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Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Penis size is determined by genetics and hormones

too much bicycling?If a man has a small penis then there are two possibilities: Either he was meant to be small, or he was not and something went wrong during the time his penis was supposed to grow more. The thing that counts is that young men could avoid the circumstances that might impair the growth of their penis. During a young man's puberty, his body changes from boy to adult. The amount his penis grows is said to be determined by two factors: genetics (hereditary) and the supply of the right amounts of growth hormones during this growth period.

The genetics part is a thing that can't be influenced (for now). The production of growth inducing hormones however can sometimes be weakened by external factors:

  • excessive stress (emotional and/or physical)
  • sickness
  • malnutrition

At extreme levels this could affect body growth as well as the development of the genitals. If you are a parent, it is your job to make sure that your son has the best environment possible to let him develop at his optimal capacity.

Too much bicycling could lead to a small penis

In the last few years scientists have researched some new causes of impotence in adult men. They discovered that extensive bicycling could lead to genital numbness, penile failure and even shrinkage. I go one step further and speculate that too much bicycling in one's youth could attribute to penile underdevelopment.

The reason is that when a man sits on a bicycle saddle he has practically all his weight concentrated on the place between the sit bones, more specifically the perineum. All the essential wiring that feeds the penis (like nerves and blood vessels) is funneled through this area, meaning he is putting his entire body weight on the artery that supplies the penis.

When this artery is pinched the supply of nutrients and growth hormones is virtually shut off. If this happens on a continuous basis then there has to be an effect on the proper development of the penis. Worse, chronic saddle pressure can even damage and scar these arteries, followed by narrowing. This reduces the blood flow even when that man is not riding his bicycle. Result, a continuously insufficient supply of growth hormones, even during that time of the day when a penis is supposed to grow the most: at night.

quality ergonomic saddles
Change the saddle

Bicycles can have different saddles and the one causing the most damage is the narrow hard type. If you are a parent and your child uses a bicycle then the least you could do is make sure that it has a decent saddle. There are ergonomic types with flexible noses and others that have a hole in the middle to relieve pressure from the perineum. However, some doctors are skeptical to any design that fits between the sitbones and it is probably recommended to choose a wider, more heavily padded brand.

Make sure the saddle is level or pointing a few degrees downward. It is also important that you teach your child to stand up every 10 minutes or so to encourage blood flow. Check that his knees are not fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke. They should be slightly bent to support more bodyweight. Also, make sure that the top tube is heavily padded because if not, your guy might suffer severe penile damage during a fall.

Besides these technical things, you could also make sure he doesn't ride his bicycle too much and offer other means of transportation. Encourage him to do other types of physical exercise as well. By doing all this, you are at least avoiding any potentially negative effects on his genital development. One day he might thank you for it.

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