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3101 November 8, 2005

Mrs Robinson:
I got married when I was 18 and for the next 20 years my husband was the only man I ever slept with. I was very sexually naive for a long time and I didn't know how big the average penis is. My husband was about 5 inches erect, and about 4.5 around. I'm 40 now and got divorced about 2 years ago. Since then I've been having my own little sexual revolution. Fortunately I'm in great shape and am able to attract plenty of men. I've had sex with about 20 partners since my divorce, and I now realize that my ex-husband, while not tiny, was smaller than average.
Based on my experience, I just don't understand why some women say penis size doesn't affect how good intercourse feels. It does for me. Yes, too big is NOT a good thing, but a larger than average penis feels better than a smaller one. After having all those experiences the past couple years, I'd say my ideal penis is between 6.5-7 inches long, and about 6 inches around. As you can tell, my personal preference is for thickness, since firm pressure on my walls usually makes me cum without touching my clit. I still enjoy smaller penises but I find the man needs to be more creative. If a guy has a smaller penis I usually want to spend more time receiving oral or being fingered. If a man is well-endowed I prefer to spend more time receiving intercourse. Just the feeling of being completely filled takes my breath away!
3102 November 8, 2005

C Mae:
Ok, so my first real relationship was with a guy 8" long and ... i don't even know how big around... but, anyways...it always hurt like a bitch when we had sex... seriously.  I just thought it was supposed to hurt all the time...but, then i realized after about 50 times, it shouldn't hurt anymore...but it always did.  Now i'm with a guy who is 5.5" ... it's SOOO much better...he pleases me every single time.  At first, i was kinda thrown off...i mean, i hadn't had much experience with penises. However, i'm so glad that he's not that big because now i can go longer and more often...without getting sore. It's wonderful.  SO, guys who are smaller than average, it just means you'll leave her wanting more... and as long as you're able to give her more...you're absolutely fine!
3103 November 9, 2005

Maria Maria:
Are asian men bigger than white men? There's a conspiracy theory out there that says white men have tried to hide the fact that asian men were infact larger in penile developement! A penis survey was did in 1960! First asian men were bigger. Now asians are smaller, now their trying to say whitemen are on average bigger than blackmen! How ironic? White america... Home of the cowardly.
3104 November 9, 2005

Homie the clown:
For centuries,blacks have been known for being hung like donkies,so there are obviously well-hung black guys but whites have only been hung for the last twenty years,because of a little thing called penis enlargement. Thank you.
3105 November 9, 2005

They say that black men have the largest penises, but the largest dick I've ever seen was not on a black man but on a Middle Eastern man. I suppose this has to do with the desert heat, if we want to delve into genetics. Anyway, I'm currently with a Scandinavian man whose penis is quite monstrous. I'm 5'1'' but I've always enjoyed big cocks. It's just my thing. Whatever. I've been with two black men in my life (each were big), one Arabian guy (very big), and the rest have been white guys (their sizes have ranged from 6 inches to 9 inches; the bigger ones have always satisfied me the best). Now, this guy I'm seeing measures about 9 or 10 inches in length and 7 inches in girth, something like that, and I cum every time we have sex. So, I'm going to hold on to this one. He's actually a professional ballet dancer (he's not gay, though) and so I suppose he perpetuates the stereotype that male dancers have big jocks. Boy o Boy is that true. I saw it through his tights a few times, the giant flaccid penis and the scrotum like a big juicy grapefruit, twice the size of my fist. He's got big muscles, huge arms, he's tall and powerful. I feel little and feminine and cute when we're together. I'm just sharing, leave me alone. Anyway, I wanted to comment that I'm grateful to this site because now I know why I experience my orgasms. I guess size does matter after all. I'm amazed at how receptive my vagina is to all kinds of pleasure and I just love being a woman - now more than ever. To feel a big and beautiful phallus penetrate you is to enter into a state of ecstasy and what arouses me more is the knowledge why I fall into that state. Now I know that the big head of his penis is causing shifts in my uterus, expanding my vaginal walls, and pulling me inside out - and then back in again. Wonderful! I couldn't ask for more. So thank you, Ed.

PS: Isn't it amazing how a small girl like me can take so much in? Wow, the human body does extraordinary things.

3106 November 9, 2005

size queen:
I used to not give much thought to penis size. But after my twins were born sex suddenly got less enjoyable. My husband is about 5.5 inches and I supposed average thickness, but I just couldn't feel him the same anymore. I've wondered if my walls were permanently stretched during child birth. Anyway, before the kids my husband was able to give me vaginal orgasms during sex, but afterwards I started getting frustrated. I very, very much like the feeling of being stretched a little and I enjoy very deep penetration. And I very, VERY much like receiving vaginal orgasms!
My husband and I talked about it a lot but it became very frustrating and it hurt our relationship. Then I had a weak moment and cheated with a younger man who was at least an inch longer and noticably thicker. I orgasmed so hard I thought I'd pass out. I had sex with that guy maybe a half dozen times (I'm not perfect, but I couldn't help it, that guy was a stud in the sack and he could stay hard for freaking ever). But eventually I decided it wasn't worth it and introduced my husband to swinging. My husband and I still have sex but swinging has saved our marriage. I am and probably always will be a size queen!
3107 November 9, 2005

I was married 11 years to a man that has a 8 and a half inch cock. Unfortunately I cheated with a guy that was nowhere in that neighborhood and was very disappointed with the sex. I was shocked at how small he was and unfulfiiled when he penetrated me. My husband found out divorced me and remarried. Although, I miss many things about our marriage I have to say his size is on the list. His new wife has insinuated many times she thought I was crazy and to some degree I agree with her. If I ever get the chance though I want to experiece sex with him again.
3108 November 10, 2005

Visiting one of the links (a website devoted to women's problems with sex) I looked at the top 5 reasons women don't achieve orgasm.  They are:
Reasons You Don't Have an Orgasm
Sex Slipup 1: Racing Through Foreplay
Sex Slipup 2: Tuning Out
Sex Slipup 3: Ignoring Your C-spot
Sex Slipup 4: Forgetting to Pee
Sex Slipup 5: Changing Positions Too Often

Can't say I noticed anything to do with penis size preventing orgasm.

I might also point out that a good 90% of comments on here come from males.  The other 10% comes from women (and I'd doubt all of those are women).  Therefore my hypothesis (which I thought was actually an African marine mammal) is that men spend a lot more time worrying about penis size than women.  Think about it, girls have thousands of insecurities that they're more worried about than a fella's cock.

Having said all that I wouldn't mind having a bigger dick!  My hypocracy knows no bounds.
3109 November 10, 2005

I'd 1st like to say I admire anyone who has truly spilt there guts instead of hiding behind there false truths. For all u cowards out there, that can't even talk honestly on the dam internet, just need to fes up and truly spill the guts that you are lacking by hiding the truth.

If any1 here cares i posted this message because I wanted to tell you that from my first experience on this site i almost emmidiatley got bored of these 10+ inch stories. The ones that interest people are the ones that come from real life and not in there dreams and false hopes.

I finally would like to mention that I am on this site because of a friend who is depressed over the size of his sex organ. If anyone here has advice on this please e-mail me. I've tryed to help him but he always comes to the answer of, "you dont understand what i have to go through." I am almost 17 years old and 6 foot 3 inches. I would probly trade places with some of the less fortunate for a period of time to truly find a way to help my friend with his issue, in an instant.

I'll repeat the only part of this message that truly matters 2 me. If you think you can help me help my friend out send advice to my listed e-mail adress asap. THANK YOU (pjsraiders@msn.com)
3110 November 10, 2005

where do hispanics fit in this debate of the penis?
3111 November 11, 2005

Small Guy:
As a guy with 5.25-5.5" long and 4.5" around cock I can verify that it is more small than average.You can see that by watching reactions of the women while your cock is fucking her.They dont moan or they fake it and they do not worship your cock,like they do to those with big,they "handle it" with some disappointment on their faces I can sense that by the way they act.If she is seriously interested in you she will not dump you because of that but others will dump you after first fucking.They like big cocks that is truth and I would say that 4/5 of them care about size especially in sex only relationship.If they dont like size why ugly guys with big dicks have best women regardless of how they look.
3112 November 11, 2005

For years I thought that size matters was false.  I bought all the PC crap. That is until I hooked up with my last girlfriend.  I am rather small, about 5.5 inches long.  We had been dating about a year, when I got a new roommate.  My girlfreind hated him. she thought he was a jerk, loud and obnoxious. One night my girlfriend and I came home from the bars, both of us were a little drunk.  When we walked in the door my roommate was sitting on the couch with only a pair of tight shorts on.  He had a semi-hard on and the bulge in his shorts was huge.  I went to the bathroom to take a piss.  When I got out of the bathroom his shorts were around his knees and my girlfriend was playing with his large dick with her hands.  It was twice the size of my dick. She jerk and sucked it for a good ten minutes. I stood there watching.  I was mesmerized.  I pulled my own dick out and began to jerk-off.  He then began to fuck her. His dick never slid out of her pussy. She must have had three or four orgasms. She never had one with me.  Afterwords, she went to sleep in his bed. It took me about six months to find another place to live.  In the meantime I would pay Mr. 10 1/2(as my girlfiend would call him) $50.00 a session to watch my big-dicked roommate fuck my size-queen bitch of an ex-girlfriend
3113 November 11, 2005

ron burgundy:
well i guess this is a cute site.  im a marine, and i was reading about kama sutra, and ana ranga, and sumhow stumbled on this.  interesting, whatever the motives behind it might be.  by the way my dick is exactly 7 inches long.  its pretty thinck i dont know how much but it is.  ive had it called a salami and shit like thatlol.  ne ways, when i was young i thought it was small, now i KNOW its big.  not pornstar huge but big.  i can and do have any women i want quite frequently lol.  im reading about women needing 8,9 plus inches.  blah blah, who are you kidding?? ive bottomed out on more girls than i can count, usually has to do with position...but any of you clowns that actually do get laid would know this.  as well its a tight fit, and i always have to work it in slow.  i always get comments about how big of a dick i got.  which is funny after reading this...i also have a black girl fetish, i luv bangin black chicks for some reason and they love it to.  ive made girls cry and spasm in pleasure, do the wall crawl, push me back when iv gone too deep.  let me say again that i have been with a lot of women of all shapes and sizes, and every time, withought fail they have been attached to me, and these were almost always first time sexual incounters. its just layin the pipe bro.  now, according to this my penis is average or so?? sure thing padre lol.  ah the perfumed garden for the souls recreation is a fantastic read by the way, i highly recomend it.  you know th funny thing, if i had a five incher, id still be gettin ass like this to.  girls would still be fallen in lust and all that.  this is funny.  hey for guys that are worried that its too big or too small, relax bro! just get your nut and everything is good lol.  by the way, any attractive females in th nc area looking for a good time, leave your email and il be in touch with you mwah.
3114 November 11, 2005

This is great!  How far we have come, has the human race.  There are so many comments from so many people.  All of you are full of shit.  If you were arab, your penis, small or big would more than likely be buried under a pile of rubble following a suicide bomb.  A lot of good it does you.  I am glad that so many men have fought and lost their lives so that we can worry whether or not we have a penis that hollywood laden society feels is big enough to make us a real man.  Sleep tight, eat too much, drive your car, but don't forget to say a prayer for the armed forces.
3115 November 11, 2005

I'm six inches tops-i feel inferior,lack confidence,have trouble maintaining erections,and am bald as well! My girlfriend,who I don't see very often, feels loose. Women always giggle about big cock jokes-truth is,I really do think most would prefer a bigger guy. I guess I'm left with two options: suicide or a solitary life of misery. Life really sucks!
3116 November 12, 2005

  Ed, you are right that human has bigger penis than chimp,gorilla or orangutan. But you forget another primate (though I'm not sure that we can call it a primate) which by far has the biggest penis: Negro.
3117 November 12, 2005

To Rachel #3107

Take a lesson from this guys.  Some girls cheat no matter what.  Don't blame it on your average size.  This bitch cheated on her husband who had a pretty damn big dick at 8.5 inches.  Serves her fucking right that he dumped her immediately.
3118 November 12, 2005

Hi,raquel check out my posting  2275 Emma,
3119 November 12, 2005

i have worst dick out there:
i'm a guy with a dick thats like3-4inchs. i hate to say that sometimes i feel like shit. i even wont to die n yes i think its stupid. but im so imperesed by my dick that i try to avoid boners. no lie so can anyone out there save me n give me some advice. thanks ps: i really wish i was alot more atractive
3120 November 14, 2005

Well I decided to write this message as a "reality check" for those that read these posts. This is definately "tl;dr" but there are some points I would like to say, in hopes of maybe saving a relationship or two (it is worth the shot).
I myself am in my 20's and get my fair share of sex, probably from the gossip the women give about my penis (but I sometimes doubt their character).
Now, this site does have a point that "bigger is better", and to some extent it is right.
People usually don't get excited over everyday stuff like getting a paycheck or seeing tv or eating. We take it for _granted_.
Not everyone has an equal amount of sex drive. Women with more sex drive than the norm are more likely to get turned on by looking at a big penis (just like how some guys get that "I wanna fuck you" train of thought when they see an attractive woman).
This might explain why some women end up taking sex as a casual thing, as they can just free their mind and not take the man seriously as a person, but more as a tool (like a dildo).
The ones with less libido (or none) are more likely to not care or at least not get turned on if they saw a larger penis (of course if she had her share of penises and saw a small one, she would very likely be either never turned on or turned off).
Without that sexual lust it would be harder for them to climax. This kind of points to why some of my friends (whom are monogamous, but lesser endowed) can still make a woman climax, but it required more of a emotional attachment for the woman to let themselves free their tensions and get "turned on".
Most of the guys with "normal" dicks that posted on this site probably got the vibe from their partners that they were "OK" or "just right".
In reality they don't want to hurt your feelings, much like how a guy might lie when a woman asks "Does this dress make me look fat?".
What tends to ruin these guys though is when they let it get to their mind and drag down their self esteem. Hell, no woman I know would want to date a guy that didn't act confident, no matter how much money, how good they were in bed, or how "nice" they were.
You guys need to keep a positive attitude, and stop thinking negatively. It is hard, but then look at the women that get breast augmentation. Some are happy and do act more mature and confident, but I known those that end up tearing themselves apart because they then spot another imperfection and end up destroying their self confidence.
3121 November 15, 2005

This site is a joke... I already talked with many women on the internet about the Penis size and the women who say that the Penis size matters prefered a Penis from 5,5 till 7 and 5 till 6 inch. Only one from twenty said she would like to have sex with a penis 8+ because it hurts. I also red some discussions started by men who really have 9-10 inch and they told that they have really problems with their huge cocks because it hurts or the women even do not want to have sex with them. So don`t tell such bullshit on your site
3122 November 15, 2005

i have read your site today and have to say that many things are right but many things are also wrong or the half true. I have read many ( about 100) penis dicsussions on the Internet and spoke with some women i know about the prefered penis size. The result was that most women prefer a size from 14-18 cm, and a erected girth from 12-16cm. But the size a women pfrefers i different some like it big and some like it small. You can not say that women like a 18 cm penis more than a 13 cm one...or that you can have better sex with the bigger one. The penis has to satisfy her and if he does that she will be happy it does not matter if you have 10cm or 15cm or 18cm... And if you have the penis that gives satisfaction to the person you have sex with, this person does not want you to have another penis(bigger or even smaller what many women prefer too).
3123 November 15, 2005

havnt been around for a good while and while I was gone I did some testing with a gal whose been around the block a time or two, I told her I wamted her to help me with a test I was doing and if she would I would take her to Las Vegas for a weekend and that the test was for her to have sex with a guy with a 5 inch dick, 6 inch dick, 7 inch dick and one with a 9 inch dick all for 90 minutes each, in the same room the same time of the day and then to tell me how each of them affected her sexually and which one she like having sex with the most and why and she agreed.

I lined up the guys by telling them that they would have a roll in the hay with a girl for free and that they had to turn in their best efforts at sexing her and showing her a good time with their dick of course they jumped at a free peice of pussy with no strings so we started with mr. 5 incher and went up the line from their and she suggested that I tape each one for her to refer to and so I did.  She used my apartment to entertain her guests and me the four following nites.  On the following weekend we played back the tapes and here is how it shaped up.

On the tapes mr. 5incher did the most work to please her he started out kissing her feet and moved up to her clit and did oral sex on her for quite awhile and she had an orgasam he then moved her body to her tits and kissed, licked, massaged her breasts and then he sucked her for another 15 minutes or so then he went up her neck to her face where he kissed her and told her how good she felt and told her he wanted to see her again and asked her if she want to suck his already hard cock and wile she was doing that he finger fucked her and played with her clit and labia which was really wet and swollen and then he laid down on the bed and put her on top of his dick and let her ride him and she had another orgasam and then he laid her down and put on a condom and kissed her all over her body and  teased her generously around her mound until she opened her legs and was more than ready for him to enter her which he did with a dancing dick hard as a rock stopping to play at her gspot until she was bucking and moaning and then he slipped to fingers in her along with his dick righ;t near her gspot and then while he was working his fingers he plunged in as far as he could with his dick and pushed her legs back as far as they would go and then he rode her to beat hell with all the power he had in his legs for several minutes shile telling her she was the best he had ever had and that he loved the way that she smelled he pulled his fingers out of her pussy dripping wet and played with her clit and then put them in her mouth which she took and started sucking on them real hard reaally turned her on and then he started fucking her extra and told her to suck his fingers in the same rhythm and that wwent on untill the time was about up and he was ready to cum and he was telling her that his dick had never felt that good before and then he stuck his fingers in her under his dick and got them in as far as possible so she would feel like he was real big and thick by now he was so excited that it was affecting her and as he was abo
ut to shoot his wad he told her that he wanted to get her pregnant but knew that he couldnt because of the condom and asled of he could take it off and she said that he could so he pulled out took of the condom got back in his stride and as she put it he spewed hot cum like a stallion with a mare in heat and the tape showed cum leaking out of her as he was filling her and when he had cum he stayed in her and rode her to a second cum and she was having one orgasam after another when it was over he went into the toilet and brought out a warm wash cloth and wiped her breasts and pussy off and thanked her for the best of the best dressed and left and she was very well satisfied from the looks of the tap.  I must say that he would be a hard act to follow.
3124 November 15, 2005


Can this page be useful?

just pic's of me..

3125 November 16, 2005

i read through tzhis site and did not came out of laughing about it. The comment are really funny and the Guys who believe in such storys are only stupid... That could be out a roman of a bigdick site but not in real life. Women care about the size that is right but they do not want too small NOR to big dicks! Most women prefer average cocks, some prefer big cocks and perhaps 2% pfrefer small cocks.
3126 November 17, 2005

Tim Train:
Wow. this message board is long.  Everyone, including myself needs to grow the hell up.  Do something productive with your life instead of obsessing over this crap and find a partner who does the same. Leave all the  superficial thoughts and people in the dirt.
3127 November 17, 2005

Sara Mccoughlin:
Hi all! I am a 28 year old woman who is researching about penis size in relationship to woman's preferences and needs, and I found this site to be very informative and truthfull in regards to womans true feelings about penis size.

The book/novel I am writing is entitled "What Woman Really Want Under the Covers" and I have been doing research on the idea of penis size and woman experiments in bed in regards to them for about 2 years, with the help of 20 other woman.

Here is some of the research we have been conducting:

1) Each of the woman before each intercourse will interview each male about; how big they think their penis size, how confident they are, how they rate themselves a lover.

2) Each males penis size is measured before sexual intercourse.

3) After the intercourse the woman privately rates the satisfaction of the intercourse.

To spur interest in my new novel here is some of the preliminary data:

Males with a 4 inch penis or less:

88% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
3% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
5% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
2% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
1% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
1% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 4-5 inch penis.

84% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
2% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
8% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
2% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
2% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
2% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 5-6 inch penis.

62% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
5% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
15% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
10% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
5% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
3% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 6-7 inch penis.

29% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
6%Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
39% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
6% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
15% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
5% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 7-8 inch penis.

2% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
3% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
18% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
5% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
52% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
19% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 8-9 inch penis.

2% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
4% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
6% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
4% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
65% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
19% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Males with a 9+ inch penis.

0% Think they are smaller on the average size, but wish it was bigger
1% Think they are smaller in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger
5% Think they are average in size, but wish it was bigger.
6% Think they are average in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger.
29% Think they are large in size, but wish it was bigger
59% Think they are large in size, but DO NOT wish it was bigger

Average penis size (300 men measured before sex, aged 18 to 65)

Under 4 inches- 4%
4 to 4 : 4%
4   to 5: 4%
5 to 5 : 6%
5 to 6: 8%
6 to 6 : 10%
6 to- 7: 30%
7 to 7 25%
7 to 8: 5%
8 to 9: 4%
9 plus: 2%
3128 November 18, 2005

There are a few different kinds of responses that will be posted on this site.

 The first is this kind:

  Omg! My dik is so big! It's like 10 inches! this one married guy's wife came to me the other day and worshipped my cock, etcetra, etcetra.
 The second kind is some (we can only assume) woman:

  Ya. I had a 4-6 inch dick for awhile, but then I discovered the wonders of Black/tall white guys! Oh man, I'll never go back to tiny dicks. Teehee!

  The third kind is depressing:

  I have a small dick. I'm going to kill myself.

  90 percent of this shit is bogus. The true accounts are the ones that really are not that bad. Every now and again (by no means a majority, hell...barely even a minority) a cold bitch will put the size issue in her man's face and just up and leave him over it, or cheat on him. Yes. It happens. Once in a blue moon.

  Ed is not saying that women are like this.

 He's just saying they have a preference.

  It's not a dealbreaker, provided you are going out and having sex with someone for the RIGHT reasons!

  I mean shit, are you surprised that that one-night stand woman is being critical of your size?! She was OUT FOR SEX DUDE! Just like you were! She got gipped because her optimal sex experience was not had...deal with it!

  When your only intent is to 'hook up' and 'fuck,' then yes...a lot of women will be paying attention to size.
  But if you're in a real relationship, that stuff matters...but not as much as men think it does.
3129 November 18, 2005

my one is 4 cm only
3130 November 18, 2005

John Holmes Jr.:
Mine is NOT too small!  Stop saying that it is!!
3131 November 18, 2005

in reply to
example idiot comment 1

Does my name fucking matter?:
Well hey, there you have it, I guess I'm small.  I may as well not attempt to have a monogamous relationship because I can have absolutely no confidence that my parter (yeah right, as I'll ever have one) won't find someone who is my equal in every respect except with a bigger dick.
Right now I wouldn't care if someone put a bullet in me.

This guy (if serious but for reasons I have outlined above believe to be propaganda) is a loser. Trust me, you don't want to have such a low self esteem that everything about you (inlcuding your life as this loser believes) is centered around your penis."

It would understandbly make you depressed if the likelyhood of you keeping a girl is low because she is turned off by a 4.5 inch dick with a 4.25 circumfrence.

You run a higher risk of having a wife who may want to get things elseware. Although if you find the right person that may not happen.

I am sure alot of men would like to be with someone exclusivly and marry someday.

Having a below five inch dick doesn't make this impossible, just less likely as there alot of women who do place importance on it, despite what they say. You likely get hurt along the way, as some girls actually laugh.

I don't talk from personal experience, as I am a virgin. I have some freinds who are about the same size and am relating to thier experiences.

It's my view, alot of women will agree. There are supposodly some that it doesn't matter with.

No I am not a propaganda for the penis enlargement industry, I think it's bull personally. I am just in the same boat.
3132 November 19, 2005

you can't handle the truth...:
I'm a petite, very sexy, 26 yr old female. Until recently, I've only been with one man and have been married for 6 years now. Penis size was never really a concern in my teens or for the first couple of years of marriage. But for a few years now, my curiosity has been very intense and I'm now having terrible thoughts about almost every man I see and talk to. My husband is about 5 inches long, and is sort of thin and boney, and he has been very insecure about it. He cums very quickly too, at which time, not very much oozes out.
Every time there was ever talk about penis size from our friends, or from a movie, or whenever any reference was made about male endowment, my husband gets very angry, and jealous. He immediately looks at me to study my reaction. I'd usually pretend I didn't hear it, or pretend I am indifferent to the dialog. Otherwise.... there would be some sort of inquiry, a lecture, or another form of punishment pending. So I'd pretend not to hear it, or act like I was disqusted...

But on the contrary....I was very interested and aroused, and very aware of penis size. I think the main reason I've become so obsessed, is because my husband is so hung up on his size, and so intimidated by guys who are well endowed. In fact, I am aware that he is obsessed with penis size also, and possibly even aroused by well hung males. About a year ago, I had found his pornography stash that included males, and since then, he has added to it. And though I do love him, I've already cheated on him 4 times now, 3 times with the same guy. The sex is incredible with this guy and he has much bigger and more attractive penis.
This guy works with me and is always mildly flirting with me (in tasteful ways). I had agreed to meet him for drinks one Friday after work. When I saw he was nearby, I mentioned that my husband was "out of town on business again" to another co-worker, thats when he discretely asked me out. I was so excited to finally be meeting with him. I wondered if his subtle hints about being well hung were true...

The first time was very awkward, until we embraced, and until I felt his buldge press lightly against me. I could tell right away it was going to be really big, and sort of spongey, or meaty, instead of little and boney. In a matter of seconds I was sopping wet and ready to submit to him. His gentleness quickly became more aggressive and dominant. The more he took charge, the more I felt powerless to stop him. The kind of sex we had was completely different from my husband. UNINHIBITED. I quickly found myself gaging on his tender, oversized head, and then, cumming all over it. I wanted him to completly dominate me, and in the end, I drove home with my sore little pussy feeling well satisfied, my asshole still tingled from being licked and fingered, and his cum was sticking to the back of my throat. Since then, I have gotten up close and intimate with his beautiful 8 inch package twice more. Notably, his cock is very wide and has an enormous shiney head. His balls are very big too, and his ejaculations are SPECTACULAR! Meanwhile, sex with my husband is as boring as ever, and how pathetic it seemed the last time I jerked his little boner off, with just 2 fingers and a thumb, while rolling his tiny balls around in my other fingers, and all the while, praising him for having 'such a big stiff erection. Yeah size matters, much more than I would have ever imagined. Now I have to figure out how to share this obsession with my husband...who I think wants the same thing I do! Soon, I will be confronting him about his obvious bisexual tendencies, because I fantasize about involving my husband in a threesome with a well endowed man....
3133 November 20, 2005

wack quacko juice:
I dumber than bang of hammers..but it don't matter..when women see my huge bulge in my pants they go stark raving mad..They try there best to get it out of my pants. But I play hard to get..But I give in a stretch there pussies good..i'm 12 inches long with a fat head as big as tennis ball..it don't matter that I'm stupied..they still love it..I thinks have gotten 20 girls preganat already..
3134 November 21, 2005

at five inches erect i know my wife affair with a coworker had to do with size, or did she just find the one guy in the plant who was hung and had a reputation by accident.
3135 November 21, 2005

average college girl:
I may be a girl, but this site really helped me understand the male psyche.  I've yet to be in a sexual relationship, so the insights on this site have given me an idea as to what to expect of my partner physically and mentally.

I will not deny that penis size is important, but I suffer from my own insecurities as well.  I worry about the size of my chest and shape of my butt and fret that no man is ever going to notice me.  In all reality, I'm completely average.

So guys:  It's okay if you're average or smaller than average, because that's what toys are for. :P  Use a dildo if you can't reach, I wont mind.

Keep this site alive!  It is a valuable educational resource for EVERYONE !!! (except lesbians, I suppose...)
3136 November 21, 2005

ladies, just how big and thick ? if 9 is better than 6, then 14 is better than 9,? is 15 better than 14 ? if 6 inches in grith is better than 3, then 9 inches is better than 6 ?  right ? well why don't we just get a base ball bat and apply a little k-y, and shove the the whole friggin thing up our self ? if bigger matters, then lets start talking about women with small vaginas ! i would much rather make love to a woman that has a small vagina [ not one that has had a 15inch penis that was 8 inches in grith ! a woman wants to be filled , right ladies ? does it take a 13 inch penis to do the job ? the bigger the whole, the more dirt it takes to fill it ! the guys that are blessed with a huge penis  i admire them ! [ any thing over 12 inches] dam dudes you got it! dont you wish you had 16 inches ? she does ! does vigina size matter ?  if she needs a 12 incher surely it must ? listen if size matters, and i agree, give me a very small vigina ,one thats not wallowed out, and needs a horse to fill it !!!  ladies , your telling on yourself ! if ladies like and prefer large dicks, then men will always want a SMALL vagina ! how much does it take to fill up your lady ? hello girls, say what? do you need  a HUGE ONE ?
3137 November 21, 2005

average college girl:
This is a follow up to my last post.  After reading some of the thousands of comments posted here, I would like to say:  Some of you guys need to stop kidding around!  Some people are here for serious reasons!  It's important to feel secure in our bodies, man and woman alike!

It takes different penises and different techniques to satisfy different women.  When it comes to committing to one person, however, you and your partner need to be very open and frank about what pleases the two of you. 

Marriage is about enjoying each others' company and being able to live the REST of your lives together HAPPILY.  If all you care about is sexual satisfaction, then you'll be having affairs and ruining your "marriage".  You'd be best not to marry, you lustful dolt.  There are more important things in life.

Now it's true, I am a virgin.  I really don't know what will please me and make me orgasm.  I will not lie, though, I lust for big dicks.  Weather or not this is really what I want is unknown.  I just know I like looking at them and I would like to get a hold of one as well.  How else do you think I stumbled upon this site?

This doesn't mean I'm going to marry a man just for his huge dick, though.  I plan to marry for longevity (as in life-long partner, not sexuality, perv).  If we end up not being able to please each other to the max, then that's where experimenting with positions, toys, porno, and whatever comes into play.  I would even let him have a mistress if he needed, just as long as he plays it safe and doesn't want to run away with her.

I don't want to be hurt by my man either.  Big is fun to look at and play with, but I don't want to be in discomfort. Too small would be awkward as well. I want to know I'm having sex. 

As it is right now, I don't know what too big or too small is for me.  I know it will change over time.  The more sex I have and after I have kids I know it will take different strategies to make me orgasm.  But by that time I doubt I'll be as horny as I am now.

My point is that, yes, size does matter.  But 5" may be all you need to get a girl begging for more.  You may have to use more than just your instincts, though, after the first time.  And sure 9" is impressive, but if you're hurting her then she's not going to want it in her so often.

This is not a shallow site; it's just honest, and I think that's important.  Guy's need to have pride in their bodies; it's far more attractive that way.

Some of you may discredit me for being nothing more than a 19 year old white virgin girl, but my words are sincere, and I believe in what I'm saying!  I'm not some jerk posing as a girl just so I can hear my own voice.  I want you men to hear the honest opinion of a girl your age, and I really do hope my words have helped in some way. (like this post is going to be read much! ha!)

I'm not ashamed of my words.  Look me up at: http://www.myspace.com/ardna
3138 November 22, 2005

i don't know why people sey black guys are bigger than white guys,all the black guys i've been with were all small or average!! the  only reason i had black dick is because people say they're big,but it's all lie,now i'm back fucking my boyfriends  giant white pink dick...they're so cute...
3139 November 22, 2005

Robert :
This site is a laughing stock with all this dick talk, i'm sure quite a few on this site have major psycological issues and low self asteem. Get a fucking life you sad freaks because 99.9.9 percent of people dont give a shit about how big your penis is. If your this gay about dicks why dont you go and suck off a 30inch horse cock because i guess half of you in here would.
3140 November 23, 2005

My penis is  4 inches erect , it doesnt do much for my wife so now we have an agreement i like to crossdress. so she allows that in return for me allowing her to have a lover , she sees him for sex twice a week , im only allowed to perform oral sex on her now as my little penis doesnt do what her lovers penis can do for her. This works well for us.
3141 November 24, 2005

Some like big, some don't care:
IMO, size matters to some and not to others.  I am pretty small and for years, my wife said she was fine with my size.  I bought one of those extensions that adds 3 inches and quite a bit of thickness.  With the extension, I'm 7.5 x 7.  My wife went crazy when I put it in her.  She very rarely has an orgasm with me and she came five times in 1/2 hour with the new toy.  Size matters to her, this much I know for sure. She's not big on variety normally, but insists I use the extension whenever we have sex now. It changed everything for us.

I have had other girlfriends that run the gamut.  I had sex with an asian girl and she felt very tight and was happy with my size.  One other was not satisfied with my size and let me know. 

Not surprisingly, size preference simply depends on the person.
3142 November 24, 2005

I think that it does make a difference if a man has a big dick.  I have only been with three guys as I am only just 18 (this week) but my present boyfreind has a much bigger dick than either of my other 2 bfs.  it's true he knows what to do but just feeling and seeing it go in so far makes me feel like i'm in another world.  I didnt know that men's dick sizes varied so much till i went with my present bf a few weeks ago.
3143 November 24, 2005

is she for me?:
i am a 24 year old itilian/american my dick is 9" and i'm not sure the width. My girfriend adn i recently broke up. We dated for about 3 years and never had a complaint. we have two children, 1 and 2years old. She suspected me of cheating on her so out of revenge she slept 6 guys in 10 days. I noticed that she acted a little different while having sex. I fianlly asked her if i was able to satisfy her, she said yes but that there was one guy who really made her feel good. So i asked what was so different about him. She said he was thicker and longer. I feel so heartbroken that she had not believed me when i said i didn't cheat and even more now that she slept with someone who i can't compare to. I really love this girl, she doesn't have a perfect body kinda thick but very much atractive. I have a history wiht this girl and i believe that is more important that a girl with perfect body. i have slepted with her about 10 times since her fling with that Big guy and i get so frusterated because i feel like she was only supossed to have sex with me. I even tried to imagine her being someone else in order to try and forget about it. She say's that i please her just fine. i don't believe it. She said that in the past she lied when saying that my dick was really big and that it hurt her sometimes. I tried my best to please her. i can go for hours on end and that's no lie. I can't believe i'm so hurt by this. the worry is comsuming most of my time. This girls is 5'11' 180lbs. She is the mother to my children and i never wanted to be apart from her. i love her dearly, but i feel she wanted t oexperience other guys. It's no real secret that she is imature to anyone that knows her, but no one is perfect.

Since our official breakup i have met someone new whom i've fallen in love with. I still love my ex and always will. I find myself happy in every aspect of our relationship. She is 5'6" 120lbs and has a great body. She is mature and fun and finds me to the best she has ever had in bed and says i'm the largest guy she's ever been with. my ex is 22 and my new girlfriend is 33. I know that my new girfriend is much older than me, but we get along so well. my ex is a job junkie (hops from one to another) and my new girlfriend is a well known actress. She is very successful and says she is copletely happy with our sex life.

 I need some feed back regarding what i've written. how should i feel about my ex, am i needing to stress about her. I guess even though i've been told by my new girfriend that i am big enough to please her , My ex said she onoly experienced 2 orgasms.
her first with me , them her second with the big guy three years later.  I often talk to my ex ( because we have kids) and i am constantly thinking about this whole thing. what can i do to get over this. It's driving me insane. Some times i just want to get a penis enlager thingy and make my dick 12" and fucker so hard she will never say it's too small again. I guess the her words hurt the most, because it was coming from someone that i love. I feel that i'm the type of guy that can be compared t othe men in all the love story movies. The sweet guy with a rebel side. I feel in my heart that i am a guy that most mature rosponsible woman would want. i feel this in my heart not my ego. I know the difference. About my dick size before my childrens mother i had never had a complaint about the size.  do i worry or not?
3144 November 25, 2005

I really do enjoy your site quite a bit, as it at least is truthful (regardless of how much the truth hurts), but one thing that is somewhat glossed over in my mind is truthful comments about women regarding penis size.

Can girls find an average-size penis to be perfectly enjoyable and have it remain a near non-issue, or will the size of your dick forever hang over your relationship, regardless of how comfortable the two of you may be, as long as you two exist together? I suppose I'm just looking for a truthful answer to sate my insecurity that my average (6" long, 5.5" around) penis will never be good enough to keep a woman sexually content with me.
3145 November 25, 2005

Average Sucks:
this site forced me to finally measure myself and i have to say "lame".  im the average 6.5 x 5.5 and would say that girls in general need more. ive never been with a woman i couldnt bring to climax but sometimes you have to work very hard. i would say there has only been 2-3 girls i have given an orgasm to from penetration alone..... its nice to know i can never fully please any woman.....<going to shoot myself> lol.
3146 November 25, 2005

I give this site a B-:
I believe this is mainly fetish site. People who come here are concerned, worried, hurt, or excited by their perception of penis size and/or vagina size. It seems the information presented here is meant to stir those emotions, for whatever reason(s). To talk about penis size at all, one must first consider the context and the circumstances involved. Penises and vaginas are usually attached to human beings. That matters more! Size matters if.....someone you care about has a preference, or if you, yourself have a preference. "Why it matters", matters too. It may matter to some women because they may have a "choice". It may matter to some men because they have no choice. Some people's entire existance revolves around sex, while other people have a priority list that doesn't really include sex. There are so many variables to think about.... A large percentage of people have other problems with sex, or with their "relationship", to think about, where penis size (or vagina size) is the least of their problems. In other words a "penis" has a life support system to think about, and a vagina does too. Pehaps it matters to women, if and when, all other things are equal, which isn't very often. I'd say it matters to men, much more often and for different reasons. This site is obviously written by a male, with primarily a male audience. Good or bad, accurate or innacurate, you searched for this topic for a reason, and you can read opinions and express yourself here. Though I personally disagree with the author's views and methods...this site serves a purpose because sexual expression, and discussion is healthy.
3147 November 25, 2005

 This is the first time i have been on this site.
 some of the stuff on here i find interisting and I
 believe some of it is fact and some of it is fiction.
 I maen you know i like tight pussy my self because it feels better.well i guess sometimes but then again
some women are just wider then others but i have had a few good times with them as others so i guess i really dont know. but on the same matter i think thats for women likeing big and small dick it all depends on you your with and how they use it I suppose
i dont know cuz i am not a chick. i am happy with my size but i mean come on who dosent wanna get bigger.
i am only 21 so i still have alot of stuff to learn but if you guys keep thinking about all of this shit it probably isnt going to make sex any better. but sure i like a 9 incher myself so i guess i am gunna find out what i have ot do and if it doesnt work well i guess i will find out. good luck everybody
3148 November 26, 2005


I want to know do i honestly have a small penis go here

3149 November 27, 2005

Excuse me, but where are these so-called "facts" coming from?  I'd like some valid sources.  A few of the sources actually have testimonials from women who prefer smaller and average penises...

You say that most women prefer gigantic dicks, but nearly every woman I know prefers an average sized dick instead of a huge one (they hurt)!   You make women sound shallow and uncaring.  It's quite obvious that whoever created this site did so because they have serious self confidence issues.

You diss women for supposedly "all loving the giant cock" and you don't even realize that there is even more pressure on women to have big breasts than there is for men to have big penises.  And you "humorously" crossed out the word slut when describing all women, showing that you, for some reason, despise females.

Look, WE DON'T ALL F*CKING CARE ABOUT PENIS SIZE!  Women love a romantic, caring, faithful man more than a guy with an 8 inch cock!  Get it through your head!  Bottom Line: focus on being a kind, caring guy and practice the techniques (women do care about that, f*ckhead) and women will flock to you, whether you're small, average, big, whatever.
3150 November 27, 2005

I posted back in February about using a little help and how excited the wife gets. I wore out the last extension, a Mr. Softee 7.5" and found another I can wear and use. It's overall length is 9.5" and about 6"in girth. The wife and I use it about every 5 out of nine times of sexual intimacy. She won't admit - but she definitely responds differently. Her nipples are erect the entire time, she rocks and grabs the extension with her pussy, she experiences vaginal orgasms, and most importantly she doesn't watch the clock. We love each other deeply, but I know from what her body tells me - she wishes I was better equipped.

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