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3851 August 2, 2006

Question about other races?:
Does anyone know how East Indians compare in the size spectrum of different races/ethnicities?
3852 August 2, 2006

for all you men out there who are concerned about the size of your penis, you need not to read a lot of the comments on this site because most of them are made up.  ive done enough research on the topic of penis size and i would say the answer is that it matters to some but not all women.  Maybe 50% of women think about penis size as being some what important, more so the above average looking women.  But the truth is most women dont know what the average is and men tend to exaggerate by 1/2 an inch.  width matters more than length but more women are looking for something about average in both length and width. for many women its not a priority and it ranks low on the list of the attributes they are looking for.  women simply are not as shallow as men are and care more about what we are on the inside.  also the average penis is 5.5 inches in length and 4.8 inches in width according to tests where a professional does the measuring.
3853 August 2, 2006

I think this is an interesting site, I am 21 years old and small-medium endowed 5,3 lenght and 4,7 girth. I date a very beautiful and petite blonde,
She is 19 and only had sex with me, when she is very excited her vagina tents to a little bigger than me, which didn´t happen in the begining of our relationship, [she was 16 by that time], I bought her a dildo for xmas, which is 7 inches long amd a litl thicker than me.
The dildo fills her to the limit, it almost fits entirely in her pussy, but even saying that she prefer mine, because it´s real and all, she moans in a different way when playing with it, kinda trying to catch more air with her breath, what turns me on like crazy...
I think that if we play for a lot of time with our toy, I may be able to get it all inside her, but this never happens because she gets crazy and needs to fuck a real one [me]!
the easier way she comes is when she is riding me, grinding her clit against my bone...
she lover to feel me fully inside and feel my load [strong].
sometimes she´s so wet I can easily get inside her...
do you guys think she would enjoy a bigger dick ?
3854 August 3, 2006

I came to this website by mistake because I was doing a project about the vagina!!! size, I really found this site very interesting and helpful. But there are some issues that I have to disagree, firstly it is true that natural selection defines that animals with more posibilities of reproduction would succeed under the Earth's Rule. But it is also true that although we are classified as animals we're different from them due to the fact that we have the ability to think. Every person is unique, regardless of their size. When a woman truly!!!! loves a man she loves him for his personal qualities out of which the penis is only one, I believe that it is most about how smart, sweet, or how much you care for that person than how we endowed you are. Reading this website help me realize that if a womam feels really attracted to you she doesn't care about your size, even if you're super small or super huge, you are going to find a way to work it out. I'm a 19 years old white male, and I believe that there in no such thing as a racial difference between the penis size, I have lived on campus, and I have had to shower in front of other dudes everybody being totally naked, and the biggest of all of us wasn't even black, he was mixed, I am white and I was problably somewhere between the 5th place and the 10th place. I came out that our super big endowed guy, was having a lot of troubles with girls becuase they we're all scare of his big thing. While I never had any trouble with any girl. I don't consider my self neither big nor small, I consider myself to be perfect. Just remember something the first thing women don't like is insecurity, because to be secure is part of our masculinity, so just try to have a good time with your partner, and enjoy sex which has been one of the best things that was given to us, and remeber unlike animals we make love, we don't just have sex to reproduce ourselves, that just one part of it. Best wishes to everybody and take care. And for those girls questioning my size, is just normal. (It ranges from 5.75 the minimun size erected to 7 inches the maximun, and 5.5 inches around, but you know what I don't care if its either big or small I just know is perfect) If you have any questions comment me back.
3855 August 3, 2006

I have to admit that penis size is a factor in sexual attraction and performance.  I was with a guy that was either 5 inches or below before; and it sucked.  It just didn't feel as good.  Also, when you fantasize, you don't think of a women with tiny boobs and no shape.  I am the same, my fantasy is a guy with a 7+inch penis that is rock hard.  Little penises just don't turn me on.  When I had a boyfriend with a 7 1/2 incher, it felt so good and I just don't feel the same pleasure from smaller guys.  Sometimes it did hurt which sucked.  I think the perfect size is 6 1/2 or so.  6 feels good, but 5 and below just isn't good enough.
3856 August 3, 2006

Sue's query:
Hi Jenna,
Your recent post has prompted me to comment about husband's penis v's vagina size. I think my husband's erect penis is about 5" long and quite thick (he would never let me measure it) but i judge this from the fact it hasn't touched the back of my vagina which is 5 1/2" deep (see previous posts). I have always known i have a large diameter vagina,even as a teenager i could fit 3 fingers into myself when dry. After having 2 children i am still about the same size and can take my husband with almost no foreplay, although his penis does touch the front half of my cervix until i am fully aroused. When really wet i can't feel any sensations from deep thrusting but after a long time can have a vaginal orgasm. When in secret i use my new shorter dildo i can orgasm very quickly when i push it in    and feel it stretching my vagina from my 5 1/2" aroused state to 7 1/2" my maximum safe depth, something my husband's penis can't do.
Jenna, does your husband's penis touch the back of your vagina with initial penetration, and if so can you still feel anything when your vagina has become deeper than his 5 1/2" length after heavy thrusting or would a longer penis feel better as in my case?
 Would love to hear your reply ... Sue.
3857 August 4, 2006


I am a 19 year old mexican girl, and I was about 14 when my parents divorced. my mother cheated on my father with Gary, a black man that she met at a party.
At the time she never told me but I knew she did it because she was going trough a sexual revolution because I heard her tell some friens over the phone that she wanted to feel a huge black cock. Aniway to make a long story short, my father left the house, and about two months after my mother invited her man over.
 I had actually seen this man walking out of her room one night after I heard my mom fucking real hard, and I was surprised because she never did with my dad.I had never heard her moning so loud and losing her head. That is why I woke up, but I never told dad because I taught she was just having a one night stand. (why well read further).
After some time he moved in with us, and the 1st night that he formaly went to sleep in the house I noticed that while I was looking elsewere my mother grabed his cock and told him we must wait till I make sure she is at sleep.
About 1 hour after we went to bed my mother slowly opened the door of my room and I acted like if I was sleeping, and she quickly closed the door softly, I heard the rapid foot steps that told me she practicaly ran to her room.
In about 1 minute I went out of my room, and stood next to her door that was left slightly open due to moms desperate need to fuck with Gary.
She grabed his flacid dick and played with it untill it streched to become a massive black cock. I could of compared it with the arm of the little boy next door.
I saw everything from the moment she gave him head till she got pounded, and he came.
She got on her knees (dogy stille) and when he started introducing that huge cock in, I saw my mothers face show slight pain, but was quickly replaced by a smile and an "oh yes". He did not go all the way in, leaving like 4-5 inches outside. However within minutes I heard and saw when Gary was pushing the whole thing into my mother. My mother even griped the blanket and again came an "oh yeeeeeeeeeees" but this time loud and she sounded so happy. From that point on he started going all the way in and out, but not very fast, and my mother was just heard asking for more. He lasted about 42 minutes before he came, but made my mother have about 5 orgasms. When he pulled out, it was funny to see hou far back he had to go until the head of his cock came out of my mother vagina. My mother quickly turned around and started giving this guy head again. She was barely able to take the head inside her mouth and some inches of the shaft.
Soon after, she layd back on the bed with her legs on his shoulders and he started pounding her a little harder, and I heard when my mother sayd "my ex never made me feel SOOOOOOOOOOO wonderfull." and just kept on fucking for a long time.
At the end of about 2-3 hours she told him "if I would of known since I was single I would of never married my ex-husband, I have missed out on so much cock" and Gary just laughed. She also sayd "I should of listened to my friends in college, they told me about you black hung men." she also sayd "It has been 11 months since the first fuck you gave me and I am still shocked by the size of you'r cock." She then got his dick and started playing with it and dick slaping her self all over the face and tits, it looked like if she could not help her self from licking all over the shaft either.
she also told Gary that she never even played with my dads dick as muck as she does with his.

The next day in the morning she woke up and was so energetic I was even surprissed.

As Gary and my mother were seen for the 1st time by the neighbors kissing and holding hands they started spreading gossip. I guess becasue Gary would wear tight clothes and his crotch would stick out so much It was hard not to notice it. One of the neighbors daughter even asked me if it was true that my mother had left my dad because of Gary's big dick. I tried hiding It but the mother came out and sayd "don't even say no becasue it is so avious and then laughed."
Our woman relatives would also spread gossip when they foundout who my mothers new man was. Most of the women in the family noticed after they saw him wear tight jeans to a party one day. It was so funny to see married woman just stare at Garys dick and see my mother with so much jealousy. An aunt even told her that she could see the wonderfull cock that she loves at night and that she was so lucky.

Another time we were at my grand parent pool and Gary was swiming. I knew he had loose shorts, and I was just waiting for the moment he would just come out of the water and see the water pull them off.
Shure enough the time came and 2 of my aunts and grandmother were there with all the other men, and my mother called him to get a plate of food, and when he came out the shorts fell of. All the women had their mouths wide open to see the size of Gary's cock even as it was soft.I could also see my mother raise her head with pride. One of my aunts just sayd "wow that is huge", and looked at my mother with jelousy, and told her "you are one lucky bitch, I hate you." Her husband heard her and got red, and walked away.
Today my mother is still with Gary, and she says she made the best choice years ago. She also confesed to me that she did base her divorce with my dad all on the cock size issue. She also told me that she was screwing other guys even when she was pregnant from me, and was just never cought by my father. However Gary was the most endowed man she had found.
I finaly found out, he is about 9.2 inches long and about 5.7 thick.
I am not even going to go into detail about my best man, just imagine.

WONDERFULL BLACK COCK. And yes I am a Hyspanic woman. Normaly you dont see us with black men, but trust me they are the best to fuck with.

Any replies or coments from women like mom and me please post, we like Big Cock conversations.
3858 August 5, 2006

Wow. I really had no idea that for so many people sex, or moreso penis size, makes the relationship. Wow.
3859 August 6, 2006

Like everything you read on the internet, there is a lot of useful information and a ton of crap!  The most useful comments, for me, are the "honest"comments on a person's own personal experiences.  I'm sure that alot of the "well endowed" guys are delusional and in reality have very small ones.
For me, I guess I am very average by the charts and data.  My penis works very well! It pees and gets erect like it should.  It is barely over 6 inches and about 5 inches in circumference.  I like how it looks!

NOW FOR THE REAL JUICY STUFF!  My wife and I are very open and monogamously experimental.  She says that she has had very good lovers in the past and been with men of ALL sizes and girths.  She has had innumerable talks with friends about penis size.  SHE KNOWS THE HONEST TRUTH of what most women prefer!  My wife is very honest when she tells me that IF she could choose among 3 exact clones of me, except one has a 5 incher, one is 6 inches like me, and one is 8...she said "SHE WOULD PICK THE 8 because it feels a little better, more positions are possible, and it just looks very arousing".  Part is psychological and part is physical.  She says that generally there are some size queens who only like really HUGE ones, and there are ultra petite ladies who only tolerate smaller ones...but the "typical" women likes penis that is "a little larger than average".   All the " typical" girls she talks with have said that girth is especially critical.  Long and thin is not so good, but too thick is not comfortable either. 

The BEST way to find out what your partner REALLY desires, if your'e comfortable doing this, is to go to an adult store with her and buy a few dildos so you can experiment.  See what SHE picks and you'll know the TRUTH.  My wife never wanted to buy anything under 6 inches.  She bought a lifelike 6 long x 5 around dildo, 7.5 x 5 around,  8x 6 around and 9x7.  We had alot of fun playing...this is what we found.  She likes ALL of them!  Especially at different times of arousal.  The smaller one is a good starter, the big one hurt for starting out.  But after alot of stimulation, all worked well.  When I asked her to choose one, she picked the 8x6 because it was very filling and visually stimulating, but not too big.  I asked her if she wishes that my penis was 8x6 (the logical follow up that every guy would have been wondering!)  To my suprise, she started to dodge the question by saying she wants my penis to be the same and that we can use the 8x6 dildo if we want to use it together.  I told her that she sounded diplomatic, but that she was dodging the question to not hurt my feelings.  Then she sat me down and gave me her honest answer...and I believe her.  "With all the experiences that I have had in my life, I have learned that we often have to deal with the fact that life is never perfect.  We must make the best out of what we get.  Our relationship is the best I have ever had and we have the most amazing sex compared to every other guy I've been with.  I REALLY don't want to change anything about us, or more specifically, you.  If you are concerned about the size of your penis...you should not be because your penis is wonderful.  I don't fantasize about men with a bigger dick than you.  But since you are so curious about size, I think that the 8x6 was the ideal size dildo that we used during intercouse, so i guess, for me,  that is the ultimate answer to your deepest curiosity, I prefer a little larger size if all things are equal and possible.  But if you really want the truth, when you use your tongue on my
 clitoris, it feels far better than your penis or the 8x6 dildo ever could!  So I don't want to change your dick, I just want you to keep your tongue!"  Beautifully stated!  For the guys out there, STOP worring about penis size and START practicing CUNNILINGUS!  Hopefully my commentary will be helpful to somebody, JIMSON
3860 August 6, 2006

Though I am not an expert on the topic, I have some unique observations.  The best sex I ever had was with an attractive and sexy man that had a confidenct attitude and about an average six inch long average girth penis.  WOW!  He just knew what he was doing.  Regardless of penis size, no guy ever since has been able to compare.
3861 August 6, 2006

Though I am not an expert on the topic, I have some unique observations.  The best sex I ever had was with an attractive and sexy man that had a confidenct attitude and about an average six inch long average girth penis.  WOW!  He just knew what he was doing.  Regardless of penis size, no guy ever since has been able to compare.
3862 August 6, 2006

Some of the previous comments are right on!  Some are way off.  The vagina is very stretchy and compliant and a dick can feel very good whether it is short, average or really long if the clitoris is well stimulated.  If the penis is too thin, then there is not enough sensation (unless a finger rubs it). 
I have never kept or dumped a guy because of penis size.  I honestly think that the only reason that I like when a guy has a big one is purely mental.  There is something really arousing to pull down a guys pants and subconsciously say "OH MY GOD"!  Right or wrong, there is an instant admiration when a man is well hung.  For me, the intercourse does not feel any better if the penis is large or average,  but I like to look and see a large one go inside of me.
3863 August 6, 2006

Enough is enough!   I've seen guys in the locker room that are so big that they are absolute freaks of nature and guys who barely have a nub for a penis.  Get over it.  I've also seen guys with fat asses and strong arms too...so what.  People have different size parts to their body, that's the way it is.  Ladies have they preferences, so do men.  Make the most of what you have and don't complain about what you can't change.  My wife told me she usually likes my normal average size penis but that sometimes it feels good getting stuffed with something really big.  My penis is 6 inches and normal thickness.  So what do we do?  Do we fight over it? No!  Does she cheat on me? NO! Do we find a way to satisfy he urges? Yes! We improvise with dildos, cucumbers, vibrators and whatever else she wants!  Does she ask for a dildo every time?  No, only rarely because she usually wants my tongue, my penis and all the rest of what she likes about me.  It is important to spice up the bedroom and be creative, and open to what she wants, that way she'll be satisfied...and then you wil be satisfied.
3864 August 6, 2006

I bet that 99% of the guys on this site have a less than average size penis and that they are insecure about it, so they do an internet search to see if anybody can help 'em feel better. 

As a wife of a great guy for 13 years (since marriage at age 22), I had a unique life experience solely because of "penis size".  My husband is athletic, muscular, attractive, wealthy, sexy, funny and a great catch.  His penis is very nice about 6-7 inches and kinda thick.  We have always had a very good sex life.  Of the 3 guys that I slept with, my husband was the best. 

BUT, I had never been with a guy with a really really big penis, and with all the hoopla about size, I admit that I was internally a little curious.   Once, while in Las Vegas for a business convention I went to a male strip show with some girlfriends.  The men were turning me on!  I got a little devilish.  That night one of the men with a really large member was coming on to me.  Later, when the two of us were in my hotel room, I pulled off his clothes.   He was very sexy and confident and knew what felt good for a woman.  His penis was the biggest that I had ever seen (i obvioulsy did not measure it but I bet it was 9-10 and beefy.  It almost seemed not real it was so big.  The condom only covered 3/4 of his dick. Whether it was the drinks, the novelty of a new man, or just his anatomy...I was truly enthralled by him.  Needless to say, he did me.  Boy did he do me.  The feelings were very different from my husband's penis.  Just the friction from his shaft stretched me open and stimulated my clit nicely.  When he fully inserted his penis deep into me, I just felt very filled up and very fulfilling.  I did me like a porn star.  The next day, I deservably felt terrible.  I did not tell my husband anything and it never came up again.  I wish that it never happpened.  Now I feel guilty.  When my husband and I have sex it is still wonderful, but I cant help but compare.  Its difficult to have great sex with my husband when I know that somone else is better equpped.  I had no idea that for me size is important.  I wish I didnt know!
3865 August 6, 2006

Thank you for the Big Lips article!!!It made my night.. Good to know some people do prefer lips on a woman. I was born with them. My pussy is tight but I got the rose pedals to gaurd it!:)
3866 August 7, 2006

after stumbling onto this website unintentionally, I was suprised that so many people are so consumed with penis size.  I feel sorry for men who feel inadequate because the penis is smaller than some others.  But, it is not true that a man with a small penis cannot satisfy a woman.   This website assumes that a 5 inch penis is practically useless, and a man must resort to his tongue or fingers to stimulate a woman.  It also says that women secretely wish their man was larger than he is, but they won't say so to his face.

I know for a fact that I look for men that are not too large because it hurts me.  I am 5 feet tall and very petite and tight.  Men with more than 7 inches wont even fit into me (what a waste).  And any penis that is more that 1.5 inches wide is not comfortable for me.  I like sexual intercourse with man who is a good lover and his ideal penis is 5 inches long and 1 inch wide.  it fits nicely and never hurts. 

That being said, most of my friends do like a larger penis and my best friend said that 5 x 1 inch would do very little for her.  she likes 8 x 2 wide.  When I am intimate with a guy with a huge dick, he doesnt get laid that night, period.  I have to admit that I love to do oral sex on a man with a big schlong and it makes me wish that I was taller so I could take it inside me.
3867 August 7, 2006

As I cynically read through all the blog comments, I noticed something interesting about me (and probably alot of women). 

I have had many great relationship and sex with men of all sizes.  Men with a 5 inch penis have given me fantastic vaginal orgasms and so have men with 8 inch monsters.  I truly thought that I was not swayed by the size of a man's penis, and if a guy knew what he was doing in bed, all are equal, right? 

Well all the above is true for me, but why is it that when I pull down a man's pants, I get turned on when it is big, and I am a little let down if it is smaller than average?  Sounds hypocritcial, huh?

Why is it that when a man with a smaller than average penis asks me if size matters, that I tell him that it doesn't matter and that technique is more important, but when a man with a large penis asks me I rant and rave about how lucky he is?

Why is it that I feel that I must not tell my current boyfriend (smaller than average penis) that I have been with a man that was hung like an absolute stallion and that he drove me wild?  And that I feel obligated to say to him that his penis is about as large as I would ever desire?

Why do I own a dildo that is 9 inches and really thick, but I never thought of buying a 5 inch thin one?

Why is it that I like so many other women do this?  I think that we dont want to hurt the feelings of a man because we know that there is so much stigma placed on penis size. I suggest that women never bring up the topic and just make a guy feel like he is big enough for her.  A man will never feel adequate once he has any idea that you may not think that his penis is large enough.  If a man's penis is large, the whole problem with inadequacy and insecurity is avoided.  A girl can do nothing to change a man's penis, and can only hope that her next guy is well endowed.

In a summary, I can be very happy and orgasmic with a guy of any size, but I will secretively wish he was bigger. honestmichelle
3868 August 7, 2006

Now I know the truth!:
During my 17 years of marriage, my wife and I had great sex and were very open about talking about sexuality.  She had me convinced that I was her sexual soulmate and there could never be anyone else.  She told me that she LOVED my penis and how it felt.  (I was always slightly insecure because it is 5.5 inches and 4.5 around).  Even when she shared her fantasy about having sex with another man, she was careful to point out that "he" didn't have to have a bigger penis than me!

WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!  After our divorce, things got a little less amicable...to say the least.  During arbitration she blurted out that I have a little twig between my legs and that she faked orgasms for the whole marriage!

She started to date one of my "friends" that I went to college with.  Of all people that she could have picked to date...it had to be HIM!  He was known for being hung like a racehorse.  I remember taking a piss next to him and I could not believe how huge is penis was.  I must have been 6 inches flaccid!  I can only imagine what size it is hard.  Like a real bitch, my ex wife got married to this guy after dating for 5 months.

It is eye opening that regardless of how complex a human relationship may seem, sometimes it is really pretty simple.  If you give a women everything that she needs she will tolerate your little dick, but should the relationship is strugge, she will be out the door looking for a new man that can get the job done.
3869 August 7, 2006

After my wife and I read this site together last night, we got to talking about penis size.  My penis seems average by the stats and is 6 inches and 5 around.  I asked her straight up: Do you wish that my penis could be larger than it is? 

She replied "Yes, yes I do!"

That was here complete and final answer.  She did not try to make me feel better or comfort my ego.  I admire her brutal honesty.  Then we made love!
3870 August 9, 2006

Teen Dream:
My penis is 6 inches long when fully erect.I am eighteen and girls find me very attractive.I have only had sex with four girls and none complained.The key is to look good and know how to use your tool.Just practice with the skanks until you get a good feel.  Then use all that to please the one that matters.Any girl who thinks a 6 inch penis is small is a fucking slutbag with a loose pussy.

Sex is SEX, regardless of size, its gonna feel good.

For all those below average, start studying other ways to please women such as oral stimulation etc etc etc.

Confidence is key.

If any of you donkey dick guys think your ALPHA males, step outside with me and ill show you a real man. Then ill have sex with your girlfriend and show her that bigger is not always better.
3871 August 9, 2006

Why the hell do u guys make sites like this...all men get offended by shit like this. I hope all of you girls boyfriends/husbands penis's rot and fall the fuck off for making other men feel like shit. They cant help how small their penis is. Quit frankly, I am satisfyied with my husbands penis size and it is just above average. He pleases me quite well..so all of you girls that dont like an average penis and are making these stupid ass sites, shut the fuck up and quit screwing everybody within a ten mile radious and you might feel and average penis and you wouldnt have to have a freakin 9 inch cock...damn
3872 August 9, 2006

little one:
i read alot of your answers and i find the women like big cocks.i wish we could put theses women in are places so they know what if feels like to be told your not really good enough.how many women get mad when there men tell them there breasts are to small or they need to lose a little few pounds.i heard women get mad over that and i even saw a few girls cry ove some of the things guys have told them.so just thing how we feel.this is how we where born.if we could chance it we would.i'm i very nice guy.i would never tell a women that she's to fat of her breasts are to small,i'd love her for who she is.it's funny alot of the guys out there with big dicks,they find a girl use her and toss her when there done.guys like me would treat that same girl like a queen,but still girls will always go after the bigger guy eveytime.i guess some girls just like to be hurt and treated bad.i would love to find a girl who can get past size and see the real person.if there are any girls out there like that please contact me please.
3873 August 10, 2006

my husbands penis is average size and thickness.  I will stay with him even if there are men with bigger ones.  Only a horrible and superficial woman would leave because she craves a man with a larger penis.
3874 August 10, 2006

Here to tell the truth:
Ok. Listen up guys! Yeah, we always hear girls saying they want a big dick and all that crap but for some strang reason when they get it, they are begging us to stop. I am a black guy and my dick is about 8 inches hard and about 3 to 4 inches soft. I have met lots of girls who claim they have had 12 or 14 inch dicks and say thats all they like. As soon as I have sex with them they are screaming and begging me to stop. I even have had girls get up bent over holding their stomach and crying. They always make me stop. Now, if they had such big dicks before then why cant they handle mine huh? If they had such big ones then why are they bleeding after I bang them huh? truth is, girls are the biggest lyers on planet earth. And for all of the women on here claiming that bigger is better, your lying. The only girls who like them extra large are the ones who are busted out. They probably have been fisted and used huge dildos and have streatched thier holes out. That is so gross. A girl who is nice and tight would not want a huge penis, it would be too painful. Advice to all you females is, stop lying or stop sticking soda cans up in you and you wont need no big huge dick. And they all wonder why we like them young and tight. Stop getting jelous when you see your ex or your boyfreind cheating with a young cute girl. Advise to all you guys, get them young and tight and fresh, no busted hole females. And when I say young I'm not talking underage, just young. One last thing. Just becasue a guys dick is very small when it is soft doesn't mean it is small when hard. That is so stupid. Like I said, my dick is small when soft but when oit is hard  it is a nice big 8
3875 August 11, 2006

average t:
An average penis is the jack of all trades...and if the woman loves you it does not matter anyway.

Watch how petite girls handle 8-9 inch girth dildos!

3876 August 11, 2006

Men seem far more concerned where this simple compatability issue is concerned. Women and men must both share in the responsibilty of a good fit, and a good performance too, and perhaps managing the entire relationship between the sex sessions. Both must decide early on if the total package is worth the investment.
3877 August 11, 2006

This 'debate' site is excellent!

In my 43 years I've experienced a lot of what is detailed and explained here, with respect to women's behaviors towards penis size.

As a young man tons of women used to approach me. Knowing that I wore pretty snug pants and had an excellent body shape and overall fairly good looks... Sexually speaking I've had more than my fair share of women all but throw themselves at me.

Sex was never on a second date! Second, third and fourth dates took place inside of the first week of meeting them. Was it my charm? I doubt it.

Size-wise I was 5'9" 165 lbs and I packed a 8.5" long by 6.5" diameter penis hunging between meaty-sexy thighs and a 29" waist with good sized shoulders and arms.

At 43 gone are the days hearing women holler out:
"Oh my god!"
"I've never had any man as good as you!"
"Oh no... Oh fuck... Holy Jesus I love your cock!"
"Please fuck me from behind!"
"I'm coming... I'm coming... Aaaargh.... Oh Yes!"

Between 19-37 years old that was about the norm. Since that time I've put on a few pounds, women don't look at my crotch anymore and I can't quite keep a 45 minute to 4 hour erection (whether I cum or not.)

Since my vasectomy I've padded my groin area with a bit of fat that I just can't get rid of and my 8.5" penis has pulled it's neck back and become a 6" long barely rock-hard erection that even under seriously horny moments can stay hard for barely ten minutes.

Sexually speaking my wants are still there, but not being one to stand out anymore the oportunities have drooped about as much as my shrinking cock.

I'm passing this note along to let some of you haughty-taughty women who were always out looking for the bigger and better deal... Creating myths and deceitful fabrications of cock needs or desires... That one hell of a lot of men have been wise to you for many years and while you're out looking for Mr. Right... He already came across you while you were constantly busy looking at someone else.

The tongue master
3878 August 11, 2006

Average Joe:
This is a great site.  I'm positive that most of the guys who claim to have a big dick really don't.  But wishful thinking is not a crime!  As I see it and summarize, there are basically only a few opinions that women have about penis size. 

1) Honest: women who have been with men of all sizes and prefer big ones to little ones. 

2) Reluctant: Women who initially say that size does not really matter.  Most women quickly qualify their remarks by saying that personality, emotional connection, sexual technique and oral sex are also very important.  Thet don't want to seem like sluts.  Then they make a concession that if all these factors were equal, they too would rather have a man with a larger penis compared to a regular sized.  Ask  them to choose between 2 equal clones of their man, except one has a large dick and one has a small dick.  Honest women wouldn't pick the small dicked man! 

3) Liars: Women who love their man and are never going to admit that they are not completely content with him.  Their men obviously have tiny pricks.  These women are the "Princess Pollyanna"  types who can't accept that their life is less than ideal.  But when push comes to shove, they too wish that a well endowed stallion could rock their world.

4) The "Minority" (the exception to the rule that proves the rule).  I believe that some women truly do not mind if their man has a short thin penis.  Honestly, they don't!  It may be because they are ultra petite and they claim that big ones hurt (even though websites like brutaldildos.com shows ultra petite asian women loving a 12 x 9 monster dildo!).  Some may not like being really stretched.  Some women don't really enjoy intercourse anyway and so penis size will not sway them either way.  Some women love anal intercouse and a small one may fit better in her can.  So men with average or sub average size have a difficult task.  They all must either find the rare woman who is in the "minority" and not size-oriented, or they must deal with a lover who is not content and wishes he had a bigger penis.

Most of the women that I have spoken with admit that they desire a big penis because it definetely is more stimulating.  And even if they can orgasm with normal sized dicks, they love to look at a stud with a huge dick while he gets out of the shower, or shaves naked, or while he pumps cum into their throat.  Sorry guys, women aren't obligated to like your little wanker!
3879 August 12, 2006

dj :
well i am a male and am of good size but i have found most size queens are fat girls who need the lenght just to get it in with the ass in the way and belly in the way
3880 August 13, 2006

Average guy:
This site is kinda pointless. I'm not trying to be hateful, but why tell guys that their women all prefer bigger dicks? There is no way a guy can change his size (with the exception of risky surgery) so why even bother? All sites like these do is plant a seed in every guy's mind who is unhappy with his size that his girlfriend or wife isn't happy and would cheat on him with the first 12 incher that comes along.

I'm not going to lie to myself and think it doesn't matter, but why dwell on things you have no control over? I wish there were peace in the Mid-East too, but I can't do a thing about that! I do believe, however, that the motion of the ocean saying is true as well, there are some women who prefer a guy who knows what he is doing! I think that if a woman isn't happy with her man's size, and it is THAT important to her, then let her dump him and get someone who is bigger!

There are almost 6.5 billion people in the world today and I think 90% or so of all males (give or take a few %) are average at best. We must be doing something right! There is also the fact that most people (men AND women) are sheep! Look at what Hollywood pushes on women, they tell them that they have to be waif thin and have huge implants or no man will ever love them! That is total B/S, but when you hear and see that every day of your life, you start believing the hype! In the last 20-25 years Hollywood and other mainstream media outlets have been in on the "bigger is better" push, now it is an epidemic.

How much money have insecure men shelled out for magic pills, pumps, creams or secret excercises that make your penis bigger? It is all a scam that plays on mens insecurities. Men have always been insecure about this subject since time began, some armies used to cut off the genitals of their enemies because of the "dick equals power" theory! There is no fix for it so we had all better learn to live with it. Either that or Hollywood should start telling women to only have kids with big dicked studs so small and average sized dicks become a thing of the past!
3881 August 13, 2006

Get yourself one of these
3882 August 13, 2006

Unfortunately for most of the people who think this site is great, the information on it is mostly pure boloney. If it was truthful, then 90-99% of all men would be in dire need for penis enlargement to be able to excite their women. It seems fairly obvious that this site is put up to cater for the growing industry of penis enlargement. The way it contradicts "the expert" opinion should be enough proof that the information is not sincere, and merely a skew designed to create a market.

The only thing that might be correct is that many women fantasise about large penises, and do find it more visually stimulating with larger penises. However, practically speaking the vast majority would not find a very large penis particularly enjoyable. There is a reason there are support groups for guys with large organs, as this often proves to be more of a challenge then a benefit.

Also there is the issue about lying about once size, which many men do. Few women are carrying a measuring tape with them when they go to bed with a guy, so it is not unlikely that many believe they have had larger penises then they actually have. Obviously this would lead to a skew in opinion that does not correspond with reality, which I believe is the most rational explanation of any opinion polls this site refers to.

So before any of you guys take this information to heart, please realise that most of the claims puts forward by this site is based on very poor evidence. It is not very unlikely that whoever put this site up has anterior motifs for doing so, as enlightenment seems to be the furthest away from its purpose.
3883 August 13, 2006

cons, first of all... you are a RETARD. period. And allthough he was stupid, he did make a point. at an extent, some 30 years into the future women will want their boyfriends penis to be over 12" long and "cann-sized" with a BIG head too. Pretty stupid huh. I just think all women, and all men have high expectations. Women want and some NEED big penises and men want tighter pussies. I myself feel offended that women expect big penises. I'm 6" long and have 5" round. Is that small, please ALL WOMEN ANSWER if you think this is small/average or big(doubtful).
3884 August 14, 2006

Thank you for putting up this page.  You are truly providing a wonderful service to men and women.  I'd like to opine on this subject because it is a frustrating one.  I just want to point out that the women who say size doesn't matter probably never had sex with a guy who has a small penis.  I've had several women tell me that it does matter, and they didn't realize it until they first had sex with a guy who has a small penis.  Then, they wait a couple of days and let the guy down easy, never telling him that it's his penis.  This must stop.  The guys with a small penis may never know they have a problem because women are too scared to tell him/don't want to hurt his feelings.  LADIES, LISTEN UP!!! You are doing this guy a diservice by not telling him the truth, and he'll never do anything about the problem because he probably doesn't know that there is one!  Please be honest with the guy!  Now, I tried a penis-enlargement program on the internet that can be found at http:www.shortenurl.com/bigdong that actually did work for me (not that I had a small penis, but hell...who doesn't want a bigger penis, right?).  There is a natural way to get a bigger penis without surgery or pills (that don't work).  I recommend you check it out if you think you might need a bigger penis.
3885 August 14, 2006

I have a question:
I'm 21 years old and 6 foot 4. My penis is 5by5 flacied, and 7 by 6 erect with no female contact. However, when I'm with a woman my penis gets to 8 by 6 1/4 inches (sometimes a quarter inche larger on lenght and or width depedning on my feelings toward the girl). Is this normal that with wmoan that your penis gets bigger than usual? (only reason this came up is my gf measured me one time) Any comments regarding this would be appreciated.
3886 August 14, 2006

hey my penis is 8.5 inches long and a 6.5 inch girth and ive been turned down by girls that thinks thats to big....i think its kinda small and i wont mind it being bigger....i can use 2 hands while masterbating and my current g/f loves it i guess its just the type of girl u get
3887 August 15, 2006

heres a reality check for all you clueless men. A dick that is bigger will almost always give a vagina more pleasure. If you have a 7 inch dick and your woman loves it when you r your fullest imagine what a 10inch dick would make her feel like. I personally have a 6inch dick with decent thickness. I am not going to have children because i know i will never be the top sexual man for my woman. Also i know that if my offspring is male he will face the same problem in life and want to kill himself as i do. White woman view black men as the king of the male race. they see them as most dominant. They will cheat on white men for sex with black men any time they can as long as they can get awy with it, even if theyre white men are well hung. White men who think they are studs are so clueless its sad. And dont try to ask a woman if she would prefer a bigger dick cuz yer not going to get a honest reply. thats like asking a thief if he stole yer missing money. this world is ment to be played . there is no real love. Its sad but true. No man with a dick under 8 inches should ever reproduce. Also white woman are feeling confused by the fact that they cannot get over the internal urge of wanting to be with a black man more than one of theyre own race. By white men having children all they are doing is producing a female for black men to ravage and a male that will eventually realize he should have never been born.woman marry with the hidden truth that they know they will cheat with the biggest dicks once in a while to fullfill their deepest needs. there is no need to admit this cuz they only do this so often. Thats also why they marry white men without guilt cuz they know its not the only dick they will be with. I am a physical phenomenon with a pimped out life in every aspect because i do everything for myself instead of trying to build a life with other white woman. What is the point to getting married if your woman secrectly fantasizes about being with b!
 igger dicks. also comitting to a woman if your dick is 7 inches or less is stupid cuz yer giving her something that  she will get bored of even quicker cuz she gets to get used to it. Esentually this world is satanic in the sense that deep down in reality all the woman that men think are so nice-will fuck hung men like whores in the garden of eden behind are backs no matter how good you treat them. Most men are so caught up in themselves that they dont realize this. I guess its ok for them but really they are sadly pathetic if they could see what theyre mates do with these studs when the doors close. Its the big secret. I love meeting new woman and watching how they try to portray themselves as good girls.The men who r real studs will agree with me and know this cuz they are on the other end of the relationship watching the woman cheat for strictly maximum sexuall fullfillment. also,youll notice that woman who go theyre whole lives without ever getting the big cock become very depressed and realize their unsatisfaction with an average dick even with the best lives. So for all you people that say there is more to life that sex, yer sort of wrong because the ultimate fullfillment comes from sexuall or physical pleasure. It cannot be denied because of the fact that the female eventually becomes deppressed. Men are clueless and woman are cock whores. Its not a bad thing it should just be admitted so we can be real instead of secret liars. Esentually we are offspring of a bunch of clueless parents that only had kids because it was a result of sex not a result of trying to produce the top species. If you are well endowed you deserve to live, if not your already alive just dont reproduce for the sake of your sons. woman are always worth reproducing because they can all get to see god through the well hung men. Big cocks can show woman how worthwhile life is to an extent which they never knew with a small cock.
3888 August 16, 2006

Average Joe doing a big hole:
I have a decent size penis in my own opionon,nothing to bragg about.It is about 7 and a half inches it also curves to the left.I don't beleive there is a girl out there I can't satisfy,and that means even if she can take 15 inches.I have had girls who are so tight,that when I go in about half it actaully hurt me like I hit a wall.I have also had weman that yea,felt completly hollow and it wouldn't matter if you had a 15 inch dick you still wouldn't feel it up.It acually felt like she had been screwing a lightpole,and I was still able to make her have multable orgasams every time we had intercourse.Lets face it something this size there isn't much a exersise is going to do for it. Now it brings up the question  How did I get my rocks,because i'm not intimedated by a large vagina. If you give me a tight ass,I'm going to make it into the point of where its bigger than me anyway Lets face it these weman that so-call claim that the need the bigest to be satisfied are full of shit.And you pussies that are wanting a pity party because your woman left you for a bigger dick, Grow Some Nuts,they would help you more than 8 more inches would.What it all boils down to is Everybody wants what they can't have.If you got a small dick,you want bigger,a big dick would have its downside also never being able to go in and out really fast all the way,having to settle for girls with the biggest vaginas or otherwise your setting yourself up for failure It would suck to only get half your dick in girl just for her to say pull it out because it hurts never be able to just thrash untill you both get off. Also some of you people I think need to study your metric tables a little better because,I'm not at all fucking gay but I've stood at a lot of uerinals in a lot of different places and seen a lot of porn . Guys know what I'm talking about and hell I think I measure up pretty damm good. So ladies  and  fellas if were going to be talking about shit like this lets get our facts straight.Ladies you talk about how you took a 15 incher and loved it,it must not have been rock hard because there is no sense in trying to insult everybodies intelligence if you had a 15 inch hard dick inserted inside you fully you would probably still be in the hospital having the hole in your lung fixed.Now im not saying that your cunt isn't as big as a pie pan.I will give credit where credit is due. But ladies just because you sit on a 15 incher or whatever and the guy only gets 75% of it in and thats a soft hardy doesn't mean you took 15 inches. It was probably twice the girth and a couple inches better than average.Now you ladies want to talk about your width I not doubting a bit what you can't handle more than what your willing to admit.I have expereinced weman like that before but don't bullshit a bullshitter these 15 and larger leghths I would like to see. Fella's I don't see what the big deal is about big cunts anyway. I mean tight is nice but you know as well as I do anything you do their bitchen because it hurts.Then their is the Pie Pan Lady, IF my cock wont do her any good then hey I got two arms and two legs that will. No but setting all jokes aside in all my expereinces the bigger the pussy is, the fun I can have with it,because weman know what they can handle and after they reach a certain size to were they know the average dick just isn't going to cut it,they start having to get toys of larger sizes and yea thats when they get full blown and then even the biggest dicks don't satisfy. But your in luck because theres a few guys like me that grew up exploring caves and it takes a lot to scare me.So to all you guys that are afraid you can't satisfy and your getting tired of hearing the farts, enjoy because if it is that big, then its probably not going to get any smaller.If you keep making her feel like she can't satisfy you she isn't going to leave you nessaserally for a bigger cock it will just be a differant one that likes to get a little more extream and that will be your fault.Some of you guys have weman that maybe went out on you and even though she says it was a mistake  just something that happen,and that she is sorry.Then later on when your between the sheets and you are giving it your hardest and you can feel a little slack were there wasn't any before.I can see were you are coming from,because now you feel that she went a step beyond your relationship that can't be exployeted without agruements.Also I have noticed that in most cases if say the girl is with a guy with a 6 inch penis and goes out on hime with a guy with a 7 inch penis (girls are going to argue this)that if she goes back to the 6 inch guy he don't get the same respect that he once got.  When she makes air blow out around your dick don't think god she is loose because that can happen even with the tightest. Girls quit being so uptight about your size because whatever size you got now will probably be tighter than a year from now.
3889 August 17, 2006

I guess women don't want to be viewed as washed up solely because they have a badly stretched vagina.  So the only way to fix the problem is to attack the male for the way that he was born.  You know, he don't have Big Dick genes. But some Women have very good vagina genes and they are very confident with meeting and screwing any sized cock cause they know that they have what it takes to have good sex.  And that is a nicely tight glove fitting vagina.  It is hard to find those kind of vaginas these days cause everybody is getting into the "I want a Big Cock crave."  And most men like their vaginas tight!  If any man out their reading this comment like a big stretched vagina (one that your forearm can easily slide into) comment about it please.  On the other hand, a woman with a Badly stretched vagina know that they cannot have sex with a guy with a less than 8 inch penis.  And 7 inches, 6 inches, 5 inches, 4 and below are like an elephant trying to swallow a tic tac......It simply floats around inside a deep dark hole like a man trying to get his rocks off humping an open window.  In my opinion, these girls should not go through life trying to find Mr. Big Dick but instead simply start screwing 4 to 5 guys at a time and you will get the satisfaction you are looking for.
3890 August 18, 2006

the way i look at it, if a women cares so much about penis size meh shes just a plain ol whore that simple.
3891 August 18, 2006

OK, I will sum this up in a few words. Penis size only matters if you fall into a particular range. I will say that most women are only concerned about size when you fall below 5 inches in length(though nice girth can help) or over 8 inches in length. I worked for a very popular adult toy store in seattle for several years, and girls from 18-60 came in, couples, singles, lesbian, straight, you name it. 95% of the women, bought toys that ranged between 5 inches and 7inches. The most popular being a clit stimulator, which was only 3 inches long, and the rabbit which only inserts about 6" deep. Most women in our sex classes, all said they didnt like penis's that were too large or too small, and the cut offs being 8"long for too large. My self, I have had several partners over the years(I'm a swinger with wife) and I am 7"long by 6"around. I have always been able to make my partners climax, by just paying attention and caring. yes there are times, playing with a toy or partner who is larger is exciting, but for everyday pleasure, big is not better
3892 August 18, 2006

I Get it Jackass:
Yeah, nice fear-monger-advertisement...  This site is a big fear-style advertisement for two products that it is intended to generate sales for.

Notice the afilliate ID on the end of the URL's above.
3893 August 18, 2006

Best site to jack off to! Michelle dumped me for a huge cock & she was nice enough to tell me many details...How he pulled out of her pussy & accidentally squirted across her body & into her eye!!Before that she said that size didn't matter, and said that the last girl to dump me was cruel--for doing the same thing!...Since then I've learned for sure to believe COMMON SENSE instead of the lies many girls tell little-dicked guys...Plus! Most girls have told me that bigger cocks DO shoot bigger loads...I really hope that at least somebody will also post that they are PROUD OF MICHELLE for going for a MUCH  BIGGER Cock!...
3894 August 19, 2006

No activity here?

Yes it matters!
Two girlfriends left me because mine is too small.
Maybe average is ok for every girl but under average is a problem.

My penis is 1-1.25 flaccid and 4.25 erect.
I know that is small.

I lost my last girlfriend to an Asian man(Japanese).
In this case the stereotype is not true.
Hi is bigger of course.
My Ex told me he is 7 inches and a lot thicker.
Then it is hard to hear Asian have small one when you loose your girlfriend to an Asian man.

Any comments? Thanks.
3895 August 20, 2006

Yes it does very much, for sex and sight bigger will always make a girl wetter no matter her mood, prefrence or age. You can bet size will always have impact in more ways than one. I grew up with a single mom in arizona she always had her man of the month never the same i remember. But one thing i did know the wall were always moving in our one bdr trailer. When I started to have sex my mom at first got mad forbiding any such act even thou hers didnt stop. we didnt talk for a few weeks then we had a sit down she talked about going to plan parent hood . I at 13 got on birth control and go figure didnt have sex till 4 monthes later. my mom commented with laughter that she bet id have a huge appitite for sex . I got embarrased pleading my case of not being a slut. my mom laugh saying thats not what she meant she meant about how big id want a guys cock to be my face turned red. MOM your BAD i dont care about that. well lets face it you got the genes "the what I protested " hunny  your daddy hung like a donkey and no guy under 9" long and thinner than my wrist could ever do any justice for me since i started having sex at your age . well lets just say that was the absolute truth for me
3896 August 20, 2006

Well, I am a average male 6.50-7 4.50 thickness, But I am also only 5-3 in height. So an average size looks ok on me. Lets face it many women want big schlongs and many women do not care( I do not care what anybody says) there are alot of women who do not like big dicks. I grew up a very sexual type of person I had sex with many girls and more than once with the same girl and penis envy or size never popped up, if you can't stick it then lick it.
Furthermore, some women just do not know how to clench tighten up or whatever, it is a 2 way street.
We are all human and messed up any way we have it good but always want better, hence all the divorce rates and cheating. Example, your girl is a very pretty but you have to get the other girl or vice versa,  point is it does not matter there will ALWAYS be someone bigger, longer, hotter, sexier, bigger tits etc. Love who you have and respect your partner enjoy who you are with and the sex will be dynamite.
But, I also am glad I am not 3-4 inches, the way this society makes you feel.
3897 August 20, 2006

I cant beleive it, its true girls really do feel and enjoy a bigger cock.Im 22yrs old 6'3" 210lbs white construction worker. I had dated a girl 19yrs old 5'2" maybe 110lbs soaking wett if that the hottest body id ever seen Im not that bad myself I never had trouble getting girls in school when i meet her at a beach party she melted me. I had never been so attracted to a girl she was very smart beautiful and funny we hooked up a few days latter after she got off from work selling realastate with her dad. It was a dream come true a girl like no other her age good job great family connection what more could i ask for. we went out for a month before sex came into play it was really great sex after she seemed a bit disapointed I figured it might had been to soon and appoligised if i had brought it on to quick. She shyly smilled and said dont worry thats not it and we went to sleep. In the morning I took her to breakfast and she said she liked me but didnt know if it would work out I was confussed I wanted an answer and she said well maybe it is a little fast I guess. I figured I wouldnt call her for a few days giving her some space. I called a freind and went on a rode trip for that next weekend I basicly gave her a 10 day vacation to figure things out. when I got home she hadnt left any messages on my phone I checked the log and I had other messages but she never called at all.
I called her house her mom said she was at the office I drve down there mom wasn't lying her car was out front when I walked in her dad was on the phone he shoke my had smiling wide telling me he had a ton of work I could do I told him I didnt Have a contractors lisence he smilled and said that one of the jods was so big that i could get one when it was done. To say the least I was in heaven at that point Pam came out hearing our conversation with a smille she confided my new oppertunity and I suggested we celibrate. I could see the look in her eyes of stress and said we dont have to if your busy her dad Said no you 2 get the hell out of her and enjoy the day she smilled and said shed get her things I was so excited I called on my cell phone to Tonys a fancy seafood reastrant on the peer to make reservations. when i got off the phone her dad looked at me and said my wife and I like you alot and want to see you more with our daughter. At that moment Pam walked out hearing the comments her dad made. I quickly said well its up to Pam . Her dad said well I think she'll make a good choice. Pam smilled gave her dad a deep kiss and we left for dinner. I then asked her what she felt for me she said she really likes me but BUT. I could tell she would need some help to tell me what was really wrong I droped the subject right away and could tell she was relieved then I ordered some drinks luckily they didnt ask for I.D.s we were both really tipsy I helped her get up and we went out to walk along the peer we kissed and my hand felt her beautiful body we sat on the peer and hugged for hours kissing Finally I looked into her eyes holding her straight and told her id never lie to her she said she could never lie to me I asked her what was wrong what did she need to go on in our relation ship to feel more comfort she cryed and said its hard to say this but Im sorry for how loose I am "huh" i didnt understand she said I really like you but you know how every one isnt the perfect match ,go on I said with pure understanding I just
 really enjoy huge penises I love you but it was terribly small I couldnt hardly feel it "to say I was devastated was a understatement but I didnt showit I understant and your a little thinner than I planned to make a great line backer but I can live with that. she smilled and kissed me we walked to my car and I couldnt drive home so I took a cab taking her to my house I asked her what we could do about it she laugh saying I have not a clue Ive been wondering all week what to do I asked her how big her ex's cock was she said I had four different b.f. and they all were very bigg alot bigger than you are in lenth and thickness and I cant help that I want sex regularly with a big cock How big are they she said the smallest was 9" long and the biggest and best was 11 3/4" long holding her fingers out in a huge circle 3x'sthe size of my cock  "she had dated him since she was 14 till month before we meet and the other were one night flings she had heard they were big enough to fitt "she had a look on her face of how the hell do you compete "looking like a sexy reese wetherspoon" I couldnt get mad she was so dam honest and wanting to fix this situation I asked if she thought getting a guy "well hung to join us would help she had a look of suprise in her eyes she said well what about you I said well im just trying to help us out we tryed to get thing going on the internet connecting to couples but it all fell thru "not being big enough" then she said her ex was dating a girl and that they would be willing to have four somes we got with them the girl was hot littler than Pam I was so suprised how these little girls took on so much cock with out any trouble when I was reading the thing on sizes of vaginas I feel its just to make us feel that theres someone out there for us well my 6" x5 3/4" could never give Pammy what she needs but her ex does a great job we are know married and her EX got a vicectimy and has had several different girl freinds but pammy is always on the menu I asked her if she could be with just me sexually and she said shed always love me but she would always need alot bigger cock im not near big enough
3898 August 23, 2006

yeah, yeah, I'm fairly happy with my erect size, but my flacid size has allways brought me pain. I'm about 3 to 3.5 in flacid length, and 4 to 4.5 in flacid girth, and I'm embarrised about it.  My erect size is now 6.75 by 5.6 (after 6 long months of size genetics treatment)...I gained allmost about 1/2 inch in erect lenght, and flacid length, and a tiny bit of girth if any.  I'm mainly doing it to try and correct some of the peyronies which I caused by cracking it from fucking a fake pussy without lube.  Stupid thing to do, and now I hate the way it curves to the left when erect, and a bit when flacid. I know woman would be turned off by the curvature, and I'm trying to get that fixed with the penis extender thing.  I want to know how women judge, and rate flacid size compared to erect size.  I'm guessing women judge both allmost equally, but I'm not sure.  like question women

lets say theres 2 guys   one guy has only 3 by 4 inches flacid, but 8 x 6 erect, and the other guy has 5 by 5 flacid but only 7 x 5.5 erect...who is more visually appealing overall???
3899 August 23, 2006

help me find penis enlargement stuff:
could somebody out there tell me the best way to enlarge the penis (especially flacid size!)  do the exercises work, and what's a good website???
3900 August 24, 2006

maybe people think asian dicks are small cause they see japanese ones but i go to a school with a lot of asians and they seem average in the locker room

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