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3901 August 26, 2006

justin   ( get it ):
im 48 and my penis is only 4.5" erect, i've been with 30 women/girls  and only ever had one complain to my face, but i would still like to be at least average to make me feel normal,
3902 August 26, 2006

I have only four inches and I have had very few problems with women. I have been rejected a few times, but generally women are quite satisfied.
3903 August 26, 2006

FOR  #3787  July 1, 2006

Hey guys..... I'm 18 here..... I am an asian guy with 4" dick.... I can't satisfy my girlfriend with it and I found this side which I think it's ok for me... so I wonder is there any way that I can grow longer?..... pls help me.... "

3904 August 26, 2006

This website is funny, it's actually here to promote products and surgical procedures for both men and women. Get surgery for a big dick so you can loosen up a pussy and make it look ugly so she can get vaginal tightening surgery. There are all kinds of people out there, they like big small, just like how men like big and small breasts, it doesn't matter. Get over it, have some confidence in yourself even if you have a 1 inch. dick and you got some skills and confidence, chicks will fuck you.
3905 August 27, 2006

Until I was into my early forties, I used to feel inadequate in the size stakes. Many girls I'd been with were appreciative, but being a cynical B, I just thought they were saying what I wanted to hear. My ex wife always said I couldn't take a compliment very well.

After getting divorced, I met a lady who was truly enthusiastic about my old todger and even after 5 years together, she makes a grab for my crotch almost every opportunity. She also brags quite openly to her friends, even in my presence, about how big he is (so YES, size deffinately does matter to her - it's almost a status symbol. Her friends all coo and giggle, but I can see that they envy her.

I still don't consider myself a big boy (8.25" x 6.25") but I only wish I'd known that I was packing a bit more than some, during my courting years.

Size matters because I feel secure I can satisfy my lady (too much at times - I'm trying to obtain a buffer of some sorts as she can't always accomodate my lenght without experiencing pain afterwards). It also matters due to the psychological kudos she has gained from her wistful friends.
3906 August 27, 2006

I think this site has some intersting information, but most of it is full of crap. I am mexican living in the US and i believe what really matters is the way you are. I am 5'6 tall and my penis measurements are 6 1/4 inche long and about 5 1/8 inche thick. And let me tell you; There are so many girls outthere that they would do everything to be with me. I think penis size can be easily defeated by personality and character, sorry for the guys that think because they have a monster penis they would conquer the world if they wouldn't even be able to conquer a DECENT chick. (if you don't have a brain and a intersting character your fucked)
3907 August 28, 2006

What about all we bi/gay guys who are turned on by 3-5 inches?  Easy for oral, fun to manipulate, can put them anywhere and are as often attached to great, tight bodies as not.  A small one has the same nerve endings as the big ones and same potential to satisfy it's owner. IF someone laughs or jokes about your penis size, so what?  It's just words. they won't hurt unless you think they should. If someone(s) knows you have a small one, fine!  Advertising will help you locate those who will appreciate what you got.
3908 August 28, 2006

I think comment #215 was left by Ed himself.

It is completely bullshit for everyone to listen to one simple man who claims he knows exactly what every woman wants.

If a woman "needs" a nine inch penis to satisfy her, then she is obviously a slut.

If you need them so big that you can feel a poking in your uterus, I pity you.

I'm sorry, but that's just the way it goes.

By the way, I'm a girl and I am completely happy with someone of average size
3909 August 29, 2006

Heard it all:
I read lots of stats about cock size distribution, big cock rarity. Look, it's like this: That doesn't matter. Big cocks are out there, and women usually know who in their circle has one. If there's fucking in the dorm, the workplace, a large group of casual friends, women KNOW if there's a big dick in the group, and who's got it. Most are content to just hear about it. But they know how to find one. It ain't that important to them, but if on a mission, they'll probaly do the obvoius and go for Tall guys. The real beanpoles. Often very well endowed. Look, throw the stats away, because women can go to specific spots on the bell curve (where the big people are) and dramatically increase their chances of getting a physical characreristic they like (especially if they are good looking). Fortunately, their minds don't work that way. But get this loud and clear. Cocks that dwarf yours are well known, either directly or in detailed accounts, to every woman you've ever known. Now get over it. Consider this, women may have other priorities.

You want women to desire you even if you're hung like a cashew. Be funny, confident, successful, intelligent, with good taste. Have a kind heart, but be capable of standing up for yourself in a mature, calm and positive way that shows you have self esteem. Don't kling to women or seem needy.  You can have all of this with an average or below average penis in terms of size (you can still have great stamina and technique). The are other prized skills that can produce sexual ectasy.

Size addicts are sad and doomed, but I find their stories fascinating. I could listen to every single one a thousand times. A woman encountering or seducing or, by pure chance experiencing a sexual phonom, an outrage a staggering physical presence that blows them away, what's more intersting?

It's simple. For me, a woman talking or writing about a first encounter with a very large penis is the ultimate in erotica. I'm not down on myself but I like hearing the awful truth about how they experience the big ones.
3910 August 29, 2006

As my nickname implies... I've LOVED large, loose, flappy pussy lips on a woman... well always!!  Since I was about 9... yes 9, I was looking at playboy and other things... always searching frantically to see the loose lips... which were rare in playboy... usually a mistake.

I've recently seen and liked the pumping action too.  Although some of those chics need to take it easy... it doesn't need to look like there's a disease down there or something.  Just big... like with some weight to them and distance from the body.

From what I've gathered, women who have big lips or over time, achieve big lips (through pumping regularly over time); they say they feel more sexual, feel more during sex, just enjoy their womanhood more.  Something to think about ladies.
3911 August 29, 2006

I find that penis size and the pleasure of woman can be variable and depends on the woman as well. Let me explain. I have met and made love to women who prefer large cocks. I on the other hand fall in the category of "average." However, these same women have told me that my "skills" surpass the robotic pounding that men with large cocks tend to do. They told me that the intial pleasure of the large object is great but that the most men in the category tend to think this is all a woman needs. I can tell you it is not! Most of these women stated that a large cock hurts after awhile and that they become sore or numb inside, causing them to be unable to have "internal" orgasms. For example. My wife is 13 years younger than me and was married to a large man with a big cock. However, he came quickly, lacked sensual imagination and thought that she only needed him to ram his big dick into herfor her to be statisfied. WRONG! She had her first internal orgasm with me, because I took time to find out which angles, pace and postions she liked to gain the greatest pleasure. I also kissed her alot and used a lot of touching, stroking, caressing to relaz her and stimulate her lust. I also am very adept at oral sex and can make her lterally scream & wet herself by licking her clit & stimulating her G-spot with a finger as she has an orgasm.
Another thing, sometimes women want a good dick pounding (hence the big dick myth), though this can be attained with an averge dick..just wait till she has a great orgasm (see oral sex)and her pussy gets tight, as well as engorged with blood. Try this doggie stle or with her on her side. You then stroke her hard and she will swear you put something on your cock, as you will feel much larger.

One last "truth." All woman are not built the same internally...just like all men are not the same externally. Some woman are very shallow inside and cannot take a large penis comfortably. My wife is this way. I also know a black woman from work who said she doesn't date black men or men with large dicks for that matter, as she is not able to handle to size and that these men are more consumed with the pride of their own "manhood" and not really focusing on how to be a real good lover. I spoke to a red headed lover of mine and she said she had sex with a well endowed black guy who said prior to intercourse "now you are really gonna like this." He proceeded to pound her like a machine and lacked any semblence of being a lover. He was obsessed with his own package and forgot what he should be doing..pleasing his partner, cuz we all know that we can please ourselves without trouble.

Anyway.  Men, focus on being a complete lover. Be patient. DON"T CUM FIRST! Be able to use your tongue well and take your time. Enjoy the moment and I promise you it won't matter a whole hell of a lot how big or small you are. Hell if she still want deeper pentration, then use a toy every once in awhile for variation.

Remember....DON"T CUM FIRST!
3912 August 30, 2006

Post 3867.

"In a summary, I can be very happy and orgasmic with a guy of any size, but I will secretively wish he was bigger. honestmichelle"

I found alot of irony on how you signed your name.  Why can't women be honest with men?  Women always try to play the honesty card, but I'm finding honesty is a one way street with women.
3913 August 30, 2006

Why is it that its seems allowable that women here can fantasize about larger dicks and what gives them the right to experience it when it also means cheating on their husband or bf?  Leslie in post #3864, tell me why it is ok for you to hook up with a stripper who has a large unit?  Don't you think men fantasize about other women.  One's with an incredible ass or huge stripper E sized breats?  Why is it ok for you to experience your fantasy, but not ok for men?  The more I read it seems women are turning into what they have blamed men for being for all these years- pigs.  Of course, I don't speak about all women, but many are such trashy sluts that it makes me friggin puke and think they are all diseased!  Leslie, regardless of your fantasy the fact is you cheated on your husband.  I would never indulge in any fantasy that would end up hurting the person I love.  I think that is a far better quality to have than to possess a 'big cock'.
3914 August 30, 2006

Your site is very useful.
3915 August 30, 2006

secret man:
I love to suck a dick no matter how thick it is!! As long as the orgasms are big
3916 August 31, 2006

Hi, I'm Asian and very small. 4'9", 100 pounds.  I have been with 6 men in my life Im 42.  3 Asian 1 Brit and 2 American.

Myself I like large one.  My first time was with a man from my home country.  It hurt so bad.  He was 4 1/2 x 4.  I think it was big at the time it was.  My next man was from my home country he was also small.  Maybe 4 x 3 1/2.  My next was a man from China.  He was a good lover his was 6 x 4 it feel very good.  But he was married.
The Brit was real big, his was 7 x 6.  It hurt so bad at first time.  We married and I was happy, what to make sex all the time. After about 2 months I could take it all no problem.  He was good, 2 good after beeing married for 6 years, he won't kept in his pants.  Had to give to other women.  So we divorce.  My first american husband was like the Brit.  He was a little biger 7 3/4 and 5 1/2.  But it feel good.  He also couldno keep in his pants. So after 5 years of marrage we divorce. It seems men with big ones think they need to give to other women.
My second American is very good man, he is only average 6 x 4 3/4.  We are married.. Now 9 year. He try hard to please me.  But I have lots of area he cant touch.  He knows about my other men and the sizes.  I would not leave him becuz of size.  We have talk about finding a other couple  one with big size.  But not sure of that.  We buy a toy one it fits very nice.  It is 8 x 6.  It feel good and touch deep inside of me.  So big is much better.

We our happy with my husband 6 x 4 3/4 and the toy. Till we find couple.  If happens.  So a point on my part.  Biger is much better.
3917 August 31, 2006

First thing that I need to say is that I am a little below average.  I am a sophmore in college and searching for my soulmate.  I believe there is more to pleasing a girl then a big penis.  If a girl doesn't like my penis size, then I want her to be honest with me and tell me.  If a girl can't truely love me for me, then I don't want to be with her.  I think a healthy sexual relationship is vital in life.  I am not a boob man, I get pissed when I hear girls talking about how small their boobs are.  Big or small, I like all boobs.  I find imperfections very cute and a turn on.  If a girl would stay in a relationship or break up a relationship, because of her boyfriend/husband's penis size, she needs some pyschological help.  I think if a couple is madley in love with each other on a mental level, the physical level wouldn't matter to much.  The perfect partner for you is out there in the world and he/she will love you and all of your imperfections.  Also, I read that the nerve endings in a vagina are in the lower third of the vagina. And if that is the case then why do girls want a bigger penis, when a smaller one will do?  Is it a mental factor of just knowning your vagina is getting stuffed with a big penis.  I would consider myself to be cute, but not a model by no means.  I go to the work out and I am approving on my asethtics.  I have a great sense of humor and I am constantly joking and having fun.  I want a girl to fall in love with my sense of humor and my imperfections including my penis.  In short, If a girl cant love you for you, then don't prosue it, because you will just up getting your heartbroken.  Also, talk to your girlfriend and be honest about your concerns.  And girls, be honest it is okay to tell a guy that he was a small penis.  You don't need to be mean about it, and also you don't need to sugar coat it either. Everybody be happy with your body!!!
3918 August 31, 2006

this is all very amusing. and i would like to say a few things..first of all..some of u guys need to learn ur geometery agian, or some of these guys have some sqare dicks. like comment 840 said 6" by 5" dia Haha there is no way. now i know u mean circumfrence. that is the mesurment around the object. a diameter is the width of a circle. i just though that was funny. i have seen a few guys who think they have a penis that is as wide as it is long.
 and for my thoughts on the subject. i am a male with a decent endowment. 9" in lenght and 8" in circumfrence. (i know alot of u say we guys are lying but i just had my wife measure it:) I think that size does and doesn't matter. it all depends on how u look at it. now every man and woman are diff. just like men, women come in diff sizes too. I was with a woman once who couldnt take my size i just didnt fit. and i have been with a woman that said i wasnt quite big enouph. Then i met my wife, we have had the whole discusion of is mine the biggest, well i am the longest but she said she has had thicker.( she refered to him has HUGE) My wife and i enjoy a great sex life. and its ok if we have sex and i cum and she doesnt. or she cums and i dont. (usally that is a case of whiskey dick) but we love each other not are asets. I love big tits...but my wife is 34C. its not about all that stuff. its about having fun with a person and living your life with them. i love to please my wife...ill lick her pussy and finger her. we also enjoy masturbating together..just watching each other please urself. having a big dick is not how i got my wife. and its not the reason i continue to keep her..its are personality compatability that keeps us together. now i know i dont have a smaller penis so u might argue that i dont know how it is. but  u need to just open up your mind. now i can see that a huge 12"X10" dildo might better be able to please a woman vaginaly.. but really how important is it to have a vaginal orgamism in 3 mins. my wife likes to rub her clit while i am inside her.. that way we both get are kicks....
3919 August 31, 2006

I have a 51/2"long penis which to me is small but its seems to be fine with the last two women that i was with sexually, the most recent women i was with grab a hold of my cock and started stroking it, she told me that i was wide and that turned me on, so i yanked down her panties and gave it to her missionary, she whisperd in my ear if you make me cum im jocking, so i started to give her hard upper strokes and within two minutes she yelled out im jockin, im jockin. so that just tells me that if you work it right you'll be alright.
3920 September 1, 2006

David Frederick, M.A.:
Research Study on Penis Size among 52,000 Participants

I stumbled across this site and thought you all might be interested in a study we just completed.  The study has been published in the current issue of Psychology of Men and Masculinity (an APA journal).

1.  Women's view of penis size.
Women were asked if they were very satisfied with their partner, wished their partner was smaller, or wished he was larger.  They also reported their partner size (Small, Average, Large).  90% of women with large partners were very satisfied, 84% of women with average partners were very satisfied, and 32% of women with small penises were very satisfied.  The good news for men is that only 6% of women considered their partner "small".

2.  Men's View of Penis Size
In contrast to women being satisfied, many men were not satisfied.  46% wanted to be larger.  There was a small association of penis size to height (taller = bigger) and to BMI (heavier = smaller).

3.  Average Penis Size?
Based on clinical three studies where researchers measured penis size (after allowing self-stimulation and/or drug-induced erections), we conclude that the average penis size is about 5.3", with almost all men falling below 7" (measured from the top side of penis to pubic region).  In studies where men measure themselves, the average length is between 6-6.5" (we attribute this one inch difference to socially desirable response biases by the participants.)

We have a smaller unpublished study going of college students.  Women in this sample (N = 130) thus far report that they would be "happy" with penis sizes that are 5" or larger, and 7.5" or smaller.
3921 September 1, 2006

Abby Lover:
Personally I think that big dicks are better because i like it better when it hurts... but if its too big umm oviously its not gonna fit little girls like me.
3922 September 2, 2006

hey i think i know a little about what you are trying to do.........but to have 50 pages of breaking someone down  may make men read the first 40 pagesa get tired and leave without reading the end like i did...but maybe i remember to come back and read your last 7 pages or so....so maybe narrow down the break down  a littel   remember attention spans
3923 September 3, 2006

I am 36 from India.
This site is really honest and in my opinion it has effectively put an end to the size issue. Size really matters to a woman when she wants to have an orgasm. I can tell this with my own experience. I am 4.5" when fully erect and just about 4" around. I am maried and my sons also have smaller penis than most of the boys. I have never been with any woman neither my wife had been with any man before. We maried simply because in our comunity marages are arranged by our parents. We get very few chances to have sex before deciding to marry each other.

After marriage it was clear for me in the first few weeks itself that I was not giving her any pleasure. When we used to have sex I could see pleasure on her face when I inserted my penis inside her. But just after a few strokes her vagina would become wet and she used to part her legs wide apart. She would literally stretch them. I figured out that she wanted more of me. But unfortunately I do not have enough. I used to climax before she could anyway come near it. The penis would also sometimes slip out. It was frustrating for her. But she candidly told me that she wished a longer and thicker penis which would make her feel full.

I was devastated so I stopped demanding sex on my own. But my wife needed it and she would still come to me asking for it. But the same story continued. In the meanwhile she also became pregnant. So after a few months we stopped sex altogether until our son was born. Four months after the delivery she again started demanding sex. This time it was even worse as her vagina had stretched after the child birth. But she was determined to have sex.

Eventually one day she came on top of me. That day she took control of everything till this day. With this position she was able to get her first orgasm. It was a very intense orgasm, she was almost screaming when she was nearing her climax. With this position she squeezes my penis to generate tightness and friction I also like the pressure generated this way.

So as a rule I still don't demand sex to her. It is always she who demands it. She can not go to anybody so she has to come to me. This proves one of your point that women will have sex with you if they want to and they will derive the pleasure out of it if they want to. In that case size will be their secondary consideration. The prime goal will be to get pleasure. But I am sure given the choice my wife will definately choose a big and thick penis.

You have a week link in your article. You are also talking about evolution, natural selection, preference to big penis being hard coaded in a female's brain. Then over millions of year humans should have evolved with large penises. Because penis size is passed on from father to his sons. My father has a small one, I have a small one and my children to are born with small members. So why there are still small penises in the world? And this number is not small. There are millions of small penises. Going by the same logic most of the men alive should be 8" or 9" plus. So with my own experience I can cofirm that women do get pleasure with a feeling of fullness and stretched pleasurably during intercourse. But it is not really true that women will be so selective to go for a 8" plus penis.
(Otherwise average and small will die out)

For the men with type "A" penis there is no need to feel proud about it neither is there any need for a smaller guy to feel ashamed about it. We are born as we are because of the evolution process which is continuing for millions of years. Women will continue to seek all kind of penises. This is the natures way to preserve biodiversity. In a group of langurs(Indian black face monkey) the dominant male forms a harem of females. But he is the father of only half of the babies. This is beacuse the females regularly sneaks out. The point is women although desires a big and thick penis but she will still regularly pick any size. Just as "bigger the better" more "variety" is also desirable.

Advise for smaller guys : Accept that you can not satisfy a woman through penitration. Stop "trying" to do that. If the woman wants pleasure she will anyway have it. She will find a way and tell you if she likes you or if she does not have a choice. If a woman walks away from you for the size issue, that's not the end of the world. And it will not hurt you when you have already accepted the fact. Because you already know that this could happen and you can move on.
3924 September 5, 2006

my girlfriend and I have an amazing and varied sex life and do not understand or relate to the majority of people when it comes to the subject of sex. Not in an arrogant way but we do feel we have a superior sex life due to the fact that most peoples experiences we can relate and understand but have supassed and progressed to something much better. This is our comment on penis size and we do believe this is fact:
1. penis size only matters if you dont have good sex (very simple sex)
2. A womens vagina varies just as much as a mans penis so why the hell do people pigeon hole and ask the question do women prefer bigger??
3. I can answer this question as a male just as a female can - its the same as asking does a tighter pussy feel better - yeah maybe when I was 14 and didnt have a sexual bone in my body.
4. Sex is a whole world which is not just limited to the physical - the psychological and fantasy side of sex has no limit and is never ending, only limited by ones imagination and horniness. Even if sex was limited to physical there is thousands of ways to be stimulated (different ways to touch, different places to touch, different sensations etc) how can one thing (penis size) make such a difference?!
So someone suggesting penis size matters to them suggests to us that their sex life is limited as I have had amazing sex lasting four to five hours with no penetration. I am willing to challenge anyone that disagrees because I am naturally involved in sexual areas and can reference or back up any of my statements with experience. The reason I write this is because I am upset at the shallowness and sex being patronised by questions like this. I have slept with quite a few women due to my sex life and I have seen a correlation - the majority who said size matters before having intercourse with me were normally always the worst lovers.
3925 September 5, 2006

I have always read about the "is bigger better, debate" and they always conclude that women don't really care, that what they really want is a gentle, caring, sensitive man.  I think this may in a sense have some validity, but I always say that if there were two of you, exactly the same in build, looks, in fact an exact double of yourself, except that one of you had a decent size penis, they would (if they could without hurting you) pick the guy with the larger penis. After all, it would be the same guy with the same attitudes and everything she loves about you, BUT, the penis would be much more enjoyable simply because it would make much more contact with those places us under-endowed guys can never touch.
3926 September 6, 2006

Hi, I'm 18 and I have to agree that a big penis isn't all it's cracked up to be...I have a little over average size for a white guy like myself.  My penis is 7in and I never really noticed it was big or anything until I had sex with my girlfriend.  She is a pretty average girl, 5'1" 100lbs and such.  The first time we had sex though, it wouldnt fit...it fits now, but with reluctancy.  Now though, she almost always says her vagina is sore after we have sex, so to be honest, a big penis is kind of annoying...
3927 September 6, 2006

This is funny shit! I suppose I'm a good looking and fit guy and I'm like 6 to 6.5 inches. My size seems to vary a bit, but thats an honest measurement. Since theres no way to varify anything people say here, its completely irrelevant.
Funny I could never get any of my girlfriends interested in porn. This now includes my wife of 11yrs. If she craved bigger, she could occasionally show some fugin interest!! I am more than encouraging in this regard. I wish she were more horny!! I wish she had cravings of any sort!! Almost every guy I know has made some remarks that pertain to their woman's lack of interest in sex. Sure they have tits vaginas and asses but they're wired differently from us. Hormones maybe? There are always exceptions, but lets face it, "most" women just aren't as chock full of sexual desire, and just aren't inclined to entertain such robust fantasies as those suggested here... Thats why theres so much MALE PORN and so little female porn. It sure seems that those women love cock, but they are paid well to help us imagine its all real.  Strippers will play pretend too, for that big, bulging......wallet!! Escorts and prostitutes will love your cock for a hefty fee. They love the big cock so muc!
 h that it'll cost you hundreds.
Some women may enjoy sex more than others, but usually there are prerequisits and conditions and its more involved(emotionally) than "just sex". Its a MALE FANTASY that women crave "the cock", seperately from "its life support system". Thats why these multibillion dollar industries exist in the first place! These are not "real" women like the kind who live with us, and mother our children. Real women will divorce your stupid ass for living in fantasy land. True, the gap between women and men is still narrowing and for a horney bastard like me, I'm enjoying some of the benifits, but for the sake of society, I actually hope the female quest for equality doesn't lead them too far "south".
3928 September 6, 2006

to: Molly Whoppers
Sorry sis 6' 3"-6' 9" ive found alot of -6" thin dicks with some huge shoes . The truth you make sure you can stand the face of the guy first. Im hard on looks then he better have a big one but cock size can come in all heights and shoe sizes. I got beat up by a guy that was 6'8" because I was drunk and went to his house expecting to be pile driven by 9+ inches "nice and thick "  but the suprise was pee wee was barly 6" and skinny pathetic worm I was so drunk I laugh at him " never do that to a guy" He beat me like I was  a man. When I got him to stop beating me he let me call a ride . So i called my brother and when he got there and I told him what the guy did my brother went to the guys house the guy was crazy pissed and put my brother in the hospitol. So sis my advice is if you are looking for a big cock make sure other thing are good to and dont let a guy know hes got a small weiner
  p.s. jesse you micro penis ass hole ill get you back
3929 September 7, 2006

All you need is love:
Well heres the truth....I'm exactly 8 inches at maximum erection! Every girl that has ever seen me is like "holy shit" or "oh my god", at first anyway, then the novelty of it sort of wears off. I used to think it was a blessing, but its actually not so rewarding. I can't seem to impress the sort of girl I'm most attracted to! Decent women are looking for more than I have to offer! "Size queens" are certainly out there. Most have slutty histories that give you that unsafe, unclean feeling. Most of the ones I've experienced didn't even seem to orgasm, no matter how much I pounded. They are usually shallow or odd in some way, and make horrible girlfriends. They usually aren't too intelligent or attractive, or interesting either.
I really want compatibility and I want LOVE, but I lack a decent career and I'm not very romantic or passionate. But I'm really working on it this time!

Ok! So Ed is...."just an ordinary guy who got fed up with the penis size debate".. Those are his exact words.
He also states....."What bothers me the most is to find contradictory information from people who should know it best, women and the sex-doctors".....Well who the hell is this guy "Ed" anyway???? What qualifies this male to speak for all females??? and how can an "ordinary guy" have more merit than professionals who actually EARNED a Ph.D. on the topic??? "Extensive internet research"??? Isn't that an oxymoron? It seems more likely that Ed is a porn junkie who has an unhealthy obsession from his "extensive" habits. It takes one to know one!!!  Perhaps it is Ed who is obsessed with big penises?? After all I don't see women so dedicated to trying to prove the BIGGER PENIS THEORY!  And who created and manages a web site devoted to proving bigger cocks are better?? Isn't penis size a personal preferece thing?
The porn world is different from the real world, and female porn stars do not represent average females. Average men and women realize that there are many fetishes and fantasies, and many ways to interpret pleasure and satisfaction. What may disgust one woman, may bring orgasm to another. I seriously doubt that the "average" woman's goal from having sex is.... a larger penis. Pleasure from both giving and receiving, intimacy, and orgasm are more likely goals!  As most of us well endowed men realize, the female orgasm doesn't necessarily involve a penis at all. My ex girlfriend prefered oral sex and vibrators and almost NEVER orgasmed from intercourse. Yes there are some size queens, and plenty of women who care about size compatibility. Even more so I think many are just curious about all the hype. I'm sure there is every imaginable experience and scenario out there.... like the love of my life, for instance, who was always quite content with an average sized penis, when she dated me, she was curious and very excited at first, and then, felt sort of abused, and stretched out by a selfish egotistical lover....she tried to tell me many times, and show me, but I did what I wanted, for 13 months......she then left me... and met someone else....she ended up dramatically downsizing in penis, but still feels she upgraded in other aspects like intimacy and love... I loved her more than any girl in my life, but I somehow didn't realize it until it was too late.  I was over confident, and ignorant and didn't know how to deal with intimacy, I didn't listen to her. I fucked her the way I did all the sluts, but I didn't know how to make love to a girl who knew the difference. A hard lesson learned. I thought I could get her back if I really wanted, like all the others. When I finally realized it was over, I got this sick empty feeling in my stomach and I lost a bunch of weight. I begged for her to come back and she eventually had to change her phone number. I've been so miserable and depressed going on 2 years now.

A well hung man can certainly take advantage of dick size rumors, and we can always rely on those women who need to find out what all the hype is about, and we can certainly have sex with sluts and even their circles of slutty friends. Of course those are the last women we'd actually want, or respect. I realize that all the sex in the world doesn't mean anything to a guy who lost the woman he loved. I still think size matters and I'm sure women can feel the difference, but finding happiness and love is the greatest feeling on earth, and that isn't found in your pants. Love amplifies sex beyond belief, and thats where I think women are coming from when they say size doesn't matter. When I'm with a girl now, I still think about my ex, and I have trouble getting erect. Once youve had LOVE, youre fucked until you get it back!!  Perhaps dick size is more important to those women who have never known love, or have given up on love.  Lost love creates a void that cannot be filled by something else. Since she left, my size doesn't matter, nothing does.

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