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3151 November 28, 2005

Love the truth on this site!:
I"m so freaking glad to see somebody actually say the truth like it is instead of the absolute bull shit you hear from poop brained "sex experts"!

"some prefer small/medium big"  (shut the fuck up they all prefer big) just say it like it is, damn it!

"its not the size of the ship ,but the motion of the..." BULL SHIT ,how is it possible to be good with your penis.  you just shove it in and thrust, bigger means it feels better for you and her . that makes sense. I guess you could say technique matters more the smaller you are, and less the bigger.

"Sexual health experts" are really only experts on making you feel better about yourself.  When somebody asks if penis size or breast size matters, they want to know if the opposite sex factors that in when determing how good you are (attraction wise). The health experts know this, but they'll try to beat around the bush and warp the question into something else, and just give false truths.

This, however provides the answer men need to hear!
Thank you soo much for providing truth and explanation! This is indeed much more helpfull then regurgitating "motion of the ocean" shit

But, on the side note...I think (when it comes to physical pleasure) women should worry about their vaginas much more then men, because guys cant do much about their dicks, except not gain weight as it gets in the way, but women can do several things to keep their vaginas nice and tight to satisfy the men. 

It makes sense why women would inflate their love for big penises, because its soo easy to see that they felt better from the bigger one, because you can tell how big it is, and they're phycologically stimulated by bigger ones too, so its easier for them to make the connection to bigger is better.  However men cant really do this with vaginas since they're not especially aroused by the sight of a small vagina, and plus you cant really tell how deep they are...so maybe thats why the blame gets on men, when it really should be more on women!
3152 November 28, 2005

My nickname's Sunshine but I'm not gay. I was actually looking up porn and found this page and was reading some of the comments. I'm 6" and I don't have a problem with it. Mosts of the posts I read were just people bitching, but get over it. Size does matter, but with the right girl (whom I personally have yet to find - I should prob spend less time looking at porn) it won't be the main issue. Plus you can still satisfy a girl, not to her max, but guys under 8" can deffinitely get the job done ;-)
3153 November 28, 2005

i think this site is pretty accurate, i'm an average college guy of 19 years, and mine is about 9 inches long and 6 around.  My girlfriend loves touching it and playing and says it turns her on quite a bit.  Every time we've had sex she says she loves it because it's the perfect size.  So, I'm thinking size does matter, but thats just me
3154 November 28, 2005

lloyd j dailey:
i cant believe all of you guys and gals all worried about whats between your legs. when i go out with a woman i pick her for other things first before sex and how big my dick is and her pussy is.i love women and enjoy their company and if we get togeather well then the sex will come.so why dont u just accept what the good lord gave you and take your mate for who they are not what they got between their legs.
3155 November 28, 2005

what race has the biggest penis or is it all a myth?
3156 November 28, 2005

dicky davis:
totally love the large inner lips....the bigger the better.  want them to just wrap around me.  total turn on.  what is this stupid talk about surgery from some women.  dont cut off my dream...girl...just want to lick you till the days end and beyond....give me big inner lips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3157 November 29, 2005

hahahahaha the person who made this site probably's never had a girfriend...
3158 November 29, 2005

I always thought I had a good sized penis until I read this article.  I have a 5" erect penis and 5" in girth.  Maybe that explains why my wife rarely cums when we have sex.
3159 November 29, 2005

From a woman who has known her share of men great and small:

1. Does penis size matter to women? Yes.

2. Will a woman prefer a man with a large penis to a man with a small or average penis? For sex driven by lust and nothing else if other variables prove to be not in the smaller man's favor, yes.

3. Can an attractive and fit, intelligent and charming man with a four to six inch penis enjoy a healthy sex life? Yes.

4. But can he enjoy one with beautiful and charming women? Yes.

5. More importantly, can such a man find love with such women? Yes. Definitely.

Finally, there is more to life than meaningless sex, but even if that is all that matters to you, smaller men can still have it the way larger men can. Be attractive and fit, be intelligent and charming, be a good man and you will find that even the smallest can enjoy the best sexual experiences. Life is not a porno flick, life is something far better. And that is the fundamental point.

This site only speaks from a physical perspective and in the best-case scenario that all men are well endowed. While larger men please women the most, smaller men can still please women and make up for the "hard-to-reach places" with such variables as personality and the general goodness of the individual. Few women will trade a good boyfriend or lover for one that is great in the sack but as dull and as socially challenged as a dildo. Now, there are men who possess both traits - sexual prowess and personality - but there will always be pretty girls in search of a good man. That's why it's good that there are more women than there are men, and more smaller men than there are larger men. In the end, love life and just love because life is short and if your penis is also short, there's no use worrying about it in the time you've been given. Don't despair, men; every man can make a woman (or women) happy.
3160 November 29, 2005

 What happens to size queens when they get old( let's say more than 50)? Do they still crave for big cocks? Do they feel sorry for wasting their lifes?
3161 November 30, 2005

This is more fun than smoking crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
3162 November 30, 2005

Reality check:
Point #1 This site contains no 'debate'. 

It contains Ed's propaganda about his point of view along with a lot of comments from various penis interest groups: insecure under-endowed men, bragging over-sized men and posts from women.

Point #2 The question "does size matter?" is subjective

For starters, the question can be read numerous ways.  Women might read the question to mean whether it matters in terms of love or a relationship.  Men might read the question in a sexual manner.  Some might read it literally: "does penis size affect anything?". 

To some women, penis size doesn't matter much at all.  To others it is a sexual fetish and then there's everyone in between.  Same with gay men, of course.  Straight men are probably more likely to care about their penis size as they are the ones most often judged by it.

The question is about a preference and an emotional response, therefore it will evoke different answers.  The answer 'yes' is lop-sided here simply because most people browsing an Internet site about penis size have some sort of stake in the matter (or at least an interest since they probably meant to come here).

Point #3 Yeah, it matters
But wait, you say, I just said it was a subjective question!  Allow me to explain:

Ed's a total tool, but you gotta give the devil his due.  His 'experiments' are laughable at best and this site is little more than pathetic propaganda and penis size industry spam.  But the fact is that with 3,000 comments and what I'm sure are millions of hits, this site has attracted attention.  Therefore, to the people who visit this site and the people who post here it most likely matters.

The reason why penis size matters, despite the question being subjective, is that it matters to most men.  I don't think any men here will disagree with me that the size of their penis never crosses their mind.  It's practically our second brain.  It probably crosses the minds of most appropriately aged women as well, because lets face it sex is a big part of life, since it is the start of life.

Porn is prominent and if you watch enough you'll accept the truth that penis size matters.  But so does sexual stamina, skill and the woman's genetic make-up.  Maybe the female is the one to blame for being loose or fat or ugly or just a stupid skank.  Or maybe the guy just sucks in bed or has a twig dick.  Just trust me, go find some hung guy and ask him about women's reactions to it.  Granted, he will have probably been more likely to encounter size queens and those more favorable to his size, but still it is a valid source of information.  Either that or get him to screw your girlfriend, significant other, friend, mother or sister or something.  They will tell you that a 2 inch dick and a 10 inch dick do not feel the same.  Thefore size impacts sex and therefore it matters.  Statistically speaking though, most men are quite similar in their size and shape.  If you're average then cheer up, evolution chose you.  If you're big, then good for you because you probably get a lot of ass.  If you're small, then go find a woman that understands your disorder.  Or get someone to service your mate for you.  Or go commit suicide with a toaster in a tub like other retards do.  But quit bitching about it, because it ain't going to fix the problem.

But one thing I know for sure: If you don't think penis size matters to at least someone people though, in general, you're in denial.

I suggest everyone gets off this website rather than getting off on it.  It isn't healthy to obsess about something you cannot change (believe me, you can't change your penis size very easily).
3163 December 1, 2005

If the girl doesn't have big tits and a nice round ass then se has no right to chomplain.  im sick of all these overweight women complaining about their partners cock size---go to the gym you fat cows
3164 December 1, 2005

Do think when we were evolving thousands and even millions of years ago the women sat around discussing penis size and then went in their caves did "deep throating" and "double penetration" with the males?  NO!!!!!!!!! Our stupid culture is manipulating everybody into thinking dick size, breast size, ass shape, etc. is all that matters.  Porn is like a drug---one can get an addiction to it and you start to think that all women are giant cock craving sluts.  And unless you are dating a supermodel then chances are while you are worrying about your cock size, they are worrying about their boobs or their ass or their weight. I admit I wish i had a bigger dick but you guys are taking this way too seriously! And i can't believe women are actually complaining about penis size---everywhere i look the women are overweight and have ugly butts.  There is an "ideal" for every body part.  if your cock is not "ideal" then WELCOME! you are with 90% of the rest of us!
3165 December 1, 2005

Penis size couldn't be that big of a deal to women because every one i have ever slept with has come back for more even the sluts.  ANd i am only average in size.
3166 December 1, 2005

This sight kicks ass.
3167 December 1, 2005

i am about 7 long by 6 1/2 thick.  i thought i was the biggest my wife ever had, but she told me later she was with some big black guy that was actually longer. she doesn't know how much longer, but said it wouldn't fit all the way in, and went past his belly button (mine doesn't reach that far) not to mention he was a tall guy also.  we guessed it to be around 9 inches. she said we were about the same thickness. she loves my cock, but wishes it was about 2 inches longer.
3168 December 2, 2005

I wonder what the ladys in here think of mine, I'm not big or small I think.

At 19,5cm (Almost 8 iches) in lengt and 13cm in girth (5 inches) I'm resenably happy, I sometimes wish I hot more girth but one can wich...

Ok, so what do you ladys think?
3169 December 2, 2005

have not been around for awhile but can see things are progressing on penissize debate.  After lots of talking and messages it seems from my exprience that if you have a dick that gets to the end of their tunnel, just past their cervix if they are hot, and you rub it around a little to let them know that it is there youre going to have them cumming and cumming and cumming and if you give them a big dose of hot cum for dessert your in their favor.  Every woman Ive ever been with or talked to says the same thing and that is every man has his way of fucking a woman and its mostly all good but a man with a 5 inch dick can hit the back wall so to speak and thats what they like a dick in them that fills up all of their vaginal space length wise and girth wise that is what a woman dreamsand fanticises about and if you dont believe ask them.
3170 December 3, 2005

blah blah Everyone and there opinions .. does size matter? who cares if it does it does i think it depends on the girl ..so stop worrying about it .. im not the bigest of the bunch and ill admit im just around 6 but ive never had a complaint and i have a lot of friends with benefits if u know what i mean ..so for all you guys on the smaller side crown me your king and i hope this will be a source of inspiration ..
3171 December 3, 2005

happy cock:
i have a6.5"*6",& my friend has afoot long penis(nearly31 cms-12.5"*3.5")& we often share women! one thing i,ve learnt is that a vagina is like a rubberband!i actually feel good about having a short,fat cock than real,real long skinny cock!(mine you his does look quiet impressive in the change rooms & beach,but i,m still happy with what i,ve got!
3172 December 3, 2005

One more time:
November 11, 2005

I'm six inches tops-i feel inferior,lack confidence,have trouble maintaining erections,and am bald as well! My girlfriend,who I don't see very often, feels loose. Women always giggle about big cock jokes-truth is,I really do think most would prefer a bigger guy. I guess I'm left with two options: suicide or a solitary life of misery. Life really sucks!

Just in case this post is a serious post, I'll post this website even though I see someone recently posted it, it's been posted before, and ED has promoted it more than once in the past(which by the way, to those claiming ED is in it for the money, is a completely free of charge, free of spam, free of bannors site). The site is penis enlargement exercise forum. It's well run with tons and tons of to read about and learn from. It's not a penis pill site, that doesnt work. It's strickly about exercises that slowly do work, but must be studied with a good forum to avoid serious injury. The site is called Thundersplace. Do a google search, link to it, read and grow your dick. As a guest you can only read, which is fine to learn from. If you choose to become a member, you can then post. Ok, this is the help you asked for.
3173 December 3, 2005

See above post about Thundersplace:
November 12, 2005

i have worst dick out there:
i'm a guy with a dick thats like3-4inchs. i hate to say that sometimes i feel like shit. i even wont to die n yes i think its stupid. but im so imperesed by my dick that i try to avoid boners. no lie so can anyone out there save me n give me some advice. thanks ps: i really wish i was alot more atractive

I sure do have bleeding heart today. We really don't want it too well known the exercises do work, but you guys sound so sad. So see my above post to another guy about the free penis enlargement exercise forum. It's not just length gains, but also girth gains are possible. Good luck to you.
3174 December 4, 2005

A Word to the Wise:
Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to compile all of this?  I agree that this is a relatively pressing issue, but you do realize that you dedicated over 50 pages (no I didn't read the whole thing, but a I did look through a substatial portion) to the human penis right?  I doubt you will ever read this, but let me try to give you a little advice: get a life, how about one that doesn't revolve around sex and the size of other people's penises.  Also, it might help if you didn't look at sex so materialisticly, it might help.
3175 December 4, 2005

This webpage is the very definition of Shadenfreude.
3176 December 5, 2005

I am 21 years old and I am well equiped....too well. I am 11.25 inches and 5.75 girth. I have been turned down for sex 6 times. I have had sex with 56 women and when they see my penis they usually freak out. I would like to say that if I could I would be smaller. I dont like only being able to put 7-8 inches into a girl and having 3 left over with her still hurting. I have had girls cry. Do not wish you were bigger, its not worth it.
3177 December 7, 2005

my gal just called me on my cell phone and told me that she had been thinking about my prick and she was sitting at her dexk anc could feel her clit all swollen up and her pants were sopping wet and how good it felt to know that later on that she could have my prick filling her up all of the way to her uterus and how good it felt when I was in that deep and as she was giving me conversation my prick started to rise and got very hardd and of course I couldnt leave it alone so I pulled out my middle desk drawer and untipped and grabbed my swollen prick and started to  pump and she carried on on the phne about the big veins in my prick making it feel even better and how she sloved it when it turned up on the end when I really wanted her and how excited she got when my balls started to fill up and how shed never had a man who shot so much cum and how bad she wanted it right now and what I did what unload on the bottom of the drawer and waas telling her what was going on on my end of the line  amd she could hear in my voice that I was cumming and she was breathing heavy and told me that I had ahold of the best man shed ever fucked and to be ready as soon as I got off work she pick me up and that her boss had just waalked in and she had to go and there I sat with m;y prick in my hand and cu;mm all over the bottom of the drawer happpy as a toaad.
3178 December 7, 2005

Long Dong Sliver:
Hahah hahh hahh...you people have too much time on your hands to be seriously debating this kind of stuff...but then again I'm on here commenting too, so I guess I have too much time as well.

The "Facts" are pretty much a joke though. I can't figure out if they're supposed to be satirical or not. Maybe if they were better written it would be easier to tell. If they're not supposed to be a joke though, then they're pretty much pure B.S., written by someone who doesn't have a clue. I.e. most women prefer vaginal intercourse than oral stimulation?! It's like 100x easier to get a woman to orgasm multiple times through oral stimulation.
3179 December 8, 2005

why is it up to the man to fill the vagina why cant we all admit WOMEN are all different size.
3180 December 9, 2005

Hey guys quit worrying about your dick size, bang as many of these sluts that think sex is everything and get yours. These bitches dont care about you there just looking for the biggest dick around and I got news for you, THERE'S ALWAYS GOING TO BE SOMEONE WITH A BIGGER DICK THAN YOU so treat these girls like they act, SLUTS. Bust your nut and move on because you don't want a slut like that anyway. When your ready to settle down then you put the effort into your sex life, believe me you'll know when there worth your time, because your conversations won't be about dick size. Fellas get yours and move on to the next good for nothing skank, because that is what they are going to do to you. IT IS IN SLUT'S NATURE TO FIND THE NEXT BIG THING! So you look for the next best thing until you find a real women.
3181 December 9, 2005

hey, why is everybody offended if you think this site isn't true...My fiance loves me and my thing and that's all that matters to me...so fellas if your girl loves you then who cares, or if your still gettin' yours.
3182 December 10, 2005

size should not matter so much if you have love
3183 December 12, 2005

I am interested on drugs that will shrink a mans penius.
3184 December 12, 2005

Can't stress this enough:

Vagina tightness is something women can control to an extent with exercises.

Penis length and girth is way more difficult to alter, if not impossible.

If you are a woman complaining about the size of a penis, or that you are not satisfied by average sized ones, you are laaaaazy.  Do a little research and some vaginal exercises.  No sense in degrading a man for something that he cannot control when you can potentially do something to fix what it is you need.

Smaller vaginas are satisfied by smaller dicks.  Think about that before you flaunt your craving for big dick and thus flaunt your undesirable big vagina.
3185 December 12, 2005

I'm a spanish girl 18 years old. A year ago I had only seen one cock in my entire life until I signed in the yahoo messenger chats. There was this chat room called "girls judging cocks" in which the girls rated the guys cocks from 1 to 10. I told this to my school girl friends and we ran from school to my house to see those cocks. My friends and I were amazed we never understood why the guys were kind of desperated almost beggin us to rate their cocks on cam and we never had to show our tits or thongs. It was son fun that We made this 2 or 3 times every week.
We saw hundreds of cocks and obviously we stared at the big cocks (8+ inches) which were hard to find since almost everybody has a normal dick (around 6 inches). In the end the fact is that big cocks at least visually are such a big turn on for all the girls.
3186 December 13, 2005

it matters BUT...:
I got interested in this site because of its comments on penis size, who interests most of normal men (anybody likes to have a confirmation).

However, this 'debate' is indeed suspicious. If you take a closer look, one detail sticks out of the flow of information: the PORN AD underneath the comments...this says much about Ed's obsessions in general, beyond penis size.
3187 December 14, 2005

Fine Lady:
I am a lady of 60 years old and have been sexually active for 44 years i've been married 2 times to average size men. I have had my share of men both large,small and everything in betweened but not untill a year ago did I ever have a orgasm till I met this satire of a man who taught me what love is really like. His penis is 9.5 inches long and 8.7 inches around and it's tight every time he enters me and I enjoy the deep penetration but I don't have orgasms from that. The things that he does with his mouth and tongue to my vagina brings me orgasm after orgasm one after another with me screaming untill I pass out from the pleasure he gives me. He has counted my orgasms telling me I have had as many as 60 in one session so even tho his penis is the largest I have had and I like the feel of it inside me I still get more pleasure from the oral sex he gives me. So Girls find a man who loves to suck you and don't worry about the size of his penis you won't miss it beleive me.      !
3188 December 14, 2005

tiny tim:
I have a 4" penis which has never seemed to matter to any women since I have given more orgasms with my tongue than my penis
3189 December 17, 2005

I'm so glad somebody actually made a site dedicated to penis size.  It's actually my favorite topic of conversation with girls.  We talk about it all the time.

I hang out with a bunch of 19 year olds, and we watch videos of John Allen Nelson, a gorgeous "overly developed" male.  He is loooong!

I actually watch his movies in private too, while I talk to the girls on the phone about his size and physique!

I love fixating on it too!

from CrazyAboutHUNK@yahoo.com
3190 December 17, 2005

I found this site by accident. I was looking for pictures of men with big cocks. These men with small cocks are so mad and for what. Women hvae to go though so much to be what you would call attractive and now they know how it feels not to measure up. I found a man with a big cock and I am never letting go. All you small dick men go to hell. SIZE DOES MATTER ANYONE TO TELL YOU DIFFERENT IS LYING TO YOU TO SPARE YOUR FEELINGS.
3191 December 18, 2005

I'm sure most people didn't read through this site.  It is quite clearly a satire.  Most of what is put on it has stereotypical junk, some of it has truth to give a false sense of credibility, and other parts are simply absurd.  There are all sorts of fake images throughout it.  Size will matter somewhat in sexual pleasure.  But why are people so obsessed with it?  Because people get too obsessed with sex in general.  Not only that, they're too obsessed with physical attributes in general.  If men can expect women to be hot, then women can expect men to have big, great looking penises, with perfect sculpted bodies, very tall, and a sexy masculine voice.  Anything else will get rejected!   Give me a break.  For those that want to have casual sex, then penis size will mean more, for those that aren't hopelessly shallow and revolving around the thought of sex, then it's almost better to be average, that way you know you can have a meaningful relationship, one not entirely focused on sex.
3192 December 19, 2005

hi there my name is luara 27 years old. and this site really is pretty funny in my opinion.
ive had plenty of men big, small etc. but i have to say to me size is not an issue there is more to life than just a penis. sex on average lasts about 10-20 minutes a time. what about the rest of the day will you want the penis all the time i dont think so.
however i have to say best penis size for me that gives me multiple orgasms is about 6 inches give or take.
it really does the job soooo well firsty it doesnt hurt and secondly its just the right legnth that feels so great. i biggest one i had was about 8 inches and honestly it was very unpleasant and really didnt enjoy it at all.
the smallest i had was about 3 inches and wasnt goo either so if you gueys have bteween 4.5 inches to 6 your just lovely to have. as i said 6 inches is the best.
and guys stop worrying penis size is not everyhting women dont care about it some may have preferences but if they are willing to dump you over that, then she isnt worth the trouble.
and dont buy into this penis elargment websites there all crap and it can get very bad side affects to it.dont damage what you have becasue women love the man not the penis.
3193 December 20, 2005

I agree with the comment made by Mariluz (#3185).  Women like the look and the idea of a big penis.  I am 43 years old and have been with 9 women.  They have all commented on and become very excited by seeing and handling me.  For the record, I am 8.25 inches long and 5.8 inches around, quite straight and very hard (and very lucky, I know, if the size surveys can be trusted).  Intercourse is great. I love it, they love it.  Over the years my endurance has increased greatly, probably due to decreased sensitivity on my part. I can usually go for as long as they want me to now. But only one of the women ever had a vaginal orgasm with me.  And only rarely.  This was 20 years ago, when I was lucky to last 5 minutes. They all had clitoral orgasms however, two of them after very little stimulation.  My point is this: Having a big cock does not seem to matter when it comes to pleasing women sexually.
3194 December 21, 2005

Two Comments:
1.Why do people wonder whether there is any difference in size btwn the races.  On AVERAGE, black men are taller, have larger noses, lips, fingers, feet than white males or Oriental males.  And white males on AVERAGE are larger in those same features than Orientals.  In addition, black males have features evolved while living in a hot climate (longer appendages) to get rid of heat while whites and asians are designed to conserve heat. So it should be expected that black men would have larger penis's.

2.  I know it hurts pretty bad when women make fun of small penis's and talk about how they prefer larger ones but just remember: If they asked something like: "Does vagina size matter?" or "Is breast size important?" we would say a resounding YESSSSS!!!!!
I know when I am having sex with a woman I always judge everything about her---how tight her vagina is, how she smells, how her breasts look, does she have "love handles", etc. so it goes both ways
3195 December 21, 2005

I came accross the site by accident, but felt the need to chime in.

I think many guys here need to put things into perspective. Sex can be good with any normal sized guy.  I spent my Junior year abroad in Paris and made love to a Danish guy who very romantic and was also amazing in bed.

My roommate asked (she had heard me screaming my head off the previous night) "was he huge?"  And you know what: he wasn't.  He had three things going for him, he was romantic, had beautiful technique and great lasting power (he was in complete control).  He was also quite a bit smaller than my boyfried at home in New York.  Her assumption was big guys are better, but you know what...I think guys that have big penises tend to be more confident, which makes them appear sexier.

The Danish guy and I had sex two or three times and I also took him in my mouth.  That was also amazing because I took him all the way...there is no way I could do that for either my old boyfriend or my current one.  The look on this Danish boys face when there was no part of him not in my mouth made me feel great!  I also kept going even while he was finishing and I swallowed.  Why? He had earned it by making me orgasm 3 and 4 times with his very normal sized penis.

So does size matter, maybe if you are really small or big. I have had both, and both were bad, but romance, technique and staying power get this girl's vote for #1 toe curling orgasms.  I have worked on current boyfriend's technique (better foreplay is key) and he has improved, but even with his much bigger penis (I would guess 50-60% bigger)...sex is no comparison to the experience with the Danish boy.  Whenever I think about it...well let's just say my boyfriend gets the benefit of a very willing partner.  Now... where the hell is he :0.
3196 December 22, 2005

i believe myself to be average. however my last two significant relationships with women have told me that the way i moved and the various other techniques made them have orgasm strictly through intercourse only. in which in the past were unable to accomplish. women should appreciate average to small men because we have to be creative
3197 December 22, 2005

My girlfriend has a lengthy experience with a Tommy Lee dick (pardon the pun), and I'm 5.25 inches on Lavitra. We "can't feel a thing" during intercourse when she gets really wet.  It's like throwing a wet blanket on our sex when that happens; and just as she's getting all excited. Still, she remains with me because of relationship & stability issues. The size thing almost drove me crazy, until...
3198 December 22, 2005

can this site be any lamer?  My nose hair is longer than yours...huuuuuuuuh.
3199 December 23, 2005

My penis is 5-1/2 x 5 inches thick.
I know I am small, because all the women
I have been with have commented about it.
One said that it was "perfect", but then
later said it was too small.  Another said
that she was sooo glad I am not big, but
corrected by saying that it is not small by far.
(yeah right!) My wife once said that I may think
that she may be too big inside, but that she really
like my dick, but a few years later said that I
didn't have a dick.  My penis is torpedo shaped, and
she never seen such a pointy one before. yep I have
a little fattie with a pointy tip.  I like my penis
anyway.  I cum big loads and shoot across the room.
I just wish she did not say "deeper damn it with a
frustrated voice.  It takes a lot of extra effort
to satisfy.  I am glad I can go for a long time.
Use what you have and show her how much she turns
you on.  It works!
3200 December 24, 2005

white william:
I am a man (32)- obsessed with the issue of size-who loves any new info, conversation or anecdote on the topic. It's so taboo and a conversation everyone (male and female) has had at least once.  I especially like talking with black and spanish women asking sizes of all their lovers and even family members they have seen.  I am a New Yorker and one time outside an XX video store an indian man started talking to me and, long story short, showed me the widest penis I have ever seen.  It was probably only 4 1/2 inches and nearly as thick as a red bull can.  Almost 1/2 of it was the head and it looked absolutely freakish! I started asking him about his wife and their experiences and he confessed he would like to see her react to a long one.  I ended up showing him mine (lots of you guys have compared so don't even start) and when he saw my 8 1/4 average thickness slightly bent large head "personality" he was clearly fixated with a "normal" and "long" one (compared to his, that is).  Funny thing is I was obsessed with how wide he was and would love to see a woman reacting to it.
We made plans for me to come to his apartment in Queens to do repairs and getting my clothes ruined in the process so I could be bulging in my underwear in front of his indian wife while she laundered my clothes.  He was very into the plan.  He also mentioned having a sister in law who needed (his words) "good long dick". I jerked off at the thought of this indian woman seeing my cock several times but by the time I got the nerve (a.k.a. drunk enough) to call, his number had been disconnected (not too uncommon for an immigrant cabbie).  Truth is, deep down, I also liked the thought of a "non-gay" (yeah right) opportunity to see my new friend's freakishly wide stubby ....and I KNEW he felt the same thing.  Men (at least me) need an outlet to vent sexual body image issues and curiosity through conversation, anonymous looking (everyone does!) gossip, roumors or whatever. I know I'm into girls because I can't stop looking at them on the street- and always- but I am secretly obsessed with their opinions on size, other peoples reactions etc.  Many women can't stop evaluating other women's butts and breasts (and faces) in a wierd jealosy, insecurity, self esteem brain dialogue that probably brings them some form of fullfillment. This site, others like it and conversations I've had with friends and anonymos women make me know I'm not the only person like this.  Incidently, there are many anecdotes, experiences I've accumulated in my 10 years of 'size importance' personal quest which I would love to post- but first please -someone - give some great long paragraph feedback to this (male or female).
yours truly, without judgement...white william

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