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3551 April 14, 2006

The Real Alpha Male:
"I see no discussion here as to what really affords a man superiority over other men...namely his dominance in all areas of true manliness.

For example, I have both an undergraduate and MBA degree from two separate ivy league colleges, have enjoyed a very successful professional career and have an eight-figure net worth. Although this provides one form of male dominance, what truly drives my feelings of superiority is the fact that I excelled in contact sports and am now still extremely strong and powerful. I played football in college and was known there as a very hard hitter. I think we'd all agree that to be considered a tough football player at the college level can generally be accepted as a good validation of a man's courage, strength and mental toughness.  In addition, I currently bench press 385 pounds and have 19 inch biceps. I also am constantly referred to as very handsome by women. My penis is a bit over 6 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide.

Irrespective of penis size, versus men who are weak (bench press less than 275 lbs or arms that resemble pipe-cleaners), went to medicore, or worse yet, inferior colleges, and, most importantly, could not adequately defend themselves or their women when challenged, uneviqocally, one would have to concede that I am the superior male. Certainly women have always thought so."

When I read this, I immediately thought "wow, this guy's saying "look at me!  look at me!  I really think I'm something special...."

Having a degree or two, does not make you a better man.  I repeat - does not.  And ooh!  You can bench press.  And you played football (sounds like a latent "man I wish I was still cool!") 

Bench pressing doesnt mean squat.  Let's see your bench pressing try carring dozens of boxes of porcelain tile, or a 60 foot roll of softbac carpet down steps into someone's basement.  Yeah, you can bench, but you probably can't carry worth a damn.

You remind me of one of those egotistical fools who thinks that their shit doesn't stink.  *insert hoytie toytie voice here*  "oh, I make money, money, money, so that means that I'm special..."   Right. 

I ain't got much money - I bust my ass for my paycheck, not sit on my ass for it. I ain't the most hung fellow in the world, but I don't give a damn. I played football for a year in high school, but I quit before the season was over so I could work to buy my own F'in car.  I've been in construction for years, working in a t-shirt in 15 degree weather, hanging rafters three stories off the ground so little pissant shits like you, with your big money, and blah blah blah blah could sit inside of the home that I BUILT, and drink your Chardonney, and jerk yourself off to watching the money channel.

I don't know if you realize this - but people with an "Eight figure net worth" are considered SISSIES!!!!  At least to the real men and women out there.

So before you go putting yourself up on a pedestal, just remember that there's real men out there that are holding your sissy ass up so you can sit there and spout "I'm a real man!"


One of the real Alpha Males in society....

And PS - women love a rough and tumble man, versus the primp and proper sissies....   sorry son....  after you got done with your women, they came looking for me next - so I could finish the job that you screwed up...
3552 April 15, 2006

I am 5'6" 125 lbs, my penis is 10" long & 7.25" around. In the 20 or so women I have slept with only 2 could handle it easly & they were both 5'8"+. Most of have been on the small side 5'2" or less. It is hard to attact a larger women (not fat) when you are my height & weight.                         

  by the way im single
3553 April 15, 2006

hi guys.i am a women who does like bigger.after i had kids,things were just not the same.The size i like is about 8 inches and up.I guess even before i had kids i always thought it would be nice to try a man who had a big cock.i like the way it fills me up.but really now. If it fills up the women you are with, she will think you are big.So really it is not the size that matters. Its the women that appreciates it.
3554 April 15, 2006

o.k.. something is very wrong here:

Howcome the most popular dildos purchased by woman are
http://www.slightesttouch.com/penis_size.asp - read the part about the dildo.

I mean even the long ones of 8" inch are often only 1.5" in diameter! That is below average.
(Of course a little longer is playing it save..it is like buying a cable.. buying a longer than needed can never hurt..no pun intended.. )

So the stories on this size of woman..enjoying 10" by 7" dildos..are the odd ones out.. This site attracts all the size queen woman or husbands of size queens...How many guys do u think are on here who's wife just cheeted on him with a smaller or average guy?
3555 April 16, 2006

I think huge labia lips like on the picture posted above are great, in fact, the bigger the lips the better
3556 April 16, 2006


I too was very underdeveloped and there is hope. It depends on how old you are. I was 14 years and 7 months old before I started to develop. Until then my genitals were small indeed. My penis was about an inch and a half soft and almost three hard. no pubic hair and unable to ejaculate. I went to a boys only boarding school and was teased very badly. Boys would hold me down strip me naked just to look and laugh at my penis. Boys would masturbate in the showers in front of me and tease me for not joining in. I had a bad time until puberty hit me. Within a few months my testicles had swelled and dropped into my scrotum. I started to ejaculate and my penis grew to a flaccid size of 3.5 and erect was 6.25. My foreskin also started to roll back all the way exposing the head. I was soon normal and if you hang in there you may develop more soon.
3557 April 16, 2006

Asian man:
Hi there.... I am a 18 years old guy with a 4" dick... once I have sex with my girlfriend.... she complaint that it was too short..... so what can I do to satisfy her... can my penis grow longer..? any ways?...
3558 April 17, 2006

wanna seesome big cock go to metabods.com
ps ed how many chicks you slammed off this site?
-insert editorial comment
3559 April 18, 2006

My little weenie is only 8 inches long and 6 inches around. Is that bad? Should it be bigger? Do you think I can make my woman come? What happens if she doesn't?...

I'm gonna die.
3560 April 18, 2006

I wanted to say that this website is quit fallacious. I, myself, happen to have a larger penis and use magnum condoms and I was still offended by what is written on this site. The list of PENIS FACTS is just a list of comments meant to make people feel unworthy. there are about 10 facts thats just list negative adjectives that women supposedly feel about smaller penises. None of these have citations or could even be true. How could "Women find small penises embarrassing" be a fact. This would insinuate all women do. IF it is true, list the amount of women and a source. Also, 80% of males have normal or small penis. that doesnt even make sense. The only thing of worth on this site is the section on the scientific make up of cum. It is obvious that this is just a scam to get people to buy your sponsored male enhancment and semen enhancment products which are all mental anyway. Ive been with a fair amount of women and even though i am above average in size, i have never heard of women saying the things you quote them as saying. Infact, the woman i am with now would prefer if my penis was smaller because it prevents us form engaging in some positions. go to http://www.the-penis.com/ if you want a much more fact based site.
3561 April 18, 2006

A Real Man:
In response to post 3486
March 15, 2006
"if a woman makes fun of your penis size strike her immediately then push the whore's face into a pillow and penetrate her anus with absolute violence. she will make noises like you won't believe."

This is what a real man does.  Sets a woman straight when she mouths off, and doesn't give a damn about her approval!
3562 April 18, 2006

Wow..this site is so messed up. Personally, I'm a female/virgin and I don't see why size would matter. A good number of women cannot have an orgasm through intercourse, so obviously all men should have some other skills, unrelated to his penis size. You don't even need a penis to make a woman orgasm anyway. I think if you take care of your woman and she takes care of you, that bit won't matter..just don't be insecure and don't be selfish.
3563 April 18, 2006

i really like reading all the stories it really turns me on. keep posting stories please
3564 April 19, 2006

the answer is so yes size matters it makes a big difference when ive fucked a 6" cock compared to a 9+"er you bet it does . heres a way for guys who are skeptical or just curious buy an assortment of dildoes and insert yourself anally with the different sizes " you'll figure out real quick size makes a differance " lol  for the part of what feels better for me this ED guy has it on the money thicker can be not only better but nessary depending on ones body i noticed alot of EDs comments noticing girls say size dont matter but disecting there statements to point out that it does intresting . But there maybe a chance of truth but i personaly get off fast and hard if i have a very thick man inside of  me . I DO HAVE A QUESTION FOR ED ?   do you have any info on how girls that are small 4'11" 85-90lbs like myself but i do happen  to have a larger than average vagina well atleast it seems since ive never had a problem receiving a xtra large penis
3565 April 20, 2006

this site is bullshit.
3566 April 20, 2006

is it true that croatian men have big penis? what is the average for a croatian
3567 April 20, 2006

a man:
this site is a joke... sorry.  if you cut about half the unsupported bullshit out, only then would you have some semblance of believability in your article.  at that point though, your article wouldn't be so juicy and "fun."  all this site looks like to me is a revenue stream for porn sites and enhancement drugs, REGARDLESS of what the author states.  there are so many inconsistencies and unsubstantiated claims that it is futile to even think about where to begin.  all of you lowlifes wasting your money on these drugs are just falling right into the manufacturers schemes.  "a fool and his money are easily parted."
3568 April 20, 2006

Reply to 3545 and 3562:
Well 'HASSAN', you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone that you are really a doctor when you cannot spell the word 'medicine' correctly.  I'm not sure if English is your first language or not, but I'm just saying it doesn't help your credibility.  It also doesn't make you right.

To 'walkn': I doubt very seriously you are a female.  It is true many women cannot come to orgasm through intercourse alone.  However, most of the time intercourse does not occur independent of foreplay, oral sex or other means of sexual stimulation. 

Assuming you are female, being a virgin more or less precludes you from this debate.  I've seen hundreds like you and in the end they all end up getting screwed senseless and screaming for more.  Come back after you've rode the big one and I think you'll be on the other side of this debate.
3569 April 21, 2006

The normal:
Hey, guys. Don't worry about you penis size. The opposite is also true. Do you wanna have a way to destroy a woman's self-steam? Tell her teat is getting flacid; that she's getting fat and fat all over the butts; thell her vagina is wider than it should be, as you have a normal diameter penis size and it feels like your penis is "lost" inside her vagina, that she's not capable of satisfying you. Why in the hell only women must be satisfied? Their male partnes also must be, and a woman must do her best to achieve this goal. Lift your head up, man [both heads!!! :), ;) ]! There are lots of pretty and tasty narrow pussy all around! No worry about YOUR penis. Let the woman gat worried about their pussy's width instead. This is the time of a new sexual culture, in which penis size does not matter, but vagina width DOES matter instead. Think twice. No need to be ashamed. Turn the table. Ashame your partner if she says something unpleasant regarding you penis size. But no physical neither word aggression. Just reply back. And be the BEST!
3570 April 21, 2006

Thanks Uncle Sam:
I will say---this country is definately reaping its rewards for slavery.  In addition to hiking up the crime rate and overcrowding our cities, black men are sticking their disgusting, giant burnt sausages in white women and triggering the notion that bigger is better.
3571 April 21, 2006

me again::
yes.. the stories with big cocks rule.. and always have me coming back for more .. ha ha.

For me I love them best if I believe them. Pity I don't believe all of them from this site .. since  some are just written to promote the stuff they advertise here..

I know of some another site with good stories,just won't give it away here.. I don't want it to be full of biased stories from these guys promoting their stuff there. I could swap it though..if anybody is interested..

I think us guys are just crazy about their penises and that's that!!
3572 April 21, 2006

hi im lucas and my penis size is 10" x 7" ive been married for 10 years with my wife who is 4'8 105 lbs we have 1 child a son and we have an overactive sex life one day my wife tells me that she can no longer feel me and that she craves the big cock this really devastated me i though she only cared about me but i love my wife and her happiness is all i care about so the next day we put an ad in an adult section online and in the papers we finally found a white guy name jerry who was hung like a horse my wife measured it at a whopping 11" X 8" i was in shock that dick made my small peter even smaller i felt less of a man and my wife enjoyed it she always wanted me to be humiliated and ashamed of my small cock in front of a well hung stallion well i did and it really turned her on well the sex begain i started first and only 20 seconds later she pushed me out and smacked me in the face and told me to move over so jerry can fuck her like only he can well he did i sat by the bed watching jerry pound my wife into orgasmic bliss she had i guess about 50 orgasms in just 20 minutes alone she screamed very loud due to the overwhelming pleasure of this well hung studd he finally after watching them for 4 hours came bucket loads into my wifes gaping pussy there was so much when he pulled out a massive amounts of his cum oozed out like a waterfall he had so much that he came all over her face and body she loved it she licked and ate it all up the next day his wife came over and i was forced to watch him do both the sounds of all 3 of them were deafing he came in both o f them so much i swear he must have some sort of reserve nut somewhere he made them scream in total bliss to the point where he made them shake and have convulsions a lot of times all 3 of them laughed at me and at my small wanker i was so jealous and the amount of pleasure he was recieving was also equal man you should have seen his face when he was riding one the other one was help pushing so he can even feel massive amounts of pleausre they even double stroked and sucked his cock at the same time at least 20 times making him spew out so much cum his intense orgasms lasted roughly about 45 seconds to 1 minute and after that he came in both of them a lot he also knew a lot of exotic positions you should have seen these 3 very flexable damn he got into one that looked damn good and the other one was helping out and boy did he ever cum into her then they switched and he came into the other one he came about 20 times switching positions about 10 mintues each finally they finshed him off by doing that double stroke double blowjob combo and man did he ever cum in fact they didn't stop doing that until he came a lot that lasted about 20 mintues and i counted about 50 massive cum shots i would say that whole session lasted about 5-7 hours with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of massive mind blowing orgasms from each 3 the sheets was stained to the core with all 3 of their love juices they looked like they came out of the shower wow!
  well after that they all 3 left and slept over at jerrys place the next morning i can hear the same sounds of massive pleasures coming from thier place later that afternoon they came back but instead they didn't want me to watch so i was told to stay downstairs all i can hear was all 3 of them screaming and enjoying massive amounts of pleausre it made me sad and jealous that this guy was getting lucky and me all i can do is play with my small 10 inch willy i swear they were up there all night non stop i can hear his wife telling him to cum in her deeply so i can suck your love juice out of her then my wife told him the same thing it was about 4 in the morning by the time they were done after that 10 girls came over and he had a 12 girl 1 guy orgy and man they were doing the same thing he was cummin and cummin in all of them all damn day i cant believe how in the hell can a guy last that long geez well anyway he gets lucky like that now and all i can do is get jealous and listen sometimes they will be nice and let me watch but overall they dont my me to watch because all of them are embarresed by my small cock size so the only thing i can do is just rub one off oh by the way my wife isnt going to divorce me but she is going to continue with jerry as her lover she says ill be lucky and maybe suck her tits once in a while but hey i like being the bitch it is so fun being the small guy being teased and taunted by pretty women one well hung stud and my wife
3573 April 21, 2006

My dick is only 1 inch by 2 inches erect girls and guys tease me one day a girl pulled my shorts down at the local pool and told everyone to look(it didn't make things any better when she was a very hot blond in a bikini)I wasn't wearing underwear and to make things worse it was a full crowd but everyone saw how small I was I mean everyone laughed including the old people I was so embarresed I bought a house and isolated myself from everyone I'm only 5'7 220 lbs fat but I didn't think people can be so cruel I don't know what to do
3574 April 21, 2006

High i'm amber and i'm a blond female 5'8 100 lbs even with DD tits I married a man with a 3" penis very little girth for about 8 years.The sex was bad I couldn't feel him at all one day I met a black stud who had a very big bulge in his tight black jeans.We were talking and the matter of sex came up.I asked him how big he was and he said his last girlfriend measured fully erect about 12" with 8" girth I was floored I always wanted a big long hard rounded dick to suck on and to penetrate my love box.Well later that day we went back to his place his girlfriend was there luckly she is bi and all 3 of us had a threesome it was awesome both of us screaming and shouting words like harder and boy you are one fucking awesome man well we both finished him off.Later that night I went back home and told my husband that I was leaving him for a much bigger man and I also told him that we had a threesome to make him even more jealous for having that small dick of his.He cried but I didn't care I went back to his place to have yet another threesome session the next day I moved into his place with him and his girlfriend we have threesomes everyday his massive cock feels so good in me I'm almost ashamed to even married that small dick moron of a husband you are asking what did my ex husband do to me nothing but having a small dick sorry you small dick fucks the only thing you can do is either commit suicide or spend a ton of money on those new advance penis enlargment surgeries(save your pennies because it will cost you a bundle even more then the old fashion snip the ligement surgeries of old)and when you get that new well hung dick give me a call and I will show you that this hot blond can take it all he way in

ps I do hope that you small dick morons get a ton of money for those new advanced operations because it will make you a new man I promise and since you can afford that new long and thick juicy man meat by me a new enzo because I always wanted a car like that imagine you with your new dick a bot blond like me in a car like that we will laugh at the small dick morons that you used to be it will be fun
3575 April 22, 2006

Jay McMylor:
I'm not sure if I'm an idiot or just plain insecure about myself, but when it comes to my penis size, I believe that I'm somewhat inadequate. For an African American male. I've measured my penis at 7.25 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. Now because I'm a porn fanatic, I feel that I'm a little lacking in both the length and especially the girth department. I mean, I've read that men with overly large penises make up only .5% of the world's population, but from the number of pornos that I've seen, that .5% is either increasing or there are alot of men getting some kind of penile surgery. I've been sexually active for the past eight years and the number of women that I've been with have all told me that I was: a nice size, well endowed, even big. Of course, I've only slept with only 20 women, so I doubt I have a sufficient amount of evidence to really acknowledge those compliments. Sincere I'm sure they were, but I don't know... As for the topic of bigger penis, women are truly into them. My wife of four years cheated on me with a guy with a penis slightly bigger than mine [I think he was an eight incher] because afterwards when we had sex, she was a little looser, which actually shattered the confidence of my manhood. As for me, as I said before, I'm not sure if I'm just an idiot or just plain insecure about my penis size. I've never gotten complaints from any of the women that I've been with. They've all told me that the sex was very good and they were more sexually experienced than I was. Even my wife says she's happy with my size. She said that before she cheated on me, I was the biggest she'd ever had. A young Caucasian lady with three kids even called me a horse. As for as my penis, what do you guys think: Am I well endowed, above average? And if I'm well endowed or just above average, should I be happy with what I was born with and stop worrying about it altogether?
3576 April 22, 2006

Hi.  I am a Chinese girl and I am amazed by your website!  I can't believe how complete it is.  I can't believe how many comments there are!

So here is my comment:  I think it depends on who you are with.

Let me explain.  My first boyfriends were in my hometown near Beijing.  When I had sex with them, I always thought of the penis as a dirty object.  It is kind of ugly and not very clean.  Just something to have sex with - but not to enjoy.  I hated oral sex.  Why would I want to put my mouth on it?

After I moved with my family to the US, I started school here and met some nice guys.  My first boyfriend was not much different from my boyfriends in China.  I was also the same way.  I didn't want to touch it unless I had to. 

My next boyfriend was white and he is really big!  It really surprised me the first time I saw it because I thought it was abnormal.  But after I got used to it, I started to get turned on when I thought of it.  This is something I guess I never did with my other boyfriends - think about their cock when I am away from them. 

He is really nice and handsome - and I love him (this probably helps),  but he is also so big that it turns me on.  Also his penis shape seems different.  It is very thick and with a long foreskin over the tip.  When you put it on a nice handsome guy, you have a great turn-on. 

Now I think of men's anatomy more, and I go to internet sites like this sometimes to see what is out there.  So I think that if your boyfriend has a small or normal penis, you probably don't think much about penis size.  But if you have a boyfriend with a large, pretty penis,  you do think more about this body part.  I think that I would still be happy with a boyfriend who is small (if I like him), I just wouldn't think about the penis as much.  Right now, it fills my head with crazy thoughts. 

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.
3577 April 24, 2006

I recently came across a site on penis size statistics. To my dismay I found I rated small bordering on very small. My penis is normally 2" in length but when fully stiff it measures just on 5" long and 4.5" in girth. It took me to the age of sixteen to achieve this. I remember at the time I was a bit disappointed but found that if I pressed the ruler right into the pelvic bone I gained an extra 0.75". This was near enough to 6" which I understood at that time was about the norm. So all these years I have been kidding myself that I am average. I now wish I had not ventured into that site. Having said that, I can't say my small size has in any way had an effect on my life.
3578 April 24, 2006

To Sue:
Thanks for answering.
3579 April 24, 2006

To JanCan:
Alright! I look forward to reading the results of your experiment sometime. It was interesting what Sue said about how something big would be painful at a certain depth but something slim could go in deeper before it hurt.
3580 April 24, 2006

my partner and i are having a debate on when a mans penis stops growing i read that a man stops growing at 20 is this true?
3581 April 24, 2006

answer to bickleboy:
i think your fucking retarded bickleboy always some ignorant asshole who has nothing good to say about black guys
3582 April 24, 2006

While I do believe penis size matters to an extent, this is far from a debate. Many answers here are skewed and dont look at the true nature of the subject with objective eyes. Can you really claim that bigger is always better even in terms of what we feel? There are plenty of men who like small breasts. And as a matter of fact I prefer average sized breasts over lets say Double D. But you could also claim that bigger breasts mean better nutrition for offspring, but it obviously isn't true for myself and I'm sure many other men will agree.

I could go out on a limb and say women who prefer big penises are promiscuous while ones that are faithful prefer small ones. I know there is genetics and and chemical and neuro impulses at work here, but I dont think anything can truly be set in stone, especially in a one sided debate.
3583 April 24, 2006

I'm a mid-30s Caucasian guy who has what I believe is a pretty relevant contribution to make here.

Some months ago I had a beautiful one-day-and-night sexual threesome with a quiet but warm and bright couple who sought a man (me) online for a threeway encounter. They had had only one other such encounter, just under a year before meeting with me. In that first encounter of theirs, as the young wife told me, their 20-year old partner had unexpected erection difficulty, ejaculated prematurely as well, and so was unable to give real penetrative and thrusting pleasure to the wife. The wife is in her mid twenties, and is beautifully petite. She has had two children to her husband.The husband is 3 years younger than me and is solidly built, whereas I am taller and medium athletic in build. He has no erection difficulty at all. Now to what may be a major point in this couple's choice of me as  lover to the wife. In our very frank online pre-meeting chats we exchanged photos, some of which (on the couple's request) showed me naked and with an erection. In those chats it very soon became clear to me that apart from my personalilty, the most important factor in the couple's choice of me was that my penis erects to 8 inches and is thick (6 inches in girth in mid-shaft). The wife was also openly excited by the fact, clear in two of the photos, that my erections upcurve very strongly. When we did get together it became clear that the husband's penis was smallish ( I estimated about 5 inches fully erect) and the only role   the husband wanted to take in our threeway encounter was as watcher of his wife being made love to by me. In the event he asked to, and did on several of the occasions of my starting to penetrate his wife, handle my erected penis and before guiding it into his her. Following which he sat or lay back,  slighly apart from us, to obviously enjoy the "show". With me his wife orgasmed on first penetration. Initially I put that down to her intense excitment from our long build-up on the bed. But from her whisperings to me whilst I was slowly thrusting in her it was very obvious that it was my penis girth and
length that she was appreciating, both psychologically and, as I could feel, physically. As I said earlier, she is petite and  although very lubricated from her arousal, her vagina felt narrow, ripply and very "clingy" upon my intial slow penetration of her; Additionally  her vaginal muscles very quickly came into play, not only during her climaxings. The head of my penis very easily reached her cervix which was very pleasurably sensitive to firm thrusts against it. She was also very responsive to deep thrusting, beneath and beyond her cervix, into the back of her vagina. During all thrustings she greatly enjoyed the close contact that her clitoris maintained on the top side of my penis shaft and root. Our lovemaking was bareback and she orgasmed very vocally and strongly when she felt my ejaculatory spurts which she described as "thumpings" in the back of her vagina. Additionally relevant (see below) may be that I could feel that the mouth of her womb opened wider as our lovemaking went on, and that she greatly enjoyed the sensations of me thrusting and ejaculatinginto it. The point of my relating all this is that, as she confided to me, on the bed and in later emails and chats, her experience of sex with a man with an above-average size penis was a "revelation" to her. She had never believed that sex with such a man would be that much more erotic and satisfying than anything she had experience with her fine young  husband; who, in fact, was a superbly attentive lover to her. Her husband, who was so freely giving to me of his wife,  was fascinated and tremendously excited by her very open responses to me in the many lovemakings he witnessed in the 10 hours we were all together for our incredibly memorable encounter. In one of our longer lovemakings in the   "missionary" position, at her request he even placed his hand on the lower belly of his wife, just above her pubic hair, and felt through her flat and very relaxed belly, the lift of her womb atop the head of my penis; and then, during some deeper lower angle thrusting when her womb got displaced backwards, the head of my penis just under her navel. He was obviously shocked, but also fascinated and excited, to be feeling his wife being so fully deeply penetrated and so responsive to the pleasure she was taking in it. The encounter was a oncer, and in retrospect rather traumatic for the husband, who still however, says he found it incredibly erotic.In our subsequent chats, some of them 3-way, his wife credited to my penis size much of the wonder and extreme pleasure in the our lovemakings we shared with her watching husband. The encounter was for them (and me) so unexpectedly beautiful and powerfully erotic---in fact a First for all of us--- that the wife and her husband are very nervous about ever repeating it; both being aware that as stage was set during our encounter for the wife, for a number of reasons, to
fall in love with me. One of those reasons she intimated very privately to me is that in their lovemaking her husband consistently fails to satisfy her; in opur chats she tells me still that  "I nearly always have to finish myself off after A. has come in me".I am anxious that by being so full-on in my lovemaking with her during that single, beautiful encounter that I may have given the wife a yearning for joy and satisfaction in lovemaking with a man with a penis bigger than her husband's; and that she will sooner or later feel that she must seek satisfaction with such a man. Another actual problem which resulted from our threeway encounter is that, despite the wife having an IUD in place (whose thread tag I could easily feel),  her period did not come and there were 6 weeks of great anxiety that she was pregnant to me; as at the time I made love to her she was in her fertile time and for a week prior her  husband had not inseminated her.
3584 April 25, 2006

There are many opinions about penis size.

I am 19.

I am 7.5" by 5.5" with a width of 2". I have asked myself if I really want to get bigger and I do.

I believe and only date young women who have value and will not expect a massive erect penis from me, althought with some of the women sex was better but It can come down to if they cum etc. Now it depends on the user. A big penis is something to look at .esp me, when I am semi-erect, it looks good but needs to be longer so that i hope to give my women more intense orgasms is possible.
3585 April 25, 2006

This site just blows my mind. Can we all come back down to earth? What's with some of you people? "My husband is blessed with 18.5 inches" etc. You know what I think if that's true? Freak show! My favorite is the 14 year old boy who comes on here and goes "is my 9 x 7.5 dick small?"

The reality is that 90% of men really do possess a penis that is between 5 and 7 inches erect. A lot of women on here have no clue as to judging distances and will say things like "yeah, I loved my ex's 14'' cock." What? Why are all these guys not earning their fortunes at seedy porn websites? Any why does my girlfriend tell me my seven inches is the biggest she's had?

Judging by the posts on here, 90% of men are eight inches or above. Statistically, this is absolutely impossible. I'm not bitter or jealous, I just think this comment log is the biggest crock of shit I've ever read. People have no clue when it comes to anatomy, evidently. It grosses me out to read guys who are so obsessed with this issue that they need to parade their fabricated penis size around. "Many thanks for this website, it's helped me validate in my own mind that my 11 x 8 cock truly is grade A." Well done, twat.

95% of women really are content with a decent guy with a regular-sized cock who knows how to work it and is great at foreplay. I don't doubt that a woman could experience considerable pleasure from a large dick and have a penchant going on, but surely a big dick is no substitute for everything else? In short guys (no pun intended) don't let this shit wind you up. It really means a lot less than this site would have you believe.
3586 April 25, 2006

Seems to me if it gets nice and hard and round and stays in for ten minutes or so, it has done its job and given two people agreat time
3587 April 25, 2006

who the fuck makes a site about the size of a mans penis? ed needs help. he doesn't even have a degree or high edjucation in this topic. ed is a penis crazed moron.  wow now i feel good
3588 April 25, 2006

A great site!  Allthough I'm relatively dissapointed with the emphasis on the bad sex being the penises fault.  I mean wtf...you said most vaginas prefer large penises, but then you said most penises prefer small vaginas...so then isnt vagina size just as important???!!!
3589 April 26, 2006

Joshua Pyrdol:
ok so i really really liked what "the normal" and "Alex" had to say...Alex you seem very down-to-earth and intuitive and "the normal" you seem very sweet and really like to help people out with their problems...you gave very good advice...now for who i think should never live again is this "Amber" chick...who the hell do you think you are? i'd put my money on it that you're probably one of those nerdy little girls...maybe in about the 11th grade who've never had a boyfriend, never even kissed a guy, and you saw this as an oppotunity to crush the spirit of the dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of guys reading this...you are nothing but a cruel, manipulative bitch...and you really think that you reading this at home while you're writing all those essays and stuff and masturbating to graphic porno novels or something and smiling cause you think you're a mastermind who created a person who's nothing but trash and i (and anyone else reading your post, then mine) will understand that you will never ever be more than trash unless you apologize and admit it was fake...unless of course i'm wrong...which i seriously doubt and seriously hope i'm not...not because of what i said, because it will be true either way...but if you are some (i hate saying these negative words!!! especially when good people are present) bimbo, gutter-slut, roaming around the streets looking for the next biggest cock to fill your filthy, slutty white-trash pussy...then i feel sorry for you...and for myself...for every having such a freaking pathetic excuse of a person to ever call themselves human and to ever be part of the same race as i...you make me sick and i highly suggest that you relieve yourself of the duties of being the lowest scum on the planet and kill yourself and take your fake huge cock and his other bitch with you...

btw, "the normal", yeah you're really sweet like i said before and i think that you advice was kinda cheerful and made me smile...it made me think about my confidence, my courage, my gifts, my potential...well i'm a deep thinker so i thought about a lot more, but i think it helped me understand that "i shouldn't always blame things on myself" thing better...i'm trying, but it's hard...but i don't think blaming other people is the right thing to do either...pussies and assholes are entrances to your body that can be stretched to very wide points depending on the size of the excretion or of the intrusion...the larger the spreading, the wider the hole will be *duh* so after time the hole may simmer down to its "regular" size, but "regular" is used very thinly there because if all a woman does is fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck...like that stupid lying repulsing sack of shit "Amber"!!!! then you will always be a coffee can and ya know...

i think it's sad...that almost all of a man's confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect...are based around the size of his dick...it's not fair...i think there should be something that could make our penis the perfect size for the girl we're currently screwing and make it grow constantly but very slowly while inside her...because women love the deep penetration and the spreading and being filled...so we can fill them as much as they can take and sex will always be an enjoyable event for both sides...and the same goes for the ass too...have the same things work for that so anybody and everybody can enjoy the relief from this mind-bending question and torment of insecurity...sexuality just adds another big figure into the equation and throws a man's confidence in size even further down the never-ending drain of suckyness and crap...hehe, but talk about your pipe-dream

but be that as it may...i will leave you this time with better news...for men, but women should pay attention too...just start telling yourself everyday that you're big...look at it, feel it, stroke it...feel good about yourself and what you possess...and women reassure men by doing this for them...good hunting everyone ^_~*
3590 April 26, 2006


I have to say i have enjoyed sex since i was 12 and the boys then where quite small but so was i but i did enjoy there cocks one of the boys i meet did have a thick cock much thicker than the rest and i did feel that inside out pulling feeling i dated him for some time i felt in love after time being young we broke it off after i graduated i went on and dated guys never feeling sex as great due to missing the size i seen my ex at a party and made it clear i wanted to have sex with him we ditched our dates and meet up out side and went to my familys house where i was staying it was late and we where so horny we didnt wait till we got to my room and had sex in the family room the sex wasnt the same i guess i somehow out grew his size he sensed my fustration and inquired after i was confident that he would not think i was a slut i told him he laugh and said its ok that was a long time ago and im sorry if i ruined your sex life i told him he didnt i was just confused about my body and why it felt like it needed more he said i have no idea and jokingly said everybody has a different body he went home and as i was going to my room i noticed my mom hiding by the frigurator i was shooked and said that i didnt mean to wake her she tryed not to smile and i asked here how long has she been up she said an hour YIKES my eyes shot out my face red she said im sorry i peeked in on you i just tryed to stop but i couldnt i then started to walk out she asked if i wanted to talk i said no she said if i ever do she could help i grabed a drink and sat on the couch i didnt want to ask her i was hoping she would just come in and bring it up which she did saying sex and our bodys reactions to it are different from person to person and that is ok.
i asked her if she had the same problm she said no not exactly i was a little confused i ask what then she said your dad and my first time i almost ran out of the room when he took off his pants i started to laugh she giggled and said i shouldnt be telling you this but hes hung like a horse and i was scared as hell we lol said well what happened ? she said after awhile they did have sex but she found it painful at first and finally she said she couldnt imagine being without it i said well what does this have to do with me? she said like guys share traits of there moms girls share traits of there dads its just that you two share the sex trait where your perfect or right fit is on the bigger side i blushed she said dont be ashamed its how you where born we talk alot about size and i ask her about it got an idea about what i need and reading this site helps me feel more confident and not like a freek thanks
3591 April 26, 2006

Honest Abe:
I actually have a big dick. Its just a bit over 8 inches and 6 inches thick. The head is very big and my balls are big too. I get very very hard and veiny probably because I have a sexually creative mind. The problem is that I'm the only one who really appreciates and enjoys it. I guess I'm not the most attractive guy and not very outgoing, and I could probably use a makeover. I don't have sex very often so I guess I'm not an expert on this subject. The girls I've had sex with all mentioned my size but didn't want to be with me again and no matter how hard I try I can't seem to have a relationship. I've only had one relationship worth mentioning but the girl just wasn't into sex (no oral, and she never let me do what I wanted). She was overweight and not my type anyway. The most action I see is my right hand. Having a big dick doesn't matter if you can't meet girls in the first place, and if they aren't proud to show you off to their friends and family. Readfing this site makes me more angry and frustrated than ever!! I'm intelligent and have a somewhat successful career but I'd have to say other things matter more to women than sex and money.
3592 April 26, 2006

One aspect I thought about is this:

if, as a guy, you're truly worried about your penis size and it's a point of contention/unconfidence, date a girl for a while first. If you establish an affectionate relationship, where there's caring, trust, and good feelings flowing back and forth, a girl will very, very rarely, if ever, react badly when you drop your pants.

I think this is far less likely to be the case if you hook up in a bar or party after a single night of drunken binge-drinking. You need to substantiate things first. And if the girl wants to fuck you the first night or too soon for you to feel confident in her reaction, simply be like: "I want to wait, so that it's special, and means something." Oh man, that's crafty Alex, crafty...
3593 April 27, 2006

The end is near:

A dead mans penis will rot away, be burnt or mumified. So eventually this debate will be worm food, ashes or fossilized ugly meat. Or will it.

This debate is part of mans evolution towards the ultimate dick. These judgements be they innocent or benign will ultimately cause the reduction of the many thoughts to a standard thought and with it social norms.

So big is better, and thus big will be better and thus small is ugly and therefore unattractive.

My sister has married a well endowed greek man they have had a son, of course she loves the big cock as she would tell me. She is worried because it seems the beloved son is to take her genetics. The look on her face is to die for, one of horror, what if my son has a small penis. What if.. consider this..

The neanderthals were considered to be ugly by the homosapians and thus the neanderthals died out. I wouldn't want to fuck a gorilla either would you..

So to this I say that the goal of this discussion breeds a thought for the ultimate penis, for all of humankind of the future. But will genetics allow this to occur....              consider this...

The USA is about 5% of the world population. Most of the men in the world live in China. So genetically speaking, were and how much sperm or genetic material is going to be flying around the world in the years to come...? most of it will be Chinese i would say or coming out of CHINA I would say.

But there is plenty of other sperm everywhere else I hear you say, lots of bags of balls and genetic material and the niggers are breeding like rabbits... the will prevail they will take the limit and increase the average for the satisfaction of the female species and male anuses for the gaylord fokers.

Sorry I know niggers is not the best word but i aint american either bitch, dog whatever is insulting to you whities... you get the point..... ethnics breed well too like the chinese etc.. and their penises can be big and look good in the porn moofies.
3594 April 27, 2006

Yes size matters, not penis size, it's PUSSY SIZE!!

That's right people, I think all of this shit has been too one-sided that we missed the problem all along: IT'S THE SIZE OF THE PUSSY!

Let's face it. Most women have BIG to LARGE vaginas. How else are they suppose to pass a baby through it. It's a rare thing indeed to find that perfectly tight pussy, one that can't pass a baby, but has to resort to a C-Section instead. Guys who have experienced this pussy are lucky, don't give it up, no matter how unattractive she is.

Most women up to 95% cannot be satisfied with an ordinary penis because they are too wide and too deep. It occurs mostly with Anglo, Black, and Latina, pussy with the Asian pussy being the smallest, tightest ones. Of course there are exceptions, but far and large Asian pussy is the best.

I have fucked my share of black, white, latina pussy with my 7.5" by 6" cock and they just sit there waiting for you to work some orgasm majic on them. They are selfish lousy lovers.

Asian women I find, you have to be careful and gentle with them they are tight and shallow, but they are  are much better, sensual, patient lovers eager to please and come much quicker and more often. Just thinking about this makes it hard to type and masterbate at the same time.

Before you "test the waters" men should be careful to look at the height and build of a women to deduce her chances of having a LARGE VAGINA. Stay away from tall and fat women, especially those with WIDE hips, although this looks sexy to me, I try to avoid them because 95% of the time she is going to have a LARGE VAGINA. Avoid those too that wear real tight jeans so tight that you can see the outline of her pussy, this is a bad sign. Avoid women who are known sluts, why else are they sleeping around because she can't find the right sized penis to fill her LARGE VAGINA.

Let's face it guys, its not our fault, it's women who are born to have LARGE PUSSIES for baby making reasons. Most of us should not waste one more second chasing this vagina, because we all know that BIG VAGINA is BAD VAGINA, BAD PUSSY.
3595 April 27, 2006

my balls:
my balls are huge. my scrotum and penis are also large respectively. i have a hard time getting in some girls but once we do it for a few times things seem to work out. my obervations are that a freaky girl will have an absolutely violent orgasm
3596 April 27, 2006


      I'm a chinaman living in america, and believe me the myth is not true, i'm 8.5 x 6.5 fully hung, just like in every race there are short people, tall people, medium height people.
3597 April 27, 2006

john galt:
I'd just like to say that i find this website to be an excellent step in the direction of women's lib. At first I was about to post some jerk comment like "Oh, well, maybe I should make a Boob chart comparison!" But then i realized that what I just suggested is already...ya know...the internet.
3598 April 28, 2006

Who actually wrote this?! And who believes any of this is true?!
3599 April 29, 2006

never over sexxxed:
does size matter hahahaha what kinda of question is that ? everyone knows the bigger the better !!!!
Yes size feels up my pussy yes size makes me orgazm and yes if its to small well he better have a good tounge because I'll be getting someone very well hung after I have him leave but the truth is even if he nails my clit with his tounge its NOT going to be the same orgasm I get from a 9" long and 2 1/2" wide cock that pumps his heart out till I have a gapping throbbing pussy hole swelled and tender to the touch. No average 6 1/2 or 7" cock will ever meet up to the experience no matter how hard he trys he can go all night but its not a comparable sexuall experience.
I've never had a kid and have been with several guys lol well about 35-40 but whos counting my first encounter with sex i was about 13yrs old and yes the guy was average 7"x 1 3/4" and yes i did enjoy him very much and enjoyed sex ever since that first experiance. Guys that may hear or wonder about the thing of a girls first time being painful is a bunch of bull yes it hurts and pain is there but if the guy can keep it up for a long time the pleasure will arrive for a girls first time I was lucky my first could cumm 4-6 times and never loss his erection It didnt take long and I was enjoying my self in the bedroom durring a party while every one would walk in to see i was getting my chery busted open  but i have had freinds that told me they didnt enjoy it and it was always the same situation the guy went limp before she got started " so even though you got a cock if it goes flat before she does your in trouble.
I know one thing for sure some girls like it huge 9"+ long thick 2 1/2" wide + and some like it average 7" long + 2" wide but they all want it hard .
3600 April 29, 2006

average guy:
I just wanted to say that i found this site and i agree with some of the "facts" it puts forth but i disagree some. I am a white male with a penis size of 5 3/4 in length and i'm about 1 1/2 inches in width. I am just about average. I will give you some background on me. I have been with a bunch of different women - white, black and asian in different sex acts - threesomes, orgies, swingers, you name it. I can say in my experiences asian women have by far the tightest vaginas you will find. White women are much much looser than asian women, and black women vaginas are like caverns compared to asian women. I always hit bottom in asian women. I never done so in white or black women. I really think that racial genetics play a role in this. smaller asian vagins are meant to fit the asian penises and the larger black man is to fit the larger black vagina. I do think that white womens vaginas aren't as good fit though with the white man or asian men. They are usually much looser and are better fitted when with a black man. All you gotta do is look around and you see more and more white women getting with black men. The more they find out about the black man the more us white guys will be out of luck. I have been envolved in orgies and threesomes with people of different races and this fact bears out. For sheer pleasure the best sexual fit for white guys is the asian girl. WOW, their vaginas fit us perfectly. Steer clear of black women because unless your absolutely huge it's really hard to fill them up and satisfy them (at least with your penis). If your a black man generally you will be a great fit with white and black women, but stay away from asian women as i have seen many asian women in pain while having intercouse with black males. Black guys are usually way too big for it to be very pleasarable for them.  In short this is how i see it - asian men - stick with asian women, stay clear of white women and never even get near black women cause if your the average asian you won't do anything for them. Black men - You
 fit best with the black female but you also will "fit" the white female well too. Stay clear of the asian women (you are most likely too much for them). White men - Stick with asian women they are the best "fit" for you. White women & Black women are usually looser and not as good a "fit". Although take this with a grain of salt so to speak as this pertains the average white, black and asian guys. There are small black guys and huge asian and white guys out there. Any opinions on this?

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