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3401 February 18, 2006

I just don't quite get some people's beliefs on this site.  Men with average size penises 4-7 claiming that size does matter and feeling inadequate and down on themselves.  Ones that share sex partners feeling upset that another man with a large penis is giving much more satisfaction to their wife than they could.
What I don't understand is why do the rest of you guys feel so bad about that?  There might be some other women I can fantasize about who can make me have a much more intense orgasm than my wife.  Does that mean she is inadequate for me and I only have to have some huge breasted blonde stripper or whatever other woman suits my fantasy?  Of course not.  So long as you can still bring her to orgasm then there shouldn't be a problem.  If there still is then she is very selfish and undeserving of you to stay with her.
3402 February 18, 2006

The other thing that disgusts me- and possibly this is the source of where the majority of these large penis comments some from.  There seems to be too many girls out there who are sexy and beautiful, but are very trashy, slutty, whores.  Take a run down MySpace.com and you see many hot looking girls and so many of them are actually proud to be doing drugs, having sex with tons of guys, and being slutty.  It's damn disgusting to me.  It makes their beauty and attractiveness disappear.  They are hotties and wicked turn-ons at first, but as you examine what they have to say it just makes you think of nasty disease ridden slimy whores.  I can never understand why these women want to actually advertise themselves as such pigs and be proud of it.  Anyway, these are most likely the girls who claim that you must have large penises or forget it.   Guess what?  I'm glad to forget it.  They are turn-offs anyway.
3403 February 19, 2006

The man from Nantucket:
I love comments from white women that are more interested is nigger cock.  I laugh like crazy when I see this.  I dated a woman once that had a HUGE vagina, and when I asked her, she said "probably from all the black dick".  I, a Christian white man, will NEVER date, nor forgive, any white woman who dates mud-men.
3404 February 20, 2006

Wow, Talk about anger!!  What is wrong with my female sisters here.   The best Lover I ever had was 5 3/4.  The comment on black men.  Maybe your fetish,  Dont lump us all into your deep seated "real fears and anger",  I'll take a man who cares for me and my body over a big dick anyday of the week.
3405 February 20, 2006

the man:
umm there is really no big deal- women qre humans,humns like freaks. IUf you hve a freaky big dick chix are going to apprecitat it- if htey re freaks like hug lips boobs long legs stunning beauty etc.. you will appreciate them..
if they are lacking the freak gene, fuck they are - there you go.
this site is one freak saying hey looki am a freak- i have a freaky big dick he does he guess?
what the hell
if you are all little in the freak gene of penis maybe you are freaky smart or freaky nice or freaky gentleman or somthing...
what the hell..now different groups have built it that some freaky things are more valuable than others... more an more white is apparently good to get along. more and more inteligent is apparently valuable for career succes.. and now freak and more freaky jumbo cock is the new rage.
ok sure
like money the more freak you have the better.
good luck
3406 February 21, 2006

re: to Kirsten of post 3404:
Kersten, ok you'll take a loving man over a big dick anyday. So what's your point? What if he has a big dick and is also loving? Those guys do exist ya know? That sentence about taking a loving man over a big dick indicates size matters to you but doesn't rank as high as loving does. Yes, that is what you said. What does that have to do with whether a bigger dick, everything else being equal, is better? Your sentence actually shows size does matter some to you, even though you tried to present it as if it doesn't. Size is an enhancement to you, but If you see this post you will deny it, yet it is what you indicated. See, if I made a statement like "I'll take a caring woman over a woman with big breasts" that would imply I put some value on big breasts, but not as high as her being a caring woman. See, in trying to post against size mattering, you slipped and gave it away by your example, your wording, that it does matter to you some. Even if you come back with a post of complete denial now, your original post tells the truth, and a followup post by you will just br more heavily covered in sugar coating.
3407 February 21, 2006

Site is clearly wrong because...:
the headline states it will end the debate. Whether this site is true, false, or inbetween doesn't matter as far as ending the debate is concerned. The debate will continue on. The messages posted here make it all too obvious. Those that believe size matters would have continued to think that way even if this site didn't exist. Also, those that believe size doesn't matter will continue to think that way no matter what is presented here, as even if the owner of this site could provide the absolute "proof needed" they would not be swayed. They state the site's owner hasn't proven anything, but really, they wouldn't change their minds anyway. That's the way it goes in believing or disbelieving in God, people don't sway; and that's the way it goes in politics in being a liberal or conservative, people don't sway; and that's the way it goes it size matters, people don't sway. When it comes to people changing their minds about whether there is a difference in sizes between races, people don't sway. It just ain't gonna happen. Those who aren't sure - the fence sitters- are the only ones this site can possibly have a real effect on, but even that isn't so clear, for fence sitters may be prone to be insecure about their size and therefore may be prone to leaning heavily that size matters before they even see this site. The messages posted will continue to say whatever the posters' thought before they even read this site.
3408 February 21, 2006

Wow. I must admit this is some pretty interesting stuff. Okay well to put things simply, it's the individual's preference. I don't think that it's necessary for guys to lie about their size, and girls shouldn't expect too much. Is all you want just someone that can give you great sex all the time? At the end of the day, does he/she really love you? If you prioritize sex then I hope you find love soon, because that's all anyone ever wants.
3409 February 22, 2006

the man:
i recently dated a model coed from china and i got her by grabbing her by the wrist and my other hand on her elbow and i said see that - showing her forearm.. then winked. She got it. So in bed i went down on her and then took my time giving her my weapon, and she said "you are so big and i am so small". what a turn on!! but anyhoo, she quit halfway through, ; so wtf, she couldn't take it and i called her a quitter, but the first ten minutes, before she wimped out were ideal and i lover her still - SHOUT OUT!!:)
3410 February 23, 2006

well i have to say something to marie about talking about black men and they have such large cocks.. first off they don't .. some do same as white men.. i'm a white man and i'm 8 1/2 " and i'm dam good in bed so good that i make money doing it for a living in the adult industry.  now 6" is about average.. and most women are fine with that.. when they say you can please a real woman unless you're 9 or 10 inches long that's usually coming from a heavy woman that you need 10" just to get past the fatty area around the legs and ass so you need the extra 4 inches just to pennatrate.. it's okay guys to have an average penis in fact it's fine to have a smaller penis  as long as you compensate with your tongue or fingers.. just like most fat women are good at giving bj's it's just the way that life is .. think about it ... a real woman is in shape and takes care of her body.. and a real woman is fine with what she gets not "you ain't big enough to satisfy me" oh please..
3411 February 23, 2006

mr securite:
i have an oversize tool for about a year now. And it is totally annoying, when i had a 7x5 I was in heaven, i got girls left right and center and we all came together it was fabulous.
now i am 9" over the top 101/2" from the side and 5 3/4" around or 6 1/2" around depending on how hard they suck!!
but anyhoo here is what i have learned for all of you wishing you were me!! ok i finally got one girl in bed and she quit halfway through i couldn't thrust hard at all at the back  lke 60% thrusting room, i had no clue; and then she quit halfways through- another one made faces like crazy when i ws doing her to the point that i thought she was making fun of me and she dumped me!!:( so i thought ok i will go in low key so the next girl acted like she was all that and i wasn't big and she insisted we stop after the first 2 minutes, to prove she was better than me and i wasn't big. and every other girl asks you in like online dating and stuff and you say like um:  9x6 and they are all right..- they don't believe you
so i like it but chix hate it- they see it as a threat and i don't have girls worshipping it, or clamouring for it or nothin, and i am good looking and have  hot bod and nothing wrong at all... so wtf?
this whole size thing where everyone says chix worship you and jump you when they know you have one- my guess i either the chix are losers or lame or the whole thing is some made up gay conspiracy. i have told 8- chix i had a 9 x6  i got nothin..
When i was 7x5 i dated everything that moved and they all put out;so i thought ok maybe they are afraid of being stretched- but no, i made it that it snaps back and gets even tighter..
so any chix out there got an answer- pretty only pls!!
email me thx juliusmaximillien@yahoo.ca
ps any dudes that know any trix on how to rope in girls with a huge one email me as well
as i stated in another email ; you grab their wrist and their elbow and show them the amount of meat you have on their forearm, that worked for one
:maybe cuz i am so packin now- well not the most packin in the whole frickin world but i am well aboveporn level. I am at the peternorth ttboy level, then there is the rocco nacho jeff stryker level then the john holmes ed level -: k later
3412 February 24, 2006

I have been married for some time now.  I could always satisfy my with with no problem. Orally or just fucking. She started complaining it hurt and evently didn't want sex any more. A female co-worker gota camera phone and asked if she could photograph it.  I got into posing. Some of the women just wanted a pic of my dick. I never got a complaint that it was too big or too small.  The women loved it.
3413 February 24, 2006

averaqge joe:
This site is pure 100% bullshit. its obviously created by someone who has a big dick and is afraid of stories about it being TOO big. Ur a fool whoever created this and i wanna fight you.
3414 February 24, 2006

I have a long labia - and every guy that i have slept with has always enjoyed munching me there and comment on how sexy and warm I am there.
I'm proud of my pussy - and will continue to touch and love my beautiful long pussy lips.
Long Live Long Labia x
3415 February 24, 2006

 S. G. Valker.:
as i was reading about the issues you present on your sight, i couldn't help but realize that your reasoning and logic were all wrong.  your data has little relevency to your conclusions.  your premises are mostly flawed.  especially on "your chances to satisfy your girlfriend"  the percent only reflects the probability of finding a partner of a given vagina size.  It was nothing to do with, pardon me, "how you use it"  which makes a world of difference. 
     Having obtained a doctorate in philosophy, I have learned a few things about making logical, valid, and sound agruements.  i could continue and critisize all day, about how you make a mockery of the scientific method, or parade your, at best, shaky reasoning in the semblence of scientific fact.  but i don't have all day, so i must conclude by informing you that the substance, or rather the lack thereof, has given me a laugh.  which, i must add, is all it is worth. 
     (and to all you egoists, who will post comments equally unlogical, in responce to me: i must say that you can not state with any certainty the nature of my masculinity.)
3416 February 25, 2006

about the comment on black females having larger vaginas...what's up with that??? i have heard many stories about white women having looser vaginas--especially after child birth, which is why they are always emphasizing kegal excercises and selling vaginal tightening creams and products. most women that go in for surgical tightening procedures are white women. not black women. those comments were really assinine.  you cannot generalize about the size of a race of women's vaginas.  many of the porn stars who have sex with more than one man at the same time are white women and asian women.  i can't assume all white women sleep with four big black guys that's just dumb.---i digress

i am a black woman and i have recently had a boyfriend with what i felt was a very large (long and thick) penis. he says it's 7.5", but to me it seems like more and he does occasionally bump my cervix. our first time together was a harrowing experience for me.  i have children, but i do not have a large vagina. i had not had sex for almost a year before we slept together, and his having a large penis was not too fun.  even to this day we have to use additional lubricant so that he won't make me so sore.  with a large penis, natural wetness doesn't seem to be enough somtimes...and he does get me very wet, that's not the problem.  the thickness is just a huge problem.  i am not a small woman in stature, but large penises are usually a source of pain with deep penetration. thick penises are sometimes too much friction or they don't fit without alot of pressure just to get in. so i guess either way you cut it, there's some kind of hassle with penis size. being a woman, i can say that sex for me is more about emotions than orgasm. most of mine have come from stimulation other than with a penis, like fingering or playing with my breasts.  the intercourse related orgasm is something i have yet to experience (and i'm 30 now) so i guess some of us will never know...

i think this website is a great forum to discuss penis issues...because i have certainly had them with him and who the heck do you talk to about that kind of stuff???
3417 February 25, 2006

Why worry about dick size?  Womens vaginas vary enormously in size, tightness, texture, lubrication, ability to squeeze(!!), tightness around the opening, sensitivity - don't you know yet??  Find a matching vagina (and an owner) that suits your size, and make the most of it.  Having a big dick aint all it is cracked up to be - if you're tired or unwell you can't get a full erection;  If you are big you can't get into some women, or you hurt them; also you may not be able to get full penetration - nothing better than feeling a wet pussy around your balls and pubis.  If you want good sex, concentrate on GIVING pleasure, not hurting the hell out of women or fucking horses!!
3418 February 25, 2006

what's long and thin goes all the way in.......what's short and thick does the trick.......winks
3419 February 25, 2006

man from nantucket is an idiot, sad and obviously not in right standing with God if he hates black people.  God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.  That includes everyone in it...including foolish people like you nantucket.  Try to get over your hang ups, this is 2006...ask the Lord to help you stop hating CHRISTIAN man....
3420 February 26, 2006

i think women who want to be in a meaningful, lasting relationship would prefer guys with small-average dicks as they are less likely to cheat.
3421 February 26, 2006

They call me a "sweet-badass" go-fig:
Listen up..I'm just over 6'.And "REAL WOMEN" not "LOOSE"or "HIGHLY SEXUALLY ACTIVE", BUT ALSO around 27 highly sexually active women love me to death. I give it up size does matter as far as "ABSOLUTELY" NOTHING but pleasure, but if ur a real women you're not gonna need it too big..You would prefer that this particular part of the male body to be used in "making-love" and not just regular "unbelieveable-life altering" sex. Sex you "can" remember, but why bother..making real love..You will never forget. You all have seemed to have forgotton that intercoarse was created purely for reproduction, therefore you should "love your mate" for who they are and "not the package."
3422 February 26, 2006

My hubby's penis is quite adequate at just under seven inches, OK I admit I do get interested when the big guys some out on porn movies, but hey, I drive a Ford not a Ferrari
3423 February 27, 2006

Okay, so, it sounds like the main point here is that people are different. Penis size matters to some people, but not to others. And it matters to different people depending on the circumstance, as this survey shows:


I am about average, maybe 6.5/7 by around 5.25, and my girlfriend is very satisfied. She always has several orgasms, both by oral and penetrative sex. However, that doesn't mean that size doesn't matter to her. Although I satisfy her, when she uses an 8x6 dildo, she comes faster. When I use a toy to thicken or lengthen myself, she seems to come more easily, and if I use a 9.5x7 dildo, she comes just from putting the head inside, but that doesn't mean that she wants that every night, that usually tires her out and leaves her in pain quite quickly, and for the next day, when it's just me, we can go for hours and she can come repeatedly. I guess it's just different tools for different jobs! Any comments?
3424 February 27, 2006

Wow...your web site hurt. I don't actually disagree too much with what you say. What worries me is that as I read through, I found myself thinking that maybe because Im only a 6 incher I'll have to turn gay to get any genuine sexual appreciation - at least guys would know how to bond on such an issue. (Maybe thats why so many doctors & sex therapists lie about penis size - they are afraid that guys would opt for male sexual companionship!) The only problem for me is that I love pussy and dont find dicks attractive -  but I suppose I could learn like the ancient Greeks & Romans...... Boy, I really have to digest your site....
3425 February 27, 2006

I, unfortunately, have a very large, and rock hard cock. Have been married twice, and my first wife didn't like it. My second wife tolerates it. I have always been very gentle, and made sure I didn't go in, only as much as I was invited.

One thing--they both really liked it to see it, to feel it, to play with it, etc. My second wife (the one I am married to today) has said numerous times that she loves to see it, but she dreads having sex, but frankly, I think that women tend to hpe themselves up about something first.

You failed to say that it's volume, more than length that determines how much a woman can take.  The depth is dependent on the thickness. So the wider you stretch her going in, the shorter she becomes.

Just like the guy displaces a certain amount of volume with his hard-on, likewise the woman can take a certain volume and no more. My second wife is a lot deeper than the first one, but she's also a lot narrower, so she's a lot tighter, but all women are pretty tight, to me.

I will tell you this-- they all love seing it. A huge cock is really eye candy to a girl. They are more than happy about it, until it's time to put up or shut up.

I think that 7-1/2" around is about the max for average women, unless they practice taking a bigger one. Have never met any woman who can get her fingers around that much, and they can't squeeze it smaller. But it's funny because they want it, they want to see it, they talk about it, but they can't take it.
3426 February 27, 2006

my dick is just under 5 inches long and thick, and i feel like killing myself. when i have sex i can barely feel anything, and neither can the girl
3427 February 28, 2006

ITS FAKE,out of 100% of women writing these comments, only 20% are real. and guys if your reading this, your not a sexualy fustraded guy thats just looking to read exciting, biger is better crap. do you know why is called "in the bed room" or "in close doors" or "special time" its called those things, cus sex related topics only cover no more then 20% of our day, if sex those, then the girl works in the sex industry, im a guy and i know that sex takes a big part of our day, but i work and im not thinking of fucking, when im working not if im trying to keep my J-O-B, but i do think about it some of the rest of the day which makes no more then 20% of the day. like most people im happy in bed ofcourse sex can always be better, but if we'red asked that question "can it be better" ofcourse everything can be beter, i can be taller, smarter, have an amd 4000+ over my p4 2.8, get the point!
3428 February 28, 2006

Well, what can I say. I am amazed, that most guys are below 7". WOW! That's terrible! From past experiences girls, yep all 3 of them, that I have "exposed myself to" have been amazed. I am not bragging, but I always thought that my penis size was not that huge because I had no one else to compare to. So I would just like to know, is 6" flaccid and 9+" erect large, those 3 girls think so, but I am still not sure if that is big for a guy to have. Oh, yeah I am white and I do not lie.
3429 February 28, 2006

I think this site spreads the illusion that BIG = BEST = ALWAYS. Get A grip. Reality is that I am one of suposed lucky ones with a penis that measure about 10 inches. Reality is that sometimes the women I have dated have loved this big size, while others cant say its any better than having sex with a man with a penis half of my length An EQUAL proportion to BOTH these groups find it a positive TURN OFF and far too painful. I hope this sheds light on this cock of an illusion
3430 March 1, 2006

wow this site and its comments of some are why a girl cant tell the truth im sorry but a girl who goes after a guys money is a whore not a girl that is attracted to a spacific way a guy is built after all its the person and there body that sould cause attraction not his bill fold YES i pefer a fat cock atleast 9" long but i had sex since i was 12 and just got to experiance very well endowed guys and maybe yeah i could had been steached out a bit by them and became in need of larger cocks to find my own real joy but im no whore i look for more than just the big O i look for other things that make us complete conversation ways of living looks humor and more but when i was confronted by a guy on our first date that was under sized for me 6 1/2" long and thin and showed disapintment about the sex and he asked later he told everyone i was a whore i could of came back that he had a skinny dick lol but i didnt and would never say that it was just i couldnt feel him in me and i had no reaction due to that im petete short very long hair and have large breast and a cute face i attract lots of guys anywhere i go and feel maybe i deserve a guy of equal sexuall attraction and i agree girls want there offspring to be of desire to the opposite attraction my son is well endowed thanks to his dad and our good looks as my daughter is tinny thinly build just as a girl should be LOOKS AND BODYS ATTRACT and its always going to be that way and a great sexual experience is none the less but MONEY can only buy so much and i only want a person im comfortable or compatible with and from the sounds if what i read there are tons of girls that lick a little dick "or dont mind one " and thats great i dont think they are lieing about it but i would never love one thanks find a person who you are compatible with i enjoyed site im at work one of the girls her showed me the site its great never thought they made a site thats so confronting and lets everyone else have a say thats what makes it real thanks again ill be back 
3431 March 2, 2006

Looking for someone into big penis. There seems to be a lot on this site.
I have one, and it is damn hard to find a women that will do it.
I do not want to hear from the countless gay men that want a man like me.
Good looking, and fun - if you are game, and in DC, write me.
3432 March 3, 2006

Obviously this site is entirely dedicated to men with big penises reassuring themselves that they are really as great as their huge dicks make them seem...dream on. Size has nothing to so with it....its all how you use it. So get comfortable with yourself and make your priority pleasing your woman (or man) and forget for one second just how big you are. (My small breasts have been admired and ravaged by many men and I would never think of changing a thing about them)
3433 March 3, 2006

I never thought my size was a problem until I started reading this site and got a little insecure. The idea of size was on my mind so much that my girlfriend started noticing how detached I was at times. I finally brought up the topic with her and she dismissed it, saying my 6 inches was perfect for her. She got really mad when I asked if I ever gave her an orgasm and promptly ended the conversation. A couple weeks later my friend Todd was in town for business and me and Mary met him for drinks. Mary had met him once before and commented openly about how "hot" he was. It never really bothered me becasue Todd was about 6'2" and built like a stallion. We had a few rounds and I noticed Todd kept staring at Mary's DD-cup tits. Her chest is my favorite part of her and I know it draws alot of stares but the way Todd was looking was making me a little nervous. It was like he knew she was watching him and they had a private communication of sorts. Mary kept smiling at him and hardly looked at me during this whole exchange which, lasted about 30 minutes. I then suggested we leave and both Mary and Todd assumed we were going back to our place. What the heck so we did. On the way back I drove and things got crazy. Mary sat in back with Todd rather than in the front next to me, her boyfriend! When I asked her about it, she said "don't be rude - we have a guest and we need to keep him company". With that, Todd pulled her over to him and started feasting on her. He kissed her neck and played with her tits while she moaned and kissed him back. They went at it like two teenagers right there while I was driving. I couldn't believe it. I almost got into an accident and Mary peeled her mouth away from Todd's to yell at me. I adjusted the rearview to watch them. Mary unzipped Todd's pants and looked up at him when she felt what was inside. "I told you" Todd said, grinning at her. Mary wasted no time pulling his pants and underwear down so she could get a closer look at what was one of thr biggest dicks I had ever seen. Todd's cock
had to be 10 inches long and about 6 or 7" around. Mary worhipped it with her hands and told me she wouldn't suck it until we got home. Todd made her take off her shirt and give his dick a "tit massage". She rubbed his semi-stiff cock between her huge jugs, slapping it around and squooshing it until we got home.
I had to watch Todd fuck Mary for close to 3 hours. She came around 20 times and a few of them were just from sucking Todd's cock while he talked dirty to her.
The next night, Todd took Mary out alone. He said she looked better with him and if I wanted I could watch them fuck later. She wore a tiny tank top that barely harnessed her fat tits and no bra. Later that night, they came home and Mary was drunk. When she saw me she became abusive. "There's my skinny little weenie" she giggled. Todd coughed, but it was really a supressed laugh. Mary chastised me for no good reason except that Todd had a much bigger dick. Then Todd spoke and it hit me like a freight train: "Hey Ed - if you have to ask your girl if she's ever come, that means she hasn't... with you, that is". Mary snorted "Amen, baby". She threw her arms around Todd and began rubbing his crotch. She peeled doen his pants and told me to come over. In a daze, I obeyed her. She had me kneel down with her in front of Todd's cock. She kissed me and whispered to me in ways that still haunt me. She was trying to get me to suck Todd's cock. And I did. Mary fed his cock to me, instructing me on where and how to lick. It was humiliating, but strangely liberating, because I was learning how life really worked. Men like me should be on our knees next to our buxom girlfriends slurping on big jock cocks.
I sucked Todd's huge dick for about 45 minutes. Mary yelled at me that her arm was getting tired from pumping his meat so I better suck harder. She wrapped her lips around Todd's dangling balls and gave them a world-class tongue bath while she stroked his dick into my salivating mouth. Todd grabbed my head and grunted. I tried to pull away but Mary helped him keep me in place and looked up at him wickedly while he released his shooting cum straight down my throat. I gulped twice but before I knew it he shot a few more strings into my mouth which I had no choice but to taste. Mary pulled Todd's cock from my mouth and slapped my face with it before she cleaned it off with her tongue.
Needless to say, my relationship with Mary is over. The final straw came when she tied my hands up and had Todd beat my limp cock with his hard slab of meat. My dick was nearly black from all the bruising. Mary then let Todd fuck her ass while I watched and when I got an erection the pain from Todd's cockwhipping was unbearable so I couldn't cum. That same night, Todd forcibly raped me, with Mary's assistance. Todd actually pulled the lining out of my asshole, giving me what's called a "pink sock". Mary almost vomited in disgust and was more appalled when she saw that I came on the floor at that moment.
Todd left town and Mary left me. She dates only studly jock guys with big dicks. I tried to get back in the game but my confidence is forever shaken and it shows. I'm destined to be a cocksucking fag.
3434 March 3, 2006

Big Dick Rick:
I love stroking my 25 inch cock and spewing 10 gallons of salty jizz all over my lovers face.

Hahahaha. What is wrong with you people? The longest dick on record is 13 inches for christ sake. About 25 of you have dicks the same size or LARGER?! Hahaha thats hilarious. No seriously, this site is probably the most misleading site about sex on the entire internet. Then again, anyone who gives a measurement of a larger than average penis and starts telling a sex story is obviously lying and playing out some fetish. I totally agree with what other posters have said. These people are either males playing out some fetish, penis enlarger sites trying to get more people to buy their products or fat angry females. Honestly, why don't you people take a look around. Wouldn't the population be somewhat small if women only desired 5% of the population? Whoever is so shallow to judge anything on a penis size has missed the point in life completely. Reading comments of people leaving their families for a bigger dick...wow. Total B.S. You know who wants a bigger dick? Sluts and whore!
 s. The funny thing is, if you're whoring yourself around, dudes don't care about your orgasm. They care about getting themselves off. So whats the point? So little time is spent actually having sex. Is that what you want to think about yourself when you're too old to have sex? You're going to be feeling pretty crappy at the end of your useless, meaningless, pathetic life. I don't personally believe in an afterlife, but you sure as hell better hope there isn't one. Its very disturbing that so much emphasis is put into a human body organ in which no one has control over. The human race never ceases to disappoint me.
3435 March 4, 2006

I'm 18 this year.... my dick is around 4".. can I grow anymore?....
3436 March 5, 2006

BS Alert:
LMAO...love all the "big fish" stories here...

Listen up though, we've all seen the stats and 7.5"-8" dix are already pretty damn rare...much less 9" and up.  Get real folks, most of these monster dik stories exist only in peoples' heads here (some probably moles for penis enlargement companies).  Cuz when the pants drop, boy do all those "tall tales" seem to shrink back into reality!

For example, there's several celebs rumored to be hung like telephone poles.  But, I'll let you see for yourselves how much they live up to their reps:

Tommy Lee - definitely long (~8"?), but not particularly thick:

James Woods - large, but "huge?":

Colin Farrell - larger-than-average (~7-7.5"?), but "huge?":

Warren Beatty - a little bigger than average...but "where's the beef?":

So, as you can see, pix speak much louder than words and even the supposedly "biggest" fellas...really ain't thst much bigger than average.  So, is THIS what all the hype, BS and fascination's about?  An inch or 2 of variation?  LMAO...
3437 March 5, 2006

Dr. Sherken:
3228: "Now, to a personal note. I measure 8-8 1/4 inches long (the latter bone pressed) by 5 1/2-5 3/4 inches girth (approximately 2 inches wide) fully erect and nearly 6 inches flaccid. No more than 1-2 out of 100 to as few as 7-8 out of 1,000 men have a penis of my size or larger. Only 1 partner of 27 I have had in my life (including my wife of 11 years), ranging in height from 5' to 5'8" or so, could take my full length and thrusting without considerable discomfort or worse. The unique woman was tall and long limbed; however, even she could not tolerate without discomfort full thrusting from behind and on her back with her legs spread wide or back to her head. Most women were able to tolerate and even enjoy the woman on top position (with a few exceptions) and/or missionary with their hips positioned in such a way and hands against my body preventing full thrusting and "bottoming out" or the penis directly contacting the cervix and/or posterior fornix, as it were.

Virtually all women found the "bottoming out" to be either intolerable for more than a few thrusts to positively intimidating and terrifying. Many or most described the experience in various but similar ways as "not being what they thought of as enjoyable sex"."

Yes, ramming the cervix does not cause a "uterine O, as this site fantasizes.  It causes "uterine pain," however.  If women really got off on huge 9" dix, they'd be buying dildos the sizes of baby's arms!

However, I believe the most popular vibrator size purchased by women is far smaller (I'm guessing 6.5"-8"), and in fact is probably the rabbit vibrator which is primarily a clit stimulator.  Watch some porn or your gf - when they really wanna get off - they start rubbing their clits furiously.  So...what does that tell you?  Ramrodding their cervixes is about as stimulating as hitting their elbow with a mallet?

Now, there may be an area somewhere around her G-spot or cervix in some women that gets them off.  However, you don't need much more than 6" to reach this, if she has it.  If you put a 9" ruler from your groin up your belly - you will notice it reaches up around your sternum.  Now, what woman has a pussy that reaches past her intestines and lower lungs up to her sternum inside???  Gimme a f'n break people!
3438 March 5, 2006

i feel broken hearted and im 7 1/4 from my pubic bone i cause pain to almost every woman i can think of if i put it in all the way. i think most girls are 6 1/2 deep and when i ram my girls end/wall she dont like it . it makes her bloat and cramp somtimes it makes her stomach hurt .what the hell is the point of having a dick to long to stick in all the way that is my favorite part of sex .but for some reason i want to be longer i want to be to big but if i was i " longer i would hurt all the time or wouldnt be able to pound her im confused . i have what i call a g spot dick it is very curved and pushes on the front wall like a g spot dilldo i have had three girls that said i was the first to make them cum and not a clit g spots are real but most girls dont have them i am 5 to 5 1/2 around if i staighten my dick out its 7 1/2 to 7 3/4 one girl said she was with one guy who was 9 and one who was 4 she siad i was the perfect size i make girls cum easy over and over from sex not!
  the clit another girl had been  a guy who was 10 and she said after we werent together dicks were like cars big big is like aboat car and my size is like a sport car so she said which one drives better ? but still i am envous i think the perfect size is 8" from the bone and 6" around but i pump up and it makes me 1 " longer and 6 to 7 around and my girl says it doesnt feel good she says it to much pressure to me its like heaven i cant resolve this problem i feel small  but does it make a difference if you can make your girl cum within 30 sec. isnt sex really about love with out love its just a dick in a hole but what if i was 8x6 and in love help me im going nuts its so frustrating cause i dont think there is any real way to make a dick bigger this sucks
3439 March 6, 2006

i cant belive somethings i read here.such as a black dick is bigger than a white dick.so heres my story.in school all the guys in gym got into a contest on who had a bigger penis.the biggest were 2 white guys.now looking at studys ive found that when they see who has a bigger penis there always seems to be more white guys in the study and only a few black.wonder why?ive seen smallblack guys and small white guy.and lets not even bring up that all japanease men are small,because ive seen large penis there too.most of my observations come from studys and porn.but i will say one thing about the black male and that is have you ever notics how they walk around pulling on thier penis?sorta like a jelqing exercise.think about it.one final thougth john holmes white guy 11and3/4 inches.
3440 March 6, 2006

my boy friend is maybe 5/5.5 so it's med/small yet I ADORE him and his cock. I love to have oral with him without frequent gaging. I love to have anal with him with only pleasurable amount of pain. yes, sometimes I wish he was a little bigger but by no means will I want anyone else.
3441 March 6, 2006

I have been casually dating this lady for about six months.  At first we were hot and heavy but after about 3 months she asked me if I would mind if she dated other guys.  I agreed as long as we were open with each other.  Well about a month ago I asked here about a particular date she had went on.  She smiled and said that when he got a "hard-on"(her words) it popped out of his underware and his jeans.  I was incredulous.  The thought of her with such a large dick made me very jealous, but also fascinated.  Over the next month I prodded her about her other boyfriends large dick.  I pretended to doubt her story, claiming there could be no dick that large.  One night when I knew he happened to be at her place I dropped by.  I rang the doorbell and she answered. After some BS story about leaving a CD I asked here to introduce me to Mr. Big Dick.  She did.  I then made a comment to him that she had said he had a 9 inch dick.  He corrected me and said 9 1/4 inch.  I said bullshit prove it.  He pulled Mary Ann next to him and grabbed her hand and put it on his crooch.  She began to gently rub it.  With in a few seconds a large bulge began to grow in his pants. Mary Ann than unzipped his pants and sure enough his penis was 3/4 popped out of his underware.  It was huge.  My penis only measures about 5 3/4 inches paled in comparison.  I left at that moment.  I see Mary Ann from time to time but we no longer have sex.  I never believed that a man could have a dick that large until taht day
3442 March 6, 2006

basic writing 101:
What a mess this is! It should say...."some guy named Ed's insecurities and inadequacies with the opposite sex". I think it was 10th grade when I was taught about how to write a "research paper". Step one was picking a topic. It was always the most important part, and the teacher stressed to make a specific statement about the topic. If the topic was too broad, which was almost everyone's tendency, it would surely receive a low grade. The paper would either be too vague, or too long and incomplete, it would lack direction and power, and in the end the reader would be confused, disappointed, bored, etc. The rhetoric courses I took in college further illuminated the necessity to choose a tangible topic (or sub-topic) before attempting something worthwhile.

It seems our author, Ed, either has no clue about how to write, or has purposely chosen a broad, intangible topic so his audience would be motivated to contribute, and add the valuable, interesting, powerful, worthwhile part (I admit to enjoying many of the comments). Perhaps its a fetish site and was created for gratification. If so, it should say so for ETHICAL reasons. There are no references whatsoever, and his attempt at being scientific or logical is very amusing. In my opinion, Ed's opinion is just another opinion, worth no more or less than anyone else's.
This is a large collection of comments from a population of people(predominantly males) who searched for "penis size", and it does not reflect average female attitudes and beliefs. If anything it reflects the average male perception of his female experiences. If a man were so inclined he could find a site that draws a female audience and read the message boards or comment forums and discover what average women actually do care about. Just a thought.
3443 March 6, 2006

average dude:
this site is shit.  since when is the only way to get a woman with a big dick.  wtf happend to the
old-fashioned way of being nice and wooing the women by who you are, not by what you are or what you have?  the dumb-ass that created this site must be the most insecure little shit in the world.
3444 March 6, 2006

I have been having sex with a man who is well hung. However it has loosen my vagina! Now my vagina's opening is much larger compared to previously. And I worry about it as I can see a big gap down there. So, too much of a thick and long penis is not necessary a good thing!
3445 March 7, 2006

Do Asian women truly seek out western and black men for sex because of the size difference of the penis?
Also what size do most Asian women find best for sex listing the lenght and girth?
3446 March 7, 2006

nine deep:
I never gave much thought to my cock size because I was always pretty comfortable with it. Now I understand why lesser guys feel insecure. I was at a party in my building and this couple was hosting it. They're pretty nice people - the guy is Korean and has a good job. His fiancee is American and she has red hair and a really hot body. I kept sneaking looks at her tits, which were at least a D-cup and she wore tight jeans that showed off a perfect ass. The party went pretty late and my girlfriend Becky was all over me on the couch and I saw the redhead watching us. Later that night I was in the bathroom and she knocked on the door and opened it. I tried to put my cock away but she came in and saw it. She looked at me really surprised then left quickly. When me and Becky left, Angela (the redhead) gave me a hug goodbye and said she wanted to come see my apartment sometime because it's a corner unit and much bigger than her place.

Two days later Angela knocked at my door. She was wearing a tank top and it looked like she was just working out because she was kind of sweaty. I showed her around my place and she kept accidentally touching me and seemed to be a little too "touchy-feely". Then she shocked me when she referred to my apartment as "almost as big as that cock of yours". She went to say  that the worst part about being engaged to a Korean dude is his little "rice dick". I felt bad for her fiance but was also pretty psyched she was coming on to me. By now she was standing really close and started kissing my neck while her hand snaked down my pants and around my hardening dick. She started breathing heavy, like she had never felt a cock this big before and then she pulled my pants down and bent down to start sucking me off. She was so turned on her mouth was flooding my cock with hot saliva. I reached down and played with her ass even snuck my finger against her asshole. My dick was rock hard and I told Angela to strip because I was going to fuck her. She did as she was told. Her body was one of the best I've seen. Her tits were bigger than I thought. The biggest turn on though was having this busty chick slobbering all over my dick while her pussy fiancee was at work probably trying to call her. I fucked Angela for about  2 hours that day and she came back the next day too. I don't want it to end but I know when she marries this guy she'll have to break it off. Whatever - I guess I'll have the last laugh considering she leaves my place 4 times a week with my semen in her pussy, mouth and ass.
Sorry Mr. Rice dick!
3447 March 8, 2006

It's true they,women, prefer a larger unit. Am dating a  woman who tells me I am much larger than her X and how much she appreciates that. I measure 7.25x6.0, satisfying on the cusp of perfect according to this site.She wont tell me the size of her X ,but assume he was less that 6x5, or much less. She has commented on more than one occasion how much easier it is to orgasm now.

It is also true that it is how you use your member that gets a woman to orgasm vaginally. There are plenty of sites out there to assist you,read them before yanking your crank and trying to make it bigger. Whether you are 5x5 or 8x6.5, it makes a huge difference(no pun) what you do before insertion, manual,oral,toys ,etcetera,to make her orgasm before jumping on her.Where you rock it once in her and how long you can sustain before coming is quite important. It takes a woman at least 5 to 10 minutes to really enjoy vaginal sex, so if you are a two humps and a dump guy, you may as well forget pleasing her that way no matter your size and just rubbing it on the bottom of her vagina wont do the trick either.She has pleasure points in there so you better know where they are.There is nothing quite like a woman in ectasy and knowing you got her there.
3448 March 8, 2006

joe stud:
my cock is so huge , i can suck it myself. who needs ya :)
3449 March 8, 2006

I may not have a big dick but every woman I have been with know from exrerience with me It's not size that matters but how you use what you got to make them have more pleasure then they thought they could have .
The only one I have to please with my dick is myself and 
by the tims I get to that point the woman I am with will have had at least 12 orgasams and dont care how big I am
just how good she feels
USE YOUR BIG HEAD NOT YOUR LITTLE ONE and they will all be smiling and YOU will know why 
3450 March 8, 2006

Charming Guy:
When it comes to size I really think some females are cruel. Its not like we asked for a small penis, it is what it is. It wasnt our choice to have a small one. Some of you bitches act like we can just go out and get a bigger one. SOme of you hertless bitches make us feel so damn bad with your small jokes. I would never talk about someone's problem that they cant help. All im saying is have a heart, we just cant help our size.

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