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1001 March 1, 2004

Brilliant website. Everything in it is true. I've spent most of my life being told by women I am normal size (5.5" x 4.5") but I always knew I was below average. I've now started to ask women the truth and they have obliged. I've been told by 4 or 5 that i'm the smallest they've ever had and by a few others that maybe they've had ONE smaller. Strange thing is it turns me on when they tell me this and it also seems to turn them on! All of these women have come back for more and seem to enjoy the sex but they also admit that their ideal size is 7-7.5" and thick. So they enjoy mine but have had better. Most seem to like a huge one as a one off experience. I actually enjoy having a below average penis. I would find it extremely boring to be average size with nothing to talk about in bed, although I would be happier with 7"+ x 5.5"+
1002 March 1, 2004



I'm a 27 yo str8 single guy from NC, USA. The info on this site was interesting, but kinda confussing. I was wondering if anybody would like to chat about size and women. Things like how you felt about your own size relative to any friends (whom you knew the size of) or of a girlfriend's ex-boyfriends (if she said anything about size). And what sizes are ideal for women. 

email me at jjdov26@hotmail.com
or message me on Yahoo IM at jjdov26

1003 March 2, 2004

If you are a small penis kind of guy, like myself, its worse than you may think. Heres my theory...In the future, men will have larger penises because women prefer it. Small penis men are a dying breed. Once upon a time, many moons ago, women generally had no say, it was men who selected women and the physically stronger or more prominent males took their pick, even if he had a tiny prick. Otherwise, natural selection would have taken over and small penis genetics would have died out. Nowadays, few could argue that women have the final say about mate selection(at least here in the USA and most of Europe). And the trend is that women are more sexually liberated than ever and are no longer afraid to assert themselves sexually. Society too, is more tolerant of women's sexual behavior and preferences. Women sleep with more men now and at a younger age and they sample more penises. Penis size is discussed openly and has become part of our culture. We now see commercials daily about "male enhancement" and we constantly hear reference to the black man's penis.  Lets face it, a "large penis" has become a status symbol and is rising in the ranks of mate selection criterion. A small penis, on the other hand, has become something to feel ashamed of. Small penises are hidden from view and those who posses them, have surely felt the humiliation and ridicule once they are exposed. For a teenage male, the pain is excruciating and is never forgotten. Sure there is cultural lag and it won't happen over night, but there is no doubt that women will strongly influence the future gentics of penis size and "naturally select" what they prefer (and not just bigger penises). Coincidently, my wife divorced me for the larger penis, shes all but confessed to this, luckily we held off on having children.  Ironically, her children, if male, will now probably have bigger penises too and be happier, and more confident when they mature. Meanwhile, my battle is with confidence, and happiness, and I cannot seem to find my MOJO!! I've now had two relationships end shortly after becoming intimate and neither woman seemed to give a valid reason. I'm considered good looking and a nice guy. Could it really be my.....slightly under 5" dick for christ sake? And no, its not thick either. I'm still hoping I'll meet someone who cares more about my other qualities. A very good, old, friend of mine is getting divorced too. I knew he was very well endowed, and I kept telling myself this to boost my self-esteem.  But his wife just told me (and my EX) he has been impotent for years, and he is well aware she has a lover. So I guess my buddy is "small" after all, and its looking as though we'll soon be roomates again. The worst part is we've admitted to eachother that we still love our women! How pathetic are we?
1004 March 2, 2004

To Natalie...:
A few questions...How big is that vagina? Keep screwing that black guy and before long he won't do it for you either. Then you'll look for a bigger dick, then bigger still. Get the picture? How would you feel if your husband found a younger woman with a nice tight pussy? Maybe he has. In my opinion you opened pandora's box and your marriage is fucked. You said you love your husband? Define love....
I've got a big, fat one myself 8.5 X 6.0 and I've screwed about a dozen married women. Women have become like men, shallow, deceitful, aggresive etc You're a PIG now just like me baby! The devil and I are quite happy about this. LOL
1005 March 2, 2004

stands corrected:
Now I know that all men with inferior penises should kill themselves. They will never satisfy a woman. They should not be allowed to live. Same goes for women who can't cook lasagna.
1006 March 2, 2004

I have only just started to look at your site and yes it does make me want to read more...which i have done, BUT hay all of a sudden I think have the people behind this site got big cocks, your fact pages of 1-85 this is just an advert for big dicks....come on get real I am a nice guy with a big cock and NO these facts dont happen!. I have a friend with a very small one and he does just as well....come on guys just go out and have fun, we all no the way to lay a bird is to make them laugh not to wave your wond around.
1007 March 2, 2004


   Some reality to add to my experiences as a under endowed male.....Good Luck
1008 March 2, 2004

G (6-7 inches by 5 around):
My most visited web page by far.

I have been addicted to this site for about 10 months now. I can't help coming back to this comments page every 2-3 days. I usually scroll through and look at the comments by women and jack off, thinking about how great it would be to be hung, and how sexy I would be with a cock that girls would saliviate over.

I have had enough of this. I am making myself feel inadequate. I feel sad and feel that my size determines quite a lot in my life. The idea of size excites me, but to the point of maing me doubt my own sex appeal and sexuality. I don't want it to be like this anymore. I'm going to have one more wank over these comments and then call it quits.
1009 March 2, 2004

G (6-7 inches by 5 around):
Guys feeling bad: Take care of yourselves and try a little honesty.
Talk about the site to your off-line friends, make it real rather than fantasy. Try not too bring insecurities or pride into your lives (I stuffed my pants and it made me feel great - but how sad is that!). SIZE matters only as long as you read this site!

Girls: get turned on by what turns you on but remember, lots of guys are really sexual, great looking and amazing people. I hope you realise that they can be hung, tiny, average or whatever. Please don't make the link between these qualities and a bit of sexy flesh we just happen to be born with. Take care of yourselves too.

1010 March 2, 2004

hot mama:
wups did i hurt your ego i regret that!  obviously i hit a nervepoint.  oh no well just for your infomation i am nowhere near a bimbo, buttwipe Jim!

Jim, you still suck obiously you can't make  woman happy, wow that is so obvious to me...what else you got lil dick?

1011 March 2, 2004

hot mama:
well for all you boys that can't take the really cool subject...women are most always tight(unless many kids are involve).. we have a wonderful elastic pussy even if we have not utilized our units...where is the respect? Oh well no wonder we bitch about you alls small dicks????!!!!!!What an issue!
1012 March 2, 2004

Your penis size do not matter to no one be happy what the god give you cause if he wanting you to have a Big penis he would made it Big
1013 March 2, 2004

me 2004:
I have a 6'8 inch it is Big and I am very happy because some people have Little cock put i Think if you are Bigger than 6'0 inch you are ok ,why would you go out and buy something just Cock Bigger they must do not Love you you should say if you do not like my penis find someone,Think about it
1014 March 3, 2004

23 year old male:
I am 23 years old and i have only been with 3 girls.
 My penis size is 7" inches long and 5 1/2" inches around.
Some times if i am very turned on it will make it up
to 7"1/2 inches long. Out of the three girls that i
have been with, they all say that its a perfect size.
They even call me large, but i think its just an ego
builder. From what i have heard from girls who are just
friends, the average male penis is 6"-6"1/2 inches long
by about 4"1/2-5"1/2 inches around. So if a girl calls
me big I really don't believe it because a half inch
isn't that big of a difference. but I think the shape
is mostly what makes some seem bigger than others.
For example, if a guy has a dick that is straight and
slick like a viborator, it isn't going to seem as big
as a guy with a dick that has lots of shape to it.
BUT....Since i am on this site, if any honest females
would like to give me there opinions on my 7"inches,
that would be great. I like different opinions.
And for all the guys out there, get your wifes or g/f's
to give there opinions..
1015 March 3, 2004

Hi, I must say i'm very happy with the detailed information your site provided (dispite some kinda shocking photos).

Great work and thanks alot
1016 March 3, 2004

I have massive lips and it is good to see sites acknoleging this!!
1017 March 4, 2004

Hi Small.

We did discuss a third partner one time but decided against it. My interest in her and size will just remain a fantasy. I can safely say that her black ex boyfriend with the 9 inch cock was better in bed from her stories. I myself had an ex gf who had an amazing body. Better than my wifes and the sex was better. It goes both ways.
Any women that leaves her wife and kids for another man has a great deal of problems. If she truly left you because of size issues, you are better off without her.
I cannot provide the same feeling with my size compared with her two ex boyfriends but as long as its good and she is satisfied. I can see how many wives can think back and remember how that one guy was so big and how amazing it felt but that should be it. I do it with my  ex gf and her body. Now I have never had another woman give oral sex as good and with as much gusto as my wife does. She deep throats my 6" with relative ease. I guess here I have to thank the 8 and 9 inch cocks she has had in the past for her skills. The reasons we were just fucking other people and the reasons we chose someone to marry are different. Different lives even.

Don't get me wrong. I would NOT have married my wife if I didn't want to fuck her every time I saw her. All men want a slut in bed and as long as my wife doesn't change that behavior I am fine with it.

I may not bring her to tears with an orgasm like her black boyfriend did one time, but my wife never looked as hot in a bikini or taste as good after a night of dancing like my ex girlfriend did. Marco
1018 March 4, 2004

ack in my freshman year at UC San Diego, a group of us after a little liquid courage decided to venture down a three hundred foot cliff to a nude beach known as Black's Beach. The four of us girls were accompanied by a half dozen guys we knew from class. Of the ten of us, all quickly shed our clothes and proceeded to romp around on the sand throwing frizbees and having a great time; all except a guy named Tom who sat glued to his towel seemingly too embarrassed to stand up. Eventually I walked over to him, believing that as a girl, and one who should be the more modest in that situation, I could persuade him to relax. In nudist circles body acceptance is the credo. Very long story short, I found out that his hesitancy was not due to phallic inadequancy but just the opposite. Partially hidden between his closed legs was an organ of just staggering proportions. Who would have known that this likeable sandy haired somewhat ordinary looking guy from class would be endowed with a penis the length of my forearm?

In the past fourteen years, eleven of them married, we have visited countless nudist beaches and resorts both in the U.S. Carribean and in France. Being with a man who's organ is anywhere from 8 to over 10 inches in length flaccid, depending on the temperature and physical activity, definately has it's benifits. Particularly in the summer at Cap d' Adge France where we are among some 30,000 other nudists, it's a special treat to walk arm and arm the length of the beach. Even in this setting where "you've seen everything" Tom's huge flopping penis draws stares. I must admit that I lubricate like mad just knowing his monster cock belongs to me. Particularly later in the evening, when he is able to fully unfurl it for me to its full magnificence a shade over 13" along the top by roughly 7" in circumference.

So women, if you really want to see what is out there, visit a nude resort in Florida or a nudist beach in St. Martin. Visit long enough and you will be treated to a penis of every, and I mean every, description.
1019 March 5, 2004

Interesting site. I read the reasons why most women prefer big penises, and they make sense to me. I just didn't realize why.
When it comes to romance other things are important, but for pure sexual pleasure, a big penis and a man who knows how to use it is the ultimate sexual experience.
I married for money and security. My husband is a good provider and father to my kids, but I got tired of seeing my life slip away without any sexual satisfaction. He would sometimes give me clitoral orgasms, but in general I was frustrated. I also suspected that he had a small penis. My girlfriend said she had taken a lover, and she said he had a big penis and that it did make a difference, and she was now experiencing orgasms through intercourse. I didn't have much experience with other men, but when I saw what some of these guys have on the porn sites have, I was amazed. I know they're not normal, but I was also amazed at how good a big penis and a big pair of balls looks to me. It's even better if the guy is also well built. My husband Fred is not very physical, a slightly built man at 5' 8 and 150 lbs., almost my size.
Out of frustration I finally took a lover, and it seems like I got the whole package with this guy. Phil's a huge, muscular man, 6'5" and 275 lbs., a former wrestler, who keeps himself in super shape. He's the ultimate in virility, and the best part is his magnificent genitals. I won't say they're pretty, but they sure are manly looking, and boy do they look like they can get the job done. But the proof is in bed. The feelings of deep penetration and fullness are exquisite. Phil is as strong as a bull and has great endurance. He won't stop until I'm completely spent. Then I get filled a second time with one of his super ejaculations. I feel very womanly feeling the blast of his cum deep inside me, something I never feel with Fred. I agree with the article that alot of cum is a turn on, at least for me. Phil can shoot 5 or 6 healthy streams of cum a couple of feet when his balls are full. And what a pair of balls. They're huge. Phil is proud of his equipment, and insisted I measure his erect penis. It's a liiile over 8 in. long and 6in. around, and the veins are thick and swollen. The head is large and purplish. He has to be half again bigger than Fred and his balls are twice as big. This guy oozes testosterone from every pore. He has all the traditional symbols of manliness including a hairy chest. I wasn't sure I'd like that, but the scratchy feel of his chest hair on my breasts when we're locked together is very sexy.
Recently we made a video of our lovemaking. We took at least 20 minutes, going through the different positions and finishing with the missionary position, my favorite. Watching I could see why. I could see Phils massive physique on top of me, his muscles rippling as he drove into me deeply and powerfully. His magnificent shaft plunged in and out, glistening with my juices. My body liuched back and forth while my boobs jiggled and the bed squeaked away as Phil ravished me with his manhood. What a turn on to watch and listen, especially to my cries of delight as I orgasmed and to Phil's grunts of pleasure.  I feel so desired and possessed and so cherished and protected by all that virility. Finally Phil emptied his balls into me, tensing his body and squirting his big load deep inside me.
Well, what else can I say? I've now got the problem of keeping this lover a secret from Fred. Somehow I'll manage, because at least for now, I'm not giving up the sex.
1020 March 5, 2004

hound dog:
From what I know penis size can be a great thing but I have never known a "decent" girl to go for size or talent either together or alone.  Basically, if you want to fuck sluts that go after the biggest and best guy than go ahead.  The problem with that is there's always going to be somebody bigger and better and she'll leave you for him.  People find ways to pleasure each other due to small penises and yes, the girl might wish for a bigger man.  That's no different from any guy wishing he could fuck a supermodel instead of the girl he was with.  Humans are too complex a creature to be summed up evolutionarily (i.e. going for the best mate).  We're also too smart to be considered as such.  The evolutionary concept underlying how women like bigger penises is just that:  A subtle and underlying tone that helps women decide who they will be with.  It doesn't control all of what they think of a man anymore than personality does.  Sure a guy with a big penis, a harvard degree, and a great body to compliment his sense of humor will get everybody but who is that man?  That's why people stopped going for the best and started loving.  Love is still based on biological attraction, but it doesn't solely rely on that.
1021 March 5, 2004

Thanks for giving people an outlet for expressing their views and opinions.Checking out your site and reading everyones comments has confirmed what I have always known.
I am by the chart a 'C',From the gym in school to the locker room at work I am average and proud of it.
My wife and I have what I know to be great sex as we both are comfortable with our bodies and we both enjoy the use of sex toys/videos as part of what is sometimes fantastic love making and other times just a quick fuck.
1022 March 5, 2004

Ever think that it's time for the woman to take on responsibility?  Maybe the prblem isn't a small penis. Maybe the woman has an overly large vagina.  Hey, you can do Kegels at work ladies.  Men can't exactly take a break to work out their penis. 

Count it with me... 1 & 2 and 1&2...
1023 March 6, 2004

I really ejoyed your site,it was very interesting,however I have a very small penis about 4.5 inches in legnth,and about 3 inches in girth.It seems to me that all the women  that I had relations with enjoyed my love making technique. What I would do is make love to their vagina(clit,and labia)with my well trained tounge,while Inserting very big lifelike dildos!Essentially I'm a human  "fucking machine",and I could perform for hours!This drove them insane with orgasm,after orgasm,so much infact that they couldn't make it to the bathroom afterwards because of "jelly legs"!It's true most women appreciate the immensity,of a very large sized object deep in their vaginal canals,there are so many nerve endings being stimulated at one time that the intensity of the orgasms are phenomonal, and literally,quite earth shaking.Now when my vaginal love making is all over,I switch positions, and I insert my small penis into her, and this is what really turns me on ; the feeling of that large empty space(vaginal walls)her inner most sancity that moments before had accommodated a 12" x 7" life like phallus,is now home to this little pee pee inside of her.This in itself is the essence of why I get such a huge erection,(only 4") knowing that she enjoys a much larger member deep inside her!On the brighter side I have also become submissive to my ) lovers,knowing that they are completly aware of my short-comings.I inturn consent with them to humiliate me ,and allowing me to serve them in ways that bring them pleasure:ie, Foot massages,Pedicures, and  of course monetary compesation!Although this all sounds hard to believe I assure you I have no trouble satisfying my lovers, I think someone said a long time ago that the "G" spot is really in Your heart,and your head!!!! Phally
1024 March 6, 2004

Natalie (Post #994),
I'm sorry to say, but I think your story is fictitious.  It is just a little too close to one of the most common inter-racial sex stories out there. Average women never been with a black man.  White husband has exactly average cock-6x5.  Work rumors build the tension.  Finally she tries it, and OMG, what has she been missing.  Pretty much the card-carrying interracial story.

That said, I'm pretty sure you are a man with a creative writing talent.
If you are real (I give it 1% chance), you are cheating on your husband and that is wrong. There are many, many things you can shove up your pussy besides another man's penis (ie a big dildo) which will give you unbelievable pleasure and save your marriage.  Do the research, have a spending spree at an online sex superstore, spice up your sex life, and save your marriage. If you value your loving husband and your many years of happy marriage, get rid of your baggage now.  If you are willing to trade your life, your family, your friends, and most importantly your husband, for a cock.  Go ahead, it's your life you're flushing down the toilet, but it is not fair to your husband you would have to get a divorce.

Finally remember, this is YOUR fault, you fucked up, not your husband and therefore you should take all of the blame.  If you keep him, I would not tell him about your extra-marital relations.  That would make him feel somewhat responsible, when, once again it is entirely your fault.  Better to drop the black guy all together, do something really nice for your husband, and try to salvage any of the small respect you have left for your husband.
1025 March 6, 2004

A Girl:
Hmm...well, I'm a girl, contrary to most of the people who posted here. I just want to point out that most of the people who loved this site are so-called "well-hung" guys...wonder why? To me, size doesn't matter as long as it's not SUPER-small or excessively big. And the average is about 6'', which is perfect considering that in reality (meaning: not according to your idiotic "facts") women have a 5.5-6 inch deep vagina.
1026 March 6, 2004

Homer Simpson:
This might sound like a Homer Simpson story, but it's true.  First of all, and as a size challenged male, I find this site to be spot on - at least insofar as the shorter end of the universe goes - although I can't speak to the "other end" of things.

Page 31 warns the less endowed male not to wear padded shorts - guys take heed!

I used to have three pairs of the bikini types with heavily padded crotches.  In a flaccid state I'm only 2.5" long, so without the shorts I pretty much look like nobody's home.  However, with the shorts on it was a whole different world - lots of female attention.  I was always very careful to make sure I took the shorts off before any petting started and I never got caught - until.

One night about a year ago, I was in a nightclub bar playing pool.  I had the shorts on and a tall (5'-10") sexy gal with big boobs was flirting heavily with me.  I liked everything about her except that she was rather loud, sort of a look at me - smart allelic type.  Anyway, as we started talking and drinking her flirtations became more and more apparent.  It was obvious what she wanted and we decided that she'd follow me to my place.

When I got home, my game plan was to dash into the bathroom and loose the shorts.  However, as soon as we walked in the door she grabbed me and we started kissing.  At the same instant, she rammed her hand down the front of my pants, only to discover my secret.  I was so freaked out I was still flaccid and she said, "Well, I guess that now I've seen it all - sure did fool me!" and started laughing. 

I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do, so I just tried to just brush over it and offered her a drink.  She seemed to let it go.  After a few drinks and some more kissing (uneasy on my part) we made our way to the bedroom.  I soon found out that she had a large vagina (a small guy's nemesis), so things were about to get worse - at full erection I'm only 4.75"L x 4.25"D.  I couldn't feel a thing and kept flopping out.  Her inner thighs were kind of fat, so that didn't help matters.

After about a minute or two she sat up and said "This just isn't working, I've got to go".  At that, she got up and started getting dressed.  While she was doing so, I stepped into the bathroom.  When I came out she was gone, but before leaving she had draped the padded shorts over a lampshade.  I could have died.

Needless to say, I threw away all three pairs of the shorts.  End of story?  Not quite.

About two months latter I walked into a bar and yep, you guessed it.  There she was, sitting at a table with two other gals.  Before I could turn around and leave, she saw me said, "Hey, it's Tiny Tim!  How are those magic shorts doing?"  The three of them started laughing raucously. I've never been so embarrassed or humiliated in my entire life!
1027 March 7, 2004

Don't Care:
Why should you care what a women thinks, i can make any girl cum without even using my dick. i think I'm small but ive learned to live with it. Learn to eat a girl pussy before you have sex with them. Usually that gets them worked up. When you fuck a girl with a small dick start off slow then go as fast as you can. It may get tiring but hang in her. Fold her legs up,(missionary pos.) and bang the hell out of her ass. If you can get the slapping going on then youll get it.
Much love to them tight girl, Billy
1028 March 7, 2004

Sweet male:
What a crazy site! first of all it is FACT that the vagina is about 2 to 3 inches long normally and maybe4 to 6 inches long when a woman is horny! This is FACT. SO any female that says she likes bigger it's all in her head! She has some little mental issue that needs medical help. Also the first 2 inches of the vagina is all that has feeling, the rest has no feeling... again this is medical FACT! I am 7 inches long and my penis is just lovely. I have heard female porno star's even admit that it's not the size of the penis, and they would know! Also people on the internet, well on these sites like the females that say bigger is better, this is not real. REAL life, normal day to day life and relationships are different! Girls looking for big dicks might find them, but they will never find love! All I can say is come back into NORMAL thinking all you fat, ugly flat chested sluts looking for big cocks! Get your heads checked out medically. And SIZE does matter... big breasts are a must, and big breasts make for better sex cause the guy is turned on more so he will fuck you like a jack hammer!! So big dick wanters, pull yer heads out of your ass's and wake up!

Cheers all!
1029 March 7, 2004

99% of women are normal and don't care about penis size.
1% of women do care but they are fucked in the head.
medically it is proven that penis size does not matter.
so ignore that 1%, why listen to what mental people say! they are head cases... simple as that!
also 90% of the internet is totally fucked up with bullshit stories and the internet is where you find all those sick twisted mental sluts and tarts. ignore them as most of what they say is bullshit and 99% of them never had a big dick and would not be able to take more that 6 or 7 inches any way.
There are 100s of millions of girls and women out there that don't give a shit about penis size and they would not be able to take more that 6 or 7 inches any way!

1030 March 7, 2004

My penis is average size, and i have NEVER heard any complaints.
1031 March 7, 2004

I have a 3 1/2 inch long penis, and I don't care. never been bashful and never had complaints. I've had sex with 5 different women. I am 18 years old, I told them before ever had sex how large my penis was. those five are the only women I've ever tried to have sex with and they never turned me down. all of them told me, penish size doesn't count for much as long as you are good at foreplay, which I am. so, guys with small dicks, practice lickin and you'll be fine.
1032 March 7, 2004

I am a blackman and reciently have been with a whitegirl.  The funny thing is that before we got together she bragged about how big her husband was and that she needed a big cock.  I told her that I fluxuate based on how arroused I am.  Well anyway when we got together her pussy was as tight as the opening of a water bottle...lol  I think she was telling me in so many ways that she needed a bigger dick than what she was getting.  She just didn't want to admit that her husbands penis was small.  She also told me that she hadn't ever in her life cum like she did with me.  Btw we lost count of how many times she came but I know that it was over four.  And four hard ones not soft.  Her body shooked everytime she came and she would say( OK, OK, OK, STOP STOP, GIVE IT A SECOND.  I smiled everytime she came because I knew that I had set a new standard.  We fucked for 4 days.  When we started she was tight, by the time she had to go back home she started to loosen up.  When she got !
 home she avoided her husband when it came to sex for about 1 week.  Maybe she was scared that he would know the difference.  He will....lmao
1033 March 7, 2004

I have read and re-read several times the things you have written regarding we men with small penises.  I can personally attest to the fact that women of today are much more outspoken as to their sexual likes and dislikes.  And one of the things they definitely like is a man with a large penis.  Conversely, one of the things they DON"T like is a man who disappoints them by having a small (or in my case, tiny) penis.  And they don't mind telling me, either.  As one of them said, "I just don't have the equipment to do the job."

There seems to be no doubt that the things you have written are far more accurate than many want to believe.
1034 March 7, 2004

Reply to Jim.
I'm in the process of doing just that.I've measured 200 women of every size,and age.You won't believe the amount of pussy tightness variations out there in pussy land. I can now say that it is more varied than men.I still need more women to measure but it is coming close to completion.These women are video taped for proof as I'm measuring them.

I've asked many of the women who posted here in the past,if they wanted to be measured as a sign of fair play.Guess what,you never hear of them again.That tells me they are petrified of being measured and compared to other women,like men are compared to other men.Aren't women the most hypocrites of the human race.Of course they are.

But soon that will all change.I've got a method of measuring pussies fairly accuratly,once a man has slept with a woman. In other words,let say you sleep with a certain woman,then you follow my procedure you can know were she fit on the international vagina tightness scale.And she never need to know.So in effect for the first time men will be able to measure women without them knowing,while women can't accuratly measure men unless men let them.Measuring women is so incredibly easy to do.You can know if a woman is very loose ,loose, avg, tight ,very tight.
Soon as you had sex with her.
1035 March 7, 2004

Reply to Natalie

 You and any women who find themselves in your predicament, should spill the bean to your husband(s).You should tell your husbands what is good for the goose is good for the gander.Tell you husband" dear hubby go find yourself a tight woman ,maybe asian, and go enjoy sex again with a tight pussy.I know like me wanting a bigger cock for enjoyment you also would enjoy a woman with a tighter pussy.So I will understand perfectly when you get  a tighter woman."

By the way would you be interested in being measured.I have the impression you are a loose to very loose pussy size.Wouldn't it be interest for you to know .I'm sure your husband would like to size you.

This offer is for any women reading or writing on this site.Are you interested in finding out were you stand on your tightness or lack of? Whether you are loose,avg or tight.Just say so on this site and we will get in contact.
1036 March 8, 2004

It CAN be too big:
Yes, some men are too big. Some are too small. Many are just right. Curves are good, if it's the right size but lasts only 30 seconds that just pisses you off.

Minimum time should be ten minutes.
Enthusiasm counts for a hell of a lot. The best I ever had was barely six inches but curved nicely and lasted forever.
1037 March 8, 2004

Finally I see the meaning of it all.

size and nothing else.

well, I should have known earlier...
1038 March 8, 2004

medical doctor:
The comment from Natalie was interesting to me because I had a sort of similar incident happen to me (or my girlfriend).  I graduated from medical school in 1986 and dated a girl all through school.  We met on the first day of orientation.  She was petite and really cute with a ton of personality, a great smile, and big beautiful eyes.  She had short straight red/brown hair and I always thought she should be a model. Her name was Dannette - and I was lucky enough to be with her for a while.

When we started going to the clinics in our third year for clinical rotations, we used to practice physical exam techniques with each other.  (We had to take practical exams in front of one-way glass to pass each rotation.)  Later, in our fourth year, we both volunteered at a clinic for charity (and to buff up our resumes for residency applications).  It was a community clinic and homeless people would come for care.  Dannette kept getting a patient who was obviously interested in her and would ask her questions about sexual function, etc.  One time, he mentioned a video store where they showed movies - and he was asking if he could catch sexually transmitted disease by going to it.  She just gave him the short talk on how disease is passed on and basically said "no" unless he had sex in the theatre. 

Later that month, we were talking about it and she asked if I would go with her to see what it was all about. I don't really know if she was interested for her patient or for herself. When we got to the theatre, it was really dark inside and we could barely see to find a place to sit.  Instead, we stood against the back wall.  There was a movie going on that was pretty explicit (sex outdoors somewhere).  As our eyes started to adjust to the light, we realized that we were standing in the middle of several men.  Most of them were just watching like we were.  I looked over at Dannette (who was on my right) and saw that a short (5ft 6in) thin black man was scooting along the wall closer to her.  I wasn't really worried so I watched more of the movie.  The next time I looked down, the guy had unzipped his pants and was slowly stroking his cock.  As my eyes adjusted more, I realized that this guy was huge!  Who would have thought that this short little guy would have a 9 inch cock?!?  I looked up at Dannette's face, but she was watching the movie pretty intently. 

From then on, I watched her out of the corner of my eye while pretending to watch the movie, to see if she would look down at him.  In a minute I noticed her stealing glances at him.   It was funny because the guy obviously got next to her because she was a pretty girl, but he just had this stupid blank glazed-over look on his eyes as he watched the movie and stroked his unbelievably oversized cock.  In retrospect, I guess he didn't want to scare her away.

In a few minutes, I noticed her looking more blatantly at his cock (without really pretending to watch the movie).  For a few minutes, she seemed to forget that I was even there with her.  I was too curious, so I didn't interrupt.  By now, my eyes were fully adjusted to the dark, and I could see him gently touch her wrist and pull her hand to his dick.  She seemed to be ok with touching his dick - and even seemed to be studying it while she touched it with her right hand.  In a little while, she had her hand all the way around it and was pulling back and forth slowly.  I could just see his foreskin pulling over his incredibly fat cockhead and then retracting as she slid her hand back and forth. Pretty soon I sensed the guy tensing up and I heard a loud noise as a huge glob of cum splashed on the floor.  My girlfriend had (I think unexpectedly) just jerked him off.  She looked over at me and smiled a sort of embarrassed smile.  The guy zipped up and ran off. We left pretty soon too.  In the mean time, Dannette grabbed some of the paper towels in the dipenser on the wall and madly wiped her hands off (like she had touched something corrosive). 

We didn't talk about it much afterwards except to laugh at how weird that was.  She never mentioned that the guy was hung like a horse. A few months later, we were working in the community clinic when she went into one of the patient's rooms and noticed that it was the guy from the video store/theatre. It turns out he was really stupid and didn't seem to remember her.  I saw them talking, but it didn't click that it was that same guy.  He had come in for some other complaint (I think a sore shoulder), but Dannette apparently closed the door and did a physical exam on him. 

That night, she was quiet all night until she finally told me about it.  She admitted that she knew it was that same guy and did a complete physical exam just to see his cock again.  She said he was so stupid that she wasn't worried about spending a little longer on the exam.  She said that in the flourescent lights in the office, it was even more amazing. (This was the first time she even mentioned that it was big.)  She said she even used a ruler on her otoscope to measure it.  It was 9 inches soft.  I really couldn't believe that my sweet, innocent Dannette would be measuring the cock of some dumb, poor,  possibly drugged-up black guy behind closed doors.  The thought really got me crazy (a bit scared but excited).  Over the next few days I kept thinking about this and masturbated several times while I replayed the two incidents. I suggested that we go back to the video store again.  We went back twice, but we never ran into him again.  Instead, we just watched the movies for half an hour and left.  The rest of our time in medical school, I would always notice her measuring my dick with her hands whenever we had sex.  I'm about average (6 X 5 in);  you could tell she was imagining that guy in her mind. The only other comment that she ever made about it was to say how naughty she felt both in the theatre and in the clinic when she held his dick.  She said it felt really enormous and heavy in her hand, almost like a farm animal. In the clinic, I guess while it was soft, she said she couldn't see the head that had been so huge in the theatre because he had so much foreskin.  She tried briefly to retract it, but was afraid that he would report her to someone for sexual conduct with a patient.

After medical school we went our separate ways (different residency programs), but I sometimes wonder if she ever acted on her obvious fascination with oversized black cock.
1039 March 8, 2004

Average Joe:
Well after reading the comments on this site I guess I'm lucky in one respect.
Being born with an above average size penis I have to testify that It can be a problem especially with ladies that have smaller vaginas.
I learned early in life that you have to be damn carefull during entry otherwise you may never be allowed into the garden again.
Lots of foreplay and tender loving can open the way so to speak.
I Met a Lady that loves to have me penis inserted as fast and as hard as I can drive it home.
on the other hand most women can't take all of it for a long time.
I never thought of "it" as being extraordinary but I guess it is !
By the way it measures 9 3/4 Inches long and 6 inches in girth.

Interesting site.
1040 March 8, 2004

Shelly ann:
If I can say one thing about your site, it's that your penchant for relevant/irrelevant information, personal conjecture and bias does confuse the issue even more.  You're site claims one thing and then reverses itself to say another.  Really, do you have an opinion at all on the matter or are you trying to be one of your so-called "PC" advice givers?

Wether size matters, depends on the woman, plain and simple.  If a man is born with a small penis then so be it.  If a woman is with a man who has a small penis, then so be it.  I think the fact that you are run by a pharmeceutical company makes your site LESS credible (yeah I did the research, Metadvance).

I will give you this, anthropological and evolutionary advances has allowed 2 things for our species.

1) The advance in brain size and intelligence


2) The movement from hunted animal to dominant predator

Hey, if this is due to a few guys with smaller than normal penises and higher than average IQ's so be it.  Thanks for the boost.

Hope you get your point across to someone, one day Metadvance.  Good Luck! (you are going to need it!)

Later All,
Shelly Ann Waters
Vancouver, Canada
1041 March 9, 2004

Great read, and a no-nonsense look at the science of penis size.  Thanks man!
1042 March 9, 2004

My hubby wayne and I have been married around 4 years. He has a very small but thick little penis. I poke fun at his penis all the time while I am shaving him and keeping him smooth. I like huge dicks and I like to see wayne suck them. People visit us and wayne is always kept naked and he is laughed at for having such a sorry little cock. He is proud of it though because he loves to show it off all the time. I love shaving guys with big cocks. Write me nudenancy@hushmail.com
1043 March 10, 2004

Surprise Surprise:
I'm 19, 6'2" and 168lbs. My dick is 5'3" long and 5'35" thick and felt huge for my eyes. I can't understand though, why many the guys, commenting on this site, with a far more bigger penis than mine express their disatisfaction with their lot and surprise surprise wish for more. It is unfair!!
1044 March 10, 2004

I am a male only 5'8" tall.  My wife is only 5'4".  I will tell you up front she has a very small vigina. My penis is 5.5" and 1.5" girth.  My wife of 25 years has stated over and over that a biger penis would hurt her, and is very satisfed with mine, and would not entertain the notion of a larger one.  I Have however managed to put a 9" vibrator inside with no complaints from her execpt how far was that in, I did'nt like it. and one time during an oral session on her that I managed to insert a 3" round dildo, however after it was over she yelled take it out, take it out it hurts. So for you manely men out there who can play tounsil hocky and open her so wide that it takes days to srink back to normal, don't let your frail little male ego let you think your something special.
1045 March 10, 2004

ohhhhh baby.....it is oh so true, bigger is better.

why dont you organize these insipid comments into gender categories.  i love to here the words of an insightful woman.  the time you spent on the subject was well invested, your research is exemplary.  it would appear to this wiener afficionado that your "ideal pleasure tool" is just a smidgen on the robust side; i mean, maybe 50% of women can handle that size but to indicate that this is the "gold standard" is a bit of a, dare i say, stretch.

keep it long and windening
1046 March 10, 2004

Magnum XL:
As an older well travelled gent (Scottish) particularly to the Far East, HongKong Singapore Malaya and Africa from 20 years old until I was 55.  I could spell it out very clearly but in brevity, my penis is bang on 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" girth.  Sex is not easy.  I have been with countless prositutes over the years, particulary Chinese.  I found that the Chinese girls were astounded at my size and just refused me sex.  I found this a turn on eventually and usually found an older woman who would on a decent payment be prepared to take me on.  Think chinese men must be pretty small.   I have only had two females in my life who were able to take me all.  A big penis is NOT to be envied, believe me.  Biggest problem (excuse the pun) is the glans penis is HUGE with a half inch drop from the glans to the shaft.  Having seen pictures of myself erect I can see that it is big and maybe a bit off putting.  Black females are more able to cope with me than white as it happens, which indicates black men are also well hung. Magnum XL by the way are a bit small and tight. :))  Any guys with the same experience?
1047 March 10, 2004

Let's see if i got this right.....the Lord that created you the earth and the stars above and is perfect in every way made ONE mistake.  His calibration table was set to centimeters and should have been set to inches.  Gall-dang-heng, I am augmenting my prayers effective this evening, for he who believeth in Him shall not be short changed but have it in the pants abundantly.

hallelulah and hosana in the highest,
a disciple
1048 March 10, 2004

Finally, a site that spells out what I have felt for over 20 years.  Just a quick note.  Amongst my friends who have had less than 5 lovers, the penis size issue was NOT an issue.  Those of us who have had some experience, believe that SIZE DOES MATTER!!  Thank you for your efforts in bringing this question more mainstream!
1049 March 11, 2004

Size doesn't matter that much, and it's mostly about the art, if said short and sweet.

Size doesn't matter in the way some think it matters. A big penis can cause uncomfort for most women, while a small wouldn't. In that case a small one is much better than a big one.

And it's ugly to have a huge penis. The few men who try to enlarge their penises due to phobia are making themselves unfit very much.

You would hardly ever find a photo or a video with real measurement equipment, on the internet, specailly in any commercial section. So the mentioned measurements start from the individual's buttocks for length, and going all around the testicles for width.

This is somewhat from reality mentioned in a rush. Surveys would reveal that stronger men have average or smaller penises; women had many more orgasms and pleasure with average penises or even small ones. A small one is to maintain and much more pleasant for the figure.

So guys, the best to be is be where you are and not ignorantly try to enlarge you thing. A very few females talk as impressed and inspired by big ones, who happen to be mostly virgins who just flow with gossip and phobias. If you are under a sad phobia as to the point that you should do something to your penis, in terms of size, the wiser thing would be to try to shrink it if you can.
1050 March 12, 2004

college grad:
I've been in a relationship for nearly 7 yrs. with a young lady in college. we recently had a beautiful child together but, it appears the sex is different. I REALLY know now that I can't provide the sexual stimulation she needs.

I know of her previous sexual encounters, several men who i know are well hung + 9 in. she says our sex is fine but, it is difficult for me to accept sex with me is just as good. I can't possibly fill her as her previous boyfriends. Even before giving birth to our son, I didn't fill her. Their was aways thoughts that if i had another 3 in.

We are fairly open in our relationship, discussing our previous sexual encounters. Again, I felt uneasy when she mentioned that her previous boyfriends ( + 9 in.) could have sex with her standing (WOW). I should mention that she not a small girl. Her height is 5'9" and weighs about 145 lbs. with a 38 in hips/butts. A thick girl. So my thoughts were of amazement and disappointment. I can't compete with a MAN with a + 9 in dick!!

During the times we have sex, she would tell me 'deeper' what the hell am I suppose to do, stick my arm in her vagina to fill her.

I strongly believe and my female friends agree that a larger penis is more enjoyable for women and provides for better sex. According to my 'girl friends' large dicks provide visual stimulation, greater vaginal penetration and with a large dick you are able to try and successfully manuever into various sexual positions. And my 'girlfriends' whom I discuss this with say that the different positions along with the deeper penetration provides for the best sex.

It's just to bad that men can't take a pill and grow an additional 3 inches of dick (that really works).

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