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451 July 10, 2003

Okay, Let me get into this a little more... I hit the send message too soon, oops.  In my experience, there has only been one man that I have been with who was just horrible when it came to sex.  He was tiny, lasted about 5 minutes each time, and sucked at foreplay.  Now other than him I have had men who ranged from 4-10".  I personally enjoy a good 6.  Now that is my preference, but the others were very enjoyable too.  I think that playing that size trick on a woman is low.  Not all women (I would think hardly any) want a huge penis.  Any man can please a woman... and all men should use foreplay no matter what the size of their penis is.  From what I have learned, there aren't any nerves inside the vagina, so the pleasure comes from pushing against the muscles.  The "g spot" is stimulated my pressing on the muscles.  That being said anything can make a woman have an orgasm, as long as it's used right.  So I would say that men who are less endowed need to practice their moves sexually (sex & foreplay) rather than worry about what they are laking in size.  There are also several positions that put pressure on different muscles, so try some more ways to do it.  Women would not pass up and wonderful man with a smaller penis for a loser with a big one.  Unless you are a whore I think.
452 July 10, 2003

This site is pretty good, but I believe the penis sizes mentioned are too large. Think about it. A coke can is 8 around. Can a woman really take 7+ around and still enjoy it much? I suppose so, but what about oral sex? Who the hell would want a dick that can't fit into a woman's mouth?
As for penis enlargement, it works. I have been going at it for about a month now. I have gained 3/4" in both length and girth. I am now at 6.35 x 5.25. Above average, but nicely proportioned. My goal is 9 x 6.5. There are many guys who have made huge gains doing PE. I am using some of the latest methods that both I and other men on the forums have created. They work great.
453 July 11, 2003


I found this site by accident.  I am fascinated by the penis size thing and how many variations there are among men and boys.

I am a 38-year old married woman.  My husband, Ron, is clearly "blessed" in the penis department......he hangs 8 or 9 inches flaccid and gets to over 13 inches long and 8 inches around when excited.

We are nudists and he has joint custody of his son with his ex-wife.  As such, I have seen his son grow from age 1 to currently 14, both in body and in penis size.  Without sounding too weird, I must say it has been fascinating.  Like his dad, T has always been a "show-er".......he must have been 3 inches long, soft, when he was still in diapers.  He is just starting puberty right now and he hangs at lest 6 inches flaccid.  I wonder how big he will be and whether he will pass his dad?

I have to say I don't really think your website is a "debate"......it's more of a polemic.  Still, as one who gets to enjoy a man with amazing size (he's so big he is beyond your 'ideal' dimensions), I agree with what you say. 

I also commend you on your diagrams showing the position of a large penis in the vagina beyond the cervix (and into the posterior fornix).  That clearly shows what my OB/GYN told me when I finally told her of Ron's size and wondered where it all went.

You clearly show that hitting the cervix.....which a lot of guys think is an affirmation of their size.....is no big deal.  The real big guys simply go under and right on by!!

My husband and I are swingers in the lifestyle.  I can tell you the only reason he ever got into the lifestyle in the first place was his size.  From when he was in high school he was asked by men to come and have sex with their wives while they watched (the so-called "Hot Wife" lifestyle).

In a perfect world no one would probably ever make a big deal over his big deal.  In the real world, though, it is a big deal.  We look like a normal couple with our clothes on.......we are both professionals....and dress pretty conservatively. 

With our clothes off, though, it's a different matter.  I swear he can hang to his knees and when he walks it looks like a snake being charmed!!  We go to nude beaches and it is just great....I never have to worry about body image issues, since no one is ever looking at me!!!

I enjoyed your website......I just wish it was backed with more real science.  Maybe when people's attitudes toward the taboo subject of discussing penis size in the open get better we can get better studies and dialogue on all this.  For what it is worth, Ron is part of a university study about macro-penises (he was referred by his doctor).  One of the things they are trying to test is whether or not there is any genetic code that can be broken which influences penis size and growth.  Could you imaagine the $$$$ that could be made if that was possible to do safely?!!
454 July 12, 2003

Right on, TheGuy. Enlargement techniques work, and do they ever! I have to thank this site, gave me the motivation to go out and look for information on PE. There is a lot of crap out there, but some excellent free information. A couple of outstanding forum's as well where you can share and exchange information, etc. In the 3 months I have been at it, I have added exactly 1 inch in erect length (now at just over 7) and 3/4 inch in girth (now 5.375). Those naysayers who say this stuff does not work, keep on believing that it doesn't. The reality is that it takes dedication, persistance and the tenacity of a bulldog. This is something that 95% of men just do not have, why is it so few people ever really accomplish anything in life? They give up too quick. Making your unit bigger is no different. I'll probably work up to 8X6, now that I know it can be done.
455 July 12, 2003

Skimmer, Girth and TheGuy,

How come you all think exactly the same rubbish? Are you the same person?

You can stretch bubble gum too, but guess what, it doesn't add any tissue, it just moves it around. Bubble gum becomes long and thin! I bet that;s what happens to your penis. Who are you kidding, you must think we're a bunch of idiots! You may have a 10inch string between your legs when your finished, but what's the point! Get Real! So tell me, if all women are different, which seems to be the consensus of this discussion baord, why should I or any man hang wieghts from his dick and probably destroy it while he's at it!?

If size really makes such a difference, I'd much rather go for the girls with tight vaginas, there's enough of them, and they are probably the more beautiful ones!
456 July 14, 2003

To DMV the 21 year old,

 It's interesting to hear you date black women and that they treat you better. TO me black or latina women are the most beautiful and strongest women in the world. They can be sweet and at times stern at the same time. Yes, as I said before shy away from those sex crazed white women. I guess I'm kind of open to white women, although I have never dated one. But I keep catching this white women at work looking at me below the belt. I heard she has been around and I guess she is curious about being with a black man. I'm not interested. But a good black woman is hard to beat, because she be with you through thick and thin. That's what I'm looking for. LOL
457 July 14, 2003

I have an update since I was last on this sight. My wife and I have came to an agreement where that she can maintain a sexual relationship with her former husband who is of course much larger than myself. I think the ability for her to be able to do that has made our sex life better. They have an arrangement where he gives her the sex she needs occassionally and we still maintain our relationship. It has not been the huge blow to my ego that I thought it would and I believe she loves me more for agreeing to this in our relationship. He can be a jerk sometimes and has a serious alpha male ego but I can deal with that as long as she is happy. I just have to deal with the fact that her former husband was blessed with a big cock and I wasnt. There are women who say size dooesnt matter but for my wife it does. I wish I could give her what he does in the bedroom but that is not going to happen.
458 July 15, 2003

sick to his stomach:
These comments about undersized men letting their wives have sex with well-endowed guys just makes me ill! That is just stupid how can she even care about you if she wants that. I mean love is not all about being pleased in bed. It is two having oneness with one and another. True harmony and peace with your lover. Not some guy who fucks your wife on the side. There is no side-project of love and marriage. What are you idiots thinking!!! You can please her in other ways. That story about snake in pants just makes me even sicker. Husbands watching thins guy with a big monster fuck their wives just because he is a genetic freak down there.  You people are not right in the head. And your wives don't love you at all if they do this so-so guy to be pleased sexually. I would never ever let some guy bang my wife and if some guy ever did I would beat the living crap out of him. A penis is a penis and it can't be changed you were born with it so don't let some girl make you think she should have better. God gave you a penis to have a companionship with your mate. I am glad I am 8.5x6.25 and would not ask for more than that. Even if I was smaller a lot smaller I would never resort to that sick behavior. I mean c'mon a former husband of the lady for god's sake that is just stupid!!! I just can't believe this stupidity. I am 18 but I know what is right and wrong and this is just messed up.!!!
459 July 15, 2003

this is for cheri---I bet u have one hell of a large vagina.and u gots to b a fatty.as far as ur husband goes,tell him to clean the toilets better at mc donalds.geeze....swingers r losers.do u understand me----
460 July 15, 2003

I've got what the chart calls a C grade penis. I never used to think of it as small until I started having sex. A few careless comments from an ex gave me a complex about how small it was (7.25x5.5). I don't think she meant it with any malice, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and now I won't really ever be happy with it unless it grows to about 9.5x6.5. My girlfriend says it's okay, but the first time I used a strap on she got on top, came hard, then pushed me down and made herself come again. Whenever we use the 9x6.5 dildo, she says it's too big before taking it all and coming very loudly very quickly.

So, basically, I think size does matter. I think I have enough to get by with some women, but I know that at some point I'll meet a girl who'll come out and tell me it's too small. My current partner and ex-girlfriends hadn't seen many hard cocks before mine, so I think I was the beneficiary of inexperience. I get the feeling it won't last.

Oh, the relationship one night stand poll mentioned above has some more questions on it now. Hopefully they'll make for better reading than the earlier ones!
461 July 15, 2003

lol the same guy. why the fuck do people never believe anything. you know what? i dont give a fuck. my dick is an inch longer and 3/4" thicker than it was a month ago.  I have rock hard erections. Saying that it just stretches simply proves that you are a fuckin idiot. You expand the penis and break it down, your body then adapts and makes the penis bigger as new cells are formed. The ligament that is stretched not only stretches but also regenerates. when i hit 8 x 6 my penis will be much more effective than a man born with an 8 x 6. I think I am going for 9 x 7.. thats the highest.
462 July 16, 2003


No,we are not the same person. But I know as a write that you will not believe it because you are a dumb ass. Natural, safe penis enlarging increases girth as well as length, but you would know that if you did the least bit of research. it also increases the functionality of the penis, harder erections.

I really don't care if you believe it. Stay in the dark, jerky.
463 July 16, 2003

hi there,
I have extremely large inner labia and i'm somewhat self conscious about them.  do i have need to worry?  HONESTLY....
thank you for your responses in advance.
464 July 17, 2003

Don't worry:
To Sarah:
As a man I can say that any normal heterosexual man will find large inner labia are very erotic. You say your labia are extremely large, so that makes them extremely erotic. Any woman, wether pretty or not, becomes instantly sexy if she has such labia.  In fact, very large inner labia are the essence of true feminity. They are the ultimate symbol of female sexuality.
By the way, did you know that your large labia make your partner less likely to cheat on you? That's because for many men large inner labia are like the icing on the cake, almost like a trophy. This means that if you have a partner who admits he adores your big labia, you can worry less about him because he will probably want to stay with you instead of fooling around with other women who likely have smaller inner lips.

PS, if you ever meet a man who doesn't like your lips because of their size then drop him on the spot, because he is probably more into young kiddy girls than into sexually developed women.
465 July 17, 2003

This comments board is SOOOOO obviously filled with fake people!!! And frankly it wouldn't make any difference if you made everybody sign up to the site, the penis enlargment guys would still have the incentive and the time to sign up several accounts and spread their paranoia...! I don't think the maker of this site is connected with them though, I think he's a guy with a small dick who could just never get over it and so produced this. Thing is, you are just giving ammunition to the very mechanism which created these ideas and makes it MORE than it is. You are SUCH A FOOL!!!
466 July 17, 2003

Get real guys! Of course you are the same person. How come you all post at exactly the same times, saying the same thing in different ways? I know you won't give up, you'll just try to get more clever doing it and you probably will. But you prey on the weak and stupid and you will always know that you do. And you will know that you are just as sad as the your victims. You will always know that deep down, no matter how much you convince youselves and pretend that you have real jobs or real lives! If you read carefully, you can see who the genuine people are, by what they say. And copying previous stories from genuine people and warping it to fit your needs doesn't work. It still give you away! Hey everybody, don't take my word for it. Have a read of the previous posts and see the ones that keep cropping up, and the ones that repeat things later slightly twisted from the perhaps true stories from previous posters. I bet this site has only had posts from a TENTH of the number of people it lists! What a fake!! Posters have said it before too. I'm not the only one!!

A quick comment from me, The Ed

To all readers: George himself is the fake who is posting under several different names. (Other website owners will understand how I was able to verify this.)

In message 436 he is "Rory M",
in 437 he is "DanM",
in 447 he is "JR"
in 465 he is "?"

George, without wanting to embarrass you any further, I believe you are "Confused". I will leave it at that.

However, Girth and TheGuy are not the same people. This doesn't exclude that they could be connected to PE companies of course.

To all posters: Any new message with claims of size gains etc will not be posted anymore unless it brings something substantially new to the discussion. This is not to say that I take either a pro or con stand on the possibility of penis enlargement, just that this is not the best forum for it.

Please note that despite this comment I will not participate in the debate on these pages.


467 July 17, 2003

To: Girth and TheGuy, right on with your comments directed at George. Let me just add, that George is one of these people who has probably never achieved anything in life, is probably a constant whiner, etc. Gentlemen, who cares what the "George's" of the world think. We know what we are onto. If a woman found out what I was doing, or if the rumor about scar tissue resulting from natural enlargement techniques is by some chance true, what do I care. I'd say a woman would be impressed that I am MAN enough to know what I want and to go for it. This applies to all areas of life. So George, have another beer and watch some more Reality TV!
To Undersized Husband, you are in serious need of psychiatric help. No way on earth would I allow my wife to @#$# her ex. What a joke. I'd booted her out the door the second I found out she had done him. So my friend, grab the Yellow Pages and start dialing.
468 July 17, 2003

This is the biggest bunch of crap I've ever read!
469 July 18, 2003

Thanks, Ed! George, do consider getting a life. There is indeed life beyond flame-baiting. If you like conflict, try the military. I know it is not as safe but at least your victories would not be illusionary.

Yup, no way to prove we are not connected with PE companies. I am glad to know we are not the same person, though. Save me a trip to my analyst. :D
470 July 18, 2003

LOL Do we look like we are selling anything? Do we mention a single paysite? NO. I go to a free penis enlargement forum where you get everything for FREE. And for another, phucknut, we post at the exact same time because the webmaster has to manually put the posts up and he does them every other day or so and all at the same time. LOL wow. I am now at 6.5 x 5.25. Lookin forward till a few months from now)
471 July 18, 2003

472 July 18, 2003

Hi, I can't believe you idiots are trying to convince sceptics about penis enlargement. If they don't want to believe then let them stay in the dark. We know that it works because we have grown, but I am not going to waste all my energy and time trying to convince people that don't want to believe. Give it up guys and just get on with adding the next inch. It's peoples right not to believe if they don't want to, so stop trying to convince them. You know the truth and let that be enough.
473 July 19, 2003

GottaGrow, you are right. Not wasting another second on the skeptics regarding enlargement techniques. Time is too valuable. I'm out of here, have work to do!
474 July 20, 2003

your website on this issue IS SO ON POINT. Boi, do I have stories for you to add to this - it is true, men with LITTLE  or SMALL penises , in addition to your findings, tend to be , JUST LIKE SHORT MEN,  more stressed, more FRUSTRATED SEXUALLY,  and LESS  likely to ever land a REAL WOMAN ; I guess this explains why a REAL WOMAN  woudl NEVER  TRULY  be satisfied with a man who LITERALLY HAS A SMALL PENIS. Few men are hung-  they take a while to find- BUT A woman who is sexually experienced  can USUALLY 90% OR THE TIME TELL IF A MAN IN PACKING A NICE - TO LARGER THAN LIFE  PACKAGE IN THE JEANS . . .  capiche ?
475 July 20, 2003

After reading the posts following mine, I'd like to clarify why I posted in the first place. I am not here to try and sell anybody anything or convince people about penis enlargement. I just wanted to point out that I think size does matter given how I see my wife respond to my new size. She seems to want alot more sex than she did before.

My hope is that those of you that want to do something about your size will seriously look into the possibility. I have done my own research and experiments and have drawn my own conclusions. You will be surprised how many men are now working at getting a bigger one. If you have an open mind, you just might learn something that could change your life forever.

The sad facts are that most women want at least 7-8 inches. Some want even more! Very  few women would want an average dick or a small one. That does not mean that your dick size is the determining factor if a girl will be with you or not, it just means they prefer bigger if given a choice.

I know somebody will flame me for this post. Go ahead, I don't care what all the rest of you think. I am not posting under different names to make my point. What I think and what my wife thinks about my size is all that matters to me. Oh, and by the way, stretching does not make your dick thinner, it actually makes it thicker at the base and unchanged along the length.

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476 July 21, 2003

Thanks for the great site!
Here's a perspective for us average guys -

My member is 6 1/4" at best and looks proportionate except for maybe a slightly large head. Girls love it and tell me everything from it's definitely not normal, it's beautiful, big, enormous, etc. They have great orgasms with me and are very excited about sex, often claiming that it is because of my so called wonderful penis (I suspect they are underestimating technique and feelings). Most of these girls have really been around by the way. So, if my 6" penis gets such reactions, I think the size issue is a bit overworried.

Aside from my difference in experience there, I think this site is terrific - loads of information that no one else seems to talk about. I never knew about the vagina tenting! I thought my current girl friend had a small vagina so I was using a rapid head in and out technique, but now I know that if I do things right (and wait until that time of the month has passed) I can really go all the way inside. Also, I love the animated illustrations. I'm going to show my girlfriend this site and test her pupils!
477 July 21, 2003

good site. tq
478 July 21, 2003

Dump men with 5 inches or less quick !:
I have to be honest. This site is great as we can say exactly how it is. Well guys - as a lady of 27, I have to say I have rejected all men (except 1) I have met with dicks that are less than 5 inches. I will not even do them the honour of allowing them anywhere near me. Why? Because I have ahd 9 and 10 inches and no way a 5 incher can ever compete - it just would not feel full. The one of 4 3/4 inches that I tried was a disater - he was erect all right but I could feel nothing at all and told him to withdraw himself - which he did and we had a chat over coffee instead...sorry guys but all of you with 5 inches and below will hopefully eventually be eliminated by natural selection so that the female species can benfit in th future from more established and real males. In short any guy with 5 inches only or less is in my humble view inadequate and unable to satisfy women - and should stick to masturbation.
479 July 22, 2003

Mandy Lee:
Okay now-I am a woman and have been married for a couple of years now. And my husband was always insecure about his penis size (he is about 5 1/2in.) Size DOES NOT matter to ALL woman. First off, I am an entire 4'10" tall and still in a size 0 waist...so you can all imagine how tiny I AM! Now, if he were any bigger (and I have had in the past), it would not be pleasing what so ever!! And it's not. Trust me, 5in. is JUST fitting for me...any more and he'd break through my spleen. So size does not always matter, because I am perfectly happy and always pleased! I don't feel size matters, it's HIM and what he can DO that matters!
480 July 22, 2003

I feel really sorry for the creators of this web site and all those who believe its contents.  Men, please do not believe a single word of this web site.  It is complete and utter crap.  To give you an example: my most recent lover had a huge penis and we lasted about a month.  My previous two lovers had small penises and we lasted over two years, each- they were excellent lovers and the sex with them was out of this world (the section on vaginal pleasure being connected to penis size is complete bullshit: it's about the clitoris, idiot!).
481 July 23, 2003

They call me Tiny, But they call me back!!!!
482 July 23, 2003

Interesting site and debates.  I know that I have a small penis, but do not believe the monster sizes most of the men hear seem to have.  As for mine, I have actually had women tell me it is too small for them.

You can see it here.  My e-mail address is there if you would like to send me a comment and let me know waht you think.

483 July 24, 2003

hip hurray, for long luxurius lips!
484 July 24, 2003

A few thoughts on post 480 by "Woman."

First, kindly note the extremity of the post. Of all that is found on this site we are to believe not a single word (except [I presume] for post 480). Clearly, many do take the site premise seriously. Why dismiss the collective thoughts and experience and every word that is here said on the basis of "an example" cited in post 480? No. This does not follow. We will not allow the point.

Second, it begs to be asked why the post refers to "complete and utter 'cr*p,'" and "complete 'b*llsh*t,'" Why is that necessary? If (as their use implies) this is the best that can be said, why should we agree? If valid points can be made against the site premise, present them!

Third, no reason is given for which this most recent relationship ended after a month. Was it because sex with a large penis not satisfying, or did he suffer from manic depression? We're not told. Maybe your post reflects your disappointment that the relationship simply didn't work.

Fourth, even if this recent man was a sexual dud, a test group of three hardly meets the criterion of any scientific study. The two smaller men may have been sexual acrobats and the large man a true Neanderthal.

Your counterexample does not invalidate compelling statements by women whose experience leads them to assert what you reject. Do you want others to weigh your words respectfully? Don't dismiss their words as "utter 'cr*p'" or that is how others will read YOUR words.

That said, men have sometimes heard words such as, "are you inside" or "you're not inside me" or "you're going soft" when they have been inside his woman and very firm. I suspect that few of these men have 10" organs with the thickness of a beer can. My question is this:

If a woman can't tell that a man is inside her, how effectively can he be stimulating her?
485 July 24, 2003

hi have a question does the penis grow all at once in in spirts like your height?  and how long does it take to fully develop?
486 July 24, 2003

Reality Check Guy:
To All,

I'm a man, 42 years old.  I've been married for 6 years to a wonderful, smart, honest woman.  And the truth is:  the person who created this website is -- for the most part -- correct.  Women like a big dick.  No question about it.  My wife had past boyfriends who were small, average, big, and huge.  Small is bad.  Huge is bad.  Average is acceptable.  BIG is best.  So yes.  Face it.  Women like a bigger-than-average dick.  If your woman tells you otherwise, she is either lying or inexperienced.  Th truth is:  NO WOMAN would PREFER a 5.5 inch dick over a 7 inch dick.  Sure, they may be "okay" with 5.5 inches... but they would PREFER 7 inches.  Absolutely.  Don't kid yourself.

But the author of this site, while correct, goes a bit too far.  I'm a little bit bigger than average -- about 6.5 inches.  My wife is happy with the sex we have, but occasionally, she simply wants it a little bigger than.  So we use a very realistic dildo which is a bit thicker and longer than I am.  That way, she gets her "fix."  If she wanted it EVERY time we had sex, I think I'd be a little upset about it.  But since she only wants it occasionally, so what?  I like to make her happy and, frankly, it kind of excites me to know that my wife likes a big dick.  It's just a turn-on for me. 

But this site is OFF base is when it says that women like HUGE dicks.  They don't.  (Well, maybe some do, but not most.)  If you ask experienced women -- who are honest -- most will tell you that they DO like a big penis, but they DON'T like enormous ones.  Based on my discussions over the years with women, I would say the IDEAL penis is around 7.5 inches long and 5.5 inches around (circumference).  Bigger than that is a problem.  Very very very few women want a 9 inch dick as big around as a Coke can.  That is where this site is not accurate. 

So you guys out there who are small or average, the truth is this:  women CAN be happy with you.  But if you were a little longer and a little thicker, they'd be a little happier.  (Sorry, but it's true.)  You guys out there who are big (not huge, but just big)... you guys have it best.  And as for you guys out there who are ENORMOUS... well, some women will enjoy it, but most won't.

My advice:  if you are under 7 inches... surprise your wife or girlfriend with a nice dildo -- not a huge one -- but a big one.  And then, every once in a while -- especially when she is extra horny and extra wet -- give her the "big boy."  Don't be intimidated.  Make her feel good.  Why not?  It doesn't mean she "likes you less" or that she's "not satisfied with you."  It just means that SOMETIMES she likes to feel a little more "filled" than she can be with just you alone.  So what?  Let her have fun!

Reality Check Guy
487 July 26, 2003

 This site has many pathetic facts to get people to believe penis enlargment is neccesary.
488 July 27, 2003

It's so funny to me (and a little sad) that so many guys convince themselves that size doesn't matter.  I guess I know why.  Many women will SAY size doesn't matter.  However, men misunderstand this.  Let me explain...

When you ask a woman if size matters and she says it doesn't, what she MEANS is:  if a guy is on the small side, she can "deal with it."  She means that she can "tolerate" being in a relationship with a small-dicked guy.  For her, it's not a deal breaker. 

So when she says "size doesn't matter," all she's really saying is that she is "okay" with having a boyfriend/husband who is small. 

I have asked many women if size matters.  And so many answer "No, it's what he does with it."  So I always say, "I'm not talking about skill.  I'm talking about dick size."  And then I rephrase the question.  I say, "Okay, let's say you meet a new guy and start dating.  You really like him a lot.  You think he could be "the one."  The first time you have sex, and his pants are about to come down, would you rather see a 5 inch penis or an 8 inch penis?  Let's assume he's a very skilled lover.  Back to the question.  Would you rather he be 5 inches or 8 inches?"

The women always respond the same way:  "Well, sure, I'd rather he be 8 than 5."  AND THERE YOU HAVE IT, GENTLEMEN.  Yes, women would rather have a great lover with 5 inches than a "crappy" lover with 8.  BUT... and this is a big BUT...

If a woman is in a relationship with a man... and let's say he's a good lover... and the woman could CHOOSE between a 5 inch penis on her man, or a 8 inch penis... the woman would absolutely choose 8 inches.

Sorry, boys.  It's a fact.  If you're married, or if you have a girlfriend, and you're under 6 inches, she wishes you were bigger.  I don't care if she SAYS you're "perfect."  She may be happy with you, but TRUST ME... if you woke up tomorrow morning, and you somehow magically had a penis that was a little bit longer and a little bit thicker... do you honestly think she'd be DISAPPOINTED?  

Of course she wouldn't.  She'd just scream a little louder when you fucked her.  Because women like a big dick.  It's just simple anatomy.  A bigger dick "massages" her better inside.  And a big dick absolutely makes her come faster.

Do women want HUGE dicks?  No.  Not really.  Huge can be problematic.  So can small.  Small dicks are frustrating to women.  Average dicks are fine.  Women can make do with an average dick and be fairly happy. 

But if a man who's good in bed also happens to have a 7 or 8 inch dick, well, that's a BEST case scenario for a girl.  And thicker-than-average feels better to a woman, too.

So, if you're sitting there right now with a dick that's under 6 inches, and you think your woman wouldn't be happy if you were bigger, you've fooled yourself.

She likes a big dick --even if she doesn't realize it yet.
489 July 27, 2003

Mandy Lee my dear, you're idiot. You say size doesn't matter and add "if he were any bigger... any more and he'd break through my spleen". So obviously size does matter a lot, especially to you.
490 July 27, 2003

Some interesting stuff but dont think it delved into the psychological aspect of size enough, especially for women. Im Australian, 32 and have 9.25x7 inches so can look at the claims made about big guys from that perspective.
I liked the vaginal size charts as I've found it does make a difference. Ive been with some girls who felt like they were digging into me to such an extent that I got little pleasure out of it (matches up well with your chart) despite a lot of foreplay, chemistry and affection.

Of those women who really went for my extra size I'd say most of them had some psychological reason for liking it rather than a purely physical one.

Some of them felt they had to feel filled to have great sex, others liked to be on the borderline of pleasure and pain (although I am in no way into that scene) and others wanted that whole juvenile bragging rights witht their friends thing.

However I'd say the majority were women who were very domineering, bossy and ultra-assertive in everyday life. I very much got the impression that they wouldn't lose that hard edge to someone who was less well-endowed because they wouldn't lose the facade for anyone who they considered average. Im sure they're the same women who chase the super rich or successful and are ball breakers to their husbands if they aren't either.

There are very few women who won't let you go just because you've got a big penis. If they aren't willing to then theres usually something else to it, something deeper and emotional.

I'd also like to add that love doesn't recognise the size of a man's penis. I might be more confident than a smaller hung guy but when it comes to hitting it off with a girl, having chemistry and interests in common etc, then he and I are in the same boat. Basically unless you want to screw around until you die then you take what you've got, accept it and don't obsess over it.
491 July 28, 2003

This is my personal opinion, which may differ somewhat to that of my boyfriend who also posted a reply after we looked at your site.

Yes, he is very large, yes we have great sex. No, it is not, in my mind or opinion, because of his size but because mainly of the emotional connection between the two of us. That seems to be something that people, especially those posting replies here, seem to forget.

My first sexual partner was a very well-endowed guy, around the same size as my boyfriend (about 9x7). We were together for three years until I was 19 and never, in all that time, did I have a vaginal orgasm.

The next boyfriend I had was markedly smaller, just your average guy and I remember thinking to myself 'thank god'. With him I did orgasm vaginally despite the smaller size. The fact that he actually looked me in the eye during sex made a big difference. That sort of thing, tenderness, emotion and feeling has no relation to penis size whatsoever.

If my boyfriend, despite being large, didn't show me the affection that I think most every woman wants then there is no way we would have good sex.

I personally think that its the girls who aren't happy with their partners who wonder about size and that sort of thing.

Friends of mine who are with average sized guys but care about them greatly might talk about the great sex they have but we don't go around giving details about his size etc. That sort of thing I would consider extremely immature and pretty tacky. Personally I'd have a lot less respect for a girl if she carried on about that sort of thing.

As to the idea that having a partner with a large penis makes you less likely to cheat I think that is total rubbish. Infedelity has to do with more things than the size of your partners cock. My second boyfriend cheated on me repeatedly and he was just average sized.

I would also like to say that those guys who are well-endowed do seem to be more confident but that confidence can often be a real turn-off and just come across as arrogance. Yes we like confident men but no we don't like ones who are full of themselves.

Im not really sure that I like the picture your site has painted of women in general. We aren't all out to find the biggest penis possible. Most of us just want a good guy, a decent relationship and good sex, probably in that order
492 July 28, 2003

wally man:
So, after reading this site I am left shaking my head in disbelief. The primary thing that matters to me is love (i know it's not a politically correct concept anymore) - and if love isn't there it's just sex which is great, but nothing spectacular. I've got a 5.5 - 6.25 depending on arousal levels with average width, and not once have I had problems finding and keeping a girlfriend. Do you see women dating dildos?

If you guys all care about your dicks so much, you will probably only find women who want horse penises.
I'm happy to find a woman who actually likes to love - and there are dwindling numbers of real women out there who actually do love.

493 July 30, 2003

At last a website that tells us the truth about penis size...non of this pc rubbish!!

As the owner of a catogary E penis (Flacid 2'' Erect 5'' width 4.5'') I know that genetically I am sexually inferior to the large proportion of the male population who have bigger and thicker penises.

My wife is very carefull not to comment on my size, but has admitted that an extra 2-3 inches would be more ideal as we could try more positions and I would not slip out like I do.

It is high time that men with dicks under 6.5'' just admit that they can never truely sexually satisfy their partners!!
494 July 31, 2003

Very interesting site, I need to go back and explore it more deeply - ever thought of doing one on frequency of copulatikon and partners?

I read with interest your comments on Asians. My (second) parter is Japanese, mid 40's and I'm mid 50's. She's very horny sometimes and I'm pleased to say we really 'click' that way - tends to be rather quick and intense for both of us and rather frequent - 3/4 times a week.

Physically I find her vagina is much more "underneath" somehow and when we first started fucking it felt as if she's been well used there by her former husband although I think her left her 60% asleep in that department.

She's often commented that he was smaller but stiffer than me, and that is general Japanese men are very hard but small compared with Europeans
495 July 31, 2003

Too Small 1957:
* I am small
* My wife prefers to give me hand jobs
* She has no interest in sex
* She couldn't bear children, It was my low sperm count. She said it was her being in-fertile.
* Says my dick is OK
* I don't believe she has ever had an orgasm with me.      * I KNOW she fakes it.
* I have been rejected by women because of my size
* I have never satisfied a woman that I was aware of.
* I am considered good looking & make a ton of money.   * I have dated lots of women but never get a chance at sex the 2nd time.
* I believe my wife stays with me for my money.

I stumbled onto this site and spent a lot of time reading & digesting it's content. You are right about size and what women want. You are also right about a small penis NEVER satisfying a woman and the part about low self esteem. Right now...I can see nothing changing in my life and with no kids, I have had no real purpose on this earth and never will. At least I didn't pass on my tiny dick to the next generation, natural selection DOES work! I have never felt more like killing myself than I do right now.

P.S. I did read the whole site, some parts twice.
496 July 31, 2003

im the man:
im 7 and a half inches, and in girth im like 6, i would have to agree with the saying that woman preffer big cocks , because my girlfriend  is crazy about my cock, she dreams about it every night , and every time she thinks about it she gets wet, so i say yes size matters, and one time i was sitting in the back of a car with my girlfriend and i was massaging her arm with my cock , im curius could you guys do that with your cock to ?
497 August 1, 2003

I have a real monster cock 32cm long and 13cmsize and that make a hard way to faind a women to fuck when I SHARE my gun most women go!!
498 August 1, 2003

your article is right on. I might ad that if women would breed properly men would be built right. the rule on this planet is the survival of the fittest. No women should have a child w/o a vaginal orgasm. No orgasm no kid...abort it. Fuck all the bleeding hearts who want kids because they are cute and treat them like pets.
499 August 1, 2003

Good info -
At 6X2 I'm definitely average.  I know that I'm not a tight fit for my wife - she has delivered 4 babies.  I told her, once, that I knew it would feel better if I were larger.  She hesitated and then said "well, longer wouldn't be good but a bit thicker might".  Neither of us have had another so she doesn't know what longer would feel like.
I appreciated her honesty - didn't hurt my feelings.  She didn't insult my intelligence by denying what I knew to be true.
500 August 1, 2003

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