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3051 October 22, 2005

I was a model from the ages of 15 to 21 (im now 26) and during this time i got to see alot of guys changing in and out of clothes and swimwear. Only very few had anything you would really notice apart from one occasion.During a parade there really isnt any time to be shy or even look around you need to get in and out of the next outfit. The only time you get a chance is the initial outfit. We wear doing a summercollection and we (my friend was modelling the same show) notice this guy sort of facing the corner, not looking at anyone. This parade was not a big show and none of the models knew prior what exactly they might be wearing, it was mainly womens fashion with the occasional male escorting us out (10 women in the show, 3 guys). Any way my friend walked over near him and while talking to one of the dressers she noitced his penis in the trunks,it was massive. She came back and told me you got to see that guy. I walked over and had a glance it looked like a bananacurled up , you could she eveything. He  looked a bit embarrased when he saw me looking (i was embarrased getting caught!) One of the dressers walked over saw it and quickly gave him something different to wear. He looked relieved. I must admit i tried to catch a glimpse during the next change, and at the end of the last change he got kind of stuck taking some pants off, so i saw it out of his pants. It looked huge and hung maybe 8 inches but very thick. It was stunning my friend saw it aswell (we both thought of taking peeks). She whispered 'imagine it big'. A few of us went for coffee after the show and one of the girls mentioned did you see that guys dick, we giggled, it seems no one missed it. I wonder if any other girls other been in the same stituation? thanks.
3052 October 23, 2005

Im not sure what the point of this site is.  Why not make a site called "HeightDebate.com" or "Fitbody.com"?   Most women prefer men to be average or a little above average in height but you still see gorgeous babes hooked up with short dudes.  And there are some women that like very tall men.  Its also obvious that most women's ideal body is Brad Pitt but you still see those same women dating fat asses and lanky twigs.  And theres even a "size queen" in that category---some women only like guys with huge bulging muscles.

Get the point?  Same goes for dick size.
3053 October 23, 2005

I am an asian male, about 6 inches long and 5.5 girth.  I am married to a beautiful white woman who tells me that size does matter, in this context.  She says she would have a problem feeling a 2" dick and would not like to have an 8" dick hurting her.  From my experience with her, there are many times that I feel I do not pleasure her, but other times we have sex, she cannot control herself, and she cums within a few minutes.  It seems that the level of sensuality is directly related to her pleasure, as it is my number one priority.  The mind is really the most erogenous zone when it comes to me and wife's sex life.  Would my wife like the feeling of a larger penis?  Maybe.  But I can tell you, even my average size can hurt her at times.

Additionally, we have 3 children.  Let me tell you, after seeing a 7.5 pound baby coming out of her, a 9 inch dick ain't shit either.  I have hang-ups about my average size, but I think it comes down to the love we have with each other and how romantic I can be with her.  I have actually made her cum by talking dirty in her ear.  If she ever left me simply due to my avg size, then good riddance.
3054 October 23, 2005

I am proud of my 9 inches in fact although Iam married to a women who loves my big size she wanted me to have a size contest with a black co worker of hers. we met at our place we were in bathing suits.I went over and put a bear hug on him wanting him to feel all my 9 inches. He put his hands on his hips,and man did I feel small .We took off our suits  and he CRUSHED me in front of my wife. his dick semi-erect was huge my wife measured it 11 3/4 inches not even hard yet.my wife asked me to worship it. for the next 30 min. I was on my knees. DON'T tell me black men are't huge.
3055 October 23, 2005

I am sory that many guy think that penis size does not matter. However; as a female women do like larger penis. My first sexual relationship was with a guy with a small penis about 5 inches because he could not give that feeling that I was having sex with a man I offten felt like I was having sex with a woman. The relationship came to end and I begin going out with a man with a penis 10 inches long soft and 12 inches hard. I only had sex with the small and big man and I became the big man wife. Penis size does matter because I needed a man that I could feel as a 6 foot 2inche female I found it more likable to have a large penis man and thats not the only thing that I based may relationship on but it was a factor.
3056 October 23, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen:

Stop watching porn.  Most men do not have huge dongs like those videos feature.  Most women do not have huge tits and bubble asses like those videos feature.  porn fucks with your mind 
3057 October 25, 2005

miserably average :
If size truly mattered to women,evolutionarily speaking,small and average men would be extinct. Virtually all men would be well endowed. Because big boys only make up 10 to 12% of the general population at best-this site is mostly bullshit.
3058 October 25, 2005

i agree with almost all you said about size but in addition to all the qualities for an adaquate penis, hardness of penis is not to be underestimated.
knowing that g spot is stimulated only by hard pressure a huge penis which is limp and can be compressed by pressure would do no good.
the first outcome of blood pressure is the angle of erection which is much important then length.
the second outcome is the pressure done to the g spot.
stuffing a huge sponge in a vagina would do no good would it?
3059 October 25, 2005

 As a young girl I did'nt understand why my mother had diborced my father before I was born, and she would only date black men. I would ask but she would only tell me that I was to yong to know some things about life.
3060 October 25, 2005

Latinas love big too.:
Girls this is a latinas experience.

My mother diborced my father when I was born. As a little girl I could not understand why, and I would ask her, and her only answeer was that I was too yound to know some things about life. I would also ask my self why she would only date black men.


She told me that the reason that she had left my father for was that she became hungry for black cocks. she explained that she had a one night stand with a black man that had a 8.5 by 5 inch dick. After that she says she would wake up in the morning wanting my dad to go to work so she could go and get more cock from this black guy. after a couple of weeks she just did not want my dads 5.5 inch penis, and her mouth would turn watery just by thinking about this black mans cock.
She went on by telling me that her orgasms were so intence and frequent with this dick, and she had a hard time coming with my dad. Soon she found her self telling my dad that she did not want him anymore.
My dad left the house, and my mother found herself sucking and taking her first black cock day after day, and she says that if she had nown that black men had those big monsters she would of only dated black men in her life.
At the time she shared some cool and incredible pictures of all the black cocks that she had since the first one. To give you an example, thers one were she has three big 8+ monster pounding her in her vagina, anus. and she is swallowing the longest one.
Today that I am 21, after a bad experience with a 4.5 inch penis from a guy that could not make me come I also went to black massive dicks and I finaly understand why my mother diborced my dad. I do not blame her because huge cocks make a woman come and scream of joy.
The first one that I took in, was about 8.7 long and about 6.0 fat I had trouble taking him all the way in, but after he pushed it in a little more deep avery time, within a couple of days I was able to take the whole cock in without problems, I just ended up sore and with a big smile on my face.

I tried not leting my mother find out that I was taking black men in, but one day that I was home alone, I called some of my lovers over and they were taking turns on me (this was so wonderful) My mother arived and when she walked upstairs and heard me moning as loud as I was she opened the door, and when she saw the size of the cocks I was taking, she told me "finaly you get real men". and then she told me "enjoy them all, and I will be in my room geting my share of black cock and closed the door" and I keeped on taking all the whole cocks in.
Sometimes both mom and I get pounded at the same time in our own rooms, and we just hear each other asking for more into the night. Other times, we join in the same group, 2 woman and 5 huge dicks BOY THAT IS FUN.

I know I will never get married as long as nature keeps creating black men like the ones that I have had.
To all latinas who read this. (I know that most of you have been told not to have sex before marriage, but ask yourself, Does it realy matter. Probably not, and I assure you that after you go to black, you will not go back to latinos. In my family, some aunts have diborced and changed to black. And when we talk they tell me that they wish they would of known years before because they would of diborced sooner just to feel big black dicks.)


To all black men with 8 or more, you guys are blessed. And both my mohter and I hope eventualy all males in the world are black. I am sure woman in future generations will love it.

Guys sorry but latinas also love big cocks.
3061 October 25, 2005

Avg dude.:
average is 5.75 i measure that aproximately, what is missing here in all the imeasurable infancy of bigger is better idiocy is the fact that relevant to a mature relationship is how one partner loves another.
For all you immature thinkers this means that you must committ to kjore than an orgasm.
listening caring loving sharing beliving in and supporting.
learning other positions can alter the feel of a mans cock with women.
I lived in escruiciating insecurity because of a fear that bullshit like what ive indulged in on this site may be real.
Well to those cunts "fucking cunts" who need that big black 10 -12 or even 8-10 well go get it hope you like neandrathals, because most well endowed men I have known treat thier ladies like shit, how did my smallish 5" copmpare to my girlfriends x who was  little over 8, well maybe i didnt stuff her but i sure as shit never hit her, never raped her, never used foul language in her presence.
This sight ios for the promotion of penis enlargement which cant happen with any real success unless ypou have surgery and the man who does that is selling his value  as a person to an astheticly correct culture that lacks spirit love and comittment to anything more real than just an image.
all you idiot people who buy into this shit boith women and men and yes I know you exist but certainly wouldnt give you the time of day, all we real men dont need is some frigging grancanyon to tru an plug, all you well endowed men remeber there is always a bigger cock, or a toy and toys dont hit.
I am not saying every huge cocked guy is an abuser but most men who are arrogant (not confident) tend to overstate their rights and privaleges.
Ill keep my 5" cock and to the chick who said that well endowed men are more secure what the hell ever I overcame all insecurities and in the process learned a hell of a lot about sexual postitions that excentuate posture to hit the erogenous zones as well as the art of communicating with a woman to heighten the experiance.
My gf had never ejaculated before we explored tantric sex big the oaf with the huge dick and an I.Q. the size of my cock would never have invested that sort of care or energy, aM I GOOD HELL YES, I am a damn good lover anmd attentive to what she needs.

Guys communicate this and dont be shy to express some concern in the beginning especially if her x was mick the dick, usually these Braniacs lack decorum and wisdom and remember the real sex organ lies in the old noggin, more than likely the bigger the dick the smaller the cranium, just be insightfull experimental and willing to love LOVE your mate. Do that and I dont care if your cock i
3062 October 25, 2005

Here is a true story that hopefully sums up what women think about penis size. 

A while back I met some girl that my friend knew and we went out with her and got drunk and came back to her place.  She liked me and I was horny so i ended up "doing" stuff with her.  We didnt have sex but she blew me.  Well she gave me her number and kept calling me to go out with her but I ignored her.  In addition i borrowed a video from her.  So after a while she seemed pissed off that I wouldnt call her back and left me a dirty message.  Then she was talking to my friend about dicks for some reason and told him that I had a pencil dick.  She said I had no thickness and could never satisfy any woman.  Obviously this killed me.  And shes probably right I do have a small dick---6.25 and 5 around.  But guess what?  She STILL called me and wanted to date me. And, after i called her the other day she apologized and even asked me to come over and hang out with her. 

The  moral of the story you ask?  Yeah women care about size but its not a deal breaker.  Oh yeah and another thing---this girl was fat and her pussy kind of looked gross. Which is why i didnt want to hang out with her again!  So woman have to worry about the same shit we do.
3063 October 26, 2005

 Someone really needs to do a rea, cautious, controlled  Scientific study of the average penis size. 

Lifestyles Condom penis survey: 5.88 length and 5 in girth was flawed because subjects knew what survey was for (IE smaller men probably didn't want their johnsons measured by women nurses)

Kinsey Survey: 6.3 length and 5 girth was flawed because  subjects measured themselves and sent cards in

The only surveys where doctors measured men who didn't know what they were getting into reported smaller averages than the others.  Some Urologist needs to gather at least 1000 healthy males from the ages of 21-45 who don't know what the study is going to be; give them boner medicine (viagra or something) and measure length, girth, width and report those statistics along with any correlations.

Knowing the average in these categories would give us a good idea of what is big and what is out there.  For example---the average height is reported to be 5'9.  I think most women would prefer a guy to be about 6'0 or 6'1 so in this case-- the average is kind of small!  So if the average dick size is 6 inches by 5 (it could be closer to 5 X 4.75) than I would say a dick around 6.75 and 5.5 inches in girth would be considered big or nice.  One other thing---in the Kinsey survey and others, the largest penis's recorded were "only" 7.5 or 7.75 inches.  So how can all these guys be claiming to have dicks of 8, 9 , 10?
3064 October 26, 2005

the stallion:
This site is a fake site...just so U guys know.
3065 October 26, 2005

Hey tiger99:

3066 October 27, 2005

Loved the site, not only for the scientific nature, but all things possible!

I have one question....does the skin on an uncircumsized man get tighter as the erection builds or is it always loose?

3067 October 27, 2005

Interesting site, I must say i DO think women associate penis size with height and build. Im 5'5 tall and nicely built not huge though, and im 8.5 long and probably 6.25 around. Almos every women i've been with has said jeez i never expected this! It actually really pisses me off, i feel like thats all they want. But i must say that my size is more of a complication than a blessing. Most women get sore very quickley and it just messes up the whole act.
3068 October 29, 2005

I will have to agree that ALL women love sex as much as men. But they do a damn fine job of not letting the men know thats what there thinking about. Well, to say my part, I think that I am of average size but still find myself thinking I wonder how I stand up to other men. I mean I hear all kinds of pple saying I have a 9er or a 10er, and ever a few that claim the footlong, hell, that would make me tiny by comparison! Anyhow, Im about 6.75, and i dunno how big around, suppose bout 4.5 or 5, but still I feel like I could have been much better blessed. My wife tells me that it's perfect, not crooked or marked, no nuthing on it and circumsized so it stays cleaned better (least thats why i suppose they do that procedure), anyhow, any comments on my thoughts, oh and about all the comments to let you wife go get it from somwhere else, bullshit, id have to fuck up the both of them if she did that. I dont think its possible to be "driven into the arms of another man", when you are !
 conscience and fully aware of your actions. Just get the damned divorce and then go cheat on your ex's memory if you must. But dont come home to your man with someone else's shit still inside you. (some things washing wont fix, it the point that is important)
3069 October 29, 2005

hey guys who are fed up with small penis comments i welcome you to try gay guys we like it all and id be glad to discretely show you the pleasure of a life time
3070 October 29, 2005

Hey, firstly I'm a female. I really don't know how to say this but if there is a girl who cares more about the fact your not "huge" all you need to draw from that conclusion is that she is probably a slut who is extremely loose down below and "needs" that? No female "needs" a big penis and i think that you need to feel sorry for anyone who would walk out on you for not being "huge". When I first became sexually active I had trouble orgasming and my boyfriend was the perfect size. He wasnt huge. In fact I think he was about 5-6 inches which was perfect for me. And it wasnt because of his size that i couldnt orgasm but because neither of us knew how to use that size. We both know how to use our bodies to please each other in a loving relationship now and it wouldnt bother me AT ALL if he was 1 inch long. In fact I would probably be quite terrified if he was massive!!
Look guys, all you need to know is how to love a woman or a man, and be loved. And to be loved you have to love yourself. We are made how we are and we have to love ourselves! I used to have huge insecurities about my genitals but my boyfriend loves me and I now realise i actually have nothing wrong with myself.
I'll tell you something. One - Love yourself. Two - Anyone who is bitchy enough to threaten to gossip about you, or who laughs at you doesnt deserve your love or care or even your cock! Three - A girl who knows how she can cum can cum with a single finger, and usually clitorally, so penis size actually doesnt matter to the anatomy of a female as the majority or nerve endings in the vagina are at the enterance. Remember everyone is different and if somebody can't love you for you, find someone who does! Don't lose sleep over it - Everyone can be beautiful, it matters who you are not what you are, and what you do with what you have not what you have, quality, not quantity. There wouldnt be these terms if they werent true. Forget the people who are ugly on the inside, dont let THEM bother your life!
Janie - lamani_minani@hotmail.com
3071 October 30, 2005

39 year old hombre:
I have never had any complaints about my dick size.  Many of the women i've been with including prostitutes have said that i'm either perfect or big. I think its the angle of erection and how its anchored has something to say for good sex.  I also think that part of the female phyche is to  make a man desire her enough just to penetrate her and part of doing that would include flattery.  When it comes to sex its the men who suffer most because for a women all she has to do is spread her leggs while we do all the work.  My dick size is 6"x 5.5"
3072 October 30, 2005

If she is getting looser. Not necessarily, but may be cheating.:
Someone I knew at one time once complained to me that he and his wife were not having sex regularly for while by then, and that when they did she was  becoming so loose he couldn't even feel her. They had been married for years up until then. My gf at that time told me that his wife had talked a lot about men when they were alone together for a while one day. It only recently dawned on me that his wife wasn't just looser from getting older. I now know it must have been she was sleeping around, at least with one male with a fat dick.

Maybe after having sex with a big dick a vagina does revert back in order to be able to accomdate smaller dicks, but if she has very recently been plowed numerous times by a big one it must take some time before she can shrink back down completely. I believe this because I realise that must have been what happened beyween him and his wife.

My gf at that time eventually cheated on me herself.. She wouldn't have sex with me after she did, not that I much wanted to after that. I did love her, but couldn't live with a woman that would do that. I wonder if I would have fell into after her fling.

You guys that think a male with a big dick doesn't have an advantage are in denial. Sure, a big dick isn't the be all end all. Sure, it's not the most important thing to a woman. It counts though to moist women, and makes the smaller males have to work harder, and be better in other areas to make up for it. Not really fair, but that's the way it is.
3073 October 31, 2005

Women may say they prefer big cocks, which is fair because we like small pussies, which are more pleasurable, make us come quicker and make their owners seem more womanly. It's just a fact of life that women who need bigger are no good to most men
3074 October 31, 2005

To RachMod:2959  September 16, 2005:
Are you and you friends gay men, like most Mods, seeing that a female mod is a modette? But if you are a 'woman', yes size matters, but it's the size of the fan box: 'smaller, tighter the better, say most men and such boxes don't need anything large-large anything is something no real woman wants.
3075 October 31, 2005

Emergency ,Ella !:
 "I'm really pale and blond, almost to the point of having white hair"
You sound as if you're suffering from anaemia and premature aging. I should visit the doctor, if I were you.

p.s. no one talks about a man's instinctive urge for a smaller vagina (I discovered at a very early age the pleasure of a tight pussy, which belonged to a virgin, and sadly no woman since has been able to match it), which gives him more sensation, thereby confirming he has entered the female, so he can safely ejaculate without wasting any of his seamen, a valuable commodity throughout the leaner periods of human evolution.
3076 November 1, 2005

The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research gives the average penis length at 6.16 inches, and the average girth at 4.84 inches.

It's funny that there is SO many 9 inchers in this forum!!!!!! (9 inches penis is 0.05% of the total population) ROTFLHAO

99.5% of the posts here are a joke.....
3077 November 1, 2005

zui mokunowa:
white people say asians have small penis' but not too long ago whiteguys werent known for being hung either.As soon as penis enlargement was invented alot of white guys suddenly well-endowed like a blackman!
3078 November 1, 2005

ima whiteguy and sometimes i think about sucking a black dick. I love the color of it, the size and everything. Any whiteguys wanna join me in my escapade.
3079 November 1, 2005

my boyfriend has a 6' dick and that shit feels so good to me mabe cause he work it in a circular motion but them dicks over 7 1/2 HURT so i dont LIKE THEM and i love my boy friend cause he makes me feel good GIRLS GET U A MAN WITH A 6'' PENIS CAUSE IT DONT HURT AND IT FEELS GOOD TO YA  HALLA!!!
3080 November 2, 2005

To "Guy who needs a good opinion" (3031): That's small for your age.
3081 November 2, 2005

To all you well endowed women out there I for one am completely and totally turned on by big protruding labia.  I fantasize about going down on women with large hanging lips.  Call it a fetish if you want to but theres nothing sexier.
3082 November 2, 2005

Women are inferior:
Does anyone here notice something funny about this topic?  The two subgroups who get ridiculed the most about penis size (white men and oriental men) are the ones who built the world.  What have dogs...i mean females and black men ever done for this world? The penis issue is just a way for them to gain the upperhand out of jealousy.

And yes I prefer a tight pussy and firm tits but I don't go around announcing it trying to make women who weren't "blessed" with these features feel bad about themselves.
3083 November 3, 2005

I saw a porn the other day where a woman measures the girth of Shane Diesel's penis.  Now I have seen many porns and this guy has by far the fattest dick i have ever seen--almost to the point of being grotesque. (by the way he is hideous)  Anyway--the measurement came out to be 7.5 around.  And she proceeded to take it like it was nothing right after that.  If women can take that mutant cock, and stick huge dildos, baseball bats, etc then they can take anything. Take that into account with the fact that only 25% of women can orgasm from intercourse and that shows that nature didn't select for female pleasure. In another words, procreation depends only on the male sex drive and satisfaction.  So guys should not feel inadequate if they are in the 5-6 inch range that is what nature selected and is NORMAL.  If women need big dicks to get off that is all psychological and constitutes a fetish. I can give my girlfriend an orgasm with one finger.
3084 November 3, 2005

Hi, I found this site to be very imformative and well researched.  I don't think everything on this site is completely accurate (especially natural selection/evolution and penis size) but it nonetheless makes you think, and that is what a good debate is meant to do.  \
I am also going to say that a while ago I did penis enlargement exercises (jelqing) and increase an average size penis to one in the ideal range.  Though I'm not positive the ideal range is TRULY ideal.  But the secret to increasing your penis size is consistency and patientce.  The site will boast of instant results, but in truth your body adapts to pressure over time....so it's going to take a while.  But stick with it if this truly does matter to you.
Also, this is a penis size debate, so keep the comments related to penis size and its affect for a woman's sexual pleasure (good or bad).  It should be COMMON SENSE that women aren't interested solely in a man's penis size.  This isn't a discussion on what makes a man a perfect husband/boyfriend.  Thanks.
3085 November 3, 2005

Jack Juniper Jr:
It sucks that guys with below average dicks are too big of pussies to go to bars and get laid because they are worried what girls think.    If 3 out of every 4 girls i end up doing has a smelly vagina and love-handles (hidden by their clothes) than I think its ok if they get their share of small cocks.  If u have a small dick just go out and get as much ass as possible---who cares what these sluts think.  Im not big and i still go out with confidence because u only live once...
3086 November 3, 2005

Hello, Ed.

I don't know the number of women who post here, but I'm sure quite a few have shared their thoughts throughout the years, so I'm not alone, I guess, even if this site is directed toward men. The thing is that I'm in a bit of a crisis. My friend has been dragging me to this club in downtown Manhattan where we hang and party and look for guys and, you know, take part in the pleasures of womanhood (i.e., crazy sex in the backroom with strangers, which is dangerous in today's sexual climate, but she seems convinced that a condom will go a long way). So, I've been going with her for a few months now and every time we scout for the guys at the bar who have big bulges in their jeans with the hope of a wild night and we try to, you know, pick them up. We dress all slutty, our breasts exposed, fuck-me shoes, you know, the whole nine yards. And we get what we come for: there have been several occasions with this really hung black guy where I'd get drunk and he'd take me to the back, I'd turn around, he'd pull up my skirt and fuck me senseless (I never wear underwear). His cock his huge, it's nice and all that and it fits all the way in, forcing me fucking wide open, I tell you no lie. I'm sure you can imagine the sight. And we have fun, but there's still something missing, Ed. I don't know but what if I fell in love with a man with a small (or even average) penis? I just don't get women like my friend, who are just out for sex. I mean, yes I enjoy big cocks, I like feeling sore afterward, and I like feeling the guy's devastating meat slide up, up, up, up and hit the back like a battering ram a million times over, but there has to be more to life than this meaningless fucking and killer orgasm (once I even ejaculated on the guy, but I was screaming so loud I don't think he noticed). I want to find love, I want to be in love, but I ask you -- do you think it's possible to find love with a man who can't satisfy me? Size really matters to me, so I just don't know what to do at this point. I really hope I fall for a hung guy.
I mean, life would be so much easier. Oh, well, at least I'm still young.
3087 November 4, 2005

Allison in Texas:
My husband is obsessed about his size!  He is smaller than average and has been worried about it all his life.  It has been an issue in our dating/married relationship and continues to be an issue.  The guy I dated before him was thick and long ( maybe 8") and a phenomenal lover with a sex drive matched by no one I know.  Since meeting my husband, my desire for his penis (or one like it) has grown to the point that I've got to do something about it.  I constantly fantasize about him when making love to my husband.  He would be crushed if he knew the many, many times I've masturbated with my dildo (he knows I have it) while thinking of him.  YES.  SIZE MATTERS!!!
3088 November 4, 2005

All this arguing is silly. There is no general rule. Some women like larger cocks and some women don't care. Personally length isn't that important to me but I prefer a man with a thick penis. My clit is in kind of a low position and if a guy is on the thick side his thrusts rub against my clit. Cumming orally is great, but there's nothing like being face to face with my lover, our arms wrapped in each other and my legs around his waist while he drives me to orgasm.
3089 November 4, 2005

How many men fantasize about making it with their dream girl? I bet everyone does. We all have that little someone we really like; it may be a freind of a friend, or someone you work with, or maybe even your boss' daughter.

I was infatuated with a girl who worked within my department. I had never had the nerve to strike up the courage to ask her out; mainly because of my penis. Its small and I'm afraid that if she saw it, she'd think less of me and then go off and tell all of the people at work. I am a 32 year old male and I have a short penis which is also rather thin. I'm too afraid to measure it.

I do know how to 'play cool' act like a 'playboy'. Unfortunatley my boss wanted me to travel to Denver for a conference with a fellow colleague; yes it was the girl I lusted for. To make matters worse, we had to share a room. I was nervous from the begining and, I know it sounded silly, but I put off having a shower for three days, just in case she walked in on me having a shower.

I didnt say much during our little trip and she got the impression that I was nervous because I had the hots for her, (which I did) but this only made matters worse. On out last night in Denver, I decided to have a shower while she was celebrating our victory downstairs at the bar.

Anyways, I finished my shower, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked out into the room. To my horror, she was sitting on the bed waiting for me. She had already removed her top. She told me how she felt aobut me and that she wanted to sleep with me. Then she told me to remove my towel. i was hesitant and due to extreme nervousness, my penis had encountered some severe shrinkidge. I made up and excuse and refused to remove my towel; which was probably a mistake. SHe felt very embarassed and stupid for opening up to me and me then rejecting her.

In fact, she was angry at me. She got up and started to walk out. I knew that if i let her walk out, I would never be able to face her again. I swallowed my butterflies and stopped her. I removed my towel and stood before her. Naked, exposed. Shriveled to a nub. In fact, i had shrunken inside my pubic hair.

One look said it all. She did not look impressed. SHe arched her eye brows and smirked. Then 'she' made an excuse and left the room. i could hear her giggling as she walked down the hall.

luckily we never spoke again and i dont think she ever told anyone. but i regret not being able to have her the way i wanted
3090 November 4, 2005

i personally beleive the whitemales in here love dick because they talk about it alot especially black dick!LOL
3091 November 4, 2005

pui pui:
i dont think white guys are as big as us asians anyway!
3092 November 4, 2005

anthony silva:
I'm proud (off the subject but this has a point)to say that i'm a mexican with a pretty large caramel dick, and several, not one!, black woman have told me that I have a " gourgeous" dick, that it looked it so delicious whatever! Anyways I always aske woman i'v been with if they like black guys and i'm surpriced half of the time. Some girls even make faces of disgust lol, i'm sorry remembering is funny!, (i'm not hating on you brothers though lol,. Well anyways, I discovered that black woman love Mexicans,...so what the fuck is going on here? And by the way...Only a super smal percentage would even kiss a black guy and it's not about being racist, they're just used to to sweet caramel and black might seem soo molted for them if you know what I mean. White girls are just tools of white Karma, if you know history you know what this means. I'v also met a few that did like black dick, but most of these girls are sluts. Tupac can take these sluts to heaven with him. lol, what a heavy joke huh? I might sound too confident and exited but all these guys here have nothing to prove. All girls like different things and some girls are just sluts. I'm a 22 year old Mexican with a 20 year old Salvadorean hottie. She tells me that my dick is too big but I keep doing these ancient dick exercises, No bullshit! In the name of any God you praise! I grow my cock as big as I want. By a process of proper masterbation. E-mail me if you want the secret at ironled@sbcglobal.net, but you got to hook it up with some feria$ for my troubles lol. And the fact that alot of black guys think ther're pimps is the reason people hate you fuckers sometime, that's why you're not allowed in my house biatch. If you had manners like hispanic negros it would be different! Trust me. And by the way! I have worked security at a warehouse shoesale and my black friend got pissed every time a girl refused to noticed his "pimpin".
So to end my commment with I only posted because I wanna help all you insecure white and small dick homies that a big dick also means..."more time for pussy to heal"....."pain"...and causes severe loss of tightness"..." that's why my Lady exercises her pussy"

feel fee to write to me for I know I chaged your point of view. And by the way, Mexicans can fuck white bitches too if we noticed their slutty asses!
But we got our own beutiful Latinas. Lates! Yes! Go fuck a thick black ass and get they back, take they black wife! lol imagine that?! Their humiliation would be twice as hard for black men that a white man's burden of today. ironled@sbcglobal.net
3093 November 4, 2005

PLEASE help me!:
I'm in desperate need of help. I just turned 18 and my girlfriend and I decided to wait to do anything until we both turned 18. My penis is a little over 6 inches long and decently thick. I try not to worry what she'll think, but she wants to start doing things with me. I try to be, but I'm not very confident in my size. Should I be? Please help me.
3094 November 4, 2005

Your savior:
All men who are insecure about your size, just stop worrying. I used to have the exact same problem until I started doing certain growth excercises. I used to be about 6.5 inches and decently thick. Now it's 5 weeks later and I'm at almost 8 inches and thick! Don't worry, the exercises don't hurt, thet're even enjoyable! Look them up, trust me, your self confidence just like mine will sky rocket. The excercises work because the penis is a muscle. And, like all muscles, if you do the right exercises it will GROW!
3095 November 4, 2005

Everyone read this!!!  I read this site in completion and then did research according to what actual doctors say about does size matter.  It does, but the sizes this site is talking of are balloned out of what is normal.  If you're penis is in the "ideal range" you are probably in fact too big as many women will tell you.  Here is a link to a doctor who focuses on sex and sexual problems and he shows (with actual case studies) that orgasm is more difficult with a large penis and anything longer than 8 inches will cause internal bleeding and pain. 

If you're under 5 inches go ahead and do a penis enlargement program.  But if you're average already don't mess with it you could ruin your sex life forever.  You can make up for a small penis, but a big penis just causes pain and this is a much BIGGER problem.  Take my advice and research this site as well as other sites; and take the word of medical professionals more than the average person...they know.  Thanks.
3096 November 5, 2005

I think some women like big ones and some women don't care. I'm a 25 y/o man and I've had sex with about 30 women. I'm a bit on the large side, about 7 in. long and 6 circumference. Most women I've been with will make some flattering comment when they see my cock, but it's almost like it's a toy to play with and look at. I don't think for most women it necessarily makes sex better. But I've also been with a couple of women who really, really liked my size. I think the size queens tend to be the ones who get off through fucking as opposed to oral. For a few months I was having casual sex with my neighbor who fit that description. She was a 38 year/old divorcee with an incredible body and who got off by fucking. She told me point blank that the main reasons she she turned our one night stand into a regular affair was my size and because I can fuck for awhile and still stay hard. At one point she told me, and I quote: "That cannon was built to make me cum." When we were having sex she liked to be real vocal about my size too. She was always moaning how big I was and how she could feel me in her stomach and stuff like that. It was a lot of work to keep up with her because she always wanted me to be on top and do all the work, but I wasn't about to tell her no! When I was fucking her I was very glad of my size, but most of the time I don't think it matters.
3097 November 5, 2005

the bigger the better. if you have a small penis it just don't do it. i have sleept with one guy how had 8.5" the bestfuck ever
3098 November 6, 2005

Hello. I am an 18 year old, and i have to say that this website has been very informative, but from my experience, which is not that much, all of the girls have been with seemed to have not been greatly concerned with penis size as long as it is not to small, although they tend to get more excited about a bigger penis. I have what has been called a big penis. I am 8 inches long and 6 inches around. Sometimes, i get offers for sex when women have seen or felt my bulge. every girl that has seen it has used the comments impressive or "wow, its fucking huge". One girl i have been with keeps asking for pictures and loves looking at it so i can relate to the visual theory on this website where women like to see a large penis. Consequently, this has become something to regret, as one picture just so happened to go round college, so everyone now has seen my penis, and, from what I have been told, I am the biggest in the college. resultantly, I have been getting  lot of respect off people, however it has been embarassing. So, I am finding it hard to believe all of these other sizes on here like 9 or 10inches, though I suppose I wouldnt be writing about my penis unless it was considerably large. With the women I have been with, I have always been their largest yet. They say they enjoy touching it and looking at it. Also they say that it is very pleasurable, but may be a too big if it was bigger.
3099 November 6, 2005

My boyfriend and I are like a car...

He's well equipped, and when we have sex.

I'm fully loaded!

Indeed, big penises make the best penises. Sorry, but I'm not about to deny it.
3100 November 7, 2005

Iam 18 and i got a 7 and three fourth inch penis...i feel good..about my dick, but i cant get a GF..girls call me hott, but i cant get one..i dont know why

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