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501 August 2, 2003

For all of the guys who read this and are concerned about their size, check out http://www.thundersplace.com. It's a free forum dedicated to Penis Enlargement.

I started PE'ing a few months ago and have already added length and girth to my penis. Be sure to read A LOT before you start your routine to ensure you are doing it right and don't injure yourself.

Never settle for what you have, always strive for more! PE really does work and it's completely free. Check out Thunder's Place or any other free forum to get started. Good Luck!
502 August 2, 2003

I thinf this site is very insitefull.  It has helped me a lot with understanding women and there preferences.  I guess I don't have much to complain about with an 8.25in length and a5.75in cicumference,but there are still negatives to that.  Like my GF loves it but she says she would like it more if I hade another 1-1.5in to my circumference.  We still have great sex with the size of my penis and the size of her vagina.
503 August 2, 2003

504 August 2, 2003

Janice Tang:
I am just fed up with the small dicked guys who have an attitude problem - those are all I have met so far and they were all unable to satisfy me - how could they with such dicks ?

I have met so many with dicks of 5 inches and even a few of 4 inches and to be honest they were crap in bed. Even their oral could not compensate for a well endowed or at least normally endowed man. Where are the 9 inchers? I have yet to meet them. Do they really exist? The 4 inchers should just get castrated and then genetics cab sort the rest. Hopefully in future women will be able to select from 6 inches and above as all the small dicked men will be EXTINCT ! Come on girls join me in refusing to have sex with all men of less than 6 inches and we can then eliminate this defoprmation from the planet. Castrate all men below 6 inches immediately for the sake of decent sex and genetic procreation. I have heard that men of 6 inches and above are good at oral too - so stop telling us women that men below 6 inches can compensate by giving oral - we women want BOTH great oral and big dicks.
505 August 2, 2003

First let me say: An excellent website! And all is true! I'm 26 years old and very small. My flacid penis is 1" long and nerected i rech only 2,8". My testicles are supersmall too. A female medicine said once, I'd be built like a 6yo boy. I can't satisfy a women and I know that and everyone who says penis-size doesn't matter is simply a lyer, no one knows better than me!
506 August 2, 2003

The one:
The site is total JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't need to be clever to realize he is SELLING Penis Enlargement Pumps!!!!!!!

85% of posts here are bogus!!!! PERIOD
507 August 3, 2003

To DC posted on Aug 1 2003;  I don't know what your deep rooted anger is and frankly I don't care.  However your idea of proper breeding to create the superior male? Well, I believe a very famous man tried that once. His name was Adolph.  Think about it. 
508 August 3, 2003

I'm married to a Filipina who would be considered tight by an average guy.  I'm 5 1/4" erect X 4 3/4" in girth.  She has never told me exactly how large her first husband was--only that he was "really big" and had one of those Italian Stallion tatoos.

I found some of her old letters to him and noticed they were signed "love and lust always"--something she never wrote on mine.  I know she is trying to spare my feelings because I'm small.

We've actually had a foursome with another couple on a cruise and the other guy was 8 1/2" long and he made my Wife cum over and over--like I'd never done.

So I'd have to say that size definitely matters--especially when your cock is only 5 1/4" long.
509 August 4, 2003

     hi all, my comments will be brief but to the point. My career is as an adult entertainer so i have a unique perspective. Having danced for thousands of women and, yes, stripped for thousands more there is no doubt that, visually, the sight feel and touch of a bigger dick drives ladies crazy! usually it is because at home is mr average or mr small. Also many of them have never really been with a big one. People like me for the washboard abs, the defined chest and t he pretty face but the dick is my calling card. Because of it i have made adult videos, been in playgirl and made love to hundreds og gorgeous babes. I am a white guy, only 5'10" with blue eyes and full, thick light brown hair. mt shoe size is only 9 and I have short, thick fingers. Figure that out...my unit is almost 9 inches (8.75) long when erect and 6 inches ariund 9girth. One of my best modeling tricks is to show how much i grow since i am not big at all soft. on stage or in bed i grow it from 2.9 to 8.75!
  which is almost triple in size. This really freaks ladies out. Finally, as far as sex goes, not all women like it all the way inside them but all I've known love the thickness, most also the length.....
510 August 4, 2003

OK... OK... So you know what your talking about!
However, I do have some questions:
1) What is a guy to do if he has a small penis?
2) What do you know and think of the jelqing exercise?


Please REPLY...
511 August 5, 2003

Rachael Tinket:
MATERRS MATTER MATTERS 100% What is the debate for? There is case for small dicked men. Please go away we women do not want you at all.

Sorry guys but we women keep it quiet so as not to offend but it really matters alot. Especially matters after like me a woman has had great sex with 9 + inchers and can compare to being unable to feel the 4 and three quarters incher I went with. I even fell asleep during his 'sex' it was so boring.

So while we say that character and attitude are more important, in reality we just dont want to offend. So I agree with J Tang, lets buoycot all those 6 inches and below and let them become extinct forever. Out future generations of sex hungry females will sure thank us.
512 August 5, 2003

Concerned Woman:
How many women were surveyed to get these answers? I think a lot of debate about penis size comes from men obessessing with their penis and assuming things that may not be fully true.

I can't pretend I know all women, but I have known many who loves a big penis, but love the man more if even if his penis was rather small.
513 August 5, 2003


A average ordinary everyday woman wakes up beside her man one morning.  The have a wonderful relationship.  She is feeling a bit frisky and wakes up one morning and reaches over to grab her husband's morning 6" x 5" average sized erection.  By some unknown miracle he has grown overnight to 8.5" x 6.5".  Over the next month she discovers this development is permanent.

The women is:

a) Very delighted and aroused by this development
b) Very upset and repulsed about this unfortunate development
c) Totally indifferent.  She knows it will do absolutely nothing for her sexual pleasure. i.e. Size does not matter.

Okay everyone let's be idiots and answer (c) to make ourselves feel better.
514 August 5, 2003

At LEAST 80% of all men in the world are between 5 and 7 inches.

From what I can see:

40% of the men on this site are size small.

40% of the men on this site are size large.

20% of the men on this site are average which means NORMAL.  I imagine they are all out there making a woman have great orgasms.  The ABNORMAL guys are all here giving out their measurements to the filthy whores who enjoy this type of thing.
515 August 5, 2003

i read most of these... it's kinda weird to read it.  i have a smaller than average penis as well and i was just woundering what i can do to make it bigger.  i read some facts that being overweight might make a penis smaller due to fat or something along those lines.  I'm about 30 lbs overweight so i don't even know if that's an actual factor. 

i was just woundering if anyone has an actual solution for this problem... and yes, sadly, i truly think it's a problem.  please post your 2 cents.
516 August 5, 2003

I found your site to be extremely informative and, for the first time, I truly understand why, with my little four inch dick, I am found by women to be inadequate.  I just don't have the equipment to do the job. I can't give deep penetration, am not very thick, and can basically do one position and even then my dick pops out.  When hard and fully extended it ALWAYS fails to turn women on.  I have even had one woman tell me to put it back in my pants as it's ridiculous to look at.  My wife has to masterbate and won't even let me near her.  She tells me she can't feel it so what's the use. One day not too long ago I accidentally heard her masterbating herself and heard her moans and groans with each orgasm she was having.  I could NEVER do that for her. Having a very small penis is a real shortcoming!
517 August 5, 2003

For the guys that are complaining that 5 1/4" is small, well just remember everything is relative. My wife would be thrilled if i were 5 1/4"!  We are married over 15 years and it really wasn't until about 7 years into our marriage that she made it clear that i was small and she had a difficult time getting aroused during intercourse. it happened one night after i complained that she wasn't that adventurous in bed, since she only liked having sex in the traditional, man on top, missionary position. she said that this was the only postion that even remotely did anything for her.  we did try other positions such as woman on top, where i could actually see in her face that she wasn't getting much satisfaction.   
The worst time was early into our relationship, she told me her favorite position was 'spooning' with the man coming in from behind lying next to her. it must have looked comical for the fact that i wasn't even able to reach far enough to get more than an inch or so of penetration! she never really made an issue of it and we always returned to the missionary position to finish up. It was after my complaint, when she actually verbalized my size issue that i have been a little obsessed with the subject.  i questioned her about her previous lovers, which there were no more than 5-6, when she told me that all except one were very generously endowed. the unfotunate time with the small guy was the only one night stand she ever had. she said he was the only guy that was smaller than me, and she thought that all guys were at least 6 1/2"- 7", with most even bigger. she said the one night guy was maybe 3 1/2" and came in about 30 seconds! that was her only negative penis experience until i guess she met me.  her boyfriend right before me had in her words - the biggest penis she ever saw, although it was bent.  she never described it as being good, so i never thought size was an issue with her.  it was more a novelty than anything else, since she did refer ti it quite often i noticed. the first time she saw it she gasped and was only able to give him a blow job since it was easier to control that way. it did get her curious though, even though it was bent, and she went back one more time to be with him (we knew each other at this point), and did have sex, but like i said, mentioned that it was really no big deal.  her first boyfriend was huge, but inexperienced, her longest term boyfriend was 'average' around 6" but thick- which she said was the best, but she really liked oral better anyway and intercourse never was that important to her. 
Back to the present where i am really concerned that she will never be satisfied.  she did orgasm from extensive oral or manual foreplay, but nothing that intense- just surface contractions. i finally measured myself,after reading that most guys are between 5"-6", where i come to the realization that at best, i reach 4 3/4"long and 4 3/4" around- considerably under average at least lengthwise! we discussed using a dildo after using make shift fucking alternatives with some degree of sucess, and i built up the courage to buy one. we used it fairly often and she appears to have started having better internal orgasms. 
i stumbled upon your site and read it from start to finish- most informative i must say.  the whole explanation of the hot spots inside the vagina actually do work!  i have found her G-spot and she even enjoys regular intercourse and manualy internal stimulation with me.  i invested in a better, more realistic feeling dildo which is only about 6" long x 5 1/2" around, but the life like feel combined with the proper upward angling to her internal g-spot has given her orgasms beyond her wildest expectations.  she now wants me to buy a strap on and use it on her. so i have to thank the website and just conclude that size definitely matters, but its not the only thing that matters!
518 August 6, 2003

To Red,

This is a bad place to ask these questions. Go to http://www.thundersplace.com/ and ask guys and gals who know the answers and care. It is a totally free forum, no strings attached.

There are a lot of destructive attitudes in here, smaller than average guys. Don't except the crap these cruel people are handing out.
519 August 6, 2003

Hello everyone,

I can't say I've read the entire debate, it's waay too long! Anyway, I _can_ vouch for penis enlargement. No not pills, no, not surgery. The penis enlargement I'm talking about takes a year or more to gain an inch in erection length, and perhaps two years to gain an inch in girth. But it's doable, there is a solution to small penises, and therefore I believe it's magical. You get the efforts if you put the effort in. And it doesn't cost money. I am a member at www.thundersplace.com which is a forum for guys who are interested in jelqing (look it up on google if you haven't heard of it), stretching, hanging and pumping. It works. It's free. It's alot of effort, but in my view worth it.
520 August 7, 2003

 To Racheal Tinket & Janice Tang

You have all the right in the world to want a bigger dick.As I'm measuring pussy sizes (tightnesses and depths),I'm very interested in women like you,who say they need big dick to be satisfied.I bet that both of you would have very loose and sloppy vaginas in the vagina tightness scale range.I would
like to measure your pussies.It can be arranged.You then could be tattooted on the forehead, "good for only 10% of men,too loose otherwise".I dare you to be measured.But your  kind is always chicken shit.
As ,I keep saying to women like you "put your pussies where your mouth is".But I agree on one of your premise, get rid of the loose pussied women of the world.

Now,that being said,are you really who you say you are ,two loose pussied women. Then the above is for you.If you are angry dykes,why not clear the lie,but
if you are PE promoters, I can just hope some people
beat you so bad someday that the rest of your lives are spent in a mental care home.And karma being the way it is,bet that it will happen to you.
521 August 7, 2003

you people are fucking psychos.

well hung guys, grats you
small guys, read up and you can do something about it
crazy ass bitches, die please

522 August 7, 2003

It is amazing. I went to measurection.com (small penis group) and every single one of the myths listed on this site they use to create their own little world. For example, "I would rather have a small penis that worked than a 7 incher that didnt" It is quite interesting and depressing.
523 August 8, 2003

To Racheal Tinket & Janice Tang must be some fat ass bitches, fucking 300 pound whales. "fat women need loving to" is fucking bullshit fat women need to kill themselves thats what they need to do, fucking cunts. How else can be so fucking loose, its like throwing a hot dog into a hallway no matter how big u are.
524 August 8, 2003

Girly girl:
I don't understand if this site about the big lips (bigger labias) is really liked among men. I'm 19 and haven't really done much with guys. Most of it being that I just haven't chosen to give it up to these losers, but also a big player in the reason of my shyness is that I found my vagina quite ugly. I thought that the lips were SUPPOSED to look little and hidden like the "reject" pictures. Then I saw the "big" lipped pictures.I feel like this site has given me courage. I just am not sure if it is some kind of joke . Well thanks for your time bye.
525 August 8, 2003

I think that penis size has been talked about over and over and over again. It is about time we talk about and take seriously the fact that vagina-labia-clitoris size also makes a difference to most men today. I say we need to give equal time and notice to the female genatalia and what men really think. Since your web site has drawn many women to it we can start here........Edward
526 August 8, 2003

Ph D:
I've agonized over the breadth of these half-baked, extremely biased arguments. Unfortunately, this website offers a cut-and-paste type logic where facts are manipulated to fit the hypotheses and agenda of the author. (the agenda is obvious)

To the unsuspecting, this information seems legit; to the educated, this information is unsatisfactory at best.

If you're a graphic artist, you'll also notice that most of the pictures of *real* people have been digitally manipulated to serve the purpose of the website agenda. Feel free to save the pictures to hard disk, and magnify with a photo editor.

The obvious being said, perhaps if nothing else--this material can be learned from and increase the education of human anatomy to the masses.

Don't forget men, we've been successfully mating for years without the need for penis pumps, viagra, or any other type of marketing that preys on the strongest human need: To be accepted by others.

I'm not proposing this website is a failure (that would be subjective), I'm pointing out a fact that none of the data presented is reliable in any way, shape, or form.

I would encourage anyone truly interested in SEXOLOGY, to learn from University websites, which don't use colloquialisms like "cock" and "dick".

Thanks for the smiles, and keep copulating;

Ph D
527 August 11, 2003

male, 7 long, about 5 around.
all women that fucked with me came back to continue, there is no better indicator to getting pleasure out of it. none was in any way dependent on me. i'm not rockefeller nor a movie star. so much for the hard facts.
i personally do think that size matters, for myself and for her. i'm hornier and more 'assertive' when my 'friend' has a good day (and size is VERY day-dependent!). i think that is much more important than the physical size. also, what is never talked about is hardness and angle. penis of any size that are soft and not at least at 2 o'clock are useless sexually. simple physical fact, the physical base of fucking is pressure. limp and soft ones cannot deliver that at any size.
as for the over-all importance of size:
it is astonishing (because i do think that size matters somewhat) that almost all opinions offered here coming from obviously sensual and intelligent people (especially women) do not favour the importance of size, while the 'size must be' opinions almost exclusively appear to come from rather stupid and non-sensual people (or those full of complexes, get-even syndroms and the like). why is that so?
528 August 12, 2003

I read recently that only 6% of women orgasm from penetration alone... that being said, should all the men in the world worry too much about the size of their penis when they could only hope to please 6% no matter how big it is?  Women like foreplay.  Finger them, eat them out, be creative.  My husband has a good sized penis (6 in) and I am one of the lucky ones that does orgasm during penetration (as well as being fingered on the gspot).  However, he is the first man who has ever been able to make me orgasm or cum.  I have had bigger and they weren't able to.  Size is not everything.  Be happy with what you have, if you aren't happy, experiment with different methods of foreplay... women love foreplay.
529 August 12, 2003

Janice Tang you are disgusting and rude... don't speak for women... you are not the norm.
530 August 13, 2003

another thing that strikes this interested observer:
ever interested in what women want i looked at "porn for women". there they have what they call more sensual couples sex (the actors do indeed look nicer and more natural sometimes) and naked men. in almost 90% of all cases these men differ from 'normal' porn actors in 2 ways: 1) they have good, slender bodies and often look somewhat intelligent and sensual, 2) they ALL have average or even sub-average dicks.

as for 1): how can an ugly (fat, hairy, muscle-head), stupid looking guy excite a single woman, with which dick-size ever? Most actors in male-oriented porn are that way.

as for 2): how can LOTS of very sub-average dicked guys, nice to look at otherwise, make it to 'hunks for women' websites?

I do not quite understand either. Especially women, pls. explain.
531 August 14, 2003

.. and think a bit like a computer sometimes:
fucking, physically,  is like A goes into B and the name of the game is friction. Friction happens when A is big or B is tight enough. Therefore penis size cannot be discussed at all without discussing vagina size at the same time. There a few too small penisses for any vagina, and there are some too loose vaginas for any penis, the overwhelming rest is about finding the right fit. This is all purely physical and sounds horrible as such, but any discussion requires to be started from the hard, undisputable facts. In this context, those facts clearly say that sizes (of A and B in tandem) of course (can) matter physically.
Fortunately, nature designed so much more around sex than this, actually so much more that a discussion is very hard, other than the one about the undisputable physical facts.
532 August 14, 2003

Many true observations here. Here's my 2 cents:
Not all women prefer larger penises. Some are afraid of them. But it is the frequent DENIAL of the importance of size that gives it more power. Size is one form of male beauty that is programmed into us biologically. It's a visual CUE that all humans are internally designed to see as a sign of male potency, power, beauty, attractiveness. When modern, "civilized" women (and men) DENY it, and then they SEE a very large beautiful cock, the surprise they feel over how much impact it has on them is what makes it so exciting. When you SEE it, you can no longer put it out of your mind as "not mattering".
I was dumped by a girlfriend in college who was very emotionally screwed up and who LOVED big dicks. Later I found the girl who became my wife (now over 25 years), who had just dumped a guy with 11 inches because she has a small vagina and uterus and he was just too painful for her. HOWEVER, she did LOVE to SEE his big cock, to stroke it, play with it, jack him off, etc. From the many 100s of adult films and videos I've seen over the decades, I think there is no doubting from watching women's expressions that when they encounter a super sized and BEAUTIFUL cock (sometimes the huge ones are ugly), they melt over it. There are certain facial expressions that just can't be "acted", and are a dead giveaway to the intense pleasure they are experiencing.
Finally, for those who say men who are underendowed who allow their wives or gf's to have sex with well hung men are "sick", I disagree. I think it is very common in many societies. Many women cheat so that they can have these experiences. I think it's healthier to accept it and allow it under some controlled conditions. Much of the "swinging" community is based on this situation: men accepting and enjoying, sharing in, their partner's desire for a large penis.
533 August 15, 2003

Reply to "sick to stomach" (message 458 on July 15, 2003):
I felt the same way when I was 18. But if you are really as well hung as you say, you may find yourself opening up to providing stud service to wives of underendowed men yourself, at some point. The opportunities will happen when your size becomes known, and you may find yourself unable to resist. As long as the husband or bf likes it and you don't take her away from him, you may be giving them a gift that, perhaps, you were meant by God to give them. As long as it is initiated by her or them and they both agree that they want it, you may be ENHANCING their relationship, not hurting it. Just be sensitive and careful about it. An extra-big penis is a sort of miracle.
534 August 15, 2003

Hello all, very interesting stuff there. I'm a black guy and to me and my friends this is all really silly and very amusing.

For those confused girls/women: I love girls with large labia minora and majora but its not a requirement. It's just really sexy to look at and a great turn on.

For the suicidal guys: Lets face it SEX rulez! We'll all probably be dead in 80 years anyway (our dicks before that), so go get as much sex as you can before your whatever size weener stops working! Women that love huge dicks have to fuck-around alot to get one, you can do the same for a tight hole you know.

By the way: Black guys love girls with big asses, they are an amazing turn-on and though I don't do anything but fondle them, I love them so much:) From what I've seen heard or learned, black guys talk more about a girls ass size than anything else and black girls talk more about staying power/stamina and positions more than anything else.

My current GF (Black girl) is a tall shapely big ass girl with large lips (yes all of them) tight and wet, has a record of getting an orgasm on my 9.2" X 6" in  2 sec (on penetration) as well as multiples of more than 11 orgasms. I worked hard to get her and I'm not letting go hee hee. Yes I love her too.
535 August 15, 2003

The content on this site is not relly representative for most man. I agree and desagree with a lot of stuffs declared here.
I'm not in the States but somewhere in the Caribbean, this debate seems to me interesting since I am able to know what other people's points of view are. My question is as follows: Does jelq method really works (milking)? Many say it does, but it demands time and dedication; while other say it doesn't at all since penis is not a muscle.
I would really like to get and expert's opinion on this issue.
This is my e-mail: Hans_Friesland@hotmail.com
A matter to think over is that if it really works most men would be working on improving their penises; but others assure it really work.
What's the plain true on this?
Have a great day and excuse me english. It's not my home language. Do please e-mail.

A quick comment from me, The Ed

Given the topic of this site it is understandable that readers post questions about penis enlargement. However, this is not the right place to discuss whether certain methods work or not.

Anyone interested in the subject should visit www.thundersplace.com. It is a free forum about natural penis enlargement (PE) where thousands of men who practice some form of PE method (mostly different types of exercises it seems) come together to form a virtual community with just one goal: to build a bigger dick and to share the knowledge.

Some posters have referred to thundersplace.com in some of the earlier messages above. At first I hesitated to post them, just like I have refused to post comments containing PE links in the past. But after having read some of the site's wealth of information, posted by a bunch of honest sounding and not-for-profit-participating people, I can only recommend it. (Please note that I am in no way associated or affiliated with that site.)

I especially like the fact that there are no links to any of the so called "pay sites" that require paid membership before showing you their "secret enlargement techniques". You can get all those techniques and much more at Thundersplace. I believe it is a sincere site that aims to help people, not just to get you to buy something and therefore I will post it as a first PE site on my link page.

With this I am not stating that I am convinced that natural penis enlargement works. However, the archives at thundersplace.com contain countless conversations between men who claim to have made some gains in penis size (mostly modest). It seems impossible that these virtual conversations are all fake and made up.

One final word to all the paranoid dregs of humanity who believe that my site penissizedebate.com is part of some campaign to get people to buy penis enlargement products:

So far I have not seen any penis enlargement site, product or service that seems worth the money it is being sold for, regardless whether it might work or not. So, for my part,

do not buy ANYTHING related to penis enlargement...

 ...because I don't give a flying fuck. 

PS: Please note that despite this comment I will not participate in the debate on these pages.

536 August 15, 2003

Interesting material ...although i dont believe everything I read ever. 
You all seem to want real comments from 'real' women.  Being a fairly experienced one (about 30 men) , I have to say that each one is differnt in their own way. This site would just call that posturing on the part of another female to make men feel good.  So i wont posture..

The best feelings for me by SIZE ONLY ...have been guys who are 8+..and that's talking on the short side.  My best
sex in the past was from 2 men in my teenage years..who we're 10" and 11".  Maybe i just have a longer than average vagina...Maybe it's just that I'm also a very wet ejaculator...not caring or hung up on whether this is urine or cum or both.  It just makes it easier for the "big boys' to really enjoy feeling a tight hot woman the way they that all men really want to. I just enjoy the sensastion of having a thick long hard cock deep inside me.. That' not a crime nor does it make me a 'slut' ..oppsss promiscuous.   In fact i'm neither of the above....I've had my share but would never cheat or leave just for a bigger dick.  There would have to be all the right qqualities that go along with it.

I dont think anything is wrong with women telling the truth on this subject because i cant imagine that there isnt someone of any size for another person who enjoys it.  

As for me...i've already got my big man ...and i love all of him just as much as the girl next door likes
537 August 15, 2003

The guy who did this website may indeed be a bit of a nut, but that should not undermine the underlying "value" of the information.

Let's face it:  Most men are threatened by the idea of a woman who might be fascinated, turned on, thrilled by something they don't posess - namely, a big, thick, powerful cock. 

Its allowed and nearly EXPECTED that men are supposed to ooh and ahh over curvaceous women half their own age.  Why should it be so earth-shattering that an aspect of this fundamental animal behavior be denied to women?

In other words:  Guys, why are so many of you such f*cking crybabies?

Besides, "PhD", if this website is so full of bunk then why would you "agonize" over it?  

Like many douchebags who would prominently post those three letters rather than a name - I think you know what three I'm talking about - your own smug attitude pulls the rug out from under your own poorly-articulated arguments.  

Sure its obvious that the website author is trying to prove a point.  You can tell by the um, the TITLE OF THE SITE.   As for "agendas", pray tell, what are YOU talking about - if its so very obvious?

Womens' looks and worth has always been directly determined by the preferences of the patriarchy.  That the knowledge of a poorly-understood and taboo topic - some women's love of big cocks - should be documented or its understanding attempted, should not be anything to be scoffed at.   Least of all whining baby-men or academic snobs without a leg or a dick to stand on.
538 August 16, 2003

Black Mamba:
Women only demand that we should adjust to their needs i.e have big dicks, fast cars, good houses, full wallets and we must bring them to orgasms! It is high time they measured up to our demands! Tighter pussies, provide us with better housing, they must drive fast cars and they have to be breaded! Come on men, let us think of our own pleasures, afterall, there are more women than men on this planet and they need us more than we need them. Let us collectively boycott pussy and they will come begging no matter what the penis size is!!
539 August 17, 2003

I truly hope that these discussions lead to the penetration of big cock appreciation into the mass media, especially mass culture. There have been just a few leaks here and there so far, like the song "Shoop" in the early 90s (by Salt n Pepa, with a hot hot video that MTV couldn't afford to censor, featuring as the "climax" scene all the women dancing around a male who brags he has "twelve inches to a yard" and sits with his legs wide apart in suggestive baggy pants while they all dip to their knees and make gestures like they are whacking his hypergigantic cock), "Short Dicked Men" by Gillette (hilarious: "Don't give me no short dicked man" with an equally vivid video) and one rap video, I think it was by Nikki D, "Freak" or something, in which she was surrounded by black dancers in various situations who wore super revealing costumes that accentuated incredibly gigantic bulges...I could hardly believe I saw it on a cable network channel...but wasn't surprised that it must have been quickly yanked because though I watched for it to return, it never was to be seen again!)
MTV also made blatant references to penis size in its dating show, "Singled Out", making "package" one of the attributes female contestants were allowed to refer to in narrowing down the field of contestants. Of the dozen or so times I saw this variable selected, only ONE woman chose those who said they were smaller in the pants... and her reasoning was "Those who say they are big, aren't"...
MTV also had a hung male exhibitionist on its reality show in which a group of young people are put into a roommate situation. (What was the name again!) And in one scene shows it to the women, who are VERY impressed...
Wouldn't it be hot if women's feelings about well endowed men finally became an openly accepted part of the story lines in TV soap operas, reality shows, even comedies, instead of the usual lame jokes about penis size which are now surfacing. There's so much potential to create real ART, as opposed to mere porn, when you take into account all the mystique, denial, lust, passion, the complexities and dynamics involved... I mean, after all, implicit in every women's romance novel since time immemorial, that's exactly what is implied in the story: basically, a sweet, innocent girl becomes corrupted by the irresistability of the hunky "bad boy" male who possesses some unspoken quality that she never admitted to herself she could ever care about, because after all she is not shallow...but then when it's there in her face, she just cannot, cannot help but give in.

The ten inch cock is the ultimate bad boy.
540 August 18, 2003

All i say to a woman is " No i dont have a small penis, you must a big vagina "
541 August 18, 2003

I am pleased that you have given the world this site.  I agree with the woman who thinks that your measurements for women's preferences are a little large, especially for girth.

I am an experienced late thirties man.  I am just shy of 8 x 6 and have had approximately 50 sexual partners.

Your comments on vagina size and penis volume match my experience.  I have been too big for some and could not bring others to orgasm by penetration alone, whereas I could with the majority.  This does not mean that you can't have a lot of fun with those partners with whom you are not immediately size compatible.

What hasn't been mentioned is ejacualtion control and I would urge all guys, larger, average and smaller to learn to control themselves and be able to make their own orgasm the last thing that happens.  Just imagine that you are all steamed up and ready for wild sex, the girl mounts you, humps up and down a few times, comes, then rolls off wanting to go to sleep with you still lying there fully erect.

Incidentally, to reinforce the irrationality of us all,  I still worry that my partner has had larger cocks than mine even if they were too big for her.  Ain't that a man.
542 August 18, 2003

my penis is 11 inches long and 3 inches wide and 9 inches in girth wich i think isway too big for a woman
543 August 18, 2003

Good for you Redhead33.  More women should be as truthful as you. It's been a while since my last comments and since then I've talked to many more women about the subject and all of them feel the same as I do.  Bigger is better.  There is nothing I like better than getting a good hard fucking with a 10+ inch cock.  I am a very attractive, sexy 38 year old woman and have had a lot of men.  I've had satisfactory sex with a 6" dick but that's not often.  I'm seeing several men right now and they are all 8" and up.  One guy is 14"x8" and sex with him is wonderful and I see him as much as possible.  He has fucked several of my girlfriends and all of them loved it.  So face it guys, many women can be satisfied by a standard six inches, but all women love the feel of a big, long, thick cock between their legs.  A big cock is more erotic visually, it's more fun to suck and play with and for sure feels better fucking.  A man with a big cock is surer of himself, usually is very experienced and skilled and is a better lover for those reasons.  A big cock brings considerably more pleasure to both partners.  Case closed!  You women that say size doesn't matter have obviously never become accustomed to getting it with a big one.  I'd like to hear more truthful comments like the one's from the Redhead.
544 August 18, 2003

on the topic whether or not the author has an agenda:

1) maybe
2) in his disclaimer he talks about people without sense of humor and the like. little hint that the site might be some joke
3) many size pictures are 'enhanced' / fakes, as are many comments here.

all of which devalue the site as an 'offical' forum.
nevertheless, the topic always will create debate. and always: 95% among men , and NOT among the real 'customers' of the topic, the women. now, today women dare to speak their mind and have access to the internet just the same, maybe even more (time). still 95:5. In other sex/relationship related forums they are the majority. Does that tell something?
545 August 18, 2003

Michelle Ng:
I think this site is a joke. All the blabbering and in the end, size still matters! Hey guys... grow up! It doesn't matter to us. What matter is what's inside you. :)
546 August 18, 2003

Michelle Ng:
And the comments posted in this site are fake too I guess. Or are mostly filtered. LOL! *sigh*

Hey... author of this site, please give the guys a break will ya. :P
547 August 19, 2003

The problem with this debate and particularly with some of you Americans, is that too many of you want the truth for yourselves individually to be a universal truth that you wish to impose on everyone else.  The more intelligent of you will appreciate that this is one of the characteristics that pisses off so many people around the world.  I hope you don't mind me saying that, after all this is a tell it as it is debate.

I believe the guy whom so many women have told is the best in bed they have ever had, and I believe the women.  He is good looking, intelligent, experienced, considerate, can read a woman's sexual responses and react to them, loves sex etc etc..  The fact that he has an average sized cock is only detracting one potential element of the fun.  The women may well have had guys with big cocks, but if they spurt before they have even got used to the accommodation, what the hell use is that.  Incidentally I saw a report that the average American guy can only last two minutes - so if there is an issue with the sexual satisfaction of your women, I would address this before penis size.

And I say potential, as the size and depth of vaginas varies as much as cocks and breasts.   I've seen as many pussies as Nola has seen cocks, so believe me and if you don't ask a gynie.   Most women don't know much about their anatomy and most men, unsurprisingly, know less.  Did you know that the vagina shortens after the age of thirty and therefore brings these previously hidden depths within the reach of the average guy?  This is why penis size is less of an issue to older women.  And please the baby issue is twaddle - a woman's body spends nine months preparing to release a child and my wife took nineteen hours to push one out.  Many women can't manage it even with heavy drugs and most need stitches afterwards.  If needing medical surgery after sex and drugs to endure it, is your idea of fun then good luck.

Ignorance of the female orgasm is another problem.  Most girlfriends tell me that it would be a good start to get to a clitoral orgasm, the G Spot would be amazing - guys you need to get out there and learn.  In my experience, the clitoral orgasm is similar to the male orgasm, but the G spot and epicentre orgasms are a different matter which men who are experienced in tantra come close to understanding.  If you are not sure if you have had one or caused one, then you haven't.  Sure when you are young, it seems that you need an average cock to do this for a small woman, a big one for an average woman, and for large women, well I don't know, I've never managed it.

But whilst this is great for women and the male ego, it isn't the ultimate in mutual sexual satisfaction.  Why? Well read the large penis support group.  But from my experience as a big with an average partner, I have never come whilst my partner has been experiencing these types of orgasm.  The man just can't let go and fuck like a rabbit, I've had to stop many times as I have begun to hurt my partner, even with my little eight incher.  If you don't believe me, go and look at some of those porn sites with guys with enormous cocks and ask yourself how many times do they fully penetrate, and how many times do they really thrust.  I'm not saying that being able to achieve this type of orgasm isn't a great part of a good sex life, but you can end up feeling that a woman is just masturbating on the end of your dick, in the same way as women have lain back and thought of England.

I believe most of the physical and psychological generalisations about size in this site, though they need to be made more relative, I believe that there are guys with smaller cocks who have been the best in bed that some women have had, I believe that Nola needs a 10 inch cock to really fill her up, because I have known people like all of the above.  But then I have known women who can be filled by a four incher, and women who couldn't take eight, and men with big cocks who were crap in bed and guys with smaller ones who were great, women who aren't that interested in sex compared to other elements of a relationship and likewise with men.

You're not going to win the Olympics 100 meters, you're not going to discover relativity, you probably won't break any record anywhere in the world - so guys - please - big cocks, little cocks - big tits, little tits - fat asses little asses - big noses little noses - big brains little brains - big pussies little pussies -

I have great respect for you guys who have come here and said that you have smaller cocks - don't worry I see a world full of lonely women who want a good man irrespective of his penis size and remember you only need a thumb to give a woman an earth shattering G-spot orgasm and I haven't seen www.thumbsizedebate.com    ....yet
548 August 19, 2003

"Well, I said I would not return to for commentary but....after having read some of the incredibly f*cking callous and self-satisfied remarks by both men AND women---yeah, N_O_L_A, I'm referring to you in particular---I could not help but put in my jab again.. 
Even IF size does matter to some of you , what the fuck good does it do to smear that campaign right in the face of those who are worried about it? What are you trying to do, really?  Set a 'record' straight, or (more than likely) fuck us over psychologically by claiming that you are so ultra-hot that you need the biggest ones out there?  If the latter is the case , then consider that the primary reason why the 'bigger' dudes are so confident is because they get around so often....or put another way: if they were treated by women the way a normal-size dude is---and thus stigmatized, in a sense---then THEY, TOO, would be more aloof, more reclusive, less apt to jump into the fray and live a little!
Why do I stress that point? Perhaps 'cause I am tired of living that way myself...being a relatively "happening" person in most capacities, yet avg-size down there.. An' you know, do most women really recognize all my other attributes? I don't know, because they never f*cking bother to get far w/ me....
There are some out there who might, but I have certainly not met them.. Why do I not just go and become queer or something?  Well, probably because I know that is not what I was meant to do---even in spite of all the caustic shit from people like YOU, which psychologically makes someone feel fucked over and helpless..
Oh, and Stevie...am I whining?  No, I'm fuckin GROWLING..  is that okay w/ you? I hope so..
To those of you who have offered encouragement and balanced truths to those who are in (far worse) shape than me:  Keep it up, you are beautiful, babies....b_e_a_u_t_i_f_u_l
549 August 19, 2003

Nola & Redhead: Tell it like it is. Maybe those 'motion of the ocean' guys will finally drop that crap.

Babysize: If I were you, I'd re-direct my sexual energies towards the more freaky side of sex. Just make sure you get to cum at the end of the day/night aiight!
550 August 19, 2003

Steve S.:
I find it ironic to see some critics of this site label as "fakes" any comments with which they disagree.  We all have our own opinions, but I think the site's creator deserves great credit for holding a truly OPEN forum in which he's ripped apart almost as often as he's praised.  That takes guts.  And I hope it remains open indefinitely, because we're getting a fascinating array of viewpoints and experiences, an exchange that's so lively I've been checking in a couple of times per week.

I happen to think the site's conclusions are mostly very sound even if one quibbles with individual details.  While size is incredibly important to some women and only marginally important to others, I don't see how you can dispute the fact that it DOES matter, at least to some extent.  And even though most women don't require epic size, I also think it's very hard to disagree with the proposition that, all other things being equal, a guy whose penis is above-average in size (say, 7-plus inches) is going to more desirable to most women than a guy with average or smaller size.  Some of may not LIKE that or think it's fair, but I think that's just the way it is.  One man's opinion.

So, let's keep the exchanges going!

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