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3751 June 19, 2006

Size obviously does matter. It's ridiculous how many sources say as long as your not smaller than 2-4 inches erect it makes no difference. On other hand, it is a stretch to say what sizes are ideal for the "average" women without a real un-biased scientific study on the matter. Something that may be impossible. 

The sections about pupils dialating, vaginal response, size chart, etc.... are purely imagined figures (as he indicated himself directly or indirectly). My opinion would be that the so-called ideals stated here are exaggerated (higher than reality). Perhaps that was the authors intention (exaggeration) as he alludes to in the site introduction.
3752 June 19, 2006

im 22 yrs old and im 5 11 215 lbs hazel eyes  and red hair  im 50 percent italian and some irish and german and polish . my penis has a nice curve like a bananna  i dont know how to get a true measurement from it ? how do i email me plz
3753 June 20, 2006

i have only spent one night with a large man.  it hurt at first but when he got past my prostate gland it felt very, very good. he climaxed very quickly which lubricated me very well.  i have to say honestly that i do like a large penis.
3754 June 20, 2006

To funonabigone9::
Congratulations -- you could very well be the trashiest dirtiest whore on the planet. You were either a foster child or sxually abused by you Dad (or both). Wow I feel sorry for you, aside from not being able to read one word of your broke-ass ebonics. Eww!
3755 June 21, 2006

black guy:
I'm 7 in long and 6.25 inches thick....I'm 6 foot tall...nice build...yet still a virgin....I'm a dancer so my rhythm on the dance floor always lures the girls in....but I'm alittle apprehensive that I might be disappointing to these lovely ladies....so my question is....am I a good size?
3756 June 21, 2006

Renee (re comments 3636 &3668):
I've gotten a couple of emails (thank you) from curious people, asking where my comments are.  You can find them (unless they are re-numbered) at 3636 and 3668.

3757 June 21, 2006

I think many of you "big dick" posters on this site should pay more attention to your education than your friggin cock.  I hope you don't talk like you write.  Ever hear of punctuation?  Do you talk in paragraphs?  Half of your shit doesn't even make sense either.  Concentrate on graduating elementary school instead of thinking about your damn cock, morons.
3758 June 21, 2006

Bearer Of Light:
Well now.... where am i going to start with this, considering that ther is just so much that one could say. Let me clear, that i have read most of these comments and a distinct trend of commentary is quite apparent, for anyone who hasnt noticed this :-)

Firstly, there are several types of comments here, the genuine are easy to spot and are much apreciated, those to be left alone. then there are these over dramatised indian movie type comments which tickle me to death. Sounds like a plagiarised fantasy novel most of the time. people just don't write that way...

The other thing, considering the beauty of science and how it plays such a big role with all we encounter, consciencely and sub-consciencely...

I find it hard for anyone to not have realised this...
a simple observation would allow you to recognise the sheer narrow mindedness of the poeple who support this site aswell as those who believe in its word.

Here's the scoop: while a woman is a virgin, her vagina does not understand the concept of being opened  up. when it does meet its first visitor though it hurts, its uncomfortabe, all sorts of conditions that guys especially just dont figure. but the point is that it adapts to that particlar penis. now oneday it finds a new but larger penis, and the cylce repeats itself.... u get the idea... depending on how many other dicks a woman has consumed before and depending on their relative sizes, her vagina has obviously adapted to the largest of the lot and hence would require one its size or larger for an equavalent service. thats just common fucking sense. so look at yourselfs before making silly assumptions... the ideal size for women, bla bla bla. science is relative - so did einstein prove and so it will always be. so your dick is perfect for those who havnt consumed your size yet or equavalent and that trend just follows for each specefic size group or order...

You see whats even more dissapointing is that this is sadly what the world has come to, a website catered for a question so rediculous, it sets man back by atleast a thousand years. use your heads! the one made for thinking...

And besides if you learn to follow the word of God whorever he may be for you, you would further learn what sex is suppose to mean and not create your own worthless ideas of it. Wisdom is what seperates humans from animals... a greater question would be....

What are you?
3759 June 21, 2006

The truth is most blackmen have big cocks, 7 inches and up, and most whitemen dont have big cocks. Thats just the sad scientific truth. Sorry boys.
3760 June 21, 2006

any white guy talking about black penis size is obviously jealous because you feel inferior witch you should because blackmen were geneticly breed to by size of penis body and strength in the time of slavery so save the ignorance!
3761 June 21, 2006

Andrea  Paige:
Ive heard that asianmen were just as big as whitemen,middle easternmen,and or latino men or bigger is that true? answer back anyone.
3762 June 22, 2006

I know it matters. Its just what day or how the woman feels at any given time (second by second, minute by minute).

But sex is about procreation. I'm sure one day women will completely engineer men how they want them to be and those who don't turn out will be tossed aside until all the men are the same and those tossed aside are now the in thing.

Penis size matters to both men and women. I am a man and I can tell you it matters to me. This is how. I want to be "The One" who my woman thinks is the freaken bomb no matter what. She probably doesn't like lying to me. There is alwasy bigger and always better.

I wish my Peeenisss was a thick as a coke can and long enough to blow a woman away. Or wish they never made coke cans so big.

I would feel like a real man with a manley size penis. There would be no doubt that I am male, and no woman could say I wasn't, nor could a man I would just pull my pants down and say look I am male and those who witness would be aw-struck.

Size matters. A woman likes to feel full.
3763 June 22, 2006

cuba libre:
was up im cuban and they say that cubans in general have big dicks i think i have it average it 7.5 inlength and 5.9 in girth just what to hear womens opinion on size
3764 June 22, 2006

Joey Buddafuko:
man you guys are fucking losers constently talking about penis size. Get a life!
3765 June 22, 2006

I've noticed a lot of guys on here wallowing in self-pity and giving themselves a really hard time when really, they're either average or a little on the small side, with some women here rubbing their noses in it. But even so - who cares? You're a man - be one. Don't sit there doubting yourself and acting like a limp-dicked pussy. Women claim to like a sensitive guy, one who's in touch with his feelings, but I for one know that's not true. Women are weirded out by sensitivity and don't know how to react to it. The penis-size issue is no different. Doubt yourself in this area and it will be painfully obvious for all to see. Let's not forget who's in charge here. We men are. Let's also not forget that women are, by nature, givers and pleasers. Therefore, they care more about their own bodies and their ability to provide their man with pleasure. Any guy who thinks vice-versa - ie. that it is his responsibility and duty to please a woman, needs to wake up. Obviously these men lack confidence and have never had strong male figures to look up to in life. All it takes is some imperial, high-handed size-queen super bitch from hell on this website to prove it.

One aspect of this always makes me laugh - women who are either unattractive, have small breasts, or are overweight - or any combination of the three. You have literally zero right to place any demands on the penis size of a man. Women in general have no right to do this, but the ones who offer nothing themselves even less so.

Women, like African Americans for example, are part of a group that has been suppressed for a long time. Today's world, with the whole "everyone is equal" deal going on, has made it possible for insecure and angry women to strike out at men and get away with it. This holds no water with me. To me, you're still a woman and you still belong in the kitchen. Men who create sites like these are insecure in themselves, have homoerotic fantasies of some nature, or enjoy being humiliated, the latter being utterly pathetic in my eyes. Do not give women this opportunity. Many of them enjoy being underhanded and wielding some kind of power over men, a result of either too much testosterone, or simply bad genetics. Man, all this shit makes me yearn for the days where we men simply clubbed women over the head and dragged them back to our caves. Trust me, those guys weren't worried about what they were packing.

In short, what I'm trying to say is that men are not here for women's pleasure. Turn it around, brother, it's about you. Women are DESIGNED to be submissive. Sure, a big dick will give you confidence when you need it, but it's about the confidence that that dick brings - not the unit itself. Women can smell fear and insecurity a mile off. So take control and bestow confidence upon yourself in every aspect. Not only will this make you attractive to women, but it gives you the balls you need to figure out who YOU find attractive, who YOU want to bone, and then really do it. Impale that slut, whether you're five or nine inches. Just for the record, I'm a white guy with an above average member - just in case anyone goes "oh you must have a tiny pisser," so pre-emptive strike, bitches. At least I'm not like these other tools who claim to have nine inchers then go on to drag every guy down in the dirt by saying how much the ladies love their big dicks. If they really were so well-endowed they wouldn't feel the need to put everyone else down.
3766 June 23, 2006

the vomiting ghost:
Well yeh i suppose most women prefer a penis to be reasonably thick. but still it does depend on the dimensions of her vaginal canal. i expect if shes had children she would definately want a pretty thick penis. and bye the way. some of your penis pictures are obvious fakes
Bye everybody
3767 June 23, 2006

     I've discussed penis size with many women.  It doesn't seem to be a big deal for most of them...but..
My landlady for example wanted desperately to sleep with a guy just because he was well hung.  She also told me the best sex she ever had was with an average man.  I also remeber she slept with a huge guy and when I asked her about the sex she seemed quite indifferent about his big size and never even mentioned it.  Size is definitely more of a man issue although there are plenty of women who prefer big/huge.  I'm 7.5 by 6.25 and i've rammed many a cervix (not good for the women) and i've also sunk my member into women whose vagina felt like I was penetrating a glass of water (barely tell I was in).  My philosophy is: If a women doesn't like my size; &^@@#$ off... there's lots of women out there.
3768 June 23, 2006

My penis is 8 inches long and 6 inches wide, and according to your chart I have a "B" penis. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
3769 June 23, 2006

I have read page after page of bullshit.  Oh I don't deny that many women prefer a large cock.  It goes with common sense that friction equals pleasure etc.  What I am so tired of is the juvenile tone in many of the posts, and the ridiculous exagerations.  Let's be really honest - how many women, if any can take an entire 10 or 12 inches?  I have seen my share of porn, professional and amateur, and also interviewed countless women, and once you get to beyond 7 or 8 inches, it becomes a bit much.  I suppose there are some women of large physical stature that can handle very large men, but most will tell you, in reality that is, that 7 or 8 inches is plenty good, especially when of adequate thickness.  I would love to discuss this subject in a sincere manner with a woman, not a girl, not a fucking impersonator who comes here for laughs, a real woman.  Just in case there are any who have the figurative balls - r_rickweed@hotmail.com
3770 June 24, 2006

At 45 having had sex with 60+ women with a penis which is regarded by many here as "optimum" size at 8" x 6", I would like to add this:

Thats almost to big.

Anal sex is painful for many women - and thats not a matter of lacking technique or lubrication. Poppers help here.
Certain positions, in special with the woman having the legs on my shoulders are not so nice as it is not possible to let go completely as the penis tends to bang against the cervix and causes pain. And where is the fun when you cannot let go?
Only few women are able to provide a blowjob which is more then licking the tip.

In addition I have learned that about 1/3 of all women I encountered have a vagina which even for me only provides a feeling comparable to parking a bicycle in an airplane hangar.
For all others a size of 5 to 6" length and say 5" girth should be completely satisfactory IMHO.
3771 June 24, 2006

My wife left me for a large man and told me that I am nothing but a waste of skin. I honestly do not give a f*&*&ck about what woman want or need. As far as i am concerned if a woman leaves a man for his penis she might as well leave society and fuck in the forest. I gave her love, money, understanding, and children and she left me for a large dicked loser. She broke my heart and I see no reason why I should ever try to socialize with an inferior gender that is incapable of solving math problems. Yes, I am an engineer for Boeing and i must say that out of the class of 1979 at MIT very few women were at the top of the class. They were too busy ruining decent men's lives for their carnal pursuits.
3772 June 24, 2006

I have been with several men over the last few years and I can tell you size is not always important. One of my lovers was not the largest but he knew how to please. Part of it was anal sex with me, I did oral on him, we had conventional, most of it is in a persons mind the only reason we split is because I was not getting enough and I suspected there were others. So to you guys out there eventually a partner will come along and everything will click.
3773 June 24, 2006

in my area the small pussy lips win. we call the big lips a busted ravioli. i know its not always the case but, it makes it look used and old like the under-arm skin that hangs down on old people. Its makes going down on a girl easier when you dont have a huge beef curtains in the way of the clit
3774 June 24, 2006

Mr Reality:
Response to #3749 Funonabigone9

I like your post.  It really shows who is behind this big cock craze.  Why a lot of men are bothered by these comments is beyond me.  You admit you are a 19 year old stripper who sleeps with just about anyone.  Then you complain that even a 7 inch penis can't satisfy you and that you need a 9 inch one.  Do you think those comments actually make men attracted to you?  All I can think of is that you're a clamydia ridden trash whore who I wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole regardless of how nice you look.  Yuck!  I can understand a woman making a comment if a guy is only like 3 inches long.  But, to me a 7 inch penis is large enough and I wouldn't want to have one larger than that even if you paid me. 
I have a question for you about the couples you talk about?  Does the wife let the husband fuck any of the strippers and let him tell the wife that her flabby body doesn't give him half the erection that the hot hard body stripper does and that sex with her just sucks in comparison?  If not then the guy is just a fucking sap?  These stories of allowing wives to fuck other guys are so stupid to me.  I believe guys like that exist out there, but they probably represent like 5% of the population of men.  Most men I know would cut the guys 10 inch cock right off him and hand it to him in a bag after the shit is beaten out of him.  Then the relationship would be done with.  I know I would react that way.  Fuck with my woman and I'll fuck with you.  Most men could care less about these stories about these pansy men.  And women like you are ones I couldn't give 2 shits about.  If you think it makes me feel indadequate you are so dead wrong.  How many of you toughguys out there agree with me?
3775 June 24, 2006

3776 June 24, 2006

To the little whore Susan-
    First of all, you're grammar is off you little dingle berry. Second of all i'm a guy (not bi or gay) and im about 6" roughly. And in my heart deeply, i never judge people by the inside, but what makes them that person. MOST guys don't give a fucking shit if a women's boobs are small or how "tight" they are. And i dont care too. Have you ever heard the expression "it's not how big the battle-ship is but the motion in the ocean capitan". Dude. Seriously. You need to realise that you ARE a inconsistant, cheating, whore. I know big cocks are great for girls that have an "average man". But here's the truth to all the women out here reading this. It's never going to be that perfect life, unless YOU realise yourself that 'Love' in general is about not size but creativity and making you're partner feel like she/he is worth living for. Susan, go to hell. Enough said...

---and to all the men that are hurt from her words, please understand she is just probably a hurt child deep-down inside---
3777 June 25, 2006

Jesus Christ:
This site is hilarious.  Who ever writes the content for this site is so full of shit that it almost makes our government seem reliable.  I honestly thought this was a joke site to try and persaude insecure men to do a lot of stupid shit to themselves, but now after reading through the entire web site, I am almost convinced that the writer is an ignorant worthless piece of space in our world (but with a large penis to waste that much more space) This site's facts and "rules" are bogus statistics and personal opinions of the writer. Perhaps the writer should come up with some "stretch excercises" or "pumps" to make his brain a little larger. =P
3778 June 25, 2006

Guys, this site is stupid, not at all factual.  Yes, some women like large penises, but not by any means all of them, or even most of them. I like to note the links to the penis enlargement sites.  Pathetic. The "experiements" have not been done, so we have no idea what the true responses might be.  This is nothing more than conjecture.  To spend any time on this garbage is a waste.
3779 June 26, 2006

 I just want to say that I am sick of the stereotype that "bigger, taller guys MUST have bigger dicks" Boob size varies between girls of different heights, so why shouldn't cock size?. To tell you the truth...I messed aeound with a few guys before....it didn't do anything for me, it was just a phase. Most of the guys who were tall (6'2'' plus) were TINY. In fact, I never saw a guy bigger than me (7.5") Anyway...there you go.
3780 June 26, 2006

joe black:
I'd just like to post a passage from wikipedia, THE most well known on line encyclopedia:

Nacho Vidal is also known for having an exceptionally large penis, particularly with respect to his girth. Many porn starlets have attested to this fact, the most notable of which has been Belladonna. The size of Vidal's penis, reported to be 8.5 inches in length by 6.5 inches in girth, is amongst the largest of all current male porn stars. In a 2002 interview, Belladonna (his former fiancee) claimed that Vidal's penis was the thickest one she had ever encountered up until that time.

OK, so this guy is 8,5X6,5 and is amongst the largest of ALL current pornstars...
I think this says a thing or 2 about this bullshit site and about womens (and mens) lack of measuring capability.
I have read COUNTLESS posts of guys claiming they have 9X7 inch cocks. COUNTLESS women claiming their boyfriends have 10+ inch cocks....
THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS that would mean that ALL of you are BIGGER than one of the BIGGEST pornstars around RIGHT?   HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA
be serious people.

***that would also mean that only a select few of PORSTARS have a grade A penis!!! 97% of PORNSTARS are too small to please a woman according to this site! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

a urinologist doctor of 35 years practise said he had only seen about 3-5 cocks in his whole carreer that measured over 8 inches.

I think people have to get over this brain washing and START FEELING GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES. IN FACT FEEL GREAT!

wanna know another fact?
most pornstars are really short. men and female.
why is that? wanna know why? SO THERE COCKS CAN LOOK BIGGER.
according to this site though there are countless normal people with gigantic enormous cocks! why dont they go work in the porn and make the directors live's easier so they dont have to search for short people?
3781 June 26, 2006

bitter truth:
My penis is 6 inches long by 5 inches around, so average.

I have caught TWO of my girlfriends, yes TWO, cheating on me with ex boyfriends, simply because they had bigger dicks.

Big dicks are the most importamt thing to a girl's pleasure, and if the above is not proof, i don't know what is. Now I only go with escorts, at least there are no lies...
3782 June 26, 2006

    I totally believe size matters and bigger is better from the comments of my girlfriends and encounter over the years. as an average height white man with normal hands ond only size 10 feet they have been pleasantly surprised by my 8.5 by 6 inch tool. However, my question is this and I'd like comments: I only got their attention because i am very cute and have a great body and only one or two of them even asked about my poackage before wanting to fuck me. secondly, ladies see me again not really because of the size of my unit but because i use it right and am a gentle attentive lover. Yes, the size is good for them but more of a bonus. all things being equal ther is not a woman out there who would not choose bigger if in fact the dude is a better lover..............
3783 June 26, 2006

I have a tiny, little, shaved pee pee.  It is only 4 inches (10 cm) when hard and I keep it totally shaved.  I know that my pee pee is really tiny and both guys and girls have seen it and laughed at it.  I love my tiny little dick.  Even though it is tiny, I love to jerk off and fuck.

3784 June 26, 2006

the mule:
ok here is my question i see the benefit of sharing my over size dik with girls with tite psy but what if you are doing a girl who is not as tite what is the benefit for you to share your big dick with her
isn't it going to make you feel stupid that she oohs and aahhs over it meanwhile she is not your equal or match as she is not that tight
i only feel like bringking out the big gun when i am with a girl who is super tight
am i wrong?
3785 June 27, 2006

black guy:
well all i got to say is the guy at 7 and over like me witchim black take care of ower bodys and thats 1 of the resions that we got big dicks .or mabe its just genetics but ..all i got to say is stop hateing
3786 June 27, 2006

ED and any guys out there does a girl with big pussy lips happen to have larger " looser" pussys as well?
3787 July 1, 2006

Hey guys..... I'm 18 here..... I am an asian guy with 4" dick.... I can't satisfy my girlfriend with it and I found this side which I think it's ok for me... so I wonder is there any way that I can grow longer?..... pls help me....
3788 July 2, 2006

john doe:
i have been with so many women i can't even remember them all.there should be a website not about the size of the male penis..but about how good women are in bed.because most of them are terrible in bed.and its pretty funny that all of them think they are great fucks,give the best blow job or have new and different ideas in bed. after i fucked them 6-7 times my only thought was how am i going to get her out of my house.the women i do remember.were great fucks..blow jobs,anal and knew how to kiss deeply move and groove.but i only remember a handful.
3789 July 2, 2006

I agree with the people who say that this site is shallow. However, that is what today's society focuses on: things that don't make any difference. I'm a musician and actor, thus having that sensitive side that not every guy has. I've asked the women around me, and there is a 100% concensus that size does NOT matter. As someone with an average-sized dick (6.75 by 6) with an amazing amount of self-confidence, I know that this website is pure unadulterated bullshit. You don't know anything about caring human beings or love. There is nothing wrong with looking for sprituality in a woman (or man if you're a woman). In fact, many find it more appealing than sexuality.

By the way, why are all of the penises on this site circumcised? The biggest dicks would be, since circumcision does decrease penis size.
3790 July 2, 2006

Thanks alot:
I want to tell you that my brother is no longer with us. He took his life after reading this site. He suffered a great injustice when his wife agreed with this site and left him for what she called "a better life with a better man". He loved her and his kids very much and to have it end because this site told his wife that he wasn't a real man. They were each others firsts and she started cheating not long after reading this site. Because she wanted to find out if "bigger is better". Her freinds were the ones who told her of this site and now wish they hadn't. SO, now what do we as a family do about this? A 26 year old MAN is dead because this site helped to cause the loss of a his marriage and his whole world. How do you feel about yourself now? You should be liable in part for this. I wonder how many others have ended up losing in life because you say that you are giving the facts?
3791 July 3, 2006

I enjoy this site, but find it a bit tedious to sort through what is bullshit and what isn't.

Anyway, I want to put my two cents worth in on labia size.  I am a huge fan of pronounced labia, inner and outer.  For any of you women who are inclined to think of this a detrimental, forget it.  Pronounced labia is an incredible turn on.  The other thing I must mention is vaginal size.  I don't mind a woman who is loose, in the least.  I love the wet, sloppy sounds and find the lighter friction to be very satisfying and long lasting.  A large opening is also an incredible visual turn on. 

If there are any real women, not impersonators, or those that are under age, please feel free to contact me to intelligently discuss this subject.  I am not looking for a cyber partner or someone to meet, so rest assured that this is just for the intellectual satisfaction and common interest of both of us.

Rick (r_rickweed@hotmail.com)
3792 July 3, 2006

to be honest who are you to say what is big or small you have no right because you are  not god so what if some are small some are big like in the movie Bride of Chuckie Chuckie says it doesnt matter how big you are it just matters how you use it.
3793 July 4, 2006

my dick is 5.5-5.75 inches and im an asian. I actually had a girlfriend who thought it was quite big...maybe from an asian perspective that is...
3794 July 4, 2006

Hey, interesting site, I think ppl take it too seriously though. I am a UK male 31, and when erect I am nearly 7 inches, and quite thick, but when soft, barely 4 inches. I have found my girlfriends to have found this size disparity pleasing. They seem to like seeing a cute 'little' penis sudddenly grow as they caress it.

I love being slowly wanked off by my buxom redhead girlfriend, and so there
3795 July 4, 2006

I got a fool cool thing to say. I heard that black porn stars arent big as they say they are. I heard that black porn stars use tiny woman so that their dick looks big when it sits on top of a tiny ass. Camera views can make a dick look bigger too. Viagra and all that shit can make ur dick bigger for a day. Notice Mr Marcus looks big in some pornos then he looks like he is in the 6 to 6 1/2 range. Next i wanna ask yall a question that has been bothering me. I measure my dick from the balls to the tip(underside). I got a smaller measurement then when i measure it from the pelvis to the tip (top side of dick). What is the correct way. They say five inches is average. I measure that way if i do the underside maybe. If i do the overside......i am slightly over average. I cant image people most men's dicks being so small that it is 5 inches from the pelvic bone to the tip. I can more like understand average being from the balls up to the tip instead. Next i wanna let yall know. I graduated highschool at age 18. I turned 19 a month later. My dick has grown about an inch to an inch and a half. I dont know if it is because I stretch it with my hands or because i wasnt done growning. I also know i didnt nearly have as much hair on my chest and face as i do now. How did i do stretches? I rapped my dick with a burn hot rags for 30 seconds then i took both my hands and stretched my dick apart in different section until i stretched my whole dick section by section. After i do what is called the penis jelq. Look on the internet. It is when you milk ur dick with baby oil in a sliding motion. I dont know if this made me bigger but i know this.........When i stretch my dick, my girl tells me that my dick grew since last time we had sex. She thinks i take them penis pills that are in the back of my black bakini magazines. I dont. I stretch my dick them fuck her with my dick after it grew all week. Hope i didnt talk yall to death. By the way i am african american who is 25 yrs old. Some black girl was dying of pain when we fucked
while some seem as if they had waaaay bigger than me. Lata yall
3796 July 5, 2006

used to be small:
i have posted here lots of times. i have to laugh at some postings and some are sincere like the one about the pressure this site puts on 90 percent of the black male population which is about average. i am older now and realize thaty i have degraded myself by allowing hung men to screw my wife until we divorced and berlieve me it will happen to all you 4 to 5 in men when you do this same mistake. we searched for hung men but settled on black hung men because of their stamina and erection hardness and of course size was important because i was 4 in eventually she could never be satisfied with me and left for a hung white male for a permanent relationship.Today more people readily except interational marriages so if this had been twenty years later she might of went for a hung black male if he had other good qualities. I remarried a good girl and tried to have normal relations but no i screwed my mind up so bad in first marriage i had to allways have sex after huge had been in her so i started useing extentions and didloes wife hated unatural things but because of size always had at least two orgasms. i tried to get her to go with other men but she refused this is where she drew the line. She her master was the Lord Jesus Christ mine was Satan because of my actions and thoughts. Christian girls believe in submitting themselves to their husbands as long as it is in the marriage bed and she new of my former life and also admited i had a size problem. Ten years later i decided to do something about my size tried pills, didn't work tried pills and exercise that i got on this site by some guy called a docter way near the beginning.this helped me some but i had to use a rubber band to trap blood this with the exercises caused a increase in size and then i bought a pump this helped increase girth but not to much more in lenghth. but this doesn't stay permanent the girth does but if i dont pump for a month it goes back to five to five and a half if i trap with a rubber band use thick ones. irf i trap after pumping it stays about six in long and 5.5 in around a increase of one and a half in in girth and two in in length it helps wife to halve a orgasm and it helps self esteem i no longer hide at urinals. i have really abused my penis to aaccomplish this but even after it all i still look at hung men and wish i was them their is no sastifaction unless i trully give this lust and sin to the Lord Jesus Christ and never come to this or any other site like this again. My plea is to those with small penises and believe it or not hung men are just a addicted to the power they have over us and our wives please change your life come unto the God that created you beg his forgiveness and be happy with yourself. LOve; used to be really small  
3797 July 6, 2006

Old Man Biker Babbles:
Look, when puberty first came along I thought size was everything, I personally thought I was a god with my 9.5 inches (as did all the other guys in the locker room), then I had sex, and I realised how for good sex , penetration was such a small part, it takes a combination of skill, size, and stamina, size being the least important, now nearly 70 years later and countless, fucks,love-makings, and orgys, I understand this more than ever,Ive seen stallions fail horribly, and 4 inchers give 2+ orgasms, so to all you 14 year olds and 40 year olds worrying about their size, and all the 20-something sluts dating black guys and italions specifically for the rumors (which I can neither confirm nor deny) it isn't size merely skill,now that I'm not so horny all the time I comprehend this a little better
3798 removed
3799 July 7, 2006

Ms B:
Hello I am a 33 year old woman and I have read a lot of  comments about penis size on this website. It is fun to read and has got me aroused, but much of what I am reading does not seem correct or true.

I have had sexual relationships with about 50 men in my life and I think I have a decent idea of what is normal.  I have been with two men who are very large. (more than 8 inches.) I have been with about three who are large enough to make me really notice. (say between 7 and 8 inches). All the others seem to be roughly "normal". I have heard many men who will claim to be 8 inches on the internet, but in real life I find very few men are that big. My rxperience is that 5 or 6 inches is about normal. I have been with a few men who are smaller than average but it did not seem like it made any difference other than how it looks.

If I made a list of the things that attract me to a man, his penise size would be pretty far down the list. I will say that a much bigger than average penis can be a real turn on, but otherwise I  never even think about his measurements. I do love it if he can hit my cervix sometimes during intercourse, but that has more to do with my monthly cycle and our ability to move together rather than his length. I have found that a thick penis can be uncomfortable. I think larger women may like thickness especially if they have already had children. I am thin and I still have fairly tight vaginal muscles, I have been uncomfortable a few times with men who are thicker than average.

I usually do not have an orgasm during intercourse so I especially like a guy who is willing and able to perform oral sex well.

 Some men have been able to bring me to orgasm during intercourse by how he moved his pelvis against my clitorus. The motion of his hips and the personal and emotional connection is what matters during intercourse. I really like oral sex before intercourse. A good lover is a guy who can make me feel relaxed and who knows that his toungue and hip movement will matter a lot more than if his penis is 4, 5 or 6 inches.

 If a guy has a really large cock it does matter. I once was avoiding a man who had started flirting with me until a friend of mine told me she knew he has a very large dick. She joked about it being huge. I found myself thinking about what it might be like and when he started flirting again I found myself flirting back. He is one of the two men I mentioned who is very large. I never measured, but my guess is 8 or even 9 inches. I was very turned on by the sight and feel of his big cock. I would stroke it and suck it while masterbating myself to orgasm. I never was able to enjoy intercourse with him. His cock was too thick to easily slide into me. His dick never got as hard as most other men. It would bend when he pushed. He could get it into me, but never with any real thrusting.

 I have since been with one other guy who is that big and his cock is the same. It just does not get really hard.  I still get turned on just thinking about how big it looks and its rubber like feel, but intercourse was not good. I prefer an average size hard cock hung on a guy with a soft touch.
3800 July 7, 2006

Ms B:
I have read comments by men who notice other guys genitals in a locker room. I think its important to say that how large a guys dick is when he is not excited has nothing to do with how big it gets when it is hard.

Some men are nearly full size even when they are not aroused. Black men have a reputation of large dicks as do southern mediteranian men.  Men from cold places such as Germany often look smaller in a locker room.

No matter if they are two inches or 6 inches while not erect, they all grow to about the same size when they get hard. I think big hanging cocks look nice in the shower, but once aroused it turns out that all men are  created equal.

Of course some are more equal than others :)

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