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3251 January 9, 2006

penis enlargements:
i have been beating my meat since i was 12years old. i am 41 years old now. my cock is 7" fully hard. if i had never beat my meat, i would probably be about 4", so small dick guys, choke that chicken everyday!!!
3252 January 9, 2006

Thanks for the entertainment, it's hillarious. The fact is men care about breast size as much as women care about penis size. Yes a man will google a woman with large breasts like they are novalties. I am sure that a woman has a similar interest in a man with a large penis because it is a novelty also. I have never heard a man say that he would not date a woman because she has small breasts although I am sure it happens occasionally. I have also never heard of a woman who would not date or marry a man because he has a small penis although I'm sure that happens occassionally too. There is much more to sex and love-making that just ramming it in with a full 9 inches although I am sure some women like that sometimes. My point is, your article lacks any kind of common sense and you treat us all like a bunch of primates whose only purpose in life is to ejaculate into as many women as possible. Although I can think of a small minority of people who fit into that classification. The scariest thing about this article is that you assume everyone with a big penis is somehow genetically superior to everyone else. Would a guy with an IQ of 50 and a predisposition to any host of serious illnesses who has a large penis be appointed the task of carrying on our future generations just because he has a big penis? There is so much more at work in our evolution than that. I also assure you there are many married men with families who have small penises and his children may also grow to have small penises and reproduce. I think all in all the only thing that can be said is that yes, I am sure some women prefer big penises.Did you even pass grade 9 science? oh, sorry, you probably have a masters degree. But i must thank you again, I found it all very entertaining. And yes, my penis is less than average but it works just fine.
3253 January 9, 2006


I respect Ed and the service he does for men (anguished and otherwise) in this "debate," but in spite of that I have to say that his site is just a little ridiculous. It's fun to pretend and men like to fantasize about their women with other, more potent males with a sort of sadistic appetite, but I think everyone who reads here has become sadly out of touch with the world, detached from reality. Given everything that happens, penis size is probably the minutest issue that can concern an individual (male or female). Do you think starving children in Africa care about penis size? Do you think soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan think about penis size at night when their lives could end in an instant? Innocents in war torn nations couldn't care less about penis size. There is, believe it or not, a grand scheme of things in which this debate has no place. Men, please don't worry. If you're small, you can be the little guy that your lover had that summer; if you're big (if your massive, whatever), you'll be the big guy that your lover was with that one time. If you're just right for the woman you're with, then you will be the perfect guy that she had, and she'll judge men by you for the rest of her life. You can be attractive (physically, mentally and socially) and with a 6 inch penis, you can do a hell of a lot. You can have a buxom, blonde girlfriend. There's no shortage of pretty women in the world, my friends. They're all looking for a man. If you give them the time, you'll do great. Be confident and be cool. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy life. In the end, penis size doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Come on, get real, do you really think that you can't enjoy a healthy sex life with what you've been given? This goes for any man. Answer the question honestly. Don't forget, it could easily be worse.

This site is amusing, but don't take it to heart. And, for God's sake, don't let it govern your life's decisions. To do so is to be weak.
3254 January 9, 2006

Very Usefull information on this site, I have allways been a little shy with my penis size but now I feel much better! I ended up on the larger side of medium. It works for my wife who has a small vagina! (told by 3 different doctors)! Thanks for the info!
3255 January 10, 2006

you write much shit on your site man. For example you say it is instinct to look for a well sized Penis. But that is only half true. Well sized means from nature and so from instinct to look for a Penis of 5 to 7 inch. More hurts women and less will not satisfy her. Nature has give Humans and animals the an Instinct to survive in nature. and the Instinct says the Human to look for normal things for example a man of 1.80 metres to 1,90 metres, because Instinct was given us from Nature that Instinct says us to like the normal things of nature so also normal sized shoe size, not too big and not too short - the same thing it is with the Penis size. Only very rare women like to have sex with a cock 8 inch or bigger because first it hurts if you are not very carefull and secondly it is against the human instinct.
3256 January 10, 2006

I have a small dick.  I have never had a woman complain.  I can make any woman cum!  Sure I would like a big unit.  Not for the woman but just to feel proud of it and display it proudly to her!
3257 January 10, 2006

women with deep pussy like bigger dicks and guys with small dicks dont like deep pussy
3258 January 12, 2006

Why dont you guys do like me. Marry a Virgin, dont let he see porn movies, and tell her that your ding dong is the best thing that has happened to her. Its worked for me.
3259 January 12, 2006

Buy stocks in the Penis-Health enlargement program!  ED ensures profits!  Hit it while its hot!:
First of all, I would just like to congratulate ED.  ED may have produced the world's most ingenious marketing campaign ever in the history of human kind... although I also like the old Burger King ads from the 1980s where the grandma asks, "Where's the beef?"  Anyways, you're a lot better rhan my marketing professor at USC.  I bet you could get a teaching job there if you wanted...  Oh wait, you're not a genius, you're just a ruthless asshole that distorts information and has no qualms about making men want to kill themselves as long as it keeps the money comin in!  Well at least you study 15th century literature a lot... Machiavelli anyways.  Maybe you could teach political science.    Besides, how distorted could your information be? I mean, you have trouble getting laid,  so it's obviously because your dick is not over 7 inches right?  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm picturing ED as a looka-like to Kip from the movie Napolean Dynamite, hunched over his computer trying to meet hot chicks in internet chatrooms.  "Baby, describe your pussy lips to me... Are they large and loose, and hanging out like the pictures from that website I gave you a link to?  If so, I just want you to know that its very feminine, and it allows me to determine that you are in fact a woman."  There are so many scientific inaccuracies in your "research", that I do not have the time to go over them--and no I'm not just saying that.  Besides, I guarentee someone has already refuted or will refute most of these inaccuracies at some point.  In all of these thousands of posts there must have been some smart people that bothered to write them.

Anyways, besides taking the great opportunity to make fun of the ingenious (possibly dickless and definitely excited by talk of big dicks) ED, I actually have a question I need ladies to answer...
How can you ladies possibly determine a man's penis size so accurately (as ED seems to think) by looking at the "bulge" in a man's pants?  I mean, maybe older generations just wear really tight pants, but from my experience, guys generally wear pants way too loose to show what lies beneath with any accuracy.  This is a topic that has always fascinated me.  I remember sitting in class in high school and having a girl laugh and ask, "Are you excited to see me" (while pointing at my crotch).  The funny thing was that I didn't have an erection, and it was the crotch seams and zipper that gave me the appearance of having a boner.  I have often noticed girls sitting next to me that I had been flirting with stare at my crotch out of the corner of their eye, while I pretended not to notice.  Usually in these circumstances, I would notice that my jeans or kakis (or whatever I would happen to be wearing) would be misleadingly tented out at the crotch.  I of course would not flatten my pants in front of her and would hide any humiliation I felt.  But it has always made me wonder how women interpret the clothed and hidden penis.  I have noticed other men also teased about having an erection before they flattened out their pants.  This, plus the fact that my package (and I assume most mens') hangs down rather than out, leads me to wonder how a woman could get an accurate estimation under ordinary circumstances.  I mean, granting that men are wearing boxers (or whatever else they choose) and not freeballing, most swinging of the package is hidden and slowed my the two layers worn.  Now I am only average (6.3 inch), but I find it hard to believe that sizes even closes to this are easily revealed to women.  Peter North's I'm sure is; but for the majority of men, I don't believe it.  Anyways, I really would like to read women's opinion on this.  I'm sorry this was so long...
By the way Ed, there were many ancient cultures that worshiped the phallus.  They made huge statues of penises, and devoted festivals and shrines to them.  Some of these traditions still exist to a small degree in some parts of the world.  I suggest you start a phallus cult here in America.  That way, you can have evolutionarily fit men with 7 inch+ cocks gather to stroke each other's egos off while also passing their evolutionarily fit big penis genes on to naturally fickle women in a ritual orgy (after all, the women want their sons to have big penises too).  In addition, a few select men with small penises will be allowed to pass their genes on too to make sure that the penises in America's gene pools don't get too big.  I guess the penis doesn't follow the normal dominant/recessive DNA rules; it compromises.  Finally, for the grand finale of all rituals, a crowd of small endowed men can be rounded up (by observient female crotch spotters) and brought to a field where they can commit ritual suicide.  Mating is humankind's one purpose, and since these men can't satisfy women, there is really no point to them living.  They tried to be happy by just getting themselves off during sex, but word quickly spread by female gossip, and soon they were no longer able to have sex with anyone other than Janet Reno.  Thus, they would rather die.  But what if all those things (and much more) weren't true?  Would all of that be neccessary...
3260 January 13, 2006

There absolutely can be a downside to being large.  Some posters here have had problems with being too long ... I'm too thick. 
I measure 7-1/2" long and just over 9" around in thickness (actually, even a bit more at the base ... around 9-1/4 in circumference). 

What really is now a HUGE part of the problem is that I have a *very* difficult time coming to orgasm. 
I achieve orgasm only about once out of every 15 or 20 sessions I have intercourse (this is sometimes having nearly a MONTH of sex without me coming!!!)

Up to my early 30's (I'm now 43) I had no real problem with achieving orgasm ... but since about 35 or so it's gradually gotten to be a serious problem in my relatinships. 

I get it up just fine (hard as a rock actually, and I'm horny all the time)... I just can't seem to "get over the top" ... even after an hour or more of continuous thrusting (me on the bottom on longer duration sessions).  This is all while sometimes using quite a bit of lube to keep my partner comfortable enough to stay with it.

In my teens and twenties I would occasionally have relations with girls who had some difficulty with my size (even though I always took a lot of time getting them turned on and wet {I love eating pussy})... but now, my size combined with the amount of time I need to take is constantly creating a problem.  Over the past 5 or so years the 7 partners I've had have ALL had problems with soreness.

Now, for the past half year the girl I'm seeing is 53 yrs old and she is starting to lose her ability to get and stay as lubricated as she once could ... her wetness seems to get a bit thin after a short while (so I'm using even more lube with her).
We're finding that once she gets sore, even if we wait for a couple days, she gets quickly and painfully sore again after we do it for even a short while (which pisses her off to no end).  She's seen her gyno about it but there is nothing unusual in her examination.

Now, she feels the problem is her fault ... not turning me on enough to make me cum ... but that is NOT the case at all she is 5'foot3"  110lbs on a tiny, tiny frame, 34dd ... she totally turns me on!  ... she is a 53 yr old with the body of a 35 yr old and so cute and sweet and pretty. 
She doesn't understand how I get a full erection just gently kissing her yet I have such a difficult time cumming during intercourse. 
And the knowledge that I've had the same damn problem with at least the last 5 relationships doesn't help her to feel any better about it.

... and, at the risk of this whole thing sounding comedic, she is also very orgasmic and has always been so.  She comes within 5 or so minutes of my thrusting and often cums hard 10 times or more in a 45 minute or hour long session and has smaller rolling orgasms throughout... (this is *not* meant to be a "funny" story)

My doctor has had no good suggestions (other than for me not to masturbate at all on the chance that I am making myself even further desensatized ... not ANY help!!!)

If I wasn't as thick as I am I wouldn't have part of the problem.
This problem is RIDICULOUS.

I am F R U S T R A T E D!!!!!
3261 January 13, 2006

Head Case:
I've been with about 60 women in my 25 years of non-virginity (lost 10 years of that time due to marriage).  While no woman I've ever been with has ever given me even a hint that she wasn't satisfied with my dick size I am now in a full-blown mid-life crisis over the size of my dick.  It recently started because my current girlfriend who claims to only have had 3 previous lovers (was married too)hinted that she had experienced a large cock.  She won't fess up to how large it was. It's driving me nuts!  I am now going out and banging everything I can get in order to prove to myself I'm a ladies man.  I measure about 6 inches and am semi-thick at the base.  This has never been an issue for me until the last 6 months.  While I know I'm "average", and don't consider myself "small", I long to have a few more inches under my belt.  Most of the white guys I see in porn movies have about the same size I do, so that makes me feel better.  I'm thinking about entering a counseling program in order for me to deal with this head trip I'm on.
3262 January 13, 2006

id have to say size helps alot my first times where with guys from 4-6 1/2" long and fairly thin considering im a small person 4'10" 85lbs my first time i was 12 and i could get my fingers around the guys i had sex with but i did enjoy my self lol when i was 13 i went to visit my dad in cali he worked all the time one of the boys down the street was 16yrs old and was flirting with me all the time. i told a freind on the phone that a older boy was flirting with me she said go for it i said he was really tall at the time i was maybe 4'8" 70lbs she laugh and said he probly has a big cock are you scared i laugh saying no she asked what the biggest i had till then was i told her the sizes and she said go for it youll like it if he does well i mett up with him it was a disapointment he didnt seem any bigger and it was funny he was so dam tall like 6'2" and only 6" maybe i only know it wasnt bigger than one of the short guys i was with i ended up living in cali with my dad i didnt know my mom was trying to pass me off anyways it was cool but i was on a hunt for a big cock and fucked every guy i could till i found my first he was 16 and wow 9 1/2" long and 2" wide we was smoking pot it was a few days before school started and i had been sucking his cock for about a week eveyday till my mouth hurt finally i asked when he was going to fuck me he said i was to little to fuck i laugh and said well i wasnt to little to let suck you cock he asked r you sure i told him i wanted a big cock he had been eating my pussy so i was really hot n ready for sex he positioned me  and lead his huge fat thick cock head into me i gulped repositioning my self to pressure of his cock was intense and i wasnt going to let him know how it hurt even more than my first time he was really tall and his chest was over my face i hid my face there grinding my teeth and making OOOHHH faces that hurt my mouth it was intense i was so streached out he said i felt so dam hot and tight "i was thinking tight shit i  had fucked 23 different guys in under a year tight but i knew he wasnt lying i felt a nice snug fitt like i was full and complete he kept pumping away and before long i had consumed every thing he had to give but he did have a great amout of energy and power to give me and he did like no other had and we had sex for hours we lost track of time and my dad came home and caught us on the floor in our living room him pounding away and me taking it going wild screaming how big it was my dad sceamed my mate jumped up and ran out of the house my dad seeing the guys huge dong swinging around my dad was pissed for a few days called me a slut we didnt talk for a week he wouldnt let me see my new lover and then he sat me down and said well i cant send you to your moms and i dont want to but if i tell you not to see him you still will {he was right i was already and he made me admit it}he then told me hed make an apointment to get me on the  pill he appoligized for calling me a slut but said that seeing that guys size lol what came to mind we laugh and eventually talked about sex telling him all about my exp and his blown away expression after peeking in on him naked i knew he was probly self consious to his size lol and that my being open and honest about my exp had helped answer questions be honest im 26yrs old now and married to a great lover only 7 1/2" long but we swing so it helps my appitite when i get a nice 9-11" cock yes size matters but love is important more trust me  love renee xoxoxoxo
3263 January 14, 2006

"vienna" guy:
I hate life itself.  My lil guy is like 2.5 erect, i'm not going to even say my flaccid state. I can't keep a girlfriend because of this.  Everything is all fine until it comes time to whip "lil charlie" out. When its time to have sex I first usually get close up on a mirror with my comb and smack my penis until it swells up a little and them come out ready for action, the only problem is that its really hurt and doesn't get erect. One girl offered to give me a blow job but i refused, she caught me peeing and saw my lil guy and smacked the hell out of me for wasting her time with a "little dick"...So now what am I just supposed I should go around and lure helpless little squirrells into my house and try to fuck the brains out of them, I have to have some pussy soon or somebody's gonna get hurt.  I jack off all the time but my fingers get tired from the "holding the joint"(weed) position. I think i might need a midget woman or someone with a small pussy, this shit is crazy.
I tried to stretch my penis by tieing it to my bathroom door and slamming the door shut...that shit almost snatched my nuts off....thats the other thing my balls are big as hell. I have huge nuts but a small ass dick, they say I can't even use a penis pump because my nuts will get sucked in.  I'm thinking about going to the pet store and getting me an animal that I can train to let me fuck all the time, I need pussy bad.

Comment from ED:

I don't know if you are serious about the size of your dick. Either way, it was funny like hell. Cracked me up!

3264 January 14, 2006

I like penis size fact #17. Really, how long did it take you to figure out that most men are of average size?
3265 January 15, 2006

You guys are so pathetic making up bullshit sizes so everyone is impressed. Your a bunch of losers. I'm 6.5 inches and proud. Its all I need I was told once by a girl I was her best root ever. Good enough for me!
3266 January 16, 2006

woo woo:
I had the experienc of my life. I recently came upon a wonderful woman with a large labia. she thought something was wrong with her for having a large labia. well, I discovered the joys of working that labia. It is the best thing for me since slice bread. I truly enjoy and love this woman.  However, I cannot lie, I love the joy and the sweet satisfaction that I get from her wonderful Labia
3267 January 16, 2006

not long:
my penis is too wide for mt girl friends hole. then she told me that when i finally got it in i was limp from takeing so long. Then she told me that i have a fat penis but a little dick
3268 January 17, 2006

I just stumbled on this forum while looking for information on if men like large pussy lips. I have to say something here, I have never been with a man who I would consider small, even at 5 inches. I am a petite woman who has phat juicy pussy lips but a small opening. Personaly I do not like cocks over 7 as they tend to hit on my cervix and hurt. Men need to realize that porn makes normal men feel insecure, women too, I mean if you come up to me with a 10 incher I am going to run away as I am not into pain all that much. And you guys need to understand what the meaning of a tight pussy is. The wetter the puss the more open to you it is, if it is dryer of course it will feel tighter, but the trade off is the woman is probably not all that aroused by you. Besides a womans pussy will tighten around your cock as she gets ready to cum. Now in no way should you not be able to feel something a girl should feel soft and wet, until those muscles clamp down, and 5 inches is just fine for getting a girl off, just learn how to work it. Dont just ram the thing in there, put the head of it right at the opening when she is all wet and excited, and slowly work it in a little, not all the way at first, then back off a little and do it again, then work deeper. And always remember to ask her what she likes. 5 or 6 inches can feel like 10 if you do it right. Well just a womans point of veiw, and forget about girls who think anything less than 7 is small, they are cock whores who probably cant have an orgasam even with a huge dick.
3269 January 17, 2006

garry sanders:
why do latino guys have very small dicks? can someone answer that...LOL
3270 January 17, 2006

řęm :
Hi I am married to a man with a nice 7inch by 2 inch Penis I am 41 years old he is 59 years old.I have had sex with 4 others before my hubby and they had smaller pensis's and did nothing for me.When i meet my hubby i thought OMG thats gonna fit lol... sure enough it Just did ....wow the feelings I got was  and still is AMAZEING. I had my first Orgasim with my hubby what a feeling...I never knew wow...HE loves the way I just cum all over his Penis and it drips down his leg while were haveing sex yes we leave a puddle in the bed.He loves Playing with me while were haveing sex which in turn Turns me on more and more we use vibrators to what a added bonus to our Love makeing. a Vibrator makes you have orgasims outside and in turn you can easly have 1 inside to... hightens your sex drive to cause he feels it to .we Love to share our feelings with eachother and for once  i never thought a man could Turn my butt on as how my hubby does .. Guys if you just have Plain sex and no play you don't know what your missing either does your partner .
3271 January 17, 2006

can a big penis fit into a small women who is 4'10.5?
3272 January 17, 2006

I have a 7" penis and it is about 5" in girth when it is erect.  When it is erect it also curves to the left slightly.  Not that bad but enough to be noticble.  Do girls care if it is curved?
3273 January 17, 2006

I have about a 5.5" x 5.0" penis and have slept with about 15-20 women.  Almost every girl I've ever been with says that I'm just perfect.  I trust that their repsonses are honest because they freely admit the penis size of the other men that they slept with.  Most women seem to have been with at least one guy who was between 7" and 8".  But they obviously left that guy to be with somebody else, right?  So I think anything over let's say 6.5" or 7" is just too uncomfortable to have pleasurable sex.
3274 January 18, 2006


I want to know am i hung. Comments from Ladies only please

3275 January 18, 2006

Mine is 7 3/4"  long and 9 1/4" around. I try to bind everything in my shorts to minimize the buldge and wear loose pants.  There are clothes I am not successful with and there is a huge buldge.  It get's embarrassing standing in front of people and when I am sitting it is very obvious.  Women are curious and sometimes I am asked directky to show it to women. They get excited, but say you are not putting that in me!  It gets embarassing in shower and locker rooms and I get comments from guys.  I get oral and manual sex from women but but rarely able to insert it far in their vaginas.  I use Trojan magmum XL and that id too tight.  I special order condums from condomania, but they are very expensive. Some guys think super hung would be great, but you are better off average.
3276 January 18, 2006

hi im 18 and for the longest time ive had issues with my size (7in long just under 6 in circumfrance) and although this site didnt make me feel a whole hell of a lot better it did tell the truth, and it did help me, and at the same time it didnt over inflate my ego so that i would think that i was really big and be dissipointed if i was ever told i wasnt, as for all the guys who are saying bad things about this site its only because of what the site says, your trying to compensate for your own size, all the comments left by women have been saying that the site is fairly acurate to totaly true so that says something right there. So thank you again.
3277 January 18, 2006





This has gotta be some of the most brilliant stuff I've ever read.  Well, brilliant along the lines of complete honesty.  Something I've been freaking starving to hear for a long time!
    I looked around for countless hours on the internet for opinions about wether or not the penis size thing was equal to the breast size thing.  My theory was that muscular physique was an equal to breasts (that the bigger the muscles the more aroused she gets to look at the guy, just like the bigger the breasts the more aroused I get when I look at a girl), and I figured that since I"m not very attracted to vagina's (atleast the inner parts) that women are not very attracted to penises (I've read that both vagina's and penises are widely considered ugly)so I figured it was a pretty good assumption to make.
    That on a woman (since she doesnt have muscles to attract the opposite sex) she's got boobs.  And my theory was that most of the pure sex appeal of a woman is concentrated in the breasts (therefore a great deal of her raw sex appeal is determined by the size of those breasts), and that , for guys, the sex appeal was spread out over the entire body through the muscular physique (the bigger those muscles, the more aroused she gets).  Both sexes have a good percentage of their sex appeal in the volume of the butt (more butt, more sex appeal) more breast, more sex appeal, and more muscle more sex appeal.  And I thought this was a good theory on my part because I've looked at calenders/pictures of male models ect. and they never show the penis (so I figured it wasnt important in determining the guys sexiness) but the models were all very muscular (not like Swarrggenagger) but they all have good solid muscular bodies.  So I assumed this was one of the main factors. 

But I guess I was dead wrong.  Yeah women like muscles, but apparently they dont find them sexually arousing the way men do breasts.  And I knew it had to be one or the other (muscles or the penis) that women judged the way men judge breasts.  And I guess its mostly the penis now after my research.  So to my suprise a guys sex appeal is even more concentrated then breasts (in a relatively small part of the body the PENIS!)  So the bigger that penis, the more aroused she gets when looking at it.
(and it seems like flaccid size matters allmost as much as erect size to women, from what I've read)

    I never gave my own penis size a lot of worry when I was younger (I'm now 20) however I do remember nearly all of the occasions I thought, and worried a little bit about it.  When I used to put sweat pants on, and underwear on, I allways felt somewhat a little "less" about my penis when it didnt fill much of the underwear up, and didnt create any "bulge" in my pants (somehow I knew women loved that) And this is like when I was 10 before puberty.  I remember thinking how lucky I was to be a guy with a small penis, wrather then a girl with small breasts, because it was hidden away in my pants where girls couldnt see it, but a girls boob size is allways easy to tell, and judge.  I worried about wearing swim trunks many times (because of what I percieved as a small flaccid weener on my bones) And felt self conscious about it when getting out of the water, and allways tried to pull the trunks from sticking to my body so as not to let the others see my dick.  And man this was back when I was like 9 or 10!  I allways really wanted to look at other guys dicks out of curiosity, to compare, but that just seems like something gay guys would do, so I never did. But, my point of all this is that (like the brilliant author said) guys allready know, subconsciously, that it matters.  And just think about it....that has to be true because how else would a straight man ever BECOME gay in the first place.  If the information wasn't built in to his DNA, then how would he ever know to be attracted to penises in the first place when he became homosexual?  My own little thought. 

But, man!, after reading through tons of sights that discuss the penis size thing, I've grown tired of the FUCKING stupidly dishonest, and misleading crap answers from tons of women (like a lot of examples you have on this sight) "OH, it doesnt matter, as long as you love the guy, and he's got a great personality"  (think about that, the girl basically just said that penis size is soooo important to her, that the only things that matter more are love, and personality!)  So if the girl reversed that "If the guy doesnt have a great personality, and I dont love him a whole lot, then YES OMG DOES IT MATTER!"  And this is talking ingredients for a good relationship, not just having sex, and penis size (as I"ve read many times) rates in like the top 5 things about a guy that a woman looks for in a "personal relationship" !!!   yeah gee...doesnt sound like its of much importance (you fucking lying sack of shit sex experts!!!)

 you see, women can be dishonest more honestly about penises then men can about breast, because penises serve as both visual attraction, and vaginal sensations.  So when you ask a girl if it matters, then (even if they love the look of a big penis) can say crap about the vaginal sensations "there arent many nerves 2 inches into the vagina" ect....and they never mention how they feel about the visual side of them.  And then they're the reverse when they say "yeah big ones can be "fun" to look at, but you dont really need a big one in the vagina"  You read enough of this crap, you come to the obvious conclusion that penis size is a huge issue among women, and that it matters more then you would ever imagine (both visually, and vaginally). 

so does penis size matter to you?
"oh well, not really, if you're Brad Pitt, Tom cruise, and Orlando Blumm combined, and have more money then Bill Gates, with the best personality, and charm around, with a 5 1/2 inch by 5 inch penis , then I would take you ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over the elephant man with a 6 inch by 5 1/2 inch penis" ...and its like you think the girls gonna say something like "on the other hand if the elephant man had a 6 and a HALF inch penis!"  hahahah omg!  Are comments like these supposed to make men think that penis size doesnt matter to women? wtf!...?

or the famous one on this site "penis size doesnt matter at all! some of the worst people in the world could be well endowed, but I for one would not want to have sex with them" (wow...so penis size is sooo unimportant that the only way you wouldnt drool over a guy with a big penis is if they were Adolf Hitler, or Saddam, or Bin ladin) ugh! spare me...I suppose if I was a women, and I said that about penis size I might feel good about myself for thinking i'm making men feel better about themselves.  But I think a site like this is much better, that answers the question with truth, and honesty.

I think this guy should practically be given the nobel prize for this.  I mean it tackles things in great detail. ......instead of the

"oh just like some guys like big breasts, little breasts, some women may develop a physchological preference for certain penis sizes"  OMG after reading something like that it just makes me want to shoot the person who said it!  some guys like big breasts, some women like a big penis???  This author has enough sense to say that it should be replaced with "most" not some...and I might say "most" should be replaced with "nearly all"  Its in your genes, not a stupid physcological fumbling.  The only people who develop strange preferences are like...child molesters who develop their "abnormal" phychological preference for screwing little kids.  So yeah, maybe they might like tiny boobs because the girls they go for are only 6 years old!

The part about large parts being a turn on because it indicates the sex was interesting.  Fascinating to know that, because I now agree.  You wouldnt think you'd have to work to figure out wether a person was a man or woman, but its true that a man is attracted to femeninity, and a girl, masculinity.  So the more femenin, or masculin traits you have the more attractive you'll be. 

The only thing, I didnt get was the idea that a larger penis is a stronger signal that He is a true man! compared to larger breasts being a stronger signal that she is a true woman!  ok the breast thing makes more sense to me there, because guys also have breasts, so bigger breasts is important because they stand out from a guys breasts.  But since "any" sized penis (provided that it was big enough to see) would indicate that he was a man, why would a bigger one be a distinquisher...women dont have a penis, but men have boobs too.

I dont know...I've rambled on for so long.  One thing that would be nice (my idea) to get a feel for the importance of penis size on a man, would be if a bunch of women took a picture of their dream Man naked, and assigned a percentage to each part of his body (indicating how important each part was in making up the full 100%)  I've thought of doing this with my dream woman, but it would be difficult, sine they're are so many factors, and they correlate with each other.   I dont know just an idea.

But, anyway a very informative, and brilliant web sight Ed.  I really enjoyed it, and laughed quite a bit through most of it.  This is defenetely what I had to hear...though I'm still not 100% convinced on the issue that its as visually important as breasts.

I gotta say to the women, that the breast thing is, for the most part, true, but its overdone quite a bit on this sight.  Like...I've heard that women think the penis looks matter much more then the size, and the same goes for breasts (to an extent) both the size and looks of the boobs matter. If the skin is nice and tanned, and the nipple looks good ect. but theyre really small, like any A cup and low B, then adding size would make much more of a difference in the quality, then the "looks"...however I think once they reach a mid C cup or so then added size at that point is less important then the overall way they look.  Plus really big ones are a turn off, where as really small ones arent really a turn off...just not nearly as much of a turn on as bigger ones.  I'd be able to look at pictures of breasts, and figure which size I liked the best, but it doesnt seem like women have a freaking clue how to measure.  I look in pornos and one girl with allmost a flat chest has B cup listed, while another girl with very large double D looking, might have C cup listed. ??  I'm guessing that C and D cups are probably optimal.  Most likely a middle D. Its hard to say.

Anway   thanks again Ed!  I have a lot more I could blab about on this topic, and I might do so on another comment later, but thats enough for now.
3278 January 18, 2006

Bg A:
I don't know how big is my penis  but when it erect is  like a average type of penis how can i make it bigger for my  womens.
3279 January 19, 2006

I'm fucking a huge cock right now!!!:
Well that does sound more interesting than....My name is Gipuwel and I have tiny dick 4 1/2 inches! Just kidding, its actually very large and notably FAT!! Or is it? The truth is I'm a very horney college girl and my major is BIGCOCK! Sorry thats a lie too. I'm really a divorced, retired, 67 year old male pretending to be someone else... Does anybody really give a shit? Did you actually expect to find something of value from this sort of web site? or from all the other faceless frauds who were drawn here too?
3280 January 19, 2006

Don't Worry! Help is on the Way!:
A friend of mine is a Urologist. He told me within the next 5-10 years there will be safe penile enlargement procedures (done by plastic surgeons).  I saw a show with Dr. Drew (he does loveline) and he said technology is advancing so fast that they will be able to cut into the penis and implant human tissue that will actually be living and permantly enlarge the penis.  And NO im not talking about cutting the ligament and injecting fat like they do now---that shit doesnt work good.
3281 January 19, 2006

Ok people, here is the thing. I have read articles about how to find out if you are average or above (this was related to which types of condoms to buy) if you are less than 5 1/4 inches around then you are average sized. If you are larger than this, then you are above average. Understandably, there are men much larger than this. But that isn't as common as some of the posters seem to think. Keep in mind, some women find larger penises enjoyable, but for some... it just hurts. So if a lady says that you are the perfect size for her, it may very well be the case.
3282 January 19, 2006

oh, and one more thing... i have girlfriends who have had seriously unpleasant experiences with guys with larger dicks. Some of the men in their experiences have gotten this idea that having a big cock is somehow this great thing, and tend to be.. well, quite hazardous with it. Anyway, fyi: the average male penis is between 5 1/2 to 6 in long.
3283 January 20, 2006

Size matters and it matters a lot, but not on the large end of the scale.  I've had all sizes and too big is not good.  Too small is a real problem.  Too small doesn't reach.  If you are 6 1/2 to 7 inches you will satisfy most with almost any amount of effort.  Many studies state that that is the upper end of average size. Under 6" doesn't do too much for me.  Looking at, playing with, oral, etc. but we can make it work.  If you are under 5", you will masterbate a lot.  There just isn't enough there to rub us the right way. I'm sorry.  This doesn't make me or others bad people.  I don't say "bigger is better" or insist on a large penis.  But there has to be enough there for some type of satisfaction.  I won't laugh at a tiny penis but I won't date him again either.  Is bigger better?, not really, unless it's simply too small to do it's intended job.
3284 January 20, 2006

This site is true in general. Women like and prefer big cocks, just like men like and prefer big breasts. However, while there is no way to reliably enlarge the penis, it is nowadays easy to surgically enlarge the breast. So men have more reason to complain than women, 'cos while they can do nothing about it, all women could nowadays have big breasts. So what are women waiting for? Save up for a boob job, you know you ought to!
3285 January 21, 2006

NeverHadAComplaint guys:
All these males that state about their small/average size "I've never had a complaint", implying that therefore bigger isn't better, how does not having a complaint show bigger isn't better?

How do you know these females that don't complain with you didn't rant with a bigger guy how good he was after he was done pumping her?

You "didn't get a complaint", does that mean she laid there motionless while you pumped her, but since she didn't complain it was great sex to her? Or does it mean she made a sound or two and so you thought from that that bigger isn't better? How do you know she hasn't made far more sounds and louder with bigger?

Look, the point is whether bigger is BETTER or not. If you've had good intercourse with small/average size dick, ok then. Yet how do you know from that that bigger isn't better? What is this "I've never had a complaint" posts guys keep saying got to do with whether bigger is better?  "Never had a complaint" isn't exactly the same as rave reviews, now is it? What the point in saying they haven't complained? What does that have to do with the subject of whether bigger meat has outdone you?
3286 January 21, 2006

ThereAreOtherFactors guys:
Over and over, the size doesn't matter posts say "There are other factors, more important factors". Ok, so there are other more important factors. What does that have to do with whether she is wowed better with more meat doing her?
3287 January 21, 2006

She'sWithMeNow guys:
What does that have to do with whether her bigger ex was better in bed to her or not? Just because you hav qualities she likes about you that her ex didn't have, why does that automatically mean to you that his bigger meat wasn't better to her in bed? Where do you males get this logic?
3288 January 21, 2006


  Iam man who i say that iam a man because my penis size is 3inch only i very much abset i feel my penis not stand like stronge please do any thing to i will be a male

Plz. repay me in above id only i.e. mustu_fsl@farida.com or fslpwl@farida.com

i waiting for ur favourable repaly
3289 January 21, 2006


What pisses me off about this whole debate are the attitudes of white girls to black men in the western world.
Nothing pisses me off more than a white chick who thinks that black guys are always perving on her all the time; this is what white girls do all the fucking time. I'm black and i actively despise white girls and their fucking racist attitudes towards black men.
Your not the object of my fucking affections sweetheart and you never will be!!!
3290 January 21, 2006

sara engals:
I have little tits and guys notice so the fuck what i happen to be petite so the fuck what.
But im not a slut if I love a 9" long cock thats xtra thick i seen the letter from renee and she was on the money girls experiance different sizes as soon as they start to have sex with different men and find out what feels best for there body one guy asked if a girl who is 4'10" could handle a big one yes think about it in alot of cultures men 30-40yrs are given there brides to be from familys for money is it right im not saying but its a custom other cultures have and in america its not ours but the guys dont wait to have sex and the girls get pregnant to them and yes they take it all the vagina can give birth so yes it can take a huge cock some of my freinds dont like it to big its a matter of oppionion and comfort so size matters some prefer a smaller size to feel in control i like him to be in control and a big cock gives him the control dont worry if you got a small one theres always a match for you "and toys for her " thats how i found out i liked size a b.f. got me a huge dildo to scare me with but found i was only curius to my abilitys found and then i meet guys that had natural toys for me but i love toys and not all women are going to find others so dont be scared
3291 January 21, 2006

Anonymous T:
Okay.  I have to tell my story because it's all I can think about these days...

A year and 2 months ago I met the girl of my life.  We were immediately attracted to one another, and since she was one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met and she liked ME, I made sure I did everything right to please her.  It took us a month to finally have sex, because I respected her and I wanted to show her I wasn't out to nail her like every other guy.  (She's 4 foot 11 inches tall, 95 pounds and absolutely gorgeous) I thought my average size 6.75 x 5.5 would be more than enough to please a girl her size.  Well, the 1st time she tried to grab my piece and insert it, she made this frustration sound and just said "Sorry, I'm not wet enough".  wow.  You'd think after a month of teasing each other and creating tension there would be no reason to hesitate. 
The 1st time I penetrated her my heart sank.  I had went down on her for a while so she was so wet and demanded I put it in.  I could not believe what I felt.  Suffice it to say I could not feel ANYTHING and it seemed so vast and empty inside of her.  After a while I had to ask her about her past.  After 3 months of her lying to me about it, she finally told me the truth:
Apparently her ex-boyfriend of 4 years was huge.  I finally pried the truth out of her and she said, "I just remember that I couldn't get my hand around it" and she formed a very open "C" shape with her hand. I know my girl is small, but honestly her feet and hands are almost as big as mine, so believe me, what she showed me was UNBELEIVABLE. I never felt lower in my life at that point. I felt my head get dizzy and my stomach get nauseated. I did everything I could to not break down and I left with her pleading me to stop.  Later she said she wishes I wouldn't have asked her but LISTEN LADIES... WE ASK BECAUSE WE FEEL YOUR LOOSENESS!!! I got her to tell me that yes, if I was bigger, she could probably come easier. She really didn't want to tell me that one because she loves me. 
It pains me to know her little body was destroyed for 4 years by this guy.  She said the sex wasn't all that good because he tore inner labia all the way around the opening and made her muscles tear inside of her. She was always in the OB/GYN. I asked her "why did she endure that for so long if it hurt so bad?" and she said "I had to live with him...kinda out of necessity".
Great.  I have been with this girl for over a year and if this problem did not exist...I would have walked her down the aisle this year. I absolutely love this girl. We love and cherish everything we do together. Except for one thing.  The one thing that is SOOOO precious these days. sex. (and NO, her vagina hasn't "gone back to normal" even after these 14 months. Normal has been permanently pulverized.) It just sucks to know that our already declining sex life will not get any better so I will probably break up with her soon. Thing is, my heart doesn't want to. And since she knows I care about this, she knows my confidence is shot. Double whammy. I'm so depressed.  I got it in my mind now that EVERY girl is a stupid size queen and I just wish they cared about preserving their genitalia more these days. I bet if girls knew how disgusting a blown-out vagina is they would stop straddling these huge guys.  It's just women think they have to equal a man's promiscuity now because of women's liberation movements and shows like "Desperate Housewives" and "Sex and the City".  TWO WRONGS HERE MAKE EVERYTHING REALLY UGLY.

Hey Men out there:
Since those stupid enlargers and pills are notorious for not working, we really can do nothing about this.  Except one thing.  We can let women know (in a subtle and respectful way) that women with loose vaginas are NOT attractive.  Watch what happens...
3292 January 23, 2006

Denials as self defense :
Fact: The guys saying that they are fine with their size and that size doesnt matter, would jump at the chance if they could be bigger. Just like hardly anyone would turn down the opportunity to be richer, smarter, better looking,etc; hardly any guys would choose to be 6" long by 1.75" wide over being 8.5" long by 2.25" wide. That includes the guys posting here that they are completely happy to be average. Size doesnt matter they say? Yeah rigggght, they would choose to be the bigger size despite their words.
3293 January 24, 2006

Hear Hear:
Post 3253 is the best post I've read on here and I've gone through just about all of them.  Good work Narhum.  Let's get some perspective on the issue and maybe give as much thought to global warming, human rights, corporations exploiting the third world, famine, child poverty, the gap between rich and poor, America's bible belt controlling the fate of the world or something much more important like impulse buying items off ebay with out credit cards!
3294 January 24, 2006

Debbie sounds like the kind of girl you don't take to the ball. If you do, Chances are she will fuck every one there, including the door man. Can anyone imagine what her cunt looks like. The biggest manhole cover made, won't cover that hole. When she has her period she must have to use a bale of hay. Her hole sounds like a good place to park your truck.
3295 January 24, 2006

Curious George:
I have browsed through the majority of comments and postings on this website and I've noticed a few things.  First of all, why is it that most(I'm not saying all, by any means) of the postings by females who extoll the virtues and pleasures they receive from big cocks, are the ones which are the most poorly written, full of misspellings and grammatical errors?  Could it be that the exquisite pleasures derived from a big cock has caused an overload on some of their analytical functions and skills so that they can hardly think clearly enough to put some intelligible sentences together?  I'l take intelligence over good looks any day, personally, thank you very much!

Secondly, I've read through many postings by women who married guys with small to average sizes and they claim they no longer or have never satisfied them, so now they're happily cheating on them with Mr. Huge cock from the other side of town.  My question to these ladies is simply this: why the FUCK did you marry the dude in the first place when, in almost all instances, you were already aware of what size beef he was packin??  Why wouldn't you just pass him by if you knew or even thought he might not satisfy you in the future?  By not doing so, you've almost certainly insured yourselves of a potentially messy divorce or of living a life that's a complete lie, since you're out chasing down the next horsecocked porn star and keeping it from your spouse.  And I really can't believe there are guys out there in marriages who allow and readily go along with their wives being able to bring whatever big schwanger they please into their bedroom to humiliate the hubby and his smaller cock.  WTF guys?  Come on, stand up for yourselves and kick the skank bitch to the curb already!!  That's complete bullshit, as far as I'm concerned!  So those women out there who are like this, do everyone concerned a favor and divorce those men so they can get started on looking for another woman who will better appreciate ALL of what they bring to the table.  And yes, I do have a smaller cock myself in case you were wondering.  But I know this much: if I encountered a woman who was into me in every way except for the size of my package, then she's history because any potential mate of mine has to accept the 'whole enchilada' and not be thinking to herself that I have to 'make up' for some perceived shortcoming(no pun intended either).  Believe me ladies, every male out there has the mindset of wanting to have the only cock that pleases their woman(or at least the one that does it the best) and it's really difficult to find out that might not be the case.  So draw up those divorce papers already, biotches!

Thirdly, I think it's quite sad that our society(at least in the U.S. anyway) has evolved to the point where a man's self worth, in the eyes of a lot of people anyway, is based on a piece of skin and veins between his legs.  It is truly fucked up!  Perhaps some of the gutter sluts out there should spend a little more time tighening their pussies up rather than getting them reamed out by whatever donkey dick they're able to find.  If you love someone, then love that person fully, not just certain parts or aspects of them.  Because when it's all said and done, the sexual part of a relationship only lasts so long and then you'd better actually enjoy the company of your significant other.  Anyways, that's just one fella's opinion so happy reading and posting to everyone.
3296 January 24, 2006

Mary S:
Just cam across this site, and its pretty much right on the money! I'm a 27 year old girl and ive slept with probley around 40-50 different men in my lifetime (yes in my 20's I used to swing alot at bars and clubs :) ) And from what ive seen the average is somewhere around 6 1/2 inches. But dont worry guys if you under that by a half inch or even an inch (more then that we
might a slight problem), you can still give saftifying vaginal stimulation, you just gotta work a little harder and have just the "right" stroke to make it happen.

HOWEVER. I you have a large penis (IMO around 8+) then  we have a winner! Honestly a average guy can please me just fine, and have some good sex, but a sex with a large man isnt even comparable. The penis just feels you up so good, and the strokes are so much more powerfull and stiumuating. The end result is a organsim that is about 5x more powerfull and satifying then a average penis of 6 1/2 inches.

Here is my ideal size chart....

Under 5 - TINY: tooooo small for vaginal sex!!! 5% of guys ive slept with.

5-6 : SMALL: very little stimuation, not fun, boring 15% of guys

6-7: AVERAGE: Decent sex, not to bad, but defintley not great. 50% of guys ive slept with.

7-8: GETTING THERE... : A great organsim, with hot and intenese sexual stimulation. 15% of guys

8-9: BEST : BEST stiumlation PERFECT SIZE. 10% of guys

9+: OUTRAGOUS: Too big for most woman (a few I know love them) Some woman feel slight pain when pentatrated.  5% of men
3297 January 24, 2006

Roberts, John M.D:
I just came across very interesting reports that were recent pulbished (dated 12/13/05) by the Californa Scientfic Group (CSG) reguarding penis size and age.

(Report has yet to be published but will be shortly, look for it to appear on the web soon)

The report by the CSG, stats that after extensive research of penis sizes, they have determined that penis size is attually increasing in a upward trend since the late 1930's. They took old scientfic data from the Kinsey study and other studies on penis size and compared them with studies on time peroids from the 1930's to today.

The results were penis size has been steady increasing thoughout the years, most likely to due the types of foods we are feeding out kids today.

Average Penis Size And Year

1932: 5.2 inches
1957: 5.3 inches
1965: 5.6 inches
1971: 5.7 inches
1977: 5.9 inches
1985: 6.3 inches
1990: 6.4 inches
1999: 6.5 inches
2005: 6.6 inches

(If you ask me this is quite interesting!!!)

Although the increase has slowed in the last 15 years or so, which is likely because need chemicals/foods are not being introduced into childrens diets since then.

The study suggests that Penis length will max out at 7.2 inches in 2035.

In additon they found that although children are starting puberty at the same age, todays boys penis sizes are  significantly bigger then their pre 1960's counterparts.

Boy of age 11 penis size and YEAR

1932: 3.4 inches
1957: 3.6 inches
1965: 3.9 inches
1971: 4.2 inches
1977: 4.4 inches
1985: 4.7 inches
1990: 4.7 inches
1999: 4.9 inches
2005: 5.1 inches
3298 January 25, 2006

Sara Bacigalupo:
Of course size matters! When my man rolls on his Magnum XL and pounds my juicy pussy I love it so much. No little "man" could do that to me. It is awesome in bed and gets me wet when we go skinny dipping with some friends and he looks dominate over the males and the women stare.

My mother saw him coming out of the shower once and nearly had a heart attack from his meat. She seemed very interested and asked me many questions. I found out my dad was tiny that day. She told me I was lucky and that she was jealous!
3299 January 25, 2006

I am a married man, I been told by my wife that my balls are small, the size of lets say 2 cherrys. They are also very tight and don't hang.  My wife says that she loves the feel of balls slapping against her ass when having sex, but my balls are to small and she also said don;t hang far enough to do that.  Is this true that women are turned on by low hanging balls and can my wife be telling be something? I asked her did she ever have sex with guys that had bigger balls than me she said know>
3300 January 25, 2006

No doubt, it hurts to have a small penis as I do; being a man.  Not a damn thing can change genetics unfortunately so I have to live with it.  I've only been with a few women in my life and even though they have liked me for who I was, I could always see the disappointment in their eyes when found out my size. 

It's heartbreaking not to be able to satisfy a women you love with intercourse/penetration.  In 40 years I've never heard ANY woman say she wished her partner had a small penis....never.  Nor have I heard ANY man say he wished he were smaller - ridiculous.  It's painful being so inadequate and looked at as less of a man.  I would be a different man completely if only I had 10" by 6" - my world would so change for the better.

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