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3801 July 7, 2006

Well I think size is all a matter of a females personal preference. I am 5.75" long and 5.5" around and most have been ok with it, But a few have been honest and said that they liked em better bigger 8" or more and thicker than mine. It didn't bother me, I would do what I could by using a toy or even going as far as another bigger guy too take care of their needs. It was cool watching my girlfriend squirm on a big 9.75" dick. It was so thick he had too strecth the condom too get it too fit. He was bigger soft than I am hard and she just loved it.
3802 July 7, 2006

Free Loader:
  It's like your material says, women want sex with more than one male, and some are brave enough to admit it. A woman looking for dick with a man behind it a  real turn on for me.  Just taking off our clothes and getting it on without a lot of games  or promises seems really honest.
She spreads her legs I get between them and and point my hard dick at her wet swollen tunnel with and urgency on both peoples parts and a perfect ride without resistance hitting the back of her vagina and hearing her want it makes my load bigger than usual and hearing her squeel and squirm with joy while I am shooting and spurting my load is pure bliss and a gurantee of another free load before I go limp.  There should be more honest girls around.
3803 July 7, 2006

Ms B:
Im thinking that most people here are not exactly good at how to measure. I read comment after comment about 9+ inch dicks and how 7 inch dicks are not big enough.

 There have been many studies done to find what is "average". 5.25 to 6.25 inches is the most common length. About 85% of men will fall into that 5 or 6 inch range. Anybody who is 7 inches long is unusual. Having 9 inches is extremely rare. If you think every guy is 8+ inches it means your either not very good at  measurment, or you tend to stretch the truth .

The correct way to measure is to stand straight up, hold the penis straight out and measure from the base to the tip with a ruler or tape held above the penis.

If you measure that way and still see 9 inches, There is a 98% chance that you have a very very large . . . ego. Get help.
3804 July 8, 2006

your site is wrong im not going to harass you and say that you are evil but ive been with plenty of wemon and they that 6.5 is good for them unlike some of the other wemon who posted on your site however they arnt whores.
3805 July 9, 2006

   For me the size isn't all important. It's the man's personality that makes a relationship last.
I was with 6 men before I found my husband and their sizes ranged from 4.5 to 9 and I enjoyed each experience. There are pros and cons at each end of the scale. A man with a smaller 'unit' doesn't have to be nearly as careful about hurting a woman as a man with a 7.5 and larger 'unit'. My perfect size is about 6.5 and I'm not just saying that because my husband is reading over my shoulder. He's 8 inches and it takes quite a lot of foreplay for me to be able to comfortably accomadate him. The best advice anybody can give is to drop your modesty and just talk to your lover about what you like and dislike. I've got a wonderful 5.5 dildo and I must say that I love it for a toy it's the perfect size. My husband just sighed and shook his head. I laugh because he knows I love him in spite of his size. LOL. For smaller guys just be creative I really would prefer a small guy with less inhibitions than the perfect 6.5.
3806 July 9, 2006

bum bum:

  AND WHAT ABOUT WOMEN ,NOW WE THINK WE ALL THINK WE ARE LOSE.I hate it . but now it has me thinking, maybe I'm lose. how do we really know.(I don't think by sicking a ruler up there ,like 1 guy said).

3807 July 9, 2006

Shafted by the 'Big One':
I used to think size didn't matter, like most guys try to.  Then I met my old friend Rich.  It was my sophmore year of college and we were assigned to the same dorm.  I was the computer nerd and he was the lady's man, but somehow we became friends over those months.  A few of his other friends called him 'Big One' or 'Big O', likely to avoid being called 'big dick' which incidentally he acts like.  After a few weeks of living with the sick bastard, I figured out why.  He liked to walk around nude and talk to people about his sexual conquests.  I thought that was pretty damn bizarre at first, but his friends didn't seem to have a problem with it and after awhile I guess I got used to it.  He was a sick bastard for sure, he taped all of the girls he brought back.  Some of them seemed like they knew it, but most probably didn't.  He brought all of these gorgeous women.  Some of these women could've seriously been models and I'm sure a few of them probably were.  The sounds they made while he did his business were everything from amazing to funny to outright weird.  It would be hard for anyone to deny size doesn't matter after watching them.  For awhile, I think I worshipped the bastard as some sort of sexual god among men.  He was everything I wanted to be.  It was as if he had shown me some sort of light and a better world, but still I can't even count the number of times I got exiled from my room because of his 'grand hunt' as he put it.  Things became clear after awhile, what he was doing was wrong and he was cheating on his girlfriend, who is a wonderful person but I'll get to that.

Rich wasn't all bad, infact he even got me laid a few times.  I probably do owe him for that.  Afterall, I knew 'the' Big One.  My friendship with him was from the beginning based off of a rather dishonest understanding.  He would get me and his other friends laid and share the fruits of his 'hunt', and in return we didn't tell his girlfriend about it and he had an audience to grand stand in front of quite literally.  How she couldn't know is something that baffles me to this day.  After awhile, I felt bad about it.  She was a really good person and he acted like a total two-faced jackass around here, she deserved a lot better than a dickhead like him.  It still makes me sick thinking about it.  I eventually broke down and told her and I was apalled that she didn't believe me.    Of course a quick tour through my formerly dear friend Rich's video collection remedied that.  I've never seen a girl that pissed off since then and I'm not sure I want to again.  She slashed his face and drew blood with her keys and yelled at him for awhile and then stormed out.  He laughed and told her that he didn't need her and that he already had a line around the door.

He knew it was me that ratted him out and I knew he knew.  He just disrobed again and started talking about his latest sexual conquest as if nothing had ever happened with me ratting him out to his girlfriend.  As I sat there, listening to Rich praddle on, I realized a few things.  Size does matter and women will put up with a lot of abuse before doing something about it, even good women like in the case of Rich's girlfriend.  I realized life isn't fair, sometimes assholes win and they don't get what they deserve.  Cheaters can prosper and evil can carry the day.  The next semester I moved off campus, I was glad to be away from the social scene and back to my reclusive lifestyle.  Best of all, I didn't have to listen to an over-sexed sociopath wax about his sexual conquests while he walked around nude.  I felt liberated, in a way.  I haven't gotten laid since, of course, but everything has its price.

In his own right, Rich was an amazing man.  He taught me more about the inner workings of human sexuality.  Man and Woman alike seem to really be slaves to the worse natures of our beings when it comes to sex.  'Ed' is right.  Infact, I think Ed might be my old pal Rich.  Hats off.
3808 July 9, 2006

I am only 2 inches long about the same in diameter.  I have never been able to truly satisfy a woman and several have told me that after I'm done, they have to pleasure themselves to get any satisfaction.  My wife's previous lover were all way bigger than me and I suspect she still sees one or two of them to get the satisfaction she needs.
3809 July 9, 2006

asian girl:
Hi ,
    I, like many asian wommen use vaginal tightening creams.I find most western wommen do not know about these creams and If they did would not have a loseness problem.If I don't use it I cannot feel a small penis, and it can't feel me.All my friends use these creams so it about time white wommen got smarter and used them too.I myself prefer a medium or large penis.All us asians can pop babies out the same way so I guess it is the cream.It makes a huge diffrence,a small man is ok and thinks I am tight, after the cream. All the best.x
3810 July 9, 2006

Not Hung:
Hello all.  I have been lurking on these boards for some time now reading every post on penis size.  I am a man who suffers from a belief that his penis is not big enough.  I don't think it is small, just not big enough.  While reading countless posts I have learned that according to the majority of women on this site size does not matter.  Really?

The reason that I question this is the content of the posts.  Many of the posts, not all and not a majority, but many, state something such at "who wants a big one if he can't use it."  The problem with this type of statement is that I cannot recall reading a question asking if a woman would prefer a big one on a guy that can't use it or a small one on a guys that really knows what he is doing.  I can completely understand that sentiment.  I would rather marry a woman with small boobs that loves me and treats me well, than a woman with big boobs that treats me like crap. 

I know from experience that the line that size does not matter is just that, a line.  Here are some examples.

The first girl I had sex with was a virgin and I always said my size was fine.  I always asked (being insecure) if she thought a bigger one would be better, and she always gave the same response.  Years later she and ran into each other and she mentioned size.  She said I was definitely up there, but that since me she had had smaller and bigger.  She went on to say that bigger did feel better and that smaller was not worth it.

A girl I worked with, her friend (who I had just started seeing) and I were chatting and for some reason the girl I worked with mentioned her friends ex.  This was a guy that I went to school with.  She called him trunk.  I asked what that meant and they both, almost in unison, said he was really well hung.  I pushed and they said it wasn't so much length (even though they estimated it at over 8 inches) but that it was as big around as the top rim of a 12 oz coke can.  I asked what was small and the girl that I was dating made a circle with her first finger and thumb just about the size of mine.  They both said it was ok, it just wouldn't feel as good.  After getting a bj from the girl I asked her about it and all she said was that she had seen smaller.

In college one of my girlfriends brought up the subject of size before she saw mine.  She was telling me a story about a jerk she used to work with who asked her about the average girth and she showed him the average size by grabbing a bunch of drinking straws.  I asked her to show me and she refused to before seeing mine.  I promptly showed her.  She then refused to show me.  After breaking up she told me that she didn't want to show me because she didn't want to lie by showing me something smaller than mine, so she couldn't show me because she was afraid of hurting my feelings. 

I had a one-day stand with a girl who I went to school with and was the most recent ex of the guy my most recent ex was dating.  When she saw my penis she said, "now I see."  When asked she told me that her ex was really well hung.  Evidently she had told my ex about it not long before my ex broke up with me and started dating him.  Further, I guess my ex had mentioned that she wished mine were bigger.  I asked if mine was small and she said not small, but definitely it wouldn't feel as good.  Later my ex accidentally copied me on an email to a girlfriend of hers talking about how much better sex was with he new "hung man" (I have saved that email for years).  I did get a look at my competition while he as at the urinal.  Well, it was huge, at least six inches long, but the girth was must have been close to 6 inches around.  Yes, he was at the urinal so that is when he was soft.  Lucky him.

On a date with a girl I met at match.com and I introduced her to oysters on the half shell.  We got a sampler plate and there were different size oysters.  She kept saying she liked the big oysters with a bit of "do you get me in her voice."  So I said, "So size is important."  She said heck yeah and then complained that her boobs were too small.  I made a joke that her boobs would make my penis look huge.  She said something like "I was hoping your penis would make my boobs look even smaller" with a wink.  I just said "sorry, but I am worth writing home about."  Then she asked if I would tell her my dimensions. She said "wow, that is big."  Evidently the last two guys she was with were both around 4 inches long.  That disappointed her because her long-term boyfriend had been much bigger coming in at 6 inches in length.  Then she proceeded to tell me that she wanted to see it.  In the restaurant she slid in next to me at the booth and I pulled it out and she thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  I told her that she had just had some bad luck, because by no means is my penis size something to get excited by.  We never went out again.I would have liked to, I would have loved to know what it was like to sleep with a girl that thought I was big

Before my current girlfriend and I got together we were friends.  One night a few of us were in the hot tub at the apartment complex I lived at and she said something about the guy that she was dating saying that he had a really big penis, she hadn't seen it yet.  I said, "Well you know what they say about guys that brag."  After the first time that we had sex I asked her if that guys penis was bigger than mine, and she said yes.  I asked if it was longer or think and she said "both."  Then she went on to explain that it was just like an inch longer and maybe a half-inch or a little bigger in circumference.  That really got me thinking because while that might not see like much it is a huge increase in volume.  She went on to explain that they only did it twice and it wasn't that great because he was a real minute man.  Later she and I bought a dildo, which she later told me was about his size.  Are you kidding me, this thing is huge.  I know it is stupid, but every time I see my penis or her I think about it.  She did admit that penetration with his penis did indeed feel better.  Recently she has a friend in town and the two of them, two of my guy friends and I were playing strip poker.  We were all drunk and one of the guys showed his stuff.  The next day my girl and I were on the phone and I said, "Wow Chris had a big one."  She said, "Yeah me and Sara were just talking about that."  I asked her about their discussion later and she claimed that they just said something like that he must have been hard or something, and that they really didn't talk about it being big.  What a crock, she is just trying to cover her butt and spare my feelings.  I hate the fact that she lies about this.

Last one.an ex of mine who I still keep contact with, the girl I really want to be with, makes me feel like a giant.  I am the last guy that she slept with because her now boyfriend of five years is waiting for marriage.  One time we were talking on the phone and I mentioned by insecurity.  And I thought we got disconnected because she was silent for a while and then said, "you have to be kidding me, you are the biggest I have ever seen.  Also, you are much bigger than Matt (her current boyfriend - he won't let her see it but I guess that one time when he was drunk she changed him and took a peek, he was hard and a disappointment - he doesn't know she saw it)."  She also said that my size by far felt much better than her previous lovers.  What a turn on, I still think about those comments all the time.

Ok, so based on my experience women saying size doesn't matter is a joke.  It does matter.  All things being equal (all those skills), a big penis feels better.

By the way, as I said I don't think I am small just not big enough, I am 7.5 inches long and 5.25 inches around.
3811 July 10, 2006

First off, I am 7 3/8 x 5 1/4 and I must say that I have experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Penis size ABSOLUTELY DOES matter, and no I don't work for this site.

This is what I have found:

For women with small to average vaginas, they can be very well satisfied with a small to average penis. These are the women who will tell you that size doesn't matter and that big penises can be problematic.

For women with large to extremely large vaginas, they can be very well satisfied with large to extremely large penises. These are the women who will tell you that size does matter and that smaller penises can be problematic.

It's just that simple.

Find the right woman you match up with and make it happen! There are tons of people in this world who are extremely compatible, you just have to find them and get it on! ;)

Anyone who really desires a super tight vagina or a super huge cock over trust, honesty, respect, fidelity and loyalty is a superficial sack of shit in my book. And if they should leave you,... you've been saved from the curse of having to live your life with a very shallow, hedonistic scumbag! Feel happy that you can move on and start again.

So for all you 5" x 5" guys or smaller, take heart, your lady is out there somewhere and she is probably sick and tired of getting bored out by someone that truly doesn't fit her... And she's probably dying to meet you!

And whatever you do, don't let this site bring you down! Your penis doesnt make you a big man, your character does.
3812 July 10, 2006

Penis size vs Deep throat:
one is relative to the other.  The bigger the penis the bigger the throat needs to be for the ultemate BJ
3813 July 11, 2006

I am a 37 yo gay man from brazil (rio de janeiro). My dick is 21cm (i think thts 8 inches) and my boyfriend is 22cm. We are both caucasians. I do pity small dicked men. By small dick I mean anything below 17cm (6.5 inches). Having sex is not just pentration, to look at a big dick is by itself satisfying. I think the problem with small dicks is even worse in the male gay comunity, because i think may women do not careabout small dicks, but the majority of gay men does!
3814 July 11, 2006

Just to add a piece of info. A gay guy can easyly get 2 different guys to fuck each week.. thats around 100 dick per year.

I live i Rio de janeiro, when I was young i used to go to gay saunas and gay nightclubs on a weekly basis and I used to fuck 5 different men per week.. on the summer, when my city is full of foreign tourists you can easily pick up 10 guys in a lucky week...

I just cant understand how breeders can stand having so little sex with so few women...
3815 July 12, 2006

Penis sizes matters? Get real I don't think so. I believe many of these women who have written on this site about they want big dongs have eyes bigger than there pussies, from many of my ladys friends they would rather go for an average man than a big man because it hurts them.
If never herd this saying before this is from my best lady friend. More of a cunt full is a waste.
remember one thing the vagina is very elasatic and can acommedate any shape and size.
And as for these women who say that 8" and above only pleases them then you are not normal.
3816 July 13, 2006

got banged by five men....omg...untill the last one came...biger is better....untill i got use to it.
3817 July 13, 2006

An average size penis isn't bad if the guy is nice and there's romance in the relationship, but once the good things start to fade, all I can think about is how small his cock is when we're having sex. I know it's messed up, but I have stayed in bad relationships for a long time because the guy had a huge one and really knew how to make me scream in bed.

I just broke up with a guy who has a really small penis. I thought he was the one, but he turned out to be such an asshole. Now I keep have dreaming about one of my ex-boyfriends who was so well hung and such a beast in bed. He could be mean sometimes, but in bed he took me to heights no one else ever has. His cock was like a beautiful big weapon that made my pussy feel so good! I'd love to get fucked by him again.
3818 July 13, 2006

lick my balls ed:
This site, particularly the general statements made in the intro, are absolutely ridiculous.  To say that all women want 9X7 and beyond is fantastic.  Over a billion men are smaller than that, yet they are still getting laid and pleasing women.  The creator of this site either is a 15 year old virgin who doesn't know that most vaginas are not 12 pound objects that need a foot long to be filled, or has a big dick and nothing else in this life.  How on earth does having a smaller than 10 inch penis make you less of a man?  No one looks at a man who busts his ass 40 hours a week to support his family and says "Wow his dick must be huge. If he was 6 though, he'd still be living with his mom."  Fact is some women like em small, some normal, some big, and some don't care.  And men are exactly the same with breast size.  Now THAT is a truthful generalization.
3819 July 14, 2006

Hello! My Experiences told me that size matters. I have a small an thin Penis (around 3) and I was for all my girlfriends the smallest one. It was never a real problem, but i had to recognize that for the normal penetration my penis is to small. and I had to satisfy the girls orally or with the hand. But for thats not enough for a perfect sexuality. There is always a lack, it is hard, but as a man with a small one you have to accept it
3820 July 15, 2006

for those of you who keep listing your stats please check this site and meaure again..

3821 July 15, 2006

My exwife (married 11 years) left me for a guy who apparently has a smaller penis than me.  Now, I'm not even close to huge, I'm 7.75 long X 5.50 around.  But I guess he's FAR smaller than that.

Anyway, after being apart for a long time, she called and wanted to know if I wanted to meet her somewhere and have sex.  I guess the guy she's with is unable to "get the job done" because of his small penis.

I'm still so bitter because of her leaving me for another man in the first place, AND because I supported her and her children for a total of 13 years, that I only had two words for her:  "EAT SHIT".
3822 July 15, 2006

I just wanted to say that I have a buddy who's got a dick that's exactly 7.50 inches AROUND.  He's 7.25 inches long.

He can only get the head of his dick in a woman's mouth, and he bitches about it all the time.  He says that usually they complain about him hurting them during sex, but not always.

No thanks, I'll keep my cock at 5 1/2 around.
3823 July 17, 2006

Hung vs Hung Up:
First of all most women are not thinking like us men. I say "MOST". This is a "guy" hang-up for the most part. Why can't men just believe what their women are telling them? They tell us what they want and how to please them, but we think its sort of stupid. Why can't women just believe us and do what pleases us? Thats the true mystery if you ask me. Personality goes a long way. Women are "usually" more mature, sooner, and place sex (including penis size) lower on the priority list. I dated girls for the wrong reasons when I was younger and more immature. "Young, dumb and full of cum" leads to bad decisions and in my case divorce.  I'm still paying for that mistake in more ways than I can say...Life is short and I've been foolish with my time. To find someone that you can see eye to eye with is the key. Throwing other criterion (tits, ass, penis, even a pretty face) into the decision making process can be foolhearty. If you just want sex then it does matter if you screw a farm animal I suppose. When it comes to lasting relationships (especially with children in the picture), you'd better be thinking about compatibility first and foremost. Thank god most women seem to understand this early on or there'd be even more unhappy kids, people, divorce etc.  PEACE OUT
3824 July 18, 2006

Names Are For Friends:
The mere fact that this site exists is disgusting. Here I thought that the human race was in a period of enlightenment. I'm ashamed to be apart of this race after seeing such a dehumanizing, 1-dimensional outlook on something that has so little significance in life. An act of love has been lowered down to the level of barbarians. In such a short life span that we have, you're going to judge someone with heart, passion and overall personality on the dimensions of a body part? You're going to throw away a person because THEIR body doesn't meet what some psuedo society has deemed worthy? A chart made to judge living beings with feelings by something they cannot control. Why not just start making concentration camps and let the 10 percent of men bearing your chart's requirments live? This is not a scientific site. You have graded humans as if they were cattle. Imagine if everyone had a 10 inch penis. All the same size. Would that be utopia for the world then? I hope scientists critique cloning very soon. Otherwise, the human race doesn't stand a chance.

Just remember this (site maker and site readers): Your time here is limited. You may not wake up tomorrow. Is this how you wanted to be remembered?
3825 July 18, 2006

funonabigone9 AKA filthy whore:
Sooo glad you and your broke-ass ebonic speaking, welfare-line-waiting uneducated self could enlighten us so eloquently (do you know what that word means, bitch?) on your experiences with dicks of all sizes and flavors.
I wouldn't say I wish your obvious enslavement to whatever bookie or pimp or cop continues, but you really need to look in the mirror and take stock. What would your mother think? Would she approve of your ill-ass grammar and inability to constuct one fucking legible sentence? Wow are you pathetic. You deserve all you get!
3826 July 18, 2006

Hi im just wanting to say yeah a girl will definatly need more than she may be receiving my husband has a average size in lenth cock a nice 7" long but after being with him for 2 1/2 years and being married for six months i want more. durring my school years i was a shy skinny little girl in school that dated boys the same as I my self was my senior year guys noticed me and i dated my first guy with what i thought of as having a huge cock my current husband my to boy frends before him had little 4-5" penises mini thins lol i did enjoy sex with them at the time but was sent into orbit with a new sensation deeper penatration WOW i loved it me and my husband broke up for a short while and i went back to my ex 4 1/2" mini thin and didnt feel a thing he had seen my ex's at the time in the shower at school  who is my husband know and asked what was wrong if i was know into big dicks i sceamed no and latter we had sex and again it was awful and disapointing he noticed my fustration and asked again if his penis was to small I was shooked to say its to your fault he was enbarassed and asked many questions i told him i had enjoyed sex alot with him before he then wanted to know what was wrong i told him that it seemed way to thin inside he got pissed and said alot of shit and did the same shit talk at school were my husband over heard him and kicked his as really bad and he never talked to me again i felt bad me and my husband got back togeather and married a year and a half later recently my husband and i have had trouble getting me off we have had a very very active sex life but his penis is of average size 5 3/4" around and ive out grown him wanting and needing a very thick cock much longer i want to feel a little pain durring sex id stay married to my husband but i want bigger cock on a regular basis after reading the letters in your site i know some men let there women get what they deserve "SEXUAL SATISFACTION" and im not getting it im going to tell my husband about this site and have him read this letter im writing
 i love you eric i really do but i want more and i want you to be very involved i hope we can work this out its very important to our relationship xoxoxoxox thanks ed

ed if you have advise ill take it thanks u got my adress love ya
3827 July 19, 2006

I heard some of you complaining that people are not telling the WHOLE TRUTH on this forum. So here is my HONEST 2 cents worth. If you don't like, I really don't care, if you do great.

1. I have small boobs and have never had one single complaint EVER. I always see guys staring at huge breated women.
2. If you have a small penis  It can be usefull if you know how to use it :).
3. I like a shorter THICK penis. It is not the length but the girth that really gets me off. (SO hey guys run out and buy a penis pump it will make  your skinny cock fat! YEAH! )

Any comments from men or women? Lay them on me HONIES!@!
3828 July 19, 2006

can i ask something well i have been wondering all my freinds say there cocks r liek 8" by like 6.2" well mine is 6" by 5.3" floppy wen thy say theres are 8" by like 6.2" are they talking about being erect or floppy and everyone on here sayin "ive got an 11" by 8" are they talking erect or floppy please reply to this comment im really woried if im small becouse i would liek to b able to please my girlfreind
3829 July 19, 2006

Does anyone have an answer for this?? A person 6ft3 200 pounds in shape white male has a shoe size of 15 how big do you think his dicks is?? And is he most likely "packin" due to his shoe size? comment back asap..
3830 July 19, 2006

Wow what a site. I very rarely write to web-sites but I have to tell you all about this. first of all I am 27 years old with an average 6 incher HARD! Well I  never any complaints from about the 20 or so chics that i banged over the years until my recent girlfriend that I am currently dating. We have an awsome relationship. She is also 27 no kids and has had about 10 different guys in the past. One night about 2 months ago we were talking during sex and I  asked her what was the biggest she had. She said that she only measured me and 3 others. She said they all were about my size give or take an inch but her ex- fiancee was huge. I asked how big and she said 9 1/2 hard. My responce was BULLSHIT! Well she dug out a home video that they made a few years back and well she was not BULLSHITTING me! He was all off 9 1/2 and almost 2 times as thick as mine! The thing that got me was how she took his whole penis in to the balls without flinching! She is a small 5'2" and only 105 lbs. I asked if she missed his meat and she said no mine is perfect and my tongue is longer. Just last month she got a really big 18 inch dildo from her co-workers for her birthday. She didn't have any plans on using it but I got it out on night to see just how deep she is. She went totally nuts for over an hour as I teased her with her new toy. All-in-all she took in just a tad over 11 inches before totally bottoming out. Now every time we bang i no that she can take something almost as 2 times as long as me in her twat.
3831 July 20, 2006

Some of these posts are hysterical---  i laughed so hard i almost cried at #3746!
3832 July 20, 2006

1. Size is exagerated: the only scientific studies (where nurses measured) show the average length penis to be around 5.5-5.9 inches in length and average girth-4.65-5 inches in length (cancun, urology,etc.) I have seen a humongous penis measured on a porno and it was "only" 8 inches.  i don't think people realize just how big 7+ inches in length and 5.5+ inches in girth really is. 

2. Women don't care that much:  Yes, its pretty obvious most women would prefer an average to large penis over a small one.  Some (size queens) want huge ones.  But most women (unlike men) don't want fuck buddies---they want boyfriends; and the size of their cocks just isn't high on the list of desired attributes.

3. Human penis size evolved due to women inate preference?!?!?!?!  What a crock of shit.  Do you really think our female ancestors  walked around the fire checking out all the "packages" and mating with the guy with the biggest cock? A more likely scenario is that a larger penis deposited sperm better and our society was promiscuous. And/Or larger dicks intimidated other males during dominance displays.
3833 July 20, 2006

You'll regret this on your deathbed!:
Sex was meant for the male to deposit his sperm into the female for reproduction.  In todays day and age we have leisure time to fry our brains by watching TV and watching gangbangs on the internet.  This gives us time to think and worry about stupid ass shit like cock size.  Could you imagine if you lived in the 1800's with no porno dvd's, no internet.  Do you think you would be worrying about your dick size?

Oh and another thing... many guys like myself are "ass men".  And women know this.  But do u see them going to the gym and working on their bodies---hell know--- we can't do anything about our dicks but they can change their pancake asses but they don't.  so quit worrying and enjoy sex
3834 July 21, 2006

Deon from Manila Philippines:
I'm Deon Go, 25 from Manila, Philippines.  I am pure Chinese but was born a Filipino citizen.  I'm just wondering what really is the common size for Asian dicks, especially Chinese.  Most ladies I've fucked would delightfully moan of my 7-incher-length-5.5-incher-thick cock.  Some cry in pain.  I really am pitiful of my younger brother who is now in college.  Yes he's better looking than me - far much more handsome, but his dick won't even reach 4 inches when fully erect.  With my average looks, I think I got the better luck in this planet.  I've fucked many girls, including three of my younger brother's past and current girlfriends.  My brother is intelligent in school.  I am not.  But I don't have a hard time getting PASS marks because I sleep with some of my professors and even get deep-throat sucked by some gay teachers in the university.  Who cares about morals?  I satisfy many people.  Isn't that charitable of me?  Nice day to all!
3835 July 21, 2006

Well I read through almost every word and pageof this   project. I have to say  on the whole, it does a reasonably fair justice to this  major life issue that men  have. You took on a profoundly  complex,deeply charged topic and  within the body of this lengthy work, I saw what I would call the most significant and meaningful  thoughts,and bits of details that do touch on the crux of the matter.

the only  drawback  about this presentation, as I read through it all, is the sheer  volume of pages,the continuous  stream of thoughts and observations,all mixed together,....I  had to  read carefully to find the real bits of insight and truth that I knew was true in my gut and based on my own personal experience.
Several good ,thoughtful bits of wisdom  here, but  scattered all throughout the presentation.

My comments ,I would like to  just notate(validate) the thoughts that ring true from my experience.
 I loved the chart graph that  described what women will say to you ,what they are really thinking,and why,with regard to your penis size.... that was brilliant....and precisely true.... followed by the statistical breakdown of what  constitutes the 'ideal penis size'.... too big is not ideal.... bravo.... maybe in a thousand years  we men will  finally   come to understand this,and stop wishing our cocks were a foot long.
As it turns out my own penis  meets the "ideal"  standard on the chart..... 8 x 6.5 ..... (of course all my life Ive wanted it to be an inch longer and half an inch thicker) why? because I'm a man, and I'm stupid like that, just like you are stupid too,we're all stupid about it.  But  my experience with  the women Ive known has  confirmed  all the basic principles that are described in this presentation.
most of the women Ive had said one of two things about my penis..... it was either the largest theyve had or the second largest. usually the data would be about 50/50. half the time ,they had one man, sometimes it was two men who were larger.  and of course ,because I have that stupid primitive man brain about my penis....I would ask all kind of stupid questions....like..."well, how Big was it?....and they would tell me....10 inches.....11 inches....some women would say  "mine was  a bit longer but his was a bit thicker" others would say  mine is  much thicker but his was  longer....so of course I would feel both elated and  destroyed by anguish  at the same time !?
this twisted  conflict of complex feelings about my penis  never goes away,it is repeated with each new girlfriend.  I know they will comment  very favorably when they first see it(see the graph chart...."wow.youve got a Big one..." ....that chart is precisely right on..... my penis at 8 x 6.5 is Not 10 x 7.....I Never hear " Holy F***in Shit !!?".... I of course(primitive stupid man brain) WANT (always) to hear "holyfuc*in shit !!??!" ....but Ive had to accept that  its not going to happen. all of the presentation comments  in this regard are so right on...one woman I had,had just broken up with her black boyfriend ,she was depressed and I think I was her first sex partner after the breakup.....  By this point I had gotten used to  hearing women  make a fairly big or very big fuss over my size when they   have me for the first time. so I had come to expect it.   But when this woman  ,in bed with me, said absolutely nothing at all, not a peep,  not one word.... as though my penis was completely incidental and unexciting to her....I couldnt help feel inadequate....all I thought was that her black exboyfriend must have been gigantic and she was  his broken hearted size queen. I never saw the woman again.
but this experience  didnt happen too much for me with women.  but my stupid brain would ask them  ,questions like....how big was your biggest lover??....and did you like it? did you love it?  was it too big? sometimes they  said outright ..."they didnt like it  ,it was too big" ....sometimes I knew they were telling the truth....sometimes I knew they were lying.
...and Now...I see this chart graph that has come down  like the ten commandments from god....that says My penis is perfect and ideal at 8 x 6.5....thanks for the nice web presentation.
but of course its all much more complex than that....  for starters,I'm not goodlooking....I'm average looking. I get rejected many times by goodlooking women.  this is always my true anguish. my penis is perfect. Ive always known it.  my  sorrow is that I  bear witness to   the 'rest of the story about this whole issue'
 penis size is important but its NOT everything.
 having a great personality is important(yes,in the bedroom too).
 being goodlooking is important.
having a career that  a woman finds appealing  helps.
 being tall helps.
having a good body.all these things.  having an attractive penis(not just a big one)
many women have told me theyve seen some ugly penises .
I was always very pleased that mine met with favor.

Anyway, thanks for this interesting presentation. I could write more but  you get the idea.
3836 July 21, 2006

My whole life I have wondered if my 5and a half by 5and a halfgirth was good enough...she said yes...but i douted
3837 July 22, 2006

gurl who is offended:
I've been reading some of the comments on the page and would just like to add some comments of my own.  No it doesn't really make a difference with how big or small a mans penis is,  its how well he can please her.  A big penis is a turn on so it is easier to please the lady.  It takes more for women to get turned on to the point of orgasm.  An extremely small penis won't really get the job done due to the fact that necessary pleasure points won't be reached or even rubbed within the vagina.  A larger penis can stimulate more nerve endings.  Men tend to get the ideal that a big penis means a huge one.  No!  women are talking about ones they feel are very adequate for them.  There are some penises we are afraid of due to the fact that our vaginas can only stretch so far within a given time.  And men call us whores and sluts and big holes gals because we like what we prefer.  I think that is very unfair, guys have girls who they prefer too!  But I really don't think its fair for men to call women with multiple sex partners sluts for guys have multiple sex partners.  I think it should be reversed do to the fact that men can make themselves cum easily, thus they should only need one partner.  Women should be allowed to have multiple partners since its hard for her to come and need to try out different men to see who can please her.  There are many women who are dedicated wives for years and never obtained an orgasm by her husband, and some probably never will.  I have sympathy for the good guys who seem to not be able to catch a break.  The good thing is, you can still give your woman an orgasm by performing cunnilingus, that way you won't have to work as hard on your penetration strokes.  Yes women like big penises, not to be comfused with abnormally large ones, but not when it will hurt them.
3838 July 23, 2006

average MAN:
  Women don't know the pain of being born into a sexual caste.  All they have to do is not get fat, and keep the hole inbetween their legs wet.  This is basically the rundown of any woman's sexual responsibility.  And this relflects their attitude towards life.

  Think of the characteristics of a woman, irresponsible, unnacountable, gimme gimme gimme more more more.  Just remember fellas, your a MAN, and you don't have time to wine.  Don't feel you have to pleasure EVERY woman!
3839 July 23, 2006

   The whole reason for the penis size issue is due to female anatomy.  Don't forget that a woman's vagina can expand to accomodate a baby.  That means that most women can accomodate even the largest penis on earth.  This then allows for a psychological addiction, or fetish, (for larger ones) to occur.
   What stems from this is what disturbs me.  Someone who is considered normal in penis size is in fact looked at as sexually inferior to someone with a "mutant" penis.  My penis is "normal" and in fact a little bit larger than average yet, somehow I find myself worrying and jealous of others.
   I guess its human nature to always want more no matter how good you have it.
3840 July 24, 2006

Experience tells me that  there is a "big" factor  you missed. How big is the woman? How tight or loose is just  a part of the picture...the realtionship with  the woman and willingness to be  flexible is  the  difference.Grow up.
3841 July 25, 2006

I've had a few girlfriends and have a penis which is *tiny* when not erect and pretty much average, although not as big as it could be (6 to 6.5 x 5) when erect, and there is a 'surprise' factor, because with mine you don't expect it to be as big as it is. I would say it totally depends how much size a woman has had beforehand. No-one's ever REALLY complained and some women have found it pretty enjoyable - I've never had a problem with giving women orgasms - but the one woman I went out with who had more sexual experience did laugh a bit, and you could tell she wasn't really satisfied. Still, no matter - one dissatisfied woman out of six isn't a disaster.
3842 July 25, 2006

sterle8 :
i have whats been called the "perfect penis" by a number of women, especially college girls that i use to deliver flowers to when i was in college. they just loved my hefty flopping bulge in my special "bouncy" shorts. it drove them crazy when i walked. see it's 8 long but 7.5 around when hard and 7x6.5 soft and a tanned coral brown color with a slight downward curve. it;s the perfect doggy style cock the girls say.my plum sized balls were a special treat too the'd say and produced lots of man milk for the ladies.i always seem to attract women with big round asses and tiny waists.if their eyes locked on my bulge i "had em" in my phallic spell.
3843 July 26, 2006

Dear FUNONABIGONE9. Your too funny!
3844 July 26, 2006

Hey my name is Jenna and I'm 23 years old. You really have to be careful on the topic of penis size, you don't want to hurt people you care about. The fact is that it makes more of a difference than any of us want to admit.

I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a guy who's penis was 5 inches long. It hurt tons going in, but he tried to make up for it by giving me oral, which was good. Being repressed in a catholic household and not being allowed to explore my sexuality drove me to do just that. Over the years I've slept with 14 different guys. I started sleeping with guys more often and got quite good at it. My second boyfriend had a 4 inch penis, which didn' hurt. (My first boyfriend loosened me up some I guess) All the others were between 5 and 6 inches except for my current boyfriend's penis. My current boyfriend is the biggest at 9 inches long by 6.8 inches around. It also curves upwards more than any other penis I have seen. It looks like a banana. He has been my boyfriend for 2 years now. The sex with him is just too good to move on. When I get really horny when I think about his huge penis being so deep inside me, pressing on my special spot inside.  It's kind of embarassing but when he fucks me so deep and his head rubs my special spot inside, I feel like I need to pee. The urge to pee gets so strong that I can't help it and I start to leak all over his cock and start crying from the pleasure.. Once I have my orgasm, the pleasure is almost indescribable. I start shaking when it happens and can't control my legs. (We tried the standing position once but I fell down when I had my orgasm) These are all things I had never experienced with any of my previous mates. One thing's for sure, our awesome sex life has brought us close together. I can't imagine any other man being able to give pleasure greater than he can, I don't think that it gets any better. I will never leave him, I will do anything he asks to keep the relationship going, because I have something few women ever get to experience, a strong lover with a penis that makes me cum harder than I ever thought possible.
3845 July 28, 2006

I think its a total waste of time worrying about the size of your cock. You should be more worried about finding something to stick your cock in. I must admit that I worried about this like most men but the woman I have been with have had no complaints at all. Its not the size of the dog in the fight...Its the size of the fight in the dog...
3846 July 29, 2006

Can't believe the liers:
I've never seen so many dudes so totally full of shit. I'm thinking they should visit www.wishfulthinking.com
3847 July 29, 2006

Too Tight:
Hi everyone,

I am on this sight due to my boyfriend telling me that my pussy is too tight.  I dont know what to do!  I've asked professional oppinions, as well as, male friends of mine, and everyone that I've asked, (Can a vagina be too tight)?  They all have said they have never heard of such a thing.  To paint a picture for you all; I'm 5'7", athletic lean body, long dark hair, good looking and sexy, cool, smart...  I've had other guys of different sizes say that I was tight and wet but never complained and always came back for more.  I love this guy so much.  He says he loves me, however, I think there are some underlying issues, and I just can't seem to get him to open up.  I've been with him for 2 years, and it has been a rocky road due to his past. It's not easy and I don't want to let go. I've asked, talked, listened...
Does anyone have any advice for me?   

3848 July 29, 2006

Penis size matters. I am hung like a horse, 12" long about 6" thick, and the head is huge. My now wife once told me on about our forth date that she didn't want hurt my feelings, but her ex was really hung, I asked how big? She said you don't want to know. I got bold and pulled it out, she almost fainted. She said his 6" did not even come close. She is totally whipped by it. She actually has asked me to show it to her friends, and her sister. Her sister once watched us fuck through the window, women are crazy for a big cock, all her friends want me to fuck them, they compare their husbands and boyfriends to me. It's a little out of hand. My wife even posted a pic on the internet. Does size matter, Yes!
3849 July 30, 2006

Really, who fuckin cares?

1) We (guys) get to come regardless. Who cares if she enjoys it?
2) See fact 1)

I really don't see why you guys are obsessing so fuckin much - I mean really, who fuckin cares? We are in the position of power here - not the bitches. Besides, there are plenty of nice tight bitches out there who can keep there mouths shut and know their place (i.e. Japanese/Korean girls).

As for all the 'women' yammering on and on about how they need a big cock: what gives you the idea that we should even give a shit what you want or need? How bout you take it up the ass and see if that "fills" you up enough?

Most of you are just fags posting as women anyways heheh.
3850 July 30, 2006

For the most part I agree with this web site. My penis is about 8 inches in length. When I fully penitrated my ex-girlfriend she sceamed and I asked her if it hurted her. She said it felt great. I was concerned with girth because I'm about 5.5 inches. She said that she liked my penis but I wasn't sure about it. I felt like I had a small or less than perfect penis. So I asked her if I should get it enlarged. The look on her face told me a different story. The answer was hell no. I was so confussed. Because one time I used a ribed condom and she said that it didn't make a differance. I figured that I was thin. All the websites that I've visited showed that I was average in width and well above average length wise. If I gave her good foreplay and had good enough staminia I could get her to orgasim. So I dissagree with your websites c/d class rating. The reason why I didn't please her in bed most of the time was that I comed to quickly(I lasted about 30 minutes on the average). If my penis were an inch thicker I would be in your A class rating. I'm sure that it would help but how many guys have the perfect combination any?  Plus she told that when I used both of my fingers and went down on her that she enjoyed that far better than with my penis. So size is important but forplay essiantail(there isn't a spellcheck here,sorry).  So here are flaws with this site that I've seen.

1. Small flaccid size equals small erection. Bullshit!
   -I'm about 3.5 to 5.5 inches in size soft. Usually about 4.5 inches. This means that I should not be over 6 or 7 inches. I'm way over that trust me. My ex-girlfriend has the same sized hands as me. My ring finger is only 8 and 3/4 hand length about 7.5 inches in length. One morning I was fully erect which didn't happen alot because she was fat and tall but I was fully aroused that morning. She grabed the base of my penis and I made her lay her hand flat against the rest of my penis. The length of her fist and hand was the same as the saft, in other words, the tip of her finger touched the bottom part of my penis-head. It was about as thick as three of my fingers. So the diameter was about 2.5 inches. If you multiply that by pie (3.14) you would get a circumfrance or girth of 7.85 inches. I doubt that its girth was that high because its not perfectly around. But was in love with her. Which at that time I did fall in love with her. Lust doesn't allways do it for me but lookes helps.

2. Race determines size.
   -I'm white, dark haired, blue eyed and handsome and I still have a good body. It isn't just blacks that have them.
   -I feel like I'm being racailly discriminated against because of my color. Many girls assume: thin fingers, average sized shoes, not a large bulg in my pants, and the fact that I'm white that I don't have it were it counts. But when its hard its far from short.

3. You are right about better than average not being good at foreplay myth. I'm so good at it I don't need a penis at all. I can get allmost any women to com as many times as I want to using just my mouth and fingers.

I used to worry about my size being too long and too thin. I was worried about my staminia but now I don't. Because and orgasim is and orgasim. And if a man really wants to please of woman, do what ever works for you. If you are small don't depend on your penis to do the job because it won't. Just use your mother fucken head. You are all a bunch of stupid people and miss the reality and the mechanics of how things work. Relay on your mouth and fingers. Why do you think there are so many lisbains out there. Even if you do have the perfect size, you still can't exert the same amount force as you can with your fingers on the g-spot. My ex-girlfriend told me that my fingers and mouth did the job better! If you don't have the size I do give it up and try a better way.

Every man can please a woman if he would try hard enough.

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