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3201 December 26, 2005

Basically, your saying that people with small penises are doomed to a world were above-average penises are normal?

I would agree with a few things you are saying, expecially about the issue of vaginal orgasm vrs. clitoral orgasm, but to say that men with the most common size penis cannot satisfy a woman is a bit to much.

Either the majority of the women in the world have yet to be satisfied or you just have a irregularly large vagina. I would not say this is a very credable argument that you presented.  Basically you took the words of experts, related them to people who like deeper penetration, and then claimed that because you found some people agreeing with you on the internet, that you are right.

You may be right in SOME CASES, but not all.  Unlike you, I acually spoke with a doctor who speciallizes in penis related injuries and he says that, by far, the average size is around 5 by 1.

You need to give some more credibilty to these people; they are called experts for a reason and until you prove to me why your credentials are better than their's, my opinion of this article is as follows:

3202 December 26, 2005

I LOVE THIS SITE!!!  I'm 42, married with 5 1/4 inches bent.  My wife has never talked about size issues with me but I'd love to (we'd have to be pretty wasted).
She has no idea that I'm one of those guys hugging the porcelin in public restrooms because my soft size is la puny mushroom. Do I look ? Of course and most times I see nothing, but every once and a while I'm shamed, exhillarated, validated-WHATEVER- by a glimse of more than I'll ever have.  I wonder what my wife would say/ think if she knew I compulsively peeked and was insecure.  Thinking of telling her (a bit at a time) to get her reations & comments.  Any suggestions on how to do it ?
3203 December 27, 2005

ya boy:
im about 8inches long and about 5.75 in girth and im still a little unsatisfied. i wish i was 9 inches with about 6.25 in girth. but your stuck with what u got so i deal with it
3204 December 27, 2005

I am not sure I like this site so much.  I think the Ed is trying to come to terms with having a small penis and in so doing is trying to drag many more down with him.

There is the visual stimulus and there is the domination fantasy, but most grown up women I know and have heard about in polls and discussion forums conclude that average sized women prefer average sized cock.  That is the 60% of men who measure between 5.25 and 6.25.

The Ed is trying to suggest that just because you can stuff more inside the average vagina, that this must be preferable.  How small minded American.

If you have a normal sized penis and a woman feels tight, she has a small vagina, if she feels snug, she has an average vagina, if she feels large then she has a large vagina and you probably won't ehjoy her.  The incompatability is a problem for both but will more often be a problem for her.

There are 20% of men who have a small penis below 5.25 and there are many helpful websites for men like the ED come to terms with the psychology of this.

Only 5% of men have a penis over 7 inches long and less than 5% have a girth of more than 6 inches.  And they aren't the same men always.  Still lots of people are having great sex around the world.
3205 December 27, 2005

As an anecdote, I will say that every site I have viewed that claims that penis size matters (with the same rehashed Louisa Hamilton mantage) has had penis enlargement advertising contained in it.  Every website that claims the opposite has had none.  As an observable fact, it seems that the small penis gene pool must be doing something right, cause it's getting enough tail to keep it spreading through humanity. 

You know, I was worried at first, but the more I look into it, this site seems like an intellegently veiled attempt to market penis enlargement, sex products, and books designed to overcompensate for a small package.  Claiming that it doesn't can only help to serve its purpose.  Maybe it is true when 'the experts' claim that 80% of women claim that size doesn't matter.  Can you tell me where those 'conspiracy laden' studies profit?  Can you tell me where yours (or others that claim the same thing) don't (except in our damned email boxes?!?!)?  Thank you for your enlightening yet reprehensible subject. I can wholeheartedly not concur unless I see some more convincing proof.
3206 December 27, 2005

I don't understand what you say about different sex positions and how they relate to penis size.  "Doggie style" position is in fact quite possible with a small penis.  It is how gorrilas mate.
3207 December 27, 2005

The truth hurts women :
             SORRY WOMEN

Since many women are spilling their guts in what they like in a man, a big penis, I thought I might break down the truth about what the majority of men really like in a woman. 

Nothing really much matters SECRETLY to most men aside from an attractive body and a pretty face.  Now publicly, you will find many men saying the policically correct thing.  "I would like to have a caring girl, smart etc. etc."  That all goes out the door when an attractive feminin female enters the picture.  Men like FEMININ women.  That would be women who are very slender, polite, shy, with a wonderful appearance.   

Have you ever heard a woman say something like "Men are intimidated by me because of my position, that is why they don't like me?"  I have given this a lot of thought and have done a little research on it.  Because I am in fact unattracted to women like this, and I am not intimidated by their postion.  The reason is because this is more of a masculin thing, to be bossy.  And I consider it to be unattractive, and of course non feminin.  I found that many agreed with me about that. 

Also, women, you are very much judged by the entire appearance of your body.  Your face, waist line, chest, ass, legs etc.  Remember though, men have feelings too, and they will lie about this being so important to them.  The same as a woman will do about a cock size preference.  I think men may do so even more, because by nature are not as honest as women are.  It is common for a man to point out an imperfection that a woman had after he had sex with her.  This is kind of sad.  When asked how was she?  I have heard comments such as she looked good, but her "teeth were not that great"  "her chest was sagging a little bit"  "her ass was bigger then I thought" "her pussy was weird looking" "she kind of had large hips"  "her complexion was not the greatest."  Often times it was just one thing negative that was mentioned.  I believe often times that that is all it takes for a man to not want to be committed to a woman.  He many stay in a relationship, but not consider her a soul mate.  Always looking for something we don't have.    

Also, a man may say that a slender woman is not so attractive to him at times.  He may say he likes a little bit of meat on his woman.  Well, with that being said, how many women out there have the nice model type bodies that men want?  They would only be insulting their girlfriend or wife in most cases if they were to say they liked a slender woman that they get turned on from by either viewing in real life, in swim suit magazines or even pornography.  Kind of like a woman who has a man with a small penis saying she does not prefer large penises.  It goes both ways.

The saddest part is, that if given the opportunity, a man will trade in his current partner for someone who is more feminin, attractive then his current partner.  Many will deny this, but it is fact.  Most women have to fear this.  They say men are afraid of commitment.  They want to be committed, but they just want to be so to someone out there that is extremely attractive.  Many stay in relationships short term when they know from the beginning that it will not be long.  Then the excuses start coming. 

This is kind of a stupid topic, but I can tell you, this is complete nonsense about the enjoyment of men of large pussy lips?  This is so far from the truth.  Large labia is a complete turn off.  Take a close look at what is shown in nude magazines or in pornography.  That is what a man wants to see.  This is a great big exaggeration and is absolutely crazy!  It is the equivalent of a woman saying she likes guys that are overweight.  Are there woman out there like that?  Sure, but few and far between.  The same with large pussy lips.  Maybe a few select individuals who prefer such a thing.   

Sorry women, I know this is not a very positive post.  I am kind of hesitant to submit.
3208 December 27, 2005

average size:
women really don't care about size.  they prefer, how you use it then the length and width of your penis.  i feel if that you really know how to use your cock, you have know problem in makeing them have organism after organism. after i cum the first time it takes me about 15 minutes to get hard again and then i use my average size cock to my benifit.
3209 December 27, 2005

Size matters to me. It not the end all but a big cock adds excitement visually and gives me a full feeling. For Christmas my boyfriend gave me a paper weight that holds a ruler cut to his size (8 and a half inches). It says hope your thinking of me...lol  I do when I look at it on my desk. I've had some fun with co-workers comparing it to the bottom of their shoe or hand or even soda cans! Everything on my desk is now measured in "dick lengths" lmao! Of coarse, only the women know what it is when men walk in I always wonder if they measure up...
3210 December 28, 2005

used to be small:
when i read these comments i remember my past i have went from 4 in to 6 in in leghth but more importantly i have increased from 4.2 in in circumforence to 5.8 in i did this with manual exercises and a vacuum pump the pump really incresed my girth. but i know size does matter especially to men we are so conscious of it but think about it 90 percent of the men on earth are in the socalled average range and if we all had to be hung the Lord would have made us that way. where we get into trouble is letting our wifes experience the other therefore a mental unsatisfaction comes into play. Every average size man can satisfy his wife or girl friend but i believe if you love them enough to sleep with them marry them. We are so consumed by our lusts that we forget the real purpose we came to this earth to be tried and tested and return to our Heavenly Father. i have went every evil route before discovering these truths. Being small is no fun i have been mocked turned away and every thing else and i finally told my second wife i was going to do something and i hope this hasn't offended God but my selfesteem has increased a lot. I wished i would have done something years ago. I let other men satisfy my first wife but i will never go that route again these earthly pleasures aren,t worth it to loose my eternal life.
3211 December 29, 2005

rocket dick vs pistol dick:
i'll quote from the site (p 18):

"For most women only penises seven inches and longer can reach far enough to cause a uterine orgasm. Some women with shorter vaginas might be able to do it with a six to seven inch penis. The importance however is that the erection has to be hard, meaning that the penis has to point upwards higher than just parallel to the floor when standing up. The more it is erect, the more pressure it can create to the vagina wall, the more pleasure the woman will have. "

ok true. you can find this information by reading some tao and kamasutra.

another fact is that size is quite important if we're talking about the limits. and those limits are too big to too small.

the thing is bro... if you have a dick that s longer than 7 inches you ll have problems achieving real hard erections that point upwards. i m not saying you ll be impotent of course your penis will enlarge and raise for an amount but if you dont have healthy circulation and nervous systems (which many metropolitan men lack) your dick will look like a pistol when it s supposed to look like a rocket. this is true for small sized men but larger men are more effected.

i m not saying this for all big men of course there are quite healthy men with large penises and their metabolisms can handle it but still they cannot have consequent erections. which means they ll fail the "it s not the length it s not the size, it s how many times you can make it rise" test.

still there will be exceptions like everything else this site talks about.

bigger the engine more fuel you ll need and if your not fuel abundant well that s what we call a macropenis disorder and yes it s in fact a "DISORDER."

enough about 7+ inches let s come to the issue about monster penises. now porn fans would know that there are 10+ inches dicks. may i ask how many of them were not semi-impotent? few right? those few own their porn sites and make lots of money. the majority however almost needs tongs to put their penises in. How is that going to satisfy a woman if she s not particularly obsessed about big dicks? those man have disorders ladies and gentlemen and if you re really preferring those kind of penises (if you want you can include the micropenis disorder but no one would actually prefer it right?)... well i ll doubt about you're sexual orientation. of course you re free to choose but dont rationalize or worse, normalize it

all these comments (or should i say fantasies) about 11 inches of dicks are equivalent to large breast fetish fantasies or any other exaggerated sex figures (which is almost the definition of fetish). that s ok but hey, if there is something called "normal" which i doubt, liking 11 " dicks is not it.

in sum i agree that you ll have to work way too hard if you dont have a penis longer than the minimum of minimum which is 11 cm s or 4 inches; below is a disorder and you can seek help, penile development exercises in long terms are way to risky then an operation done by a good surgeon, so i only recommend to my patients (ok i admit i m an urologist but not a surgeon so i m not trying to trick you to take your 5000 bucks) penile enlargement if they are below the minimum. other wise i look for a way to empower their erections. 

i agree that hardness of the penis is "the" most important thing about female orgasm because it s more about pressure than friction. but i feel obligated to add that a 9 inch penis "probably" will not fulfil this need and "probably" wont have consequent erections.

making lots of "ad hominem" against alfred kinsey about him being a child molester (which i ve never heard of before) this size also denies his works in biology and many other scientists' and exaggerates the average penis size.
3212 December 29, 2005

Brittany Williams:
It seems you consider the information presented here to be a 'study' of some sort, but nowhere on the site do you clearly outline your methodology, compilation of data, nor how you arrived at your conclusion. In point of fact, all you present is a conclusion. Back in my graduate days at Stanford, we conducted a survey that can be found at the archives there; along with several other surveys. The survey was one of the largest every conducted at the time, and was only conducted after a proper cross section was developed. Of the 50,000 women that anonomously responded, an overwhelming 94.7 percent did not rate penis size as among the top ten most important traits necessary for her to be aroused or to achieve satisfaction during intercourse. Interestingly, only 2.4 percent said it mattered to them at all. Furthermore, 89 percent reported being unable to have enjoyable intercourse with men who had a very large penis. The number one reason cited by a majority of women as a shortcoming of potential male partners was bad breath, followed by body odor, excessive body hair, lack of confidence, and finally premature ejaculation.

During a group of experiments we conducted, utilizing 10,000 volunteers of each gender, only 3.4 percent of women could correctly identify a man's erect penis size within three inches, and only 10 percent of men could. Flacid penis size has been well established for years to be completely unrelated to erect penis size.  The exercises and surgery options listed here, along with the medications are also well documented to be completely inefective, and little more than a hoax.

For most women, size really doesn't matter and that's the truth. Why? Because the majority of women (83.5 percent) don't reach orgasm via intercourse alone. Most require some kind of clitoral stimulation, and this is normally better done with either your hand or your tongue.

One common myth needs to be put to bed: penis size is almost entirely unrelated to height; hand, feet or nose size; or any of the other things you might have heard. But I've often wondered if before we consider having sex with men we should ask them to stick their tongues out, and wiggle it around a little to see if they are likely to measure up in that department. Or maybe open a gym especially for exercising the tongue muscles or perhaps only piano players should be seen as suitable lovers. It may sound silly when I put it like that, but isn't this really what the size issue comes down to? Do you have what it takes to please a woman? Of course there are some women that have a fascination with well-endowed men just as there are men who seek out women with larger breasts, but there are in fact even larger groups with a fascination for the reverse.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to have an orgasm through vaginal intercourse, but I will say that I never got that far with a man unless he had the whole package, good looks, good manners, class, intelligence, and spent the time to romance me and get me in the mood. For all of you guys out there who feel bad about your penis size, you are better off working on your social skills and listening to what women like, not what another man tells you they like. If you are that oh so rare man who is more intellectual than he is lustful, then you are worth more to a woman than any other guy ever could be. If you are interested in pleasing a woman, then ask her what feels good to her, and let her tell you how to please her. Communication is the best tool in any relationship; even if it's just a one nighter. Believe me when I say, that the internet is positively the most unreliable source of information in the world, and before you believe anything anyone says, ask yourself why you should believe them, what makes them an expert?, do they really know what they are doing?, and if they have a hidden motive or were possibly biased in any 'study' they did. Also, anything less than a 1,000 sample is scientifically insignificant, and only samples larger than 10,000 are considered reliable enough to draw any worthwhile conclusions from.

So try to enjoy your life and get a good injection of self-esteem. Avoid negativity such as you find in pornography, pop-psychology-sexuality, and all over the internet. Some woman out there does or will think your penis is the only one in the world!!
3213 December 30, 2005

size doesnt matter to my girlfirend until about 2 minutes when we are getting ready to cum and my dick starts to swelll and jolt and she is on her way to another orgasam and then she wants it in as far as it will go stretchen the end of her vagina past her cervix and it sets something off in her that causes her to vaginally start sucking my dick and trying to hold it in her favorite place as she says when its right where she wants it which is at the very stretched end of her vagina she sucks until I release and we both orgasam together.  It takes all of my nine inches for her to get to her favorite place so Im glad that I got it and it seems so is she.  Her husband was about four and a half inches and fucked her every nite for 3 years.  She was real nervous and tense all of the time and they couldnt figure out what was worng with her until she started to notice that she kept looking at guys with bigger than usual buldges in their pants and she left her husband and started to pursue those big buldges and that is how we met and now she says the bigger the buldge the bigger the pleasure and she seems really happy these days.
3214 December 30, 2005

moon face:
a long penis bumps the cervix and most women dont like it, this is a fact. and when you say hormones make the penis grow at puberty what do you mean? what hormones are we talking about here? you have no idea. your simplifying science it doesnt do your case any good
3215 December 31, 2005

ive had a large penis all throught high school i curently measure 10 inches flaccid and i dont even see my numbers on the girls chart am i just a freak
3216 December 31, 2005

Star Sucker:
What a site. I love to read about stars or famous people who have big dicks, I know many rock stars have been put in the public light as to who is Hung or not. Ive got a list ive been collecting for years, Ill list them soon ,got to go , no time. Happy New Year.!!
3217 December 31, 2005

Apparently everyone's more than forgotten sexual education classes from elementary and high school (why they never touched base in between in intermediate school is beyond my comprehension but perhaps it was all relative to the time period and the location in which I lived *shrug*). I'll be honest...this site is well written and poses some very interesting as well valid data. As a member of the male gender I can attest that all men regardless of their endowment worry about their size and possible inadequacies as a lover at one point or another. And you know...maybe women do really prefer that the appendage in question be larger for the sake of their own enjoyment and I honestly can't blame them. Can you really blame anyone for their preferences in any aspect of life?: From the brand of shoe we wear to the type of automobile we drive...we all harbor certain preferences that are relative to our personality and perhaps these preferences or choices may be products of our upbringing. As much as I would like to place blame on the media for everyone's obsession to look a certain way...that would simply be foolhardy and misplacing blame is just immature. There really is no one to blame. Sometimes this is just the way things work out. Unlike a lot of the people who have posted on this site...I will remain objective...and I refuse to tell you tales of my exploits that for all intents and purposes could be falsified just to entertain you. I mean...would you really know the difference? I think not. And I also refuse to reveal the dimensions of my phallus...because such a contest is well...sophomoric. If women prefer larger endowments then hey...thems the breaks. But to categorize women in such a fashion and claim that they 'all' prefer above average members is just as foolish and preposterous...basing this research on primitive instinct alone leaves more than a few holes...and the fact that something so trivial is so religiously and fanatically discussed and obsessed over is well...disturbing. The fact is that we're born of
 all shapes, colors, and sizes...and if men and women are so superficial that the only qualification that both genders seek in a partner is relative to their sex organs...then I'm glad I'm just too busy to date. Because when it's all said and done...when the smoke clears and the dust settles and you're on your death bed or you're about to take your final gasp of breath...I doubt that the last fleeting thought that ever escapes your mind is "Will my maker think I'm big enough?" Not that I'm the religious sort but I'm willing to bet that a great deal of you are. Just sit back, enjoy life...and stop concentrating on something that no matter how much you discuss...and no matter how much you brag, or lie, or complain...will never change. Instead...trying bettering yourself as a person before you worry about mating or consummating your love with another...or...just rolling around in the hay. And to the administrator of this site...while I praise you for your work...I will also suggest one thing...don't attempt to pick apart this post like you do with so many others...trying to find any subliminal messages or thoughts or hidden emotions...because to be honest...there is nothing between the lines here. By not enclosing the dimensions of what I was born with doesn't mean that I'm below average, above average, or in between...it means it's really none of your concern and that privilege will lie in wait for that special someone if I so decide to ever find her or heaven forbid...she find me. Analyzing every reply to this topic not only becomes tedious...but just out right annoying. And if you simply must...then keep your 'discovery' to yourself. It's disrespectful to pick apart something that an individual had taken the time out of their rigorous schedule to write and then plaster what you believe to be true up on the boards with your own two scents. You want feed back...you got it...but future transgressions of the sort will prove to be...counterproductive in your cause...unless your purpose lies somewhere else entirely. To everyone out there who's even bothered reading up to this point...just keep one thing in mind...when you die...you can't take your possessions with you...and do you really want to build the foundation of your entire life around something as trivial as sex? Because sitting around and measuring yourself day after day you will find that before you're aware...your existence on this planet will have come to a close and how'd you spent the majority of your life-span? Comparing genitals. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors...sexual or otherwise.


((by the way, I apologize for the misspellings and typographical errors...it's new year's eve...and I am rather inebriated.))
3218 December 31, 2005

Hey tell us the link to that Yahoo group "girls judging dicks" please :-)
I am 6 long by 4 1/4 around. (Does anyone else have one so thin, or thinner even??) And I am totally OK with the fact that I can never fill many women. I have filled a couple out of about 20 I've been with, but it always seems that the ones I want the most have pussies built for bigger men! Hey, the life of a cuckold awaits me, I'm 35 and I wish I'd realised this years ago! My recent ex knew I wanted to eventually see her with a Big black dick in her and she says now that she only really stuck it out as I told her from the start that I'd be ok with her having lovers. We parted for other reasons but she told me that I was way too small for her and that most of the time she could hardly feel a thing apart from our bodies mashing together I guess. She also said that she had told her friends and sister that I had a "childlike" dick! wow!  So humiliating but I cant explain the feelings of both arousal and of realisation that came with these humiliating comments. Hey guys, try to deal with the fact that your gal may want more, you have your own little porn star partner and she becomes very happy with her sex life!  A great solution I think!
I would love to hear comments from women about what my dick or dicks like mine can do or have done for them?? Or what they cannot?? flyf1sher@yahoo.co.uk
cheers to you all :-)
3219 January 1, 2006

This obsession with big dicks is rather ri(dick)ulous! and averages are averages for a reason. If women were selecting men with big ones to reproduce with over men with small ones then the average size would increase over time - it's directional selection, like long necks in giraffes. This is plainly NOT happening with dicks and the average dick is still between 5 and 7 inches, as it was 50 years ago.  i did like some of the sexual selection stuff in the website, but it was misapplied. Random gene mutation causes variation in sizes of things and physical contraints limit the range of sizes possible. The average size is the most successful reproductively and therefore must be popular with women, if it wasn't, it would not be the average!- something else would be, e.g. bigger ones - according to the website!
I am sure that there are plenty of women who like big dicks, just as there are preferences for any number of things, but there are blatently many more who prefer an average one, logic dicktates this. There is such infinite variety in people's preferences for things that it is a mistake to apply statistics too rigidly and seek some 'huge penis eutopia' where all women prefer their men to be hung like horses. Most women are happy with a penis within the average range, providing it's owner treats them well. My father has a 4.5 incher and managed to produce 5 children and keep my mother very happy. I can make Mrs Ferret cum every time we have sex, if not with my 5.5 inch dick, then with my jazz piano player's fingers! There's always more than one way to skin a pussy! Anyway, I found the website a bit intense and obsesive about big dicks, and don't believe that it is such a big issue with most women, it is men who have the hang-up. (please excuse the unintended puns).
3220 January 1, 2006

I'm a 25 year old white male with a very average dick (6.25", 5.5" around). . .which I mention, tedious as it is, just to contextualize my comments (as a side note, anyone who posts just to announce that their dick is some incredible size. . .longer than 8 inches. . . is wasting everyone's time. The default assumption is that you're lying or that you're an idiot who can't measure properly. And if you're being honest, well, good for you. Rock on.)

I mainly want to address the defensive, misogynistic category of commenters, who attack all female commenters who claim to have experienced and enjoyed large penises or simply admit to preferring them: I used to be one of you, and I understand where your feelings and lashing-out comes from. But it's wrong, and really it's silly.

I had a female friend/fuckbuddy whom I had periodic live and phone sex with over time. I was able to make her cum, which no one had previously, and she was an intelligent, sensitive girl who always treated me well, and was also insecure about some of her physical flaws. I had broached the size issue with her a couple of times without getting any real definitive answer, just evasive responses about my size being fine and such. Then one night during a phone sex session, when I had her going, I brought big dicks into the fantasy and she really ate it up. . .and that was it. Over the next few days, by email and phone (we lived some distance apart) I coaxed the full truth out of her. . .that she drools over big dicks, that she is turned on by fantasies of humiliating me with a big dicked lover, that most of her girlfriends also prefer big dicks, etc. Psychologically it was incredible. A sensitive, complicated woman was being brutally honest with me, and the truth was what I always more or less knew without plainly stating it or being at peace with it (I would sense that women prefer big dicks and would resent them for it). . .and more or less what this site lays out.

Most women, especially sexually experienced women prefer bigger dicks. Most can enjoy average or even small dicks if the bearer is a conscientious lover. Most will refuse to give their man a truthful, unvarnished answer to the size question for fear of hurting him or being hurt themselves by his resentful lashing back, poking at their own shortcomings, which they are acutely aware of. And yes, penis size is not the be-all and end-all factor in a relationship, but stating that is just an evasion of the real issue. Bigger IS better than average.

I am very grateful that I was able to get beyond this particular woman's fears and shields and get her to trust me enough to be honest. . .actually much more than just honest. . .I also coaxed Her inner Bitch, her psychological sadist out of its dormant state, and enjoyed a lot of sexy size-humiliation fantasies and sex sessions. how typical the capacity for such sadism is among the general female population I'm really not sure, but suspect it is fairly typical. Giving her body to the naturally superior. . .ie more well endowed man. . .seems to me a very natural, biological inclination in women, and can easily give rise to a host of associated fantasies. Most women just don't nurture these inclinations or find them nurtured and accepted by a lover (and many women feel guilty about such feelings and don't want to hurt or be unfair to the less endowed men). 

Anyway, after my experience with this woman I can't imagine resenting any woman for preferring bigger dicks.

Bigger is better. Know it. Accept it. Get over it.

PostScript: I don't believe black men are significantly bigger on average than other men, though I've read and heard things leading me to suspect a greater variance in size among blacks (more huge, more tiny). Anyway, I find race mixing abhorrent and would advise that any white woman who has sex, especially unprotected sex, with a black man is taking her life in her hands. They have literally ten times the incidence of HIV (I'm not exaggerating, consult the CDC), and they have next to no morals or sense of decency when it comes to sexual conquest. The way honorable white men (of whatever penis size) treat their women, whether wives or just casual sex partners, is utterly alien to blacks. They'll sweet talk you plenty, but just imagine what they're telling their nigger buddies about the hot white bitch half an hour later.

A lot of young white women want to have a black just to test urban myths or check an experience off some silly "before I die" list that pop culture has put in their heads. . .a manufactured desire if there ever was one. Believe me, this particular experience is not an essential one, and you can die proud and fulfilled without it. This goes for white men who feel compelled to sample other races of women too.
3221 January 1, 2006

Clitorial orgasms don't explain away penis need(SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES):
Posters on the side of the "bigger isn't better" fence love to point out that women can have orgasms via oral or by being grinded on during intercourse.

Their point is to prove that any length dick will do.

The problem with their reasoning is they are not undestanding the 'why' behind sexual attraction. Even if a guy brings a woman to orgasm via oral she is still gonna want dick in her.

The reason she still wants dick is because 'survival of the species' is set up that way. She desires dick because that is the way women get pregnate. We are programmed to survive and newborn is needed for that. Even if psychologically a woman doesn't want to have a newborn, the instilled instinct is still in place to desire a dick in her.

If you studied biology you know that sperm must swim and few, if any, survive the journey Longer dicks represent the ability to drop the sperm further down the canal so that the sperm have a better chance of survival. Thicker dicks represent the abilty to do a better job rubbing the spots that turn her on and make her desire sex more often and therefore having a better chance of becoming pregnant.

It's absolutely rediculous to state penis isn't needed because of oral. Oral won't cause the species to live on. Therefore oral isn't instilled into us to replace intercourse.

It's acceptable to state that average size penises can get the job done. However, they don't ensure survival of the species as efficiently as longer and thicker penises.

It's biology in motion. There's really nothing to debate. Bigger is better, but average is sufficient.
3222 January 1, 2006

i like long dick and long cocks and a women sucking a guys dick.
3223 January 1, 2006

Mrs ferret:

You only need a big organ if you're playing in a Cathedral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3224 January 2, 2006

My cock is on the small side at around 5", and is about 4.5" thick. I have great sex with my wife but she was a virgin from a very restrictive background so although she loves my penis, she has never had anything to compare it to. She is a highly sexed woman with beautiful big tits, and I just love seeing them bounce and jiggle as I give it to her.

She is absolutely in love with me as a person which is great, but when she gets excited and ready to come during sex, I end up shooting just when she's about to explode in ecstasy. When I'm drunk I can keep on ramming through which gives her multiple orgasms.

She is happy enough, but I have always wondered how she would take a real stud with not only a big cock but big balls too, as mine are quite small. I don't shoot semen, it spews out. I would love to see her getting reamed by a well hung stud and then getting her pretty face slattered by a huge load of cum. She probably wouldn't like it much but that's just my wank fantasy.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed my thoughts, especially the guy who did this site. It's half-assed shit to be sure but it makes for a good read, much better than most porn mags.
3225 January 2, 2006

are you people actually believing the pseudo-scientific crap on here? anybody with real concerns about penis size would be better served by visiting www.measurection.com
3226 January 2, 2006

Hi, I wanted to comment on a couple of differen issues. I am bigger than average guy, but have a complex because ALL the Asian women I have had sex with told me I am so much bigger than their Asian bfs. So why the complex? Because they frequently joke about their small dicked counterparts leading me to believe if big is good, even bigger would be better. If Asian men knew what (many) Asian women really think, their would be a lot of crying....if you want to put an Asian woman in hysterics, trying struggling to put on an "oriental size" condom when they're about 50% too small!

Another point I want to make, a huge percentage of the dick pics on the net have been photoshoped...not to mention stated lengths are usually wildly exaggerated. Example: porn star John Holmes 13" cock was probably 10". Example 2: guys who claims to have an 8" cock behind the safety of their computer screen, probably has a 5.5" cock. Oh well, it's the internet!

Also, a lot of the extreme size porn flicks use wide angle lenses to make the guys cock look huge.

My advice, take everything with degree of skepticism. Including some of the pics in this book! Photoshop work is the reason digital pics are often disallowed in courts of law.

Lastly, while I agree dick size is important, I wonder how fair it is for many of the women to be so demanding...the fact is, it's a two way street, men want attractive women, but...how many women out of a random sample are model quality in the looks department? Most people (women and men) look like sh#t with their clothes off. You want facts, that is a FACT.
3227 January 2, 2006

My dick is 5.5 inches long and 5 around. I thought it was ok until a girl that i had sex with said that she didnt fell ne thing.For some reason it turned me on. do the girls on this site think that this size is small?
3228 January 2, 2006

This site smacks of a farce in many respects. Anyone reading this site with an IQ of 100 or above will have seen through the farce, though the motive for presenting the flawed data and conclusions is not altogether apparent.

That said, "size does matter" to men and women, but not in the way most of us might imagine. The vast majority of women will experience no more than 5 to near 7 inches in length and 4 1/2-5 1/2 inches in girth, so anyone at the higher end of that range will be perceived as "large".

The "ideal penis" combined length and girth dimensions listed on this site are possessed by no more than 2-3 men out of 1,000 to as few as 1-2 out of 100,000!!! Just to have a 50% chance of encountering such a uniquely endowed man with the "ideal penis", a woman would have to have sex with as many 80-100 men!!! Reliable research data indicate that the average number of sexual partners women have is 6-9. The typical woman having had 6-9 partners will have had no more than a 0.04% to 1.8% probability of having sex with such a penis (not counting sex toys).

Moreover, reliable information from the adult film industry shows that the average size of male performers is 7-8 inches in length and 5 1/2-6 inches in girth (circumference), representing no more than 4-7% of the male population by separate length and girth and as few as 7-8 out of 10,000 for combined length and girth for the largest among the performers, i.e., 8 inches by 6 inches. (The largest performers often billed as 10-12 inches are, in fact, closer to 8 to 9+ inches, the latter being the rarest of men. Even the legend of porn, John Holmes, billed as having a 13-inch organ, was said by Holmes himself to his one-time wife to have been measured at 10 inches fully erect. A HUGE penis, to be sure, but not a foot or more long. Another famous star, Ron Jeremy, billed as sporting a 10-inch penis, is reliably said to measure in at 8-9 inches fully erect, still more than what most women would care to tolerate.)

Now, to a personal note. I measure 8-8 1/4 inches long (the latter bone pressed) by 5 1/2-5 3/4 inches girth (approximately 2 inches wide) fully erect and nearly 6 inches flaccid. No more than 1-2 out of 100 to as few as 7-8 out of 1,000 men have a penis of my size or larger. Only 1 partner of 27 I have had in my life (including my wife of 11 years), ranging in height from 5' to 5'8" or so, could take my full length and thrusting without considerable discomfort or worse. The unique woman was tall and long limbed; however, even she could not tolerate without discomfort full thrusting from behind and on her back with her legs spread wide or back to her head. Most women were able to tolerate and even enjoy the woman on top position (with a few exceptions) and/or missionary with their hips positioned in such a way and hands against my body preventing full thrusting and "bottoming out" or the penis directly contacting the cervix and/or posterior fornix, as it were.

Virtually all women found the "bottoming out" to be either intolerable for more than a few thrusts to positively intimidating and terrifying. Many or most described the experience in various but similar ways as "not being what they thought of as enjoyable sex".

ALL women stated that I was without question the largest they had ever experienced with little or no prompting (which conforms to the statistical inferences). The vast majority of women perceived the size as "very large" to "huge" to "too big" or "too much to enjoy". One partner described a former "large" partner as never encountering her fornix in any position and thinking at first that something was wrong with her when first having sex with me. Her assessment of the former "large" partner after encountering me was that he might not have been so large after all but was "large enough" for her. (That it requires 7 inches in length to encounter the average woman's cervix/fornix when fully aroused implies that the former "large" partner was likely not that large but was experienced as such by the woman.)

Statistically, for the typical woman having had 6-9 partners no more than 6-11% of women (6-11 out of 100) will have had a partner of my size or larger, and no more than 3-15 out of 1,000 women will have had 2 partners of my size or larger.

A few women stated that they had had partners that they thought might have had as much girth as I do, but they related that my combined length AND girth was the overwhelming impression made upon them by the look and feel of my penis. Most women, despite their discomfort, exhibited a playful approach to the large size via caressing, kissing, masterbating, etc.

Also, many of the women shared with their girlfriends or sisters their experiences with me and not one stated that their female peers had ever experienced a penis my size and with said discomfort.

Overall, despite the relatively large number of partners I have had, the relative satisfaction was low, owing largely to the consistent discomfort experienced by all the women. The inability to find a physically compatible partner contributed, no doubt, to what many would describe as my sexually promiscuous behavior. Although one might be tempted to boast about the number of partners and the fact that my large size was intimidating to so many women, in retrospect, the experience was hollow and fraught with frustration, a sense of rejection, and alienation. I strongly suspect (although I have not spoken to any men of my dimensions or larger) that I am not alone in this regard. My wife of 11 years likewise experienced/experiences the same discomfort (even after two children) with me, but she was determined to accommodate me and did so in wonderfully creative ways over the years.

Concluding, the ACTUAL "ideal penis" for the vast majority of women is quite probably something well smaller than my 8 by 5 3/4 inches, probably 7 inches or less, but no smaller than the average 5 to 6 inches with girth of 5 to 5 1/2 inches. This size is what the vast majority of women will experience and most often enjoy and the size with which they will identify as consistently pleasing them.

So, for the 90% of guys who fall into the ACTUAL "ideal penis" range (excluding those under 5 inches and over 7 inches or so), you are the size nature selected to enjoy yourselves and to successfully impregnate females WITHOUT CAUSING THEM PAIN. Whether or not the penis possessed by as few a couple of guys out of 1,000 or 10,000 is perceived by some women as some otherworldly fantasy organ, women will decide that for themselves. To the rest of the women, the randomness of life virtually ensures that half of you will likely not experience a man of more than 7 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, and no more than 1 out of 9 or 10 will experience my size or larger, which is probably a good thing, if my previous partners' experience with me is a guide.

Finally, despite whether or not you ever experience a man over 7 inches up to my size or larger, no more than 7-8 out of 100 of you ladies "will end up with" as a husband or long-term partner a guy over 7 inches, no more than 3-4 out of 100 will get 7 1/2 inches or more, and only 1 out 100 and fewer will have 8 inches or more. Therefore, 90%+ of women have few alternatives (apart from sex toys) to secure for themselves a penis over 7 inches, i.e., "large" or "huge", so they are destined to enjoy or not 5-6 inches as average and 6-7 inches as "large" or "larger than average". This is in effect a win-win situation for the vast majority men and women, so make the best of what nature provided and ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!

3229 January 3, 2006

Just some experiences to confirm this site: women love big cocks. Excuse my English, I am from Belgium.

The first one comes from when I was a student at university, some seven years ago. From my second year, I lived in a house rented with 4 male friends. Five girls we were friendly with lived next to us, and we, being a pretty liberal (and horny) bunch regularly held joint parties where we and the girls would pair off in various permutations. Anyway, pretty early into the first term one of our friends decides to drop out, leaving us short of people (thus increasing our rent). One of my mates knows this guy from Holland on his course, who we like and is keen to join us as he doesn't like the people he is living with now. Of course he is invited to our parties, the first one we have with him as a house mate is early December.

As usual a lot is drunk, and we decide to do a game of strip poker to warm us up before we pair off this time. The game gets going nicely, and it isn't too long before we are getting down to underwear. Everyone is of course curious about the Dutch guy. Well, it turns out when he gets his pants down that he has an absolutely huge cock. Don't ask me exact measurements (we didn't exactly go round measuring each other's cocks!) but I can assure you it was definitely porn star size, way longer and thicker than any of ours. The girls are mesmerised, and (apart from one who doesn't seem bothered) turned on, and start flirting outrageously with him. We might as well not have been there, as becomes clear when a drunken argument ensues between the girls as to who can 'have' him. This argument is quickly solved however, as Tom, the Dutch guy, makes clear his absolute preference for Anne. Though somewhat chubby, Anne has by far the biggest tits of all the girls in the group, she is an F-cup. Tom goes on a long ramble (we'd all had our share of the drink) about how all men love big tits, in fact 'they make a women', and when men say they don't it's only because they haven't got a choice, unlike him (personally I agree on the importance of tit size, though I know there are some men who don't). He proceeds to fuck Anne as we go with the other girls. Now, normally she is a pretty quiet lay, but this time is different, the noises coming from their room actually distract me somewhat as they are so loud, she sounds like she is in a porn movie or something. Next day she certainly seems satisfied, telling us all about the literally enormous talents of Tom and how much of a difference it makes, really makes the rest of us guys feel good, I can tell you. Anyway we break up for Christmas, and return to our families until the start of the second term.

After the holiday we come back, only to find that both Magalie and Tinne (two of the other girls) have had very obvious boob jobs over the holiday. Tinne's are at least proportionate, but Magalie's are just huge compared to her slim frame, and in a drunken moment she admits to me to have had `them that large to be 'as big as Anne' so she can also have Tom and guys 'like him'. So, to cut a long story short, girls absolutely love big cocks, and will go to some length to get them. BTW, both Magalie and Tinne were successful in this, and both reported how fantastic it was, and I think Magalie actually managed to snare him for long enough to count as his girl frined for a time.

My next proof in next message.
3230 January 3, 2006

Hi, this is Daniel again. My next message on how much women like big cocks is not personal experience, but comes from a journal I receive as a keen nudist, it is basically a kind of newsletter reporting on nudist activities.

Anyway, a small scandal broke out regarding one particular nude resort, when a family were thrown out of the resort for causing trouble. The trouble was this: they had taken their 16 year old son who was, according to the article, 'very well endowed'. This had clearly attracted the attention of the female resort visitors, and he had apparently had sex with several married women, leading to strong protests from male members. The whole family were thrown out of the resort to restore order, protesting that this was highly unfair as it 'perpetuated the myth that women couldn't resist a large penis' while they claimed the women should just have taken their own responsibility.

To me this shows that they are actually wrong, in that no, women can't actually resist a big penis if it is presented to them.

My wife, Carolien, will post a further comment.
3231 January 3, 2006

Hi, this is Caroline, the wife of Daniel. I just want to back up his posts about the importance of penis size.

Daniel originally had average size penis, both in length and thickness. He has since has penile enhancement surgery, which has boosted his penis length by about and inch and a half, and made it quite a bit thicker too. I am very pleased. As he has mentioned, we are nudists, and I love the attention we get with his big penis and my big boobs (I had them enlarged to a DD a few years ago).

Unfortunately, while the difference is very clear flaccid, there isn't any noticeable lengthening erect, though there is additional thickness. However, we have an open relationship, and I have a friend, Dirk, who does have the very large penis I crave, and I have sex with him regularly, occasionally with Daniel attending, and to be honest it really is soooo much better.

Now, most of my girlfriends are in more traditional marriages/relationships, and are supposed to be monogamous. However, since I have told them about Dirk, three of them have had sex with him, one of who has had a boob job and liposuction since she met him to be more attractive. They have all done it several times, their husbands/partners know nothing. This to me proves clearly that women generally (though I am sure there are some exceptions) really do crave big cock, and will happily cheat to get it
3232 January 3, 2006

More Dual Standard: Where Does It End

Regarding your admonishment on page 31, regarding the use of padded underwear. you are joking, right?

This is interesting, and yet unfortunately, very revealing of the all-pervasive sickness and duality of our culture when it comes to what's considered "fair behavior" between the sexes.  Let's dissect it a bit. You say at one point (in response to padded underwear vs. padded bras):

"Some people who noticed this saw a connection and invented padded underwear for men to give the impression of a hefty package. They figured that if women have the right to prop up their merchandise, men could do the same. They call it profile shaping or contour shaping underwear enhancers with names like "paddy" and "the warrior brief" and they are supposed to be confidence-boosting."

OK, so far so good. Nothing apparently wrong with this. Now further down you say:

"You might wonder why women consider it ok for themselves to put on appearance enhancing apparel while they don't approve of men using similar gadgets. I asked this question to several women and their reply was pretty much the same. The main difference is that, except for a few hardheaded breast aficionados, you are not there to do her breasts, while she is definitely there to be penetrated by your penis. Sure, if she takes off her stuffed bra you might be a little disappointed not to get the heavy dugs you expected, but once you are penetrating her and go full tilt at it you'll forget fast."

"Don't approve of men using similar gadgets" ? A little disappointed? The bitch falsely advertised herself, knowingly, consciously and blatantly. What if, my friend, I happen to LIKE large breasts on a woman.  I'd kick her ass to the curb. You (the author of this website) are making the same naive mistake that all typical, feminized Nice-Guy chumps make; that that hole between a woman's legs, in and of itself, is supposed to somehow have more value and worth than the godamned Hope Diamond or something. Wrong. It doesn't. It's just a hole, and there are many of them. There are no special awards, rewards, ribbon cuttings or pedestal settings just because one possesses a split.

Continuing on, you then further state:

"On the other hand, if you whip out a small twitching nub after taking off your impressively padded underwear, she will be more than just a little disappointed. She will feel downright betrayed now that you crushed her expectations of having her foundations rammed and bulldozed by a magnum sledge hammer. Plus, she might consider you a major loser for having to resort to tricks like these to impress a woman."

I feel so sorry for her; how betrayed she is. Some cock craving slut, who feels it's OK to falsely advertise her own body and appearance, isn't now going to get to have her internal organs ruptured to the point of  hemorrhage because all I have is your friendly, how-do-you-do everyday 6-incher, as opposed to slinging a 9.5" Texan oil derrick out of my shorts.

Moreover, a lot of guys got just a wee bit more intelligence than you give them credit for. That is to say, without removing our own clothing completely, once we've "backed" the bitch on the bed as we've gone for the eat-out, we then slowly make our way up her mid-section. being sure to passionately kiss her mid area and breasts all the way up, eventually to her face. (The lights are usually low as well) During the eat-out, you see, we've taken the moment to remove our skippies. Now we're at her face, locking lips, and sliding our dick into her hole. By the time she realizes she isn't receiving major freeway construction from a waterlogged Louisville Slugger, it's just a bit too late.

To cut to the point, do you really think any guy worth his salt as a player (or otherwise) gives a rat's ass what some nothing-but cock craving bitch thinks about his less-than-in-her-opinion-perfect shlong AFTER he's boned the shit outta her. That the deceiver was deceived? He doesn't. Just thought you, and said ladies, might like to know. Hence, if shape-enhancing briefs help us to accomplish our goal.. well, you know the rest. Remember, all's fair in love and war.
3233 January 3, 2006

This site ignores many elements of our own humanity that contribute to "good sex". As I scrolled through the information on this site as well as the various postings I realized that there is one crucial point being missed. The mind - more specifically the power of the mind in relationship to sex. If a woman (or man for that matter) is not mentally turned on by their mate the size of the penis or vagina is completely irrelevant.

If any man reads this site and believes that he will never find a woman to love and share a healthy sexual relationship with because of the size of your penis he is being grossly mislead.

Love comes from the heart and so too does the very best sex that we humans can ever encounter!

This site is based on non-scientific data and is infected with a gross ignorance of what it means to be human.

When compared to the amount of time that couples devote to other activities (work, exercise, hobbies, sleeping, school, kids, etc...) the amount of time spent engaging in sex is probabely the lowest of all. I could care a less whether my mate has a large vagina or a small vagina (yes I'm a man). I hope she has a good sense of humor and a personality as sweet as homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Keep everything in perspective guys. There's a hell of a lot more to being a man than the size of our penis just like there's more to being a woman than having a small or large vagina.

Quality people will agree.
3234 January 4, 2006

I have a 3 1/2 inch penis when soft and about 5 1/2 inches when erected and was told by different women I am very small, some even say tiny and dickless i suppose when compare to alot other men. Is 3 1/2 inches soft considered very small by alot of women?
3235 January 4, 2006

My erect penis is about 4.75" long.  I have been laughed at in Sr. and Jr. High Schools by the guys AND girls who the guys told how very small I am.  The good thing is that I actually ENJOY the humiliation.  Being Tiny has it's rewards!
3236 January 4, 2006

hi im a 23yr old female when i was growing up i always heard about the whole size thing but i never gave it much thought im pettite and the guys i always dated where smaller and had from small to average cock sizes 4-6" i did notice a little differance but it wasnt a big deal when i graduated i went to live with my aunt and moved far from home i made new freinds and started to play the feild in a new area one of the guys i dated was 9 1/2" long and hes very thick at first i think my mouth hit the floor i had alot of fun playing with it "hands n mouth" but then he wanted to have sex i was scared im 5'2" and 90lbs im like hell no we became freinds and remained that way till after a night i got drunk and had sex with a guy that was 7" and at that time the thickest id ever had WOW IT WAS SO FUCKING GREAT AND IT WAS THE SIZE THAT I LIKED i started to see him and was very happy exp. with the sex i did become a bit of a sex maniac after going out for a month my mind wondered about sex with shane my 9 1/2" freind at that point i talk to my aunt it was funny she was with her freinds and the whole size thing came up but my aunt put the size thing best to me if a girls first is with a guy 6" long and its good sex and she never trys another guy she might wonder whats the differance but if you actually have sex with a bigger {9 1/2" and really like it your mind and desires beyond wondering }me and shane are know married with a daughter and very happy im not a slut i dont think a mans size makes him less of a man but i do prefer a thicker penis but i do know its not important to have for all women but if i didnt marry him after i had his i know id pick a thicker man lenth does help but i found girth as you put it was is and will always be my thang
3237 January 4, 2006


Thank you very much about preparing this site. I am writing from a very very far country from USA, from Europe. I have been with more than 50 girls I guess. 4 or 5 is really wort for me. Now I really love my last girl firend. And want to marry with her.She were with a guy whish she loved much before. And he had really big. She really love me so much that she said she is nothing to do with size and I am the best whe it comes to sex. But we had the size problem I know. Actually there are a lot of clues. My penis is 5 inches long, 1,6 inches at girth. I looked for it on the net, a little bit shorter from average and average at width.I am very sorry about this.I passed from all the periods you mention:)Weakness,anger..so on... Now I feel better. No doubt in my mind. I am trying to improve my sex skills. Also I told to my girl firend and luckly she approve to have an operation to tighten her vagina.

For the last statement. In my country there is an old saying. When translated in English; To know the truth is far better to be deceived although the truth is not at your side.... :)

Thank you again...waiting for your new and utilized sites....
3238 January 4, 2006

What's to worry? Guys have it good no matter what their meager dimensions may be, between their legs.
Most women are only concerned with finding a guy who is willing to bust his ass working on some mundane job in order to keep a roof over her head and keeping something in the fridge to shove down their gullets. If you hook up with one who is insisting on dwelling on your "shortcomings", just dump her ass out the door and bring in the next one looking for a free ride.
If all else fails, you can always check out the "escort" services and pick any one of em you can afford.
No point in worrying about something that there is no reasonably safe way to change when all you need do is change what you choose to stick it into.
This is 65 years of experience talking and I do know what I say is true.
3239 January 4, 2006

ellen    {el's way}:
does size matter {im a 19yr female} hell yeah it does i get excited looking at a bigg one and having had sex with over two dozen different guys i know what im talking about i work at a restraunt and this topic comes up all the time and a few of the girls say they dont care much but they are also with guys on the average end 6-7" long my best freind is 23 yrs old and shes married to a guy thats 9 1/2" long and that was a determining factor in knowing what emoitionaly she wanted you might think that we are sluts for picking or saying it fills emotional needs but to us sex and enjoying sex it is important
3240 January 5, 2006

Ever since I was younger my Parents has told me I might have a health penis. My parents are fairly religious so, they riased me not to be showy or "GOD" would make my penis strink. I'm 18, and I'm mostly African american and in college, my penis length is 10'3", I been told i'm highly attractive, so I have many girls or young ladies approaching me.

 I meat a christain girl in highschool and sex before marriage was a Definate no...Until one day we were getting close and she "mistakingly" felt my erected penis at a party after meeting a female friend from my past who said my penis was to large for any regular gurl and promised not to tell. Now my girlfriend keep making passes and I'm at the piont where I don't have time for side track i'm away at school so whenI come home I just go see here.

So I believe some weman do like large penises. But, I must say it is a pain some time.Many time I catch people looking at my crotch more than my face.Also, I am a singer in college and in church and I have to wear slacks alot I have to hide my bulge and pray people don't see my erect or I have to wear blazers all the time. Embarrasing things happen alot. (i.e) I was on the indoor-track team one year while running with those uncomfortable short shorts my penis felt from my jock and I came in 2nd to last trying to pull my pants down then my coach said I was highly blessed infront of about 34 assorted guy and girl. My Doctor told me it would be a good idea for me to share my story with this wed-site since i'm usally embarrased.
3241 January 5, 2006

Dick Spade:
Just was wondering something:  Just as penis size seems to be an issue among many people of the same and opposite sexes, what can I offer as to penis TYPES?  Do you cover this issue?

Write back to me if you want more info.


3242 January 6, 2006

Concrete Proof Why the "Ideal" size is not as big as this site claims:
I've browsed this site many times, and obessed over it's supposed findings and the comments left on this site.  Sure, I, as maybe 90% of men have a penis complex...unforunately, this site tells me my Penis is not ideal but rather just enjoyable...but, due to a accident, i feel much more confident.  I have a six and 1/4 inch long, 5 1/4 inch around member.  I ordered some sex products from adam and eve...and i picked their mystery surprise, which i got for free since i had spent over 30 dollars...anyway, it came in the mail, and once i opened it i found the mystery surprise was a super double dong...i looked at it, and felt it in my hands, and thought shit, it's so thick...should i use it on my g/f?  What if she likes it more than me? I soon had to measure it's thickness, becuase it felt pretty big in my hand...and guess what, it turned out to be the exact size of my manhood...I was shocked...then i went and read some reviews of the product on the website...and i found reviews like this "My girlfriend and I use it together. although it is quite LARGE IN SIZE, it never hurts to use analy, even deep. use lots of lube." I then put it in my mouth, just cause I wanted to know if I full my girlfriend's mouth when she blows me and it actually felt like it filled up my mouth...(No, I am not gay, this was just a test so please don't be immature about this) so she wasn't lying when she said that my manhood fulls up her lips...I think a major reason men are so damn worried about this is that we just can't get into a woman's shoes...we don't have a vagina, we can't stick our manhood in our mouths to figure out if she's lying when she says it fulls her mouth well...so we go insane thinking that women lie to us about our size...

Secondly, why would sex toy makers make dong's this thick if this wern't a size that satisfied a majority of woman??? Certainly they would not make a product that women wouldn't find big enough...

Thirdly, if you could only somehow get out of your own body and grab your dick from a different person's perspective...you might feel differently about your manhood.  I really was intimidated by the free dong and thought it was so much thicker than me...and then it turned out to be the SAME size...it was crazy...guys, seriously, a lot more of us are well equipped than what the chart on this site tells us we are.
3243 January 6, 2006

u guys r all full of shit ifell in love with the perfect girl i was gong to marry her we had sex 1 time and i never saw her again ive got 4 inches we were together for a year
3244 January 6, 2006

My ex-boyfriend had a very large penis. I don't know exact size but it was huge. It was so long that I could see a bump in my belly when he pushed all the way in. My current boyfriend has an average penis. He is very good with it but it is just not the same. I have been unable to have the vaginal orgasms like I did with the ex. The intensity of being filled by a huge penis is out of this world.
3245 January 6, 2006

ok here is the lowdown on the penis thing. big is good cause le't say she is riding and she falls out- how fun is that for her?.. or if she is sucking and three is more to work with- that works as well
: another important facet is what is called stamina or even best dildo cock -- wherein you stay hard as long as she wants, this takes a lot of work but is acheiveable, first you learn to hold off and then go from there!!
so for size the bigger the better cause chicks dig that so the tighter the fit everyone wins.. but most important is the physics like the more she doesn't have to worry about it falling out, and can just concentrate on getting slammed--
anyway the thing has to be hard as well -- the harder the better : so in order of imoportance presuming you are good enough to mount and screw and make her cum are hardness, dildo, size in that order but once you have the hardness and the dildo; everyone loves big, .. unfortunately a lot of males are stinky or gross looking- that is too bad, often these types tend to include others in their life an talk about their dicks to the public a lot cause they are insecure.. hee
3246 January 7, 2006

hi, just wanted to say if any girls read post 3207 above and took it to heart, dont pay attention.  if a guys even slightly worth the effort then he'll love you for the beauty he sees in you and for the gorgeous person you are.  you'll be the only girl he wants in the world.  trust me; the guy who wrote that post's a bit misguided (or shallow, you choose!).

i really think theres someone out there for all of you (girls and guys), just give yourself time.  i know that's far easier said than done, but just think - one day that special person will be worth it!!

of course saying all of this makes me the sort of weak, cowardly boy the ed talks about somewhere on this site, so looks like i'll be alone forever!!  but i think you'll be ok ;-)

take care xx
3247 January 7, 2006

Boss Dog:
If she loves you and you love her the size of your
dick does not matter if you satisfy her with intercourse or orally you both win!
3248 January 8, 2006

A huge cock is fun in the bedroom, perhaps more so than a small one although I'm sure there are plenty of ways round this for the smaller man. However I have had infinitely more fun than I could have had with a small cock with mine when it is soft and still huge, in manufactured situations where people see it or the bulge it makes but I pretend I don't think they're looking/paying any attention/whatever.

On a cold day my limp length is just under 7 inches, and obviously I can make it significantly larger than this without it looking like I'm getting an erection. This was even more impressive on my 14 year old body when the rest of it still had a lot of catching up to do. As well as the usual clicheed changing room shenanigans, its led to all kinds of long drawn out massively arounsing sequences of events in which girls gradually get the impression that I am massively endowed, then actually see it, and then when I've milked that for all its worth I move on to actually trying to do stuff with the hopefully then cock-crazy girl. HOWEVER not all girls have been as cock size oriented as I'd hoped.

The PROBLEM is that ANNOYINGLY in my fantasies I am bigger still, right at the extreme point of the gene pool, so my fantasies are set in a world where women all share my view that 'the optimum cock length is so long that, while there is a chance of being bigger, it is neglible'. Interestingly my views on breasts are the same. If you're hung, its great when you find a woman who agrees, but unfortunately some of them do not.
3249 January 9, 2006

big hard cock:
i have exactly 7" fully hard. my girl friend has a very tight pussy. i love to perform lots of oral on her ,sucking her clit and massaging it with my tounge, sometimes i bring her to orgasm orally and sometimes when we fuck i give her a g spot orgasm, women like to be warmed up good before they have the big "o". so you fellows with smaller cocks, if you can master eating pussy, you can still bring your girl to the big "o" when you fuck her because she will be so turned on from the pussy licking that your cock will send her over the edge. good luck
3250 January 9, 2006

white cock:
to that nigger loving bitch marie, you can fuck all the nasty monkey cocks you want. i like beautiful women and your more than likely some fat ugly ass trailer park trash ho' that a decent white guy wouldn't fuck even if he wanted to play a joke on his cock, so "fuck away ho' bag "

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