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Female Orgasm

To understand why penis size affects vaginal satisfaction you have to know a few things about female orgasm.

Female orgasm is a complex phenomenon

The female genitals contain at least four different areas ("hot spots") that are very responsive to sexual stimulation:

  • clitoris

  • G-spot

  • Epicenter (the "orgasmic pacemaker" according to Dr. Newman Lin)

  • AFE zone (Anterior Fornix Erotic zone)


Female orgasm can be divided into four categories, each one producing different sensations in each woman.

  1. Vulval orgasm can be induced by either penetration or manual stimulation of her vulva (clitoris, labia minora). This kind of orgasm is accompanied by contractions of the orgasmic platform. After this kind of orgasm a woman may feel that she has just begun and may want more and on going stimulation and is capable of more orgasms at that point.

  2. Vaginal contractions during female orgasmVaginal orgasm is the result of heavy G-spot stimulation during vaginal penetration. It begins with the rhythmic contractions of the lower third of the vagina (pelvic muscles) and results in an electric discharge radiating throughout the entire body, in an intense contraction of all muscles, It is characterized by a woman involuntarily holding her breath as orgasm approaches and explosively exhaling at climax.

  3. Uterine orgasm occurs usually as a result of deep vaginal stimulation of the Epicenter (Orgasmic pacemaker). A uterine orgasm is marked by heavy contractions of the inner vagina and uterus that trigger a heat wave to run from the lower abdomen through the chest bone. Even more than in a vaginal orgasm, a woman has a sense of deep sexual satisfaction after this kind of orgasm.

  4. Blended orgasm is a combination of any or all of the above, characterized by both contractions of orgasmic platform and breath holding.

    Note: Besides these four categories, there are other types of female orgasm, i.e. anal orgasm, nipple orgasm, urethral orgasm. In this penis size debate they are not of much use however. (If you really want to know, the average woman who engages in anal penetration usually prefers penises of medium girth and above medium length. And the average woman who enjoys urethral masturbation uses objects the size of a hairpin. This doesn't include porn star Ty of course who even penetrates her urethra with a penis!)

 The above definitions are not definite. I am not an expert and as a matter of fact even the real experts don't seem to agree. Resently researchers have found another hot-spot inside the vagina, the AFE zone (Anterior Fornix Erotic), proving the enormous complexity of female orgasm. One thing is sure, the entire vagina plays a huge role in it. It is not my intention however to rehash the book on female orgasm. On the links page I give you some web addresses which together give an enormous amount of information on the subject. All we are interested in here is to understand how penis size affects female orgasms.


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Any of these orgasms is caused by rhythmic stimulation through pressure and/or friction of the appropriate regions. It is clear that a longer and/or a thicker penis causes more stimulation than a shorter or thinner one. Let's analyze how this happens.

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