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Some Advice for Well-Endowed Men
- Part 1-

Small-endowed men often believe they are the only ones whose penis gives them problems. They think that life is a free ride for those who are well equipped. They don't understand what very well-endowed men have to go through.

The problems you are facing

  1. Emotional problems
    • Only respected as sex object
    • Feeling "used"

  2. Penetration problems
    • Penis too long
    • Penis too thick

1. Emotional problems

women see you as a piece of meat...It sounds nice to be considered a sex object by women but it isn't. Women come and take you as if you are a piece of meat. You feel "used" because they have their orgasm and then they leave you as if you are filth. They consider it your job to give satisfaction to them. You often feel obligated to sleep with women you don't even want to have sex with. Everyday you are bothered by some girl that wants it from you. Others think just because they are pretty that they are the ones that deserve your penis, while you might be looking for a nice girl rather than for a pretty bitch with an attitude.

Consequently you are bitter because no one seems to give you any other respect than for your penis. In fact, you are sick and tired of people staring at your bulge instead of looking in your eyes. You dream of just laying back and enjoying some oral sex without having to penetrate the girl. But you know you can't, because she doesn't allow you to lay back, you have to perform.


To begin with, stop just giving yourself away for nothing. It is not because women think that men always want sex, that you should be ready for them when they want you. Let them wait and hunker. Have sex when you want it, not when some lusty girl needs it. Preserve your sexual energy for those girls that you think deserve it or you will burn out faster than you think.

On the other hand, if your problem is rather the opposite, meaning that you want to have more sexual encounters with different partners, then do it. Don't deny yourself the pleasures of the world, feeling constraint by some possessive girl that is pretending to be in love with you while she is only in love with your penis. Don't waist your life missing out on the fun. If you are not in love and you didn't make a commitment, you don't owe her your sex life. You were given a big penis so carry it with pride and enjoy sex when you want.

2. Penetration problems

Even if you are not bothered by any of this, your sex life might still not be what you want it to be. There you are, you found out that you have a grade "A" penis (see page 40, the Penis Size Preference Chart) but you still seem to have problems with good sex. I am not talking about "getting laid" but about problems during the actual sex act.

You were given this size to pleasure women, but now you still have to learn how to use it optimally. You probably get frustrated often because of penetration problems. You think your penis is either too long or too wide, or both.

Penetration problems because you think your penis is too long

Especially men with big length (over 8") complain that they often hurt their girls. Many women don't like penetration by long penises because each time their uterus seems to get a beating. The problem is not really your length (unless you are over 9"). It is mostly a matter of timing and technique

Timing please

I am not talking about time of the month, although that can also play a role in a woman's capability to accept a large penis inside. I am talking about timing during the actual sex act itself. Remember the process of vaginal tenting? (see page 18 Stimulation from penis length.) I will recap some things here because this is very important for you.

When you and your girl are prepared to have sex, even if she is wet, she is usually not ready yet to be penetrated deeply. Although the vagina walls are very stretchable, they need to "warm up" first and to expand by itself. In the beginning of the excitement, her vagina is only slowly starting to increase in size. In the back, her cervix (the entrance to the uterus) is still resting at about three-four inches from the vagina opening. Often you can feel it by reaching inside with a finger. It feels like a round protruding knob at the end of her vagina. Only after additional excitement, she will get to a point where here uterus retracts deeper inside the abdominal cavity, creating extra space where there wasn't any before. This is called tenting or ballooning of the vagina.

How do you know she is at that stage? Well, it is your job to make sure she is getting the necessary arousal first. Whether you use your mouth, your fingers or the first few inches of your penis or anything you want, you have to stimulate her enough before going for the big banging. One or two clitoral orgasms wouldn't hurt either. Once she is in that expanded stage, you can feel with your fingers that her vagina walls are wider apart and somewhat harder. Now you can penetrate her with your full length, but start gently. After a short while, you will feel that her vagina is at maximum capacity and only then should you start thrusting heavily.

Not all men with big penises have strong self-confidence when it comes to interacting with women. If you have a problem to approach women, then you could learn how to get over it forever. (I read an excellent book about low self-esteem and fear of rejection that will teach you how to do this.)  Or, as a temporary solution, you could get some human pheromone releasers like Attract-RX, which are a much more effective way to attract women than the traditional pheromone sprays.

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