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3301 January 25, 2006

me and my wife have been married for a long time we have two daughters and both work long hours but find time for sex. one day i was on the internet reading about threesomes. i told my wife and showed her the site and there was a few sites we found that had letters about it and i could tell my wife was really hot reading about them so i figured to ask if shed ever try a threesome or four some she played it off like she just liked reading it and after a few minutes asked if i ever would i said as long as we are both together durring any sex going on i think i would be ok we talked for a few days of and on about it till she finally brought it up durring sex and we got very intamate durring our session like never before after we talked about the people we knew and could think of that would be willing and attrative to both of us my best freind and his girl freind we both agreed to being the best pic his girl freind was muck younger than us tall slimm with average breast i call him up and we went to the bar and i told him about our invatation and he readily agreed the night started with drinks and dancing with the others girl my wife had a funny look on her face while we were still in the bar i asked what was wrong she said she didnt want to loose me i said i was going no where she smilled and said she would never leave me eather and we went back to my freinds house it was obvouis that he was excited to fuck my wifes brains out he had two mattreses on the floor next to eachother covered with blankets the heat was blazing it must had been 80 degrees in the room it was nice and hot his girl freind pulled me to the bed where she sat down also pulling my wife next to her she started to pull down my pants and breifs and out sprang my 6 1/2 x 1 3/4 cock free and she went to work on it passing it to my wife to suck as well my freind got in front of my wife my wife looked to my approval and hesitently pulled his pants down suddenly out sprang his massive 9 3/4" long cock that was atleast twice as thick my wife looked at me with a scared look i asked if she was scared of its size she said no i just dont want you to get mad i smilled and said have funn i am her hands stoked it and she kissed it his girl freind said youl love the xtra size my wife smilled and asked "acting dumd what do you mean " his girl freind said my ex had one this size wiggling my cock at my wife smilling saying it dosent even compare to what you got in your hand frech kissing my wife from there my wife went wild sucking his cock head she tore off her clothing and putt a pillow under her ass and drilled the hell out of her i never seen any problems of his much bigger cock entering her she did make some wild faces i had never seen in our many years of marrage we had sex till morning and as many as 2 times a week since that first time six years ago with him and his wife as of know we all enjoy eachother but i did ask my wife to tell the truth about how it felt and she said i love you but your size dosent compete with one that big hes way better i asked if we stopped if she would miss his "MRperfectfitting" as she calls him she admitted she would still fuck him even if i stopped joining i was a little sadden but i heard the truth and i dont blame her like she said she likes being fitted n filled up
3302 January 25, 2006

First of all, I am a girl (hence the name Nikki) I have only had sex with guys who are average or under-average size. I think that size doesn't matter. If you're having sex, it shouldn't matter how big or small a BODY PART is. You should be doing it for a better reason. At the same time, I think that it depends on the female's body-size what sized penis is right for her body, not what looks cool. I personally don't think size is an issue as long as the guy isn't too huge. I like average-sized guys better than HUGE or above-average guys.
3303 January 27, 2006

As gay man, I have some knowledge about penises, including mine. I am 6.5 inches and about 2.5 diameter, I have experimented all kinds of penis between 6.5 and 11 inches.  I used to be very ashamed of having a small penis, but along the years, I've learned to deal with it, I am not ashamed anymore.  I bigger penis may give more pleasure , if the owner knows how to use, the same goes to with the small ones. The more experient you get the better you know how to use your equipment.
3304 January 28, 2006

i think the picture of the male with the bigc..k is lovley but i belive its fake you should put some more real photos on your web site
3305 January 28, 2006

I just recently found out that I have a little dick.
Ever since we first met, my girlfiend has preferred oral. I recently asked her why and found out that mine is the smallest penis she's ever had. Shes been with black peurto rican and white guys. Anyways I started investigating penis size and what not only to find that after properly measuring it's a tiny 4 1/2
inches when hard and pretty skinny too especially for being 6feet tall and 175lbs.
  So basically now she calls me little boy, tiny and other pet names, which doesn't make me mad. But then she told her girlfriends, which really upset me with one of her friends because I used to pick on her for having big lips down there. And now she always calls me little dick and I wish I had a bulge like hers. Which isn't so funny cause I think she does have a bigger bulge than me. My girlfriend just laughs, and I just try to laugh along with her, oh well.

I just wanted to share so all you people who might think your small with your 5 or 6 inchers can get a new perspective
3306 January 28, 2006

Hello I am 18 years old and I think that I am a late boomer because it seems of my past eighteen years my penis hasn't grown it's size it is 5.2 inches erected but the thickness of it looks small to me and when my penis is limp I'm about 2.5 inches and it feels as if my balls have shrunken inside of my body as if I couldn't feel it, but it always verys sometimes limp and erected, I'm just worried if that I will ever be able to have sex in the situation that I'm in and I hope that my partner will enjoy and I also would like to know If my penis will vary it's size in My adult hood please someone write back to me
3307 January 28, 2006

Reality Check:
This is a wonderful and very informative site! It gets straight to the facts, and I enjoyed reading the basis for those facts. I think its a shame that women have to ignore their needs in order to cater to men who werent designed to offer them pleasure. A man would never want to be stuck having sex with a woman who did not have good vaginal tone, so why should a woman get stuck having sex with a man who is unable to satisfy a vagina? Its outragious!!!
3308 January 29, 2006

Who has wrote this Site? it seems very much like it written by women to belittle men! I have been a nurse for 20 years and have seen so many penises erect and soft and to be honest think it a lot of rubbish to make a man reading feel usless. We had a chat at work and out of 10 of us who all have 10 yrs plus of experience in different depts we have never seen an erect one over 7-8". we all agree anything over a handfull ( 4 finger rule- we call it) can satisfy and make you orgasm and make sex enjoyable. It technique and position that make a difference. Women and people who go on about size, huge penises and things like that at firstly very shallow, secondly trying to sell something, thirdly had bad experiences with past lovers and well really quite sad. Yeah a big one may look good but best for sex is a nice 5-6"

Also as for 9" plus you really going to want that up your anus or how you going to take him deep in your throat? We are not denying there are big ones out there and there are probably plenty but as some are natural many others have been operated on or shave hair or have a band to keep blood in to make it look nice and thick (strippers)

well we just thought we should add are comment to here as we think this is written to belittle guys and seems like it written by women or by guys who not really seen that many
3309 January 29, 2006

sad to say :
ive been married for 27yrs yes size matters i know it does, my wife finally confessed to having much larger lovers i have been looking at this site for a year and a half and finally got the truth out of her the scary part was she remembered the guys names and exact sizes from 7-10 1/2 " long i thought that i was doomed i went to our cabin and stayed for a week when my daughter showed up shes 23yrs old she told me that my wife had called her worried that i was going to leave her i told her i wasnt that i just wanted to think about things and how to fix whats going on so confessed that my wife had told her about the whole thing i was so embaressed she smilled and said that its ok i said well its hard to be OK  when i got 5 1/2" x 6" and your mom favorite size was 9 1/2" long and 2" wide my daughter looked shocked i had said that i got my hands over my face she she pulled my hands down and said dont worry ive been with different guys of different sizes and things can be over come i was shocked that she was so open but i felt like i was with a woman that i could listen to that would give me the information i was only reading and i could actually coverse with i asked if it really made a big differance she admitted that it does give more feeling i asked how she said well if it was longer or thicker than the guy before you will feel a differance that feels more satisfying i asked would my size to what your mom preferse make a big differance she said well yours is alot smaller than his so it would be a totally different experiance and mom got filled up i asked what she meant by filled up she said thats just the way it feels having sex with guys that size i asked if she had ever done one that size she admitted her current b.f. was that size a little thicker i was all ears and in shock we exp and she told me the differance it felt i went back home to my wife and told her about what happened she was all ears and we talked all night about my dau and here  b.f. i told her about sites that i had seen that talk about swaping and mixer partys a few days later she said that her and my dau found a mixer going on about 2hrs away from our house and that all of us should go which we did when we got there i noticed it was like any other party at first just people conversing and drinking the four of us talked and decided it was best no one knew she was our dau and that we where just freinds later when things got wild and the pool area became a nudest colony we joined in and it was funn the wife and dau went over to a group and i was talking to a couple and joined them they were having there first time thing and i think they chose me for reasons i was a bit smaller than her hubby {her wanting to make him feel comfortable } it was funn i noticed my dau getting two guys front and back at once my wife was being wild on top of some guy stradling him while pumping up and down really fast i could tell he must along long cock by how far she came up i watched as she shook hard kissing him i walked over there to notice it was my dau B.F. my wife looked and said she just had to know what our dau was getting i smilled and she and him kept going later she confesed that he was even greater the 4 of us get togeather 2-3 times a week for fun 
3310 January 29, 2006

im god:
yo  if a woman  tells u, that she wants a bigger dick,u just  say to her  "get smaller   get tighter"

and for all u nymphos out there
thank u
 and suck my big fat  dick
3311 January 29, 2006

I stop by every once in awhile to see how things are going and they are still going.

I was a very shy guy with a 9 inch cock and ashamed that is was so big.  After reading the material I became less inhibited and started reaching out a litttle to women and after awhile I stopped wearing tight breifs and let my cock dangle and show my buldge.

As I started reading Ed's book I started getting my cock out a little further in public and the ladies started being more attracted to what they saw and I got braver about letting women know what was there and lo and behold my cleaning lady, a young woman with a baby, liked way I looked with a hard on in my jock strap and now she has 2 children the youngest is mine and she is still riding my rod on tuesday and thrusday when she comes to clean.  My ex girlfriend left me to marry a rich guy.  She came by one day to say hello and I creamed her and now she comes by every chance she gets and I get in  her without using a condom.  There is plenty of stuff out there you just have to attract it and a big dick is a good thing to start with.  Oh and by the way the maid is now bringing her sister with her for me to knock up because her husband hasnt been able to make a baby in her and had never given her and orgasam.  I dont pay for sex anymore and I get to sire kids cuming and going.
3312 January 30, 2006

I have read everything here this is one really confused site. I have a 7inch plus and gerth 5 plus. i have made love to many women and they have all been different. Some can take it all in and some cant, some like it softly and slow some like it hard and fast, and my favorite its when she likes it all. So i know al women prefere different sizes and technics.Diferent strokes for different folks. Its the iagination that sets good lovers from bad. if you hace the tolls use it the best you can, and if you dont have the best tools use it the best you can and use your imagination to rock her world, if lesbows can rock eachother off any man can if he confident and imagantive. Sincerly sean
3313 January 30, 2006

im so fucking mixed up with my cock.... see its 5 in long in normal mode :)   7 when i get a hard on and fuck.... then drops to 4 for about 20 min after sex?????? wharrrrrrrrr
guys whats going on here.....
3314 January 30, 2006

 I am a 20 year old male and my cock is about 8 inches long and 6 inches girth.My opinon on the size debate is that yes size matters but that meaning is subjective. The size of the vagina and the size of the dick must match! You can't put a large vagina and a small penis togethor and expect the woman or the man for that matter to be sexually satisfied. I Haven't had too many sexual partners because i've never been promiscuous, i like having girlfriends to have sex with.But most of the women i have been with couldn't take all of me, some did not enjoy sex because it was painful. I guess it also depends what a woman likes. if she likes pain and rough sex then she will love a big dick but if she doesn't like pain she is going to want a smaller member. It is all subjective. Yes i agree that to most women the sight of a big dick is arousing because of the rarity and wow factor. When i see gigantic tits i stop and stare but i would never want my girlfriend to have such big ones. Pretty to look at but it's just too much for most people...anyways that's my two sents...any beautiful girls 18+  that are interested add me to msn, macneil_alex@hotmail.com, peace
3315 January 30, 2006

it doesnt matter what size u are the proof is in energy sex. read stuff by mantak chia. if u can share ur love with a 2 inch penis and ur woman feels thats shes being loved then thats all she needs. there is no better or right and wrong get a faithful girl and some confidence inurself as a lover then u dont need to be looking on websites for this kinda bullshit even tho i have stumbled on this for research purposes. ;). i bet i could give out more love then any 13" cock guy could and im only average and i accecpt it live with it and use it. the people who sit around worrying about there size are the people who dont love themselves as much as they should this causes for them to not express love to there partner.
3316 January 31, 2006

Hitokiri Battousai:
no grief or damnation can ever bring back the dead.

so who give a fuck about size im slightly above ave but who cares really i get hardly any women any way so wats the point sex is not the ownly thing in life take this for example a few hundred years ago when there were no guns and people lived by the sword or stick many were greatful to live to 20 years old and many never had sex and went to war and died for people to have a better life then theres so go out there and make the most of it cause alot of people threw their lifes away for a new world where people would be treated as equals and that but its still the same  world a world that all we care about is what we look and wat size we are it doesnt matter when were dead tho does it makes ya think aye does it really matter after all its ur choice

no grief or damnation can ever bring back the dead.
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny
3317 January 31, 2006

size issue:
my wife finally admitted size is an issue to me after asking for years and i asked how to fix this problem we tryed toys and had lots of fun we met with a couple on the internet who met with us the guy is atleast twice my size lenth and width my wife never showed trouble taking him and enjoys sex more so than ever we find our selves having sex more often than not i feel that sex can be an adventure not a act of only love between two people sex is an exploration on the mind body and soul it is the way we conect develop as people and also breed but its not only about size its about getting in touch with our deep desires i enjoy the fun of sex and dont think of it know as a duty or how to over come my size issue but i am going to try the methods to increase my own size not just for my wife but mainly for my self and even for my other lovers i may meet i think its important to develop ones self to its full potentual i read a comment from a contributer in here that said some if your contributers sounded uneducated well experiance is the best education and its not what you learn from it its what you do with it that counts and we intend to do lots with what we learn if i was to wish for a big cock id want a 10" long and 2 1/2" wide but if what i have is all i get ill use it well yes women enjoy bigger so what i dont hate them for a physical need or desire i like other things as well but i do enjoy my sex life know women be honest to your mate dont humiliate them but definatly find a way to comunicate the truth and find a way to enjoy sex i wish you all a great sex life thanks ED this site is the best and i know you helped me with the comments of the honest women on this site
3318 January 31, 2006

woman wanting big you know what comes in 12th on their list of importance
what women want
a hard cock
dildo cock
presuposing your cock is not mini (when it is erect- flaccid mesurements you can do nothing with)-it can even be small, just not mini..
loving personality
eat their pussy
exclusive to them or organise them into a group thing that works
eat their pussy well
eat their pussy really well
fuck good
fuck really good
big member
3319 January 31, 2006

I don't know my size to be honest. I don't make it a habit to check my size. I do know this though. If you have a good and faithful companion then size is of no concern. Yeah, I have had a lot of partners (all protected, of course). I have known some of them to date only african-americans and some to only date whites. I am hispanic. How in the world did I please them when I know that some of their ex-partners are bigger than me??? (women brag amongst one another it's amazing what you can find out if you pay attention) Well I will tell you. Size doesn't matter if you don't know how to move your body. Some girls like it rough so get rough (don't beat them!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Some like it gentle (so take it easy). I learned from women older than I that attention to other places is more pleasing than just jumping in and pounding it. So take my advice don't believe everything you hear nor read, but you can believe this unless you meet a stuck up one. Read books on different ways to pl!
 ease a woman, on foreplay, and the such. Your hands and tongue can make a lady squirm and cum depending on how you use them.  Oh and the ladies that only want big ones are insecure in themselves.
3320 January 31, 2006, 2006

only a whore would need a big dick to satisfy her.
if she hadn't worn it out with so many dicks she would be able to be satisfied by any dick.

size is not a big deal if you can last a while. some woman just have a hard time cumming no matter what the size and need their clit to be stimulated too. she could reach down there and do it herself while he fucks her. 

guys, don't listen to the whores. 
you just need to know how to stimulate her. the biggest dick in the world wont stimulate a clit and that is the most important part on a girl. you need to think about her needs then you will satisfy her.

if she cant feel you, she has been with too many dicks.

and I need to say this, if you guys out there werent so busy stereo-typing yourself, looking for "hot" chicks...you wouldn't have the problem of meeting so many whores that you cant satisfy.

open your mind to find a cunt that is not so wide open.
3321 January 31, 2006

Fist them ...
3322 January 31, 2006

Don't want to waste my time here. I am an white female doctor and I will be stating this info to you from my past 25 years of experience as a MD. Fact is that healthy relationship and sex life just doesn't depend on your dick size.  WHAT WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Just stop! getting pleasure out of all these ideas and thoughts doesnt make your penis size bigger or smaller! Also those of you who thinks black men are better lover or got big dicks bluh bluh bluh..Listen! There are different sizes of dick in every races. I am a doctor and I found people from different countries such as middle east or India or Russia..specially E.Indians. From my research and experience, they got bigger dick than black people does. No offense to black men and there is nothing wrong with that but the truth is there are lot of white men who gets pleasure out of it and wife has no clue! Men act as women and tells people in different websites that how good the black men are, their dick sizes, sex etc..be!
 cause these ignorant white men are around black men for too long (since slavery). If Spanish or Indian or Arabic people were used as a slave instead of black, the history would be different then. WHAT I AM SAYING IS BE HAPPY FOR WHO YOU ARE AND RESPECT YOURSELF!!! LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN JUST TALKING ABOUT YOUR PENIS SIZES.
3323 February 1, 2006

Acid 06:
This site is crazy; many crazy accusations about penis size and such. Here's fact, only about 30% of women cum through penis penetration. I'm a young cat(18 years old) with a 7 inch penis. But most of the time I find myself pleasing a women more by going down. Honestly, we as men most learn to please using our tongues. Here's a little help for you dudes with insecurities about penis size as a direct corralation to satisfying your woman. Take long licks of her vagina as if your were licking an ice cream or use your tongue to spell your name on her clit. They go crazy for the second one. If I can leave at least one person knowledgable from reading my post, I say sex is something that's suppose to be fun. Relax, enjoy it, don't put so much pressure on yourself to feel you have to make a women cum. I hate to take the glory out of it, but all cumming really is, is an involuntary act like sweating on the spot. As a matter of fact no man can make a woman cum. You may say WHAT, is t his guy a lunatic but in order for you to make a woman cum she has to relax and let you make her cum(factual). So next time you get a hottie in bed just remember to have fun and enjoy each others company
3324 February 1, 2006

Acid :
A Thinker said:
The guy I've been seeing is 35 and he's great in bed - but since he didn't know the particular fact I'm about to share with you, I'd assume that most other guys don't know it, either. Here goes: There are verrrrry few nerves up inside the vagina. The best way I can describe it is like a novacained lip - we can feel pressure (from your cock moving around inside us, or just from the way it expands that space) but there's not much surface feeling. The sensitive nerves you want to pay attention to are around the the vast pink area between the lips. That whole entire area is just crazy with feeling. You might wonder, then: how do women have orgasms thru sex? Well, I asked a friend who's a sex therapist and she confirmed that very few women can have orgasms directly thru intercourse. Many are faking it - they think they're the only women who can't, and they want to please their guy. Want to be amazing in bed? Trust me: learn how to make a woman come with your hand or your mouth - and be eager to do it often. She'll be putty in your hands forever. If you're eager to make a woman come, your value in her mind goes up like 20 billion points. Seriously. It's because most guys don't bother, or they're just clueless. This isn't to say that sex doesn't feel great. It does. We love it. But a guy who knows to make us come orally FIRST, and then has sex with us - that's a guy who really knows what he's doing. Just by knowing that, you'll beat out 75% of the guys out there. And then the women will follow you around. TOLD YOU GUYS. WHAT I STATE IS FACTUAL. THIS IS AN ACTUAL WOMEN SAYING THESE THINGS, YOU BE THE JUDGE.
3325 February 1, 2006

I think it is total bollocks that some women can penetrate 12" or more in lengh, that would like be in there intestines and whats more i have never met a women who can do so either. The kinsey report and other medical sources claim that a women vagina can expand to accomodate 12 inchs when aroused? There is nothing ever to prove this. Is there anyone on this site who can or has a mpeg which does so? I think not! Its is just total bullshit.
3326 February 1, 2006

 I am not obsessed about penis size, but I like to read articles about it sometimes, just to remind me how I am above average ( I am a little under 7" ), I agree with you, size does matter, but not as much as you refer on your web site, there are a lot more things than just a big penis. I really donīt think I would be a better lover than a guy who has 6" or 5", just for having 1 or 2" more, or the other way around, I donīt think a guy with 8" would pleas more a woman just for having 1" extra, like I said there is a lot more than just a big penis.
  Also by reading almost all of your web site, with all due respect you strike me as an angry guy who has just a big penis and that is it, you probably hide behind your big penis and say this is enough and I am better than the rest of you who are above average, average or slightly above average. You probably lost the love of your life to a much smaller penis, or something like that.
3327 February 1, 2006

don(little dick):
me and my wife have been together for 5 years i am 40 she is 50 she has been with lots of men and one i think he was around 9 inches,,i am 4.5 erect and kind of thin.she has made it clear how tiny i am.she has commented in front of my friends and hers about my size.but we do have good sex and i make her cum with cock and mouth.she says iam harder than bigger cocks and she can feel the hardness inside her and there is a spot the head hits that longer cocks pass up that drives her crazy.she has told me about geting  big cocks and she likes them not to long but thick ones are better because they pull on her clit.just wanted to share this and even though tiny can satisfy my wife who knows what big is..
3328  February 2, 2006


One of the previous posts says that average penis size has increased tremendously over the past 70 years or so.

I think that study is completely bogus. I might mention that the penis size figures included in the Kinsey Report in the 1940s tend to disprove that notion.

In fact the average penis size in the Kinsey Report in the 1940s is larger than in some of the recent penis size surveys. One rather credible survey taken recently showed the average to be a bit under 5.9 inches. The Kinsey average was larger than that.

Of course, I know that participants in the Kinsey Report measured their own penises, and, yes, that probably did skew the average in an upward direction.

However, I think there is little credible evidence that penis size has increased by very much in the past several decades.
3329 February 2, 2006

I will say this it is all a matter of how you work it, you can have the largest Cock, but if you have no skills it makes no differnce, I am 7.5 a pretty good size, until I came here I never gave thouhgt to my size, the only thing that I have worried about was making my partner cum, and to be honest there have been times that I have made her cum from foreplay alone. I will say this to any man who feels he is to small for his partner, stop worring about your size and start thinking of ways to bring your partner to a good strong sense of pleasure, also remember you can purchase extentions that will give you the length if that is what is desired, if your partner truly Loves you she is not going to step out on you for the sake of a bigger penis, if she does she is a very shallow person.  I will also say this to you don't waste your time buying pumps and that other crapp, and remember that the Penis is a organ, and there is a such thing as being to big and not being able to supply the organ with a good flow of blood, what alot of people dont understand is that some large men have problems keeping an erection, yes alot of the porn guys do, but the only thing they shot are the scences with full erections.
3330 February 2, 2006

Simply stated, I think this site is a real joke. I think it is simply a front to exploit sensitive male issues and then manipulate them to buy penis enhancement products. The "scientific" aspects have no scientific worth and the debate is nothing more than people addicted to soft porn and pubescent like testimonies. In my mind, when you truly find someone you love, penis and breast size is irrelevant.

In regard to societal issues, I think the focus on having a larger penis or breasts is destructive. First, it reinforces the image that "real" men should have larger penises and "real" women should have big breasts - it treats people as sex objects. All people are more than sexual objects and should be treated as more. Second, and as a consequence to the first, it makes men with smaller-penises and women with smaller breasts feel "less than" and contributes to a winner and loser rat race society. It also causes very real self-esteem harm. Third, it creates more competition in which men measure up against each other and women stack-up against each other, and those who lose, due to no fault of their own, are then labeled as "less than." Fourth, I think plastic surgeons and silly enhancement products are used to exploit men and women and make money off of their vulnerabilities.

Further, there is no debate here at all - it is not a debate site, it is nothing more than a soft porn site for mindless and docile people. If anyone wants to have a real non perverted back and forth challenging debate on whether penis or breast size really matters - and the harmfulness of this pubescent developmental thinking - you are welcome to e-mail me at flashskeletal@yahoo.com
3331 February 2, 2006

All you guys feeling insecure about your size. Do a google search for thundersplace. Free and it works. Read, learn and then read some more. Worked for me and has for lots of others.

You won't regret it. I know my wife hasn't. :)
3332 February 3, 2006

just a guy:
i have a big dick. the girl that i have been in love with since high school left me for a mixed asian guy. she said that hi cock was really small. ever since we had been going out in high school she keeps comming back to me over and over. she has had a couple of boyfriends since me but she always comes back to me. sometimes she comes back for only one day and hooks up with me, other times she comes back for a few months. i dont have the biggest dick of all the guys shes dated though. she said when she was younger there was one really huge guy. she also said that it was all he had going for him though. back when i didnt relize that my dick was big i was insecure about it, but it was just an extention of my other insecuritys, all of which i relized were unfounded. when i would ask her about my dick she could tell i was insecure and would tease me about it so i thought it was small. even though she would say things that contradicted that when we would hook up. when i asked her about it later when i had realized that it was big and gotten over my other insecurities she was like, no i just wanted to see what you would do if i told you that. i guess it was the same way i would like to make her feel insecure sometimes just to know that i could. now that we are older though i dont ask her about it but she will sometimes volunteer a comment about it like you have a large wang or something, but i dont need her to tell me that. she goes to college in maryland and last time she was here i asked her why she always breaks up with her boyfriend and comes back to me. she said that she just isnt attracted to other guys the way she is me. with the attraction though she usually leaves because i'm less mature than her, i'm 2 years younger. theres always guys with money who are already out of college with good jobs trying to get her to be their girlfriend. she is pretty impaitent sometimes. i'm not insecure about it anymore because i know that she truly loves me and if i can get my act togeather then she will be with me, and while w
e are still ex's at this point i think, the point of the story is that it dosent matter if you have a big dick unless you can be a sucessful and good person then you wont get what you want. i have to be honest though, it did feel good the times she cheated on two of her boyfriend with me telling me that i'm bigger than he is and i do want to fuck all of the wives and girlfriends of men with small dicks. i feel like men with small dicks dont deserve to have sex. it's just so sexy to take some guy's girlfriend from behind knowing that he cant measure up.
3333 February 3, 2006

this is what your woman wants:
3334 February 3, 2006

tiny sausage:
My penis isbetween 3 and 3.5 inches when fully aroused. So is that to small to be felt?
I think it is alright in thickness about two fingers thick
Ladies, were my ex girlfriends just teasing me saying "are you in yet?" etc or is it true is my length an issue?
The only advantage for women in my mind is that the toilet seat is always down. I find it better to sit when soft as one inch is difficult to grip without getting wet fingers.
3335 February 3, 2006

how do you measure a penis that sticks straight up in the air?
3336 February 4, 2006

im a 43 f and ive seen my share i cocks long thick short skinny and yes after a long fat one it isnt the same you have a hard time forgetting the feeling and excitement you shared with that person i know i cant i feel bad for the guys that try so hard to make up for the size loss with a girl that actuall enjoyed one but remember some DONT and enjoy it i have a few that shared experiences that didnt like it but me personaly i love it my son has been depresed because he has a small one hes 22yrs old and shared his pain with me that a girl he liked told him his cock was to small after veiwing it 5" very thin i told him it was small but there are girls who dont mind a small one i hope for his sake hes heart broken about this
3337 February 4, 2006

African american penises are biggest because they were bread as slaves for 400 years to be large, the same way horses are bread, or dogs.  This is not a racist statement, it is fact.  Can you compare any US basketball team to any on the continent of Africa?

"Blacks" don't have the biggest dicks, American slave bread ones do.  Again, compare ALL OF AFRICA, to one ghetto in the US.

The largest Africans were braought over, the largest and strongest survived the ride, the largest were made to mate to have large offspring to work in the fields.

So is it "blacks"?  no.  African american blacks... yes.
3338 February 5, 2006

I'm an average women who has been with an average ammount of men of all sizes. My current boyfriend is barely pushing 5 inches but I could care less because I get a -good- for + orgasms per play, that? And I love him to death.
3339 February 6, 2006

Unbelieveable.  I am 36 and with a man who feels insecure about his penis size.  I have had A LOT of sex with A LOT of men and this is truly the first time I have considered the seriousness of penis size.  I've always thought men ridiculous to be worried about their penis size.  I mean, what gets me is having the stimulation around my vagina, on my clitoris, bites on my VERY TINY breasts and moans and groans.  I do recall a very large partner and I remember thinking, "This is awkward and I can't quite get a good angle here..."  The point I'm really trying to make is this:  Now I understand that a man's penis size is really HIS issue. (It's not my job to reassure him he's worthy.  It's not my job to correct the relationship he has with his body.  That's his work and he can do it.)  I can almost imagine a brute male power feeling while holding one's large penis.  Maybe some biological survival gig.  I feel more empathetic toward the feelings of my man (I don't want to say he has a small penis because I really don't fucking know.  My God, I am sure he has it measured like most of you.  How small is small, etc?).  However, what I do notice about him is that he holds it sadly.  He has not made love to his penis with confidence.  He touches it with, dare I say...hatred?  If he would hold that cock and stroke it and know that it is beautiful and enjoy his erection, then my God, I would think it larger than life.  I am pretty certain that is why I haven't paid attention to penis size before.  I am certain it is experienced by me by the way a man loves his penis.  I sincerely believe if a man with a huge cock believed his to be unworthy or "wrong" in any way shape or form, then he would also hold it with displeasure and bring it to the bedroom with fear and hatred, and the feeling would be weak, miserably limpand tingling with shame..all inside the harder outer shell, and finally small and shriveled, like a huge ogre without any respect for his being. So, it's true, size does matter to women.  Get over hating your penis, take pleasure in having it sucked and licked and dipped, ask us what we want, tell us what you want, and blow us away with that load of confidence and gratitude for having such a beautiful piece of anatomy!
3340 February 6, 2006

I'm in my mid 20's and I measure at 9x6.5, and I feel for me, the size is perfect.  I find that women look at my bulge often, and thats great because I love fucking women.  I mainly like fucking married women because they just want the fun, and no other shit that goes with it.  There is no feeling like fucking some other mans wife, and ramming her in a way her husband will never be able to do.  So for all of you whiney, small dicked men out there, chances are your wives, or girlfriends are getting some on the side with men who think like I do.
3341 February 6, 2006

new info:
in regards to page 30. and 31. IF you walk around with a huge bulge all the time cause you minimum dink or wang is at least 5x5 or 6x 5 that is great and it may happen that women see it and you get some. However the reality is, MALES ARE THE ONES THAT SEE YOUR PENIS WHEN IT IS SOFT AND WOMEN SEE IT WHEN IT IS HARD. That is self explanatory! Believe i have dated supermodels and had threesomes with pornstar quality chicks, and never once did it start with , wow nice bulge it is on. of course when you are making out, you get hard of course, fill in the blanks
3342 February 7, 2006

Northern breed:
I just kind off bumped into this site, quite amusing and baffling at times. Whether you have an average dick or not, thing is women want lots of foreplay and stating power. What that really has to do with size, I'll never know. Instead of measuring yourselves up, try this, See if you can make out for a few hours( with breaks of course ) without blowing your wad. Stop screwing like mad men and pay attention to them,
Chances are, if you acheive this, She'll be buying the beers! Cheers
3343 February 7, 2006

this is all bull shit, since no medicine to improve your size , cone and scam artists will have a chance to f***and talk about. It is hereditery and no cure for your small dick, if girls with small breast attract and make you come, small penise should make her cum, she is not gonna have it in to her stomachm only vulva need pressure and thrust, this builds up as you do it in the outer layer, not too deep inside, but just like some men like big boobs or hanging skinny one, some women like the bigger mega cock and some small skinny one. Nothing big about the size, but what you do with it is important....
3344 February 7, 2006

In project cock we have no size.:
I am a bi man, and I have been with both men and woman. My last boyfriend was 9 inches but I was thicker then he was. I am about 7 and 1/2 myslef, and 3 fingers thick. It is more about the girth then length for me and also with some of the woman I have talked to. Even though a large cock is nice, sometimes it can be a pain in the ass. Everyone has to find what works for them. What pleases one individual may not be enough to fill another, and what may seem like just enough may be too much. so it goes.
3345 February 8, 2006

yea...i got a big problem.....my dick is 12 inch long n 6.75 inch girth....i'm affraid 2 be labelled as sex appeal when there's gurls around...n i don't wear any underwear coz it's feel uncomfortable.....and the shape of my gun is so obvious between my tight...n they juz keep smiling among them.....yeah...i've fucked 2 of them ...and they said that my dick is so huge.........the biggest they ever seen....yeah ..i believe that u think that i juz made up all this thing...it's up 2 u...but sometimes i feel uncomfortable when old women keep staring at my tight when in train or somewhere else....everywhere i went i have fucked at least 3 gurls,depends on my mood....
3346 February 8, 2006

I have read these postings (not all) but, many. I am a guy of 8" X 5 1/4" or there abouts (per my last lady friend. She was open with me in discussion about penis size. She said she had been with a few guys that were a little larger but, could not perform. I asked what that meant? She replied that they thought making love was about how deep they could go rather then having a dual orgasm and equally satisfying sexual arousement.
Since being single I have been with 10 woman and each one of them said they had not orgasmed with a man for years. I found that interesting.
So seems that (the woman I have been with) all have a need to find a pleasurable multi-orgasm then just a (large dick up my pussy). I am generally bigger then what these woman want and have to be careful with them but, I've found if you work at making her orgasm then she wants more of you. I also believe that having a huge penis hurts woman and the majority of these (huge cocks) you see are from erotic sites on the internet. If you go to these sites you might want to look at the faces of these guys (seems their in a lot of sites) 10-14 inch cock is highly unusual and not pleasant for the majority of woman, unless they are a PORN QUEEN or a COCK WHORE or a PRO.
3347 February 8, 2006

  It most accurately describes a man's view on a woman's apparent requirement for Dirk Diggler. 
Look at the average promiscuous girl these days...
Ever notice the ones who claim they "need x amount of inches" are usually those thickass, hip hop girls who are borderline fat or definitely fat?  Just look at her jiggly arms and her gut.  mmmm.  NO WONDER THEY NEED A SUMMER SAUSAGE FOR PLEASURE.
WOMEN ARE INDEED  LAAAAAAAZZZZZYYY. They wouldn't do a Kegel exercise if it killed them because it goes along with the cultural norm for a woman to sit back and wait for the man to "Take care of her". 
Just go back to your gossippy conversations about who is hung or not, fatasses.  We honestly don't care if we please you or not.  We just want to hold your lard-filled tits for about 20 minutes, drop a yolk on your chest and then figure out the fastest way to get you the fuck out of our apartments!
3348 February 8, 2006

Response to 3287 ,1/ 21/06:
"She'sWithMeNow guys:
What does that have to do with whether her bigger ex was better in bed to her or not? Just because you hav qualities she likes about you that her ex didn't have, why does that automatically mean to you that his bigger meat wasn't better to her in bed? Where do you males get this logic? "

I think the logic is: her ex wasn't so amazingly good that it overrides everything the new man has to offer. Think of it this way: he is with her now doesn't mean she is better in bed or her vagina is tighter and  better, but she might have more qualities than his ex and those qualities are more important than her vagina or bedroom skills.

Men want women and women want men.
3349 February 9, 2006

To Mary S,posting 3296:
Have you ever thought of a vaginal reduction or exercises, then you could feel more pleasure from more men and probably give them more pleasure(men like sex too) and probably better feeling orgasms? I have found that some women feel great, others are all right, but some are boring. Perhaps the last mentioned need big ones in order to provide the man with a lot of pleasure.
3350 February 9, 2006

uuuuuuu uuuuuu uuuuu:
To Reality check.

There are plenty of men with women who have dissatisfactory vaginas and what's more there always have been. Are you telling me that, before vaginal exercise were formulated, say in Victorian times, when women had many children, their vaginas returned to an almost virginal state, thereby always pleasing their husbands? No, but often, though not always, men stayed loyal -and still do so- to their wives, because sex was not the be all and end all.

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