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3501 March 27, 2006

ongoing debate proves size matters somewhat:
When a guy has looks, but he's not absolutely good looking, the group of women will debate whether he is good looking or not. Some will say he is, others will say he's not. The debate stems from his being only so-so goodlooking, but the mere fact the debate is going on is testimony that he has looks to some degree. If he didn't there wouldn't be a debate. If he was very good looking there wouldn't be a debate.

The same logic applies to the penis size debate. Bigger is better to some degree.
3502 March 28, 2006

Huckleberry Finn:
I will not disagree; penis size matters to most women.  However, Ed's size chart and data are far from accurate.  Ed uses the data from the Lifestyles condom study in Cancuun (6 inches long and 5 inches in circumference) as a basis for whats "big" or "small". What Ed fails to mention is that the average isn't very meaningful unless the data reflects a normal distribution. (if u don't know what this means---look it up)

The Cancuun study was not a normal distribution.  While the average of the 301 college males measured was length: 5.877 and girth: 4.97, the MEDIAN length was 5.65 and median 4.67.  So, 50% of those guys were below 5.65 X 4.67 and 50% were above. 

Another fact Ed fails to mention is that the study took place outside a night-club and the measurments were done by two female nurses (and doctor). It could be argued that only those males who wouldn't be embarrassed showing their dicks to women (IE those larger on average) would volunteer to do so. 

Huge penis's definately exist and maybe most, hell---maybe all females would prefer them for sex but just know statistically, you are probably normal. 

FYI: the range of sizes was pretty drastic!
---About 18 men out of 301 had dicks longer than 7
---3 had 8 inches or longer (thats only 2.3%)
---The only real discouraging part of the study (at least for me!) was that 88 of the men had dicks thicker than 5 inches.  But even so, that means 213 or a little over 2/3rd's were smaller than Ed's "average" for girth.
3503 March 28, 2006

Huckleberry Finn:
ALSO!...I want to criticize one argument that I keep seeing made in the comments.  Its this:  "IF WOMEN WANTED BIG PENIS"S, THEN BY EVOLUTION, WE WOULD ALL BE BIG INSTEAD OF AVERAGE..." 

This is a ridiculous claim---Its like saying- "If women preferred guys that looked like Brad Pitt...wed all look like Brad Pitt...Just because most men are around 6 inches or less, does not mean women don't prefer bigger dicks---It just means women do not REQUIRE a big dick in their mate. 

 Our culture has played an enormous influence in how penis size is viewed.  I'd be willing to bet that hundred's of thousands of years ago when our ancestors were hunter-gatherer's ---women "chose" their mate (if they even had a choice!!!) based on his status in the tribe. Look at the most closely related species to our ancestors--- Chimpanzee and Gorilla's--- the ones who get their pick of mates are the Alpha males---and not based on dick size, but dominance through fighting or anger displays.

You wanna know the key to making the penis size issue go away, or at least simmer down?  STOP talking about it to women because even if they didn't think it mattered before, they may start to if they keep hearing it over and over again in the movies, from their girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. Its like how in ancient times and all the way up to the 1950's, the ideal woman's body was much thicker than it is now.  All the porno and movies and other media conditions us to prefer skinnier, huge breasted women.  I guarantee if you lived in China---who unlike Korea and Japan has little if no Western cultural influence---their idea of attractiveness would differ greatly from ours--including penis size.
3504 March 28, 2006

Let me ask a question? Why does everybody talks about size of the penis?Men never talk about size of a vagina. I think many women have pretty good cave down there and that's why they need penises over 9 inches.
3505 March 28, 2006

coping ok:
Call us shallow if you like, but penis size is an important issue in the lives of most every man, whether he is straight, gay, bisexual, or whatever. 

Guys with big cocks thank their lucky stars every day that they are blessed with what they are blessed with.  Those of us with average-sized or small dicks look up to those big cocks with awe and extreme envy. 

Now supposedly there do exist a few well-endowed men who are concerned that they may be sex objects appreciated solely for their cocks.  Reportedly, some actually wish that their penises were smaller than the big ones they are "stuck with"!  But Ron Albertson, Fred Willard's memorable character in the film "Waiting For Guffman" is the only guy that I have heard about who actually signed up for penile reduction surgery.  To be honest, those of us in the majority have very little patience for any complaints from the well-hung minority.  After all, we would kill for what they have got.

Some guys with big cocks look down their noses at the rest of us.  That is presumably where the term "cocky" has its origins.  But most of the big guys would readily acknowledge that they deserve as much credit for their good fortune as does the latest winner of the lottery. 

Those of us who are average or small will readily admit that if we could change just one thing about our bodies, it would not be to have the face of a movie star.  It would not be to have the physique of a perfectly sculpted Olympic athlete.  No, what we would want, above all else, is a big cock. 

Admittedly, there is a spectrum in terms of just how important having a big cock would be to those of us who do not have one.  For example, not all of us would agree to advance the date of our death by, say, ten years if that were the requirement in order to miraculously have a big cock beginning today.  But many of us, especially the ones who fall short of even a meager six inches, would agree to exactly that, and I am betting that nearly all of us would agree to such a transaction if the price were only one year of our lives rather than ten.  Our penises are really, really important to us, and with penises, as with many things, bigger is simply better.

Much of what has been written about penis size chastises us males for our shallowness in being so preoccupied with superficialities.  We are told by the experts that size simply ought not to matter to us, and we are assured by them that it certainly does not matter to our sex partners, at least not to our female ones.  Interest in the size of our penises is portrayed as yet another ugly manifestation of male aggression and competitiveness and of our focusing on the physical aspects of sexuality to the near exclusion of the emotional ones.  The experts accuse the majority of us of using our unhappiness regarding the size of our penises as an excuse for not putting in the effort required to become skilled love-makers.  They accuse the minority who do have big cocks of using their feelings of superiority as an excuse for the very same failing.  Basically, so the experts say, a large penis is valued as a means for feeling superior to, and envied by, the other guys in the locker room.  Penis size is totally a guy thing.

Baloney.  The experts sell us short, so to speak.  We have a much better basis for our feelings about penis size than we are given credit for.

The emphasis that we place on size, "male penis envy" if you will, is amply justified by one simple reality.  Those of us who are in the average or smaller-than-average range know full well that we would find the physical experience of fucking much more pleasurable if we were among the lucky ones who wield a big cock.  Not that we don't like sex as we are currently experiencing it.  For most of us, sex is absolutely great.  But we do deserve a bit of credit.  We do have sufficient imagination to appreciate that under other circumstances sex could be even better, far better. 

After all, it seems elementary that for most men the key physical element of sex is thrusting into the body of someone who turns us on.  If a stroke of five or six inches feels as good to us as it does, then what must a stroke of nine or more feel like?  Sadly, we who lack a big cock can only imagine, but we can imagine!  We can cum in our pants imagining.  Further, if contact with the walls of whatever orifice we are fucking feels as good as it does, then we have no doubt that it would feel oh so much better if we were able to not just rub those walls but to really stretch them with the girth of a big cock! 

And that is only the beginning of why we know that bigger is better.  How great it would feel to have a big cock and to sense resistance at the end of our thrusts, knowing that we have truly filled a cunt to its limits!  How fantastic it would be to be able to explore a full variety of sexual positions without the constant problem of popping out!  And how much more exciting it would be for us visually oriented males to watch our own cock in action if only it were big - to watch it disappear into the person we are fucking, inch after inch after inch!  And to watch its full length reappear, tugging on the sides of a stretched cunt or ass as we pull out!  How great it would be to know that we would never encounter the much-feared cliche "Is it in yet?"!  And how cathartic it would be, when the moment arrives, to shoot our cum that much deeper inside the body of the person whom we crave!

So, strictly from the perspective of the physics of male sexual pleasure, the emphasis that men place on penis size seems to us to be totally justified. 

But there is another crucial reason why we place such importance on size.  It is this: all of us males, regardless of the size of our penises, know deep down that if we had been born female, penis size would matter to us at least as much as it matters to us as men.  If we were heterosexual or bisexual women, we know that we would love to fuck and get fucked.  And loving to get fucked, we know that we would be much more interested in getting fucked big-time by a big cock than in getting fucked by a small one.  If we were women and were on top of a guy riding his cock, we know that we would much prefer to have something really substantial to work with.

Don't get us wrong.  If we were women, just how we might feel about putting any particular penis into our bodies would depend very much upon whom it was attached to.  Lots of things in addition to penis size would surely affect our choices and our sexual pleasure.  But if we as women enjoyed fucking with a particular guy who had a small penis, then we are confident that we would enjoy fucking with that same guy much more if he had a big one.  It is just that simple.

Now, perhaps we are projecting onto our hypothetical female selves the same shallowness that is supposedly the hallmark of our own male sexuality.  Be that as it may.  It is just that, because we are so confident that if we ourselves were women we would of course care about penis size, we find it impossible to accept, as the experts would have us do, that the great majority of actual women are essentially indifferent to penis size.  We are dead certain that size simply has to matter to every, or to nearly every, uninhibited heterosexual and bisexual woman out there.  Our experience of our own sexuality renders us incapable of conceiving of a world that is constructed otherwise.

Despite what we men think we know to be true, there are many women claiming that penis size is not at all important to them.

But we males are extremely skeptical about such claims.  Those of us in the average-to-small range hear these claims a lot, but we are confident that the guys with the big cocks hear just the opposite.  Is it likely that women are being honest when they reassure the majority of us guys that size does not matter, and that they are simply stroking the egos of the minority by telling them that the bigness of their cocks makes a big difference?  We think not.

We have to acknowledge that a few women may actually believe that size does not matter.  But if they are at all experienced sexually, these women must be working overtime to cling to an inherently irrational view of their own bodies and emotions.  Such irrationality is no doubt the product of powerful societal pressures on women, pressures originating from men who are unable to confront their own sexual insecurities.  These pressures urge women to regard any enjoyment of the physicality of sex in general, and enjoyment of a big cock in particular, as synonymous with being a worthless slut. 

We strongly suspect that most all of the women who reassure us average or small guys that size does not matter are deliberately lying to us.  They do this with what can be viewed as good intentions.  They believe, often on the basis of extensive empirical evidence, that the male ego is the most fragile thing on earth, and that it therefore must be protected at all costs from the stark truth about penis size.  If we were confronted with that truth, they believe we would be forever impotent and miserable, if not suicidal. 

So in order to spare our feelings, and often to avoid sabotaging their relationships with us, many women feel that they must lie to us.  Ironically, it is primarily those lies, not the truth about penis size, that emasculate us and make us feel completely pathetic.

Don't get us wrong.  We are not asking that women constantly remind those of us who lack a big cock that we don't measure up.  But when the subject of penis size does occasionally come up, most of us think that we are big enough men to be able to handle a candid discussion.
3506 March 28, 2006

question for jan can:
its nice to hear more women being more honest on this site

Would you fuck any of your daughter or sons friends if they had a huge cock or is it more of just an 'icing on the cake' type thing?
3507 March 29, 2006

boy...... ill tell u what people dont u have anything else to worry about. it seems all you men worry about is if your dick is big enough and you women are worried about is it big enough for your pussy. how about trying to think about life itself for once like getting along and respect for one and all  and trying to make a living. dont get me wrong people i like sex as well as the next person but this isnt the place to talk about it.......................good luck people.
3508 March 29, 2006

My wife and I have been into the swinging lifestyle for about 5 years. About 2 years ago we found a couple that we click with real well, both sexually and socially too, which believe it or not we think is very important and adds to the sex. We are safe with each other and are now beyond the condom stage. We are both in our mid thirties without kids, and we think we are good looking couples,  professionals in pretty good shape, but not Hollywood types. My wife has a voluptuous figure and I'm 6', 200lbs, athletic build. My cock is 5.75 by 5.0, or about average. The other wife is willowy and slender and the guy, I'll call him Brad, is 6' 3" and 220lbs. Very well built also. His cock is 8.5in. by 5.75in. He also has a very large scrotum and is a very heavy and forceful ejaculator like some of the porn stars. He can paint the walls with 3 or 4 healthy shots and then several smaller ones. I'd guess a couple of teaspoons. I believe that none of those things are necessarily related; he just happens to have them all, making him the envy of most men and probably not undesirable for most women. I am probably average, a dribbler, and maybe a half to a teaspoon. Whenever we get together we agree not to have had sex with our spouses for at least 3 days, so I know that the comparisons are valid. Both Brad and I can get it up at least twice and usually three times in a session. We come less each time, but he always comes more than me. We both have pretty good endurance, even on the first go around we can usually hold it for at least 10 minutes though we might have to pause a few times.

Some time ago my wife told me that she has never had an intercourse orgasm with me. She had always faked them, but she did and does have very intense and satisfying clitoral orgasms from my oral and manual attentions, from vibrators, and I have gotten her to orgasm with dildos.  She has even had a few orgasms from my oral attention to her nipples.

The first time we were together we only did same room sex. If you've never tried that, it's a good introduction to swinging without going further, and can be very exciting. Surprisingly the women seem to enjoy it as much as the men. Anyway, both couples did the full routine; Brad gave his wife an oral orgasm and then an apparent intercourse orgasm. My wife came with the usual manual and oral attention.

The next time we were together, we decided to do full swap and mfm, fmf threesomes. It was quite an orgy. My wife was very excited just looking at and then fondling Brad's huge erection and big nut sack. When we were swingers she had never seen either one quite that big She told me later that the visual and handling was a big part of her turn on. She found it hard to believe that she could only get about a third of his cock in her mouth. The intercourse was definitely stimulating and exciting too. She had several powerful orgasms and continues to have them with Brad. She's had them in several positions too, even side by side, a position that I can't do, because of my modest length and the wife's full figure thighs. I can't get in very far doggie style either because of her ample buttocks, but it's no problem for Brad to get right in front of her cervix and deliver several blasts of cum. That's a favorite of my wife, and she can feel him cum which she finds very stimulating.
Interestingly, I'm able to get Brad's wife off very well orally and manually. I've even given her an intercourse orgasm or two and she swears she's not faking. Brad has to be careful with her. She's slender, and he can easily reach her cervix which she does not like bumped. On the other hand I can thrust away vigorously without hurting her. But there's no question that Brad can get the job done intercourse wise better than me with my wife. She says he simply feels more intense, and she says that she feels "filled up" by him, which she says is very satisfying. I've known from dildos that when she's aroused, her cervix tilts and her vagina tents so that a long penis or dildo will slide past the cervix to the back of her vagina. I've also watched the effect that Brad's thickness and long in and out strokes have on her labia. They do quite a dance. She describes the intercourse orgasm as coming in waves, at first not as intense as a direct clitoral one, but building up to a final incredibly satisfying feeling from her toes to her breasts with a tremendous warm feeling inside her. Feeling Brad come inside her, something she never feels with me, and the sheer volume of his ejaculate is also very exciting to her. After a couple of sessions her lips are sore, and she'll leak his semen for quite some time. Brad enjoys her because he can thrust hard and deep. She can take all of him and it's something to watch his big balls slapping against her perineum. Her full figure also absorbs a lot of the force of his strength and big cock. When I've had sex with her after Brad, she's so full of his and her juices and so expanded that I can't feel a thing.
I've asked her if she weren't stimulated by the site of and the fondling of his big package, would she still have an intercourse orgasm. She says she would, though it might take longer.
So I'm convinced that size matters, but it has to be kept in perspective and it depends on the partners. Some of the women on this site have commented that they wouldn't trade real love for a big cock, but of course as others have pointed out, who's to say that you can't have both?! Also, the size chart on this site is greatly exaggerated. I read recently a survey of porn actresses about the size of the male actors' cocks. Most of them are not over 7in. and a little thicker than average. They are made to look bigger with camera angles and zoom effects. So Brad's 8.5in length and 5.75in thickness is very unusual, probably only 1 man in a 100 has that size.
3509 March 29, 2006

When I need it bad, I gots to get me the good meat. That's why I always go black when I have an itch to be scratched. Only the black man can fill my little pink bottom up good. I ain't gonna waste time with little white weenies. I want to see the cum leak out of my pussy and the look of satisfaction on my face. That's right - the black man is where it's at, yo. There ain't nothing to compare. Matter of fact, I'm bout ready to get me some of the good meat right now! Yeah, what I need is a good filler upper and a nice stretch. Just like Mother Nature intended. Mmm.

Thanks Ed.
3510 March 29, 2006

Come on, guys. Size may be important for some women but, in the end, all women put greater weight in personality and the more intellectual side of sex. It may sound like a crock, but it's not. I promise. Chemistry and the way you make the girl feel is much more important than the size of a piece of meat. No real woman would end a relationship on the grounds of the size of your penis. She would be immature and not worth dating in the first place if she was only interested in a big dick. Don't worry. There are still good women in the world. Most women, actually, aren't as bad as you think. If you are insecure about yourself, it may be that there are deeper, more complex demons frustrating you. Penis size may only be a fraction of the greater picture. Perhaps it's time to see a professional. A psychiatrist can help you overcome your woes (even those that pertain to your little friend). In the end, there is so much more to life than this site and these concerns. Only the size of your heart matters. A woman will accept and cherish you with that, before she looks elsewhere, if you know how to use it -- your heart, I mean. Peace, guys.
3511 March 30, 2006

Sorry Ed - the site is becoming a bit lame.  There must be a link from the Cuckold Fantasy group.

Can I suggest some work on the lay out?
3512 March 31, 2006

I regard myself as "average" size, I've been happily married for 20 years, and my wife has never complained about my cock. She' happy with it and we have a very full sex life. She cums time and time again with this "average" guy! Stop worrying about size, start thinking about how you use it!

I daresay some of the women who "will only accept humongous black cocks" will never experience a true loving and sexually satisfying relationship if all they crave is a large cock as a bed partner. Guys with large penises are exactly that - to quote a UK slang term - cocks. Walking, talking airhead cocks whose only goal in life is to notch up as many of these sluts as possible, then brag to their mates about their "conquests"... Screw them with my average dick. I don't do competition, and I dont give a toss what they think.
3513 March 31, 2006

Jan Can:
Would you like to do an experiment? Please read Sue's post (#3480, March 19, 2006) which is 11 posts before yours then follow her steps and let us know your results...maybe your daughter could do it too.
3514 March 31, 2006

To 'Sue':
Sue, I love the fact you actually experimented. I have some questions. How tall are you? How old are you? How many partners have you had? Have you ever had a very big one? If so was it regular or a one-time event? Have you ever had kids? Would you say you have big hips? Was it pleasurable at 8" or just painful? Have you done the same experiment using different widths? What were your findings? Thanks for taking the time to respond.
3515 April 1, 2006

Somewhat Normal:
This site is entertaining to me. First off, half the morons in here stating for an above average penis can't seem to spell correctly to save their lives. This may be a good hint as to why they prefer a 10" penis. Lack of creativity, self respect, INTELLIGENCE, and compassion. I think I only saw one woman spell "marriage" correctly and I think she disapproved of this site. Not to mention that majority of these posts are planted to support any fears this site might give a man about his body part. Am I saying size makes a difference? Hell no. Anyone, who goes out of their way to read 50 some odd pages about a body part is either self-conscious, shallow or both. Who would want a woman that only thinks of being rammed by a mule dick? Would you let someone sum your whole livelihood and existence to the mere dimensions of a body part? I was shown this site from someone and I am in utter disbelief that something like this exists. Then again, we have religions like scientology now. See what happens when humans are left off their chains for too long? Its as if people never grow up. No, I take that back. Even a child wouldn't worry about something so rediculous. Hell, most children don't even include race or religion into their worries and yet lives have ended on both of these accounts. Maybe its good that a site like this exists. A site where all the simians can grunt over their psuedo-carnal needs.
3516 April 2, 2006

What's the deal with gigantic labia? They're SICK! I've asked around, because that little nugget of information was so contrary to what I've heard and seen myself, and was so adamantly stated as a fact it blew my mind. My conclusion? Apparently, I made friends with only guys who like small vaginas without gigantic, protruding lips. It's one thing to have a vagina swell when aroused, and open, but to have the lips hanging outside all the time like a pseudo-scrotum?

Not for me.
3517 April 2, 2006

Rob Van Dam:
This message is somewhat in response to what Tammy had to say...

I am here to simply offer a little logic to this forum since it doesnt appear that anyone else has brought that to the table. How about looking at it from this point of view...

To everyone here,

If you have a small dick or a large dick...WHO CARES!!!
If you are good in bed or bad in bed...WHO CARES!!!
If you get all the girls or get no girls...WHO CARES!!!

NONE of this stuff is going to matter when we die! Everyone gets so wrapped up in this earthly crap, when in all reality, life here on earth is so short compared to ETERNITY when you die. Don't worry about it. If you have a large or small dick, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE! Who cares about money, if you're rich or poor, "attractive" or not, etc. Everything is God's. You could die at any moment and your big dick won't save you and it won't matter if you have a 50 inch dick when you die.

What matters is where you go when you die and where you spend forever, the rest of time.

Again, we are talking about such a short life here on earth compared to eternity.

And guys, for these girls who think they have the power, feel "empowered", or "hold your egos in their hand" (at least according to Tammy), they don't have any power at all, as long as you don't allow them to have power. GOD is the one who has the power and the ONLY ONE who is in control, and is "empowered". And when these girls say your dick is "small", in all reality they are saying that God made a mistake for giving you what he has given you. They are saying that God messed up because God created you that way. A little reminder, God doesn't make mistakes! God is PERFECT!

And guys, these girls who say that they are empowered and hold your egos in their hands, just know that...and I need to try and not be too judgemental when i say this...but they most likely have their spot in hell reserved, and they don't know the true consequences of their heartless actions or whatever. They're caught up strictly with their life here on earth, no real future, and will most likely reem the consequences for eternity!

I think its pretty safe to say that females in general do only care about looks, money, fame, dick size (i.e. the shallow things in life) but guys, try not to worry because they will be the ones answering to God.

One more thought. Everyone remember...EVEN THE TITANIC WOULD LOOK SMALL INSIDE OF THE GRAND CANYON (even a big dick would look small inside of a girl's vagina who has slept around and been stretched out). That is for all of the size queens out there.

...remember guys, God is the only one who can judge you!!!

3518 April 2, 2006

i have a 9 inch penis with a 6 inch girth it can make sex rough but the girls seem to love it. Especially when you have multiple partners. The only problem is they never give you a blowjob because my cocks to big.
3519 April 2, 2006

An Informed and Experienced Man :
Take it from a doctor (surgeon) who has seen hundrends of penises and vaginas and has heard the most common intimate comments from his patients coutless times: Although you have clearly put loads of commendable work into your obsession/complex about your penis size in the form of this website, it is definitely riddled with some truly ridiculous comments posed as facts. You should write your references for each of you claims if you want to be taken seriously. An example?: Having sex doesn't keep your penis from shrinking! I am sure you have good intentions and have learned a lot from all this.  However, I think you are misguided in giving so much importance to the subject. You want to know what really attracts and keeps a good, classy woman who will be amazing in bed and will stick by you  when real-life problems smack you in the face? The whole package! A good and confident man who does the best with what he was born with, is caring and respectful, has interests and passions!
 , does something noble for a living and is amazing in bed. Good luck to  all good men out there, including you.

3520 April 2, 2006

While on holiday I met a young turkish man and he was large. I measured him with a 6 inch ruler but it was not big enough -- much to his obvious amusement !. He measured 7.75 inches.
3521 April 3, 2006

I'm a 42 yr old married woman.  I love my husband and always will, we've had great sex over the years and he makes me cum.  I measured his dick only once and it is 5" long and 5" around.  Never thought much about it until we went to some nude beaches and i saw how some men were definitely bigger.  In the meantime, my boss at work who is about 55 years old, overweight and not very good looking, accidentally exposed himself to me one day.  I opened the door to the office bathroom and he was in there taking a pee.  I only saw his cock for a second as he quickly turned away, but i saw that it looked rather large.  I was surprised as he is a short and heavy fellow.

At the company party he asked me to slow dance and I did.  After a minute I started to feel what i figured must be his cock pushing almost inbetween my legs.  It felt really big and i stopped and went back and sat down.

But since that night he asked me at the office if I was ever interested in fooling around, and I said I could give it a try.  Well, he locked the door and we went for it.  When he pulled his pants off, his cock was still getting hard, but it was really big.  I know now he is 8.5 long and 6.5 around.  He fucked me like crazy that day and we've been doing it ever since in secret.  His big cock makes me cum like never before, even though he is ugly and fat.  Sometimes in the morning I blow him before we start, his loads are immense.  So I'm still with my husband, but I can't get enough of that big dick!!!!
3522 April 4, 2006

Ha ha you fools:
Lets get damn real for a moment. The verdict is penis size doesn't matter as to how it is made up to be by some people with problems!

Penis size would matter only on these instances (when the main thing, intercourse is concerned):

1) When the male's penis is a bit too big to comfortably enter the female's vagina (There aren't any fetishes where you considerably enjoy such discomfort on a regular basis).

2) When the male's penis is a bit too small to reach the entrance of the woman's vagina to enter.

That's all there is to it!

Some other things now:

It's only stereo type teenage girls and young women who hardly know a damn thing about penises, and the guys who want to go with the flow they are familiar with, who desperately want to believe that size matters (except for the clever guys who take advantage of this thorougly, even trying to make their penises appear smaller, and enjoying the small size penis humiliation fetish received by dumb sluts).

End Reality Comparison, if smaller and bigger ever need to be compared:

Smaller -> Looks cute; easy to maintain; needs to find vaginas where the entrance is reachable.

Bigger -> Looks ugly (private areas are meant to be covered because they are ugly when exposed. The more you got there, the more uglier you look.). Needs to find loose vaginas or giant females with gigantic vaginas. And that person is more vulnerable to get kicked in the nuts and suffer from it because there's more buldge for the kick to land, and hence it's easy to kick a guy down, who's a 'bigbelow' than a 'smallbelow'. And it's hard to maintain. And also, the bigger the meat is, the lesser the stamina, strength and hardness gets.

By the way, note that: only the essential things for the topic were addressed here,and not things like some womens' vaginal looseness and why circumcision suck.

Glad that you got real for this moment, in case you were delusionized!
3523 April 4, 2006

i think jan can is a fake...what is your aim or yahoo screen name
3524 April 4, 2006

First of all, I am average size, on a good day.  Of course I realized early on that what I suspected was true - larger is better, in most cases, and with "the relationship" as a seperate issue.  I have always done ok with women, having had many partners, but I have also noticed that none of them really felt the earth move, with me.  I recall my first wife, the night I caught her with my best friend.  I went out for a pack of smokes, and when I returned, the first thing I saw when entering our apartment, was her legs wrapped around him, and his very large cock sliding in and out of her.  I found myself more excited than angry and simply joined them.  Later I asked her about how it felt and she was brutally honest, telling me how he stretched her and hit spots that I could only dream of.  From that day forward, I subtly encouraged her to be with other men.  It went as far as me helping her dress for a date.  You can't imagine the level of arousal as I watched her pull on a pair of sheer pantyhose and smile at me with that wicked, yet loving smile.  She would go out for the evening and come back a wreck, thoroughly fucked and still be ready for more.  Well, the point of all this is that I found a way to get what I needed, even if I was unable to give her all that she needed.  Our sex life went through the roof with passion.  I was not a sub or a sissy, just a man who found enjoyment in seeing my woman thoroughly fucked, whenever she felt the need.  Yes, I even loved watching when the opportunity arose, and to this day there are no regrets.  It seems every woman I have met, when questioned properly, will admit to enjoying a large cock more than one which is average or small.  The reality of life is that we can all love equally, but we can't all provide the same level of physical pleasure, oral not included, of course.  I would love to hear from any of the women reading this of their view on the way I have handled not being well hung.  I can be reached at r_rickweed@hotmail.com.
3525 April 4, 2006

I HAUE A VERY LARGE penis it ranges in size so much i wont go into detail.no less than 6inches flaccid,enough said! want proof email me at 6302028736@uscc.net. i luv the ladies whn can take it.i am willing 2 share methods and pics. i luv 2 show it off
3526 April 4, 2006

To Alphamale...:
You obviously missed the point of this website. It doesn't say having a bigger dick makes mor more "manly". We're very proud of all your achievements, Mr. "eight figure", but the bottom line - and central point of the site - is this: your woman will always take you with an 8-inch cock over just you. By that theory, if someone charming and nice and educated and successful and pretty well-endowed, like ME, for instance happens to meet your woman, YES, you should worry.
3527 April 5, 2006

big dick bob:
3528 April 6, 2006

Too Funny:
I read the site. Funny shit. I personnaly can hardly believe the ammount of men that even CARE if size matters to women or not!! I measure 7 3/4 inches long bone pressed, and 5 1/2 inches around, FULLY erect. If women enjoy my size, then great!! If they DON'T enjoy my size, then great!! It's all the same to me!!
3529 April 7, 2006

True Story:
My ex wife left me for another man who apparently has a much smaller penis than me. A couple months after our divorce, she wanted to know if I wanted to get together again for a night, because he "isn't able to get the job done", because he lacks in size. I told her "TOO BAD" and "FUCK OFF".
3530 April 8, 2006

It's "G" again. I finally got a good measurement on my dick - finally. I don't know what it is - but anytime I try to measure it - I can't get it hard enough. It's like it's afraid of the tape measure. Maybe in the back of my mind - I am really afraid of it - because I don't want to know the truth. I was thinking about trying to get my wife to measure it for me - but then I decided it was best to not go there.
Well, how I finally got a good measurement? My wife was out of town last night - so I was alone. I woke up this morning with a morning erection. I swear - it was rock-hard!!! Very, Very hard. I quickly took advantage!! Exactly 5" long and 5" around. I'm 5 X 5! For years I've been saying I was 6".....and that I was just average. Well, I'm not average. I'm below average! I wonder if my wife knows I'm not actually 6".
I was thinking about the size, the thickness, the girth, etc. I thought I would do a little calculation. Just for an example - I compared with the 7" X 7" guy my wife had sex with. I calculated the volumes.......This is mind boggling!....No, he's not 25% bigger than me.....not 35% bigger than me.......he's actually close to 275% bigger than me. It would take almost 3 of my dicks to make his dick. Just imagine if your dick was made of modeling clay. If I made a model of my dick....but then I wanted to make a model of his....I would have to take 3 of my dicks.....break off a piece of one of them (about 1/4 of it) then use the 2 3/4 of my dicks to make his. I didn't even want to think about comparing with the 8 X 2 guys, or the bigger ones.

I was reading some of the comments posted.......and I'm finding that it is so true.....5" just really doesn't get it for a woman. Especially....especially!!! after she has been with some big guys! They want it and need it. My wife has been talking about it a lot here lately. She wants to have sex with a guy with a big dick. She says I can watch, or we can do a 3-way.....But, she keeps trying to work her way around it so she can actually do it with someone without me being involved. She has even placed an ad on an internet group to try and find someone. She has talked to a couple of men so far. But, she tries to get me to agree to letting her go do it with him first - alone....then later, at another time - let me watch. She has suggested she could go do it - and film it - then let me watch it later. Or, make pictures of it - and let me see them. And the best suggestion: That she go do it - and then come home and tell me about it. I tell her I am against that - that if she is going to do it - I would at least like to be involved. But she wants me to tell her to go do it with a man with a big dick. She tells me that she really needs it....that she really wants to make another guy cum....and that she needs to get fucked by a big dick.

A couple of nights ago - she wanted me to do her with my finger - while she talked about doing it with a man with a big dick. Before she came - she said that she was not going to "do" me - that I would have to do it myself. After she finished - I just rolled over and jacked off - I was caught up in the moment...and especially after she came so hard - I was turned on and wanted to cum.....the only thing was - I had to do it myself.

Yes, I would say there really is a lot of validity to this size thing. The smaller guy really gets taken advantage of....and really gets cheated.

OH, another thing I have found out: the guys with the big dicks......I don't know if it's true for all women - but for my wife: Suppose one of the guys with a big dick wants to watch her have sex with another woman. She would do it in a heartbeat - and do it eagerly! Suppose he wants her to do something kinky?....She will do it in a hearbeat! Some of the things I have heard and found out - things she has done - but would never do with me. But the big dick guy....can get anything he wants!

I made a mistake the other night. I had commented to her before - about how she has been so eager to do things with these other men - all sorts of kinky things - that if I had suggested anything at all like that - she would think I was some kind of pervert and would never consider. (although - a lot of the things she has done - I consider just way too perverted for myself....But she insisted that was not true - that I was saying that and it certainly was not true - that she would do different things if I suggested. Well, I let a few days go by - so the conversation would not still be fresh on her mind......and I put it to the test. After she had made several suggestions that I could tell her to go do it with a well-hung man - then she could come home and tell me about it.....etc......I made a suggestion of something we could try - just she and I......that I had thought of that I thought might be exciting - and I would like to give it a try. (nothing like nasty or anything....not perverted...not illegal....not public...etc..). Well? Her response? She laughed. No way was she going to do that! It was mild compared with things she has done! But because it was coming from me - she would not consider. If one of her 8" lovers had suggested it - she would have done it in a heartbeat!
3531 April 8, 2006

This site is the most truthful site anywhere on the internet. Being a a well hung man myself, I know how badly women talk about men who are small because they tell me about who awful sex has been with men who didn't measure up.

I also have a hypothesis of my own...I've always heard men talking about how their girlfriends won't do this or that in bed and yet I have never encountered this and I believe this is because women are much more willing to do ANYTHING in order to please a man with a large penis. I've never had a women say that she would  try anything I suggest, including anal sex and yet I always hear these guys crying about how their girl won't do anything they want. I don't know if I have ever experienced the a greater feeling of gratification then when you see the look of lust in your womans eyes as she looks up at you from her knees with a huge dick in between her lips...yum!
3532 April 9, 2006

I am particularly underdeveloped...is there any hope for me?
3533 April 9, 2006

4inch pro:
Im only 4 3/4 and love it girls love it
3534 April 9, 2006

i would just like to say that sex is a gift between a man and a woman  (or 2 hot chicks ) lol: and if you are insecure about what you got... you are spitting in the face of the creator!
there is no more no less- if you can get hard put it in
if not eat pussy
rock on!!!
the rest is some kind of gay wank material
ps 10 1/3 x 6 1/8
but as my daddy taught me size does not matter
but it is better to be big!!!
-end of debate!!
3535 April 9, 2006

Strange Times:
I didn't think people where so superficial. I never heard of so many women cheating on their husbands for sexual pleasure. I guess men sleep with younger more attractive women too. It seems that sex only matters and not the relationship. Why go through the trouble of the relationship and people get mad when their spouse does cheat. Why should we care? I think people are too insecure.
3536 April 11, 2006

i was jus readin dis shit, im 18, 5'7 130, i get so many girls itz ridiculas, im indian & black, they come like bees to honey, im not conceeded ether im really being honest, but anyway im 3inc long & 3 1/8inc wide flaccid. 5inc long & 1 1/2 wide hard, im still a virgin, man all these girls wana do is sex me lol, i knw that sound like a fantasy but im scared as fuck to let them see my dick, wtf am i sopposed 2 do!??
3537 April 12, 2006

Hey, I do agree that penis size matters more than society accepts it to matter. But I do feel that you overrepresented the prominence of big penises in our society. There really aren't that many people with really big dicks. All of those tests do get around the same average for a reason...
3538 April 12, 2006


A lot of the comments on here are ridiculous. I only have 4 in. and I have had plenty of women. Yes, I have had some rejections, but not very many.
3539 April 12, 2006

I am 6,1" and very strong. My dick is 9.5"x 7.25". I am 19 and my girlfriend used to fuck up another guy that was real small, like 3.25x2.5 when hard. One day i came in on them, stripped, then beat up the other guy and told him to get away from my girl. He was a shrimp 5,4" no muscles at all. Then she just came up and started touching and sucking on my dick. then she touched my muscles and had sex with me. later she told all her friends and they started fucking my too.to all those smallies out theregood luck. you gonna need it.
3540 April 12, 2006

Sue's reply:
To answer your questions - I am 5'6" tall,46 years old and have broad hips.I have had 2 children and never had sex with more than 2 men, both having shorter penises as they never touched the back of my vagina.
The 8.5" penetration by the dildo was painful as it stretched me a great deal and was not pleasurable.I can take a little more than 2 1/2" in diameter without any problems if fully aroused, but not as deep as with something thinner.I still like to use my dildo when alone and taking 7" opens me enough to be very pleasurable.I trust this helps you.
3541 April 12, 2006

jan can lol:
I read the site listing for the girl who did the testing on differnt size objects i want to do that and promise to post for you hunny but id rather buy objects made to do that with and when i do ill tell all sounds fun thanks hun .

I will ask my girl if she wants to do it as well by
3542 April 12, 2006

little dick:
  my cock measures 4.75 by 1.5 my wife has no interest in sex at all. no foreplay,she just takes off her panties and says get on.one boyfried she had before we met she said was big. 7 by 2.5 thick.how in hell do i get her to admitt my little dick doesn't turn her on or get her off.she always tells me she never liked sex,but in her bedroom she had condoms and a book of sexual positions.figure that one out. if you don't like ciggarettes would you have a pack in your pocket?
3543 April 13, 2006

You wrote about 100 paragraphs yet I still have no idea what you're talking about.
3544 April 13, 2006

Big Enough I Guess!!:
I told my wife that I'm going to get penis enlargement surgery, or at least a penis pump, and she FREAKED on me!!  She said that I'm already slightly too big at barely over 7 and 1/2 inches. She said that if I get bigger, I'll have to find somebody else to stick it in. Whoa!! I guess size really DOES matter!!
3545 April 13, 2006

i am a doctor. i want to explane some pints in this mater.in this world there too much peoples,which are some smaller some are higher some one has hight more than 5 feet some has got less then 5 feet .semilarly the development of their  penis is according to hight.if your size is 4inch to 7inch, these are ideal sizes. if it is less then 4 inch,you are required to use madicin to enlage your penis.during sex two thing are important to satisfy a girl or women. first your penis too stronger second is dicahrging stemna do not dischareg your sperm before women discahrging. these tow things are the symboles of a strong man. more than 8inch penis is eretate the uterus and pain full. 
3546 April 13, 2006

I submitted the post below in early March it was not printed on the website -- I think Ed is trying to block it and hope it appears on this website.

I posted on this site in early February (post 3330) stating that (1) this site is a soft porno site dedicated to covertly selling penis enlargements items, and (2) challenged anyone to e-mail me if they wanted to have a real debate on the issue (this offer is still open - see post 3330 regarding argument regarding how harmful this site is and my e-mail again is flashskeletal@yahoo.com).

To this end, I wanted to add one more thought/question. Why does this site only list the new comments by women in the headers? I think this site is specifically focused on having women put a female gaze on penis size to make men feel vulnerable so that they will purchase penis enhancement products. For example, Tammy (comment 3459) explains how she likes to have a threesome because she can view how the smaller-penised man responds when she states the other man is bigger (on a side note this happends to women also - I knew a guy in college who did the same thing to women and liked to see the smaller-breasted women feel "less than" compared to the bigger breasted women). Gaining pleasure from seeing another person feel "less than" is shameful. And this site - which makes smaller-penised men feel "less than" and smaller-breasted women feel "less than" is shameful.

Comment from Ed:
I apologize for not posting your previous comment. I don't know why, but it was flagged as spam by filtering software and together with a few other messages it got deleted before I noticed the problem. Your new message was flagged again, and so was message 3545 just on top of yours, but I retrieved them from the spam box before deletion. I will try to find out what triggered the filter.

You may believe this site is dedicated to selling penis enlargement products but it isn't. Every page has a warning and a link to the front page, which explains what it is all about. However, I do have links to enlargement systems because I know some men will find them very helpful. Like the following link to a site that compares penis extenders!

See what this guy says about those enlargement devices.

3547 April 14, 2006

fucking hilarious:
"G", your a fucking genius.  I need to use some of that shit in the format of a short story, or something
3548 April 14, 2006

My penis fills my hand with love,therefore i'm happy ,and whoever else wishes to fill it with love; may it be my girl and she forever ask,do u need an extra hand?"  Then i will be trully satisfied!!!!
3549 April 14, 2006

I feel inferior. Sometimes i think of suicide. I'm 5.75/5.25. Maybe I'll be better endowed in my next incaration. Oh the misery of existence!
3550 April 14, 2006

Joshua Pyrdol:
(don't worry i'm definitely NOT racist so if anything comes across negatively towards another race, then you have my deepist sincere apologies and will explain if you contact me via e-mail) ok...here goes...i hate my cock size...it's probably about 6-7 1/2 inches and i don't know the girth cause i don't have one of those flimsy rulers...anyways...size OF COURSE matters...i know from experience from guys and girls...it definitely is a key factor in relationships and sex...conversations about it may make women uncomfortable because it may make a woman feel like she has to approve of the male's size to continue a genuinely loving relationship...and men often seek approval as a way to feel masculine and keep high self-esteem...the reason i hate my penis and constantly torment myself about size is because (if you didn't already know) MOST black males carry larger packages than the average white male...i go to a school that has an overwhelming majority of blacks and i am one of the few white...however, the school IS very divers in sexual orientation so i've happen to come across some very interesting REAL results...the FACT that black men generally have a larger penis is REALLY TRUE...even if the penis is not longer...the are more often than not, thicker...you see, growing up where i have, i've noticed (like anyone else with eyes can) that the reason the race of black men and women is so deliciously endowed is that the consumption of protein and other very critical nutrients to the growth process. i.e. chicken, fish, eggs, greens...growing up eating these foods can ensure a more proportionate body for your age bracket...that's why black men and women can loose and gain weight and muscle in such great fashions...the muscle shows in all the right places...the fat shows in all the right places...and PLEASE don't get me wrong...this is not jealousy...simply ADMIRATION...i know that if i had eaten right, i would have a healthier and stronger fatigue and i would be more athletically inclined and not as shy, intellectual, or depressed...however much my hott azz girlfriend approves of me...i can see the way she looks and sometimes feels on other guys...she obviously wants more...as does any other woman dating a guy with an average size penis...now i am NOT saying that every black man's penis is huge and all white dicks are small...i think mine is average and i have seen a few to know...and not all white women have bad butts and thighs...some of them carry weight very well...not too many, but there are some out there...and i am 1/4 japanese, so i think coming from that kind of heritage, i'm big enough to not complain...and plus i'm kind-of on the skinny side (almost scrawny) but i'm trying my "best" to build muscle *takes another sip from his Pepsi* AND to close my argument this topic is ridickulous...why can't there be some fantastic something to make our penis grow our shrink to fit our partner's vagina perfectly? that would be great...then there actually would be a perfect someone out there for everyone hehe ^_~* c ya later people! good hunting!

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