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A Comment To The Experts

I'm talking to YOU...A note to the psycho-therapist, sexologist, sex-therapist and other know-it-alls reading this: Can't you just make it clear to these guys who are troubled by the size of their penis, that women are human beings also, meaning that when they are sexually excited they want to be penetrated by a penis, preferably a rather large one, just like a man wants a warm, juicy and tight vagina around his penis. It's sex after all; wild sensations in case you never had any.

It is a tragic mistake to belittle men's concern about penis size by blaming it on their immatureness or on the misrepresentation of men and women in pornographic material. It is also a tragic mistake to say such penis size concerns are groundless and relate purely to self-esteem problems. Self-esteem surely is a factor in this issue but it is not the cause of their worries.

I am not sure if your denial of the existence of vaginal orgasms and women's penis size preference is a result of your ignorance or a result of your shameful adherence to political correctness. Either way it creates a serious stain on your profession as counselors.

Do you really believe that these people asking you questions can't see you are hiding something from them? They are not helped by being treated as brainless children who shouldn't understand what is going on. But then again, maybe your intentions are not really to help them to begin with? Could it be that you are simply hoping to establish a new client base and securing your existing one?

However, if your intentions are sincere, and if the only reason why you advice men that penis size doesn't matter to women is that "What you don't know can't hurt you", then you should know that your theory is not working. Men all around the world are continuously suffering because of this. It is doubtful that there are any men who truly believe that size doesn't matter at all. Even if a man is never told that size matters, instinctively he knows more than he is taught to know. And most men who are small already know so or at least suspect it. They have a good idea that they might not really measure up or might not be adequate for most women to cause vaginal orgasm. They don't need some salving nursery rhymes or misleading information to feel better. They want and need to know the truth. A therapist or expert who gives them comfort by feeding them soothing but false information is causing more harm in the end than the truth could ever do. You can't change the facts by denying them. Sure, they might feel some temporarily relief, only to fall back into greater desperation than before when they are faced with daily reality again. As psychologists you should know better than anyone that such is the way men with a low body-image syndrome will react to momentary-only relief

This doesn't mean that such information should be made available to underage people. I am not in the position to say what pre-adults should know or not know. That is entirely up to their parents or caretakers. However, one day when adult, these young people are bound to find out, either through basic logic or, worse, through humiliation by their peers or by their partners. It is then that they deserve to know what is really going on and why things are as they are. As adults all men have the right to know. Adult men can handle this subject, as long as nobody keeps on messing with their mind. It is not right that the only information adults receive are confusing comments like "Size doesn't matter. It matters a bit. It matters only to few women. Only girth matters. It's length that matters. Only technique matters. Only love matters. All penises are almost the same size once erect. Women can't feel the difference, it's all psychological. Size matters only among men. It's only in your head, you're immature."

For many men who don't possess what women prefer, it is a matter of choosing between two evils, either staying in doubt about their penile adequacy and the importance of penis size, or being aware of the truth, which is that they don't really have as much as women would like them to have. In view of the fact that the same penis size related questions keep on popping up all over the Internet, I am convinced that living in doubt is worse.


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