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3651 May 13, 2006

average is fine:
I have found that an average size penis is fine for myself and most of my friends.Alarger than average is a nice surprise as long as it isn't desensitisingly large,and he doesn't forget about other things.Small is a little dissapointing but workable if the guy is tallented in angles,pressures and other things like oral.A woman who dumps a man because he is the wrong size isnt the type of woman that anyone should want anyway.Seems very shallow.If I had a boyfriend under five inches ,I would suggest the exercises to him,help him with them and have the fun of watching him grow...I would also do a heap of pelvic floor to make sure I was at my tightest for the small penis. Wommen can do exercises to become tighter,men can do stretches to become bigger, so lets put some effort into it and be happy!   Email me for encoragement if youre smalll and want to do exercises.Don't give up or accept and be happy as there are nice girls who will want you for who you are.
3652 May 13, 2006

i think this site is awsome im 19 ....20 in dec and my penis is already 8 1/2 inches and 6 1/2 inches in girth not many people believe me when i say that but its true and i have to deal with it every day... my gf and i have a hard time having sex because it hurts her when i try to insert i wear the xxl condom because its the only one that fits snug i wish that my penis could have stoped growing at about 6 inches but this site really shows that having a large penis is not the best thing in the world..
3653 May 14, 2006

huge dick:
my dick is fuckin huge it is 13" i bet dont none of you have a dick as big as mine  and that none of you can make a girl scream like i can
3654 May 14, 2006

Hi guys,
I am a regular sized woman and have to say, that size does matter in that a man can be too big.  I find anything over six inches too long - it bangs against my cervix.  I've never found a guy to be too small - all I do is squeeze my vagina muscles and it fits perfect and feels perfect.  Maybe you girls who find guys under six inches too small need to do some Kegel exercises.
3655 May 14, 2006

this is rediculous guys... you should spend more time concetrating on your face and looks than your penis.. what use is a big penis if you dont have any girls after you? girls are going to go after attractive people ie. going to look at their faces not their pants. I'm pretty sure any girl would choose someone like brad pitt, whos penis size is unknown, to some normal guy whos well hung.. this is bad.. i once bought a gf a dildo and stupidly figured she'd want something a lot bigger than i am... anyways, it made her bleed terribly and she never used it again.. pretty glad i'm not that size otherwise i might have fallen in the same boat.
3656 May 14, 2006

Talk about being dishonest.

3657 May 14, 2006

Being a 42 year old white woman , who in my younger days could (an still can) turn a head. I have an opinion  , size does  NOT matter . Some of the worse sex i have ever had came from a BIG one, the smaller guys are more considerate. a big dick thinks thats all he has to be BIG!
3658 May 15, 2006

when i was in the eigth grade everybody used to wear sweat pants as a fashion.  sometimes the girls would run up from behind in the halls and "pants" a guy- underwear and all!- to see how big he was. i think all females are naturally curious about size, just to varying degrees. take care everyone.
3659 May 15, 2006

Damn this site depresses me.  I think before the Net was around and porn was restricted to the "porn stores" it wasn't so bad, if people wanted to see porn cock they had to rent a movie to see one, (or they were blessed already).  But today huge cock is in our faces really almost daily if you surf the net often, even in some junk mail you get the occasional Whhoa!  Women now a days see big cock all the time!  It really is tough to be an average man these days.  I am an extremely self conscious person so I have a hard time thinking what if she's laughing inside?  After all the public jokes about it constantly, and according to the average penis thing I should feel fine at 6"x5" but I don't I feel small.. and I feel shied away.  I am also a short guy at 5.4" so I feel really bad for the guys who are 6 foot+ sporting 5-6 inch dicks.. man that would really suck.  Society sucks period.. and bigger is better.  Bigger just looks better.  I would like just be able to pull it out and see her eyes pop out.. that in it itself has to be worth a Mil ...
You would think with big penises being in such demand that science would really focus on a penis revolution that would conjure billions and billions.. wtf is going on?  whatever, my penis is average and that's that..
3660 May 15, 2006

I am from Dutch origin and I have a very big Dick
Droopy 13" x 3.5"
When erect it is 15,5" x 4.5"
Up till now ALL girls liked it,especially the thickness.Of course I go in only half way
I am curious how the English girls and ladies will react.
If readers are interested send mail to the above address and I will send 2 photo's (extreem-groot@hotmail.com)
3661 May 15, 2006

small guys:
      I have just mentioned to my asian cleaners,two wommen,that I have heard that asian wommen are better for sex because they are rumoured to be tighter.(I was looking at this web site when they came in to clean!) One said that she only usually gets western men with small penises after her because that myth is out there, so when a white guy is intrested, she cant help thinking"uh oh, here comes another teenie dicked westener thinking I will enjoy his small penis" The other one agreed,and said she prefered asian men who could be any size ,and the average is usually bigger than the small white guy who would normally aproach her.Another thing,asian wommen have shorter babies and lighter ones, but the head circumfrence is usually the same, so they can stretch just as much as us. So give the asian wommen a break from all you small men, they like average sizes to ,and we can all stretch to the same dimentions....It all depends on how much you are used to takeing. Then you can do kegels to shrink again.....But anyone who cheats or dumps a man because of his size is terrable.No one is perfect evreywhere...maybe supermodes!
3662 May 16, 2006

I think it depends on the woman and how she orgasms. I cum vaginally and hell yeah the guy's size matters. I'm not that picky on length but girth is another story. Obviously it's not the only thing that matters, but I'd rather be honest here than politically correct, and the honest truth is a thick cock makes me cum better. Any woman with a sensitive G-spot knows what I'm talking about.
3663 May 16, 2006

Does anyone know of a P/E website that discusses penis lengthening/thickening manual exercises?  This site talks about the "jelq."  Anyone have any comments re the effectiveness/results of these or any other P/E exercises??
3664 May 16, 2006

Size does matter. I am a proud owner of my big 6.5" x 5" dick (though survey said its average, I feel big when I use it). It gives me great pleasure when I look at it or use it on my partners.  I have had more than 30 sex partners up till now (I am 45 years old). I've managed to make most of my sex partners orgasm and some did squirt (with the help of my fingers and tounge). I'm able to perform any of the position in all the sex manuals. I am not married yet cause my job requires constant travelling on my part.

My sex partners past and present comprises of many nationalities (whites, browns, blacks and yellows). All of them enjoyed sex with me even a few couldn't cum (thats their problem with all the men they had coz they need constant stimulation abt more than an hour to climax) but all are satisfied nevertheless.

How I attract them and what make the sex so good.

First, reduce the size of your ego and increase the size of your attention towards them .

Second, increase the size of your wallet(rich men do get more girls) and reduce the size of your tummy (you need to be fit to perform).

Third, reduce the size of your worries and increase the size of your confidence (believe it most women love men who are confident but not to the point of being an asshole).

So size does matter.

85% of men are average (5-7 inches) Length (4-6 inches) circumference, and thats what 98% of women prefer. 2% percent of women who prefer huge penises typically have psychological issues. Most women prefer a man with good physique and health,good hygiene, good mind, good manners, good sense of humor, good job and a normal size penis that is functional.

Millions of girls scream, drools, fantasize and cream in their panties over their favorite celebs like bradd pitt, tom cruise or some boy bands or rockstar etc. Was there any mention of their dick size. We've seen papparazi photos of bradd pit and tom cruise and some other famous male sex symbol in the buff...all of them have average size dick.

So what all this fuss about 8 inch an over size dick.
These are all freak of nature (no pun intended)
3665 May 16, 2006

to Bryan:
I probably fucked your girlfriend behind your back.
3666 May 17, 2006

I never bought any of that "size matters" crap until my junior year in college.  I lived in the dorms with two roommates, David and John.  David was a pretty ordinary looking guy, kinda quiet - but John was tall, lean, muscular and (according to him anyway) was hung like a bull.  He used to joke about it a lot - even around my girlfriend, Amy.  Amy was a sophomore and was petite, shy and somewhat quiet.  I didn't like it when John would make his "big dick" comments and jokes around Amy, but she told me she didn't pay any attention to him and truth be told, she really couldn't stand John.

I have a 5.5" dick and with Amy being so petite, it always seemed to do the trick.  I was only the third guy she'd ever been with and only her second boyfriend - maybe my guard was just down but who knows.

Anyway, one Friday night, Amy and I were hanging out in my dorm room drinking, smoking some weed and watching TV.  David and John had both gone home for the weekend - or so we thought.  At about 1AM (Amy and I were pretty toasted by then), John walked in.  He'd ended up hanging out with some of his friends off campus and had decided to just drive home in the morning since his parents only lived about an hour and a half away.

He could see that Amy and I were both pretty hammered.  He grabbed a beer and sat down and we smoked somem more weed with him.  Amy was pretty drunk and started giving John shit.  John seemed to get a kick out of it and I could see him kinda flirting with Amy.  Then I noticed (and hoped that Amy wouldn't) that John wasn't wearing any underwear.

But Amy started massaging my dick through my jeans and being so fucked up, I just laid my head back and enjoyed it - I couldn't believe she was doing that right in front of John!  I heard John get up to pass Amy the joint we were smoking and I heard her gasp, long and deep and she suddenly stopped stroking my dick.  I opened my eyes and saw John standing righ tin front of Amy with a HUGE fucking bulge in his pants - just inches from her face.  The room was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.

He just stood there and I could feel her hand tremble and hear her breathing quicken.  when she slowly looked up at him, almost in awe and respect, I could feel my heart start to pound in my chest.  Then she softly whispered "ohhhhhhhhhhh" as she gingerly reached up to brush her finger tips across that massive knot in his pants.  When she touched it, it throbbed - fuck I could see it throb thorugh his pants - Amy just gasped again and looked up at him.

"What?" John asked her and just kinda laughed. Amy did NOT laugh.  Instead, she softly asked "can i see it?"  John stopped laughing, looked at her very seriously and told her to take it out.  Amy never even hesitated - or looked back at me for an "OK" - just just obeyed him and began to open his jeans.  I coudl see her nipples rock hard under her t-shirt and I could tell she was practically panting.

She opened his jeans and his big thick dick just fell out...and he had NOT been kidding.  That cock was strong, thick, heavy and muscular.  The head was a big purple mushroom that sat on top of the thickest shaft i'd ever seen.  He was semi-hard and was HUGE compared to me.  Amy just gasped and kept whispering "ohmygod..ohmygod...ohmygod".  When she wrapped her hand around it, her brow just knotted in disbelief and she almost laughed at how thick he was - her fingers couldn't even touch.

John just stood there watching my girlfriend worship his magnificent cock.  Slowly shaking her head in disbelief, she two-fisted him - one hand next to the other...and there was STILL a few inches left - and he was getting rock hard, too.

Amy smiled and patted the couch next to her and John sat down, his cock standing straight up.  Honestly he had to be almost 10" (judging from the size of Amy's hand).  I opened my pants and took my own cock out.  Amy took my cock in her left hand and John's in her right - but there was little doubt whose cock was getting more attention.  She couldn't take her eyes off his cock and her hand only occasionally stroked my dick...but John's she pumped with long, purposeful strokes until she finally couldn't help herself any longer and knelt in front of him, kissing his cock and rubbing it against her soft pale skin.

She sucked his dick until SHE came - just from sucking him!  I stroked the whole time until he pulled her toward him, peeled off her pants (she didnt even make the slightest attempt to stop  him) and sat her on his lap, her back to his chest - the two of them right next to me.  She just rolled her head back to kiss him as he squeezed her tits through her shirt.  Her hands went down and pushed that big cock against her pussy and she groaned so loud when it touched her that I thought people outside would hear.

John's dick was so fucking big that he easily penetrated her from behind with her sitting on his lap.  She arched up so she could take as much of it as she could and they started to fuck right there next to me.  It shocked me how easily her petite little body accomodated that horse cock of his.  John pounded her in positions that i physically CANNOT do for over an hour - I have no idea how many times she came - she was even in tears a few times (though she never once told him to stop).

He asked her if she was on the pill and when she said she was on the patch, he told her that he was going to cum inside of her to mark her - which only made her cum again!  when he finally came, he had Amy on her back, her legs shaking violently as they both came together - and true to his word, John dumped his seed deep up inside my girlfriend's pussy right in front of me.  But FUCK - he didn't even lose his damn hard on!  They fucked for about another 40 minutes and he came twice more.  Amy was a wreck by the time we all went to bed.

I will never forget the look on her face - like she was afraid of him and in love with him all at once - the whole time they fucked.  She later told me that there were no words to describe it - it was incredible but even that didn't seem enough.  To my knowledge they never fucked again and Amy and I dated for about another year before we finally broke up.  I always wondered if she ended up with him or some other big dick guy.

But one thing I know for sure - she NEVER fucked me like she did John and the things she said about John - the way she looked at him - and the way she was around him after that night (almost shy and meek) convinced me that a big dick makes a difference.

Amy told me that she "HAD to respect him" even if she didn't like him...and that she almost felt like he "had a right to her".  So there ya go.
3667 May 17, 2006


I think this site is great.I mean i like the normal size dick as you can do alsorts and postions with it.But the well hung men for me do it everytime.I love sex in everyway but when i have met a guy who,i cant even hold the dick as theres nothing there,sorry but they are no good to me as u are limited to what you can do
3668 May 17, 2006

....and yes (to add to my post above), if I had a chance to spend a weekend with Mike or Mark, even though I still care for Mark down deep, I would choose Mike and that powerful cock of his over Mark without question.  Mike made me feel complete as a woman in a way that Mark LITERALLY was incapable of - nothing against Mark, but Mike was clearly more of a man.  I know that Mike would put me in my place and ground me in a way that Mark simply cannot.

Hope that doesn't offend anyone
3669 May 17, 2006

Guy from Pittsburgh:
Wow, this is so sad....some of these comments. The hurt feelings, the ego's, the supremely shallow thinking taking place here. Where is Jerry Springer? I am waiting for Rod Serling to walk out of my monitor any minute and start narating the condition of the human race.........Ok......

For the guys: Size doesn't matter when you are dealing with a real woman. Repeat.....REAL WOMAN! Look, I am around 9" and thick and you know what its got me? Absolutely Nothing!!!! ONLY one girl who "could" handle it (and this was when I was 19 yrs old), one girl that was afraid of it so she stopped dating me after going down on me for the first time (and I really liked her), one girl who complained that I was too big for her and that the sex was painful, and the last girl.......I couldn't even get it into her. Man that hurt.....felt like my banana was being peeled! That kind of pain will make you go limp! She told me I needed a penis reduction! And yes she was wet because I had just gone down on her for 20 minutes and her little belly was hopping and quivering.....you know what I mean. The point is, I am in my thirties, and I have nobody. My size has not given me vast quantities of erotic moments with women cumming all over the place and wailing......its all B.S.! So its not what you got downstairs that counts. Its, I regret to say, a whole host of other superficial things usually, or just plain old luck finding the RIGHT lady......"fate" maybe. But please DO NOT buy into any of this crap being posted here about size.

To the women: Some of you stated that it doesn't matter.........size that is. Well nothing is sweeter than ladies like you. And for the record, if I met the right girl, I would not be judging her on her breast size or any other superficial crap either. Sure there must be physical attraction, but there NEEDS to be a whole lot more. I think you ladies understand this better than most of us guys. The crap discussed here.....well thats not what its supposed to be about. Because if you meet the right guy you will know.....and it won't have anything to do with the size of his dick. You go and find that guy that treats you sweetly, and never let go of him. You treat him sweetly and he will treat you like a queen forever. Just make sure he has alot of heart, thats all. Heart for a truly sustained interesting loving relationship with YOU.

To the guys and girls here who believe that size matters: Good Luck With That! I can only imagine how you run your personal lives.......However, I do not hate you, so peace and best to you.

p.s.: Just a thought, if Asians have such tiny insufficient little peckers, then why are Asian countries the most populated places on earth? Ponder that whilst you are being economically trounced!!! The irony and the sad state of the incredibly stupid!  Oh and NO, I am not Asian. I am a decent looking white guy with a large underutlized penis...lol..........but I have "patience". Truly though, I would rather be an Asian guy with 4" and a sweet wife and a house filled with kids. Because nothing on earth is more valuable that a sweet wife and kids. Not this website, not these sad penis pills that the owners of this site are no doubt peddling somewhere else, not porn, not anything else thats being pushed into your brain. Stay clean and real.
3670 May 17, 2006

the kind:
i am getting some good use of this site - i have found that many girls like the feeling of having a huge penis inside them cuz like it puts maximum pressure on their twat and like the same as a tite puss- like do the math of course!
and of course when they suck it if it is huge it is like good cuz they see it as a challenge and they get up for it like some kind of personal contest!- which is fun, but if you are all little she could be eating out her best friend's clit and you get to watch and that is as close as you are gonna get to a menage anyway unless you are packin (lol in your face tweezer dick boys!!
no seriously, i like my dick to be maximum big for her to suck on ( my new girlfriend )- as opposed to my last 8 imaginary ones; that is my process 8 imaginary then one real- you know just to keep it real YO!
LOL so good luck just remember size does not matter but EVERYONE LOVES BIG COCK
mystery dude pete :)
3671 May 18, 2006

Dave Garret:
I just have to make some comments about this website.

Firstly I admire the honesty of the information, I feel that to some level it is an honest representation that women naturally desire large penis's , just like men natuarally desire large breasts.

HOWEVER, I feel that the authors unhealthy obssession with massive penis's is totally over the top and does not represent the average women at all.

I see it like this. Now I am not a woman so I cannot get into a womans head and understand her mindset. However as a man I an understand and agree with the fact that men and women naturally are attracted to certain characteristics of the opposite sex. Usually that means large penis's on men and large breasts on women. Sure, I find a large full breasts much more attractive then small ones. BUT and a big but is that I would NOT find a woman who was beautiful and oozing sex appeal unattractive just because she had average size breasts! That would be completely rediculous and totally shallow.

In the same way to hear the author of this website state that a good looking, successful man would be considered inadequate just because he didnt have a monster cock....well that is seriously twisted! Im not even talking about a small penis,I could understand that but an average or even above average penis.

To the auther, you do not repressent the average woman, you are a twisted person, with a very unhealthy obssession with huge dicks.
3672 May 18, 2006

charlie murphy:
why is it so many whiteguys are obsessed with penis size and the persons race dont be mad because you have a small penis and your enjoys getting fucked by groups of black dudes im latino and the white girls love me like the brothas.LOL!
3673 May 20, 2006

Above Average:
While some of the "facts" reported in this site are bogus, there is some truth to the message he's trying to get across.
I'm in my twenties, medium height, and my dick is 6.5" length by 5.25" around (6.75" long on good day). Width is about 2 inches, which helps some. Been with about 30 women, all sizes from petite to tall to slightly overweight, and have never had complaint about my size. Always make them cum, usually from sex or orally.
I've learned though that most women do prefer BIG dicks, at least in the GIRTH department, since it stretches them & fills them. Length is probably less important for most, so long as it is average/above average, since some have larger or smaller vaginas, which may affect the depth of penetration they enjoy.

Some of the women I've been with, have had large guys, from 8 inches to 11 inches long and some as almost as thick as a soda can. For some of these women, while the size was visually stimulating and a turn-on, it was no guarantee of an orgasm. My GF has been with 2 larger guys, one length (8-9 inches), and one girth (5.75-6inches), but neither made her cum during sex. I was the 1st, of the 12 guys she'd been with, to give her an orgasm solely from penetration. While size is important to some, it doesn't always make for better sex. Something to think about.
3674 May 20, 2006

Voyeur Dave:
My wife and I have been married for six years and have enjoyed sex with each other often. My dick is 6.5x5.5. We are an average suburban couple during the week and about a year ago we began to go to swing clubs in NYC on weekends where she gets to suck and fuck bigger dicks. We both enjoy the clubs and go on nights when single men are allowed. This seems to attract guys who are very well endowed. She has very strong multiple orgasms when being penetrated by big dicks and we have both enjoyed the experiences she has with them. Her biggest so far has been with a club regular who seems to be over 11 inches, very thick and can sometimes last for an hour of deep stroking. When he is there, my wife gets very excited and always makes a point of letting him have her while I watch and sometimes let her suck on me.  It took a couple of sessions before she was able to take him completely, but now its no problem and she really enjoys letting him fuck her on a regular basis. It is not unusual for my wife to enjoy six or seven men over the course of the evening and when we are done, we go home and back to our regular routines. This lifestyle has improved our relationship and I would recommend this to other open couples wishing to explore their sexuality allowing their wives to be satisfied by anonymous cocks.
3675 May 21, 2006

Yes Size Does Matter!!! We are in our late 40s and we had a threesome with a black man. I am only 5inch and my wife has never been with another man before and we talk about size of a man. We aggree to try it and the black man was 11inch long and 5inch round.my wife said that it was well something she will never forget!!
3676 May 21, 2006

This message board has become nothing more than a compilation of bogus sex stories written by sad, lonely souls.
3677 May 21, 2006

Pay NO attention to the opinions of those who can't spell and who do not use proper grammar (which is about 90% of you sad fucks). Like I care what you depressed insecure helpless ghetto women think of sub-8-inch cocks. See ya in the welfare line, bitches!
3678 May 21, 2006

to Matthew...:
Your college story is nice, even though it is 100% bullshit.
3679 May 22, 2006

Hi there i am 18 and i no it is unusal to have big pussy lips at my age but i have! I have a 26 year old fiancee and i am not happy about my lips i get shy if he goes down on me!
But after looking on this site it has made me feel alot better about myself!! I think that big pussys dnt look nice and i cringe everytime i see mine but hey not no more! I should be proud of them i take it?
Well thanks to people that think that they are sexy its made my day!!!
3680 May 22, 2006

Rob again::
I just don't get it anymore..something is missing.

So many posts here are about woman or girls who just drop everything the moment they see a big cock and will let them do anything with it. Well I love reading the stories... just can't believe them...
There is my penis 6.5" by 5.75"  is biggish...but small compared to a 12" by 7". So why could the black 23 year old girl, I had this weekend not take it when she was on top..she said it is "too painful."  She could only take me in positions where I cannot be completely in her...and a few other woman have said similar things. from the front yes, but not from behind.I am too big.. not "all the way in please"...

It just does not add up. I think if woman are 30 or so they like bigger cocks, but in my experience small woman and Asian woman, can't even take me.. so how can they take these huge cocks? I believe some of these stories because, I have also been with a size queen or two before and they told me about the huge dildos they enjoy..

Then also..just read "3669".. I also believe him.
Just can't add the things together.

Are woman maybe able to take bigger cocks some time of the month...and only average cocks other times of the month ?
3681 May 23, 2006

Tellin it like it is:
:::Penis size matters to women
:::it doesn't matter THAT much unless its real small
:::some women prefer guys with huge muscles, but most prefer average to athletic build
::: some women prefer huge cock, but most prefer average to above average
:::The vagina can expand to birth a baby
:::The vagina can constrict to squeeze a tampon
:::The vagina can expand to accept giant black penis
:::The vagina can constrict to accept tiny oriental p-p
:::The clitoris is where most women achieve orgasm
:::The clitoris is not stimulated by a penis but by a mouth or a hand
::: The only quasi-reliable study on penis size determined average penis size is 5.65 x 5.67 inches
:::most women who bring up penis size in conversations are trailor trash and obese
:::Pornography is mostly men with larger than average cocks who aren't embarrassed to show them on camera

Geez i could keep going but im tired...
3682 May 23, 2006

Finding a Correlation:
There have been many tests to see if there is any correlation between penis size and other body parts. Shoe-size, height, nose, finger length, etc. have been used as a guide---but none have stood the test of experiment. 

From all the porno ive watched and all the dicks ive seen in locker rooms/gyms, i will admit---its tough to find a correlation.

However, what i have noticed is that body size is a decent predictor.  It seems to me, guys who are taller and longer limbed tend to have longer dicks. And guys who are thicker, broader (not necessarily fatter) tend to have fatter dicks. I know i here people saying "but ive seen some skinny dude with a huge cock"...i have too but ive noticed even the skinny guys with big ones usually are long--there bones and muscles. And if they lifted weights they may become big and broad ---they just don't have a lot of fat on them thats why they look skinny

In fact---if you look at it from a racial point of view: Blacks tend have longer, leaner bodies---they also seem to be the ones with the longer dicks on average....Orientals tend to have shorter bones and muscles---and they seem to be the ones with the smaller penis's on average--same for whites---medium

Myself as an example---im taller than average but i would say im average to below average as far as how "broad" i am---both skeletal and muscular wise.  I have a slightly longer than average penis and it is close to average girth
3683 May 23, 2006

That must really suck if you are below average in penis size.   Especially if you are normal height. Im not trying to rub it in but i genuinely feel sorry for small guys.  I constantly worry about my size and i am average.  Its crazy that some guys out there are handsome, have good bodies, make lots of money AND have big dicks!!!  How about those NBA players---you know most of those guys are huge down there, and they are multi,multi-millionares who bang hot white girls whenever they want and play a game for a living.

 Life is not fair thats for sure.  I think the best thing to do is find something you love and enjoy it---we will all get old, shriveled and die anyway---make the best of it!!!
3684 May 23, 2006

I can be reached at reneeinpa@hotmail.com, by the way (if anyone cares!  lol)
3685 May 23, 2006

I am 18 years old and my current boyfriend has a huge 8.5" cock. He is 18 also and his cock isnt even done growing yet. Ive had sex with several guys and no one compares to him. I love handling his huge rod and jacking him off with both hands. It just turns me on so much. I just love the fact that his cock is so hung and manly. The other thing i like is how he ejaculates. Soemtimes, he'll just explode cumming 7-8 times all over me which is incrdibly hot. I dont know what id do with a smaller guy,im too obsessed with big ones.Here's a pic of my boyfriend's cock. If u have time please leave a comment, we read them together b4 we have sex cuz it gets me hot knowing what others think of my boyfreinds cock.
3686 May 24, 2006

a visitor:
I do not have a very old browser, I am using the latest version of Firefox.  I can only see the crolling text when I am using a old browser called IE6.
3687 May 24, 2006

hey.. all you guy`s out there dont think a woman wants a big dicker!!they want it long and slim
3688 May 24, 2006

Hey your all a bunch of pussies...how did i stumble onto this site?

Jesus Christ I cant believe all the fucking nonsense..
Im a 22yr old Kiwi and you overobsessive self-indulgent pricks are all fuckin stupid. You have lips, tounge and fingers and if you no how to use them thats all you need. And your worried about your size. Use what you have in your bag of tricks. Tounges, fingers, mind ,body and soul.

I have a loving wife that adores our sex. I have no dick but I have the above. Get educated and get off that crap. Learn conolingus!! learn how to read a women. From a womens labia to her cervix it is only 4". A womens vigina expands after birth so tell your wife how to contract to make it tighter by getting her to learn exercises. Im sure this internet provides them. Get proactive and dont be a macho man with your 8"+ cock thinking that only you and your elitist crew 
can satisfy a women. Keep dreaming fuckers. Only 1 in every 10,000 men have a penis above 9" so thats not many bigins.

Learn some facts befoer you assume
3689 May 24, 2006

i can do it:
hi im 23 ive got a 5in penis but its not very thick at all and im not circumcised on the flop im about 2.5 ins (I HATE THE LOCKER ROOM) ive found girls love anal with my dick coz of the just rite size of it ive had over 34 sexual ncounters and only about 5 of them liked vaginal sex. I THINK A GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR M WAS I VISITED A NUDIST CAMP I WALKED AROUND FOR TWO WEEKS NAKED AND SURPRISINGLY ALOT OF GUYS ARENT BIG AT ALL I FELT QUITE GOOD ABOUT MY SELF EVEN THE WOMEN THERE WERE QUITE GOOD BOUT IT I GOT LAID by A 29 women even after she'd seen my small dickshe didnt mind at all and she'd seen smaller . i also have the occassioal  problem of cumming early so if im going out to pick have a wank boys before you leave and ull be surprised how u go > really i only want 2 more inchs plz god plz!!!!!!!!!!!!
3690 May 24, 2006

If a man practices tantric sex and knows a woman's body and how to eat pussy cock size does not matter as much. 
I am a white female and of the white American men I've been with, (which over the years have been quite a few!)I would say that the average cock size is 7" which is perfect for me!  I have been with 2 Asian men, one was 7" and one was 5.5ish and I had great sex with both of them.  Guys if you are worried about a small cock size or a woman not being tight enough why not try double penetration with a dildo?  It's great for the woman and the man too!  Cheers!
3691 May 25, 2006

Dont be sad fellas:
Hey to all this low self esteem guys out there chin up! Just because you have been abused over and over there is no reason to stop your pursuit of women. If they are shallow or sadistic, fuck em; they need an equally shallow or masochisitic partner anyways. I'm 6.5 inches and 5 around if a girl says something when I pull it out I give em a mushroom stamp (I got this chick in the eye once and she started crying). My point is don't aim too high find a girl who likes you for you and you'll be happy.

P.S. Don't worry I'm an ugly bastard too.
3692 May 25, 2006

I am offended that you continue to promote this crap about Black men.  Do you realize what you are doing to a black man with an "average" or "small" penis?  As a race we have a lot to deal with.  Our men don't need the additional pressure of trying to live up to some bull$&!% myth.  Every Black woman knows the truth and many laugh at the White preoccupation with penis size.  The truth is there is not much difference in size.  Yes occassionally you se a really huge Black man or a really huge White man for that matter.  In the end, they are all about the same and they are also such a small part of the total relationship.  Please stop promoting this.  You do a diservice to Blacks and Whites alike.
3693 May 25, 2006

C'mon, people.  This is such a load of shit.  I love the page on the "pupil test", about how this isn't a REAL experiment performed, but dude, if it was done, it would TOTALLY synch up with what we say!  Give me a fucking break.
3694 May 26, 2006

I am so sick and tired of some of my female friends,saying size doesn't matter. Bullshit! either they have never experienced a big dick man, and the man/men they are working with is only packing a peewee. don't get me wrong, technique is a definite plus! but I love a big, juicy dick any day. As a matter a fact, currently seeking brothas between 9 and 12inches. Been along time since I have had one of them.
3695 May 26, 2006

Neil (Nelly):
My cock is barely 4 1/2 inches. My girlfriend wants to buy me a cock extension to use when I fuck her.
3696 May 28, 2006

I love my penis...i have a 8.5 inch penis witha 6.5 inch girh and its str8 at a whistle my girl friend has a hard time taking it because of my size but we still manage...she says it herts her so we tend to do other things in bed!!!
3697 May 28, 2006

look morons,woman and men.Maybe one day we will evolve way more intellegence and get off the planet like we should.And at that time we will probably procreate with ourselves with pleasure not even being an option.So for now stop worring and do what you have to do.But my problem is that I am extremly attracted to my best friends wife,she looks like she belongs in some department store catalog....simply gorgeous!!And the absolute most beautiful feet I have ever seen and Im not a foot guy but anyway.I know he has a small penis and Im right at 7.5,and I have herd her comment about large ones in the past.I have the size I do and would still like to see some big black buck make her scream in pleasure,especially seeing those gorgeous feet proped up on his back...point is I THINK PENIS SIZE MATTERS TO MORE WOMAN THAN NOT SO TOO BAD SMALL FRIES!!!
3698 May 28, 2006

Johnny Whitehead:
The funny thing is how the average penis size is somewhere around 6" - give or take a bit.

And YET, only those CLAIMING to have larger or smaller sizes are posting all these comments!  Yeah, apparently 90% of people here have either 9" or 4" cocks!  What a f'n joke!  90% of the people in here...are simply LIARS!!!

Kinda like these guys:
3699 May 29, 2006

Dear "Neil":
# 3624 - LMAO!  Could you get any more obvious?

Hope you had a good nut to your fantasy - cuz you're obviously "Neil," and "Neil" is really a sexually-bullied White boy hung like fishbait!  LMFAO!!!!
3700 May 29, 2006

I'am a man and I do know that women prefer larger a

penis then a smaller or average one but a man with a

small or average penis can't help the fact that they

are the size they are. Women are God's perfect

creation, their bodies are a sacred temple. The

female race is inpowered sexuality over man because

their Vagines can grow and strech and change to

their partner , And men cannot, males wish that they

could but they can't. So penis size is carved into

men's minds as soon as they are able to grasp the

concept of sex. And all men know that women can

choose any lover they want, so their size becomes

important to men, to please their wives, girlfriends

or lovers. To attack an already emotional wounded

animal like man, to grind it into their head that

they are inferior and worthless is dangerous.

Not all men are created equall but men who are to

the point of giving up on love or romance just

because someone attacks their phyically, as well as

mental manhood is gencide. Experts in the field of

penis study who are taking the stand that all men

under " normal " size are okay and in some cases

better then a larger lover don't care about the

status of the male mind by filling a man head with

this deceipt is only adds to the problem because

these experts have  done just as much harm to

the female mind as they have to their male

counterparts. For the seed on discontent is planted

and pretty soon women turn on their mates and

punish them for a crime they didn't commit,

and by that I mean adultry or sexually

humalitation. Why do women and men have to be at

war all the time, why can't they love and care

for one another no matter if the male

has a smaller then average penis or the woman

has small breasts. Why is there a need for one

sex to be master of the other instead of united


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