASON. WE ARE CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING OUR INSTINCTS. THAT IS WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT FROM ANIMALS. WHEN I HEAR THIS SHIT THAT PEOPLE JUST FOLLOW THEIR INSTINCT, ALL IT'S SAYING IS THAT THEY ARE ANIMALS. WE ARE CALLED HUMAN BEING FOR A REASON, NOW LETS USE WHAT WE'VE BEEN GIVING AND REASON OUR WAY OUT OF SITUATIONS LIKE HUMANS, NOT ANIMALS.
1094 March 23, 2004

Double U:
Since I could not possibly say it better, I will say the most accurate and intelligent comments I've seen belong to "Susan"( post#1064) and "Mr. Elephant Cock" (post # 1079 - his name and his first sentence I interpreted as sarcastic humor). Great stuff.
1095 March 23, 2004

is it true that the larger your penis when limp the less it gross when hard?  I am about 5 to 5 1/2 limp and i have anywhere from 7-8inch erections (yes i have been told that i am well endowed numerous times).  So what is the average growth from limp to hard?
1096 March 23, 2004

I have a 9 inch long penis that is 8.5 in girth. Email me for pictures if you like (topresumes@pisoc.com). I have had sex with over 85 women of various races. With the exception of 3 Asian women I knew, the other 62   confirmed to me after sex, that they would rather leave their husbands (its a turn on for me to do married women), than not feel my cock inside them again. I have had to change my phone numbers and address frequently on account of their obsession with my cock. I keep trying to score with new women, while the old ones want to keep coming back to fuck me! What I discovered a while ago, is that even though many of these women had partners with 7.5 inch-(and approximately 6 inches in girth) who lasted upto 3 times longer than me (erection), I was able to give these women stronger and often successive orgasms in a fraction of their usual time. Often, the lady would be cumming hard within the first 3 minutes of penetration, and climax at least 4 more times in the next 15 minutes. I have also frequently felt most women ejaculate, something they say they have never experienced with other partners.

All of the women I screwed have LOVED my cock size, and I don't know a single woman who refused me after the first time I invaded her vagina.


Oh..btw I've lied about 3 things in this post....can anyone 'spot the nots'?
1097 March 23, 2004

After reading all 1000 plus posts I am of the same mind as I was before I started, namely that nothing stirs up men's emotions more than those 2 little words 'penis size'. For most women it's not a big deal. Anything between 5 and 8 in. would be satisfactory. Most important is that the man be a skilled lover. For a few unfortunate women such as myself, finding a large enough penis to satisfy us can be a never-ending search. When we do find such a penis it is too often attached to a man who is a complete jerk. To most women a 9 in. penis is huge. To me, it is barely adequate. I am 24. I am fairly short with an otherwise normal body. I'm told that I am very attractive. My vagina however is enormous, and because of its size I have lost out on some potentially good relationships with a few really nice fellows. Word soon gets around. I first had intercourse at age 13 with a 16 year old boy. There was the initial pain but then his penis slipped in quite easily. After several more times having sex with him he commented how much looser I was than any of the other girls he had been with. His penis was 7 in. long and average width. When he dropped me, I had 4 more boyfriends in highschool. Each one had the same complaint, especially the last boy. We were up in the bedroom during a house party, and he was able to insert both hands into me at the same time up to his wrists. Many of the men and women on this site would benefit from a basic anatomy lesson. The cervix is NOT the end of the vagina. The uterus can assume several different positions and angles. In a time of extreme passion, it can ascend up and back to make room for a very thick penis. Beyond the cervix there is an area called the fornix, or, the posterior fornix. A very long penis can reach that area once it passes under the cervix. Now this is not possible with all women. The vagina has to be very deep from top to bottom. I brought back a double ended dildo from England which a girlfriend and I have used together on occasion. [We are neither gay nor bi-]. It is 21 in. long and 6 in. around. Using it by myself I contact my cervix at just under the 11 in. mark, but then, by going very slowly, I can insert it to a depth of 15 in. In the past 2 years I have dated several men I met through the Internet, all of whom claiming to be well-endowed. Every one of them had exaggerated their dimensions, and all of them were shallow individuals who seemed uncomfortable trying to carry on an intelligent conversation. The one man who lived up to the size he had advertised was the most arrogant and conceited person I think I have ever met. But his penis was a dream come true. It was very thick and 14 in. long and thrilled me unlike any I had ever had. But after 3 sessions I couldn't stand his attitude,-God's Gift to Women. But why is it that a man with a large penis is looked upon with admiration and envy, while a woman with a large vagina is treated with scorn and ridicule? We cannot help the way we were built. And then, just by chance, as if the gods were smiling on me, I met a man with a penis the size of which I had never dreamed possible. He is a much much older man who is literally hung like a horse. His soft penis hangs down 13 in. and swells to 10 in. around when it becomes hard. I almost fainted when I saw it. Unlike the dildo, he can only enter about 12 in. because of the enormous thickness. My hand goes about half way around it. I tease him that he looks like a cartoon. At his age he is only able to have sex every third day, but when we do, I think I have died and gone to heaven. When he has entered me as far as he can, it feels like we're stuck together. The slightest movement on his part sends an electric shock throughout my body. It's an incredible sensation. He just keeps up a slow , steady, gentle thrusting which doesn't tire him physically, so he can go on for over an hour. The orgasms start soon after he has entered me and continue one after the other. I lose all track of where I am. It's like being in a dream world. It's probably a good thing he can only perform every third day, because for a day or 2 after we've been together, I'm aware of every single nerve ending in my vagina when I make the slightest move. He's a very nice man, quiet, and can be very funny, and is a widower with a grown family. Sad to say our relationship won't last forever. If only he was my age .I try not to think about that but just enjoy it while I can.
1098 March 23, 2004

i'm an avg. size guy with a 6 incher. The belief that men prefer women with large breasts is totally false. most guys, myself included, prefer small to medium size breasts. large ones look sloppy. Guys, i think the bottom line here is that women want a guy who treats them nicely. I don't claim to be a mind reader, but i'll bet many of the women who look down on men with small penis's were probably at one time, in a relationship with a guy who treated her like a sex object. what comes around goes around. be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.
1099 March 23, 2004

Hey Jillian and Curious F  ------------
Why do you think the size of a guy's balls does not effect how much cum he produces? I thought that has to do with hormone levels. Why would a guy with bigger balls ejaculate more or "further" as this study dictates??? it seems inaccurate.
1100 March 23, 2004

to april dawn and everyone else.  excessive ejaculation certainly does cause the penis to shrink. It also results in premature ejaculation and impotency. also, penile enlargement is possible. if you want accurate answers to any sexual problem, go to the website of dr. Newman K. Lin. His penile ballooning technique works.

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