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3601 April 30, 2006

I've posted on this site before on vagina size.Please see post 2759,this scale is only a demo to give you an idea of what the true accurate scale will look like.A few more months and the pussy size scale will be on the internet

If you read posts 2768 and 3569,you will see that such a scale is needed to balance out the penissizedebate with a vaginasizedebate.

The thing about my site is that it will be factual,unlike Edwina's site here with mostly bogus info.I've contacted the Kinsey Institue about their overwhelming studies papers on penis size but no vagina size study,not one.They replied that if my scale and data became available they might look at it,probably including it in their bibilography.

As I look at post 3554, the perfect penis is probably 7" to 7 1/2" L X 6" D.But what is the perfect vagina,what is the cm relaxed and cm squeeze measurements,how much can she lift indicating vagina strength.You don't know but that knowledge is due out soon.

Look at any men's purchases of toy fleshlike pussies and tight is the operating principle here.In my site I have a section where 2 men try out 3 different women of different pussy sizes.Then I ask them which do you prefer.I'll give you one guess.Right you are,it's the tighter one.Every time.

The thing about men is that they are testosterone driven.Mostly a good thing because it drives the most inventive part of humanity.Any woman that disagrees is  a hypocritical misandrist with no integrity for the truth.What is it about a big cock.It's easier to get women.At least it's the male perception.For the amount of work you have to do just to fuck her.So whatever makes it easier the better.A bigger cock is one very potent form of getting pussy for whatever reason,she like's to see how it would feel(curiousity),she's a size queen(self explanatory).The other aphrodisiacs are good muscular looking guy,wealthy guy, popular guy.

Approximately 85% of the male population falls in the avg size.In that 85% is the greatest accumulation of wealth.Why would all these guys worry about their dick sizes.You have the purchasing power to make it about pussy size.AND YOU SHOULD!!!.Invest in porn that only has verifiable tight pussies and average size dudes.Your in the drivers seat with your purchasing power.Soon there will be porn with the tightest  pornstar.You'll know because they will have been tested for tightness by the new scale.So all those a-holes that make present porn should go broke'It's that simple,make the very tight woman the new goddess.Put very tight on a pedestal.Once this pussy size scale become mainstream it's your choice of making pussy tightness the in thing.You got the money ,you got the power.....

So when pussy tightness scale and internet sites come out,you have to support it to make happen.Grading and rating pussy size need critical mass to become the new sexual consciouness.I say other sites devoted to pussy tightness because if mine is successful,there will be many aping the concept.

Things you could do with a pussy size scale and data:

1) know where your woman or one night stand fits on the scale.

2) at a bar you guys could talk about how tight,avg or loose the woman your fucking is.

3)find out what pussy size a woman is before conception,during pregnancy, 2 mths after,6 mths, 1yr after pregnanacy(we will be doing research on this subject,objectively)

4)isn't time to make fun of women's size for a change.
when a woman talks about your size,you can shoot right back at her with her size.

5) at a legal brothel,you can ask for the size you want and that would be? Tight-tighter-tightest

6) when a woman asks to measure you ,say sure dear and while where at it ,we'll measure you also.

7) how about the tightest pussy in the world compition.how does that grab you.Pretty tight,I would imagine.

8) it's never been done in history,never mind about women's sexual emancipation,women have always had access to cock size appraisal but it would be a first if men had accurate ,objective pussy size appraisal that all women could be grated and rated from.Imagine the pure pleasure you guys will be getting.turn around is fair play.

By the way,any woman posting here is welcomed to be sized,if your not intimitated by fair play.The next time I post here it will be to say the site is now public,you can contact the site if you interested in you measuremnets and where your pussy fits on the scale.

3602 April 30, 2006

I'm dating a swedish girl right now, and she told me that most or all the guys she ever had in sweden were bigger than every guy she's had in the past 4 years since she's lived in the U.S.A (including myself). I'm 7 in. long and 5.5 around so I'm on the big side of average. My question is for those who are swedes or those who have dated or had sex with a few swedish guys.

Are the majority of men in sweden larger than us Americans?? From what I've read on here and been told it would seem to be the case.
3603 May 1, 2006

This site is intended to create hatred between genders. It strategically employs chosen facts and opinions to support claims.

Notice the site's sponsors.
3604 May 1, 2006

used to be small:
i have come to the conclusion that this site and all sexual sites are for me just another form of porn. watching your wife with well endowed men is the ultimate porn watching and i was  and still am a sexual addict. i must not come back to this site but i do thank the doctor for the penis enlargement exercises and yes size does matter but only if you are small. if your average and dont stray you will have just as much fun with your wife or girlfriend but i prefer marriage because it is ordained by God. I realize all that wife swaping and threesomes was just porn in its ultimate form. I thank i got a pump and now i am average size and to me its huge and my wife too.
3605 May 2, 2006

I am 6.5 and 5.5 around. I have a very high sexual drive. With all the woman I have been with, I have been given head everytime. I have been able to have very sensuous sex. I have been able to have sex in every position possible. I have never heard a complaint about my performance. The woman I have been with are very atttractive. The woman I have been with always come back to be with me. I have never had a one night stand! They all like having sex with me.... But, I am very insecure regarding my size. What is it that makes a woman give it all? I am not by any means an ego fed man. I am just wondering, if when woman give everything to you should you except the fact that something is right about the relationship (sexually,emotionally)? All the woman out there... I have a question. If she gives me everything, and I return the favors, Does size really matter? Or does motion, touch, smell, make the big difference?
3606 May 3, 2006

I was very good friends with this girl named hillary. Hillary was a virgin, but satisfied herslef with a dildo. The most she ever did with me was give me a handjob and i once rubbed my dick against her vagina. Always honest with eachother, she told me my almost 6 by 5 arround cock was a good size, but wasnt big enough to stroke it without going over my head. She began talking more and more about this new guy at her dance studio whos flacid penis bulges through his skin tight pants and is huge. one day i went to see her during practice and this guy was there. she wasnt joking it had to be the size of mine while im stiff in length and a little thicker. Once he picked up hillary while doing a move and slid the font side of her body across his dick. A few days later she told me that while the teacher was lecturing the class, they were they only two sitting in the last row in side by side chairs. She said he caught her staring at itso he said go ahead and she started massaging and rubbing it. She was amazed he was able to keep his penis from becoming erect and only slightly erect, her being a very attractive girl and all. Another few days later she told me she told him she really wanted to feel it. Because her class is held at a highschool and it was after school, he took her to the locker room. They locked the doors and she began to stroke his dick. She said her hand could not nearly grip his whole dick,and it had to be about 8 1/2 long. She then licked and sucked it for a long while, until he layed her over a bench and slid his cock slowly into her. she said that if she hadnt played with her didlo often it would have never fit. she said he went slow for a long while and she moaned until she got over the pain. She said thats when he began to start banging her fast a nd hard. She said he lasted a good 20 mintues, he pullled out and she sucked him untill he busted. Now this was a virgin girl we are talking about here. GIRLS LIKE BIG DICKS
3607 May 3, 2006

I'm an average guy of about 6.5 maybe pushing the envelope of 7 on a good day. I have been with my girlfriend for about a year now. I moved in on her when she was still with another guy (which I'm not proud of). In the long run she left him for me.

We've had the conversations about our ex's and it's gone decently but in the process I found out that her ex was about 7.5, maybe bigger. At first this bothered me because I think every other girl I've been with had made some kind of comment about how I was on the bigger side. Not with her, her comments are like "you're pretty big." I'll have to admit I was bothered being even only slightly smaller than the last guy.

I asked her what she thought about our sex in comparison (I know, it's immature). She explained that my cock angles slightly higher than his and that it's often harder. So while we're having sex, my cock touches her in the right place and appropriately hard. With him, it would angle more downward and would touch directly on her cervix. This would annoy her after a while. She says that sex was sometimes torturous because he would be banging away at her cervix and it would just hurt. She resorted to often telling him she was not in the mood.

Not with me! We're a year into the relationship and we're still like jack-rabbits. Sometimes I still have that petty male feeling bubble up in me about being a bit smaller than he was. I try to remind myself that she basically left this guy for me and that she swears to me that she's never enjoyed sex this much. Sometimes I can give her multiple orgasms and make her drip like a faucet, something she has never experienced before.

I think my situation lends creditability to the argument that it's all about what's right for a particular individual. With her it was the same way. My last girlfriend had an unusually soft pussy but she wasn't very deep. She didn't seem to like it when I would fuck her hard. My new girlfriend, although perhaps not being quite as soft inside, loves me to fuck her very hard and very deep. I have to admit that gets me off something fierce.

To you guys out there that might be feeling too small, find a girl that fits you right and fuck the shit out of her. She'll love you for it and she'll think you're a stud. If you're making love to her and trying to please her, most girls will be happy I believe.
3609 May 4, 2006

36/F/Bombay beer bar LADY waiter. I have three beautiful daughters age 18,16 & 13.
I am sex worker since last 23 yrs, my mom is street sex worker for last 42 yrs, daughters since last 4 to 5 yrs. We love big cocks  say    10">
3610 May 4, 2006

I want to know if my dick is done growing, iam 19 and it is a little over 7 inces long and six wide...people in my family have late growth spurts so will i reach 8?
3611 May 5, 2006

Fed UP:
 I am 5 inches long and 5 inches around and I made my girl friend squirt like a broken faucet with insertion. And the penis she had before me was almost 8 inches long and pretty damn thick. Anyone who is thinking about penis enlargement...I would seriously very seriously ask a doctor or urologist if any form of penis enlargement is safe.
3612 May 5, 2006

I'm a 6'1, 27 year old male with a small penis.  It is 4.75 inches when erect and just under 5 inches around.  I would love to hear what the females think about it. I have pics to show what size it is and can be emailed at nw95football@yahoo.com.  I have been with a fair amount of women and a few of them have made fun of my cock to my face.  One said that I have the smallest dick she'd ever saw and that she likes at least 7 inches.  Another girl told her friends how small I am and they used to laugh and look down at my crotch when they would see me
3613 May 5, 2006

desperate guy:
hey people I'm 18 years of age and of course I'm concerned about my penis size just like every other guy on here is. When I'm flaccid(limp)I measuere up about 2 1/2 to 3 inches it varies a little every now and then. When I'm erect honestly I'm slightly above average which is right around the 5 inch range like i said my penis always varies, it's like it has a mind of it's own. I feel insecure because I'm not sure if I'm going to have a great sex life. I don't want to be a virgin for the rest of my life, but I don't see how guys with small penises can still have sex? this is really frustrating for me to deal with. I hope, and hope that it will grow every day, but I wonder what woman will think of it once when I show them what I have to offer. Please if someone who is feeling the same experience I'm feeling let me know because I want to know how it feels to be small. Thank you for your time.
3614 May 5, 2006

Everyone has always commented on my big cock - but in reality now my partner has a larger vagina - so for me its all relative.
3615 May 5, 2006

JanCan, Try measuring yourself with a medium sized speculum inserted and fully aroused. I did this to check my earlier experiment and measured my vagina  at 5 1/2" deep. This i believe is the most normal size for the average women and 6" considered large.
Maybe you could let us know if you differ from this and what where the results.
3616 May 5, 2006

Hugh Jackman:
I don't know if the things on this site are true or not, but the creator of this site makes money when you buy one of the penis enlargement devices he or she is promoting though links on the site. Like, play online poker games at pokeroom .tv ! <a href="http://www.pokeroom.bz">Pokeroom</a>
3617 May 5, 2006

a GUY:
When I go to the gym and shower, I dont feel intimidated at all. Most of the guys are normal. I mean 3-4" soft. This means nothing to their erect size. Most BLACK guys are NOT hung like horses. Beleive me, if you are 5-7" in erect length...your NORMAL. Dont let snake oil salesMAN or salesWOMEN convince you otherwise. I think most of the FEMALES on this site are actually GUYS. Guys that have never seen a normal guy on a normal day naked.
3618 May 7, 2006

Small Side of Average:
Reply to Shu-Mei:

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and honest post above (#3576).  As a white guy with a special appreciation for Asian girls, and also as a guy with a penis on the small side of average (5" long, 4.5" around), I found it both interesting and exciting.  I'm guessing my cock would be more in line with the guys you knew before your boyfriend, not so big or exciting, and something you wouldn't be particularly interested in touching and certainly not putting your mouth on.  It's frankly thrilling to think you'd feel that way about it and me.

I'd love to chat with you a little more about this if you're willing.  Would you consider sending an e-mail to smallsideofaverage@yahoo.com?  I'd be very happy to hear from you.  If not, though, let me just say thanks again for a post I won't soon forget.
3619 May 7, 2006

Lisa lombardo:
I love girls with big clits and large labia. You can have really good lesbian sex with girls protruding labia and clits.
3620 May 7, 2006

As much as you boldly and candidly assume through stating that deep-down all women prefer large penises, you do bring up a lot of factual and valid points. However, you completely miss the boat saying that someone with a short-average size penis cannot pleasure a woman as completely or thoroughly as one with a larger penis. Buddy, as long as a guy can get his dick up and ejaculate fertile sperm, he has already fulfilled his assigned penal role as a man. Humans are the only species that have sexual intercourse for fun entailing that we will use other parts of our body for pleasure than our genetalia. I have an average(or slightly above, depending on the demographic and statistic studies) of about six inches, have never had sex, but have read countless articles on how to pleasure a woman to the maximum using it, male and female authors included. Plus, I can work magic with my hands, which are far more capable of pleasuring a woman's vagina than a penis, no matter how big (the skeletal structure of a human hand being amoung the most complex on the planet). One hand or finger can stimulate the clitoris while another can slowly penetrate the vaginal canal up to the uterus if they're patient enough. That's far more stimulation than a penis alone can give! Granted, I am by no means detracting from the penis's capabilities of pleasure, but I am detracting from the firmly assumed importance you assign it. Numerous studies have shown that women actually want an average or only slightly above penis length. The last thing a woman wants is a guys eight-inch cock ramming against her cervix because really dude; few men actually know how or are willing to take the time to gradually slide in their huge wang over the considerable time period it would take to do so. That's one of the reasons that studies stands; most guys are too assertive in the actual sexual intercourse or if they do wait and use their penis that long trying to gradually open her up, they'll become spent leaving their woman unsatisfied. Furthermore, in that same time period, you could be giving her the sensual foreplay with your hands and lips that she yearns for and deserves! When that o' so important stamina factor is added in, the added friction on a mammoth penis will give a man with an average to short endurance a premature departure. The focus should be on the wide availability of technique and touch, rather than your almost completely unchangeable dick size.

In an ideal world, yes, a relatively larger penis would be the best option for a woman, however, in that same ideal world, every man would have one.
3621 May 7, 2006

Ronnie 3553 is spot on the money.

Until recently I had been only with the same woman in twenty years.  However some guys on a trip got me drunk and into bed with a Thai woman.  I spent the next week having sex with nine women in various combinations and whilst these girls were pro's, they didn't charge me a thing.

The bottom line was that my partner has trained me well to pleasing a woman and I have a big cock.  My partner takes it for granted and as I now appreciate has an equally large vagina.

These Asian girls just couldn't get enough - they took pictures, just watched me in the shower, I would wake up with one/two giving me oral, they told all their frinds and got them over which is why there were so many.  I was too big for some of them really but that didn't stop them they were crazed.

Now I'm home again - still the girls know that I am back in their town in June.

So ladies, don't take your man for granted!
3622 May 8, 2006

more a question than a comment. where did you get the information about vagina size? is it accurate? i have a hard time believing the vagina expands to 1.5 to 2.5 inches when aroused without being stretched.
3623 May 8, 2006

the smallest penis ive ever seen was on a whiteguy...
the biggest a arab...
3624 May 9, 2006

Mr. Rice Dick Update!:
A while back I posted (#3446) about the time I first started fucking this redhead chick in my building. She's now married to that Korean guy with the small rice dick but in spite of that, I've fucked her about 20 more times since she said "I do"... Well last week things got crazy. I just got home from a movie and I hear a knock at the door and it's her WITH HIM! I didn't know whether to run or punch him as hard as I could or punch her as hard as I could but before I could do anything he says to me: "Angela told me everything". He looked awful, like he hadn't slept and was crying all day. She kind of smirked at me but tried to look serious for the most part. As usual she was dressed semi-slutty in a skin-tight top and jeans. I was like "What can I say - I'm really sorry dude". I know it sounds stupid but what the fuck would you do in that moment? So he asks if they can come in and I say sure - I couldn't help but think about all the places I fucked Angie and what he must have thought when he saw my couch and bedroom door and stuff. Anyway I got them a drink and he starts crying again and Angie sort of rolls her eyes and says: "C'mon, you can do this". Then she winked at me. I had no idea what was up until he said "Obviously you can provide my wife something I can't". Before he could finish I told him to forget about any pervert shit like him watching cause it wasn't gonna happen. Then Angie says "why not?" - I ignored her cause I was pissed she brought me into this situation. I apologized again and he cut me off and said "you're not really in the position to say no to me". I laughed and was like "Oh really?" He looked at his feet and said "It would help things. I need to do this". Need to do what - watch your wife love my cock? I didn't say that but that's what I thought. Angie blurted out "his dick is the size of a tampon" - Neil (not his real name) literally flinched and looked at her like he wanted to kill her. She turned bright red and couldn't keep from laughing a little. I felt bad for this guy but at the same time realized he was one of the pussies in the world. He carries himself like a bigshot but when he feels threatened he cowers instead of fights. I guess I'm just not like that but anyway... Things were quiet for awhile and I really wanted them both to get the fuck out. I asked "what do you want, Neil - why are you here - if you're here to tell me to stop fucking Angie, then it's done - she's a worthless little slut anyway" - she said "fuck you  Dan, it takes 2 you know". Again ignored her. Neil was quivering between us and he cleared his throat and looked at Angie. She said to me "he wants to see your big ol' dick baby". That's what I was afriad of. I knew if I showed him it would start something weird and twisted and it did.
Angie stood up and walked around behind my chair and started rubbing my shoulders. She leaned down and breathed into my ear and licked it. It was hard not to  get a little turned on even with the fag watching because Angie smelled good and her huge tits were pressed into my back and neck. She was licking all over my face and started breathing heavy like she does when she's about to come. It was surreal to feel her draped over me and drooling on me literally like a bitch in heat but I guess the turn-on was doing it in front of 'No-Nuts' Neil (as we've taken to calling him since then). Neil was so locked on us he looked comatose - he didn't blink once, just watched Angie kiss and lick and grind all over me. Soon I was really  hard and could hear Neil sigh. I looked down and saw my cock pinned against my pants trying to bust out - Neil was staring at it. I looked at Angie, who smiled down at me then kissed me hard. We made out for 5 good minutes and the only noises in the room were our tongues mashing and lips smacking. Angie kept her hand away from my crotch so Neil could see it get huge under my pants. His hands were near his temples I guess so he could cover his eyes if he needed. Angie then stood up straight and wiped her mouth and looked at Neil. She asked if he was ready to see my big cock. Neil didn't answer but glared at her cause I think he felt she was fucking with him. Angie grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. She smiled at me like this was the most exciting thing ever. Then she unclasped my dress pants and pulled them down. My dick shot up and out and wagged around in the air. It felt good and really hot. Angie latched her hand around it and looked over her shoulder at Neil. He couldn't take his eyes off my cock getting slowly jacked by his wife. She stroked it slowly, as I've instructed her countless times. At this point it was pretty much at full length - a little over 9.5 inches. Angie showed Rice Dick how she couldn't wrap her fingers all the way around it. Then she started licking it, then sucking it. I closed my eyes to avoid looking at Neil and gave in to Angie's awesome skills. She sucked me wetly and tightly for about 20 minutes. I heard coughing and opened my eyes to see Neil started crying again. Angie looked back at him and snorted as if to tell him how pathetic he looked. I could see his shaky hand inching closer to his crotch but didn't see any buldge there. For a second I assumed his position and realized how fucked up it must be to watch your super-hot new wife worship another guy's much bigger cock. Must suck, no pun intended. Angie's big juicy ass was swaying about foot in front of him and kept looking at it then at her mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I think she probably put an extra jiggle into her hips for his benefit. She let my cock out of her mouth and stood up  and started undressing. I said, "whoa - no way - i'm not fucking you". She about screamed "what?!" and Neil said he didn't mind. I said I did mind and since they just dropped by to fuck with my livelihood we're gonna  do it my way. I told them Angie could only suck me off and I would tape the next time I fucked her if he wanted and he could keep the tape, but this was the last time he ever sees my cock in person. Angie was mad for a minute but perked up when I said the words "next time" so she got back on her knees and resumed her passionate slurping of my rod. She was only in her bra so I unhooked it and let her big jugs bounce around. I remained standing up, which made me feel pretty powerful cause they were both either kneeling down (Angie) or pitifully hunched into a chair (Rice Dick) below me. Angie hugged my thighs and took me as deep as she could and even gagged a few times, which she usually avoids doing to herself. I grabbed her hair and wrapped it around my fist and began pumping in and out of her mouth. Her tits were banging into my legs and their weight again reminded me how big they were. I was starting to get close so I looked at Rice Dick and sure enough, he had his little pecker out! Look, I'm not a me
an person and some of my closest homeboys have dicks around 6 inches and they pound quality pussy but this guy was ridiculous. Angie was right it was no bigger than a tampon. And not a large tampon either. He was thrusting his pelvis out I guess hoping to make it look bigger. It didn't. The only thing going for it was it was throbbing hard. He had it between his thumb and three fingers and tugged on it. I immediately looked at the ceiling and tried not to laugh but couldn't help what I just saw. I said "Wow Buddy - that's a tough break". Angie spun around and saw Neil's dick and also laughed. Then she reached out and pet it but drew her hand back quick and said "Eww!" That was harsh. Neil closed his eyes for a few seconds but couldn't help looking at Angie and me. I wanted to  finish this thing so I started fucking her face and watching her move all around my cock. I groped her ass cheeks and hefted her tits in my hands to intensify my sensations. I snaked my hand into her jeans and played with her asshole in front of Neil. I didn't look at him for fear of losing my rock hardness. Angie sensed I was getting close so she took me deep again then jacked me off while licking all over the head. She stated talking dirty to me while also ridiculing Neil, telling him he should suck me off too cause he'd like it. To his credit I heard him say "Fuck you Angela". Of course that didn't discourage her from stuffing my balls in her mouth while she jacked me off. She looked up at me and batted her eyes, trying to look as sexy as possible - not like she had to try hard. Then I cluched her head in my hand and grunted and yelled "FUCK" pretty loudly cause I was about to come. Angie opened her mouth wide and lowered herself under my cock to receive the load. I watched her big tits jiggling and it sent me over the edge. As soon as I was cumming, Angie aimed my cock right at Neil - she literally yanked me forward to a painful degree and I spurt two then three then five or six huge streams right at him! I'm like Holy shit - like I was an observer more than a part of it. I blasted the guy in the face and on his lips! AGGGHHHH! How nasty is that? Fucked up thing is I swear his breathing got heavier when it happened. Again, it was surreal, me blowing my load, brought about by his hot wife's masterful suckling, ALL OVER this guy. Probably - and I'm not kidding - about 4 full ounces of jizz on his face, his neck, all over his nice tie and it dripped down into onto his lap and hands and shit. Uggh. If I ever look that pathetic or humiliated in my life... I won't say kill me but punch me very hard. So here's Rice Dick, soaked in my cum and Angie meanwhile is cleaning my still swollen dong with her hot mouth. After about a minute she stood up and we just looked at Rice Dick sitting there. Unbelievable. His cum-covered hands pressed into his lap like he was still tense and shocked and whatever. Angie told him to clean himself up before he set foot outside but she didn't really look at him cause she was kissing me. I avoided her kiss and told her to clean herself up cause she had more of my cum in her hair. Neil used my bathroom and came out and was about to leave and actually turned to me and said "It was nice to uh... meet you, regardless of the circumstances". I was too shocked to answer but nodded kindly so as to not be rude. He left without saying a word to his wife. She asked if she could take me to dinner. I said as long as it wasn't Asian food and she laughed like crazy. Mean, I know. But the way I see it, guys like Rice dick put themselves in these situations. If you have a small prong - like under 6 or whatever, be discreet about it and don't get with a woman who will attract lots of guys cause if she's not getting filled at home it's only a matter of time. I guess that means get a big dildo and get really good at eating pussy, which I enjoy doing myself - eat pussy = more orgasms, remember that.
So that was last week and I haven't seen Rice Dick since. Angie called me a few times but I've avoided her cause she had revealed herself to be trouble. By trouble I mean a woman who discovered her true sexuality later in life - around 27 years - and is doing all she can to further liberate herself, whatever that means these days. This whole culture is fucked if you ask me. We're all in trouble in the long run, with this President and cultural relations and all the muck and shit Americans have to endure. We're all fucked; the guys with little wangs are just slightly more so.
I definitely will fuck Angie again because it's too fun and she's too sexy. A woman like her deserves a big dick I guess if she can't have it otherwise. She left me a voicemail and asked if I had any friends "like me" (wink). She wants to get double stuffed. I immediately thought of my friend Brad - his dick is even bigger than mine. But I'm wondering if I bring him in will she like the bigger one? Now I'm wondering about this whole size thing. I should see if Brad's up for it. I doubt he will be.
3625 May 9, 2006

Paul "Mr Stubb":
  I just want you to know that I also have a smaller Penis and have found this site to be very informative. I also think that some women who only want Large penises should look for other things as well to satisfy them selves. It seems to me and many others that these women have other underlying issues that should also be addressed. Penetration is just one of the many was to satisfy a woman. Women are not as easily aroused by visual things as men are they tend to be more Emotional,and mentally Intimate. Many would rather have a mentally and intellectually satisfying relationship. Sex for most women that I know is of a secondary nature. Or maybe they just told me this to make me feel better about my self. I do believe that most women would rather have an intimate,mentally,and emotionally satisfying relationship with their man than have an abusive He man brute with a whopper penis. I realise that this is an extreme but it illustrates my point. Men be more in tuned to what your women really need. An adult mentally stimulateing and emotionally satisfying relationship. Sex is bound to be good if there is good communication and genuine emotional and intellectual feelings for each other.     Mr Stubb
3626 May 9, 2006

Hi - I just spent about 2 days reading this site!  I'm a 32yo single female and I can tell you that size ABSOLUTELY matters!  I can go into detail if anyone cares
3627 May 9, 2006

i am 5" long and about 5" in girth and consider myself average, i have never had problems satisfying women in bed.
3628 May 9, 2006

some guy:
look guys, i am 5 1/2" long and about 5" in girth. i consider myself average. If it isnt tiny(micro-penis) and it still works you should count your blessings, a few years ago i was on medication for depression and couldnt even get a hard on, and of course being depressed i thought it would be like that forever. now im off the meds and my erections are fine again. i would rather have my eyesight, mobility, health etc than have a humungous cock.
3629 May 9, 2006

This whole site assumes the only reason we have sex is to come.
3630 May 9, 2006

how come I am always curious to see my friends penis. I always look down his shorts to see if his balls are poppin out, and I always look and his penis in the locker room. I saw the head of his penis outline in his shorts. It gave me a boner.
3631 May 9, 2006

I would have to say the biggest dicks I have seen in porno are on black guys.  That said---I know if i could pick the ideal penis for myself it wouldn't be that big.  i think the best dicks are usually on white guys---and they are above average in length and girth but not so big they look like a circus freak.  So I definately think size matters but why does everyone keep saying huge is the best?---i think most females would prefer big but not huge. And yeah some would but thats just like how some women are lesbian---there are always exceptions
3632 May 9, 2006

One more thing...It is crazy how you never see Asian guys in porno!!! (or at least very rare) Even though on average they are smaller than white or black, surely there are some with big ones but i never see them! Anyone have any suggestions on why this is?
3633 May 9, 2006

I wonder what will happen in the future when safe, effective penis enlargment becomes available. Maybe it will be like breast augmentation---where so many women have them done  that its not that big of a deal to have big breasts and many men are openly stating their preference for average or smaller ones.

And what is funny is that the short, nerdy but very intelligent and wealthy x-cuckolds will be sporting 8 inch cocks and they will be even more of a "catch" than before for Gold-diggers and the like.

And BTW, this penis enlargement is on the way---I heard about it from a doctor---so hopefully all the little guys can hang on for a while!
3634 May 10, 2006

mike :
i think size can really make or break men... one of my best friends killed two people for constantly tormenting him about his size. i was friends with him for about 10 years before he snapped.  i visited him in prison for about 2 years before he killed himself. people need to wake up and realize this can be torture for weak minded people. everyone is different. be careful with what you say
3635 May 10, 2006

All I can say is you horses out there must have a lot of difficulty making out, if you reserve yourselves for Mr 12".
Wake up and realise that men and their instruments are good between 5 & 9" as well.
3636 May 10, 2006

No, this is not my real name, but my experiences ARE real.  I would never have thought cock size mattered until after dating a guy during a breakup when I was dating my ex husband, Mark.  Even during my marriage to my ex, I still thought about my ex-bf before him.

My ex husband Mark was 6" and a good lover.  We were married just over 10 years, but even during that time and the time were were together before our marriage, I never stopped thinking about Mike, a guy I dated during a 1.5 year breakup between Mark and I.

While Mark was of average build, was kind, responsible and, as I said, was 6", Mike was almost the opposite.  Strong, muscular, hardheaded and stubborn with a temper...but more than anything, I could never stop thinking about that cock.  It was strong, powerful, thick and well....my god, it was just perfect!  It was almost 10 inches fully hard and thick, especially at the tip which was full and thick and heavy.  Even soft, it hung so big and swollen - like a big club.  The sight of it, so heavy and strong - hanging off his almost hairless (Mark was pretty hairy) muscular body used to make me gasp - even after I'd grown used to it

I still remember the first time I saw it.  Mark and I had broken up and I had met Mike a few months after (we had been just dating at the time).  I had been attracted to Mike for some time before (we had worked in the same building), so of course I knew he was attractive and well built - but I had no idea HOW well built

The night I first saw it, we had had our first fight...after only  afew dates (I guess I should have known there'd be problems).  In the "heat of battler" he had pulled me into him while we argued and I can still remember the feeling of all the blood leaving my head when I felt him agains tme.  He let me go and my eyes went straight for his crotch.  The bulge left me speechless and took all the wind out of me.  He must have noticed that I lost all will to fight.  It got so quiet between us.

I felt like I couldn't even stop what happened next, but almost instinctively I knelt in front of him and began to touch that aching knot in his pants.  I could feel the heat from it through his slacks.  He had this heavy musky scent that Mark never had and even before I pulled it out, I could see he was so much more of a man than Mark...then I found out exactlyl how much more of a man he really was.

He never spoke that fist time - he just looked down at me as though we both knew what was proper for me to do and I did it.  I opened his pants and reached in.  My pussy was twitching and aching and as soon as I touched it, I swooned and began to gush.  Mike wasn't even fully hard yet but his beautiful cock was massive compared to Mark's.  I couldn't even close my hands around it.

I opened my mouth and took it in and I swear I almost cried just sucking him.  He kept growing and growing and growing!  It was incredible how big he was and how HARD he got!  Mike was 100% REAL MAN in EVERY sense of the word.  I couldn't even remember why we were fighting - only that I knew I had to get that big dick into me SOMEHOW.

Where Mark was good in bed, Mike was so strong and confident as a lover - fucking me like he owned me - hitting me in positions that Mark never matched.  At nearly 10 inches hard (he made me measure him - base to tip on the top) he had 4 inches on Mark - and THICKNESS??  Mark could never come close!!  and it wasn't just his massive size.

Mike could LITERALLY fuck for hours, non-stop.  He had such a powerful appetite and the stamina of a bull.  He could cum buckets, then STAY hard and keep fucking me until he'd cum again.  He was so, so strong that he could do anything he wanted to me and I couldn't stop him - and not just because of his physical strength either.  I honestly felt at times that it would be WRONG to not obey him...something I never felt toward Mark, even during our marriage.

And I could never stay mad at Mike - even when he was a complete asshole to me.  I'd try to stay mad - even try to hold back during sex - but it was impossible.  Even when HE was the one who caused our fights, eventually he'd get me on all fours, my ass up in the air and he'd enter me from behind, stabbing straight down into me.  The harder and deeper he'd gut me, the  higher I'd lift myself up for him and before I knew it, I'd hear myself telling him how much I loved him - how much I loved his cock.

That happened a lot!  I would tell him CONSTANTLY how big he was while we fucked...even at times telling him how much bigger and better he was than Mark (he knew how big Mark was - I was still pissed at Mark after our breakup, so I'd told him how he compared to Mark).  By the end, any hopes of "holding back" went out the window as I'd just end up wrapping my legs around him and taking that entire cock, delivered savagely by that powerful animal body.

Mike got away  with shit that I NEVER let Mark get away with and I knew then as I know now that it was because Mike had a power over me that Mark never had.

We'd fuck almost every day - sometimes a few times in a day.  It seemed like he could never get enough.  Since we worked in the same building, we'd even fuck at lunch sometimes.  There were times I would have a hard time walking afterward and every time I'd sit down at work, I could feel the pain shoot through me - it felt as thoug he was still inside me!

His strength and size allowed him to do things to me that were simply NOT possible with Mark.  He could pick me up and fuck me from behind while holding me in the air - my back to his chest - and penetrate me so deep that I would cum after only a few strokes.  Positions where Mark used to routinely slip out were nothing for Mike.  He could penetrate me deeply with no effort where Mark would have to work just to stay inside me.

Where Mark would ask, Mike would just DO.  Where Mark would want to 'talk it over', Mike would make me suck that huge club-dick until I literally would beg him to fuck me with it - sometimes on the verge of tears.  Mike was - well - just incredible.  I know this must all sound so bad.

After about a year, Mike and I broke up and I got back together with Mark.  We married but even during our marriage, I felt like I was Mark's equal - not his property like I felt wth Mike.  Some women may say I am crazy for wanting that feeling, but there was something pure..almost natural..about being "put in my place" by Mike that Mark never, ever could duplicate.  Simply put (and I'm sorry to say), Mark's 6" and how he used it simply made him less of a man than Mike.

Mike's body and cock almsot seemed to give him the "right" to me - at times during my marriage, I used to fantasize about Mike coming back and "claiming me" by right from Mark..as though his 10" cock gave him more ownership over me than my own husband with his 6" penis.

Mark and I divorced (no, not over cock-size) and I'm single again.  I don't think that I would necessarily go out looking for a "big dick man" but I know that cock size DEFINITELY matters.  When I masturbate, I never, ever think about Mark - when I think about a past lover, I ALWAYS imagine Mike.

Sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings, but I speak from the heart.  A 6 inch penis can never take the place of a 10" bull cock...and anyone who tells you different is either lying or hasn't experienced both.
3637 May 10, 2006

All you men 7" and under...want to really know the scoop from a woman's perspective?  Honestly?  Check out this link:


See how she is so utterly devoted?  How she cannot help but look up at this clearly SUPERIOR male?  Now just ask yourself if ANY woman you have been with has EVER look up at you like that - held your cock like that - been so completely and totally in worship of what you have between your legs.

"Men"...if you are 7" or less...don't expect to be able to make a woman submit like this.  If you don't think cock size matter, just watch this video as many times as it takes!  LOL


Allison in Phoenix
3638 May 10, 2006

To "fucking hilarious":
OK, I get it....
Did you also read my previous posts?
It's all true. But, you really wouldn't understand.
3639 May 11, 2006

There's a reason why average is average, jackass. Failed out of high school biology hmm?
3640 May 11, 2006

This site is a joke, right?  Testicle size is important to a woman?  Semen volume is important?
Who writes this rubbish - the same people who do letters to Penthouse and Hustler?
3641 May 11, 2006

To "Average Guy" (POST #3600):

How dare you suggest white men limit themselves to Asian women? White women are loose? Since when have they been especially loose? Maybe for you, they're loose, but don't speak for me. The fact is that white women prefer black men no more than white men prefer black women. You rarely ever see races mixed (even in such melting pots as New York and Los Angeles). In fact, you more often see black men with Asian women than you see black men with white women. I suppose some individuals have fetishes or wish to indulge in fantasies, but the average person almost always dates within his or her race. Penis size in general is not even a deciding factor for most women (unless the man they're with is unusually tiny, of course, then they will want to look elsewhere).

Now, I resent your assertion that white women are flocking to black men. Not all black men are well endowed and there are plenty of hung white men to go around. Furthermore, no man should ever feel obligated to limit himself to one group of women because of the size of his penis. If, for instance, a white man loves a black woman, he should never feel compelled to reject his feelings because of his reproductive organ. What if a white man doesn't like Asian women? What then? Should he just not have sex? Your post says about you that you are disgruntled and simple minded. You lack the complexity to understand that love and sex are complex issues. They are not (and can never be) monolithic.

The white man should never succumb to the fantasy that the black man will steal away his women. It is only that - a fantasy for sadists and perverts. If you get off to this fantasy, that's your problem. Look around and you'll see the truth: I would say every white woman I look at today has around her arm a white man, every black woman a black man, etc. (Yes, there are exceptions, but they don't represent the norm. I can't be more adamant.)

And, "Average Guy," there's nothing average about those measurements of yours. A girth of 1 inch? That's not normal. I think maybe you have something to worry about, but don't take the rest of us with you.
3642 May 11, 2006

I think the main reason every male is so worried about penis size is due to pornography.  It is addicting and after a while one starts to think that sex is all about big penis's, big tits, etc.  U are watching men who are well endowed (thats why they had the balls to go on camera!) having sex.  They are not representative of the normal population.  So quit worrying about what a woman will think--chances are her body doesn't look like Jenna Jameson's anyway so she's probably self-concious too.
3643 May 11, 2006

Brad (NYC):
I'm 5'11" and hung under 8" and over 6" at the base.  I mention this fact not as a boast but as important background.  I used to think I was small until I became older and became more sexually self-aware and experienced.  It is funny now to look back at a time when I used to think I was small.  I now know that for size is statistically speaking rare in comparison to the whoe male population.  I have not, however, allowed this fact go to my head, as sexuality is more than size, length, and girth.

I happened to find you site through a link in searching for a decent on-line condom distributer.  I understand what your supposed intentions are, namely to help men come to an acceptance of their size, but your approach is flawed for several reasons.  First, many men have come to believe their penises are small when in fact they are normal, healthy men.  Young men in particular are more prone to think this way.  What you are doing is convicing men then that they are small when the vast majority will not be and moreover have then "come to terms" with a falsehood.  In presupposing that all men are unable to see reality and get over their fears, you are projecting your own stated past history and experiences and beliefs on other men.

Quite frankly, I feel that you are not over your fears.  Anyone whose taken this amount of time and energy to create this site is clearly trying to prove to himself that size doesn't matter--and at the expense of other peole's emotional sense of self-worth.  If ever the line "misery loves company" applied, it is to you and this site mate.

And I leave you with this last thought.  You foolishly use admittedly made up stories and lies of bogus "women" bashing men for not having 12-inche penies and portray women as vile.  In so doing, you are doubtlessly engendering a good abount of sexual animus in a lot of males out there.  I find this so unethical and disturbing that as a man, I find your dispicable if any harm were to come to a woman because of your peurile antics on here and think you would be worthy of sexual violation if such ever befell a woman as a result of you lies on here.

If having a small mind correlates positively with having a small dick, then you must surely be a microhead in more than one way.

Brad S.,
New York City
3644 May 11, 2006

This site is full of shit.I have been with alot of women and my 5 and a half inches has pleased every woman i have been with,Exept for the sluts or occasional hookers i have picked up along the way. i know how to use what i got.If a woman needs a thick long ass donkey dick she is more than likely a whore who has been around the block with every tom and dick and is stretched out beyond normal so of course she will prefer a big cock because that is all that will satisfie her worn out ass.any normal woman cannot take a cock all the way in that is over 6 inches, and thats pushing it.a womans most sensitive part of the vagina is the 1st 3 inches in .so if a cock is 8 inches long what good is the extra lenth if it cant go in??? It may hurt her it may not but the point is a vagina is only so deep.And the way i look at it is im glad i can touch bottom and still be all the way in and beat it up.What pleasure would i get out of having only half of my cock in?? and by the way the average cock is between 4.75 and 6.25 inches.I have know clue where you get your bullshit studies from. I think this site is just trying to lure Low self esteem guys in to buy that penis enlargment shit.If you you are that insecure learn how to use your tongue.Most women will love that as much as a cock if you know what your doing. How the heel did i ever run up on this bullshit site?? Im gone.
3645 May 11, 2006

First thing's first: Not all black men are exceptionally hung. And, as a well endowed white man, I resent the generalization that all white men are small, that black men are superior lovers, and that they alone have claim over women. I am a white man with a large penis, and women (of all races, colors and creeds) tend to like me very much. I don't think a white woman would prefer a black man over me on the grounds of penis size. Surely, all well endowed white men balk at the very idea that a black man can simply swoop in and steal any white woman he wants. This is simply not so and I am troubled that the stereotype that dictates that black men are always bigger will have a negative effect on my love life. I will be willing to compare my ten inches to any black man's ten inches. As far as women are concerned, they will have to look elsewhere to make their choice between my ebony counterpart and me because I assure you that they won't find a difference (except in color) between our penises. I know how to keep my women satisfied and I am not in the least bit insecure about my sexual abilities and the myth that they are inferior to a black man's. I'm sure I speak for all hung white men when I say this. If I want a white woman, get out the way, because I'm going to get one and no black man can stop me!

Furthermore, a white man (of any size) should never feel obligated to pursue Asian women exclusively. If he wants a white woman, a black woman, an Indian woman, or any other kind of woman, let him go and get one. A man's penis size should never dictate where he can go to find love. A man's penis size should never limit his choices. I don't care what anyone says. Whatever your size, seek happiness in whatever manner you deem fit. Don't let this site or any individual tell you otherwise.

And when did the love scene become one giant porno flick? People were less interested in wantonness and hedonism in the 60s (and, to boot, this was when AIDS was a non-issue). I remain adamant that people should be looking to make love, not to fuck just for the sake of fucking. For that matter, you can masturbate - you won't have to buy anyone a drink.

Remember this if you forget all other things you have read on the internet regarding penis size: Love transcends size. I don't care if I'm big, small, medium. I'm only looking for love. And I promise you that there is a multitude of beautiful women out there under your nose looking for the same thing.

3646 May 12, 2006

Some of you will say I'm fortunate, and others will say I'm unfortunate! I've got a 13 inch penise, and it's big and round! My experience is, that the smallest woman I fucked took it all and actually was telling me to go deeper, she wanted more! That is actually typical with small girls too! Sure they are tight and that's what I love, I think the best part is the initial entry and once I get the head started in, I ram it all the way, they groan and yell at first, then they are moving their asses up and down like theres no tomorrow!
3647 May 12, 2006

i am african nigeria to be precise and i want to say size does not really matterwhat matters is the ability to keep the tempo of your thrusts for a very long time.i have been with lots of women and most of them complain about my length and most of them just moan i am a 7.25inher by length and 51/4 in girth, i  can go on and on for at least one hour, that is what ladies really want, so guys dont let this site debase you in any way.
i also think white girls are sluts, if they cant be satisfied by male folks then they should go for horses
3648 May 12, 2006

It is not the size what is important. I and about 70% of all women need some help to stimulate the clitoris. We use our fingers or open minded women have their vibrators or the like. So even when having vaginal intercourse the male tool is not the real benefactor. Rich ejaculations are more interesting and more flattering.
Tendernes and love are first we need, not a monstrous dick!
3649 May 12, 2006

cool dude:
now i have an 8 just about almost 8 inch penis n 2 inch wide n thick dnt know the girth but even this with penis i have hurt many many girl n they have complained now for u guys who say ur penis is 14 inch n that shut up one the bigger penis the harder to keep it hard u need too much blood in there i can keep my dick hard for hours can u do the same with ur 10 inch penis?
3650 May 13, 2006

little guy:
I really like this site, but hard to decide what I think is actually a real female. I have a fairly small dick at about 5 inches. What I'd like is to discus this subject with actual females. Add me to your msn

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