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3351 February 10, 2006

Thank you brother; your research and analysis, and hard-hitting presentation, have helped give me peace.  My story in a nutshell:  I have been married to a wonderful woman for almost 16 years (I am 41, she is 37).  We have had a decent sex life (we have five kids), but one recurring issue (at least for me) was whether she would get more physical pleasure from a thicker cock.  It is simply weird how deeply that issue bothered me.  It has troubled me since I was eighteen, and my first girlfriend admitted that sex was much better with her previous boyfriend because he was "bigger around".  I had an emotional problem confronting that for many years.  By the way, I am "normal."  My cock is almost exactly 6" long, and it is about 4.8" in circumference (on a super-hard day it is 5" at the base).  Anyways, my wife and I have watched porn together a lot over the years, and I would frequently ask whether she liked a certain cock or another from the movies.  I was trying to get her to admit that she was at least curious about feeling a thick cock, or whether the fat cocks had a visual appeal.  She would always answer by commenting on the men, saying they looked ugly or gay, or giving some other derogatory comment.  None of which squelched my curiosity.  Also over the years, I would from time to time ask her if she ever had sex with anyone with a thick cock.  She had not (she had a guy with a longer dick, but she does not like that too much, it bumps her cervix).  So, I concluded, she had no real basis for comparison between the feel of sex with a truly fat cock and average (me).  Throughout that time, She always assured me I was "perfect" and that because her physcial stimulation was primarily through her clit, a fatter cock in her pussy could make no difference whatsoever.  From what my first girlfriend told me, I knew differently.  Eventually, and only recently (after digesting the information here on this site), I told her I had a fantasy about her giving a blow job to a man with a plump cock, and asked if she would indulge me if I got an appropriate toy (I had entertained that quite threatening fantasy for years, and only recently (after reading this site) got up the courage to implement it).  She said sure, so I bought a dildo (called the Emperor) that is 8" long, and 6.25" in circumference (what a difference an inch and a fraction around makes!) (we have shopped for more and have five right now).  That first night, she sucked it, and it was an extreme turn on to watch that.  I asked her if she would let me fuck her with it, she is playful and agreed.  But the tacky surface of the latex inhibited simulation of real sex, so she did not enjoy the friction (I really loved watchng that thick cock go in and out of her though).  The next night, I put a condom and some lube on the fat cock.  Suffice it to say, she admitted that a thicker cock simply feels better.  It gives her more pleasure (she has called it "tightness" and "pressure" and said it touches her in ways I never have) and she loves it, and I love watching and giving it to her.  In some moods though, she just wants to have sex with me and my cock, but I have enjoyed fucking her with a big dick many many times since that first time.  I now know for a fact, and my wife will finally tell you too, that a fatter than average cock can make a woman feel more pleasure (and is more of a visual turn-on too) than an average size one.  That is the bottom line.  There is peace in realizing that pure physical truth and facing it head on, and accepting it.  By the way, I am extremely cool, sexy, good looking, smart, funny, and financially successful.  Plus, I now can give my woman what she deserves, and what every woman deserves, the physical pleasure of feeling a truly thick cock in her pussy.  I want to thank the site's creator for getting me to confront my curiosity and the fear it caused, because by tackling that fear, I have overcome it.  Thanks.
3352 February 10, 2006

Hey, I've slept with over a hundred women. I have an average cock...6.5x5.5! Just go to the gym and build some stamina. Then go learn how to dance. Then learn good foreplay and how to give oral! Then don't worry about 8inch because he's got NOTHING on you. Absolutely nothing. I have never lost a woman because of my cock. If anything, they stay because of my knowledge of how to touch, thrust, and so on. Practice makes perfect.

Oh, he does have something on you. In my experience women do like to give head to men with larger cocks.
I don't know why though. You would think lock-jaw would hurt!

Peace an I'm out!
3353 February 10, 2006

White male-Black females and visa versa:
I have nothing at all against interracial relationships. However, when I see a white male with a black female I do think, concerning penis size, it is either: he is bigger than average; or he is average size for a white male (which would likely feel smallish to a black female unless she happens to be smaller than average for black female vaginas) but she doesn't care because of more important factors in a relationship.

I believe penis size is a factor in why there are more white females with black males than black females with white males. Over the years I've overheard a couple of times comments by black females that were negative towards sex with white males. One said "vanilla sex is always bad". I overheard one black female say that white guys make up for their smaller size by trying harder-I suppose she meant oral, plus more varied effort during intercourse in general.

Concerning the ""myth" of black males in general being bigger, it's not just white females that often say black males are, but also black females say it. How can it be just pure hype if so many females say it? None of my white friends have ever said they had trouble going balls deep with any of the black female they've had. They have never caused the black females discomfort with their length. Often they've have had trouble going balls deep with Asian women, as it often causes cause the Asian women much discomfort , and a few of these same guts have had some trouble going balls deep with a few white women, but the black women easily take out any length the guys can dish out. I've only had white women, so I can only go by what I've heard or been told for comparison of vagina size among the races. They say the black females love a hard banging, and the guys can tell more length would be better for them, as the black women want it as deep and hard as the guys can go.

So wouldn't you think that these guys saying that Asian women have the least depth, black women the most depth, and white women in between, would indicate there is truth to the "myth" that black males are in general longer? Black women are the same race as black men, black women can take more length, so logic indicates black males are longer. There is no way around this conclusion, unless you think white guys saying they can't bottom out with black females is just a lot of lying. I don't see any reason for white males to lie about that, as no male wants to say a woman could easily handle him in bed. Most males don't comment on it, but the ones that have, that is what they say. So they wouldn't lie about it. I know I'm not lying about what I've been told either.

So it is evident that the average white male is going to seem on the small side to the average black female. I think that puts a damper on such relationships (plus social pressure, cultural clash, etc). If he has a large girth, or he is longer than the average male, then that changes things. However, above average in length for a white male is still just going to feel like average to a black female, so it's still not an optimal penis length for her. He can't knock her socks off, so to speak.

I suppose the good side to this, looking on the bright side, is she can always be ready for sex with him because he can't wear her out. That's poses another problem. He can't wear her out, but she can wear him out, so she may not get as much sex as she wants,or she may have a feeling that something is missing, as he lays afterwards exhaused, and she is ready for more. More power to them, but really the sexual matchup of white male with black female is far from optimal. I realise many guys don't care if he can handle her or not, don't care if she tells her friends he's "ok" in bed, or that he "makes up for it" so long as he gets his.
3354 February 10, 2006

well,im 9" long by 6 1/2" girth x 2 1/2" wide. its a good size but i still want to be bigger. not longer,but bigger ,maybe "7 1/2 girth. iv actually had it at 9" girth using a penis pump,but thats temporary. it mite help to be permanant if i used it all the time,but i dont.
3355 February 11, 2006

"steel horse":
I worked on a tuna boat with some Figian guys and they showed me and fitted my already near on 8"with
some 4mm ball bearings around its shaft by making 5 slits at equall spaces,then inserting one at each slit under the skin then bandaging over until the skin grew over leaving the ball bearings in. I didn't even know why I did it.I was told that when I have my next screw to be careful because the chick will want to marry me.
I swear the next time I had sex was when I picked up this chick at a disco and when I screwed her she nearly passed out and she come that hard that it felt like someone had wet the bed.From that night on
I had a following of wanna-be-fucked girls by my freaky fuck stick that I felt like Rasputin.When I met Alice,now my wife,I thought it was a bit weird and was going to take the stainless steel boys out but when she found out she told me that if I did she'd leave me !My point-big dicks are good but ball bearings rule!
3356 February 11, 2006

jet :
i have a bit of a situation hopefully i can get some feedback on. I started in college with a 61/2" x5" manhood. I met a female who would blow me for liek 2 hours everyday and it grew to about 7" x 5" which was cool. Sinc then i have gootten it up to 9" x 6" well my personal best is 101/2" x 61/2" but it doesn't go to ten inches every time. The nine number is my min, ok; so here is the thing, i digress lol,.. when i am not hard, and i am white by the way.. it is the size of a baby carrot.. like what the fuck? i mean during sports that is.. if i am on a date or getting a lap dance or what not - of course ir maxes up to 8" lickety split. i guess what i am geting it is i don't have girl stopping me in the mall saying: you have a huge cock ... um but i do!! so i get no respect off the bulge, unless i am getting hard on a date or with a stripper or what not.. so i think perhaps i am missing out  on some kind of referal business... adn as far as males telling their sisters or what not.. faggeta bout it!! i get nothin they think i am a joke. weird eh?
the only thing i can think is i was a college athlete superstar (basketball) and maybe the baby carrot awww was good for not punding around as i played sports.. anyone got any feedgback.. as a nine x 6 male... should i not get more respect recognition or referals? what the hell
3357 February 11, 2006

o.k. I am 6 1/2  long by 5 3/4 thick .

So by most surveys I am above average esp. thicker. but certainly not huge.
Only this site I am average ( of course this site is statistically biased .. if you have a site about muscles guys with huge muscles and woman who love huge  muscles will be on it ..not your average population!)

Here is my experience. Lots of  woman have made these comments after they have seen my dick and said "Your are quite big... I am  small.. Most guys think woman want bigger penises ..that's so stupid." & "You are almost too big" &"oh baby not so long from behind.. then I am so tight and you are so big".."oh yes that feels good!" ( I was not putting it all the way in! She was Asian.
These are honest opinions of these woman !

A friend of mine is also big and his wife has seen mine and also said.. size does not matter ..once they are inside they feel the same"

Asian woman.. god they are so tight and so good!.. I am ashamed to say I have made on bleed and there was at least half an hour of foreplay..(and no period!)  They will never  take a 8inch or 6.5 inch circum. cock.all the way.honestly! Then what! u are screwed or are not should u ever want to feel such tight yummy pussy!

On the other side my current g.f. (African) likes that I am big.. I think.. she sings this song.."welcome to the candy store! ' :) ..but whenever  we make up after a long break up.. " U are big.. I have to get used to you again."

So the perfect size depends on the woman. If all women wanted huge cocks only then the guys with small cocks would have been extinct long ago! Not that nature always gives what is most desired by the other sex.. e.g. guys like larger than average breasts.. but close to it..Why do u think Asian men are smaller.because their woman are...

Of course there are size queens (some 3% to 10% of woman) .. well some of them  are probalbly as big as a barn!. Some are probably anorexic or take too many drugs and are all loose.

One thing that I must say though is that having size queens run after u must be quite good. I wish I could be really huge for about 1 year.. cause then all the size queens would run after me and I could get away with anyhting and they would keep coming back..cause they need to find a big guy again .. :)

But if u meet this tight Asian woman and fall in love with her.. and ur's is too big for her.. Well not so great.. been there.. now I always have lots of lube!

that's enough!
3358 February 11, 2006

A question for the ladies:
which of u though anything bigger than 7 inches hurts and then later in your life u met this guy with 8+ inches long and 6.5+ inches around and u just loved it..
what was different. Do u since then always want big.. or just sometimes? Would like to hear  some stories on this.
3359 February 11, 2006

A big fat cock does matter to me. Till lately I was still a virgin. It was getting tired of being a 30yr old virgin. I've seen porn always got excited at the men with big cocks. So this how it happened, my friend, her boyfriend, and me went out drinking. We was all getting shit faced and talking about everything. My girlfriend started telling how big her boyfriend cock is. How filled she felt, all the orgasm she had. also the he would screw her all night long. I was shock cause me and her never talk about things like that. But it mad very horny also cause had a crush on him. I'd been whating to fuck so bad over last few months. Well we left the bar and I stayed at ther place. So' I wouldn't have to drive home. They went to the bedroom and I sleep on the couch. It wasn't much longer I herd my girlfriend getting fuck really hard. I laid there for a while just playing with my tits and pussy. Then I got brave and  went to bedroom and peeked in to see. There was my girlfriend with her legs over her head. Getting this monsterous cock being plowed into her. They both then noticed me standing there. Shock to me when I was ask to join them. I got into bed with them next thing I know I was stroking his big cock. I couldn't even rap my hand around it. Then he ask me to suck that big cock, with hesitation I did. But I had trouble getting into my mouth. I enjoyed that for while then put me om my back. Then got on top of grab his cock and slowly slid it into me. I thought he was going to split me into. He got it all into some how and could fell it all the to my bell button. His cock being so fat was streching me out. He slowly fucked me till I got use the size of it. Then bam he was just pounding my pussy like a jack rabbit. In a matter of moments I was orgasming with pure ectasy. The more he fuck the more I wanted. The harder he fuck the harder I wanted it. He fucked me till morning in every which he could. It was just great ang know we get to geather a few times a month to fuck. I'm just curious what it would be like to take that 12 1/2 X 9 inch cock in my ass. So big cocks is what I'm going to have.
3360 February 11, 2006


Where do i start.  i have a penis that comes up somewhere between 5 and a half and 6 inches.  I've only slept with four different girls in my life and I can tell none of them came when we fucked (or atleast my paranoid penis envy ridden mind just told me they didn't)  I just passed their moans off as fake. 
I am now 22 years old and have lost all self confindence.  my small dick is killing me. Strangely I seem to have very large testicles, both much larger than eggs.  Even though I still consider it a stigma, my small penis has developed into a new fetish.  For some reason I loved watching my last girlfriend making love with hung men.
3361 February 11, 2006

below average and going insane:
small story short I have a 5 1/2 inch dick. average width.  I have slept with 6 women in my life. and i'm pretty sure none of them were satisfied with my penis size. (or atleast i'm just being paranoid and unconfident).  I am 22 years old

The subject I want to adress is my new found fetish for my small penis.  I love to watch my girlfriend get fucked by a hung man.  I just jerk off while any hung stud we can get in our house pleasures my girl how I never could.  I even enjoy it when they taunt me during the process.  Is this normal?  It just started in the past two years  (the climax of my small dick crisis). 

For some reason there is something erotic to me about another man doing what I never will be able to.  I'm wondering if this is normal.  I mean, it's a totaly new sensation to me (eroticism in inadiquacey).  I feel sexually confused and don't know what to think.  should I embrace the pleasure of failure?

I want to, but deep down inside of me there is the desire to pleasure a woman.  The kid in me just wants a girl to tell me it's o.k. and my penis is big enough.  But I just don't know if it is.  I know it's a pretty lame and desperate thing to ask, but have any women here had an orgasm of a penis my size? Please tell me so I can make a choice and move  on.
3362 February 11, 2006

What is the ideal pussy size: and how does one measure tighness other than sticking the cock insider..

Yesterday I was watching this  movie and in this one woman voice remined me of sex with this Asian woman..she was soo tight.... oh I think I need to call her. been 2 months since I spoke to her..to bad she lives in Asia..

Now tight pussies are nice .. So I guess a big cock to woman who likes them big is like a tight pussy combined with big breast to guys..but I still fall in love with a face and personality.. rather than a tight pussy and  big breast !? 

Also here is something I would like to know:
Is a 7" long by 6" circumference cock fucking  a small pussy the same  a 9 long by 7 guy doing it with a large pussy ?
3363 February 11, 2006

i just wanted to say the measurements of all sizes are different like if i measure the correct way(across the top) im about 7 inches but if u measure from the balls to the tip of the penis im like 8 1/2 inches all im saying is nobody can really tell true measurements cuz everyone has different ways of measuring wat is 8 inches to one girl may only be 6 inches to another girl so u cant really tell a size of a penis without lookign at it
3364 February 11, 2006

For all the guys here who are wondering about women attitudes regarding their penises I present the following. I met my wife back in college where I was a fair to good player on the university's tennis team. And I admit it, I had an athletes egocentric view of life that extended to my cock, which varies from 6" to 7" in a flaccid state to a legitimate 9 and a quarter along the top at peak erection. While it's not the widest at around 6" circumference, my dick and my ego back then took a backseat to noone.

The first night we hooked-up, I was expecting all sorts of raves about my size and stamina, and all I received was a lukewarm response. Still she was so drop dead gorgeous I persued her and in subsequent love making sessions, went above and beyond in the effort to please her. Finally after our third session I broached the subject of size as tactfully as I could. What came out of her mouth totally floored my world. She reported that her ex-lover Dan, a lowly chemical engineering major, was staggeringly well endowed to the point it made sex difficult in some positions. Much to my dismay, I started peppering her with question after question until she casually tossed out a figure of 13" and 7" around. Inside I felt both challenged and humiliated, a feelng compounded when she said, "you're sure asking a lot of questions about him. Which way do you swing?" Damn.

Over the next year we continually dated and married in June after graduation. After that Dan's name would surface every now and then, frequently when I was tired after work or in certain situations when it became a competitive "return of serve" from my wife. In every case, my cock got that much harder and my sexual engery summoned up even more to please her. I would show Dan and his Goddamn 13" who was the better man, the 13" monster I'd never seen or met.

Cut to four years later. My wife gave birth to our daughter and our lives became as stable as can be reasonably be expected. Soon the family finances permitted me to joined a somewhat expensive athletic club near our home. One day I was at the club playing racketball when I spotted a guy wearing my old college sweatshirt. I asked him if it was his or a gift and he replied that he had graduated from U**, class of 2001. Gee I told him, I'm class of 2001, Business. Really he replied, he'd graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. I introduced myself as did he. Dan S******. No...it couldn't be. Six billion people on this planet and...?  As casually as I could I asked him if he'd ever met a sleek number in college by the name of *******. Met, he said, they'd even dated for a small period of time! Small world, small indeed. This was THE Dan, the Dan who could barely store his penis in his pants without lashing it to his leg.

We played a competitive game of racketball until he said he had to break for a meeting in the afternoon. As matter-of-factly as posible I told him I had other appointments as well, and together we hit the showers. Straight or not, after a total of five years I had an insatiable curiosity what my opponent had in the phallic area. We hit the locker area and in seconds I disrobed. Like an athletic adversary my dick hung straight down, but lower and longer, swinging at around 7"+ as I made my way to the shower area. Dan was still in his shorts fooling around resetting his sports watch as I passed his locker. We neither exchanged glances or said any words.

The water was steaming and warm as I liberally soaped up underneath the multiple head shower spray. Minutes passed. Out of the right side of my peripheral vision came an outline of a familiar figure approaching from out of the steamy haze, dropping his towel casually on a wooden bench...exposing the MOST MODEST WEENIE in the entire locker room. The entire county. A penile dimension I had surpassed in middle school. My gawd, I had been psychologically tortured for five years by my wife over a three and a half mushroom two showers down!!

Later that evening I confronted her with my revelation. Why, why did  you fabricate the penile dimensions of Dan? "Because I know an egotistical jock like you needed to be taken down a peg or two. Hey," she said with a wink and a tug on my joint, "it worked didn't it? "
The penis wars.
3365 February 11, 2006

OK HERE IS THE ANSWER:.  the average girl has 5 things inside her that naturally respond upon seeing a member 8"+ and 51/2" around and 2"+ wide..! so oin other words if a beautiful stripper moved in next door to you, and you went outside and instead of your buddy jeff cuttin his lawn.. there was a nimlbe longlegged huge titted super little model who happened to be a professional stripper and adn what not- you would lose it!!. like o mi god.. look who moved in next door "YES YES YES".. THANK YOU GOD!!
ok that is how chicks feel when they get a huge cock.does that mean you go inside and divorce your wife?
3366 February 11, 2006

so anyhoo here is the first exert from ..dear sir, as per your request for erotic litterature about you watching as a bigger man fux your wife here goes:! ps it's gonn ahurt, so if you can't take it delete now!!- it's not mean, just datruf

so some jock asshole moves in next door. and your wife mentions it and you say don't know anything about the kid.  So two months pass and she says that she notices he is always wearing shorts and stuff in the summer and she thinks he is good looking and what do you think.. and you are all huh? good i guess..

She says she is inviting him over for dinner just to be neighbourly cuz he doesn't seem to have any friends.. although he is new to town so go figure,    you are all of course. 
Halfway through the meal, she asks the new dude if he has a girlfriend and he says no, she says why not? she asks.. he says too complicated for dinner talk!! lol She says no i am interested,.now you have never seen her this interesteed in another man before but the guy is hot, and very nice to her!! so you too are interested for yourself why would a young man so charming and witty not be hooked up- so you pipe in:"

yeah chip why no chick?" and he says, ok two more drinks and i will tell you..Alas my sordid affair goes a little like this. i am a big penetration fan but no girl can take me.
you say why how big is it? and he says well my personal biggest is 101/2" x 61/2" but my minium is 9"x6".
humm said the wife: and then to your amazement, she said the words that will haunt you the rest of your life:"I THINK I COULD TAKE YOUR SIZE". he chuckles as if part of an inside joke, she smiles at him, as if you don't exist; literally... and YOU say:
and she waves her hand at you and says not now....insert name here .  "so" she continues, "are you up for the challenge?"
now, at this point you can't believe your ears, i mean heck who wouldn't want to see a vagina get stretched that size, and of course you love your wife and want her to be happy
but you have never her seen her like this,
 Won't it be uncomfortable with your little hubby here watching..
"little hubby?" you are thinking to yourself.. wtf?

so he says "i tell you what.. you will lose as i have superior kung fu;
 but have your second go upstairs and hide his little self int he closet- in the master bedroom- and prepare some form of peephole setup so that me may witness the debacle..."
and then he says the second most powerful sentence you have ever heard..." let him be the witness to the crushing devestation of the pussy formerly known as insert wife's name here   furthermore he turns to you and just as if he is giving you advice on how to fix your car in the driveway he says o and you will need a container of vaseline some fresh towels incase you erupt and a water bottle for dehydration; to best enjoy me and maybe some snacks like on seinfeld, and with a high five he sends you upstairs with a whisk of his hand and a:" shoo shoo"

3367 February 11, 2006

Umm here is the lowdown on the plus minus of habving ahuge cock i am 9x6 women want me to stop cuz it hurts but cuz it hurts it causes them to cum more or harder naturally thru their bodies to end the pain- kind of like anal i guess. So you get all these bitches taht don't want it cuz it hurts, adn tehn when a chikc does like you, she likes you too much and you find it hard to believe- like the fucken faces these chicx make.. It is like the are making fun of you - like they are acting.. But they are no lol. Eat your hearts out :)
3368 February 11, 2006

Well, size matters but is not everything. I have a big dick (8 long 6.5 girth) and all of the girls I have been with were a little scared of it hurting. You can see the excitement when they look at or suck it. The sexual favors I get once a girl sees my cock is great. But you know what? Only 3 of these girls did I wind up having a relationship with. The other 17 were sex buddies whom I just nutted on, made gag on my cock, and stretched them out. But that IS ALL THEY WERE INTERESTED IN. I asked a few others to go with me, and was told we should have sex and enjoy it. I could get my dick sucked, but if I wanted to go out to dinner, or do NORMAL stuff, it happened very infrequently. Real women care about personality, looks, genuine concern, AND penis size, with the last being the least important. Women who are sluts love big dicks, and that is all they love. Real women would like a big thick one, but ONLY if it comes with a real lasting, loving relationship. If you want sluts and have a small cock... Sorry you won't do well. If you look for a real, mature woman, and treat her good, she will love your penis for what it real is... an extension of you, and what you mean to her. That is bigger than any of our penises will ever be.
3369 February 11, 2006

I couldn't resist chiming in on this matter so here goes...

I won't say this site is COMPLETE bullshit - only about 70% of it. It's clearly designed to play on male insecurity, not to mention belittle those with "smaller" equipment. I do agree with the fundamental theme that most women do - like it or not - either prefer or think about bigger dicks than smaller or average ones.

As for me, I won't lie - I'm average, and definitely a grower more than a shower. I measure about 7" long and 5-1/4 thick.

The thing is, over the years I've been with my fair share of women. When I was about 23 I dated a girl who every guy wanted to fuck - and she knew it. She had big breasts, a round bubble butt and super-soft skin. And she LOVED sex. At first it wasn't great - I came too fast lots of times until I learned to control it and eventually could make her cum before I did.

Eventually we broke up (I dumped her, by the way). We remained close friends and even still have sex from time to time.

Now listen up because here's the point...

I know for a fact that Missy (my ex) has had sex with numerous guys who are MUCH BIGGER than me. In fact, most women I've dated would say the same thing. But in light of this, these same women still fell in love with me (I'm not trying to sound conceited). Even after being with "bigger" guys, they would still call me, still pursue me, and YES, still want to fuck me. I know my 7-incher isn't "small" - it's average - so to me size is a very small part of the relationship spectrum. You have to treat women right, carry yourself with dignity and self-assurance and the rest will ALWAYS fall into place. Part of the 30% of this site I agree with discusses this issue: don't ask a woman for validation - don't ask "did you come" or "am I enough to satisfy you". Do your best and that's all you can do, because you can't control what she really thinks or feels. Girls respect honesty.

Every woman is different of course but - given what I've said and given my experiences - a woman will rarely take the drastic measure of cheating on a man simply to feel an extra inch or two in her pussy. And if they do, turn the page and don't look back. I GUARANTEE that in time she will always feel worse than you do, because you've taken the higher road. That's all.
3370 February 11, 2006

If you don't have a big dick, you can still help your girl out by setting her up with guys who do.

I was with this girl who was out of my league. Blonde, 34D's, thin waist, and a tight pussy. I thought my 6 inches was enough buy boy was I wrong.

One night a few of my college buddies came to LA and crashed at my place. They've always been more confident than me the way they act and stuff. We all went out and my girl really liked hanging out with all of us and I felt a pit in my stomach becase I knew she thought they were more charming than me - I'm sort of quiet and not very aggressive.

Well I woke up that night and heard voices in the lIving room. I still have nightmares of what I saw. My girlfriend was naked and on her knees and my two friends (not friends anymore) were on either side of her with their dicks poking her in the face. They had bigger ones than me - like at least 2 inches and lots thicker. They were coaching her on what to do because she never gave head before - at least with me. She sucked them both and then they took turns fucking her right there in my apartment. I still have vivid images of her sucking Greg's dick and she drooled all over it so the spit leaked down onto her big breasts. She was rubbing herself while they slapped her face and lips with their dongs and she came twice from this alone - then later the sex was a whole other story. I don't know how she thought her screaming wouldn't wake me up  or maybe she didn't care. In the morning she acted like nothing happened.
3371 February 12, 2006

haXer unKnown:
It seems to be obvious that whoever wrote this has a large penis, otherwise he would not of had the guts to do this.. Besides.. Women are all sluts anyway..
3372 February 12, 2006

For all you sub 7-inchers out there...:
This is a story of genuine hope...

3373 February 12, 2006

o.k. here I am again. I was thinking about the evolutioanry theory. If woman preferrrd larger hung buffalo men..why are there not more buffalo men and why are there still small dear men.

There may be selective pressure favouring bigger dicks but there are also selective pressures mitigating their size.  In other words, dick size is a factor, but it's not the factor. Other adaptive pressures come into play and before you know it you've got a bunch of deer boys running around.

E.g when running away from a pack of woolves a big 14" inch penis is not exaclty going to help u and mayb get stuck in the brambles.  Then why can we not all have 8 inch and thick?

Well nature likes variety but there are other 3 other selective pressures that make a small penis , even a thin penis better. Battle .. the long  penis becomes a target and there is one less buffalo man or buffalo penis. the effect the same : ). THis is simalar to what was mentioned.
Famine: A long and especially thick penis will not get erect  unless optimal  nutritions is present .. So while the buffalos can't get it up the deer's can! Girls have no choice but to mate with the deer boys.
 War: man and woman are fleeing and deer man, woman and buffalo men are huddled together in less than comfotable circumstances... certainly only a quicky will do now..  lubrication and half an hour  of foreplay and complete relaxation can't be found..think about the 30 year war in the 16th century. Woman will get off with deer man.

Alow  me summarise  :)  When  we live in a promiscuous society at peace and no famine in sight.. woman will go for buffalo man .. to make bufallo boys (with a higher chance to have offspring).. just she should not go overboard completly.. else all her sons will be too large and the next battle or famine comes along and her extremely hung buffalo boys with a 15 inches third legs.. just don't  make it to the next round.

So that is why woman generally prefer bigger than average ..say 7-8 inches for white and black. and thicker..with some size queens liking 9 inches plus whoopers and some woman with 'cautious' genes  with preference for efficient 4 1/2  to-6 inchers... And that is where we are.. So for the smaller guys your dick has a purpose: It is more efficient and works in famines and is better in an all terrain pursuit.

Same for woman's breast . Guys like bigger but not too big: Why ? Well when the sable tooth tiger comes around the woman and girls with EE breasts just cannot  run fast enough to make it into the cave entrance.
So guys like C's and D's and some prefer A's and B's. a few guys are size obssesed and like DD's and E's. I like C's .. I have had DD and EE. and DD was still o.k. but actually C's are nicer and EE.. i thought was way too big.. I could not see her stomach or the ribs.. it put me off... (nice to oogle at in a sexy top though and made for some good guy talk)

The scary part: Guys opely admit what they like, woman don't .. I think sometimes not even to themselves : They don't want to be seen as shallow or sluts. They may have an emotional attraction to guy with a 5 incher but certain times of the month or when feeling really arroused they like the 8 incher.

Same with faces and muscles.. they like boyish faces most times of the month but when they are most fertile they prefer manly faces and bodies... (this has been proven in a study).. so much for female fidility.. not better than mens' !!
3374 February 12, 2006

I did think that penis size doesn't matter before but recently i bought my wife a sean michael's dildo (it's about 10 inches long and about 7 inches around (2.25 inches) thick. I myself have a 5 1/4 inch penis and i'm not very thick. My wife was a virgin before we met and she never has had any other dick in her other than me. She always thought i was good size. When i showed her this big black dildo she was almost taken aback. SHe has seen sean michaels in porn movies before and couldn't believe the size of his dick. I thought i would suprise her with his realistic dong. After some apprehension she tried it out but man did we have to move slowly and use alot of lube as he is very thick and long. It took about 15 minutes but after this she was able to take his cock to almost completely to the balls. She moaned and screamed like i have never seen her do before. SHe yelled to me that she wanted that more of that "big black dick" in her. SHe continued to buck her hips and tell me how much she loved the size of it and while she did that she was sucking me off. She deepthroated me all the way. She came with such a ferocity that she never does with me. After she came i pulled the big black dildo out and climed on top of her and put myself in her. I couldn't feel anything as she was so wet and stretched out. She just layed there and had an emotionaless expression on her face. She later admitted to me that she only faintly felt me in her. Since this night we have used the dildo out some more. She almost never cums with me in her, but she has earth shattering orgasms with this huge dildo. SHe has even told me on occasion after fucking that "big black cock" that to her "the bigger, the better it is". So now i am a believer that size really does matter. Every once in while, while we are out i see her scoping out black men. She may never admit it but i think she now wants to go black. My wife was a virgin when we met and she was very satisfied with my 5 inch dick until i brought that huge black dildo home and she tried it out. Now i can't make her cum with my dick and all she wants is black dick. So beware guys and be sure before you turn your wifes, girlfriends on to this lifestyles as there may be no turning back. Has this happened to anyone else.
3375 February 12, 2006

peter bennett:
this is in response to ed's basic tenet which is in essence his whole thesis. "all things being the same women prefer bigger", yes however that can never be known let alone be proven in science or pseudo science... since humans are more complex than snowflakes we would all agree, and none of them too are alike.. ipso facto the measurement, of all things being equal can never happen, and only mental people imagine things that aren't true. So at the end of the day what can we learn from this site? we can learn that all things being equal chicks love cock. Therefore we should aspire to having more of it if possible; however presuposing some kind of improvement,our energies should be focussed on: harder 80% more dildoie 10% (is that a word) meaning that she can ride you for as long as she wants when you first start without you cumming right away or disconnecting- staying with her pleasure, and 10% bigger.  This will eliminate the frustration as well as more dildoie and harder are easier at times to get results in than just size alone- a more balanced approach. Let us remember, even some big penises have bad smells or the owners are secretly homo-
one man's opinion; i hope it gets printed
3376 February 12, 2006

just forgot one encounter.. she was Thai and she like my almost 6 inches around... and when she told her friends ..they started calling me...but I think she exagerated. I guess that was the best reaction to my larger than average cock. Lot's of times when woman think a cock  is 9 inches long is actually just 7 1/2 or so.. then they still exagerate on top of this. In an earlier post one woman even admitted that she was suprised it was not longer when she actually measured a guy with a ruler. she had previously misjudged it by almost 25%.

So I guess in a lot of the size queen stories here the penis got a little inflated.
3377 February 12, 2006

Women do  overestimate size : go to comment 727 . Two out of two  women made a mistake of 2+ inches on their boyfriend!!
So Editor, the fact that woman overestimate the size ,  does this not put all the tables of female preference out by AT LEAST 1 inch ? E.g when they say they want 8 inches they actually mean 7. When they say they had 9 inches they actually mean 8 or even less!
3378 February 12, 2006

Regarding pussy size.. please woman don't smoke ! I have never found a really tight pussy in a woman that smokes. The loosest  pussie was from a woman that smoked 2 packs a day.. a pity she was so hot otherwise..(B.t.W. I am large.) I was thinking about a  barn the whole time !
 Also if she smokes  it really does not taste great when going down.. Vegetarian woman and healthy woman really taste good.. Make sure to drink enough fluid too and wash lots.

My current g.f. smokes.. not very tigth, not too loose.. She thinks sex is great. I know it can be better.  I am sure it would get better though if she stopped smoking... Any ideas  how to tell her??
3379 February 12, 2006

peter ben:
in regards to males that post their size, it is imoportant i think to state your minimum and max. my max is 101/2" x 6 1/2", meaning that is the biggest it has ever been, but that chick had to suck it for a long time to get it there; so my min is only 9" x 6" boo hoo that sux!! meaning that that is the smallest a girl is going to ever see it- let's all be honest, your personal best is not always your size- also state your min!!
but that is just me:)
3380 February 13, 2006

would like to know:
girls can you comment on this ;just like men get turned on when two super busty girls go tit to tit to see who can crush who,my girl friend said she would love to see me wrestle her last boy friend nude to see who's cock can crush the others she tells me were both hung and we were the only one's to make her cum but insist it would be a real turn on for her.are there others that feel this way?
3381 February 13, 2006

re: post #3352:
LadiesLuvMe is right on the money. It's all about attitude. This is Donny - I posted on Feb 11 so you can consult my words-of-ultimate-wisdom too.

The problem with alot of you hyper-insecure freaks out there (judging from some of the pathetic, self-pitying posts I've been reading) is most likely not your schlong - unless you're under 6" (in that case you're in pretty bad shape).

I'm talking to all the average guys out there who love women and want to be with women. Because some of you deviants are future cuckolds with NO self esteem. A woman cheating for dick size is no different than one who cheats for a richer, better looking, or more successful guy - and lots of the time the guy who loses her can only blame himself because he doesn't respect himself. Confidence is everything - have trust in your abilities, no matter what you're packin'. Being a good lover is only about cock size if you're abnormally small (under 5-6") or abnormally huge (10"+). The rest is how you touch her and how you move  -- and most importantly sex HAS TO BE SUSTAINING TO BE FULFILLING. That's all, you bitches.
3382 February 14, 2006

great reading i must say, i'm in Jamaica and thanks to this I'm now more knowledgeable, thanks. Its been a while since this was release, like a few years ago. But Its still great no matter how long has pass.
3383 February 14, 2006

tim :
the content of this article is true, because i my self ask my wife if size does matter, at first of course she said no but i did'nt belived her so i came out the idea of testing her, by the way my penis is only 5" below the average size of a man but im fit handsome and a loving husband, anyway i bought a big dildo size 8" for her, i know it's the first time she's gonna take that size co'z she's a virgin when we got married, so im so surprise the way she looks while i slowly inserted it to her tight vagina then i ask her while she's enjoing this 8" dildo inside her near to orgasm then came out on her own mouth oh yes hunny it's so big i never felt this sensation before, and i never see her like so crazy when she reach orgasm , so now she admit to me that bigger is better but it does'nt bother me b'coz i know my wife love me and she's just telling the truth about it, im an open minded man so now we decide to look for the real deal not dildo, man that has a big penis to satisfy her sexual fantasy or desire and it's fine with me co'z im giving her the oportunity to try does big penis and it turns me on...
that's the way it should be, make my wife happy...
3384 February 14, 2006

This is an interesting site, I have used a cock pump for years and also a stretching program where You milk Your cock in a stretching motion, My Cock measures 12 and a half inches long and 6 and 3/4 inches in circumference and it feels very heavy when erect, My Girlfriend is very athletic and is a Dancer and She just loves playing with My cock and feeding Her pussey with it and believe Me there are no comlplaints from Me, any one who does want to increase the size of their cock needs to be serious about it I know that some of My mates have been impressed with My Big Member and I have shared with them how to achieve it but after gaining size and girth "for the night"once they have got their rocks off they dont tend to use it till the next time, I sent photos of Myself nude to www.massivecocks.com and they posted Me as the 'New Zealand Pussey Killer" and I have appeared in the Picture magazine"Home Blokes page" so having a big cock does make One feel more confident, Before I met Maria other Girls I went out with would sometimes freak out when it came to have sex  and sometimes I would have to settle for a hand job because they were scared that My Cock would hurt them to much. from PETE hoskinspeter@yahoo.com
3385 February 15, 2006

my husband and i have been married for several years one day he made a comment that my son from my first mariage had a big penis i laugh it off he said it agian that night after sex i jokingly asked if it was bigger than his. he shyly said yeah it was embarrasing because they where at the local pool in the shower and my son smirked seeing his dick i laugh telling him he was lying he asked about my ex and to tell the truth my ex and my husband where about the same size a few days later i decided to walk in on my son in his room thinking he was changing but he wasnt i told him i wanted to wash his clothing {hes 13 yrs old} he took of every thing hesitantly except his under wear and i could see a big bulge i scearmed for him to take them off like i was pissed at him and he quickly did so my mouth hit the floor he was limp and a little over 6 " long {i have know varified} i couldnt stop looking i smiled and made a comment about it being so big he looked puzzeled and i told him it was the most beautiful i had ever seen he smilled i didnt leave and staired at it while we talked till it got hard it was 8 3/4" long 2 " wide  { con firmed} much bigger than my hubbys 6" long 1 1/4" wide {confirmed} as he grabbed it for me sqeezing it making the head swell so big i enjoyed watching him all day till my husband came home and told him i seen my sons huge cock and we have since found a dildo but its only 7" long my hubby picked it and same width as hubby i want the real thing and its hard only being able to watch my favorite big lil man every day
3386 February 15, 2006

large meaty labia are nice...but there's nothing wrong with smaller lips or hair.
3387 February 15, 2006

Collegeless Psychologist:
Alright listen up you low self esteem mother f*ckers. So someone made a site that says "women like bigger penis" and females came to say they agree. So? If there was a site that said "men like bigger tits" Everyone of you mother f*ckers would've went in there and said "hell yeah". Does that mean you wouldn't marry/date someone with below average tits? Probably not. But now youre thinking "I can't please my wife/girlfriend or make her feel 'full'. Wanna make her feel full? Buy her a fucking Big Mac and shove your fist up her. Do you morons not understand that the average is between 5-7 (5.5 to be exact) inches and about 80% of men have this size? I think this is having a harder time penetrating your head than your average dick would in a pussy. What the hell kind of women are you going after? Look around you, open your f*cking eyes. If it was the case that a woman only wanted a big dick 90% of the f*cking population would BE SINGLE (the extra 5% is below average). Did it ever occur to you that if you have a average dick that your dad probably did too? Guess how you got here retard. And all you "big dick" people in this forum need to stop using the metric system and stop refering what you measured as "inches". They're called "centimeters". Oh, I'm sure all 30 of you have a 18 inch dick. You're having so much fun with it that you're sitting on your computer wondering if "size matter". Way to go ass-hats. People that flaunt their big dicks proudly are nothing but that...a big dick. Are you happy assholes? I'd like to see whats on your tombstone when you die (mine is extra cheese) "Here Lies Richard Long" "A man with 32 children whom he didn't know, and a 10 inch penis."  I'm your average 5.92642 inch dick wielder and thats fine with me. That way if they see my average penis and stay with me I'll know that my other head is more important.

P.S. the dude who said he's measuring vaginas definitely should make a site haha. That is f*cking hilarious.

Peace my average friends and average friends who lie (90% of you).
3388 February 15, 2006

Men, don't concede defeat to women. If a woman decides to reject you, she doesn't have to do so because of the size of your penis. If this is the cause, then it's her issue and she has to deal with it.

I hate to see so many men so troubled about this. If size matters, fine. Move on and live the rest of your life. There are plenty of girls out there. There's more than enough to go around for each one of us.

A real woman will not reject you because your dick is too small. They're not all like Samantha from 'Sex and the City.' The real world is not such a horrible place. It doesn't have to be, anyway. It all depends on the individual's frame of mind. Now go out with what you've got, find yourself a pretty young thing and get laid. Enjoy yourself and stop moping like a child.

3389 February 15, 2006

All you limp-dick faggots out there...:
Quit WHININ' and START SHININ'. Be proud, you fucks.
3390 February 15, 2006

Kim Roberts:
Well, well. What an interesting site you have here. By the way, before I'm accused of pretending to be a woman, allow me to clarify - even though my name is Kim, I'm very much a man. We got that straight? Good.

Now, on to my comments on your very interesting - and VERY cynical - site.

Why is this site interesting? For a host of reasons, none of which really matter to the 'debate' of penis size - things like; interesting because of how it is presented as factual and even attempts to use scientific sounding arguments to bolster it's main argument. Interesting because it clearly plays to the emotional weaknesses of men with 'small' penises. Interesting because it's just so down-right cynical I can almost not believe anyone would take it seriously. But most of all it's interesting because it is wrong. In fact, I can prove that it is wrong very, very easily - with real science, not some psudo mumbo jumbo!

OK, think about this: evolution is a fact. OK? Still with me? All you creationists can leave now because it's a pretty well accepted tenant of science that evolution (Darwinian evolution) is fact.

Now, in evolution there is a thing called selection. Selection is when a predisposition to say longer tails on birds or smaller ears on mice leads to the general population growing longer tails or smaller ears. There are many reasons for preferential adoption of a trait that is selected for, some of them are practical - a tail that is long allows for better balance, smaller ears on a mouse allows them to escape into smaller holes etc. However, we're talking about penis size here, so let's use that as the given example.

Women in this instance control the trait of penis size through their preferential selection of mates to procreate with. If a population of women would rather have men with larger penises then they will mate and reproduce only with men that are so endowed. Now, those men may well be in the minority and in fact may even be mutations to the general pre-existing rule. However, over time the trait for a larger penis will be 'bred in' to the general population. This obviously takes a long time - many hundreds if not thousands of years to produce the effect of increased size in the majority of the population. So, if women actually prefered truly large penises and have done so for a very long time - as you claim - then we would all be walking around with large penises. The fact (and this is an empirical fact) is that the average penis size is around 6 and a quarter inches and has been that way since we started keeping records.

The point of the argument can be summed up thus: if women really selected men with larger penises then that trait would have been bred into the population as a whole. It hasn't. We have an average penis size that suits the average woman by sheer dint of evolutionary selection.

So, the next time you feel like creating a site that spouts 'facts' about things you appear to know nothing about from a hard science perspective, you may find yourself better off actually doing the research. I can recommend a fair few books, journals, papers and lectures that you would clearly benefit from attending.

You are a trader in what is called FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. You appear to thrive off of other people's misery and the misunderstanding of the masses. Why not try to educate people instead of instilling these false 'facts'? Oh, that's right; there's not much money in educating people is there?

And that's the cynical part of your little slice of the Web... making money off the insecurities of others is bad enough, but to set out to increase those insecurities and anxieties to exploit them for profit is just one of the lowest things a human can do.

In short, you're an asshole.
3391 February 15, 2006

Kim Roberts:
As to your little blurb under this comments box relating to my Web browser being '...either too old or not very sophisticated, ...otherwise you would see a scrolling list here.' - well, I'd have to say that either you are too stupid or not very tech savvy! I'm using the latest version of Safari on a Mac under Unix... but then, I wouldn't expect much more from you now would I?
3392 February 16, 2006

I hope nobody really takes this website seriously, because if they did that would be very sad. If you can't see through the bullshit, then you need to start reading more or maybe go back to school. Did anybody happen to notice all of the advertisements in the website as you go through it? Did you notice the key word in the last sentence was "advertisements"? Ever think this website was specifically designed to give false information to persuade the ignorant masses to believe they needed to buy a book? And i say false information because i found no evidence to support their statistical claims. Even those are obviously misleading. For instance, take the penis growth percent example. They took a guy with a 2 inch flacid penis that when erect was 5 inches, and compared it to a guy with a 6.5 inch flacid penis and 8.5 inch errect. Don't you see the problem with that comparison? You can't compare the minimum average penis with a extremely above average penis and call it fair. The statement that smaller penises grow more than larger flacid penises was talking about average sized penises, not abnormally sized penises like the 8.5 one.

They offered no explanation about how they came to the results from their "statistics", no process of how the study was conducted, how many people they asked, nothing, which automatically discredits the study in any given field; they tell you what you want, or don't want, to hear, because they have specific goals in mind.

But the most obvious fallacy in this website is they come to the conclusion women prefer bigger penises based on the very, very, very small percent of women who have actually had an above average penis inside them! The overwhelming majority of men have a erect penis size of 5-7 inches, and some statistics i've read say only about 1% of men have penises larger than 8 inches. How could anybody believe a "study" that says women prefer bigger penises when this 1% of the american male population has not fucked anywhere near 10% of the american female population! You can't study a minority population and say the results apply to the majority as well, since the study can not be randomized (if you don't understand how a study is conducted, take a statistics course).

If you want to go on thinking size matters go ahead. But know this; i give my woman the ride of her life on my 5 inch penis 6+ times a week and she ends up breathless and exhausted after multiple mind-numbing orgasms, and falls asleep before i do after we're done. So if you think size matters and you can't do that to your woman, you need to rethink your tactics. Ever tried foreplay?
3393 February 16, 2006


I only have 4 in. but the women like me because I can hit the G Spot really good.
3394 February 16, 2006

I am extremly well endowded and I have to say that women love my penis . To here woman moaning and groaning like crazy and screaming your so big!I'm 9.5/7 and women go crazy over my size.Though it is true that some girls just couldn't take my size the other womne would climb all over it
My current gilfriends loves my penis it caused the best sex of my life.When we were at a bar and me and my girlfrined had been dating for a couple of months we were drunk and when we were at the motel her clothes came off she grabed my cock and kissed  the we were on the ground kissing and trusting back in froth like crazy.Every since then my girlfrined always  grabs my cock when we kiss or leans in really close so she can fill my bulge.Even though my girlfriend says I'm the biggest she had and that she loved me so much.
So I'm afraid that most women not all perfer  a big long hard cock! SORRY
3395 February 17, 2006

I find your site quite humorous actually.  All of your statistics are false, although I do believe you personally are quite small in the pants, and have taken out that shortcomming on everyone who accidentally comes to the site.  This site is totally false, we all should know it.  Many of the pictures are fabricated, and all of your information is false.  You are a very pathetic man.  I could tell you that I'm 8" long and 6.5" around but many people would probably think I am lying, and rightly so because on the internet, you can publish anything and make is seem true when it usually isn't.  In my case you will never know. Woman don't really care about penis size unless they are sluts in which case they aren't worth anyones time anyways, and black people are most definately not bigger than whites or asians.... okay, maybe some asians. ;)
3396 February 17, 2006

I don't know how explicit I can be here (but it's a website about penis size so I'm guessing there're no limits-LOL). Anyway, the first time I saw an extraordinarily large penis was the first time I slept with a black man. Before him, I had only been with white guys and the largest I had seen was about 8 inches, which I thought was big but not HUGE the way they make it seem. My first penis was probably only 5 or 6 inches in length and I thought, "Well, I guess this is typical but when am I going to try, like, the really big ones everyone brags about?" My black lover was just huge, out of this world. I was so giddy as he was walking me home because I was hoping that everything they said about black men would be true and that I would be having incredible sex later in the evening, riding his monster cock.

I pulled down his pants, and he saw that I was shocked and he said that I could measure it if I wanted to. He said that white girls always want to measure him when they see it for the first time. I picked it up gently (it was so thick and long in its flaccid state, the head itself was bigger than the whole of my old boyfriend's flaccid penis). I massaged it and licked it to an erection. I was trembling because I knew it would feel so good inside me (my girlfriends told me that black cock is the best cock and now I would know for myself). Fully erect and with a bulging head which could only be covered with both my hands together, it measured a little over 11 inches. I was dumfounded.

I thought it would hurt and I was a little afraid so I first just sat him on the bed and gave him head. My jaw was hurting but I kept at it. I furrowed my face in his giant scrotum and suckled his tall shaft like a real ho. I felt so dirty and I felt myself getting really wet. I blew him until he came, heaps of seamen shooting onto my tongue. My old boyfriend could never come this much. With him, it was only a little squirt or two. But my black man, he was like a fucking fountain. Burst after burst. I almost choked and I had to spit some of it out. I looked at myself in the mirror. Cum was all over my mouth. It felt good.

When he convinced me that it wouldn't hurt and that he would enter me slowly, I lay down on the bed with my legs in the air. He spread my thighs apart and told me that I would have to adjust my hips as he penetrated me so that I could feel comfortable. Just then, he told me to look at my pussy. I looked down. Milky white cum was leaking from it, tricking down my thighs onto the bed. I was shocked. It started to stream down. So much was coming out. He put his head to my vulva and the touch sent a great glob right out of my vagina onto his penis. "Oh, fuck," he said. I said that it wasn't my fault and that I was sorry. He said that he was my daddy now and that I would have to do what he said. He entered me, and I looked down. The head was in and instantly I had an orgasm. My eyes locked and my head was thrust back into the pillow and I started to convulse and scream. It lasted for about 10 seconds and my whole body felt numb to the bone. A tingling sensation covered me and my !
 muscles finally relaxed.

He didn't understand what had happened and he was getting tired of waiting. He was about to thrust deeply but he saw that I came so much that my pussy looked like it had exploded into cream. I looked down. Sure enough, pints upon pints were streaming out from my vaginal canal, which was wide open. Then, he grabbed my ankles, dragged me down, lifted me upwards, pulled my socks off with his tongue, and entered me. I could see him going deeper, deeper, deeper. My vagina dilated and cum was pushing its way out as he inched in. He became so hard. He mounted me and started to fuck. He filled me up to a point where I could feel his penis in at around my navel. I started to have an orgasm which started gradually and climaxed forcefully. I could feel the velvety mucus of my vagina descending down my thighs and bursting out with every thrust. I was producing so much lubricant. I climaxed every time his penis touched my uterus and, on top of the orgasms, he applied additional stimulation as he continued to thrust.

When he pulled out after he had finished, his black cock was painted white and a long thick stream of cum followed him out. My vagina was a gaping whole and I was in so much pain that I thought I would die. Then, my whole started to vomit out more milk. I was purging and then I started to cry because it wouldn't stop.

He said that this happens to black cock virgins, but I wasn't convinced. He took me to the emergency room after he got us cleaned up. A doctor came in and she said that I had experienced several very intense uterine orgasms and that my uterus had been displaced but would fall back into step again. The doctor was a woman. She told me that I was a lucky little girl to have such a great big black man to fuck. Not in those words, obviously, but you get the picture. I told her that, despite my luck, I was in a lot of pain. She said that she could drain my canal to end the ceaseless streams of mucus that were emerging. That's what they did, but I had another involuntary orgasm the minute they touched my vulva. And then I had another. I was screaming in ecstasy.

Some sick little boys in the emergency room were looking on at me with curious wide eyes. I tried to smile, but I climaxed again. "Yes, Yes," I screamed. Some men were looking on. The doctor closed the door.

Aftershocks, she said. I was having aftershocks in response to a very forceful, very extreme orgasm. We went home and I was in pain for days. I had to break up with the black man. I currently only date smaller white men because black is just too much to deal with.

If ever I really need a good fuck, though, I'll know who to turn to.
3397 February 17, 2006

I must admit this site and especially the comments from woman did have me for a while.. (of course half of them are planted by companies advertising here) After reading these comments I went to another site large penis support group.. on this site there are   also some woman:Size queens of course! You know the schocking  truth:

 Even the size queens think 7 -9 inches long and 6 1/2 inches around is perfect. Not 10 inches! Those that actually measure. A real 10" by  8" is just soo #*&%^& big.. and they don't want to feel so stretched all the time and "don't want to have to prepare for it" everytime with half an hour of foreplay.

 So if size queens don't want this then surely most woman neither and  6-7 inches by 5 1/2 or 6 around is just right.. which they think is 9 by 7 anyway.

YOu know what is even more  sad.. some of the size queens  actually have boyfriends that are just larger than average and the woman talk about his humour, manners,strong hands, charm.....how boring..

Yes "size matters" but  womem  still like the same 'boring' things like confidence,personality, generosity , well dressed guys etc.... So unfortunately huge cocks will  not turn the woman of the world into raunchy,lacherous sex maniacs... even if we guys like to fantasise about this!  lol!  I do !
3398 February 18, 2006

Well i was shown this site by my freind she was shown it by her husband. I cant beleive im on here but since you cant see me well i guess ill talk away. Im a single mom 42yrs old with 4 kids 3 girls and a boy so ive been on earth for awhile. But i dont think my preferance for a thick cock is word of what every woman wants. Yes if i seen a big cock on a guy that i knew i would be more into him and have sex just for that reason but it doesnt mean hes going to be the guy i spend the rest of my life with. so in short yes a big cock feels WAY BETTER in my pussy than a average one and i say average because what i read on the site small is just to tiny to ever go that far for  me i wouldnt fuck a guy under 7" long {2" wide at least } but then again thats just me
3399 February 18, 2006

Jared Bankens:
Hi, there I just want to disagree with the woman's comment about black men. I am not black I am white and my penis is pushing 10 inches. Yes, about 1/2 an inch away, with a girth of 6 inches. I just wanted to say that not all white men are small, because I am not.
3400 February 18, 2006

Its Really Funny to me when i started reading all the comments y'all made... Shyt is MAAAAD FUNNNNY!!! Sometimes I wonder where y'all are from and what RACE y'all Are.... Oh Well .. its true that size matters alot for pleasure... But an 8 inch pencil(tiny) dick aint goin do nothing to the pussy.. it'll be like u swimming in a big Ocean that'll drown the hell out of You>>>LOL... Length and Girth is WAY to Go!!! In the whole america, i heard that the Average Dick size is like 5.6inch... but hell shyt is too small... Anyway i guess y'all wanna know my size... and i aint here to brag or nothing... I'm hanging on a size 10 length and size 5.7 girth.. every girl i smashed, seeing ma dick for the first time would have either a scary facial expression,or a "Oh My God" facial Exp. Or an excited facial Exp... and all of them said i have the biggest dick they've ever fucked... only two out of all of them said im the 2nd biggest... BUT yo y'all Quit worryin bout y'all ROD and think bout!
  something like 'Doing something better with your life"  PEACE OUT Y'ALL

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