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3451 March 8, 2006

blown away:
My wife and I have been married for eight years im 37yrs and shes 29yrs we have been talking about fantasys and our past encounters. Shes always told me i was well endowed but since i have the internet and seen pornos i know im hardly hung by no means 7" long 2" wide across .
One of her fantasys was to have a three some the other was getting caught while doing so of course she wanted to have two guys fucking her brains out.
we talked for months about it then one day i got a call from my freind in cali " life long freind " Jerry was going to be in town for a month for a training he deals with lazers and teaches how to do repairs on them i told him about our fantasy and asked if he wanted to help out he laugh and thought i was joking after convincing him i wasnt he said he would love to let me watch him fuck my wifes brains out i was supprised he put it that way but this type of invatation leads to outragous comments i told him id like to see him out do my he laugh and said dont get down on your self buddy when i do later that night i told my wife i talk to jerry her eyes lit up she was supprised and said she didnt take the whole thing serious i asked if she wanted to back out she got a glossy look in her eyes and said she wanted to get her thoughts togather about an hour later we were in the kitchen i grabed a carrot and snuk it between her legs she jumped smilling saying you are getting horny thinking about me fucking Jerry huh i admitted i was she smilled so are you thinking about him she blushed and said are you sure he is a big guy with a wink jerry being 6'3" 220lbs me being 5'9" 170lbs she said he might have a really big weiner maybe way bigger than yours i asked does that make you horny she said maybe are you she asked to watch me fuck his big cock i admitted i was so fucking horny id do this tonight if he wasnt so far away she got big eyed seeing that i was into this as much as her i kissed her and we had sex in the kitchen for a good hour we ate dinner and talk more about it she got folks to take the kidds for a week we didnt know how it would play out if it might take some time for every one to get in the mood at the same time so we didnt want the kidds around it would be just to much about a week later jerry arrived we picked him up at sea-tac airport april was between the two of us as we began our journey home and into the forbiden world of group sex well a 3 some lol we joked around me being the one to lead the conversa
tion that way before we got home i stoped at a liquor store for some drinks to set the mood when we got there jerry had a ouce of bud i smoked a few hits and they shared more we watched some pornos with the lights off april on the couch between us nothing was happening between us we just made comments about the movie and after the movie i figured it was my place to start this thing it would be uncomfortable for them to start witch i was waiting for so i went to the bed room and turned on the lava lamps and put a few candles on in the room april came in asking what i was doing i started to kiss her we kissed till jerry came into the room i told him to kick back i started to undress april removing her top reveling her perfect playboy titties i asked jerry what he tought he smilled saying tasty looking boobs i asked if hed like to have a taste he smiled saying hell yeah i asked april if she wanted him to taste her tits she said if you want me to i said no you tell me do you want him to she seemed nervious to say i said ok i guess shes not in the mood she gave me a sexy glare saying your so mean i asked again do you want his tounge and lips to feel your breast she was so horney she just pulled his head to her breast his huge hands felt her up good he licked and sucked kissed her tits for 10 min while i watched he layed her on the bed working off her pants and pantys she looked like she was in heat his mouth covered her pussy his hands rubbing her thights she was twitching all over i couldnt help myself i had to get in on the action i took off my clothes moving over to put my cock in her mouth she sucked me so dam hard i thought my balls would pop or get sucked out my cock suddenly he got up they looked into each others eyes her eyes went right to his cock they started like that for awhile she just stroked my cock while they looked at eachother i asked jerry if he wanted to change positions he said sure i figured he ate her ill fuck her i dove in she was wetter than ever before jerry begane to take off his pants his
cock was huge 9 3/4" long 2 1/2" wide giant dong compared to me and my wifes eyes showed it i said so you were right he is alot bigger jerry laugh saying you 2 talking about me behind my back huh my wife grabed his cock and began sucking it like a hooker finally getting a worthy man her hand and mouth went to work like never before i had ever seen i just fucked away my wife while sucking his cock got eye coctact with me then let it fall out of her mouth and was squeezing it giving me a serious look i keept fucking her she kept looking back and forth to his cock and me i asked do you want to fuc his big cock she said if you want me to i then asked do you her feet went to my hips and pushed me off her i asked tell me you want to fuck his big cock she said yeah i want to fuck his bigger longer thicker cock i got up and walked over putting my cock back in her  mouth jerry put her leggs over his shoulders and began to enter her her mouth let go of my cock and her mouth got wide OOOO as he drove into her she was sqeezing my cock as he fucked the hell out of her she was panting and groaning like a different woman her hand droped my cock and she was getting fuck every witch way later i got between her legs and she after a while kept staring at jerry durring sex and i asked if she wanted to fuck him she put her feet on my hips pushed me off saying i want to fuck his longer thicker bigger cock thats what you want me to say to get him in me i smilled we had sex that whole month mostly they did all day and i joined in at night shes very streached out but our love life is better than ever and he comes up to feel her up like she prefers to be i asked her again is bigger better her exact words what do you think hell yeah
3452 March 8, 2006

this site is bull shit, i'd say about half of the posts here say that they are 10" long and 6" in girth. and this is simply not true
3453 March 9, 2006

Its not like people choose their penis size!:
My god. This site is full of holes I can penetrate with my HUGE satisfying penis!

Let's talk serious now.

[Quote] Penises eight inches long are very rare and penises nine inch long are almost non-existent.
If they are so rare then why is it that most women have seen even longer than that, knowing that the average woman has slept with about 35 to 40 men by the age of 30.[/quote]

This is probably the funniest estimate I've ever heard....This simply implies that all women are whores. Haven't you ever heard of monogamy?
It doesn't take you 35-39 men to find 'the one'. I don't think a women that has slept with 35 men should   ever be qualified to answer a question like 'so what are the sizes you like?'.

I really have to say this...Some replies are simply hilarious. It seems that the statistic of the replies contradicts with your own statistics (webmaster), since it seems that about 90% of men here have a 9x7 inch penis...that pushes the guys in the 5 inch range to the -80th percentile!
Guys, I've been in locker rooms. I performed. I measured. Conclusion:
Its sites like this that will lead you to, instead of typing in 'average penis size', search for the highest quality penis enlargment pills. I'm sure this guy was payed a lot to lay out such an impressive site...
3454 March 9, 2006

Hope people enjoyed me on the Channel 4/World of Wonder documentary.
3455 March 9, 2006

Ok first of all i will say this, alot of you girls who say 9-10 inches in length and 8 and all this in girth are stupid and full of shit. The odds of any of you broads having a penis that big is extremely rare, extremely rare. Those who said you measured it, yeah right. How did you measure it? From the side of his dick? From his balls? If you meausured it, im sure you didnt measure it correctly.

See, im 20 years old, been with alot of women already in my life, and my penis is a bit above the average size. If i can get fully arroused, non bone pressed im anywhere from 7-7.6 inches in length and my girth is a little under 6 inches at 5.5-5.7 inches. Now, when i first had sex, i was no bigger than 6.5-6.7 in length but my girth was in the mid 5's and my partner had 6 guys before me. I bottomed her out easily, and had no problom satisfying here, what so ever.

Since those years i have grown to what i am now, and i have even had girls measure my penis length, in which they did it TOTALLY WRONG, and i mean totally wrong. I have had girls measure me from the side, from the inside of my theigh, on my quad, under my nuts, you name it. Only one girl i ever been with measured it right because she was interested, and she did it from the top. So guys, if you read some of this shit, dont believe everything you read. Odds are these girls who said they have had 9-10 inches TRUTHFULLY realy had 7-8 inches of true length, not this inflated bullshit. No need to feel as inadequate as they are trying to make you feel.

See, there are 2 ways you measure the penis, bone pressed and non bone pressed both of which are taken from the top of the penis from either the skin of the fatpad with it rested firmly without pushing, which is non bone pressed, or with the ruler pressed tightly into the pubic bone (bone pressed).

Now i myself have a 1 inch thick fatpad and im 8.25-8.5 bone pressed. When i fuck realy hard and fast, the bone pressed defintitly gets used somewhat due to the fat getting pushed back a little. If i lost weight, id more than likely be 8 inches at 100% erection. Also, since when does flaccid length correlate to erect? See alot of you people on this site dont know what your talking about and have your facts totally ass backwards.

Flaccid hang is due to the ligs being tight or loose, the looser the ligs the lower the hang. Some guys have realy tight ligs, some guys have realy loose ones. The guys with the looser ligs tend to be the low hangers but that doesnt mean that they are all bigger in erect length than the smaller flaccid guy. Penis size can more than double, sometimes even near if not tripple when erect.

I myself am anywhere from 4-5 flaccid, sometimes smaller when its real cold, im not realy a shower, but its all depending on the conditions. However, with my flaccid length, my erect length is not that far away from 8 inches. Flaccid length in no way shape or form is relavent, so please, stop trying to use that as a reference, because one doesnt fit the other.

In closing, if anyone has had a penis ranging 9 or more inches in length, im willing to bet it isnt natural, meaning born with. Guys in porn like Lex Steel, Mandingo and Julian all have suspect clues that they have had their penis altered to make it that big. Julians penis wobbles when its erect sometimes, and bobbles, and it never sticks straight out when hard. He also never shaves a certain part of his pubic region, can you possibly say lig cut scar? Definitly not unlikely in porn stars cases

How about Mandingo? He has the same clues that point to these possibilities. How about the ultra thick Sledgehammer? Whats all that spotting going on with his penis? All those little red dots? Probably caused from stretching and jelqing? See alot of these guys you see with massive dicks odds are have done something to make their dicks as massive as they are. So, those of you who are unhappy with your size, do something about it, and stop whining and worrying.
3456 March 10, 2006

I am a wht midget. I stand only 4' 6" tall. It is true that all little people are hung. I have a dick that is 9" long and about 6.5"round. I have had women come up to me asking me outright if it is true that all midgets have big dicks. It turns me on and most of the time I get hard right there, if she is hot, and I either show her it or let her grab it if she would like. And it usually ends up as a meeting later. I love being large, and it comes with bad points too. Wearing shorts and it sometimes can hang too long and poke its head out sitting down. Also if I get hard staring at a fine woman it can not be hidden, adjust it strait up and it comes over the waist line by a good three inches or more. Not good if you have no shirt on.. Its not all a black thing, I have ad women that I feel like I am throwing a italian sausage down a hallway when I put it in her. That is why some women are never satisfied with size.. Love pussy and will please woman who wants to try or see about !
a midget
3457 March 11, 2006

 I suspect my erect cock is pretty average (6.75 inches long and 5.5 inches + circumference).However I find the larger size condoms are more comfortable and fit better.I used the Trojan regulars but they aren't long enough to leave any slack at end to catch the cum, and don't fully cover the shaft, so I switched to the magnus which are just great (my wife thinks so too).
3458 March 11, 2006

 I am living proof that not all black men are huge. I am just about 7.7-8"Lx 5.2mid, 5.5baseW and no matter how much i want a 6in around john it will never happen but thats ok. I have been with at least 22women(i am 26y/o)and most called me big, one called me footlong(she was 47y/o)and a few sh*t i didn't fill them(kids involve 2-3)) but i lick them and they all come back. I have dump girls that had boyfriends with thicker johns(not because of sex)than me, but all expect one cry their heart out to have me back hmmmmmm. If you lack in one department(ur john) make the others stronger, so there will be some blance and she will be happy.  I have been reading these comments for about one month now and I have realize this is pointless. Only women who just want to have sex with you care but ur john size not the ones who wants to have ur babies get it. Try some penis exersize it is helping me out with my grith.
3459 March 11, 2006

Seeing this site kind of empowers me as a woman. The men here are so concerned about their size. I've enjoyed two men at a time and always enjoyed comparing their cocks... you have their egos in your hands and it's always interesting to see the smaller react when I say the other is bigger. It's very exciting and yes the larger seems like "more of a man" no pun intended...lol
3460 March 12, 2006

A lot of my wifes dirty pillow talk end up with me seeing her with a bigger one in her then I have. It turns me on and she cums quickly after that with her hand. I then take my turn. It took her 7 years to finally break down and admit she has been with at least one man larger then me. She lied all that time. She did say that she does know for sure size doesent matter since I am better then he was with her...Sure, this is why she kept the secret all these years right? I am just shy of 6" and 4.75" around. She's very snug, and she makes me feel large. I have a desire to watch and see just what a 9 or 10 incher would make her do.
3461 March 12, 2006

I've been struggling with this issue most of my adult life.....more so than other life issues such as education, income, status, etc.   It has made me socially reclusive at times, but when I do remove it from my mind it seems that people don't really approach the subject unless they're joking around or right before the act itself.   If they do on a regular basis, chances are they're gay or teenagers.  I've had three girlfriends and tons of dates and this is what i know:most women look for other traits first, and size doens't come into play unless you're doing the deed.  Two of the girls i had relationships with had no issue  with my size, even though at less than 5" and a good thickness, I was worried.  One girlfriend actually orgasmed with me during penetrative sex, and had never done so with previous partners (one being a horse, i'm told).  She was hooked and fought like hell to keep us together during rough times.  So here's the deal..keep in shape, pay attention to her other likes and dislikes, and be confident or they'll run for the hills.
3462 March 13, 2006

this site has got to b a joke, although it is so long that Ive got to wonder as to the sincerity of it... haha, but in highschool on the track team i wore no undies, and chiks used to call me slinga b/c of the way my stuff slung around when i ran.. haha.
3463 March 13, 2006

to the guy who said im a nigger loving bitch dont be mad because your a imbreed type of honkey with a small dick and all your girlfriends cheat on you with black guys! LOL black dick is the best baby
3464 March 13, 2006

Penis averages

Whites: 6.5
Latino: 7.2
Blacks: 7.4
Asian: 8.0
Arab: 10.2

These are averages conducted in universites around the country. So people stop fighting over penis size.
3465 March 13, 2006

To me, girth matters. Its more pleasurable. Anybody agrees?

My boyfriend, is like pure mexican, and has like an 6 1/2 in or 7 in. in length. And in girth he's like 5.50 in( thats like large). Thats realy pleasuring to me.

Of course i never really slept with anybody else, but him.

But i'm really happy, though.

I've read stuff online that hispanic has small penises.

But my boyfriend if like 100% mexican, and he doesnt look small to me.

So i go with what i see, and believe it.

Anybody else agrees with me?
3466 March 13, 2006

January 29, 2003
Marie is a white trash slut fucking whore.
3467 March 14, 2006

I'm glad I stumbled onto this site. It contains information I really knew in the back of my mind - but I would always pretend that things like size -didn't matter.

There was a lot of information here that was a real eye-opener for me: I never really understood why most of the time I'm just given a hand job - rather than intercourse. The reason being - intercourse with me is nothing but a chore for her - but no pay for her efforts. I would say my penis is probably about 5 1/2" long.....and I used to think about 5" circumference....but I realize I was measuring incorrectly - I was measuring around the biggest part of the head. So I am somewhat less than that. But that's not so bad.....but the bad part is that mine curves down - kind of like a banana. If you look at the diagrams on....I think it's page 17....of the small penis vs. the large penis in the vagina.....imagine now, the small one......but instead of it being curved up like in the diagram - it's actually curved down.....really away from anything to give any kind of stimulation. So, that's my situation.

Now, my wife and I were virgins when we married. Several years later - my wife started cheating. At first it was a love affair.....then she gave up on the love affairs and began cheating for just casual sex. So, she had lots of partners over several years. I learned quite a few of the details - mainly because she likes to talk so much - she can't help it - she has to talk about everything - at least to somebody. For some of the details - she told me....other details - she told friends....other details - she wrote in e-mails - that I happened to stumbled onto. But, anyway, getting to the point - she had some pretty endowed men. I don't know how she managed to hook up with men with such big dicks - I used to think that there weren't that many men in the whole world with that big of a dick...and how did she managed to have sex with them all! (Another eye-opener......that there are more men out there with HUGE dicks than you would think). I remember one of her first - he was something like a "lucky 7" because he was 7" long and 7" around. She talked and talked about it.....and was so excited that she was going to go meet this man with such a thick dick (I believe this was her first - apart from mine).

Well, at some point along the way - I don't actually think it was the 7 X 7 guy.....but maybe an 8 X 2 guy.....that she started having vaginal orgasms. She had never had them before in her life. But when she had her first one - Actually, she didn't even have to try - like when having a clitoral orgasm from me stimulating her, or from doing it herself....for this, she has to concentrate.....and you could rub on it all day - and unless she is concentrating and in the right mood and focussed....it's just not going to happen. With her vaginal orgasms.....she had absolutely no control at all...they just happened. She thought it was maybe just a fluke.....so she did it again later....and sure enough.....more vaginal orgasms. She even commented to some friends - that she had only then became a woman for the first time!
Well, she went on to have many more partners and many more orgasms......
Sometimes when we are "having sex".....that is, when I am stimulating her clitoris with my finger....(and while I'm doing this - she always wants me to jack off while I'm doing it....and to cum when she cums)....but, while I'm rubbing her - she will say that she's imagining a really big dick going inside her.....and she says it's so big - she has to spread really wide to get it in....and she will spread her legs out wider...and talk about it going in...
...well, I won't cum......and then she gets upset because I didn't.....and then it's like a chore to have to jack me off....and lots of times she will keep going to sleep while she's doing it. But I won't cum while I'm jacking off and rubbing her - because I don't think it's fair.....and I'm in more ways than one........getting the short end of the stick!

Another item is the amount of semen. I had read something about average volumn being like a teaspoon....well....I'm coming in at about 1/2 teaspoon - so I feel kind of bad about that. But then, hearing her describe the ejaculate of some of the men she was with.....I'm beginning to wonder about this.....I do more research.....and it turns out - maybe it could 1 - 2 tablespoons......so I ask her about it.....and I say does 2 tablespoons seem about right - and she says yes - that probably about right.....so, she's had guys shoot their load across the bed.....shoot it all over her.....really trajectory.....and about 2 tablespoons at least....and I think about mine - about a 1/2 teaspoon....just kind of dribbles out - no force, no distance, just a little dribble....how dissappointing it must be to her.
.....and yes, the comments - like....oh, it wasn't good? Or what happened? Or what's wrong? Or Did it not feel good? Or, ....the best one:  Did you cum?
Well, anyway - that's just the way it is. There's nothing I can do about it. I just have to tell myself that I just don't care - and that in the grand scheme of things - it really doesn't make all that much difference. It's better if I don't think about it - and try to think of other things.
3468 March 15, 2006

if a woman makes fun of your penis size strike her immediately then push the whore's face into a pillow and penetrate her anus with absolute violence. she will make noises like you won't believe.
3469 March 16, 2006

used to be small:
just a short comment to Phil 3374 thats how i started threesomes with my ex i was 4 in and we met a black man from a swinging couple who was 2.5 times my size my wife came seven times that night and eventually left me for a well endowed white man. what i hate most about this site is how so many men 7 in think their average bull crap, their large, if they don't know it they haven't been around we swang with about forty couples and most men were about 5.5 and about 4.5 to 5 in around. Even 6.5 was large for us scince i was only 4 in. by 4.2 in around. Yes once you get your wife used to large no you won't satisfy her any more but because you love each other you give and take for each other but if you go my route it will bring you misery. I remarried and found a good Christian girl she knew i was small and when i told her iwas going to try do do something about it she supported me. I researched the ingriedients in all the more prominent penis enlargement pills and found them in my health food store for about one third the price. and i got some enlargement exercises from here and downloaded them i can't remember where but it was by some enlargement Doctor its way back in this site. I went to 5in long and almost 5 in around then i got a pump from a resaler for Dr. Kaplan and now i am about 6 in long and if i use my rubber band to trap blood while pumping  i go to almost seven but the real difference the pump has made is i am almost 6 in around and it appears to be permanent. I hope some of these smal and tiny men will read this there is hope but you must do something about it if you want change. The onething that is really important is to use rubberband to help your penis to hold on to swell from both manual and pumo exercises if you do it to long you will sell up so don't do to ;ong but mine always went down after i let it alone for a few days. You can read some of my postings earlier i used the name small. The main difference is my confidence level and i don't hide in public urinals now because i just as big as most
 and their will always be some one bigger but if your wife loves you she will be happy with you even when your small but i did this for me more than her but i asked her if she would want my old four in back and tho not wanting to comment to hurt me in any way she said if your happy now i am happy too. I can tell the diference she always has 2 orgasm now and they are more intense but its more from my self confidence than anything else. We keep all things in our marriage bed, I just hope i haven't offended God by changing my size. All things said and done some women never have orgasm from intercourse so be imagitive but keep it home. I hope this post gives some one else small some hope. All in all i think someday we will stand before Christ and anwser for i time on earth i just hope he will forgive me my sins but the decision to try to enlarge myself was made as a couple and i guess we'll stand as a couple before him he is our creator and i know he can change anything but i guess i wanted it on earth. If I have offended anyone here on this site please forgive me.
3470 March 16, 2006

Ray :
I'm 23, 7 inches cut, and I've been with 14 girls so far, only one complained, and it had nothing to do with the size. (apparently ramming her for 45 minutes was too quick... u can't win em all....) anyway, most girls i know like a guy with an average dick... 6 or 7 inches will do, as long as he can bang her nonstop for a long time. they prefer stamina over length and girth. and almost all women prefer a guy with a talented tongue rather than one with a giant cock.

having said that, i live with my best friend who's well built, muscular, and has been blessed with a horse sized 9.5 inch monster. i'm ordinarily very secure about my body and my genitals, but when i hear him getting laid in the next room, i feel like an 8 year old who has not hit puberty. you gotta hear the chicks moan and scream when he begins plunging in. these simple, conservative, shy girls go ape-shit when he slams inside them.

his size is so intimadating, that no one strips naked next to him in the showers. everybody just sort of lets him be when he showers, coz no one wants to stand anywhere near a flaccid penis that's bigger than their hardest erection. so, although it's possible for guys to have phenomenal sex even with their average dicks, (hey, i do!), nothing beats having a banana sized cock that scares whoever sees it.

also, big boners generally come with big balls. and big balls generally squirt out more semen, so i've been told. so, basically, these big-dicked dudes get everything in life. fuck.
3471 March 16, 2006

I couldn't believe it! I read the section on advice for men with small penises.....What a revelation!!! I feel like a door has openned to a whole new world.

From reading that section - I now can't wait to have sex and just enjoy my penis.....and not worry about trying so rediculously hard to make up for my small penis. (I measured.....I used to think I was just over 6"....then I measured and I was like 5 1/2".....I measured last night....and I'm coming up just barely 5"....actually, not quite 5.....and the girth....is something under 5...like 4 1/2 maybe. Is it shrinking???? No, I just wasn't measuring it correctly. I remember measuring it before from like my balls - rather than from the top-side.

I remember not too long ago...my wife and I were having sex...I was trying so hard. I tried everything I could come up with, to try to get in deeper and to angle up....and to maximize as much pressure in there as I could - trying to hit that G-spot that all those other guys hit so effortlessly....I remember working myself to total exhaustion!!! Seriously! I finally had to just stop - I couldn't go on....I had muscle cramps where I didn't even know I had muscles. As hard as I tried and for as long as I tried - it never even come close. There were some men she had sex with that from the moment they entered - she was experiencing high levels of pleasure. I worked so hard for so long - and never got her to feel one little twinge of pleasure. I ended up just doing it with my fingers on her clit.....and then, I got finished with her hand.

I can even remember at one time - trying to talk her into doing a 3-way. My argument was that since she had cheated on me with so many men, so many times - that the least she could do for me was a 3-way. Of course, like most men, my preference was another woman.....but of course, her's was another man. So, I figured it would be sexy and exciting even if it was another man....We were going to go through with it - but then, as we got closer to actually doing it - She finally said she absolutely would NOT do it. She told me that when I saw her cum from another man going inside her - that I would get angry and too jealous. Perhaps she was right.

Well, I have decided that I'm just not going to try and "make up" for having a small penis. I'm going to have sex...and I will concentrate on the sensations on my penis....and I will do what feels good to me....and I'm not going to worry about trying every kind of technique in the world to make her cum with my penis.......If she wants to cum on a penis - she will just go meet up with one of her old "fuck buddies" anyway - while I'm out-of-town working.

......but another thing.....as many times as she's cheated....and the majority was just for sex.....I have never once even tried to cheat - even though I think I would like to. The 2 main reasons: 1) I believe it is wrong to do that. 2) With my small penis, small balls, downward curve, small volumn, little dribble.....and my low self-esteem, lack of confidence......I just don't even bother to try.
3472 March 17, 2006

A Female (Seriously this time):
Look guys,
Take it from someone with a vagina, it's not necessary to have the biggest penis in the world to satisfy a woman.  Without sharing too much personal info, I can testify that if you are too long (over 7 inches) you might be hurting the woman you are with by hitting her cervix; after all, we've only got so much space up there.  I don't claim that size is not nice: we do have certain biological programming.  And yes, width is better than length, but overall no matter what your size, you should not worry.  Use it well, give your woman some oral, and remember that (at least if you want a relationship and not just meaningless sex) your penis is definitely not the most important element anyway.
3473 March 17, 2006

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3474 March 17, 2006

This is kind of odd site with everyone talking about how big their wanger is. I stumbled across it because lately I've had several women tell me that have a big dick. I really don't consider myself big and really had no idea what size it was until I measured it after hearing this comment quite a few times from various women. After measuring it I "Googled" various terms and came up with this site. My measurments are 6 1/2" long and 6 3/4" around (i guess that is the girth). It still doesn't look very big to me. Maybe the thickness qualifies it as big? I know that it can't be the length because it sure seems short. What do others think? I'm really interested in the responses from women who have experienced big ones.
3475 March 18, 2006

I have read most of this site.  I am now extremely depressed, almost suicidal, because I have by far the smallest penis in my school class (about 1.5" flaccid and 4.75" fully erect) and it stopped growing about a years ago.  It is bad enough that all my friends make fun of my penis size when we have showers after gym, but I am even more depressed now that I understand how my future girlfriend(s) will react when they see it.  Even when my penis is erect, it is smaller than my freinds' penises when they are limp!  My only consolation is that I appear to have an unusually large quantity of semen when I ejaculate which I can squirt along the whole length of my bedroom when I am really excited during orgasm.  I have seen some of my friends ejaculate and often just a few drops dribble out.  Maybe some girl will find my ejaculate volume and how far I can squirt to be an indication of my real maleness.  I just wonder if the author of this website has a small penis......I think not
3476 March 18, 2006

I see no discussion here as to what really affords a man superiority over other men...namely his dominance in all areas of true manliness.

For example, I have both an undergraduate and MBA degree from two separate ivy league colleges, have enjoyed a very successful professional career and have an eight-figure net worth. Although this provides one form of male dominance, what truly drives my feelings of superiority is the fact that I excelled in contact sports and am now still extremely strong and powerful. I played football in college and was known there as a very hard hitter. I think we'd all agree that to be considered a tough football player at the college level can generally be accepted as a good validation of a man's courage, strength and mental toughness.  In addition, I currently bench press 385 pounds and have 19 inch biceps. I also am constantly referred to as very handsome by women. My penis is a bit over 6 inches long and 5 1/2 inches wide. 

Irrespective of penis size, versus men who are weak (bench press less than 275 lbs or arms that resemble pipe-cleaners), went to medicore, or worse yet, inferior colleges, and, most importantly, could not adequately defend themselves or their women when challenged, uneviqocally, one would have to concede that I am the superior male. Certainly women have always thought so.
3477 March 18, 2006

yeah, heres to the women who think men with small dicks cant satisfy, you must have a large egothistical mind, after all sex was not developed for your own preferences but for the devoted love between man and woman so they could have a desired relationship with the outcome of their love devided into the reproduction of their offspring. You are hopelessly lost and have a grave conception of the desires shared between opposite sex....hope you learn something before your father lights upon you!
3478 March 19, 2006

Nice things has been said in this website. I am male with a small penis and i am convinced that size does matter to women and in general. Women do longing for the sensational feeling they get from i big man, but also the symbolic way of having a big one. You will never hear a women bragging about here boyfriend is having a small penis, but she knows that other people will be envy of here if she has a boyfriend that is big. I ould never try to be with a women that hav been with a man who is "famous" for having a large penis. The fact is that i do feel less of a man if i se a man who has a big penis, but i think this natural. Their is power in a man who are well endowed and i do get the feeling of wanting to submit, i am straight. to say to a man that he must be a great lower, when you can see him naked gives a deeper profound feeling that is hard to explain. The situation that occurs because that size does matter gives the women great power over me, because she can make me feel less worht and t the same time bing sexually turn on, because she is using it against me. It all gives me very strong feelings to submit and it is a pleasure to give myself intO the truth about "SIZE DOES MATTER".
3479 March 19, 2006

I can't say for sure rather or not everything on this site is true or false. I can only go on my own experiences. I personally am a lil over 9 and i love going after other peoples girls. Any bigger guy like me loves fucking somebody's sweet lil princess. One time at a pool party last year, one of my friend's fiancees kept staring at my dick through my swim shorts. It was really turning me on so when i got a chance to get her alone, i told her she could grab it if she didn't tell. i can't say all woman are size queens and will cheat for size, but she wasn't thinking bout my friend (her fiancee) when I was fucking her in the mouth and between her big tits.
3480 March 19, 2006

All this talk about size has made me wonder about my self, so here are the facts i have found.
I used a stainless steel rod about 1/2" diameter which was cleaned in the dish washer.I inserted it, pushing past my cervix and into the posterior fornix until it hit the back of my vagina without any real stretching.
This measured 4.5" from the outside of my vulva. After fully arousing myself i inserted a larger object (i wont mention what this was) and measured the depth at 5 1/4" by 1.5" diameter.
I had purchased a large dildo  (10" x 2") for the next part and was not sure about this as it was larger than the only 2 penis's i had in me before.
By now i was ready to see what i could take so slowly the large dildo was worked in until i adjusted to its size.I then pushed it in as far as it felt comfortable, stretching my vagina more in depth than diameter. I pulled it out and measured what had been inside me.I was surprised to find i could take 7" without any problem,and no bumping of my cervix at all as it slid past. This would suggest that my deep vagina diameter must open up to be larger than 2". Could I take more? I tried again and pushed in as much as i could bear, i was full to the limit and started to hurt. Measuring the dildo again i had taken 8 1/2".
I felt a great deal of pleasure with the 7" in me and each time after the initial stretching, my vagina handles this size and i have shattering orgasms with only mimimal clitoral stimulation. I guess bigger is better.
3481 March 19, 2006

The Law:
3482 March 19, 2006

hey guys, i'm really self conscious about my iner labia being too big. I've been told that i'm a really atractive girl and a lot of guys like me but i'm afraid to have a relationship with them because i'm really embarassed of my labia. I really want to know if it bothers you that my iner labia goes out past my outer lips and it's very visible when i stand up. Will a guy be turned off if he sees it? Thankyou and please answere honestly
3483 March 20, 2006

I reckon its so stupid to talk about penis size beucase its doesn't really matter. we can still have fun in sex. Who cares about 8 inches or more. Back in those day(ancient time) they never talked about peniz size. I reckon they just make you feel that size does matter so u can buy thier products or penis anlargement. I had fun having sex with my partner and she's enjoyed it and she never said anything about peniz size. There is no such thing is average,small or big size. Penis is penis, just enjoy it!!!!!!!!by the way only men who talks about penis size not women.
3484 March 20, 2006

I am a very attractive guy who is moderately built (about 5' 10" and 160 lbs. My penis is moderate in dimensions also. Depends on how you measure it. I am still not too sure about how to go about measuring my penis. I know that it is from the top. Do I press it against my pubic bone? Depending upon the given day (a good erection or not) and if I press into my pubic bone or not, it will be from approximately 5 1/3" to  over 6". The girth in the same sense will be approximately from 4 2/3" to over 5".

I can tell you many things. Much of this is selve serving. The truthfulness will have to be left to the readers imagination.

Although not always, but many times, it is reasonabley obvious that I do not have a large "package" as seen when I am dressed, no matter what type of girl (e.g., age, type, race, apparent disposition, looks, and class, etc.) they sooner or later (usually sooner) look, gawk, flirt, and/or occasioanlly rub their crocth on me. Often times in front of their boyriends or husbands. I do not know the size of their partners but a few---by the law of averages---must be at be at least somewhat large. Some of them would be considered hot, quite tall, young or some combination by women. Never fails as they all risk their partners ire, humiliation, break-up or scene. They flirt with me in front of them. Whether or not you believe me about my looks and you think that this is self serving bs, it is. However, there is another point that comes to surface---presuming I am being , at least, reasonably accurate in my depictions. Cock size is one of those things that is blown out of proportion with regard to it's end-all appeal and even it's importance in many cases. It is one of those things that society has let---not just for serious but for diversionary reasons---at tmes, engulfe, many social themes and cultural aspects.

For additional measure, I had instances in bed where, for example, an english woman claimed that her 6"3" boyfriend was the jealous type but, when I asked, still gave me her business and home telepnone numebr and simply mumbled "you're not gonn'a call me anyway are you"?
I do think about it occasionally. Then, much of the time, I know that I'm all good. A lesson to all and it is the true total man (or woman) that is desired.
3485 March 20, 2006

How can I develope and get large pussy lips. I love them and want to have a set of large vulva lips
3486 March 20, 2006

Women who think you have to be hung like a horse to please a women is full of shit. I am 10 inch and I am white but for men who dont have a good size penis dont worry about stupid hoes who only want a big cock. They dont know what real pleasure is. They get all beat up buy this cock and be hurting. I work in the pharmay and they come in needing all kinds of shit for there pussy. Just learn how to work with what you got. If a women complains she has been around the block and you dont need her.
3487 March 21, 2006

my penis is .000000002 cm and I'm proud of it!!!!  I satisfy women all day!
3488 March 21, 2006

hello im 19yr female does size matter well i started sex at 12yr of age and the girls "my freinds" always talked like they fucked a big cock ever since. I personally was fine with my 5-7" encounters average width i was very sexually active but always enjoyed every sex partner i had and trust me i had alot i didnt find the need to find MR big cock nor was it on my mind ever and i would think that me being a little slut back then i would have but i was happy with who ever i ended the night with could last a long time in bed "stanima" lol how ever when i was 15 i meet a guy over the summer that had a very thick 8 1/2" stud he was older and dam i was hooked on his cock we had sex every day it seemed all day the whole summer at first i had to contort my body to accomidate him at curtin angles then at some point i could take him standing in the shower sitting on his lap in his car my pussy just had no problems accepting him we stayed togeather for 8 months then he had to go to alaska he visits every so often after he left i had sex with a guy i know " sex buddy" lol his 7" avg width and it felt like he had his finger in me to say the least i was fustrated i was all streached out and didnt know a guy to fit me right befor long i resorted to letting guys have anal sex and its a nice resort to have if a guy just dosent fit in the front lol im dating a average size guy 7 1/2" long avg width but as far as size preferance goes thicker 2 3/4" across or more lol and at least 7 1/2"long 9+ would be perfect but i dont meet guys and pull down there pants before talking so i get what i get and enjoy yes size makes a differace but its not going to be a deal breaker ive had a few avg size guys put me in my place in the sac "few" but if a guy is good in bed and the girl is as well sparks will always fly
                 love niki steel
                   xoxoxo to all u guys
3489 March 21, 2006

Knot Boy:
I'm known as knot boy because I can tie my dick into a knot. It's about 24 inches long. To everyone who wants a long dick, just know that it is not all that fun. I actually have to tie it into a knot just to get around and get it into my pants. When I go to the pool in the summer, I'm embarassed because everybody thinks that the "noodle float" I am using was made to look like a penis. If I want sex, I have to go across town and break into Farmer Brown's barn yard. I have to buy special ointments just because of chafing issues. If I get an erection, I pass out because practically all of my blood supply goes to my penis. This really becomes an issue when I am sleeping and I am in the REM stage of sleep. Be thankful for what you have.

Knot Boy
3490 March 22, 2006

Well i've been reading the comments here for about 30 minutes and i think i got it. Alot of you have made valid points even if you all had different opinions, which tells me that some women like it as big as they can get it and others are more concerned with simply having a good honest trustworthy man, regardless of size. Has anyone ever gone to one of those websites that show women inserting HUGE dildos and HUGE objects into their pussies? Those are some really beat up pussies, so ladies if thats what you want, go ahead and get it. Guys, in the long run, you're looking to be with someone for the rest of your life and when you find that person, she'll be happy with what you got or shes not the right one. Eveyone has somebody out ther for them, right? Well if thats the case then every pussy has a penis out there too. If your 5" 6" 7" or whatever, you'll find someone who'll like it. As far as whats average, you're never gonna find out. I had an ex-girlfriend that had four boyfriends before me and all of them we're 7 to 8 inches, her sister had three boyfriends who were 5 to 6 inches, so if you ask each of them "whats average", you're gonna get a different number from both of them. If a girl only had one lover and he was 10 inches, she would probably think that was normal. One of the ladies at my work married her high school sweetheart and never had anybody other man than him, i saw him at the gym, in the shower and he was about 2 inches "soft", so she probably thinks thats average. Am i making a point here or not. You like what you like and thats it, end of story. If you want to post a comment and brag about your 9 inch dick, go for it and if you're a girl who wants to tell people that you like 10 inchers, go for it too, but you're not gonna find out the average penis size until you measure every penis out there. There is too many variables..age, height, weight, frame, etc. Good luck figuring this out, you'll go nuts trying. Im sure i have missed the point in some peoples eyes, but i may have made my point too. If you got 4 inches, you'll find someone and if you got 12 inches, you'll find someone too. It would seem that the majoirty of women would prefer 6" over 2", but 12" over 7", i dont know about that, except for a few of you and your bottomless pits. BIG SLOPPY pussies, enjoy your big ones........little petite pussies enjoy whatever you want, and guys, have fun trying to find the right woman, the search is half the fun. 
3491 March 22, 2006

jan can lol:
Hi everyone
wow i like this site its so true im a 42/f with 2 daughers and a son. I have to admit yes im glad my son has a big cock "penis". Women and even girls prefer bigg penises for reasons like confidece in ones self as a female. I feel more like a woman knowing my man or men lol in my house can give multiple types of orgasms to me or any other woman.Its sad to say size matters durring sex but it does. For me i was 14yrs my first time and i did enjoy sex from average size guys but when i did finally experiance a longer thicker penis "WOW" i found my self loving sex all the time "being filled up or streached out dug deep ,rooted de rooted " what ever it was. I could honestly feel a huge "not" kinda sorta but a deep up lifting satisfaction.
my belly was full my legs sat happily apart i found my self not holding them apart they just rested its like his cock was there supporting them.
I dont know how it reflects for other females but i thought this subject was about how size affects a female durring penetration and desire. Some of the coments from women had no bases on the subject. Yes i can understand the mens disapointments on this subject and hold no grudges they may have towards my coments. My daughter showed me the site and we talked about it and she suggested i comment having good insite to the subject.If anyone has any questions just ask and post them on here to "jan can" and i'll answer you i love reading the comments.

                    xoxoxoxlove jan  

          ill answer girls or guys bye bye 
3492 March 23, 2006

doc md:
girls get to live out their fantasies with a big dick, fantasies they thought out before they got together with the male.
and when they can isolate due to the intense physicality of the object -physical as opposed to non physical like  dream...
they can feel greed to themselves and focus on themselves.
dont forget the most important thing is hardness then stamina then size.
i personally  am the size of 2 redbull cans stacked one on top of another/my quest with the penis augmentaiton sites is to get to two then three coke cans high.
the thing that i am missing is when you wip it out and the girl goes ape shit and wants to worship it and what have you. what i do have is that they love how big it is inside of them
then after that it is how big it looks in your pants when you get hard.
then how big it is based on your reputation
then how big it is even when it is soft
thanks for listening
3493 March 24, 2006

wet nurse:
the list goes like this for all you growers:.
big to you
big to her
big cock model
big to her and her friends
so big she shows them
so big they share you
so big her friends come in from out of town to share you
model for penis extender
have your own website about your huge penis lol
john holmes (in your face ed)
let's see if he prints this ha ha
3494 March 25, 2006

the dark side:
I don't want to sound too critical here, but this is sort of a twisted, narrow-minded premise if you ask me. I suppose I'm slightly above average (in case it matters to someone). So lets all play "pretend" OK?... Lets pretend all things are equal... cumon this is really immature. Ok Ok...as a male I can appreciate the "concept" of penis size. But penis characteristics(including size) are relative to vaginal characteristics(including size)and many many other variables as well. Ultimately, the perception of penis "size" (we're talking just size, and size alone?) and its relationship to a woman's gratification is irrelavant. Also, I don't care what "women" prefer if I'm not the one having sex with them. I care about pleasing my woman only and I take pride in her complete happiness and well-being.  I know this may sound freakish to the sorts that come here, but I actually love my woman. When you love a woman your penis will perform amazingly. There are billions of women in the world and I honestly don't care what they prefer because it doesn't make any difference. Do you think those billions of women care want you prefer? This is nothing more than a support group for porn junkies, shallow unhappy people, and such. Be a MAN! Get off your computers and make one girl happy its not too difficult. Good luck.
3495 March 25, 2006

pathetic loser:
people can say what they want but woman want, need and desire DICK. They will talk themselves into dealing with a lil dick for awhile but trust me they wont stay or stay faithfull. I cant tell you how many times I have been laughed at and abused by woman once i took my pants down. I have a tiny dick, 2 3/4 inches hard. i have only had two woman try to deal with it and even so they both jus laid there trying to keep from laughing to hard. my last use to actually read while i tried to fuck her. considering i am also pre mature, we are only talking about 60 sec. once i get in, which is also difficult cause i have a hard time reaching and she does not get aroused at all. it was finally over the day i came home to find her getting hammered by a guy with a huge cock, and the echo of her, "well you had to know or expect it... i mean did you really think i was going to be satisfied with your lil dick?" after he finished giving her three or four orgasm, we talked and she told me that she had been setting things up to meet these big dicked guys and getting fucked by them on the nights we had planned to have sex and she would do them before comeing home to me. ultimately, she told me i could either stay with her and she would let me watch her getting fucked and let me have my 60 secs right after he was done or we were through. Well i decided to stay, but found out very quickly what her plans were...you can probably guess...i became the bitch. it wasnt long and i was left to be the one that everyone came on. SHe was doing three and four guys at a time and i was there to lick her pussy while they fucked her in all three hole at once, which is when i found out what a cum shower was. The moral of the story is if you are a tiny dick loser like me...get used to being abuse, cause i dont care what woman say they all want at least 6 inches, so if you are under 6 consider yourself small and bank on the fact that your woman is cheating on you with a bigger dick.
3496 March 25, 2006

i got a size 4in and 9cm. Girls at my school always say they want big dicks and if u have a small one they make fun of u because as u all know it theres alot of teen sex going on now adays. Other guys at my school say they got these big very big dicks and i dont know if theres saying the truth or not. So this makes me feel uncomfortable because i dont realy have one that u can say is very very big or averag. So yea if any one has any info for me or advise in stuff about this subject plz answer me and i know im underage any every thing but stillplz answer me
3497 March 26, 2006

Faiz Suhaimi:
Penis size does matter...but not how it is describe here. I am slightly above average about 7" length and 6' girth.

I have some women enjoying me without  problem but some finding me way too big for comfort.

My point is ..the world's population is too big to make any generalization or stereotyping.

The author of the penis size debate has every reason that his theory is right so do you or other people who reads this.

I agree with some info here and the agree with some info here too.
3498 March 26, 2006

This post is for single men only who have normal or undersized penises.  But first I want to say a brief word for married guys with normal to small penises who have wives who have known "bigger is better" and have the expansive vaginal canal to prove it. 

Married guys who have these penises and are married to women who have indulged in intercourse with men whom these husbands know have larger width and length than themselves have a bit of a problem in my opinion that cannot be easily resolved if they choose to stay with their wives.  You better know your wife well enough and accept being less in her eyes or be prepared someday for a surprise.  That's all I wanted to say on that.

The woman who has chosen men to penetrate and alter their vaginal canals with larger than normal penises have a worse problem unless they believe they can be happy settling with only two kinds of men that invariably seem unenviable for any woman. 

First, a large penis man who can satisfy sexually these giddy girls giggling with their gaping gashes gutted forever from practical use by any lesser man are among literally hundreds if not thousands of other women among whom are many more attractive than they themselves but who are also very aggresively angling for their stud male's sexual prowess and favors and perhaps also may one day give their man an STD to bring home.

Or, second, a normal or small size penis man now diminished after they enter her vagina, a man with a damaged esteem whom they must endure if they remain together after these poor guys have been subjected to the frustration and torment of being denied by their wives and girlfriends a tight or snug vagina; and thus these men are being victimized twice at once by not getting the vagina they deserve from by one who is supposed to love and care for them and by being reminded that that they have a penis that is inadequate for the woman they call their own. 

What woman in her right mind would want to be around either man for the long term?  I know, the man with the penis that offers seven inches, eight inches, nine inches and more is so much better that you will never go back to us normal sized guys, right?

What cost do these large cock-loving women pay for their sexual pleasures?  What prospects for true happiness have they written off in terms of beautiful looks, in terms of IQ, and in terms of wealth?  How many men among the 80 percent of the male population that these women have glibly ridiculed and summarily discarded forever would have made far better providers as husbands than the freak-show penis males whom so many other women crave and demand as gigilos and studs for their own pleasure as well?  What makes these women think that they have so much to offer that the large penis males won't stray from the reservation and render some other woman her pleasure and sexual fantasy time and time again? 

Do practical considerations factor into the equation at all for these woman that choose the big penis because this is what they must have to be happy?  Is a trailor park or ghetto lifestyle good enough for the woman who just gotta have that eight incher?  Is Brad Pitt really not good enough simply because his circumference might scarcly reach five inches (i have no idea being a hetero)?  Is the millionaire in the mansion who can afford to keep his wife and family in decorous luxury really so worthless if he cannot measure up with his length being no more the five and half inches?  How about the genius or the humanitarian?  Does penis size matter so much that they cannot be considered a prospect for mating without the bigger is better member? 

I feel most sorry for you women who have deluded yourselves into sacrificing so much just for a penis that is wide enough and long enough to make you undesirable and useless for the sexual gratification of 80 percent of the male population.  You have trapped yourselves and there's no going back for you. 

I would not touch your vaginas with a stick or anything else much less my six and half inch by five inch cock.  I have twice in my life dumped girlfriends whom I know had fallen deeply in love with me, rejecting them simply because their vaginas were too big for my comfort and pleasure.  It was not about my inability to satisfy them at all which does actually puzzle me since from what I hear I should have been marked down as so unworthy of their love and consideration not to be able to fill them up fully. 

True, I could not satisfy them sexually undoubtedly but they wanted me very badly anyway.  Rather shocking, isn't it?  I know it hurt them.  But they had ruined their vaginas in regard to affording my penis any sexual pleasure.  I knew that they would always be useless to me. 

If also awakened me to a startling reality that there exists among white American women who happen to be physically attractive enough to be outwardly desirable sexually an overwhelming liklihood that they offer vaginas that are incapable of affording me sexual pleasure and satisfaction.  This is because most white American women have had multiple sexual partners and over time will have eventually rendered their vaginas available to the ten to twenty percent of men who will in turn forever ruin them for other men.  That's why I think a lot of women (who are the exception) actually reject these eight inchers.  More than fear or pain, I believe these exceptional women who are smarter than the rest actually don't want to write off the love of their life whom they have not yet met by ripping their vaginas so wide that they will no longer be able to provide vaginal comfort and pleasure to the man whom they might someday ultimately choose as their husband and mating partner.

In the case of my two girlfriends, the first one when I was 21 had only had one boyfriend/lover before me but he was wider than me and the damage was done.  The second was when I was 28 and had been having an affair with an older married man who was also wider than me.  She never really fancied the guy except in bed.  She told me she could see me as her husband but I could never see her as even my girlfriend for very long with a vagina like hers.

That "size matters" does indeed have significant implications and life-altering consequences for the overwhelming majority of men. Knowing it and adjusting the selection decision through the process of exclusion of all demonstrably unsuitable vaginas is imperative to any chance of happiness that a man might have with either an undersized or normal penis. 

The perspective really needs to shift away from the female view in terms of her wants and needs toward the male outlook in terms of his desires and requirements. 

Vaginal size is really all that matters. 

"Size does matter" actually means that now more than ever the sexual history of a vagina is what should most matter to men with normal sized penises.

In other words, has the vagina of a prospective girlfriend or wife been excluded preemptively from your selection by the expansion induced by a large penis?  This matters absolutely and unavoidably to the extent that a given vagina has been essentially ruined physically. 

These women are undesirable sexually no matter how they might look otherwise because they have rendered their vaginas unusable and unworkable for the purposes of adequate male sexual gratification of smaller penises.

Any woman who has been penetrated by an seven inch plus by 5 and half inch plus penis size has in effect excluded herself from the majority of the population of men.  And, again, it won't matter whether excercises are employed for smaller penile accomodation remedy of the enlarged orafice because the inner vagina memory has been tainted also. 

Better to exclude these women entirely no matter how they look as prospects for relationships of intimacy once and for all time.  Mark these vaginas down as cunt rather than pussy, meaning that they are simply female genitalia that affords no adequate sexual gratification for you as a man with a normal penis. 

What's the solution?  For me, a millionaire who is still good looking enough to be aggressively hit on by women on occasion, it means seeking for a bride who is still a virgin.  It also very likely means searching for her outside the United States. 

If you have a four incher or a five incher, don't despair.  Remember that you have options.  You have resources.  What you don't need at all is these silly women with their gaping vaginas yapping out loud to belittle you.  You don't have to take it.  What you must do is stay clear and shun these women.  Keep in mind that there are in Asia, the Pacific and Latin America millions of women who are virgins.  When I lived in Costa Rica, I met an beautiful 18 girl who was unquestionably a virgin but if I had wanted I could have taken her to a gynocologist to confirm it.  She was with her mother who was moving to Australia.  They were from Honduras and this girl was available to me for marriage.  Sometimes I wish I had taken her but I wasn't yet ready at the time. 

Be assured that one of these virgins in the third world and who would be immeasurably improved by a life in the U.S. would make a good wife unlike these cunts who run around acting like the slut whores they are and generating in the process a reputation among women from other ethnic groups in America that white women are extremely promiscuous.  This is actually quite true as I have dated mostly Latina since entering my 30s and have heard from Asian friends of mine also. Significant numbers of African American women, self-restrained and monogamous in their lives, also have this view.

I say to you the solution is get practical immediately. Pursue your own self interest and set aside your doubts and insecurities.  Because, as you can see, nobody else is going to look after your own interests. 

Look at what these big cock loving women have said about the 80 percent of men with less than seven inch penises.  We are all useless to them and not worthy sexual partners for them when in fact they are useless to us and not worthy sexual partners for us.  We should forget about these women utterly and forever.  Ignore entirely what they blather on about. 

Get yourself a virgin bride and be happy.  She's out there.  Buy yourself a airline ticket and fly out and find her.

Good riddance to all the cunts!
3499 March 26, 2006

This site is really interesting.  I'm 39 and my husband and I have been married for 15 years.  I won't go into the story of how things happened, let's just say it's been mostly fun.  I always knew my husband wasn't that big, but I realized just how big when we started going to a nude beach near us.  At first I thought the guys who looked big just didn't get that much bigger hard.  After talking to my husband, he said they probably are bigger and he rented some porno to show me.  When I saw the cocks on those porn stars I couldn't believe how excited I got and how long those pricks got.  My husband, not being at all ashamed of his cock, liked that I got off seeing big ones.  He had me measure him and he is 4.75" long and 4.50" around.  He said it wouldn't take much to find a guy with a much bigger one, and when he said that I really started thinking about big cocks.  I'd only had one before my husband and I think he was bigger but not much.  My husband started talking to a guy at the beach and I got really hot watching them.  Their sides were to me and the other guys cock was like twice as long as my husband's and thick.  He saw me looking at him and smiled.  They came over to our blanket, we spent the afternoon and my husband invited him over for dinner.  After a dinner we got in the hot tub and my husband told the guy how I liked big ones.  They both stood in front of me and I started jacking them off.  The other guys cock got so big and hard so fast it was amazing, and he was looking at me like too bad my husband is so much smaller.  Well, I ended up going all the way with him that night and I came more times than I ever had.  We still see him as well as a few other guys, my husband gets off on it too but he's straight.  The man's cock is 8.5" long and 6" around.  I can barely get my hand around it and it still turns me on every time I see it.  When we go to the nude beach I feel so hot walking around with him and all the women looking with envy at his big cock.  He has several girlfriends, some of thm are wives, and he says they all go wild over his dick and that all of them say they like big cocks.  Well, I may be conservative looking on the outside, but you show me a big one, and i'll spread in a second and love it
3500 March 27, 2006

I find this site... scary.

I have a small dick. I understand that. My best friend, as well as my room mate, have had long-term relationships with women, and they claim to have cocks over 8' long, and their women back it up, and in one case I know my room mate is.

My penis is 5' long, stretching it, measuring it properly. I'm overweight, fairly short, not good looking. Fact is, I'm ugly. I have an angular face, people say that isn't chubby or anything, but... whatever. I had one, month-long experience with ONE girl, when I hit 18 years of age, almost a year ago.

She gave me a handjob.

The next day, she was gone. Stupid reasoning for her to stop seeing me, but I suspect it was my size. I know it was.

I'm one of the smallest guys I've ever heard of. It's crushing me, it's driven me to be a social outcast, and I've never... done anything. The girl who gave me the handjob at 18, was my first kiss. I don't think I should have another.

Right now, I'm unemployed, rent is late, my car insurance is going to be cancelled, I have no friends anymore, and I'm done for. All I feel like doing is rolling up and dying. My friends, when I rarely see them, tell me to get a girlfriend. They're like, 'you need laid.'

I don't even care about sex anymore, I fucking hate it. I just wish I had a companion, someone who would just physically touch me, ground me, tell me I mattered. Someone to care for me, help me... I'm just lost. I've been in clinical depression for years, alot due to this. All I want is someone to love, and it's stupid fucking Nature, and it's stupid fucking shit sites like this with men's egoes, that destroys me.
Most men are like, 'you got a small dick! ah, you're fucked.' That's it.

Women are the same.

So I've given up, with my tiny little dick, and my  nothing to offer. I give up completely.

I just want someone to love me. Are women this shallow? I guess...

I don't care anymore. I could be the nicest, most giving lover, in the entire world. I'm done for, because I'm petrified people, I'm scared.

I hate my life, I hate my penis size, it's too small. It's shit like this, it's so horrible.

All this optimisim is fake. Confidence in this world, comes down to dick size. End of story. A guy with a small dick, whom you think has confidence, he's just showing you a facade.

My small dick, will be out on the streets shortly, with nothing. Life couldn't be shittier.

Only option is a gunshot, it seems sometimes. But loose strings to families as long with a respect of death, hold people like me back.

When you live a life like mine, within reasonable dimensions, I know many people have it worse, far worse, you find all the hell you'd ever need, right here on Earth.

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