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3701 May 29, 2006

Cute Guy:
I am 37 years old...been with over 200 women, have a
6 1/4 length 5 girth penis. Penis size is important
to everyone...even gay women, but only because they are theones laughing the hardest. I have just recently started to lenghten and enlarge my penis, why...I prefer it to be...and I am curios to see if it can be done. Women, pleae it took me so f*****g long to figure out myself. Yes, in my experience and never ending questioning of women a bigger penis is preffered and feels better...I have been told girth over length....but you already knew that. It is not so much that women want bigger...just not small. Proably 7-8 range woman will be very content with and if they are looking for a medium term relationship they wil not look to dump you for 8, 9, 10, 11 inches...but if you have 3, or 4, maybe 5 then she may..just may be looking for a bit bigger...even though you are skilled in everything else. That idiot who said that a woman can pass a 8 pound baby thru her vagina, yea duh we are talking about pleasure not childbirth pain moron. Bigger is preffered, 7 inches most likely bit on the thick side. BUT what she really wants sexually is stay in shape so you can become very erect for her..last as long as she wants (and yes guys can last an hour or more, we just have to concentrate ido it all the time)take instruction, use your hands mouth tounge till she cums till her little hearts content. NEVER HIT HER. A litle spanking hair pulling nipple bitting you will like and so will she. Anal sex slowly at first then you can pound her hard, but let it be her idea and take it slow. She has to feel comfortable and safe with you....and guys..in my experience..you must become, and listen good here..you have to become, I'm not kidding her..the best kisser dhe ever will have. I have literally had women fall into my bed arms drop down and blow. run like a water fall, could not take her eyes off me. from my kissing. Last everyone lighten up, yea you can talk about it..try to increas penis size...but don't stop living, having sex, making out with that woman, laughuing, eating, drinking...you can do both.
3702 May 29, 2006

So Break it down to me ladies. What is the starting length for good penis size?
3703 May 29, 2006

In regards to Ashleys Post:

"It is how it is used, and who is using it.  Plus, some of you guys on here don't sound very manly...and what I mean is...stop whining about your size and dominate her world.  If you take control of the situation(don't ask her where she wants to go out for dinner or fun, you choose, don't call her 4 times a day ect) she will be into you a lot more.  And by the time you hit the sheets, she won't really care what you have...cause you have already demonstrated you are man.  However, if you are a needy, clingy guy who seems so concerned over every little thing, that is a big turn off. See, you need to dominate our minds.  We love to be seduced, and dominated.  So be the man, don't give a damn.  Don't hurt us, or be abusive...but just be confident and incharge.  Once you have showed a woman's mind you are the man, even if you are small she will already have that manly image of you burned into her brain, and size will mean nothing...unless you are less than 3 inches.  And if you keep this manly image up, and don't start calling her 3 times a day even when you are officially together...we will fall in love...and love is what makes a woman orgasm.  Women that are married, and don't are missing a link some place...a link of love.  Because once you feel 100% connected to that person, without any contact...when you begin to even have the least little bit, that will drive you wild.  A penis and vagina just make the final connection and the highest level.  Good luck guys.

Ashley you are bang on!!!  Guys, look up David Dengangelo on the net and download his ebook!  it's worth the purchase.  Most guys are clingy and needy, and act like women.  Guys, FEMININE IS ATTRACTED TO MASCULINE!!!  Be a man for fuck sakes, and stop being wimps who are so concerned about everything your girl thinks!  Most guys think when I get all the women I'll be the man.  It really goes like this, be the man first and the ladies will come.  FEMININE IS ATTRACTED to MASCULINE!!!  Burn that on your brains and stop paying attention to those stupid FEMANAZIS!  women deserve equal rights and pay, but when it comes to courting, it's male dominate female.  Some women deny this, but they know deep inside they'd love to be dominated by a loving MAN.  Peace Out.
3704 May 29, 2006

saving private ryan:
Men are nice, big or small,a long as they cuddle you,love you,are there for you,touch you nicely,ask you how you like to be touched,and angle right. I find men over seven inches to be too painful, not all that enjoyable .I am married to a wonderful man so I havent had anyone else since the marrage and wouldn't want to.Why get married if you want to play around? A nice girl doesn't .He(hubby) is about five and a half inches long and about five wide.I have had four kids vaginally, and have allways done pelvic floor exercises to tighten up, which allways worked.We feel each other really well ,so I wish guys would stop putting down wommen who have had vaginal births.My labias are long and pouty and that feels nice going up and down on his shaft.I put hydrozole cream on them once which shrunk them .This was bad as I did loose the nice sensation of having bigger minora,so I quickly stretched them till they were big again. I think any woman who doesnt do pelvic floor exercises is lazy and should not put the blame on a man.I do admit that I havn't ever had a man under five inches so I cant comment on that.
      I know a woman who left her husband for a man with a bigger penis and I can honestly say she is one of the most HORRABLE wommen that I have ever met.
   thats all folks!,jenna
3705 May 29, 2006

HELL YEAH SIZE MATTERS I cant beleive anyone would say size doesnt make a difference Im 43 yrs old  the size of a cock makes an incredible differance I got married when i was 19 and still married to him my husband has a average to small cock 4 1/2" long and 4 3/4" around we are both small people im 4'10" 90lbs hes 5'5" 125lbs hes always been concerened about his size i had no idea why then one day he asked if i prefered a bigger cock i told him the truth no i didnt really understand why i would and asked why he was so conserened about it hed always had asked me if he was big enough and i felt he was just fine he told me when he was in school in the showers the guys always had bigger ones his was always the smallest and that he felt inadaquite i hugged him and told him i loved him and told him i felt a bit intimadated durring my school years as well always and still having very small breast 32 A cup he told me he loved my breast and we both enjoyed that comforting moment about our insecuritys my husband told me about this site about a year ago and we would read it togeather and still do i think ive read it start to finish 20 x's and always cheack to see new coments and look to see if ed will ever do the test on insertion of lenth and girth to give his data anyways I did start to dream about a bigger man that would give me a full feeling or more so wondered just how much i could handel in my little body how much pain it might be how much it would hurt how good  or much better it might feel I finaly told my husband I did start to fantasys about a bigger cock his first question was how bigg i was hesatant to disclose my self more not wanting to make him feel insecure  so i just said probly a fat one he got a wild gleem in his eyes and pulled out his erect cock i stroked it and we kissed he asked alot thicker than this little thing huh sexy i smilled and said oohhh yeah as i began to suck him off he said that he wanted to see me do it and try different sizes and compare them to his and each others i pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked if he was sure that would be a good idea and wouldnt get mad he said well i want to try a larger set of boobs i just sucked him till he shriveled up he got on his jeans and we set out to a bar that night and found a couple that seemed quite drunk and happy go lucky they were younger than us in there late 20's the girl was 5'8" tall skinny with nice C cups the guy was 6'2" medium built i was flirting with the guy and footsyed the girl under the table she asked me if i wanted to dance we got up and did a little girl on girl grind while the guys drooled i told her she and her husband were fun she smilled and said we made the night funner than usuall that they came there regularly but never made any freinds i told her we lived near by but never been there before she was shooked that we were as old as we where and said she thought i was her age i think i turned so red i was purple she comented how little and sexy i was we started to grind harder i said i bet my husband getting hard watching your huge tits she laught and said my husbands definently hard looking at you wanting to fuck your hot little body i laugh saying hes probly to big she laugh asking why i thought that i said my husdands the only guy ive ever been with she laugh asking so you think my mans got a bigger one huh i laugh saying probly hes alot taller and thicker she asked again are you serious you never been with another man nope i said she asked have you ever seen a bigger one only on the computer she laugh and said your husband would probly kill you if he knew you was looking at big cocks on the computer I said no we look at porn sites together all the time she asked he dosent get made when you are looking at a huge cock no he just asks what i think and what do you tell him the truth that i wonder how it would feel in me and he says the same when he sees huge tits how it would feel or taste she said for me to hold on and ran to the table and grabed my husbands hand and she started to slow dance with him even though it was a slow song they kept a fast pace next thing i knew her husband was grinding behind me i could feel a huge lump in his pants that was much bigger than i was use to grinding into my belly he was so tall i just looked straight up into his eyes smiling all of us danced with the others partner the whole night we even sat next to the others partner it was weired in the since it didnt feel weird my husband whispered into my ear asking how i was doing i said i was having soo much funn he said he was to he asked if i thought it might be a good choice i asked what he meant he said do you think he has a big one i smilled and said well it felt alot bigger than yours through his pants if thats what you mean i was suprised i just said it like that and he looked shooked at my bluntness he smilled releiving me of any damage my coment could had made we were all drunk my husband looked over to shane and said so my wife said your cock felt through your jeans alot bigger than mine the guy looked like he seen a ghoast looking at his wife and my husband his wife quikly said well theres only one way to find out when in doubt whip it out my husband said well i guess your right we were in a booth at the back of the club the guys where on the out side of the booth and we said they go on the inside I got on the out side sitting next to shane and she was sitting next to my husband they began to take down there jeans and i could see an unfamiluar bulge in shanes underwere i reached down pulling out a huge hard cock my husband was already out he was smiling jill smilled saying i guess my mans alot bigger than your man your right i couldnt let go of his cock my husband said dam hes big i said no hes huge hes way bigger than yours hunny my husband said do you think it will fit i said rubbing shanes huge cock and body well i bet hes strong enough to make it fit my husband said i love to see that i said id love to feel it my pussy  jill suggested we go to there house that they had a king size bed as we walked out i grabed my husband and said what are you thinking he said at how your going to get off of that big cock i shreeked its not big its huge my husband asked are you excited to fuck that huge cock i said more than ever i was so horney on the way following them i sucked him off when we got to there place we went into the bed room and everyone removed there clothing looking at jill i felt the intimidation factor of her bubble butt and huge tits poking towards us and i could see the incredible diffrence in size that my husband must have felt shame being so tinny compared to shanes huge cock shane stroked his cock and i laid on the bed telling my husband to get me ready for that huge cock we havent had sex for nearly a month so i know i was tight as hell and wanted to be a little ready for that huge cock my husband said just take him hunny i said but hes so big help me get ready i love you dont you wanna be first he said i was the first you ever had know i get to watch you fuck the biggest youve ever had i looked at shanes massive pole it was fucking thick jill asked if i wanted to meassure the guys to compare my husband got meassured first a little under 4 1/2" long jill giggled my husband asked if she ever fucked one his size she said when she was 11 1/2 the little boy next door was had little one i giggled asking how it was she smilled and said well i guess it was good i still love sex all of us laught she then measurred him around and it was 4 3/4" around she smilled and told me it was my turn to measure her man i grabed the tape meassure hands all shaky and held it in place the head was so freakin huge it was like 5 x'S the size of my husbands as i meassured the lenth coming in at 8 3/4" long i gasped trying to figure out how much longer wooow WOW HOLY SHIT 4 1/4" longer shit thats almost 2 X's what ive been enjoying i looked at my hubby screaming how much longer he was my husband had a open mouth look on his face then came the real wow 7 1/4" around wow wow yikes and the head was even bigger at 8" around my husband looked very intimidated i felt bad and kissed him deeply asking if this was ok to do he said he was so horny that he would die if i didnt fuck that huge dong i laid back and shane went to eat me my husband said just fuck her i cant handle it i screamed that i needed some help he said the only help youll gett is my guiding hand and with that his hand guided this massive pole towards my wet horny hole i felt the head press hard and firm at the opening i could feel a stronger bigger man on top with alot more stregth holding over me he lowered his lips to mine i reached up and kissed him as he sucked on my toung and rose up pressing harder and harder into my narrow opening i jumped sky ward away but he held me inplace pressing with great power streaching me out wow wow ohhh damm is this pain or pleasure im feeling i screamed everone was laughing jill screamed no its a big cock hunny and its about to open you up like youve never been she got on her back next to us pulling my husband towards her i could tell he went in in an instant like i take him but knew it was much easyer for her big pussy to inhale i started to understand the feeing of being streached out this cock was so thick compared to my husbands i was contorting my body to accomadate his huge cock my little body looked like a little girl compared to a big daddy dong definatly bigger than what my daddy had lol this was intense and my first real orgazm exploded and i felt crazy shaking and tingly all over needing a second but unable to stop his strong body from having his way with me i know i said i needed to stop for a second my husband said i think she needs a rest but shane just pounded away i could tell there was more to be taken shane looked at me and kissed my mouth so deep his toung felt like it was trying to reach his cock to give it a lick i was so turned on i just wanted to rest of him i pushed him back up from the kiss and liked my lips with that he pushed in deeper screaming how fucking tight this little bitch is and how he was going to split me in two i felt a weird feeling th
at hurt like he was reentering my pussy it hurt but he was just going deeper i began to have an in credible orgasm as he pounded really fast entering me all the way i lost my self so many times i lost track my hasband asked while i was getting the fuck of my little life how it was i had no control and just said it was the best x's a billion so its alot better than mine he asked i said dont be silly hunny you cant compare to him i was so over sexed i didnt have any though process of how to control what to said he must have figured he had me on a human lie detector he asked what was going through my mind i said huge cock getting more of this awsome man he asked what i thought of our new freind i said i love him so freiken much he feels so perfect in me i was fuck all night by shane we all slept in the bed togeather me and shane as a couple and my husband and jill as a couple we are a sharing couples team swaping eachothers lovers its been 11 monthes and i wouldnt trade them for anything it was hard when my daughter found out about everything but its all worked out and we are very happy " yes a thicker longer cock will make a differance trust me "WOW WHAT A DIFFERANCE
3706 May 30, 2006

hi everyone. i like this site but its hard to get through all the comments.when i was 14 my friends and i had a size contest so i think boys think about size from a young age. the bad part was i came in second to last and all the girls at school ended up being told about it in detail. that reputation followd me to senior year!
3707 May 30, 2006

jack hammer:
Melanie vs. Fargo...especially interesting verbal intercourse.
In my opinion...Fargo screwed her deeper than she has ever been screwed (in the gaping anus that IS her psyche). She is an up-front slut who can only be pleased by total domination (up to and including injury) of her genitals and will keep moving to the next bigger penis...husband, family, all else be damned! She has a perverse desire for fleshly domination by those who could care less about her (and her poor children if she was ever capable of having them) and USES her dopey husband to chase her insatiable fantasy. She freely admitted that, and chided NORMAL men with NORMAL penises and NORMAL liveswith the "you can still get women you just have a small penis" taunt that fully reveals her insecurity. This goat-titted jism drunk gutter slut has no respect for real men whatsoever.
Personally, my penis is 7" and thick as a beer can and my wife tells me to take it slow and smooth and I respect her wishes and she orgasms every time...but I HAVE encountered the size queens and for sure they are daffy, screwed up hairbrain bimbos.
3708 May 30, 2006

I know most women are not like me, but actually I prefer small penises over large ones. I'm not sure why, but I just see them as more attractive. So to all of you guys who are totally obsessed with your small penises: RELAX! Not all women require a big-dicked guy to be happy.
3709 May 30, 2006

Isn't just amazing that so much can be said for so long about dicks.  While singing the praises of a large penis coupled to a large ego, let us not forget that the sexual capacity of women is vastly superior. From my experience I believe they achieve sensations which we guys don't come anywhere near. A women in her prime & that will probably be in her mid thirties can screw three men to exhaustion over a night. I witnessed this on a few occasions - I find her capacity just beautiful to think about, and I also find the comparison of my lesser capacity a great feeling.
   I didn't always thing this way & like a lot of guys I was good at pretending to be something or feeling that i should convey a certain image.  I find it liberating to compare my average capacity with her superior strengths - this awareness is so erotic. The image of a guy who is more muscular than me & bigger bringing women to greater heights than I can also is a fantastic idea.
   I guess this is not main steam thinking, but I'm quite happy with it. I wonder do others have similar feelings
3710 June 1, 2006

It's apparent that the lengthy comments are a load of bullshit. What logic is there in posting some fictional porno story? It's clearly a fetish for guys that get turned on by "penis humiliation". Since most men aren't above 7 inches, of course these stories are made to "hit a nerve". This site is pure propaganda. Why would multiple studies come up with around the same average? Yet, your site says they're doing this to make men "feel better". Your "male nurse study" is the most unprofessional and unreliable source I have ever seen in an arguement. I'm about average in size. None of my girlfriends ever cared. One cried because I dumped her and she pleaded for me to take her back. Penis size can't have that much effect on a relationship.
3711 June 1, 2006

I wana know wat a sister feel like whats a good size start from da leats inch you like and da limit. white and spanish may answer to im just more interested in the ebony female opinion since thats all around me
3712 June 1, 2006

my wife and i have been married for several years i asked her about size prefrence and after awhile she confesed to enjoying a guy that was much larger than mine when she was 13yrs old and the guy was her moms best freinds son she said it was very thick compared to my {6 3/4"long 5" around } the guys was over 8" long she didnt know the width she said that she just had good sex and lots of fun but never gave it real thought just knowing he had a big one and liked it she said that she enjoys sex with me ive suggested watching her have her way with a big one she just laugh and said she didnt know about that i asked if she prfered a bigger one she said its nice to feel a fatter cock with lenth but said shes fine with my size i do agree that a bigger cock will feel better for a woman who enjoys one but i dont think its nessary at the same time i dont think its wrong for a woman to only date or marry a well hung man if thats what she needs to feel satisfied i find it bad that people think a girls a slut just cause she likes a big cock
3713 June 3, 2006

Women spend so much more money trying to be beautiful than they do on making the world a better place and you think the odd inch on your penis is an issue.

Why are we so hung up on our cocks?  Jeez - read any woman's survey - the size of your package doesn't make the top ten of things women want to take from you.

And don't ask how you compare to previous lovers - they have to lie - wouldn't you if they asked you whether they had a better pussy, tits or ass to your previous lovers.
3714 June 3, 2006

I'm 6 inches.   I'll take on any female who has had much larger with no fear, and I have.   I work it hard, and take my time, and stay tuned to what they like, and as a result, I've found that they are just as please with me as those big dump cocks they have had in the past.   It's all an issue of confidence, not size.   And for the girls who only prefer a big one, nothing wrong with that.  And it's not really a personal attack on us small guys.   Just be confident, get your technique down, and make them feel good.   Be selfless and make sure they enjoy it.
3715 June 3, 2006

Yes, giant labia - it just looks gross to me. Who wants to see giant labia hanging out?
Sometimes a nice shaven pussy with just a little labia showing is nice looking. I certainly prefer shaved - it looks so hot, so exposed. A really skinny woman with hardly no labia (even outer labia) is not attractive to me at all. A little plumpness to the outer labia is nice.
I do like a very big clit, though. I think a bigger clit is attractive. I like being able to see the clit nestled between the lips - visible and protruding slightly. Some women's clits are exposed all the time - others, you can only see when they are spread. It's like...the most private part of their body....and yet you can see it.
I remember reading about a woman who was considering trying out a clothes-optional beach, or naturist beach - but she said that when she becomes aroused - her clit sticks out from between her lips and is visible. She was afraid that if she saw an attractive man - she would become aroused - and her clit would come out and everyone would see it. But, she was assured by responses from other naturists, that there were all sorts of different-looking bodies - and that is was really no big deal.
I have seen pictures of women on nude beaches - not in a "spread" position or anything - yet you could see their clits.
I guess overall - I'm grossed out by really big, hanging out labia. I'm also grossed out by a really big bush. (wish a really big hairy bush - you can't see anything - it just looks gross). I am also grossed out by a teeny, tiny little pussy - with no lips at all...just a clit. Although I really like to see the clit - when there is no pussy there at all - it doesn't look attractive to me. I like a good average pussy lips - with a big clit.

And of course - if you add piercings to the clit - I like that, too.
3716 June 3, 2006

Additionally, women are attracted to what they first see, now your toilet dweller.   Furthermore, if she gets past the initial attraction and grows to like you or love you, I'm sure your dick won't matter.
Finally, if she so hung up on your cock, then she never really liked or loved you to begin with, and all it means is that you should dump her, and know that you that much closer to finding "the one" who is for you.
3717 June 3, 2006

Been married for ten years my wife says my size is fine 5' but theres been times she has talked about seeing my friends big penis 8" (strip poker)          my wife has been with 13 men before me and she said only one was smaller  before she measured my penis she thought I was only 4" hope she didnt tell any of her friends
3718 June 3, 2006

Ben Folsom:
I agree to some extent.  I have been enlarging my penis for 6 months.  It works and size matters.  I use equipment such as http://www.mynewsize.com It works if you give it some effort.  I've tried pills and snake oils, but that's a load.  Who doesn't want a bigger penis?
3719 June 4, 2006

Im zach, Im 22 and I have a 12 inch cock. With balls the size of tennis balls. And im here to say that there are more white men who have bihher cocks than black men. Even if a black man is big there usually not thick like white meat.
3720 June 4, 2006

4,25 x 4:
I really like size/pleasure graph. I would like to addd however that IMO opinion once a woman a adapts to a really huge penis and proving the is able to adapt average just won't do.

There are some women who can barely handle an average penis especially when it comes to length. Others get a pleasure and a complete satisfaction only from a very large penis that hits all the spots at once.

Being small taught me that size matters to most of the women I have known. My wife cheats on me with a man who is 10.5 and so thick that she can fit him into her mouth when he is fully hard.

Over the years and after 2 children her vagina has adapted to his huge penis and though I turn her on more than he does the pleasure his huge penis gives her cannot be matched by anything I do. I also credit her ease of child birth to his penis and their marathon sex sessions as it stands now she can barely feel my penis even when I ride her high and when she's on top of me my patheitic worm keeps falling out. I'm just glad I enjoy the humiliation.
3721 June 5, 2006

lil schmekel:
am i the only one who is not only small, but also loves to be teased about it? i guess its from being teased about it to my face from (mean, not all) women that lead me to develop this as a coping device...any input is welcome, either email or myspace.
3722 June 5, 2006

ok 2nd time i have stumbled across this page via bordum and i want and NEED to say to all you under 25 morons, THE<------ ONLY PEOPLE THAT CARE ABOUT DICK SIZE IS???-------> wait a minute, wake up first.. WAKE UP YOU BITCHES.............PORNOGRAPHY COMPANIES AND INSECURE MEN........ money rules bitches if they make you think you need somthing you dont have, there going to sell that shit subliminaly or blatantly.. GET A CLUE......... THE MARKET RULES, NOT DICK SIZE..... drop muthafucking society. email your superior
3723 June 7, 2006

People are different. I KNOW for a fact, that some women  find large dicks painful, and some can't come unless you're large. Most women don't care, but SOME DO.

In my youth, I found out I was big. I didn't know until girls told me. Was engaged to the girl of my dreams in my 20's. She was prim & proper, little sexual experience. She liked my size. Every guy want's to win his girl over (mind & body), so I was happy. What I didn't know, was this church-going beauty-queen southern belle type fiancee I had had a run-in with the buiilding's contracted "handyman". He was a tall, bulky black man of about 55. Everybody that had ever seen me said I'm huge, but I'm not. I've SEEN huge-- on the handyman. Came home to our place to surprise her for lunch, with flowers in my hand-- like a sap...  They hadn't even made it to the couch. I opened the door and there the huge guy was, on the floor, inside my fiancee, and -- geez, monstrous doesn't begin to describe it. Dick & balls both were just impossibly huge. And of course, I was just in time: suddenly it looked like his dick was breathing-- and he came inside her (a horrible sight). And my relativ!
 ely petite fiancee was not in pain, but was continually coming and howling like a banshee.

I do have a point: being big almost always makes sex easier to get and makes it easier to be good at it. But if you're big, and you find a girl that likes you for your size, DUMP her. There are some real MONSTERS out there, and unless you're one of them, you'll eventually loose her.
3724 June 8, 2006

little dick:
i have a small penis my wife loves it she also loves me when she first saw my penis she laughed.I dont last very long about 6mins at the most so she just gets other men for longer satifaction i dont mind as a leats i get to have sex with her.
3725 June 9, 2006

I think size matters to some and it may not matter to others. You can be with one girl who loves your size and shape and be with another who is not satisfied. But any woman who says 9 inches is not enough is full of shit. But Hey, that is her choice. I am average and my girl is satisfied.
3726 June 9, 2006

OK as far as penises go...Size alone doesn't matter. I've had 2 big penis experiences. The 1st was a guy who's penis was very large (sorry I don't "measure" the guys I've dated) but it was ugly, and bent, and the head had a big "open" pee hole. His balls hung down and were really lopsided. I liked the guy, but his penis was a major turn off. The second big penis experience was a guy I loved, and almost married. There were some issues and it a was a tough decision. His penis was a part of it. It always seemed to carry an odor. His semen smelled very strong too! It was very hairy too even half way up the shaft. The stubble was worse!

I'm currently dating a really great guy with a much smaller penis (sort of chubby) but it is absolutely gorgeous! I love it immensely! And I love sex with this guy any way he wants it! The skin is so soft, and his balls are a nice tight package made for licking and caressing. I had thought I hated uncircumcised men but this one is just yummy :)
3727 June 10, 2006

Shit for brains... more stoned than anything:
So.. I've come to discover through out the years that I've been genetically fortunate to have a 'larger' than average penis...

for some reason.. I've been very interested in determining my 'size'... I think that is a male thing indeed..

I'm 28 and have been with 8 women in my life... as far as my measurements I'm roughly 7 1/2 in length and about 5 1/2 in girth... (ie around not wide)

First thing... large doesn't equate to confidence... everyone I slept with said I was the best and the biggest and loved fucking me... but I didn't believe it so it never really had an affect on my ego... mainly because I didn't think very highly of myself during that time in my life... I knew I had a knack at 'sex' but I'd never attributed it to size... recently I've been kind of 'turned on' by the fact that I've got a decent sized dick but it won't go much further than a turn on... bascially what I'm saying is that I don't feel like being a cocky guy cuz I have a big dick and all that...

Secondly.... women exagerate size cuz by and large they are smaller than men and men exagerate size cuz that's what we do with everything that involves or includes us as individuals... men are 'ego' embelishment seekers... that just who we are and it's neather right nor wrong.. it just is..

I've been with women who, after a great 'session' say 'can I measure it?'... I typically comply and the results vary... I've watched one X measure with a ruler and get 9'and she was thrilled.. I've had another measure and get 8'... etc etc... I've had some say it's really 'fat'... saying it's got to be 7 inches around and so on... bottom line is they were all wrong...

I'm about 5'8" in height so I try to date girls shorter than me so a majority of them are between 5 and 5'6".. except my current girlfriend is 5'10"... so she's a bit taller than me... but anyway... women see things as larger because in general they are smaller than a man... to put in context.. I'm a lurchey person meaning I have really long arms and big hands... for some odd reason I can palm a pro baskett ball... can't dunk though (shit..) ... so in terms of hand size... most girls can't wrap thier fingers all away around my dick... but that doesn't mean it's 7 inches around...

In terms of length my current girlfriend is the only girl where I haven't bottomed out... actually, from time to time, I've had problems sleeping with half the women I've been with because 'it' wouldn't fit in there at the time... but that's my fault due to not enough foreplay I think...

Granted a bigger than average cock does have it's advantages but frankly this whole size thing is a strange primordial barrier between those who can't help but compare themselves to others and some who have discovered that comparision is a waste of time...

Sex is a small portion of our lives... it's a great portion but it's far 'too' important to us...

But I'm a wierdo... I really don't think about sex alot... I try to occupy my time with other things that seem to add to my addiction for self advancement and improvement... I explore my curiousity about the world instead of day dreaming my days away about big boobs and tight asses... don't get me wrong I love that shit... but seriously... to base a large amount of my emotional well being and level of self worth upon the measurements of my cock is fucking idiotic...

Wake the fuck up... sex is a part of us.. but far to often it's the very thing that desroys you... people need to get alot more confident and comfortable with saying 'Fuck it...' more often... and stop caring about all this senseless dumb shit...

When I stopped thoroughly analyzing my life under my own narrow microscope of expectaions and lofty but misguided abmitions, women began to find me 'interesting' and more attractive... it wasn't because I flaunted a cock around... that's just fucking stupid... but it's because I found a place where that kind of bullshit didn't have power over me...

Not giving a shit about what others think is a powerful and attractive thing....

Women don't marry men for thier dicks... maybe some... but most don't... most will admit that bigger is better... but that doesn't mean a fucking thing really.... You have to have sex with thier minds... you have to be the drug they need and likewise... you have to be thiers too... sex is one part and if you run into someone who thinks it's much more important than that don't be surprised if that relationship doesn't work out...

Stop being so fucking obsessed with sex and maybe you'll really start realizing what it means to be alive...

Dredfully yours,


p.s.: I believe the averages are a bit exagerated on this site... I think average lenght is between 5 1/2 and a little over 6 inches... and average girth is between 4.25 and close to 5 inches... that's just my take.. but I think it's accurate according what I've read and experienced... cuz a 8 inch dick is really big and a girth of 6 is really big too so to exceed that is a rarity ... probably less than 5% or smaller..
3728 June 11, 2006

my penis is 7 X 5 inches but loats of girls think its bigger i think most men must lie or something
3729 June 11, 2006

average guy:
I just wanted to say that i found this site and i agree with some of the "facts" it puts forth but i disagree some. I am a white male with a penis size of 5 3/4 in length and i'm about 1 1/2 inches in width. I am just about average. I will give you some background on me. I have been with a bunch of different women - white, black and asian in different sex acts - threesomes, orgies, swingers, you name it. I can say in my experiences asian women have by far the tightest vaginas you will find. White women are much much looser than asian women, and black women vaginas are like caverns compared to asian women. I always hit bottom in asian women. I never done so in white or black women. I really think that racial genetics play a role in this. smaller asian vagins are meant to fit the asian penises and the larger black man is to fit the larger black vagina. I do think that white womens vaginas aren't as good fit though with the white man or asian men. They are usually much looser and are better fitted when with a black man. All you gotta do is look around and you see more and more white women getting with black men. The more they find out about the black man the more us white guys will be out of luck. I have been envolved in orgies and threesomes with people of different races and this fact bears out. For sheer pleasure the best sexual fit for white guys is the asian girl. WOW, their vaginas fit us perfectly. Steer clear of black women because unless your absolutely huge it's really hard to fill them up and satisfy them (at least with your penis). If your a black man generally you will be a great fit with white and black women, but stay away from asian women as i have seen many asian women in pain while having intercouse with black males. Black guys are usually way too big for it to be very pleasarable for them.  In short this is how i see it - asian men - stick with asian women, stay clear of white women and never even get near black women cause if your the average asian you won't do anything for them. Black men - You fit best with the black female but you also will "fit" the white female well too. Stay clear of the asian women (you are most likely too much for them). White men - Stick with asian women they are the best "fit" for you. White women & Black women are usually looser and not as good a "fit". Although take this with a grain of salt so to speak as this pertains the average white, black and asian guys. There are small black guys and huge asian and white guys out there. Any opinions on this?
<<QUOTED POST FROM APRIL 29, 2006 BY average guy.

Ye, I have an opinion on your post. While there are always many exceptions to generalising, you are overall correct in a general sense. It was unorganised the way you put it though.
Basically you are saying:
Asian women vagina size-most are small (some average.
White women vagina size-most are average (some small, some big.)
Black women-most are big (some average.)
Asian men penis size-most are small (some average.)
White men penis size-most are average (some small, some big.)
Black men-most are big(some average).
Your rules are a good guideline to go by, but shouldn't be considered all inclusive. There are exceptions. For instance, you say for Asian men to stay clear of black women. Looking at the chart, that I added to clarify things, it's clear you are correct most of the time about that matchup, but not always. For while Asian men are usually small, there are some that are average size, and while black women are usually big, there are some average size. So an average size Asian man and an average size black woman can get together for good sex that will fit her well enough. I say well enough, since an average penis hookup with an average vagina is a good match, but it's not optimal.It would be better to put it on her with a big dick, or at least a somewhat bigger than average dick. The chances of an average size Asian man hooking up with an average size black woman are not high, since most black woman are not average, and most Asian men are not average. Add to this cultural differences and they aren't likely to get together at all. Cultural differences added to the Asian dick size vs black vagina size differences is why it's very rare to see an Asian man with a black woman.
3730 June 12, 2006

I have to agree with the author of this site.  Size definitely does matter.  I'm a 30 year old white fag with a very skinny dick that, on its best day, can get as big as 4 inches when hard. It's usually between 3.5 and 4 inches when hard.  My balls are quite tiny as well.  When I was a young kid in junior high school, it was mandatory to shower after gym class.  I remember being so afraid to get undressed in front of everyone else to shower.  The first time I did, I hid myself with my hands.  Though I did not realize yet that I was gay, I also looked to see what the other guys had hanging.  Everyone else was bigger than me but some of the guys were really huge, even at that age.  There were 3 black guys that were the biggest and two white guys (both jocks) that were really big but a little smaller than the black guys. The size of these 5 guys provoked a strange feeling in me.  I was turned on!

 That day when I went home from school I was so horny I could not wait to get into my bedroom to jerk off.  While I was stroking my little dick, I was not thinking of girls like the other guys my age did.  Rather, I was fantasizing about those 5 guys big dicks.  I imagined myself in that shower with them.  I was on my knees and they all stood around me.  I was hard as a rock as I imagined myself holding their big penis' with one hand while I wrapped my lips around their cock heads and sucked hard.  I shot my own load when I imagined that one jock, which used to bully me all the time, shot his sperm into my mouth.  This was all very new to me and it turned me on immensely.

 The impetus behind the excitement that I experienced that day was the fact that they had such big dicks (and that they were much bigger than me made me feel extremely girly).  The first dick that I sucked for real was my friends. We were watching a porn movie at my house but he did not know that I was gay at the time.  We were both very horny (him from watching the girl in the movie and me from watching the big dicks) and we both had the overwhelming urging the jerk off.  We were both pretty shy about jerking off in front of each other but, because I wanted to see his dick, I said to him that I would jerk off if he would to.  I talked him into it by assuring him nobody else was home or due home for hours and we would not get caught.  We both got our dicks out and started masturbating ourselves.  He was getting hot and said he wished he had someone there to suck him like the girl in the movie was sucking the men.  He was always a bit of a sissy and I suspected that he might be gay as well so I said to him that if he was ok with it, I would suck his dick for him.  He was shocked that I offered to suck him off but he was really horny and after a few minutes he accepted my offer.

 I stood up from the couch and knelt in front of him.  I took his cock, which was about 5 inches long, and slowly placed my lips around the head.  I was so excited!  I felt as if I had jolts of electricity going through my body. I could taste his slightly salty precum on the underside of his dick from his jerking off.  As I sucked him, I found out that he really was not gay in the least bit.  He took control of me and fucked my mouth like the men in the video did to the woman.  He was very manly about it.  Finally, after sucking his dick and licking his balls for about 15 minutes, he began pumping loads of thick, gooey sperm into my mouth.  The taste and texture was really unfamiliar but in my state of horniness, I swallowed his sperm right down.  Needless to say, our friendship changed drastically from that day forward.   He was always very shy around girls and, therefore, did not get too far with them and since he liked the feeling of a warm wet mouth wrapped around his dick, I sucked his cock and ate his sperm many more times for the next 3 years.

The best sexual experiences that I've had have always been with very well hung men.  Big dicks are much, much more exciting to look at and hold.  Their weighty feel and the inability to wrap my entire hand around a big one makes me feel like I am with a real man. I like getting fucked but I prefer to suck men off.  There is just something about having a big, thick, rock hard, penis in my mouth and a large heavy set of nuts to lick and suck that turns me extremely girly.  Guys that are small (less than 7 inches) are completely out of the question for me.  They are too small and I don't want them.  The biggest dick I've sucked was just over 10 inches long and quit thick.  It made me feel very feminine to be on my knees sucking such a hot, young stud to an explosive cumshot that completely covered my tongue with its flavorful essence before I very willingly swallowed his entire load. 

It's not just the size of the cock that is of importance though.  The size of men's balls and the volume of sperm they shoot is important as well.  I love big balls!  If a man has big nuts, I can stuff them in my mouth and suck them and roll them around in my mouth for hours before returning to the dick to suck the warm, flavorful, gooey sperm from them..mmmm yummy!  I've also found, as a general rule that men with big balls cum a lot more as well.  This is very exciting because a man that can shoot huge loads of sperm into my mouth also makes me feel much more feminine. 

While I can't speak for everyone, I think the vast majority of gay's and women will agree with me that author of this site, at least in this fag's opinion,  is exactly correct in his conclusion that the size of men's cocks, balls, and cumshots does, in fact, matter very much.
3731 June 12, 2006

Ha ha!  Oh, how can I appreciate the irony of this website!  ...wait... they are serious?  No, how can they be?  If you replace every word 'woman' with 'prostitute', then OK.  But overgeneralized extrapolations and vivid imagery cannot be equated with facts.
If you did find a woman who bases their potential mate soley on penis size, I'd drop her like a superficial hot potatoe.
3732 June 12, 2006

my penis has always been a good size and since i really had nothing to compare to, i thought it was normal size.  turns out at 8.5 inches long and 6.75 girth it may be above average.  i have only been with a couple of women who thought it might be too big for them, one woman did claim she loved the girth but the length did hurt a bit... 
but i have seen on many web sites that there are bigger penises out there...  so to each thier own.
3733 June 12, 2006

to those who claim have big dicks.  BULL SHIT
3734 June 12, 2006

i think penis size is important to most women, some say its not, but most will agree that they want a large dick, im 7inches, and im very happy with my size. alot of girls tell me they love my penis and they think its very big, i think if your at least 6inches your ok with most women.
3735 June 13, 2006

Don't belive everything you hear. I used to feel inadiquit in size because it seemed that all of my friends had larger peni and I was average. Some of them where lying and the others knew what to do to get bigger. I have sence then learned enlagment exerceises and have seen great results.

As far as what women want, I was always confident that it didn't matter about my size even though I was average and so I never had any problems with having girlfriends and I injoyed a healthy sexlife anyway. I think confidence is what is most importaint in sexual attraction aside from romance and skill.

As for the women that prefer the larger phallus, thats fine, just don't get upset when the big guys  eventualy drop you for the young and tight!

Me, I am glad I have taken the time in my life to re-evaluate my sence of self and what I am seeking in a mate. If she dumps me for bigger and better, and no mater how big you are there will always be someone bigger, good bye! Better to find out what she is now then when and if I am layed off, sick, or in need of the support of someone who loves me for WHO I AM NOT WHAT I HAVE.

And can you realy belive what you read on thies blogs anyway? I mean, realy, these people who clame that all black guys are well endowed, and the posts who clame to be from "white women" saying I have solved my problem by selecting a mate of a different race, That just sounds so put on. And then all the anonyamous posts of "white guys" claming that they are so patheticly small and ashamed. Don't belive the hype! The truth is anyone who puts the initiative into it can change there size, think of the people streatching there earlobes, same thing!

Ah! gigs up, the secrets out. larger members will be more comenplace now. So now the "balls" back in your court Girls. Some of the exercises that men do are also benifical to women They help tighten and firm the vagina giveing greater sensation during sex and helps the whole sexual functioning.

I just like the way my girl feels when I fill her nicely and she moans loud. And then her eyes get big and she says "oh! you must be geting ready to cum, it feels so good!" YEA BABY!
3736 June 13, 2006

I am NOT a female, but I know that they like FAT cocks, long don't really matter. Sooo.. all you skinny little dicks like me, just go gay. smaller is better,,,,it fits nicely and don't HURT!
3737 June 13, 2006

My wife and I have been married for several years. I always knew that I was bigger than average atleast flacid, (lockerroom observation)  We decided to try the swinging sceen a bout 3 years ago.  It was very exciting.  We were older than most other couples but since we were very fit and youthful looking we always hooked up with younger couples.  One thing I was sure of was my wifes perfect brere with breasts, 34 DD's.  They were great ice breakers.  We were with 7 or 8 different couples, we even met a single young man for her once.  We finally quit the sceen because she could never cum with the other guys, she said she was to used too my big cock (7 3/4" X 6 7/8").  All the women I was with had multiple orgasms and really seemed to enjoy the size change.  This leads me to believe that size makes a difference.  And I also learned that I had great size from this experience.  My wife still cums very easily and hard with me, I sometimes miss the days when we played around.
3738 June 13, 2006

I am a 2.5 inch 19 year old and I think that penis size does matter.
3739 June 13, 2006

Average Joe:
Good Job Americans! You have breeded stronger negroes in the past so they have bigger, stronger children to do more slave work. Well now all that big-slave negroe breed evolved into NFL, NBA, Boxing and now this! Now they supposedly have bigger dicks than caucasians. Whatever the Fxck ever, most charts on internet indicate there isn't much difference in niggas and vanillas average size.
my size erect: 7 long x 5.1.25 around (i know it's fxckin small compared to the rest of these comments, o well fxck it, lol)
3740 June 13, 2006

Good on ya:
Post 3666 sounds quite realistic to me.  If that actually happened I will kiss my own arse.
3741 June 14, 2006

Wife Says:
In forming an opinion on all this big cock stuff it never hurts to have some first hand reliable information.
My wife has a girlfriend who was divorced 20 years ago and had several  men friends over the years until recently when she met her perfect match on one of the internet match up services.  She and my wife have been close, best friends for years, and I know that they share intimate details of their love lives because of things my wife tells me, although she usually only goes so far in relating this stuff to me. I always wonder what she tells her friend about me.
Anyway she told that the lovemaking her friend was experiencing was "something else" raising her eyebrows as she said so. Apparently her friend's new husband is the best lover she's ever had. Pressing the issue I got her to reveal that he's very well endowed,  has great endurance and is giving her orgasms like she never had before. Apparently he's a patient and attentive lover, never hurrying her and engaging in a lot of foreplay. Her friend says he has to be patient, since she has to be ready before he can penetrate. She couldn't handle his king size erections at first; it was too painful, but she now applies a vaginal estrogen treatment and uses lubricant, and can handle all of him. That makes her feel very "womanly". Again my wife repeated that same refrain I've read before here and elsewhere about big dicks from the women who like them: the feelings of deep penetration and fullness and the intercourse orgasms that many women only experience with a big dick. Apparently the first time they made love, and her friend saw and handled the big package, she said her breath was "taken away' and she was "putty" in his arms even though she experienced pain and wasn't yet able to handle all of it.
So there you have it. Sounds like a combination of psychological pre conditioning to a big cock that many women seem to have and at least for this woman the physical sensations that the big cock gives.
3742 June 14, 2006

matt scott:
i have a 10.5 penis im not happy with it the girls most of the time if not all the time they are scare but when i was like 14 to 15 i had a little 4 inch dick but im 24 now and i grew about 4 inch in one year from 17-18 i dont get i hate having that big a dick its a very loney size.
3743 June 14, 2006

I am a 28 year old red head and I have been dating since high school. I have been with a lot of guys since then and I am not usualy the one to stereotype but out of all the guys I have dated, the black guys usualy do have the biggest "YOU KNOW WHAT" but dont get me wrong because there are some white guys with big "YOU KNOW WHAT". Right now I am currently married to a real man. He does not have the biggest "YOU KNOW WHAT" but he realy knows how to use it. I think any man with a small "YOU KNOW WHAT" and can still give a women orgasms is a real man. My man is a brunet and 6 feet tall and has the cutest little smile and he is sooo strong, you should see his muscles.
3744 June 15, 2006

this is my first time on this site, and I find the post and diagrams intriguing.
there is a diversity- male and female, large endowed, small endowed, and those to whom size doesn't matter.
I can say , on the one hand, that while I'm fairly well endowed (8 1/2 -9" long, @6" girth erect).
I am also smaller statured (5'7 ,140#)-i'm privileged.
but on the other hand... pun NOT intended...
 it's NOT necessarily instant confidence.
When i was in my late teens and early 20's,I was REALLY shy about myself... particularily my endowment.
I began to see it as my self expression.
 A few years and many successive "relationships" later, I found myself  bitter and abandoned by a size-queen wife  and basically sleeping with ...um.. "more promiscuous " women.( I hate being PC on the PC, but oh well.)
all of whom wanted me just to say they did---fill in the blank (again, pun not inteneded).
I'm almost 40 years now, and have finally gotten my life back on track.. I'm in a very good relationship with a woman (35) who, while not too hot on the size thing, is patient and giving, and fulfills my needs, emotionally as well as sexually.
In other words.. it took me damn near forever to learn that the most important head is the one on my SHOU;DERS, and the one between my legs isn't designed for thinking.
3745 June 16, 2006

ive only had sex with 2 guys. my first boyfriend was always bragging about his size. and then my second was the sweetest guy. unfortunately, my second didnt have a good penis size. it was very disappointing. i never realized sex was so important til that experience. yES SIZE MATTERS.
3746 June 16, 2006

hey to all you loose sluts out there especially the cunt that said oh i only date blacks. here's a tip honey. don't go tellin the world you like huge guys only you just prove what a slut you really are. and another thing if your gonna judge a guy by the size of his dick you need to just go out to a barn and fuck a horse cuz your about worthless. i don't feel sorry for you at all it's people like you that make this world a horrible place to live. another thing i'm white and no i don't have 12" + i'de say i'm above average but i've been with dozens of women including black women and all have been more than satisfied. your pure scum bitch, to judge people like that and this is coming from a guy who is pretty well endowed. when your lazy ass can keep it up with out blowing a load and slam it in a nice tight spot repeadedly for a fuckin hour or more in various positions and so forth then you can judge. when you can grow somthing that big then you can judge. when you can do anything but lay on your fuckin back and take it then you can judge. and in case you don't get the point shut the fuck up SLUT
3747 June 17, 2006

Average dude:
In general I agree with most of these comments...I'm not the biggest guy..but fortunately I the biggest guy that my girlfriend has ever been with.  The key is definitley girth, I just seem to be a perfect fit for her, and seem to just pull and press on her gspot like crazy.  Peace
3748 June 17, 2006

I have a 8 inch dick, but i always wanted bigger. my girlfriend has had bigger dicks than me, and sometimes i feel that i cant compete, cause she has had better(in my mind), she has never told me that, but it still comes to mind time to time. her pussy feels loose and she can swallo my dick wit it. is she just a hoe that had all the dicks she can take or is me.
3749 June 17, 2006

hell yeah theres a huge differance having sex with a big man to a little man i mean big man to little man as in cock size even if a guys tall his penis is his tru meassure to his tru height No 6-7" cock can do the same as a 9+ " fat cock no matter how awsome the 7" cock is never ever ever trust me ive been with lots of guys im only 19 but i started stripping the day i turned 18 yrs old and fuck any guy that turns me on and ive had little guys turn me on by there looks or cleaver come ons but ive never had a 7" cock make me orgasm the same way i get from a thick long 9+" cock working in my feild i get couples all  the time that want a lap dance then invite me to there hotel room for a 3 some and ive had a few women ask the age old question does size matter to me in front of there hubbys while im riding him and tell how much id enjoy it if his wasnt as small as it is and from time to time they ask if i know of a man to service them and make my call and watch the woman get split in two screamming how its the best fuck ever, making  her tell hubby he cant compare as shes being fucked beyond return changing the way sex "great sex" will always run thru her body even when shes 100yrs old that big cock will always be her favorite and most speacial till she dies i got that quote from a woman telling her husband and the stud as the stud fucked her for over 3 hours straight the wife begging him not to stop the husband just cuddled to my breast watching like a helpless little boy and from the size of his cock thats all his little 5" weiner was to his wife from that time on she calls me all the time and ever time they r in vegas i fix them up and hold her hubby head as he watches her they live in L.a. thats not a big drive but its pretty far ad she makes him dive her up here 1-3 times a month for the last year they both are really good freinds of mine know and i dont chage them but they do give me cash feeling bad that id be getting paid if i wasnt hanging out with them there sex life they both thanked me is the best ever both enjoying it the funny part is they are older than my parents who knows my dad and mom might be the nexy couple i save " sure dads lil to lol
thanks hope i had a veiw someone was looking for any more questions just post thanks xoxoxoxo
3750 June 18, 2006

Dear friends,what ever said and done girls like for a big penis.Mine is 10 inches and average thick.I have fucked more than 70 women up to now.when i make the love i used to ask from some girs whether they like for a big cock.Those who have experience in sex before were very happy about that.Inexperience girls too after fucking were very happy.They all say they like for a big cock in mind.Therefore Iam very happy about having a big cock.They use to phone me frequently and ask for sex.

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